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By Chris Hayes, MSNBC

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 Jun 20, 2020
All the way in Kenya and still enjoys being informed by this podcast. The enlightenment on what is happening in America is amazing.

 Nov 24, 2019
I enjoy the way Chris delivers the news. I'm really enjoying the live episodes on Friday's.

 Apr 19, 2019
GREAT PODCAST! I listen on my way to work at 3:30a, but lately with Ads it cuts off at the end (in middle of comments). Other than that I love the podcast😍 Oh I can't see Chris at 8p cause it can keep this old girl up at nights😎

 Mar 1, 2019

 Feb 22, 2019
Sound track from his MSNBC segment.


The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

Episode Date
“Oath Keeper” agrees to cooperate with feds in Capitol riot plea deal

Tonight: The Big Lie that spurred the insurrection is a Republican campaign slogan. Plus, a founding member of a militia group pleads guilty to breaching the Capitol. Then, another horrific mass shooting, another reminder of the exceptional violence in America. And the new "America First" caucus in Washington with what sure looks like an outright white nationalist agenda.

Guests: Jaime Harrison, Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, Josie Duffy Rice, Jia Lynn Yang, Adam Serwer

Apr 17, 2021
Chris Hayes: The cost of right-wing media's Covid lies

Tonight: From wild ranting in Congress to vaccine skeptics on cable, the right wing industrial complex harming America's pandemic response. Then, today's big hearing about the failed response to the Capitol attack. Plus, more protests in Minnesota as the man charged with George Floyd's murder remains silent. And Sen. Ed Markey on his new bill to restore balance in the nation's highest court. 

Guests: Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Sarah Cahlan, Antonia Hylton, David Henderson, Senator Ed Markey


Apr 16, 2021
Ted Cruz and friends want to use government power to punish ‘woke’ baseball

"It is very hard not to see some fundamental contradictions in how our country, the state, wields force against its citizens," says Chris Hayes, comparing police responses in Black Lives Matter protests and the Capitol riot. Then, Chris Hayes explains how Senate Republicans are wielding government power to punish speech they don’t like. Plus, the Matt Gaetz scandal keeps getting wider. 

Apr 15, 2021
Dr. Fauci on Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: 'Safety was put right up front’

Tonight: American scientists put a "pause" on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—what does this mean for people who have been vaccinated? What does it mean for people who haven't? Dr. Anthony Fauci answers those questions. Then, will the outrage over the police killing of Daunte Wright affect the outcome of the Chauvin trial? Plus, Chris interviews Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the day she takes the gavel of the banking subcommittee. And Sen. Chris Murphy on President Biden's new commitment to end America's longest war.

Guests: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Michael Schmidt, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Paulose, Sen. Chris Murphy


Apr 14, 2021
Twin Cities under curfew amid second night of protests following fatal police shooting

Tonight: Is anything really getting better in the wake of George Floyd? Then, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on infrastructure, his big announcement with AOC, and why his Republican colleagues just gave Donald Trump a “major” award. Plus, Congressman Dan Kildee goes public with his traumatic stress disorder in the wake of January 6th. And why the CDC says Michigan can't just vaccinate themselves out of a Covid surge. 

Guests: Mayor Mike Elliott, Phillip Atiba Goff, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Dan Kildee, Jonathan Cohn


Apr 13, 2021
‘Substantial causal factor’ of death: What the state must prove in Chauvin trial

Tonight: As the prosecution winds down, why the medical examiner's testimony in the Chauvin murder trial could turn this case. Then, a new investigation for Matt Gaetz, as he hires a new attorney—and breaks his public silence. Plus, Richard Engel on his chilling investigation into the Capitol attack. And Ezra Klein explains the unexpected progressive first hundred days of Joe Biden’s presidency. 

Guests: David Henderson, Katie Phang, Katie Benner, Marc Caputo, Richard Engel, Ezra Klein 



Apr 10, 2021

Listen to Chris Hayes' and Kara Swisher's complete interview with Tim Cook from the MSNBC & Recode "Revolution: Apple Changing the World" town hall event. Cook sounds off on the future of education and technology, privacy and your data, the NRA, and much more. (Check out video clips from the program at

Apr 07, 2018