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By Chris Hayes, MSNBC

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Category: Politics

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 Jun 20, 2020
All the way in Kenya and still enjoys being informed by this podcast. The enlightenment on what is happening in America is amazing.

 Nov 24, 2019
I enjoy the way Chris delivers the news. I'm really enjoying the live episodes on Friday's.

 Apr 19, 2019
GREAT PODCAST! I listen on my way to work at 3:30a, but lately with Ads it cuts off at the end (in middle of comments). Other than that I love the podcast😍 Oh I can't see Chris at 8p cause it can keep this old girl up at nights😎

 Mar 1, 2019

 Feb 22, 2019
Sound track from his MSNBC segment.


The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

Episode Date
New details on the federal investigation into Matt Gaetz

Guests: Michael Schmidt, Rep. Elaine Luria, Timothy O'Brien, Robert Reich, Betsey Stevenson

From cursing the president on the House floor, to scoring political points after a tragic death on a movie set, how the shock-jock caucus has taken over the Republican Party. Then, one day after the contempt vote for Bannon, a key actor in the DOJ coup comes forward. Plus, why critics are saying Trump's social media platform could be his biggest scam yet. And a demonstration in how not to explain the Build Back Better agenda from our old friend Mitt. 


Oct 23, 2021
Officer Fanone: We're "doomed to repeat" Jan. 6 if nation's division is ignored.

Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Officer Michael Fanone, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Michael Daly

Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on the House vote to hold Bannon in contempt—and the high-stakes decision for the Justice Department. Then, beaten by the Trump mob on January 6th, police officer Michael Fanone joins Chris Hayes with reaction to today's big vote. And the lieutenant governor of Texas offered a big reward to find voter fraud, and the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is here to talk about how one of his constituents is finally collecting a check.

Oct 22, 2021
Mark Meadows retains top GOP lawyer for Jan. 6 probe

Guests: Sherrilyn Ifill, Rep. Pete Aguilar, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Sen. Sherrod Brown

Tonight: The expansion of federal voting rights are blocked in the Senate as Trump's henchmen menace the select committee. Plus, what we're beginning to learn from the select committee about pre-insurrection planning meetings. Then, Senator Sherrod Brown on what might survive in the Build Back Better bill. And, should leaders who knowingly let Covid rip through their country, killing hundreds of thousands be charged with crimes against humanity? It's happening in Brazil, so why not here?


Oct 21, 2021
Jan. 6 committee votes to hold Bannon in contempt

Guests: Rep. Adam Schiff, Ian Bassin, Anna Merlan, Nina Perales, John Podesta

Tonight: The January 6th Committee votes to hold Steve Bannon accountable. So what now? Congressman Adam Schiff is here to tell us. Then, the pro-Covid right continues courting infection over vaccines. Plus, the first lawsuit in Texas over intentionally discriminatory political maps. And guess which Congressman packed his family into a pickup truck to announce his own indictment. 

Oct 20, 2021
Trump sues Jan. 6 committee to block release of documents

Guests: Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Katie Benner, Harry Litman, Mehdi Hasan, Michelle Goldberg, Judd Legum, Dr. Syra Madad

The disgraced ex-President makes his move to stop the January 6th committee: what we know about Donald Trump's last ditch appeal to the Supreme Court. Then, Colin Powell succumbs to coronavirus complications at age 84, and the vaccine misinformation machine kicks into gear. Plus, how dark money groups that catalyzed Obama-era tea party protests are doing the same with school board protests. And why so called "natural immunity" still isn't an excuse to not get vaccinated.



Oct 19, 2021
Teachers told to offer "opposing" views on the Holocaust

Guests: Jelani Cobb, David Becker, Ryan Reilly, Maria Hadden, Antonia Hylton

Tonight: The hollowing out of America democracy continues as qualified, non-partisan election officials keep getting purged for MAGA replacements. Then, what we know about the Capitol Police officer charged with helping a January 6th rioter attempt to obstruct justice. Plus, the showdown in Chicago and across the country as police unions refuse public health orders on vaccines. And how one reckless law in Texas is causing chaos for teachers across the state. 


Oct 16, 2021
Schiff: If Bannon feels he's above the law, he's about to find out otherwise

Guests: Rep. Adam Schiff, Sen. Tim Kaine, Ryan Grim, Josh EidelsonJane McAlevey

Tonight: Steve Bannon will face the full force of the law from the January 6th committee. Plus, Donald Trump raises the stakes in Virginia, and Republicans connect the insurrection to the next election. Plus, why Sen. Sinema is jetting off on a European fundraising vacation. And as workers go out on strike across the U.S., a look at what's fueling this historic moment for workers rights. 

Oct 15, 2021
Capitol rioter represents himself, accidentally admits to more crimes

Big news from the January 6th committee on the man at the heart of Donald Trump's coup attempt in the Justice Department. Plus, how federal judges are stepping up and leading the way on the prosecution of January 6th investigation. Then, the White House addresses the shortage of everything. And the Washington Football Team cheerleaders still seeking justice in the wake of Jon Gruden's firing. 

Guests: Barbara McQuade, Harry Litman, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Zoe Tillman, Nancy Gertner, Derek Thompson,  Melanie Coburn


Oct 14, 2021