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Welcome to the R.O.A.D. Podcast. The show that gives you unfiltered opinions from the eyes and ears of 4 seasoned DJ’s from the Las Vegas nightclub industry. DJ Crooked and DJ Neva come to us by way of New York; Manhattan and The Bronx respectively. Both relocated to Vegas in the early 2000s to open, what was then, Light and Jet Nightclub. Crooked is known for his workhorse mentality, and high energy DJ sets, but has never been one for the industry politics. While DJ Neva has earned his OG status due to his countless years of experience in the DJ game. In 2007, they brought a piece of home with them by founding KNYEW (acronym for “Keeping New York Every Where), a successful clothing brand, the first of its kind to be seen in Las Vegas. Similarly, both D-Miles and Jaime Da Great grew up in the LA. Jaime, while making a huge name for himself in the sneaker industry, has shifted his focus into becoming a full-time DJ. D-Miles climbed the ranks by opening for the industry’s

Episode Date
Episode 267: DJ BAD
Episode 267: DJ BAD On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with one of LA’s premier Club DJs @DJBad. Bad speaks on the @MADENightlife Sundays at @DayLightVegas (00:55) and the crew compare LA neighborhoods to NYC Boroughs (09:15). Bad talks on transitioning from college parties to Hollywood clubs (15:01), being recruited by @SupremeTeamLA (26:01) and @Drake DJ’ing during his set at #ToxicDayParty (40:30). The fellas discuss @Mustard leading the Westcoast Hip-Hop takeover in the early 2010s (45:35) and Bad recalls dropping an unreleased song at #SupperClubTuedays that caused @YG and his camp to rush the booth (1:00:02). The crew speak on being left behind on @Serato #Stems (1:18:20) and Bad's management firm @EmagenEntGroup with @DudeBro and their first client @Nas (1:35:01). Finally, Bad shares his biggest career struggle (1:39:01) and addresses the current climate in LA Nightlife (1:47:09).
Feb 01, 2023
Episode 266: BOOTLEG KEV
Episode 266: BOOTLEG KEV On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with West Coast radio legend and LA’s finest @BootlegKev. Bootleg Kev gives the guys their flowers for their podcast journey (00:45) and speaks on the DJ politics when he was in Las Vegas in the 2010s (3:34). Kev shares being laid off @Real923LA during the pandemic (9:15), building up his own syndicated radio show (12:13) and being an early YouTube content pioneer with a J.Cole (@RealColeWorld) freestyle (25:51). He reminisces on his time in Vegas with @MallyMall (35:40), getting robbed of $15K during the pandemic (47:54) and the legendary "Strip Hop" Stripper Party in Las Vegas (1:02:01). Kev talks about @LilPump leaking his phone number (1:15:02) and claims Drake (@ChampagnePapi) doesn’t have a “classic album” (1:30:02). Finally, Kev speaks on his grand exit from @Hot975LV (1:54:02).
Jan 25, 2023
Episode 265: KYAMBO “HIP HOP” JOSHUA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome legendary A&R for #Rocafella Records, Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua (@1978HipHop). Hip Hop speaks on building his early relationship with #JayZ (4:15) and recording #Dipset, #StateProperty, and @MemphisBleek with his production/management company "Hip Hop Since 1978" (7:01). He explains how New York’s famous Tunnel Nightclub determined if a song was a hit (19:22). Hip Hop reflects on helping Jay-Z's “Dead Presidents/Ain't No” get to number one (26:01), breaks down the role of an A&R (32:40) and recalls Jigga passing on beats like “Whoa”, “Still Not A Player” and “Lights Camera Action” (39:05). Hip Hop speaks on his relationship with @Aaliyah (51:01), working in the studio with @MichaelJackson (1:18:53) and his top 5 Jay-Z records of all time (1:39:40). Finally Hip Hop talks about signing #KanyeWest as a producer/artist (1:56:02) and his role in curating the sound of Roc-A-Fella Records (2:25:02).
Jan 18, 2023
Episode 264: CHEF ROY CHOI + DUMBFOUNDEAD On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcome Gourmet Streetfood Guru @ChefRoyChoi (owner @KogiBBQ @BestFriendVegas) and prominent LA Rapper/Actor @DumbFoundead. The fellas talk about their mutual friend DJ Zo (@Zomanno) coordinating the interview (00:45) and Roy and Dumbfoundead speak on the different generations of Koreatown in LA (4:02). Roy shares his family’s rags to riches story with the start of his mother’s jewelry business (10:01) and explains how his strong Asian family foundation pulled him out of a “poetic crack journey” in New York (12:23). Dumbfounded speaks about the battle rap scene with @ProjectBlowedLA (30:21) and the first time he experienced Asian racism (43:01). The crew debate on the strength of Korean support in LA with @BobbyLeeLive and @DavidChoe (52:33). Finally, Roy explains how networking within the food and DJ industry are similar (56:15) and his thought process when programming DJs for his restaurant @BestFriendVegas (1:09:43).
Jan 11, 2023
Episode 263: CIPHA SOUND'S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT PT.2 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcome back NYC's legendary DJ/Comedian @Ciphasounds a 2nd time for a special Pt.2 episode (listen to Pt.1 on Episode #261). Cipha shares stories of working with @DaveChapelle during the Pandemic (1:45), explains how DJ’ing and stand-up comedy are alike (10:20), and shows admiration for his DJ mentors @DJRizNYC and @FunkFlex (12:15). He talks about helping @LouisCKX fix a joke (34:35), shares the best stand up advice he received from Michael Che (@CheThinks) (41:55) and discusses who's the greatest Comedian of all time (49:10). Finally, the fellas breakdown @DJRtistic’s Top 100 R&B songs of the 90’s on Twitter (58:33).
Jan 04, 2023
Episode 262: 2022 Recap
Episode 262: 2022 Recap On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the last year in music with help from our DJ listeners. See below for the Top 2022 categories on this episode. ROAD'S 2022 RECAP:
1. Top 5 "Club Hits" (6:22)
2. Top 25 "Club Hits" voted by DJs (17:10)
3. Top 3 "Sleeper Hits" (35:25)
4. Top 15 "Sleeper Hits" voted by DJs (41:32)
5. Top 3 "Biggest Flops" (56:05)
6. Top 10 "Biggest Flops" voted by DJs (1:12:18)  7. Top 3 Artists/Albums (1:23:04) 8. Top 3 Artist/Albums voted by DJs (1:29:30) 9. Top 3 Remix/Editors (1:31:20) 10. Top 3 Remix/Editors voted by DJs (1:38:20) 11. Favorite "DJ Mix of 2022" voted by DJs (1:41:40) 12. Top 5 "Favorite DJs" voted by DJs (1:43:27) 13. Most Valuable Lesson Learned in 2022 (1:46:33)
Dec 28, 2022
Episode 261: CIPHA SOUND'S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT PT.1 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcome back one of their favorite guests, NYC's legendary DJ/Comedian @Ciphasounds. The fellas remember when Nigeria tried to cancel Ciph on his last appearance on Road (2:38) and look back when @FunkFlex brought Ciph to tears (22:10). He speaks on @ChrisRock helping him after @Hot97 let him go (26:30) and recalls his favorite @KanyeWest interview on @JuanEpIsLife (39:15). Cipha makes a "big announcement" (1:01:40) and critiques @DJCrooked's latest song “#PlayBadBunny” (1:27:45). Finally, Ciph shares a hilarious entourage story involving @GriseldaRecords and @WestSideGunn (1:39:45).
Dec 21, 2022
Episode 260: DEE JAY SILVER
Episode 260: DEE JAY SILVER Take Road Podcast's "2022 Recap" Poll here. Link: On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew are joined by Country Music's premier open format DJ @DeeJaySilver1 (Tour DJ for @JasonAldean). Silver speaks on his new partnership with @Zouk (4:10), becoming the first country music tour DJ by working with Jason Aldean (22:10) and the competition in the country music world for DJs (30:11). He gives his top country must have tracks (55:23), working with his partner @DJIkon from their  DJ Duo @OfficalRoadHouse (58:05) and starting the @BlackoutArtists DJ Agency with @KalikaMoquin (1:03:11). Finally, Silver shares his traumatic experience for him and his family surviving the mass shooting in Las Vegas during the The Route 91 Festival in 2017 (1:21:42).
Dec 14, 2022
Episode 259: DJ BANGARANG
Episode 259: DJ BANGARANG On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew are joined by Salt Lake City’s finest @BangarangTheDJ. Bangarang explains his current position as junior talent buyer at @LiveNiteEvents (1:05) and focusing on a DJ's abilities more than their followers (04:55). The fellas speak on Opening DJs leaving after their set (07:55) and Bangarang shares some nightmare situations he's experienced when booking DJs and Rappers (24:01). The crew discuss @YehMe2 sharing a slow night of his on social media (45:33) and Bangarang expressing some of his frustrations with the programming on SLC radio (54:55).
Dec 07, 2022
Episode 258: THEE MIKE B + DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined by the co-founder of LA's legendary #BananaSplit Sunday Party @TheeMikeB and Philly's own Dances With White Girls (@DancesLife). Dances speaks on his feature in @Pitbull's "Don't Stop The Party" (00:05) and Mike B shares an embarrassing story opening for @FunkFlex at NYC at #ClubEnvy (04:35). The fellas discuss @Roctakon’s infamous “McGreedy” trolling on #Hollertronix's notorious #Hollerboard forum (19:55) and address the "mob mentality" on the DJ Twitter (29:55). Mike B reminisces on DJ’ing with @StretchArmstrong (48:01) and Dances talks his “Club Demon” radio show @OnAmp. Finally, @DJBossaNova jumps into the convo to speak about his weekly party in Santa Monica at @MomsBarLA (1:11:00) and Mike B asks how the current state of #Reggaeton right now differs to the 2000s (1:17:55).
Nov 30, 2022
Episode 257: DRE SINATRA
Episode 257: DRE SINATRA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew are joined by LA’s finest @DreSinatra (@Real923LA, @YoungCalifornia, and DJ for @TyDollaSign). Dre Sinatra credits artists like the #NewBoyz "You're A Jerk" for bringing hip hop to the bottle services clubs in LA in the 2000s (02:35), shares a throwback story about KRS-One (@Teacha_KRSOne) getting boo’d at Colony Mondays (12:20) and @DJCrooked compares NYC “Black Diamond Parties” to LA's @MadeNightlife (17:30). Dre speaks on becoming @RayJ’s DJ (23:55), DJ’ing for LA Chicano rap artists like “Lean like a Cholo” Kilo (@MrLeanLikeaCholo) (30:55) and giving himself one year to accomplish being a fulltime DJ (42:55). He talks about his @Twitch streams and his relationship with @FrandalayBay (1:10:02). Dre recounts being on Ray J’s TV show “For the Love of Ray J” (1:15:43), becoming Ty Dolla $ign’s DJ (1:25:02) and never getting caught up in the celebrity lifestyle (1:30:40). He shares his opinion on the @WizKhalifa incident @Poppy nightclub (1:55:01) and his Top 3 Hip Hop Records of 2022 (2:10:40). Finally, Dre Sinatra speaks on his upcoming tour life (2:20:10).
Nov 16, 2022
Episode 256: Remembering NY Radio
Episode 256: Remembering NY Radio On this week’s episode of the @RoadPocast address the recent response on social media from New York OG's like @DJScratch and @DJSirCharles regarding a video clip from @TheBakaBoyz previous episode #255 (06:35). @DJNeva and @DJCrooked look back at Hip-Hop on New York Radio during the 1980s and 1990s (15:09) and reminisce on old record shops like @DJRockandSoul and @FatBeats (27:10). Finally, the fellas speak about the recent ban on @KanyeWest's music with Club DJs (33:40) and speak about the recent passings of @YRNTakeOff of the @Migos, #TameOne of #TheArtifacts and #HurricaneG (57:40).
Nov 09, 2022
Episode 255: THE BAKA BOYZ
Episode 255: THE BAKA BOYZ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sit down with LA radio legends and music producers @TheBakaBoyz (@NickVeeZee & @DJ3ricV). The Baka Boyz speak on creating their radio segment “Roll Call” which influenced @EdLover and @DoctorDre39’s east coast version (1:15), helping flip @Power_106 in LA to an all hip hop station (4:30) and credit themselves for bringing underground hip hop to New York radio (25:40). They share stories of when #JayZ refused to freestyle on their show (29:55), discuss their famous #FridayNiteFlavas (36:55) and passing on a #Tupac feature on their Cali Kings mixtape (41:02). The Baka Boyz talk being talent scouts, discovering radio stars like @BigBoy, @DJEman and #UncleTito (1:12:35). Nick recounts pursuing spirituality with his brand @HouseofSueno after the passing of his daughter (1:25:02) and the boys speak on losing both of their parents in the same year (1:35:20). They explain their fall out with Power 106 (1:44:55) and navigating their time in the Miami and San Diego radio markets in the 2000s (1:52:55). Finally, the Baka Boyz talk about getting back into the radio industry in 2012 (1:58:55) and learning to help each other as brothers during their low points (2:03:55).
Nov 02, 2022
Episode 254: 5 Year Anniversary
Episode 254: 5 Year Anniversary On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew celebrate their 5 Year Anniversary with special guest hosts @DJMoma and @ItsMartyRock. Marty confronts the podcast about misinformed statements on previous episodes regarding Reggaeton history (3:09) and the fellas ask Moma how the response was when his cameo in @Beyonce's @TiffanyAndCo commercial aired this past month (31:40). The crew listens back to their very first episode of the podcast (47:01) and answer in-depth questions from Moma about their work relationship over the past 5 years (1:09:27).
Oct 26, 2022
Episode 253: “The Future of Serato” Feat. Kutcorners + Mr. Sonny James
Episode 253: “The Future of Serato” Feat. Kutcorners + Mr. Sonny James On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcome @Serato’s Artist Relations Team @Kutcorners and @MrSonnyJames to discuss Serato’s latest stem-splitting 3.0 update. The fellas speak on Serato discontinuing their SL Boxes (6:25)and the criticism they receive daily on DJ Twitter (23:59). Kut Corners addresses @CFLO’s claims that the stem tech Serato uses is dated compared to his @Stemverter app (31:01). Finally the fellas discuss @DJSnake still DJing on Scratch Live (51:14) and debate if laptops will be obsolete in the future of DJ’ing (55:12).
Oct 19, 2022
Episode 252: "Altura: DJ Exile + DJ AR"
Episode 252: "Altura: DJ Exile + DJ AR" On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome one of the biggest Latin parties in Las Vegas, @AlturaPresents, @DJExile and DJ AR (@AlturaPapi). The crew give Exile and AR their flowers for building such a great local party (2:02) and Exile speaks on expanding their parties to live performance concerts with big Latin artists like #JhayCortez (@JhayCo) and @Tokischa.Popola (10:20). The fellas talk about the current “Golden Era” of Reggaeton right now (30:24). Exile recalls a frustrating time in his DJ career when #Kaos Nightclub closed in 2019 (39:50) and explains how linking up with DJ AR was his saving grace (57:03). Finally, @DJCrooked announces their collaboration with Altura's Wednesday night party on Oct.26th for Road Podcast’s "5 year Anniversary" and Crooked's Birthday with guest DJ sets from NYC's finest @DJMoma and @DJMartyRock (1:05:21).
Oct 12, 2022
Episode 251: DJ J NICE
Episode 251: DJ J NICE On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast the fellas speak with ATL Veteran and Las Vegas's finest @DJJNice. J Nice speaks on the passing of his friend @Coolio (00:26). The fellas discuss "aggressive openers" (6:02) and J Nice recalls working at the legendary Club 112 in Atlanta where he linked up with  #BigMeech of #BMF (Black Mafia Family) (21:52). He speaks on becoming the president of @Shaq’s entertainment company (36:26), being @TheNotoriousBig’s DJ with @DJClarkKent (44:12) and explains the one time @LilTunechi (Lil Wayne) fired him (50:45). J Nice shares a story of a past altercation with @DJDMiles at @OnTheRecordLV (1:02:52) and explains his view on Latin Artists getting booked over Hip-Hop acts in Las Vegas (1:19:02). Finally, the crew discuss the difficulties of building and executing your own parties (1:34:02).
Oct 05, 2022
Episode 250: The Latino MJ
Episode 250: The Latino MJ On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast speak about @BadBunnyPR’s tour invading Las Vegas and debate whether Bad Bunny is the "Latino Michael Jackson" (8:35). The fellas' debate who was the last artist to unify Black People globally like Bad Bunny has done for Latinos (15:47) and question whether foreign artists need the “American Stamp of Approval” (26:43), @DJNeva shares his hesitation to cash in a “Big Tip” he recently received at a gig (39:43) and @DJCrooked asks the fellas what superstitions/rituals they have before DJing (50:01). Finally, the crew speak with a young up and coming DJ @JaydensVengence about secret underground parties in NYC (1:00:30).
Sep 28, 2022
Episode 249: DJ CRG
Episode 249: DJ CRG On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast the fellas welcome Austin’s finest @DJCRG. CRG speaks on Las Vegas clubs post-pandemic (00:55) and thanks @ChrisDuano from San Antonio for teaching him the ropes in nightlife (07:20). The fellas discuss the Latin explosion in Vegas (17:50), address the tech boom affecting Austin nightlife on Rainy St. (25:45) and rate the Top 5 major party cities in Texas (32:50). CRG speaks on the devasting loss of @WhoIsNyce who was instrumental in uniting DJs in Austin (37:22). Finally, CRG talks about seeing positive changes after giving up alcohol (57:32) and speaks on micro-dosing mushrooms (1:06:22).
Sep 21, 2022
Episode 248: Las Vegas Raiders DJ CO1
Episode 248: Las Vegas Raiders DJ CO1 On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast the fellas speak with @Raiders In-Game DJ, @Q100Vegas Radio Personality, and Las Vegas’ finest @DJCO1. CO1 speaks on the hectic atmosphere coordinating the Raiders games (00:45), studying to become "NFL Certified" (16:23), and reminiscing on the "Secret Vegas DJ Basketball League" that ousted @DJCrooked (24:55). He explains why he quit law enforcement (36:22), breaks down the "LA Party Crews" in the '90s (50:51) and getting into radio with the help of @ImDJDrew (1:13:22). Finally, CO1 speaks on creating his own lane in Radio and Sports Events without having to compete in the Vegas Club scene (1:31:20).
Sep 14, 2022
Episode 247: DJ Girlfriend Etiquette
Episode 247: DJ Girlfriend Etiquette On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast the fellas wish @DJNeva a Happy Birthday (00:27), discuss everyone's Top 5 Athletes including @SerenaWilliams (02:28) and #WiltChamberlain (14:23). @DJNeva addresses the recent backlash @FatJoe received for including Puerto Ricans as co-founders of the conception of Hip-Hop along with "Black Americans" (34:02). Finally, the crew question whether it’s okay to play R. Kelly's music again (52:02) and address a listener's question regarding “proper DJ Girfirend Etiquette” (1:07:55).
Sep 07, 2022
Episode 246: DJ IGNITE
Episode 246: DJ IGNITE On this week's episode of the @Roadpodcast the fellas welcome Bahamas’ finest @DJIgnite. Ignite speaks on landing in Las Vegas during floodings (1:25), chimes in on @DeeJayPuffy stating Barbados is the "hardest crowd to DJ for" (14:14), and discuss the lack of Caribbean presence on the Westcoast (22:10). The crew breakdown the importance of a great "lighting guy" (30:28) and Ignite talks about working on the Resort Golf Courses in the Bahamas to get into the Resort Nightclubs (51:41). Finally, Ignite explains the importance of being a proper "host in your city" (1:01:37) and being the first Bahamian DJ to play in Las Vegas (1:09:20).
Aug 31, 2022
Episode 245: Pete Shalvoy
Episode 245: Pete Shalvoy On this week's episode of the @Roadpodcast the fellas speak with Nightlife Veteran, New York Native and Las Vegas's finest DJ Peter Shalvoy (@ShalvoyMusic). Shalvoy speaks on the legendary NYC Discotheque #ParadiseGarage and having an exclusive membership in the 1980's (2:55), hanging out with #Jean-MichelBasquiat and #KeithHaring (16:48) and reminisces on Larry Levan DJ sets (30:08). The crew discuss “poppers” (35:45), DJs breaking new records in the clubs (42:50) and Shalvoy’s former alias “DJ Porkchop”(1:06:55). Finally, he talks about creating his own house and disco edits (1:22:30).
Aug 24, 2022
Episode 244: No Song Of The Summer
Episode 244: No Song Of The Summer On this week's episode of the @Roadpodcast the fellas speak on the recent string of unfortunate events in Las Vegas from massive floods, shootings and an airport shutdown (02:54). The crew discuss the absence of a “Song of the Summer” for the first time ever (11:39), question why remixes with crossover features aren't effective anymore  (15:01) and reminisce on the era of ‘hip house’ (28:36). They debate why some DJs shy away from playing Saucy Santana (@the1saucysantana) (46:53) and @JaimeDaGreat shares an ignorant encounter where he was accused of playing “Chunti” music (1:06:42).
Aug 17, 2022
Episode 243: House Vs. EDM
Episode 243: House Vs. EDM On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome a collective of Las Vegas heavyweights @SheckyGreenLV, @EddieMacLV, @DJLema, and @Spydatekzilla to expand on a previous discussion (from Episode #237) which sparked a major debate online "House vs EDM" (1:20). They discuss the birth of Electronic/Dance Music and how EDM became a “bad word” (8:14). They speak about the “death of disco” (22:34), ghost producing in EDM (46:55) and annoying "Clock DJs" (1:06:15). Shecky explains that during times of economic hardships, people listen to music with faster BPMs (1:08:20) and Eddie Mac recounts a frustrating interaction opening for @DavidGuetta (1:12:37). The fellas discuss local DJs in Las Vegas conforming to a dated formula that venues have been following (1:41:42). Finally, Crooked shares his desire to spin longer sets (1:47:15) and recaps a recent experience with an opener (1:49:42).
Aug 10, 2022
Episode 242: Play My Mama's Song
Episode 242: Play My Mama's Song On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas discuss a viral video of @WizKhalifa aggressively confronting MC @OmgItsTron & DJ @Mikey_Danger at @Poppy nightclub during his album release party (1:58). The crew speak on @KidCapri101’s and Rob Swift's (@BrolicArm) reaction to the Wiz's "disrespectful" behavior (33:32) and @DJCrooked asks the guys how they would have responded if they had been the DJ that night (35:02). Finally, @DJNeva and @JaimeDaGreat recap their encounter with @Usher, @RealEvanRoss, and @JermaineDupri at @OnTheRecordLV (1:02:13).
Aug 03, 2022
Episode 241: “Mixer Wars” Feat. Neek Lopez + The Rub
Episode 241: “Mixer Wars” Feat. Neek Lopez + The Rub On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are back with a special guest host, LV's own @NeekLopez of the @5on5Podcast. Neek and @DJCrooked speak on their first awkward encounter at @OmniaNightclub (2:10). Neek speaks about his local Disco Party in DTLV @ParadiseFeverDisco and his residency at the new ice cream inspired 3-room nightclub @WeAllScreamDTLV (15:25). The fellas admit to secretly shazaming songs and nightclub staff memorizing DJ’s set when they don't switch it up (27:12). The crew call @DJEleven and @DJAyres to congratulate them on the 20th anniversary of @ItstheRub poppin' off in Brooklyn July 30th with @DJMoma and @DJGetLive at @BellhouseNY (40:20). Finally, the fellas discuss a tweet from LA's finest @DJRtistic referring to Pioneer's S9 and 900 Mixer as a "Hip-Hop vs EDM thing" (58:37). Rest in Peace to our fellow DJ @WhoIsNyce. Any and all donations to help with his funeral costs are appreciated and could be found at the link below:
Jul 27, 2022
Episode 240: DJ RI5E
Episode 240: DJ RI5E On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome DC’s finest @DJRi5e. Ri5e and @DJCrooked speak on DJ’ing @TheParkat14th in the early 2010’s with @DJQuickSilva (1:15) and shine light on the original godfather of nightlife in DC @TheMarcBarnesDC (14:30). Crooked gives props to DJs like DC's own @JeromeBaker3rd whose unique DJ style helps shape the local nightlife scene in his city and the fellas speak on the “just do you” phrase when spinning guest spots (26:05). The crew speak on the lack of Afrobeats being played on the Westcoast, debate whether DJs are still tastemakers (35:47) and discuss how DC nightlife doesn’t get the credit it deserves (1:01:02). Finally, the fellas speak on the @AdoboDMV Latin Party and address a recent Twitter exchange regarding El Alfa (@ElAlfaElJefe) being the crossover star for Dew Bow (1:05:59).
Jul 20, 2022
Episode 239: “Live at Beyond The Music Retreat” feat. The 20 Podcast with DJ Spider
Episode 239: “Live at Beyond The Music Retreat” feat. The 20 Podcast with DJ Spider On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew present a live interactive podcast recorded on June 15th, 2022 at @BeyondTheMusicRetreat (a DJ conference organized by @DJVice @DJCity @BeatsourceOfficial) with @DJSpider and #The20Podcast. Spider talks about collaborating with the @DJCrooked (5:25) and shares their legendary story of “Bone Island” (8:20). The fellas engage with the live audience in attendance and ask “which panel spoke to them the most?”: @DJDmiles mentioned the “Check Ya Self” panel (12:40), @JaydensVengence highlights “Start Your Own Party” and @Fashen speaks on the “Wellness” panel (16:10). @DJKA5 asks the guys “Where do you see DJ culture going?” (35:23), @DJRican317 asks “How do you deal with anxiety while being a working DJ?” (38:55) and @DJHapaBoy speaks on the positive networking benefits of #BeyondTheMusicRetreat (48:55) . Finally, @CariBBeats inquires about the retreat providing more financial advice for DJs (52:55) while @MuzikAddik and @Vlatz would like to see more info on the metaverse and NFTs next year (1:12:24).
Jul 13, 2022
Episode 238: CLEVELAND TERRY On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome the "Bar Mitzvah King" and famed DJ Youtuber @ClevelandTerry_. Cleveland discusses the negative comments he received on a recent video with @DJQbert (6:11). He talks about partnering up @DJParisPaul to create their own successful events company @CheckOne2Ent (25:45). Cleveland opens up about converting to Judaism (45:10) and how his events company started small but now works 500 bar mitzvahs a year and staffs 80+ employees (56:20). He admits to being overextended and struggling to delegate early with his company (1:15:12) and breaks down how @Mojaxx helped him connect to the right DJ equipment companies to expand his Youtube channel (1:20:45). Finally, Cleveland addresses a video he made countering the Road podcast’s “views” on Twitch DJs (1:40:40).
Jul 06, 2022
Break My Road (R.O.A.D. Podcast Remix) Prod. By Crooked X Trayze - 120 BPM
This is a parody mash-up remix produced by Crooked (@djcrooked) and Trayze (@trayze) featuring DJ Neva (@djneva), DJ D-Miles (@djdmiles), Jaime Da Great (@jaimedagreat), and Crooked as well. Premiered on ROAD podcast Episode 237: “Unfortunately I’m Sorry”. For a high-quality version of the song with extended intros please visit: To find more of Trayze’s edits and remixes please visit: Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music being used in this mash-up.
Jun 30, 2022
Episode 237: Unfortunately I'm Sorry
Episode 237: Unfortunately I'm Sorry In this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew wish @JaimeDaGreat and @NudiaOnAir a Happy Birthday (00:15). The fellas speak on Drake’s new Album “Honestly, Nevermind” being categorized as a dance album (6:12) and discuss the history of black and Latin influence in house music (14:02). The crew talk about @Beyonce's new single "Break My Soul" and the recent debate circulating on Twitter about Bey "bringing dance music back" (22:22). The fellas debut their own 'Road Podcast Remix' of Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” (38:10) produced by @DJCrooked and @Trayze (to receive a free MP3 download, signup at The crew reminisce on some of the best R&B dance remixes of the 2000's (1:02:30) and the importance of having a DJ in the process of developing an artist (1:09:10).
Jun 29, 2022
Episode 236: EASY MO BEE
Episode 236: EASY MO BEE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome Grammy-Award winning DJ/Producer and Hip-Hop Legend @EasyMoBee. Easy Mo Bee shares his early days in production with “Pause Tapes” (3:55) and how DJ’ing is his first love thanks to his Father (6:30) . He addresses rumors of him “hating serato” and recaps his all vinyl set at @OnTheRecord with @DJPee.Wee (aka @Anderson._Paak) and @EddieMacLV (12:40). Easy speaks on his IG Live stream “TMS (Time Machine Session) Weekends” (16:20) and his rap group #RappinIsFundamental which led to producing records for @OfficialBigDaddyKane (26:35). He breaks down his recording process with @MilesDavis which was similar to @2pac (31:45). Easy shares his memories of recording “Runnin From The Police” featuring 2Pac and @TheNotoriousBig (42:32) and describes the intense ‘90s ‘East Coast vs. West Coast’ beef while working with @DrDre and @SnoopDogg (50:36). He finally opens up about tensions between him and @Diddy (1:16:16) which almost resulted in not being included on Biggie's 2nd album #LifeAfterDeath and how "Going Back To Cali" was intentionally made to mend the Eastcoast vs Westcoast beef (1:23:12). Finally, Easy Mo Bee addresses Biggie's unreleased music (1:43:10), which Hip-Hop producer he feels most competitive with @DJPremier or @RealPeteRock (1:45:52) and which artist he'd want to work with in 2022 (1:59:55).
Jun 22, 2022
“Best Of Road Vol 4: Producer Stories” Feat. Nudia
“Best Of Road Vol 4: Producer Stories” Feat. Nudia On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew go back into the studio and revisit some of the best conversations told on the podcast with legendary producers. In episode 152, @LilJon speaks on making @TooShort’s ‘Blow the Whistle’ and @E40’s ‘Tell Me When to Go’ in the same week (00:41). In episode 177, @SalaamRemi breaks down the production work and vocal direction on the #TheFugees “Nappy Heads (Remix)” (7:41). In episode 167, @DJWS clears up some of the rumors that surfaced when he first linked up with @LadyGaga for her ‘Born This Way’ album (15:43). In episode 154, @ScramJones speaks on a time he gave @MyFabolousLife and @JimJonesCapo the same beat (23:29). In episode 97, @FelliFel explains how he made his hit record ‘Get Buck in Here’ featuring @Diddy, @Akon, @Ludacris, and @LilJon (27:15). In episode 112, @DJLaz breaks down why @BennyBenassi never cleared the sample for his club banger ‘Move, Shake, Drop; featuring @Pitbull and @Official_Flo (35:49). In episode 45, Sadat X retells how a mix-up with @Diddy got him cut from @TheNotoriousBig’s album (40:57). Finally, in episode 13, @FrandalayBay shares how he influenced Drake’s ‘Motto’ record (46:09).
Jun 15, 2022
Episode 235: The 'Sir Charles' Breakdown
Episode 235: The 'Sir Charles' Breakdown In this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew recap the recent response to their @Amerie and @Beyonce clip (from Episode 233) which were reposted by celebrity gossip blog sites and had the #BeyHive in an uproar (6:35). The fellas discuss @DJSirCharles incredible breakdown of the Amerie, Rich Harrison and Beyonce triangle while he worked at Columbia Records in 2001 (22:20). Finally, the crew speak about DJs having the same names (1:23:13) and @DJCrooked critiques @JamieDaGreat’s set at @Knowpaslaps’ @RnBandRibs party in San Francisco (1:37:27).
Jun 08, 2022
Episode 234: DJ SHIFT
Episode 234: DJ SHIFT On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome Las Vegas own @DJShift. Shift talks about growing up around hospitality with his parents owning a nightclub and hosting parties (2:45).  Shift speaks on being inspired to DJ while bartending in Vegas (09:21), he explains how he loves the entertainment part of DJ’ing and doesn’t have an attachment to the music (13:02). Shift shares on his history of DJ’ing for @50cent (20:20), linking up with Zee “Queen of House”(@QueenofHouseZ) and working at Las Vegas staple nightclub “ICE” (37:05). The fellas get the story behind Shift’s recent viral video, where he declined to play @BadBunnyPR (47:40). Shift talks about his brother @DJStretchLV becoming a DJ (50:17), what’s changed in Vegas nightlife over the years (1:00:01) and his early days of being a promoter while DJ’ing (1:18:21).  Finally, Shift speaks on not having a booking agency and why he prefers to run everything himself (1:27:40).
Jun 01, 2022
Episode 233: Miserable Is Safe
Episode 233: Miserable Is Safe On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap spinning the @LoversAndFriendsFest (1:02) and discuss twitter accusations of @Beyonce stealing @Amerie's sound with #RichHarrison (4:20). The crew speak about a new "Fake Girlfriend" strategy (33:44) and @DJNeva share’s his recent health issues (1:00:40). Finally, @DJCrooked shares how "being miserable is safe" (1:29:30) and the fellas make a pledges to "fight for their happiness" (1:44:10).
May 25, 2022
Episode 232: NICK SPINELLI
Episode 232: NICK SPINELLI On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome Dirty Jersey’s finest @DJNickSpinelli (curator for @beatsourceofficial playlists and viral @TikTok Wedding DJ). Nick speaks on being the first wedding DJ on the podcast and debate whether a club or wedding is harder to spin (3:31). He talks about his worst DJ moment at a wedding (9:34) and breaks down his affiliation with the @SCEEventGroup (22:50). Nick explains how he went viral on Tik Tok (31:24) and the crew discuss how legalizing weed can drastically change the nightlife industry (48:50). Finally, Nick talks about curating wedding playlists for @beatsourceoffical and the crew debate on whether these lists are a "cheat code" (1:00:02).
May 18, 2022
Episode 231: Scared Money
Episode 231: Scared Money On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas talk about the upcoming @BeyondTheMusicRetreat presented by @DJCity @DJVice @BeatSourceOfficial (00:45) and discuss being too “early” on playing new songs in the club (15:40). They celebrate the homie @EddieMacLV’s rise to fame with @DJPee.Wee (31:25) recently at @Coachella and @TheMetGalaOfficial and breakdown the lost identity of being a celebrity/rapper's DJ (56:20). Finally, the crew speak on whether “Ghost DJ’ing” or "Song Curation" is a clever or unethical practice for big room Club DJs (1:15:00).
May 11, 2022
Episode 230: DJ SWERVEWON
Episode 230: DJ SWERVEWON On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome Seattle’s finest @Swervewon. Swerve speaks on growing up in Montana and how it effected his racial identity (2:01). Swerve talks about discovering hip hop, taking road trips to Denver to buy records (7:01), and moving to Seattle (30:55). He pays homage to Seattle's OG's @DJScene and @FourColorZack and discusses every DJ's goal of having a “Las Vegas Residency” (52:00). Finally, Swerve talks about the evolution of his @HauteSauceSEA party and new hip hop creating a divide in the club (1:01:45).
May 04, 2022
Episode 229: Main Character Syndrome
Episode 229: Main Character Syndrome On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the @LatinAMAs in Las Vegas where @JaimeDaGreat opened for @DJDynamiq and @MariahAngeliq at @EliaBeachLV (00:45). The crew speak about their recent gigs where a venue requested them to play the room like a “Twitch Stream” (24:35). They discuss the "LV Strip Club Wars" (31:20) and the increasing crime rate in NYC and LA (43:53). Finally, the fellas' debate whether sneakerhead culture is being appropriated and exploited by individuals like @BenjaminKickz and @DJCrooked addresses his awkward Twitter exchange with @Wale (1:27:52).
Apr 27, 2022
Episode 228: DJ MOMA: From Day Party To Festival
Episode 228: DJ MOMA: From Day Party To Festival On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas bring back NYC’s finest DJ/Producer @DJMoma (co-founder of @EveryDayPPL). Moma speaks on the struggles of throwing events post-pandemic (0:55) and the crew recap the latest #EVERYDAYPPL at @SOLABeeHive (5:35). Moma breaks down Everydayppl’s code of conduct (9:45) and what he’s learned after throwing events for 20 years (19:22). Moma talks about having stars like @Diddy, @JanelleMonae, and @Saweetie support his LA party  (22:25), breaks down the difference between #Afrobeats and #AmaPiano and shares his Top 5 Ama Piano records (46:03). Finally, the crew recap their weekend at @DreamvilleFest (1:07:40).
Apr 20, 2022
Episode 227: Shoveling Snow
Episode 227: Shoveling Snow On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with an anonymous guest "Leonardo", a childhood friend of @DJCrooked's from New York City (00:37). They reminisce on Crooked's early "rap career" in the '90s and 2000s and share stories meeting @BoogieBlind for the first time (10:40), performing for @ComedianCapone at a Ski Trip (14:40), having an altercation with @IamMCJin in front of @FatBeats  (21:40) and a horrific drunk incident with a young teenage Crooked (25:40). The crew speak on a recent question that @MichaelRapaport asked "what's the most NYC Hip-Hop record" (35:35) and applied it to other cities like LA (42:44), ATL (48:10), and Chicago (1:01:25). Finally, the fellas discuss Grammy weekend in Las Vegas and @DJNeva reviews a legendary Hip-Hop artist's recent performance at an LV nightclub (1:04:28).
Apr 13, 2022
Episode 226: DJ PHLIPZ
Episode 226: DJ PHLIPZ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas welcome DMV’s finest @DJPhlipz. Phlipz and @DJCrooked speak on DJ’ing in DC in the early 2010s and break down the nightlife sections of the DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area (00:45). The crew discuss the infamous list that leaked of “Twitch’s Top-Earning DJs” where Phlipz was listed in the Top 10 (11:40). He talks about expanding his wedding DJ service (@ShowPowEvents) and photo booth rental company (@PhotoShootFreshDC) to provide additional income when nightclub work wasn’t consistent (29:15). Finally, Phlipz speaks on investing in his own club (1:05:47), questioning if the “Asian Work Ethic” is a gift or a curse (1:10:51), and building multiple streams of revenue within DJ’ing to support his family (1:22:39).
Apr 06, 2022
Episode 225: Smacking America
Episode 225: Smacking America On this episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas talk about their upcoming events this weekend @DreamvilleFest on the @EverydayPpl stage and @OnTheRecordLV’s Block Party next Wednesday for @EddieMacLV’s birthday (1:02). The crew discuss the “slap heard around the world” between @WillSmith and @ChrisRock at the #Oscars (4:03). @DJDmiles speaks on the danger of normalizing violence among black men (26:10) and @DJNeva recalls a time he got in a physical altercation defending his girl (40:55). Finally, D-Miles shares his visit to Minnesota and how the city hasn’t fully healed from the #GeorgeFloyd riots two years ago (47:02).
Mar 30, 2022
Episode 224: MAD SKILLZ 2.0
Episode 224: MAD SKILLZ 2.0 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew bring back Grammy nominated-songwriter, ghostwriter, rapper, DJ, and podcaster Mad Skillz (@SkillzVA). Skillz speaks on his firsthand experience with @KanyeWest in the early 2000’s when the #JeenYuhs documentary was being filmed (14:23). He talks about working with new artists faking stream numbers (30:55) and talks about his “90’s Girls Brunch” party (44:15). Skillz shares how he and @Questlove put together #Jayz’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame tribute video (59:20). @JaimeDaGreat recaps his meeting with @DJJazzyJeff at #SXSW (1:22:01) and asks Skillz about reconnecting with Jazzy Jeff during his episode of @DrinkChamps (1:27:52). Finally, Skillz breaks down the most important elements of song writing (1:44:15), discusses how R&B music has changed (2:03:44), and shares some industry secrets from his new podcast @RealHipHopConfessions (2:16:36).
Mar 23, 2022
Episode 223: Spoiled Brat
Episode 223: Spoiled Brat On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the fellas wish @NudiaOnAir luck at her new job at @Vocalo radio in Chicago (0:43) and talk about their upcoming @DJCity and @Beatsource #SXSW event @TipsyAlchemist.ATX in Austin, TX (6:05). They share their thoughts on @KanyeWest’s #JeenYuhs documentary directed by @CoodieRock (10:27), discuss The Game (@losangelesconfidential) dissing @DrDre (47:40), congratulate @SnoopDogg on buying @DeathRowRecords (56:12) and review the @PamAndTommyOnHulu docu-series (1:02:55).
Mar 16, 2022
Episode 222: DJ DYNAMIQ
Episode 222: DJ DYNAMIQ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes San Diego’s finest, El Rey Del West, @DJDynamiq. Dynamiq speaks on opening for @BadBunnyPR’s Tour (1:44) and talks about pushing the #Reggaeton movement heavy in Cali since 2017 (07:55).  He touches on the proper etiquette for “Opening DJs” (12:01), debates with the fellas on what’s the “Top 5 Cities to DJ” in California (23:02) and talks about becoming a @49ers DJ (29:05). The crew speak on Mexican DJs on the Westcoast embracing their roots in recent years (48:40). Dynamiq talks about joining @TheHeavyHitters and explains how spinning in NYC can be intimidating (1:06:26). Finally, Dynamiq recalls asking to be on the #RoadPodcast 3 years ago and shares @DJCrooked’s reasoning for having him wait (1:29:35).
Mar 09, 2022
Episode 221: DJ SCOOTER (FROM PHILLY) On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by one of the industry’s most revered Remix Producers/Editors and Philly’s finest @DJScooter. Scooter educates the crew on DJing ‘high end’ weddings (3:05) and recalls what inspired him to start producing edits (24:20). The fellas speak about an exclusive “DJ Group Chat” club where members help promote each other’s gigs and projects (49:55). They discuss how the passing of @DJAMLives affected open format DJs in the 2010’s (1:17:44). Finally, Scooter talks about his involvement in the @CrooklynClan website in the early 2000’s and why he and other remix producers left to work for Digital Record Pools (1:23:40).
Mar 02, 2022
Episode 220: DJ QUIZ
Episode 220: DJ QUIZ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by New York’s finest @DJQuiz of the @TheHeavyHitters and the official tour DJ for @G_Eazy. Quiz speaks on being born in a refugee camp in Thailand, growing up in the Bronx (00:45), and touring with multiple #BayArea artists despite being from NY (5:52). He talks about his early career interning at @Hot97 for @DJEnuff (15:55), working his way to becoming a Heavy Hitter (21:03), and touring nonstop with #GEazy for 7 years straight (36:05). Finally, the crew discuss a leaked report exposing Twitch’s highest-earning DJs (44:23) and ask Quiz about joining the new DJ agency @yay3dayweekend (52:50).
Feb 23, 2022
Episode 219: Life After Skam
Episode 219: Life After Skam On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew congratulate @DJDmiles on his 40th birthday and address the elephant in the room with @DJCrooked, @DJNeva, and @DJDmiles all leaving @SkamArtist to sign with @SleepingGiantMusic and @MacAgencyLV (0:25). @DJCrooked speaks about his initial reasons for needing representation in the 2000’s when he was banned from working in Las Vegas for a year (7:35) and why he, Neva, and D-Miles joined Skam Artist (18:01). Finally, the crew share their experience working in a DJ agency and they each break down their reasons for seeking new representation (42:57).
Feb 16, 2022
Episode 218: DJ AMEN
On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with LA’s finest @DJAmen3000 (co-founder of @YoungCalifornia and Assistant Program Director for @Real923LA. Amen talks about his involvement in the launch of #Real923 in LA and how throwing his own parties led to him to start #YoungCalifornia with @DJCarisma @DresSinatra @DJBeatnick (4:45). At a young age, Amen shares his experience getting in trouble with the law (13:02) and explains how he helped break songs for artists like @SageTheGemini, @IamSu, @TyDollaSign, & Dorrough (@six3) (11:04). Amen explains his role as the official @49ers Stadium DJ and talks about his clothing line @BlessedByAmen (28:32). Finally, Amen breaks down his DJ Relief Fund which donated money to 500 DJs during the pandemic (49:02).
Feb 09, 2022
Episode 217: That Girl
Episode 217: That Girl On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew discuss the #LARams and #CincinnatiBengals making it to #SuperBowlLVI (1:13) and question who will have the biggest song of the night at the #PepsiHalftime show with @DrDre, @Eminem, @SnoopDogg, @TheRealMaryJBlige and @KendrickLamar (11:23). They discuss a recent article in @TheAtlantic regarding "Is Old Music Killing New Music?" and breakdown @OfficialQueenMusic’s @BohemianRhapsodyMovie and their legendary 1985 #LiveAid performance (24:45). Finally, the crew deep dive into @Pharrell’s catalog (when @ChadHugo parted ways with @TheNeptunes) after a controversial tweet from @DJCrooked implied “That Girl” from Skateboard P's solo album #InMyMind was "mid and forgettable" (45:28).
Feb 02, 2022
Episode 216: DJ MOS
Episode 216: DJ MOS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with NYC’s finest @DJMOS. MOS speaks on interning at @ElektraMusicGroup when @IamMarkRonson released his first single “Ooh Wee” (1:45). The fellas speak about NYC in the 2000’s when New York Fashion Week erupted the city (5:01), “Publicist DJs” and “DJ AM Clones” emerged (9:15) and everyone looked to @HerbertHoller’s weekly email to see what was popping in the clubs (17:20). MOS talks about meeting his wife @KisstheDeeJay at #ClubPM where he and @DJCrooked spun together (21:50) and opens up about his first time bombing at @LivMiami (41:36). He speaks about his Vegas residency at @TaoLasVegas when @DJVice signed to #PureNightlcub (42:14) and his #BabyImAStar party in NYC with @LegendaryDamon (51:35). Finally, MOS breaks down how he and Kiss became the official DJs for #TheOscars (1:04:11) and speaks about their new TV Show in development (1:08:04).
Jan 26, 2022
Episode 215: DJ KA5
Episode 215: DJ KA5 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas sit down with Miami’s own @DJKa5. He introduces the guys to #Cubaton (10:50) and artists like @ChocolateTheKing1 and ElUnikoDeCuba (16:35). Ka5 speaks on the #Miami party scene during COVID (28:42), breaks down #Wynwood and #SouthBeach (35:43), shares stories spinning for @Pitbull on tour (46:12) and talks about signing to @RockwellTalent (1:03:41). Finally, Ka5 reminisces on his early days at Mansion Nightclub opening for Konflikt (@MyFavoriteDJ) in the 2000’s (1:16:16) and opens up about being overlooked as headliner years ago (1:31:20).
Jan 19, 2022
Episode 214: Pinky Ring
Episode 214: Pinky Ring On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak about the @Raiders making the playoffs, @LilJon, and @DJAngieVee performing the half-time show, and the impressive @WynnFieldClub (00:42). @JaimeDaGreat recaps @Deorro’s set at @MarqueeLV (19:24). @DJCrooked shares tech issues he encountered at a gig with @Serato but lated fixed thanks to @KutCorners (24:10). @DJNeva reminisces on the money he spent for jewelry in the 2000s (41:20) and the group discuss the @VideoMusicBox documentary on @Showtime. Finally, @NudiaOnAir talks DJ’ing @MenofVegas male revue, and @DJDmiles shares his first experience at a Gay Nightclub (1:05:20).
Jan 12, 2022
Episode 213: DJ R-TISTIC
Episode 213: DJ R-TISTIC On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with LA’s finest @DJRtistic. R-Tistic speaks on his early music career, producing for #TheGame (@TheGoat) and #BlackWallStreet (8:28) while attending @FAMU_1887, where he sculpted his DJ style, juggling both Westcoast and Down South music (23:10). The fellas speak about Southern records having a big presence in LA during the 2000’s (29:45) and the difficulties of breaking into Hollywood nightclubs (39:41). Finally, R-Tistic speaks on the “Black Hollywood” scene, working with @InsecureHBO’s @IssaRae (48:36) and breaks down the art of spinning celebrity events in Hollywood (57:02).
Jan 05, 2022
Episode 212: 2021 Recap
Episode 212: 2021 Recap On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the last year in music with help from guest host @DJExile. See below for the 2021 “Top 5” list and topics on this episode.  ROAD'S 2021 RECAP: 1. Top 5 Club Hits (3:20) 2. Top 5 “Over-Hyped” Songs (25:10) 3. Top 5 “Oh Shit That Worked” Songs (47:20) 4. Top 5 “Personal Favorite” Songs (1:03:00) 5. Top 5 Artists (1:17:15) 6. Most Disappointing & Favorite Moment of 2021 (1:38:45)  7. Most Valuable Lesson You've Learned in 2021 (1:56:00)
Dec 29, 2021
Episode 211: Road Holiday Party
Episode 211: Road Holiday Party On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew throw an intimate “Holiday Party” with some of the local Las Vegas DJ/Nightlife community. Before the guests arrive, @DJCrooked, @DJNeva, @DJDmiles, @JaimesDaGreat, and @NudiaOnAir exchange gifts for “Secret Santa” but with a twist (00:45). Nudia plays some pre-recorded “Warm Holiday Wishes” from @Justin_Credible, @DJLaz, and @DJAudio1 (18:30). The party begins with a game of “Drunk Fishbowl” and first up in the hot seat is Sam Bracamontes (@Corporate_Entrepnuer) from @DeleonTequila (21:42), followed by @DJExile (27:56), @EddieMacLV from @MacAgency (30:54), @DJWizdumb (34:10), @DJMikeCarbonell (40:40), @SheckyGreenLV (43:25), @Spydatekzilla (49:10), @DJMellStarr (53:33) @DJBonics (1:01:10), @NeekLopez (1:06:53), @DJJKrazy_ (1:17:20) and @YoQuieroSilla (1:21:35), @RomeoReyes1 and @OzzyCholo from @DraisLV (1:23:33) and finally NYC’s own @DJMightyMi (1:40:23).
Dec 22, 2021
Episode 210: DJ LEMA
Episode 210: DJ LEMA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with one of Las Vegas’s premier House/EDM DJs, @MarqueeLV and @LavoLV resident @DJLema. Being from Miami, Lema talks about leaving the MIA party scene to find sober living in Las Vegas (06:31). He speaks about getting his first DJ gig at @GhostbarLV (11:22) and explains the difficulties of being a house DJ in an open format world (18:43). Lema recalls falling off the sober wagon (31:56), still being nervous to work big room nightclubs (35:15) and shares why he gave up porn (43:52). The crew share their personal views on marriage (50:03) and microdosing on shrooms instead of drinking (57:25). Lema talks about starting his new house party #LowKey in @MarqueeLV’s “Library” (1:07:38) and explains how his “need to be famous” steered his career in the wrong direction (1:27:48). Finally, the guys share their “big spenders stories” of #JhoLow and infamous gambler @TheReal_DonaldJohnson dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars in Las Vegas clubs (1:39:54).
Dec 15, 2021
Episode 209: The DJ/Producer Dilemma Feat. SpydaT.E.K
Episode 209: The DJ/Producer Dilemma Feat. SpydaT.E.K On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by multi-talented DJ & Producer @Spydatekzilla. Spydatek opens up about how he splits his time between DJing live gigs, streaming on Twitch, and producing music (5:50). @DJCrooked asks if DJ/Producers focus too much on producing for other DJs instead of the masses (10:41) while Spydatek talks about the #EDM world-embracing people of color (20:55). The group discuss the “mash-up era” re-emerging in the past year (36:01) and DJs changing their live sets at gigs to impress other DJs instead of playing for the room (48:55).
Dec 08, 2021
Episode 208: 4 Year Anniversary
Episode 208: 4 Year Anniversary On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew celebrate their “4 Year Anniversary” by recapping how the podcast got started (00:55). @DJNeva admits to not wanting to be a part of the podcast (8:40) and @DJDMiles shares a rough period when he wanted to quit Road (19:20). The crew talk about some of their favorite episodes (31:55) and remember the intense beef between @fatmanscoop and @sizzahandz (35:22). Finally, everyone shares how they’ve changed over the past 4 years (41:15) and @JaimeDaGreat expresses his gratitude for the DJ community finally embracing him (57:24).
Dec 01, 2021
"Best Of Road Vol.3” Feat. Nudia
"Best Of Road Vol.3” Feat. Nudia On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew goes “Inside The Industry” to revisit some of the best moments from nightlife’s industry leaders. In Episode 118, @BillSpector shares a story about an infamous brawl that occurred at his party “Mac Daddy’s” with Hip-Hop mogul @Diddy (00:41). In Episode 92, Sujit Kundu shares his personal thoughts on DJs leaving his agency @SkamArtist like @Roctakon and @DJVice (12:09). In Episode 56, @KonstantineD speaks about signing @TheWeeknd and @ChrisBrownOfficial to their first Las Vegas residencies, creating the @DraisLV format and bringing Hip-Hop to the Strip (24:20). In Episode 110, @SeanChristie gives his thoughts on the mega-club @KaosLasVegas closing and addresses @SheckyGreenLV from Episode 17 recounting the viral moment when @DJJazzyJeff got pulled during a #DJAM tribute (48:13).
Nov 24, 2021
Episode 207: DJ BONICS
Episode 207: DJ BONICS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas sit with @DJBonics (day one DJ for @WizKhalifa and Director of Partnerships for @Jardin_LasVegas). Bonics recounts his first meeting with @DJCrooked at @RhinoLV post-pandemic and talks about working on radio in Minnesota when #GeorgeFloyd was killed (00:33). He shares his preparations for “Life After DJing” (6:45) and experiencing a heart attack after his first tour with Wiz (11:55). Bonics addresses Crooked about recent drunk tweet he shared about opening DJs burning headliners (30:42) and breaks down the rates for shows, TV appearances and afterparties while working on tour (54:46). The crew talk about “missed opportunities” when @DJNeva was forced to decline gigs from @DaveChapelle (1:00:45) and Bonics speaks about “big risk, big reward” when he left his top rating radio show to tour with a relatively unknown new artist at the time, Wiz Khalifa (1:10:55). Finally, the group give their own opinions on the recent tragedy of @TravisScott’s #AstroWorld fest (1:41:12).
Nov 17, 2021
Episode 206: Hey I’m In Town…
Episode 206: Hey I’m In Town… On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew discuss a favor @NudiaOnAir asked of @DJCrooked that escalated (1:32) and speak about random “Hey I’m in town” texts from peeps who visit Las Vegas (23:42). @JaimeDaGreat talks about the struggles he’s been experiencing with his weekly party @DanceWithMe_LA (27:30). They talk about the recent updates regarding the @ToryLanez/ @TheeStallion case (40:18), @RollingLoud sponsoring @DaBaby’s new tour (54:15), and finally, #JayZ and @LLCoolJ being inducted into the #RockNRollHallofFame (1:12:10).
Nov 10, 2021
Episode 205: VTECH THE DJ
Episode 205: VTECH THE DJ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, by popular request, the crew sit down with Las Vegas’s very own @VtechtheDJ. V-Tech talks about getting her start at @TaoLasVegas (4:35) and winning the @BustaRhymes "Rap Challenge” on @Youtube (8:45). She speaks about launching her successful @Twitch stream during the pandemic (28:40) and signing to @SkamArtist when the nightclubs opened back up (37:06). The crew discuss the lack of venue hospitality they’ve experienced recently especially from fellow DJs (47:16) and discuss the difficulties of being in a relationship when you’re constantly on the road (1:13:10). Finally, V-tech speaks about the art of consistency, especially when building a fan base on twitch (1:26:40).
Nov 03, 2021
Episode 204: “The Asian Avengers” Feat. James Hwang
Episode 204: “The Asian Avengers” Feat. James Hwang On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with premier NYC club promoter @JamesHwang42, longtime friend to @DJCrooked, who both connected in the 2000’s being the only Korean Americans in New York nightlife (00:24). The guys discuss NYC’s low DJ rates (10:20), Miami becoming an escape for New Yorkers during the pandemic in 2020 (15:35), and discriminatory club policies regarding race and appearance in nightlife (34:20). James speaks on his #SinSundays party at @NYSapphire60, approaching over 8 years now, being one of the first to combine the nightclub and stripclub experience (51:30). Finally, the fellas share how many “fake friends” were cut-off post-pandemic (1:11:40) and Crooked explains why James’s role in NYC nightlife is so important (1:16:45).
Oct 27, 2021
Episode 203: Mr. Stoute
Episode 203: Mr. Stoute On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew recap the first two weeks of @JaimeDaGreat’s new weekly party @DanceWithMe_LA  in Santa Monica (1:45). @DJDMiles speaks on DJing @TrillerFightClub and experiencing the @Supercat_Dondada and @WyclefJean live at the @BarclaysCenter (15:15). The crew review the recent @Verzuz with @Teacha_KrsOne vs. @OfficialBigDaddyKane and breakdown the impromptu battle between @DJScratch and @Kidcapri101 (29:02). @DJCrooked recaps the #Vegas @RealColeWorld concert and shares how proud he is of the @Dreamville camp (36:40), and describes an altercation he had with a rapper at a recent gig (47:50). Finally, the crew discuss @Nelly’s “Do Not Play List” at the @BlendedFest in San Diego (1:15:44) and talk about costume ideas for Halloween (1:23:30).
Oct 20, 2021
Episode 202: “Tacos Y Cerveza” Feat. DJ Moma + DJ Dana Lu
Episode 202: “Tacos Y Cerveza” Feat. DJ Moma + DJ Dana Lu On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speaks with NY's finest @DJMoma (co-founder of @EveryDayPPL) and @DJDanalu (co-founder of @TacosYCerveza). Moma and Dana Lu recap their Summer 2021 (2:20), speak about reopening venues, and comment on the backlash “Everyday PPL” received from anti-vaxxers (15:03). Dana speaks on her party “Tacos Y Cervesa” (28:03) and lists her ‘Top 5 Jersey Club” songs (34:32). Finally, they discuss why spinning marathon sets have become more difficult for younger gen DJs to do (48:25) and address @Kaytranda’s tweet about @FatJoe’s “Whats Luv” record that had working DJs in an uproar on Twitter (1:03:20).
Oct 13, 2021
Episode 201: We Back!
Episode 201: We Back! On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas return from their one-month hiatus. @DJCrooked speaks on his recent health changes (5:30) and getting his first colonic (15:57). @DJDMiles explains becoming an official DJ for @TrillerFightClub (21:27) and @DJNeva shares his experience doing a silent disco for @LifeIsBeautiful (28:12). @JaimeDaGreat promotes his new party in LA @DanceWithMe_LA with @DJBossanova (34:10). The fellas review Drake’s (@ChampagnePapi) #CertifiedLoverBoy and @KanyeWest’s #Donda (40:40). The crew discuss the transition from your 30’s into your 40’s (55:40) and share how ego and pride should never hinder you from working (1:11:55).
Oct 06, 2021
"Best Of Road Vol.2” Feat. Nudia
"Best Of Road Vol.2” Feat. Nudia This week on the @RoadPodcast, the fellas revisit some of the most inspiring moments from the past 200 episodes with the help of Las Vegas radio personality @NudiaOnAir. In Episode 112, @DJLaz shares a touching story about his Mom and being born physical disabled (0:55). In Episode 75, @TinaT speaks about becoming a foster parent (10:20). In Episode 22, @MichaelMayeda talks about being physically abused as a child and music saving his life (19:05). In Episode 26, @Roctakon opens up about walking away from DJ’ing at the height of his career (27:04). In Episode 24, @CiphaSounds speaks about the depression he battled during his career (41:52). In Episode 86, @DJCrooked reflects on one of the biggest lessons he learned with @BoogieBlind (53:59).
Sep 29, 2021
"Best Of Road Vol.1" Feat. Nudia
"Best Of Road Vol.1" Feat. Nudia This week on the @RoadPodcast, the fellas revisit some of their best moments from the past 200 episodes with the help of Las Vegas radio personality @NudiaOnAir. In Episode 100, @DJNeva speaks about working in the Bronx Housing Projects before becoming a successful DJ (0:36). In Episode 129, @DJMellStarr speaks about losing his hearing in 9/11 (08:24). In Episode 48, @FatManScoop talks about working with @CrooklynClan to make ‘Be Faithful’ (16:17). In Episode 29, @DJVice shares his reasons for becoming sober (27:52). In Episode 17, Shecky Green remembers how he managed to get @DJAMLives his first million dollar contract in Las Vegas (38:37). And lastly in Episode 65, @DJCrooked explains the Las Vegas legend of #JhoLow (47:54).
Sep 15, 2021
Episode 200: DJ FIVE
Episode 200: DJ FIVE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas celebrate their 200th episode with Las Vegas’s very own @DJFive, co-founder of @HeadlinerMusicClub and 1/2 of @WeAreFAED. Five reminisces about the early 2000s, working at @DJPizzo’s and @Warren702’s legendary #HipHopSite (10:20), bombing at a try-out for Light Nightclub in the Bellagio (13:40), and missing “DJ Dinners” with “the homies” (18:08). He talks about learning an Eastcoast style of DJing in the clubs (24:15), recalls a funny confrontation with @DJCrooked, @DJMoma, and Andrew Sasson at Jet Nightclub (31:10), explains how #AbeFromanShowmen birthed open format DJ agencies (44:41) and shares what motivated him to finally lose weight (54:10). Finally, the crew recap @SkamArtist’s #SkamSummer (1:04:55) and Five breaks down how @EricDLux and himself created @WeAreFAED (1:39:12).
Sep 01, 2021
Episode 199: Egoless
Episode 199: Egoless On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJCrooked recaps his latest visit to NYC after being away for over 20 months (2:23). The fellas speak on the Delta Variant spreading thru the DJ community in LA (18:40) and also explain the “Egoless” business motto for @EverydayPPL (28:50). The crew give "Thotty Dee" @DJDMiles an intervention (34:00) and discuss @Awkwafina getting canceled by Black Twitter (49:10). DJ Wundrkut Funeral Expenses: DJ Sadako Cancer Recovery Expenses:
Aug 25, 2021
Episode 198: Shut Up + Drum
Episode 198: Shut Up + Drum On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew recaps the latest @VerzuzTV between @TheLOX and #Dipset (3:30) and discuss the difference between a Rapper and an MC (24:15). The fellas speculate a #Verzuz between @50Cent’s #GUnit and @FatJoe’s #TerrorSquad (28:01) and argue what’s the “Club Song Of The Summer” for 2021 (38:40). Finally review the newest updates from @BeatSourceOfficial with the help of @DJcity’s @DJStylesDavis (1:01:45).
Aug 11, 2021
Episode 197: DJ E-ROCK
Episode 197: DJ E-ROCK On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes SF’s finest @DJErock. The fellas recap E-Rock’s first heated encounter with @DJCrooked in Vegas (5:48) and being labeled the “Hyphy Guy” on MTV2’s #SuckerFreeSundays with @CiphaSounds and @DJWhooKid (29:37). E-Rock speaks bout DJing for the @SFGiants and @49ers during his Vegas residency at #HazeNightclub (37:41) and bringing Vegas style nightlife to SF as the Music Director at #InfusionLounge (43:50). The crew ask about his new DJ management group @Yay3DayWeekend with @JustinZotts and @MattMiera (58:49) and his 25+ year career in radio in SF alongside his mentor @FrandalayBay (01:20:55). Finally, E-Rock speaks about moving to LA and dealing with the “Giants vs Dodgers” baseball rivalry on his syndicated radio show @Radio_Bassment (01:30:58).
Aug 04, 2021
Episode 196: Return Of The Throne
Episode 196: Return Of The Throne On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew celebrates their @LasVegasWeekly “Best DJ Podcast Of 2021” award (00:10) and recap @JaimeDaGreat’s latest gig at @MomsBarLA with @DJBossaNova (9:10). They speak about the ongoing ignorance surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine and how’s it’s comparable to the miseducation of the A.I.D.S. epidemic in the 80’s/90’s (17:15). The fellas discuss a possible rough Fall/Winter for nightlife (29:50), review @KanyeWest’s listening event for the #DONDA album (39:05) and speculate if @DaBaby’s offensive behavior at @RollingLoud was a reaction to artists like @TheeStallion and @LilNasX dominating the charts (1:00:58). Finally, the crew pay their respects to Hip-Hop’s iconic rapper/dj/pioneer @OfficialBizMarkie (1:09:30).
Jul 28, 2021
Episode 195: "Company Man" Feat. DJ Flight
Episode 195: "Company Man" Feat. DJ Flight On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes @FlightDJ, @ZoukGroupLV’s new resident at @AyuDayClub in @ResortsWorldLV. Flight shares how moving to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico changed his life (7:50) and how he got recruited to spin at @OmniaLosCabos owned by @HakkasanGroup (17:02). In Cabo, he explains his role as a “Company Man”, dealing with some of the worst “EDM DJ riders” (27:47) and admits he thought his DJ career was over during the pandemic (41:35) until he received a call to work in Las Vegas for @ZOUKGroupLV (44:30). Finally, Flight elaborates on @ResortsWorldLV’s big opening weekend with @Tiesto, @ParisHilton, @CelineDion, and @MileyCyrus (50:26) and @DJCrooked explains @WynnNightlife’s mandatory “cool down set” for opening DJs (1:06:01).
Jul 21, 2021
Episode 194: The 5 Elements
Episode 194: The 5 Elements On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap their Sunday night at @MoneyBabyLV’s newest party “At Sunset” featuring @Soulection’s @JoeKay and @SashaMvrie (1:20). The crew discuss the widespread reaction from DJs across the country to @DJCrooked’s recent @BadBunny video clip (6:32) and speak about the “I Already Played Bad Bunny” stickers and merch being sold by @DJNonstopp (34:18). The fellas debate which song ignited the “Most Annoying Requests Ever” in the past 2 decades (10:37) and discuss why alot of DJs in Vegas are switching to @Rekordbox.DJ from @Serato (39:20). Finally, the crew reminisce about the Mid-2000’s in Vegas when DJ’s would spin impromptu guest sets at each other’s gigs (45:52) and discuss @CarriRichardson_, breakdancing and professional athletes competing at the Olympics in Tokyo (59:13). Purchase “I Already Played Bad Bunny” Merch Shop Here:
Jul 14, 2021
Episode 193: "Road To Recovery" Feat. DJ Audio1
Episode 193: "Road To Recovery" Feat. DJ Audio1 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes back their favorite Bay-Area native @DJAudio1 who recently suffered from a stroke in late December 2020. The fellas speak about the importance of “consistency” especially during the pandemic (4:08) and applaud Audio1 for building his @Twitch channel from the ground up (11:40). Audio1 openly shares what led to his life-threatening stroke which occurred while he was streaming live (22:01). He expresses his gratitude to the DJ community and @Beats4Hope for keeping his Twitch channel going and providing financial support while he was still in recovery for the last 6 months (41:53). Finally, Audio1 explains the physical limitations he’s still dealing with now (46:28), the toxic negativity recently spewing from DJ Twitter (57:40) and his emotional return back to DJing on Twitch for @BoomBapMonday’s 1 Year Anniversary last week (1:01:20).
Jul 07, 2021
Episode 192: “First Day Out” Feat. Four Color Zack
Episode 192: “First Day Out” Feat. Four Color Zack On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes back their first in-person guest, @Redbull3Style World Champ and Seattle’s very own @FourColorZack. @DJCrooked recaps Zack’s first night back in Vegas at @MarqueeLV with @Spydatek (3:40). Zack speaks about his hesitancy to DJ live venues again (21:32) and explains why he signed to @SkamArtist (30:35). The crew share embarrassing stories about missing flights to gigs (39:52) and discuss the super spreader parties emerging in LA (58:01). Finally, Zack speaks on DJs retiring songs too early cause of Twitter (1:07:20).
Jun 30, 2021
Episode 191: Welcome Back Neva
Episode 191: Welcome Back Neva On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew welcomes back @DJNeva after his time off in NY dealing with his mother's passing (00:20) and also discusses the cities that are known to gas up certain food spots (3:55). @DJCrooked brings up his latest favorite show “Alone” on Netflix (30:35), as well as new venues/hotels opening in Vegas like @ResortsWorldLV, @MoneyBabyLV, @GatsyVegas, and #AyuLV (42:45). Finally, with everything opening up the fellas are excited to see footage of their favorite parties coming back like @EveryDayPPL, @DonovansYard, and @TFTI.LA (56:32), and also discuss all the current fights among fans at sporting events (1:01:25).
Jun 23, 2021
Episode 190: "The Return Of Everyday PPL" Feat. DJ Moma + DJ Ross One
Episode 190: "The Return Of Everyday PPL" Feat. DJ Moma + DJ Ross One On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with NYC’s finest @DJMoma (co-founder of @EverydayPPL) and @DJRossOne (author of @RapTees). The fellas speak about #EverydayPPL’s new curated playlist “House Party” on @Spotify (1:50), LA’s #Saadiq party at @TheHighlightRoom (4:02) and DJ’s reaching out to “homies” for bookings after a long year of no communication (9:21). They speak on the lack of younger DJs aspiring to work at “Bottle Service” nightclubs (30:15) and how booking multiple DJs in a night destroys the room (24:02). Moma speaks on the obstacles he went through to relaunch #EverydayPPL’s first event on June 19th and the negative comments they received regarding the “proof of vaccination” required for entry (44:44).
Jun 16, 2021
Episode 189: Rihanna's Ultimatum
Episode 189: Rihanna's Ultimatum On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speaks on the “Stripper Shortage” in Vegas (6:20) and @JaimeDaGreat recaps @Quincy’s 30th Birthday Celebration in LA with @DJCarisma and @TheRealDJStacks (13:30). @DJCrooked breaks down the "Rihanna Ultimatum" (25:02) and speaks about the recent tweets shaming DJs for playing the same "Afrobeats Songs" (43:50). Finally, the crew gives their thoughts on the @LoganPaul vs @FloydMayweather fight (49:35) and share their favorite picks to the @NBA finals (1:11:05).
Jun 09, 2021
Episode 188: DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with Philly bred EDM DJ/Producer/Rapper “Dances With White Girls” (@DancesLife) (with special guest host @Spydatekzilla). Dances recaps the 2000’s nightlife scene in New York City (4:10) and explains how he ended up being part of @Pitbull’s hit record “Don’t Stop The Party” (11:32). He talks about getting hit by a car in LA, almost losing his life, and living with a disability (25:25). The fellas speak on divisions in the EDM world (39:02), @TheBlessedMadonna changing her name from #TheBlackMadonna, and the controversy surrounding @DJSqunto tweets (40:05). The crew discuss the worldwide #BLM protests emerging at the same time as @Diplo’s country album release in 2020 (49:55) and whether @Kaytranada’s Grammy wins this year will open more doors for people of color in Dance Music (56:37). Finally Dances schools @DJCrooked on #Nutcrackers and launching his new drink @YerrpLA (1:10:07).
Jun 02, 2021
Episode 187: No Communication
Episode 187: No Communication On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak on a possible @NYKnicks vs @LALakers match-up in the @NBA finals (2:35) and discuss the the current wave of celebrity boxing (7:09). The fellas give @DJDMiles an intervention regarding his chronic “cancelling” (18:20) and breakdown the lack of applicants applying for nightclub positions in Las Vegas (23:45). The fellas speak on the upcoming @VerzuzTV battle between #BowWow (@ShadMoss) and @SouljaBoy (41:20) and Twitter exposing a “producer” named @PXVCE for fake-finger-drumming and stealing beats from other DJ/Producers (53:05). Finally, @JaimeDaGreat opens up bout the new lifestyle journey he’s bout to start (1:04:05) and the crew pay homage to the late great @ChiModu and #PaulMooney (1:14:00).
May 26, 2021
Episode 186: BOI JEANIUS
Episode 186: BOI JEANIUS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by Chicago’s finest  & @Redbull3Style Regional Champ @BoiJeanius. Boi Jeanius shares how @Twitch has shifted the culture and liberated DJs to control and build their own universe (8:22). The fellas address Boi Jeanius’s outspoken nature on #Twitter and address some comments he made about #ClubDJs (27:07). Boi Jeanius explains his relationship with the late great @DJTimBuck2 and his importance to the city of Chicago (20:01). The crew address the recent @TikTok videos of DJ’s performing “Sample Routines” and compare it to Boi Jeanius’s party #TheseAreTheBreaks (43:01). Finally, Boi Jeanius explains why he charged 100 dollars for his #HipHop X #Cumbia edits on @Bandcamp (51:29) and how Cumbia has been gaining more of a presence in a lot of DJ’s playlists (1:01:04).
May 19, 2021
Episode 185: "Hip Hop Uncovered" Feat. Rashidi Harper + Robert Benavides
Episode 185: "Hip Hop Uncovered" Feat. Rashidi Harper + Robert Benavides On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speaks with @HipHopUncoveredFX Director/Producer Rashidi Haper (@HarperVille) and Cinematographer Robert Benavides (@BennyFloats). Rashidi speaks on their first day of shooting with @BigU1 which happened to be the same day as #NipseyHussle’s murder (6:01) and admitted that @JPrinceRespect was also supposed to be involved with the docu-series (18:01). The fellas talk about the mythical folk tales of #HatianJack and rumors of his involvement in @2Pac’s shooting at @QuadStudiosNYC (22:40). Rashidi and Rob share how @Debra4Mizay had a tough time opening up to the cameras and break down how the illegal drug game influenced the US pharmaceutical business (53:41). Finally, Rob speaks on his experience working on the “Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest” documentary with @MichaelRapaport (1:02:43) and Rashidi expands on his time filming #EarthWindAndFire on tour and developing a possible documentary (1:09:22).
May 12, 2021
Episode 184: Subway Face
Episode 184: Subway Face On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJCrooked recaps an odd incident at a recent gig (6:20) and the fellas discuss @TAOGroup’s latest acquisition of @HakkasanGroup and the @SanManuelCasino purchasing @ThePalms in Las Vegas (30:18). The crew share their deep convo regarding DJs in relationships at @TheRhinoLV during the @Jardin_LasVegas #420 event (51:35) and pay homage to the late great #ShockG of #DigitalUndergound (1:07:20). Finally, the fellas discuss the new “Hot Tub Meta” that’s taken over #Twitch and speak about a fellow Las Vegas DJ who’s on @OnlyFans (1:15:13).  Link for...Vibe Magazine's "Shock G Breaks Down Digital Underground's Entire Catalogue, 2Pac & More" written by Keith Murphy Link for....DJ Beatnick "Vacation Mix Pt.2 (Baecation Edition) Link for..."Fresh Era Podcast" presented by Stupid Fly Link for...Silent Addy & Bombocat feat. Beach Boii "Brace" 
May 05, 2021
Episode 183: SUJIT KUNDU (SKAM ARTIST) 2.0
Episode 183: SUJIT KUNDU (SKAM ARTIST) 2.0 On this week's episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew link with Sujit Kundu, owner of @SkamArtist and former Senior VP for @UniversalMusicGroup and @EpicRecords. Sujit speaks on how COVID-19 has effected operations at his company SKAM (2:20) and addresses concerns about the safety of his DJs traveling and working out of town (11:59). The fellas discuss the decrease in DJ pay rates (15:20), the importance of DJs staying active on @Twitch (24:50) and if streaming DJs will be in demand at the clubs (28:50). Finally, Sujit speaks on his upcoming #SKAMSummer Music Summit taking place on August 22nd - 23rd in Los Angeles (35:35).
Apr 28, 2021
Episode 182: The Curse
Episode 182: The Curse On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak on the current increase of people taking the COVID 19 vaccine (00:24), as well as paying tribute to the late great Hip-Hop icons @DMX and @TheRealBlackRob (10:05). @DJCrooked raises the question if #DMX was the closest version of an artist we would get to a modern-day #Tupac? (16:02), and also reminisce on the NY nightlife scene when #BlackRob dropped his hit record #Whoa (23:40). @DJNeva speaks on the #BadBoyRecords “Curse” (38:40), and also explains how he used to get promo vinyl from record labels like #LoudRecords and #DefJam in the early ’00s (33:35). Finally, the crew speaks on the current attack the #TikTok DJs like @SickickMusic, @DjHabiBeats, and @ThisIsFortunes are receiving from the “Millennial DJs” (56:15), and also deep dive into #SickickMusic musical background (1:13:01).
Apr 21, 2021
Episode 181: “Inspiration Vs Biting” Feat. Boogie Blind
Episode 181: “Inspiration Vs Biting” feat. Boogie Blind On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak with Harlem’s finest @DJBoogieBlind of @TheXecutioners regarding accusations against @TedSmooth stealing blends/remixes from other DJs/Producers @ScramJones, @DJMellstarr as well as Blind himself (2:12). Blind breaks down the history of the “Love On Top X Keezo Kane (Remix)” that was originally performed by @DJMellStar live but later released by @TedSmooth (12:50). Finally, the fellas speak on the proper DJ etiquette of crediting your inspirations/references and question the code of ethics within the DJ community (25:20). DJ Boogie Blind "Definitive D.I.T.C." (Mixtape, 2007) Disc 2.
Apr 14, 2021
Episode 180: Roaring 20's
Episode 180: Roaring 20's On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew give their feedback on the latest @VerzuzTV battle featuring @EarthWindAndFire, @TheIsleyBrothers, and @IamSteveHarveyTV (00:42). They speak on @DMX’s contributions to Hip-Hop (5:50) and explain why last week's episode featuring @DJCarisma had to be taken down and re-edited (11:02). The crew give some warnings and advice before traveling to Vegas (15:32) and review @MrEddieHuang’s new @BoogieMovie (23:03) and the #WoodyAllen vs #MiaFarrow docuseries on @HBO (31:17). With Vegas nightclubs slowly opening and DJs going back to work, the fellas speak on being physically and mentally ready for the nightlife grind (41:45) and predict 2021 to mirror the “Roaring 20’s” 100 years ago after the Spanish Flu (47:55).
Apr 07, 2021
Episode 179: DJ CARISMA
Episode 179: DJ CARISMA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by LA’s finest @DJCarisma (co-founder of @YoungCalifornia and DJ for @NickCannonMornings on @Power_106). Carisma explains her role in bringing Hip-Hop back to LA Radio in the 2010s during the EDM movement by breaking local artists like #NewBoyz, @YG, #CaliSwagDistrict, and more (2:35). Carisma shares what inspired her to start @YoungCalifornia with @DJAmen3000 (26:44) and breaks down why it’s important for artists not to limit their outreach by depending too much on local fame (34:45). Finally, Carisma speaks about the Underground Strip Club Parties in LA (43:05) and the difficulties that gang-affiliated artists have separating themselves from the streets 57:25).
Mar 31, 2021
Episode 178: The Do-Not-Play List
Episode 178: The Do-Not-Play List On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak about a big DJ Guest ghosting a Zoom interview with them and discuss Hip-Hop Pioneer @DJFlash4Eva’s infamous “Do Not Play” lists for openers at clubs (10:13). They talk about Las Vegas opening to 50% capacity (21:35) and question the recent break-ups emerging as the country opens back up (27:05). The crew share their thoughts on the recent #Grammys (46:50), speak about new music (41:04), and discuss @DJCrooked’s new #WarZone obsession (1:07:30).
Mar 24, 2021
Episode 177: SALAAM REMI
Episode 177: SALAAM REMI On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with legendary Grammy-nominated producer and Queens representative @SalaamRemi (with special guest host @DJMoma). Salaam shares his first production credit for @KurtisBlow at the age of 14 (8:56) and carrying records for @DJChuckChillOut with @FunkFlex (23:55). He speaks on what inspired his No.1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit “Here Comes The Hotstepper” by @IniKamoze (28:20) and breaks down the production work and vocal direction on the #TheFugees “Nappy Heads (Remix)” which helped find the group’s new sound for their 2nd album “The Score” (39:55). Salaam shares his ability to generate a safe environment for artists like @AmyWinehouse and @Miguel to create (1:01:40) and reminisces about @BizMarkie DJ’ing with @FunkFlex and @DJClarkKent at #ThePalladium in NYC in the ’90s (1:10:00). Finally, Salaam admits that @Nas’s “Made You Look” was originally intended for @RickyMartin (1:12:01), explains working on the #GodsSon album while #Nas was beefing with #JayZ and @Hot97 (1:15:45) and answers if he’ll ever work with #Hov in the future (1:25:40). “Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Mix)” by Refugee Camp All-Stars feat. Lauryn Hill Prod. By Salaam Remi
Mar 17, 2021
Episode 176: Jiminy Crooked
Episode 176: Jiminy Crooked On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speak about the increased crime in Atlanta during the NBA All-Star Weekend (03:40), and @DJCrooked talks about the origin of his DJ name (23:19). The fellas discuss @AsiansWithAttitudes fighting back against the recent rise in crimes against Asians in California (43:02) and mention canceling gigs in Texas when Governor Abbott lifted the #MaskMandate (37:20). The crew reviews the series finale of @WandaVision, #Coming2America and the latest @TheNotoriousBig documentary  #IGotAStoryToTell on @Netflix (57:47).
Mar 10, 2021
Episode 175: DJ ICY ICE
Episode 175: DJ ICY ICE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s legendary @DJIcyIce of the @TheBeatJunkies. Ice touches on LA’s Asian gang culture in the ’90s (7:45) and gives the crew a history lesson on LA’s Hip-Hop club scene from #UncleJammsArmy and #ClubUnity to the #RockTheBellsFestival (14:10). He speaks on spinning the first Asian Hip-Hop party in LA called “The Source” (23:16) and explains how his @SnapBack_Live party emerged in LA during the late 2000’s EDM era and recently transitioned to a successful live stream on @Twitch (35:20). Lastly, Ice explains the obstacles he experienced as an Asian DJ (52:10) and speaks on touring with rap icon @Teacha_KRSOne (59:50).
Mar 03, 2021
Episode 174: Civil War (Streamers vs Club DJs)
Episode 174: Civil War (Streamers vs Club DJs) On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sends love to their Bay Area fam @DJAudio1 who’s been recovering from a recent stroke (4:50), and share their positive reviews on the new @HipHopUncoveredFX docu-series (26:35). The fellas address the civil war brewing on Twitter between Streaming DJs and Club DJs (46:50) and speak with Austin’s finest @DJCRG regarding the recent Winter Storm that devastated Texas last week (1:09:53). Lastly, the crew pays their respects to the late great @PrinceMarkieDee from the #FatBoys who passed over the weekend (1:34:24).  All Donations for @DJAudio1:
Feb 24, 2021
Episode 173: DJ KU
Episode 173: DJ KU On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined by @Redbull3Style Alumni and Tampa Bay’s finest @DJKU. Ku explains how the mayor of #TampaBay switched her stance on Covid-19 safety protocols during #SuperBowl week (6:47) and shares his frustration dealing with anti-maskers in Florida(20:30). They discuss a recent tweet from @DJBellaFiasco about disgruntled DJs bashing streaming DJs on @Twitch (31:45) and swap stories on racism in Florida nightlife (44:01). Ku shares his nightmare DJ story with #MichaelJordan & #DerekJeter (50:30) and talks about the depression he experienced during the early days of the pandemic lockdown (1:05:10). Finally, the fellas touch on DJs migrating to Florida and Texas for DJ gigs (1:08:35) and ask if streaming DJs can adapt in a club setting (1:15:48).
Feb 17, 2021
Episode 172: Two Winners
Episode 172: Two Winners On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas discuss the 2 winning streaks displayed at the #Superbowl by @TomBrady and @DNice (2:32). @JaimeDaGreat and @DJNeva argue about #StevieWonder being able to perform a Half-Time Show (19:23). @DJCrooked shared an observation regarding the iTunes “Top 100” charts and discovered rapper Tom MacDonald (@HangoverGang) (37:45). The crew speaks on a school in Utah giving students the option to not participate in classes focused on #BlackHistoryMonth (42:10) and discuss @IamCardiB’s plagiarism allegations regarding her new single “Up” (49:35). Finally, the fellas speak with @JamesHwang42 about the conflicting Covid-19 mandates and regulations for businesses in NYC and how a lot of New Yorkers, especially from the nightlife industry, has moved to Miami to seek other opportunities (1:05:40).
Feb 10, 2021
Episode 171: “Bitcoin For Dummies” feat. Scott Melker
Episode 171: “Bitcoin For Dummies” feat. Scott Melker On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with Crypto Trader, Investor and host of the #TheWolfAllStreetsPodcast, ex-DJ/Producer @ScottMelker. @DJCrooked remembers spinning in the same circles with Scott in NYC during the early 2000’s and recalls having his #SoundCloud page shutdown by labels due to early copyright infringement issues (2:05). Scott breaks down the @GameStop and @Reddit #ShortSale debacle (7:37) and dives into the current backlash @RobinHoodApp is receiving for restricting users from purchasing (18:38). They touch on Scott’s early start into #CryptoTrading and speak on a Las Vegas Stripclub in the Mid-2010s that accepted #Bitcoin payments (28:05). Scott speaks on the massive wave of new investors entering the market and lists some other options for investing (40:10) while avoiding emotional impulses like “fear” and “greed” when buying and selling (54:05). He shares his biggest wins and losses (56:55) and suggests some alternative investment apps to use besides #RobinHoodApp like @Acorns and @InvestVoyager (1:04:50). Finally, Scott shares some healthy approaches to “passive investing” with Bitcoin (1:08:05) and speaks on @ElonrMuskk publicly buying into #Bitcoin (1:22:20).
Feb 03, 2021
Episode 170: Macadamia
Episode 170: Macadamia On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @Spydatekzilla joins the crew and speaks on his time in Miami working with @Redbull (6:55), as well as focusing on production instead of streaming during the pandemic (16:30). The crew reacts to California governor #GavinNewsom lifting the “stay home” order (9:52) and speak on @TheOfficialAmorphous viral song edit that recently turned into a new single and music video for @FatJoe @DJKhaled feat. @BadGalRiri (19:21). @DJCrooked speculates if NYC Hip-Hop will make a comeback in 2021 with the release of @RealBobbyShmurdaGS9 (37:01) and breakdown the latest @VerzuzTV between @Ashanti and @KeyshiaCole (42:02). Lastly, the fellas speak on the current backlash @IAmDaniLeigh is receiving for her song #YellowBone (1:10:20) and also discuss how colorism has been a silent problem in every country and not just America (1:28:01).
Jan 27, 2021
Episode 169: DJ AKTIVE
Episode 169: DJ AKTIVE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined by one of the most sought-after Tour DJs in the music industry, Philly’s own @DJAktive (with special guest host @DJEddieMac). Aktive shares his experience DJing the @VerzuzTV battle @MsPattiLabelle and @MsGladysKnight (3:35) and explains why he hesitated to accept his first tour gig with @MusiqSoulchild in 2001 (13:35). He also speaks on auditioning for @JanetJackson’s world tour (20:50) as well as @Diddy’s #BadBoyReunionTour (30:45). Aktive remembers the immense pressure he felt while working with #KanyeWest during the #808sAndHeartbreak tour (38:50) and shares his best memories on the road touring with @Nas (42:30). Lastly, the fellas speculate on the fate of “live shows” in 2021 (48:55) and hear Aktive’s plans to open a DJ school in Philly (58:30).
Jan 20, 2021
Episode 168: Game Of Catch
Episode 168: Game Of Catch On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the fellas give their thoughts on the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill (4:44) and they address some accusations from some fellow DJs on Twitter regarding their previous episode “The Great Debate” (Episode #160) with @SheckyGreen and @JoeMaz (21:45). @DJNeva shares his first experience with therapy through @BetterHelp (44:52) and @DJCrooked speaks enthusiastically on the @MinariMovie starring @StevenYeun (51:40). Lastly, the fellas pay their respect to the late great @MFDoom, @OfficialEcstacy from #Whodini, Hip-Hop Dance/Choreographer @OfficialShabbaDoo, and baseball icon #TommyLasorda (1:10:00).
Jan 13, 2021
Episode 167: DJ WHITE SHADOW
Episode 167: DJ WHITE SHADOW On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined with Grammy Award-winning writer/producer DJ White Shadow (@DJWS). WS clears up some of the rumors that surfaced when he first linked up with @LadyGaga for her “Born This Way” album (9:02). @DJCrooked asks WS if being a parent provides a positive reinforcement of pressure when approaching his career (30:30) and if it’s difficult to realign his focus towards himself after building an album for such a megastar like Gaga (39:01). The fellas find out why WS opted out from working on Gaga’s “Joanne“ album after “Art Pop” (48:10) and how he approached the movie soundtrack for “A Star Is Born” (48:10). The fellas speak on DJs using alcohol and drugs to cope (1:07:15) and WS shares the moment he hit rock bottom and started his road to sobriety (51:10). WS explains the difference between a melody songwriter and a lyric songwriter (1:18:40) and how he randomly met @Andre3000 recently in Cabo, Mexico (1:34:50). Finally, the fellas ask about Gaga’s song “Do What You Want” featuring @RKelly and it's removal from all streaming platforms (1:42:01).  All Donations for @DJAudio1:
Jan 06, 2021
Episode 166: 2020 Recap
Episode 166: 2020 Recap On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the best/worst of 2020. Before discussing their recap, they speak about @KidCapri101’s new pension plan for DJs that he shared on the #ClubHouse app (5:15). The crew contact @DJPdot and go in-depth on the “Covid-19 Stimulus Bill” including new felony charges for illegal streaming (12:45) with a potential 10 year penalty in jail (24:30) and speculate that @DJJazzyJeff, @SkratchBastid and @FourColorZack would probably get locked up first (42:10). Finally the fellas dive into their “2020 Recap” (see below) and speak about the @BeeGees documentary “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” on @HBO (1:52:10).
 * Top 5 Club Hits of 2020 (45:25) * Top 5 Worst Songs of 2020 (55:05) * Top 5 Favorite Personal Songs of 2020 (1:02:50) * Top 5 Artist of 2020 (1:12:00)  * Top 5 Most Overrated Artist of 2020 (1:16:50) * Top 5 Best Albums of 2020 (1:22:10) * Top 5 Remixer/Editor of 2020 (1:29:20) * The most valuable lesson learned in 2020 (1:38:05)
Dec 30, 2020
Episode 165: “DJ SPINBAD TRIBUTE” feat. DJ A.Vee + Excel + Revolution
Episode 165: “DJ SPINBAD TRIBUTE” feat. DJ A.Vee + Excel + Revolution On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas pay tribute to the late great @DJSpinbad who recently passed, and speak with his close friends @DJAveeNYC, @DJExcel, and @DJRevolution. They talk about the impact and influence of Spinbad’s legendary “Rock The Casbah 80’s Megamix Vol. 1” (2:30) and breakdown his process working on a 4-Track Cassette Recorder (8:19). Excel speaks on the money DJ’s were making with mixtapes in the mid-90s (17:02) and Spinbad’s to the commercial radio market in NYC with Z100 and 105.1 with @BigTiggerShow (25:30). The crew speak on the New York Radio Wars that ultimately lead to a heated beef with @Hot97’s very own @FunkFlex (29:07). Revolution remembers battling Spinbad on his album tracks “Head 2 Head” and “the Re-Match” (38:32). The fellas highlight the friendship and working relationship between #DJSpinBad and comedian @RussellPeters as well as Russell’s respect for the DJ community (55:30). Finally DJ Avee, Excel, and Revolution speak on their fondest memories of DJ SpinBad (1:01:06). The crew end the episode with Spinbad’s “Cold Cutz Deejays: Hip-Hop vs. Rap (Megamix)” (1:20:08).  To listen to DJ Spinbad's mixtapes see the link below
Dec 23, 2020
Episode 164: DJ NICK BIKE
Episode 164: DJ NICK BIKE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with Vancouver’s finest, DJ/producer @DJNickBike (with special guest host @DJEddieMac). The fellas ask Nick how it feels having his remixes/edits played by legends like @DJJazzyJeff & @QuestLove (2:08). Nick explains how the record labels got him banned from @BandCamp for copyright infringement (6:01) and how he managed to migrate his audience to @Patreon (10:43). The crew ask what influenced all the 70’s & 80’s funk music in Nick’s production (17:35) and question the financial benefits of streaming platforms like #Spotify (27:55). Finally, Nick shares his experience competing in the @RedBull3Style (55:49) and being invited to #DJJazzyJeff’s @PlaylistRetreat where he befriended hip-hop legend @officialbizmarkie who we wish a speedy recovery (1:05:40).
Dec 16, 2020
Episode 163: Diarrhea Thoughts
Episode 163: Diarrhea Thoughts On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJNeva admits that streaming has been more work than he anticipated (1:50) and @DJCrooked speaks about his performance anxiety (9:40) and his latest DJ gig at a Las Vegas strip club (13:53). The fellas speak on the upcoming fight between @LoganPaul and @FloydMayweather (29:06). Crooked reveals his weird connection with the late CEO of @Zappos @DownTownTony (45:48) and the story behind their mutual friend “Luigi” (54:10). Finally, the crew pays their respect to the late great DJ @DJIndianaJones from Indianapolis (1:08:00).
Dec 09, 2020
Episode 162: Velveeta
Episode 162: Velveeta On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, The fellas debate on what makes a good Mac And Cheese consist of (00:46) and recap the @MikeTyson and @RoyJonesJROfficial fight (12:50). @DJCrooked ask if celebrity boxing events can bring back life into the sport of Boxing (21:50), and deliberate how the @UFC became more popular (35:20). The crew speaks on the backlash @MeganRyte and @IAmWill received for their recent song “Culture” (44:05), and the recent video of @FunkFlex getting Liposuction (54:30). Finally, they speak on the steady incline of fame @DoggFace208 has had since his viral moment (1:24:40) and pay tribute to the CEO of @Zappos @DowntownTony after his untimely death (1:30:15).
Dec 02, 2020
Episode 161: Friendsgiving
Episode 161: Friendsgiving On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas host their first #Friendsgiving with @EliEscobarNYC, @DJGoldFingerNYC, @Roctakon, @DJMoma, @DJRossOne, @DJEddieMac, @Dza3000, and @Raulizm. The crew gets feedback on their last episode with @JoeMaz debating @SheckyGreenLV (11:03) and discuss the latest app #ClubHouse (33:20). Eli Escobar breaks-down the benefits of using @BandCamp (43:40) and explains how catching Covid-19 resulted in the making of his latest album “There Are Ghosts Everywhere In New York City” (51:05). The crew speaks on the @VerzuzTV battles (1:01:47) and potential #NYE DJ gigs (1:16:05). Finally, they discuss the reasons why some have chosen not to Livestream their DJ sets (1:22:44) and everyone hopes @DNice will start a DJ agency in light of his breakout year (2:01:25).
Nov 25, 2020
Episode 160: "The Great Debate" feat. Joe Maz + Jonathan Shecter
Episode 160: The Great Debate feat. Joe Maz + Jonathan Shecter On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew host a debate between @JoeMaz and @SheckyGreen to settle politic differences that initiated on Twitter. Joe explains why he voted for @RealDonaldTrump (4:30) and Shecky speaks on Trump’s failure to concede and his claims of election fraud (10:05). @DJCrooked asks Joe how he finds credible sources for research (23:30) and Shecky gives some back history on how he thinks Trump got elected (32:05). Joe voices his disapproval for Covid-19 lockdowns and masks (44:55) and Shecky explains why masks are so effective to defeating the pandemic (59:01). Joe talks about his wife contracting Covid-19 (1:06:15), questions the PCR Tests and reported death count (1:18:01) and Shecky speaks on America’s mishandling of the pandemic compared to other countries (1:27:06). Joe questions why nightlife is labeled super spreaders but not air travel (1:36:02) and Shecky defends the vaccine (1:44:10). The fellas clear up the myth that Covid is similar to the flu (1:53:50) and Shecky asks Joe if he believes in Qanon (1:59:30). Joe addresses other DJs on Twitter calling him a “Nazi” and Crooked asks if all Trump supporters are racist (2:18:05). Sheck admits why he voted for Joe Biden (2:24:58) and Crooked asks Joe why the DJ community targets him on Twitter (2:31:40). Finally, the fellas talk about the immense outrage DJs had towards the Road Podcast for allowing Joe Maz on their platform (2:38:40).
Nov 18, 2020
Episode 159: We Did It Joe
Episode 159: We Did It, Joe... On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew talk about their reactions to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris winning the 2020 presidential election (12:55) and joke about @DJDMiles being the new official @WhiteHouse DJ (18:03). The fellas ask if #JoeBiden’s win was as monumental as @BarackObama’s in 2008 (25:30) and stan on #KamalaHarris’s congratulation phone call to Joe (28:20). The fellas speak on the reopening of @TheRhinoLV (32:35), as well as #Nevada dragging their feet on the final ballot-count (45:10). Finally, they touch on the rise of #Covid19 cases and “Robbing Season” approaching the Holidays (56:55).
Nov 11, 2020
Episode 158: COSMO BAKER
Episode 158: COSMO BAKER On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with South Philly’s finest @CosmoBaker. Cosmo and @DJCrooked reminisce on their Philly road trips from NYC in the early 2000s (00:45) and speak about Philly’s tight Hip-Hop community emerging in the early ’90s with @QuestLove, @BlackThought, and @DJAMLives (18:41). The fellas discuss racial tensions and the temperamental political climate in Philly (24:22) as Cosmo expands on his verbal interaction with @JoeMaz on Twitter (29:55). Cosmo later explains how the infamous @ItsTheRub party in Brooklyn started with co-founders @DJAyres and @DJEleven (1:03:35) and their legendary Mash-Up Compilation #ItsTheMothafuckingRemix feat. @MarkRonsom @Diplo @LowBeezy (1:08:20). The crew express how grateful they are for the culture of #HipHop and how it’s impacted every DJ's life (1:22:01). Finally, Cosmo speaks on DJing the @Do_Over for the first time (1:44:55) and his deep dive discovery into the amazing music of the mysteriously anonymous band @SaultGlobal (2:06:30).
Oct 28, 2020
Episode 157: Death To Record Pools?
Episode 157: Death To Record Pools? On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew speaks on Las Vegas Casinos installing metal detectors due to increased crime on the Strip (3:13), and @DJCrooked shares his first voting experience (13:50). The fellas talk about @IceCube’s #PlatinumPlan (19:55) and @JoeBudden leaving @Spotify to launch his new media network @JoeBuddenNetwork (25:15). The crew discuss @LA_Reid selling all of his songwriting and publishing catalog at the same time @NileRodgers sells his classic car collection (38:50). Finally, the fellas connect with @DJStylesDavis from @DJCity/@BeatsourceOfficial to discuss their new streaming platform for DJs #BeatsourceLINK that just launched on @Serato last week (55:30). They ask if this was motivated by the recent crackdown from Record Labels targeting Digital Record Pools (1:00:10) and ask if this will be the start of the inevitable end for MP3’s and Digital Record Pools for DJs (1:13:15).
Oct 21, 2020
Episode 156: "Welcome To Marvel" feat. Alain Uy + DJ Ross One
Episode 156: "Welcome To Marvel" feat. Alain Uy + DJ Ross One On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with actor/director @AlainUy, one of the new stars from @Marvel’s upcoming new @Hulu show @OfficialHelstrom (with special guest host @DJRossOne). The fellas explain meeting Alain in 2010 through his production company @ThemToo (4:50) and their amazing videography work with @HakkasanLV, @SkamArtist, and @DJRossOne’s #KeepItMoving video series (15:57). Ross and Alain recap the filming for his first #KeepItMoving video when he spun the star-studded opening of @MarqueeLV on #NYE 2010 with guest performances from #JayZ, #KanyeWest, #Rihanna and more (22:35). @DJCrooked explains the difference between DJing a club and DJing a celebrity event (31:40). Alain breaks down how he got the role for #Marvel’s new #Helstrom series (39:40) and further explains how the success of movies like #Parasite and #CrazyRichAsians has shifted Hollywood to cast more Asian actors and produce more Asian content (1:06:44). Finally, the fellas discuss Alain’s latest Kung-Fu indie film @_ThePaperTigers set to release in 2021 (1:14:00) and question whether @KingJames deserves to have his @Lakers jersey retired after his recent @NBA championship win (1:28:03).
Oct 14, 2020
Episode 155: Blame The Raiders
Episode 155: Blame The Raiders On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew ask @DJDMiles about spinning a Las Vegas rally for @KamalaHarris (1:13), discuss the opening of @TAOLasVegas this weekend (09:50), question the rise in crime on The Strip to the @Raiders (15:20) and speak about some venues taking advantage of DJs (26:20). They discuss the new @RuffRyders documentary series on @BET and how Crooked almost signed to them as a rapper in the late 90’s (49:01). Finally, the crew gives their take on banning all @ToryLanez music (1:05:20) and speak more about @DJCrooked’s recent therapy sessions on @BetterHelp (1:26:10).
Oct 07, 2020
Episode 154: SCRAM JONES
Episode 154: SCRAM JONES On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with Grammy-nominated Producer/DJ/Rapper and New Rochelle’s finest @ScramJones. Scram talks about juggling both DJing and producing (2:10) and explains producing the latest collaboration with @TheLox and @DMX (5:10). He shares his experience working with @Eminem (15:55) as well as @Diddy, @50Cent, and @Saigon_NYC which were included in the opening lines of his song “Black Sheep” (21:40). The crew ask Scram about “Loyalty vs Opportunity” in the record business, his break out single “No No No” with @JaeMillz (18:35), working with @MariahCarey thanks to @TheRealNoreaga (30:10), and doing production for both 50 and @FatJoe @RemyMa while they were beefing in New York (46:50). Scram speaks on his son getting into music production (57:10) and the song that almost happened with #JCole of @Dreamville (1:03:20). Finally, the fellas praise Scram for keeping NY Hip-Hop alive (1:12:40) and delve into his more recent production work with @WuTangClan, @Jadakiss, @StylesP, and @JimJonesCapo (1:16:30).
Sep 30, 2020
Episode 153: Masta Killa
Episode 153: Masta Killa On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJNeva explains his current struggles as a new “Plant Dad” (1:03) and why he returned dead plants to @HomeDepot (6:10). The fellas speak on an increase in crime on the Las Vegas Strip (22:15) and a tweet, by @IAmJeanSean, telling new DJs to practice their craft before rushing to live-stream (32:50). Finally, the crew questions whether the @PioneerDJ CDJ 3000 is still relevant in these times (52:30), and @DJCrooked give his takes on the @TheEllenShow returning for a new season after accusations of sexual misconduct and a “toxic” work environment (1:12:10).
Sep 23, 2020
Episode 152: LIL JON
Episode 152: LIL JON On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined by the King of Crunk, Grammy-Award winning DJ/Producer @LilJon. Lil Jon addresses an incident with @DJNeva at @SkamArtist’s 2019 Birthday Party in LA (1:27) and explains how he produced “Blow The Whistle” for @TooShort and “Tell Me When To Go” for @E40 in the same week (18:32). The fellas ask about @Saweetie consistently sampling Lil Jon’s records (28:47), his collaboration with #MacDre (30:42), and how “Turn Down For What” became his biggest hit (41:07). Lil Jon breaks down his involvement with the #LMFAO hit “Shots” (50:59) and why he was so accepted in the #EDM world (57:47). He talks about his new song with @YingYangTwins “Twerk on the Mirror” (1:09:20) and his experience with @RealDonaldTrump on @ApprenticeNBC (1:22:40). Finally, Lil Jon expresses his frustrations with opening DJs burning headliners (1:38:40).
Sep 16, 2020
Episode 151: Find Your Why
Episode 151: Find Your Why On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas celebrate @DJNeva 50th birthday (1:15). @DJCrooked talks about his first therapy session on @BetterHelp and ‘finding his why’ (6:51) and speaks about the ‘worker vs owner’ mentality (37:40). The crew speak about influencers living in @TikTok houses (42:20), #LaborDayWeekend in Las Vegas (50:10) and @Usher’s new 2021 Vegas residency @CaesarsPalace (1:06:55). Finally, the fellas give their opinion on @DrDre’s soon to be ex-wife #NicoleYoung requesting $2 million a month in spousal support (1:13:00) and pay their respects to actor @ChadwickBoseman, Georgetown basketball coach #JohnThompson and the legendary but controversial life of @ErickMorillo (1:29:50).
Sep 09, 2020
Episode 150: THEE MIKE B
Episode 150: THEE MIKE B On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with LA’s @TheeMikeB (co-founder of the infamous #BananaSplit Sunday Party in LA). Mike talks about how @RedFoo developed #LMFAO’s sound from the music being played at #BananaSplit (13:30) and his first impression of the song “I’m In Miami Bitch” (25:40). The fellas ask how the #BananaSplit party started and what roles did he, @DJAMLives, and @SteveAoki each play to contribute to the success (43:40). Finally, Mike explains why they never had an anniversary party for #BananaSplit (1:07:55) and shares his experience in New York spinning clubs and working for @StretchArmstrong and @SheckyGreenLV during the late ’90s (1:25:25).
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 149: Icon Living
Episode 149: Icon Living On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas pay their respects to @DJShayBSF, @Spicoli, and friend #RalphFarlough (00:40). @DJCrooked speaks on the importance of minorities owning property and not selling (8:55). The crew talk about going to public places in Las Vegas for the first time since March (20:43) and speak about a Covid-19 scare from vaginal fluids at a Strip Club (29:04). @DJCrooked celebrates @JoeBiden’s secret weapon #BraydenHarrington at the #DNC last week (39:50). The fellas discuss which voting methods they’re committing to (53:51) and review the latest @Pharrell song #Entrepreneur feat. #JayZ (1:01:44). Finally they breakdown @Nas’s newest album #KingsDisease and why his releases land on similar dates as Jay-Z (1:10:03).
Aug 26, 2020
Episode 148: DJ GETLIVE!
Episode 148: DJ GETLIVE! On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with Queens finest @DJGetLive. Getlive! remembers digging for vinyl in NY (4:20) and explains his impromptu approach to his DJ streams on @Twitch (14:05). He speaks on the current state of NYC nightlife (24:03) and explains why he never accepts tips while DJing (31:50). Getlive! talks about Brooklyn scene blowing up in the last decade (41:15), spinning the annual @DonutsAreForever party honoring the late great #JDilla (43:38), and hitting a creative wall during the pandemic (50:40). The fellas question what’s the biggest thing they miss about DJing for a crowd (54:40) and ask Getlive! about competing in the @RedBull3Style 2011 US Finals (58:40). Finally, the crew speaks on the approach some DJs should take when livestreaming on Twitch and the financial benefits (1:17:20).
Aug 19, 2020
Episode 147: Two Fingers...
Episode 147: Two Fingers... On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak about @DJDMiles’s experience flying to the east coast to work for @ShowtimeBoxing (2:43) and recap their recent Livestream battle on @Twitch between @DaddyYankee and @DuttyPaul (32:45). They breakdown the last @VerzuzTV battle with @2Chainz and @RichForever (47:26) and discuss @DJCassidy’s #PassTheMic Livestream featuring legendary Hip-Hop’s artists from the ’80s and ’90s (1:10:40). Lastly, the crew shares their thoughts on DJs in unsupportive relationships (1:27:50) and give their thoughts on @IAmCardiB’s song #WAP featuring Meg @TheeStallion (1:44:30).
Aug 12, 2020
Episode 146: “Beats, Apps + Rap Tees” feat. Thando1988 + CFLO + Ross One
Episode 146: “Beats, Apps + Rap Tees” feat. Thando1988 + CFLO + Ross One On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with New York’s very own @Thando1988 and @DJCFLO (co-hosted by @DJRossOne). Thando explains juggling local “open format” gigs while producing Dance Music (3:25) and shares his reasons for signing his next single “Questions” to @Atrak’s label @FoolsGoldRecs (10:54). CFLO speaks about his latest “acapella-making” app @StemVerter that’s taken over the DJ community (14:45), as well as his DJ Agency in NYC struggling to collect almost $30k in past due invoices from multiple venues after the pandemic hit (29:01). @DJRossOne talks about the ownership of bars/clubs possibly changing after the pandemic (40:32) and how he’s been focusing on music production w/@PaseRock and making a video series on @Youtube based on his book @RapTees (49:50). The fellas speak on the effectiveness of DJs petitioning against record labels over copyright issues (59:30). Finally, Thando talks about his inspiration behind his first single “Your Love” (1:00:55) and shares some advice to up-and-coming DJs who wanna focus on production (1:14:01). StemVerter has given all our listeners a 25% discount when purchasing the app, just use promo code “ROAD” at the time of your check out to receive your discount.
Aug 05, 2020
Episode 145: Above The Rim
Episode 145: Above The Rim On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the latest #RoadTV Livestream battle on @Twitch between @ArmandVanHelden vs @Diplo (00:59). The crew gossip about @WillSmith’s secret love life (17:30), talk about DJing their first gig in 4 months (25:01), and declining DJ work for private events (31:17). @JaimeDaGreat speaks on @LouWillVille getting caught breaking out of the #NBABubble to party at @MagicCityAtlanta with @JackHarlow (37:16). Finally, the crew delves in deeper into #KanyeWest’s bi-polar condition (46:36).
Jul 29, 2020
Episode 144: DJ PUFFY
Episode 144: DJ PUFFY On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas are joined by 2016 @RedBull3Style World Champion from #Barbados @DeeJayPuffy. Puffy kicks off the episode explaining how the global #Covid19 pandemic has changed his outlook on DJing (3:36) and shares the history of Barbados annual #CropOver celebration (9:44). He explains why Barbadians can be one of the toughest crowds to DJ for (17:40) and how nightlife has been back to normal since Barbados has contained the spread of Covid-19 (26:35). The fellas get a lesson on the many different categories of soca music (41:05) and speculate on @BadGalRiri’s upcoming Caribbean-influenced album (47:20). Puffy speaks on producing his latest EP “Dream In Color“ (34:10), and also speaks about his return to radio @Slam101FM (56:32). Finally, he describes how the #BlackLivesMatter movement has effected Barbados (1:08:10) and if he plans to ever Livestream on #Twitch (1:14:45).
Jul 15, 2020
Episode 143: Steagles
Episode 143: Steagles On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the #4thofJuly weekend in Vegas (1:31) and give their thoughts on why they wouldn’t take a #Covid19 vaccine (10:25). @DJNeva explains why all sports should be canceled until 2021 (18:28) and discuss @RealDonaldTrump’s comments on changing the racist mascots for the @Indians & the @Redskins (25:05). The fellas' review @RealPopSmoke’s latest album “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon” (40:21) and also debate the next possible @VerzuzTV battle between T.I. (@TroubleMan31) and @50Cent (44:15). Finally, the fellas speak on the fantasy battle they did on @Twitch between @MCHammer and @Pitbull (49:05), as well as their next fantasy battle between @TheRealFaithEvans and @LilKimTheQueenBee (53:45).
Jul 08, 2020
Episode 142: Safe + Likable
Episode 142: Safe + Likable On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, @JaimeDaGreat speaks on his recent #Covid19 scare (00:27). With the Governor of Nevada announcing a mandatory face-covering policy, the fellas speak on Las Vegas continuing to open pools and lounges (8:35) while some are planning a protest against wearing masks (13:40). As the #FourthOfJuly weekend approaches, the crew questions whether it’s appropriate to celebrate this holiday in light of certain states acknowledging #Juneteenth (18:36). They recap the latest @VerzuzTV battle between @MyFabolousLife and @Jadakiss (40:01) and discuss #KanyeWest’s latest deal with @Gap (1:04:28). Finally, the crew speaks on the backlash @VirgilAbloh received after attempting to design the cover for @RealPopSmoke upcoming album (1:23:25).
Jul 01, 2020
Episode 141: Mask Shaming
Episode 141: Mask Shaming On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the crew recap @JaimeDaGreat’s live stream birthday on @Twitch (0:50) and the Las Vegas protests on Juneteenth (07:22). They speak on the racially offensive imagery being used by #AuntJemima and sports teams like the @Indians and @Redskins (11:18) and @ShaunKing tearing down false depictions of #WhiteJesus (17:10). @DJCrooked speculates the possibilities of America being divided into separate regions determined by race (22:35) and @DJDmiles shares a recent scare with #Covid19 (47:31). The fellas discuss if socials workers and the US military could be a viable replacement for the Police (55:59) and breakdown the recent debate between @RealColeWorld and @NoNameHiding (1:22:22). Finally, the crew runs through new music by @LilBaby1, @Wale, @Anderson._Paak, @SaultGlobal, @TeyanaTaylor, @CityGirls, @Saweetie, @DuaLipa, and @BEP (1:42:47).
Jun 24, 2020
Episode 140: "Too Soon?" feat. Trayze + Jerome Baker III
Episode 140: "Too Soon?" feat. Trayze + Jerome Baker III On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined by DC’s finest @JeromeBaker3rd & @Redbull3Style US Champ @Trayze. The fellas speak on the spike in COVID-19 cases in certain cities after re-opening (4:29) and DJ’s going back to work (11:12). They discuss DJ’s filing for unemployment (15:33) and the importance of saving before an election year (20:33). Trayze explains his “DJ Witch Hunt” on Twitter (30:10) and shares the important work of @RealDarylDavis converting KKK members (38:05). The crew breakdown the lack of Black history being taught in schools (46:30) and discuss what it means to “Defund The Police” (57:40). @DJCrooked speaks on the possibilities of a “Race War” emerging (1:12:25) and Jerome shares a personal experience at a protest in DC (1:15:04). Finally, Trayze explains how the mental/emotional stress of racism has actually effected the physical health of Black People over generations (1:24:55).
Jun 17, 2020
Episode 139: The Uprising
Episode 139: The Uprising On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is joined @SpydaTEKzilla, @DJMoma, @DJRossOne, and @DJAudio1. Moma explains what it’s like witnessing all the protests from South Africa (1:16). The fellas discuss @Diplo releasing his new album during the rise of the #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter protests (7:24) and also speak on the next possible steps for the #BLM movement (17:44). The crew explains why #GenZ is the perfect generation to lead these protests (24:34) and how most White People may be unaware of their “White Privilege” (30:38). The guys speak about certain "influencers" approaching the protests as a leisurely activity (36:20), discuss the “DJ Witch Hunts” on Twitter (48:40), and breakdown the Trump Supporter, MAGA Soldier and “All Lives Matter” Activist (1:00:25). Finally, Audio 1 explains in detail the latest @Twitch music copyright guidelines and the misinformation being spread (1:10:55).
Jun 10, 2020
Episode 138: Where Do We Go…
Episode 138: Where Do We Go… On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down and speaks on the events that have transpired since the tragic murder of #GeorgeFloyd (1:32) and also compare the 92 #LARiots to the Riots that are occurring now (4:10). @DJCrooked explains why small businesses should see the riots vandalism as collateral damage (10:01), and also gives his thoughts on @BobbyHundreds post about his #Fairfax store being vandalized (13:23). The fellas speak on the level of expectation people have for celebrities to give a statement on social injustice (19:50), as well as people trying to cancel @VirgilAbloh for only donating 50 dollars towards protesters bail funds (33:40). Crooked breaks down the lack of leadership in America (41:17), and question why people keep championing the wrong people (52:17). The fellas speak on Officer #DerekChauvin only being charged with a 3rd-degree murder (54:49), and explain how the #BlackLivesMatter message is being overshadowed by all the rioting & looting that is going on (1:09:50). @DJNeva brings up a potential second wave of the #Coronavirus (1:28:45). Finally, The fellas speak on the #GeorgeFloyd’s autopsy (1:50:41), and how this year has exposed the government (2:06:50).
Jun 03, 2020
Episode 137: SOSUPERSAM
Episode 137: SOSUPERSAM On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with the co-founder of the infamous R&B party @143WorldWide, LA’s very own @SoSuperSam. Sam explains how the Quarantine has helped reinvigorate her love of music (1:15) and despite the disappointing cancelations of DJ gigs, tours and festivals, she’s been enjoying playing different sets on @Twitch (10:15). The crew discusses the anxiety from some creatives to “stay relevant” on social media during Quarantine (16:10). Sam gives a brief history of how #143WorldWide came to life (27:25) and how some labeled it as an “Asian Party” (48:05). They breakdown the difference between LA & Hollywood (56:40) and also speak on Sam’s time living and djing in NYC (1:00:05). The fellas ask Sam about her singing career and possibly dropping more original music (1:09:50). Sam shares her experience touring the #143WorldWide party to different cities (1:17:01) and speaks about some unique approaches to streaming on @Twitch (1:26:10). Finally, the crew asks why Sam transitioned from @Serato to #RekordBox (1:29:15) and talk about some of the new features on @BeatSourceOfficial, a new streaming record pool for DJs (1:37:20).
May 27, 2020
Episode 136: First DJ On The Moon
Episode 136: First DJ On The Moon On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew records together in person for the first time in 2 months. The fellas speak on Las Vegas’s Phase 1 reopening (6:45), select casinos on the Strip taking reservations for June 1st (17:52), the @NBA, and @NHL possibly coming to town to finish their seasons (23:10) and Vegas Nightclubs staying closed till Fall 2021 (26:55). The crew proclaims @Dnice as the “Biggest DJ In The World”, poke fun at his never-ending winning streak and give a brief history on his rap career with #BoogieDownProductions and @Teacha_KRSOne (43:33). They breakdown the @ChicagoBulls @Jumpman23 10-part documentary #TheLastDance while @DJCrooked claims “there’s a little bit of #JerryKrause in all of us” and asks the fellas “which player they most related to”? (1:01:50). Lastly, the fellas speak on #MichaelJordan’s infamous #FluGame (1:44:38) and pay their respects to the late great @AndreHarrell (1:55:26).
May 20, 2020
Episode 135: DJ E-MAN
Episode 135: DJ E-MAN On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA radio legend @DJEMan (the current Program/Content Director for @Power_106, @935KDay, and @Cali939LA). E-Man speaks on the difference between Westcoast DJs & Eastcoast DJs and how radio DJs had a big influence on Cali’s more technical style (1:21). He explains @TheBakaBoyz giving him his first opportunity to spin on the radio for their #FridayNiteFlavas show (7:58). E-Man describes growing up in Long Beach, CA around ganglife (10:59) and going to high school with @SnoopDogg (12:09). E-Man speaks about why he never became an official member of @TheBeatJunkiez (20:45) and why he decided to stay at @Power_106 after @BigBoy left the station in 2015, thus ending a 20+ year work relationship (25:34). E-Man explains how @NickCannon approached him to take over the morning slot at #Power106 with @NickCannonMornings (47:20) and the impact that @LALeakers freestyles have on a rapper’s careers (54:10). He speaks on his close friendship with @MariahCarey and touring with her thanks to @RandyJackson (1:03:05). E-Man explains his duties as a Program/Content Director for 3 stations and how he chose to prioritize his career in radio over DJing full-time (1:08:30). He beaks down the importance for artists to have their songs played on the radio (1:19:45) and why Power 106, a predominantly Hip-Hop station, incorporated EDM music into their rotation in the early 2010s (1:25:35). Finally, E-Man speaks on some hostile encounters with @Chingy and @2Pac’s group @TheOutlawzOfficial (1:38:45).
May 13, 2020
Episode 134: DJ ANGIE VEE + LADY SHA + BELLA FIASCO On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s finest @DJAngieVee, @DJLadySha, and @DJBellaFiasco. With the birth of her new baby, Lady Sha shares some of the challenges she faced DJing in clubs while pregnant (4:01). The ladies break down some of the scrutiny some women DJs encounter (more so than men) when they take chances musically at gigs (17:15). Angie and Bella explain how they each curated their sets and marketing for Instagram Live (20:38). The ladies express their restlessness during the quarantine and look forward to getting back to “H.O.E.” life when the lockdown is over (31:15). They discuss finding alternative methods of making money outside of DJing (41:09) and Angie Vee shares how live streaming, sponsorships and merch have helped to pay bills (46:45). The ladies share which DJs they looked up too in LA (55:05) and Lady Sha explains the fear of losing gigs and becoming irrelevant when she was planning her maternity leave (1:04:41). Finally, the crew speaks on the ups and downs of the DJ dating scene (1:11:28).
May 06, 2020
Episode 133: JOE MAZ + KONFLIKT
Episode 133: JOE MAZ + KONFLIKT On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with renowned DJ/Producer @JoeMaz accompanied by @DiscotechMusic partner DJ Konflikt (@MyFavoriteDJ). Joe addresses some of his comments on Twitter regarding the COVID-19 pandemic (1:35) and Konflikt discusses the current copyright issues DJs have been confronting on #InstagramLive (18:25). Joe explains how it’s the worse time for artists to release music (26:08) and breaks down his approach to remixing new music (22:08). They discuss the future of “Big Room” nightclubs post-pandemic (31:35) and the question of safety as the US slowly allows parks, beaches, and small businesses to re-open (43:05). Joe speaks on artist management and bouncing around agencies from @DeckStar, @SkamArtist to his final home with @WeAreRichGroup (59:50). Lastly, the fellas predict how DJ rates will be when venues reopen (1:09:45).
Apr 29, 2020
Episode 132: DJ FRANZEN 2.0
Episode 132: DJ FRANZEN 2.0 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Bay Area Legend and @DraisLV’s famed resident DJ @FrandalayBay. Franny speaks on his 5-year residency at #DraisLV (1:15) and his infamous afterparty events with @ChampagnePapi (7:30). He shares his opinion on new artists sampling club hits from the 2000s (34:30) and runs through the big Hip-Hop anthems he plays at his weekly industry party #SunDrais (40:45). The fellas' breakdown #BottleRats (46:45) and how the nightclubs closing in Vegas will affect the local DJs (56:01). Franzen explains his love for all #RnB, new and old (1:16:55), and clears the rumors about a beef between #NotoriousBIG & @E40 (1:29:10). Finally, the fellas discuss the new TikTok era of music (1:40:10) and Franny recalls the time he got in trouble for playing Jay-Z and @Pharrell’s “I Just Wanna Love U” on @106KMEL in SF (1:55:50).
Apr 22, 2020
Episode 131: SHELL CORP. (MOMA + DZA + SEAN G + SILENT ADDY + SPINSER TRACY) On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak with @ShellCorpIntl, a DJ crew comprised of @DJMoma of @EverydayPPL, @DJSeanG of, @SilentAddy of, @DZA3000 of @PeachfuzzParty and @SpinserTracy of @ThatFeelGoodCrew. The group discusses if a low viewership on IG LIVE can hurt a brand (8:57) and how appropriate it is to solicit tips while streaming (14:05). Sean G gives a brief history behind his successful Reggae/Dancehall party in LA (29:54) and Addy explains why riddims aren’t as popular now as they were in the ’90s/’00s (38:38). The crew gives debate on the@Verzuz.TV “Beat Battle” between @ScottStorchOfficial and @Manniefresh (43:01) and the upcoming battle with @TeddyRiley1 vs @BabyFace  @LA_Reid (1:01:20). Finally, the Shell Corp. share how they’ve been staying productive during the Covid-19 lockdown (1:21:23).
Apr 15, 2020
Episode 130: "Livestream DJs" feat. Four Color Zack + J. Espinosa
Episode 130: "Livestream DJs" feat. Four Color Zack + J. Espinosa On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJCrooked speaks with@Redbull3Style World Champions @FourColorZack and @DJJEspinosa (1:51). Zack & Espinosa share their excitement to start livestreaming on @Twitch (3:43) and elaborate on how streaming can benefit DJs (11:45) and break the repetitive, formulaic mainstream club sets (30:05). Espinosa shares how the recent #RedBull tour in Russia helped him find a new direction musically (33:33) and speaks on his and Zack’s experience DJing with @WinkyWiryawan912 in Jakarta, Indonesia (38:22). Crooked speaks on the anxiety and loss of identity that some working DJs have developed during the quarantine with venues closing nationwide (58:47). The crew speaks on @KidCapri101’s and @DJScratch’s take on DJs soliciting tips while streaming on Instagram LIVE (1:05:11). Zack & Espinosa recap the latest @Do_Over in Hawaii (1:22:48) and talk about the current health benefits they’re experiencing by not traveling and being in toxic nightlife environments (1:56:21).
Apr 08, 2020
Episode 129: DJ MELL STARR
Episode 129: DJ MELL STARR On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with New York’s very own @DJMellStarr (with special Co-Host @DJEdMcDonald from @MacAgencyLV). Mell Starr speaks on his friendship with the late great @LoveBugStarski (1:10) and explains how his nickname “Mr.No Headphones” was from the 9/11 attacks causing permanent deafness in his left ear (04:20). The fellas talk about a new generation of DJ’s focusing more on music selection than developing their technical skills (23:10). The crew discusses how the 9/11 attacks impacted NYC nightlife (36:01) as Mell Starr expands on the Harlem club scene (42:41). He speaks on his father's legacy as a ghostwriter for some major Motown artists (53:50) as well as the differences in DJing a Las Vegas vs. New York crowd (1:12:01). Finally, Mell Starr shares his experience DJing for #JayZ, @BarackObama and the US troops in Iraq (1:20:04).
Apr 01, 2020
Episode 128: Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 2 (RIP Frank Jugga)
Episode 128: Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 2 On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, with select cities in the country on lockdown and the crew approaching 7 days of isolation,@DJCrooked reaches out to DJs/Club Owners @DJEvilOne from Portland, @DJNugget from Pittsburgh and @ClakSaarb from San Francisco as they share their individual experiences shutting down their venues to stop further spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 (3:20). With major hotels/casinos and nightclubs on the Vegas Strip temporarily shutdown, Crooked speaks to local nightclub bartender “Belle”, who was recently laid off, to see how she and her peers were affected (31:05). Crooked ventures off the strip to speak with “Tiffany”, an exotic dancer from a well known Vegas Strip Club, who was also laid off, to see what her plans for survival are during this massive shutdown (40:10). @DJNeva @DJDMiles & @JaimeDaGreat join Crooked (54:05) to speak on @DNice’s #IGLive DJ sessions going viral and impacting the world (1:01:00) as well as the importance of DJs being active on social media right now (1:15:10). Finally, Crooked and Neva give @DJGoldFingerNYC & @DJChrisLandry a call to honor and celebrate the life and career of NYC’s iconic MC/Host @FrankJugga (1:35:40).
Mar 25, 2020
Episode 127: "Quarantine Chronicles" feat. Roctakon + DJ Moma + DJ Ross One
Episode 127: "Quarantine Chronicles" feat. Roctakon + DJ Moma + DJ Ross One On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew is disbanded as @DJCrooked explains why they decided to practice self-isolation and record remotely during the coronavirus pandemic (0:53). Crooked offers some advice on how to downsize and decrease personal/business expenses while everyone is out of work (7:51). @Roctakon, @DJMoma, and @DJRossOne join Crooked as they speak on everyone’s current status (19:13) and how the pandemic will affect our society as a whole (32:23). Moma speaks on @EveryDayPPL’s tour being canceled and when it’ll return (35:48). Crooked ask the fellas how they’ll stay productive during this potential 8-month lockdown (44:32), and how this break will change the landscape for nightclub DJs (56:44). Finally, Crooked speaks with @DJNeva, @DJDMiles, and @JaimeDaGreat to wrap up the episode and see how their first weekend of not DJing has been (1:04:25).
Mar 18, 2020
Episode 126: Reset
Episode 126: Reset On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJCrooked explains how the #CoronaVirus has affected Las Vegas (2:10) and predicts the potential detriment it will have on multiple industries in the city (11:20). The fellas speak on their upcoming “unofficial” @SXSW event at @TipsyAlchemist.ATX on March 18th with @DJCity (24:47) and address the possible rise in local businesses due to festival cancellations and decrease in travel (29:30). The crew pays homage to @1OAKLV closing at the end of March 2020 (49:20) and discuss what it means to “RESET” your career (57:30). Crooked asks the fellas how they’d keep busy if there was a 6-month shutdown in Vegas from the pandemic (1:06:01). The crew discuss how new crossover hits have been coming from @TikTok (1:22:35) and review new music from @DojaCat, @CookieeKawaii, @JackHarlow, @LilUziVert, @BadBunnyPR,, @JheneAiko and @TheeStallion (1:44:06).
Mar 11, 2020
Episode 125: DJ BUCK RODGERS
Episode 125: DJ BUCK RODGERS On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with the 2018 @GoldieAwards Beat Battle Champion and Austin's very own @DJBuckRodgers. Buck speaks on the pioneers of “Finger Drumming” like @DJEnferno, @AraabMuzik, @JeremyEllisLive and more (2:28). He explains how he linked up with the legendary @ZTrip and started performing exclusive showcases (07:04). He speaks on how he plans to design his own Drum Machine (16:55) and performs a live #FingerDrumming set for the crew (26:40). Buck talks about his experience at @DJJazzyJeff’s infamous @PlaylistRetreat in 2019 (39:09) and shares his current take on the @Redbull3Style DJ Competition (44:05). The fellas chat about the upcoming @SXSW Festival approaching in a couple of weeks (59:10) and Buck sheds some light on Austin's nightlife scene (1:11:45). Finally, Buck speaks on his preparation and experience winning @Atrak’s 2018 #GoldieAwards (1:18:18).
Mar 04, 2020
Episode 124: Busters & Douglas
Episode 124: Busters & Douglas On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @DJNeva shares his latest visit to the dentist (0:40) and  @DJCrooked speaks on his experience spinning @KnowpaSlaps’s party @RNBAndRibs in SF (7:34). The crew talks about performance anxiety while DJing (16:45) and @DJDMiles recalls having an episode when he spun alongside @IAmJamieFoxx (22:07). Crooked and Darren recap @AndrewYang2020’s campaign stop in Las Vegas (28:37) and the fellas speak on the @NBAAllStar (44:10), as well as @DwayneWade’s 12-year-old son becoming transgender (1:01:55). They discuss the manufacturing nightmare overseas due to the #CoronaVirus outbreak (1:20:30) and the ever-changing reselling business affecting brands like @SupremeNewYork, @Nike and @Jumpman23 (1:31:51).
Feb 26, 2020
Episode 123: DZA + RAULIZM
Episode 123: DZA + RAULIZM On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Miami’s finest, and co-founders of @PeachFuzzParty, @DZA3000 & @Raulizm. DZA & Raul speak on how “PeachFuzz” the party and concept came together (1:44). The fellas learn about DZA’s upbringing in France/Miami and how he got into DJ’ing (12:02). @DJCrooked brings up the impact that Latin music has had both in the mid-’00’s and in the present day (32:23). DZA speaks on his residency at @LIVMiami (40:57), and his new skateboard brand @AndrewDowntown (1:04:45). The crew speaks on the lack of interest crowds have for the talent of DJ’s nowadays (1:21:00), and how crowds choose the local bar/party over the high-end mega-clubs (1:11:15). The fellas speak on how social media impacts DJ bookings and how it's based on the number of followers a DJ obtains (1:37:15). Finally, DZA speaks on the influence “Peach Fuzz” has had in the independent party circuit (1:57:25), and his friendships with DJ’s like @Diplo, @WalshyFire, and @MajorLazer as a collective (2:25:10).
Feb 19, 2020
Episode 122: Demons, Diablas, + Parasites
Episode 122: Demons, Diablas, + Parasites On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the @Oscars and speak on a historic night for @ParasiteMovie and director #BongJoonHo (0:45), the lack of Black films being nominated (18:50) and @Eminem’s performance (34:18). The crew speaks on the nightclub staff noticing how DJ’s are all playing the same edits and remixes (54:15) and touch on the recent passing of @KobeBryant and @DJNeva’s father (1:03:00). Everyone shares their #ValentinesDay plans (1:28:40) and discuss women who “borrow” clothing when they sleepover (1:34:25). Finally, the fellas talk about the recent closing of the #HardRockHotelLasVegas and pay homage to some of the groundbreaking parties that emerged from that property (1:42:10).
Feb 12, 2020
Episode 121: DJ LAZYBOY
Episode 121: DJ LAZYBOY On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Bay Area’s finest and the current @RedBull3Style US National Champion @DJLazyBoy. LazyBoy speaks on his approach for the winning set at Redbull’s US Finals in San Francisco (4:20) and talks about being adopted and discovering his ancestry through @23AndMe DNA genetic testing (10:01). He recalls being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 (26:15) and speaks about his current battle with cancer due to a sudden recurrence last year (33:10). Lazyboy explains his recent operation and shares some of the mental anguish he’s been going through during the recovery process (40:50). He voices concerns about not having the time/strength to practice for the Redbull World Finals approaching in April cause his health has been his main priority (1:09:30). Finally, Lazy Boy talks about @DJQBert visiting him after his operation (1:30:00) and his “Pre-Op/Last Supper Send-Off Party” in September 2019 which was the last time he was able to eat regular food (1:31:08).
Feb 05, 2020
Episode 120: The Help
Episode 120: The Help On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, @JaimeDaGreat recaps his visit to @TheNAMMShow and discusses the new @Phase_DJ firmware update syncing with @Serato (2:30), the @RaneDJ 70 mixer (8:40) and @DJQbert experimenting new scratches (12:50). @DJDMiles shares an experience facing discrimination while DJing a friend’s wedding (18:25). The fellas speak about Biggie Smalls and Whitney Houston being inducted to the @RockHall (33:03), new music from @Eminem, @Macmiller, @StretchAndBobbito feat. @TheM19sBand, @NezSoRidiculous feat. @GroovyQ, @Carnage, @Diplo and more (40:50). @DJNeva gives his take @DiRealShaggy auditioning for @BadGalRiri’s new album (1:25:35) and @DJCrooked shares a late-night discussion he had with @FourColorZack regarding Turntablists selling downloadable MP3 versions of the DJ routines they post for free on Social Media (1:33:20).
Jan 29, 2020
Episode 119: SILENT ADDY (FT. PASE ROCK + ROSS ONE) On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Miami’s finest, Dancehall DJ/Producer @SilentAddy (co-hosted by Cincy’s own @PaseRock & @DJRossOne). Addy speaks about growing up in Kingston, Jamaica (6:10), the huge impact Sean Paul (@DuttyPaul) made in mainstream America during the mid-2000s (14:43) and why there hasn’t been another major crossover dancehall artist/record since (21:35). He talks about his mother being unsupportive of his DJing when he first started (29:31), the affordability of learning on DJ controllers nowadays (34:40) and having the right OG’s when growing up (39:32). Addy explains the @ShellCorpIntl, a collective partnership with @DJMoma @DZA3000 @SpinserTracy @DJSeanG (49:20), and speaks about his infamous party @Bashment.TV (56:03). The fellas ask Addy about his latest project with @VybzKartel (1:09:00), discuss the lack of Caribbean culture on the Westcoast (1:04:51), and he explains how @MajorLazer changed his life & what business lessons he learned from @Diplo (1:24:30). Addy educates the fellas on “Skin Bleaching” in Jamaica (1:17:47) and the amount of preparation and labor he puts into the sound for his events (1:27:15). Finally, the fellas speak on the new generation of DJ’s and their unique approach to mixing without BPMs (1:47:17).
Jan 22, 2020
Episode 118: BILL SPECTOR + RAULIZM On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with one of the pioneers in NYC Nightlife Marketing/Promotions @BillSpector (co-hosted by Miami’s finest @Raulizm). Bill explains growing up in Queens with the notorious “Supreme Team” (4:25) and how the mixture of multicultural groups from various classes and professions intermingling at his parties created a different experience from any other party in New York (8:40). He speaks about his close relationship with another pioneer in NYC Nightlife @Jrosenblum1 (12:40) and recalls how he met @StretchArmstrong (26:22) who would have various Hip-Hop acts in the ’90s perform at his parties for free (32:28). The fellas ask about the infamous @Diddy fight that occurred at “Mac Daddy’s” (35:46) and Bill explains his relationship with  @RocafellaRecords, Dame Dash (@DuskoPoppington), @IamMarkRonson and the late, great @DJAMLives (43:40). The fellas ask how Bill linked up with @Raulizm (53:56) and what motivated them to invade the Las Vegas scene (1:03:17). Bill breaks down the difference between marketing/promotions back in the day with street teams vs. today’s new digital age of social media (1:27:12). The fellas speak on the deteriorating allure of bottle service mega-clubs (1:32:02) and ask Bill about his new restaurant @SushiByBou inside the @VersaceMansionOfficial (1:42:03). Finally, Bill touches on his love for House Music but questions the ethics of EDM DJs (1:45:07).
Jan 15, 2020
Episode 117: I Ain't Sh*t
Episode 117: I Ain't Sh*t On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas ask @JaimeDaGreat about his experience attending @Diddy’s “50th Birthday Celebration” in LA (9:08). @DJMoma calls in to challenge Jaime to a “Taco Stand-Off” at @CoyoTaco in Miami (29:00). @DJNeva speaks about the new “Universal Hip-Hop Museum” (@UHHMuseum) in the Bronx and shares an interaction with @BustaRhymes at his gig in NYC (36:33). The crew breakdown the recent “DJ Acceptance Speeches” on Instagram (47:06) as well as the “WW3 Memes” that took over Twitter (59:00). The fellas debate on whether #BadBoyRecords or #DeathRowRecords has a more lucrative catalog (1:19:30). Finally, the crew discuss some new music (1:28:25) and share their anticipation for #Aaliyah’s complete musical catalog finally being available on streaming platforms (1:39:15).
Jan 08, 2020
Episode 116: DJ JESSICA WHO
On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Miami’s very own @DJJessicaWho. Jessica speaks on how excessive traveling as a DJ has taken a toll on her (5:25). She explains how she first started DJing (15:20), her early influences in Miami (26:55) and the pressure DJs experienced at @LIVMiami with owner @DaveGrutman’s “Do Not Play List” (31:12). The crew speaks on dealing with anxiety (39:18) and Jessica talks about signing to her former management @SkamArtist and later transitioning to her current management @WeAreRichGroup (47:52). She recalls competing in a @RedBull3Style (54:55) and explains the upside/downside of being a woman DJ (1:12:12). Jessica speaks on her party @EmoNiteMiami (1:27:08) and breaks down what it’s like dating a DJ (1:30:55).
Jan 01, 2020
Episode 115: 2010 Decade Recap
On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap the last decade of music from 2010-2019. See below for the list of topics and questions they went through. ROAD'S DECADE RECAP (2010-2019): 1. Top 5 Club Hits (7:40) 2. Top 5 Worst Songs (23:05) 3. Top 5 Personal Favorite Songs (48:25) 4. Top 5 Artists (57:28) 5. Top 5 Worst Artists (1:25:10) 6. Top 5 Most Overrated Artists (1:42:37) 7. Top 5 Best Albums (2:03:50) 8. How have yall evolved as a DJ in the last 10 years? 9. Biggest regret this past decade? 10. The most valuable lesson you've learned this past decade? (2:11:30)
Dec 25, 2019
Episode 114: MR MAURICIO
Episode 114: MR MAURICIO On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with one of Miami’s premier club/radio DJs @MrMauricio. Mauricio speaks on the history of Miami DJs (1:15) and remembers traveling to NYC to hear legends like @KoolDJRedAlert and @DJClarkKent spin (5:37). He elaborates on the diverse music scene in Miami (22:10) and explains spinning at Club Liquid for the first time thanks to @ChrisPaciello (13:30). Mauricio recalls working for @TheRomanJones and spinning in the same rooms alongside @DJKhaled and @Irie (41:08). He shares his battle with depression and gambling (1:11:01) and his close friendship with @DJAMLives (48:25). He breaks down the relationships he’s built with artists like @XXXtentacion, @RaeSremmurd and @Pitbull (1:30:20) and how Westcoast music only impacts Miami every 5 years (1:39:52). Mauricio explains the influence that @FatJoe and @ScottStorchOfficial had on the city and how some celebs can become “victims of South Beach” (1:48:03). Lastly, he speaks about some new music he’s got coming with @ToryLanez and @Anuel_2Blea (1:53:01).
Dec 18, 2019
Episode 113: Tote Bag Boyz
Episode 113: Tote Bag Boyz On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas recap their trip to Miami (00:35) and @DJCrooked rants about DJs recently using Tote Bags instead of Backpacks (27:08). They run through new music from @TheWeeknd, @ToryLanez, @FatJoe, @MyFabolousLife, @LosAngelesConfidential (34:19) and discuss if Meg @TheeStallion will ever make a crossover hit record (1:04:04). The fellas deliberate on 2019’s “Artist of the Year” (1:13:27) and dissect @Wack100’s comments on why @NipseyHussle shouldn’t be considered a musical legend (1:28:52). Finally, the fellas speak on the untimely death of @JuiceWRLD999 (1:38:24).
Dec 11, 2019
Episode 112: DJ LAZ
Episode 112: DJ LAZ On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with a Miami Legend and the “King Of Bass” @DJLaz. Laz breaks down the history of Miami Bass (4:40) and describes his first time meeting @Pitbull (13:05). He speaks about being born with a birth defect and doctors telling his mother he would never be able to sit up, stand or walk (33:05). Laz shares his thoughts about his son @_JMendzzz_ becoming a DJ (52:08) and the importance of building a brand as a DJ (45:43). He talks about his time on the radio and recalls moving to LA to work for #Latino963 and his reasons for leaving @Power965 after 22 years (1:02:36). Laz reminisces on his older brother who unfortunately passed from Melanoma Cancer #RIP (1:11:16). The fellas play some of Laz’s greatest hits from his Miami Bass discography (1:54:06) and explains why @BennyBenassi never cleared the sample for his club banger #MoveShake featuring @Pitbull and @Official_Flo (2:00:44). Laz lists his “Top 5 Miami Bass Songs” and “Top 5 Miami Strip Clubs” (2:22:55). Finally, he explains what it was like living in Miami in the ’90s when @UncleLukeReal1 and the @TheOfficial2LiveCrew changed the music industry forever (2:34:33).
Dec 04, 2019
Episode 111: SPINSER TRACY
Episode 111: SPINSER TRACY On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with DC’s finest @SpinserTracy of @ThatFeelGoodCrew. Spinser explains his reasons for moving to Miami, the differences in DJ rates amongst various cities on the East Coast (00:40), his experience touring with acts like @Goldlink and @FreddieGibbs (17:21) and his college life at @Howard1867 (28:00). He describes his transition from drumming in a band to spinning parties (31:55) and speaks on the importance of going out to hear other DJs (35:55). Spinser speaks on the value of creating your own parties/movements (49:46) and credits one of DC’s finest @JeromeBaker3rd for helping him develop his DJ style (53:45). He recalls winning the @RedBull3Style regional in DC (55:17) and explains the advantages that opening DJs have over headliners (1:12:10). Lastly, Spinser explains the launch of @ShellCorpINTL, an exciting new collaborative project involving some of the best DJ’s and parties from New York, LA and Miami (@DJMoma of @EverydayPPL, @DJSeanG of, @SilentAddy of and @DZA3000 of @PeachfuzzParty) (1:16:51).
Nov 27, 2019
Episode 110: SEAN CHRISTIE
Episode 110: SEAN CHRISTIE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with one of Las Vegas’s most influential figures, @SeanMChristie, the President of Events/Nightlife for @MGMResortsIntl. They discuss why Millennials don’t gravitate to bottle service (5:34) and how this affects the concepts for new venues like @OnTheRecordLV, @DrinkMamaRabbit, and @TheMayFairLV (14:50). Sean speaks on the importance of “Industry Nights” in Vegas (23:05), losing DJ’s to other competitors (30:53) and the value of having great resident DJs like @JewcyJHoffman and @DJMightyMi, who were instrumental in his clubs’ successes (43:22). They deep dive into Sean being one of the first to lead the EDM movement at @EncoreBeachClub and the bidding wars he went through for DJ’s like @SteveAoki, @Avicii, @MarkRonson and @DJAMLives (54:32). Sean empathizes on the recent closing of @KAOSVegas (1:08:03), shares some similar challenges he faced with @IntrigueVegas (1:35:40) and formerly apologizes to @DJJazzyJeff for pulling him off the decks at @XSLAsVegas almost 10 years ago (2:01:01).
Nov 20, 2019
Episode 109: CRAIG ANTHONY aka DJ HOMICIDE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s very own, @CraigAnthony_ (aka DJ Homicide). Craig explains the difference between the “Hollywood” and “LA” (4:58) and delves into his history in the sneaker game and the legendary #AirMacksCrew with @BenBaller and the late @DJAMLives (14:23). Craig explains how he joined the band #SugarRay and breaks down how he co-produced all their songs and established their initial sound with the hit song “Fly” (31:05). He also reveals how #SugarRay’s last hit “When It’s Over” was originally intended for @RevWon of @RUNDMC (42:41) and how he foresaw the EDM emergence and told @IAmWill to hop on that Electronic Music wave with @BEP (56;50). He speaks on DJ AM’s passing and their last conversation (1:06:01). Craig explains why he changed his name from “DJ Homicide” (1:19:56) and how he accumulated almost a million followers with his new Instagram account @Urban.Siko (1:30:52). The fellas converse on the current state of LA’s sports teams (1:41:51) and discuss what @NipseyHussle meant to LA (2:07:02).
Nov 13, 2019
Episode 108: Holocryptics
Episode 108: Holocryptics On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas speak about a new Hologram DJ system called @Holocryptics (5:45), @DJCrooked losing his @TSA Precheck status (18:17). They review the new @Gangstarr @DJPremier album (35:40) and Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King" (1:04:10). The crew recaps their weekend at @DayNVegas2019 hip-hop festival in Las Vegas (1:24:53) and @DJCrooked and @DJDmiles give props to the fellas who volunteered in Meg @TheeStallion’s twerk competition (1:34:10).
Nov 06, 2019
Episode 107: DJ REACH
Episode 107: DJ REACH On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with NYC’s finest @DJReach! Reach explains how he was inspired by @SteveAoki’s approach to marketing (3:16) and why he sees @Diddy as the first “Black President” (13:05). He recalls @DJAMLives admiring his mic skills in the club (22:22) and @Roctakon being responsible for putting him onto @Serato (25:55). Reach speaks about auditioning for the @CarsonDaly Show (42:45) and how maintaining a professional appearance with collar shirts and blazers helped open doors for him and even inspired others like @DNice (51:30). He regrets not spending more time in Vegas during his @TaoLasVegas residency (1:19:30) and explains how he finessed the clubs to expand his guestlist and ended up creating a promotional company (1:37:15). Reach talks about @SKAMArtist and starting his own agency in New York (1:56:25) and spinning #JayZ’s #HangarTour for the #KingdomCome album release (2:28:55).
Oct 30, 2019
Episode 106: Top 10 Most Impactful Albums
Episode 106: Top 10 Most Impactful Albums On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas discuss rumors of a Vegas residency for @PostMalone (11:57) along with @ChampagnePapi’s new @Delilah restaurant and @WelcomeOVO store opening in @WynnLasVegas (13:15). The crew debates which American sport attracts the most groupies (23:28) and delve into the “Top 10 Most Impactful Album Challenge” that DJ’s have been indulging in on social media (35:33). After being nominated by NYC’s own @DJGoldfingerNYC, the crew decides to share their own “Top 10” list with @JaimeDaGreat first (36:00), @DJDMiles second (43:48), @DJCrooked third (1:04:15) and finally @DJNeva last (1:23:36). With the new @WuTangClan show on @Hulu, the fellas talk about @RZA’s career as a producer (1:59:40) and speak about the latest OS updates from @Apple effecting @Serato (2:06:42).
Oct 23, 2019
Episode 105: LOW BEEZY (HOLLERTRONIX) On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Philly’s own @LowBeezy from the famed #Hollertronix! The fellas speak about how Philly breeds such talented DJ’s (6:18), Low’s first interaction with @Diplo (14:45), the #Hollertronix Mixtape “Never Scared” being praised by the @NYTimes (21:52), the growth of Baltimore music in the mid 2000’s (24:12) and how the #Hollertronix party started (28:35) and later evolved into a community called the “Hollerboard” (51:30). Crooked asks about rumors regarding Low allegedly “ghost producing” for @MIAmatangi’s first solo project (37:49). Low breaks down some Philly terms like #Jawn and #Chumpy (59:37), how he met Spank Rock aka @NaeemJuwan (1:04:09) and the nightlife scene in Philly (1:26:32). Lastly, Low shares some of his personal struggles with addiction (1:48:38) and rant with the fellas on some crazy requests in the club (1:52:17).
Oct 16, 2019
Episode 104: Las Bay-Gas
Episode 104: Las Bay-Gas This week the fellas celebrate their 2-year anniversary of the @RoadPodcast! The episode kicks off with a reflection down memory lane (0:30) and Neva shares his newfound healthy lifestyle (4:46). The crew announce new @Serato X @DJCity workshops in Las Vegas, Oakland, Hollywood and Los Angeles for the new @SeratoStudio production program during late October (7:37). They discuss the recent contract issues between @KAOSVegas and @MarshmelloMusic (11:35), as well as the @Athletics possibly moving to Vegas (21:15). @DJCrooked tells us about his latest gig in Portland with @DamianLillard (28:15). The fellas review new albums from @DaBaby and @YoungMa (36:34) and speak on @TylerPerry’s new Movie Studio in Atlanta (50:41). Finally, the crew answer questions from listeners submitted over the weekend (1:36:15).
Oct 09, 2019
Episode 103: DJ MILLIE
Episode 103: DJ MILLIE On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s own @DJMillie! They ask about her Millie’s father, Bryson Miller (@PsychoBass1), the legendary bass player for Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, @CarlosSantana, and @ChrisBrownOfficial (5:15). Millie tells us how she started DJ’ing and learned personally from @PattyClover (13:10). @DJCrooked has a theory that a majority of Women DJ’s learn to spin from their ex-boyfriends (15:30). She speaks on signing with @WilhelminaModels (26:25) and shares some of the insecurities that come with modeling (32:40). Millie explains how lucrative Social Media advertisements and sponsorships can be (41:06) and @DJCrooked asks Millie how she feels about being categorized as an “Influencer DJ” or a “Model DJ” (46:28). Millie shares her pick for “The Song Of The Summer” (1:14:45) and speaks on the LA party scene (1:10:08).
Oct 02, 2019
Episode 102: DJ DYNAMIX
Episode 102: DJ DYNAMIX On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with 5 time @RedBull3Style US finalist and LA’s own @Dynamixif2! The fellas discuss Dynamix’s upbringing in Echo Park (9:09), the LA gangs in his neighborhood and the recent @6ix9ine testimonies (15:23). @DJCrooked talks about his new favorite show @TopBoyNetflix (27:08). Dynamix explains why people call him the “King Of LA” (32:28) and speaks about his time teaching at @ScratchLA (35:58). The fellas expand on their previous conversation regarding Eastcoast and Westcoast styles of DJing (38:25). Dynamix talks about the pressure he faces when spinning in clubs (1:11:34) and shares his experience at last years @Redbull3Style finals in Philly when his @Serato crashed (1:01:48). He speaks about competing on @MasterOfTheMix with @Jayceeoh and @DJTinaT (1:16:20) and they discuss the recent technical issues occurring with the revered @Phase_DJ (1:27:48). The crew speaks about @DJNeva’s Birthday at @TheLightVegas and @JaimeDaGreat’s horrible #SwagSurf attempt (1:42:21). Finally they speak on Filipinos starting dance crews instead of joining street gangs (1:48:50) and how Crooked used to make homemade weapons to protect himself while growing up in NYC (1:53:48).
Sep 25, 2019
Episode 101: PASE ROCK
Episode 101: PASE ROCK On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Cincinnati’s finest and @RocNation’s own @PaseRock! Pase speaks on his early DJ days in Cinci (1:45), his 2003 solo rap album “Bullshit As Usual” with the late great Japanese producer #Nujabes (8:30) and his new publishing deal with Roc Nation (15:57). He shares his his integral involvement in the legendary #ScribbleJam festival (31:47) and how @DJRossOne "saved his life” and urged Pase to venture outside his comfort zone in  Cincinnati (27:02). Pase speaks about the Miami club scene (48:30) and delves into his process of production and song writing (53:54). He recalls an awkward encounter with @SnohAalegra (1:20:28), working with @JorjaSmith_ (1:22:45), connecting with @SteveAoki and signing with @DeckStar (1:29:55). The fellas debate on who’s the bigger artist: @PostMalone or @TravisScott (1:37:10)? Pase speaks on his friendship with @DJAMLives and how his passing affected him (1:57:40). Lastly, he talks about touring with @NaeemJuwan aka #SpankRock in the Mid-2000’s and recalls his groundbreaking music, amazing live performances and tremendous influence on the culture at the time (2:09:10).
Sep 18, 2019
Episode 100: "MikiDZ Show" Live Stream with Special Guests
Episode 100: "MikiDZ Show" Live Stream with Special Guests On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast the crew celebrates their 100th episode with @DJcity's "MikiDZ Show" (@heymikiwar @djdainjazone @djrell12) and special guests @djmoma @roctakon @stonerokk @grahamfunke @scooterdj @jayceeoh @djbellafiasco @djladysha @djnitrane @djbutch. The live stream episode kicks off with a "2019 Summer Recap" discussion about the "Song Of The Summer" and more (06:15). With the DJ market growing more and more, the panel speaks on a serious issue of declining DJ rates hitting certain cities like New York (1:18:56). Finally a heated argument ensues between @DJCrooked and the MikiDZ Show hosts regarding Eastcoast vs Westcoast DJ styles (2:00:30).
Sep 11, 2019
Episode 99: DJ NEVA
Episode 99: DJ NEVA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down to honor their very own, Bronx Bred, Native New Yorker and Las Vegas’s finest @DJNeva aka Black Panda. The fellas recap Sujit Kundu’s (@SkamArtist) recent birthday bash in LA where they spun with @LilJon and @IamJamieFoxx (1:31). They discuss @KingJames’s trademark for “Taco Tuesday” and the current appropriation and exploitation of Mexican culture in hip-hop (10:45). Neva talks about growing up in the Bronx during the early park jams (30:35) and interacting with hip-hop icons @KoolDJRedAlert and @LoveBugStarski (33:10). He recalls going to clubs like the Palladium and Studio 54 during the Golden Age of hip-hop (37:00) and remembers getting robbed and shanked in the back (57:50). Neva talks about his grandfather buying his first turntables (01:01:00) and earning his first dj residencies with legendary NYC promoter @BillSpector and #TonyMontana (01:12:03). Nev recalls @IAmMarkRonson approaching him in New York to spin his parties (01:14:00), shares stories of djing the Hamptons, explains his big move to Las Vegas (01:31:30) and how he helped @DJCrooked get his start in LV at Jet Nightclub (1:44:20).
Sep 04, 2019
Episode 98: SPYDAT.E.K
Episode 98: SPYDAT.E.K On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with the immensely talented and premier producer/dj @SpydaTekZilla! Spydatek tells us how he got into music production and making beats for “Reality TV” (2:20). He explains why he prefers @FLStudio_Official over @Ableton (6:55) and shares his expertise on negotiating music contracts (17:32). The fellas deep dive into the @Twitter world (30:50) and @DJCrooked shares his experience losing gigs from tweeting at “Celebrity DJs” (39:30). Spydatek explains his views on the EDM world and how there is a racial bias to people of color (46:05). He explains how he linked up with @Crazearoni and formed a new production duo called @MeteManoMusic (1:01:15). Spyda tells us how he sought after @Diplo (1:05:20) and later earned a production deal with @MadDecent (1:12:40). He breaks down the “Point System” and how points are distributed when releasing music with multiple artists (1:21:45).
Aug 28, 2019
Episode 97: DJ FELLI FEL
Episode 97: DJ FELLI FEL On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with @DJFelliFel from @Power_106 and @TheHeavyHitters! Felli plugs @NickCannon’s new morning show @NickCannonMornings on Power 106 (3:15), describes Kanye West’s 2018 listening party for “YE” in Wyoming (8:50) and his experience working with Kanye on his song “Finer Things” (13:58). He explains his friendship with @TPain and breaking the “I’m Sprung” record on LA radio (18:19). The fellas discuss streaming effecting radio listeners/ratings (23:40), the similar music markets in Dallas and LA (52:47) and Felli’s early years in radio (1:04:30). He explains how he made his hit record “Get Buck In Here” featuring @Diddy, @Akon, @Ludacris, and @LilJon (1:18:01) and how his deal with @JermaineDupri changed his life (1:32:15). Felli shares how he convinced @TPain that “Up Down” would be his next hit (1:47:55) and how he juggles being a club dj vs an on-air radio personality (1:56:05).
Aug 21, 2019
Episode 96: DJ ZO
Episode 96: DJ ZO On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with one of LA’s finest DJ ZO (@Zomanno) with special Co-Host @DJEdMcDonald from @MacAgencyLV. Zo speaks about linking up with @Dumbfounded and his early interests in the battle rap scene like #GrindTimeNow, @KOTDTV, and @URLTV (1:35). @DJCrooked recalls an incident with @IAmMCJin in front @FatBeats in NY (13:45). Zo speaks on tour life with @DumbFoundead and @Anderson._Paak (22:36) as well as meeting @ChefRoyChoi (31:40). He explains the birth of nightlife in K-Town during the early 2010’s with venues like @TheLineHotel and @LockAndKeyLA (34:35). Zo talks about dj’ing Solange’s (@SaintRecords) birthday and gives his take on @Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” cover (45:20). The fellas rank the top “cook-out anthems”(47:40) and talk about @Awkwafina’s “Hollywood Glo-Up” and her youtube hit “My Vag” (1:17:04). The fellas speak on Korean music in the US market, non-Asian K-Pop fans (1:32:50), nightmare stories while traveling internationally (1:38:25) and Zo’s encounters with @JonFavreau (1:57:25).
Aug 14, 2019
Episode 95: DJ NITRANE
On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s own @DJNitrane, official tour dj for @Bas and @TheFiends (with special guest host @DJMoma from @EverydayPPL). Nitrane & Moma speak about the recording sessions with @RealColeWorld for @Dreamville’s “Revenge Of The Dreamers 3” in Atlanta (2:00) and Nitrane breaks down his time working with @HitBoy and @AudioPush (13:30). He talks about spinning strategically for “instagram moments” (26:38), transplants invading LA and NY (31:48) and his involvement with the @LALeakers and @DrDre’s show on @Beats1Official (39:02). Nitrane shares how he became Bas’s official tour DJ (57:45) and how he started spinning celebrity parties for the likes of @IAmJamieFoxx @KourtneyKardash @KylieJenner and @BarackObama (1:27:02). The fellas close the episode speaking about Nitrane’s upcoming album that he’s currently working on (2:01:15).
Aug 07, 2019
Episode 94: SERATO On this week’s nerdiest episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with @Serato’s Artist Relations team @Kutcorners and @MrSonnyJames and offer a few solutions to some technical issues that DJ’s frequently encounter with their groundbreaking software (4:27). Kutcorners addresses a rumor that DJ Konflikt (@MyFavoriteDJ) shared on a previous episode regarding #SeratoDJ launching primarily for the “sync” feature (15:20). The fellas discuss Serato’s reasons for discontinuing software updates on #ScratchLive (17:50), the infamous “Wifi Latency Bug” in #SeratoDJPro (23:45) and future software developments like new music streaming options provided by @Beatsource, a new DJ music service merger founded by @Beatport and @DJcity (34:27). Kutcorners remembers @Ztrip initiating the “Practice Mode” feature at @DJJazzyJeff’s @PlaylistRetreat (42:22) and Sonny speaks about his Philly roots (pun intended), coming up with Philadelphia’s own @Diplo and @LowBudget (aka #Hollertronix) and spinning for “True Honey Buns” rapper @QueenBahamadia (54:30). Kutcorners speaks on the Hip-Hop scene in New Zealand (1:06:38) and his appreciation for @ItsTheRub aka @DJAyres and @DJEleven (1:14:42). The fellas speak about DJ unity, the misperception of Social Media representing actual talent (1:16:55), the evolution of club promoters becoming DJs (1:26:27) and the incredible line-up of DJ guests who appeared on Sonny and Kut’s #SeratoUnscripted podcast (1:31:55). Kutcorners shares how he got @Crazearoni and @Atrak to switch over to Serato (1:34:30), touches on the @Roctakon vs. A-Trak situation on twitter (2:02:40) and speaks about the occasional disappointment in meeting your heroes (2:07:40).
Jul 31, 2019
Episode 93: DJ BUTCH
Episode 93: DJ BUTCH On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew link up with one of LA’s best club rockers @DJ_Butch. Butch breaks down the importance of @YoungCalifornia pushing the Cali sound during the EDM era (4:22) and and explains how instrumental it was for artists like @TyDollaSign @YG @OTGenasis @JoeMosesAOB to show face in the clubs and push their unreleased music (10:05). The fellas discuss gang life in Long Beach (15:10), Butch’s transition from Battle DJ to Club DJ (24:40) and the classification of “Ratchet” as an actual music genre (45:45). Butch speaks about the @MadeNightlife pool parties at @DayLightVegas that would shuttle people from LA to LV and back (1:05:45), the emergence of the 90’s and 2000’s R&B parties popping up everywhere in LA (1:12:55) and the extravagant bottle presentations at @PHDayClubLA on Sundays (1:15:43).
Jul 24, 2019
Episode 92: SUJIT KUNDU (SKAM ARTIST) On this weeks episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew link up with Sujit Kundu, owner of @SkamArtist and former Senior VP for @UniversalMusicGroup and @EpicRecords. Sujit breaks down his work with @HitcoMusic (founded by @LA_Reid) and his instrumental role in Record Promotions for artists like @DJKhaled @FrenchMontana @Tyga (4:02). He explains the difference between a booking agent and a manager (17:44) and talks about his transition as a teenager promoting Rave parties to attending @UCSantaBarbara and booking Hip-Hop acts like #MobbDeep, @KeithMurrayRap @RedManGilla (31:00). Sujit remembers the release of his 1st record “Where I Wanna Be” by @ShadeSheist feat #NateDogg (35:50), creating the name for his DJ agency and the marketing plan behind the “I Am A Skam Artist” promotional campaign (42:15). He touches on tour managing for @AfroJack and @Pitbull (57:50), shares his thoughts on “Influencer DJs” (1:03:42), breaks down how DJing is a lifestyle and not a job (1:31:47) and explains representing producers turned DJ’s like @LilJon (1:33:55) and expanding his agency to performers/personalities like @AmberRose @BlacChyna (1:38:09). Finally, Sujit shares his personal thoughts on DJ’s leaving Skam Artist like @Roctakon and @DJVice (1:49:55).
Jul 17, 2019
Episode 91: DJ AYRES + DJ ELEVEN aka THE RUB
Episode 91: DJ AYRES + DJ ELEVEN aka THE RUB On this weeks episode, @RoadPodcast link up with Brooklyn's finest @DJEleven and @DJAyres aka @ItsTheRub (with special guest hosts @DJMoma from @EverydayPPL and @DJGoldFingerNYC). @DJCrooked reminisces on Ayres and Eleven's iconic party “The Rub” in NYC and their legendary 2004 mash-up mixtape “It’s The Motherfucking Remix Vol.1” (03:21). Ayres explains the origin for the word "Mash-Up" (10:00) and the fellas discuss how different regions of the country develop their own styles of DJing and rapping (15:12). Eleven expands on his stellar and extensive mixtape catalogue as Goldfinger shares his experience selling millions of bootleg vinyl/mixtapes at Beatstreet Records in Brooklyn (36:56). The crew address the changes to New York nightlife in the early 2000's before and after 9/11 (51:29) and how reggae fits into a current DJ set in Brooklyn nowadays (01:35:21). Finally the fellas speak on the importance of DJ’s working together to help support and break new records (01:46:53).
Jul 10, 2019
Episode 90: Starboyz
Episode 90: Starboyz On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas discuss the outrage from the Naija Community and Afrobeats Music World when a video clip from a previous episode featuring @CiphaSounds went viral overseas regarding @WizKidAyo (0:53). Crooked calls @DJMoma (founder of @EverydayPPL) to get his take on who “the face of Afrobeats is in mainstream America” (4:40). The fellas speak on the @DayNVegas2019 festival (20:31), the 2019 @NBA Free Agency 2019 and why the @WNBA isn’t as popular as the NBA (28:07)? The crew break down all the new Hip-Hop being played in Vegas clubs right now (36:30) and recap their first event in Las Vegas with @DJCITY and #DonJulio at @BestFriendVegas and @OnTheRecordLV (55:09). They give a brief review on all the new albums that dropped this past weekend from @ChrisBrownOfficial, @Mustard, @DanielCaesar, @JBalvin and @BadBunnyPR (1:01:52) and question if any songs from @DJKhaled’s new album is getting played in the clubs right now. Finally, the fellas discuss the @Netflix series @WhenTheySeeUs as @DJCrooked and @DJNeva share their personal experiences on how the “Central Park Jogger” case effected New York at the time (1:20:24).
Jul 03, 2019
Episode 89: DJ YODA
Episode 89: DJ YODA On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas sit down with UK’s very own @DJYodaUK. Yoda speaks about spinning 90’s Hip-Hop parties while attending the @UniversityOfWarwick (6:27), his early days working at @FatLaceMagazine and his “How To Cut & Paste” Mixtape Series (19:00). He recalls making a lot of American Music Industry contacts from his club residency at “Spread Love” (24:44) and expresses how huge the 90’s reggae/dancehall music is in the UK to this day (30:00). Yoda explains why he refuses to play Drake (@champagnepapi) or Rihanna (@badgalriri) during his sets (41:15), how he acquired opportunities to DJ @StarWars movie premieres because of his DJ name and how he knew @Banksy before the fame and actually got paid with an original piece (44:40). He speaks about using the @Phase_DJ (58:50) and helping design for @pioneerdjglobal but preferring turntables over their CDJ’s (1:08:02). Yoda shares his love for collecting breakfast cereal boxes and trading with Hip-Hop legend and notorious collector @OfficialBizMarkie (1:15:10). Lastly he talks about recording his new album “Homecooking” at the infamous @AbbeyRoadStudios as well as @IAmMarkRonson’s studio (1:32:50) and expands on the UK Grime music scene (1:44:10).
Jun 26, 2019
Episode 88: CIPHA SOUNDS + ROCTAKON + STEVE1DER On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the fellas sit down with an eclectic and immensely talented group of DJ’s @CiphaSounds @Roctakon @DJSteve1der! Cipha explains a comedy bit he performs with @SNL’s @CheThinks involving White people singing the “N” word (4:11) and introduces a new method of speech called “Loose Talk” (6:44). They explore @DJJEspinosa’s tweet regarding the Eastcoast/Westcoast definition of the word “cock” (34:48) and speak about The Bay’s reaction to @LilJon’s new single with Mac Dre “Ain’t No Tellin” (45:27). Cipha blames Drake (@ChampagnePapi) @DirectorX and Vince Carter (@Vinsanity25) for “ruining” Toronto’s biggest secret (55:06) and sheds some light regarding the feud between Tyler The Creator (@FeliciaTheGoat) and @DJKhaled (1:07:20). @DJNeva brings up @Hot97’s lukewarm line-up at this year’s #HOT97SummerJam and asks Cipha if he remembers the @RealGhostFaceKillah saying “Fuck Hot97” in 1997 (1:31:50). The fellas question the original members of @WuTangClan and discuss if “Watch The Throne” helped Jay-Z out of a writing slump (1:50:53).
Jun 19, 2019
Episode 87: DJ MELO D
Episode 87: DJ MELO D On this week’s episode of the @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with LA’s legendary @DJMeloD of the @TheBeatJunkies. Melo-D speaks about @Jrocc210 initiating the inception of the Beat Junkies (7:03) and collectively launching multiple business entities like their successful DJ School “Institute Of Sound” @BeatJunkiesIOS and Online DJ School @BeatJunkies.TV (18:34). He reminisces on spinning at 92.3 “The Beat” (48:15), auditioning for @QuincyDJones to be the official DJ for the @VIBEMagazine TV show on UPN (54:17) and explaining how the Eastcoats vs. Westcoast beef between Biggie and 2Pac effected LA (1:01:13). Melo-D breaks down the hip-hop club scene in the 90’s with fellow Beat Junkie @DJIcyIce’s infamous party at Club Unity (1:17:07) and how their 20 year anniversary showcase in 2012 helped them re-appreciate the legacy they created and expand the Beat Junkie brand (1:32:00). Melo explains how he teaches the up and coming DJ's and what troubles he runs into (1:52:49).
Jun 12, 2019
Bonus: BOOGIE BLIND PT.2 (Crooked's Demo Tape)
In our more recent Episode #86 with special guest @BoogieBlind from @TheXecutioners, @DJCrooked played a few audio snippets from a demo tape he made in 1999-2001 with Blind and a collective group of unknown rappers from East/West Harlem called LTG (Lyrics To Go). With very little resources and equipment, Crooked made beats and manually looped them on a Gemini 24 Second Sampler and recorded the songs on a Tascam 8 Track Cassette Recorder. Boogie Blind, having never owned turntables of his own, would be at Crooked's apartment frequently practicing on his Technic 1200's and collaborating on almost every song being made. At the request of our curious listeners, who were impressed by Boogie Blind's innovative and progressive scratches and shocked by Crooked's rapping/producing, we decided to post some of the songs from their demo tape (also knowing how much this embarrasses Crooked was an added bonus lol). Please disregard the some of the sound quality as all of the music was recorded on cassette tapes over 20 years ago. TRACK 1 (0:00) "INTRO" Scratches by @BoogieBlind Produced by @DJCrooked TRACK 2 (0:19) "CROOKED FREESTYLE" Performed by @DJCrooked Contains instrumental from "Keep It Thoro" by Prodigy (produced by The Alchemist) TRACK 3 (3:08) "ROCKSTEADY PARK SHIT" Performed + Produced by @DJCrooked Scratches by @BoogieBlind TRACK 4 (5:22) "WHAT YOU WANNA KNOW" Performed + Produced by @DJCrooked Scratches by @BoogieBlind TRACK 5 (8:12) "KEEP IT MOVIN INTERLUDE" Performed by Philippe Milord TRACK 6 (8:24) "KEEP IT MOVIN" Performed + Produced by @DJCrooked Additional Vocals by Brooke Evans TRACK 7 (12:24) "BEAR HUG" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Spank Kink (@Sis_Son) of UTR (Uptown Residaz) Additional Vocals by Deedle Green (@Deedle_Green) of UTR (Uptown Residaz) TRACK 8 (16:24) "DOIN THEY THING" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Dal J-Ones (@Jonesie001) Additional Vocals by @BoogieBlind TRACK 9 (20:26) "EASTSIDE WESTSIDE (PUT IT IN THE SKY)" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Spank Kink (@Sis_Son) and Dal J-Ones (@Jonesie001) TRACK 10 (24:35) "OVERREACT" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Deedle Green (@Deedle_Green) Additional Vocals by @BoogieBlind TRACK 11 (27:48) "J-ONES" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Dal J-Ones (@Jonesie001) Scratches by @BoogieBlind TRACK 12 (30:21) "GREEN AIRLINES" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Deedle Green (@Deedle_Green) TRACK 13 (33:13) "ROAD CALL" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by @BoogieBlind, Omiz, Deedle Green (@Deedle_Green), Don Fedi (@_Fedi2070) and Dal J-Ones (@Jonesie001) BONUS TRACK (38:39) "ASK YOURSELF" Produced by @DJCrooked Performed by Dal J-Ones (@Jonesie001) Additional Vocals by Spank Kink (@Sis_Son) For more tracks and music by Crooked, Boogie Blind and LTG:
Jun 10, 2019
Episode 86: BOOGIE BLIND
Episode 86: BOOGIE BLIND On this week’s episode of @RoadPodcast, the crew sits down with Harlem’s Finest @BoogieBlind of @TheXecutioners and @TheHeavyHitters. The fellas talk about Blind djing for @DJCrooked back when he was rapping/producing and performing at colleges in the early 2000’s in NYC (6:11). Blind breaks down Eastcoast vs Westcoast scratching and shares his experience winning the @Vestax.Professional World Championship in 2001 (29:09) and going on @Eminem’s “Anger Management Tour” with the Xecutioners (45:00). Blind explains the history of the “Pause” and “AYO” game (50:01) and talks about dj’ing in different boroughs in New York (59:30). Crooked tells a story of him and Blind having beef over speakers (1:25:30) and Blind shares some memories and speaks on his close relationship with the late and legendary turntabllist #RocRaida (1:58:01).
Jun 05, 2019
Episode 85: The Great Yellow Hope
Episode 85: The Great Yellow Hope On this weeks episode the fellas recap their Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas and share the inside scoop regarding the recent @MeekMill and @Cosmopolitan_LV incident (4:52). They speak on @NipseyHussle’s @TheMarathonClothing grossing $10 million (32:00), review @YG’s “Go Loko” single (40:21) and analyze the first week album sales of @FeliciaTheGoat and @DJKhaled (49:21). @DJCrooked speaks on the @NBA finals and attributes the @Raptors winning streak to @JLin7 (1:06:32). The crew discuss the new 2018 International Music Summit Report which states a 60% decline in Night/Day Club attendance, a 12% decrease in DJ rates but the rise in demand for Women DJ’s and increasing marketing value (1:17:23). Finally the fellas review the new @WuTangClan documentary, rate their top 3 Wu-Tang solo albums (1:45:32).
May 29, 2019
Episode 84: ELI ESCOBAR + DJ GOLDFINGER On this weeks episode, the crew are honored to have 2 New York trailblazers, the multi-talented and gifted DJ/Producer @EliEscobarNYC and the legendary @DJGoldFingerNYC (along with ROAD’s favorite @DJMoma from @EverydayPPL assisting as co-host). Eli Escobar reminisces about growing up in the same building as @DJCrooked and @KoolBobLove near the G.O.A.T. Park in Manhattan (01:50), hiring Bobbito to host his college parties, working at Bob’s Record Store (13:25) and later DJ’ing for the @StretchAndBobbito show on @Hot97 (42:20). Goldfinger speaks about working at the iconic Beatstreet Records and growing up in Brooklyn in the same building as @OfficialEcstacy of Whodini (15:20). The fellas talk about NYC Nightlife in the 90’s/2000’s and share how Goldfinger’s club sets and music selection shaped and molded a new generation of DJ’s in New York (50:10). @DJNeva asks Goldfinger about @FunkFlex calling Goldfinger his biggest competition in the clubs (1:14:15). The fellas speak about DJ’ing on the road, Eli preferring to spin longer DJ sets (1:21:05) and the 9/11 tragedy impacting NYC nightlife (1:41:02). Goldfinger addresses Moma’s claims about Biggie having a ghostwriter (1:43:33) and Eli explains the history of his wildly famous @TikiDisco dance party which is celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary (1:57:49). The fellas touch on racism and spinning for different races (2:10:01) and banning artist’s music in the clubs (2:33:33). Finally, Eli explains his love for @Madonna and how she attended his and Moma’s amazing Wednesday night party at @LebainNYC called #DanceDanceDance (3:00:09)
May 22, 2019
“Sway In The Morning” on Shade 45
“Sway In The Morning” on Shade 45 While recording interviews for the podcast in NYC, the crew made an appearance on #SwayInTheMorning on @Shade45 (Sirius XM Radio) with @RealSway and @DJWonder. The fellas kicked it on air with Sway and @DJDMiles spun a guest set for their Mix Show portion. Many thanks to DJ Wonder and Sway for the invite!
May 21, 2019
Episode 83: DJ BIG BEN
Episode 83: DJ BIG BEN On this week’s episode, the crew flew out to NYC to sit down with Brooklyn’s finest @DJBigBen. The fellas discuss Ben’s quick mixing style, resetting the energy in a room (3:15), going on tour with @AngieMartinez tour DJ and owning a bodega (18:05). He speaks about getting management from @JRosenblum1 (41:20), DJing at @Hot97 for over 10 years and working with the legendary @DJMisterCee (48:50). Ben explains how he broke the @RonBrowz record “Pop Champagne” (01:08:20), @NipseyHussle’s impact on the Eastcoast and @6ix9ine bringing a new energy to New York (01:15:25). Finally Ben recalls an uncomfortable situation where he was asked to play @RKelly at a wedding (01:22:50) and elaborates on his early beginnings as a DJ (01:46:00).
May 15, 2019
Episode 82: DJ J. ESPINOSA
Episode 82: DJ J. ESPINOSA On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with the new 2019 @Redbull3StyleMusic World Champion and Bay Area’s finest @DJJEspinosa and reminisce about his first meeting with @DJCrooked which resulted in a heated argument about Eastcoast vs Westcoast DJing (10:10). Being the official DJ for the @Raiders, Espinosa speaks about the new move from Oakland to Vegas (04:42). He speaks about growing up in the Bay listening to @FrandalayBay (20:24), his journey competing in the Redbull 3Style and battling longtime friend @DJChrisVilla during the US Finals in Philly (29:30). Crooked asks Espinosa about his experiences DJ’ing along side DJ legends @DJJazzyJef and @DJQbert (1:00:43), the possibilities of creating a new movement in SF with fellow Bay Area native and 2017 @GoldieAwards DJ Battle Champion @MilesMedina (1:56:30) and his DJ set at the @BoilerRoomTV (2:06:00).
May 08, 2019
Episode 81: Roses
Episode 81: Roses On this week’s episode, the crew pay their respects to one of Hip-Hop’s greatest storytellers, Director @JohnSingleton (00:23). The fellas discuss bandwagon @GameOfThrones fans (08:54), the recent incident between rapper @Russ and @KaosVegas this past weekend (18:50), Jay-Z’s “B Sides 2” show at @WebsterHall with surprise guest @Mr_Camron and the current sneaker market with @Puma outperforming @Nike and @Adidas (00:38:21). The crew also speak on rumors about @MarshmelloMusic clones (53:04), mixed reviews of the new @Phase_DJ (01:01:38) and the @Coachella herpes outbreak (01:13:12).
May 01, 2019
Episode 80: JEROME BAKER III On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with DC’s finest @JeromeBaker3rd and speak about his monthly day party @RockCreekSocial and also explains the high rate of gentrification happening in DC (00:16:04). He speaks on his early upbringing in Arizona and how it influenced his musical taste (00:27:24). Jerome shares his 10+ years experience working with the DC staple @Commonwealth_ftgg (00:49:32), his new podcast @WhatsAPodcastIG with (01:38:44) and his involvement with the local festival @BroccoliCity (02:00:05). The fellas also speak about the new @Phase_DJ (1:27:59).
Apr 24, 2019
Episode 79: Hits & Hips feat. FourColorZack + DJ Scooter
Episode 79: Hits & Hips feat. FourColorZack + DJ Scooter On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with @FourColorZack (@RedbullMusicThreeStyle Judge and 1/2 of @WeAre2Cents) and SD’s finest @ScooterDJ (@GrooveCruise DJ and resident at @JewelNightclub). Zack and Scooter discuss the “Auto Sync” feature in @Serato (08:44) and the struggles of juggling family, gigs and traveling (30:06). With the recent rise of the new song “Old town Road”, the fellas speak about @LilNasX’s track possibly being the “Song Of The Summer” (01:04:17). Zack speaks about the new wave of instagram DJs (01:30:04) and how he approaches a festival set with his 2¢ partner in crime @crazearoni (02:00:45). Scooter and Zack express their views on ghost producing and what’s the formula for success within the “Open Format” market (02:07:16).
Apr 17, 2019
Episode 78: Dedication feat. LA Leakers
Episode 78: Dedication feat. LA Leakers On this week's episode, the crew discuss the opening of megaclub @KaosVegas in the newly renovated @Palms and the effect it will have on Nightlife in Las Vegas (00:01:45). The fellas speak about @NipseyHussle's upcoming funeral (00:29:10) and call @Justin_Credible @DJSourmilk (from the @LAleakers and @Power_106) to share some of their memories with Nipsey and explain their recent ban of @KodakBlack's music on the radio (00:47:48). They later discuss why @iamCardiB is expected to be a "Role Model" (02:05:08) and @DJCrooked rants about why everyone worships celebrities and people with money despite their questionable actions and lack of morals/ethics (02:09:14)
Apr 10, 2019
Episode 77: The Las Vegas Latin Movement feat. DJ Exile + Jason Aguilar
Episode 77: The Las Vegas Latin Movement feat. DJ Exile + Jason Aguilar On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with LV’s own DJ Exile and promoter Jason Aguilar who are responsible for bringing an emerging Latin Nightlife aka “La Cultura” to the Vegas Strip. Jason speaks on their humble and turbulent beginnings in the Vegas House Party scene (13:00) and Exile breaks down the history of Reggaeton (36:00). They discuss the absence of Reggaeton in the mainstream market during the big EDM boom and acknowledge @JBalvin and @LuisFonsi for bringing it back with hit records like “Ay Vamos” and “Despacito” (1:09:12). Jason and Exile speak about starting their widely successful Thursday night party “Noches Azul” at @BlueMartiniVegas and infiltrating the Las Vegas strip, bringing Latin artists like @BadBunnyPR @Anuel_2Blea to venues like @DraisLV, @OmniaNightclub, @TheLightVegas and the new @KaosVegas (1:30:50). Finally the crew pay their respects to @NipseyHussle and discuss his contributions to Los Angeles and his importance to not only the city of LA but Hip-Hop as a culture (01:57:30).
Apr 03, 2019
Episode 76: CRAZE
Episode 76: CRAZE On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with turntablist legend and trailblazer @Crazearoni ! He takes us back to his humble beginnings, listening to @DJQbert and dealing with anxiety attacks after winning his 3rd straight World Champion title for the @DMC_World (00:09:52). Craze addresses his altercation on Twitter with @Roctakon in defense of close friend @Atrak (00:24:37) and discusses the unspoken beef of “Turntablist vs. Club DJ” (00:28:42). He shares his admiration for @FourColorZack and why he approached him to start @WeAre2Cents (00:47:52). Craze speaks about his experience DJing for @KanyeWest’s “Glow In The Dark Tour” (01:18:40) and the fellas discuss Craze’s despise for President Trump and the negative influence he had on music and social media (1:29:05). Finally Craze expands on the “Good DJing Is Important” message and how “branding” should never take priority over being a good dj (1:51:10).
Mar 27, 2019
Episode 75: DJ TINA T
EPISODE 75: DJ TINA T On this week’s episode, the crew sits down with the multi-talented @djtinat who speaks about her extracurricular projects in real estate and foster parenting, offering temporary housing and care for kids in need (01:19). Tina talks about moving to LA, working for BPM Magazine and spinning with DJ AM and @SteveAoki at their legendary “Banana Split Sundays” at LAX (25:30). Tina and the crew run through a bunch of random topics like DJing during Spring Break in South Padre Island (47:00), disgruntled male DJs trying to hook-up with Tina (57:00), the change in the Las Vegas market for DJs (1:01:08) and Tina’s experience in the @RemoteYear program (1:33:30). The crew ask about being on the “Master Of The Mix” show on VH-1 (1:37:42) and why she started @CampSpinOff, a nonprofit Summer Camp for teenagers held every year for one week (1:53:00).
Mar 20, 2019
Episode 74: A-TRAK + ROCTAKON: The Disconnect
Episode 74: A-TRAK + ROCTAKON: The Disconnect On this week’s episode, the fellas recruit the help of Hip-Hop Guru @SheckyGreenLV (founder of the Source Magazine, Former Talent Director for XS Nightclub) to discuss the recent uproar on twitter between @Atrak @Roctakon addressing the struggles of working class DJs in open format. The crew makes a call to @Atrak (14:35) to further expand on his tweets and touched on the changes in nightlife/music after @DJAM passed (23:46), the vast difference in pay between certain headliners and openers (39:06) and the Agents/Managers ultimately having a hand as the “nexus of power” between the clubs and the DJ’s (53:27). They later make a call to @Roctakon (1:06:41) to explain his dilemma with Atrak’s tweets and why he questions the Canadian DJ’s intentions (1:14:50). Roctakon also speaks on @Crazearoni coming to Atrak’s defense which ultimately escalated the exchange on twitter (1:37:16). The crew wrap-up both calls (1:58:44) and discuss the recent Michael Jackson documentary on HBO “Leaving Neverland” (2:11:51). Crooked summarizes his experience last week at the @BeyondTheMusicRetreat organized by @DJcity and @DJVice (3:17:39).
Mar 13, 2019
Episode 73: DJ BELLA FIASCO Cali’s own Bella Fiasco joins the fellas this week and takes us back to her childhood in Long Beach where her father, a well-known musician back in the Philippines, helped shape her musical knowledge for classics and planted the seed to become a DJ as she helped him spin local weddings. She speaks about the camaraderie amongst women DJs and the differences between playing nightclubs in LA vs Vegas. Bella also recaps a pivotal moment in her career when she opened for the legendary U2 at #Dreamfest in 2016.
Mar 06, 2019
Episode 72: DJ CHRIS VILLA
Episode 72: DJ CHRIS VILLA On this week's episode, the fellas sit down with the wildly talented DJ Chris Villa from Phoenix, AZ. Chris speaks about his experience participating in the US Finals of the Redbull 3Style and the #PayTheDJ campaign started by DJ Konflikt (@MyFavoriteDJ). He speaks about being discovered at age 13 by Power 92.3 and earning his own slot on the radio. Known for his amazingly creative and flawless DJ routines on Instagram, Chris breakdowns how he conceptualizes his routines and also shares his frustration with other DJ's stealing and mimicking his ideas.
Feb 27, 2019
Episode 71: Ghostin
Episode 71: Ghostin On this week’s episode, the fellas discuss Meek Mill and J. Cole’s performance at NBA All-Star Weekend. They recap The 2019 Grammy Awards and question Childish Gambino earning “Record of the Year”. Crooked breaks down the term “Ghosting”. The fellas reflect on the life and Legacy of Chanel fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. They speak on the Gucci Boycott and Dapper Dan’s strive to make sustainable change, the joint venture between Beatport & DJ City, aka BeatSource, and more.....
Feb 20, 2019
Episode 70: PHNM
Episode 70: PHNM Repping Chi-Town, DJ PHNM joins the fellas this week and touches on some of changes occurring in his hometown especially with local heroes Chance The Rapper and Kanye West. With the club scene steadily evolving in The Windy City, PHNM explains how the closing of staple nightclubs like Studio Paris and the MID due to the arrival and instant success of Tao Chicago. He explains his move to Portland and how his approach to DJing a night sometimes involves “Flipping the Room”, a foreign term for most DJs. PHNM also shares his experience of DJing for Gucci Mane at Lollapalooza in 2015 and Scotland where there’s a surprisingly huge Rap/Dancehall.
Feb 13, 2019
Episode 69: WARREN PEACE & PIZZO The fellas sit down with Las Vegas pioneers, DJ’s Warren Peace & Pizzo, as they discuss some of their trailblazing contributions to the Hip-Hop and DJ Community in Sin City. Their widely respected “Word Up” college radio show on KUNV was the first of its kind in the 90’s and was comparable to NYC’s own Stretch & Bobbito Show. Warren talks about the Vegas Hip-Hop scene in the 90’s with the opening of Suge Knight’s Club 662 and DJing the night 2Pac was shot. Pizzo discusses how he linked up with Eminem and carried early pressings of his demo at their infamous record store and online shop/blog “Hip-Hop Site”. Warren talks about being the first DJ to play Hip-Hop on the Vegas strip at the legendary “RA Nightclub”, and how he would play an instrumental role in shaping the EDM format for the mega club XS in the Wynn. They both speak about their YouTube series “Let The Record Show” with featured guests like Just Blaze, Bob James, A-trak and more...
Feb 06, 2019
Episode 68: Classics Vs Classics
Episode 68: Classics vs Classics This week the fellas discuss the Redbull 3Style competition and congratulate this year’s 2019 world champion J. Espinosa.  They recap their most recent trip to the NAMM Show where they attended a DJ showcase featuring Z-Trip, Miles Medina and Justin Credible. They examine the numbers in Drake’s multi-million dollar Vegas residency at XS as well as Cardi B’s residency at the new KAOS Day/Nightclub opening in April 2019. Questions arise regarding Kanye’s new alliance with Dame Dash and his lawsuit with Roc-A-Fella Records. Finally, the fellas chime in on Chance The Rapper’s new Dorito Commercial with the Backstreet Boys.
Jan 30, 2019
Episode 67: SKRATCH BASTID Canada’s very own dj/producer/turntablist, Skratch Bastid joins the crew this week and takes us back to his hometown of Bedford, Nova Scotia, his intro into the hip-hop scene and how he earned the name “Skratch Bastid”. He talks about his early beginnings competing in local DJ battles which led to his infamous “Star Wars” DJ routine at Scribble Jam. Bastid explains the motivation behind his move to Montreal, and later Toronto where the legendary “Bastid BBQ” was birthed and continues to grow. With the Redbull 3Style World Finals commencing this week, Bastid shares his judging process for the competition and also touches on the new Technics 1200 MK-7 turntables which he helped launch at the CES trade show in Las Vegas...
Jan 23, 2019
Episode 66: DJ EXCEL & DJ IMPULSE Philadelphia native DJ Excel and Baltimore native DJ Impulse join the fellas this week to discuss the CES 2019 Trade Show in Las Vegas and the difference between spinning clubs vs corporate gigs. Excel shares a recent experience playing R.Kelly in the club and everyone chimes in on a discussion regarding compromising their personal politics for a pay check. Impulse speaks about Baltimore Club and DC Go-Go. With the word “Culture Vulture” being thrown around in the media recently, everyone tries to define what a “Culture Vulture” actually is.
Jan 16, 2019
Episode 65: JOH to the MF’ing LOW!
Episode 65: JHO to the MF’ing LOW! On the first R.O.A.D. podcast of 2019, Crooked, Neva, Jaime and D-Miles all give their recap of DJing on New Years Eve. The fellas discuss the R. Kelly “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary and how this changes ever wanting to play his music in the club. They discuss the strength of the 2019 Coachella line-up. Crooked and D-Miles recap their real life experiences with supposed Malaysian weapons dealer Jho Low and how he blew millions in Vegas nightclubs.
Jan 09, 2019
Episode 64: JUSTIN CREDIBLE On the final week of 2018 LA’s very own Justin Credible joins the crew on the R.O.A.D. podcast. Justin starts off talking about his upbringing and background, how he grew up in LA and would take summer trips to New York to see his extended family. Justin talks about getting involved with radio straight out of high school, taking jobs in smaller markets and learning the ropes of the industry in the process. Justin mentions how he initially wanted to be a producer, and how he has a big background in imaging and production. The fellas and Justin talk about DJing, and how clubs were reluctant to hire radio mixers. Justin gives his opinion on the difference in style between East Coast and West Coast DJs. Justin also goes in detail about a transition period that took place in LA radio. Justin elaborates on how big LMFAO was to the music scene in the mid 2000s. Justin credits the importance of @DJMustard , and the movement his sound created in radio and club scenes. The fellas discuss their “Year End Wrap Up” of music for 2018. Justin poses the question of what DJs will be playing at midnight to bring in the New Year. Justin gives his personal opinion on Tekashi @6ix9ine , and why he refused to play his verse on the “FEFE” record live on air. The fellas discuss with Justin about @TravisScott potentially performing at the Super Bowl, and the impact it could ultimately have on his career. Crooked tells the story of how him and Justin first met.
Jan 02, 2019
Episode 63: MAD SKILLZ
Episode 63: MAD SKILLZ The legendary rapper @SkillzVA , who formerly went by the name "Mad Skillz" joins the crew on the R.O.A.D. podcast this week. Skillz starts by talking about his recent move to LA, as well as his epic battle with Supernatural in 1993 that helped put him on the map. Skillz goes on to discuss the art of freestyle rap, and how it's losing it's cool factor. Skillz recalls the story of the 2010 BET cypher in which he was not chosen for, and in turn made his own. Skillz sheds lights on record labels, and the difference between Hip-Hop and R&B budgets. Skillz talks about his first album dropping, and how it was released on the same day as two iconic names in the rap industry. Skillz tells of how he met @Timbaland for the first time, as well as meeting @Pharrell before he was into production. Skillz brings up Rawkus records, and his time spent on the label. Skillz talk about "The Wrap Up", how it all started, and what keeps him motivated to do it every year. Skillz opens up for the first time about his relationship with legendary @DJJazzyJeff as well as getting into the DJ game.
Dec 26, 2018
Episode 62: ...Please Play Like Him
Episode 62: ...Please Play Like Him This week on the R.O.A.D. podacast, the fellas discuss how music is mastered in 2018, and is this current process good or bad? The fellas talk about having a really good sound system, and how this affects the music listening process. The fellas discuss social media, and what it's doing to us mentally. Crooked tells a great story of this past weekend when DJ Scooter decides to play a prank on him. The fellas discuss the "New Age" of 1-Hit Wonders, and how social media ultimately helps prolong their shelf life in the eyes of the public. The fellas talk about what new music is working in the clubs, and what songs are starting to fall off. The fellas run through the upcoming Grammy nominations, and who will be the potential winners and losers. The fellas debate on what is Drake's biggest commercial record of all time. Crooked and Jaime bring up the the Cardi B and Offset situation, and what's the best way to get your significant other back after cheating.
Dec 19, 2018
Episode 61: DJ POLITIK
Episode 61: DJ POLITIK LA based DJ Politik sits down this week with the fellas of the R.O.A.D. podcast. Politik starts off talking about how he got his start in the DJ game, growing up in LA, and his first gigs at the legendary Playhouse Nightclub. He shares the story of landing his first Vegas residency at LAVO Nightclub, and later opening Marquee Nightclub’s Boombox Room in 2011, where he held down marathon sets on Friday nights. The fellas discuss how DJs only start to reach their full potential after turning 30. Politik speaks on the importance of deep music knowledge, taste, instincts, and having older mentors as key components of being a successful DJ. The fellas shed light on some of the obstacles they face from managers when playing bottle service venues. Politik discusses the importance of building your own identity as a DJ and the challenges faced when transitioning to a DJ/Producer. The fellas debate how crossover music affects the industry and whether it’s good or bad for club sets. Politik continues to share his thoughts and memories on the LA/Hollywood club scene and how it has transformed over the years. He gives some unique insight on his relationship with a certain super-producer, and how they have recently collaborated on projects. Lastly, the crew talks about the pros and cons of having management, PR representation, and overall advice for aspiring DJs.
Dec 12, 2018
Episode 60: Hair Whisperer
Episode 60: Hair Whisperer The fellas start out discussing the newly released and highly anticipated Meek Mill album. Each of the fellas give their opinion of the best tracks on the album, as well as the best features. Crooked gives a critical analysis of the Jay-Z verse on "What's Free". D-Miles and Jaime Da Great share their thoughts on the new Anderson .Paak album. Crooked talks about the art of "Quick Mixing" and how it isn't done properly by most DJs. The fellas disuss who had the best features in 2018; Drake vs J. Cole and Nicky Minaj vs Cardi B. The fellas talk about the ongoing beef between Joiner Lucas and Tory Lanez. Crooked questions Tory Lanez' style. The fellas talk about the continued drama surrounding Tekashi 6ix9ine.
Dec 05, 2018
Episode 59: THE CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY 2.0 The Captians of Industry(DJs Stonerokk and Graham Funke) make their return to the R.O.A.D. podcast this week. With the recent fires plaguing Southern California, Stonerokk talks about his foundation and how he's doing his part to help save the city. Crooked and D-Miles give a short review of the movie "Mid 90s". Crooked questions the validity of the film, and asks Stone & Graham for their opinion as they came up in LA during the era depicted in the film. Graham Funke and Crooked discuss the importance of having a well rounded catalog of music when DJing open format clubs, and also when is it a good idea to play "old school" classics, and for how long. Graham explains why he feels it's important to play a heavy dose of new music when he DJs. Stonerokk brings up the debate of "Greatest Producer of All Time" which leads to a lengthy conversion by the entire crew, everyone agrees that this discussion is essentially a 3-man race.
Nov 28, 2018
Episode 58: DJ KARMA
Episode 58: DJ KARMA Las Vegas' very own DJ Karma joins the R.O.A.D. podcast. To start, Karma talks about growing up in Las Vegas, how he got started as a DJ, and who some of his early influences were. Karma recalls being 22 years old and landing his first residency at a lounge inside the Palms Hotel & Casino. Crooked gives Karma praise by calling him one of the best local DJs in the city. Karma speaks of his first club residency in Vegas at Tangerine Nightclub in 2005. Karma and Crooked shed light on what's missing in nightlife in 2018, and how not having consistent residents makes it tough for nights to have any identity in regards to music. Karma talks about being more of a West Coast style DJ but has learned plenty from the East Coast as well. Karma explains why he still prefers turntables over CDJs. Crooked tells of his crazy encounter with Snoop Dogg this past week. Karma speaks of his 10 year residency that he held at Bank Nightclub inside the Bellagio, and how they reigned as the #1 Sunday night spot in the city for several years.
Nov 21, 2018
Episode 57: DJ C.L.A.
Episode 57: DJ C.L.A. This week DJ C.L.A. joins the R.O.A.D. podcast. C.L.A. starts off talking about how she came up with her DJ name. She then shares her story of growing up in the Bay Area and later moving to LA. In need of change, C.L.A. explains why she made the move to Las Vegas. C.L.A. speaks of her first DJ residency at Club Rio, and later getting her opportunity with Tao Group. Crooked asks C.L.A. the pros and cons of being a female DJ. C.L.A. gives her opinion on female DJ's that do it for the look and not for the love of the craft. C.L.A. goes on to shed light on some of her favorite female DJ's in the industry. C.L.A. educates the crew on "Silent Savasana", which is a unique yoga experience that she DJ's as well as takes part in during the summer months at locations throughout Las Vegas. C.L.A. gives her perspective on the current state of music in 2018.
Nov 14, 2018
Episode 56: KONSTANTINE DESLIS Konstantine joins the fellas on the R.O.A.D. podcast this week. He starts off by telling the fellas how he grew up as a child; splitting his year between Greece and Utah, 6 months at a time. Konstantine speaks on his love for 2Pac, and how Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” album is vastly underrated and should be considered top 10 all-time. Konstantine talks about Sun-dance Film Festival, and how he used that platform to build relationships in the music industry. Konstantine speaks about signing The Weeknd and Chris Brown to their first Las Vegas residencies, and breaking new artists such as Logic, G-Eazy, Post Malone, etc. Crooked asks Konstantine about his process and what he looks for when booking DJ’s. D-Miles asks Konstantine his perspective on the Raiders coming to Las Vegas, and what it could potentially mean for the city.
Nov 07, 2018
Episode 55: Red Flags
Episode 55: Red Flags Crooked and Neva start off talking about a wedding they DJ'd over the weekend in LA. They both admit to the challenges of playing a wedding, as opposed to DJing a nightclub. Each of the fellas discuss who they'd like to DJ their weddings and why. The fellas discuss Halloween, and is it cool for DJs to dress up for the occasion? The fellas also discuss if Halloween is overly done in Las Vegas. Each of the fellas shed light on what it's like to date a DJ, and also if dating an attractive woman takes away from DJing. The fellas also talk about what kind of girl a DJ can/should date; who's considered "wifey" material. Crooked speaks of being blocked by a certain celebrity. D-Miles and Crooked address a couple questions asked by listeners of the podcast. The fellas debate on who's more important to please as a DJ; the dance floor or the tables popping bottles.
Oct 31, 2018
Episode 54: DJ WONDER
Episode 54: DJ WONDER This week the fellas sit down with @RealSway in the morning DJ @djwonder. The fellas start by discussing the “Wonders Choice” podcast, being podcast of theme parks specially during Halloween season. Wonder also explains his late night show “Animal Status” and why he chose the music he plays on there, as well his metal edits he plays. The fellas then explore Wonders career in radio and how he worked with the likes of @JoeBudden and @AngelaYee. Crooked then asks about the legendary moment of Kanye West at the “Sway In The Morning” show in 2013. In addition, they discuss the state Kanye is in and his take in politics and how it’s affecting his fans and likeness. The fellas deep dive into dating in Vegas and the struggles it is to find a dope chick in the midst of the industry.
Oct 24, 2018
Episode 53: DJ BOBBY KONDERS The crew sits down with the legendary Bobby Konders this week on the R.O.A.D. podcast. Konders starts off by explaining this was only his second time ever in Las Vegas, the first being when he DJ'd at what was then Jet Nightclub. Originally from Brooklyn, Konders talks about being a vinyl junkie and street DJ. He explains how he was always a producer first, starting out with house music, and later got into DJing. Konders speaks of his company "Massive B" which he started in 1991. Konders explains to the crew where he believes dance-hall music started, as well as the difference between dance-hall and traditional reggae. Konders talks about his career in radio; starting out at WBLS and later making the transition to Hot 97 in New York. Konders speaks on being white, being embraced by Jamaican culture, and some of the trials he faced in the process. Konders continues by telling the crew the importance of investing in yourself, and also changing along with the times. When DJing went digital, Konders explains how he had to relearn the industry. Konders inquires on the crews Top 5 all time rappers, as well as his own.
Oct 17, 2018
Episode 52: 1 Year Anniversary
Episode 52: 1 Year Anniversary This week the fellas celebrate their 1-year anniversary of the R.O.A.D. podcast, reflecting on where the show started, expectations on what was possible, and the progress made in between. D-Miles attends Drake’s “Scorpion” tour in Vegas and gives a full recap. Crooked talks about the huge UFC fight in town, while Jaime explains the recent history of both fighters involved. The crew discusses Hypefest, and the possible effects it will have on ComplexCon. Neva talks about his recent experience of DJing outta town, and the issues he had with his opener as well as Serato DJ Pro. The crew discusses a tweet sent out by DJ J. Espinosa as well as some of the reactions it drew from other DJ’s. One by one, the fellas grade the “Carter V” album by Lil Wayne. The fellas discuss the pros and cons of having a cult following as an artist, and is it possible to have commercial and global success at the same time. The fellas also answer some frequently asked questions by their listeners of the podcast.
Oct 10, 2018
Episode 51: DJ KONFLIKT
Episode 51: DJ KONFLIKT This week the fellas are joined by Miami's very own DJ Konflikt also known as “My Favorite DJ” on social media platform( @myfavoritedj ). Crooked starts off by giving praise to Konflikt for his extreme level of discipline as a DJ. Konflikt talks about growing up in Miami, and having the likes of DJ's such as Mr. Mauricio ( @mrmauricio ) for an influence. Konflikt also discusses Miami nightlife in the mid 2000s as he was coming up, and the politics involved, however the Miami native still manages to play all across the country. Konflikt speaks on DJ management, and how he and Louis Rich (owner of @WeAreRichGroup ) met and developed a working relationship. The fellas discuss the pros and cons of Serato DJ Pro with Konflikt, and also which program is his go to for club gigs. Konflikt addresses his experiences while battling in the Redbull 3Style ( @redbullmusic3style ) competition, and some lessons he learned in the process. Konflikt also sheds light on adjustments made when DJing in Vegas, as opposed to Miami and most other cities. The fellas talk with Konflikt about his podcast titled “My Favorite DJ” where he discusses the business of DJing as well as answers questions sent in by listeners.
Oct 03, 2018
Episode 50: DJ SOURMILK
Episode 50: DJ SOURMILK This week the fellas sit down with LA based DJ, and one half of the "LA Leakers" DJ Sour Milk. Sour Milk starts off telling the crew how he was really big into underground hip-hop, which also led to him getting his name. He also talks about DJing for a certain celebrity to help get his name out, which led to him getting the opportunity to mix on-air for Power 106. Before being a DJ on Power, Milk talks about paying his dues by being on the radio station's street team, and what DJ's inspired him. Sour Milk discusses the LA Leakers, when and where it started, and how they came up with the name. Milk speaks about being on the road as a tour DJ for the likes of Tyga, Nippsey Hussle, Chris Brown, etc. Crooked brings up the story of how him and Sour Milk met years ago in Vegas.
Sep 26, 2018
Episode 49: DJ ROSS ONE 2.0
Episode 49: DJ ROSS ONE 2.0 Ross One rejoins the crew on the R.O.A.D. podcast. The fellas reflect as Ross One was one of the first guests on the podcast almost a year ago. Ross talks about doing production, as well as his infamous video "Keep It Moving", in which Crooked stated "Changed the way DJs make videos". Ross goes on to express his opinion on the Fatman Scoop/Crooklyn Clan situation. Crooked does a live call-in with DJ Sizzahandz in response to Scoop. Ross One discusses the current state of New York hip hop, and the buzz generating in the city. The crew evaluates the new Lil' Pump and Kanye West single "I Love It". Ross gives his opinion on the Nicky Minaj vs Cardi B beef, as he was there in attendance during New York fashion week. The crew also breaks down with Ross One the "Bobby Brown" special, and his place in music history.
Sep 19, 2018
Episode 48: FATMAN SCOOP
Episode 48: FATMAN SCOOP The legendary Fatman Scoop sits down with the crew this week. Eddie McDonald joins in as a co-host in place of D-Miles. Fatman Scoop comes through to tell his story of how he came up in Harlem, NY as well as how he got started in the music industry. Before it all he was in line to intern for Puff Daddy at UpTown Records however he went another direction to intern at a smaller record label named Chemistry. In a direct response to DJ Sizzahandz joining the fellas on Episode 42, Scoops gives the fellas his version of events that transpired while himself, along with Crooklyn Clan (DJ Sizzahandz and DJ Riz) all co-wrote and produced the timeless hip hop break “Be Faithful”. Scoop tells the fellas the real meaning why he wanted to do records and what was his real motive behind it all.
Sep 12, 2018
Episode 47: Best of Summer ‘18
Episode 47: Best of Summer ‘18 DJ Neva starts off the podcast talking about a very special birthday tribute private party he DJ'd during the week for one of the all time legends in pop music, which included a heavy list of celebrity guests and DJs. With Summer 2018 coming to an end, each member of the crew takes time to reflect on the last 3-4 months of music. Which records held down the clubs, which ended up being flops, surprise artists, etc. Categories included (1) Top 5 Club Anthems (2) Top 5 Over-hyped Songs (3) Top 5 Summer Let Downs (4) Top 5 Albums and (5) Personal Favorites. Between the crew there was a general consensus on a few records, while Crooked and Neva both have some unexpected entries on their list. Jaime da Great surprises the crew with a couple of different genres on his list as well. The fellas all agree on where this summer ranks as far as strength of music is concerned.
Sep 05, 2018
Episode 46: DJ ZIMMIE
Episode 46: DJ ZIMMIE This week the fellas sit down with @DJZIMMIE ! The episode kicks off with Zimmie sharing his stories from the mid 2000’s and how he used to come check out Crooked’s marathon sets in Las Vegas and also how his friendship began with Neva and Crooked. Zimmie shares stories on how it was growing up in Pittsburgh and how he always felt outta place, and even though living in one of the biggest sports cities in the Country, he was still never a fan of sports. He also explains his current living situation in Portland, Oregon and how the night life and hip hop scene is in the northwest. Then the fellas explore Zimmie’s life as a working tech for the world famous @DJJazzyJeff and how his life has changed since being involved with Jeff. He then also explains his latest experience at @playlistretreat and how crazy it was. Finally, zimmie paints us a visual to his on going current project @soundtrackdjdoc which is microscopic lens into the history of DJs and explained in depth on how far it has come to the present day.
Aug 29, 2018
Episode 45: SADAT X (Brand Nubian)Co-Host Mark Da Spark
Episode 45: SADAT X (Brand Nubian) Co-Host Mark Da Spark This week the fellas sit down with the legendary New York rapper and 1/4 of the group Brand Nubian, Sadat X. The fellas kick it off by going back to Sadat’s earliest days as a teenager and his upbringing with this week’s cohost and childhood friend Mark Da Spark. X speaks on linking up with Grand Puba and Lord Jamar, and explains how the group first formed, as well as the groups trials and tribulations. He also speaks about his college life while playing basketball and how he managed to get by during those years away from New York. He dives into the tragic story of the day Big L passed away and how he had spoken to him hours prior to his death. Sadat X speaks on meeting Tupac and hanging out with Mark in LA, as well as the reception they had on the west coast during the 90’s. While still in his prime he met actress Regina Hall, dated her for roughly 8 years, snd helped her attend acting school and also saw her flourish into her first couple of acting roles. Now, Sadat X is a teacher in New York and uses hip hop in his curriculum and helps kids lead into the right paths in life.
Aug 22, 2018
Episode 44: DJ AUDIO 1
Episode 44: DJ AUDIO 1 The fellas begin the show listening to and reviewing Kanye West' new track entitled "XTCY". Bay Area DJ/Producer Audio 1 joins the R.O.A.D. Podcast. Audio 1 tells the crew about his come up in Hayward, CA just outside of San Jose. Audio 1 currently serves as an in house producer/editor for Direct Music Service record pool, aka DMS. Audio 1 tells the crew who he credits as the top producers on DMS in his opinion. He speaks of how he connected with Kevin Scott, their 12-year friendship and how he became a part of DMS. Audio 1 educates the fellas and how you can make a living making edits as a DJ. Audio 1 also talks about how he used his editing skills to network and build relationships in the industry. Audio 1 speaks on coming up in the rave scene in the bay, and what inspired him to produce.
Aug 15, 2018
Episode 43: Nate Dogg Vs. Ty Dolla $ign
Episode 43: Nate Dogg Vs. Ty Dolla $ign The fellas discuss in detail the new Travis Scott album "Astroworld". The crew also talks Adidas and the Yeezy brand possibly being worth 1 billion. The fellas debate on who ended the relationship between Drake and Adidas. Jaime asks Crooked what's the best way, as a DJ, to get your pay rates increased. With the new YG album dropping, Jaime and D-Miles discuss which records have the potential to be hits in the club. The fellas have a lengthy conversation on Nate Dogg vs Ty Dolla $ign vs T-Pain; who has had the best run to date. Jaime does a quick review of Mac Miller's music.
Aug 08, 2018
Episode 42: DJ SIZZAHANDZ (Crooklyn Clan)
Episode 42: DJ SIZZAHANDZ East Coast legend and one half of the infamous "Crooklyn Clan"; New York's very own DJ Sizzahandz ( @sizzahandz ) joins the R.O.A.D. podcast.   To start, Crooked tells of a great story on how he and Sizzahandz first met in New York.  Sizzahandz goes on to talk about his 4 year residency at The Tunnel in the late 90's.  Sizzahandz also talks about growing up in Brooklyn, how he met DJ Riz ( @djriznyc ), and how he fell in love with producing prior to becoming a DJ.  Crooked and Neva both credit Sizzahandz for coining the New York open format club sound.  Neva and Sizzahandz go on to debate what was the first official DJ party break.  Sizzahands tells the story of how he and Fatman Scoop ( @fatmanscoop ) met, and how they created the legendary "Be Faithful" break.  Sizzahandz also gives some history on the name "Crooklyn Clan", and also how their digital download website was the first of its kind.  Sizzahandz also sheds some light on his particular political views that shocks the crew.
Aug 01, 2018
Episode 41: The Rebound Guy
Episode 41: Rebound Guy Jaime da Great does a recap of attending the Joe Budden podcast. Budden shows much appreciation to Jaime on stage. The crew discusses Tekashi 6ix9ine's new single "Fefe" featuring Nicki Minaj. Neva questions the timing of this release, which coincides him 6ix9ine being robbed in New York. Crooked and Neva agree that this wasn't a good look for Nicki Minaj. The fellas discuss what other records by 6ix9ine are working in the clubs. The crew discusses the new Ciara record that dropped this week; if it'll be a hit or will it fly off the radar. Crooked thinks Ciara sounds like another female megastar on this record. The crews discusses if Tyga's record "Taste" would be as big a hit without social media. After having a fews weeks with the Drake album, the fellas discuss what other records have the potential to be club hits. D-Miles questions if "Boo'd Up" by Ella Mai has fizzled out. The fellas debate if there's one song that can be considered “Song of the Summer”.
Jul 25, 2018
Episode 40: DJ NUGGET
Episode 40: DJ NUGGET On this week’s episode of the R.O.A.D. podcast the fellas sit down with Pittsburgh’s very own @DJNugget ! The fellas start off with Nuggets’ background and his upbringing in pittsburgh. Nugget explains the music and DJ scene in Pittsburgh, and the impact Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller had in the music industry and what it meant to the city of Pittsburgh. Standing in rare company; Nugget explains the challenges, as well as the differences between being a DJ, as well as being a bar/nightclub owner. @DJCrooked tells a story on how he got punched while visiting Nugget in Pittsburgh. Nugget also shares his encounter with DJ KID CAPRI and how awkward it was. He also tells us that all nightclubs and bars in Pittsburgh still only use turntables and no one uses CDJS, and they only use 2 channel mixers not 4.
Jul 18, 2018
Episode 39: DJ MARVEL
Episode 39: DJ MARVEL In this week’s episode of the ROAD Podcast, the fellas sit down with Canada’s own DJ MARVEL 1/4 of @Defreshest . Marvel starts off by telling us how it was growing up in Vancouver as a youngster and how he fell in love with the art of DJing. In addition, he paints us the picture of how it was to get vinyl records before @serato in Vancouver and his ups and downs as a DJ. Marvel shares with us the story of his first well paying gig as a Cruise Ship DJ. Moving forward, Marvel explains to us how he became a part of the longest Sunday party In Vancouver, and how they sustained the momentum for 11 years. We then discussed the new “Scorpion” album by Drake ( @champagnepapi ). That lead to the discussion/debate between @djneva and @jaimedagreat “if drake is this era’s MJ?”
Jul 11, 2018
Episode 38: DJ SKRIBBLE
Episode 38: DJ SKRIBBLE The iconic DJ Skribble joins the R.O.A.D. Podcast this week. With Jaime Da Great out of town, DJ Eddie McDonald comes through in a guest host capacity. Right away the fellas get Skribble's thoughts on the beef going on between 2 New York legends; Kid Capri and Funk Master Flex. Skribble explains the difference between the 2 DJ's style wise, who he relates to personally as a DJ, and who he thinks would win in a battle. Crooked brings up Skribble's days as a rapper in a group known as the Young Black Teenagers, the controversy that came with the name, and how they constantly had to prove themselves as MC's. Neva recalls Skribble as being one of the first DJ to spin hip hop and house music at a high level. Skribble speaks on his early residencies in Vegas, and well as doing some of the early legendary pool parties. Skribble also talks of his days with MTV, his role with "Yo MTV Raps" coming up under Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, and also bringing the brand back as a hip hop show.
Jul 04, 2018
Episode 37: DJ SCENE
Episode 37: DJ SCENE The legendary DJ Scene joins the crew on the R.O.A.D. podcast. Originally from Seattle, now living in Las Vegas; Scene has been holding down nightlife venues across the country for the past 20 years. Dating back to the early 2000’s, Crooked recalls DJ Scene as one of the first out-of-town resident DJ’s in Vegas, as well as one of the top 5 club scratching DJs. Scene speaks of his early days as a B-Boy and battle DJ, never focusing on clubs. And from there, evolving into a club DJ by way of his own Sunday party called “Yo Son”. Scene also talks about his upbringing and how he discovered hip hop music by way of radio. Originally a lover of rock music, he gravitated towards aggressive hip hop. Scene speaks of his time doing radio in Seattle, and the pros & cons that come with it. He also fills us in on his time living in San Fransisco and doing radio for 7 years with the help of DJ E-Rock. Now living in Vegas, the crew discusses with Scene what inspired the move, and how he finds balance between DJing and family life.
Jun 27, 2018
Episode 36: The Knowles
Episode 36: The Knowles The crew starts off the podcast by discussing the untimely death of rapper/singer XXXTENTACION and the affect it will have on the hip hop community. Crooked mentions how social media may have played a role in this happening. With Nas' latest album dropping, the crew gives an in depth review of the album. Neva speaks about several producers that worked with Nas in the past, and how they may or may not be bitter at not being apart of Nas' latest project. Next, the fellas discuss the release of "The Carters", new album by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jaime and Crooked both question the timing of this release, in alignment with their upcoming tour, and with Nas having just dropped his album 24 hours prior.
Jun 20, 2018
Episode 35: DJ FASHEN
Episode 35: DJ FASHEN One of the most well respected DJ's in the game; DJ Fashen joins the R.O.A.D. Podcast. Originally from Pennsylvania, Fashen starts by telling the crew about his move to Arizona as a child, and his early love for Hip Hip and break dancing (06:02). From there he tells the crew how he linked with a certain legendary DJ and how this DJ became an early mentor to him (13:20). Fashen explains how he got some of his firsts gigs, as well as how he got started with doing radio (26:40). After making a huge name for himself in his city, Fashen tells the crew of his move to LA, and why he felt it was a necessary step to take for his career (01:14:08). Fashen also goes into detail about his relationship with DJ AM, and how AM helped shape him as a traveling DJ (55:57). Aside from DJing, Fashen shares with the crew his love for Art, and some of the pieces he has owned for the last 20 years (1:59:20). Fashen also shares his thoughts on new music, and why he feels DJing is in a greater space than it has been in the last 10 years (1:55:45).
Jun 13, 2018
Episode 34: Best Diss Song of All Time
Episode 34: Best Diss Song of All Time The crew dives right into the Drake vs Pusha T beef. Jaime explains how and why the beef started back in 2006. The fellas debate about who is winning the beef to this point. With Kanye stepping in to try and end the beef, Crooked gives his theory on what happened and why Kanye got in the middle of things. Crooked and Neva both elaborate on how Drake did not foresee this coming. The crew also discusses how the general public may view Drake after this beef. In light of Drake vs Pusha T, the fellas decide to make their own personal lists of the Top 5 best hip hop diss records of all time. Crooked and Neva recall the impact 50 Cent had on the city of New York after having beefs with so many rappers. The crew discuus new music, what they like and dislike about the Kanye West, Pusha T and ASAP Rocky albums.
Jun 06, 2018
Episode 33: DJ EDDIE MCDONALD & SEAN PERRY On Memorial Day Weekend the fellas sat down with 2 seasoned veterans in the DJ game; Sean Perry and Eddie McDonald. Both are by way of New York City, where they came up and made names for themselves. Eddie now residing in Vegas, and Sean with a short stent in Vegas as well, now living in LA. Crooked kicks things off speaking of his Friday night gig, and how D-Miles may or may not have sabotaged him during his opening set. Sean Perry and D-Miles both share stories of dealing with rough openers in past gigs. Eddie talks about his roots and how he started DJing with hip hop and reggae, and later took to house music. Sean Perry tells his story, Crooked speaks of the 2 growing up in the same neighborhood in New York. Sean credits his older brother with his start. Sean also tells of his gigs at the legendary "Tunnel". Neva shares an incredible story of when him and Eddie met at Jet Lounge in New York. Sean and Eddie both tell their stories of moving from New York to Vegas, and her trials and adjustments that came with it.
May 30, 2018
Episode 32: Goodbye Shure, Hello Jico...?
Episode 32: Goodbye Shure, Hello Jico...? The fellas start off with addressing the bet that Jaime and Neva made 2 weeks ago involving Nicki Minaj. Speaking of, the fellas recap Nicki’s performance on Saturday Night Live with special guest Playboi Carti. Crooked asks the question if in 2018 can you still do a Nicki Minaj set in the club. The crew discusses what records from the Cardi B album are working well in the club, and how Bodak Yellow has become Top 40. The fellas discuss “Fire & Retire”, records that are doing well and records that you can do without, and possibly never play again. Crooked, Neva and Jaime laugh hysterically at D-Miles’ list. The crew revisits the debate over which record is bigger; “God’s Plan” or “Nice for What”. D-Miles and Jaime Da Great retract their previous statements. The crew does a review of EDC, and discuss the evolution of non EDM acts performing at the festival. Crooked tells of his EDC experience DJing the festival with Stonerokk. The crew also discusses recent news on Spotify, and the artists they removed from featured playlists, and how this affected a certain artists sales. RIP Shure needles. The fellas discuss the end of an era with the Shure M-447 needles, and possible replacement options moving forward.
May 23, 2018
Episode 31: DJ MIGHTY MI
Episode 31: DJ MIGHTY MI This week the crew sits down with one of the staples in Las Vegas nightlife over the last decade, DJ Mighty Mi. Crooked shares a hilarious story of how the two connected for the first time through social media. Mighty Mi explains what got him into DJing, who his influencers were, and who he patterned his style after. Mighty Mi talks about growing up in Philadelphia, and how DJ AM was one of his best friends, who at the time was not into DJing. As one half of the group "High and Mighty" DJ Mighty Mi talks about how the group started, his role in the group, and how he took to production bacause he couldn't rap. He also explains how DJ AM was an original member of the group. Mighty Mi explains what made him decide to move to Las Vegas, and how that changed his life. He also talks about being very hands on with the transistion from open format music to EDM with all the the Wynn properties and venues he DJs. Mighty Mi also shares some intriguing stories with some of the talent he's played with over the last 10 years; Avicii, Diplo, Afrojack, etc
May 16, 2018
Episode 30: This Is America
Episode 30: This Is America Still new to Vegas, Jaime da Great talks about becoming a working DJ, and what has helped him progress since his move from L.A. The crew spends some time breaking down Kanye West and his recent rants on TMZ as well as his interview with Charlamagne The God. Neva shares his frustration on the matter, while D-Miles does agree with one of Kanye's points. The crew discusses Kanye's new music, and speculates on if these recent rants by Kanye will hurt him in sales. Fresh off of his Saturday Night Live performance, the crew discusses Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and his new track "This Is America" and the significance of the video. Crooked compares Childish Gambino to another R&B star, based off of his performance on SNL. With Nicki Minaj appearing on SNL in two weeks, Neva and Jaime da Great make a friendly bet on Nicki's performance.
May 09, 2018
Episode 29: VICE
Episode 29: VICE The legendary DJ Vice joins the R.O.A.D. podcast and starts off by telling the crew of his first DJ battle at age 19 in New York, in which he placed 2nd to DJ Skribble. Going back, Vice tells his story of growing up in LA, how he started DJing at age 10, and also how he grew up listening to Power 106 and ultimately put himself in position to be an on-air mixer for the station. Vice goes on to talk of his relationship with DJ AM, and how AM introduced him to the Hollywood nightlife scene. Vice breaks down how radio DJ's were not getting booked in Hollywood clubs, and the struggles he faced in order to break into that scene. Vice tells the crew how much radio meant, at the time in the late 90s and early 2000s, to artists in order for them to get their music out. And because of that, he was able to build relationships with artists. Vice tells how he got started in Vegas, and how DJ OB-1 and DJ Five took him under their wing, and also his first residency at Body English. Now well established, Vice talks about how he started CRSVR, his boutique shoe store, with locations in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. Vice goes on to talk about his production, his continued love for DJ culture, and how he continues to find ways to reinvent himself.
May 02, 2018
Episode 28: Call Fat Joe!
Episode 28: Call Fat Joe! The crew starts off the show talking about Meek Mill, his release from jail, and what we should expect from him moving forward. With J. Cole's album dropping this past week, the crew breaks it down track by track, and discuss where this album ranks in comparison to his others. Drake drops his new single "Nice For What" and the crew is torn between which record will last longer; "Nice For What" or "God's Plan". After an amazing Coachella performance, the crew discusses Beyonce, and where she ranks amongst some of the greatest performers of all time, and if she's even close to being compared to Michael Jackson. With all of his recent outrageous tweets, the crew questions what's going on with Kanye West, if he's going crazy, or is it all strategy on his part? The crew also discusses Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer Prize, and what a milestone this is for hip hop moving forward. R.I.P Aviccii, the fellas reflect on the DJ/Producer and the contributions he made with his music, as well as him being one of the first EDM DJ's to blow up.
Apr 25, 2018
Episode 27: DJ SPIDER
Episode 27: DJ SPIDER The legendary DJ Spider joins us on the R.O.A.D. Podcast. Spider starts off by telling the crew how he came up in the LA rave scene, and how he got his start as a College Radio DJ. Crooked recalls knowing Spider from the "Next on Decks" competitions thrown by BPM Magazine in which Spider won. Upon winning he was awarded the opportunity to travel and tour with Mark Ronson. Spider talks about the trials of DJing in different cities and how regional certain records were before the social media age. He goes on to talk about his relationship with DJ AM and how they met at a convention in Las Vegas, which led to them building a friendship. Through his relationship with AM, Spider talks about how he met Travis Barker, which lead to him becoming the DJ and touring with Blink 182. Now married and with a son, Spider fills the fellas in on how he tries to balance his DJ career, as well as be a good husband and father.
Apr 18, 2018
Episode 26: ROCTAKON
Episode 26: DJ ROCTAKON While in Hollywood, the crew sits down with New York legendary DJ Roctakon. Born and raised in Alexandria, just outside of DC, Roctakon explains his path which led to him having a passion for DJing. After commuting back and fourth from DC to New York, Roctakon elaborates on his move to New York to further advance his DJ career. Shortly after, Roctakon feels the need for management. After considering all options, he decides to sign with S.K.A.M. Artist. After hitting a crossroads in his life, Roctakon talks about how he no longer wanted to DJ, and the struggles that came along with it.
Apr 11, 2018
Episode 25: The Strangling Reflex
Episode 25: Strangling Reflex This week on the R.O.A.D. Podcast the crew discusses if they’re feeling the newly upgraded Serato DJ Pro. D-Miles reviews most of the changes to the software, and gives a few pros and cons, after using the program for the first time. Crooked reflects on his crazy DJ schedule, in which he played seven days straight in multiple cites, and how that helped him be refreshed. With plenty of new music out, the crew critiques The Weeknd’s new EP, as well as the new Wale EP. With Cardi B’s debut album dropping this Friday, the crew gives their projections on how they think the album will do numbers wise. Jaime has a new found respect for 2-Chainz with his increased catalogue of club hits. Neva challenges the fellas to put together a list of at least 25 records that work in the club from 2-Chainz.
Apr 04, 2018
Episode 24: CIPHA SOUNDS
Episode 24: "CIPHA SOUNDS" This week the R.O.A.D. Podcast crew make their way to L.A. to interview New York legend Cipha Sounds. The Bronx native starts out by discussing how he found his love for DJing, and recalls his first gigs as an opener for Funk Master Flex at the legendary Tunnel. He goes on to tell us how he became Flex's intern at Hot 97, and spent the next 5 years in that role. Upon making a name for himself, Cipha became a full time DJ on Hot 97, and was known as one of the few DJ's that could spin on any mix show, with exception to Kay Slay. Simultaneously, Cipha became the tour DJ for Lil' Kim in the mid 90's. Cipha also tells the story how Junior Mafia was responsible for him knowing about 2Pac. Now having made a name for himself, Cipha becomes known for breaking artists and records alike. Some of which are Rihanna, Rick Ross, Nina Sky, etc. This led to him stepping into the record label side of music, becoming an A&R for Pharrell at Startrak, and also Tommy Boy and Rawkus Records. Cipha continues on, discussing his relationship with Peter Rosenburg and how the "Juan Epstein" podcast was born, as well as him becoming the official DJ for Dave Chapelle on the "Chapelle Show".
Mar 28, 2018
Episode 23: DJ MOMA
Episode 23: DJ MOMA This week the fellas have the honor of interviewing one of New York's finest, and Queen's native, DJ Moma. Crooked starts off by describing Moma as someone who served as a mentor to him, as well as putting on one of the best parties in New York, "Everyday People". Moma explains how he got his start in DJing, how he created his following, which in turn helped build his brand and make a name for himself. Moma also tells the crew of how he held down a full time career as an electrical engineer, while DJing 4-5 nights a week, and how it's ok to burn the candle at both ends while you're young. Crooked brings into conversation "The Good Spot", a one of a kind party experience that Moma created in 2008, and later shut it down in 2011. Moma tells the crew of the first time he met J. Cole, by way of his younger brothers IB, the pressident of Dreamville, and BAS, also signed artist of Dreamville. Moma then tells us of the evolution of his infamous day party "Everyday People" which started in 2012; a collection of old school and new school hip hop, reggae and afro beats.
Mar 21, 2018
Episode 22: MICHAEL MAYEDA aka "DJ MEGA MAN" This week the fellas sat down with Michael Mayeda aka “DJ Mega Man” and learn about his DJ career, his current production career and his thoughts about life and pain. They begin discussing Mayeda’s upbringing, growing up in Oxnard, CA and learning how an abusive care taker experience made him turn to music in order to cope with the pain. Mayeda explains how obsessive he became with DJing, that lead to him booking raves at the age of 14 as well as getting his first radio gig at the same time. Mayeda goes on to speak of how pain relates to creativity and the similarities between stand up comedians and DJ’s. He also talks about his time living in Las Vegas and his reasons on why he stopped DJing. Once removed from DJing, he turned his full attention to music production. He has worked with the likes of Lil Jon, SIA, Lady Gaga, and Pitbull, along with making soundtracks for a handful of motion pictures. Finally, they discuss the evolution of music, and dissect some of Mayeda’s videos, where he uses everyday sounds to make music, including making music from all of the planets radiations
Mar 14, 2018
Episode 21: Coco Wins!
Episode 21: Rick Ross...Heart Problem or Gas Problem? This week the fellas sit down and start the show discussing Oscar winners, Jordan Peele and Guillermo Del Toro. The fellas review DJ Khaled's new single "Top Off" with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Future. With rumors of Drake leaving Jordan Brand and going to sign a deal with Adidas, the fellas debate on how this will effect the rapper and both competitive brands. Finally, the guys get into the DJ topic of the week: backlash regarding the new Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Controller designed by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Conflicting opinions on the new product arise and the question of it possibly hurting the DJ culture becomes an issue.
Mar 07, 2018
Episode 20: FOUR COLOR ZACK This week the fellas sit down with Seattle native, Redbull Thre3style World Champion and 1/2 of the renowned DJ duo 2¢, Four Color Zack. Zack discusses his early years of juggling DJ gigs all while launching his own design agency. He also discusses how he linked up with DJ Craze to collaborate on a mixtape which later evolved into their group 2¢. Zack elaborates on how he became The Dream's tour DJ and why it was always important to have a "made bed" with him. The fellas also revisit their conversation from last week's episode on "scratching in club gigs". Zack revisits how he won the 2012 Redbull Thre3style World Finals and what the judges are looking for in a winning set. Finally, the crew touches on politics in the DJ world in Las Vegas.
Feb 28, 2018
Episode 19: Bloods, Crips, and Slam Poetry...
Episode 19 - “Bloods, Crips & Slam Poetry” The fellas recap NBA All Star Weekend and the controversy over Fergie performing the National Anthem. Neva speaks on the YG x Tekashi 6ix9ine beef, and the diss record YG put out over 6ix9ine coming to LA. D-Miles and Jaime break down the gang culture in LA, and how most celebrities pay for their services. Jaime recalls incident the happened involving gangs for his 5th birthday party, and also shares knowledge of the latino gang culture. D-Miles sheds light on his family in relation to the bloods & crips. The fellas go to the premiere of Black Panther, and give an in depth review of the film, as well as the soundtrack being #1 on the Billboard Top 100. Crooked shares his thoughts on which tracks are hot, and which you can pass on.
Feb 21, 2018
Episode 18: Could "Black Panther" be the best hip-hop movie soundtrack ever?
Episode 18 "Could "Black Panther" be the best hip-hop movie soundtrack ever?l" Post Superbowl, the crew discusses the game as well as the halftime performance by Justin Timberlake. Neva insists that if Prince were still alive, he'd never share the stage with Timberlake. Jaime explains the significance of the Jordan 3 collab that Timberlake was wearing during his performance. Neva and Jaime break down the controversial Quincy Jones interview, and the likely affects it will have on the legacies of celebritites such as Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor. D-Miles addresses Kate Upton speaking out against Co-Founder of Guess, Paul Marciano, and the affects it will ultimately have on the company. Crooked talks fashion, brings up Under Armour and how having ASAP Rocky apart of their campagn can ultimately be a great thing. Neva brings up the movie "Black Panther" and an online petition that was started, asking for proceeds to be given to blacks. The fellas discuss their thoughts on this. Upon the "Black Panther" soundtrack releasing, the crew discusses other soundtracks, and if "Black Panther" could possibly be the best top to bottom. Crooked tells of a hilarious story that took place during his DJ set over the weekend.
Feb 14, 2018
Episode 17 - JONATHAN SHECTER aka "SHECKY GREEN" Philadelphia born, Harvard graduate, and Source Magazine founder Shecky Green joins the crew on the R.O.A.D. podcast. With over 30 years in the music industry, Shecky takes us though his journey, where it all started in Philly. From the first time he heard "Rappers Delight", to interning at the local radio station just to be apart of the culture. Shecky also explains the importance of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and the impact they had on Philadelphia hip hop. Shecky goes into detail on why he feels that 1988 was the biggest year in hip hop to date. Upon attending Harvard University, Shecky explains how The Source Magazine came to fruition, and how, at the time there was no one addressing hip hop music in the journalism world. Once moved to New York, Shecky also expresses the trials of the east coast not wanting to hear hip hop from other areas of the country. Jaime addresses "Unsigned Hype" and what that meant to hip hip, and Shecky tells the story of how The Notorious B.I.G. was discovered through this process. Shecky also shares with the crew an epic story of how he was introduced to Nas' first album "Illmatic". After moving to the west coast in 2003, Shecky tells of his role in bringing big name DJ's to Las Vegas. Names include DJ AM, Mark Ronson, etc. He also tells the story of negotiating DJ AM's first million dollar contract, and how that raised the bar for DJ's in general. Shecky continues by speaking on the EDM era, and how it directly coincided with his time at the Wynn.
Feb 08, 2018
Episode 16: Wu-Tang is the greatest Hip-Hop group of all time...
Episode 16: Wu-Tang is the greatest Hip-Hop group of all time... The crew kicks off the show with an in depth review of the 2018 Grammy's. With her album dropping in 2015, questions arise as to how Alessia Cara wins "Best New Artist". No real surprise that Bruno Mars wins Record of the Year, the fellas still show love to Luis Fonsi and "Despacito" for a record breaking 2017. Crooked elaborates on if Childish Gambino was deserving of a performance at the Grammy's. Is actress Monique out of touch with reality for turning down 3 million? The fellas discuss her recent comments of wanting black people to boycott Netflix. With Metro Boomin and SZA doing a GAP commercial, the fellas break down if artists are still looked at as "selling out". With "Culture II" by Migos dropping last week, everyone chimes in on which tracks they think will end up being a hit. Jaime brings up an intense discussion of who's the greatest rap group of all time.
Jan 31, 2018
Episode 15: Is Champagne Papi responsible for the government shutdown
Episode 15: Is Champagne Papi responsible for the government shutdow. The fellas kick off the show by shedding light on the Women's March this past weekend. With his reputation now being tarneshed, the guys discuss if Aziz Ansari used committed sexual assault or if he was just a really bad date. Jaime reflects on his encounters with the young rapper Fredro Santana who recently passed. Crooked sheds light on the come up of Casanova in New York. Drake drops new music on the same day as the government shut down. Crooked and Neva bust Jaime's balls for questioning this coincidence.
Jan 24, 2018
Episode 14: DJ SCOOTER
Episode 14 - "DJ SCOOTER" A true icon in San Diego nightlife; DJ Scooter joins the R.O.A.D. podcast. He explains the relevance of open format DJ's producing EDM/Twerk remixes and why it works. One half the the infamous due "Scooter and Lavelle", Scooter tells the story of how they started, and held down one of their first residencies in Las Vegas back in the early 2000's. Also why most people assume that, of the duo, he's the "EDM" guy. With there being multiple "DJ Scooters", he elaborates on why it doesn't affect him. Is Drake ovverated? The fellas go into detail on why the youth of Toronto may feel this way. Scooter gives insight on the manipulation of the internet and how certain songs end up being a hit.
Jan 17, 2018
Episode 13: DJ FRANZEN
Episode 13 - "DJ FRANZEN" The Bay Area/Vegas veteran joins the R.O.A.D. podcast and takes us through his 28 year journey.   Franzen speaks with the fellas on how he got his start in the DJ game.  Shares some never heard before stories, his first time meeting Jay-Z, how he influenced Drake with the "Motto" record, and his relationships with the likes of E-40, Too Short, etc.  Franny also evaluates where he feels hip hop is headed in 2018, and also where he stands in bringing Bay Area hip hop to Sin City.
Jan 10, 2018
Episode 12: Using CDJ's Is Like Fucking With A Condom...
Using CDJ's Is Like Fucking With A Condom... Happy New Year!!! The guys sit down for the first time this year and recap their new year festivities. Crooked shares his epic night and how he doesnt remember half of the stuff he said to the fellas via text. Neva explains how he missed an opportunity to DJ overseas for new years. The fellas discuss how underrated 2 chainz is.
Jan 03, 2018
Episode 11: Best Of 2017
Episode 11: Best Of 2017 This week the fellas sit down and discuss the best of 2017. They begin with top club songs in 2017. They get in a heated argument if bodak yellow by cardi b is better than humble by kendrick lamar (1:57). They also discuss their own top 3 over hyped songs of this year! (15:00). In addition, they also discuss their favorite records this year. (27:00). Lastly, they discuss the best album of the year (43:00).
Dec 27, 2017
Episode 10: My President is Black
Episode 10 - “My President Is Black” After a few drinks, the fellas open up into some great convo. Crooked speaks on his trip home to New York, Neva expresses his disappointment in the new Star Wars movie. After 4 major album releases this week, everyone has very mixed reviews. The crew also questions the timing of the “Plain Jane” remix release, and compares it to Cardi B on G-Eazy’s “No Limit”.
Dec 20, 2017
Episode 8: THE CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY While in LA, the crew interviews this legendary DJ duo. Crooked reflects on the first time meeting Stonerokk in NY, Jaime recalls being a huge fan of their promotion style. Stone & Graham both give insight to the state of the DJ and Nightclub industry. 18:00 - Stonerokk trying to kill people off and Graham saves the day 20:00 - The history of Captains of Industry 26:00 - Stonerokk refuses to teach a famous persons son to DJ 47:00 - Grammy nominations 52:00 - Old white men should die 1:12:25 - Stonerokk take on Virgil Abloh the "DJ" 1:43:25 - The thoughts on CDJ's 1:58:00 - The Captains of Industry marketing machine 2:13:00 - Are the Captains of Industry still in love with DJing?
Dec 13, 2017
Episode 9: Ghostwriting
Episode 9: Ghostwriting Jaime comes in this week excited because Darren made him his famous omelette! The fellas discussed opening DJ's and what their role should be. They get into the beef between Cam'ron and Mase. They also get into ghostwriting and their credibility. Darren and Jaime get into a heated discussion about Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. Lastly,they discuss keaton jones and the bullying taking place in America.
Dec 05, 2017
Episode 7: Virgil "The DJ"
Episode 7: Virgil "The DJ" The crew discusses the Rolling Stone Top 50 albums of 2017, and where hip hip and R&B artists stacked up on the list. Also go into details with thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s perception on what is DJing. With extensive fashion design experience, Crooked digs deeper by comparing Virgil’s DJing to the way he approaches fashion. 00:45 - Black Thanksgiving 5:00 - Rolling Stones top 50 albums 22:00 - fake it till you make it 33:00 - Virgil Abloh the "DJ" 1:15:25 - Social Media exposing people
Nov 19, 2017
Episode 6: I Can Live Without Eminems Music For The Rest Of My Life
Episode 6: I Can Live Without Eminems Music For The Rest Of My Life Crooked reflects on Latin Grammy week, watching Bad Bunny perform. Neva discusses his new vegetarian lifestyle. Also their take on Chance the Rapper hosting SNL, the state of Eminem’s performance and music career in the current state of hip hip. Also the fake beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, and the “new age rapper” and who the youth is following. WE FINALLY GOT A NAME! 13:00 - Crooked thinks Khalid need a stylist 36:00 - Is Chance the next up? 40:00 Can you live without Eminem music? 42:00 - Safaree rapping 47:00 - Nicki Minaj magazine cover
Nov 07, 2017
Episode 5: Kevin Spacey Tried To Take Me Home
Episode 5: Kevin Spacey Tried To Take Me Home DJ Neva reflects on his marathon training, eating burgers days before, and run ins with Kevin Spacey. D-Miles and Jaime Da Great attend and review the first ever SneakerCon in Las Vegas. They also discuss all sexual allegation of the men in Hollywood and how it will affect the shift in power moving forward. 1:16 - DJ Neva running the Las Vegas marathon 18:00 - FREE MEEK MILL 31:45 - Kevin Spacey tried to take me home 54:00 - Dj Crooked got booed off for playing R. Kelly BTW we still didn't have name for this podcast lol!
Nov 02, 2017
Episode 4: Black Groceries
Episode 4: Black Groceries In the new age of social media, Crooked dissects the matter. How artist antics get in the way of their music. And how it’s translating to the rest of our society. Also, the thought that minorities need to have more of their own. BTW we still didn't have name for this podcast lol! 4:00 - Internet stars / IG celebrities 20:00 Music labels and Televisions are a dying breed 43:00 - A 16 year old kid asking jaime about compton because of rap music 46:00 - Los Angeles Gentrification
Oct 25, 2017
Episode 3: I Fukin Hate Adidas
Episode 3: I Fukin Hate Adidas Still without a name, The fellas review The Weeknd concert in Las Vegas. Also get into the state of what’s considered “HypeBeast” fashion, apparel and sneakers. And the ongoing war between Nike and Adidas. Also, what were the fashion trends growing up, New York and LA respectively. 2:00 - Weeknd concert recap 21:14 - The problem with hypebeast 33:00 - How Nike works 52:00 When lil wayne played bape out
Oct 18, 2017
Episode 2: DJ ROSS ONE
Episode 2: DJ ROSS ONE “Behind The Scenes”, “BTS Boyz”, just a couple of names for the show that were considered but still didn’t feel right up til this point. Ross One discusses his love for Fly Fishing, growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. And the struggles of keeping up with hip hop culture in the Midwest in the early 90s. And also developing a passion for Rap Tees in the process. 1:00 - Fishing Vs Djing 10:00 How old folks saw music videos 1:10:25 Vintage gear 1:28:25 Bootleg vintage t shirts
Oct 09, 2017
Episode 1: Trial and Error
Episode 1: Trial and Error A brief introduction into the fellas trying to figure out if they have any sorts of chemistry, and in the process of trying to give this a name. Aka “The Demo Stage”. The guys discuss at one point are you considered “a working DJ”. Also discuss briefly their backgrounds and where they came from. BTW We didn't know what the name of the podcast was going to be yet. lol
Sep 28, 2017