Six Minutes

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Category: Fiction

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 May 8, 2024

Official podcast reviewer
 Jul 31, 2023
Great to listen with your family. Has a good lesson. I would highly recomend this for anyone looking for a good laugh and a long listen.

 May 24, 2023

 Jul 1, 2021
best podcast

 Mar 9, 2021
I love it and I think you'd like it too.


Discover the most downloaded family audio drama in history. Eleven-year-old Holiday is pulled from the icy waters of Alaska with no memory of who she is or where she comes from. And when she begins to develop incredible abilities, she’ll soon learn she’s not alone in the world. From Peabody Award-winning Gen-Z Media, creators of The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel and The Big Fib, Six Minutes is a thrilling adventure for the whole family. New episodes of Season 3, Six Minutes: Out of Time release every Tuesday and Thursday. Produced by Gen-Z Media. For more great Gen-Z shows visit

Episode Date
Out of Excuses | 4
Jul 09, 2024
Out of Sync | 3
Jun 11, 2024
Out of the Blue | 2
May 14, 2024
Out of Nowhere | 1
Apr 09, 2024
Ivan Dispatch #2
Mar 26, 2024
Ivan Dispatch #1
Mar 12, 2024
S3 E70: Closing Time for the Elixir Academy
Jan 04, 2024
S3 E69: Time for the Portal to do its Thing
Jan 02, 2024
S3 E68: Time for the Beginning of the End Game
Dec 28, 2023
S3 E67: Time to Go Over the Cliff
Dec 26, 2023
S3 E66: Time for Two Villains to Team Up
Dec 21, 2023
S3 E65: Time to Make a Deal with Adam
Dec 19, 2023
S3 E64: Time for the Story of You and Mila
Dec 14, 2023
S3 E63: Time for Inviso-mode
Dec 12, 2023
S3 E62: Spending Quality Time in Jude’s Oasis
Dec 07, 2023
S3 E61: Time to Escape out of the Frying Pan and into The Four.
Dec 05, 2023
S3 E60: Time to Visit a Creepy Carnival
Nov 30, 2023
S3 E59: Time with My Two Moms
Nov 28, 2023
S3 E58: Time is Relative for Braineigh Brynleigh
Nov 23, 2023
S3 E57: Face Time with the Headmaster
Nov 21, 2023
S3 E56: Time for Badger to Throw his Voice
Nov 16, 2023
S3 E55: It’s About Time, James and Monica
Nov 14, 2023
S3 E54: Real Time with Cyrus and Brynleigh
Nov 09, 2023
S3 E53: Time for the Mother of All Reveals
Nov 07, 2023
S3 E52: Time for the Earth to Quake
Nov 02, 2023
S3 E51: A Good Time for Bad Timing on the Island
Oct 31, 2023
S3 E50: Time to Take the Words out of Brynleigh’s Mouth
Oct 26, 2023
S3 E49: Time for Roommate Drama
Oct 24, 2023
S3 E48: Time to Face the Press
Oct 19, 2023
S3 E47: Time to Row, Row, Row Your Boat to the Headmaster’s House
Oct 17, 2023
S3 E46: Time to Start Worrying About Penn
Oct 12, 2023
S3 E45: Story Time with the Two Caseys
Oct 10, 2023
S3 E44: Time to Meet the New Kazu
Oct 05, 2023
S3 E43: Time with the Hawkings
Oct 03, 2023
S3 E42: Time for the Baby, the Bassinet…and the Battery
Aug 03, 2023
S3 E41: Time to Finally Confront Mom
Aug 01, 2023
S3 E40: Time to Monologue about the Headmaster
Jul 27, 2023
S3 E39: Time to be Fugitives…Again
Jul 25, 2023
S3 E38: Time for Chaos in the Courthouse
Jul 20, 2023
S3 E37: Time for Law and Order
Jul 18, 2023
S3 E36: Time for a Phone Call from an Old Friend(?)
Jul 13, 2023
S3 E35: Time for a Remy and Cybot Teamup
Jul 11, 2023
S3 E34: Time for Chicken Bird
Jul 06, 2023
S3 E33: Time for a Reboot
Jul 04, 2023
S3 E32: Time for a Refresher Course in Brynleigh’s History
Jun 29, 2023
S3 E31: Time to Get Bruce Up and Running
Jun 27, 2023
S3 E30: Time to Admit Why Brynleigh is Losing Her Memory
Jun 22, 2023
S3 E29: Time for a Not So Refreshing Swim
Jun 20, 2023
S3 E28: Visiting Time at the Big House
Jun 15, 2023
S3 E27: Time to Discover the Real Elixir Academy
Jun 13, 2023
S3 E26: Time for a Growth Spurt
Jun 08, 2023
S3 E25: Time to Bring the Elixir Academy to Juneau
Jun 06, 2023
S3 E24: Time to Chat with Dad in Prison
Jun 01, 2023
S3 E23: Time for Bots to Fall from the Sky
May 30, 2023
S3 E22: B Squad Rescue Time
May 25, 2023
S3 E21: Time for Life…Interrupted
May 23, 2023
S3 E20: Time to Reconnect Brynleigh and Cyrus
May 18, 2023
S3 E19: Lockdown Time at the Elixir Academy
May 16, 2023
S3 E18: Time to Escape the Farmy
May 11, 2023
S3 E17: It’s About Time Cyrus Wakes Up
May 09, 2023
S3 E16: Hot Times with Dr. Magnus
May 04, 2023
S3 E15: Alone Time with a Fiery Old Nemesis
May 02, 2023
S3 E14: Time to Break into a Supermax Prison
Apr 27, 2023
S3 E13: Time for Jimmy, the Badge…and the Bird
Apr 25, 2023
S3 E12: Missing Time…and Other Things
Apr 20, 2023
S3 E11: Movie Time for Brynleigh
Apr 18, 2023
S3 E10: No Time for Bad Robots
Apr 13, 2023
S3 E9: Time to Get Cyrus Help
Apr 11, 2023
S3 E8: Time in the Oasis
Apr 06, 2023
S3 E7: Time for the First Day of School
Apr 04, 2023
S3 E6: Bedtime is the Best Time to Escape
Mar 30, 2023
S3 E5: Time to Meet the Roommate
Mar 28, 2023
S3 E4: Boat Time with Creepy McSwampface
Mar 23, 2023
S3 E3: Time to Say Goodbye
Mar 21, 2023
S3 E2: Time at Cyrus’s Bedside
Mar 16, 2023
S3 E1: Time to Come Home
Mar 14, 2023
Introducing: Six Minutes Season 3
Mar 08, 2023
Dude, Where's My Rewind?
Mar 03, 2023
S2 E105: Six Minutes to the End
Feb 05, 2020
S2 E104: Six Minutes of Desperate Times
Feb 03, 2020
S2 E103: Six Minutes of Trying Not to Panic in the Panic Room
Jan 29, 2020
S2 E102: Six Minutes of the Robots’ Revenge
Jan 27, 2020
S2 E101: Six Minutes of the Real End Game
Jan 22, 2020
S2 E100: Six Minutes of Goodbyes
Jan 20, 2020
S2 E99: Six Minutes Setting the Trap
Jan 15, 2020
S2 E98: Six Minutes to Make Cyrus a Believer
Jan 13, 2020
S2 E97: Six Minutes Sleeping Over
Jan 08, 2020
S2 E96: Six Minutes Racing to the Surface
Jan 06, 2020
S2 E95: Six Minutes of Gratitude
Jan 03, 2020
S2 E94: Six Minutes Too Late
Jan 01, 2020
S2 E93: Six Minutes at the Last Supper
Dec 30, 2019
S2 E92: Six Minutes Surrounded by Love and Support
Dec 25, 2019
S2 E91: Six Minutes Behind the Mask
Dec 23, 2019
S2 E90: Six Minutes of Holiday’s Biggest Secret Yet
Dec 18, 2019
S2 E89: Six Minutes of a New Holiday
Dec 16, 2019
S2 E88: Six Minutes of a Girls Night Out
Dec 11, 2019
S2 E87: Six Minutes Returning to Normal?
Dec 09, 2019
S2 E86: Six Minutes to See Who Makes it Out
Dec 04, 2019
S2 E85: Six Minutes Supercharged
Dec 02, 2019
S2 E84: Six Minutes with a Robot Army
Nov 27, 2019
S2 E83: Six Minutes of Holidays
Nov 25, 2019
S2 E82: Six Minutes Saving Cyrus…and the World
Nov 20, 2019
S2 E81: Six Minutes with a Blood Brother
Nov 18, 2019
S2 E80: Six Minutes to Find a Life Saver
Nov 13, 2019
S2 E79: Six Minutes Pulled from the Rubble
Nov 11, 2019
S2 E78: Six Minutes Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
Nov 06, 2019
S2 E77: Six Minutes Unplugged
Nov 04, 2019
S2 E76: Six Minutes in the Wild Kingdom
Oct 30, 2019
S2 E75: Six Minutes Atop a Waterfall
Oct 28, 2019
S2 E74: Two Girls, a Guy…and Six Minutes
Oct 23, 2019
S2 E73: Six Minutes Before He Wakes Up
Oct 21, 2019
S2 E72: Six Minutes of the New Head Honcho
Oct 16, 2019
S2 E71: Six Minutes of Wills and Ways
Oct 14, 2019
S2 E70: Six Minutes in the Robot Factory
Oct 09, 2019
S2 E69: Six Minutes is the Pits
Oct 07, 2019
S2 E68: Six Minutes of the Wild Cards
Oct 02, 2019
S2 E67: Six Minutes of an Island Reunion
Sep 30, 2019
S2 E66: Six Minutes of the Dynamic Duo
Sep 25, 2019
S2 E65: Six Minutes of Strange Seatmates
Sep 23, 2019
S2 E64: Six Minutes with the Next Best Thing
Sep 18, 2019
S2 E63: Six Minutes of a Visitor in Neverland
Sep 16, 2019
S2 E62: Six Minutes with the New Boss
Sep 11, 2019
S2 E61: Six Minutes of Moms and Dads
Sep 09, 2019
S2 E60: Six Minutes of Parents and Children
Sep 04, 2019
S2 E59: Six Minutes Elevator Rescue
Sep 02, 2019
S2 E58: Six Minutes Trapped in an Elevator
Aug 28, 2019
S2 E57: Six Minutes in the Dark
Aug 26, 2019
S2 E56: Six Minutes on a Collision Course
Aug 21, 2019
S2 E55: Six Minutes of Breaking News
Aug 19, 2019
S2 E54: Six Minutes Touring the Island
Aug 14, 2019
S2 E53: Six Minutes with an Old Friend
Aug 12, 2019
S2 E52: Six Minutes Setting a Trap
Aug 07, 2019
S2 E51: Six Minutes and the Great Train Robbery
Aug 05, 2019
S2 E50: Six Minutes of the Four…Reunited
Jul 31, 2019
S2 E49: Six Minutes of Brynleigh and the Monarch
Jul 29, 2019
S2 E48: Six Minutes Back in School
Jul 24, 2019
S2 E47: Six Minutes in the Past, Part 2
Jul 22, 2019
S2 E46: Six Minutes in the Past, Part 1
Jul 17, 2019
S2 E45: Six Minutes, Second Star to the Right
Jul 15, 2019
S2 E44: Six Minutes Returning to the Scene of the Crime
Jul 10, 2019
S2 E43: Six Minutes Back in Juneau
Jul 08, 2019
S2 E42: Six Minutes of Cyrus’s Bargain
Jul 03, 2019
S2 E41: Six Minutes Racing Elephants
Jul 01, 2019
S2 E40: Six Minutes with the Lost Boys…and Girls
Jun 26, 2019
S2 E39: Six Minutes on the High Seas
Jun 24, 2019
S2 E38: Six Minutes in Neverland
Jun 19, 2019
S2 E37: Six Minutes Missing Holiday
Jun 17, 2019
S2 E36: Six Minutes with the Four
Jun 12, 2019
S2 E35: Six Minutes Running from Reality
Jun 10, 2019
S2 E34: Six Minutes Hardwired
Jun 05, 2019
S2 E33: Six Minutes of the Real Holiday
Jun 03, 2019
S2 E32: Six Minutes Until Holiday Forgets
May 29, 2019
S2 E31: Six Minutes of Cyrus Finding the Answers
May 27, 2019
S2 E30: Six Minutes Until Time Runs Out
May 22, 2019
S2 E29: Six Minutes of Answers in a Box
May 20, 2019
S2 E28: Six Minutes with Grandpa
May 15, 2019
S2 E27: Six Minutes Underground
May 13, 2019
S2 E26: Six Minutes of Buried Secrets
May 08, 2019
S2 E25: Six Minutes of the Truth about Dr. Whittier
May 06, 2019
S2 E24: Six Minutes Drains the Swamp
May 01, 2019
S2 E23: Six Minutes Till It All Blows Up
Apr 29, 2019
S2 E22: Six Minutes of Swamp Things
Apr 24, 2019
S2 E21: Six Minutes in the Swamp
Apr 22, 2019
S2 E20: Six Minutes of Christmas in Jail
Apr 17, 2019
S2 E19: Six Minutes of Tinsel and Trouble
Apr 15, 2019
S2 E18: Six Minutes with Holiday’s Real Family
Apr 10, 2019
S2 E17: Six Minutes, Six Milkshakes
Apr 08, 2019
S2 E16: Six Minutes with a Dead Man
Apr 03, 2019
S2 E15: Six Minutes Behind the Walls
Apr 01, 2019
S2 E14: Six Minutes in a Haunted Mansion
Mar 27, 2019
S2 E13: Six Minutes of Badger’s Bad
Mar 25, 2019
S2 E12: Six Minutes of Birthdays
Mar 20, 2019
S2 E11: Six Minutes with a Friendly Police Officer
Mar 18, 2019
S2 E10: Six Minutes Calls Long Distance
Mar 13, 2019
S2 E9: Six Minutes with a Traitor
Mar 11, 2019
S2 E8: Six Minutes Reading Minds
Mar 06, 2019
S2 E7: Six Minutes of Bad News in a Fanny Pack
Mar 04, 2019
S2 E6: Six Minutes to Skedaddle
Feb 27, 2019
S2 E5: Six Minutes of the World’s Worst Pool Party
Feb 25, 2019
S2 E4: Six Minutes in Another Motel Room
Feb 20, 2019
S2 E3: Six Minutes of Jiu Jitsu
Feb 18, 2019
S2 E2: Six Minutes of Dine and Dash
Feb 13, 2019
S2 E1: Six Minutes of Life on the Run
Feb 11, 2019
S1 E100: Six Minutes ‘Til Goodbye
Feb 01, 2019
S1 E99: Six Minutes Being Torn Apart
Jan 31, 2019
S1 E98: Six Minutes Captured
Jan 30, 2019
S1 E97: Six Minutes in Flames
Jan 29, 2019
S1 E96: Six Minutes Surrounded
Jan 28, 2019
S1 E95: Six Minutes to Pack and Go
Jan 23, 2019
S1 E94: Six Minutes with the Monarch
Jan 21, 2019
S1 E93: Six Minutes of Flashbacks
Jan 16, 2019
S1 E92: Six Minutes to the Bottom
Jan 14, 2019
S1 E91: Six Minutes with Nowhere to Go
Jan 09, 2019
S1 E90: Lights Out in Six Minutes and Counting
Jan 07, 2019
S1 E89: Six Minutes of Holiday on the Inside
Jan 02, 2019
S1 E88: Six Minutes in Whittier is Six Minutes Too Many
Dec 31, 2018
S1 E87: Six Minutes as Holiday Returns to Whittier
Dec 26, 2018
S1 E86: Six Minutes of Going Home
Dec 24, 2018
S1 E85: Six Minutes of Saying Goodbye
Dec 19, 2018
S1 E84: Six Minutes of Things Going from Bad to Worse at Whittier
Dec 17, 2018
S1 E83: Six Minutes of Secrets and Blackmail
Dec 12, 2018
S1 E82: Six Minutes of Being Watched
Dec 10, 2018
S1 E81: Six Minutes of New Roommates
Dec 05, 2018
S1 E80: Six Minutes of Never Really Escaping Whittier
Dec 03, 2018
S1 E79: Six Minutes of a Chase Through the Woods
Nov 28, 2018
S1 E78: Six Minutes to Stop the Catchers
Nov 26, 2018
S1 E77: Six Minutes Holiday Wishes She Could Have Back
Nov 21, 2018
S1 E76: Six Minutes of Holiday Coming Clean
Nov 19, 2018
S1 E75: Six Minutes to find Badger in the Blizzard
Nov 14, 2018
S1 E74: Six Minutes Breaking Bread with Brynleigh
Nov 12, 2018
S1 E73: Six Minutes of Someone Else Out There
Nov 07, 2018
S1 E72: Six Minutes of a Mysterious Video
Nov 05, 2018
S1 E71: Six Minutes of Brynleigh’s Home Visit
Oct 31, 2018
S1 E70: Six Minutes of Trouble in the Lab
Oct 29, 2018
S1 E69: Six Minutes of Battling Brynleigh for Badger
Oct 24, 2018
S1 E68: Six Minutes of Mission: Regain Badger’s Brain
Oct 22, 2018
S1 E67: Six Minutes of Cyrus’s New Gig
Oct 17, 2018
S1 E66: Six Minutes Inside Whittier
Oct 15, 2018
S1 E65: Six Minutes Until Cyrus is In
Oct 10, 2018
S1 E64: Six Minutes of Brynleigh is Six Minutes too Maneigh
Oct 08, 2018
S1 E63: Six Minutes to Convince Bruce He’s Badger
Oct 03, 2018
S1 E62: Six Minutes with an Old Friend
Oct 01, 2018
S1 E61: Six Minutes Inside Birdie’s Brain
Sep 26, 2018
S1 E60: Six Minutes Blacked Out
Sep 24, 2018
S1 E59: Six Minutes of Cyrus’s Bad Judgment
Sep 19, 2018
S1 E58: Six Minutes of Awards
Sep 17, 2018
S1 E57: Two Bad Guys, Four Stories and Six Minutes
Sep 12, 2018
S1 E56: Six Minutes to Keep Cyrus from the Childcatchers
Sep 10, 2018
S1 E55: Six Minutes at the Science Competition
Sep 05, 2018
S1 E54: Six Minutes of the Spy Who Came to Dinner
Sep 03, 2018
S1 E53: A Six Minutes Dinner Party
Aug 29, 2018
S1 E52: Six Minutes in the Girls’ Bathroom
Aug 27, 2018
S1 E51: Six Minutes Scoping Out Whittier
Aug 22, 2018
S1 E50: Six Minutes of a Broken Heart
Aug 20, 2018
S1 E49: Six Minutes of Scrambling
Aug 15, 2018
S1 E48: Six Minutes of Flashcard’s Confession
Aug 13, 2018
S1 E47: Six Minutes Until Flashcard is Revealed
Aug 08, 2018
S1 E46: Six Minutes Locked in a Closet with Brynleigh
Aug 06, 2018
S1 E45: Six Minutes of Middle School Jazz
Aug 01, 2018
S1 E44: Six Minutes with Hovie
Jul 30, 2018
S1 E43: Six Minutes of Walking Into a Trap
Jul 25, 2018
S1 E42: Six Minutes of Helicopters
Jul 23, 2018
S1 E41: Six Minutes with Hermione the Robot
Jul 18, 2018
S1 E40: Six Minutes of Someone in the Garage
Jul 16, 2018
S1 E39: Six Minutes Busted
Jul 11, 2018
S1 E38: Six Minutes in Brynleigh’s House
Jul 09, 2018
S1 E37: Six Minutes of Breaking and Entering
Jul 04, 2018
S1 E36: Six Minutes of Volleyball
Jul 02, 2018
S1 E35: Six Minutes with the Juneau Star Ledger
Jun 27, 2018
S1 E34: Six Minutes with the School Nurse
Jun 25, 2018
S1 E33: Six Minutes of En Francais
Jun 20, 2018
S1 E32: Six Minutes of Super Powers
Jun 18, 2018
S1 E31: Six Minutes of Totally Normal – Part 2
Jun 13, 2018
S1 E30: Six Minutes of Totally Normal – Part 1
Jun 11, 2018
S1 E29: Six Minutes of a Rescue
Jun 06, 2018
S1 E28: Six Minutes in a Creepy Warehouse
Jun 04, 2018
S1 E27: Six Minutes Searching for Badger
May 30, 2018
S1 E26: Six Minutes with the Principal
May 28, 2018
S1 E25: Six Minutes Without Holiday
May 23, 2018
S1 E24: Six Minutes to Make a Decision
May 21, 2018
S1 E23: Six Minutes in the Barracks
May 16, 2018
S1 E22: Six Minutes Running from a Helicopter
May 14, 2018
S1 E21: Six Minutes at Sea
May 09, 2018
S1 E20: Six Minutes Back to the Beginning
May 07, 2018
S1 E19: Six Minutes on Lockdown
May 02, 2018
S1 E18: Six Minutes Trapped in the Car
Apr 30, 2018
S1 E17: Six Minutes with Mom’s Secret
Apr 25, 2018
S1 E16: Six Minutes in Mom’s Office
Apr 23, 2018
S1 E15: Six Minutes of Hovie to the Rescue
Apr 18, 2018
S1 E14: Six Minutes Breaking into a Military Base
Apr 16, 2018
S1 E13: Six Minutes of Suspicion
Apr 11, 2018
S1 E12: Six Minutes Running from the Childcatchers
Apr 09, 2018
S1 E11: Six Minutes of Camping
Apr 04, 2018
S1 E10: Six Minutes of Knowing Physics
Apr 02, 2018
S1 E9: Six Minutes of Tracking Badger
Mar 28, 2018
S1 E8: Six Minutes of Not Telling Mom and Dad
Mar 26, 2018
S1 E7: Six Minutes of Truth
Mar 21, 2018
S1 E6: Six Minutes with Jane Doe
Mar 19, 2018
S1 E5: Six Minutes of the First Day of School
Mar 14, 2018
S1 E4: Six Minutes on a Hoverboard
Mar 12, 2018
S1 E3: Six Minutes One Year Later
Mar 07, 2018
S1 E2: Six Minutes without a Past
Mar 05, 2018
S1 E1: Six Minutes Begins
Mar 01, 2018