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 Mar 7, 2019


Why don’t reality dating shows look or feel like reality? Where are all the rose ceremonies and romantic getaways when dating IRL? Is popular TV teaching us anything about modern dating, relationships, and marriage?

These are all topics discussed on 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose — a podcast uncovering what we can learn about modern dating, love, and relationships from popular television. Come ready to unpack, have a laugh, and commiserate with co-hosts and real-life BFFs Justine Kay and Natasha Scott-Reichel and let’s see if we can make sense of this thing called love!

*New episodes every TUES, WED, & THURS!

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Episode Date
Sex and the City: How Often is "Normal"?
Jul 18, 2024
The Bachelorette S21 E2: Should You Take An Improv Class Before You Sign Up For The Bachelor?
Jul 16, 2024
Sex And The City: Is Motherhood Just Around The Corner?
Jul 11, 2024
The Bachelorette S21 E1: Is Being Corny a Red Flag?
Jul 09, 2024
The Charity Lawson Interview
Jul 08, 2024
Sex and the City: When Is Time To Settle For What You Can Get?
Jul 02, 2024
Jenn's Cast Bios: We Have MAYBE Two Asian Men...
Jun 27, 2024
The Tolú Ekundare Interview
Jun 26, 2024
Perfect Match S2 E10: Does "Looking" Compatible Mean Anything? ft. Sequoia Holmes of Black People Love Paramore
Jun 25, 2024
Perfect Match S2 E7-9: When Do You Stop Giving Someone the "Benefit of the Doubt"?
Jun 20, 2024
Bridgerton S3 E7-8: Should You Expect an Apology From Your Mom? Feat Mandi Woodruff
Jun 19, 2024
Bridgerton S3 E5-6: Should You Keep Secrets From Your Spouse?
Jun 18, 2024
Sex And The City: Are Threesomes The New Sexual Frontier?
Jun 13, 2024
Perfect Match S2E4-6: If You’re Pursuing Opposite Types, Are You Serious About Finding Love?
Jun 12, 2024
Perfect Match S2E1-3: Should You Judge A “Reformed” Bad Boy On His Past?
Jun 11, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Summer House, Couples Therapy, Smutty Beach Reads, AND MORE!
Jun 06, 2024
Sex and the City: Has Monogamy Become Too Much To Expect?
Jun 04, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Zendaya's Challengers, Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, and That Cannes Security Guard...
May 30, 2024
Sex and the City: How Many Of Us Are Having "Secret Sex"?
May 28, 2024
Sex and the City: Should Women Exchange Their Sexual Power for Money?
May 23, 2024
Bridgerton S3 E3-4: Does It Pay Off to Play Dumb?
May 22, 2024
Bridgerton S3 E1-2: Is Friendship or Passion a Better Foundation for a Relationship?
May 21, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, Clay's New GF, and more!
May 16, 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden S1E6-10: Can A Man Grow His Attraction To A Woman?
May 15, 2024
Sex and the City: Should We Be Dating Men In Their 20s?
May 14, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: The Idea of You, Selling The OC, and The Jinx!
May 09, 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden S1E5: Should Pets Make or Break a Relationship?
May 08, 2024
Sex and The City: Is There A Cold War Between Marrieds and Singles?
May 07, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Kendrick's Diss Track, Baby Reindeer (Again!), The Never Ever Mets, Summer House, & GloRilla
May 02, 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden S1E4: When Is The Right Time To Break Up With Someone?
May 01, 2024
Sex and the City: How Powerful Is Beauty?
Apr 30, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Baby Reindeer, Drag Race Finale, Naomi Sharon, Under the Bridge & more!
Apr 25, 2024
Love is Blind Sweden S1E3: Is Uncertainty a Red Flag or Green Flag?
Apr 24, 2024
Sex and the City: Where Are All The Great Single Men?
Apr 23, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Coachella, Shogun, MAFS Reunion, Zone of Interest, Drag Race & more!
Apr 18, 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden S1E2: Should You Be Suspicious of Someone Who’s TOO Nice?
Apr 17, 2024
Sex And The City: It's Finally Happening...
Apr 16, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Quiet On Set, RHOP, The JLo..."Movie" and more!
Apr 11, 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden S1E1: If Love Is Blind, Should You Still Wear White Shoes?
Apr 09, 2024
The Jackelina Bonds Interview
Apr 01, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Diddy, Cowboy Carter, and Summer House ft. Culture Critic & Writer Michael Arceneaux
Mar 28, 2024
The Bachelor S28 Finale: How Can You Decipher Anxiety From Your Woman's Intuition?
Mar 27, 2024
The Jazzy Collins Interview (Emmy-Award Winning Casting Director for The Traitors, formerly The Bachelor Franchise)
Mar 26, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Wellness, Romance Novels, Vanderpump Rules, and Oppenheimer ft. Les of Balanced Black Girl
Mar 21, 2024
The Marshall Glaze Interview
Mar 20, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E10: The Women Tell All with She's All Bach!
Mar 19, 2024
Love Is Blind S6 Reunion: When Should You Hire A Crisis PR Firm?
Mar 15, 2024
The Love Is Blind Aftershow ft. Therapist & Boundaries Expert Nedra Glover Tawwab (S6 E12)
Mar 13, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E9: Is A Bachelorette Runner-Up Really Fit To Be The Lead?
Mar 12, 2024
Love Is Blind S6 E12: How Long Does It Take To Break Generational Trauma?
Mar 07, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E8: Does It REALLY Matter When They Say "I'm Falling in Love"?
Mar 06, 2024
The Love Is Blind Aftershow ft. Marriage and Family Therapist Vienna Pharaon (S6 E10-11)
Mar 05, 2024
Love Is Blind S6 E10-11: Can You Say NO at the Altar and Continue The Relationship?
Feb 29, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E7: Can You Convince Someone INTO a Relationship With You?
Feb 28, 2024
The Love Is Blind Aftershow ft. Dating Coach Damona Hoffman (S6 E7-9)
Feb 27, 2024
Love Is Blind S6E7-9: How Much Are You Supposed To Teach Your Partner Before Giving Up?
Feb 22, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E6: How Vulnerable Does The Bachelor Have To Be? Feat. The Rose Pricks Podcast
Feb 21, 2024
The Love Is Blind Aftershow ft. Dr. Viviana Coles (S6 E1-6)
Feb 20, 2024
Love Is Blind S6E4-6: How Many Insecurities Is Too Many For a Relationship?
Feb 19, 2024
Love Is Blind S6E1-3: Is This A Space For Single Parents?
Feb 15, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E4-5: Do You NEED a Sob Story? ft. David Yontef of Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast
Feb 14, 2024
Bring On Season 6, Love Is Blind Producers!
Feb 13, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Ready to Love, Drag Race, Beyonce's Hair Care line, and more!
Feb 08, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E3: Can You Be Attracted to Me and My Enemy?
Feb 07, 2024
RHOP S8 E12: How Do You Divorce Your Sugar Daddy? ft. The Real Moms of Bravo
Feb 06, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Vanderpump Rules, True Detective, The Impact NYC & Jessica Simpson's Memoir
Feb 01, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E2: Is Daisy ALREADY Our Next Bachelorette? ft. Clues & Lizzy of Game of Roses Podcast
Jan 31, 2024
RHOP S8 E11: What's Up With the Fashion on Potomac? ft. Marjon Carlos
Jan 30, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: 2024 Oscar Nominees, The Traitors, and MAFS!
Jan 25, 2024
The Bachelor S28 E1: Is All Fair In Love and The Bachelor?
Jan 24, 2024
RHOP S8 E10: Can You Fix a Friendship Without Mutual Apologies?
Jan 23, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: The Bear, Drag Race & The Holdovers
Jan 18, 2024
Joey's Cast Bios: We Have a Trump Staffer Folks...
Jan 17, 2024
RHOP S8 E9: Am I A Bad Friend If I Befriend Your Enemy?
Jan 16, 2024
Natasha and Justine Talk: Singles Inferno, Drag Race, MAFS, the Jonathan Majors Interview...and More!
Jan 15, 2024
RHOP S8 E8: When Is It Time To Stop Fighting For a Friendship?
Jan 09, 2024
The Golden Bachelor Wedding ft. Traci from The Stacks Podcast
Jan 08, 2024
Sean & Catherine's Wedding Rewatch, Bachelor Nation News & Then Some...
Jan 03, 2024
Cult Week 2023: Escaping Twin Flames
Dec 22, 2023
RHOP S8 E7: What Control Do Your Friends Have Over Your Friendships?
Dec 19, 2023
Trailer Breakdown: Joey's Season Preview
Dec 15, 2023
RHOP S8 E6: Does a Friend or a Foe Hold You Accountable?
Dec 12, 2023
BIP S9 Finale: Kylee Done Lost Her Damn Mind
Dec 11, 2023
Bachelor Nation News & Then Some...
Dec 08, 2023
RHOP S8 E5: Can Jealousy Exist in a Friendship?
Dec 05, 2023
BIP S9 E9: Blake Is Giving Used Car Salesman ft. Kate Casey from Reality Life
Dec 04, 2023
Golden Bachelor S1 E9: All These 'I Love You's' Gotta Stop ft. Chelsea Vaughn
Dec 01, 2023
Our Favorite Holiday Movie Romances ft. Danny Pellegrino
Nov 29, 2023
RHOP S8 E4: If You Got Beef With My Husband, Can We Be Friends?
Nov 28, 2023
RHOP S8 E3: When in a Friendship Does Girl-Code Begin?
Nov 21, 2023
BIP S9 E8: THIS Is The Rachel We Wanna See!
Nov 20, 2023
Golden Bachelor S1 E8: Do Your Endorphins Decrease As You Get Older?
Nov 17, 2023
RHOP S8 E2: What’s “Girl-Code” When You’re Married?
Nov 14, 2023
BIP S9 E7: What Is A 'Pick-Me Girl'? ft. Julie & Yue of the Dateable Podcast
Nov 13, 2023
The Candiace Dillard Bassett Interview (+ Golden Bachelor S1E7: Women Tell All)
Nov 10, 2023
RHOP S8 E1: When Is It Ok To Gossip About Your Friend's Marriage?
Nov 07, 2023
BIP S9 E6: Kat Is Tiring Us OUT
Nov 06, 2023
Golden Bachelor S1 E6: How Can You Be In Love With 2 People?
Nov 03, 2023
The Rachel Lindsay Interview - 2023 Edition
Nov 01, 2023
BIP S9 E5: The Fat is TRIMMED!
Oct 30, 2023
Golden Bachelor S1 E5: Gary's Angels
Oct 27, 2023
FBoy Island S3 E3: Foam Party Island
Oct 24, 2023
BIP S9 E4: John Henry, Shawty What Yo Name Is?! (Teaser)
Oct 23, 2023
Golden Bachelor S1 E4: Kathy SAID What She SAID! ft. Reality Gays (Teaser)
Oct 20, 2023
FBoy Island S3E1-2: Ladies, Where Is The Strategy?!
Oct 19, 2023
Love is Blind S5E10-11: THEY'RE Our Crown Jewel Couple?!
Oct 17, 2023
BIP S9 E3: An Academic Example of Male Fragility (Teaser)
Oct 16, 2023
Golden Bachelor E3: Another Shot At Life (Teaser)
Oct 13, 2023
Love Is Blind S5 E8-9: Pot Calling The Kettle Black
Oct 10, 2023
BIP S9 E2: We Need a Sprinkle of Love Island Here (Teaser)
Oct 09, 2023
Golden Bachelor E2: Gerry Is Just THE Sweetest (Teaser)
Oct 06, 2023
Love is Blind S5 E5-7: It's Giving Incel
Oct 03, 2023
BIP S9 E1 (Teaser)
Oct 02, 2023
Golden Bachelor E1: Oh, So We Just Kissing Everybody In The Mouth?!
Sep 29, 2023
Love is Blind S5 E1-4: Love is UNHINGED
Sep 26, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: Barbie, RHOSLC, 90 Day Fiance, Donyale Luna + More (Teaser)
Sep 22, 2023
Golden Bachelor Cast Bios: She Makes a MEAN Sugar Cookie
Sep 20, 2023
Top 10 Wildest Love Is Blind Moments
Sep 19, 2023
Trailer Breakdown: Love is Blind Season 5! (Teaser)
Sep 15, 2023
The Ultimatum S3 E9-10: Impossible Bodies (Teaser)
Sep 13, 2023
Love is Blind S5 Cast Bios: Unhinged Television
Sep 12, 2023
The Ultimatum S3 E5-8: All Four Couples Should Break Up, Right? (Teaser)
Sep 06, 2023
Modern Day "Superwomen" ft. Brooke Devard of the Naked Beauty Podcast
Sep 05, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: RHONY, Ready to Love, BS High, and MORE! (Teaser)
Sep 02, 2023
The Ultimatum S3 E1-4: The Ulta-Straight-um (Teaser)
Aug 30, 2023
And Just Like That S2 E1: Minority Report
Aug 29, 2023
Trailer Breakdown: Love Is Blind: After the Altar S4 (Teaser)
Aug 25, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E9: A Good Thing Can Just Be A Good Thing (Teaser)
Aug 23, 2023
I Love Me A Workplace Romance! ft. Ashleigh Coffie of Aisle Tell You What (TikTok)
Aug 22, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: The Raquel Interview, Oppenheimer, They Cloned Tyrone, and MORE! (Teaser)
Aug 17, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E8: Brayden’s About To Tear Up Paradise! (Teaser)
Aug 16, 2023
How Do We Work Together As Best Friends?
Aug 14, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E7: Xavier, You Got Me F**ked Up (Teaser)
Aug 09, 2023
Insecure S3 E5-8: Montgomery Molly Wop
Aug 08, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: The Lizzo Allegations, Tr*mp Indictment, and RHONY! (Teaser)
Aug 04, 2023
Insecure S3 E1-4: Just Choosing Mess
Aug 03, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E6: The Most Black People We’ve Ever Had On Screen (Teaser)
Aug 02, 2023
The Reagan and Kesun Interview (HBO's 'Swiping America') (Teaser)
Jul 28, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E5: Double Denim Ken, Bye! ft. Traci Thomas of The Stacks Podcast (Teaser)
Jul 26, 2023
The Johnnie Ingram Interview (Creator of HBO's 'We're Here' and 'Swiping America')
Jul 25, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: the Doom and Gloom of AI, Love Island UK, RHONY, and more! (Teaser)
Jul 21, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E4: Brayden, Brayden, Brayden… (Teaser)
Jul 19, 2023
The Perfect Find (Netflix): Over-Romanticizing Romance
Jul 18, 2023
Trailer Breakdown: The Challengers (Teaser)
Jul 14, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E3: Rewarding Bad Behavior (Teaser)
Jul 12, 2023
Swiping America E7-8: It Was Like An Ending of a Rom Com
Jul 11, 2023
Natasha and Justine Talk: Love Island UK, A Thousand and One, Black Mirror...and more! (Teaser)
Jul 07, 2023
Swiping America E5-6
Jul 06, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E2: They Get Sent Home In A Thong (Teaser)
Jul 05, 2023
MAFS Nashville Reunion (Teaser)
Jul 01, 2023
Swiping America E3-4
Jun 29, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 E1: Your Mama's Dating Show (Teaser)
Jun 28, 2023
Swiping America E1-2
Jun 23, 2023
The Bachelorette S20 Cast Bios: Offended By Mayonnaise
Jun 22, 2023
The Ultimatum: Queer Love E9-10 (Teaser)
Jun 22, 2023
The Ultimatum: Queer Love E5-8 (Teaser)
Jun 16, 2023
The Randall Scandal & Summer House: Martha's Vineyard E6 (Teaser)
Jun 15, 2023
The Idol E1-2: This Show Is Garbage, Y’all!
Jun 14, 2023
Vanderpump Rules Reunion Pt. 3: A Case Study In Manipulation
Jun 09, 2023
The Ultimatum: Queer Love E1-4 (Teaser)
Jun 08, 2023
Natasha & Justine Talk Drag Race + The Little Mermaid, Young, Rich & African, Succession Finale... (Teaser)
Jun 07, 2023
Vanderpump Rules Reunion Pt. 2: Something Is Wrong With Her Brain... ft. Chelsea Devantez
Jun 02, 2023
Trailer Breakdown: And Just Like That... S2 (Teaser)
May 31, 2023
MAFS Nashville E21: Decision Day Pt. 2 (Teaser)
May 27, 2023
Vanderpump Rules S10 Reunion Pt. 1: This Reunion DELIVERED!
May 26, 2023
Selling Sunset S6 (Teaser)
May 25, 2023
Vanderpump Rules S10 Finale: This Episode Should Win An Emmy (Teaser)
May 19, 2023
MAFS Nashville E20: Nah, Let's Talk About YOUR Commitment Issues Sir (Teaser)
May 18, 2023
You Need To Be a Selfish Dater ft. Dating Coach Anwar White
May 16, 2023
MAFS Nashville E19: These Couples Are So Cringey! (Teaser)
May 12, 2023
Summer House: Martha's Vineyard S1 E1 (Teaser)
May 11, 2023
Jewish Matchmaking S1: Date 'Em Till You Hate 'Em
May 10, 2023
MAFS Nashville E18: NOW He Has Bizarre Energy (Teaser)
May 04, 2023
How to Hack the Online Dating Algorithms ft. Michael Kaye of OkCupid
May 02, 2023
Indian Matchmaking S3: The Difference Between Preference And Chemistry
Apr 27, 2023
MAFS Nashville E17: This All Started On The Honeymoon (Teaser)
Apr 27, 2023
MAFS Nashville E16: Your Feelings Are Valid, BUT... (Teaser)
Apr 20, 2023
Love Is Blind S4 E12-13: A Wretched Reunion
Apr 19, 2023
MAFS Nashville E15: Nicole, You On Payroll?! (Teaser)
Apr 13, 2023
Love Is Blind S4 E9-11: Peasant Shit!
Apr 10, 2023
MAFS Nashville E14: They’re Not Even Hugging?! (Teaser)
Apr 06, 2023
Love Is Blind S4 E6-8: A Grimy Slimy Bitch
Apr 04, 2023
The Diamond Jack Interview
Mar 31, 2023
MAFS Nashville E13: These Editors Are SO Messy (Teaser)
Mar 30, 2023
Love Is Blind S4 E4-5: "Not FULLY, But Enough..."
Mar 28, 2023
Love Is Blind S4 E1-3: I’d Be In My Bonnet In These Pods!
Mar 27, 2023
MAFS Nashville E12: Y’all Gotta Graduate From These Forehead Kisses! (Teaser)
Mar 23, 2023
The Michelle Young Interview
Mar 21, 2023
MAFS Nashville E11: We Have Gotten Nowhere (Teaser)
Mar 16, 2023
MAFS Nashville E10: He Reverse-Unoed Her (Teaser)
Mar 09, 2023
Perfect Match E9-12: An Odd And Unsatisfying Ending
Mar 03, 2023
MAFS Nashville E9: I Know That’s F*ckin’ Right Dom! ft. Chelsea Devantez (Teaser)
Mar 02, 2023
Perfect Match E5-8: A Virgin Fuckboy!?!?
Feb 22, 2023
MAFS Nashville E8: Pastor Cal We Are NOT Doing This (Teaser)
Feb 22, 2023
MAFS Nashville E7: Make It Make Sense Mack (Teaser)
Feb 16, 2023
Perfect Match E1-4: It’s Light On The Love…
Feb 15, 2023
MAFS Nashville E6: FaceTiming Your Mama On Your Honeymoon (Teaser)
Feb 09, 2023
MAFS Nashville E5: What NOT To Say To a Redhead (Teaser)
Feb 02, 2023
MAFS Nashville E4: THE LIES! THE LIES! THE LIES! (Teaser)
Jan 26, 2023
Allegedly, Supposedly... "Would You Rather?" (Teaser)
Jan 20, 2023
MAFS Nashville E3: The Dog-Father to 13 Dogs
Jan 19, 2023
MAFS Nashville E2: She Gave Him The Cheek!
Jan 12, 2023
MAFS Nashville E1: The Messiest MARRIAGE Show On Earth
Jan 05, 2023
FBoy Island S2: One of the GREATEST Dating Shows on Earth (Teaser)
Dec 28, 2022
Too Hot To Handle S4: Young, Fun, and Dumb (Teaser)
Dec 21, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... Recap of Our Words of 2022 (Teaser)
Dec 21, 2022
MAFS San Diego: It Was A Wild Level Of Delusion (Teaser)
Dec 14, 2022
The Zanab Jaffrey Interview (Teaser)
Dec 07, 2022
The Taylor Hale Interview (Teaser)
Dec 02, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... TV Rundown (MAFS, Winter House, RHOP, Buying Beverly Hills) + Natasha's Honeymoon Recap (Teaser)
Nov 24, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 9: Victoria is a Man-Eating Black Widow (Teaser)
Nov 23, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 8: Ladies, We Got To Do Better (Teaser)
Nov 16, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 7: My Sister In Christ I’m 33 ft. Jess Ambrose of Chatty Broads (Teaser)
Nov 09, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 6: Coastal Cockroaches ft. Traci Thomas of The Stacks Podcast (Teaser)
Nov 02, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... "Why Are You Single?" ft. Vanessa from The Rose Garden (Teaser)
Oct 28, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 5: He Gives Off Hobosexual Vibes (Teaser)
Oct 26, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... A Black Woman on Raya ft. Comedian Jillian Ebanks (Teaser)
Oct 21, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 4: Casey, You're Too Old For This! (Teaser)
Oct 19, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 3: Sally Is An Icon (Teaser)
Oct 12, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 2: It’s Been Two Days… ft. Traci Thomas of The Stacks Podcast
Oct 06, 2022
BIP S8: Ep 1: A Beard Can Really Change Somebody
Sep 28, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly… Three Things We're Loving (Teaser)
Sep 23, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 11: Jerry Springer on ABC (Teaser)
Sep 22, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly… Work Horror Stories Pt 2 (Teaser)
Sep 16, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 10: Caught Up!??! (Teaser)
Sep 15, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 9: No Fight, No Bite, No Nothing (Teaser)
Sep 07, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 8: A Fine-Ass Messy Daddy (Teaser)
Aug 31, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 7: Tino Left Rachel for Dead (Teaser)
Aug 24, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 6: Baby Back Bitch! (Teaser)
Aug 17, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... New Orleans Bachelorette Recap! (Teaser)
Aug 12, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 5: They Gave Rachel the Ill Setup (Teaser)
Aug 10, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 4: Absolutely Spiraling! (Teaser)
Aug 03, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 3: Rough Around the Edges (Teaser)
Jul 27, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... How We Act OUTSIDE (Teaser)
Jul 22, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 2: Fantasy Suites Foolishness
Jul 20, 2022
Allegedly, Supposedly... Justine Gets A Tarot Reading! (Teaser)
Jul 15, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Ep 1: It Was Giving "Beauty And The Geek"
Jul 13, 2022
Gabby/Rachel: Cast Bios: Personal Trainers and Life Coaches Galore
Jul 06, 2022
Bachelor Nation News Roundup! (Teaser)
Jun 29, 2022
Lifestyle: A Chat With Geek Girl Strong (Teaser)
Jun 16, 2022
Abercrombie & Fitch Doc: The Whitest Store in the Mall (Teaser)
Jun 15, 2022
Lifestyle: Six Month Check-In: 2022 Words of the Year (Teaser)
Jun 11, 2022
Reality Reunion Roundup: MAFS, Temptation Island, Selling Sunset (Teaser)
Jun 08, 2022
The Ultimatum Ep. 9-10: This Show Did Not Work (Teaser)
Jun 01, 2022
Lifestyle: Justine Rebuilds Her Body Image... (Teaser)
May 27, 2022
The Ultimatum Ep. 7-8: Pregnancy Pranks (Teaser)
May 25, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 6: He's Just Out Here Being a Spencer
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 4: She Literally Stood Them Up
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 11: Loyalty Is An Action Word
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 1: This Is A Big Group Of "Nice" Guys
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 12: Girl, I Don't Know (Finale Pt. 1)
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 8: Beckys and Karens Learned Today!
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 7: No Mustache and Fresh Knees
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 5: Always Internet Stalk
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 3: She Don’t Want Nothing To Do With These Men
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 9: Tayshia Called Him Bro
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 2: He’s Got That Big "Ruin Your Life" Energy
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 13: Girl, I Don't Know (Finale Pt. 2)
May 23, 2022
Clare/Tayshia: Ep. 10: Everybody Has a Story
May 23, 2022
The Ultimatum Ep 5-6: He Really Thought This Was Temptation Island (Teaser)
May 18, 2022
Lifestyle: Natasha Goes to a Personal Trainer... (Teaser)
May 13, 2022
The Ultimatum Ep. 3-4: Smitten With This Beige Kitten (Teaser)
May 11, 2022
The Ultimatum Ep 1-2: The Most Frustrating Show on Earth
May 04, 2022
Love Is Blind S2: Ep. 9, 10, & Reunion: Karma Came Real Quick For Your Ass (Teaser)
Apr 27, 2022
"Miss Me With That" Book Review (Teaser)
Apr 22, 2022
Love Is Blind S2: Ep 7-8: Sal is Sus (Teaser)
Apr 20, 2022
Love Is Blind S2: Ep 5-6: He Has the NERVE to be Sensitive! (Teaser)
Apr 13, 2022
Love Is Blind S2: Ep 3-4: This Joke of a Couple... (Teaser)
Apr 06, 2022
Love Is Blind S2: Ep 1-2: I Knew He Was Garbage (Teaser)
Mar 30, 2022
Throwback Episode: The Lauren G Interview
Mar 23, 2022
Lifestyle: Our Spring Reset Routines (Teaser)
Mar 18, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 10-11: He MISUnderstood The Assignment (Teaser)
Mar 17, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 9: From Devastating to Dealbreaker (Teaser)
Mar 10, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 8: I'm In Love With Gabby (Teaser)
Mar 02, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 7: Excuse Me, Little Miss Sarah (Teaser)
Feb 23, 2022
Lifestyle: Moving Cross Country for Love?! (Teaser)
Feb 18, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 6: Read the Room, Wonderloaf! (Teaser)
Feb 16, 2022
A Mailbag Episode: Valentine's Day Edition! (Teaser)
Feb 09, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 5: She is Diabolical (Teaser)
Feb 09, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 4: Shrimpgate (Teaser)
Feb 02, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 3: Shanae Has GOT. TO. GO. (Teaser)
Jan 26, 2022
A Chat With... Mike Johnson!
Jan 21, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 2: Clambake, You Had One Job...
Jan 12, 2022
Lifestyle: An Honest Conversation about HEALTH ft. Geek Girl Strong (Teaser)
Jan 06, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Ep 1: The Most Basic White Man Formula
Jan 04, 2022
Clayton’s Season: Cast Bios: Lookin Like An American Girl Doll
Dec 29, 2021
Lifestyle: Our 2022 Words Of The Year (Teaser)
Dec 27, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 10: It Was Always Nayte (Teaser)
Dec 23, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 9: She Loves Her Some Nayte (Teaser)
Dec 17, 2021
Lifestyle: The Nate "Ask Me Anything" Episode (Teaser)
Dec 09, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 8: Just Own Your Shit (Teaser)
Dec 08, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 7: Joe Is Doing It For Us...Visually (Teaser)
Dec 02, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 6: This is the Best Day of Brandon's Entire Life (Teaser)
Nov 24, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 5: Congratulations, You Played Yourself (Teaser)
Nov 18, 2021
Lifestyle: Natasha's Engagement Story / Manifesting Our Dream Weddings (Teaser)
Nov 15, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 4: Shoutout To Olu From Newark! (Teaser)
Nov 11, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 3: There's Always One Confessional Thug (Teaser)
Nov 04, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 2: I Hope You Have a Game Plan Bruh
Oct 28, 2021
Michelle's Season: Ep 1: Lovin This Season Already
Oct 21, 2021
Lifestyle: The Celebrity Gossip Episode (Teaser)
Oct 15, 2021
Michelle's Season: Cast Bios: These Are Some Big Brolic-Ass-Dudes
Oct 14, 2021
BIP S7: E11: When I See You, I See Sunday Morning (Teaser)
Oct 14, 2021
Lifestyle: Reparations! (Teaser)
Oct 01, 2021
BIP S7: E10: He Turned Out To Be a Lying Ass Hoe (Teaser)
Oct 01, 2021
BIP S7: E9: BOOM, Censor Bars Everywhere (Teaser)
Sep 24, 2021
BIP S7: E8: Girl, Don't Even Call Out That Degree (Teaser)
Sep 16, 2021
BIP S7: E6-7: and the Becky of the Season Goes To... (Teaser)
Sep 09, 2021
BIP S7: E4-5: They About to Ride Off Into a Republican Sunset (Teaser)
Sep 02, 2021
BIP S7: E2-3: A Colorful Season of a White-Ass Franchise (Teaser)
Aug 25, 2021
BIP S7: E1: Uncle Aside, They Got a Lil Vibe (Teaser)
Aug 18, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 10: She Hit Em with a Handshake (Teaser)
Aug 11, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 5: Booty Hugging Overalls ft. Daniela of Zen What? (Teaser)
Aug 04, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 9: Greg Wanted To Be Dale (Teaser)
Aug 04, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 8: Be As Blackity Black As You Want to Be (Teaser)
Jul 28, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 7: You're Doing All of This for a Hug?! (Teaser)
Jul 21, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 6: Katie's Cleaning House (Teaser)
Jul 14, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 4: 3 Black Girls, 1 Rose ft. Ali Barthwell & AshTalksBach (Teaser)
Jul 01, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 3: Everybody Has An Ulterior Motive (Teaser)
Jun 23, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 2: Not This OshKosh B'Gosh Jean Dress ft. Bri Springs (Teaser)
Jun 16, 2021
Katie's Season: Ep 1: They Are Giving These Black Guys Budgets! (Teaser)
Jun 09, 2021
Katie's Season: Cast Bios: We Got A Lifetime Movie Killer, Jed #2, and a Poor Man's Dale
Jun 02, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 18-19: You Asked the Minister to Meet You in the Parking Lot?! (Teaser)
May 30, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 15-17: They Got Divorced, Hallelujah (Teaser)
May 26, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 13-14: The Bracelet Phenomenon (Teaser)
May 21, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 11-12: The Women All Seem So Unhappy (Teaser)
May 12, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 7-8: They Gave Sophie the Ill Setup (Teaser)
May 12, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 3-4: These Matches Are Pretty Damn Bad (Teaser)
May 12, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 9-10: He Wants A Mega-Church TV Show (Teaser)
May 05, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 5-6: You're A Drunkard! (Teaser)
Apr 21, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 2: YOU DON'T EAT CHICKEN?! (Teaser)
Apr 07, 2021
MAFS Atlanta: Ep 1: His Pastor Gets My "Becky of the Week" (Teaser)
Mar 31, 2021
Matt James: Ep 11: White Supremacy Forces Us To Have These Conversations (Teaser)
Mar 17, 2021
Matt James: Ep 10: We Should Not Be Watching This (Teaser)
Mar 10, 2021
Matt James: Ep 9: Giving Her All That Time To Speak Lies (Teaser)
Mar 03, 2021
Matt James: Ep 8: It Was Looking Real "Get Out" (Teaser)
Feb 24, 2021
Dear Bachelor Nation,
Feb 17, 2021
Matt James: Ep 7: Go Get a Job Heather (Teaser)
Feb 10, 2021
Matt James: Ep 6: Wrong and Strong (Teaser)
Feb 03, 2021
Matt James: Ep 5: Chicago Nightclub Nemesis (Teaser)
Jan 27, 2021
Matt James: Ep 4: She's A Complicated Character (Teaser)
Jan 20, 2021
Matt James: Ep 3: That Bra Is My Becky of the Week (Teaser)
Jan 13, 2021
Matt James: Ep 2: Loving All The Melanin (Teaser)
Jan 06, 2021
Matt James: Cast Bios: We Got a 6'3" Glamazon Who's Bald
Dec 30, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 12: Girl, I Don’t Know - Finale, Pt 2 (Teaser)
Dec 24, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 11: Girl, I Don't Know - Finale Pt. 1 (Teaser)
Dec 23, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 10: Loyalty Is An Action Word (Teaser)
Dec 17, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 9: Everybody Has a Story (Teaser)
Dec 10, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 8: Tayshia Called Him Bro (Teaser)
Dec 03, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 7: Beckys and Karens Learned Today! (Teaser)
Nov 26, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 6: No Mustache and Fresh Knees (Teaser)
Nov 19, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 5: He's Just Out Here Being a Spencer (Teaser)
Nov 12, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 4: Always Internet Stalk (Teaser)
Nov 08, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 3: She Literally Stood Them Up (Teaser)
Oct 29, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 2: She Don't Want Nothing To Do With These Men (Teaser)
Oct 22, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Ep 1: He’s Got That Big "Ruin Your Life" Energy (Teaser)
Oct 15, 2020
Clare/Tayshia: Cast Bios: This Is A Big Group Of "Nice" Guys
Oct 07, 2020
90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days: Shoutout to Rose (Teaser)
Sep 23, 2020
RHONY S12: A Vibrator In The Chicken (Teaser)
Sep 16, 2020
Selling Sunset S3: A High Fashion Disney Villain (Teaser)
Sep 09, 2020
What We're Up To...And What's To Come!
Sep 02, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 10: You Did Melissa Dirty (Teaser)
Aug 26, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 9: I Thought He Was Going To Throw Himself Off That Balcony (Teaser)
Aug 19, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 8: Stephanie and Her Perfect Face (Teaser)
Aug 12, 2020
Bachelor Nation News: Black History Year
Aug 12, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 6: The Most Boring Hometowns I’ve Ever Watched in My Life (Teaser)
Aug 05, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 7: The Beyonce Effect (Teaser)
Aug 05, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 5: They Went to Modell’s For Her One-on-One Date (Teaser)
Jul 29, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 4: Everyone is Crying and Bitching (Teaser)
Jul 22, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 3: The Girls Voted Your Ass Out On Night One (Teaser)
Jul 15, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 2: There's Clearly No Budget (Teaser)
Jul 08, 2020
Jason Mesnick: Ep 1: Her Eyebrows Are Tragic (Teaser)
Jul 01, 2020
Insecure S4: Ep 10: Everybody's Life is in Shambles (Teaser)
Jun 17, 2020
Insecure S4: Ep 7-9: Even The Towel Lady is Gonna Get It (Teaser)
Jun 10, 2020
Dear White Liberals,
Jun 05, 2020
Insecure S4: Ep 4-6: A Ta-CO! (Teaser)
Jun 03, 2020
Insecure S4: Ep 1-3: Cheeks A Flappin (Teaser)
May 27, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 10: This Is Not It Takes Two (Teaser)
May 20, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 9: They All Look Like Mouth Breathers (Teaser)
May 13, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 8: What Is the Purpose of This Conversation? (Teaser)
May 06, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 7: The Stevie Wonder Could See It Episode (Teaser)
Apr 29, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 6: She Gon' Drain You Dry (Teaser)
Apr 22, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 5: Ya Look Desperate, Ya Sound Miserable, You Look Dumb (Teaser)
Apr 15, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 4: You're Not Going to Gaslight Me in Four Seconds (Teaser)
Apr 08, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 3: She’s Real Tyler Perry With It (Teaser)
Apr 01, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 2: The Worst Proposal in the History of Proposals (Teaser)
Mar 25, 2020
Love Is Blind S1: Ep 1: Even Stevie Wonder Could See… (Teaser)
Mar 18, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 11: He Got Nowhere To Go For Thanksgiving (Teaser)
Mar 11, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 10: Never Once Said The Word Racism (Teaser)
Mar 04, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 9: The Sisterwives Suite (Teaser)
Feb 26, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 8: The Homewreckin Hometown (Teaser)
Feb 21, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 7: This Girl is a Child (Teaser)
Feb 12, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 6: Could Have Been the Subject Line of an Email (Teaser)
Feb 07, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 5: He’s Handing Out Roses Like They’re Pacifiers (Teaser)
Feb 05, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 4: Somebody Get Me An Uber, I'm Going Home (Teaser)
Jan 29, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 3: She's Good At This Victim Thing (Teaser)
Jan 22, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 2: The Pop Heard From Around the World (Teaser)
Jan 15, 2020
Peter's Season: Ep 1: There Are Some Exes You Just Can’t See (Teaser)
Jan 08, 2020
Peter's Season: Cast Bios: If I See Somebody Touch Her Hair, Imma Lose It
Jan 01, 2020
The Mike Johnson Interview
Dec 23, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 10: Organic Is Just Another Word For Lazy (Teaser)
Dec 19, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 9: All Her Life She Had To Fight ft. Ashima Franklin (Teaser)
Dec 12, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 8: Strong Associate (Teaser)
Dec 04, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 7: So She's FOR REAL FOR REAL Scared of Dogs (Teaser)
Nov 27, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 6: Kat Daddy Kerry, The Megachurch Pastor (Teaser)
Nov 20, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 5: This Was Not An Apology, It Was a Tap Dance (Teaser)
Nov 13, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 4: Was It THAT Big of a Deal? (Teaser)
Nov 06, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 3: We’re in the Cat Daddy Zone (Teaser)
Oct 30, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 2: Can You Heal and Date at the Same Time? (Teaser)
Oct 23, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Ep 1: Our New Line of Body Butters…"Bacon Grease" (Teaser)
Oct 18, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Casting Special: You're Wearing Plaid, Houndstooth, and Stripes AND Celibate Too?! (Teaser)
Oct 10, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 8: God Don't Like Ugly....Or Lyin' Ass Men Either
Oct 03, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 12: He's Nothin' But a Poet in Drag
Oct 02, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 1: Luke “Left Her Shiverin’ In The Cold” P
Oct 02, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 4: A Lie Evolving Like a Caterpillar to a Butterfly
Oct 02, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 6: …What ARE We Watching?
Oct 02, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 10: A Nice Guy in the Streets, Throwin It Down in the Windmill
Oct 02, 2019
Ready to Love S2: Cast Bios: We Already Know He’s a Hotepatarian from Hotepataria
Oct 02, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 11: She Might Be One of My Favorite Bachelorettes of All Time
Sep 30, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 9: What Is This Flash Mob Bible Study?
Sep 30, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 7: This Is Some Sick Emotionally Abusive Shit
Sep 30, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 5: The Blackest Thing to Ever Come to the Bachelor Franchise
Sep 30, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 3: An Angry Juicehead Baby
Sep 30, 2019
Hannah's Season: Ep 2: Blurting Out Sweet Absolute Nothings
Sep 30, 2019
BONUS: Top 10 Moments of Ready to Love: Season 1 (Teaser)
Sep 25, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 13: He's His Own Defense Lawyer in Court (Teaser)
Sep 19, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 11-12: The Check Was Good and He Had the PTO Days (Teaser)
Sep 12, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 9-10: What is the Origin of the Soft Spot? (Teaser)
Sep 05, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 7-8: She Gave a Victoria Secret with the Wings and Diamond Bra Sashay (Teaser)
Aug 29, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 5-6: Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket...With a Hole In It (Teaser)
Aug 22, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 3-4: With the Vigor of a Blade of Grass (Teaser)
Aug 15, 2019
BIP S6 Ep 1-2: How The Mighty Have Fallen (Teaser)
Aug 08, 2019
Hannah’s Season: Cast Bios: Clubbing and Christianity
May 10, 2019
BONUS: Top 10 Moments from Rachel Lindsay's Season
May 07, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 11: Two Living Crest White Strips
Mar 15, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 10: She Still Gets On My Last Nerves
Mar 07, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 9: Colton Lives in the Woods Now
Mar 07, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 8: Dear Diary, My Dad Is The Worst
Feb 28, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 7: Colton is Getting PLAYED
Feb 20, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 6: I Have GOT To Go
Feb 14, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 5: Fighting Like Two Bodega Cats
Feb 06, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 4: Going Home Are Demi's Casualties
Jan 30, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 3: Are You a Triflin Ass Hoe?
Jan 24, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 2: Looking Like a 3-Year-Old Going to Swim Class
Jan 16, 2019
Colton’s Season: Ep 1: It's Hard Being a Bachelor Fan
Jan 09, 2019
BONUS: Catching Up on #BachelorNation News
Dec 19, 2018
Colton’s Season: Cast Bios
Dec 14, 2018
The Ashley Spivey Interview
Dec 13, 2018
The Venmo John Interview
Oct 24, 2018
Nice For What...(Bachelor in Paradise Edition)
Oct 18, 2018
Mailbag Episode ft. Rachel Lindsay
Oct 03, 2018
The Rachel Lindsay Interview
Sep 27, 2018
Nice For What...(Becca Edition)
Sep 20, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 10-11: He's the Evil Instagram Ho
Sep 13, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 8-9: He Called Her His Queen...RED FLAG!
Sep 06, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 6-7: And So Begins Leo's Gaslighting Routine...
Aug 30, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 4-5: Coming from Colton’s Baby Mama, I Am DONE
Aug 23, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 2-3: Finally, The Melanin We've Been Waiting For
Aug 16, 2018
BIP S5 Ep 1: He's the Family Dollar Zoolander
Aug 09, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 11: Becca is a Vision of White Liberal Female Privilege
Aug 08, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 10: The "You Ain’t Shit" Award of the Year Goes To....
Aug 01, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 9: Battle of the D
Jul 25, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 8: Colton's Dad is a Dusty Snack
Jul 19, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 7: Colton Is My Baby Daddy, But Blake Is My Husband
Jul 11, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 6: Virginia is for Lovers....Said Nobody Ever
Jul 04, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 5: Wills Is NOT The One
Jun 27, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 4: Let Me Tell You About Men Who Write Poetry...
Jun 23, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 3: We Had To Escape To Wakanda...Four Times! ft. Seinne Fleming
Jun 14, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 2: Let's Get to Love Findin'
Jun 06, 2018
Becca’s Season: Ep 1: Here Comes Captain (MAGA) America
May 30, 2018
Becca's Season: Cast Bios: We Found the White Josiah
May 23, 2018
Nice For What...Pt 2
Apr 26, 2018
Nice For What...Pt 1
Apr 19, 2018
The Bibiana Interview
Apr 12, 2018
The Diggy Interview
Mar 23, 2018
The Lauren G. Interview
Mar 15, 2018
The Seinne Interview
Mar 09, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 11: Arie, the Ancient Aint Shit Piece of Shit
Mar 07, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 10: She's the Becky of a Lifetime
Feb 28, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 9: Love and Hip Hop for White People
Feb 27, 2018
Bonus Episode: Bachelor Winter Games Finale & World Tells All
Feb 26, 2018
Bonus Episode: Bachelor Winter Games, Pt 3
Feb 22, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 8: Battle of the Basic Bitches
Feb 21, 2018
Bonus Episode: Bachelor Winter Games, Pt 2
Feb 18, 2018
Bonus Episode: Bachelor Winter Games, Pt 1
Feb 15, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 7: See You at the Cookout Jacqueline!
Feb 14, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 6: Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead
Feb 07, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 5: All My Stuff is Packed...Bitch, Be Out Then!
Feb 01, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 4: Krystal, Sit DOWN
Jan 24, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 3: He Just Reads Off Hallmark Cards
Jan 17, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 2: Bibiana is Reclaiming Her Time
Jan 10, 2018
Arie's Season: Ep 1: 30-Inch Bundles Were In The Room
Jan 03, 2018
Arie's Season: Cast Bios: Everyone Wants to Be a Disney Princess
Dec 30, 2017
You Gon' Listen to My Black Ass...
Dec 18, 2017