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Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week's top stories in news and entertainment!

Episode Date
Just Keep Going w/ Erica Campbell

What to do when you’re starting from the ground up? That’s the question this episode answers. This week let’s wrap up our #ThrowbackPajamaInterviews with a woman of resiliency—the faith-filled Erica Campbell! Sis, we’re no strangers to the role she played in the Kingdom invading our culture. Erica tells SJR how the desire to win souls & serve Jesus would at times leave her with a residual faith, but even then, she pressed towards the mark. Girl, press PLAY to get your cup full! And yes, the streets are talkin’…NEW podcast episodes are on the way, so hang tight! This podcast is brought to you by BetterHelp.com/evolve + LumeDeodorant.com/evolve.

Mar 29, 2023
Legacy of Authenticity w/ Stephanie Ike

Would you consider yourself an emotional person? ‘Cause this week Pastor Stephanie Ike has us all journeying towards vulnerability. Yep, W.E. are going there—but in a candid, yet comical kind of way! SJR and Stepanie discuss childhood memories, cultivating trusted spaces, looking back on God’s providence, and so much MORE! Sis, in life you must learn to coach yourself through tough moments instead of shutting down. That way, when you look back over the years, they’ll be a reflection of who God called you to be. Sponsor Alert: Control Body Odor ANYWHERE with @LumeDeodorant and get $5 off off your Starter Pack (that’s over 40% off) with promo code EVOLVE at LumeDeodorant.com/evolve! #LumePod. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Mar 22, 2023
Digging Deeper to Find Your Why w/ Olori Swank

Tap in as W.E. throw it back to some candid conversations between SJR and her friends! First, we’re choppin’ it up with fashion stylist, author, and entrepreneur Olori Swank! She tells how her career path took an unexpected turn for the BETTER. That’s right! At times we’re called in a different direction than W.E. prepared for, so knowing your “why” is key. Sis, what makes you bloom and feel alive? Hold that thought but commit to it. Delegation, get comfy to watch The Pajama Interviews at WomanEvolve.tv. Plus, start your FREE 7-day trial today! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy and the Abide app biblical meditations.

Mar 15, 2023
Growing in Confidence w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts and Touré Roberts

This week W.E. are bringing you a sneak peek episode of Date Night—a Woman Evolve TV series featuring our girl SJR, her hubby PT, and special guests! The single people wanna know, does wholeness stem from self-discovery or by way of Netflix and chill? Shanice Peeples and Reign B. give their take on what today’s dating scene is like. The gag is…our relationship with God grows a confidence that marriage cannot. Stream the FULL series and access EXCLUSIVE content at WomanEvolve.tv! This show is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy, ZocDoc digital health marketplace, & Noom weight loss program.

Mar 10, 2023
Lessons in Imperfection w/ Jade Verette

What if the lessons in imperfection were meant to teach you softness? W.E. tough Sis, but our “Soft Girl Era” is awaiting! This week SJR is choppin’ it up with the homie Jade Verette, a wife, mom, podcast personality, chef, & master mixologist out of Brooklyn, NY. Together they explain the benefits of letting our walls down to receive hope—hope in our relationships, hope for the journey, & hope as a gift from God! You see, W.E. can’t be so quick to throw it all away. So, if an imperfect childhood has misshaped you, allow this episode to offer compassion & reframe insecurity. Sis, treat yourself, don't cheat yourself! Fill your home with life’s little luxuries when you visit Brooklinen.com.

Mar 01, 2023
Second Chance Grace w/ LaToya Ferguson

Chile, ain’t nothing “regular” about our co-host in today’s episode! LaToya Ferguson is a woman of grace who has relentlessly pursued her future with hope and intentionality. She shared with SJR that losing her mom as an adolescent and not knowing her dad until adulthood proved every day of her life to be a second chance! Sis, did you know that going back to acknowledge a memory or experience can allow you to access healing? This week, listeners will learn how to release their fear and live, navigate motherhood with mother wounds, plus, sustain a faith of generational legacy! As a loyal listener, you can get 25% off the Abide app by texting promo code EVOLVE to 22433. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Feb 22, 2023
Learning to Love Vulnerability w/ Amber Polk

If loving vulnerability is wrong, then W.E. don’t wanna be right! Our listeners are in for a treat this week as the homie Amber Polk stands flat-footed in her testimony. She joined SJR to discuss how the world’s standards will rob us from the freedom of FULL self-expression every time. Just think about it—how often do W.E. shrink in the presence of others? Amber said she didn’t find herself until she placed herself in environments that produced authenticity & Sis, W.E. felt that for somebody! This episode explores how our co-host has learned to manage a health condition, journey towards weight loss, and assume the identity of hope. Sis, mind your mental health at BetterHelp.com/Evolve. It's time for a check-up!

Feb 15, 2023
Love Your Life w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Love is in the air! But before cupid gets to shuffling, might W.E. interest you in an uplifting message from the Love Your Life Women’s Conference at Lakewood Church? It’s a homegirl moment in the sanctuary you didn’t know you needed! Sis, suffering will teach you lessons that blessings cannot. So, instead of waiting for a perfect life to love…just #TryJesus! And trust, we’re not overlooking the fact that you barely survived ‘the school of hard knocks’—we’ve been there. But the enemy will trick you into believing that your life doesn’t matter when it DOES! Show yourself some love with our partners over at Brooklinen.com + Noom.com/Evolve + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Feb 08, 2023
Hope for a New Perspective of Possibilities w/ Tiara Brown

This week’s co-host is a boss babe straight outta the Delegation! Our girl Tiara Brown is an accountant whose mission is to develop financially literate communities. During this episode, SJR found out that Sis is in her bag, but she's in His Word too! Tiara tells of looking at isolation differently, increasing her visibility in the workplace, redefining self-worth, and launching a business. If you’re in need of a convo to provoke the power of abundant thinking, then look no further! Chile, anyone else hungry for H O P E? Then catch us outside this month for a new-fashioned REVIVAL! Grab your tickets today at womanevolve.com/tour + As a loyal listener, you can get 25% off the Abide app by texting promo code EVOLVE to 22433.

Feb 01, 2023
Introducing THE CALLED Podcast

Please visit https://lnk.to/thecalledpodcast and subscribe!

Jan 30, 2023
Hope for a New Level of Self-Awareness w/ Kelly Rowland

Sis, W.E. on a new level! While many long for momentum to start the year off strong, W.E. hope for an awareness to sustain it. Teaching the girls how to become more self-aware is Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and executive producer Kelly Rowland! Yaaasss, this episode has us fangirling & colliding with destiny…chiiillleee! She & SJR were honest about what it takes to show up in marriage, in motherhood, in their careers, and for themselves. Let’s just say it calls for deep exploration & divine alignment! Delegation, guess who’s the most influential woman in Kelly’s life? Now, press PLAY to find out! This show is brought to you by BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve + Brooklinen.com.

Jan 25, 2023
Hope for New Connections w/ Andrea Merkl

Tell a friend, to tell a friend…she’s baaaccckkk! SJR is kickin’ things off with Andrea Merkl, an upcoming author, creative consultant, conscious leader, and exceptional mother. Off grip, our co-host had some explaining to do and Sis did just THAT! As someone navigating life after infidelity and divorce, Andrea offers us hope for NEW connections. In this noteworthy episode, W.E. talkin’ forgiveness, self-abandonment, childhood reckoning, compassion, & so much MORE! But why Eve rolled her eyes at the thought of co-parenting? That’s alright, focus! ‘Cause Sis, not only will you learn to trust again, but you’ll have a newfound awareness of how you connect with self, others, and God! Chile, W.E. got mail—sign up to have a dose of HOPE greet your inbox at WomanEvolve.com/connect! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy & Abide biblical meditations.

Jan 18, 2023
Becoming a Partner w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

W.E. are closing out our #ThrowbackSermonSeries with a bible study message from bestie! And listen, God showed our girl something worth sharing. So, grab your bibles & get into it! SJR explained why you won’t find the right answer if you’re asking the wrong question. Bet, sooo…what exactly should W.E. be asking God? Chile, you know the drill—plug in to find out! In other news Sis, God is NOT your enemy. Yes, you’ve been raggedy. W.E. all have. But the plan is to give you a whole lotta hope and a real bomb future! God wants to engage with you. Even in your doubt, your fear, & your disbelief. But when will the partnership be realized? Delegation, take advantage of our listener perks at Noom.com/Evolve + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve + Brooklinen.com. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Jan 11, 2023
Wet Wood Still Burns w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

It’s a NEW year, SAME God kinda vibe! And Delegation, W.E. couldn’t have made it without your support. In 2023, we’re coming in hot with a flame of hope! So, let’s run it back to a fiery lesson our girl SJR taught at The Potter’s House of Dallas. W.E. wanna know, who’s all been rained on by the storms of life? To the point you forgot what it looks like to be on fire for God? Well chile, W.E. are crazy enough to believe that wet wood STILL burns—despite the divorce, the depression, the sin, the shame! Sis, this is your opportunity to trust God again, but to believe in Him differently. Now gone, drag those hips and your wet wood to the feet of Jesus! Rumor has it NEW podcast episodes will be dropping soon, so stick around! Wanna co-host or need advice? Then shoot your shot at podcast@womanevolve.com! This show is brought to you by BetterHelp online therapy & Abide biblical meditations.

Jan 04, 2023
Not for Long w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Saints, how y’all feel? Delegation, y’all alright? As W.E. wrap up this year, the bestie SJR wants you to know that the isolation you’re feeling is only temporary. ‘Cause Sis, W.E. coming for you! Clearly, the enemy is B I G mad that you’ve experienced the power of God. So now…there’s a target on your back. But it won’t be long until your bruised heel crushes the serpent’s head! Press PLAY if you’re believing God to raise up an army of women to go to bat in your next dimension! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp.com/Evolve where W.E. encourage mental health checkups during the holidays.

Dec 28, 2022
Break the Flow w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

We’re a movement by ourselves, but we’re a force when we’re together—God makes us better! Let’s plug into this prophetic message from our girl SJR at the International Leadership Summit 2018. It’s giving double portion anointing & W.E. want all the scoop! From where to strike our mantle, to how to break the flow. Somebody’s gonna mess around & receive a WORD! Quick question: who minds being pulled on by man in order to be pulled up by God? The weight of glory in this episode ain’t for the faint-hearted Sis. But if you’re ready to roll up those sleeves and go to work, let’s goooooo! Hit up our partners at FirstRepublic.com + Calm.com/Evolve + Lululemon.com. Just in time to meet your holiday needs!

Dec 21, 2022
Worth the Wait w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Anything worth having is worth waiting for! But chiiillleee, guess Who’s side-eyeing the Saints? In this week's sermon series, SJR declares that God has been waiting long enough…for you, Sis! Perhaps you’ve lost your taste for Him. But NOW is the time to turn that frustration into glory—speak up, adjust your crown, & dream big! The Father highkey desires a relationship with you. So, gone get into alignment with who He says you are! Here you are looking for purpose…whole time, God wants an offering. Delegation, what will you lay on the altar? TUNE IN to receive a word that the wait is over! This show is brought to you by BetterHelp online therapy, First Republic banking, HelloFresh meal kit, & Lululemon athletic apparel. Check ‘em out this holiday season!

Dec 14, 2022
Buried Alive w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Whew chile, what a year! How ‘bout W.E. reflect on God’s faithfulness? All month long, join us as W.E. revisit sermons that are powerful and relevant to the times. First up, W.E. are throwin’ it back to a groundbreaking moment from Woman Evolve Conference 2021! The Delegation went H.A.M. for the homie Halimah & liiisssteeen...tear ducts on weak! Then, things got even more real. See, what had happened was…like the Prophet Ezekiel, our bestie SJR began to prophesy over dry bones. And no cap…but the Spirit of the living God called the girls up outta their graves! Sis, do you feel buried by what has exiled you? Are you down to your last breath? If so, let this be a reminder that your spirit has a native tongue. Now, secure ya wigs & prepare to shout! This episode features the sound of a mighty rushing wind! For listener perks, check out Lululemon.com + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve + Bombas.com/Evolve. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Dec 07, 2022
Placement of Your Faith w/ Natalie Manuel Lee

It’s the cross for W.E.! So, what better way to flex for the Kingdom than with the homie Natalie Manuel Lee? Off grip, she accredits her parents for planting a seed of faith. Now look at God…multiplying it & making room for our girl as a producer & host of purpose-driven tv! Sis, do you see yourself as a prodigal daughter or a purpose-filled baddie? Either way, you’re welcome here. With a ready ear to the Spirit, Natalie is redefining purpose as seasonal & chile W.E. felt that for somebody! Hear how being deeply rooted and built up in Christ can keep you from coming off your square—W.E. talkin’ marriage, motherhood, boundaries, and peace! Followed by advice on moment-by-moment faithfulness. With John 3:30 in mind, you’ll be inspired to put your faith on display! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp, First Republic Bank, Lululemon, & Uncommon Goods.

Nov 30, 2022
Placement of Your Work w/ Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins

Wobble baby, Gobble baby, Wobble baby, Gobble! Two-step with us this Thanksgiving week as SJR chops it up with Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins. As a Black woman actress and producer in Hollywood, our girl unapologetically places her career in God's hands! ‘Cause what better way to jig to “werk, wurk, don’t stop” if He ain’t jiggin’? Ashley let us in on the journey of actualizing her goals. And the bestie SJR proves that she can be a work in progress while reclaiming her destiny—W.E. know that’s right! Sis, you think God not ordering your steps…whole time, He’s stirring up the gift in you. Press PLAY to hear how this episode confronts tough times with gratitude & retrospect! As a loyal listener, be sure to access our sponsorship offers with Uncommon Goods, Audible, & Calm. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Nov 23, 2022
Placement of Your Knowledge w/ Yasmine Cheyenne

Don’t call it a podcast, call it an invitation! In this episode, W.E. are inviting listeners to mind their business—Delegation, y’all know how W.E. do—and be curious about what’s happening on the inside. This week SJR teamed up with self-healing educator, author, speaker, and mental wellness advocate, Yasmine Cheyenne! Together they tackle the hot topics of success, healing, empathy, and so much MORE! Sis, healing work is hard work & everybody ain’t bout it, bout it. Inviting the knowledge of trauma and triggers to take up mental real estate gets raggedy, but when purpose overrides humanity, you’ll understand why the undoing is necessary. Yasmine shared ways W.E. can tap into our inner knowing and helped a Sista out during the advice segment! For the sweet things in life, swing by YasmineCheyenne.com/Books to PRE-ORDER The Sugar Jar! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy + Zocdoc digital health marketplace + First Republic banking.

Nov 16, 2022
Wings of Forgiveness w/ Layla Ellaisy

Did you know that wielding unforgiveness as a weapon reveals to God that W.E. don’t trust Him to protect us? Liiisteeen…if you can’t say amen, say ouch! This week on the podcast, SJR linked up with the thought-provoking Layla Ellaisy to discuss healing and intimacy with God. You see, Delegation, W.E. gotta do the hard work that goes into living a soft life. Our guest co-host shares her journey of suffering in silence and seeking validation in all the wrong places. It wasn’t until the release of emotional pain that Layla truly began to experience freedom. Sis, this episode finna have you soaring to new heights in the presence of God—don't say W.E. didn't warn you! Holla at us if you wish to co-host by emailing podcast@womanevolve.com. Plus, hit up our sponsors at FirstRepublic.com + Lululemon.com + Bombas.com/Evolve + Noom.com/Evolve. Just in time to meet your holiday spending, gifting, & grubbin’ needs!

Nov 09, 2022
Nurturing Your Body w/ Amanda Samuels

The category is BODY! That’s right. We’re talkin’ fearfully & wonderfully made! Just ask the homie Amanda Samuels who’s out here revolutionizing her health. Now, who all believe that the way W.E. care for our bodies impacts our relationship with God? W.E. do and the Holy Spirit co-signs! SJR tells of a dissonance experienced when feeling betrayed by the body. And chile, where is the lie? If we’re honest, W.E. gotta watch how W.E. handle ourselves and in turn approach God. This episode is a reminder that W.E. are best in our bodies when W.E. honor and dedicate ALL of it to Him. On the low, Amanda came to preach & W.E. are here for it! Gone are the days when body consciousness is rooted in outward appearance. It's time to do the inner work and become more spiritually in shape, so that God can do a work in you & through you—Amen! Spoiler alert: the bestie SJR is spilling tea on growth opportunities, being built for this, and the need to come out of hiding, so TAP IN! Delegation, as the season change W.E. encourage you to listen to your body & hit up our sponsors when necessary. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy & Zocdoc digital health marketplace. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Nov 02, 2022
A Father’s Affirmation w/ Bishop T.D. Jakes

Back like W.E. never left, here’s the convo you’ve all been waiting for! WTAL Grand Finale—the end of an era or the start of an evolution? Chile, let’s just say one man’s “don’t drop the mic” is another woman’s “turn me up in the microphone”! This week W.E. are thrilled & honored to be kickin’ it with the G.O.A.T. of women’s empowerment, Bishop T.D. Jakes! As a watchman on the wall, he affirms his children and the generation to come in their ability to steward legacy. Sooo, that whole anointing and passing the torch…What was Bishop Jakes’ reaction to how the moment was received? And what was restorative for the little girl inside of SJR? Delegation, TUNE IN & secure your lashes as an intimate father-daughter discussion unfolds! Sis, if you’ve been loosed to evolve with us, SUBSCRIBE to WomanEvolve.com/Podcast + REGISTER for conference at WomanEvolve.com/events + SIGN UP at WomanEvolve.com/connect to receive weekly devotionals. Listeners can access a FREE 60-day trial with ShipStation.com & a personal banker from FirstRepublic.com. Don’t miss these offers!

Oct 26, 2022
The Unraveling of a Generational Curse w/ Teya Roberts and Tiffany Mensah

Whew chile, wait a minute! Did y’all peep the jaw-dropping trailer of “Angelina”? That NEW Woman Evolve series featuring an intimate view on domestic violence—it’s giving…generational trauma didn’t start with you, but it ENDS with you! With a premiere date of 10/6, SJR sat down with writer and director, Teya Roberts, plus advocate and executive director of the DOVES Network, Tiffany Mensah! This trio is not only raising awareness in faith spaces but making a tangible impact for survivors and witnesses of family violence. So, stop what you're doing & gain the tools to be empowered and see life beyond your own experience. W.E. ain’t doing NO victim-blaming or asking ‘why’ questions over here, Sis. It’s nothing but love, compassion, and empathy—for the sisterhood! W.E. pray for your courage to break the curse with helpful resources at DovesNetwork.org + TheHotline.org. This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp, Zocdoc, & First Republic Bank.

Oct 05, 2022
Presence of Hope w/ April Daniels

Holding onto hope in hard times is a revolutionary act! Just ask our girl April Daniels who, when faced with the devastating loss of her husband, REFUSED to lose faith in God. Sooo…When did resiliency kick in? How did her pep talks with God go? And what should you do when your flesh tries to buck the spirit? Sis, press PLAY for all the deets! April told SJR that she traded her anger for questions and found hope in the promises of God. W.E. pray this episode allows you to draw near Him during times of grief and sorrow. With expectation that for every setback, God has a major comeback! Delegation, connect with this queen on IG @iamaprildaniels @thegirlfriendscorner @thembmag where she is crushin’ it as a faith influencer! Then, hit up podcast@womanevolve.com to be our guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice.

Sep 28, 2022
Presence of Access w/ Shannon Brown

Access denied, say what? Sis, throw the WHOLE lie away! As a King’s kid, you’ve been granted exclusive access—not to mention W.E got first dibs on heaven’s resources. And that lil’ detour you’re dealing with is NOT denial! Matter fact, our guest co-host Shannon Brown, a philanthropist for communities of color, might say “been there, done that, TRUST God”! She tells SJR of the permission & possibilities that listeners gain access to once coming into full agreement with God. Followed by her personal story of feeling stripped down to nothing in “marriage”, yet STILL having access! This episode is all about knockin’ down barriers, shifting mindsets, and awakening the abundance that’s been there all along. Hear how W.E. gleaned from Psalm 27:10 to address parent-child conflict while comforting the brokenhearted. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy and the Abide app biblical meditations.

Sep 21, 2022
Presence of Persecution w/ LeToya Luckett

Chile, leave it to LeToya Luckett to gather the girls while keepin’ it all the way TRILL! As a singer and actress who grew up in the public eye, Sis was exposed to criticism early on. In this episode, She & SJR chopped it up about the insecurities that come from using their gifts. So, if that’s your testimony, tap-tap-tap-in! But one thing for certain & two things for sure, when it comes to a life that pleases God…the Delegation gone step in the face of persecution EVERYTIME—‘cause W.E. gotta be about our Father's business! Hey YOU, chill with us this Friday (9/16) night for a Woman Thou Art Loosed Master Class #Replay + Register for the WTAL 2022 Virtual Experience at wtal.org/register. This week our sponsors are serving a chef’s kiss from Caraway & biblical meditations through the Abide app. Check ‘em out!

Sep 14, 2022
Presence of Restrictions w/ Nona Jones

There’s something to be said about a woman that restricts her focus on the Lord. Ya know? Drinking her water & minding her business—real bad! This week catch SJR ‘killing comparison’ with author, preacher, & business leader Nona Jones. Our co-host described herself in five words and it gave TOP TIER favor! As a trauma survivor, Nona shares how a fractured identity from early childhood misguided her definition of success. That was 'til the Holy Spirit chin checked her real quick! Sis, what are you securing your identity to? 'Cause if it ain't in Christ, then it ain't it! Swing by KillingComparison.com to pre-order a copy today! Then, guard your heart, stay in your lane, and hear how W.E. helped a Sista out during the advice segment. FREE, confidential, 24/7 support is available for anyone who has been sexually assaulted at 1-800-656-4673 or RAINN.org + for anyone in suicidal crisis at 9-8-8 or 988Lifeline.org. This podcast is sponsored by Zocdoc, BetterHelp, & Abide.

Sep 07, 2022
Fire to Trust Jesus w/ Naomi Raine

Our guest co-host is bringing the heat & W.E. talkin’ fresh, fresh FIRE! Straight outta Maverick City Music & off the Kingdom Tour is prophetic worship leader Naomi Raine! Yaaasss chile, the QUEEN of snatching eyelashes & slaying us in the Spirit! Sis ain’t new to this, she true to this. So, it was only right for Naomi to roll up on SJR and ignite listeners' faith in trusting Jesus. No cap, but time & history with God matters. And don’t get it twisted, W.E. all struggle with moments of “make it make sense, Jesus”…but He IS faithful. Plot twist: the love of God & the fear of punishment had a Verzuz battle, so TUNE IN! Chile, W.E. went in ‘cause the naysayers #TriedIt by condemning you and counting you out, Sis. But a good, good Father will bestow a crown of beauty instead of ashes…bu-lee-dat! ‘Journey’ more with Naomi when you cop her NEW solo album at orcd.co/nrjourney. Then, change how you think, eat, & feel! For real this time, with the support of Noom.com/Evolve.

Aug 31, 2022
Fire to Work with Crumbs w/ Dr. Pam Ross

Chile, W.E. love breaking bread with the Delegation! But besides the Canaanite woman, who’s truly measured the weight of glory in a single crumb? Shifting our perspective to strategize with even the smallest of things, is inspirational activist, author, and development coach Dr. Pam Ross. She & SJR testified that God WILL take your crumbs, put them to the fire, and spark a miracle! Yep, if He did it with dirt for Adam, He sho’nuff can do it for the girls! Our bestie SJR let us in on her latest fears, followed by a noteworthy advice question. Sis, let this episode be a reminder that crumbs from God hit different! Learn more about the work that Dr. Pam is doing at PamRoss.com. Plus, cop her NEW book, Get Ready to Fly! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp.

Aug 24, 2022
Fire to Stay in the Fight w/ Adrienne Bailon-Houghton

Yeah W.E. knuckin' and buckin' and ready to fight! You see, our toxic trait is…ANYBODY can get it. But Sis, shouldn't God’s promises fuel the fight? Keepin’ it all the way real is singer, actress, host, & NEW mom Adrienne Bailon-Houghton! She & SJR sparked up a convo on the revolutionary fire to stay in the fight. And Delegation, it's giving the FULL armor of God! Be it flame or ember, you gotta roll with the punches while pursuing the desires of your heart. Press PLAY and glean from Adrienne’s journey of sheer tenacity. It’s bound to leave you burning for more! Then, kick it with us this Friday (8/19) night for soul-care in the sanctuary: Hey YOU, Fire Edition! As a loyal listener, start your day with a scoop of nutrition from AthleticGreens.com/Evolve + finish the night with a tasty recipe from HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16.

Aug 17, 2022
Fire to Advocate w/ Rev. Alisha Gordon

Quick, get Alicia on the keys—'cause THIS girl is on fiyaaa! Our guest co-host, Rev. Alisha Gordon, is out here doing the Lord’s work & it’s LIT! As the founder and Executive Director of TheCurrentProject.org, Sis connects programming and policy to close the social and economic gap for Black single mothers. She & SJR talk pulpits & politics, their lived experiences as single moms in the church, taking on the Goliath of systemic inequalities, plus a life reimagined! And Delegation, W.E. kickin’ that whole “bootstrap mentality” to the curb. Advocacy involves those with access getting #BootsOnTheGround & institutions putting the resources where their mouth is. Now, gone ignite your passion & blaze a trail for baddies behind you! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp + Zocdoc + Athletic Greens. Holla at ‘em to REVOLUTIONIZE your health!

Aug 10, 2022
Fire to Burn Barriers w/ Joval Webbe

Last month on the podcast, there was a Master reset! Now, let’s bring the heat with a revolutionary FIRE—God, if the Saints having a Hot Girl Summer just say THAT. As a health strategist, Joval Webbe is co-hosting with SJR and teaching us how to take the limits off our ability to live well. Together they discuss tips on burning down barriers, setting fire to who W.E. once were, & relationships goin’ up in smoke. Sis, your sigh is a good enough prayer for God. Hear all about it in the advice segment as W.E. touch heaven on your behalf. This episode will leave you extending yourself grace & fanning the flames in the direction of your FAITH! Chile, W.E. got mail. Sign up to have dope devotionals hit up your inbox at WomanEvolve.com/connect!

Aug 03, 2022
Reset Your Fears w/ Miss Diddy

Liiisteeen, this episode is giving run up, get done up! ‘Cause W.E. woke up and chose violence—against the spirit of fear on today! Like forreal Sis, what you’re afraid of may not even exist. Our girl SJR & boss babe, Miss Diddy, are putting us on game! From how to look at fear…To taking inventory of those worries that never came to pass. Chile, the enemy better count its days playing on our top. Meanwhile, God out here wildin’ with secret miracles when W.E. trust Him more than ourselves! Wanna be brave in your communication? Need help separating WHAT your trauma created & WHERE divinity is calling you? Say less, by doing the most & plug into this week’s podcast! Plus, Little Miss Lifestyle Specialist & Queen of Marketing tells entrepreneurs how to keep their dreams alive! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp & Noom, so hit ‘em up to reach those wellness goals. Then screen for a dream trip GIVEAWAY at MyHealth.BWHI.org!

Jul 27, 2022
Reset Your Values w/ Kourtney Mason

Chile, yesterday's price is NOT today's price! W.E. are added value in these streets, with a WORTH ethic to prove it. Helping the Delegation instill core values and find fulfillment is SJR’s best friend & corporate baddie, Kourtney Mason! Talk about a revolutionary reset—these two chopped it up about a love language evolved, replacing criticism with compassion, setting boundaries, & so much MORE! Sis, God did His thang when He created you! You’re not a mistake and it's never too late to believe again. This episode is oily and WILL restore the value of another woman’s life, so tap-tap-tap-in!

Jul 20, 2022
Reset Your Priorities w/ Stevi Carter

Sis, set your priorities straight, so W.E. can watch you pop awf! Teaching us how to rearrange a thing or two, is newlywed & first-time mom Stevi Carter. Her main concern is living in a state of gratitude & chile W.E. felt that for somebody! When was the last time you slowed down and prioritized what truly mattered? Ya know…vibin’ with the fam, figuring out those friendships, or building a legacy. Bet you walk away from this episode doing what needs to be done! Per the advice segment, there is NOTHING too petty for God. So, gone hit up His prayer line! Then swing by ShopWomanEvolve.com 'cause SJR's Closet is finna have NEW drip for sale! Wanna co-host or need advice? Well, shoot your shot at podcast@womanevolve.com! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp & Athletic Greens.

Jul 13, 2022
Reset Your Esteem w/ Cadedra Burks

Ladies, W.E. are halfway through the year & hitting the RESET button! ‘Cause why not? Fresh perspective ain’t never hurt nobody. Empowering listeners to rekindle a respect from within, is self-care coach Cadedra Burks! She & SJR unpacked the highs and lows of self-esteem, that ole petty inner voice, along with how to rebuild confidence. Sis, they think you actin’ brand new—whole time, you just protecting the work that God has done in you. This episode is FULL of practical ways to improve your self-esteem, followed by some “groundbreaking” relationship advice you don’t wanna miss! Y’all heard AthleticGreens.com/Evolve is giving a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 Travel Packs with your first purchase + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve is a FREE online service that’ll help you find top-rated doctors? Act NOW & tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Jul 06, 2022
Longevity in Sisterhood w/ B. Simone and Megan Brooks

When it comes to sisterhood, just know—the Delegation ain’t new to this, W.E. true to this! So, when God slides a bestie in your life who’s ready to square up for the revolution…tag team & OVERTHROW with her! This week, SJR explores the long-standing friendship between comedienne, actress, and boss babe B. Simone and her business partner, Megan Brooks. Their relationship is proof that in our sameness W.E connect, but in our differences W.E. evolve! Sis, press PLAY & learn how to nurture another woman’s seed. Keep kickin’ it with our homegirls by subscribing to linktr.ee/KnowForSurePod + following @KnowForSurePod for weekly conversations on self-discovery! This episode is sponsored by ShipStation.com + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Noom.com/Evolve.

Jun 29, 2022
Cultivating Sisterhood w/ Kyndal Banks

How 'bout W.E. rebuke the spirit of no new friends? Real talk, Sis! The enemy will finesse you into a season of loneliness or toxicity—whole time, you were created for community! Here to tell SJR about finding a tribe of sister-friends, is the Delegation's very own AND creator of Solo2Soul Sisters, Kyndal Banks! This episode is a testament to the power established in coming together & declaring NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND! So, enough with being corny. The next time you're surrounded by a bunch of baddies, introduce yoself! Who knows? They may be a protective covering over your head.

Jun 22, 2022
Faithfulness of Sisterhood w/ Brelyn Bowman and Brittney Borders

Be it praying hands or throwing hands, the Delegation gone step! 'Cause like the homies Mary & Elizabeth, W.E. are our sister's keeper. Kick it with SJR, Brelyn Bowman, and Brittney Borders this week for homegirl-time in the sanctuary! After cuttin' up & kee-keein’, an intimate conversation unfolds. Brelyn & Brittney explained how trusting & protecting one another’s faith REVOLUTIONIZED their sibling relationship. Plus, this episode DID what needed to be done for “the strong one”! Chile, if those “hey big head” texts from somebody’s son gotchu in a stronghold…you can find freedom in the advice segment! Yaaasss Sis, W.E. outsiiideee—all NEXT week with WomanEvolveTour.com! As a loyal listener you can enjoy 10% OFF the first month of online therapy at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + get up to 16 FREE meals & 3 FREE gifts with HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16.

Jun 15, 2022
Seasons of Sisterhood w/ Tommye and Yvette Williams

Speaking of #SisterGoals, our guest co-hosts have been in the game for a long time. They're giving ride or die, Ruth & Naomi, 'till the wheels fall off—ENERGY! Straight outta PT's village, W.E. received the love and loyalty that is Tommye and Yvette Williams! The sister-duo sit down with SJR to reflect on their sibling relationship over the years. Whether miles apart, transitioning into a new role, or going through a rough season, trust in God kept them connected by heart. Drippin' with wisdom & perspective, this episode is bound to empower your sisterhood through ANY season…even when y’all getting on each other's nerves! So, stop what you're doing & learn how these two QUEENS are revolutionaries in their own right! Stream WomanEvolve.tv for our latest series From Broke To Hope + Visit Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve for a digital marketplace to meet your healthcare needs.

Jun 08, 2022
Delicacy of Sisterhood w/ Lori Roberts

Sis, ain’t no hood like the one W.E. got! All month long, the Delegation is invited to embrace sisterhood in a REVOLUTIONARY way. Ever wondered what happens when women set aside their differences for the greater good? Chile, a bona fide miracle! Read up on the homies Rachel & Leah. Then check out this week’s episode as SJR & Lori Roberts spill the tea on their relationship dynamic. Yep, W.E. went there! Both offer unique perspectives on the delicacy it took to blend a family, find common ground, and honor one another's journey. ISSA piping hot convo you don't wanna miss! Sponsors alert—Waistline...WHERE? Stressed...WHO? Freeennn, pull up on Noom.com/Evolve + BetterHelp.com/Evolve for customized healthcare plans to meet your dietary & mental health needs. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Jun 01, 2022
Capacity for Disappointment w/ Marissa Craft

Aht, Aht! Disappointment can't be living rent-free in your head Sis. Matter fact, turn SJR & Marissa Craft up in the microphone as they school us on turning our L’s into lessons! Yes, the situation let you down & at times you sense defeat—W.E. validate all that. But girl, you STILL have access! Plot twist: your disappointment and trust in God CAN live in the same place. The bestie SJR opened up about a recent experience where the enemy tried it, but self-compassion had the final say. While our girl Marissa, twin mom & teacher, empowered listeners to the T! So, you gone ask God to release you from the feeling of disappointment & watch Him work? Or remain Eve’in in dem streets? Either way, email podcast@womanevolve.com to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Listeners can deal with disappointment in counseling at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + stream Kingdom Business, a NEW original series premiering May 19th only on BET.plus!

May 18, 2022
Capacity for Stress w/ Dr. Thema Bryant

Chiiillleee, the Saints say W.E. are too blessed to be stressed & too anointed to be disappointed, but the devil is a LIE! This week SJR is joined by Dr. Thema Bryant, an ordained minister, clinical psychologist, author, AND president-elect of the American Psychological Association—yaaasss, put some respect on her name! Together they explore our stress capacity, the need of a sacred pause, intergenerational trauma, & so much MORE! Sis, Dr. Thema came for our edges & eyelashes, but that’s alright! W.E. wanna know…Are you ever able to have ease? Is it possible to live a stress-free life? Can you love God and still struggle? Lean into this powerful episode & reclaim the truth of who you are with Homecoming, the book: DrThema.com/Homecoming + the podcast: DrThema.com/Podcast. Delegation, do you wanna REVOLUTION? Whoop, Whoop! W.E. said, do you wanna REVOLUTION? Whoop, Whoop! Then bop on over to WomanEvolveTour.com!

May 11, 2022
Capacity for Judgment w/ Jay Barnett

The doors of the podcast are open & W.E. welcome you to leave your side-eyes at the altar. Here to destigmatize mental health and normalize therapy is author, speaker, & licensed therapist Jay Barnett. Liiisssten, this brotha’s story of emotional invalidation, holistic healing, and spiritual reconciliation is fiya! What W.E. not gone do is…suffer in silence at the fear of being judged. ‘Cause people who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stone…or whatever Jesus said. Jay told SJR that W.E. be out here studying from the Book of Webbie when God created us to be in community & Sis, where’s the lie? Fellas can catch the homie on tour with JustHeal.co + Tap into his socials @KingJayBarnett! Delegation, when was your last checkup? For mental, medical, or dental care visit BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve.

May 04, 2022
Strategy of Discernment w/ Milan Harris

When it came to making her dreams a reality, Milan Harris understood the assignment! Sooo, what God-given strategy did she dabble in to become the founder & CEO of a luxury streetwear brand? Chiiillleee, the gift of discernment! You see…knowing every role in the business is one thing but being sensitive to divine instruction—bing bong! As a faith & fashion trendsetter, Milan shares with SJR & the Delegation her process of bringing ideas to fruition. Sit tight for testimony-time in the sanctuary, followed by an advice segment you don’t wanna miss! Sis, hit up Shop.MilanoDiRouge.com ‘cause W.E. heard they got drip for sale + social network with the girls @WomanaireClub or @MamanaireClub! This episode is brought to you by Noom & ShipStation.

Apr 27, 2022
Strategy of Favor w/ Touré Roberts

The bestie SJR teamed up with her boo thang for this one & W.E. luv to see it! Let’s make some noise for author, entrepreneur, producer, and pastor Touré Roberts! Chile, who knew B A L A N C E was a revolutionary strategy for favor? Plug into this episode as SJR & PT unpack the life of ‘just enough’, the pace of purpose, and the signs of burnout. Sis, favor is attracted to the least of them—that’s it…that’s the sermon! W.E. are praying for your courage to trust life again, to believe in God’s grace, and to show up for yourself daily. Start the journey to Balance + access EXCLUSIVE content at TheBalanceBook.com! Then swing by BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Novo.co/Evolve for the latest deals! Don’t meet us there, beat us there!

Apr 20, 2022
Strategy of Resources w/ Arian Simone

W.E. sayin’ it loud from the church pews to the parking lot—HE ALWAYS PROVIDES! Chile, if that’s your testimony…give Him praise & gone press PLAY. Teaching listeners how to manage their resources with strategy is CEO & co-founder of the Fearless.Fund, our homie Arian Simone! She & SJR discussed finances, human resources, & taking risks...while Eve mentioned a thing or two ‘bout heaux tales. Sis, you serve THEE God who is more than enough! So, chin up, chest out as Arian invites you to exchange that scarcity mindset for abundant thinking! W.E. wanna know, what’s the most valuable resource in your life? Meet us in the comments, then email podcast@womanevolve.com to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Sponsors alert—What does HelloFresh & Headspace have in common? Mindfulness meditation in the kitchen—throw down, Sis!

Apr 13, 2022
Strategy of Information w/ Caline Newton

Last month on the podcast, a bunch of baddies reclaimed their power! Now W.E. finna strut into April with a revolutionary strategy! And leading the way is our girl Caline Newton, a certified financial educator & personal finance strategist. Sis, if the math ain’t mathin’ in yo life, TUNE IN for all the deets! SJR & Caline are droppin’ gems about cryptocurrency, financial literacy in relationships, gender equity, entrepreneurship, tithing, & so much MORE! Chile, Eve gave her two cents during the advice segment, but glory belongs to God! Is there a correlation between your brokenness & being broke? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul? Swing by CalineNewton.com for The B.O.S.S. Blueprint E-Bundle, a system to overcome financial difficulty. This week’s episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve + CatalinaCrunch.com/Evolve.

Apr 06, 2022
The Revolutionary Power of Authenticity w/ Alexis Skyy

W.E. dunno who needs to hear this but…live your ugly truth in a BEAUTIFUL way! Our co-host Alexis Skyy is doing just THAT by stepping away from the social media reputation & into her authentic self. Keepin' it a buck with the Delegation, she shares of falling prey to human trafficking, toxic relationships, & depression. SJR says that your story shouldn’t begin where the pain invaded your soul & whew chile, wait a minute! In connecting with God & healing from trauma, our good Sis is evolving into a position of power! Press PLAY to hear Alexis’ message to young girls, followed by relationship advice. Then, claim your sponsorship offers at Noom.com/Evolve + ShipStation.com use code EVOLVE + Skillshare.com/Evolve. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!

Mar 30, 2022
The Revolutionary Power of History w/ Blessin Giraldo

In this episode, SJR is choppin’ it up with Blessin Giraldo, founder of an award-winning step team, actress, & model. Supported by a tribe of women to help reach her full potential, Blessin spills the tea on how to achieve success despite your background. The two discussed powerful lessons of their past, how W.E. get it from our mammas, & passing on generational blessings! Our girl SJR says to R E F U S E the belief that you can't hang in the places where you're called & Sis, W.E. felt that for somebody! Learn more about the dance documentary at SearchLightPictures.com/StepMovie. Then, hit up our sponsors at Novo.co/Evolve for small business banking + Audible.com/whattodo for a personal development podcast that'll REVOLUTIONIZE your life + BetterHelp.com/Evolve where W.E. encourage mental health checkups + Skillshare.com/Evolve to learn something NEW errryday!

Mar 23, 2022
The Revolutionary Power of Words w/ Sylvia Lloyd

You get a Hail Mary! You get a Hail Mary! EVERYBODY gets a Hail Mary! Delegation, join us as W.E. salute everyday women—especially the millions holdin’ it down from the frontlines of this pandemic. This week SJR connects with essential worker Sylvia Lloyd, LMSW who shared her journey & commitment to the helping profession. It would be the words she seldom heard as a child yet laid hold of in adulthood that empowered Sylvia to fulfill her destiny! Together they remind listeners that life is in the power of our tongue. And since closed mouths don’t get fed Sis, W.E. gone need you to open your mouth! Treat yo’self to wow-worthy recipes from HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16 + Stack those coins with Truebill.com/WomanEvolve + Woosah your way to Headspace.com/WomanEvolve for mindfulness made simple!

Mar 16, 2022
The Revolutionary Power in Conflict w/ Candice Benbow

Chiiillleee, this episode is “for church girls who’ve considered tithing to the beauty supply store when Sunday morning isn't enough.” That’s right, Saints—W.E. see your side-eyes & raise you a neck roll…’cause IYKYK! Theologian, essayist, public educator, and author Candice Benbow is co-hosting with SJR & is highkey a force to be reckoned with! She tells of harnessing her power even after internalizing church hurt, losing her mother, and experiencing sexual trauma. Sis, let this be a reminder that God gone step for His! Learn more about the work that Candice is doing at CandiceBenbow.com. Plus, cop her NEW book, Red Lip Theology, that centers Black women of faith! As a loyal listener you can get 10% OFF your first month at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + start your FREE 30-day trial from Audible.com/wellbeing + try CatalinaCrunch.com/Evolve with 15% OFF your first order, plus FREE shipping. Tell them W.E. sent you!

Mar 09, 2022
The Revolutionary Power in Purpose w/ Khadeen Ellis

Happy Women’s History Month to our homegirls! Yaaasss, W.E. finna jigg to 'I'm Every Woman' ALL March long! But hollup…who y’all got—Chaka, Whitney, or boffum? Here to help us take our power back is actress, tv host, youtuber, & podcaster Khadeen Ellis! Sis is kickin’ it with SJR as an authentic representation of what it looks like to be purposeful as a wife, mother, and career woman. TUNE IN & find out how Khadeen is shaping HERstory! Followed by advice on the heart work required to respect boundaries. Sis, support our partners at Noom.com/Evolve + Skillshare.com/Evolve + ShipStation.com, code EVOLVE + Zocdoc.com/WomanEvolve. Then sign-up at WomanEvolve.com/connect to have weekly devotionals greet your inbox!

Mar 02, 2022
Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns w/ Michael Phillips

W.E. know the brothas ain't tryna toot their own horn, but...their perspective has been what the girls NEEDED! This week in the driver's seat is author, education advocate, and pastor, Michael Phillips—better known as Dr. Anita's husbae! He pulled up on SJR, explaining how to partner and have dominion, where we anchor our pain, & why men emotional tanks be on E. Life's tension & trauma would land Pastor Michael in the wrong lane. But after avoiding a near collision, he went 0 to 100 real quick—in the direction of his faith & family! Make a right turn today when you swing by MichaelPhillipsBook.com + Get 10% OFF your first month of online therapy at BetterHelp.com/Evolve.

Feb 23, 2022
Treasure Hunting w/ Roosevelt Stewart

Since the Delegation feelin' these co-ed vibes, let's dive into a convo with worship leader & pastor, Roosevelt Stewart! Straight off the bat, he curbs toxic masculinity & leans boldly into transparency. Our girl SJR posed the question—what can women do to cultivate a safe space that unlocks a man’s heart? That’s right Sis, W.E. got dem keys, keys, keys! And for the future feyoncés who wanna know…if he like it will he REALLY put a ring on it? Word is...the trophy is free, but the treasure is dug separately! SJR & Pastor Ro are droppin' gems on how to qualify as a treasure hunter, remove land mines, & survive the rubble. This episode is giving X marks the spot! 'Cause he that findeth a wife, findeth a loosened lace front! Stick around for some wild woman advice. Hit up podcast@womanevolve.com to fill our co-hosting needs. Then, claim your listener perks at HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16 + Truebill.com/WomanEvolve!

Feb 16, 2022
Table Talk w/ Anthony O’Neal

Chiiillleee, ISSA special edition podcast series featuring the fellas! The first to pull up a chair & cop a seat at the table is national best-selling author, motivational speaker, financial expert, and podcast host Anthony O’Neal! This week W.E. talkin’ preconceived roles for women (tuh), the depth of a power couple, Black men’s mental health, & so much MORE! Bruh, will you support what God has created her to do? And Sis, can you be entrusted with his vulnerability? Delegation, grab a few good Josephs. Then press PLAY as SJR & Anthony revolutionize the dating game! Connect with the homie at anthonyoneal.com + Follow his socials @anthonyoneal—easy on the DMs miss ma’am! This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp & Audible.

Feb 09, 2022
Birthing Purpose w/ Iceis Elliott

The bestie SJR, co-host Iceis Elliott, & our homegirl Eve were rollin’ deep on the podcast! But why they started reminiscing on their ratchet days? That was until God said, "act up, you can get snatched up”. This episode talks about motherhood, blended families, and co-parenting revelations. Iceis shares her dream for the future, which proves to be full of purpose! Imagine being pregnant with the possibility of God’s future. If that's your word Sis, W.E. declare that every barren season is giving birth right now! Sponsors alert—Cheat meal turning into a cheat week? Launching that online business? Wanna explore mental health classes? Say less, by doing the MOST at Noom.com/Evolve + ShipStation.com + Skillshare.com/Evolve. Tell them W.E. sent you!

Feb 02, 2022
Revolutionary You w/ Christina Edwards

As the FIRST to ever do it as a college graduate & business owner in her fam, Christina Edwards proves that the revolution will be publicized! TUNE IN as she shares her growth journey & aspires to take you to the next level! From throwing hands to laying hands, when was the last time you decided to back down from a fight? Aht, Aht! Don't be feelin' froggy, Eve, 'cause SJR & Christina explain why every fight is not assigned to your God-given identity. Followed by a few good ways to create accountability & set boundaries with family—W.E. already knowin'...they be tryin' it! Sis, stream WomanEvolve.tv for EXCLUSIVE content + mind your mental health at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + visit Truebill.com/WomanEvolve for access to an all-in-one finance app + build creative confidence with Skillshare.com/Evolve!

Jan 26, 2022
Shoot Your Shot w/ Mya Douglas

Audacity is at an all-time high & the Saints are here for it! Guest co-host, Mya Douglas, is believing God for her kingdom husband, Youth Anthem Conference 2022, & NEW romance novel! Plus, find out what the bestie SJR is doing this year to target the lingering impacts of trauma. Sis, the idea that your healing is connected to another woman's breakthrough may feel completely out of bounds. But lean in & learn how to pivot! Mya coached listeners toward being obedient to God and becoming disconnected from the outcome. Issa wig-splittin’ moment for the girls! Email podcast@womanevolve.com to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Then score some freebies at HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16 + Headspace.com/WomanEvolve + Skillshare.com/Evolve.

Jan 19, 2022
For Realness Sake w/ Kieara Pittman

Chile, W.E. are bizzack! This week SJR is hangin' with therapist, podcaster, and veteran Kieara Pittman. Our good Sis stood ten toes down in her truth! But keep it a hunnid, haven't you been in rooms where you chose to become someone else—all to avoid rejection? Kieara explains how the path of self-acceptance led to an encounter with purpose & it's giving Hail Mary vibes! The two discuss lookin' like ya husband’s homeboy, imaginary heaux tales, emotional boundaries, & so much MORE! Eve said it’s on sight, but the Saints don’t wake up & choose violence, sooo pull up on StopBullying.gov. GIRL! Issa mic drop during the advice segment that’s gone leave you to pick.up.your.feelings & hold 'em to a higher standard! Enjoy 10% OFF your first month at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Try a FREE 30-day trial with Audible.com/Evolve or Text EVOLVE to 500-500 + Lower subscription bills at Truebill.com/WomanEvolve + Get your first month FREE with Skillshare.com/Evolve!

Jan 12, 2022
Faith to Finish w/ Marissa Layton

Sis, if 2021 tested your gangsta, then 2022 finna catch a fade! Boss up as W.E. strut into this revolutionary year with SJR & global business manager Dr. Marissa Layton by our side! Instead of focusing on the things she can’t control, Marissa has set her sights on a self-compassion rooted in self-care & blank space. Before W.E. knew it, SJR whipped up a snack on scarcity mindsets that blew our wigs back! Has rest ever been demonstrated to you, and is the hustle even relevant? Transition from side hustler to serial entrepreneur at MarissaLayton.com—our girl has the faith factor to meet your organizational needs! Wanna start this year off right? Say less! Hit up our sponsors at HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve16 + Noom.com/Evolve + ShipStation.com, enter offer code EVOLVE. Tell them W.E. sent you!

Jan 05, 2022
Hello Wrapped in Goodbye w/ Ny'Ea Reynolds

Cheers to homegirl-time in the sanctuary—W.E. truly couldn’t have done it without the Delegation! In this episode, SJR and the homie, Ny’Ea Reynolds, are unpacking all of the things. Let's just say Sis is in her bag, but she's in His too! Find out what happened when Ny’Ea let go of what she thought she knew about herself to simply be with God. Plus, the two reflect on their greatest, pettiest, best, & baddest moments of 2021! Issa NEW year, SAME God kinda vibe & W.E. are here for it! The bestie SJR says that every goodbye leads to a new beginning. Sooo, what are you saying hello to in 2022? Co-hosting W.E. hope! If you bout it bout it, email podcast@womanevolve.com. Then achieve your health goals with the support of HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14 + BetterHelp.com/Evolve.

Dec 29, 2021
Acceptance Wrapped in Grief w/ Chiquis Rivera

SZN's greetings, Delegation! All month long, we're reflecting & taking inventory of who W.E. have become. This week, SJR passed the mic to singer, author, and tv personality, Chiquis Rivera, who shared her story of resiliency! From surviving to thriving, Sis is THE prime example of a #BruisedHeelBaddie! Now...how do you honor the legacy of someone who's disappointed you? And...what to do when a situation in your life has gotten your strength? Press PLAY to unwrap the gift of contentment that Chiquis received while accepting divine truth in times of sorrow. Followed by some noteworthy advice! If you or someone you know have experienced sexual violence, FREE, confidential, 24/7 support is available at 1-800-656-4673 and RAINN.org. This episode is brought to you by Notion.so + Noom.com/Evolve.

Dec 22, 2021
Worship Wrapped in Trauma w/ Stephanie Conley

Assume the sacred position—that’s right, Sis! What spiritual posture did you maintain in 2021? Catch this episode as SJR welcomes blogger & founder of Authentic L.O.T.U.S., Stephanie Conley, to empower women in their healing! Discover how working through abandonment issues offered Stephanie a deeper intimacy in marriage, but most importantly with God. Yes chile, there’s worship connected to your trauma! Delegation, run up on ya prayer closets during the advice segment. For domestic violence support, call 1-800-799-7233, chat live with TheHotline.org, or text “START” to 88788. Listeners can dabble in some end-of-year savings at ShopWomanEvolve.com + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Truebill.com/WomanEvolve + GetQuip.com/Evolve.

Dec 15, 2021
Blessings Wrapped in Mess w/ Shawnta' Dandridge

Last W.E. heard, the enemy don’t want no smoke! So Sis, WHOSE report are you gonna believe? Success Coach, Shawnta’ Dandridge joined SJR to talk about the importance of changing our narratives. Together they reflect on why the stories W.E. tell ourselves matter & how to break the habit of discrediting our own worth. Hear how embracing the messiness of life positioned Shawnta’ to be a blessing for others. Then, hang around for the advice segment that’s giving snacks-on-snacks-on-snacks! Help is available for anyone in suicidal crisis at 1-800-273-8255 or SuicidePreventionLifeline.org. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14.

Dec 08, 2021
Exhaling Gratitude w/ Joan Leslie

You are in for a finger-snapping good time with spoken word poet Joan ‘Lyric’ Leslie! Sis rolled up on the podcast, adjusting her crown like the QUEEN that she is! Eve looked at her wrist & had time tuhday, so W.E. came in clutch with a rescue. Find out how our guest co-host is exhaling gratitude & why the God she serves is petty. Wanna co-host or need advice? Then shoot your shot at podcast@womanevolve.com! No cap, but our girl Joan is a gift! She shared with SJR the cost of fulfilling a purpose-driven life with the 'Joy' of the Lord as her strength & liiisssteeen...tear ducts on weak! 'Tis the season for a healthier you with tasty, easy-to-prep meals, so swing by Noom.com/Evolve for mindfulness eating + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14 for up to 14 FREE meals & 3 FREE gifts. Tell them W.E. sent you!

Dec 01, 2021
Exhaling Worry w/ Jessica Brewington

Wobble baby, Gobble baby, Wobble baby, Gobble! Two-step with us this Thanksgiving week as SJR chops it up with Jessica Brewington! Sis explained how the initial worry of not feeling good enough led to a pattern of trying to prove herself & W.E. felt that for somebody. But the gag is…you ARE enough, you HAVE enough, & the glory is NOT up for debate! Press PLAY to uncover Jessica's process of releasing a performative love and truly resting in the reckless love of God! Followed by marital lessons & kingdom-building advice. Delegation, what are you grateful for in the EXHALE? Drop us a comment, Tag our socials, or Send an email to podcast@womanevolve.com! Take care of your mental health during the holidays by visiting BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Apply to receive up to $1,000 in team-based credit at Notion.com/Startups.

Nov 24, 2021
Exhale Self Discovery

Chiiillleee, you thought this was a podcast, but ISSA family reunion—quick, cue The O'Jays! Hear how SJR & her co-host, Skye Kihara, are lowkey 'related'. Plus, get in on a ratchet reckoning courtesy of our homegirl Eve! W.E. heard it's cuffin' SZN, but Sis…what W.E. not finna do...is over-romanticize about future bae. Who are you? What do you bring to the table? And how are you validating what God has placed on the inside of you? Yep! That’s the self-affirming girl talk we're delving into this week! As a boss babe & tech enthusiast in the startup world, Skye tells listeners how to kick-start their business ideas, so tap in! Hey YOU, come kick it with the Delegation on Friday (11/19) night for soul-care in the sanctuary: Exhale Edition! This episode is sponsored by Truebill.com/WomanEvolve + Skillshare.com/Evolve + GetQuip.com/Evolve + Rothys.com/Evolve.

Nov 17, 2021
Ready to Exhale w/ Natalia Chai

Coming off the heels of WE21, this episode is a reminder to seek a sigh of relief. Our girl Natalia Chai-Bennett pulled up to the podcast with a beautiful spirit, telling SJR why & how she’s doing so good! Together they set their sights on a rescue mission & away from people-pleasing behavior. Natalia shared the lessons learned from holding her breath until she finally exhaled. Followed by SJR’s insight on ‘leaving while grieving’. Heart check, anyone? If so, stick around to hear about the self-love & self-trust established after giving your heart to God! Then take advantage of our listener perks at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14 + Notion.com/Startups!

Nov 10, 2021
Celebrating Sisterhood w/ Yasmine Julmisse

Conference week got us like—W.E.’re a movement by ourselves, but W.E.’re a force when W.E.’re together! Yaaasss, Delegation, YOU make us better! Sooo, link up November 5th & 6th? Alright, bet! This week catch us clappin' it up for the homie, Yasmine Julmisse, whose testimony is finna edify you, Sis! Press PLAY to hear how Yasmine is keepin' it a buck with SJR to discuss comparison as the enemy of contentment, how scripture is filled with divine intention, & a bite-size snack for the single ladies! The bestie SJR gives advice on starting in ministry where God has presently positioned you & issa word! Our boss babes can start their business journey FREE for 14 days at shopify.com/womanevolve! Plus, there's still time to register or simply partner with us in prayer for womanevolve.com/conference21!

Nov 03, 2021
Celebrating Relationships w/ Breanna Powell

In the name of Eve, our co-host Breanna Powell submitted herself for a rescue & chile W.E. gassed up the jet! ‘Cause judgement aside, the Saints done answered a ‘hey big head’ text from somebody’s son—but that’s alright! This episode calls for a celebration as SJR & Breanna remind listeners of the enjoyment connected to marriage, loved ones, our bodies, & carbs! Sis, if you’re struggling to be in relationship with God, visit WomanEvolve.com/conference21 for an invitation to breathe in His presence & exhale your fears. Write to podcast@womanevolve.com for gem droppin’ advice from SJR! Then, claim your sponsorship offers at Noom.com/Evolve + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Rothys.com/Evolve. Tell them W.E. sent you!

Oct 27, 2021
Celebrating Authenticity w/ Consolata Kapuya

W.E. are internationally known, so SJR passed the microphone—all the way to our friend Consolata Kapuya in Zimbabwe! That’s right! This week on the podcast, SJR is connecting beyond borders & issa vibe! TUNE IN as Consolata shares the journey of affirming her identity while making fear her audience. Sis highkey remembered WHOSE she was & the game changed! For being authentic and allowing listeners the room to bloom, W.E. gave this ‘Hail Mary’ her flowers! GIRL…are you waiting to exhale? Then pull up on WomanEvolve.com/conference21 where God gone spin the block for YOU…to breathe again! Holla at us if you wish to co-host by emailing podcast@womanevolve.com. Cancel unwanted subscriptions with Truebill.com/WomanEvolve + Try.Scribd.com/Evolve for a FREE 60-day trial of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, music, podcasts & MORE!

Oct 20, 2021
Celebrating Self-Worth w/ Mo James
n this episode, the anointing came through drippin' (drip, drip)! Guest co-host & Confidence Coach, Mo James, linked up with SJR to activate the audacity of women! On the cool W.E. needed it, but good gawd Mo read us for filth & snatched SJR's wig! The two discussed how to disrupt and do nothing, practice worthiness, identify expectation, and choose 'irresponsibility' (whaddup Eve). Instead of trying to 'fix' your family, did you ever consider rededicating them back to God? Yep...stick around for the advice segment to hear more. Sis, breathe in the celebration of your victories at every stage because you're worth it. Journey towards a happier & healthier you by plugging into BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Headspace.com/WomanEvolve. Then, join the Delegation's countdown to WomanEvolve.com/conference21 'cause everyday W.E. lit!
Oct 13, 2021
Stay on Purpose w/ Gia Peppers

It's homegirl-time in the sanctuary, and our good Sis, Gia Peppers, is applying BIG pressure on the enemy! As an on-air personality & entertainment journalist, she's spilling the tea on how to be a faith-led generation in a media-driven society. Our bestie SJR wants to know—what are you trying to cure with your purpose & how do you speak against the voices of inadequacy? Chile, W.E. heard a Delegation & Beyhive collab happened in this episode! Followed by advice on pivoting from a job you dislike to a position you admire. Get creative in the kitchen at HelloFresh.com/womanevolve14 & use code WOMANEVOLVE14 for 14 FREE meals, including FREE shipping + Start, run, or grow your business with Shopify.com/womanevolve & sign up for a FREE 14-day trial!

Oct 06, 2021
Saved Girl SZN w/ Brittany White
Creator of the Saved Girl Summer Manual, Brittany White, is bringing the heat to every season! Sis is kickin' it with SJR & proving that as women, W.E. can be all the things! Boughetto at 'Club Walmart', content in the middle of waiting, balanced while shifting identities, & affirmed as women by our younger selvesWhy did SJR put on the whole armor of Iyanla: Fix My Life to read us our rights? Shortly after, Eve tried to drown Brittany's homework, but Mary understood the assignment! This episode explores how to honor your calling & jump into action, so tap-tap-tap-in! Support our partners at Noom.com/Evolve + Try.Scribd.com/Evolve +
Rothys.com/Evolve. Tell them W.E. sent you!
Sep 29, 2021
Purposeful Longevity w/ Jada West

This week on the podcast, W.E. came to slay! As a faith & fashion trendsetter, Jada West is co-hosting with SJR to chronicle her evolution from the inside out! Learn how feelings of inadequacy, a collision with confidence, and not giving up on God clothed Jada with a pure passion. Whew lawd—this episode leaps into a Hail Mary moment that’s comin’ straight for our edges & eyelashes! Sis, W.E. know you’ve experienced a special kind of hurt. So, let this be a reminder that your value, worth, and identity WILL be restored! Swing by ShopWomanEvolve.com ‘cause W.E. heard they got drip for sale & Hit up our sponsors at Skillshare.com/Evolve + Headspace.com/WomanEvolve.

Sep 22, 2021
Longevity of Prayer w/ Armani Battle

Sisters, how y’all feel? Delegation, y’all alright? Here W.E. have SJR & Armani Battle rockin’ with what the Lord is doing in this podcast SZN! The two chat about an Eve-state of mind, the dichotomy of womanhood, mother-daughter dynamics, & a longevity that comes with living by God’s standards. Press PLAY to hear how SJR coaches Armani into exercising her ministry muscle ‘cause girl…it’s the biggest flex W.E. all can use! Chile, the streets are talkin’ & the innanet is buzzing—hit up WomanEvolve.com/conference21 for an opportunity to breathe in God's presence & exhale your fears! This episode is supported by BetterHelp.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14 + Truebill.com/WomanEvolve

Sep 15, 2021
Authentic Longevity w/ Jemell White

Description: In this episode, SJR connects with Jamell White, who shared her testimony of God’s grace in grief & Sis, W.E. felt that for somebody! Bruising her heel, tragedy changed the way Jamell walks as a mom, in her profession, and with God—but it didn’t keep our girl from crushin’ it! Discover how obedience & transformation is rooted in the longevity of her vision with #TaylorsWorld. Then, meet us in the comments to discuss an exit strategy for the boss babes, tips on blending families, and finding your tribe in business. Email podcast@womanevolve.com to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Listeners can seek grief counseling at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + take the stress out of mealtime with HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14

Sep 08, 2021
Processing Fear w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts & Sunne Perry

Brace yourself for a two-piece combo because SJR and the healing homie, Sunne Perry, are hittin' us with a WORD left & right! Our guest co-host declared a place for petty in Mind Your Business Ministries & well…Woman Evolve. Hear how growing up in a big family, the ability to H.E.A.L., and allowing God in to process her fears have revolutionized Sunne from playing small to walking heavy in faith! Can being affirmed water the seeds of our destiny? And, when is a marriage worth saving? W.E. wanna hear from the Delegation, so press PLAY & join the discussion! Sponsors alert—try Noom.com/Evolve to build mindfulness habits + shop FlexFits.com/Evolve for menstrual products + gift imaginative play with AmericanGirl.com, promo code EVOLVE!

Sep 01, 2021
Process Strength w/ Christian Aviles

Can W.E. get a drum roll, please?! This week SJR is joined by guest co-host & the Delegation's very own, Christian Aviles! Find out when Sis got her Eve-game on lock, how bravery in the presence of God breeds all things NEW, & who's the 'hail mary' in Christian's life making generational impact?! The two explored SJR's Feelings Box as a disciplinary alternative for the babes. Followed by a personalized snack everyone can take a bite of! Hey YOU, come kick it with us THIS Friday (8/27) night for soul-care in the sanctuary: Process Edition! Then, take FULL advantage of our listener perks—For the Penny Pincher, hit up Truebill.com/WomanEvolve for money management tools + For the Content Creator stop by Issuu.com/Podcast & use code EVOLVE at checkout for your FREE account or 50% off your premium account + For the Knowledge Seeker go to Try.Scribd.com/Evolve for a FREE 60-day trial. 

Aug 25, 2021
Process Desires w/ Yvonne Orji

Issa #WCW & this week W.E. are crushin' on a QUEEN that bodied her evolution! Comedienne, actress, and author—Yvonne Orji—chopped it up with SJR about how she was 'Bamboozled by Jesus' into a season of self-discovery. With BIG faith, a humble brag, unapologetic laughter, & Eve-like tendencies, Yvonne is highkey FAM to the Delegation! Get BAMBOOZLED when you cop her new book at BamboozledByJesus.com! Then, TAP IN to homegirl-time in the sanctuary as the two discuss performative love, going to therapy, hustle culture, femininity, and restoration in relationships. This episode is sponsored by Skillshare.com/Evolve + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + AmericanGirl.com (code: EVOLVE). Tell them W.E. sent you!

Aug 18, 2021
Process in the Present

Description: Sis, what is the podcast without the Delegation? A bwok bwok Chickenhead! And for this reason alone, W.E. aren't breaking up, but the format is shifting with fresh perspective. In this episode, SJR & Cora linked up to end the weekly live streams on Facebook & YouTube with a BANG! Eve shouted, "if it's up, then it's up" (as rescues were)! W.E. shook our tambourines for the people & places worthy to be praised! Then the sister-duo unpacked advice questions. Intending to process her desire in the present moment, our girl SJR posed the question—What steps are you taking to achieve a particular end? Beloved, W.E. see you side-eyeing, but again this is NOT a goodbye. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes when you SUBSCRIBE to Apple & Google Podcasts or FOLLOW on Spotify! Also, CLAIM your listener perks at HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve14 + FlexFits.com/Evolve + Issuu.com/Podcast!  

Aug 11, 2021

The Delegation has entered the chat & W.E. understood the assignment—half hood, half holy! Following a well-deserved SZN break, our girl SJR is back! Tune in as W.E. journey through the Rescue Eve, Hail Mary, Advice, & Snack segments of the podcast. This week Eve sought Peter-like miracles, W.E. highlighted a bunch of baddies paving the way, & ATE from an advice segment bound to leave you full! SJR shared that she's in the process of living in the spirit of multiplication! Even when it means laying down a good thing for the God-thing. Sis, shoot your shot and inquire about our co-hosting needs by emailing podcast@womanevolve.com. Treat yo'self at Noom.com/Evolve + BetterHelp.com/Evolve! Then, introduce your little one to Bitty Baby from AmericanGirl.com (use code: EVOLVE)!

Aug 04, 2021
Freely Shine

ISSA finale! All SZN long, the Delegation cut up, SJR clowned, & Eve was well…Eve! In this episode, W.E. tossed a few floaties while rooting for Harriet Tubman, a Los Angeles “gardengineer”, and Black Olympian Magic! Press PLAY to hear how the advice segment offers a perspective shift for all of us. Sis, is W.E. outside this summer? Either way, flex on 'em & freely shine! W.E. mean it GIRL—grow & glow! Because the shine is in the process, not in the destination. LISTEN, podcast-time in the sanctuary is our FAV, but sisterhood is happening with WomanEvolve.com/connect + WomanEvolveBook.com + WomanEvolve.TV + WomanEvolveBookClub.com + ShopWomanEvolve.com. Be sure to support our sponsors at Olay.com + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Issuu.com/Podcast with promo code EVOLVE. Till next time, W.E. have left the chat!

Jun 30, 2021
Freely Listen
This week our internet-nieces, Ella & Kenzie, were Eve’in on the podcast as our girl SJR struggled to stay afloat by the skin of her wig—but that’s ALRIGHT! Grab ya diving suit because deep.sea.rescues.lie.ahead AND prep for a #PraiseBreak as W.E. hail everyone out here “doing it for the culture”! Sis, SJR has advice for separating performance (what W.E. do) from identity (who W.E. are) & charting new territory in self-evolution! For the snack, she contends that you freely listen to gain perspective from those who are anointed to speak into your life. Then, lean into your soul and freely listen to what the heart is saying. This episode is supported by Olay Body + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Noom.com/Evolve. Hey YOU, let’s freely worship 1:1 with God this Saturday (6/26) over brunch + Watch LIVE next week as W.E. top off the podcast SZN! FB: Woman Evolve YT: Sarah Jakes Roberts
Jun 23, 2021
Freely Give

Wha Gwan, Delegation?! From behind the scenes to on the mic & the screen, Shaniece joined SJR on the podcast! Together, these two are giving unpermed petty, Mary & Elizabeth, minimal rescue realness! SJR & Sha doubled down on advice questions about purity culture, sexual health, and friendship breakups. Liiisssten, the gems they dropped are HERE for the taking! Sis, what would it look like to give to yourself freely? NO guilt, NO shame, NO selfishness—simply pouring into ‘self’ first, from the surplus and source that is God. Then, giving from your overflow. That’s it. That’s the snack! Get smooth, radiant skin with Olay Body Wash + Boss up & Claim a $75 sponsored job credit at Indeed.com/Evolve + Visit HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve12 to discover recipes for success!

Jun 16, 2021
Freedom to Reset

Chiiillleee, it's homegirl-time in the sanctuary! Eve took a joyride, tried the latest TikTok food trend, AND sent the Delegation on a rescue mission. This week's advice segment addressed vengeance in relationships and toxic co-parenting. Followed by SJR's snack—the freedom to reset! Sis, take inventory of how you ‘missed it’ in the past, plan better, & start AGAIN! It's the progress over perfection for W.E. Take advantage of our listener perks when you: Shop Olay.com for a collection of luxuriating body washes inclined to have you feeling fearless in your skin + Lend 'Mother Nature' a hand at FlexFits.com/Evolve & use code EVOLVE for 20% off Flex Disc Starter Kits or 10% off your first Flex Cup, plus FREE U.S. shipping + Journey towards a happier & healthier you by visiting BetterHelp.com/Evolveto connect with a licensed therapist & get 10% off your first month.

Jun 09, 2021
Freedom In Fragility
If you want in on the bonnet debate, ever lied to get out of work, or "come against" unruly fan behavior, then TUNE IN! Hear how Kristen Clarke, the Duhaneys, and Naomi Osaka are #Goals! This week there was advice AND a dragging in the sanctuary, so secure your wig, Sis! A member of the Delegation wrote in with grievances from here to Florida demanding a recount! In the end, SJR explained to listeners how a range of emotions & competing truths led her to freedom in fragility. GIRL! Do you know what this means? That you too can be FREE and experience the fullness of who you are before God. This episode is sponsored by Olay Body. Shop in store & online for premium products to elevate your skincare routine!
Jun 02, 2021
Fragile Identity

She’s baaaccckkk & EVERYTHING’S fiiiiiine! The enemy is working against what God is doing in this rescue-season, so to keep things afloat, W.E. gassed up the private jet. Find out why Charles Barkley, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Maddox are being hailed this week. Plus, SJR, her husbae PT, our homegirl Eve, & the Delegation rolled up deep to answer advice questions! All month long, we’ve recognized the vulnerability connected to who we are. Sooo…are you willing to embrace that your identity is fragile yet everchanging? ISSA snack to sit with & chew on, Sis! Subscribe to have weekly To-Go Plates (devotionals) delivered to your inbox at womanevolve.com/connect & Support our partners at Olay.com + Noom.com/Evolve BetterHelp.com/Evolve!

May 27, 2021
Fragile Youth

The Delegation's FAV big sister/substitute teacher stepped in to drive the boat! Y'all know Cora unsubscribes to rescues & Eve is in need of a built-in life jacket, but eventually the tide turnt! What is a socially acceptable ‘dating’ age? And, how to let go of a past relationship? TUNE IN as the fragility of youth & victory that God gives is examined. W.E. gave flowers to the living—Marys & Josephs—plus Cora's snack left us blooming in a season of discovery! Our boss babes can get a $75 credit to upgrade job posts at Indeed.com/Evolve + ISSA glow-up, Sis! Olay Body just launched a collection of skincare products in stores & online. From self-care to soul-care, bring ya FANCY to "Hey, You" this Friday (5/21) night!

May 19, 2021
Fragile Esteem

Chiiillleee, SJR freestyled a playlist for the '99 & the 2000s! In Delegation-fashion, WE got to cuttin' up! That was until our good Sis side-eyed the Eve in us. What does 7 bankruptcies, 1,000 cockroaches, AND a 2-day matrimony have in common? Ummm #NoLifeguardOnDuty because rescues were down. For personalized, on-demand learning, visit Skillshare.com/Evolve + Enjoy farm-to-fork goodness when you try HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve12! This episode explores a toxic church environment & co-parenting relationship. In seeking support against harmful situations, access a licensed counselor at BetterHelp.com/Evolve. With Isaiah 44:22 in mind, SJR invites listeners to set boundaries & hold space for fragile esteem. Simply put—confront human error with the love of God!

May 12, 2021
W.E. Fragile

The terms & conditions of a Saved Girl Summer drifted ashore, Walmart & Yeezy are having a Verzuz battle, SJR is tryna probate her way into eternity, and the Delegation attempted to rescue a fraud! This episode is brought to you with the support of Apostrophe.com/Evolve + ShipStation.com. Use code EVOLVE to claim your dermatology & shipping offers! With the Feelings Wheel on deck, SJR rejects “emotional anesthesia” and guides listeners through her take on vulnerability & transparency, followed by unique dating advice. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we're living in the knowledge of our fragility with 2 Corinthians 4:7-10 in mind. Sis, release Superwoman Syndrome & receive "Valerie", a MUST-SEE series streaming on WomanEvolve.TV!

May 05, 2021
An Invaluable Throwback

Are you a Delegation OG or a Delegation Newbie? Either way, this week you are in for a treat! WE are bringing you EP1 of the podcast which aired in 2018! This throwback episode was the onset of Eve-like & Edge-snatching tendencies. It was where “ratchet” collided with inspirational and SJR became a BFF in our heads—not to mention, our girl been giving #FreeGame since FAEVA! Then: It went down in the DM. Now: Send your advice questions to podcast@womanevolve.com. Press PLAY & let’s get into this memorable moment of “How It Started vs. How It’s Going”! Be sure to make use of our sponsorship offers at BetterHelp.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve12.

Apr 28, 2021
Invaluable Wisdom


Chiiillleee, there's nothing like girl time & good vibes with the Delegation! This week, WE dive head first into deep waters #TriedIt! Our advice segment examines the spiritual discipline of fasting and how to create consistent habits. Sis, your wound is someone else's invaluable wisdom from God. In fact, our girl SJR shares a recent heartfelt experience she hopes you can glean from. Waistline...WHERE? Acne...WHO? Swing by Noom.com/Evolve + Apostrophe.com/Evolve for customized healthcare plans to meet your dietary & skincare needs!

Apr 21, 2021
Invaluable Focus

Gratitude is the attitude as SJR serenades the Delegation into being thankful for what WE got—a revolution! This week, we’re “rocking” the boat of a potential president, AND drowning a crown-snatch heard ‘round the world. Our resident therapist Dr. Anita pulled up with some Here.Take.My.Money advice (for FREE)! Speaking of a coin-save, hit up Skillshare.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve12 + BetterHelp.com/Evolve for listener perks! In this episode, SJR challenges you to consider an area of your life where an invaluable focus can go a long way. Sis, the terms & conditions of a Saved Girl Summer are being drafted! Circle back next week for a "sneak peek”!

Apr 14, 2021
You Are Invaluable!

Channeling her inner-Eve as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, SJR served thug-life at the opening of this episode! Press PLAY to uncover which advice questions resonate strongly with the Delegation this week. Then, get into snack time in the sanctuary where onion-cutting & sweaty eyes became a thing. SJR expressed her feelings about getting to a worthy place, assuring listeners that God sees them as priceless and invaluable! Don’t know who (still) needs to hear this, but saying it LOUD for the people in the back—Woman Evolve has been released! Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself, Sis! Break up with your fears & Revolutionize your life at WomanEvolveBook.com. Manage your online business at ShipStation.com & Use code EVOLVE for a 60-day free trial. Learn the science to getting healthier with the support of Noom.com/Evolve. Connect with a board-certified dermatologist at Apostrophe.com/Evolve & Use code EVOLVE for $15 off your first visit.

Apr 08, 2021
Courageously Speaking

Where do W.E. begin? Rescues were split, the Delegation abandoned MYBM, & Eve was out here tryna get it out the mud. This episode may or may not have been sinking, but a sisterly-duet (Cora is HERE) kept things afloat! This week SJR is challenging you to speak courageously well and be intentional about what seeds you're planting with your words. Sis, call up ya homegirls, secure those edges, AND tell a friend to tell a friend! SJR has a book release on April 6th! You can pre-order Woman Evolve + access EXCLUSIVE content at womanevolvebook.com. Let’s get behind what God is doing and pray for the anointing to fall fresh!

Mar 31, 2021
Courageously Dreaming

ISSA musical throwback & karaoke-bop to show the Delegation how far God has brought us! Everyone was cuttin’ up & jiggin’ in the sanctuary until SJR submitted herself for a rescue. W.E. gave a side-eye, a floatie, & a name change! This episode explores life after divorce and rebuilding a troubled relationship. Journey towards a happier you by visiting BetterHelp.com/Evolve to connect with a licensed therapist. Sis, who do you want to be on the inside? Present that courageous dream to God. Pray and then act on it! Subscribe to weekly devotionals at womanevolve.com/connect + Pre-order Woman Evolve at womanevolvebook.com.

Mar 24, 2021
Courageously Broken
Chiiillleee, turn your lights down & your mics up! In the spirit of—know better, but NOT do better—W.E. issued out rescues (not stimmys) this week on the podcast. For a precious Lamb of God, the Delegation gassed up the jet, fueled the yacht, AND requested our resident big sister, Cora, for back-up! Jamie Kern Lima, author of Believe IT and founder of IT Cosmetics, joined us as a special guest to share her personal Hail Mary story. Need to regain your zeal? In an on-again, off-again relationship? Then SJR’s advice segment and W.E. sponsors are HERE for the taking! This episode is brought to you with the support of Noom.com/Evolve + Skillshare.com/Evolve + HelloFresh.com/WomanEvolve12. Be sure to join us this Friday night with a courageous worship as we turn to God for Hey, YOU!
To Purchase a copy of Jamie’s book “Believe It”: https://www.believeit.com/
Follow Jamie Kern Lima IG: @Jamiekernlima
Follow Jamie Kern Lima on FB @JamieKernLimaPage
Mar 17, 2021