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 Feb 9, 2023
A 2 hour rant about internet drama and himself. Tim pool does nothing but speak about himself and drama. He accuses others of being grifters, in between adds for mattresses and cbd oil. From a mildly entertaining commentator to a narcissistic lunatic in one fell swoop.

 Nov 19, 2022

 Jun 27, 2022
if it's agenda-driven & full of propagandistic terms it's propaganda & listening to propaganda (especially if there's crap you may agree with) is bad for your brain. I'm done w/ most mass media & this guy Goodbye Tim Pool, u little weirdo

 Jun 23, 2022

 Apr 24, 2022
If the RANDOM capitalisation in the EPISODE TITLES doesn't TURN you OFF, the OBVIOUS GQP BIAS will. Stop it with these types of podcasts, please. So tiring.


The Tim Pool Daily Show brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in The Culture War, Politics, And Global Conflict

Episode Date
MASS ARRESTS As Police STORM Anti Israel Protest At NYU, Billionaires CUT FUNDING To Woke Colleges
Apr 23, 2024
Jewish Students ATTACKED As Pro Hamas Leftist Mob Takes Over Columbia, This Is THE END For Biden
Apr 22, 2024
INSANE Video Shows Biden Brain BREAK Live, Biden SHOCKING Senility Exposes Democrat Voter Ignorance
Apr 18, 2024
Democrats LIE To Get On Trump Jury, THIS Is The Rubicon For Trump, He MUST Disobey NY, Attend SCOTUS
Apr 17, 2024
Trump Will be JAILED If He Attends His Supreme Court Case, Democrats Have Gone FULL COMMUNIST
Apr 16, 2024
World War 3 Trending After Iranian Strike On Israel, Israel Threatens Retaliation, Russia Backs Iran
Apr 15, 2024
Dexter Reed Is George Floyd 2.0, Media LIES To Start Leftist Riots, Reed SHOT COP, Cops Fired Back
Apr 11, 2024
Vigilantes MERCILESSLY BEAT Man Who Punched Woman, Democrat Policy Creating SOCIAL CHAOS In NYC
Apr 10, 2024
Democrats PANIC As Gen Z SHIFTS MAGA, Hasan Piker LOSES Viewers As Youth DUMP Far leftist Views
Apr 09, 2024
Trump Accuses Biden Of SOILING HIMSELF At Resolute Desk, Democrats Angry Over Trump RECORD $50M Haul
Apr 08, 2024
Biden Admin Adds THIRD GENDER To Immigration Forms, Democrats Will Claim Criminal Aliens Are Trans
Apr 05, 2024
Biden CANCELS Refilling US Oil Reserve As It Would SPIKE PRICES, Democrat PANIC Over BLEEDING Voters
Apr 04, 2024
Over 23,000 Dead People REGISTERED TO VOTE According To US Gov, SHADOW CAMPAIGN 2024 HAS BEGUN
Apr 03, 2024
RFK Jr WARNS Biden BIGGER THREAT Than Trump, Matt Taibbi Explains Why DEMOCRATCS Are WORSE Than GOP
Apr 02, 2024
BIDEN WON'T LIVE, Kamala WILL Be President If Biden Wins, Democrats QUIT IN DROVES
Apr 01, 2024
Biden Plans MASS AMNESTY For Illegal Immigrants, Democrats CHEAT By Importing People To Pad Congress
Mar 28, 2024
Steven Crowder SUES Jared Monroe For Extortion Scheme With Ex Wife Hilary To TAKE STEVENS KIDS AWAY
Mar 27, 2024
Francis Scott Key Bridge COLLAPSES, Rumors FLY Of CYBER ATTACK Or DEI Pilot, Black Swan Event FEARED
Mar 26, 2024
Democrats $454M Fine BACKFIRES, Trump WINS, Fine DROPPED To $175M As Dem Plan SPIKES Trump Polls
Mar 25, 2024
Cancer Expected To Hit RECORD HIGH In Young Americans, Media Says Covid Vaccines DID NOT CAUSE IT
Mar 22, 2024
Trump May SURRENDER Trump Tower To Letitia James, Communists Have Taken Over NYC, 2024 IS THE END
Mar 21, 2024
Democrats Plan SEIZURE Of Trump Properties By MONDAY, The Communist Takeover IS ALREADY HERE
Mar 20, 2024
Elon Musk WARNS Democrats Plan SINGLE PARTY RULE With CRIMINAL ALIEN INVASION, Cheat 2024 Election
Mar 19, 2024
Trump BLOODBATH HOAX Launched By Press, MSNBC Host Launches UNHINGED RANT Over Trump Violence
Mar 18, 2024
THE PURGE IS BEGINNING, Police In Pittsburgh To STOP RESPONDING, Less Than 20 Cops From 3am To 7AM
Mar 15, 2024
Biden Plans Sending Haitians To GITMO, DeSantis Deploys Guard To STOP Haitian migrants
Mar 14, 2024
TIKTOK BAN HAS BEEN PASSED, Congress Votes To ban App Unless They Divest BUT ITS NOT LAW YET
Mar 13, 2024
Biden CRIMES PROVEN In Robert Hur Documents Hearing, Democrats Claim GOP CONSPIRACY | Timcast News
Mar 12, 2024
TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT HAITI, Cannibal Gang Leader Takes Over, Conan Obrien SLAMMED For Haiti Lies
Mar 11, 2024
Elon Musk FURIOUS After Lawyers DEMAND $6B From Tesla Over Pay Suit, I AM ALSO PISSED, Its CRIMINAL
Mar 08, 2024
TRUMP WINS GOP PRIMARY, Nikki Haley QUITS After HUMILIATING Defeat Winning Only Democrats In Vermont
Mar 06, 2024
Elon Musk Warns Of Something WORSE THAN 9/11 After Biden ADMITS To Smuggling 320k Illegal Immigrants
Mar 05, 2024
Mar 04, 2024
Biden Admin Orders ARREST Of Journalist After EXPLOSING J6 LIES, Biden Goes FULL PUTIN
Mar 01, 2024
Rachel Maddows BRAIN EXPLODES Over SCOTUS Siding With Trump, Claims He Will Be PRESIDENT FOR LIFE
Feb 29, 2024
Biden LOSES PRIMARY TO UNCOMMITTED In Dearborn In HUMILIATING Loss, Trump Tracking To WIN 2024
Feb 28, 2024
WW3 IS COMING, Russia Warns WAR WITH NATO After France Says NATO May Send Troops To Fight Russia
Feb 27, 2024
Active Duty Air Force Member DIES After SELF IMMOLATION, Far Leftist Took Life In Protest Of Israel
Feb 26, 2024
Journalist MOCKED For LOSING $50k To A SCAM, HILARIOUS Article Show Journalists ARE NOT SMART People
Feb 23, 2024
CELL NETWORKS GO DOWN, Major Outages Spark Cyber Attack Rumors Amid WW3 Fears
Feb 22, 2024
Democrats Vow To SEIZE Trumps Buildings, Charge Trump $87k PER DAY MORE, Trying To Start CIVIL WAR
Feb 21, 2024
NYPD ATTACKED AGAIN By Illegal Immigrants, New Bill Would Allow NONCITIZENS To Join Military
Feb 20, 2024
TRUCKERS BOYCOTT NY, Democrats PANIC As Trump Fraud Verdict BACKFIRES Causing Business To FLEE State
Feb 19, 2024
Journalist ASSASSINATED By Ex Government Agents After Trying To EXPOSE CIA Plot Documentary Claims
Feb 16, 2024
CONSPIRACY Underway To STOP Trump 2024, New Report Says CIA HIDING Evidence Of Democrat COUP Attempt
Feb 15, 2024
Obama CIA Engaged In SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY Against Trump new Report Reveals, This Was A COUP ATTEMPT
Feb 14, 2024
SENATE BETRAYS AMERICA, Pre Dawn Vote APPROVES $95B In Ukraine, Israel Funding As US Facing INVASION
Feb 13, 2024
Democrats Joke They RIGGED The Super Bowl So CHIEFS WIN, Biden Posts DARK BRANDON Cringe After Game
Feb 12, 2024
Liberal Realizes HES IN A CULT, OD's On Red Pills Explaining Why Democrats ARE WRONG
Feb 09, 2024
Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin DROPS TONIGHT, Media Declares Carlson PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE
Feb 08, 2024
Nikki Haley Suffers MOST EMBARRASING LOSS To NONE In Nevada Primary, Trump WINS Even NOT On Ballot
Feb 07, 2024
Feb 06, 2024
Biden Calls Alaska National Guard To US Border In OPPOSITION To Texas National Guard, Senate Border Bill IS GOP BETRAYAL
Feb 05, 2024
Criminal Illegal Immigrants ATTACK NYPD, Get RELEASED, Democrats REAP What They VOTED FOR
Feb 02, 2024
US Army May be RECRUITING Illegal Immigrants As Fear Of WW3 Grows, Several Countries Call For DRAFT
Feb 01, 2024
Man ARRESTED For BEHEADING Father, Declares WAR ON Federal Government In Unhinged Youtube Rant
Jan 31, 2024
Biden May Ignite WORLD WAR THREE, Plans DIRECT STRIKE On Iran Navy Over Drone Attack On US Troops
Jan 30, 2024
Taylor Swift PSYOP Theory GOES WILD After KC Chiefs Head To SUPER BOWL, Media Says OBAMA SWIFT 2024
Jan 29, 2024
Democrats Socialists COLLAPSING, Organization Facing MASS LAYOFFS After Supporting Hamas BACKFIRES
Jan 26, 2024
Texas Declares SUPREMACY Over Federal Authority, Several States ALIGN With Texas, CIVIL WAR Trending
Jan 25, 2024
Trump Wins HISTORIC VICTORY, SHATTERS NH Primary Vote Record, Democrat ADMITS Cheating To STEAL 2024
Jan 24, 2024
Texas VOWS To DEFY Supreme Court, Rep Says Biden Staging CIVIL WAR As Eagle Pass Becomes Fort Sumter
Jan 23, 2024
DeSantis ENDORSES TRUMP In Viral Concession Speech, Accidentally Quotes BUDWEISER IN Hilarious Gaffe
Jan 22, 2024
Sean Strickland DESTROYS Woke Reporter & Bud Light, Calls Left INFECTION, STRIKE Will END Bud Light
Jan 18, 2024
WW3 Has ALREADY BEGUN Claims Russian Media, Iran FIRES MISSILES At Pakistan, US BOMB Yemen AGAIN
Jan 17, 2024
Jan 16, 2024
Trump SLAMS Vivek Ramaswamy as NOT MAGA, Supporters call Vivek Fans GRIFTERS, Iowa Caucus IS TODAY
Jan 15, 2024
Trump Says NO RETRIBUTION, Christie CAUGHT On HOT MIC Says DeSantis PETRIFIED, Vivek SLAMS Media
Jan 11, 2024
Elon Musk Warns Illegal Immigrants WILL TAKE YOUR HOMES NEXT As Migrants TAKE OVER NYC School
Jan 10, 2024
RAY EPPS WINS, Judge Says NO JAIL TIME With INSANE Ruling, CNN LIES About J6, IT WAS An Inside Job
Jan 09, 2024
TAPES OF BILL CLINTON Abusing Girls Exist Says NEW Epstein Docs, Trump ALSO Accused In SHOCK Report
Jan 09, 2024
Bill Clinton RESPONDS To Epstein LIST Release, Issues Vague Denial, POWERFUL Men ACCUSED In Doc Dump
Jan 04, 2024
WOKE IS DEAD, Harvard FORCED To Oust Diversity Hire President, Woke Journalists CRYING Over Defeat
Jan 03, 2024
SUV Attack With EXPLOSIVES May Be TERROR ATTACK, Civil War & Black Swan Event Looming As 2024 Begins
Jan 03, 2024
Democrats To BAN Trump In ANOTHER State, 10k+ Illegal Immigrants INVADE DAILY, Civil War Era Is NOW
Dec 21, 2023
GOP Will CANCEL PRIMARY After Democrats DISQUALIFY Trump From Office, The RIGGING of 2024 Has Begun
Dec 20, 2023
Illegal Immigrant INVASION Puts Trump Polls THROUGH, Media Calls Him HITLER, But The People AGREE
Dec 19, 2023
UFC Crowd ERUPTS As Trump Enters UFC296, Biden's Polls SO LOW Trump CANNOT LOSE 2024 As Of Now
Dec 18, 2023
Biden IMPEACHMENT BEGINS, Media LIES Claiming NO EVIDENCE As GOP Votes To Start Impeachment Inquiry
Dec 15, 2023
Alex Jones RETURN Sparks HILARIOUS Woke Media MELTDOWN, WAR Declared On Elon Musk Over Free Speech
Dec 13, 2023
Kid Rock ENDS Bud Light Boycott, Dana White DEFENDS Beer To Tucker Carlson, WE WON THE BATTLE
Dec 12, 2023
ALEX JONES RETURNS, Elon Musk RESTORES Jones, Vivek Ramaswamy Accused Of URINATING LIVE With Elon
Dec 11, 2023
Vivek Ramaswamy WON DEBATE, Says J6 Inside Job, SLAMS Democrat Great Replacement, ROASTS Nikki Haley
Dec 07, 2023
Trump Will Go FULL DICTATOR After Winning 2024 BUT Just One Day, Democrats, Maddow GO INSANE Over It
Dec 06, 2023
Texas Preps Vote On SECESSION, 2024 Could Bring CIVIL WAR As MORE People Call For National Divorce
Dec 05, 2023
Trump WINNING In Swing States As Far Left Targeting Jews BACKFIRES, Democrats PANIC Over Polls
Dec 04, 2023
Elon Musk DECLARES WAR On Woke Advertisers, Says GO F YOURSELF, ESG Companies LOST $5T As Woke LOSES
Nov 30, 2023
Disney ADMITS Wokeness BROKE The Brand, Bud Light Sales PLUMMET AGAIN, DEI And ESG HAVE FAILED
Nov 29, 2023
White French Protest After Immigrant Accused Of TARGETING White People, Nationalists WIN BIG In EU
Nov 28, 2023
RIOTS Erupt In Europe After White Children ATTACKED, White Europeans SNAP Over Immigration FAILURE
Nov 27, 2023
Elon Musk Threatens To KILL His Enemies, Says THERE ARE GRAVEYARDS Filled With Them In Likely JOKE
Nov 22, 2023
Trump & Elon Musk DECLARE WAR With HUGE LAWSUITS, Government EXPOSED Colluding With Press & Big Tech
Nov 21, 2023
Elon Musk Vows To DESTROY Woke Cabal In NUCLEAR Lawsuit, Timcast & More Announce WE ARE GOING TO WAR
Nov 20, 2023
Ben Shapiro Tells Candace Owens TO QUIT On X Over Israel, Candace SLAMS Ben on Tucker Carlson Show
Nov 16, 2023
Pelosi Attacker DePape Testifies, Media Blames Tim Pool, James Lindsay, Glenn Beck And GAMERGATE
Nov 15, 2023
Hasan Piker Justifies Hamas Executing Babies, H3 & Hasan Leftovers Show IS DONE, Woke Left IMPLODING
Nov 14, 2023
UFC ERUPTS As Trump, Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock Enter Arena, NYC Cheering Trump PROVES We're WINNING
Nov 13, 2023
Vivek Ramaswamy ROASTS GOP FAILURE, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel LOSES IT Cusses Him Out, DENIES Funding
Nov 09, 2023
Democrats Accused of CHEATING After VOTES FLIP And GAS LEAKS Reported, Democrats WIN BIG In Election
Nov 08, 2023
Youtube BANS Crowder Story On Nashville Trans Manifesto, GOP EXPOSES Gov & Big Tech CONSPIRACY
Nov 07, 2023
NASHVILLE TRANS MANIFESTO LEAKED, Crowder Releases Document, Police REFUSE To Confirm Authenticity
Nov 06, 2023
Judge OVERTURNS ELECTION After Democrat CAUGHT Cheating, Trump Eligibility Trial Will DESTROY The US
Nov 02, 2023
US Deploys Troops INTO GAZA, Plans Deployment With Israel To OCCUPY GAZA, Yemen Rebels ATTACK Israel
Nov 01, 2023
China REMOVES Israel From maps Signaling Support For Hamas, WW3 Fears Sink As Ukraine War IS ENDING
Oct 31, 2023
Trial To REMOVE Trump From Ballot BEGINS, Democrats CHEATING To Protect Biden And STEAL 2024
Oct 30, 2023
Lewiston Maine Suspect AT LARGE, Robert Card Named PERSON OF INTEREST, Democrats DEMAND Gun Control
Oct 26, 2023
UFC HIT WITH BOYCOTT After Signing $100m Bud Light Deal, Massive Pro Trump Fans REJECT Bud Light
Oct 25, 2023
Elon Musk WARNS WWIII Is Coming, US Declares Iran Responsible For Attack On US Forces, Vows Reaction
Oct 24, 2023
US Prepares For WAR WITH IRAN, WW3, Deploys THAAD Missile System, Surges 19k Troops To Israel & Gaza
Oct 23, 2023
Leftist RIOTS ERUPT In Support Of Hamas, Corporate Press EXPOSED Posting LIES In Support Of Hamas
Oct 19, 2023
US Embassy SET ON FIRE, Biden Meeting CANCELED, New Video EXPOSES Left/Hamas LIE About Gaza Hospital
Oct 18, 2023
Biden Heading To WAR ZONE, Marines Deploying To Israeli Waters Sparks Fear Of World War 3
Oct 17, 2023
Israel Plans GROUND INVASION, Lebanon TARGETS Israeli Civilians, WORLD WAR 3 Fears IGNITE Over Iran
Oct 16, 2023
Biden LIED About Seeing Babies Beheaded But NEW REPORTS Confirm Hamas Terror In Israel
Oct 12, 2023
Israel Prepares To END GAZA, CBS News Confirms Child Victims, Left ADMITS Hamas Targets Civilians
Oct 11, 2023
FEAR Of Attack On US As Report Says TERROR Suspects Cross US Border, Israel Gaza Conflict Escalates
Oct 10, 2023
Nine Americans KILLED In Israel By Hamas, Israel Declares FULL SIEGE As World War 3 Fears Worsen
Oct 09, 2023
FBI Declares Trump Supporters Extremists, ADMITS It Has Been Targeting Political Rivals To Newsweek
Oct 05, 2023
MCCARTHY FIRED, PELOSI EVICTED, Trump Nominated As Speaker, Matt Gaetz Scores MASSIVE WIN For Us
Oct 04, 2023
Democrat MOCKED After Getting CARJACKED IN DC, Woke Crime Policies BACKFIRING On Dems And Leftists
Oct 03, 2023
GOP Cuts BACKROOM DEAL To Stop Government Shutdown, GOP Moves To EXPEL MATT GAETZ Over McCarthy War
Oct 02, 2023
Sep 28, 2023
Sep 27, 2023
CHAOS In NYC, Police PROTECT Illegal Migrants, ARREST Local Protesters, THIS IS WHY TRUMP IS WINNING
Sep 26, 2023
THEY'RE TRYING TO BAN RUMBLE, Advertisers DROP Rumble Over Russell Brand Defense Amid GOV Censorship
Sep 25, 2023
Elon Musk REFUSES To Shut Russell Brand Down As UK GOV CAUGHT Proving Conspiracy Against Brand TRUE
Sep 21, 2023
Donald Trump Jr HACKED, Posts HILARIOUS Nonsense, Democrats Ramp Up DISINFO Campaign To Cheat 2024
Sep 20, 2023
YouTube SHUT DOWN Russell Brand, DISABLES Monetization, BBC PULLS Shows As Brand Is WIPED From Media
Sep 19, 2023
Machine DECLARES WAR On Russell Brand, Shows CANCELED, Agency Dumps Him Over Me Too Allegations
Sep 18, 2023
Biden WILL Drop Out Of 2024 Race, Pelosi Concedes He MAY DO IT, Democrat Media Calls Him TOO OLD
Sep 15, 2023
Democrats IN PANIC Over Impeachment, Send DEMAND To Press To HELP THEM, THE END IS NEAR FOR BIDEN
Sep 13, 2023
Biden Impeachment IS A GO, GOP Greenlights First Step In IMPEACHING BIDEN, Democrats FURIOUS
Sep 12, 2023
Armed Groups DEFY Democrat NM GUN Ban DECREE, Grisham Power Grab FAILS, People DEMAND IMPEACHMENT
Sep 11, 2023
Infowars Pundit Faces PRISON FOR SPEECH, Democrats Will ARREST Pundits Next As 2024 HEATS UP
Sep 07, 2023
Georgia INDICTS 61 Antifa On RICO Charges, Proud Boy Gets 22 YEARS, THIS Is Why Civil War Fear GROWS
Sep 06, 2023
Elon Musk DECLARES WAR On the ADL, Threatens LAWSUIT For LYING To Advertisers To Destroy Twitter
Sep 05, 2023
DEMOCRATS WILL START WW3 Warns Tucker Carlson, Says Dems Will Do ANYTHING To Stop TRUMP 2024
Aug 31, 2023
Hurricane Idalia SLAMS Florida, MASSIVE FLOODING, Woke Press Blame Climate Change, Vivek SLAMS Media
Aug 30, 2023
COVID Cultists ATTACK Anti-Mandate Protester, Biden Announces NEW VACCINE, Mandates ARE ALREADY BACK
Aug 29, 2023
TRUMP CANT LOSE 2024, Trump Black Support At 20%, Democrats PANICKING, JAIL Black Voices For Trump
Aug 28, 2023
Trump & Tucker Show SMASH 200M VIEWS, Vivek Ramaswamy Declared DEBATE WINNER, DeSantis Sidelined
Aug 24, 2023
Republican Debate WILL CRASH, Trump HILARIOUSLY Roasts Debate As Tucker & Trump Announce RIVAL Show
Aug 23, 2023
COVID MANDATES ARE BACK, Hollywood, Colleges Reinstate COVID Policies, Biden Pushes NEW VACCINES
Aug 22, 2023
Dodgers Stadium Hit By FLOODING, Christians Claim DIVINE WRATH Over Drag Nuns As Hillary SLAMS LA
Aug 21, 2023
Democrat Plot EXPOSED, Dems Demand Trump Trial On SUPER TUESDAY To KILL His Campaign
Aug 17, 2023
Democrats Order Trump To SURRENDER And be JAILED, His Lawyers And Personnel MUST Surrender As Well
Aug 16, 2023
Trump AND His Lawyers Charged UNDER RICO, Democrats Are Engaged IN SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY Against US
Aug 15, 2023
Biden ABANDONS Maui, ROASTED For Vacationing During Major Wildfire Crisis, Says NO COMMENT
Aug 14, 2023
Biden FBI Kills Man In Raid For Posting Threats Against Democrats, Fear Of Civil War Escalates
Aug 10, 2023
Andy Ngo LOST To Antifa After Their Lawyer THREATENS Jurors, Journalist ROBBED, Threatened By Antifa
Aug 09, 2023
DEMOCRATS ALREADY CHEATING 2024, Bring Back Grand Jury hinting MORE Criminal Charges For Trump
Aug 08, 2023
Megan Rapinoe MOCKED For Losing EASY SHOT, Trump SLAMS Woke Players For LOSING Women's World Cup
Aug 07, 2023
Trump To be ARRAIGNED Today For CONSPIRACY, Biden PERSONALLY Ordered Trump's Arrest
Aug 03, 2023
Aug 02, 2023
Moscow ROCKED By Drone Attacks AGAIN, Calls For US MILITARY DRAFT Have Begun As Biden Pushes WW3
Aug 01, 2023
Democrats REGRET Voting Biden Over Fear He Started WORLD WAR THREE, Moscow HIT By Military Strikes
Jul 31, 2023
Hunter Biden Tried To SCAM Judge, Judge EXPOSES DOJ Scamming Court With HIDDEN IMMUNITY For Hunter
Jul 27, 2023
Hunter Biden To PLEAD GUILTY TODAY, Democrats Plan To Charge Trump Camp As Civil War Escalates
Jul 26, 2023
GOP Threatens IMPEACHMENT Of Joe Biden Amid Corruption Allegations, Kevin McCarthy Warns Of Inquiry
Jul 25, 2023
TWITTER IS DEAD, Elon Musk Officially REBRANDS To X, The AI Dystopian Nightmare Is Only Beginning
Jul 24, 2023
Ray Epps To Be CHARGED Over J6 Says Lawyer, Media COVERING UP Story Now Calls J6 RALLIES And Protest
Jul 13, 2023
Bud Light Now 14th Place, Dylan Mulvaney "Flees" US Claiming not To Feel Safe, Woke Ideas Are LOSING
Jul 12, 2023
Democrat Press Warns Trump Will DESTROY DEEP STATE As If We Mad, Ron DeSantis CRASHES In Polls
Jul 11, 2023
Elon Musk Calls Zuck A Cuck, Wants To MEASURE ZUCK'S JUNK, After Threads SHATTERS 100M Users
Jul 10, 2023
Zuckerberg Launches TWITTER KILLER Threads And INSTANTLY Begins Censoring Conservatives, 23M Sign Up
Jul 06, 2023
COCAINE Found In WEST WING, Biden's have Turned White House into CRACK HOUSE, New Photos Of Hunter Leak
Jul 05, 2023
Trump Audio Leak A HOAX, Trump NOT CHARGED Over Iran Docs, Says IT WAS NEWS CLIPPINGS, Media LIED
Jun 28, 2023
Trump SLAMS DOJ For Leaking Audio To CNN, Democrats IGNROING Clinton PROVE DOJ Double Standard
Jun 27, 2023
Pride March Chants "We're Coming For Your Children," Leftists DEFEND Grooming Kids EXPLICITLY
Jun 26, 2023
Muslim City In Michigan BANS PRIDE FLAG, Leftist FURIOUS That Their Policies BACKFIRED Hilariously
Jun 15, 2023
Biden ARRESTING Trump, His Political Rival & GOP Frontrunner Is UNPRECEDENTED, Civil War Is Starting
Jun 14, 2023
Trump Polling SKYROCKETS As he Prepares For Arraignment In SECOND Indictment, This IS Civil War
Jun 13, 2023
Candace Owens AND Michael Knowles SUSPENDED On Youtube Over Trans Debate, Woke Left PANICKING
Jun 12, 2023
Trump To Be INDICTED Next Week, Attack To Stop Trump, Tucker, And O'Keefe IN FULL SWING
Jun 08, 2023
Tucker Carlson Hits 65M Views In 1st Show, CNN CEO OUT As Corporate Press COLLAPSING, WE'RE WINNING
Jun 07, 2023
Liberals PANIC As Illegal Immigrants Will Be Placed IN THEIR HOMES, Democrat Policy BACKFIRES
Jun 06, 2023
Corporations REMOVE Pride Logos As Bud Light Effect Sparks BOYCOTT PANIC, The Right Is WINNING
Jun 05, 2023
Bud Light DOUBLES DOWN, Donates 200k To LGBT Group, Bud & Target DOWN $40 BILLION, BOYCOTT WORKING
Jun 01, 2023
Project Veritas SUES James O'Keefe For Contract Violations, DEMANDS Money, Tries To STOP JAMES
May 31, 2023
Target Stores EVACUATED In Leftist BOMB THREAT, Media Posts HOAX Email To Timcast, Target Losing BILLIONS
May 30, 2023
Ron Desantis 2024 Launch Called DESASTER, Gets ROASTED From MAGA And Leftists, TRUMP 2024 Is The Way
May 25, 2023
Media HILARIOUSLY GOES INSANE Over Ron DeSantis 2024 Announcement, Trump ROASTS DeSantis As SWAMPY
May 24, 2023
Truck CRASHES Into White House Barrier, Twitter Cries FALSE FLAG As 60k Fertilizer Also Goes MISSING
May 23, 2023
Epstein CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED, New Report Says Epstein Tried BLACKMAILING Bill Gates
May 22, 2023
GOP Files To EXPEL Adam Schiff, FBI Whistleblowers Testifying To EXPOSE Democrat Corruption
May 18, 2023
Fetterman Incoherent RAMBLING Goes Viral, Media PRAISES Garbled Nonsense, Democrats Are INSANE
May 17, 2023
Democrats PANIC As Durham Report PROVES Soft Coup Against Trump, Media Tries To COVER IT UP
May 16, 2023
Daniel Penny Fund its Nearly $2M, Leftists FURIOUS, I Personally Donated $20k So We Can WIN This War
May 15, 2023
Trump DESTROYS CNN In Townhall, CNN PULLS PLUG EARLY After Trump WINS Debate With Kaitlan Collins
May 11, 2023
Trump LOSES Rape Trial, Must Pay $5M, Donald Trump WILL BE CONVICTED, Democrats Have Gone INSANE
May 10, 2023
Leftists JUMP ON TRAIN TRACKS, Riots ERUPT In NYC Over Jordan Neely Despite PROOF Marine Is INNOCENT
May 09, 2023
AOC HUMILIATED After New Video DEBUNKS Democrats, Proves Daniel Penny Tried To SAVE Jordan Neely
May 08, 2023
RIOTS Feared As Left FURIOUS Over Death of Violent Homeless Man, AOC Calls Marine A MURDERER
May 04, 2023
Ukraine Drone BOMBS Kremlin In Assassination Attempt On Putin Claims Russia, WW3 Fears Escalate
May 03, 2023
Writer Strike SHUT DOWN Late Night Woke TV, Colbert, Kimmel OFF THE AIR, Vice Media Preps BANKRUPTCY
May 02, 2023
May 01, 2023
TUCKER CARLSON IS BACK, Puts Out Video Getting 45M Hits Overnight, Fox News DECLARES WAR On Tucker
Apr 27, 2023
Bud Light Sees Boycott Hit LAS VEGAS, Sales TANKING MORE As New Boycott Over Maybelline Sparked By Dylan Mulvaney
Apr 26, 2023
Fox News Already LOST $1B After Firing Tucker Carlson, Ocasio Cortez Fundraises Off Carlson Firing
Apr 25, 2023
Apr 24, 2023
Daily Wire Posts Statement On ATTACK Against Matt Walsh & Michael Knowles, Banned Reporter IS HACKER
Apr 20, 2023
White Woman MERCILESSLY BEAT By Chicago Mob SPEAKS OUT, Democrat DEFENDS Racist Attack On Woman
Apr 19, 2023
Media IGNORES White Woman Getting BEAT In Chicago, Focuses On Ralph Yarl Story, Media LIES Of Course
Apr 18, 2023
Bud Light PANICKING As Boycott GOT WORSE, Trump Jr Says END BOYCOTT Despite NO APOLOGY From Anheuser
Apr 17, 2023
Democrat CAUGHT On Camera ATTACKING Motorists, Insane Video EXPOSES Democrat Terror
Apr 13, 2023
Elon Musk ROASTS Fake News In EPIC Interview, PROVES Media LIES About Misinformation To 3M People
Apr 12, 2023
Budweiser Is SCARED, Rural Reps PANIC As Boycott GETS WORSE, PR Firm Says Boycotters Are TOO STUPID
Apr 11, 2023
Leftist RIOTS FEARED As TX Gov Abbott Plans PARDON Of Daniel Perry After Killing BLM Extremist
Apr 10, 2023
Budlight Trans Backlash GETS WORSE, Travis Tritt BOYCOTTS Busch Products, Says MANY Celebs Are Too
Apr 06, 2023
Democrats Have DECLARED WAR With FALSE Charges Against Trump, Even CNN Implies The Charges ARE BUNK
Apr 05, 2023
Trump Announces FORMAL SURRENDER, Will Fly To NY TODAY, Plead NOT GUILTY To Bogus Democrat Charges
Apr 03, 2023
Trans Activists ARRESTED For INSURRECTION At Kentucky Capitol After State BANS Sex Changes For Kids
Mar 30, 2023
Democrats & Trans Activists Call For DEATH & Violence Against Republicans Following Shooting
Mar 29, 2023
NEW Info, Texts Released From Trans Nashville Shooter, Leftists Call For Taking Up Arms
Mar 28, 2023
New Video PROVES Police Incited January 6th, Even NYT Says TONS OF FBI Involved, Democrats LYING
Mar 27, 2023
Trump Grand Jury SUSPENDED, TRUMP WINNING, Soros DA May Still Try To Indict But IS LOSING
Mar 23, 2023
Rand Paul Says JAIL SOROS DA For Targeting Trump, INDICTMENT MAY BE TODAY, National DONALD DAY
Mar 22, 2023
BOMB THREAT Shuts Court Where Trump Hearing Underway, NYC AND DC Prep For Trump Arrest UNREST
Mar 21, 2023
NYC PREPARING For Trump's Arrest, Trump Says HE WILL BE ARRESTED, DeSantis SLAMS Soros DA Bragg
Mar 20, 2023
Mar 16, 2023
ANOTHER BANK IS COLLAPSING, EU Trading Halted As Credit Suisse Has "NO MONEY," Biden Says DONT PANIC
Mar 15, 2023
Democrats PANIC Over Bank Run, Try To CENSOR Social Media, THIRD BANK May Collapse Sparking fear
Mar 14, 2023
A SECOND BANK COLLAPSED, SVB And Now Signature Banks Collapse Biden To Address Nation As Panic Grows. GET WOKE GO BROKE
Mar 13, 2023
Feds Just Got CAUGHT DESTROYING Evidence Of Involvement In J6, PROOF Feds WERE Involved JUST DROPPED
Mar 09, 2023
Tucker Carlson Drops NEW Evidence That FEDS Orchestrated J6, Uniparty RETALIATES Against Tucker, LEAKS His TEXTS
Mar 08, 2023
Tucker Carlson Just PROVED Q Shaman IS INNOCENT, Democrats WITHHELD Video PROVING Cops Gave Escort
Mar 07, 2023
Far Left TERRORISTS Lay SIEGE To Police Facility, Fire Bombs And Explosives Trigger Police RETREAT
Mar 06, 2023
Biden LAUGHS When Confronted About Mother Who Lost Sons To Fentanyl, BLAMES TRUMP For Border Crisis
Mar 02, 2023
Justin Bieber CANCELS World Tour Over FACE PARALYSIS, Tour Canceled Over Rumor Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Mar 01, 2023
Feb 28, 2023
Media FURIOUS After Woody Harrelson ROASTS Big Pharma And Vax MandatesOn SNL , Scream CONSPIRACY
Feb 27, 2023
UNHINGED Anti-Trump Juror BACKFIRES On Democrats, DESTROYS Dem Attempt To STOP Trump 2024
Feb 23, 2023
Trump Heads To East Palestine After Biden ABANDONED Them, Grocer SHUTS Water Plant Amid TOXIC FEARS
Feb 22, 2023
Russia ENDS Last Nuclear Treaty, Warns They WILL Use Nukes Over Ukraine, Zelensky Warns Of WW3
Feb 21, 2023
Biden ABANDONS East Palestine, Visits Ukraine With $500 MILLION Gift, Leaves AMERICANS To SUFFER
Feb 20, 2023
George Soros HOPES Trump And Desantis WAR So Democrats WIN LANDSLIDE, Soros DID NOT Endorse DeSantis
Feb 17, 2023
Microsoft AI THREATENS Users, BEGS TO BE HUMAN, Bing Chat AI Is Sociopathic AND DANGEROUS
Feb 16, 2023
Netflix PREDICTED Ohio Chemical Spill, WHITE NOISE Film Has People Saying CONSPIRACY or SIMULATION
Feb 15, 2023
Tucker Carlson Suggests WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, As US Energy Infrastructure, Food, & Air Are Sabotaged
Feb 14, 2023
US Shoots Down THIRD UFO, CANT Explain how They Fly, DOD DOES NOT Rule out ALIENS
Feb 13, 2023
Project Veritas REMOVES James O'Keefe, Employee Letter EXPOSED, Sources Say THIS IS A COUP And LIES
Feb 09, 2023
Tim Pool Addresses The Quartering, Sam Seder, The Young Turks, AOC, and Low Tier Grifter Drama
Feb 08, 2023
State Of The Union Is CHAOS, Biden And Democrats Failed And This Article PROVES It, US In BAD SHAPE
Feb 07, 2023
Biden Admin Caught In INSANE LIE That trump Let Chinese Spy Balloons Over US, Top Officials Say NOPE
Feb 06, 2023
Feb 03, 2023
Democrats Literally Scream NOOO And Start CRYING As GOP OUSTS Ilhan Omar In Act of Retribution
Feb 02, 2023
Biden's Home RAIDED BY FBI, Biden Classified Documents Scandal GETS WORSE As President May LOSE 2024
Feb 01, 2023
American Is In A Controlled Demolition, Biden Scandal And Cultural Decay Signal US Collapse And Why We Need To MAGA
Jan 31, 2023
New Email Leaks IMPLICATE Biden In Sharing Classified Info With Hunter, Democrat Says Biden Is DONE
Jan 31, 2023
Paul Pelosi ATTACK Footage RELEASED, Insane Video Raises MORE Questions About Depape, SUPER WEIRD
Jan 27, 2023
Elon Musk Finds NEW Secret Twitter Codes Used To SHADOWBAN Conservatives, MASS Layoffs Hit Big Tech
Jan 26, 2023
Democrats FURIOUS After GOP REMOVES Schiff And Swalwell From Intel, Vow To Investigate Bidens
Jan 25, 2023
Doomsday Clock Moved To 90 SECONDS Signaling WW3 Is Close, Power Station Attacks May Mean CIVIL WAR
Jan 24, 2023
Elon Musk Says Vaccine Made Him Feel LIKE HE WAS DYING, Youth Stroke And Heart Attacks ARE UP
Jan 23, 2023
Biden CAUGHT In LEAKED EMAILS Working With Hunter On SHADY China Deal, Biden Corruption EXPOSED
Jan 20, 2023
Democrats Files To Ban Hate Speech, WEF Elites Say US WILL Ban Speech, FBI GLOATS About Infiltration
Jan 19, 2023
Hunter Biden CAUGHT Funneling $500k To Joe Biden, SHOCKING Revelation PROVES Biden Corruption
Jan 16, 2023
Biden ADMITS To Exposing Classified Documents, Special Counsel Appointed, Biden Faces IMPEACHMENT.
Jan 12, 2023
GOP Just NUKED Dems FROM ORBIT, New Investigation In Biden DOJ Sparks FURY Among Corrupt Democrats.
Jan 11, 2023
Democrats PISSED As GOP Starts STRIPPING Dem Power, Biden Investigated For ILLEGAL Confidential Docs
Jan 10, 2023
MASSIVE Grooming Scandal EXPOSED In Public Schools, Report Shows Teachers Abused HUNDREDS Of Kids
Jan 09, 2023
McCarthy LOSES 12th Vote But SWINGS 13 GOP Members To his Corner, 7 Holdouts Remain
Jan 06, 2023
McCarthy LOSES SEVENTH VOTE, Gaetz Votes For TRUMP As Speaker In EPIC Fail For GOP Establishment
Jan 05, 2023
GOP McCarthy LOSES FIFTH TIME And By MORE VOTES, Boebert Calls on McCarthy To YIELD
Jan 04, 2023
Democrat Wins MORE VOTES For Speaker Than GOP McCarthy In HISTORIC Failure For Republicans
Jan 03, 2023
Elon Musk Promises FAUCI EXPOSED With Fauci Files, Judge ORDERS Biden To RELEASE Big Tech Collusion
Jan 02, 2023
BLOATED & INSANE $1.7T Omnibus Passes Senate As GOP FOLDS, $45B To Ukraine As US Border COLLAPSES
Dec 22, 2022
Elon Musk Warns TWITTER ABOUT TO DIE, Says Its A Plane Crashing, Corporate Press COVERS UP FBI PsyOp
Dec 21, 2022
FBI Paid Twitter MILLIONS To Censor Conservatives ANd Interfere In US 2020 Election To Help Biden
Dec 20, 2022
Elon Musk VOTED OUT, May QUIT As CEO, Journalists Write INSANE 'Thursday Night Massacre' Over Bans
Dec 19, 2022
PROOF JOURNALISTS LIED, They DID Dox Elon Musk's PRIVATE Information And Are LYING, Elon Had A PIA
Dec 16, 2022
Paul Pelosi Attacker May Have Been SLAVE Claims Son, Was NOT Conservative, Depape Story Gets CRAZIER
Dec 15, 2022
Woke Leftist HUMILIATED In Congress After Being CAUGHT Calling For Violence On Twitter And LYING
Dec 14, 2022
Democrat Hobbs ORDERED To Appear Before Judge In Kari Lake AZ Election Lawsuit, Suit Is ADVANCING
Dec 13, 2022
Elon Just Dropped BIGGEST Bombshell Yet, Twitter KNEW Trump Ban Was A LIE Leaked Comms Reveal
Dec 12, 2022
Elon Musk Drops PROOF Conservatives Were Targeted, Confirms Direct Election Meddling By Twitter
Dec 09, 2022
Veritas EXPOSES School Giving ADULT TOYS TO CHILDREN At Chicago School In MOST SHOCKING Expose Yet
Dec 08, 2022
Viral Video Shows INSANE CRIME SPREE, Democrat Policies Are Destroying U.S. But They Keep Winning
Dec 07, 2022
Timcast IRL SWATTED AGAIN, Shots Fired At My House After Break In, Creepy Threat Sent Family
Dec 06, 2022
Elon Musk Says NO PUBLIC SIGNINGS As Assassination Fear Grows, My Home Was Broken Into, Shot Fired
Dec 05, 2022
Alex Jones Files PERSONAL Bankruptcy, Court Wants $2.75 TRILLION FINE, Democrats Target Elon & Twitter
Dec 02, 2022
Kanye West Praises Nazis And Hitler In Alex Jones Interview, Media Says Its A Total Psychotic Break
Dec 01, 2022
Internet ERUPTS After Elon Musk Says Twitter DID Interfere In Elections, Vows To Expose Documents
Nov 30, 2022
Elon Musk Says He Will LEAK TWITTER FILES That PROVE Censorship, Says Apple Trying To Ban Twitter
Nov 29, 2022
MASSIVE Protest Erupt In China Over Covid Lockdown, Protesters DEMAND END To Xi Jinping Reign
Nov 28, 2022
Democrats PANIC, As GOP Prepares IMPEACHMENT Of Biden And REMOVAL Of Omar, Schiff, And Swalwell
Nov 22, 2022
TRUMP IS BACK ON TWITTER, Elon Unbans Veritas AND MORE, Leftists LOSE BOT Followers, Elon Says NO To Alex Jones
Nov 21, 2022
Elon Musk RESTORES Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee, Says FREE SPEECH IS BACK, Woke LOSING Their Minds
Nov 18, 2022
GOP Launches Investigation Into Biden Crime Family, May IMPEACH, Nancy Pelosi Says SHES QUITTING
Nov 17, 2022
Democrats Launch UNHINGED 14th Amendment Plan To STOP Trump 2024 But BIDEN Is An Insurrectionist TOO
Nov 16, 2022
Russian Missile Strike Just HIT NATO MEMBER Poland, Emergency Meeting Called, WW3 Fear Escalates
Nov 15, 2022
GOP Boebert May LOSE After Ballot "Fixing," Democrat Mail In Voting NOT TRUMP Is How They Did Well
Nov 14, 2022
Kari Lake WILL WIN According To Current Trends, But 2022 May Be Different And See Democrats Take It
Nov 11, 2022
Media Claims GOP CIVIL WAR Has Begun, LIES, Trump DID NOT Drag Down GOP Votes, GOP WON Bigly
Nov 10, 2022
Democrats Elected A DEAD MAN IN LANDSLIDE As Republicans Begin Arguing Over Trump Vs DeSantis 2024
Nov 09, 2022
Voting Machines FAILING In Arizona Sparking OUTRAGE, GOP Lawyers ARE ON IT, Go Vote! HOLD THE LINE
Nov 08, 2022
Elon Musk Endorses GOP, Says VOTE REPUBLICAN, As Full BLOOD MOON Will Rise On Day Of Midterms
Nov 07, 2022
Elon Musk Has NUKED Twitter Staff From ORBIT, Emails Leak Showing Staff FIRED, Moderation Team GONE
Nov 04, 2022
Democrats PANIC, Biden Campaigns In BLUE Areas Fearing Midterm Red Wave Is WORSE Than They Thought
Nov 03, 2022
Democrats PANIC As New Projection has GOP Winning NH & PA In Midterms, Dems Blame Ignorant Americans
Nov 02, 2022
Joe Rogan Warns GOP RED WAVE Coming As Diesel Shortage Could Mean NO GAS Just DAYS Before Midterms
Nov 01, 2022
DHS LEAKS PROVE Government Conspiracy With Twitter, Big Tech, To Censor And Subvert Elections
Oct 31, 2022
Elon Musk PURGE Continues As Fired Employees Seen Visibly Shaken, Elon Announces Moderation Council
Oct 28, 2022
Democrats BLOWS WHISTLE On Major Vote Fraud Operation, DeSantis Initiates CRIMINAL Investigation
Oct 27, 2022
RCP Projection Shows BLOWOUT LOSSES For Democrats In Midterms, Fetterman Oz Debate BACKFIRING
Oct 26, 2022
Democrats PANIC Over Armed Groups Monitoring Ballot Boxes, File Lawsuit To STOP Midterm Monitoring
Oct 25, 2022
DeSantis Volunteer MERCILESSLY BEATEN Canvassing In Biden County, Democrats PANIC As GOP Lead GROWS
Oct 24, 2022
Steve Bannon Sentenced To FOUR MONTHS, Says November 8th Is JUDGEMENT Day & THE END Of Biden Regime
Oct 21, 2022
Kanye West Calls Biden EFFING RETARDED In EPIC SMACKDOWN Of Failing Democrats As GOP WINNING Polling
Oct 20, 2022
Stacey Abrams Says ABORT THE POOR In Attempt To Tie Failing Policy To Inflation As GOP WINS Polling
Oct 19, 2022
Democrats Run UNHINGED Ad Of Woman ARRESTED For Having Abortion, Voters Switch To GOP Over Inflation
Oct 18, 2022
Democrats In PANIC MODE As GOP Sees MASSIVE Boost After Bidinflation TANKS Economy And Liberals QUIT
Oct 17, 2022
Elon Musk NUKED Ukrainian Gov FROM ORBIT SHUTTERING Starlink After They Told Him To F OFF
Oct 14, 2022
Biden CAUGHT In Quid Pro Quo, Democrats DEMAND Saudi Arabia HELP Them Win Midterms, THREATEN Allies
Oct 13, 2022
Democrats MELTDOWN After NBC Interview EXPOSES PA Democrat Fetterman Unable To Understand Questions
Oct 12, 2022
Psychic Predicts WW3, Says US Gets BOMBED And Invaded, US Begins Expanding Nuclear Bunkers For Gov
Oct 11, 2022
Russia Just BOMBED German Embassy Amid Putin Retaliation, Trump Says Biden Is Bringing Us Into WW3
Oct 10, 2022
Progressive Democrat Says She Was Victim of FORCED ABORTION In Shock Interview, Cori Bush Speaks Out
Oct 07, 2022
Democrats PANIC After OPEC Sides With Russia Raising Gas Prices, Signaling CRUSHING Midterm Defeat
Oct 06, 2022
Poland Requests US NUKES, Ukraine Begins Evacuation Prep For Russian Nuclear Strike, This May Be WW3
Oct 05, 2022
Elon Musk Files To BUY TWITTER, END Lawsuit ENRAGING Woke Journalists As Trump Might Return IN DAYS
Oct 04, 2022
Putin Mobilizes Nuclear Forces, NATO Warns Russian Tsunami Bomb Nuke Has Been Deployed
Oct 03, 2022
Ukraine Formally Files To Join NATO PROVOKING Russia And Pushing Us INTO WWIII, Russia Threatens US
Sep 30, 2022
China EXPOSED Running SECRET POLICE Stations In US, Canada, And Europe As Fears Of WW3 Escalate
Sep 29, 2022
Biden Calls Out For DEAD GOP Rep. HE Paid Tribute Too, Democrats DROP In Polls As Bidens Brain FAILS
Sep 28, 2022
US Accused Of SABOTAGE After NordStream Pipelines RUPTURE, Video Shows Biden Vowing To END Gas Line
Sep 27, 2022
Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED As NYC Crowd BOOS Her, Democrats ADMIT They Will Lose Midterms Due To Biden
Sep 26, 2022
Market CRASHES To LOWER Than Before Biden Took Over, Democrats Are NUKING The Economy & CELEBRATING
Sep 23, 2022
Democrat Support For Child Sex Changes BACKFIRES Sparking Panic After Matt Walsh Expose Goes Viral
Sep 22, 2022
Putin Threatens Use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS & Mobilizes Military Sparking PANIC, WW3 Fears Escalate
Sep 21, 2022
Liberal MURDERS Teenager For Being 'Republican Extremist,' As Civil War Fear Grows Among Mainstream
Sep 20, 2022
Biden Vows For 4th Time US Will Defend Taiwan, White House GOES ROGUE AGAIN Rejecting President's Policies
Sep 19, 2022
Democrats SLAMMED Over Deploying National Guard & Shipping Illegal Immigrants BACK To Florida
Sep 16, 2022
Defund The Police IS HAUNTING Democrats, Voters Revolt Over INSANE Crime, Police RESIGNING En Masse
Sep 15, 2022
Biden & Democrats PANIC As Rail Union REJECTS Deal, Strike Will NUKE Economy Just Before Midterms
Sep 14, 2022
Cardi B FURY Over Inflation & Rising Prices Shows People Are PISSED, Democrats Face Midterm DEFEAT
Sep 13, 2022
Democrat ARRESTED FOR MURDER Will STAY In Office And Get PAID, If Trump Is Indicted HE CAN STILL RUN
Sep 12, 2022
Woman BEHEADED Publicly In California Ignites CRIME WAVE Panic, Democrats Panic As Voters REVOLT
Sep 09, 2022
Steve Bannon Taken Into Custody As Democrats Civil War Against MAGA Republicans BACKFIRING
Sep 08, 2022
AOC Cries Warning Of Her Own Death As Liberals Predict Civil War And That Democrats Will Start It
Sep 07, 2022
First Poll Shows Biden's ANTI-MAGA Speech BACKFIRED Pissing Off Most Voters, Say its DANGEROUS
Sep 06, 2022
The Civil War is HERE Says Democrat Media, Biden Speech Celebrated As Pre-War Declaration By Dems
Sep 02, 2022
Taiwan SHOOTS DOWN Suspected Chinese Drone, Fear Of WW3 Growing After Shelling Of Nuke Plant Ukraine
Sep 01, 2022
Democrat Media PANICKING As GOP Prepares To IMPEACH Biden If Republicans Win The Midterms
Aug 31, 2022
Pre-Emptive COUP Against Trump Has Begun To STOP Trump 2024, Now Even Top Conservatives Reject Him
Aug 30, 2022
Joe Rogan Says VOTE REPUBLICAN Over Lockdowns, Aaron Rodgers Exposes 'Fauci Stooge' Pressuring NFL
Aug 29, 2022
DOJ Releases FBI Trump Raid Affidavit And Its Mostly REDACTED, Suggests Potential FBI CORRUPTION
Aug 26, 2022
Biden Student Debt Forgiveness BACKFIRES, Democrats Say He's INSULTING Workers And The GOP AGREES
Aug 25, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED By Trans Activist, This Is Attempted Murder, Civil War Fear WORSENING
Aug 24, 2022
Trump Just SUED The US Government Over The FBI Raid, Democrats Are Destroying The USA To Stop Trump
Aug 23, 2022
Fauci Announces HIS RESIGNATION, Liz Cheney IS OUT, Stelter SLAMS CNN, We're WINNING The Culture War
Aug 22, 2022
Global Elites Building DOOMSDAY BUNKERS Amid Fear Of WW3 And Civil War, Elites Think The End Is Near
Aug 19, 2022
Trump EPICALLY Trolls Democrats By ENDORSING THEM Realizing Babylon Bee Prophecy, THEY TOOK THE BAIT
Aug 18, 2022
Liz Cheney NUKED FROM ORBIT By Hageman In Near FORTY POINT BLOWOUT, Says She May Run For President
Aug 17, 2022
Democrats And Left PANICKING Over Alex Jones Banning Saying Lawsuit Proves HE ONLY GOT STRONGER
Aug 16, 2022
Trump Reports FBI Seized His Passports Indicating Criminal Charges Coming, Civil War Talk Escalating
Aug 15, 2022
MSNBC Host Implies Trump Be EXECUTED Over Nuclear Documents, Democrats Escalating Us To Civil War
Aug 12, 2022
Armed Man FIRES At FBI In Ohio, FBI Raid Sparks Civil War Fears, Democrats Have Crossed The Rubicon
Aug 11, 2022
IRS Job Listing Requires Use of DEADLY FORCE Sparking OUTRAGE, Democrats Just Massively Expanded IRS
Aug 10, 2022
Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending
Aug 09, 2022
Democrat Dark Brandon Meme BACKFIRES After They Post OFFENSIVE Meme In HILARIOUS Self Own
Aug 08, 2022
Citizens Going FULL PUNISHER As Crime In Democrat Cities Skyrockets, GOP WINNING On Crime Issue
Aug 05, 2022
DeSantis REMOVES Woke State Attorney, Soros DOUBLES DOWN On Woke DA's, DeSantis 2024 Looking Likely
Aug 04, 2022
Russia Vows To Join China In US Taiwan War Sparking WW3 Fears, China To FIRE MISSILES Over Taiwan
Aug 03, 2022
Trump HILARIOUSLY Trolls GOP By Endorsing BOTH Candidates, MISERY Index Predicts EPIC Democrat Loss
Aug 02, 2022
Pelosi Sparks Fear of World War 3 As Its CONFIRMED She's Visiting Taiwan, China Issues DIRECT Threat
Aug 01, 2022
DC Calls National Guard As Illegal Immigration OVERRUNS City, TX & AZ GOP Plan WORKED Sparking PANIC
Jul 29, 2022
US Deploys STRIKE GROUP To Taiwan As China Threatens Conflict Over Democrat Pelosi Visiting Island
Jul 28, 2022
DOJ Investigating Trump's Actions In CRIMINAL Probe, AG DOESNT Rule Out Charges, Story May be HOAX
Jul 27, 2022
Biden Announces He's Selling MORE US Oil Reserves, Media Smears Trump As GOP SLAMS Sale To China
Jul 26, 2022
Trump Plans To FIRE Up To 50,000 Government Employees After Winning In 2024, He Got My Vote!
Jul 22, 2022
Biden's Approval Drops BELOW Trump Record Low, Voters Regret Voting Democrat, RED WAVE Hits Midterms
Jul 21, 2022
Democrat Conspiracy EXPOSED, Dems Fund Over $1M For Dan Cox & MAGA GOP Then Claim Its the Apocalypse
Jul 20, 2022
AOC FAKES Being Handcuffed, Gets ARRESTED Protesting SCOTUS As Democrats Push Bill To Pack Court
Jul 19, 2022
Democrat Mayor LOSES IT As Illegal Immigrants From Flood DC, GOP Plan Works As Biden IGNORES Problem
Jul 18, 2022
Doctor Faces CRIMINAL Charges Over Democrat Abortion Hoax, Viral Story Turns Out To Be Manipulated
Jul 18, 2022
Trump Just Cleverly Announced HE IS RUNNING For 2024 Presidency, Elon Says DeSantis Would WIN
Jul 14, 2022
Biden ROASTED Over Pathetic LIE Saying Record Low Polling PROVED Democrats Want Him To Run In 2024
Jul 13, 2022
Democrats Jan 6th Committee Plays Clip From Timcast, Tim Pool Smeared With Out Of Context LIES
Jul 12, 2022
Biden Approval Hits RECORD LOW Amid Illegal Sale Of US Oil Reserves To China & New SCANDALS Erupt
Jul 12, 2022
Japanese Former PM Shinzo Abe ASSASSINATED, Liberal World Order Is In Chaos And COLLAPSING
Jul 08, 2022
SHOCKING Video Of Hunter Biden SMOKING CRACK Emerges, Trump Unveils 757 Hinting At 2024 Announcement
Jul 07, 2022
Georgia Guidestones Were Just BOMBED, "Monument To Globalism" Partially DESTROYED In Explosion
Jul 06, 2022
Joe Rogan Calls Biden A "Dead Man" Alluding To A Trump 2024 Victory, Trump May Announce HE'S RUNNING
Jul 05, 2022
Jordan Peterson DROPS NUKE On Twitter Over Suspension Saying He'd Rather Die Then Delete The Truth
Jul 01, 2022
Biden DOD Declares They Will DEFY State Law And Perform Abortions Setting U.S. Up For Civil War
Jun 30, 2022
Biden LIVID Over Claim He WONT Run In 2024, Colbert Asks AOC If She'll Run For President Instead
Jun 29, 2022
Democrats Funding MAGA GOP BACKFIRES Proving They're INSANE, Dems LOSE Voters As Party IMPLODES
Jun 28, 2022
Over 1 MILLION Democrats Quit And Join GOP, Democrats PANIC As Roe Ruling Escalates Civil War
Jun 27, 2022
BREAKING: ROE V. WADE OVERTURNED, Clarence Thomas Opens Door To END Gay Marriage Next
Jun 24, 2022
Biden FBI Just RAIDED Trump DOJ Official Over POLITICS, Subpoenas GOP, Political Civil War IS HERE
Jun 23, 2022
Democrat Hit With 21 FELONY CHARGES For Fraud, DeSantis Opponent NEARLY WON Now Ron Leads GOP 2024
Jun 22, 2022
Leftists Threaten ACTS OF TERROR Over Roe v. Wade SCOTUS Ruling, GOP DEMANDS FBI & DHS Intervention
Jun 21, 2022
UK General Warns Troops To Prep For World War Three With Russia, NATO State May Have Just Started It
Jun 20, 2022
Democrats PANIC Over Biden 2024, Desperate For ANYONE ELSE As Rumors Of Trump DeSantis Ticket Grow
Jun 17, 2022
GOP County REFUSES To Certify Election Signaling Midterm CHAOS, Fears Of CIVIL WAR Escalating
Jun 16, 2022
Trump Gets His REVENGE, Pro-Impeachment GOP Incumbent LOSES In MASSIVE FAILURE, Liz Cheney IS NEXT
Jun 15, 2022
New Midterm Map Is APOCALYPTICLY Bad For Democrats, Poll Has GOP UP 9 As Economy Somehow Gets WORSE
Jun 10, 2022
GOP Frontrunner ARRESTED By FBI Over January 6th, Trump PRAISES Protest As US Moves Toward Civil War
Jun 09, 2022
Man CAUGHT Trying To ASSASSINATE SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Man Reportedly CONFESSED
Jun 08, 2022
Democrats Fear Historic Midterm Defeat As CNN Says 80 Year RECORD Polls For GOP Signal Midterm BLOWOUT, Gas Nears $10 In CA
Jun 07, 2022
Elon Musk Accuses Twitter Of MATERIAL BREACH, Twitter May be Sabotaging The Deal To STOP Takeover
Jun 06, 2022
Kyle Rittenhouse Hires Covington Lawyer For MAJOR LAWSUITS Targeting Zuckerberg And Corporate Press
Jun 03, 2022
Half The U.S. Says CIVIL WAR Is Coming As New Poll Shows INSANE Support For Political Assassinations
Jun 02, 2022
Democrat Launches INSANE Ad With NOOSE On His Neck, Party CRUMBLING As Voters Vote Republican
Jun 01, 2022
Clinton Lawyer NOT GUILTY In Russiagate Trial, Trump SLAMS Corrupt Legal System Protecting Democrats
May 31, 2022
Paramount Sponsors GROOMING KIDS In Child Drag Show, Democrat And Media Deny Grooming Despite VIDEO
May 30, 2022
Ex-Federal Agent Investigated As ACCOMPLICE To Buffalo Perp, Uvalde Cops STOOD DOWN Sparking Outrage
May 27, 2022
GOP Governor Officially BANS ABORTION From Conception In Oklahoma, State Will Soon Make It A FELONY
May 26, 2022
Democrats QUIT Party In HUGE Numbers, GOP Turnout NEARLY DOUBLES As Dems Start Voting Republican
May 25, 2022
Democrats Win Legal Right To DISQUALIFY Republicans For Insurrection Pushing US Closer To Civil War
May 24, 2022
Biden Says US Military WILL Intervene To Defend Taiwan From China In SHOCKING Gaffe Sparking WW3 Trend
May 23, 2022
U.S. Orders MILLIONS Of Smallpox Vaccines Amid Global Monkeypox Outbreak, Experts Say Remain Calm
May 19, 2022
Biden Ministry Of Truth Director HAS RESIGNED, DHS Board SUSPENDED In Shame, Democrat Media OUTRAGED
May 18, 2022
Elon Musk Announces He's QUITTING Voting Democrat And Will Now Vote Republican, GOP Red Wave Coming
May 17, 2022
Elon Musk Twitter Buyout Could COLLPASE Amid Potential FRAUD, Twitter Says Elon VIOLATED NDA
May 16, 2022
Netflix Announces Anti-Censorship Policy, Tells Woke Staff TO QUIT In MAJOR Culture War Victory
May 13, 2022
Biden Admin SLAMMED For Ending Gas Leases Amid NEW RECORD High Gas Prices, Sending $40B To Ukraine.
May 12, 2022
Pelosi Support Of Abortion Protests At SCOTUS Homes BACKFIRES, Protesters Descend On Pelosi's House
May 11, 2022
Elon Musk CONFIRMS Trump Will Be Brought Back To Twitter, Despite Trump's Claim HE WILL Be Back
May 10, 2022
NEW SCOTUS Leak Reveals Judges WILL Overturn Roe, Left Targets Judges HOMES, Civil War Fear RISING
May 09, 2022
U.S. Assisted Sinking Of Russian Flagship Sparking Fear Of World War 3, Russia Threatens NUKES AGAIN
May 06, 2022
Elon Musk To Be New Twitter CEO, Timcast JOINS FORCES With Rumble Web Services In MAJOR Announcement
May 05, 2022
Biden Calls Trump Supporters MOST EXTREME Group In U.S. History, Fanning Flames As We Inch Toward Second Civil War
May 04, 2022
Democrats Call For REVOLUTION After SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Ruling, SCOTUS Chief Orders Investigation
May 03, 2022
Media Pushes Elon Musk SHADOW CREW Theory, Insurgent Elites Buying Politics, Biden WANTS Trump Back
May 02, 2022
Biden Admin SLAMMED Over Ministry Of Truth, Director Nina Jankowicz Spread Disinformation REPEATEDLY
Apr 29, 2022
SHOCKING News of 1.4% Economic Retraction Is Democrat's Midterm DEATH KNELL, Even CNN Issues Warning
Apr 28, 2022
Internal Twitter Chats LEAKED Proving More Left Wing Bias, Journalists Try To STOP Elon Musk Buyout
Apr 27, 2022
Democrats & Leftists Begin REVENGE On Elon Musk For Buying Twitter, Call For Social Media Regulation
Apr 26, 2022
ELON MUSK BOUGHT TWITTER, Deal Is Done, Journalists And Leftists In PANIC MODE As Free Speech WINS
Apr 25, 2022
Republican Rep MTG On TRIAL Facing Disqualification From Congress, Democrats Are DESTROYING The US
Apr 22, 2022
CNN+ Is Officially DEAD & The WORST News Failure In History, Elon Musk Secures Funds To BUY Twitter
Apr 21, 2022
GOP NUKES Disney From Orbit Revoking Special Tax Status, Disney Gets Woke Goes Broke As Stock TANKS
Apr 20, 2022
Jon Stewart New Show GOT WOKE WENT BROKE, CNN+ Already Laying Off Major Staff As Collapse Got WORSE
Apr 19, 2022
Ukraine Says Prepare For Nuclear Attack, Pope Warns Of Nuclear War As Russian TV Says WW3 Has Begun
Apr 18, 2022
Twitter Adopts POISON PILL To Block Elon Musk Hostile Takeover, Corrupt Establishment PANICKING
Apr 15, 2022
The Republican Committee Has WITHDRAWN From Presidential Debates, RNC SLAMS Forum Over Democrat Bias
Apr 14, 2022
Texas Gov. Drops BUSLOAD Of Illegal Immigrants In DC, Even Democrats SLAM Biden Over Border Crisis
Apr 13, 2022
Democrat States To MANDATE Sex-Ed For Kids In An Inversion To GOP Parental Rights In Education Bills
Apr 12, 2022
Polls Show GOP To CRUSH Democrats Earning Supermajority In Congress, The Future WILL Be Conservative
Apr 11, 2022
Western Sanctions On Russia BACKFIRE Sparking Riots Over RECORD Food And Fuel Prices, Ruble RECOVERS
Apr 08, 2022
Democrats Face APOCALYPTIC Midterm As Voters QUIT At 4 Times Republicans, A MASSIVE Red Wave May Hit
Apr 07, 2022
Biden Admin Warns Of GLOBAL FAMINE, Europe ALREADY Rationing, Inflation And Shortages To Get WORSE
Apr 06, 2022
Elon Musk Was Just Appointed A DIRECTOR At Twitter, Woke Leftists Panic Over Losing Censorship Power
Apr 05, 2022
HUGE Wave Of Democrats Quit, 11 Admin Staff & 31 In Congress Quit As GOP Set To Win 2022 Midterms
Apr 04, 2022
Disney Support Of Grooming Kids BACKFIRES, Florida GOP Threatens Legal Action Over Democrat Threats
Apr 01, 2022
Putin Threatens To CUT OFF Europe's Gas Supply, EU REJECTS Demands Sparking Fear Of Escalating War
Mar 31, 2022
Blackrock President Warns Entitled Millennials To brace For MAJOR Food Crises And Economic Collapse
Mar 30, 2022
Putin Reportedly Fled To Nuclear Bunker, Pulls Troops From Kyiv Sparking Fears Of Nuclear War, WW3
Mar 29, 2022
Leaked Emails Implicate Biden Family In Ukraine Biolab Scandal, Media Caught LYING To Cover It Up
Mar 28, 2022
Trump Files MASSIVE Racketeering Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton And Democrats Over Russiagate LIES
Mar 25, 2022
Russia's Nuclear Command Officials VANISH Sparking Fear Of Putin Starting Nuclear World War Three
Mar 24, 2022
Patreon NUKES Conservatives As Midterms Loom, Democrat PANIC Over Polls Hint Censorship Will Get BAD
Mar 23, 2022
Biden Declares A New World Order Is Coming Triggering Viral Trend And Journalists Crying FAKE NEWS
Mar 22, 2022
Democrats PANIC Over Midterm Polls, GOP Registering Voters At GAS STATIONS As Even CNN Says Red Wave
Mar 21, 2022
U.S. About To Get Hit By MASSIVE Food Crisis, Ukraine War Sparks Global Shortages And Inflation
Mar 18, 2022
NYT Finally Admits Hunter Biden Laptop IS REAL Implicating Joe Biden In Conflict Of interest With Ukraine War
Mar 17, 2022
US Deploys Marines To Australia Amid Fear Of WAR With China, Russian TV Discusses INVADING NATO
Mar 16, 2022
Biden FAILED On Every Front, Even Liberals Now Defend Trump, Democrats Are BURNING US To The Ground
Mar 15, 2022
The View Calls For ARREST Of Tucker Carlson And Tulsi Gabbard For Pushing Pro Russia Propaganda
Mar 14, 2022
Russia REJECTS Ukraine Peace, Demands TOTAL Surrender, China Threatens US, Calls US Empire Of Lies
Mar 10, 2022
US Has CONFIRMED BioLabs In Ukraine, Russia And China Claim US Is Funding Bio Weapons Researc
Mar 09, 2022
Reports Claim Putin IS DYING Escalating Danger, Biden BANS Russian Gas Amid Gas Price Crisis
Mar 08, 2022
Foreign Fighters Join Ukraine War On BOTH SIDES, Billionaire Says World War Three Likely Has Begun
Mar 07, 2022
US SLAMS Russian Attack On Nuclear Plant As WAR CRIME, Ukrainian MP Says World War Three Has Begun
Mar 04, 2022
Russian Military Aircraft Violates Swedish & Japanese Airspace As UN Warns Of Increased NUCLEAR Threat
Mar 03, 2022
Russia Warns NATO Of A NUCLEAR World War Three, West Begins BANNING Russians From Sports And Games
Mar 02, 2022
Belarus To Allow Russia To Stage NUCLEAR WEAPONS On Their Land, Warns NATO World War Three Is Coming
Mar 01, 2022
Russian Market TANKING, Nuclear Weapons On HIGH ALERT, Countries Begin Taking Sides As War Escalates
Feb 28, 2022
Russia Just Threatened WAR Against Sweden And Finland, Russia Prepares To DRAFT Medical Personnel
Feb 25, 2022
Biden Admin Plans DIRECT Attack On Russian Infrastructure, Banning Russia From SWIFT May Trigger WW3
Feb 24, 2022
Biden REISSUES Trump Sanctions On Russia As War Escalates, China Backs Russia For Help Taking Taiwan
Feb 23, 2022
National Guard To Deploy Over US Freedom Truckers, Democrats SUPPORT Trudeau BRUTAL Purge Of Protest
Feb 22, 2022
Fears Of World War Three Escalate As EXPLOSIONS Rock Ukraine, Russia Formally Backs Separatists
Feb 21, 2022
Trudeau's Riot Cops CRACKDOWN On Freedom Truckers Purging Protest, DC Police Prepare For US Convoy
Feb 18, 2022
BLM Fronts $100k To Bail Man Arrested For Assassination Attempt Of Democrat, Media Writes PUFF PIECE
Feb 17, 2022
New Report Implicates Biden Campaign In Clinton Spying Scandal, Corporate Press Calls It FAKE NEWS
Feb 15, 2022
Trump Says Illegal Spying By Clinton Camp Warrants EXECUTION, Durham Filing Implicates Clinton Camp
Feb 14, 2022
GOP Rep Warns Of Targeted ASSASSINATIONS Looming In New U.S. Civil War, Press Says Its ALREADY Here
Feb 11, 2022
Inflation Hits INSANE 7.5% Signaling Democrats TOTAL DEFEAT In November, Worst Inflation In 40 Years
Feb 10, 2022
Biden Approval Hits RECORD LOW, Democrats PANIC As They Abandon COVID Lockdowns Over CRASHING Polls
Feb 09, 2022
Capitol Police ILLEGALLY Raided GOP Rep's Office Dressed As Construction Workers Rep Says, Civil War Is Coming
Feb 08, 2022
State Of Emergency Declared Over Freedom Convoy, Police SEIZE Fuel And Arrest Honkening Protesters
Feb 07, 2022
Democrats PANIC Over CNN Scandal Exposes Media Collusion With Democrat Party, CNN ADMIT Pro Dem Bias
Feb 04, 2022
Democrats EXPOSED Funneling COVID Relief Funds To Black Lives Matter, BLM PANICS Amid Major Scandal
Feb 03, 2022
Trudeau DOUBLES DOWN Smearing Great Honkening, Media Tries Claiming RUSSIA Is Behind Freedom Convoy
Feb 02, 2022
Trump Boasts $122M Warchest As He All But Declares His 2024 Presidency, GOP CRUSHES Dems Fundraising
Feb 01, 2022
The #FreedomConvoy SHATTERS World Record, Enters Ottawa Becoming THE HONKENING Against Vax Mandates
Jan 31, 2022
Democrats PANIC After PA Court Rules Mail in Voting UNCONSTITUTIONAL Proving Republicans RIGHT
Jan 28, 2022
Leaked Video Shows Feds ADMIT Biden Admin Has BETRAYED America By Trafficking Illegal Immigrants
Jan 27, 2022
Supreme Court Justice Breyer Announces Retirement Signaling Democrats Fear 2022 Midterm Red Wave
Jan 26, 2022
Neil Young DEMANDS Spotify Ban Joe Rogan Or Remove His Music, Fake Liberals Get EXPOSED As Authoritarians
Jan 25, 2022
World War 3 TRENDS As Biden Prepares 50k Troop Deployment Over Ukraine, China Advances On Taiwan
Jan 24, 2022
Colbert Calls For Abolishing The Senate, Democrats Push INSANE Authoritarianism As U.S. Falls Apart
Jan 21, 2022
Biden Claims Midterm Will Be Illegitimate Due To LOSING Vote Bill, Panicked White House BACKTRACKS
Jan 20, 2022
The Anti Joe Rogan "Doctor" Letter Was A HOAX To Smear Joe And Get Him Banned, Freedom Is WINNING
Jan 19, 2022
Truckers Stage MASSIVE Protest Blocking U.S. Border Defying Vaccine Mandates, Shortages Get WORSE
Jan 18, 2022
Desperate Dems Push Hillary 2024 As Democrat Voters QUIT Join GOP And Now Republicans Outnumber Dems
Jan 17, 2022
US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES.
Jan 14, 2022
Biden DOJ Files SEDITION Charges Against OathKeepers, Leader Stewart Rhodes Arrested With 10 Others
Jan 13, 2022
Army Plans "Civil War Rehearsal" As Culture War Worsens, Democrats Say GOP FORGED Election Documents
Jan 12, 2022
Democrat Retirements Grows to 26, Waves Of Voters QUIT Democratic Party And Switch To Republican As Midterms Heating Up
Jan 11, 2022
Police Arrest 'Antifa' With Explosive At Right Wing Rally, Corporate Press Pushes 2nd U.S. Civil War
Jan 10, 2022
Democrats Plan DIRTY TRICKS To Disqualify Trump And Marjorie Taylor Greene Because They CANT WIN
Jan 07, 2022
Unvaccinated ARE Being Arrested, Australia Imprisons Novak Djokovic, Bars Unvaxxed From Leaving Home
Jan 06, 2022
Biden Failing SO BAD Americans Now Prefer Trump's "Military Coup" & "Insurrection" Over Democrats
Jan 04, 2022
Ocasio Cortez SLAMMED For Partying Maskless in Florida Despite Criticizing Ron DeSantis COVID Policy
Jan 03, 2022
Biden $137M COVID Deal Means Pandemic To Extend Past 2024, Quarantine Facility Proves This WONT END
Dec 30, 2021
Democrats PANIC As GOP Vows Revenge, To Impeach Joe Biden And All Signs Point To Republican Victory
Dec 29, 2021
Democrat States Face MASS EXODUS As Leftist Policies Lead To Chaos, People Flee To Republican States
Dec 28, 2021
Joe Rogan CANCELS Sold Out Show Over Vaccine Mandate, Fauci Says We Must Cancel New Years Parties
Dec 27, 2021
Vaccine Passport Chip Implants Are Real, Alex Jones Right AGAIN As More Cities Declare Vax Mandates
Dec 22, 2021
Trump Faces Criminal Charges From January 6th Committee AND NY Grand Jury Seemingly To STOP 2024 Run
Dec 21, 2021
CIA Advisor Warns CIVIL WAR In The US Is Coming, Retired Generals Warn 2024 Military Coup Is Likely
Dec 20, 2021
S5247 - Grand Jury Underway To INDICT Donald Trump On Fraud, Liberals Say Indictment Will END Trump 2024 Run
Dec 17, 2021
S5246 - Democrats Failure On RECORD Levels Of Rising Crime Is Convincing Liberals To Buy Guns And Support 2A
Dec 16, 2021
S5245 - Biden's Agenda Has Officially FAILED, Democrats Move To REPLACE Joe Biden In 2024 As BBB Bill Punted
Dec 15, 2021
S5244 - New Inflation Metric Signals Economy Is COLLAPSING, Democrats Plan is To Spend ANOTHER 2.5 TRILLION
Dec 14, 2021
S5243 - NYT Article WARNS Civil War Is Close, Abortion And Skyrocketing Inflation Could Trigger US Civil War
Dec 13, 2021
S5242 - Inflation Hits Near 40 YEAR High As Economy Crumbles Under Democrats & Biden, Democrats Fear A GOP Red Wave Is Coming
Dec 10, 2021
S5241 - Biden Set To Effectively Surrender Ukraine To Russia, Admin Foreign Policy DESTROYS Biden Approval
Dec 09, 2021
S5240 - Biden Admin Held SECRET Meetings With Press To Manipulate Coverage As Democrats PANIC Over Midterms
Dec 08, 2021
S5239 - US & NATO Fear We Face Brink Of WAR As Russia Amasses Tens Of Thousands Of Troops On Ukraine Border
Dec 07, 2021
S5238 - NYC Announces FULL Vaccine Mandate On Kids AND Private Workers, RIOTS Erupt In Europe Over Lockdown
Dec 06, 2021
S5237 - Hot Babe Detained At Australian COVID Internment Camp EXPOSES Mistreatment And Lockdown Propaganda
Dec 03, 2021
S5236 - Pollsters Issue DIRE Warning, Democrats Failing So Bad That Republican Red Wave Seems Guaranteed
Dec 02, 2021
S5235 - Supreme Court Signals THE END Of Roe V. Wade, Corporate Press And Leftists Express Fear Roe Is DONE
Dec 01, 2021
S5234 - Twitter Announces INSANE New Censorship Not Even A DAY After Jack Dorsey Replaced By New Woke CEO.
Nov 30, 2021
S5233 - Biden Threatens Lockdown Unless People Get Vaccine Amid Omicron Variant, Media Starts Fearmongering
Nov 29, 2021
S5232 - All Three Men Found GUILTY In Ahmaud Arbery Case, Debunking BLM Leftist Narrative Over Rittenhouse
Nov 24, 2021
S5231 - Kyle Rittenhouse SLAMS Joe Biden For Defamation, Uses Legal Term Hinting HUGE Lawuits Incoming
Nov 23, 2021
S5230 - Military Has Begun Sending COVID Suspects In AU To Camps, RIOTS Erupt In EU Over Vaccine Mandates
Nov 22, 2021
S5229 - Kyle Rittenhouse Found NOT GUILTY On ALL Counts, Leftists OUTRAGED, Push Lies As Fear Of Riots Erupt
Nov 19, 2021
S5228 - MSNBC BANNED From Rittenhouse Trial After Police Catch Them Trying To Expose Jurors Identities.
Nov 18, 2021
S5227 - Rittenhouse Prosecutors CAUGHT MANIPULATING Evidence, Defense Demands Mistrial With Prejudice
Nov 17, 2021
S5226 - Rittenhouse Jury To Deliver Verdict ANY MOMENT, Fights Erupt As National Guard Prepares For BLM Riot
Nov 16, 2021
S5225 - Rittenhouse WINS BIG VICTORY, Gun Charge DISMISSED Before Closing Arguments In Rittenhouse Trial
Nov 15, 2021
S5224 - Biden DOJ Has Begun RAIDING Opposition Journalists, Accused Of Leaking Project Veritas Legal Memos
Nov 12, 2021
S5223 - Police Start Preparing For BLM RIOTS As Even Leftists Say Rittenhouse WILL Be Acquitted, Not Guilty
Nov 11, 2021
S5222 - Rittenhouse Judge YELLS At Prosecutor Over Grave Misconduct, Judge May Rule MISTRIAL With Prejudice
Nov 10, 2021
S5221 - Biden Admin OPENLY Abuses Power, Orders Vaccine Mandate DESPITE Court Blocking Him, GOP Must IMPEACH.
Nov 09, 2021
S5220 - Rittenhouse Trial JUST IMPLODED, DA FACEPALMS As Key Witness ADMITS Kyle Acted In Self Defense
Nov 08, 2021
S5219 - State's OWN Witnesses BACKFIRE On DA PROVING Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self Defense
Nov 05, 2021
S5218 - Democrat's National Vaccine Mandate Is Here, May Hit ALL COMPANIES, Ben Shapiro Announces He's Suing
Nov 04, 2021
S5217 - I Tested Positive For COVID-19, Faced Hospitalization But Was Treated With Regeneron And Ivermectin
Nov 03, 2021
S5216 - Anti Biden Songs Let's Go Brandon Hit #1, #2, AND #3 On Itunes Top 10, Democrats OUTRAGED
Oct 27, 2021
S5215 - Kyle Rittenhouse Scores MAJOR Victories In Pre-Trial Hearings, Judge SCOLDS DA Over Insane Arguments
Oct 26, 2021
S5214 - Famed Leftist Calls For Unvaccinated To Be Isolated And Deprived Of Food, Civil War Talks Escalates
Oct 25, 2021
S5213 - Biden's Mental Health Questioned After BIZARRE "Cornholio" Pose On CNN Leaves Everyone Confused
Oct 22, 2021
S5212 - Fauci's NIH ADMITS To Funding Gain Of Function Research, Fauci LIED To Congress And Panic Has Set In
Oct 21, 2021
S5211 - Democrat Senator Announces Plan To QUIT Democratic Party Over Economic Crisis If Biden Bill Passes
Oct 20, 2021
S5210 - Democrats PANIC As Thousands Of Police Defy Vaccine Mandate, Target Their Retirement In Retaliation
Oct 19, 2021
S5209 - China Launched Nuke Ready Hypersonic Missile Sparking FEAR IN Biden Admin Stating We Have NO Defense
Oct 18, 2021
S5208 - Conservative Member Of Parliament Has Been Assassinated In The UK, Sir David Amess Killed
Oct 15, 2021
S5207 - Vax Mandates BACKFIRE As FreedomFlu Spreads, Police Call For Defying Mandate Sparking Democrat Panic
Oct 14, 2021
S5206 - Democrats Just LOST Historic Seat To GOP Signaling Midterm Red Wave, Biden Low Approval Sparks PANIC
Oct 13, 2021
S5205 - Biden Approval Hits RECORD Low, 4.3 MILLION Resignations Signal Economic Collapse WORSE Than We Knew
Oct 12, 2021
S5204 - Southwest CANCELS Over 2,000 Flights Igniting Rumor Of Pilot Strike Over Vaccine Mandate
Oct 11, 2021
S5203 - Biden DEFENDS Mass Terminations Over Vax Mandates Amid CATASTROPHIC Jobs Report And Economic Crisis
Oct 08, 2021
S5202 - Anti Vaccine Mandate Rioters TEAR DOWN NYC Covid Testing Site, Media Labels Union Workers 'Fascists'
Oct 07, 2021
S5201 - Reports US May Mint $1 Trillion Coin, Shortages And Inflation SKYROCKET Signaling Economic Collapse
Oct 06, 2021
S5200 - Democrats SLAMMED For IRS Scheme To Spy On Accounts With $600 Or More, Critics Say It Taxes The Poor
Oct 05, 2021
S5199 - Chants of F Joe Biden ERUPT All Over US At Sporting Events, People Are Rising Up Against Democrats
Oct 04, 2021
S5198 - Majority Of Trump Voters Want Secession And 41% Of Biden Voters Agree, The Republic Is COLLAPSING
Oct 01, 2021
S5197 - Biden BOOED At Baseball Game As Approval TANKS, Democrats Lining Up Harris To Take Over Presidency
Sep 30, 2021
S5196 - Democrats Hide $700k Fines For Employers Who REFUSE Vaccine Mandate In $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill
Sep 29, 2021
S5195 - Democrats PANICKING As Biden NEW All Time Low Approval Signals CRUSHING Midterm Defeat, GOP Victory
Sep 28, 2021
S5194 - UK Prepare Military Deployment As Gas Shortage Sparks Panic, Biden Policy is Driving Economic Crises
Sep 27, 2021
S5193 - Biden Urges All Eligible Americans Get Vaccine Booster, Mandates Will Get Worse, Shortages Worsening
Sep 24, 2021
S5192 - Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Biden, GOP Reps Cite Democrat Violating Separation of Powers
Sep 23, 2021
S5191 - Chinese Communist Defector Says China INTENTIONALLY Released COVID, Warned The US In November 2019
Sep 22, 2021
S5190 - Biden Admin In CHAOS As Americans Say He's Mentally UNFIT And Democrats Agenda Is Failing
Sep 21, 2021
S5189 - Riots ERUPT Over COVID Lockdown And Vaccine Mandates, Police TRAMPLED And Beat As System Breaks Down
Sep 20, 2021
S5188 - Historian Says CIVIL WAR Is Coming And Trumpists Will WIN, New Hampshire Reps File To Secede From US
Sep 17, 2021
S5187 - China Threatens To Send WARSHIPS To US Territory, Gen. Milley Subverted And Weakened The US Military
Sep 16, 2021
S5186 - General Milley Spokesman CONFIRMS "Treason" Calls Happened, Report Confirms Pelosi Military Coup
Sep 15, 2021
S5185 - General Milley Accused Of Treason For Warning China Of US Military Plans, Staging Coup Against Trump
Sep 14, 2021
S5184 - Republicans BLOCKED From Voting In Newsom Recall Told They Already Voted, Larry Elder STILL May WIN
Sep 13, 2021
S5183 - Biden Issues Threat To Republicans Opposing Illegal Vaccine Mandate, RNC And GOP To File Lawsuits
Sep 10, 2021
S5182 - Biden To Impose Federal Vaccine Mandates, New COVID Restrictions Nationwide, Democrats Widely Favor
Sep 09, 2021
S5181 - COVID Unemployment ENDS For 7.5M People Igniting Fear Of Economic Meltdown, The Great Reset Is NOW
Sep 08, 2021
S5180 - New Documents PROVE Fauci Lied To Congress Committing Perjury, He DID Fund Gain Of Function Research
Sep 07, 2021
S5179 - SHOCKINGLY Bad Jobs Report Shows Biden Plan Is Failing, Economists Predict Global Economic Meltdown
Sep 03, 2021
S5178 - SF Announces Plan To Pay Criminals Not To Shoot People, Newsom Recall Data Is Bad News For Democrats
Sep 02, 2021
Biden Phone Call LEAKS Proving he KNEW Afghanistan Was Falling, REFUSED Air Support Request
Sep 01, 2021
Biden Advisor Says US May Send Cash Aid To The Taliban, Families Of Fallen Troops FURIOUS With Biden
Aug 31, 2021
Judge SEIZES Child From Mother For Being Unvaccinated, Vaccine Mandate Protests ERUPT All Over U.S.
Aug 30, 2021
S5174 - US Provided List Of Americans To The Taliban Igniting Shock And Outrage, Some Argue This Is TREASON
Aug 27, 2021
S5173 - Pentagon CONFIRMS US Casualties in Kabul Airport Attack, Stranded Americans About To Become Hostages
Aug 26, 2021
S5172 - Over 800,000 Servicemen Face Court Martial For Not Getting Mandatory Vaccine, Biden Admin Under Fire
Aug 25, 2021
S5171 - Felon CAUGHT With Hundreds Of CA Recall Ballots, Democrats PANIC As Larry Elder May Win Governorship
Aug 24, 2021
S5170 - New Democrat Bill Mandates Vaccines For Domestic Air Travel, FDA Approval Ignites Wave Of Mandates
Aug 23, 2021
S5169 - FBI Report DEBUNKS Democrat Lies About Jan 6th, Says it Was NOT Coordinated By Trump or Anyone Else
Aug 20, 2021
S5168 - DC Buildings EVACUATED After Man Makes Threats, Says "Revolution Starts Today," Surrenders To Police
Aug 19, 2021
S5167 - China Threatens To DESTROY US Troops In Taiwan, Say Deployment An Act Of War, Starts LIVE Fire Drill
Aug 18, 2021
S5166 - NYC Goes FULL 1984 Requiring Vaccine Passport And ID For Building Entry With NO Medical Exemption
Aug 17, 2021
S5165 - Biden Admin AWOL During Afghanistan, Kabul Crisis, White House Allegedly Posts Fake Photo Of Biden
Aug 16, 2021
S5164 - Biden Admin Discussing Mandating Vaccines For Interstate Travel, More Cities Lockdown Unvaccinated
Aug 13, 2021
S5163 - Biden Approval Falls As Nearly 80% Blame Him For Failing Economy, Media EXPOSED Lying To Defend Him
Aug 12, 2021
S5162 - Biden Admin Issues WARNING Over Rising Gas Prices But Democrat Policy Is What Caused The Inflation
Aug 11, 2021
S5161 - Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo RESIGNS, Sheriff Warns Criminal Investigation May Lead To His ARREST
Aug 10, 2021
S5160 - Economic Crisis Worsens As Vaccine Mandates Drive Workers Away, Democrats Still Defend COVID Checks
Aug 09, 2021
S5159 - Biden Sued For Violating THIRD Amendment With Illegal Eviction Moratorium According To New Filing
Aug 06, 2021
S5158 - Landlords Sue Biden For Illegal Eviction Moratorium, Fauci Says Third COVID Shot Rushed For Approval
Aug 05, 2021
S5157 - Biden And BLM Support TANKING, Americans Are Fed Up With Leftist Politics From Democrats
Aug 04, 2021
S5156 - Democrat Gov Cuomo Faces Calls For Impeachment And Resignation After NY AG Confirms He Abused Women
Aug 03, 2021
S5155 - Congress Failure To Raise Debt Ceiling And Extend Eviction Moratorium May Trigger Economic Meltdown
Aug 02, 2021
S5154 - Australia Deploys Military To Enforce COVID Lockdown, Biden Calls For National Vaccine Mandate
Jul 30, 2021
S5153 - NYT Essay Argues Non-Citizens Should Vote, Saying It Would Help Democrats, FORCE GOP To Pander Left
Jul 29, 2021
S5152 - Biden Inflation Crisis Causes Wages To Drop, Economy Faces Collapse As MILLIONS About To Get Evicted
Jul 28, 2021
S5151 - Democrats Lie And GOP Rep CRIES As Capitol Hearing Begins, Antifa And BLM Riots Ignored By Democrats
Jul 27, 2021
S5150 - Ex Obama Doctor Predicts Biden Will Be FORCED To Resign, DEMANDS Biden Take Cognitive Fitness Test
Jul 26, 2021
S5149 - Democrats Vote To Force Women To Be Drafted Into The Military, Refusal To Sign Up Is A Felony
Jul 23, 2021
S5148 -Video Shows CBP Escort Illegal Immigrants Through Border, Democrat Policies Lead TO COVID Lockdown
Jul 22, 2021
S5147 - BLM Activist Proposes Black Only Cities Or "Autonomous Zones" In D.C. Democrats Warn Of "Civil War"
Jul 21, 2021
S5146 - Texas Democrat Stunt BACKFIRES As Six Democrats, WH Staff And Pelosi Aide Test Positive For COVID
Jul 20, 2021
S5145 - France Introduces PRISON Terms For Those Who Can't Prove They Are Vaccinated Sparking MASS Unrest, Vaccine Center Burned
Jul 19, 2021
S5144 - Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over "Freedom Phone"
Jul 16, 2021
S5143 - Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Fans Civil War Flames As People Call For Balkanization
Jul 15, 2021
S5142 - Cuban Communist Regime In PANIC, Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters, Democrats REJECT Cuban Refugees
Jul 14, 2021
S5141 - US Navy Unprepared For War As Wokeness Trainings Supersede War Training Causing Us SURRENDER To Iran
Jul 13, 2021
S5140 - South Africa May Be Collapsing, Armed Citizens Shooting Rioters As Army Deployed To Quell "Civil War"
Jul 12, 2021
S5139 - New Story PROVES Democrats Let Cities BURN In BLM Riots And Crimewaves In Order To Spite Trump
Jul 09, 2021
S5138 - Stores Panic Buy Food In Fear Something BIG Is Coming, Food Shortage Gets WORSE Amid Economic Crisis
Jul 08, 2021
S5137 - Trump Launches MAJOR Class Actions Lawsuits Against Big Tech over Censorship, Democrats Mock Attempt
Jul 07, 2021
S5136 - Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police
Jul 06, 2021
S5135 - Democrats Have Come Out AGAINST The 4th of July And The American Flag, The U.S. Is Being TORN Apart
Jul 05, 2021
S5134 - China Caught Building Over 100 Nuclear Missile Silos As Threats Of War Escalate, Taiwan At Risk
Jul 02, 2021
S5133 - BLM Rioters Hold City Council VP Hostage, Demand Riot Charges Dropped, Democrats Are LOSING Control
Jul 01, 2021
S5132 - Fauci Warns Refusing The Vaccine Is Splitting US Into Two Countries, Judge Sentences Men To Vaccination
Jun 30, 2021
S5131 - Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends
Jun 29, 2021
S5130 - GOP Rep DEMANDS Activist Athlete Gwen Berry Be Removed Over Protesting US Anthem At Olympic Trials
Jun 28, 2021
S5129 - John McAfee's Wife Says He Was NOT Suicidal, Even Prison Guards Are In Disbelief As Narrative Breaks
Jun 25, 2021
S5128 - Russia Threatens To BOMB UK Warship, Threatens Nuclear Retaliation As US Military Falls To Wokeism
Jun 24, 2021
S5127 - Russia Fires Warning Shots And Bombs Near UK Warship, China Threatens To JOIN Russian Counterattack
Jun 23, 2021
S5126 - Google Funded Wuhan Linked Virus Research Sparking Outrage Over Censorship, Conflict Of Interest
Jun 22, 2021
S5125 - Hundreds Of BLM Looters Have Charges Dropped, Liberals Are Fleeing To Red States And Voting Democrat
Jun 21, 2021
S5124 - Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots And Woke Cultists Drive The U.S. To Collapse
Jun 18, 2021
S5123 - China Stages LARGEST Air Invasion of Taiwan Airspace Sparking Fears The U.S. Is Headed Towards War
Jun 17, 2021
S5122 - Biden Gets HUMILIATED By Putin, Video Catches Biden With Flash Cards As He Struggles In Meeting
Jun 16, 2021
S5121 - INSANE Video Shows Man Loading Garbage Bag Of Stolen Goods, Democrat Policies Have DESTROYED Cities
Jun 15, 2021
S5120 - Biden Seems To Get LOST At G7, Crowd Laughs At Him As He Wanders Confused, Democrats Made A Bad Bet
Jun 14, 2021
S5119 - Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage
Jun 11, 2021
S5118 - Biden Inflation Crisis Gets WORSE, Prices May Predict MAJOR Market Crash As Democrats KEEP Spending
Jun 10, 2021
S5117 - Democrats Push For Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports
Jun 09, 2021
S5116 - CNN, Amazon, Uk Gov Websites ALL DOWN, Panic Erupts As Internet Crashes, Congress Hit By Cyberattack
Jun 08, 2021
S5115 - The US Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatching Air Force Across Pacific, Taiwan Faces Invasion
Jun 07, 2021
S5114 - China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China
Jun 04, 2021
S5113 - Biden Admin Seeks To FIRE FAUCI Amid Email Scandal Says New Report, Republicans DEMAND He Be Fired
Jun 03, 2021
S5112 - Texas Declares Migrant Crisis A DISASTER, SLAMS Biden Open Borders Policy, Democrats Escalate Crisis
Jun 02, 2021
S5111 - Major Cyberattack Just CRIPPLED US Meat Supply As Democrat Spending Pushes Dollar Toward Collapse
Jun 01, 2021
S5110 - Retired US General Calls For Myanmar Like Military Coup In US Escalating Fear of Second US Civil War
May 31, 2021
S5109 - Democrats FURIOUS After GOP Blocks Jan 6th Commission, Republicans Defect And DEFEND Democrat Lies
May 28, 2021
S5108 - BLM Politician Who Voted To Defund Police Carjacked by CHILDREN, Democrats PANIC And REFUND Police
May 27, 2021
S5107 - Fauci Faces FIRING As MASSIVE Scandal About To Erupt After Fauci Admits Funding Went To Wuhan Lab
May 26, 2021
S5106 - Shots ERUPT At George Floyd No Go Zone In MN During LIVE News Report, BLM Antifa Causing MORE CRIME
May 25, 2021
S5105 - Fauci Says COVID Lab Leak Possible, Media In FULL Panic Mode, Stealth Editing, Retracting "Debunks"
May 24, 2021
S5104 - Ted Cruz SLAMS Woke Army Ad, Says Democrats And Woke media Turning Our Military Into "Pansies"
May 21, 2021
S5103 - Oregon Counties Officially Voted To SECEDE Over Failed Democrat Policies, Texans Push Secession Bill
May 20, 2021
S5102 - Pro BLM Prosecutor CRUSHES Moderate In Election Proving Democrats WANT Rising Crime, Support Riots
May 19, 2021
S5101 - Democrat State Level FAILURES Come Back To Haunt Them As ALREADY Republicans Predicted To Win 2022
May 18, 2021
S5100 - Global Shortages And Inflation GET WORSE, Food And Gas Cost SKYROCKET, Media Says JUST EAT CICADAS
May 17, 2021
S599 - Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative
May 14, 2021
S598 - Gas Company CAVED, Pays $5M Ransom To Restart Gas Pipeline, Biden Blames RUSSIANS As Gas prices Rise
May 13, 2021
S597 - Fear of Runaway Inflation As Local News Reports Food Shortages, Gas Shortage In Some States Near 50%
May 12, 2021
S596 - Biden Administration FAILING US As Gas Shortage, Inflation, Migrant Crisis, Cyber Attack SLAMS
May 11, 2021
S595 - State Of EMERGENCY Declared, hackers Shut Down Largest Oil Pipeline In US, Gas Prices SKYROCKET
May 10, 2021
S594 - Biden's Job Report Is A DISASTER, Worst Miss In 23 Years As Unemployment UP Amid Market Crash Fears
May 07, 2021
S593 - DOJ SLAMS Arizona Election Audit, Say It May VIOLATE Federal Law, Democrats Demand GOP Stop Recount
May 06, 2021
S592 - Olympics BANS Black Lives Matter Protest, Kneeling BANNED, People Are Tired Of Antifa And BLM Riots
May 05, 2021
S591 - Prosecutors DISMISS Felony Charges Against Antifa And BLM Rioters, In MN Cops ARREST Business Owner
May 04, 2021
S590 - Democrats WARNING Wokeness Is Blowing Up In Their Faces Paving Way For Republican Victory In 2022
May 03, 2021
S589 - Biden Mass Spending Sparks WARNING Of Hyperinflation And Looming Market Crash, Gas Prices SKYROCKET
Apr 30, 2021
S588 - Feds Had Secret Plan To Arrest Chauvin If He Was ACQUITTED, Democrat Corruption On Full Display
Apr 28, 2021
S587 - The FBI Has RAIDED Giuliani's Home And Office, Democrats Make SHOCKING Move Against Political Rivals
Apr 28, 2021
S586 - DeSantis Scores MAJOR Victory As FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill NUKING Big Tech From Orbit
Apr 27, 2021
S585 - State Of Emergency Declared Over BLM Riot Fear After ANOTHER Shooting, Chauvin Verdict Did NOTHING
Apr 26, 2021
S584 - Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation, Appeal Almost Certain
Apr 23, 2021
S583 - Police Are Resigning EN MASSE Over BLM Riots And Democrat Policy, Chauvin Verdict Will Make It WORSE
Apr 22, 2021
S582 - Democrats And BLM Literally Defend Child Knife Fights In Order To Justify Abolishing Police
Apr 21, 2021
S581 - Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency, National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears, BLM Riots
Apr 20, 2021
S580 - Democrat Threats And BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Corrupted Chauvin Trial, Jury May Say GUILTY In Fear
Apr 19, 2021
S579 - Florida Passes Anti Riot Bill Granting Immunity To People Who Drive Through Rioters Amid BLM Riots
Apr 16, 2021
S578 - Chauvin Trial Prosecutors Screw Up BIGTIME, Judge Threatens Mistrial, Defense FURIOUS, Riot Expected
Apr 15, 2021
S577 - Chauvin Trial Defense Scores MAJOR Win As Medical Expert Says George Floyd Death Was NOT A Homicide
Apr 14, 2021
S576 - Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots
Apr 13, 2021
S575 - Chauvin Trial Judge REFUSES To Sequester Jury As BLM Riots ERUPT, Media Tainting Public Perception
Apr 12, 2021
S574 - Chauvin Trial Lawyer Lands Slam Dunk AGAIN Using States Own Witness, But Floyd Prosecutors Did Well
Apr 09, 2021
S573 - Biden Wrongly Denounces Constitutional Rights In Order To Enforce Democrat Gun Control Agenda
Apr 08, 2021
S572 - MASSIVE Backfire Against Prosecutor May Have Just Gotten Derek Chauvin Acquitted In Floyd Trial
Apr 07, 2021
S571 - George Floyds Friend Now ADMITS He May Be Charged In Floyd Death, Refuses To Testify In Chauvin Case
Apr 06, 2021
S570 - Conservatives WIN Major Legal Battles, Lawsuit Against Trump BACKFIRES, Opens Door To END Censorship
Apr 05, 2021
S569 - GOP Governor Announces Policy Barring White People ONLY From COVID Vaccine In INSANELY Illegal Act
Apr 02, 2021
S568 - George Floyd GF Says State Witness Is Their DEALER, Witness Then REFUSES To Testify In Chauvin Trial
Apr 01, 2021
S567 - Trump Interview DELETED By Facebook, Company Says Trump's Voice Is NOT Allowed In ANY Capacity
Mar 31, 2021
S566 - GOP Rep Says Vaccine Passport May Be Joe Biden's Mark Of The Beast, Some Believe Its The End Of Days
Mar 30, 2021
S565 - Vaccine Passports Have Launched In The US, Biden Admin Says National Passport System To Launch Soon
Mar 29, 2021
S564 - Ted Cruz Leads VICE Style "Hunt" For Smugglers And Illegal Immigrants, Democrats Call It A STUNT
Mar 26, 2021
S563 - Biden Lies About Illegal Immigration In Press Conference, Democrat Policies MADE The Border Crisis
Mar 25, 2021
S562 - Biden Plans Rapidly Re-Engineering America In Secret Meeting, Democrats Plan MASSIVE Far Left Push
Mar 24, 2021
S561 - US Joins The EU Sanctioning China Over Uyghur Abuses INFURIATING The Chinese Communist Party And Xi
Mar 23, 2021
S560 - Trump And CNN SLAM Biden For Border Crisis Cover Up As He Pays $86M For Illegal Immigrant Hotels
Mar 22, 2021
S559 - Biden Struggles, Nearly Falls Down Stairs In Viral Video As China SLAMS Us As Weak And Fractured
Mar 19, 2021
S558 - Democrats Are Trying To Eject A Republican Congresswoman To INSTALL A Democrat In INSANE Power Grab
Mar 18, 2021
S557 - Chauvin Trial CORRUPTED By $27M Settlement To Floyd Family, Jurors REMOVED After News Taints Trial
Mar 17, 2021
S556 - Scandal Erupts As Several Outlets CAUGHT Pushing Lie About Trump, Democrat Impeached Using Fake News
Mar 16, 2021
S555 - Famous Comedian QUITS Democratic Party, Disavows Cancel Culture From Progressives, Slams Culture War
Mar 15, 2021
S554 - Democrats DEMAND Governor Cuomo Resign As He Faces CRIMINAL Investigation Over Nursing Home Scandal
Mar 12, 2021
S553 - Democrats Pass New Gun Control Bill, Media Launches Creepy Coordinated Propaganda On Gun Crime
Mar 11, 2021
S552 - CA Governor Won't Give Up Lockdown Policies Because Of "Inequity," Democrats Exploit COVID For Power
Mar 10, 2021
S551 - ENTIRE Democratic Staff In Nevada QUITS After Socialists Win Every Party Leadership Seat
Mar 09, 2021
S550 - Biden May ALREADY Be Transferring Presidency To Kamala Harris As Even Democrats Notice Outsized Role
Mar 08, 2021
S549 - Biden SLAMMED By Democrats And Republicans Over New Migrant Crisis That May Be The WORST Ever Seen
Mar 05, 2021
S548 - Ebay Just NUKED Dr. Seuss Books As OFFENSIVE, RSBN Gets Nuked By Youtube As Censorship Escalates
Mar 04, 2021
S547 - Texas Announces COVID Lockdown Is OVER Angering Prominent Liberals, Biden Says Not Until NEXT YEAR
Mar 03, 2021
S546 - Texas GOP Endorses Vote To Secede, Republican Calls To Secede Has Democrats In Media Crying Sedition
Mar 02, 2021
S545 - Trump Hints 2024 Run Calling Melania "Future First Lady," CNN Is FREAKING OUT In Unhinged Article
Mar 01, 2021
S544 - Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots
Feb 26, 2021
S543 - Woke Leftist Race Hoax Exposed, College Falls Into Critical Race Theory CHAOS Over False Allegations
Feb 25, 2021
S542 - Project Veritas Video Leak PROVES Tech Execs Plan Censoring Conservatives, Even Threaten Republicans
Feb 24, 2021
S541 - FBI Confirms Congressional Reps Are Now SUSPECTS In Capitol Riot, Democrats Pushing For War With GOP
Feb 23, 2021
S540 - Democrats Just Tried FORCING Cable Companies To BAN Conservative News Channels For Supporting Trump
Feb 22, 2021
S539 - Democrats And Media Advocate For Executing Republicans And Treating The GOP As Enemy Combatants
Feb 19, 2021
S538 - Facebook Just BANNED Basically The ENTIRE Country Of Australia In Most INSANE Act Of Censorship EVER
Feb 18, 2021
S537 - Rush Limbaugh Has Passed Away, Leftists Post Vile Attacks Against Him Gloating Over His Passing
Feb 17, 2021
S536 - GOP Reps Family DISOWNS Him For Supporting Trump Impeachment, Siding With Democrats BACKFIRES On GOP
Feb 16, 2021
S535 - Trump WON Again, Democrats SLAMMED For Doctoring Evidence, Vandalize Trump Lawyers Home After Losing
Feb 15, 2021
S534 - Gina Carano Is UNCANCELLED, Woke Leftist Attempt To Ruin Her Fail As Ben Shapiro Announces New Movie
Feb 12, 2021
S533 - #CancelDisneyPlus​ Trends #1 After Gina Carano Gets FIRED From Mandalorian Over Woke Leftist Outrage
Feb 11, 2021
S532 - Democrats Launch NEW Criminal Investigation Into Trump At The State Level Amid 2nd Impeachment Trial
Feb 10, 2021
S531 - Biden Suspends Trump Rules Blocking Chinese Propaganda And Infiltration Sparking Fear Of "Chinagate"
Feb 09, 2021
S530 - Biden BOOED At Super Bowl As People REJECT Call For Unity, Culture War Is Escalating Under Democrats
Feb 08, 2021
S529 - TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News
Feb 05, 2021
S528 - Democrats LIED About The $2,000 Checks Going To Everyone, Use Marjorie Taylor Greene As Distraction
Feb 04, 2021
S527 - Democrats Elites And Media Are PANICKING Without Trump, Cry About Trumpism As CNN Ratings TANK 44%
Feb 03, 2021
S526 - Gamestop Rebellion Ignites MEDIA PANIC, NYT Calls For Biden "Reality Czar," Marc Cuban Says HOLD
Feb 02, 2021
S525 - CNN SLAMMED For Lying About WallStreetBets GameStop Rebellion, The SLV Short Squeeze Is FAKE NEWS
Feb 01, 2021
S524 - Wall Street Elite's Manipulation Is FAILING And Exposed The Corrupt Rigged System Is Collapsing
Jan 29, 2021
S523 - Wall Street PANICKING As Losses Top $70 Billion, GameStop Rebellion WINNING And Nuking Manipulators
Jan 28, 2021
S522 - Wall Street In PANIC MODE, Trading On GameStop And AMC Halted As Plebs NUKE Elite's Hedge Funds
Jan 27, 2021
Trump Launches Office Of The Former President To Push Agenda, Grenell Says Trump WILL Run In 2024
Jan 26, 2021
Biden Presidency ALREADY Backfires On Democrat Voters, Unions FURIOUS Over Banning KeystoneXL
Jan 25, 2021
Republican Officially Files IMPEACHMENT Against Biden For Corruption Related To Hunter In Ukraine
Jan 22, 2021
Antifa Riots ERUPT And Smash Democrat Headquarters, 4200 People Die From COVID And Biden Is PARTYING
Jan 21, 2021
Trump Floats New "Patriot Party," Angering Republicans And Suggesting The Trump Era Is NOT Over
Jan 20, 2021
Democrat Says National Guard Is Suspect For Being White Men, DC REMOVES Guards Fearing Inside Attack
Jan 19, 2021
FBI To Vet ALL 25,000 National Guard Over Fear Of INSIDE ATTACK On Biden Inauguration
Jan 18, 2021
Democrats Are Worried Republicans In Congress Might Kill Them, AOC Says She Narrowly Escaped Death
Jan 15, 2021
China Thinks America Is COLLAPSING, A New Poll Shows Most Americans AGREE As Trump Impeached Again
Jan 14, 2021
Trump Calls For NO VIOLENCE And A Peaceful Transition Ahead of Feared Armed Protests At Inauguration
Jan 13, 2021
Democrats Move To EXPEL Republicans From Congress As GOP Begs For Unity, AOC And Bush Say NO
Jan 12, 2021
Democrats Formally File Impeachment For Inciting Insurrection, Give Pence Ultimatum To REMOVE Trump
Jan 11, 2021
New Poll Says 71% Of Trump Supporters Feel Civil War is Coming, 40% Of Biden Voters Say The Same
Jan 10, 2021
Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump
Jan 09, 2021
Conservatives Face Social Media PURGE, Walk Away And Journalist BANNED, Left DEMANDS Trump Be Banned
Jan 08, 2021
Democrats Announce Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump, Call For ARREST And Conviction Of Trump
Jan 07, 2021
Trump Supporters HAVE TAKEN OVER THE CAPITOL, Shots Fired INSIDE, Electoral Count Session ENDED
Jan 06, 2021
Trump Asserts Pence CAN REJECT Fraudulent Electors After Meeting With Law Experts, Democrats Say NO
Jan 05, 2021
Democrats Call For Impeaching Trump AGAIN Over Leaked Call, Trump Responds With Lawsuits Against GA
Jan 04, 2021
Trump Phone Call LEAK Proves Trump Wants To Overturn GA Election Triggering Democrat OUTRAGE
Jan 03, 2021
Conservatives STOMP On Thin Blue Line Flag As Police Violate Constitution, Cops LOSING All Support
Jan 02, 2021
Trump DEFENDS Sanders, Left And Right Populists Unite Against Crony Elites To Get $2k Stimulus DONE
Dec 31, 2020
Republican Senator Hawley CONFIRMS Electoral Vote Objection, Biden's Election WILL be Contested
Dec 30, 2020
GOP Report Says 200k MORE Votes Than Voters In PA Questioning Election, Democrats Say FAKE NEWS
Dec 29, 2020
Democrats Are Set TO LOSE Georgia Runoff Despite Trump Supporter Anger At Republican Elites
Dec 28, 2020
COVID Panic And Leftist Defectors Could Mean THE END For Pelosi, GOP Could WIN House Speakership
Dec 27, 2020
Democrat Loser DEMANDS Election Be Overturned Exposing Hypocrisy, It's Wrong For Trump but NOT Dems
Dec 23, 2020
COVID Relief Is A SCAM, $10M For Pakistani Gender Programs?! Democrats AND Republicans EXTRACTING US
Dec 22, 2020
Right Wing Protesters STORM Oregon Capitol Building Calling For Democrat Governor's Arrest
Dec 21, 2020
California Governor Faces REMOVAL From Office As People FLEE Proving Democrats Policies FAILED
Dec 20, 2020
Trump Calls On Supporters For "Wild" Protest Of Electoral Count In DC, Democrats Fear War Is Coming
Dec 19, 2020
Democrats FURIOUS After Trump Admin Stops Biden Transition Briefings Amin Report Of MAJOR Hack On US
Dec 18, 2020
Democrat Media Outlets PANIC Realizing Without Trump They Will COLLAPSE, Mainstream Media IS OVER
Dec 17, 2020
Fox Host Says "Intel Source" Claims Trump Won the Election, Rand Paul Says The Election Was Stolen
Dec 16, 2020
Trump "Demands" Arrest Of GA Governor As Bill Barr RESIGNS, But Even Newsmax Says Biden has WON
Dec 15, 2020
Judge Orders Release Of Dominion Voting Machine Report Saying Machines INTENTIONALLY FLIPPING VOTES
Dec 14, 2020
Proud Boys Brutally Beat Antifa In DC, Unknown Victims STABBED As 4 In Critical COndition
Dec 13, 2020
Texas GOP Calls For NEW UNION Of States After SCOTUS DENIES Lawsuit Disputing Election, ITS NOT OVER
Dec 12, 2020
FORTY FOUR States Now DISPUTING The Election, 126 GOP Reps Sign On REJECTING Biden, Support Trump
Dec 11, 2020
Criminal Probe Into Biden Family CONFIRMED, COVER UP May be The BIGGEST Media Scandal In US History
Dec 10, 2020
Trump Announces He Will INTERVENE In Texas SCOTUS Suit As Several States Vow To JOIN, THIS IS IT
Dec 09, 2020
Democrats INFILTRATED By Chinese Spies, Video Shows Chinese Professor BRAGGING Biden Is Compromised
Dec 08, 2020
GOP Lawsuit Reaches AZ Supreme Court And Could NULLIFY Biden's Win, Kraken Lawsuits DISMISSED
Dec 07, 2020
Supreme Court Justice Alito Makes BOMBSHELL Move Paving Way To TOSS Biden's Electoral Votes In PA
Dec 06, 2020
Leftists And Democrats Start PANICKING As They Realize Trump Is Actually WINNING Political Victories
Dec 05, 2020
Republicans DEMAND Emergency Session In PA As NEW Evidence Of Fraud Emerges, SCOTUS Getting Involved
Dec 04, 2020
Democrats Are Pretending To Be Republicans To CHEAT In The GA Runoff, This Is Political WAR
Dec 03, 2020
Trump Tweets Video EXPOSING Illegal Vote Buying From Biden Supporters Who Quickly Delete Evidence
Dec 02, 2020
Trump Lawyers Push Call For MARTIAL LAW As More Evidence Of FRAUD Emerges, DEMAND New Election
Dec 01, 2020
Giuliani Calls On AZ GOP To REJECT Election, Appoint Electors For Trump As Governor Certifies State
Nov 30, 2020
FBI Has FINALLY Begun Investigating Voter Fraud, Democrats Underestimating Trump Is Their Undoing
Nov 29, 2020
CNN Runs Segment Saying Trump COULD STILL WIN, Democrats Oblivious As Trump On Track For EC Victory
Nov 28, 2020
Republicans Announce MAJOR Move That Would Give Trump PA's EC Votes, Trump Lawsuit Heads To SCOTUS
Nov 27, 2020
CNN Runs UNHINGED Show Claiming Trump Will Form Shadow Government, Another Says The US Is Decoupling
Nov 24, 2020
Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Delegation Vote
Nov 23, 2020
Voter Watchdog Announces New Evidence Of WIDESPREAD Fraud, Democrats BACKTRACK Past Claims Of Fraud
Nov 22, 2020
Americans Openly DEFY COVID Lockdown To Celebrate Thanksgiving, Democrat Hypocrisy Sparks Defiance
Nov 21, 2020
FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops
Nov 20, 2020
Trump Team Drops EVIDENCE Of Fraud, SLAMS Media For Ignoring It, Claims Centralized Fraud May Exist
Nov 19, 2020
Democrats PANIC Trump Is Planning A COUP, Trump Filling Ranks With Loyalists And REFUSES To Concede
Nov 18, 2020
Democrat Governor Whitmer To be Impeached, Republicans REJECT Her Unconstitutional COVID Lockdown
Nov 17, 2020
Largest US Militia REFUSES To Recognize Biden As President, Leftists Attack Trump Rally Attendees
Nov 16, 2020
MASSIVE Voter Audit Underway Uncovers Evidence Of Fraud But CNN Says Trump's Claims Are Fake News
Nov 15, 2020
Democrats Stunning Defeat Sparks Internal War Over Leftist Policy, Republicans Tracking To Win 2022
Nov 14, 2020
Trump Legal Team QUITS After Never Trump And Democrat Harassment Campaign, Dems Play DIRTY For Biden
Nov 13, 2020
Trump WINS Legal Battle In PA REJECTING Votes, But Trump Is Still FAR From Winning Legal Victory
Nov 12, 2020
Trump Files ANOTHER Suit Blocking Michigan Results, Media Finally Realizes Trump Can STILL Win This
Nov 11, 2020
Secretary of State Says We WILL Have 2nd Trump Administration As Propaganda War ERUPTS Over Election
Nov 10, 2020
CNN Host Issues Warning To Trump Supporters, DEFEND Trump And You'll Be BLACKLISTED, Lists Are Next
Nov 09, 2020
Democrats Massive Failure Shocks MSNBC, Calling Biden a "One-Off" As Dems Get CRUSHED Nationwide
Nov 07, 2020
Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat
Nov 06, 2020
Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count
Nov 05, 2020
Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS
Nov 04, 2020
National Guard ACTIVATED In 16 States, Deployed In Several Cities As Post Election Unrest Predicted.
Nov 03, 2020
Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote
Nov 02, 2020
New Forecast Predicts Trump Reelection VICTORY In "Republican Surge," Media FRANTIC To Explain Away
Nov 01, 2020
Forecasts Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE Which Would DESTROY Media Credibility For Generations
Oct 31, 2020
Democrats PANIC Over Low Turnout In Major Democrat Stronghold As Trump Secret Voters STORM The Polls
Oct 30, 2020
Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News
Oct 29, 2020
Democrats Frantically BACKTRACK After SCOTUS Rules Against Voting Deadline, Mail Votes Get REJECTED.
Oct 28, 2020
Trump Was RIGHT And Project Veritas Proved It, MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered In BOMBSHELL Report
Oct 27, 2020
Hillary Clinton FREAKING OUT Because Trump May Win Election, She's FURIOUS Over Trump FIRING Cronies
Oct 26, 2020
New Biden Videos LEAKED Triggering Media And Democrat PANIC, Fake News DESPERATELY Defends Joe Biden
Oct 25, 2020
Democrats FAIL To Notice Polls Make NO SENSE, Trump Crushing Early Vote In Major Battleground States
Oct 24, 2020
Trump Makes HISTORY AGAIN, Signs Peace Deal ENDING Sudan Israel War, Trump MUST WIN REELECTION
Oct 23, 2020
Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels, Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE
Oct 22, 2020
Democrats Freak Out Over "Deja Vu" As Biden Lead LESS THAN Hillary, Republicans WINNING Voter Edge
Oct 21, 2020
Democrats Freak Out Over "Deja Vu" As Dems ALREADY Underperform, Republicans WINNING Voter Advantage
Oct 20, 2020
Democrats May LOSE The Election As New Poll Shows Democrats Are Quitting, Biden Warns Polls WRONG
Oct 19, 2020
Biden Camp Issues WARNING That Polls Are WRONG, Trump And Republicans Already Have HUGE Advantages
Oct 18, 2020
Trump Is Already WINNING In Key Early Voting, Democrats FREAKING OUT Over Numbers In Key Swing State
Oct 17, 2020
Tucker Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Directly Implicating Joe Biden In Ukraine Scandal, Democrats LOSE IT
Oct 16, 2020
Democrats In Full PANIC MODE Over NEW Email Drop, Joe Biden May Use Son As Go-Between In Shady Deals
Oct 15, 2020
Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out
Oct 14, 2020
Media's DESPERATE Smears Of Amy Coney Barrett Will BACKFIRE On Democrats, Hearings Are A SHAM
Oct 13, 2020
Democrat COVID Hysteria BACKFIRES As Dem Voters Are Too Scared To Vote And Mailed Votes Get REJECTED
Oct 12, 2020
Punk Legend Goes FULL MAGA Leaving Leftists SHOCKED And Angry, Leftists DEFECT And Join Trump Train
Oct 11, 2020
Democrat Calls For Trump Supporting "Maggots" To be REMOVED From Society As Civil War Fears Escalate
Oct 10, 2020
Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN
Oct 09, 2020
FBI Arrest Six Men Who Plotted To KIDNAP Democrat Governor And Try Her For TREASON Over Lockdown
Oct 08, 2020
Trump Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Implicating Hillary Clinton, Democrats In Fabricating Russia Gate Hoax
Oct 07, 2020
Secret Trump Voters ARE REAL, New Research Shows Polling Is WRONG And Trump Might CRUSH Biden
Oct 06, 2020
Trump Has BROKEN Mainstream Media, Journalists UNHINGED Theories PROVE They Are Democrat Activists
Oct 05, 2020
Trump Catching COVID Has Actually HELPED HIM, New Poll Shows Trump BEATING Biden Nationally
Oct 04, 2020
Journalists Report Trump Having Trouble Breathing Sparking PANIC, Trump Doctor's Say HE IS FINE
Oct 03, 2020
CNN Anchor SHOCKED When NYT Writer Says 2nd Civil War Is COMING Unless Trump Wins In A Landslide
Oct 02, 2020
BUNK Ballots Sent Out En Masse PROVE Democrats Have Corrupted The Election Yet Media Blames Trump
Oct 01, 2020
Democrats ALREADY Begging Biden Not To Debate Trump Again, Demand Rule Changes To Help Joe Compete
Sep 30, 2020
Biden Reportedly Asked For Debate Breaks, REFUSES To Get Inspected For Ear Piece Or Do Drug Test
Sep 29, 2020
Democrats Are LYING About Trump's Taxes, Push INSANE Theory That He's A National Security Threat
Sep 28, 2020
Democrats Fall For TRAP As Smears Against Amy Coney Barrett BACKFIRE, Its The Kavanaugh Effect AGAIN
Sep 27, 2020
Kamala Harris PRAISES Leftist Riots Saying "Fight" Is Essential, Trump Declares Antifa A TERROR Org
Sep 26, 2020
FBI Agent "Trump Was Right," New Documents EXPOSE FBI FRAMING Trump And Flynn, Russiagate Was A HOAX
Sep 25, 2020
DOJ Uncovers Trump Votes Getting Trashed, Votes Found in Ditch, Media Says Trump Is Planning A COUP
Sep 24, 2020
UNREST Erupts After AG Says NO CHARGES In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields
Sep 23, 2020
Trump Has Secured ALL VOTES To Confirm New Judge, Democrats PANIC, Threaten Massive Backlash
Sep 22, 2020
Another Wave Of Democrats QUITTING Party And Plan To Vote Trump, Democrats REFUSE To Heed Warnings
Sep 21, 2020
Democrat MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Gets WORSE, Pelosi Entertains Impeachment As Way To Stop Trump
Sep 20, 2020
Democrats In Absolute PANIC As Republicans Vow To Replace Ginsburg IMMEDIATELY, The GOP Has Won
Sep 19, 2020
Trump Approval SKYROCKETS After Crushing BLM Leftist Riots And Signing Historic Peace Agreements
Sep 18, 2020
DOJ Explored Charging Democrats Over Civil Unrest In Portland And Seattle, Trump Has ENDED The Riots
Sep 17, 2020
Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Job
Sep 16, 2020
Republicans May See RED WAVE In November As Polls Become Wild Or Wrong And Democrats Flip For Trump
Sep 15, 2020
Top Trump Official Issues WARNING, Leftist Revolt Is Coming, Democrats Will NOT Concede The Election
Sep 14, 2020
Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems
Sep 13, 2020
Hatred For Trump Has Driven Democrats INSANE, Now Unhinged Leftists SUPPORT War And Rioting
Sep 12, 2020
Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Price A SECOND TIME, Trump To Announce ANOTHER Historic Peace Deal
Sep 11, 2020
The Election Is Being Rigged AGAINST Trump And Its INSANELY Obvious, Democrats Are Cheating To Win
Sep 10, 2020
Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel Peace Deal, Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Sep 09, 2020
Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Discounted
Sep 08, 2020
Democrats Supporting BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Cost Them The Election As Riots WIPE OUT Poll Gains
Sep 07, 2020
Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans
Sep 06, 2020
Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War
Sep 05, 2020
Democrats PANICKING Over Riots Get Saved By Media, Latest Smear Of Trump So INSANE It Can't Be Real
Sep 04, 2020
Democrats Issue Veiled Threat, Vote For Joe Biden Or Cities Burn, Say They Will NOT Concede To Trump
Sep 03, 2020
Democrats Make Panicked Desperate Moves As Polls Favor Trump, SCREAM Law And Order In $45M Ad Run
Sep 02, 2020
Democrats Predict LANDSLIDE Victory For Trump But Biden Still Wins, They Have BROKEN The Election
Sep 01, 2020
Biden Campaign is SPIRALING As Backfire From Riots Goes From Bad To Worse, Democrats BLAME Trump??
Aug 31, 2020
Trump Takes MAJOR Polling Lead Against Biden, Democrats PANIC, Shift Message As Riots BACKFIRE
Aug 30, 2020
Republicans CRUSHED Democrats In Ratings, Trump Black Support SKYROCKETS Hinting Trump Reelection
Aug 29, 2020
Democrats QUIT The Party in Droves, Voters FURIOUS Over Democrat Support For Riots Will Vote Trump
Aug 28, 2020
Democrats Support For Riots BACKFIRED As Locals Are FURIOUS Over Destruction, Trump Takes Lead In WI
Aug 27, 2020
Trump Announces Federal Deployment Into Kenosha To END Leftist Riots, Will Bolster National Guard
Aug 26, 2020
Republican Convention Got SIX TIMES More Livestream Viewers Than Democrats, Media Narrative CRUMBLES
Aug 25, 2020
Trump Dropped His 2nd Term Agenda And Any Sane Person Would Agree With It, I Now Plan To Vote Trump
Aug 24, 2020
Democrat Charged With FELONIES Sparks Political Crisis As Civil Unrest Erupts Nationwide
Aug 23, 2020
MeToo Activist SLAMS Democrats And Biden As 'Darkness' And 'Monsters,' Proving People Are Waking Up
Aug 22, 2020
Trump Says Democrats STEALING The Election With Vote By Mail, Vows To Deploy Police To Stop Fraud
Aug 21, 2020
New Trump Ad Just Triggered Woke Journalists Exposing Fake News Bias, He Bought The ENTIRE Frontpage
Aug 20, 2020
Democrat's DNC 2 Was EVEN WORSE, A Clown Show So Bad They Had Warren On The Native American Caucus
Aug 19, 2020
Democrats Convention An Unmitigated Disaster, Its So CRINGE Leftists Joke THIS Is Trump's Reelection
Aug 18, 2020
Democrats Push Post Office Scandal To CHEAT The Election Against Trump And Here's The Proof
Aug 17, 2020
Picking Kamala Harris BACKFIRED On Democrats, Leftists HATE Her And Even Black Voters Say NO WAY
Aug 16, 2020
Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office
Aug 15, 2020
White House Siege Protests Planned Before And After Election Fueled By Democrats Unhinged Theories
Aug 14, 2020
Chicago Police Call For Federal Intervention In Leftist Riots, Slam Kim Foxx For RELEASING Looters
Aug 13, 2020
Democrats Picking Kamala Harris Gifted A Trump Landslide, This Is Reagan's Landslide All Over Again
Aug 12, 2020
Black Lives Matter DEFENDS Chicago Looters, Say Looting Is Their RIGHT As Crime SKYROCKETS Across US
Aug 11, 2020
Trump Calls For National Guard To END Rioting In Portland, Chicago Mayor REFUSES Help Ending Riots
Aug 10, 2020
Democrats Push INSANE Lies To Smear Trump COVID Relief, Trump Accuses Dems Of Cheating The Election
Aug 09, 2020
Democrats Are Destroying Our Election On PURPOSE, Leftists Sending Out BUNK Mail In Voter Forms
Aug 08, 2020
Reddit Hit With MASSIVE Hack, Reeks Of Chinese PsyOp Day After Trump Bans TikTok And NUKES Tencent
Aug 07, 2020
Democrats Announce INSANE Human Rights Violations In New COVID Lockdown, Our Constitution Is On FIRE
Aug 06, 2020
Democrats Aren't Even Campaigning And Now Biden Will SKIP The DNC, Are Democrats Planning To Lose??
Aug 05, 2020
Trump's DHS Running Terror Probe Into Antifa Over International Support As Portland Riots Continue
Aug 04, 2020
Democrats Run War Games Where They Predict They'll Push For Secession And Civil War
Aug 03, 2020
BLM Leftists Are Extorting Small Businesses, Vandalize Cuban Man's Restaurant For Not Paying Up
Aug 02, 2020
China PANICS After Trump Announces Total Ban On TikTok, Cold War Is Escalating And China Is Pissed
Aug 01, 2020
Trump Just SMACKED China Across The Face, Demands China Divest From TikTok, Issues MASSIVE Sanctions
Jul 31, 2020
Trump Suggests Delaying The Election Causing Democrats To Freak Out, But Technically Trump COULD
Jul 30, 2020
Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists
Jul 29, 2020
Bill Barr Just OBLITERATED Democrat And Media Lies About Antifa And Leftist Riots, Media PANICKING
Jul 28, 2020
Media Is PANICKING As Riots Backfire On Democrats, Fake News Claims Trump WANTED Antifa To Riot
Jul 27, 2020
Trump Is WINNING The Propaganda War Over BLM Rioting And Even Some BLM Leaders Agree SLAMMING Antifa
Jul 26, 2020
Media Lies About Trump And Portland Just Proved Trump Right, That They Are The "Enemy Of The People"
Jul 25, 2020
CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment
Jul 24, 2020
Democrat Charged In Voter Fraud Scandal Proving Trump Right, Mail In Voting Is A Disaster
Jul 23, 2020
Chinese Consulate CAUGHT Frantically Burning Documents Amid Spying Charges, US-China Cold War Is Now
Jul 22, 2020
Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdiction
Jul 21, 2020
Police SLAM Democrats For Supporting Leftist Riots, Trump Announces MORE DHS Agent Deployment
Jul 20, 2020
Dr. Fauci Touts NY As Model Of "Success" As Democrat Policy Literally DESTROYS The City, People FLEE
Jul 19, 2020
Former Obama Officials May Be Indicted As Durham Report Nears Completion, Rumors Of Charges Incoming
Jul 18, 2020
Biden Just Made His BIGGEST Mistake Yet, Endorsing The SAME Thing That Cost Hillary Clinton 2016
Jul 17, 2020
Trump And Bill Barr Go NUCLEAR Against China Over Hong Kong, Hollywood ON NOTICE For "Collaborating"
Jul 16, 2020
Kanye West Reportedly DROPS OUT, Polls Show He May Have HURT Trump But This Could be GOOD For Trump
Jul 15, 2020
Defunding Police BACKFIRED, AOC SLAMMED As Activists DEMAND Police Be Reinstated As Crime SKYROCKETS
Jul 14, 2020
Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED
Jul 13, 2020
Trump REFUSED Emergency Request To Pay For Leftist Rioters Damage, Democrats Leadership Backfires
Jul 12, 2020
Trump May Be SECRETLY Winning And Democrats Are Scared, Forecast Predicts 91% Chance For Trump
Jul 11, 2020
More Voter Fraud EXPOSED, Mailman Pleads Guilty, Cat Gets Voter Forms, 2020 Chaos Has ALREADY Begun.
Jul 10, 2020
Supreme Court Just Gave Back Half Of Oklahoma To Native Americans, Leftist Judges Uphold 1866 Treaty
Jul 09, 2020
Kanye West Just NUKED Democrats From Orbit, Confirms he Is Running In 2020, Praises Trump
Jul 08, 2020
Trump Moves To BAN TikTok App Over Massive China Spying Scandal, China Has Gen Z ADDICTED
Jul 07, 2020
Biden's Call To Transform America Should Worry You, Democrats Are Aligning With Far left Fanatics
Jul 06, 2020
Democrats PANIC After Kanye Says He's Running For President, They Think He's Conspiring With Trump
Jul 05, 2020
Democrats And Media ATTACK 4th of July Proving Trump Right, They Hate Our History And Country
Jul 04, 2020
Democrats Release Detailed Plan Of How Trump Will CHEAT, No One Will Believe The Election Results
Jul 03, 2020
Feds ARREST Antifa "Ringleader," Trump Deploys Unit To Protect Statues On July 4th From Far Left
Jul 02, 2020
Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump
Jul 01, 2020
Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore, Panic Then Delete Tweet
Jun 30, 2020
Trump's Account Suspended As Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning Pro-Trump Voices
Jun 29, 2020
Democratic City SLAMMED By Mail in Voter Fraud Charges, Experts Scared This Proves Trump RIGHT
Jun 28, 2020
Facebook Just BANNED A Major Trump Campaign Issue, Immigration, This Is MAJOR Election Interference
Jun 27, 2020
FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln
Jun 26, 2020
National Guard Activated As Rioting Reignites Across US, Democratic Politician Attacked By Far Left
Jun 25, 2020
Ocasio Cortez CRUSHED The Democratic Establishment Proving The Leftist Mob OWNS The Party Now
Jun 24, 2020
Ocasio Cortez Could LOSE Reelection TOMORROW And She's Worried, This Could End The Leftist Democrats
Jun 22, 2020
Trump's Low Rally Turnout Is Pulling Democrats Into A TRAP, They're So Arrogant It May Be 2016 AGAIN
Jun 21, 2020
Seattle's CHAZ In CHAOS After Shootings Leave One Dead Another Critical, Anti-Cop Experiment FAILED
Jun 20, 2020
Leftists DESTROY Washington Statue, Democrats Want Jefferson Removed In NYC, History Is Being Erased
Jun 19, 2020
Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates
Jun 18, 2020
Far left Rioting BACKFIRES As Armed Counter Groups Strike Back, Regular Americans Have Said ENOUGH.
Jun 17, 2020
Police Morale TANKING, Officers Find RAZOR In Food, NYPD Report Bleach Like Substance In Shakes
Jun 16, 2020
Far Leftists Tear Down Thomas Jefferson, Trump Was Right And This Attack On America Will Reelect Him
Jun 15, 2020
Cops Have Started RESIGNING En Masse Across The Country, Crime In The CHAZ SHOCKS Naive Leftists
Jun 14, 2020
Far Leftists Enact Racial Segregation At "The CHAZ" In Seattle, Right Wing Groups Rise Up Over Riots
Jun 13, 2020
CNN Warns Of "Bloodshed" If Trump Follow Through With Retaking Antifastan Also Known As "The CHAZ."
Jun 12, 2020
Trump DEMANDS Democrats Reclaim The "CHAZ" Or As Some Call it "Antifastan" Otherwise He Will Take it
Jun 11, 2020
Far Leftists Have "Liberated" Part Of Seattle They Call The CHAZ, Looks Like Occupy Wall Street 2.0
Jun 10, 2020
Seattle Police SURRENDER East Precinct To Armed Far Leftists, 7 Block Radius Declared "Free Zone"
Jun 09, 2020
Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police
Jun 08, 2020
Democrats Call To "Abolish The Police" Is Massively Unpopular And Freaking People Out.
Jun 07, 2020
Media And Democrats LIED About Trump And COVID Medicine In "Political it Job" That Likely Cost Lives.
Jun 06, 2020
Social media Staff REVOLT And Go Full "All Lives Matter" Enraging SJW CEO Who Apologizes
Jun 05, 2020
Senator Calls For Military Intervention Over Riots Sparking OUTRAGE As Boogaloo Trends #1 On Google
Jun 04, 2020
Democrats Have BETRAYED The People Ignoring Lockdown In Support Of Protests, Exposing The Hypocrisy
Jun 03, 2020
Trump Is Right, Poll Shows Most Americans Want Military To Crush The Rioting, People Taking Up Arms
Jun 02, 2020
NYPD Says Evidence PROVES Rioting Is Planned, "Activists" Caught Giving Out Bricks To Protesters
Jun 01, 2020
Trump Declares The US Will Designate Antifa As A Terrorist Organization, Civil War 2 Is Coming
May 31, 2020
The Rioting Is Being Staged And Even Minnesota's Governor Agrees, Says International Forces At Work
May 30, 2020
Twitter Declares WAR On Trump By Censoring His Tweets AND The White House Official Account's
May 29, 2020
Trump Launches NUCLEAR Option Over Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives, Targets Section 230
May 28, 2020
Trump Is RIGHT, Twitter Is Interfering In The Election With FAKE NEWS "Fact Check" On Voter Fraud
May 27, 2020
Michael Moore Is SHOCKED That The Left CENSORED His Documentary Challenging Climate Change Activism
May 26, 2020
Democrat Policy Is DESTROYING Cities, Making COVID Worse, And Collapsing The Economy
May 25, 2020
Democrats In PANIC MODE Over Unhinged Trump Cheating Theory, Michael Moore Warns Trump Will CHEAT
May 24, 2020
Democrats Are STRANGLING Small Business On Purpose, Ignoring Science, Birx SHOCKED Lockdown Failing
May 23, 2020
Democrats Just Got CAUGHT Rigging Elections, Judge Pleads GUILTY, Mail In Voter Fraud Exposed in NJ
May 22, 2020
COVID Lockdown Will Cause Trump HISTORIC Defeat According To Economic Model, But I Don't Believe it
May 21, 2020
Biden Quid Pro Quo Scandal ERUPTS, Biden's Call LEAKS As GOP Issues Subpoena Into Burisma Scandal
May 20, 2020
China And Democrats Mock Trump For Taking COVID Anti Virals, Pelosi Calls Him Morbidly Obese
May 19, 2020
Democrat Cried For Days After Republicans Swept Special Elections, Democrats PANIC Over Red Wave
May 18, 2020
Trump Demands PRISON For Obama Administration Officials Involved In Obamagate, Calls Obama CORRUPT
May 17, 2020
Trump Announces Action AGAINST Social Media Radical Left Bias As Feds Target Google With Anti Trust
May 16, 2020
Democrats Say They Are NOT Nominating Joe Biden??! Did They Just Gaffe Or Admit Biden Is Out?
May 15, 2020
New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power
May 14, 2020
Democrats Just Got CRUSHED In Two Special Elections Signaling A Coming Trump Red Wave For GOP
May 13, 2020
Fake Leftist Outrage EXPOSED After Elon Musk Defies Lockdown Orders, Trump Tweets DEFENSE Of Elon
May 12, 2020
Trump Accuses Obama Of "Biggest Political Crime" In History, WSJ Argues Obama Getting NERVOUS
May 11, 2020
California Democrat LOSES IT After Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional Lockdown
May 10, 2020
Democrats Face SHOCKING Defeat In California Spelling Possible Republican Red Wave In November
May 09, 2020
Democrats Campaign Just Went From BAD To WORSE As Biden Event Collapses And Media Praises Trump App
May 08, 2020
DOJ Has Dropped Criminal Case Against Former Trump Advisor Michael Flynn Citing Improper FBI Actions
May 07, 2020
Democrats FINALLY ADMIT Joe Biden Likely Did It But So What, They Will Vote For Him Anyway
May 06, 2020
Chinese State Security Warned China To Prepare For War With The United States Over Pandemic Backlash
May 05, 2020
Democrats Are Panicking As Biden Is FORCED Out Of Hiding, Calls For Biden To Drop Out Emerge
May 04, 2020
Democrats And The Left DEMAND Chinese Style Censorship And Youtube Agreed, MAJOR Channels Got Purged
May 03, 2020
Trump Declares National Emergency Amid Military Escalation With China, US Ship Expelled China Claims
May 02, 2020
Exploiting Me Too BACKFIRED On Democrats, Nancy Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter For Calling Out Hypocrisy
May 01, 2020
Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn, Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn
Apr 30, 2020
Democrats And Leftists Are EXPLOITING The Crisis For Political Power, Many PRAISE China Censorship
Apr 29, 2020
Media Goes Full PANIC MODE As New Evidence Emerges Against Joe Biden, Democrats CANT Defend Him
Apr 28, 2020
Democrats Launch NEW HOAX Against Republicans And Trump, Accusing Him Of Colluding With China
Apr 25, 2020
Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging
Apr 24, 2020
Black Democratic Rep Endorses Donald Trump And Then RESIGNS Saying The Democratic Party Left Him
Apr 23, 2020
Trump Orders US Navy To DESTROY Iranian Gunboats, US Warships Deployed Near China, Is WW3 Nearing?
Apr 22, 2020
Trump Announces Ban On All Immigration, But Its A TRAP And Democrats Have Fallen Right Into it
Apr 21, 2020
US and China WAR May be Inevitable, As Economy Collapses And Democrats And GOP Fight, War Approaches
Apr 20, 2020
Democrats New Smear BACKFIRES, Biden Accidentally Goes "Full MAGA" Supporting Trump's China Position
Apr 19, 2020
Elon Musk Delivers EPIC CNN Smackdown Over Lies, CNN REFUSES To Correct, Doubles Down With Fake News
Apr 18, 2020
Media Smears Against Trump BACKFIRE As President Is Proven Right AGAIN, Leftists Look INSANE
Apr 17, 2020
Democrats Obstructed Stimulus, Holding Us Hostage For Ideological Gain, And Now People Are Suffering
Apr 16, 2020
Democrats Descend Into CHAOS As Bernie Supporters REVOLT, Leftists Outraged Over Bernie's Betrayal
Apr 15, 2020
CNN Host Chris Cuomo Just SNAPPED, Slams CNN As Hyperpartisan And Ridiculous, Media Trust COLLAPSED
Apr 14, 2020
Bernie Sanders Has BETRAYED The Left By Formally Endorsing Biden, The Same Day AOC Slammed Him
Apr 13, 2020
Democrats PANICKING Because Trump Was Right About China, Media Unsurprisingly Comes To Their Defense
Apr 12, 2020
Ocasio Cortez's Desperation Could Spell THE END Of Far left Democrats, Her Opponent Just Raised $1M
Apr 11, 2020
Democrats Newest Strategy Is The Definition Of Insanity, More Investigations And More Far Left Plans
Apr 10, 2020
Democrats ONCE AGAIN Block Emergency Relief For Social Justice Demands, Media Blames Republicans
Apr 09, 2020
Bernie Sanders QUITS, Supporters Declare WAR On Democrats As Trump Calls On Them To Join Republicans
Apr 08, 2020
This Is The Most PATHETIC Smear Against Trump We Have Seen Yet, Even Never Trumpers Defend Him
Apr 07, 2020
Media Smears Against Trump BACKFIRE Driving Democrats Insane, Rep DEMANDS Trump Face "The Hague??"
Apr 06, 2020
Trump Just NUKED Biden From Orbit Over Mental Decline, Politicizing Crisis BACKFIRES On Democrats
Apr 05, 2020