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The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday.

Episode Date
Horns Down, Win Totals, and Blue Bloods
On episode 135: -We are all back in the studio together! -Jack and Kayce have their fight over the Jersey Shore House. -Bryce Young is going to make how much off NIL? -Brandon goes through his perfect 2021 CFB road trip -We give our picks to every win total in the ACC and Big 12. -Big 12 (aka Texas) hates Horns Down. -How soft is Texas? 0:00 Intro 5:54 Jack & Kayce Fight 26:43 Deion Sanders 32:16 Bryce Young Is A Millionaire? 41:09 Horns Down 1:05:25 Three Questions From Brandon 1:19:24 ACC Win Totals 1:40:20 Big 12 Win Totals 1:48:29 Brandon;'s Road Trip
Jul 21, 2021
Why Oklahoma Is A National Title Contender + The Perfect CFB Road Trip
On Episode 134: -Brandon is back...FOR REAL this time. -Kayce fell asleep on Jack's shoulder? -Brandon is an Oklahoma stan this year....wait, what??? -Kayce almost dies in the middle of recording -We review the top 130 QBs according to PFF -Brandon gives us 5 takes -We craft the PERFECT roadtrip for a CFB fan in 2021 -Les Miles is DONE done. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Support us by supporting the brands that support our show. High Noon is our presenting sponsor. The Hard Seltzer is made with real vodka, real juice and sparkling water. They just released their Limited Edition Tropical 8 Pack with new flavors Mango and Passionfruit. Real vodka, real juice, for real fans just like us. Head over to your local liquor store and get some today. Revitalyte - Pick up your Revitalyte Black Label today in-store or online at the Barstool Store at https://barstool.link/RevitalyteKFC Tweet at us or tag @drinkRevitalyte in your morning after stories ROMAN - Go to https://barstool.link/walkerROMAN to get your first month of Swipes for just $5, when you choose a monthly plan. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0:00 Intro 21:02 News + Notes 42:20 Brandon's 5 takes 1:10:20 CFB Road Trip
Jul 15, 2021
All The Fights, Love, And Hate - Best Of Unnecessary Roughness Season 2
Hi everybody. Thank you for supporting the show as you always do. The week of July 4th marks the end of season 2 and we decided to celebrate with a BEST OF from the past 12 months! Season 3 will kick off next week as we prepare for a brand new college football season. Thank you so much for watching.
Jul 08, 2021
Brandon Won A Natty + NCAA Allows NIL
On episode 133 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Brandon won a national championship. He calls in from the airport to let us know how he is feeling. -NIL is upon us. The content is phenomenal! -We start a road trip but it ends very quickly.... -Some of the logos for college football players are bad....really bad. -Barstool is starting their own athletes inc....will Unnecessary Roughness be involved? -Which athlete would be the best to be a part of our TEAM. 0:00 Intro 8:07 Brandon Won A National Championship 27:10 NIL Talk 35:23 Brandon Calls In 42:01 NIL Talk Pt. 2 1:06:42 Ideal Road Trip
Jul 02, 2021
A Fight With Barstool Ohio State + Brandon Owns The College Baseball World
On Episode 132: -Brandon calls in from the College World Series. -Kayce stands with Alex Caruso after his arrest at Texas A&M! -Alston vs. NCAA happened...what does this mean for the future of CFB? -Should we be concerned about college football now that players will be making more money? -The Roughnecks weigh in on their qualms with the SCOTUS ruling. -Oklahoma has recruits posing in front of cars...really, really nice cars -Another Bevo story from Kayce. -We got into a fight with Barstool Ohio State....Brandon wasn't even involved! That and much, much MORE! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Support us by supporting the brands that support our show. High Noon is our presenting sponsor. The Hard Seltzer is made with real vodka, real juice and sparkling water. They just released their Limited Edition Tropical 8 Pack with new flavors Mango and Passionfruit. Real vodka, real juice, for real fans just like us. Head over to your local liquor store and get some today. Hello Fresh - Go to https://barstool.link/HelloFreshWalker14 and use code walker14 for up to 14 free meals plus free shipping! Roman - Go to https://barstool.link/RomanWalker to get your first month of Swipes for just $5, when you choose a monthly plan +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0:00: Intro 5:09: Brandon in Omaha 20:27: Texas A&M arrests Alex Caruso 30:42: Brandon calls into the show 41:07: Our fight with Barstool Ohio State 57:38: NCAA vs. Alston 1:26:06: News
Jun 24, 2021
Is There Anything Not To Love About The 12-Team Playoff?
On episode 131 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Kayce returns from the High Noon tour. -We dive into the 12-team playoff once again. -Does Kayce love or hate the idea of 12 teams? -Brandon reminds college football fans the number one thing they need to STOP doing. -Notre Dame fans loved Brandon but now hate him??? -Arkansas fans hate Brandon again. -We return the best offseason segment in America: Brandon Walker reads Kayce Smith's DMs. -First Thought is back. -There was another top 50 list...this time it was the top 50 WRs of all time. There was one major problem with it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0:00 Intro 10:40 CFP moves to 12 teams 31:05 What CFB fans need to STOP doing (Brandon vs. Notre Dame) 40:02 News + Notes 52:06 Top 50 WRs of all time list 1:00:14 First Thought 1:15:16 Brandon reads Kayce's DMs
Jun 16, 2021
Why The CFP Moving To 12 Teams Is Magnificent
On episode 130: -We still miss Kayce, but she is on the High Noon tour, so it was just Brandon joined by Jack & Katie -Brandon is PRO Arkansas in this podcast. That's right. PRO Arkansas. -Katie introduces a new game called....First Thought! -The College Football Playoff may be moving to 12 teams. Brandon explains to us why that is perfect for everyone. -Nick Saban is never going to retire. -Brandon teases where the CFB Show is going this fall..... -Arch Manning is here and the hype is...too much? -Poor Darren Rovell wants an apology from Texas A&M's chancellor because Johnny Manziel signed some autographs. -David Shaw hates what time FOX is making Stanford kickoff the season....when is the perfect kickoff anyways? -Which coaches are on the hot seat. -OLU, RBU.... 00:00-5:15: Intro 5:15-29:59: 12-team playoff? 29:59-46:50: News (Arch Manning, Johnny Football) 46:50-58:00: Arkansas to the Big 12? 58:00-2:02:56: Introducing....First Thought
Jun 09, 2021
Why Do CFB Media Members Hate CFB?
On episode 129: -Georgia picked up 2 big transfers. What does it mean for their title chances? -Who are the best or worst media members in college football? -Kansas is poaching all of Buffalo's players after taking their coach...do we approve of this? -Dan Mullen is now one of the most paid coaches in college football! -The most underrated players in college football over the past 20 years and heading into the 2021 season. -The five best days of summer for college football fans -Should we become the Friday Night Football podcast? Looking at a few Friday night games that we could end up going to this year. -Roughnecks answer the best away games they've gone to! 00:00-17:17: Cold Open + Intro 17:17-30:57: News (UGA + Kansas + Mullen) 30:57-40:25: Brandon Called Georgia's Stadium Quiet + Oklahoma/Nebraska Drama 40:25-1:15:25: Best + Worst CFB Media Members 1:15:26-1:26:25: Most Underrated Players Past 20 Years + 2021 1:26:25-1:30:10: 5 Best Days In Summer For CFB Fans 1:30:10-1:36:39: Roughnecks Answer The Best Away Games They've Been To
Jun 02, 2021
2nd Annual Hate Week
Welcome to our 2nd annual HATE week! It's one of our favorite things we do....it's an episode full of HATE. Brandon and Kayce were on one. They brought the hate. Now, it's your time to enjoy it.
May 26, 2021
The Most Hated College Football Players Ever
On the 127th episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -Brandon calls out a specific CFB media member -Kayce did a bikini shoot??? -Kayce is going on a nationwide trip with High Noon very soon -We rank the most hated college football players ever -Should the FCS move to the spring permanently?! -We go down memory lane with a video of Brandon saying the person he is most excited to meet at Barstool is Kayce Smith -North Carolina did the thing where they gave their players rings for a good, but not great season. NC State got mad. -We look forward to week 1 by looking at some of the lookahead lines via Barstool Sportsbook -We say a nice thing about every school in the Big 12!
May 20, 2021
The Most Hateable Stadiums, Coaches, And Helmets In College Football
On episode 126 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Welcome to hate week part 2!!! -RIP Colt Brennan -RIP Jake Ehlinger -Brandon has some thoughts on the NIL bills passing throughout the country -Kayce riled up Texas Twitter with her 13-0 Bevo "history" lesson -The most hateable coaches -The most likable coaches -The 5 worst stadiums -The 5 worst helmets -Tim Tebow is going to the NFL again -Who is the best player in modern CFB history? -Brandon thinks Reggie Bush is overrated. Intro (00:00) Georgia NIL Bill (9:47) RIP Colt Brennan & Jake Ehlinger (12:17) Kayce vs. Bevo/Texas Fans (18:26) CFB News: Henry To'oto'o to Bama, Tim Tebow to Jags (29:41) Most hateable and likable coaches in CFB (53:08) Worst helmets in college football (1:05:47) Worst stadiums in college football (1:22:07) The 7 random things Brandon Walker hates about CFB when.... (1:39:49) Who is the best player in modern college football history? (1:44:56)
May 12, 2021
What Do You Hate About College Football?
On episode 125 of Unnecessary Roughness: -We turned hate week into hate month -The internet loved/hated our (kind of) troll graphic? -Does Texas even have good tailgating??? -Is Bevo a good mascot? -Review the 2021 NFL Draft -Look at 2022 Mock Draft -What are some issues we have with college football as a whole? -Kansas hired a coach! -Why Nick Saban needs to retire. -Ranking the BEST NCAA Football covers of all time
May 06, 2021
The Top Programs In College Football
On episode 124 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Kayce returns! -She has some ISSUES with Brandon's best helmets and programs list -What even makes a top program??? -The NFL Draft is this week.... -Which top QB prospect isn't doing it for Brandon and Kayce..... -Who will be the top WR from this year's class? -Which position group is the deepest this year? -Three new lists from Brandon -Kansas doesn't have a coach? -An update on the food tour...is that ever gonna happen? -Brandon is working out...not sure if you heard. -Is a [REDACTED] a muscle?
Apr 28, 2021
On episode 123 of Unnecessary Roughness! -Welcome to LIST week! -The best transfer QBs for the 2021 season -The worst fanbases on Twitter -Funniest scandals -Favorite coach firings -Best CFB tweets ever -The worst type of losses to experience as a fan -Cutest dogs in college football. -The Super Okay League created by Brandon Walker -Best non-conference games to look forward to for the 2021 season.
Apr 22, 2021
Brandon Walker Returns With Some FIRE
On episode 122 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Brandon returns. He tells us how he is feeling. Does he have any taste or smell? What does he miss most. He also grew a beard? -A discussion on Twitter about High Noon somehow turned into a debate about A&M and NDSU? -Brandon comes for the Fargo Dome? -CFB fans are such whiny little bitches -Trey Lance as an NFL QB? -ESPN released their 2021 FPI and boy did we have some takes. -The Real Housewives Of Death Valley -Where is the real Death Valley -Brandon wants a loser leaves town match for what game? -A Texas fan wrote a book about A&M -Katie joins late and we recap the entire show for her -We announce what next week's podcast topic will be.
Apr 15, 2021
Ask Kayce ANYTHING + Lincoln Riley W.A.B
On the 121st episode of Unnecessary Roughness, Brandon Walker was not able to join us. Thanks to being the offseason, we were able to have some fun with Kayce and dive into how she turned into the Barstool Sports Kayce Smith we know today. We go through everything at ESPN, TexAgs, NBC, and with Johnny Manziel.
Apr 08, 2021
The Best College Football Stadium In America?
On today's episode: -Jack and Katie fight (again) -Pro Day talk (again) -Best stadiums in each conference -The most famous alum from each school -Katie pranks Brandon -The Roughnecks take control of the 2-minute drill. -Off the beat college towns we'd like to visit -Is Zach Wilson the real deal? -Should we care that Justin Fields threw a ball 70 yards? -Much, much more!
Mar 31, 2021
Is College Basketball Better Than College Football?
On the 119th episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -10 of the biggest betrayals in college football history. -Do Pro Days even matter? -A certain southern tailgate food comes up that the Yankees in the room have never heard of. -Jack & Katie get into a fight. -Katie takes over the 2-minute drill and puts on a great performance. -Dramatic readings of Roughnecks first tailgate back this fall. -Is college football better than college basketball? Does it even matter? -Bo Nix compared himself to Jesus? Twitter: https://twitter.com/unnecroughness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unnecroughness/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407376743767987 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9v6icpVdER0VGQpA3uUUsQ
Mar 24, 2021
Kayce's DMs & The Worst CFB List Ever Created
On today's episode: -The worst college fotball list ever made? Brandon was furious. -Kayce reveals her and Katie's DMs to Brandon. -Nebraska is running scared from Oklahoma??? -Answer questions from the Roughnecks. -Katie joins the pod late, we discuss her birthday. -Exciting college football players throughout the years. Twitter: https://twitter.com/unnecroughness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unnecroughness/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407376743767987 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9v6icpVdER0VGQpA3uUUsQ
Mar 17, 2021
Cheating In College Football And Les Miles Is DONEZO
On the 117th episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -High Noon…. if you are reading this: we need more! -Brandon was down in Florida. He had a valet experience with a big-name football coach. -Brandon forgot about international women’s day? Jack Mac did NOT. Credit to him. -Katie offended Brandon with how she set up the news & notes this week. -Dak Prescott getting a new contract is a bigger moment for Brandon or Kayce? -We relive the time Kayce interviewed Dak in a game that Brandon (kind of) remembers. -Les Miles has left Kansas. Who is to blame here, is it just LSU or Kansas too? -Famous HS coach Rush Propst accused Alabama and Georgia of cheating in leaked audio. We break the whole thing down for you. -Why does the NCAA look the other way on these teams but not on the Ole Miss and Miami's of the world? Twitter: https://twitter.com/unnecroughness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unnecroughness/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9v6icpVdER0VGQpA3uUUsQ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407376743767987
Mar 10, 2021
Who Is The Best College QB In The 21st Century?
On today's episode we discuss: -A wild list of the 60 best QBs in the 21st century. -Program changing players...who changed their program the most? -Kayce debuts her 1st 2-minute drill of the offseason! -Brandon gives us the team he will be supporting alllll the way to the playoffs. Last year it was Notre Dame, who is it this year? -Brandon almost makes Kayce cry during a very romantic story!
Mar 03, 2021
An Oklahoma Fight, 99 Overall In NCAA Football, And Almost Heisman Winners
On today's episode: -We recap the infamous fight between an Oklahoma WR, his friend, and 2 MMA-trained fighters. -Notre Dame doesn't want to be in NCAA Football? -Which players would've been 99 overall in NCAA Football during the years the game wasn't on the market. -Heisman winners that never were. The Roughnecks gave us their answers.
Feb 24, 2021
Who Won The CFB Coaching Carousel?
On today's episode: -Brandon made it big on the WWE Network this weekend. He talks about his trip to Orlando. -UCF hired Gus Malzahn...was their hire better than Tennessee's? -Which job is more of a pressure cooker....UCF or Auburn? -Who had the best hire of the offseason? -We dive deep into the Facebook group. -Everybody forgot Jack's birthday....should they have even known? -Is Brandon an asshole? -We make the case that an SEC school had the worst hire of the offseason.
Feb 17, 2021
The Emotions Of College Football
On today's episode: -Back to quarantine Zoom? Huh??? -Katie went on a date! -We go through the highs and the lows of our fandom -A 1996 Mississippi State game in which Brandon brought a date to is brought up -Is Matt Campbell creating a dynasty at Iowa State? -All members of the podcast participated in the Super Bowl (by watching) -Brandon reads books? Huh? -The one Texas player that made Kayce cry. -Should a school make a puppy their mascot?
Feb 10, 2021
The Return Of NCAA Football And A Crazy Tennessee Fan
On today's episode: -Big Tennessee joins the show! He brought his A-game. -Tennessee hired Josh Heupel, officially making them the UCF of the SEC -NCAA Football is back......Brandon has never been happier! -Brandon (attempted) to run a mile before the podcast -Alabama put together the greatest recruiting class ever -Is Tennessee a better job than Auburn? What about a top 20 job in the country?
Feb 04, 2021
Tennessee Becoming UCF Is Perfect
On today's episode: -Tennessee hires UCF's Danny White -Danny White doubles down on UCF's "national championship" from 2017 -Random CFB players -Buffets....are they good? Healthy??? -Which jersey of a rival player would you want to rock? -7 random questions from Brandon 0:00: Cold open 2:44: Intro + reviewing the DMs fiasco from last week. 10:31: News from around the country. 22:31: Tennessee! 34:17: 2-minute drill 1:06:59: 12 RANDOM college football players.
Jan 27, 2021
Welcome To The Offseason + The Return Of Reading Kayce Smith's DMs
On today's episode: -Two big announcements. -Welcome the Roughnecks to the offseason. -Go over our plan for the offseason. -Discuss Tennessee being a JOKE! -Urban Meyer to the Jags? -Apologize, OSU fans. -Go through Kayce and Katie's DMs -Roughnecks ask us random questions. -Does college football suck? -Ponder if the ratings drop in the national championship game matter. 0:00: Intro + Brandon got naked 7:08: Offseason overview 11:29: Tennessee 30:33: News from around the country 47:40: Brandon Walker reads Katie and Kayce’s DMs 1:10:54: Roughnecks random, non-football related, questions.
Jan 21, 2021
National Championship Recap....Bama DOMINATES
On today's episode we recap Alabama's dominate performance against Ohio State. Debate who was better, 2019 LSU or 2020 Bama. Give credit to the GOAT Nick Saban. Read all the ROUGHNECKS instant reactions! Thanks for a great season! We'll be back next Thursday. From that point forward the rest of the offseason will be once a week until August 2021!
Jan 12, 2021
Ohio State vs. Alabama Preview
On today's episode we: -Preview the national championship -Give our final score predictions -Predict the most annoying fan bases this offseason -Jim Harbaugh....extended??? -Brandon is looking for his Rudolph.... -Read Roughnecks hot takes.
Jan 11, 2021
2021 Heisman, National Championship, And Who Is Hot Or Not
On today's podcast we discuss: -The Heisman....congrats Devonta Smith. -Was Brandon the 1st media member to discuss Devonta Smith as a Heisman candidate??? -Is Trevor Lawrence hot? -2021 Heisman...who should your bet be on? -Marshall fired their HC because of a governor? -Kayce recaps her now infamous drunk episode. -Our gut prediction for the National Championship. -UConn won the NATTY.
Jan 07, 2021
CFP Recap + Texas Mayhem
On today's episode, we discuss: -Notre Dame falling in the CFP again -Ohio State and Justin Fields putting on the performance of a lifetime -Texas has a new coach??? -Kayce was 100% sober -The Mississippi State - Tulsa fight heard around the world. -ACC or Big 12? -Watching Georgia's offense is like what? -Katie has a date on January 31st!
Jan 03, 2021
CFP Preview + Offseason Hype Trains
On today's episode: -Debate if Notre Dame really has a shot against Alabama. -Are we underrating Ohio State??? -Is Trevor Lawrence going to ride off into the sunset. -Big Cat comes up with the bet for Katie and Kayce over the Texas A&M - UNC game. -Offseason hype trains....get ready, they've already left the station. -Should Sam Ehlinger come back? -Jack insults a Roughneck doctor -Brandon and Kayce predicted that Florida was gonna beat Oklahoma...that did not happen.
Dec 31, 2020
1st Annual Unnecessary Roughness Awards!
On today's episode: -Kayce is interrupted by Marty? -We review the BOWLS from the past few days. -How dumb was Liberty's RB??? -We hand out our awards. There are like a million of them. They are all enjoyable. -Review our crazy year together, the ups and the downs. We'll be back with our CFP preview episode on Thursday!
Dec 27, 2020
Bowl Season Preview + A Call From Brandon's Mom
On today's episode: -We find out mid-recording about Auburn's new head coach. -Bowl season is upon us...what games are we looking forward to over the next week??? -Answer Roughneck's questions for Brandon and Kayce. -Discuss Ohio State once again! -Does success of OU QBs in NFL change Brandon's thoughts on them? -Brandon's mom drops the line of the year. -We task the Roughnecks with coming up with some awards! -Go down memory lane and relive our most infamous moment from this fall thanks to Barstool's year end video.
Dec 23, 2020
Championship Weekend Recap + CFP Reaction
On today's episode: -Kayce reacts to A&M being left out -Brandon reveals his 4th best team -Are we getting sick of the same teams winning all the time??? -Brandon on Notre Dame....will he stay in the Irish's corner -Ohio State....Justin Fields....are they good? -8-team playoff!!!! -Who should win the Heisman....and it's not Mac Jones. -Brandon's final beCAUSE list. -TIER TARGETING -React to bowl games. -Hot Takes from the Roughnecks
Dec 20, 2020
Championship Weekend Preview & Does Recruiting Matter?
On today's episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -Championship weekend. Who will emerge from all the P5 championship games? -Santa Clause on a fire truck?!! -National Signing Day....how much does recruiting really matter? Brandon & Jack debate. -Kayce's confidence levels heading into the weekend. -The best names to sign today on NSD -Will Notre Dame be able to take down Clemson...again? -Florida's chances against Alabama. -The CFP committee released the worst rankings they've ever released.
Dec 17, 2020
Week 15 Review: The Shoe Game
0:00: Intro 5:37: Florida - LSU 28:28: Heisman talk 35:01: Ohio State CFP chance??? 48:05: Army - Navy 54:16: Sarah Fuller 1:00:45: Dan Wolken hates college football. 1:11:35: Revealing the AP Poll 1:22:41: Hot Takes 1:39:36: Shit list
Dec 13, 2020
Week 15 Preview: Our 100th Episode!
On today's (100th) episode: -It is our 100th episode! -Captain Cons comes on, talks Army-Navy, and sings! -Brandon wears a crop top! -Kayce makes the case that OSU should play A&M and toots her own horn! -Brandon is a bit confused with the CFP rankings that were revealed on Tuesday night. -Is LSU falling apart? Top recruit is leaving. -QB apologizes for eating Sushi off of a model? -The slate….only one ranked team? -Georgia’s preseason hype machine has already started (57:30) -Can Mississippi State end the Malzahn era this weekend? -Things Brandon should stop saying! 0:00: Intro 6:24: The Big Ten's big decision 17:13: CFP rankings reactions 30:51: News from around the country 34:57: Cons joins the show to discuss Army-Navy this weekend! 1:00:23: Previewing the week 15 slate 1:09:18: Things Brandon should stop saying according to the Roughnecks! 1:17:23: Games the Roughnecks would LOVE to see this weekend. Thanks for joining us for 100 episodes!!!
Dec 10, 2020
Week 14 Recap: Mullets, Teal Turf, And The Chanticleers
0:00: Intro 4:00: Coastal Carolina won the day. 24:57: LSU - Bama recap...plus a fight about Alabama's defense!!! 53:38: A Heisman HOT take 1:02:42: Texas A&M is still alive...does Kayce think they will get into the CFP? 1:11:45: Who won and lost the weekend? 1:26:18: Hot Takes from the Roughnecks
Dec 06, 2020
Week 14 Preview: The Four Words CFB Fans Should Stop Saying
On today's podcast: -We look over our most listened to artists for 2020 -Brandon takes a snack break -Kayce's battered Aggie syndrome is showing -How do we overall feel about the 2020 season? Has it been a success??? -Brandon is excited to see what Florida does to Tennessee -Coaches on the hot seat. 0:00: Spotify Wrapped 4:38: Intro 18:36: Reviewing how the committee did in this weeks CFP 44:42: Brandon Walker reveals the 4 words college football fans need to stop saying 52:10: Looking over this week's slate of games
Dec 03, 2020
Week 13: Is Texas A&M A Playoff Team?
On today's episode: -Kayce woke up underneath the hood of a car??? -Egg Bowl stream recap -Why did the SEC Network announcers not want A&M in the playoff last night? -How impressive was Notre Dame's win? -Alabama's defense...still a problem? Or not? -Sarah Fuller made history -Derek Mason fired as head coach -Northwestern did what they do best....blow it -Pac-12 hopes are dead? 0:00: Intro + Kayce's fake tan 11:48: We reveal the AP Top 25 to ourselves 40:53: Brandon reviews the Egg Bowl 47:36: Sarah Fuller makes history 1:05:01: Which coaches are on the hot seat? Which ones will get fired? 1:33:58: Hot takes from the Roughnecks 1:48:04: Kayce RIPS into SEC Network announcers for talking down on A&M's playoff resume!
Nov 29, 2020
Week 13 Preview: Did The Playoff Committee Get It Right?!
On today's episode: -Discuss how hard the word rivalry is to say -Debate whether the CFP committee got it right -Dive into this week's slate of games -Preview the Egg Bowl stream with Brandon Walker and Ben Mintz -Brandon yells about The Grove -Kayce wonders what having a real rival feels ike -Should Notre Dame be worried about UNC? -The Roughnecks tell us what they hate the most about their rivals and what they are most grateful for this year -Is BYU ducking Washington? -Dabo is mad as hell at FSU! 0:00: Intro 6:01: CFP rankings reaction 16:44: Rivalry week 28:59: News from around the nation 46:16: Preview week 13 1:11:16: Roughnecks answer why their rival SUCKS 1:23:18: Roughnecks answer what they are grateful for this year!
Nov 25, 2020
Week 12 Review: The Fans Won The Weekend
On today's podcast: -Debate if Indiana was impressive. -Dive into Ohio State's issues. -Yell at each other! -Alabama won by 60 points. -Does Justin Fields deserve to still be in the Heisman talk? -Is Northwestern legit?! -Brandon Walker reveals his a BIG take about Notre Dame -JT Daniels has arrived...what took so long? -Cincinnati or BYU? Who deserves a shot in the CFP. -Can a PAC-12 team sneak into the playoff? Do they deserve to.
Nov 22, 2020
Week 12 Preview: When Will Chaos Strike?
On today's episode: -Kayce is acting like a cat? -COVID is cancelling all of the games.... :( -We debate who gets fired next! -Brandon brags about being right....again. -Ben Mintz joins the show. -Does Indiana have a shot? -What's the best game in the Big Ten this weekend? -The most underrated coach in the country? -Don't forget to join our glorious Facebook group (search College Football Trash Talk - Barstool Sports on Facebook and ask to join!) 0:00: Intro 7:13: Biggest storyline for the rest of the season? 17:27: Who gets fired next? 26:53: News from around the country 30:01: Stacking Cash (featuring Ben Mintz) 47:34: Kayce and Brandon breakdown all the games this weekend. 59:45: We dive into our Facebook group and then see who the Roughnecks think the most underrated coach in the country is.
Nov 19, 2020
Week 11 Review: Which P5 Coach Will Be Fired First?
On today's episode: -We break down all that happened in week 11! -Contemplate how impressive Notre Dame's win was. -Is Kyle Trask the Heisman front runner??? -Who isn't in the Heisman race, but should be! -Big name coaches that will be fired very, very soon (we think). -Is Dustin Johnson hot? -The Masters! -Just expand the playoff to 8 teams already, damnit! -A fat squirrel catches the eye of Brandon -Winners & losers of the weekend. Plus the shit list! -Hot takes from the Roughnecks!
Nov 15, 2020
Week 11 Preview: The Sweetest CFB Defensive Players Of All Time
On today's podcast: -We talk SWEETEST defensive players in CFB history -The slate this week kinda sucks.... -COVID is causing cancelations left and right! -We welcome back Big Tennessee and Ben Mintz!!! -Send us your food! -How did Brandon do in his Barstool Chicago draft? -Why is VT favored over Miami? -FSU issues with veterans leaving program. 0:00: Intro 3:12: News from around the college football world 14:25: Did Brandon win his draft of the sweetest QBs on Barstool Chicago 38:21: How to win your College Football Saturday 49:15: Welcome back Big T to check on Tennessee 55:48: Stacking Cash With Jack Mac (Feat. Ben Mintz) 1:14:10: Sweetest Defensive Players according to the roughnecks
Nov 12, 2020
Week 10 Review: Brandon Was Right
On today's episode: -Brandon gloats in his call that Notre Dame would be Clemson -Kayce realizes that ND winning may keep A&M out of the playoff -The 2020-21 coaching carousel may be crazy!!! -Thoughts on ND students storming the field? -Hugh Freeze? Liberty? -Kirby Smart disappoints again. -It's time to respect Cincinnati and BYU! -Is the ACC the best conference in America? -Somebody turns off Jack's mic! -Brandon hates Boise State? 0:00: Intro 6:43: Notre Dame - Clemson 31:09: Georgia - Florida 39:51: Big Ten 48:05: BYU & Cinci 53:23: Coaching carousel incoming! 1:11:33: The BeCAUSE list & the 10 teams still in contention for the CFP 1:18:43: Winners, losers, and SHIT LIST 1:26:24: SPICY hot takes from the Roughnecks!
Nov 08, 2020
Week 10 Preview: Can Notre Dame Pull This Off?
On today's episode: -A big weekend of games! Notre Dame-Clemson, Georgia-Florida! -Welcome back Pac-12! We have a special fight song for you. Actually, two! -Paging JT Daniels!!! -Comparing a certain Big Ten team to the 2019 Minnesota Gophers. -FIRE take on a certain Heisman winner..... -A special guest joins us....from Ole Miss?!? -The Pac-12 has the worst name ever for their championship game. -Roughnecks tell us what pops into their minds when they think of Pac-12 football. 0:00: INTRO 7:22: Notre Dame - Clemson preview 19:30: Florida - Georgia preview 26:01: Welcome back, Pac-12 45:29: Big Ten preview plus the remaining ACC + SEC games. 57:41: Stacking Cash With Jack Mac, FEATURING Ben Mintz 1:25:00: The Roughnecks welcome back the Pac-12
Nov 05, 2020
Week 9 Review: Jim Firebaugh?
On today's episode: -Jim Harbaugh....on the hot seat? -Texas A&M wins...but still manages to break Kayce's heart. -The worst game of the CFB year??? -Brandon gives a PSA to Mississippi State fans. -It's time to start respecting Cincinnati. -Dan Mullen vs. everybody -Mike Gundy not being able to win the big one. -Do we believe in Clemson without Trevor this weekend? 0:00: Intro. 4:23: Show overview. 14:22: Big Ten 25:02: 10 takes from Brandon Walker. 49:27: Big 12 1:01:00: Brandon Walker's BeCAUSE List 1:13:04: Hot takes from the Roughnecks 1:29:05: Who won & lost the weekend? 1:36:00: SHIT LIST
Nov 01, 2020
Week 9 Preview: Dark Horse Playoff Contenders
On today's episode: -Kayce reviews her conversation with the guy that got her tattoed on his body....he was surprisingly normal? -Big T and Brandon had an argument over Miss State and Tennessee. -We made Vols Twitter angry again??? -Brandon Walker sides with....Lane Kiffin? -Is this week a bad slate? -We look ahead to week 10. -Are we becoming a Pac 12 podcast? 0:00: Intro 8:07: Story from the office involving Big Tennessee. 14:43: Midweek Shit List! 28:38: News from around the college football world. 44:34: Previewing the week 9 slate. 1:02:02: The Roughneck's dark horse candidates for the CFP! 1:09:14: A quick lookahead to the LOADED week 10.
Oct 29, 2020
Week 8 Recap + Did Kayce & Brandon Make Up?
On today's podcast: -Brandon & Kayce talk it out... -Kayce's birthday!!! -A weird tattoo is discussed. -Katie is keeping tabs on every Barstool employee. -James Franklin lost the game for PSU. -Joe Milton, Graham Mertz, Justin Fields! -Brandon injured himself. -SEC officials blow it again. -An Auburn/Alabama conspiracy theory. -Greg Schiano! Take that, Tennessee fans! -Poor Myles Brennan. -What players should be getting more respect nationally. -Oklahoma State...are they for real? -The worst Hot Take from a Roughneck ever. 0:00: Intro 4:38: A tattoo of Kayce? 6:19: An overview of the show 12:26: Big Ten recap 51:12: SEC recap 1:12:47: ACC + G5 recap 1:16:56: Who is in the Heisman race and who should be 1:24:16: Hot takes from the Roughnecks 1:39:10: Who won and lost the weekend? 1:41:23: SHIT LIST
Oct 25, 2020
A Podcast Changing Fight + Week 8 Preview
On today's podcast, Brandon "suspends" Kayce for going behind his back in a joke that backfires big time. Kayce joins the show (8:50) which only makes things worse. Brandon then updates the Roughnecks on all that has happened (13:15) Eventually, Brandon welcomes back the Big Ten (14:20) and goes through the weekends entire slate (48:08). He then reads the Roughnecks hottest takes and answers their questions (1:05:26)!
Oct 22, 2020
Week 7 Recap: Brandon Has To Drive 17 Hours Home
Kayce and Brandon recap their trip to Starkville. Katie's UNC lost to Florida State?!? Alabama - Georgia. Tennessee STINKS. Who would've thought! And everything else in the CFB world!
Oct 18, 2020
Week 7 Preview: Our Highest Stakes Ever?
Today's episode: -The upcoming trip to Starkville. -Our bet on the game. -Dan Mullen's comments on a full stadium + a funny Deadspin headline. -Florida's COVID issues. -NCAA one time transfer rule. -Brandon reads menus from Starkville -We learn of Nick Saban's COVID diagnosis while we are recording -Does a certain content person like Brandon back? -Kayce and Katie have beef? 3:13: Our upcoming trip to Starkville! 15:19: News from around CFB 40:49: Previewing week 7! 1:15:30: Stacking CASH 1:22:10: Who the Roughnecks think will end up winning the Heisman!!!
Oct 15, 2020
Week 6 Review: Gig Em
On today's episode we: -Debate who believed in Texas A&M and who didn't! -Look at if the SEC is the new Big 12?? -Confirm our trip to Starkville! -Hash out Katie's tweet to Brandon. -Review all of the games from yesterday. -Feel bad for Arkansas. 0:00: Intro 5:52: Trip to A&M-Mississippi State. 8:27: SEVERAL statements from Brandon Walker. 20:53: Texas A&M discussion. 23:32: ACC recap. 33:50: SEC recap. 47:40: Big 12 recap. 1:04:41: Brandon vs. Katie? 1:11:03: Who won and lost the weekend?! 1:15:50: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 1:32:41: SHIT LIST!
Oct 11, 2020
Week 6 Preview: Are They Real Or Fake?
On today's podcast we: -Podcast from a new studio thanks to a Jack Mac fuck up. -Kayce has noooodle brain. -We go through the top 25 to see who is REAL and who is FAKE? -Preview week 6! 0:00: Intro 7:28: Special ANNOUNCEMENT! 16:28: We play...Real or fake? 29:16: TCU/Big 12 argument. 35:09: Preview week 6! 52:02: Roughnecks ask some great questions. 1:07:11: Stacking Cash!!
Oct 08, 2020
Week 5 Recap: Pain
On today's episode: -Recap our pain -Jam out to NSYNC -Dive into Brandon Walker's DMs -Kayce finds out the score of the Cowboys game mid podcast -Find out who are the pretenders throughout the country! 0:00: Intro 2:30: Brandon Walker discusses what it feels like to lose to Arkansas. 13:20: Pretenders exposed throughout the country 26:47: Messages sent to Brandon Walker from the great state of Arkansas! 34:40: Kayce vents about A&M 39:05: Brandon's 12 questions 1:03:23: Who won the weekend?? 1:07:31: Who lost the weekend?? 1:12:06: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 1:32:03: SHIT LIST!
Oct 05, 2020
Week 5 Preview: Buying Low And Selling High
On today's episode, we discuss: -Teams we are buying low on. -The week 5 slate. -Brandon Walker's massive dilemma on having too much hope and fear! -Going to Miss St. vs. A&M??? -A Brandon Walker food show? -A great non-Power 5 matchup 0:00: Intro 5:29: Overview of today's podcast 11:06: Discussing the AP Top 25 and other polls 13:45: Brandon Walker's BIG dilemma. 20:58: Stacking Cash 29:47: Checking in on A&M and other teams we are buying low on. 48:12: Previewing all the week 5 games 1:09:03: The Roughnecks most overvalued and undervalued teams at this point in the season.
Oct 01, 2020
Week 4 Recap: The (Cow)Belle Of The Ball
0:00: Intro with a little bit of Cowbell!!! 9:31: Brandon Walker recaps Mississippi State's victory over LSU. 22:20: Is it time to remove Oklahoma as an elite program? Are they a fraud?! 28:17: Kayce takes her anger out on Texas. 32:07: We take a look around the SEC. 38:10: Recap the rest of the games. 44:06: A look into Week 5's schedule and it's top matchups. 49:02: Which teams were we most right and most wrong about? 53:34: Our winners of the weekend. 1:03:58: Our losers of the weekend/ 1:16:05: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 1:33:02: SHIT LIST!!!
Sep 28, 2020
Welcome Back, SEC!
On today's episode we: -Welcome back the SEC -Brandon storms out when a certain school's fight song is played -We preview this week's games -Debut TWO new segments!! -Listen to the Roughnecks welcome back the SEC 0:00: INTRO 16:38: News & notes! 30:40: What will the delusional Tennessee fan say this week? 37:30: Diving into this week's games. 1:08:20: Stacking Cash With Jack Mac 1:33:50: The Roughnecks welcome back the SEC!
Sep 24, 2020
A House Divided....Plus Week 3 Recap!
0:00 Intro 1:30: Brandon Walker vs. Jack Mac....in an all out WAR! 21:56: We finally talk about some FOOTBALL and break down the new Big Ten schedule. 35:25: Look ahead to week 4. 43:12: Winners and losers from the weekend. 1:05:22: HOT TAKES from the Roughnecks. 1:20:30: A SPECIAL shit list.
Sep 21, 2020
Welcome Back, Big Ten!
On today's episode, we discuss: -The Big Ten's comeback! -Bad "journalism" -The week 3 slate -The time Brandon worked at the air port! -Possibly going to Texas A&M - Mississippi State? -Being nice to each other? 0:00: Intro 4:45: Welcome BACK, Big Ten! 18:15: News and notes from around the CFB world. 48:45: Week 3 preview 1:08:30: The Roughnecks welcome back the Big Ten!!!!!
Sep 17, 2020
Week 2 Recap: Thanks For Coming Out, Big 12
On today's episode we: -Recap week 2 -Honor the Big 12's shitty weekend -Pick our winners and losers -Reintroduce the SHIT LIST -Look ahead to week 3 -Is the Big 10 back? -Read the hottest takes from the Roughnecks 0:00: Intro 6:30: Is the Big Ten back? 15:02: Recapping this weekend's games 22:02: WInners of week 2 37:00: Losers of week 2 1:11:26: THE SHIT LIST 1:20:30: Hot takes from the Roughnecks!!!
Sep 14, 2020
Drafting "Our Guys" For The 2020 CFB Season
On today's podcast, we discuss: -Moana -Welcome the ACC & Big 12 back! -Last week's opening slate of games -The first CFB show -What games we are most excited for this weekend -Which top top team will disappoint in 2020? -Which team will come out of nowhere in 2020? 0:00: Intro 6:00: Welcome back ACC & Big 12!!! 20:00 News & notes 23:21: A rant from Brandon Walker 43:40: Previewing this weeks games! 53:00: Drafting "our guys" for the upcoming season. 1:16:30: Roughnecks responses on our question of the week!!!
Sep 10, 2020
We FINALLY Get To Preview The Season
On today's podcast, we: -Breakdown each conference's best team, most overvalued team, most undervalued team, and worst team. -Discuss what the hell is going on with the Big Ten. -Will LSU be able to field a team this year? -Jack Mac...FIRED? -Preview the week 1 schedule -Our plan for the season. -The CFB show is BACK! 10:02: News from around the nation 20:59: Best team, worst team, overvalued, and undervalued teams from each conference 1:23:00: Roughnecks HONEST expectations for this season!
Sep 03, 2020
So.....What If The Season Doesn't Happen?
On today's episode: -We pause for a moment to recognize what's going on in sports. -Discuss the AP Poll -No tailgating, but sailgating is allowed? -Why we think BYU is always going to be good. -The 1st week of the CFB season. -Austin Peay. -Central Arkansas wants all the smoke. -Ponder what we will do if the season doesn't happen. Emphasis on IF. 0:00: Intro and a message from Brandon Walker & Kayce Smith 3:45: COLLEGE FOOTBALL! 15:40: The opening weekend of college football 29:45: The absurdity of the AP Poll! 54:30: What the Roughnecks will do if there isn't a season this fall.
Aug 27, 2020
Saving The 2020 College Football Season For ALL Fans
On today's episode, we discuss: -The rumors swirling around the B1G -The SEC schedule -A fight between the kids. -Kayce's plan to save CFB for every fan, regardless if their team is playing -Draft our teams from every conference -Week 1 lines for the SEC -Preparing for a season as if it's 100% going to happen 0:00: Intro 3:30: How we are feeling about the 2020 season 13:26: News from around the CFB world 27:20: FIGHT!! 37:00: Kayce's plan to save the college football season for ALL fans. 50:28: What Roughnecks will miss the most about their gameday experiences this fall!
Aug 20, 2020
Was That The Craziest CFB Week....Ever? (Ft. "Coach O")
On today's podcast we discuss: -Joey Mulinaro joins us! -The crazy week that was in the college football world! -Spring football? Could it work? -"Coach O" stops by to read Kayce's DMs. -Brandon blacks out multiple times. -What is the solution to the mess that CFB is in right now? -Politics in CFB. -A funeral to the Big Ten and Pac-12 -Has the Pac-12 slander gone too far? -Consoling Brandon after his long day at work. 0:00: Intro 4:45: The state of College Football..... 23:50: A funeral for the Pac-12 and Big Ten 38:30: Seeing what the Roughnecks will miss most about the Big 10 and PAC 12. 1:01:00: Coach O reads Kayce Smith's DMs!!!
Aug 13, 2020
The College Football World Is BUZZING
On today's episode we discuss: -Our first fight. -Jack Mac....being phased out? -UConn cancelling their season, does it matter? -The Pac-12 players #WeAreUnited movement. -How many players will opt out of the 2020 season? -The new schedules across the nation. -Harvey Updyke....insane or not? 0:00: Intro 2:30: Our first fight? 17:15: News from across the nation. 1:00:50: Questions from Kayce's DMs!
Aug 06, 2020
The Most Interesting Teams For The 2020 Season
On today's episode, we discuss: -The ACC's schedule announcement -Kayce getting cancelled? -Brandon Walker's most interesting teams for the 2020 season -Brandon gets in his CFB journalist rant of the week -Bubbles! -Editorializing tweets? 0:00: Intro with a side of breaking news from the ACC! 11:10: News from around the college football world. 22:00: The most interesting teams in each conference for the 2020 season 51:17: Bubble talk! 1:06:00: Is Kayce getting cancelled on the Texas A&M message boards?!??
Jul 30, 2020
We May Have Heard The Biggest Rumor About The 2020 College Football Season
On today's episode: -Kayce reports a massive rumor about the 2020 season -Brandon maniacally laughs about one certain football program -Brandon reads Kayce's DMs -We dive into the roughnecks replies on the biggest bitch in CFB history -Favoring teams in certain states based upon where your school ranks in your state. -Minnesota's embarrassing 2019 rings 0:00: Intro, should Brandon Walker be a Michigan State fan? 11:48: Kayce shares with us a serious rumor about the 2020 season 15:51: News and notes from around the college football world. 36:40: The roughnecks thoughts on the biggest bitch in college football. 55:43: Brandon reads Kayce's DMs!
Jul 23, 2020
Today We Just Celebrate College Football
On today's episode, we discuss: -The Big Ten and Pac-12 cancelling out of conference games. -Some of the greatest calls in CFB history. -Tommy Tuberville, the politician. -Georgia's new QB battle. -Brandon Walker's greatest Mississippi State man of all time 0:00: Intro + Kayce almost ruins a project. 9:25: We discuss the bad news surrounding the 2020 potentially getting c*nc*ll*d 23:01: News from around the college football world 38:01: The greatest calls in college football history!!!
Jul 16, 2020
Fight Songs & Heartbreak
On today's episode: -We promote positive vibes through glorious fight songs -Discuss the bad news across the college football nation -Brandon & Kayce fight over who has worse heartbreak -The Roughnecks provide us their most heartbreaking moments, but describe it as boring as possible. 0:00: Intro 4:50: Positive vibes spread through fight songs 21:38: News from around the college football world 34:55: Heartbreaking moments from The Roughnecks!!
Jul 09, 2020
The Most Important Moments Of Unnecessary Roughness
Unnecessary Roughness has had 67 total episodes since August 2019. We owe it all thanks to Brandon Walk....just kidding, we owe it all thanks to you, The Roughnecks. To celebrate, this week's episode is a best-of montage of those 67 episodes. Crack open a High Noon and enjoy over an hour of the most important moments from the past 67 episodes! We can't wait for the next 67!
Jul 02, 2020
The Best College Football Programs Plus Answering Questions From The Roughnecks
On today's episode: -We answer your questions -Discuss win totals -Brandon breaks down the Kylin Hill situation -Debate whether Tennessee's black jerseys are good or not -Decide which college football program is which Entourage character -Coaches as baby faces & heels 0:00: Intro 3:00: Brandon's time in Mississippi. 15:35: Answering questions from the roughnecks 51:44: Win totals that Brandon Walker is liking early in the summer 55:55: News from around the nation Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness!
Jun 25, 2020
Is This The Weirdest Tradition In College Football?
On today's episode, we discuss: -Texas A&M's bizarre ball grabbing tradition -The situation at Oklahoma State -Is Mississippi Brandon better or worse than New York Brandon? -Potential disappointing teams 0:00: Intro 5:57: News from around the college football world 21:15: Predicting the disappointing teams of 2020 40:42: A&M yell leaders grabbing their balls? Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness!
Jun 18, 2020
Give Reggie His Heisman Back
On today's episode we discussed: -5 teams Brandon loves heading into the 2020 season -5 teams Brandon hates heading into the 2020 season -What is brought up more on the pod: Dak's 2014 season or Johnny Manziel's Heisman season? -Brandon's internet cut out halfway through, which gave us some awesome entertainment. -Dabo Swinney's week -A surprising Big 10 team. -Heismans that should be taken away 0:00: Intro 6:24: News & notes from around the college football world 21:55: 5 teams Brandon loves & 5 teams Brandon hates heading into the 2020 season. 41:00: Hot takes from the Roughnecks universe! 58:10: Welcome back, Reggie!!!
Jun 11, 2020
Early Takes On The 2020 Season And Wondering If Classic Jersey's Are Actually Bad
On today's episode we discuss: -JT Daniels to Georgia. -Jamie Newman vs. JT Daniels -Is Clemson in trouble? -Are Mississippi State & Texas A&M's jerseys the exact same??? -Does Alabama have a good jersey or no? -Brandon tries to claim Texas A&M -Which team wins: 2012 A&M (Johnny) or 2014 Mississippi State (Dak) 0:00: Intro 5:03: News from around the country. 22:25: Early takes on the 2020 season. 39:30: Answering questions from the Roughnecks!
Jun 04, 2020
Welcome To The All-Hate Episode
On today's episode we discuss: -Hate for your rivals -Hate for your rivals players -Hate for random players -Hate for your rival's fans -Hate for announcers -Hate for analysts -Hate. Hate. And MORE hate. 0:00: Intro 8:27: News from around the college football world 11:53: Brandon Walker's edition of what he hates in college football 51:21: What do the Roughnecks hate???
May 28, 2020
Good News, A Flat Tire In Queens, NCAA Football Dynasties, And Questions From The Roughnecks
On today's episode we discuss: -Brandon & Kayce's flat tire in Queens -More good news about the 2020 season! -Former Mississippi State players transferring to Ole Miss -NCAA Football Dynasties -Coach Duggs to Tennessee -The first college football game we went to -The best helmets in college football (SPOILER: sorry Alabama & Penn State) 0:00: Intro 8:25: News from around the college football world 26:26: The best teams to start an NCAA Football Dynasty with 36:08: Answering questions from the roughnecks!
May 21, 2020
Forget The PAC 12, Let's Talk About College Town Food
On today's episode we discuss: -The best food from college towns across the country -The Pac-12 derailing the college football season as if that matters -Brandon has to MFK Tennessee, Florida State, and Oklahoma -Kayce goes on a rant about kids from her high school who went to TCU -Would Kayce shave her head to guarantee a college football season this year 0:00: Intro 5:13: News from around the nation 23:53: The best food from college football towns across America 56:25: Questions from the Roughnecks. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecessaryRoughness!
May 15, 2020
The Best Top 10 List Of Most Memorable CFB Plays Ever Assembled
On today's episode we discuss: -Jack Mac vs. Tennessee -Kayce crying listening to old episodes of UR??? -Memorable plays. 30 of them. -When do we give Mizzou back to the Big 12? 0:00 INTRO 2:21: The state of Tennessee wants Jack Mac dead? 24:21: News from around the college football world. 31:20: Kayce tells a story of how listening to old Unnecessary Roughness episodes brought tears to her eyes. 36:53: Our top 10 memorable plays from our college football lifetime
May 07, 2020
Has The NCAA Finally Found A Brain?
On today's episode we discuss: -The NCAA found some brain cells -Don't expect NCAA Football 21 just yet.... -Which coach you'd hire to do a murder for you -Brandon celebrates Ole Miss having zero NFL draft picks -The recruiting industry -A trip down memory lane to the 2007 season 5:08: News from around the CFB world 26:41: A trip down memory lane to the 2007 season. 46:20: Answering questions from you, the Roughnecks!
Apr 30, 2020
#1 Pick In The F*** Boy Draft
On today's podcast we discuss: -Brandon was the first human ever to get a "you up?" text! -Kayce's bizarre experience seeing a man run with a football in his hand as he juked out imaginary opponents. You'll never guess what team shirt he was wearing. -How much money would it take for you to know your team would win a national championship, but you couldn't watch any of the games. -We continue our positivity for a 2020 season. -Which WR is being underrated by the NFL 0:00: Intro 10:44: News and notes from around the nation. 19:21: Storytime with Kayce! 24:00: NFL Draft preview 43:25: Questions from the roughnecks
Apr 23, 2020
Are We The Only Positive Podcast In The CFB World? (featuring: Gus Duggerton)
On today's episode, we discuss: -Which coach would take his shirt off first in a room full of 130 FBS coaches -What happened to Brandon's baby bunnies -Giving Jack Mac coronavirus to save the season -What Brandon will be buying with his stimulus check? -Would you take a defeated season from your favorite team or a national championship from your rival? -Becoming the #1 college football podcast for positivity in the world 0:00: Intro 4:16: News and notes from around the college football world 13:39: Brandon interviews Gus Duggerton 34:45: 2-minute drill presented by Kayce Smith
Apr 16, 2020
Baby Bunnies, Mike Van Gundy, And Picking Your New Dad
0:00: Intro 4:35: The national CFB media does not want you to have hope for a CFB season! We do! 16:24: Mike Leach shared a meme on Twitter and boy did it cause some controversy! 20:02: 6+ baby bunnies were found during this podcast. No, really, they were. 36:20: Random players 58:20: 2-minute drill presented by Jack Mac
Apr 09, 2020
Is It Time To Start Being Concerned For The 2020 Season? Plus Brandon Reads Kayce's DMs
0:00: Intro 9:12: Should we be concerned about the 2020 season being canceled? Plus a special shoutout to our good friend Paul Finebaum! 31:45: Random Players 55:43: Brandon reads Kayce's DMs 1:13:35: 2-minute drill Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness
Apr 02, 2020
Joey Mulinaro Joins The Show To Impersonate Joey Mulinaro
0:00: Intro 5:00: Getting to know Joey Mulinaro (@JoeyMulinaro on Twitter & Instagram), the man behind some of the best college football coach impressions (Coach O, Saban, etc.) on the internet! 21:53: News from around the college football world. 34:15: Random players. 1:10:11: 2-minute drill featuring questions from you, the Roughnecks. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness
Mar 26, 2020
We Aren't Going to Lose College Football.....Right?
0:00: Intro 6:50: We aren't going to lose college football....right??? 8:30: News from around the nation. 22:40: Remember when? 30:21: Random players! 59:10: 2 minute drill...QUARANTINE EDITION! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness
Mar 19, 2020
Coronavirus Ain't Played Nobody
0:00: Intro 5:30: Brandon Walker attempts to go through news from around the nation in under 45 seconds! 8:20: A questionnaire, presented by Brandon Walker. 25:00: Random players time! 38:00: Songs from college bands that get you, the Roughnecks, the most hyped. 43:00: 2 minute drill
Mar 12, 2020
Transfer Portal? More Like The Ugly Toilet Portal
[0:00] Intro [9:30] Predicting where the 2020 Barstool Sports CFB Show will be heading....again, these are total predictions! We know nothing!!!!! [15:30] News from around the nation. We discuss strength coaches, targeting rule change, Coach O working harder, and the ugly toilet portal. [35:00] 5 more of the greatest hype songs via the Roughnecks. [51:04] Random players. [1:12:00] 2-minute drill presented by Kayce Smith.
Mar 05, 2020
Small Hands Mean One Thing...
0:00: Intro....Jack Mac returns from London to an angry Kayce & Brandon. 6:05: Scott Cochran has left Alabama for Georgia. How big of a deal is this for both these programs? Does it really matter??? 13:00: Colorado has found their coach and the coaching carousel seems to be over with...for now. 14:30: The NFL combine is here. Joe Burrow's hands are too small and don't you dare ask Jalen Hurts to play another position! 26:30: More Pump Up songs! 39:00: Brandon, Kayce, and Jack each bring 5 random players this week in their trip down nostalgia lane. 1:01:00: 2 minute drill
Feb 27, 2020
A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane With Some Pump Up Songs
0:00: Intro 7:05: More news coming out about Mark Dantoino. 11:17: A matchup between two powerhouses will kick off the 2021 season. 14:10: The transfer portal is ALWAYS open. 16:00: Mark Richt's birthday hotdog. Yes, really, this is discussed. 21:10: The BEST pump up songs in sports history. 40:10: Nostalgia Road....10 random players from Brandon & Kayce 1:04:30: 2-minute drill!
Feb 20, 2020
There’s No Transfer Portal In The Real World
0:00: Intro 1:40: Package wars! 8:50: Mel Tucker is the new coach at MSU, even though there is no transfer portal in the real world. 34:10: Brandon dives into Kayce’s DMs to react to the most absurd messages his co-host receives. 49:00: Brandon & Jack Mac name 10 random CFB players from the past. 1:10:00: The 2-minute drill!!!
Feb 13, 2020
Stop Tweeting At Recruits
0:00: Intro. 9:00: National Signing Day. The early signing period has taken the excitement of the first Wednesday in February! 21:30: An interesting fact about the transfer portal. 28:36: The biggest news from around the country. 48:00: The 2-minute drill...presented by Kayce Smith.
Feb 06, 2020
Welcome To Miami....Somebody Has A New Contract

[0:00] Intro. Discussing Kayce's contract extension, plus Barstool is worth A LOT of money now.

[11:54] College football news. 

[22:36] 10 random questions about college football.

[50:55] 2-minute drill!

Jan 30, 2020
Welcome To The Offseason...Let's Dive Into Kayce's DMs

[0:00] Intro

[5:50] There's a new school that is enemy #1 with Brandon and Kayce.

[18:30] D'Eriq King finds a new home.

[25:23] Dave Aranda is heading to Baylor and he isn't the only important piece of LSU's 2019 team that has left Baton Rogue.

[34:20] Deciding upon the BEST QB, RB, and WR in the 2019 season, NOT named Joe Burrow.

[47:15] The reaction to the Kansas - Kansas State brawl in college basketball is yet another example of how dumb we are as sports fans.

[54:02] Brandon Walker reads Kayce Smith's DMs.

[1:09:00] 2 MINUTE DRILL!!!

Jan 23, 2020
Welcome To The Offseason...Let's Dive Into Kayce's DMs

[0:00] Intro

[5:50] There's a new school that is enemy #1 with Brandon and Kayce.

[18:30] D'Eriq King finds a new home.

[25:23] Dave Aranda is heading to Baylor and he isn't the only important piece of LSU's 2019 team that has left Baton Rogue.

[34:20] Deciding upon the BEST QB, RB, and WR in the 2019 season, NOT named Joe Burrow.

[47:15] The reaction to the Kansas - Kansas State brawl in college basketball is yet another example of how dumb we are as sports fans.

[54:02] Brandon Walker reads Kayce Smith's DMs.

[1:09:00] 2 MINUTE DRILL!

Jan 23, 2020
Was LSU The Greatest Team Ever?

[0:00] Intro....is Jack Mac a sociopath?

[6:40] Cleaning up the title game. Brandon and Kayce give their final thoughts on LSU's spectacular season. 

[10:47] Has OBJ kicked off an investigation into LSU? 

[16:40] Was this LSU team the greatest college football team...ever?

[21:05] Penn State is in the news again for all of the wrong reasons. 

[30:24] Top stories of the season....non-top tier teams edition.

[46:50] Two-minute drill!

Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @UnnecRoughness!

Jan 16, 2020
National Championship Review

Straight off their live stream for the LSU - Clemson national championship, Brandon and Kayce sat down to discuss their immediate thoughts on what was an eventful night. 

Thank you to all the Roughnecks for the awesome 2019 season! We will be back on Thursday and will continue to drop an episode once a week during the offseason, so you aren't getting rid of us just yet. 

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Jan 14, 2020
National Championship Preview

[0:00] A SPECIAL intro

[4:50] A new fanbase rivalry for Brandon & Kayce.

[11:15] National championship preview. Brandon, Kayce, and Jack Mac give their official predictions.

[42:05] Don't know if you heard, but Mississippi State may have hired a coach named Mike Leach. Brandon gives his official thoughts. 

[49:15] Kayce describes a new rivalry with her oldest rival

[51:55] Hot takes from the Roughnecks. 

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Jan 13, 2020
Coaching Carousel, The SEC May Be In Trouble, Teams With Real And Fake Momentum Heading Into 2020

0:00: Intro

4:40: How did Matt Rhule get a job with the Carolina Panthers?

11:00: Mississippi State's search for a new head coach has Brandon Walker feeling dead inside.

18:49: Tua has left...where does Alabama go from here?

26:08: Jake Fromm and a boatload of other Georgia players are leaving, does this open the door for the SEC to be dethroned as the best conference in the country?

35:13: Teams on the rise after the 2019 bowl season.

42:35: Teams with fake hype heading into the 2020 offseason.

48:45: Two-minute drill to learn a few more things about Kayce and Brandon

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Jan 09, 2020
Bowl Season Recap, The New Method Of Cheating, And College Football's Officiating Problem

0:00: Intro. We are nearing the end of the season. Sad!

3:05: Brandon Walker is smack-dab in the middle of a coaching search after Joe Moorhead's firing.

12:45: A recap of bowl season.

22:10 College football's officiating issue.

26:48: Tua's possible return is shedding light on the real cheating that is going on in college football

39:39: A few national championship thoughts. 

45:00: HOT TAKES from the Roughnecks!

1:06:00: Kayce asks Brandon his take on Ole Miss hiring of DJ Durkin

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Jan 06, 2020
College Football Playoff Reaction

[0:00] Intro

[1:30] What a day of football! 

[3:45] Ohio State - Clemson recap.

[7:50] The three calls that changed the game.

[19:00] Other issues for Ohio State outside of questionable calls by the refs.

[32:00] LSU - Oklahoma recap.

[37:20] How should we determine the CFP moving forward?

[42:15] This moment belongs to Joe Burrow.

[49:08] ESPN's handling of the death of Carley McCord.

[53:00] First thoughts on the outcome of LSU - Clemson?

[55:00]: Five thoughts from the other bowl games that happened.

[1:05:45] Hot takes from the beautiful Roughnecks!

Dec 30, 2019
College Football Playoff Preview

[0:00] Intro and the top moments from the first season of Unnecessary Roughness. 

[11:00] Bowl game previews

[21:10] Oklahoma vs. LSU.

[34:45] Clemson vs. Ohio State.

[49:00] Three questions for this decade.

[57:10] Hot takes from the roughnecks!

Dec 23, 2019
Unnecessary Roughness LIVE: Does Recruiting Matter? Plus Calls From Listeners

On Wednesday December 18th, Brandon and Kayce were live on Barstool Radio taking calls from Roughnecks. Topics included recruiting, an expanded playoff, will the AAC ever be a P5 program, and much more. We hope you enjoy and will consider calling in for the next version of Unnecessary Roughness LIVE!

[0:00] Intro

[2:00] Does recruiting really matter? Should you care about your favorite teams recruiting rankings?

[28:30] Taking calls from listeners!


Dec 18, 2019
Heisman & Army-Navy Recap, Best Coaching Hire, And Crowning The New Most Sensitive Fanbase In The Country

[0:00] Intro

[4:45] Recap of the college football show at Army-Navy.

[9:20] Did Coach O cry during Joe Burrow's Heisman speech or was it an act for recruiting?

[20:30] Naming the new most sensitive fanbase in America.

[34:15] Who had the best coaching hire of the offseason? 

[36:45] A heated argument over whether or not Ole Miss is a "name program" in college football.

[47:00] Introducing a new segment: the two-minute drill. 

[1:00:15] Hot takes from you, the beautiful roughnecks. 

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Dec 16, 2019
Bowls Preview, Army - Navy, And Coaching News

[0:00] Intro.

[4:25] Army-Navy preview.

[8:40] The race for who will finish second in the Heisman race.

[13:20] Players sitting out of bowl games. Do Brandon and Kayce agree?

[20:20] College football playoff discussion. Has anything changed since the committee announced the two semifinal games?

[24:30] BOWL GAMES!

[41:30] News items across the country. Oh, have the Hogs fallen!

[55:30] Team, game, and player of the decade.

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Dec 12, 2019
Championship Weekend Recap

[0:00] Intro

[3:00] College Football Playoff reaction. Did the committee get it right?

[18:15] A look into the minds of the coaches in the playoff. Who wanted to play who?

[27:15] Observations from the 5 championship games this weekend via the mind of Brandon Walker. 

[31:45] A quick rant on the Dr. Pepper challenge. 

[38:40] Is the Big 12 sending a sacrificial lamb to the CFP?

[51:00] The Pac-12 was who we thought they were.

[53:00] A takequake from Brandon Walker.

[1:01:50] Coaching news. Does Brandon Walker already hate Lane Kiffin?

[1:07:20] SHIT LIST 

[1:11:30] Hot Takes

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Dec 09, 2019
Championship Weekend Preview

[0:00] Intro

[4:00] The committee's final rankings before championship weekend. Were they too hard on the SEC while giving the Big Ten too much credit?

[10:00] The coaching carousel is in FULL effect.

[21:30] Greg Schiano has returned to Rutgers and he took it as an opportunity to stick it to Tennessee's fans.

[27:15] Did USC make the right move by retaining Clay Helton?

[28:15] Can Ohio State be anymore soft with their constant complaining about Chase Young being held?

[31:00] The possibility of Tua coming back to Alabama.

[38:20] Dabo Swinney continues to complain. Shocker!

[43:15] Brandon and Kayce are on different sides for the SEC Championship Game.

[53:20] Oklahoma - Baylor preview.

[56:50] Oregon - Utah preview.

[58:45] We do our best to preview Virginia - Clemson

[1:01:45] OSU - Wisconsin preview. 

[1:02:25] If the winner of the AAC Championship plays Alabama, would they have a shot of taking down the Tide?

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Dec 05, 2019
Week 14 Review

[0:00] Intro

[4:15] Kayce needs to start dressing like she knows the sport of football?

[9:37] The best football game of the year: The Iron Bowl.

[17:00] Ohio State - Michigan. Ohio State is no longer unbeatable. 

[25:00] Missouri fired Barry Odom. Who is next in the SEC? 

[32:30] TAKEAPALOOOOOZA via Brandon Walker's brain. 

[47:45] Brandon is still tingling from the ending of the Egg Bowl

[1:10:45] The most insufferable fanbase of the upcoming 2020 offseason has emerged!

[1:17:15] Are there cracks starting to show in the Alabama dynasty?

[1:23:45] Hot Takes from you, the attractive audience. 

[1:39:05] SHIT LIST!!!

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Dec 02, 2019
Week 14 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[7:18] It's the time of the year to let the hate FLOW through you. 

[11:33] Stop ranking rivalries!  

[15:40] 5 rivalries that are built or pure hatred. 

[28:20] Brandon and Kayce both talk about their rivals: Ole Miss and Texas.

[34:16] OSU - Michigan. Do the Wolverines have a shot?

[39:50] Auburn - Alabama. What does Alabama have to do to sneak into the playoff?

[46:00] A&M - LSU. Good luck, Kayce.

[49:45] Oklahoma - Oklahoma State. 

[50:55] Minnesota - Wisconsin.

[53:30] Memphis - Cincinnati. 

[56:05] Under the radar games!


[1:03:00] VT - UVA, Louisville - Kentucky, Nebraska - Iowa, South Carolina - Clemson

[1:11:15] Listeners reasons why they hate their rival. 

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Nov 27, 2019
Week 13 Reaction

[0:00] Intro. Absolutes don't exist in college football.

[5:00] Oregon exposed themselves as frauds against Arizona State. Does the Pac-12 still have a shot at the playoff?

[9:54] Ohio State showed a bit of vulnerability against Penn State. 

[16:43] Brandon Walker's TAKEAPALOOOOOZA!

[20:15] Ohio State cannot overlook Michigan next week.

[24:00] Georgia is sticking around, but there is just something off about them. At least they have the SEC officials on their side. 

[33:00] The U is not back. 

[35:00] 3 teams that have gotten off the mat and are building towards a great 2020. 

[42:15] Is Tom Herman in trouble down in Austin?

[48:40] Are Coach O and LSU getting too big for their britches?

[52:00] Alabama continues to act like Tua died. 

[57:45] HOT TAKES from you, the intelligent listener!

[1:21:05] SHIT LIST. 

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Nov 25, 2019
Week 13 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[7:30] College Football Playoff rankings reaction. Is Alabama still alive or are they just a placeholder?

[16:45] It's time to stop acting like Tua Tagovailoa died.

[23:55] Baylor made a mistake, one that may have cursed them for years to come!

[25:10] Sean Clifford deleted his social media after death threats from Penn State fans after the loss to Minnesota. Grow up, Happy Valley!

[28:45] What the hell is going on at South Carolina right now?

[36:45] Ohio State fans plan to boycott GameDay?

[38:20] Penn State - Ohio State preview.

[44:25] Georgia - Texas A&M preview.

[47:00] Brandon teaches Kayce how to HATE. 

[53:00] Tentative end of the season awards.

[1:07:00] Colege Football Payoff with Marty Mush!


Nov 21, 2019
BONUS: Taking Calls From Listeners

- - - -


- - - -

On Tuesday, November 19th, Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith took over for CCK on Barstool Radio. From 1-3 PM, they took over the airwaves and took calls from listeners. Everything was discussed. Arguments were had! 

Nov 19, 2019
Week 12 Review

[0:00] Intro

[3:10]: OU - Baylor. Brandon basks in the glory of his epic comeback against Dave Portnoy.

[16:20] Tua's injury. What's next for the Crimson Tide? Do they still have a shot at the Playoff?

[26:45] Brandon Walker unleashes a litany of TAKES. 

[41:25] Can Auburn beat Alabama now that Tua is out for the season?

[47:15] Georgia has every ability in the world to win the Natty, but there's one thing holding them back. 

[1:00:50] Under the radar teams. Both good and bad teams. 

[1:09:30] Hot Takes from the smartest audience in the entire world: you, the Unnecessary Roughness listener. 

[1:26:00] SHIT LIST!!!

Nov 18, 2019
Week 12 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[5:05] CFP discussion. Is the committee setting up Oregon to get in over Alabama?

[18:45] Chase Young will be back for Penn State. Was this the most convenient suspension in NCAA history?

[23:00] Teams we left for dead that have a chance to affect the CFP picture in a MAJOR way.

[31:45] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[38:40] Auburn - Georgia preview. 

[42:00] Baylor - Oklahoma preview.

[47:20] Minnesota - Iowa preview.

[53:20] Other games with playoff implications.

[59:30] Gus Malzahn to Arkansas? Should Auburn fans welcome the opportunity to ship Malzahn to Fayetteville?

[1:02:07] Most underwhelming atmosphere in the country? Tell us if you agree with our opinions @UnnecRoughness on Twitter and Instagram!

Nov 14, 2019
Week 11 Reaction

[0:00] Intro

[4:35] LSU - Alabama recap. The coaching glow-up of Coach O is almost complete. 

[23:30] Penn State - Minnesota. Who saw Minnesota coming? Do they deserve a top 4 ranking in this week's CFP rankings?

[31:30] Brandon Walker's weekly TAKEPOCOLYPSE.

[47:20] 5 coaches that are universally accepted as great coaches that are having bad seasons. Are they still great or is it time to reevaluate?

[57:30] Chad Morris fired, who is the next SEC coach to be fired? 

[1:07:20] How would a Deion Sanders experiment go at FSU? 

[1:13:20] Under the radar teams after week 11. 

[1:15:10] Kayce and Brandon give their top 4. 

[1:22:00] HOT TAKES

[1:37:00] Shit List

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Nov 11, 2019
Week 11 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[4:54] College Football Playoff rankings reaction. How must the Big 12 be feeling? Did the committee respect the PAC 12 too much?

[20:37] Alabama - LSU preview.

[37:00] Penn State - Minnesota preview. Plus a review of all 15 Big Ten rivalry trophies. Yes, 15. 

[48:35] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[55:30] Under The Radar games. Iowa State - Oklahoma. Missouri - Georgia. Iowa - Wisconsin. 

[1:04:30] News from around college football. FSU's coaching search. Donald Trump's attending Alabama - LSU. Barry Sanders the GOAT???


Nov 07, 2019
Week 10 Reaction

[0:00] Intro

[3:00] Episode rundown. 

[4:15] Georgia - Florida. Mixed feelings about the Georgia Bulldogs. 

[10:30] SMU - Memphis. Pure college football entertainment. 

[13:45] A big weekend for the PAC 12. 

[22:25] Willie Taggart fired by FSU. Who should the Noles hire next?

[30:15] Kayce reacts to Brandon's takes of the week. 

[48:00] Under the radar teams across the country. 

[58:20] College football playoff prediction. Which 6 teams will have their name called on Tuesday night?

[1:04:30] Which team is more likely to land Urban Meyer: Notre Dame or USC?

[1:12:30] Hot takes from you, the intelligent and always entertaining listener!

[1:28:15] Shit List

Nov 04, 2019
Week 10 Preview

[0:00] Intro, Brandon's eventful day

[2:15] Kayce discusses her blog about Brandon wearing a Texas A&M yell leader outfit. 

[3:10] November is when it's all going to happen!

[7:30] How the first college football playoff will work out

[11:30] Ohio State's toughest game remaining is....Michigan?

[15:00] Georgia - Florida preview

[24:00] A story about Kayce being mistaken for a stripper in a restaurant in Tupelo, Mississippi 

[26:40] Minnesota & Baylor....who has more staying power?

[38:15] Players being able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness means one thing: NCAA FOOTBALL BACK!!

[47:50] The glow up of Coach O & the cocky comment by one of his receivers. 

[57:45] Joey Gatewood transferring from Auburn

[1:02:30] Memphis - SMU preview!

Oct 31, 2019
Week 9 Review

[0:00] Intro 

[5:00] Kayce wins bet over Brandon after Mississippi State - A&M. 

[10:45] Episode rundown

[15:45] Oklahoma - Kansas State. Did this game expose Oklahoma's Heisman system?

[30:20] Auburn - LSU. Looking at their two losses, is Auburn still a top 10 team? 

[37:00] Michigan exposes Notre Dame

[45:45] Brandon Walker's takepocolypse. Chase Young a Heisman contender? Will their be a conference with two teams in the CFP? 

[1:11:45] Hot Takes from you, our brilliant listener!

[1:26:30] Shit List!

Oct 28, 2019
Week 9 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[5:05] Texas A&M - Mississippi State preview. Kayce and Brandon discuss their wager. 

[13:50] The Heisman playoff that is coming in the next month. 

[23:30] Jim Harbaugh eyeing an exit strategy? How would you feel as a Michigan fan if that were to happen?

[29:00] Colorado HC Mel Tucker thinks there is no transfer portal in real life. That just isn't true. 

[33:10] Greg Sankey's bizarre letter defending SEC officials. 

[38:00] Sooner Schooner will be out of commission for the rest of the season. Will this result in a curse for Oklahoma?

[44:00] Louisiana newspaper wants CBS to apologize for showing Joe Burrow's behind. Wait, what? 

[49:25] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush!

[58:18] Auburn - LSU preview

[1:01:15] Ohio State - Wisconsin preview

[1:04:00] Michigan - Notre Dame preview

[1:07:15] Michigan State - Penn State preview

[1:09:25] Washington State - Oregon preview

[1:10:54] Other games

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Oct 24, 2019
Week 8 Review

[0:00] Intro

[1:30] Nothing sad about college football

[2:50] Trip to Penn State. Drunkest crowd, ever?

[9:40] Wisconsin's loss is what makes college football so great

[15:00] Kayce tells a story about almost getting a Young Money tattoo

[16:00] Watch out for Oregon!

[20:00] The CFP table is filling up. Which 9 teams have a seat?

[21:00] Brandon Walker's takes of the week. Penn State not impressive. Ohio State is unstoppable. Alabama is NOT the #1 team in the country.

[32:30] An SEC officiating conspiracy theory.

[37:45] If you have an issue with Jeremy Pruitt grabbing Jarrett Guarantano's facemask, this podcast may not be for you. 

[40:45] The rest of Brandon Walker's takes on the state of affairs in CFB over halfway through the season. 

[1:02:30] Hot takes from you, the beautiful listener!

[1:14:30] Shit List

Oct 21, 2019
Week 8 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[3:00] The weak week 8 ahead. 

[6:30] Previewing the weekend ahead for the Barstool CFB Show in Happy Valley

[11:00] Brandon's favorite CFB story of the season: Georgia fans complaining about South Carolina tearing apart some of the hedges.

[24:45] Alabama student who threatened to blow up LSU's stadium for his buddy that was going to lose a bet. 

[31:15] Best in-stadium traditions throughout college football

[45:45] College football payoff

[57:45] Michigan @ Penn State preview

[1:06:30] Rest of the week: ASU @ Utah, Florida - South Carolina, LSU - Mississippi State, 

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Oct 17, 2019
Week 7 Review

[0:00] Intro

[2:00] Brandon Walker discussed Mississippi State's worst loss "in a decade"

[3:05] Penn State....we're coming!

[5:10] Brandon tells the story of waking up Marty Mush on Sunday morning to get him ready for Walk The Line. 

[6:30] Florida - LSU recap. Florida has staying power. Just how good is Joe Burrow? Spoiler alert: VERY good. 

[15:10] Red River Shoot Out recap. Will Brandon walker admit that he was wrong about his Jalen Hurts take? 

[26:30] "LOLGeorgia" - Brandon Walker. Kayce gives her hot take about the game which was, let's just say, a bit unexpected. 

[36:30] Takes of the week from Brandon Walker. Wisconsin, Heisman PLayoff game, LSU, Barstool, Alabama, and many more topics were discussed!

[58:40] Who won the weekend? Who disappointed? 

[1:05:55] HOT TAKES from you, the beautiful and dedicated listener.

[1:18:00] Shit List!

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Oct 14, 2019
Week 7 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[5:20] Penn State fan sends a letter to safety on Nittany Lions asking him to cut off his "disgusting" dreads. Is Penn State the #1 fanbase with a divide between old and new generation fans?

[12:30] Fight for the MOON. 

[19:00] Oklahoma - Texas preview. Does Texas have it in them to beat OU as an 11-point underdog?

[29:30] Florida - LSU preview. Who will remain undefeated after a game in Death Valley on Saturday night?

[34:30] Kayce decides on air what she will do if A&M miraculously beats Alabama. 

[37:40] Penn State - Iowa preview. Brandon gives an in-depth preview of his favorite team in America, Iowa. 

[41:20] Michigan State - Wisco preview. 

[42:39] Brandon admits he doesn't give a shit about the USC - Notre Dame rivalry. Same goes for the Rose Bowl. Talk about SEC Bias. 

[45:30] Underrated teams with staying power for the rest of the 2019 season.

[50:15] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[59:12] A Brandon Walker rant

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Oct 10, 2019
Week 6 Reaction

[0:00] Intro & a recap of the trip to West Virginia

[5:55] Brandon Walker tells the Auburn fans to "come out and get their whooping"

[13:40] An all-22 discussion of the infamous Steven Glansberg Brandon Walker video from over the weekend

[18:58] Brandon Walker goes around the country to give us a few takes on the week that was in college football. Is Michigan not dead? Will SMU represent the G5 in the NY6? Does Jonathan Taylor have a legit shot to win the Heisman?

[33:00] Another Jalen Hurts - Sam Ehlinger debate

[35:41] Who impressed you this past week?

[50:00] HOT TAKES

[1:05:08] Shit list TIME!

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Oct 07, 2019
Week 6 Preview

[0:00] Intro & episode rundown. Is October the best month? Kayce isn't drunk, but is she clinically depressed? 

[4:40] California legislation bill allowing college athletes to profit off of their likeness

[7:00] Jeremy Banks arrest video and Jeremy Pruitt's call to the police

[13:37] "PETA can fuck right off." PETA calls for Bully The Bulldog to be removed from Mississippi State's sideline

[18:15] College football fans are the biggest pussies in sports

[23:50] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[37:32] Auburn @ Florida. Will Brandon Walker be right about Auburn?

[46:50] Iowa @ Michigan. Can Michigan get back on track?

[50:48] Michigan State @ Ohio State. Can Michigan State's defense stop the rolling ball of chainsaws that is Ohio State led by Justin Fields?

[54:40] Under the radar games

[59:00] Preview of CFB show in West Virginia

[1:04:40] Jack Mac vs. UMass coach Walt Bell. 

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Oct 03, 2019
Week 5 Reaction

[0:00] Intro + Kayce is incredibly hungover/possibly still drunk?

[3:55] Brandon gives the rundown for the episode.

[6:20] Clemson isn't allowed to be #1 anymore. Are they an elite team?

[14:18] Auburn destroyed Mississippi State, does Auburn belong in the top 10?

[20:58] Ohio State is a rolling ball of chainsaws right now. 

[23:30] Is Penn State a contender? 

[30:35] Can we take Jalen Hurts serious against these defenses?

[34:20] A Texas A&M therapy session.

[42:45] Who is the best team in the country right now?

[49:45] The 4 players that still have a legitimate shot at winning the Heisman. 

[55:48] Who has a better QB: Georgia or Ohio State?

[57:10] The most impressive teams of the week. 

[1:03:15] The most disappointing teams of the week.

[1:07:00] Reaction to hot takes from you, the listeners.

[1:18:48] The Shit List 

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Sep 30, 2019
Week 5 Preview

[0:00] Intro

[2:00] Brandon Walker destroys the Des Moines Register for their handling of Carson King's donation to the Iowa Children's Hospital. 

[11:50] What to think of Houston QB D'Eriq King's decision? 

[17:47] It's time to blow up how we configure the AP Poll!

[23:08] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush.

[34:00] Virginia @ Notre Dame. Can the Irish show up after a tough road loss to UGA?

[37:00] Mississippi State @ Auburn. It's time to have a serious discussion about Bo Nix. 

[44:00] Washington State @ Utah. Will Mike Leach score 60 points in a loss again this week? 

[47:00] Under the radar games. 

[52:51] Midweek question to the audience: who is your rival and why?

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Sep 26, 2019
Week 4 Reaction

[0:00] Intro & Brandon wonders why NBC didn't label him as hypersexualized and submissive

[2:15] Notre Dame @ Georgia. Why isn't Kirby Smart utilizing the talent he has? Is he afraid to do so?

[13:40] Michigan @ Wisconsin. Is this the start of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan? 

[18:06] Auburn @ Texas A&M. A discussion on how the Aggies are Rosie O'Donnell at this point. 

[22:40] Oklahoma State @ Texas. Will Jack Mac apologize for his Spencer Sanders take? Plus an argument over how close this game really was. 

[27:42] ACC: Bye UCF! Mack Brown's magical carpet ride has come to an end. 

[31:36] Big 10: Is Nebraska a good football team?

[32:52] Big 12: Really, TCU? 

[35:15] Brandon & Kayce recap their weekend in Madison

[36:50] Pac 12: Are they out of the CFP hunt already?

[44:16] SEC: Why is LSU giving up 38 points to Vanderbilt? Did Arkansas hire the wrong coach?

[52:20] Audience Hot Takes: Does Tennessee want Butch Jones back? How many losses for Michigan? Should people from the Northeast not be allowed to have opinions on college football?

[1:03:13] Shit List!

Sep 23, 2019
Week 4 Preview

[3:56] Notre Dame @ Georgia

[21:40] Michigan @ Wisconsin 

[26:30] Barstool College Football Show in Madison

[32:57] Auburn @ Texas A&M

[36:40] Oklahoma State @ Texas

[43:20] Do You Belong? Games 

[48:30] College Football Payoff W/Marty Mush

[1:04:35] Most obnoxious fanbase in the country right now???

Sep 19, 2019
Week 3 Reaction

[0:00] Intro & the week of disappointment

[7:00] Teams that had a harsh wake-up call in week 3

[13:30] Teams that impressed in week 3

[27:40] Brandon Walker on Iowa beating him again

[38:45] Teams that disappointed in week 3

[50:45] Reacting to fans hot takes

[1:11:02] The Shit List

[1:27:57] Who won the weekend?

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Sep 16, 2019
Week 3 Preview

[0:00] Intro & an update on Kayce's current mental state

[4:40] Brandon Walker on hope

[12:50] You don't always get what you want

[16:30] Texas not turning on air conditioning in LSU's locker room

[21:00] Big games of the weekend: Florida @ Kentucky, Iowa @ Iowa State

[31:40] College Football Payoff with Mush

[40:35] Fan hot takes

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Sep 12, 2019
Week 2 Reaction

[0:00] Intro, recapping Brandon & Kayce's weekend at Clemson

[9:00] Texas A&M @ Clemson reaction

[13:40] LSU @ Texas reaction

[22:40] Who impressed in week 2?

[39:30] Who disappointed in week 2? 

[1:01:30] Would you rather be FSU or Tennessee?

[1:03:38] The Shit List

[1:13:40] Moments of the weekend

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Sep 09, 2019
Week 2 Preview

[0:00] Intro 

[2:42] Notre Dame @ Louisville reaction

[7:41] Jack Mac kicked off CFB show?

[12:30] LSU @ Texas preview

[23:00] Texas A&M @ Clemson preview

[30:00] Under the radar games

[49:00] Most teams likely to right the ship after a disappointing week 1?

[53:00] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[1:04:35] Brandon Walker's rant on Paul Finebaum

[1:08:45] Kayce Smith's rant on a Texas A&M OL predicting a victory over Clemson

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Sep 05, 2019
Week 1 Reaction

[0:30] Intro and a conversation about Jack Mac's voice.

[6:14] Kayce & Brandon call in to give their live reaction to the OU-Houston game. You won't believe this, but an argument ensues. Audio will sound different in this segment due to Brandon + Kayce being on phones.

[18:58] Who won the weekend? Brandon, Kayce, and Jack give their winner.

[27:30] How will Brandon “Guarantee” Walker handle Dave & Big Cat after Mississippi State didn't cover?

[32:52] Most impressive teams of the week

[46:10] Most disappointing teams

[58:47] The debut of The Shit List

[1:12:39] Fan Hot Takes

[1:26:04] Best moment of the weekend

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Sep 02, 2019
Week 1 Preview

[0:25] Episode preview

[8:11] Week 1 overview 

[12:00] Auburn vs. Oregon

[19:55] Georgia Tech @ Clemson

[21:10] Houston @ Oklahoma & Notre Dame @ Louisville

[28:50] FSU vs. Boise State

[32:10] UVA @ Pitt

[33:40] South Carolina @ North Carolina

[36:30] Virginia Tech @ Boston College

[37:48] Northwestern @ Stanford

[40:28] 3 on upset alerts 

[45:58] Wisconsin @ USF

[49:45] Marty Mush joins the pod for the first edition of College Football Payoff

[1:05:56] Confence championship predictions

[1:14:16] NCAA transfer debate

[1:120:10] Mississippi State fans turning on Brandon Walker???

Aug 29, 2019
Week 0 Review, Mississippi State Sanctions And Reacting To Audience's Hot Takes

The Unnecessary Roughness crew is back for their second episode of the season and debates were had after just 2 week 0 games. Are Florida & Miami trash? Is Feleipe Franks actually bad? How does Kayce Smith feel about Kevin Sumlin embarrassing himself and the Pac 12 in Hawaii? 

Before reacting to hot takes from Unnecessary Roughness listeners, Kayce discusses her trip to Orlando, which may have resulted in her denouncing her southern roots. Brandon Walker tries to gloss over the Mississippi State sanctions from the NCAA until  Jack Mac and Kayce force the pride of Mississippi State to react to what looks on the surface to be bad news for the Bulldogs. Is Desmond Howard going to have to choke a b***h? Brandon Walker may also have to "choke a b***h" after receiving hate mail from Iowa fans this week. 

[0:00] Intro, episode rundown

[10:38] Week 0 review

[20:58] Desmond Howard asking on College GameDay "is Desmond Howard going to have to choke a b***h?"

[24:56] Mississippi State sanctions

[32:00] Reaction to audience's hot takes

[41:56] Another Jalen Hurts argument

[50:40] Bradon Walker's love for Iowa State. Reads hate mail from Iowa fans. 

[1:05:00] 5 under the radar Week 1 games 

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Aug 26, 2019
Super Mega 2019 Season Preview

The only super mega preview for the 2019 college football season you need is here. The Unnecessary Roughness crew take you through their hot takes for the season and answer the big questions from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and SEC.

Does Jalen Hurts have a chance at the Heisman? Will anybody dethrone Alabama in the SEC? Is Texas BACK? Which out of conference game has the most on the line? Does Brandon Walker hate Iowa or Ole Miss more? A lot of questions and the only place with all the answers is Unnecessary Roughness! 

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Aug 22, 2019
Welcome to Unnecessary Roughness with Kayce Smith and Brandon Walker

The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. A crew of characters including Marty Mush, Jack Mac and other guests join in the madness. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday every week. 

Aug 19, 2019
SZN1 - Comeback SZN One Finale: Breaking Down The Kyler Murray Signing And What’s Next

On the season one finale of Comeback SZN, EB, Kayce, and Johnny break down the signing of Kyler Murray (shout out EB!), his decision to chose football over baseball and what is next in the draft. We also catch up on Johnny's plan for his own #ComebackSZN and what to expect from the AAF and XFL. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Feb 12, 2019
SZN1 Episode #34 - Live From Atlanta with Bradley and Brandon Chubb

Kayce and EB are live in Atlanta from the Barstool RV with Rookie of the Year candidate Bradley Chubb and Carolina Panther LB Brandon Chubb. They talk all things Super Bowl, draft night, trash talk and much more. And of course who they got in Rough and Rowdy. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Feb 01, 2019
SZN1 Episode #33 - Super Bowl Parties, Predictions, and A Promise

On this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB break down the craziness of Championship weekend, look ahead to the Super Bowl and debate who the GOAT is. They also talk Super Bowl parties, Tony Romo and much more. Oh, and make promises to producer Pat. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jan 24, 2019
SZN1 Episode #32 - Transfer Portal, NFL Bets, and Influential Rappers

The college football season never sleeps. This week the crew runs down the headlines including Jalen Hurts transferring, Kyler Murray declaring, Tate Martell and much more. They also pick both the NFC and AFC Championship games, throw some money on the game and end up talking about Soulja Boy, Drake and Kanye. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jan 17, 2019
SZN1 Episode #31 - Breaking Down The Kliff Kingsbury Saga With His Agent

We have a stacked episode today. Kayce, Johnny and EB start with breaking down the National Championship and Trevor Lawrence's performance. Then the crew gets right into news of the week : Kliff Kingsbury to Arizona. EB (his agent) breaks it all down and Johnny gives his insight as a former player. A heated debate breaks out about Kyler Murray and much more. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jan 10, 2019
SZN1 - Comeback SZN Quickie: National Championship Preview

In this quickie episode of ComebackSZN, Johnny Manziel and Kayce Smith look at the National Championship between Alabama and Clemson and Johnny gives his keys to the game. Kayce also stopped by the Sirius XM Barstool Breakfast Show to talk CFP, the matchup, and much more!

Jan 06, 2019
SZN1 Episode #30 - Goodbye Bowl Season, Hello NFL Playoffs

This week, Johnny Manziel and Kayce Smith break down all the bowl action as the college football comes to an end. They look at the CFP semifinals, the biggest winners and losers and debate if Kyler Murray should play baseball or football. They also dive into the NFL playoffs as Wild Card weekend approaches and get into a little Hollywood Drama deep in the Hills. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jan 03, 2019
SZN1 Episode #29 - CFP Preview, Bowl SZN, and New Years Resolutions

On this week's Christmas episode of Comeback SZN, the crew dives deep into the CFP and the New Years Six games. They give their picks, talk level of play in the SEC vs the Big12 and talk the #1 recruiting tactic by coaches. EB and Johnny also get into an old fashioned "literally-off" and every one reveals their New Years Resolutions. That and much more! Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Dec 27, 2018
SZN1 Episode #28 - Winning Philosophy, NFL Routines and SCORE Ft. Charles Tillman

On this week's episode of Comeback SZN, Jack Mac and Kayce sit down with retired NFL pro-bowler Charles Tillman. The crew talks about his career and discuss his personal philosophy on what it takes to be a winner. He also tells some funny locker room stories and gets into a debate with this wife over his academic career. That and a little college football talk and much more!

Dec 20, 2018
SZN1 Episode #27 - Regretful Tweets, Sitting Out of Bowls, and Rap Beef

On this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB recap the Heisman and Kyler Murray's old tweets, debate if players should or shouldn't sit out of bowl games and much more. Johnny also tells a story about his own regretful tweets and they get die laughing at the Twitter beef between a rapper and a TV host. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Dec 13, 2018
SZN1 Episode #26 - Heisman Special (+ bonus interview with Vegas Oddsmaker Johnny Avello)

It's Heisman Week! Johnny Manziel recalls the night he won and unveils who he voted for this year. The crew also hits the biggest headlines in college football and talks about the bond between Texas A&M and President George HW Bush. And Legendary Vegas Oddsmaker Johnny Avello joins to break down the 2018 Heisman odds and who is the safe bet. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Dec 07, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Fourteen: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

On this week's recap show Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac break down Championship weekend and go over the college football playoff. Is Alabama actually unbeatable? Will Dave acknowledge Kayce's correct prediction of Oklahoma making the playoff? Did the Playoff committee get it right? The crew dives in to that, Dave's betting and, as always, gets into an argument. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports! 

Dec 03, 2018
SZN1 Episode #25 - Chaos, Kingsbury, and A Special Shoutout

On this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB look back at the wild weekend with the Michigan/Ohio State game, the LSU/A&M show and much more. They also break down Championship weekend and give their picks for the CFP. There's also a very special shout out to a fan battling cancer. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 29, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Thirteen: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

On this week's College Football Recap show, Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac review week thirteen. Kayce and Dave were at the Michigan/Ohio State game with the CFB show and they break down the embarrassing performance they witnessed by the Wolverines. The crew also discusses the epic A&M/LSU game, the future of ND, and Dave demands an apology. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports! 

Nov 26, 2018
SZN1 Episode #24 - Thanksgiving, Urban Meyer, and Rivalry Games

On this week's episode, Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith and EB get in the Thanksgiving spirit by talking favorite foods, rivalry games and more. They also dive into the current CFP outlook, the Urban Meyer situation and the NFC East. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 21, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Twelve Quickie: Kayce, Dave, and Large

Kayce, Dave and Jack Mac break down a quiet week 12 in College Football in this Monday's "quickie". They touch on Les Miles, the CFP, and break down the upcoming rivalry week. Dave also brings in his good luck charm, Tommy Smokes, mid-show to change his gambling juju. That and much more!

Nov 19, 2018
SZN1 Episode #23 - Petrino, Top Four, and NBA Drama

On this week's episode, Johnny, Kayce and EB break down the biggest matchups in week 12, debate CFB projections and much more. They also talk Draymond Green vs Kevin Durant, Bobby Petrino getting fired and much more. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 15, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Eleven: Kayce, Dave, and Large

Week 11 in CFB was all about the action off of the field and Kayce Smith, Dave Portnoy and special guest, Large, break down it all down. Kayce and Dave also debate whether or not Oklahoma is CFP worthy, the Tom Herman vs Zach Smith drama, and Dave goes off on Urban Myer. That and much more. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 12, 2018
SZN1 Episode #22 - Horns Down, Dez Bryant, and Gaming

It's officially the CFL offseason. This week, Johnny Manziel and Kayce Smith talk about #2's first year in Canada, look at the biggest storylines in College Football, Heisman House commercials and much more. They also discuss Dez Bryant to the Saints and Johnny's addiction to gaming. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 08, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Ten: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

Week 10 in CFB was full or marquee games, but not a lot of fireworks. Kayce Smith, Dave Portnoy and Jack Mac break down the action, talk Tua's health, look ahead to the CFP and more. The crew also attempts to put the Kentucky argument to bed and it doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 05, 2018
SZN1 Episode #21 - Scooby Doo, Rainy Day Funds, And A Big SEC Weekend

Remember the infamous Scooby Doo costume from 2012? Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt discuss how that happened, relive some other Halloween stories and talk about stripper costumes. The crew also looks forward to the big weekend in the SEC, gives locks of the week and much more. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Nov 01, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Nine: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

On this week's Comeback SZN, Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac look back at a semi-quiet week 9 in CFB, as well as start to project the CFP rankings, look at the different upcoming impact games and there's a debate about the SEC East... again. The crew also gets completely derailed during a conversation about the live show in Jacksonville!


Oct 29, 2018
SZN1 Episode #20 - Cowbells, Trades, And Someone Gets Silenced

On this week's episode, Kayce Smith, Johnny Manizel and Erik Burkhardt look at the biggest college games of the weekend, make their picks and get into an argument about the Big 12. The crew also talks about Amari Cooper heading to Dallas, another #comebackSZN and much more. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Oct 25, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap – Week Eight: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac (+ bonus interview with Danny Wuerffel)

Dave, Kayce, and Jack Mac are back recapping another week in college football. We start off with a contentious debate over none other than Kayce's Instagram stories and then look forward to what the CFP could look like. Plus a bonus interview with Danny Wuerffel and his relationship with Steve Spurrier! 

Oct 22, 2018
SZN1 Episode #19 - Agent Stereotypes, Big Upsets and Private Planes

On this week's episode the crew recaps Kayce's weekend in Ann Arbor, Johnny and EB's trip to Texas and talk stereotypes. They dive into the Nick Bosa news, look at the big week 8 games and EB and Johnny get into over what it means to be an agent.  That and much, much more! 

Oct 18, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap - Week Seven: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

Kayce, Dave, and Jack take a look back at week seven in college football. They break down their trip to Ann Arbor and Dave comes out swinging. They also talk probable playoff scenarios and discuss what a "real" college campus is. That and much more!

Oct 15, 2018
SZN1 Episode #18 A little bit of everything (Ft: Mike Leach)

On this week's episode of Comeback SZN, the crew welcomes Washington State Cougars head coach and college football legend,  Mike Leach. He dishes on his career, player mental health, Walt Disney, Sharon Stone, Global Warming, his personal finances, and... just about everything else. Johnny, Kayce, and EB also give their 'picks of the week' and their 'comebacks of the week.' That and much more! 

Oct 11, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap - Week Six: Kayce, Dave, and Jack Mac

On this week's episode, Kayce, Dave, and Jack look back at week six in college football. They break down the Red River Rivalry, discuss the SEC hierarchy, and give their overreactions. Dave gets distracted by some recent Twitter news and then calls out Kayce on her latest Instagram post. That and much more!

Oct 08, 2018
SZN1 Episode #17 Touchdowns, Facemasks, And Rap Music

On this week's episode, Johnny recaps his first CFL touchdown, the crew dishes on the Jimbo Fisher helmet situation, and they break down Tha Carter V. Plus the gang gives their 'Picks Of The Week' and 'Comebacks Of The Week.' That and much more! 

Oct 04, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap - Week Five: Kayce, Jack Mac, and A Sad Penn State Fan

Jeff D. Lowe Of Lights Camera Barstool joins Kayce Smith and Jack Mac to recap week five in college football and relive his experience at last weekend's Penn State/Ohio State game. The crew talks Jimbo Fisher, Clemson-ing, and much more! 

Oct 01, 2018
SZN1 Episode #16 Transfers, Tiger and Trash Talk

In this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB touch on some of the recent drama surrounding Barstool Sports. The crew dives into the Kelly Bryant transfer and what that means for the Clemson and the league as a whole. They also touch on Tiger and do some major trash talking regarding their Picks Of The Week. That and much more!

Sep 27, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap - Week Four: Kayce, Portnoy, and Jack Mac

Kayce, Portnoy, and Jack Mac recap the biggest games of week four in college football. The crew gives their overreactions and Dave introduces his gambling journal. They also end up drawing a strange comparison between Tiger Woods and the University Of Texas. That and much more! 

Sep 24, 2018
SZN1 Episode #15 A&M/Bama, FitzMagic, And Driving In Canada

Kayce Smith and Johnny Manziel hold it down on this week's episode of Comeback SZN presented by Barstool Sports. The crew breaks down the upcoming Texas A&M/Alabama game and Johnny recalls some of his most memorable moments as an Aggie. They also give their picks for for the biggest games of week four in college football and drop a surprise "Comeback Of Week." Plus a little NFL talk. That and much more!

Sep 20, 2018
SZN1 - CFB Recap - Week Three: Kayce, Portnoy, and Jack Mac

Introducing Power Hour presented by Barstool Sports, Comeback SZN's weekly recap show dropping on Monday nights. This week, Kayce Smith, Dave Portnoy, and Jack Mac review week three in college football. The crew discusses the biggest stories and debate the best conference.  They also debut a new segment, "Overreactions" and much more! 

Sep 17, 2018
SZN1 Episode #14 - Touch Back Rule, Throwing Hands And Syrup

Kayce Smith, Johnny Manziel, and Erik Bukhardt give their picks for the biggest college football games of week three. They also breakdown the touchback rule and what it meant for the Texas A&M/Clemson game. They talk the future of Dez Bryant and debut a new segment, "Come Of The Week," which leads to a condiment-related prank that resulted in EB swinging on Johnny...That and much more. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports! 

Sep 13, 2018
SZN1 Episode #13 - Picks Of The Week, QB Questions and The Grind (ft. Ochocinco)

 Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt preview week 2 of CFB, make their weekly picks ATS and look back at the biggest story lines of Week 1. They also talk NFL moves and much more. Chad Johnson "Ochocinco" and Uncle Luke stop in to preview their new Starz docu-series "Warriors of Liberty City". ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Sep 06, 2018
SZN1 Episode #12 - CFB Opening Weekend, Massive Pay Days and Kevin Hart

Kayce Smith, Johnny Manziel and Erik Burkhardt get ready for opening week of college football taking a look at the week's biggest games and making some picks. Other topics include Aaron Rodgers' massive pay day, Johnny's appearance on Kevin Hart's show and more. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports! 


Aug 30, 2018
SZN1 Episode #11 - A strong debate, preseason Top 25 and Post Malone

This week, Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt jump into the preseason AP Top 25 poll and talk UCF claiming a national title. Also the Post Malone airplane drama, recent NCAA allegations and much more. There's also a very healthy debate on guys deciding to sit out of bowl games to prepare for the NFL. There's definitely no lack of passion. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Aug 23, 2018
SZN1 Episode #10 - Power Five Debate, Alabama's QB battle, and concussion protocol

College football is almost back and we're stoked! Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt take an early look at the best conference in 2018, Alabama's QB battle and much more. The crew also hits on Johnny being in concussion protocol and missing his next game in Montreal. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports! 

Aug 16, 2018
SZN1 Episode #9 - A Rough Start, the NCAA and No Excuses

Kayce is back and the crew dives right into Johnny's rough first start in Montreal. Rule #1 'No Excuses, Play Like A Champion.' We also talk NCAA rule changes, NFL pre-season, bikini picture rumors and more. Subscribe. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Aug 09, 2018
SZN1 Episode #8 - Dave Portnoy, Erik Burkhardt, and Johnny Manziel -- Johnny Starts

You know what this is. Emergency episode of Comeback SZN featuring special host Dave Portnoy. Talking about Johnny's new role as starting quarterback in Montreal, the news out of Ohio State, and Kayce's week. Subscribe!

Aug 02, 2018
SZN1 Episode #7 - Montreal, Manning Camp Fiasco and Jimmy G's date

On this week's episode, Kayce Smith, Johnny Manziel and Erik Burkhardt discuss the CFL trade that sent Johnny to Montreal this week and the high expectations that come with it. Johnny sets the record straight on the infamous Manning Camp drama from his college days. Plus, the crew discusses Jimmy Garoppolo dating a porn star and much more. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jul 26, 2018
SZN 1 *Johnny Manizel Traded To The Montreal Alouettes - Bonus Episode*

Johnny Manziel was traded from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday night. Listen to his introductory press conference in Montreal, as well as his agent Erik Burkhardt and Kayce Smith discussing the trade. New episodes of Comeback SZN presented by Barstool Sports drop every Thursday!



Jul 23, 2018
SZN1 Episode #6 - Danny Amendola: "The Patriot Way", Modeling and Miami

On this week's episode, Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Danny Amendola joins Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt to dish about his time playing for the New England Patriots and much more. He touches on the Malcolm Butler benching, the (very strict) Patriot Way and his relationship with Tom Brady. He also discusses signing with the Dolphins, his modeling career and tells a few stories about partying with the boys. It's a don't miss. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

Jul 19, 2018
SZN 1 Episode #5 - College partying, Coaching a Superstar and the Off-Season (ft. Kliff Kingsbury)

Kayce Smith, Johnny Manziel and Erik Burkhardt are joined by Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury to talk about his time coaching #2 during the wild Heisman season at Texas A&M, hanging out with Britney Spears, balancing some of the biggest personalities in college football and much more. Check out the Comeback SZN podcast presented by Barstool Sports! 


Jul 10, 2018
SZN 1 Episode #4: Lebron James, USA vs Canada and a Pregnancy Rumor

On this week's episode, Johnny Manziel and Erik Burkhardt join Kayce Smith to talk about Lebron James heading to the Lakers, the 4th of July vs Canada Day, Drake's newest album and Johnny's progress in the CFL. We also dive into the latest internet rumor. Check out Comeback SZN the podcast presented by Barstool Sports!




Jul 03, 2018
SZN1 Episode #3 - PEDs, Player Options and Rise Pageviews Rise (ft. Mike Stud)

Kayce Smith, Johnny Manziel, and Erik Burkhardt are joined by special guest Mike Stud this week to talk about the Comeback SZN brand, Rise Pageviews Rise, and many more topics you are going to have to check out. Topics discussed this week include Julian Edelman getting popped for PEDs and Carmelo Anthony opting into his massive player option, subscribe to Comeback SZN now!

Jun 26, 2018
SZN1 Episode #2 - NCAA Rules, Versace, and a Wager

On this week's episode, Erik Burkhardt and Johnny Manziel join Kayce Smith to talk about Phil Mickelson, Johnny's trip to the Versace house, and the gang makes a little wager. Take a listen to episode two of Comeback SZN presented by Barstool Sports!

Jun 20, 2018
SZN1 Episode #1 - Johnny Visits Barstool ft Dave Portnoy

Johnny Manziel and Erik Burkhardt made the trip down from Canada to visit Barstool HQ in New York City, and they recorded their first episode of the new Comeback SZN Podcast. Kayce Smith hosts and the group discuss everything from Manziel spilling wine all over a hotel room in New England down to MJ vs LeBron (not seriously). Check it out, subscribe, and check back in every Tuesday morning for a new episode!

Jun 12, 2018
Comeback Szn - The Announcement

Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith, and Erik Burkhardt return for another episode of Comeback SZN with a few major announcements. Make sure to follow along with this show as Johnny's season rolls along on all social media @comebacksznshow and by subscribing to the podcast right here!

May 19, 2018
Barstool Sports NFL Draft Day Special

Kayce Smith is joined by Johnny Manziel and his agent Eric Burkhardt for this special Barstool Sports podcast, the NFL Draft Day Special. Johnny and EB go over the 2014 Draft process for Manziel, and the ass-kissing process he refused to follow. Thursday night's NFL Draft is broken down, including inside information from Johnny about what makes each quarterback special. Lastly, Manziel tells the story about what really happened on draft night when he big-timed Dave Portnoy!

Apr 26, 2018