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Category: Self-Improvement

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 Jul 27, 2019
Highly recommended for anyone looking to better understand self, others and society as a whole. Very insightful and has introduced me to some incredible books!

 Feb 9, 2019


Free Minds for a Free Society

Episode Date
Free Speech, Censorship, and the Threat of Totalitarianism
Jul 02, 2024
How Depression Facilitates Self-Transformation
Jun 01, 2024
Pursue Pain, Not Pleasure – Why Comfort is Crippling You
May 09, 2024
Are We Enslaved to One Side of the Brain? – The Sickness of Modern Man
Apr 21, 2024
Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny
Mar 30, 2024
Why Solitude Promotes Greatness – The Benefits of Being Alone
Mar 14, 2024
1984 vs Brave New World – How Freedom Dies
Feb 19, 2024
Spontaneous Recovery – The Body’s Power to Heal from Cancer and Chronic Disease
Feb 09, 2024
Why an Unhealthy Mind creates an Unhealthy Body
Jan 24, 2024
Why Lying to Yourself is Ruining Your Life
Jan 03, 2024
How to Escape Mediocrity and Mental Illness – The Road Less Traveled
Dec 02, 2023
Why do Most Relationships Fail? – The Myth of the Magical Other
Nov 08, 2023
Do we Need God? – The Loss of God and the Decay of Society
Nov 01, 2023
The Psychology of Malignant Narcissists – People of the Lie
Oct 10, 2023
Why are People so Obedient? – Compliance and Tyranny
Sep 13, 2023
Why Nonconformity Cures a Sick Self and a Sick Society
Aug 22, 2023
Why Absent Fathers Harm Children and Ruin Society
Aug 14, 2023
The Psychology of Psychopaths – Predators who Walk Among Us
Jul 11, 2023
Carl Jung and the Psychology of Dreams – Messages from the Unconscious
Jun 20, 2023
How to Stop Being a Slave to the Opinions of Other People
May 18, 2023
Face Your Dark Side – Carl Jung and the Shadow
Apr 15, 2023
Can Decentralization Save Humanity? – Why Smaller is Better in Politics
Mar 29, 2023
The Uncensored Truth about Inflation – How Inflation Enriches Politicians and the 1%
Feb 28, 2023
Why are so Many People Neurotic? – Carl Jung as Therapist
Jan 31, 2023
Why You Should Seek Power, Not Happiness – Nietzsche’s Guide to Greatness
Dec 08, 2022
Nietzsche and Nihilism – A Warning to the West
Nov 10, 2022
How to Quit Your Boring Job – Turn a Passion into a Career
Oct 26, 2022
How Inflation Precipitates Societal Collapse
Oct 10, 2022
Will Civilization Collapse?
Sep 19, 2022
How to Stop Wasting Your Life – Carl Jung as Therapist
Aug 21, 2022
Scapegoating and the Road to Political Persecution
Jul 14, 2022
Why Suffering can Promote Strength and Health
Jun 14, 2022
Why the Lack of Religion Breeds Mental Illness
May 05, 2022
Anxiety and Depression – A Retreat into a Constricted World
Apr 11, 2022
Fear Psychosis and the Cult of Safety – Why are People so Afraid?
Apr 02, 2022
Is Humanity Doomed? – Carl Jung on Healing a Sick Society
Mar 22, 2022
The Parallel Society vs Totalitarianism | How to Create a Free World
Feb 26, 2022
Why are Most People Cowards? | Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism
Jan 26, 2022
Is Government the New God? – The Religion of Totalitarianism
Dec 28, 2021
Is the Mainstream Media a Threat to Freedom and Sanity?
Nov 27, 2021
The Crisis of Addiction – Childhood Trauma and a Corrupt Culture
Nov 09, 2021
Smartphones and Social Media: A Mass Surveillance Dystopia
Oct 30, 2021
Social Media – Why it Sickens the Self and Divides Society
Oct 16, 2021
The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World
Sep 30, 2021
How to Escape from a Sick Society
Sep 07, 2021
Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? – George Orwell’s Warning to the World
Aug 07, 2021
Do We Live in a Brave New World? – Aldous Huxley’s Warning to the World
Jun 28, 2021
What Happened to Nietzsche? – Madness and the Divine Mania
Jun 17, 2021
Nietzsche and Madness – A Descent into the Depths
May 29, 2021
Carl Jung’s Method of Self-Development – The Path of Individuation
May 19, 2021