Other People's Problems


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Category: Society & Culture

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 Nov 14, 2018


Real people. Real problems. Real talk. Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors. Hillary McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. No actors. No auditions. No artifice. This is what people really sound like when they talk about traumatic births, turbulent divorces, eating disorders and tough childhoods.

Episode Date
Other People’s Problems Introduces: Let’s Not Be Kidding with Gavin Crawford
May 08, 2023
Patti: You don’t need to be perfect to be lovable
Jun 29, 2021
Guided meditation: The shape of breathing
Jun 29, 2021
Kristin: Let yourself be excited about friendship
Jun 22, 2021
Vanessa: Surviving the fear that 'everyone leaves'
Jun 15, 2021
Hannah: Stop pleasing and start trusting connection
Jun 08, 2021
Ethan: A deep political rift in the family
Jun 01, 2021
Kristin: Sibling loss in early life
May 25, 2021
Julia: Hiding away the hard parts
May 18, 2021
Guided meditation: "Feel life flowing through your feet”
May 18, 2021
Coming soon: Season 4 of Other People's Problems
May 11, 2021
Guided meditation: For these uncertain times
Jul 08, 2020
Lacey: Looking back with accepting eyes, forward to more joy
Jul 06, 2020
Louise: Ready to feel alive
Jul 03, 2020
Vanessa: “The life I have isn’t working”
Jun 30, 2020
Andrew: Unlocking memories of childhood sexual abuse
Jun 23, 2020
Louise: Surviving an eating disorder and COVID-19 (Plus, a special interview with Hillary)
Jun 20, 2020
Emily: Letting yourself be sad
Jun 16, 2020
Tom: Riding big waves of emotion
Jun 08, 2020
Lacey: Healing from a neglectful mother
Jun 01, 2020
Coming soon: new episodes of Other People's Problems
May 26, 2020
Andrew: Opening up during lockdown
May 26, 2020
Introducing Food, We Need to Talk
Jan 22, 2020
Other People's Problems live! "Family Inheritance"
Jan 23, 2019
Maggie: It's okay to feel good
Nov 27, 2018
Dave: Shame blocks connection
Nov 27, 2018
Sloane: Ending it with an abusive mom
Nov 20, 2018
Franklyn: Carrying old hurt into new love
Nov 20, 2018
Lu Ripley: Talking about suicide (Special guest)
Nov 13, 2018
Belle: Suicide and parental guilt
Nov 13, 2018
Hannah: Coping with anxiety
Nov 06, 2018
Guided meditation: Ease your anxiety
Nov 06, 2018
Ethan: Space for a new baby
Nov 06, 2018
Layla: Healing from rape
Oct 30, 2018
Ellie: Abusive with me, but loves our daughter
Oct 30, 2018
Hillary's podcast pick: Mic Drop
May 04, 2018
Patti: Giving until it's all gone
Apr 23, 2018
Sloane: Putting a name on this problem
Apr 22, 2018
Belle: The eating disorder voice inside
Apr 21, 2018
OPP Extra - 'Maggie' interview
Apr 20, 2018
Franklyn: Heartbreak in a digital world
Apr 18, 2018
Patti: Birth trauma
Apr 17, 2018
Megan and Clark: Learning how to be married all over again
Apr 16, 2018
OPP Extra - Hillary McBride interview
Apr 13, 2018
Steve: Sex is more than sex
Apr 11, 2018
Maggie: When good moms need to be bad
Apr 10, 2018
Sloane: Childhood trauma changes everything
Apr 09, 2018