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 Sep 25, 2020
great podcast that sometimes deals with sports, sometimes doesn't, but always helps me pass the time!

 Oct 10, 2019

 Dec 21, 2018

 Nov 13, 2018

 Oct 3, 2018
Sports? is a show? a "podcast" of sorts. i once had a pet turtle. Katie Nolan likes the Boston Bruins. i like that. Ashley Braband has the best laugh in the industry. i'm not entirely clear on which industry, but she has "bra" in her name😂


Sports? with Katie Nolan is a weekly show about sports and all the things tangentially related to sports. Its friends would describe it as "curious," "fun," and "a podcast." Weekly guests will include sports fans from all sorts of industries: comedy, film, television, science?

Episode Date
Israel Gutierrez
Katie chats with Israel Gutierrez about who he is and how that impacts his work. Topics include what it’s like to come out publicly; the problem with how we cover women’s sports; the value of authenticity; and, reluctantly, skin care.
Jun 10, 2021
Be more embarrassed
Katie and the Union discuss taco must-haves and non-starters. A quick update on Travis’ love life (16:50), then lots and lots of sports, including: An in-depth discussion on the logistics of jersey swaps (39:27). Julio Jones is a Titan (53:13). A USMNT win that felt like a fever dream (57:37). Some moderate-to-severe yelling about the Mayweather/Paul “fight” (1:09:55). The College Softball World Series (1:34:00)The NFL’s pledge to stop race-norming (1:42:10). Simone mf Biles (1:49:25). 3 examples of why this weekend was a bad one to have a commanding lead (1:50:32). And finally, a listener question about the ideal crew for a Below Deck charter (2:05:10). 
Jun 08, 2021
Well-Seeing Dislike
Katie and The Union talk break-up songs they listened to growing up. Travis recaps his date (23:20), Christina had food amnesia (35:23) and Myrtle got to sleep with Katie and Dan last night (41:38). Unfortunately we had another fan acting stupid, this time in Boston (56:44). Naomi Osaka withdraws from the French Open (1:17:25). Do people like Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy (1:31:52)? We don’t know. What kind of wizard are you (1:49:30)?
Jun 01, 2021
Shoutout To Nobody
It’s Thursday so you know what that means... Katie and the Union gather to FMK social media, discuss dating app experiences, debate changing your last name, and just generally meander through topics that are vaguely related to sports sometimes. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. It’s a free swim. 
May 27, 2021
Dipsy Doodle!
Katie and The Union come up with hobbies for the summer. Friendly banter about beer (11:35), milk (15:06), and sleeping (18:10),. Katie takes a page out of Travis’ book and has rant about commercials (28:46). Julio kind of wants out of Atlanta (39:13). Frustrated Knicks fans are fun to watch (50:32). What kind of candles do you like (1:09:40)? Bedlam at the PGA Championship (1:29:18). Don’t injure your gearbox (1:48:32). Lastly, when’s the last time you cried from joy (2:01:50)?
May 25, 2021
Kenny Mayne
Katie & Kenny enter this interview as coworkers, but they leave it as friends. Mainly because, well, Kenny doesn’t work here anymore.
May 20, 2021
Do Penguins Have Knees?
Katie and the Union answer a voicemail question about the ideal breakfast sandwich. The jury’s out on whether or not Travis’ selfie counts (9:00). Katie’s officially on board with Below Deck (18:14). LeBron and Steph are headed to the Redemption Tournament (33:42). Did the Clippers tank and do you blame them (41:50)? Sue Bird is the realest (49:27). The NFL’s new schedule presents a problem for Fantasy folks (55:15). The NHL Playoffs are the best playoffs and you will show them respect (1:14:50). Lastly: advice for two listeners on a cross-country road trip (1:32:42)
May 18, 2021
Cassidy Hubbarth
Katie & Cassidy Hubbarth talk about the ways the pandemic has changed NBA coverage, the complicated relationship between your job and your life, uncomfortable moments in sideline reporting, and how much allergies suck.
May 13, 2021
Not With That Attitude
Katie and the Union name athletes who would make great teachers. Travis has to take a selfie (26:02). Is it Tebow Time? Again (32:36)? The internet mourns a breakup (44:360. Was there ever a rat? Are raccoons cute (50:00)? Medina Spirit did drugs and/or ate piss hay (1:02:41). Adam Thielen likes the finer things in life (1:15:23) and Aaron Rodgers is thirsty for Jeopardy (1:19:07). Finally, would you rather drive, play DJ or act as snack coordinator on a road trip (1:25:54)?
May 11, 2021
Rachel Nichols
Katie & Rachel Nichols talk about not being morning people, asking tough questions and the arduous process of getting a pizza in the NBA bubble
May 06, 2021
Collateral Damage
Katie and the Union(s?) discuss dog nicknames, roundabouts (21:26), and the definition of “friendly banter.” An apology is issued for last week’s apology (31:40). The 49ers are alive (42:00), the Eagles are struggling to stay that way (56:38), and prank calls are still funny (1:06:15). Wearing gym shorts on a date (1:07:30). The Lakers need Vivien (1:19:00). T-Pain’s Instagram (1:32:10). Planet Fitness for gamers (1:37:30). And lastly: what do you watch when you don’t know what to watch (1:53:10)?
May 04, 2021
All Voicemail Pod, Kinda
Katie & the Union answer questions someone asked. Topics include: How to prevent yourself from doomscrolling. Minor inconveniences (12:28). The art of putting off a simple task (23:30). MTV needs help with their reunion shows (42:35). What’s the best soda (58:10)? Katie spoke to room full of high schoolers…shoutout Mr. Fuller (1:02:40). A heartfelt apology to the listeners (1:09:22). A random rant about Russell Wilson (1:20:59). Unethical jobs we’d thrive at (1:25:00). Plus, condiment talk (1:33:50) and breakfast treat rankings (1:41:45). No, it isn’t Tuesday. 
Apr 30, 2021
Sexy Big Mac
Katie and the Union try to come up with a good username for a fan. Christina is a star in the making (11:35), Travis napped this weekend (25:25) & Katie got an odd gift (35:44). What qualifies a no-hitter and new rules for bench clearing brawls (52:25). Don’t hug Roger Goodell (1:06:00). Unleash the Kraken Bar & Lounge (1:18:08). Shots of Jager (1:23:07). Get off Tom Brady’s lawn (1:30:24). A crazy night in the UFC (1:42:23). And, where is home (2:11:35)?
Apr 27, 2021
Hidden Gems (with Andrea Masenda)
A Tuesday pod on a Thursday! ESPN producer (and former third mic on Sports?) Andrea Masenda joins Katie to talk about stuff that happened this week like they used to at the office in The Before Times. Topics include: how to make new friends as an Old; an incredibly inconsequential catfish situation we're genuinely sorry for caring about (21:50); the death of the Super League (43:44); that Raiders tweet and why it stinks even if they "meant well" (48:18). And lastly: a list of every TV show Andrea has watched over the last year and why you should or shouldn't watch it (1:06:08) and a voicemail about long distance relationships (1:45:42). Tomorrow is Friday, folks. You're almost there.
Apr 22, 2021
What zoo animals would make great wedding guests? Travis is condoning violence (11:15), while Christina made friends this weekend (18:25). Does Trevor Lawrence love football (37:45)? Champions League Coup (48:42). Aaron Rodgers is not the answer…maybe Joe Buck is (1:05:00). Katie recaps her Saturday night watching Jake Paul fight (1:25:26). Yankee fans aren’t happy (1:46:32). Mel Kiper Jr eats like a child (1:58:39). Zion likes MSG (2:01:14). Travis attempts to breakdown F1 (2:05:30). Finally, what is allowed in the shower (2:14:33)?
Apr 20, 2021
Elle Duncan
Description: It’s hard to sum this one up in a short description, but it’s one of my favorites. You may recognize Elle from Sportscenter or NESN, but the Elle you’ll meet in this episode is the one I know, and she‘s a force. 
Apr 15, 2021
Stop asking me, Nana
For a second consecutive week, the podcast fails to explain NFTs. Travis returns from the Masters with a tan (11:08), while Christina came back from Boston with blisters (19:35). Hideki Matsuyama is a man of the people after winning the Masters (31:16). Kevin James is going to play Sean Payton in a movie. This will be really good or really bad (39:05). Breaking news that makes Katie sad (55:06). Fashion advice. How much water do you consume on a daily basis (1:12:50)? It’s not fun, but a discussion on Deshaun Watson. Are bowling alleys dying (1:25:20)? And finally: what movie to watch on a 3rd date (1:55:30).
Apr 13, 2021
Jay Bilas
Jay Bilas has always covered college sports in a way that Katie gravitates towards, so she talked to him about that, and about the effect that player empowerment is already having on the system. They also cover the usual stuff: his kids, his life, and Young Jeezy.
Apr 08, 2021
He Who Shall Be Named
Katie and Christina ditch Travis for a long-overdue catch up with [BEEP] (6:00), Christina has some pretty exciting life news (14:00), the crew dives into mental health and what they've learned about themselves over the last year (19:45) and then finally talk sports with the Women's NCAA Championship needing a banging highlights song. Plus, MLB & the Governor of Texas are at odds (1:00:00), breaking news of the Sam Darnold trade (1:17:00), Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy (1:21:00) and so much more.
Apr 06, 2021
3MCT: Sports Theme Songs
Katie and The Union discuss their “Singular Luminescent Points in Time” from the last year of their lives. A quick mental health update and then 3MCT comes to a thrilling conclusion with a bracket to determine the Best Network Sports Theme Song! Lastly: is gray a color? The answer matters more than you think. 
Mar 30, 2021
Jason Concepcion
Katie and Jason Concepcion talk about new jobs, hot takes & their relationships with the internet
Mar 26, 2021
3MCT: Cereal
Voicemails of concern pour in for Travis after Ohio State lost to 15-seed Oral Roberts. Then the gang shares middle school horror stories before diving into this weeks bracket: CEREAL! The union is proud of how this one turned out (52:18). And finally: the moment you knew you were getting old. (2:05:00) 
Mar 23, 2021
Megan Gailey
Katie talks to comedian Megan Gailey about how the pandemic has affected her job, what it was like to get married right before quarantine, and the specific ways in which zoom funerals are weird. Also: a fun story from the time Megan wrote jokes for the ESPYs, and a less fun story about Katie’s worst memory from middle school. 
Mar 19, 2021
3MCT: Best Places to Drink
Katie finally traveled for the first time in a year and well…it’s off to a rocky start. Plus, Christina's boyfriend is no longer smelly. And, this week’s bracket is best places to have a drink. Any complaints with it, take it up with the Sports? Union.
Mar 16, 2021
Rich Eisen
Katie & Rich discuss a year of change & uncertainty. Plus, stories from the old SportsCenter days
Mar 11, 2021
3MCT: Phone Apps
It’s time for another bracket…this week phone apps. Here’s a shocker, things get crazy immediately, don’t blame Katie. But first the crew tries to decide what letter they would eat if they had to. Plus, Christina’s boyfriend is smelly. And to end the podcast…we have Millennials vs. Gen Z and you already know Travis has a crazy take
Mar 09, 2021
Randy Scott
This episode means a lot to me, and it would mean a lot to me if you kept in mind as you listen that it must have been difficult for Randy to open up about this stuff, especially on a podcast. I’m really grateful to him for trusting us with that. So try to listen with the kindest part of your heart, and see if you can learn anything from his experience. LYMI
Mar 04, 2021
3MCT: Appetizer Edition
Apparently it’s March again? Which means it’s time to get crazy. Our first bracket is restaurant appetizers and things get spicy right off the bat. 
Mar 02, 2021
Ashley Braband
The plan was to wait until we were "ready" to record this episode. Fate intervened, and in hindsight it's hilarious that I thought one day we'd both wake up like, "ok I'm ready!" Our best friend Ashley Braband updates us on where she's at and how she's doing. It's very relatable and, as always, I hope it helps. 
Feb 25, 2021
Four Piece Combo
Would you rather be Tom Brady’s child or Patrick Mahomes’ pitbull? The return of the mental health update (17:30). Why are people obsessed with their high school jersey number (29:50)? The Texans leaving teams on read (38:20). A brief discussion of “clout” and those who chase it (47:56). Is a rotary a roundabout or something more problematic (1:09:20)? Coach Prime had his stuff stolen, maybe, but probably not (1:30:05). Bathroom fights (1:40:00), Jenny/Jennifer (1:46:07), and dating someone with the same name as you (1:59:26). 
Feb 23, 2021
David Jacoby
Katie and David Jacoby talk about the shows they’ve made - together and apart - and also how much they love Jalen. 
Feb 18, 2021
A question about bucket lists. A Valentine’s Day post-mortem and the upside of watching movies at home (13:00). Tom Brady got drunk and made one lady very mad (36:50). Dak Prescott’s relationship with Dallas is Complicated On Facebook (52:50). Fan Controlled Football: what’s that about (1:00:42)?Do NASCAR drivers pee during races (1:11:16)? A listener brings an emoji emergency (emojency) to our attention (1:21:10). Turtlenecks: yes or no (1:34:40)?
Feb 16, 2021
Pablo Torre
Two friends miss each other, out loud. Praise be to Dan Patrick.
Feb 11, 2021
Name 5 Football Players
Who’s more famous: Aaron Rodgers or Shailene Woodley? Katie calls a sportsless friend for insight (s/o PJ Vogt). An update on last week (19:15). A long discussion about haircuts (38:50). Is Tom Brady the greatest athlete of all time (1:00:40)? The Mahomes family vs. the internet (1:08:55). Taunting peacefully (1:18:25). A review of The Weeknd’s halftime performance/an episode of Saved by the Bell (1:42:30). Was there a single good commercial (1:53:10)? Finally, advice on what to do after you fail (2:09:25).
Feb 09, 2021
Charlotte Wilder
Katie and Charlotte Wilder talk about living through their first (and hopefully last?!) pandemic
Jan 28, 2021
Angel's Advocate
The unwritten rules of baseball vs, the unwritten rules of MTV's The Challenge. Dry shampoo looks too much like shaving cream (10:52). The origin of a new donut-related beef (16:40). Travis really loves Southern Charm (23:22). Pats fans watching Tom Brady get to the Super Bowl (31:30). Patrick Mahomes needs a new schtick (44:35). Super Bowl ads replacing clydesdales with needles (1:02:00). Super Bowl Media Week bingo (1:12:40). Coach K vs. a college student (1:36:22). The NWHL bubble (1:44:28). Investigating Tony DeAngelo's alleged burner account (1:57:27). Lastly: self-acceptance (2:09:32).
Jan 26, 2021
Mina Kimes
Two friends talk to each other about each other. They mention they’re going to spoil Halt & Catch Fire but then they forget to actually do it…so don’t worry.
Jan 21, 2021
Teach Me How To Snuggie
In-stadium promotional games. Myrtle (10:10). Drinking at children’s parties (12:32). Pandemic first dates (23:02). Charitable Bills Mafia (33:10). Not objectifying AARON Rodgers (41:35). #1 QB Chad Henne (46:22). Is Drew Brees done (1:24:24)? POPE FACTS (1:55:18). Cavaliers throw food again 92:10:40). And lastly, how to make friends in a pandemic (2:23:55). 
Jan 19, 2021
You can skip this one!
Katie talks to herself for 45 minutes about how excited she is for the new Thursday pod interview format, because no one was actually free to talk to her this week. That's right. The only reason to listen to this is if you're one of those people who falls asleep to podcasts at night. Katie has been doing that with philosophy podcasts. Clearly. See you next week.
Jan 14, 2021
The Human 5
Katie, Travis & Christina start with a question about Nickelodeon shows. The group chats about plan for their birthdays this week and Travis argues against keeping track of how old you are (8:10). A fun fact from the Bills game (26:50), shaming George Blanda (43:05) & Lamar proving people wrong (47:00). Plus, breaking down every single thing about the Saints/Bears game on Nickelodeon (52:12). Then, Travis is forced to predict what already happened in the National Championship Game (1:54:40). And finally, advice on things to do while recovering from surgery (2:08:10).
Jan 12, 2021
Mike Golic Jr
Katie is joined by Mike Golic Jr as they talk about everything...or maybe nothing.
Jan 07, 2021
Lettuce Pray
Katie’s back with Travis & Christina to give advice to their younger selves. This ragtag group of people who still make this podcast catch up on how they handled the holiday season (9:50), and Trav shares a new pet peeve (21:50). Hear every NFL score from a disembodied voice, and get answers to all the big questions: Should the Dolphins draft a QB (32:22)? Do the Bengals know how to tweet (35:42)? What do the Falcons think “reportedly” means (48:42)? Why is Katie so fired up about what the Eagles insist they didn’t do (1:05:50)? PLUS, a quick bachelorette update (1:21:00), a brief dissertation on reality reunion shows (1:25:50), and no less than 5 minutes devoted to food delivery apps (1:35:30). Top it all off with a little “what language do dogs think in (1:48:10)?” and folks? That’s a podcast.  
Jan 05, 2021
Rest in the Most Peace
Two best friends say goodbye to the thing they made together. Is that sports?
Dec 15, 2020
I Think We're Alone Now
No Ashley. No Travis. Just Katie! A solo pod (kind of?) where Katie helps a listener find things that are worse than a winless season (0:41). There’s also a KFC Lifetime movie teaser (10:06), a mental health update (16:33), and a PUPdate (20:40). Plus, the Steelers are no longer undefeated (27:31), Tuesday Night Football and Dez Bryant quit? (32:20) Jalen Hurts starts for the Eagles now (48:56), Adam Gase says he’s “rattled by last minute loss” (50:21), and Michigan vs. OSU is cancelled but Travis isn’t here to yell about it (58:56). Lastly, Katie is reluctantly joined by the most special guest to give you a comprehensive primer on MTV’s The Challenge ahead of its new season (1:04:27)
Dec 10, 2020
I Just Froze
Katie and Ashley come up with ideas for gym class for parents with kids doing virtual learning. Travis has a new mic, Katie has new lamps and Ashley painted her room (13:00). Then, the show makes a retraction from last weekend…kind of (17:40). Baker Mayfield quotes Dwight Schrute (44:45), Bengals and Dolphins get in a brawl (51:00), Jets lose in a way only the Jets could lose (53:30) and Carson Wentz gets benched (62:00). Finally, a Bachelorette Update (1:10:00), Austin predicts Mayweather vs. Paul (1:40:00) and trends you can’t get behind (1:55:00).
Dec 08, 2020
The Birth of a Podcast
Katie and Travis try to navigate the pod alone, starting with a question about GPS. Then, Travis has beef with the royal family (12:40), and Myrtle is finally eating (17:20). The Rockefeller tree is lying to us (25:55), Darrell Bevell needs to learn how to keep a secret (30:08) and a full investigation into an alleged burner account of former Lions coach Matt Patricia  (37:30). Later, Sarah Fuller‘s still kicking (56:14), college football remains a confusing mess (1:00:20) and the McRib is back (1:07:30) Finally, Katie tries to learn more about Travis the way any millennial would: by using a Buzzfeed Quiz (1:17:20)
Dec 03, 2020
Checking It Twice
Katie and Ashley come up with movie titles for sports-themed Hallmark movies, which transitions into a discussion on Christmas lights (00:35) and an update on Myrtle and Rey (34:13). Then, Matt Patricia got fired (47:21), Washington ran the Annexation of Puerto Rico (51:57), 49ers have to move because of COVID (1:02:27), Bears fans continue to get triggered over deep dish pizza (1:12:03) & the Ravens/Steelers is definitely gonna happen, we swear (1:17:56). We get a quick Bachelorette update from Ashley (1:30:39) followed by Sarah Fuller and the haters (1:34:09). Finally, Snoop Dog is funny and Ashley gets a surprise.
Dec 01, 2020
Breaking News
Katie and Ashley decide what media person they would invite over for Thanksgiving (00:47), and get into a HEATED discussion about pie (14:57). Then, Katie gives a weather update and Austin is a genius (26:08). Joe Burrow is out (47:03), Carson Wentz is bad (48:43), and is it OK to step on a team’s logo (1:04:23)? Pope Facts returns (1:32:54), followed by a Bachelorette update and the after, after show (2:11:30).
Nov 24, 2020
Katie and Ashley discuss how long you’re willing to wait for really good food (00:25), and Katie decided it’s time to clean (8:17). Some new business ideas for Ashley (12:29), and a video game update on Call of Duty (17:21). Finally, we catch up on The Bachelorette (34:34) and Austin crashes the podcast!
Nov 19, 2020
This is fine. Everything’s fine.
Katie and Ashley discuss what the last week has been like and what the future holds for the pod (3:52). Then it’s business as usual: Nick Chubb makes bettors and fantasy owners upset, Matt Patricia doesn’t like fun, and the Pope is making news on IG (52:59). Dustin Johnson won the Masters and Katie realized something VERY important (1:11:12); the Marlins got a new GM (1:15:22) - and it’s a lady! The NHL unveils their retro reverse jerseys (1:27:50) and an Alka Seltzer commercial divides the crew (1:44:10). Finally, a very important wedding invitation (1:54:51)
Nov 17, 2020
Pudding In A Wine Glass
Katie and Ashley start things off with sharing what they wanted to be when they grew up. (00:36)) There’s a mental health update (9:43) and Myrtle is mean to Katie. (16:45) Did you know Antonio Brown and Tom Brady are roommates? (23:30) Also, a few Steelers players wore NSFW socks and got fined (26:12), Hot Tab Time Machine with Ashley’s new intro music (42:03), and they wrap things up with a crazy food debate. (1:04:42) 
Nov 05, 2020
Katie and Ashley try to think of names you can give your home WiFi (00:27). The Braband family crushed Halloween (10:30) while Katie had to deal with Myrtle being sick (22:45)). Should the NFC East champion host a playoff game, the 49ers are hurt, a fight over a mouthpiece & how to pronounce “Washington” (30:37)). Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe got engaged and Katie isn’t sure when to text them to congratulate them (1:09:58). Travis has your weekly college football update (1:12:57). Plus, the show discusses another Tac product (1:23:55) and tries to name cities in Canada (1:43:03). 
Nov 03, 2020
Cultural Bangs
Katie and Ashley make some suggestions on how to improve championship celebrations. (2:07) Then, there’s a lot to unpack from the Dodgers win, including analytics gone wrong, COVID protocols or lack thereof, and Rob Manfred’s Q-Score. (18:04) The NFL announces their plans for the Super Bowl and what a fan experience there is really like. (45:31) Then, a Bachelorette Update from Ashley and an after, after show from Travis. (1:24:34) Finally, Katie is looking at more Tac products and the best beverage for fall. (1:46:09)
Oct 29, 2020
In & Out
Katie and Ashley discuss what it was like when they got accepted to college. (00:18) Katie finally visited House Braband and Myrtle made things interesting. (12:19) Then, is Daniel Jones Teen Wolf? Brady vs. Belichick, things get worse in Dallas, Carlos Dunlap tries to sell his house, and Atlanta finds a new way to Atlanta. (47:14) Finally, a Bachelorette Update from Ashley, (1:31:22) After the Update from Travis, (1:27:36) and a quick discussion on Squatty Potties.
Oct 27, 2020
Katie and Ashley try to help out an Atlanta sports fan who has had enough. Then Katie gets into her confusion on what day it is and confronts Ashley on her “hall pass.” The Eagles lost again, does Kansas City have too many pizza toppings, a potential nickname for Chase Claypool, and the Jets have another butt play. Bob Ryan claims he’s never heard of a Twix and Katie has THOUGHTS. Finally, the Bachelorette is back!
Oct 20, 2020
Panic at the Discord
Katie and Ashley have some big news about the pod, and Austin has some big news about dinosaurs. Then, a mental health update before an all-question podcast, including: is a refrigerator a closet, superpowers, Mario Kart, wine glasses, Survivor, potatoes, sneezing, and more. Finally, Myrtle makes a cameo.
Oct 14, 2020
Fire Crab
Katie and Ashley talk about quotes you could put on pillows and whether it’s ok to drink wine out of a mason jar. Who will Austin root for when the Eagles play the Steelers next week? Odell is back, the Panthers are undefeated since CMC’s photoshoot, JJ Watt posts an interesting picture, and Philip Rivers mic’d up is gold. Katie has thoughts on the “ratings” conversation, and the Lightning had a Stanley Cup celebration that made no sense. Finally, round two of the MLB Mascot Battle.
Oct 07, 2020
Daddy Issues
Katie and Ashley discuss which topic they could present on for 20 minutes with no prep. They also give a weather update, mental health update, and have an announcement for the fans. How Eagles’ fans feel about Nick Foles, the struggles of having a New England player on your fantasy team, and Atlanta can’t close out a game. Then, why a team should make cardboard cutouts of the cast from The Devil Wears Prada. Finally, MLB Wild Card matchups are decided by which mascot would win in a fight. Oh, and Austin crashes the podcast.
Sep 30, 2020
A Small Kiwi
Katie and Ashley help out a caller who has a dilemma with a possible jinx. Then, a slightly-longer-than-usual mental health update. Darius Leonard lost his wedding ring, and Katie has a theory why. Ashley sees Christian McCaffrey’s photoshoot for the first time. A pupdate AND a poopdate, and Katie calls Ashley and Travis old.
Sep 23, 2020
Tackle Town
Katie and Ashley discuss things that are popular but that they don’t like. (00:23) Then, Katie is interested in a dog sitting job while Ashley was missing one piece to her puzzle. (11:08) Tampa Tom makes his debut, Cam does what Cam does, and the Eagles were jinxed. Katie gets emotional about D’Andre Swift, the Rams have an interesting color for their new uniform, and Zeke has a new tattoo. (32:48) Finally, be careful around hot mics. (1:35:52)
Sep 16, 2020
Katie and Ashley chat about video games and old person tendencies they might have (2:41). Then, they get into going on vacation and how each person has their happy place (13:30).. OBJ is trending….enough said. Josh Rosen gets released but should you feel bad for him and Kaepernick is in Madden 21 and has a better rating than Nathan Peterman (38:534). Ashley gives a Bachelor update and Katie tries to say hi to Austin (1:12:19). The show then breaks down the incident with Novak Djokovic getting DQ’d (1:25:34). Finally, listeners of the pod submitted interesting facts about themselves on Reddit and maybe Travis finally tells us his interesting fact about himself (2:19:33).  
Sep 09, 2020
Brian Hurt Locker
Katie and Ashley get a voicemail from one of their friends....they think. (00:35) Then they give a mental health update and discuss how everything changed right after last week’s pod. (17:18) NBA players are allowed to have family members in the bubble but Jimmy Butler is on a business trip. (1:08:59) Why the NHL playoffs have brought nothing but anxiety (1:13:03) and the MLS is full of problems. (1:19:53) Finally, Katie takes a quiz. (1:29:08)
Sep 02, 2020
Womb Baseball
Katie and Ashley learn a little bit more about Travis (00:55) and then get into Lionel Messi and how he still uses a fax machine (24:23). Chris Webber talked about Smurfs, LeBron found a meme about his hair funny & Dianna Taurasi isn’t happy with an official (1:00:50). How old is too old to be superstitious with your teams (1:07:24) and when defending a client goes too far (1:12:16). Finally, Dan Snyder is on Twitter and Katie has one simple request (1:46:15). 
Aug 26, 2020
Don’t Snitch
Katie and Ashley geek out over emo punk songs they would use as their wrestling entrance.(00:42) Plus, Katie explains how this podcast almost didn’t happen (10:46) and Ashley is concerned about her TikTok usage. (16:38) Then, technicals (50:49) & Jimmy Butler’s side hustle. (53:48) Finally, Cleveland Indians aren’t happy (1:12:52), unwritten rules in sports (1:14:30) and great achievements while drinking. (1:25:21)
Aug 19, 2020
Sticky Wicket
Katie and Ashley discuss sports phrases that are used in everyday life and which ones they don’t like. (00:28) Then, college football is a mess and nobody knows what is going on. (15:56) The Washington Football Team needs help and why we need to stop saying “social media intern”. (37:35) Plus, guests will be allowed in the NBA Bubble, just not certain ones and trying to figure out Kendall Jenner’s dating history is a struggle. (49:06) Finally, venting about relationships during the quarantine and a Bachelorette update. (1:31:00) 
Aug 13, 2020
Jay's Last Pod
The KAJ sends Jay off in style with an All Voicemail Pod, answering your hard-hitting questions, like: Who would win in the Hunger Games? (22:46) If you could dunk on anyone, who would it be? (38:56) And which 90s sports movie characters would crush in The Challenge? (49:19) We get one last French and Erotic News of the Week, (17:11) before the crew reflects on Jay's podcast experience.
Aug 04, 2020
What's In The Box?
The KAJ make good on their promise to review the all time greatest kids sports movies by diving deep on Space Jam and Little Giants. But before that, there’s a voicemail about sports tattoos (00:50), A Make Up Wipe Update (13:13) and a DJ Magic the Gathering: The Gathering Pt 2 recap (19:00). Then Ashley digs into Space Jam (33:30), and later, Katie finally speaks on Little Giants (1:16:24).
Jul 29, 2020
You’re Killing Me, Smalls 
The KAJ get over ambitious when they set out to discuss, Space Jam, Little Giants and The Sandlot. Instead, they focus just on Sandlot, but first there’s Racquetball vs. Squash (9:09), A Pupdate (17:10), Official Pod Business (23:20), and then they get into The Sandlot (49:06). There are takes and they are hot! 
Jul 22, 2020
The Mightiest Duck
Buckle up Salt Shakers... you're in for a long one! Katie, Ashley, and Jay give their summaries of The Mighty Ducks franchise starting with D1 (37:19), then D2 (1:00:12), and lastly D3 (1:38:02). They also throw in a Challenge Update (1:36:58) and a Power Ranking of all three Mighty Ducks movies (2:14:28).
Jul 15, 2020
Ashley's Game
Katie, Ashley and Jay get started with a question about when it's okay to turn off a sporting event (00:39), make an announcement (20:03), and then dive into some news before handing the reins to Ashley for a never-before-played game that she can't really describe. The KAJ covers Mahomes big money (30:19), Name Changes (50:06), College Football's Slippery Slope (52:31), and 75 hot dogs (1:22:00) before Ashley's Game (1:41:00) and a voicemail about superpowers (1:46:45).
Jul 08, 2020
Sarah Spain's Bookcase
The KAJ assemble for a very important pod. They start with a voicemail about which athlete they would Escape a Room with, and then discuss the big news: Cam Newton is a Patriot (23:46), LIVERPOOL ARE CHAMPIONS (34:13), The NWSL Challenge Cup (41:00), and JR Smith is Back, Baby (53:14). Later, there's an in-depth analysis of Sarah Spain's bookcase (58:57), a Challenge Update (1:07:12), French News (1:24:59), and a very crucial question about wedgies (1:33:55). 
Jul 01, 2020
Guest Host (ft. Mina Kimes, David Jacoby, Dianna Russini and Mike Golic Jr.)
With Katie under the weather, Ashley and Jay turn to some friends to help get you the Sports? you need this week. They talk FaceSwap and Baseball with Mina Kimes (12:40), The Bubble with David Jacoby (28:33), NFL predictions with Dianna Russini (44:48), and NWSL, The Bachelor, and Reality Shows with Mike Golic Jr. (50:40).
Jun 24, 2020
NBA Bubble Trouble
It's a beautiful day to get in the KAJ, as Katie, Ashley and Jay get into all of the major sports updates: The NBA Bubble (31:27), MLB Mayhem (54:22), Mike Gundy (1:05:51), NWSL Challenge Cup (1:15:46), What is the NFL Doing? (1:18:27), and the Premier League is BACK (1:23:50). There's a Challenge Update (1:27:19),there's French News (1:41:31), and a whole lot more.
Jun 18, 2020
The Oregon Fail
The KAJ are finally doing it, folks, they're finally heading west. But first, they share their hottest Disney takes (1:40) and get some updates, like mental health (14:06) and The Challenge (33:28). Then, the gang puts on their pioneer hats and takes to The Oregon Trail (54:40). How will it end? Dysentery? Cholera? Something way stupider? These questions and more will be answered on this week's Sports?
Jun 10, 2020
Important Stuff and Not Important Stuff
Important stuff (00:05) and not important stuff (20:11).
Jun 03, 2020
Sports: The Gathering
The KAJ starts off by picking their Starting 5 Disney Princesses to fill out an NBA team (00:28), then it's time for some updates: Friendly Banter (4:18), Mental Health (33:32), DJ Magic the Gathering (41:10), The Challenge (53:18), The Pupdate (1:00:59), and A Goosebumps Book Report (1:09:59). Later, Katie, Ashley and Jay have intel on Every. Single. Major. Sport. (1:35:55). Because you know what, bud? This is a sports podcast, that is about sports. Famously.
May 27, 2020
FMK (and Other Questions)
It's that time, friends - it's an All Voicemail Pod. The KAJ gets to all of the important questions, starting with What Oceans 11 of Athletes would they rob a bank with (00:18)? Later, they answer questions about cursing sports teams (46:07), the real rules of FMK (52:02), sorting the USWNT into Hogwarts houses (1:03:39), which candle flavor they'd melt into (1:10:26), and if they could read all of their old AIM chats (1:22:10). There's also a Challenge Update (30:29), some spontaneous French news (1:05:14), and a question about all of the singing (1:29:29).
May 20, 2020
Mike / Jordan
The KAJ is back and they are diving into some big sports news, but first, a question about sports memes (00:26), then a frosted tips update (23:35). Later, Baseball is maybe back? (41:47) and Katie has beef with Dana White (59:09). They finish up with The Mike or Jordan Bracket (1:11:21), featuring your favorite Mikes and Jordans, and a voicemail about embarrassing songs (1:27:30).
May 13, 2020
The 90's Bracket (Part 2)
Katie, Ashley and Jay head back inside the KAJ to complete the sweet sixteen of the 90's bracket. Napster? Lisa Frank? Frosted tips? Find out who they crown champion. (27:54) There's also a voicemail about a neighbor who is collecting seeds multiple times a day. Yes, we also want to know more. (2:04:50)
May 06, 2020
The 90's Bracket (Part One)
Inspired by The Last Dance and Pogs, the KAJ head back to the bracket. First, they discuss their worst sports memories (4:53), then dive into a 32-seed bracket of the best things from the 90's (22:32). Later, a voicemail about Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler (1:46:20).
Apr 29, 2020
The Recess Games Draft (ft. Ian Karmel)
With The Draft coming soon, the KAJ invites Draft Expert Ian Karmel to join them. After diving in on Gronk to the Bucs (19:51), Ian joins the KAJ and they get into the nitty gritty about drafting, and of course, by that, we mean, drafting the best ever recess games (33:00). Later, a voicemail about The Quarantine Purge (1:58:48). KAJ DOOR SLAM.
Apr 22, 2020
The PupCast
Katie, Ashley, Jay and Myrtle (!!) get together to chat about sports? but also puppies (6:08). Later, they pour one out for the XFL (50:06), Christian McCaffrey (1:13:48), A The Challenge Update (1:38:07), French News of the Week (1:49:58), and a voicemail about unsolved mysteries (1:55:26). Woof!
Apr 15, 2020
The Art of the Aquadump
Katie, Ashley, and Jay take charge of April by diving into some very needed host chat, then... there are sports! They discuss Wrestlemania (36:45), The UFC / Baseball BioDome (58:49), and Hologram Roger Goodell (1:36:23). There's also a somewhat tardy Bachelor Update (1:17:51), A Very Cavallari Update (1:42:33), French News of the Week (1:51:44), The Pick 3 Game (1:59:08), and so much more. Get in the KAJ, already.
Apr 08, 2020
The Board Game Bracket
The KAJ get together for, can it be, the last day of March, to complete one last bracket: the best board games. They start with a voicemail about dominant hands (00:16), then dive into the sweet sixteen (30:38). Later, a voicemail about little victories (2:24:20).
Apr 01, 2020
The QuaranTune Bracket
The KAJ digitally reunites to crown one song The Official QuaranTune of the quarantine. They start with a voicemail about Katie and Brady (00:15) then dive into the sweet sixteen (25:47). Later, a voicemail about picking just one grocery aisle (2:17:38).
Mar 25, 2020
The Work From Home Bracket
The KAJ are back together, remotely, and are continuing in this crazy third month with a bracket of the best things about working from home. First, they get a voicemail about best sports video games (1:17), then they dive into the sixteen options (23:10). Later, a voicemail about cheering yourself up (2:27:35).
Mar 19, 2020
The Binge Watch Bracket
It is truly the craziest third month - so Katie begins by addressing what's going on in the world. Then, she and Jay try to complete a bracket of the best shows to binge watch.
Mar 13, 2020
The Food Descriptions Bracket
Third month crazy time is back and the KAJ kicks it off with an epic bracket of food description words. First, they take a voicemail about piggy back rides (1:06), then they get into the sweet sixteen (8:00). Later, there's a quick bachelor update (1:07:38), the final four (1:10:28) and a very existential Kool-Aid question (1:15:54).
Mar 04, 2020
Joey Small Hands
The KAJ starts with a voicemail about their negative spirit animals (00:19). Then, they dive into the big news: An Extra NFL Playoff Game (19:37), Combine Measurements (28:53), and XFL week 3 which proved no one knows anything (33:53). Later, Katie watched Wilder vs. Fury (46:50), The Emergency Back-Up Goalie (1:00:13), and BIG Bachelor Update (1:11:59). Finally, Madison Bumgarner's Alter-Ego (1:33:08) and (another) soccer coach who's mad about sex (1:36:28).
Feb 25, 2020
Featuring Schefter
Katie, Ashley, and Jay start with a voicemail about substitute coaching, then dive into the big news: XFL Week 2 (20:12), Adam Schefter makes a surprising appearance (23:05), The NBA All-Star Game (35:54), Aaron Gordon Keeps Getting Robbed (41:50), Ashley Bakes a Take (47:32), and Stephen A got WORKED (50:57). Later, they talk about the MLB Dumpster Fire (1:00:07), Altuve Tattoo Drama (1:05:50), Man City (1:15:57), and Sexy Snakes (1:19:58).
Feb 18, 2020
Katie, Ashley, and Jay, commonly known as The KAJ, celebrate their 100th episode by doing what they do best, famously: talking about Tom Brady (21:05), The XFL and the Bang Bang Fang Gang (42:42), The Knicks (1:03:23), some weird MLB Reality TV rules (1:06:44), Siba the Poodle (1:15:23), and the USWNT and their CBA (1:18:14). Later, there is, of course, a Bachelor Update (1:35:24) and Erotic News (1:34:19). They end with a voifmail from Aaron (1:42:32). Fwa fwa fwa fwaaaa.
Feb 12, 2020
*Dolphin Sound*
The KAJ is together again and they start with a voicemail about data. Or is it dah-ta? (00:24) Then, they get into what happened at Super Bowl 54 (23:47), The Baby Nut Fiasco (finasco?) (50:48), and trades in the NBA (1:06:44) and MLB (1:16:28). Later, they talk some big comebacks (1:24:04), a very special Bachelor Update (1:29:50), and get HYPED for XFL (1:46:34). It ends with Erotic News (2:05:02) and Valentines Break Ups (2:07:50) It's a very brief pod.
Feb 06, 2020
Do Snakes Have Knees (Super Bowl Preview with Mike Golic Jr)
Katie and Jay are joined by "Good Tweet Mike" (Mike Golic Jr.) at the Super Bowl. They talk 49ers Chiefs (20:20), The Tom Brady Photo (25:00), Mr Peanut (27:07), Snakes Taking Knees (36:20), Female Tendencies (43:20), A Bachelor Update (51:23) and Erotic News (59:48).
Jan 31, 2020
Pee Your Pants, Treat Yourself
Did you know today is the saddest day of the year? Well, Katie and Ashley tell you to treat yourself. (8:30) They also talk both AFC and NFC championship games. (25:00) Katie talks about George Kittle's "shirtless Jimmy Garoppolo" shirt. (49:00) And as always, they give you erotic news (1:29:11).
Jan 21, 2020
Death. Taxes. Excuses.
Katie, Ashley and Jay are back with all of the sports? They start by picking desert island athletes then dive into the NFL playoffs, like the Bang Bang Niner Gang (27:22), the Seahawks (29:27), and the end of the Ravens run (37:28). They then talk Luke Kuechly (1:00:59), a Bachelor Update (1:20:45), sign stealing in MLB (1:38:00), and the erotic news of the week (2:04:50). They then finish up with some rhymes (2:12:16).
Jan 16, 2020
Peter Pilot
The KAJ gets together to pour one out for the Pats (20:00) the Eagles (24:40), and then, at long last, the official Sports? Fantasy Bachelor Draft (36:30). Later, they take a question about Goofy and Pluto and it gets weird (2:02:00).
Jan 09, 2020
My Body Is A Six Flags
It's that time again... it's an ALL VOICEMAIL POD! The KAJ gets into all of your important questions, starting with... who is Travis? Then they're asked about what reality shows they'd crush (13:40), the best TV theme song (26:00), their cover band (46:45), the weirdest thing in their notes app (53:30), their Real Housewives tagline (1:08:30), and what fantasy universe they'd live in (1:21:00). Dive in right now.
Dec 30, 2019
Spygate 2: Electric Boogaloo
Katie, Ashley and Jay get asked if a straw has one hole or two, then jump into the NFL playoff scenarios after discussing the playoff-bound Patriots (14:30) and the AFC North winning Ravens (16:00). They discuss how the Eagles control their own destiny (17:30), the Raiders could technically make it? (20:40), their fans should not throw things (32:55), and finally Spygate 2 and how B-Roll works (39:45). Later, they chat about the new Sharks coach being named (1:06:00) Chris Paul, Mall Cop (1:07:40), and Legends of the Hidden Temple (1:14:35). Lastly, they take a call about what year they'd relive. Zuzu's petals, get to those listens.
Dec 16, 2019
Drool Emoji
The KAJ get into a philosophical debate after a voicemail, then jump into their NFL games: The Patriots (28:30), The Ravens (39:10) and a preview of Eagles Giants (46:30). Later, they get into Lizzo shooting her shot with Karl-Anthony Towns (58:30), her dress (1:02:50), and some sanitary questions (1;04:20). Finally, they pick CFP teams and it goes great (1:13:20), a note on Peloton and other ads (1:27:00), and Ashley's no good very bad take (1:43:00).
Dec 10, 2019
The DCOM Bracket (Part Two)
It's finally here - Katie, Ashley and Jay enter the Final Four of the DCOM Bracket. The remaining match-ups are (1) Motocrossed vs. (4) Jump In! (17:00), and (2) Brink vs. (3) Johnny Tsunami (43:00). Later, they discuss the finals, which we can't tell you here because that would be too easy (1:22:00), and end with a voicemail about vegetables (2:07:00).
Dec 03, 2019
The DCOM Bracket (Part One)
The KAJ begin with a voicemail about a weird dream and then they get into the official Disney Channel Original (Sports) Movie Bracket (8:00). The matchups: Ready to Run (20:10) vs Motocrossed (31:44), 13th Year (46:20) vs Jump In (1:08:00), Alley Cats Strike! vs Brink! (1:28:00) and finally The Luck of the Irish (2:07:00) vs Johnny Tsunami (2:18:00). It should fly by, why are we like this?
Nov 26, 2019
The KAJ get together for a very special episode, and they start it off by talking about the worst fad they lived through. Then, they get into Le Batard's wedding (17:30), Not Pass Interference (44:30), Dwayne Haskins is Trying (51:00), Kaepernick's Tryout (54:40), and The Helmet (1:17:20). Later, Freddie Prinze Jr. has Star Wars Takes (1:23:50), so does Ashley about other things (1:37:00), and the DCOM Bracket films are officially selected (1:40:30).
Nov 18, 2019
Dak's Hips Don't Lie
The KAJ starts off with a bell update, then dives into Seahawks 49ers on MNF (19:11), Coinflip Yanny/Laurel (26:01), The Rally Cat that did not rally (27:11), Dak's hips (33:35), and Jeff Bezos' potential NFL ownership (37:45). Later, they dive deep on James Harden's strip club correlation (44:20), Jeremy Roenick on Michael Jordan (48:14), Liverpool Man City (54:46), and Disney+ (1:05:35). They finish by picking their USWNT Cage KAJ match partner (1:15:51). Stop reading this and go listen.
Nov 13, 2019
Katie's Most Embarrassing Podcast
The KAJ starts off with a question about athletes that cannot be described here, then get into the Pats-Ravens game (16:30), how Baker Mayfield loves to shave (30:40), Cleats (both throwing them and changing them) (41:50), and food in reverse (1:03:50). Later, they dive in on Mario Balotelli and another sad state of soccer affairs (1:20:40), Deadspin (1:23:40), and the way that uniforms should look from here on out (1:36:00).
Nov 04, 2019
I Have A Question
Katie starts with a question about her orchid namesake and her new Doris Burke artwork (10:15). Then, the KAJ gets into the NFL including OBJ's gift for Tom Brady (30:00), Joe Flacco is big mad (47:15) and JJ Watt (56:10). Plus, the Astros hold a 3-2 lead in the World Series but it's the off field problems that has everyone talking (1:24:00), KickballGate (1:41:15) and the NWSL crowns a champion (1:45:00).
Oct 29, 2019
Matthew Stafford Is Baby (ft. Sarah Spain)
Sarah Spain joins Katie for a very special Sports? Sarah joins the KAJ to figure out a good nickname for Katie's fans, then they chat all of the important news from Sunday's games, like Mahomes' knee (12:34) and how Matthew Stafford is baby (34:20). Later, they talk NWSL playoffs (57:00) and Jay dives deep on the Sooner Schooner (1:07:00) and the erotic news of the week (1:23:00).
Oct 22, 2019
PopeFacts II
The KAJ design a Katie Nolan Halloween costume, then they get into the NFL including the glorious return of PopeFacts (26:25), the Seahawks *NSYNC celebration (35:30) and Cris Collinsworth not sliding in (46:20). Plus, a voicemail from Katie's mom (1:04:15), people freaking out over Fortnite (1:22:00) and the erotic news of the week (1:26:50).
Oct 14, 2019
My Cat Is A Leadoff Hitter
Katie talks about having dinner with Anna Kendrick....kind of. And Katie isn't happy with Ashley's new obsession with a video game (9:20). Then, the KAJ quickly go over Jay Gruden being fired, Richard Sherman and Baker's handshake and the games this weekend (18:40). Plus, the Flyers have a "rage room" (42:00), Ben Simmons made a three pointer (53:10), Coleen Rooney vs Rebekah Vardy (1:04:30) and things went wrong at a pet hotel (1:31:25)
Oct 11, 2019
Risk It For This Biscuit
Katie talks about how far she would be willing to drive for an event on a work night. Then, The KAJ get into the NFL, tailgating at the Bills/Pats game, and certain items that were or were not thrown on the field. Plus, a wedding at the game (24:40), a WEIRD fantasy week (31:20), and things worse than TNF (36:40). Later, Katie wants a governor to come on her show and sign a historic bill (53:40). Plus, at long last, a finger licking good dating simulator (1:09:00).
Oct 01, 2019
Tweeting Through It
After figuring out if they're the last people on earth, Katie and Ashley dive into NFL Week 3. They get into Antonio Brown's new college courses (17:55), Gardner Minshew the urban legend (23:50), and Jay's first Ravens game (37:20). Later, there's a College Football Update (1:01:20), a baseball hero who has never been to the gym (1:10:55), and some erotic news of the week (1:11:38).
Sep 24, 2019
SEC Is My Safe Word
Katie begins by discussing the Patriots and then spends some time sharing her thoughts on the Antonio Brown story (18:20). Then, the KAJ gets into the rest of the football news like Ben's injury, The Unfortunate Saints (36:50), and Jay picking his new NFL team (42:20). Later, they get into the rest: there's a college football update (55:35), Man City are losers (1:06:00), and some Miami Arena information that can't be missed (1:13:30).
Sep 17, 2019
The gang gets into the KAJ to decide which sport Nicolas "KAJ" Cage should coach (00:41), then talks How Awesome MNF Was (12:09), Lamar Jackson's Arm (25:45), and the rest of Week 1. Later, they're joined by a special guest to talk about LSU Football and Lanard (Not Leonard) Fournette (39:08). They finish with a deep dive into the California Student-Athlete Bill (46:10), a very sexy KFC story (1:00:10), and picking their desert island condiment (1:05:26).
Sep 11, 2019
It Did Not Get Physical
It's week one of the NFL season, so the Sports? crew dives deep. They talk Belichick (21:25), Antonio Brown (33:15), and Zeke and Melvin Gordon (39:00). They also take some time to discuss other huge stories, like Mike Leach's Area 51 take (46:45), Rose Lavelle's Dance (50:40), and The Official Jeremy Renner App (52:15). Later, they head into the Elimination Chamber to crown this season's Super Bowl champion (1:07:05).
Sep 06, 2019
Flu Game (ft. Rose Lavelle)
Katie powers through illness and starts by answering a voicemail about which USWNT player is her spirit animal (00:30). Later, the gang talks Carli Lloyd kicking in the NFL (12:10) before being joined by very special guest Rose Lavelle (20:04). Finally, the crew tries to figure out which field size they should shrink (52:45). This pod is just for you, trust us.
Aug 30, 2019
Sir, This Is A Wendy's
The crew makes a phone call and gives someone a Premier League team (00:43), then gets into all of the most important stories: gas station enhancement pills and MLB (25:45), all of the NFL drama (35:40), VAR (51:48), Donald Sterling (1:01:22), the USWNT's court date (1:06:07), and that Larry Bird Mural (1:12:50). Later, Ashley tries to guess the names of all of the new XFL teams (1:26:32) and the gang plays Kiss, Marry, Kill (1:40:43).
Aug 22, 2019
Brungen It
Katie and Ashley discuss Katie's ESPN Fantasy Marathon Draft and breaking Adam Schefter's news (8:15), then later discuss Boogie's knee injury (23:30), an update on the USWNT's negotiations (28:34), Antonio Brown's helmet (33:24), Jay-Z and the NFL (41:45), and Aaron Rodgers' beer sales take (52:03). Later, the gang decides on a fantasy football penalty (1:09:30).
Aug 16, 2019
Thumb It Til You Become It
It's time to re-enter the KAJ. Katie and Ashley start off with a voicemail about rare advice (00:15), then later get into the news, talking Zeke and Melvin Gordon's holdouts (18:20), all of the magical moments that happened on the Hard Knocks premiere (31:21), the Premier League's imminent return (41:53), Ocho Day (50:52), and all of the internet news (55:49). Later, a very explosive Bachelorette Update (1:02:40), and then the gang chooses who they'd sit with at lunch and it is not who you'd think (1:14:00).
Aug 08, 2019
All of the Voicemails
It's that time again... it's an ALL VOICEMAIL POD. This week, the gang takes all of your important questions, including: which sporting event they'd time travel to (00:17), is white chocolate trash (10:10), who's the best sports power couple (14:29), the ideal hockey team of Marvel characters (36:18), what are their top 90's TV shows (46:30), bleacher fight physics (52:39), the hardest they've ever laughed (58:55) and their favorite punctuation (1:08:00).
Jul 31, 2019
Vodka Cranberry
Katie and Ashley celebrate the glorious return of the Damsel, then introduce a new segment called Storytime, where Katie takes us on a journey through all of the stories, regular and Instagram, of her recent life. Those include Megan Rapinoe (23:48), LeBron (29:08), an aside about Hot Girl Summer (32:18) and an awkward drink request. Later, a Bachelorette Update (01:03:25), a pre-NFL run through (1:12:00), and finally, they Enter The KAJ (1:26:07).
Jul 25, 2019
Thanks For The Content, B****
The US Women's National Team WON THE WORLD CUP. So, naturally, Katie and Ashley go over every single amazing moment (9:46), then discuss equal pay (21:30) , and every glorious Instagram moment (35:25). Later, they talk Kawhi (48:20) and The Infamous B/R Tweet (55:00).
Jul 10, 2019
Bow Pose
Katie and Ashley begin with a very adorable voicemail about weird sports facts (00:42), then delve into all of the NBA Free Agency stories including: Kawhi the rules man (20:06), the sad tale of the New York Knicks (30:19), and all of the other big moves (34:00). Later, they preview the USWNT semi-final match vs. England (46:10) and celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day (57:54).
Jul 02, 2019
For Tobin Heath Only
This week's podcast is incredible. Katie and Ashley preview the USWNT's match-up vs. France (15:43), then discuss Cam Newton and whether or not one should ever recline on an airplane (34:35), Tom Brady's most recent photoshoot (38:12), the first (of many) Woj Bombs (39:56), and the best and worst NFL fanbases (41:00), allegedly. Later, a Bachelorette Update (52:08) and Katie and Ashley compete as Beyonce's assistant in an innovative Twitter thread (1:02:24). It's too bad you can only listen to it if you're Tobin Heath.
Jun 26, 2019
Mucus Aurelius
Katie and Ashley start with a voicemail about how they wake up (00:45). Then, Katie tells the story of when she finally met Doris Burke (13:00). The gang then issues a quick retraction and apology (20:45) before before they dive into the big news: The Raptors Won The NBA Finals (!!) (26:20), Klay and KD and Chocolate Milk Being Badass (30:40), the USWNT and 13 goals (46:30), and the Stanley Cup (1:02:22). Later, A Bachelorette Update (1:16:50), then they talk Hard Knocks (1:18:35), John Manziel (1:21:30) Prayers for Big Papi, (1:23:50) and Max Muncy's weird diss (1:26:00).
Jun 14, 2019
Not Now, Go Away
Katie and Ashley get right into the big news of the week, discussing: NBA Finals and some groundbreaking Durant San Francisco news (11:50), the Stanley Cup Finals (21:55), and Liverpool's Champions League glory (31:25). Later, the gang discuss Juju's visit to prom (43:40), the Board Man who Gets Paid (49:20), and the Women's World Cup Kickoff (1:05:10). Later, they draft their Space Jam lineups using other cartoon characters (1:23:00) and names USWNT-themed food (1:43:40).
Jun 05, 2019
Comparing Klay Thompson to Milk
The gang is back together and start with a voicemail about Women's World Cup (1:30), then figure out the distinction between a Whiskey Cavalier Update and a Whiskey Cavalier Update Update (13:00). Later, they talk all of the news, including: Bruins vs. Blues (22:15), the NBA Finals and Drake's tattoos (34:20), Klay Thompson, milk, and his mom (43:59), the Champions League Final and some very exciting Mo Salah news (54:30), and Rob Pelinka lying about a dead guy (1:01:50). Later, the gang plays Name That Tweet: NBA Finals Edition (1:18:20) and comes up with sports musicals (1:28:50).
May 31, 2019
Ghost Host
The crew starts off with a voicemail about choosing a different place to live other than the place they currently live, a Whiskey Cavalier update, the latest on Drake vs the Bucks, Aaron Rodgers lack of chugging talent, Orioles are the worst pitching staff in the MLB, a Stanley Cup update, a traffic jam at Mount Everest, the last Game Of Thrones conversation ever and much more. Plus, a voicemail about trading Liverpool's chance to win the Champions League for the Premier League title.
May 24, 2019
The Bachelorette Draft
The crew starts off with a voicemail about choosing taste buds or sports (2:18) and the second-to-last Whiskey Cavalier update (10:45). Later, it gets real when Katie, Ashley and Jay discuss the Premier League finale and some inter-pod drama (22:08), then the gang talks NHL Hand Passes (32:10), Nick Kyrgios latest fit (41:40), Nike and Pregnancy (44:16), and Game of Thrones (54:20). Later, the gang drafts their Bachelorette picks (1:01:30).
May 17, 2019
Swimsuit Issues
Katie and Ashley take a voicemail about a hypothetical President Nolan administration (1:28), then they get into some huge stories, like: court-side beer chugging (20:22), Danica Patrick's drink (24:15), Liverpool's unforgettable comeback (40:15), the Game of Thrones Cup and a new segment called 'No One Cares But I Care' (50:18), and some issues regarding the SI swimsuit issue (54:00). Later, the gang introduces a game called Hot Tab Time Machine (1:04:00).
May 10, 2019
Sports Feelings
Katie and Ashley get past some jelly bean drama to discuss whether texting "k" means you hate someone (8:35), then later they pick, including: picking a Derby horse (21:50), Dwayne Haskins and #7 (32:25), Smash Mouth's latest hot take (56:16), and the USWNT's World Cup lineup (1:01:00). Later, the gang enters the elimination chamber to crown the best sports feeling of all time (1:10:00).
May 03, 2019
The Last Avenger
Katie and Ashley recap some insane playoff moments, like Damian Lillard's buzzer beater (18:01) and the Sharks miracle comeback (26:00). Later, they discuss Danny Amendola's messy instagram post (32:19), the NFL Draft (41:55), and fake MLB jobs (47:50). Finally, the gang returns to the Elimination Chamber, deciding which Avenger will be the last left standing (01:01:18).
Apr 24, 2019
It's Not A Pivot, It's A Cave
Katie and Ashley dive in on six big stories: Tiger Woods and Ashley's Terrible Pivot (23:05), NHL Playoffs (33:25), NBA Texting (42:30), Kim Jong Un in a Fedora (49:02), Russell Wilson flexin' on 'em (51:46), A-Rod's practice proposal (56:24), and Ronda Rousey's Impregnation Vacation (59:40). Later, the gang plays a round of everyone's favorite game, Novel Ideas (1:12:51).
Apr 18, 2019
Who Wins Game of Thrones?
Katie and Ashley talk Two-Belt Becky Lynch's epic win and a new WWE character who they don't love (13:17), Magic Johnson's Irish exit from the Lakers (17:26), NHL Playoff Matchups and a man scoring a goal with his teeth (28:15), and make (slightly late) Masters picks (37:30). Later, a Very Cavallari update (45:00) and the gang drafts to decide who they think will win the Game of Thrones (50:51).
Apr 12, 2019
Back from Britain + BECKY LYNCH
The gang is back and ready to pick six. They talk the unlikely Final Four (27:34), the end of the AAF (34:20), Steph Curry's Mini Golf Competition (43:40) and Wrestlemania (49:30). Later, a Very Cavallari update (58:30), and then Ashley interviews THE MAN, Becky Lynch (1:01:00).
Apr 05, 2019
March Adness
It's the end of Third Month Crazy Time, which brings Katie and Ashley to the most important bracket of all: The Best Ad Reads in Sports? History. This pod has everything: Minnesota Hockey Mom (22:18), The Birth of the Southern Damsel (25:23), Soulcycle Instructors (29:20), Celine Dion (33:46), Miley Cyrus (41:36), and Rebecca Lowe (31:07). And there's a Whiskey Cavalier update (54:33).
Mar 26, 2019
The Dynamic Duo(s)
Katie and Ashley continue the bracket crazy month wackadoo with the final word on the best dynamic duo of all time - and with Bert and Ernie, Key and Peele, and Jordan and Pippen involved, the competition is stiff (13:40). There's also a Very Cavallari Update (50:18) and a Whiskey Cavalier Update (8:55) and a very important Sports? Voting opportunity (1:35:50).
Mar 21, 2019
The Snacket
Katie and Ashley's second bracket of Third Month Crazy Time raises the stakes when they crown the King of Bagged Snacks (12:08). There's also our last Bachelor Update of the season (45:30), a Very Cavallari Update (53:23), a brief Whiskey Cavalier update (3:50), and a not-to-be-missed Miley Cyrus moment (1:21:51).
Mar 15, 2019
Third Month Crazy Time
It's the third month, which means Third Month Crazy Time Brackets are BACK. This week Katie and Ashley take on naming the best ever Sports Movie (8:32). There's also a Bachelor Update (45:30), a Very Cavallari (58:20) Update, and a Whiskey Cavalier Update (5:55).
Mar 09, 2019
Very Cavalier-y
Katie and Ashley pick six huge stories, starting with Jason Witten's return to the NFL and their dream MNF booth (12:07). Then they talk Bryce Harper (16:55), Robert Kraft (22:55), and Johnny Manziel, ganja, and brewskis (31:10). Later, there's a Bachelor Update (53:40) and the Gang placates a voicemail asking them to do an All Fantasy Everything draft from their home states and it works, sort of (58:45). Oh. And there's also a Whiskey Cavalier update (6:30).
Mar 01, 2019
Leavuffa Voicemail Pod
It's that time again... it's an ALL VOICEMAIL POD. The gang answers all of the important questions, like: the leavuffavoicemail origin story (1:26), who would do your Drunk History (27:20), the Cher vs. Celine Dion Cage Match (37:32), the best ever sports nicknames (45:06), and the final word on 80's vs 90's music (51:12).
Feb 21, 2019
Now That We Found Love
Katie and Ashley celebrate Valentine's Day by breaking up with Christ Pratt (7:53), then picking six more break-up stories like Joe Flacco and the Ravens (18:20), Kyler Murray and Baseball (29:10), and Mo Salah and his beard (33:05). Later, Katie writes sports poems (47:50) and the gang names a dog (1:00:00).
Feb 15, 2019
Jock Jams (Vol. 1)
Katie and Ashley are back and ready for Sports? They analyze the Pelicans mind games (22:09), talk Pat Mahomes' basketball ban (27:30), and give their hot take about Jason Whitlock's hot take on LeBron (37:10). Later, the gang gets a Bachelor Update (48:32) and then tries to eliminate and crown the One Greatest Jock Jam, Volume 1 (53:00).
Feb 09, 2019
Katie and Ashley come up with the best sports names ever (1:15), celebrate the Pats in the Super Bowl (14:30), consider tackling Rex Ryan (20:50), cover the Browns' very unfortunate Twitter incident (26:43), analyze Antonio Brown's terrible mustache (33:19), and of course discuss the potential Stephen A. Smith vs. Derek Carr UFC match-up (36:00). Later, there's a Bachelor Update (43:50) and the gang tries to solve a Gritty murder mystery (48:51).
Jan 25, 2019
Oh Baby, Baby
Katie and Ashley pick six and then another several because there are so many great sports stories this week, such as: The Pats in the AFC Championship (27:30), Seagulls Gone Wild at the Australian Open (41:00), Soccer Spies (46:50), The MTV Cribs Scandal (1:10:10), and something called the Texas Wine Service (1:15:06). Finally, Ashley has a very important Bachelor Update (1:17:30), and the gang answers a voicemail about their most narrow escapes (1:32:03).
Jan 19, 2019
The Bachelor Draft
Katie and Ashley take a voicemail about best birthday desserts (1:59), discuss the double doink (9:55), preview the NFL playoff matchups (12:30), talk Kyler Murray and the NFL draft (22:09), and dissect a pants problem for hockey players (31:10). Later, The Bachelor is back and with it the ultimate Katie Nolan Bachelor Draft (41:07).
Jan 11, 2019
Year in Review?
Katie & Ashley recap 2018 by awarding their favorites of the year, including: Best Quote (16:30), Most Insane Moment (18:30), Biggest Non-Story (21:40), Best Celebration (26:10), Biggest Whoopsie (28:20), Best Repeat Performance (35:00), Most Cringeworthy (38:40), Best Nickname (40:30), Biggest Surprise (45:35), and Best Video of the Year (50:20).
Jan 04, 2019
Sorry About The Singing
Katie and Ashley start the holiday season right, by discussing foods you don't like and don't want to explain (1:06), then later discuss the glorious return of Nathan Peterman (17:42), Yang Yang the giant panda's football picks (26:15), Carrie Underwood-gate (29:28), and A-Rod's binder full of decks (34:20). Later, the gang plays Ones Gotta Go Holiday Edition (51:50).
Dec 21, 2018
Reverse Dragon
Katie & Ashley pick six based on suggestions from the fine people of Twitter, such as: Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl (19:30), the Hurricanes in Whalers jerseys (23:08), doctors maybe lying to players (28:20), Steph and the moon landing (38:44), and Sarver getting owned by Greta Rogers (48:32). Later, the gang asks 20 questions to try and guess what Ashley called "literally the stupidest thing she's ever done" (56:10).
Dec 15, 2018
That Sounds Like A Nolan Problem
Katie & Ashley take on this week's big headlines: Seattle's new hockey team (17:00), ALL of the new football leagues (21:10), and a naked Oreo run to remember (34:30). Then it's time for another exciting round of Sports Charades (47:12), and finally a voicemail about shredded cheese. (1:00:17)
Dec 07, 2018
Just Don't Do That!
Katie and Ashley are BACK! They take on the hard-hitting stories like their top-two Thanksgiving foods (1:24), the Reuben Foster fiasco (13:40), Baker Mayfield and Hue Jackson (28:30), a FAKED death in the world of Irish soccer (31:55), and the Bucs giving away tickets literally for free (44:12). Later, it's the return of NAME THAT TWEET (51:30) and a brief chat about naming a dog Mitchell Trubarksky! (1:05:10).
Nov 30, 2018
Katie and Ashley take on not five - but SIX - very important sports stories including Le'Veon Bell's locker (11:24), that hot beef between Draymond and Durant (20:50), Jimmy Butler's minivan (29:28), Patrick Mahomes Ketchupgate (31:00), Volleyball Proposals (38:00), and Becky Lynch's broken face (41:40). Later, the gang tries to name the top 5 Thanksgiving floats (51:50) and plays One Gotta Go and makes some very tough choices (1:01:00).
Nov 16, 2018
Off the Rails
It's time for another ALL VOICEMAIL POD! This Pod has everything: donut power rankings (:38), the worst rules in sports (16:15), fantasy boy bands (25:00), autographs as adults (47:00), dinosaur meat (51:55), the backstory on Katie's Liverpool fanhood (1:02:15), and the gang's senior quotes (1:15:00).
Nov 10, 2018
Sports Charades! (it's an audio medium)
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about whether it's okay to say "we won" about your team (1:01), then they dive into some serious news (11:01), talk about the sex toy backfield incident (16:40), discuss the dumpster fire in Cleveland (20:15), give an update on the WNBA negotiations (27:30), and chat Matt Patricia's posture requirements (42:30). Later, the gang plays a brand new game called Sports Charades and it gets bonkers (50:30) and answer a voicemail about top 5 flightless birds (1:15:00).
Nov 02, 2018
#1 QB (Swag)
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about taking on a second team when you move somewhere new (1:05), give a quick Red Sox Fan Red Sox update (10:53), analyze deep analytics in football (25:14), bid adieu to #1 QB Chad Kelly (32:41), play a new game called Name That Tweet (54:04), and take a voicemail from two Sports? fans who maybe fell in love! (1:13:00).
Oct 26, 2018
Same or Shame with Mina Kimes
Katie and Ashley are joined by Mina Kimes and debut TWO new games! They take a voicemail about athletes playing other sports (1:17), play SAME or SHAME (9:58), learn way too much about Mina's dog (15:08), try and decipher sports books by their covers (37:30), and answer a voicemail about how to pick a Halloween costume properly (1:01:50).
Oct 19, 2018
Katie & Ashley talk about SO MANY SPORTS THINGS like Jimmy Butler (8:05), Odell (13:05), Charles Barkley's underwear (33:00), analyze which NFL QBs can and cannot dunk (1:10:00) and so much more!
Oct 13, 2018
NHL Update with Dave (Lemon Pie) Lozo
Katie & Ashley answer a voicemail about turtle names (:55), talk about Le'Veon Bell's alleged return (09:28), tell you to Go Look It Up (17:14), are joined by Always Late writer Dave Lozo to discuss hockey, pie-gate, and more (23:00), and discuss whether it's okay for athletes to shave with no notice (34:32).
Oct 05, 2018
Control Assault Delete
Katie & Ashley answer what sport they want to watch an animal play (:45), discuss the news (9:34), brainstorm their tag-team name (28:39), and a voicemail about tinder magic.
Sep 27, 2018
Whose Side Are You On?
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail from a woman going into labor (:20), talk about what happened on this week of the show (12:40), discuss Space Jam 2 (15:45), talk about what can happen in Buffalo (22:00), play a new, very cool game called Whose Side Are You On (31:50), discuss pie flavors (42:00), a voicemail about Katie's multi-color pen preferences (49:30), and much, much more.
Sep 21, 2018
The Transitional Pick
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about sleeping with your dog (:19), discuss the important things that have happened since they last did a podcast (9:30), talk about Katie's new show (33:07), share some jokes that didn't make the cut (37:02), dive into Mark Wahlberg's daily schedule (47:52), and learn about primal zodiac signs (58:00).
Sep 14, 2018
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about picking between having no eyebrows or no fingernails (:10). Plus, the ladies take you on a super-slapping live adventure from Katie's first WWE Summer Slam (7:00).
Aug 23, 2018
Tiger Woods Is A McRib
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about Ninja not streaming with women (:15), the most important news from the NFL preseason including Tyrod Taylor's name pronunciation, Cam vs Kelvin, Jalen Ramsey's suspension, Antonio Callaway's punishment and Deflategate II (13:30), is Tiger Woods really back or is he just back for a limited time (28:00), coaches doing weird stuff (32:00), with no more Bachelorette, Ashley discusses a social media Top-3 post (35:00), Bake Your Take on "Aspirational Packing" (46:00) and a final voicemail about what to do with foul balls at a baseball game (55:00).
Aug 15, 2018
Kissing Your Kids
Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about what snack food they can eat all of in one sitting (:10), discuss the HOF game and how Ray Lewis kisses his kids on the mouth (10:00), hearing both sides of "It's not weird when adults kiss their grown kids on the mouth" (16:45), Serena Williams' Instagram post about Postpartum Depression and being a working mom (23:00), Johnny Manziel's 4 INT debut in the CFL (29:50), the season finale update of The Bachelorette and Very Cavallari (41:00), a voicemail about "What's your favorite mean but funny thing to say to someone" (58:00) and much more.
Aug 08, 2018
And Then There Were Two
Katie and Ashley do an all voicemail podcast starting with possibly the shortest voicemail ever (:23), a montage of voicemail misfires (1:50), Katie tries to decipher a transcription gone horribly wrong (3:00), what is the real-life equivalent of hitting the cutoff man in baseball (15:30), if it's ok to root for players who left your team (19:25), if you were a Disney prince/princess what would your animal sidekick be (23:30), who would be on the All-ESPN Family Feud dream team (29:40), a Bachelorette and Very Cavallari update (37:00) and if you could live anywhere in the world where would you live (45:25).
Aug 01, 2018
The Final Recknoning?
The crew takes a voicemail about making friends (0:25) and talks about hand, foot and mouth disease (10:40), what other sports you want Adam Schefter to cover (15:00), the Challenge (18:00), if Josh Hader deserved a standing ovation in Milwaukee (22:45), the Browns getting the latest Josh Gordon situation correct (44:00), a Bachelorette & Very Cavallari update (50:00), getting caught and being dumb (58:00) and what's happening with Dopp now that fantasy football season is back (1:08:25).
Jul 25, 2018
Another All Voicemail Podcast!
With Katie and Ashley at the ESPY's, the crew does another all voicemail podcast with questions about fanny packs, proposals, foundational fives, celebrity crushes & more!
Jul 18, 2018
Too Busy To Get Busy
Katie and Ashley help a listener name their new pup (0:25) talk about LeSean McCoy's latest legal trouble (14:30), the Carolina Panthers being contractually obligated to keep a statue of Jerry Richardson (34:30), World Cup updates (46:30), if there's more excitement around the return of The Challenge or debut of Very Cavallari (59:10), a Bachelorette update (1:09:45) and a listener helps to create a Sports? drinking game.
Jul 12, 2018
Vuvuzelas, Fast Money & Quarter-Life Crises
The crew takes a voicemail about quarter-life crises (0:25), talks World Cupdates (11:15), does Iran or Panama have the better fans (16:45), if chocolate statues are unnecessary (21:25), if Jess is wrong for backing out of a Twitter bet (27:00), who has the best middle finger (32:00), if Dwayne Casey deserves to win NBA Coach of the Year when he can't even win Coach of the Raptors (39:00), Ayesha Curry dominating Family Feud (47:30) and another a soon-to-be high schooler calls in to help Eli the middle schooler with his laptop conundrum (1:05:00).
Jun 28, 2018
Waffle Makers, Warlocks & Twitter Controversy
The crew takes a voicemail about waffle makers (0:25), World cUpdates including rooting for rivals and warlocks with rain sticks (10:40), Tom Brady's snooze fest of an interview with Oprah (39:30), controversy in the sports media twitter verse (45:00), if we believe Phil Mickelson is super good at math (1:02:00) a Bachelorette update (1:10:00) and we take a voicemail from a super cool kid going into middle school (1:22:00).
Jun 20, 2018
Iceland: The Mighty Ducks of the World Cup
Dopp is out this week, so Katie and Ashley throw out a bunch of bits they've always wanted to try. "Somethings Gotta Go" (9:49) forces Katie to get rid of one great sports accomplishment. "Gotta Hear Both Sides" (13:49) has her argue both for and against Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's early engagement. In "Bake Your Take (Working Title)" (23:25), she tries to argue that breakfast restaurants have a unique advantage they keep failing to capitalize on. And in "Metaphorically Speaking" (33:20), they provide metaphors for each team in the World Cup to help you better understand what's happening and who you should put your money on (allegedly?). Oh, and a "Bachelorette Update" (1:10:20).
Jun 13, 2018
Pirates, Burners & Kits
The crew takes a voicemail about the best and worst music collaborations (0:25), why all the big news happens after we post a podcast (16:00), a quick update on the Stanley Cup playoffs (29:00), Katie's definitive list of sports that other sport's athletes would be bad at (32:00), why you should sometimes wait longer than 14 years to ask a question (46:00) and picking the best World Cup kits (1:00:00).
Jun 06, 2018
Unexpected Delays
The crew takes a voicemail from someone who wants to move from South Florida to Boston (:25) talks about which team they're rooting for in the Stanley Cup (16:00), Katie makes Dopp back up his hot take on Chris Paul and Alex Ovechkin (18:00), if people still care about the 4th installment of Cavs-Warriors (25:00), if the 4th movie of a franchise can be any good (31:00), how Katie had to watch the Champions League Final (42:00) and we make our Bachelorette picks (50:20).
May 31, 2018
Crazy Hat Confidence
The crew take a voicemail from a listener moving back home with his parents (0:25), talk about the Golden Knights making the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year as a team (15:30), the people at Preakness and the Royal Wedding who have "crazy hat confidence" (26:00) and Katie's Top 10 NBA moments of 2018 (42:30).
May 23, 2018
The All Voicemail Podcast: Part Deux
The crew does another all voicemail podcast, taking questions from an angry listener, a guy who got hit by a car, child rearing, read receipts, starfish, keeping secrets, who's the nicest, 4v4v4 battle royale, the best cover songs, two farmers who are both driving tractors, granny syndrome and how to look cool to middle schoolers.
May 16, 2018
4am Text Messages
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail for relationship advice (:25) we check in on Katie's picks for the NBA & NHL playoffs (18:00), the excitement surrounding Liverpool in the Champions League Final (30:30), if 4am is the right time to send text messages about job performance (39:00), Becky Hammon's interview with the Bucks (47:00) how to feel about Adele's Titanic themed birthday party (57:30) what was Tom Brady thinking with his suit for the Met Gala (1:05:00) and a final voicemail about which animal needs to become a pro team mascot?
May 09, 2018
Ruin That Story!
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about wedding songs (:25) we look back at Katie's picks for the NBA & NHL playoffs and she makes second round predictions (14:00), we ruin everything about the NFL draft (48:00), Daniel tries to talk about the White House Correspondents Dinner (1:06:00), if MySpace is still a thing / how we picked our top 8 (1:07:45) we debut a new segment called "Go Look It Up" (1:09:30), and we finish with a voicemail about Fortnite (1:15:00).
May 02, 2018
The All Voicemail Podcast
Katie, Ashley and Dopp do an all voicemail podcast! The crew takes questions about 90's one-hit wonders, binge worthy shows, the top 16 ways to prepare a potato, sending someone to Mars, why Katie hates everyone, video games, bucket list sporting events, best and worst karaoke songs, if we had one wish what would we wish for, what celebrity would we be best friends with, power ranking corn products, our favorite biopics, Dopp's most embarrassing moments, why Ashley and Katie are so mean to Dopp, which branch of the military was Dopp in (cause he sounds dumb) and the best sports town that isn't the town we root for.
Apr 25, 2018
Move That Gigantic Cotton Candy
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about being really good at something random (:25) Katie predicts the winners of the first round of the NBA playoffs based on mascots (12:00), a celebrity breakup that shakes Ashley to her core (27:30), and Dopp doesn't think Dez Bryant still a superstar WR (34:15). Plus the Super Troopers guys stop by to talk about the release of Super Troopers 2, why Kevin Heffernan is the perfect Farva, what their favorite line from the original Super Troopers is and they answer a listener voicemail on how to make friends in Germany (45:00).
Apr 19, 2018
Pope Facts, Hard Words & Predictions
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a drunk voicemail from a girl in Minnesota (:25) why Ashley loved Wrestlemania (9:55), if we're buying the NBA2K league (18:30), Katie scientifically predicts the winners of the first round of the NHL playoffs (26:30), if we've ever been confused for another person with the same name as us (43:15), Packers WR Trevor Davis gets arrested for making a bad joke at an airport (49:10) words that are hard to say / read (53:45), Pope facts (57:45), and Dopp has a super special voicemail for the crew (1:09:15).
Apr 11, 2018
Baseball Injuries Are Weird
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about The Challenge (:25) and talk about which professional sport they think they could play and not totally embarrass themselves (8:00), the weirdest injuries we've seen from MLB players (17:00), if all NFL players should train with knives like Aaron Donald (29:30), if it's ever okay to leave a game early (39:00), why April Fools is the worst holiday (49:45) and one of our three hosts talks about their experience as a child model (52:45).
Apr 04, 2018
The Cinderella Bracket
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about their favorite lyrics (:35) and talk about NFL cheerleaders / Dateline (8:30), how Ashley's tournament selection process has worked out (10:45), and a NYC museum that encourages you to ride a sex machine (21:40). Plus, in honor of Loyola-Chicago making the final four, we do a "Cinderella" bracket about the top eight Disney princesses (26:36).
Mar 29, 2018
The Upset Bracket
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about crustaceans (:20) and talk about how bad their NCAA tournament brackets look (6:45), comedian Bert Kreishcer running a marathon in five and a half hours without training (10:45), and Dopp is thinking about playing Fortnite (14:00). Plus, in honor of all the tournament upsets we do a bracket of all the things that make Katie upset (22:15) and Marty Smith joins the show to talk about his new ESPN podcast (1:13:00).
Mar 21, 2018
Weirdest College Mascot Bracket
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about cereal (:25) and talk about Tom Brady drinking a beer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / NFL free agency (6:45), if we still care about Tiger Woods (17:40), and how to pick your bracket for the NCAA tournament (25:00). Plus, we do our own March bracket around the 32 weirdest college mascots (30:30) and our championship school wins the gift of a lifetime (1:25:35).
Mar 14, 2018
How Many Nuggets Can You Eat In Two Hours?
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about In-N-Out Burger (:25) and talk about 8 different nuggets of news including The Oscars (8:25), the NFL combine (46:45), chicken nuggets (54:12), Jesus Shuttlesworth (58:15), Yoko Ono / science (1:03:00), BBQ (1:07:45), cloned pets (1:13:00) and the dumbest drunk purchases we've ever made (1:15:25).
Mar 07, 2018
Joel McHale
Katie, Ashley and Dopp take a voicemail about their ideal hangs (0:30) about Geno Smith's flat earth hot take (8:00), Ronda Rousey's WWE debut (16:30) and if tv shows should have a season limit (23:50). Plus, Joel McHale stops by (33:30) to talk about his new Netflix show, hair pillows, rowing crew and why he doesn't believe in brainstorming.
Feb 28, 2018
Marvel Winter Olympics
Katie Nolan, Ashley and Dopp discuss Katie's All-Star weekend (7:30), Fergie's National Anthem performance (16:00) and if the Browns should go after Drew Brees (19:25). In honor of Black Panther, the crew also debates which characters from the Marvel Universe would medal in the Winter Olympics.
Feb 21, 2018
Rachel Nichols
Katie Nolan and her producers Ashley and Dopp answer a listener's voicemail (0:20), discuss Josh McDaniels' coaching decision (4:20), if Jimmy Garoppolo is worth $137.5m (10:00), and did the Cavs make the right move in trading away their entire team (14:45)? Plus, in advance of the NBA Celebrity game coaching showdown, Rachel Nichols stops by to draft their celebrity "dream team" starting line ups (20:00) and Katie pays off her Super Bowl bets (41:15).
Feb 14, 2018
Super Bowl Recap
Katie Nolan and producer Ashley answer a listener's voicemail and look back on their very different experiences at last weekend's Super Bowl in Minneapolis.
Feb 07, 2018
Live From Radio Row With Rich Eisen
Katie Nolan and her producer Ashley answer a listener's voicemail and then are joined by Rich Eisen from the aptly named "The Rich Eisen Show" to discuss the Super Bowl, the radio row experience, which reality show he could win if he competed today and more (4:16). Later, Ryan Clark confirms one of Katie's hot takes regarding Mike Tomlin (40:25) and Katie & Ashley place a bet on the Super Bowl (44:40).
Jan 31, 2018
Which Super Bowl Halftime Show is the GOAT?
Katie Nolan enlists her producers, Ashley and Dopp, to talk about the Championship round games, why losing is harder when you're not used to it (3:20-7:25) and what Eagles fans should feel if Nick Foles, rather than Carson Wentz, wins the Super Bowl (7:25-12:50). Plus, Katie has a Justin "Timbertake" (15:15-20:00) and they go through every Super Bowl halftime show since 2000 and eliminate them one-by-one until they're left with the greatest halftime show in recent memory (20:00-1:22:00).
Jan 24, 2018
Shea Serrano
Before being joined by Shea Serrano, Katie enlists producer Ashley to help her unpack all the random thoughts she had while watching last weekend's NFL Divisional Round games (3:00) before looking forward to this weekend's Conference Championships (33:00). Then Shea and Katie discuss the craziness that was Rockets-Clippers (45:15) and the incredible donations the FOH Army has made around the globe (52:15). Plus, Shea vicariously lives through the hate in Katie's Twitter mentions (1:03:00) and what it feels like to have a personal hero read the book he wrote.
Jan 17, 2018
Adam Pally
Katie and her producers run through this weekend's Divisional Round NFL games before being joined by Adam Pally (12:00) to talk NY sports, if all coaches should wear suits, and is kale really better than regular lettuce?
Jan 10, 2018
TBD with Katie Nolan
In Episode 0, Katie, her producer Ashley, and guest David Jacoby (of ESPN's Jalen & Jacoby) choose a name for the show from a bracket comprised of submissions by friends, coworkers, and people with much better podcasts. Weekly episodes of the show will launch JANUARY 10th.
Dec 13, 2017