ADHD Essentials

By Brendan Mahan

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 Jun 30, 2019


ADHD Podcast for Parents and Educators

Episode Date
ADHD Medication Part 1 with Dr Carolyn Lentzsch Parcells
Apr 19, 2024
ADHD in Our Daily Lives with Dr Carolyn the ADHD MD
Apr 10, 2024
Peter Shankman and The Boy with the Faster Brain
Apr 03, 2024
ADHD and the Sandwich Generation with Anita Robertson LCSW
Mar 06, 2024
ADHD Advocacy and Family with Mark Smeets
Feb 02, 2024
How to ADHD with author Jessica McCabe
Jan 04, 2024
ADHD and Eating with Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Dec 23, 2023
Gifted and Distractible with Julie Skolnick, MA, JD
Dec 13, 2023
ROUGH CUT: ADHD Con 2023 Day 1
Dec 01, 2023
Helping Kids Learn Learnfully with Suchi Deshpande
Nov 25, 2023
The Art of Talking with Children with Rebecca Rolland
Nov 18, 2023
Focus 101 with Cris Rat
Nov 11, 2023
Reflections on Helping with Your Helpful Host Brendan Mahan
Nov 04, 2023
Masking, Immigration, and Mindfulness with Ying aka ADHDAsianGirl
Oct 28, 2023
Extra Focus with ADHD Jesse
Oct 17, 2023
The AntiPlanner with Dani Donovan
Sep 16, 2023
The Men’s ADHD Support Group with Marc Almodovar and Kristian Moton
Sep 07, 2023
Episode 250: OCD in the Family
Jun 23, 2023
Why You Skipped Your Workout with Seoniadh Jameson
Jun 07, 2023
Anxiety Audit with Lynn Lyons, LICSW
Mar 28, 2023
Thoughts on Masking with Brendan Mahan your domino-donning-and-doffing dude
Dec 23, 2022
Navigating the Holidays, Social Spying, and Sensitive Kids with Caroline Maguire
Dec 17, 2022
Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood
Dec 03, 2022
Rough Cut ADHD Con 2022 Day 3
Nov 20, 2022
Rough Cut ADHD Con 2022 Day 2
Nov 19, 2022
Rough Cut! ADHD Con 2022 Day 1
Nov 18, 2022
ADHD and Lying with Dr. Norrine Russell
Nov 12, 2022
Getting Diagnosis, Supporting Men, and Attending to Inattention with Shane Thrapp of Creating Order from Chaos
Nov 05, 2022
Noticing The Green Lights with Brendan Mahan, Your Terrific Traffic Tour Guide
Oct 29, 2022
How Being a Good Parent is Like Being a Good Game Master
Oct 22, 2022
From The Vault: ADHD and Employment with Alex Gilbert of Capeable Consulting
Oct 15, 2022
ADHD and Girls with Holly Blanc Moses
Oct 08, 2022
Moving Beyond Structure Routine and Productivity with Cathy Rashidian of Ready Set Choose Coaching
Sep 30, 2022
Getting Back on the Horse: Thoughts on Supporting Our Kids, and the Role of Anxiety in Performance with Brendan Mahan, Your Host in Absentia.
Sep 19, 2022
The Importance of Being Understood with Amanda Morin
Aug 11, 2022
The Accomplishment Equation and Motivation as Resource Management with Brandon Tessers, LCPC.
Jun 15, 2022
Processing Grief with Claire Bidwell Smith
May 04, 2022
FROM THE VAULT: Out of Loss Can Come Gain Post Traumatic Growth in a Time of Crisis with Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D., Distinguished Chair of Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, Bluemont, VA
Apr 15, 2022
ADHD and Employment with Alex Gilbert of Capeable Consulting
Mar 29, 2022
Why ADHD is Poorly Named with Brendan Mahan Your Acceptably Named Host
Mar 22, 2022
Co-Parenting and Seeking to Understand with Coco Stanback ADHD/Parenting Coach
Mar 12, 2022
Commandeered by René Brooks! with René Brooks, Inger Shay Colzie, and Stacey Machelle
Feb 27, 2022
Supporting vs. Enabling with Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP
Feb 19, 2022
How To Respond To The Idea That Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy with Brendan Mahan Your Clapping Compatriot
Feb 12, 2022
FROM THE VAULT: Executive Function Volcanoes and Why ADHD Rarely Travels Alone with Monica Hassell of ConnectADHD
Feb 05, 2022
ADDed Perspective with Renee Crook
Jan 29, 2022
Help Starting Homework with Brendan Mahan, your handsome homework helper
Jan 22, 2022
Managing Lingering Pandemic Anxiety with Dr. Sharon Saline
Jan 15, 2022
Healthy Screen Time Use with Dr. Randy Kulman of LearningWorks for Kids
Jan 08, 2022
From the Vault: ADHD and Giftedness with Dr. Robert Gruberman
Dec 25, 2021
Children‘s Holiday Stress, Parent Holiday Stress, and an Unasked-For Gift from Brendan
Dec 18, 2021
Giftedness is Not Achievement with Aurora Remember Holtzman
Dec 11, 2021
Learning How to Live and Talking About Mental Health with ADHD Jon-Jon
Dec 04, 2021
Reframing Our Thoughts Through Our Culture of Origin with Your Host Brendan Mahan
Nov 26, 2021
From the Vault: Holiday Planning with Cindy Jobs
Nov 19, 2021
Getting Kids into College and Doing It Debt-Free with Denise Thomas, Your Debt-Free College Coach
Nov 12, 2021
Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 3 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021
Nov 06, 2021
Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 2 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021
Nov 06, 2021
Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 1 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021
Nov 05, 2021
What If You‘re Not the Main Character? Empathy and Compassion Tool with Brendan Mahan Your Compassionate Captian
Oct 30, 2021
Middle School Matters with Phyllis Fagell, Author and School Counselor
Oct 16, 2021
Brain Performance and the Eyes with Trent McEntire of Fire Up You Brain
Oct 09, 2021
From the Vault: An Overview of School Testing with Leanne Kaplan, School Psychologist
Oct 01, 2021
Technology and Education with Anthony Amitrano, M.Ed., M.A, Instructional Technology Specialist, and founder of EduPowerTools
Sep 25, 2021
Your Brain’s Not Broken with Tamara Rosier, PhD, Author, ADHD coach, and Neurodiverse Mom
Sep 18, 2021
Helping Kids Solve Their Own Problems with Aimee Buckley, CEO and Chief Academic Officer of Study Help Inc., Teacher, and Mom
Sep 11, 2021
A Free Sample of the ADHD Essentials Parent Groups with Ashleigh, ADHD Mom and Past Group Member
Sep 04, 2021
EPISODE 200: Reflecting on the Past and Looking Ahead to the Future of the Show with Cameron Gott, ADHD Coach and Host of the Translating ADHD podcast
Aug 21, 2021
ADHD, Integrative Health, and the Mind/Body Connection with Dr. Nicole Beurkins, Child Psychologist
Aug 14, 2021
9 Thoughts on Cleaning a Room with Brendan Mahan, your Decluttering (Not-So) Dynamo!
Aug 07, 2021
From the Vault: Going All in with the ADHD Population with Gail Oakerman, Counselor, College Professor, and Educational Consultant
Jul 31, 2021
Meeting the Sensory Needs of Our Kids and Ourselves with Keri Wilmot Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Toy Consultant, and Author.
Jul 24, 2021
Changing the World One Brain at a Time with Jessica McCabe, Creator and Host of How to ADHD
Jul 17, 2021
Lessons Learned During the Pandemic with Brendan Mahan Your Reflective Speaker
Jul 10, 2021
Focus at Will with Will Henshall, inventor, tech entrepreneur, and music producer with ADHD.
Jul 03, 2021
Burnout as it Relates to Parenting with Dr. B, Clinical Director at
Jun 26, 2021
Effective Communication in a Neurodiverse World with Joe Butler Author and Autism / Neurodiverse Communication Consultant.
Jun 19, 2021
Integrating ADHD, Computer Science, and Patterns of Human Interaction with Andrea Goulet, Empathy Driven Software Developer and ADHD Mom
Jun 12, 2021
Holidays are Ruining Your Life
Jun 05, 2021
A Mother and Teacher Shares Her New Perspective on ADHD, with Erin, Middle School EnglishTeacher and ADHD Mom
May 29, 2021
From the Vault: Nutrient Rich Boredom with James Garrett of Brian by Design.
May 22, 2021
ADHD and Financial Literacy with Rick Webster of Rena-Fi
May 15, 2021
Reflecting on Pandemic Schooling with Mary Dibinga English Teacher and ADHD Mom
May 08, 2021
A Strengths-Finding Approach with Ilyse Greenberg
May 01, 2021
On Transitions and Video Games with Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S.Your Transitional Troubadour
Apr 24, 2021
OCD Co-Morbid Friend of ADHD with Jeff Szymanski, PhD.
Apr 17, 2021
The Life Changing Effects of and ADHD Diagnosis with Hilary Stern, M.Ed., CALC of ADHD Advance.
Apr 10, 2021
Falling Through the Cracks of a Disruptive and Disrupted Childhood with Palo, Dad with ADHD and Dyslexia
Apr 03, 2021
Procrastination and the Nuanced Skills of Success with Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos
Mar 27, 2021
The Wall of Awful with Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S., your Considerate and Compassionate Climbing Instructor
Mar 20, 2021
Translating ADHD and Time with Shelly Collins, ADHD Coach & Co-Host of the Translating ADHD podcast
Mar 13, 2021
The Three Cs of Self-Talk with Brendan Mahan, Your Compassionate and Considerate Coach
Mar 06, 2021
ADHD Diversified with MJ!
Feb 27, 2021
Teaching During COVID with Mrs. Melissa, 8th Grade English Teacher
Feb 20, 2021
Growing Up An ADHD Asian Minority in Canada with MJ Siemens, host of the ADHD Diversified podcast
Feb 13, 2021
ADHD & Pregnancy with Dusty Chipura, ADHD Coach
Feb 06, 2021
Exercise as Part of the ADHD Treatment Plan with Gabriel Villarreal, LMHC
Jan 30, 2021
Managing the Psychological Pain of the COVID Pandemic, with Todd Schmenk, LMHC.
Jan 23, 2021
ADHD, Planning a Job Hunt, and Why the Wrong Job Can Blow Up in Your Face with Shell Mendelson
Jan 16, 2021
Parenting When Events Gets Scary
Jan 09, 2021
Planning for 2021 with Eric Tivers, Founder and host of ADHD reWired
Jan 02, 2021
ROUGH CUT! 2020 Year-In-Review with Brendan Mahan, Husband, Father, ADHD Coach, Entrepreneur, Survivor
Dec 26, 2020
Falling Off the Cliff of Perfectionism with Moira Maybin, ADHD Mom and Educator
Dec 19, 2020
ADHD, The Odysseus Strategy, and How Our Behavior Affects the Way We Think with AJ Jacobs, New York Times Bestselling Author
Dec 12, 2020
ADHD, College, and the Supports to Look For with Mary Jo Levand, Director of the Academic Support Center at Notre Dame College
Dec 05, 2020
Figuring Out Family Game Night with Stephen Duetzmann of Engaged Family Gaming
Nov 28, 2020
On Swearing with Brendan Mahan, Your #&%$@%! Host
Nov 21, 2020
Anger, ACEs, Resilience, and Growth with Keith Gelhorn of ADDvocacy.
Nov 14, 2020
Rough Cut! Day 3 of the International Conference on ADHD
Nov 07, 2020
Rough Cut! Day 2 of the International Conference on ADHD
Nov 07, 2020
Rough Cut! Day 1 of the International Conference on ADHD
Nov 06, 2020
The Effects of COVID19 on Schools with Dr. Noor Ali, Principal of Al Hamra Academy
Oct 31, 2020
ADHD Meets D&D -Using Dungeons & Dragons to Foster Family Connection with Dave and Ted from Nerdarchy
Oct 24, 2020
Weird History, Curiosity, and Rocks with Veronica Ditko, mother and author of “A Rock Solid History of Hawthorne New Jersey”
Oct 17, 2020
SHRED Your ADHD, Exhaustion, and Burnout with Brendan Mahan, Your Mildly Motivated MC
Oct 10, 2020
Networking, Legwork, and Earning Honorary Degrees with Diane McLean, M.Ed., ADHD Coach and mom of a son with special needs.
Oct 03, 2020
Building Esteem, Managing ADHD, and Communicating with Your Kids' Support Team, with Dr. Tom Pedigo, co-founder of the Esteem app.
Sep 26, 2020
Discussing Differently Wired Kids with Debbie Reber of TiLT Parenting
Sep 19, 2020
The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ElaineTaylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, Author & Parent Coach
Sep 12, 2020
Back-to-School Social Skills with Caroline Maguire, PCC, M.Ed., Author and ADHD, Executive Function, & Social Skills Coach
Sep 05, 2020
Homeschooling Pods, the Complexity of Public Education, and the Importance of Reading Instruction, with Victoria Crisp, M.Ed, Educational Consultant
Aug 29, 2020
Doodling to Learn & Focus with Dani Donovan, ADHD Content Creator & Artist
Aug 22, 2020
ADHD & Rejection Sensitivity with David Nowell, PhD., Clinical Neuropsychologist, and ADHD Expert
Aug 15, 2020
Values, Decision Making, and the 2020-2021 School Year with Brendan Mahan, Your Values-Driven Visionary
Aug 07, 2020
A Prescription Video Game for ADHD? Yup. EndeavorRx with Eddie Martucci, Co-Founder and CEO of Akili Interactive
Aug 01, 2020
Revisiting Perfectionism with Brendan Mahan, your Imperfect Impresario
Jul 25, 2020
Cutting Out Perfect with Denise Roadman, Middle School Wellness Teacher
Jul 18, 2020
Developing Family Resilience During Challenging Times with Juliana Chen, M.D. and Tai Katzenstein, Ph.D.
Jul 11, 2020
Building Executive Function Skills During a Summer of Social Distancing with Seth Perler, Executive Function and 2E Coach
Jul 04, 2020
Managing Defensiveness and Other Pitfalls in ADHD/Non-ADHD Relationships with Joyce Kubik and Robin Nordmeyer, ADHD Coaches
Jun 27, 2020
Discussing ADHD & Autism with Sarah Chayette, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, & Author
Jun 20, 2020
Ideas for a Mostly at Home Summer of 2020 with Brendan Mahan, Your Social-Distancing Summer Savant
Jun 14, 2020
COVID19, Protests, and Black Lived Experience in Brooklyn, NY with Romanza McAllister, Psychotherapist, ADHD Coach and ADDA Board Member
Jun 06, 2020
Becoming Emotional Scientists with Chandler Creedon, Retired School Psychologist and Professor at Framingham State University
May 30, 2020
The Power of Cooperative Games and Reducing Variables with Bruce Sabian, M.A., LMHC of Academy MetroWest
May 23, 2020
The ADHD Experience & the African American Experience with Inger Colzie. Social Worker, and ADHD Mom of an ADHD kid
May 16, 2020
Out of Loss Can Come Gain Post Traumatic Growth in a Time of Crisis with Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D., Distinguished Chair of Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, Bluemont, VA
May 09, 2020
Mindfulness, and a Teacher’s View of Distance Learning with Stephanie Letourneau, 3rd grade teacher
May 02, 2020
An ADHD Adult Who Pursued His Childhood Passions to NASA, with Chris, ADHD Adult and NASA Problem-Solver
Apr 24, 2020
ADHD & Money with Alicia, ADHD Mom of ADHD Kids
Apr 17, 2020
The ADHD Effect on Marriage Relationships with Melissa Orlov, ADHD Expert, Marriage Consultant, and Author
Apr 10, 2020
Mindful Over Matter: How to Power Up Your Kid’s Brain, with Alan Brown, the ADD Crusher
Apr 03, 2020
COVID Q&A with ADHD Coaches Lollie Weeks and Kyra Todd
Apr 02, 2020
Creativity and Confidence Born of Big Passions and Small Wins with Roxanne Jarrett, Educator, Artist, Creativity Coach, and Mom with ADHD.
Mar 27, 2020
An Overview of COVID-19 with Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells, Pediatrician.
Mar 26, 2020
Thoughts on Self-Care During COVID-19
Mar 20, 2020
COVID-19 & What to Do When You and Your Kids are Stuck in the House with Dr. Sharon Saline, Clinical Psychologist and ADHD Expert
Mar 13, 2020
The Benefits and Pitfalls of Technology and ADHD with Brittany Smith of Devise and Conquer
Mar 06, 2020
How to Play with Your Kid with Megan Vandersluys, Play Therapist
Feb 28, 2020
Two Good Things One Thing You Would Change If You Could at Disney, with Brendan Mahan Your Traveling Talker
Feb 21, 2020
Bids and Turning Towards with Dr. Don Cole, Clinical Director for The Gottman Institute
Feb 14, 2020
Guarding Your Yes with René Brooks of Black Girl, Lost Keys
Feb 07, 2020
Safety and Peace of Mind Through Structure, with Mike, former Marine and ADHD dad
Jan 31, 2020
Learn the Reasons for Our Kids Behavior by Underreacting, with Michelle, ADHD mom and School Librarian
Jan 24, 2020
Self-Regulation with Jeff Copper, ADHD & Attention Coach, Host of Attention Talk Radio, and ADHD Dad
Jan 17, 2020
Finding the Gifts in ADHD with Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parecalls, Pediatrician and Mom with ADHD
Jan 10, 2020
Enraging Swim Lessons, Incredible Videos, and Competitive First Aid with Laura The ADHD Mama
Jan 03, 2020
Improving Our Kids’ Mindsets, Trying Differently Not Harder, and Celebrating Small Wins, with Carrie Herzberger
Dec 27, 2019
From ADHD Kid to ADHD mom & ADHD Coach, with Lollie Weeks of Fast Brain Coaching
Dec 20, 2019
Hacking the ADHD Toddler in Your Head, with Will Curb of Hacking Your ADHD
Dec 13, 2019
Why Will No One Play With Me with Caroline Maguire, Author and ADHD & Social Skills Expert
Dec 06, 2019
ADHD, Perfectionism, Parenting, and Motivation with Emily Kircher-Morris of the Mind Matters Podcast, Licensed Professional Counselor and ADHD Mom
Nov 29, 2019
ADHD & Holiday Expectations with Cindy Jobs, Professional Organizer and Coach
Nov 22, 2019
ADHD After Dark with Dr. Ari Tuckman. Psychologist in Clinical Practice Specializing in ADHD, Certified Sex Therapist, and Author of ADHD After Dark.
Nov 15, 2019
Rough Cut! Day 3 of the 2019 Annual International Conference on ADHD
Nov 10, 2019
Rough Cut! Day 2 of the 2019 Annual International Conference on ADHD
Nov 09, 2019
Rough Cut! Day 1 of the 2019 Annual International Conference on ADHD
Nov 08, 2019
Celebrating 100 Episodes by Interviewing the Interviewer with Cameron Gott (Part I), and Nathan and Gavin Mahan (Part II)
Nov 01, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: The State of the Pod, and Fear in Parenting. with Brendan Mahan, your humble host.
Oct 31, 2019
Managing Our Parental Mindset with Penny Williams of Parenting ADHD and Autism. ADHD Expert, Author and Mother.
Oct 25, 2019
Keeping Things Simple and Being Open to Change with Lysa Miller, Business Owner and Mom with ADHD
Oct 18, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: A Slice of Life, with Nathan and Gavin Mahan, sons of a father with ADHD
Oct 15, 2019
Excuse My ADHD, with Jeanette G. ADHD Mom and Podcaster
Oct 11, 2019
Reading is a Complicated Process, with Beth Dinelli and Alex Fortuna, Reading Specialists
Oct 04, 2019
Pumpkin Spice ADHD, with Brendan Mahan your Autumnal Auteur
Sep 27, 2019
Event Planning Motherhood with Danielle Frisby of Unboxing Change, Event Planner & Mother of a Son with ADHD
Sep 20, 2019
IEP Meetings, The Family Medical Leave Act, and Advocating for Our Kids, with Aelan Mosden, Parent of Children with Special Needs
Sep 13, 2019
Free to Choose Your Own Path: ADHD, Counseling, and Dungeons & Dragons with Matt Fahy, LMHC, and Heroic Group Counselor
Sep 06, 2019
ADHD, Vaping, and Substance Use with Amy Leone, LMHC Addiction Expert and Owner of Community Impact, Inc.
Aug 30, 2019
Back To School Thoughts, with Brendan Mahan, your Accessible Academic Advisor
Aug 23, 2019
Resistance, Execution, and Executive Function with Seth Perler, Executive Function and 2e Coach, Founder of The Executive Function Online Summit.
Aug 16, 2019
Two Dads Talking About Self-Care and Listening to Where Each Other is At, with Adam Wilson Director of Calm Passion, and father of a son with ASD, Anxiety, and ADHD
Aug 09, 2019
Teaching and Organizing with ADHD, with Lindsey Steele, a High School Teacher with ADHD
Aug 02, 2019
The Power of Being Seen by Others Affected by ADHD, with Doug Harris of ADHD Synergy
Jul 26, 2019
Wonder and Problem-Solving, with Jarra Meltzer of The Interactive Learning Center
Jul 19, 2019
ADHD, Self- Esteem, & The Stories We Need to Hear, with René Brooks of Black Girl Lost Keys.
Jul 12, 2019
Executive Function, Volcanoes, and Why ADHD Rarely Travels Alone, with Monica Hassell of Connect ADHD
Jul 05, 2019
Going All In with the ADHD Population, with Gail Oakerman, Counselor, College Professor, and Educational Consultant
Jun 28, 2019
Today's Awesome: Finding What We Look For, with Brendan Mahan, the Host You're Looking For
Jun 21, 2019
When Your Kid Becomes a Puddle: Anxiety, Movement, and the Physical Side of ADHD, with Krista Gordon, Mom, and founder of Tranquil Little One
Jun 14, 2019
Organizing in Shared Spaces, with Cindy Jobs, Professional Organizer & ADHD Coach
Jun 07, 2019
Making ADHD’s Invisible Struggles Visible, with Dani Donovan, Web Comic Artist with ADHD
May 31, 2019
Plotting a Better Course for Your Kid with ADHD (And Why You’re Already Doing It!), with Cameron Gott, PCC, Veteran ADHD Coach
May 24, 2019
Accounting for Our Shared Humanity Through Authenticity, Boldness, and Curiosity, with Juma Inniss, Youth Culture and Media Literacy Expert, Founder and Director of The Message
May 17, 2019
An Overview of School Testing with Leanne Kaplan, School Psychologist
May 10, 2019
Knowing the Score, Impending Fatherhood, and Hauling Watermelons, with Evan Kirstein ADHD Coach and Soon-To-Be Dad
May 03, 2019
10 Ways to Get Your Kid to Read More, with Brendan Mahan, Your Enlightened Former English Teacher
Apr 26, 2019
Not a Troublemaker, Just Having Trouble. with Gerry Goyette, Middle School Principal
Apr 19, 2019
Helping Our Kids (and Ourselves) to Protect Personal (and Financial) Information While Online, with Tim M., Financial Expert & ADHD Parent
Apr 12, 2019
Guarding Our Time While Meeting the Demands of Our Kids, Our Parents, and Our Careers, with David Greenwood
Apr 05, 2019
Teaching the Kid vs. Teaching the Subject with Ms. Sally, a High School Special Education Teacher
Mar 29, 2019
Emotional Intelligence with Dawn Marie DesRoche
Mar 22, 2019
Thoughts on Clear Expectations with Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S.
Mar 15, 2019
Finding Success in the Face of ADHD, OCD, and Tourette's with Isaac, high school senior
Mar 08, 2019
Parental Self-Care with Louise Clarke
Mar 01, 2019
Getting Help for a Child in Crisis, and Being UnNormal with Kimberly Berry
Feb 22, 2019
Planning for College with Linda Katz
Feb 15, 2019
8 Ways to Help Your Kids Manage Stress & Anxiety
Feb 08, 2019
A Good Relationship Pushes Us to Be a Better Person with Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA
Feb 01, 2019
ADHD, Small Not-For-Profit Private Schools, and the Muslim American Experience with Dr. Noor Ali, Principal of Al Hamra Academy
Jan 25, 2019
55: Stress Management with Jason Dulac, M.Ed., M.S.
Jan 18, 2019
54: Being Outrageous to Keep Their Attention, with Lauren Mahan, teacher. (Special Guest Appearances by Nathan and Gavin Mahan)
Jan 11, 2019
53: Three Tiered Goal Setting & 2019 Intentions
Jan 04, 2019
52: ADHD and Giftedness with Dr. Robert Gruberman
Dec 28, 2018
51: Gifted with ADHD, with Aurora Remember Holtzman, ADHD & Gifted mother of an ADHD & Gifted Child
Dec 21, 2018
50: Talking to Our Kids About Sex (Our Context is Not Their Context) with Erika Miley, Mental and Sexual Health Therapist
Dec 14, 2018
49: Talking Organization with Cindy Jobs, Professional Organizer & ADHD Coach
Dec 07, 2018
48: An ADHD View from Down Under with Jon Hassall of Connect ADHD
Nov 30, 2018
47: The History of ADHD at School with Richard Kelley, Veteran Educator for Over Four Decades
Nov 23, 2018
46: This ADHD Life with Keith Griffin, ADHD Coach
Nov 16, 2018
45: Done is Better than Perfect at the International Conference on ADHD 2018
Nov 09, 2018
44: Parenting as Leadership with Tamara Rosier, PHD, BCC, ADHD Mom, and President of the ADHD Coaches Organization
Nov 02, 2018
43: Managing Self-Sabotaging Thoughts, Positive Psychology, and Upward Spirals of Emotion with Mindy Katz, ADHD Coach, Social Worker, and Parent with ADHD of Adult Kids with ADHD
Oct 26, 2018
42: Still the Kid Avoiding Her Homework with Rene Brooks of Black Girl, Lost Keys
Oct 19, 2018
41: ADHD and Unmet Needs in School with Mr. Kayerrook, High School English Teacher
Oct 12, 2018
40: Three Views on Awareness for ADHD Awareness Month, with Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S. Your Awesomely Aware Audio Artist
Oct 05, 2018
39: Taking a Break, Intervening Early, and The Importance of Thinking Twice with Robbin Miller, LMHC, mother with ADHD of an adopted child with ADHD
Sep 28, 2018
38: The Calm Passion of Adam Wilson, founder of Calmer Con, and Father of a son on the Spectrum
Sep 21, 2018
"What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew" with Dr. Sharon Saline, Clinical Psychologist, ADHD Expert, and Author
Sep 14, 2018
36: Comics & ADHD with Dav Pilkey, Creator of Captain Underpants, and adult with ADHD (with special guest co-hosts: Nathan & Gavin Mahan)
Sep 07, 2018
35: Going on a Dopamine Hunt with Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S., Your Happy Hunting Party Host
Aug 31, 2018
34: Unraveling ADHD from the 50s & 60s to Today, with Joyce Kubik, ADHD Coach, Parent with ADHD of kids with ADHD (and grandkids with ADHD)
Aug 24, 2018
33: ADHD Parents Palooza with Linda Roggli and Diane Dempster
Aug 17, 2018
32: What is a Special Education Advocate? with Melissa Carriveau, Special Education Advocate
Aug 10, 2018
31: Living the Modern History of ADHD, With Diann Wingert, LCSW, ADHD Coach, and mother with ADHD of children with ADHD
Aug 03, 2018
30: "Talk to the Teacher" with Meg Flanagan, Author and Founder of MilKids Education Consulting
Jul 27, 2018
29: The Toxicity of Comparing Ourselves to Others with Kat, mother with ADHD of a Neuro-Typical Son
Jul 20, 2018
28: Taking a Gap Year with Katelynn Shea and Stephanie Kozlowski of Dynamy Internship Year
Jul 13, 2018
27: Music and ADHD Lessons with Richard Podgur, Music Teacher
Jul 06, 2018
26: ADHD & Time with Brendan Mahan, Your Humble, Harried Host
Jun 29, 2018
25: The 20th Anniversary of "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key" with Jack Gantos, Author
Jun 22, 2018
24: Nutrient Rich Boredom with James Garrett of Brain By Design
Jun 15, 2018
23: Dinner and a Show with Meg - Wife, Mom, Sister, and Daughter to folks ADHD with ADHD
Jun 08, 2018
22: Reading More, Calendar Strategies, and Thoughts on College, with Ryan McRae, the ADHD Nerd!
Jun 01, 2018
21: A Mother's Story of Bullying, Homeschooling, and Doing the Best You Can With What You Have, with Samantha MacLeod, Homeschooler and Mother of ADHD Kids
May 25, 2018
20: Using the Voice as a Parenting Tool, with Tracy Goodwin, Voice Coach
May 18, 2018
19: iGotThis with Rich Shramm, ADHD Dad & App Developer
May 11, 2018
18: "What's The Skill Set That's Missing?" with Chandler Creedon, School Psychologist
May 04, 2018
17: The Baskin Robbins of ADHD with Kate Barrett, ADHD Mother, Wife, and Coach
Apr 27, 2018
16: The Struggle Makes Us Stronger, with Gabriel Villarreal, Strength & Condition Coach and Mental Health Counselor Specialized in ADHD
Apr 20, 2018
ADHD Friendly Systems in the Household with Marina Darlow, Mother & ADHD Systems Expert
Apr 12, 2018
Flipped Classrooms and The Wall of Awful (Finally!) with Denielle Stasa, Middle School English Teacher
Apr 05, 2018
Seeing an ADHD Diagnosis as a Manual with Kimberly, mother of a son with ADHD
Mar 29, 2018
Reducing The Barrier to Entry with Brendan Mahan, ADHD Poet
Mar 21, 2018
Respect as the Foundation of Family with Jessica, ADHD Mom
Mar 14, 2018
Zerberts, Sensory Challenges, and Crayons in the Dryer with Eric Tivers, Parent with ADHD of a thrice-exceptional son
Mar 07, 2018
Playing and Pausing with Dr. Kirsten Milliken, ADHD Parent, author, and ADHD Expert
Feb 28, 2018
Slow Mornings, Smashed Tasks, and Kindness Clipboards with Stephanie Letourneau, 3rd Grade Teacher
Feb 21, 2018
Curious Accountability with Cameron Gott, ADHD Coach and Author
Feb 14, 2018
Love Languages, Twin Gaps, and Being Married to ADHD with Sandy, Wife and Mom to ADHD
Feb 07, 2018
Transitions, Testing, and and Helping Kids Understand Who They Are with Cara Fleming, School Psychologist
Jan 31, 2018
Routines, Giggles and Belonging with Dan and Stacy, ADHD Parents
Jan 23, 2018
Separating Attitude from Performance with Michele Monteiro, Special Education Teacher
Jan 16, 2018
What Parents Have to Learn with Sam, Parent of a child with ADHD
Jan 08, 2018
Overview of ADHD with Dr. David Nowell, ADHD Expert
Jan 08, 2018
The Plan for the Pod, with Eric Tivers
Jan 08, 2018