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 Feb 24, 2021


“The Lance Wallnau Show” follows the machinations of influence shaping and policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplomacy. Lance Wallnau looks past the distractions of political theater and stunts and focuses on the hidden powers and agenda. Lance breaks down and decodes current events, legislative proposals and policies that shape American life - as well as the people making and influencing those policies and their ultimate outcome, intended or otherwise.

Episode Date
Marxist Matrix Of Control

This program is dedicated to building resistance against the oppressive tactics we've seen deployed again and again over the last few years. The one thing that can never be taken away is your inner freedom, and I believe by 2022 we're going to see a massive shift in the power controlling America. I was at a meeting of conservatives recently and they had a list of the top 20 things that 70% of Americans wanted, and those areas of agreement the Biden administration doesn't want to do!

Ted Cruz has a warning for us on our voting rights and the worst part of it is that the Democrats are marketing their assault on democracy as protecting it! The remedy to all of this is that we need to persuade a lot more people of the truth.

Oct 18, 2021
The Economic Shaking

Today we're looking at the globalists and their strategy to take over everything. China and the US are locked in a contest of which system will dominate the world both economically, and governmentally. Already we are seeing totalitarian control sneak into America under the guise of vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and news coverage that pumps out content designed to make you seem like an idiot who needs to be managed.

The Democrats are still desperately trying to pass their $3.5 trillion deal, while there are major 'supply chain' issues going on all over the country. Coming up we'll talk about the nature of the progressives, the Democratic regime, and what is happening now.

Oct 16, 2021
Populist Backlash

We are living in a period of time where the erosion of our freedoms is the result of progressive, Marxist politics. How quickly the left has gone from 'my body my choice' when it comes to abortion, but it's not your body or your choice when it's injecting something into your body. It's both hypocritical and authoritarian, something that the far left exemplifies at every turn.

Tucker Carlson has been a light shining in the darkness, the Davos agenda, the so called 'great reset' is still a threat even though their big push for climate change hysteria didn't really take off. We're dealing with such Government overreach right now, there is a populist backlash coming, the great awakening of America.

Oct 15, 2021
Our Grassroots Revolution

This episode is so important as we'll be talking about the nature of the awakening. We've been praying for awakening, we've been talking about awakening, now we need to watch for the indicators of awakening. In the cities there is a demonic concentration of power, while in the rural regions there are real strong pockets of God's activity.We need a strategy on how an awakening moves into reformation territory!

In other news the Oregon Attorney General is suing counties for their passage of 2nd amendment sanctuaries, The President of Brazil has an insightful opinion on vaccine passports, and YouTube censorship is getting worse.

Oct 14, 2021
What The News Isn't Telling You

The media has been lying to us for years. It's not just the fake news you see on twitter, it's also what you hear on your morning commute, or when you turn on the TV at night. Much as they've tried to hide Joe Biden's various gaffes from the public, they can't hide how low his approval rating is!

Also isn't it funny how evangelistic people can be about their religion, as long as they are not conservative or Christian? Just look at the LGBTQ lobby, they evangelise daily while conservatives and Christians have been bullied out of the high places in our culture. We've got so much to talk about including Mike Lindell, big pharma's influence, and the weird 'weather' Southwest airlines has been dealing with.

Oct 13, 2021
FBI’s Latest Target, Soccer Moms

In this broadcast, I share some of the latest threats from the DOJ and why it's so important for Christians to be vigilant in their beliefs. You'll also hear how school boards are becoming a new battleground for freedom of speech, the FBI being weaponised against soccer moms, and what you can do about it!

Oct 12, 2021
The Scourge Of Critical Race Theory

A corrupt attorney general has deployed the FBI to harass and investigate soccer moms for being critical of radical left-wing school teachers. The principal targets have been conservative parents who have tried to stop their children from being indoctrinated by Marxist teachers in public schools.

This video will explain how the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) is used as an excuse to suppress dissent in our nation's classrooms. We'll also examine how CRT is an assault on truth!

Oct 11, 2021
Is the FBI the Democrat's Gestapo?

In this broadcast, I break down what's happening in America and why the FBI is now under investigation.

Is the FBI turning into a branch of the Democratic Party?
How much power should we give to social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, who decide what news we see and don't see? How does that affect our democracy? And how can we fight back against propaganda, fake news, psy-ops, corruption, censorship and more?

Oct 08, 2021
America's Prosperous Shipwreck

The tech giant who wants to rule the world. Facebook has a problem, and it's called censorship. In this video I share how they're silencing conservatives and why that's bad for America!

Oct 07, 2021
Exposing the Whistleblower

Facebook is a powerful company, but they're also one of the most secretive and least transparent. It's time for change! Facebook needs to be held accountable and we need transparency.

I'm exposing the whistleblower that revealed Facebook’s documents about harming children and stoking division, so you can see what's really going on behind closed doors.

Oct 06, 2021
The REAL story behind the Facebook Whistle blower!

Why was Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp shut down with widespread outages for about 7 hours? Why do Democrats on the Hill want to use this leftist whistle blower, Frances Haughen, to silence your voice?
——- PSY-OPS!

Oct 06, 2021
Get The Facts!

Do you know what an anti-vaxxer is? Well, Merriam-Webster has defined an anti-vaxxer as someone who 'opposes laws that mandate vaccination.' That's broad!

The media machine have found the language to label you. If you have questions, they can slap a label on you to discredit you, and subordinate you intellectually.

We'll be talking about End-times mind control, economic alarms and much more!

Oct 04, 2021
Leaks, Disagreements and Chaos surround 3.5 trillion dollar socialist spending plan!

The US government is in a state of chaos. The socialist spending plan proposed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been met with resistance from Republicans who view it as too costly and dangerous to the economy. But what does the proposal actually entail?
What's causing all this fuss? What's at stake, and why should we care about it?

Oct 02, 2021
America's Last Best Hope

Have you ever experienced being in the right place at the right time, multiple times? How do you know when it’s a calling and not a coincidence? Hear how this connects to my discussion today with Phil Boyce the Senior Vice President of Spoken Word.

Oct 01, 2021
The Real Story Behind The Scandal

During the 2020 Presidential Debates, something hit me when Biden made a statement telling Trump, while looking at the 80 million of us: "Shut up, you clown."
You have to hear how this connects to the minds of the ruling class elites, the contempt they have for you and me, and how they'll never allow another outsider to break into their "private club" and threaten their game!

Sep 29, 2021
China Cracks Down on Girly Men

While we have the UN demanding leaders of nations to be vaccinated to speak, we have China cracking down on a different type of virus!
But it's not the medical kind that one contracts. I'm talking about a cultural variant spread around by Hollywood and media that China refuses to allow!

Sep 28, 2021
Election Audit Updates Plus A Prediction!

With the election audit announcements imminent, we need to be ready to reform the corrupt system. Before those announcements are made I have a prediction for you!

You're going to hear the vilification in the MSM of people like Lauren Boebert, Doug Mastriano, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mike Pompeo; Every one of them a Ninja Sheep who is answering the call of God.

Sep 27, 2021
The Signal, Not The Noise

With a blizzard of different messages coming out all the time through media, it is so important to tune out the noise in order to hear the correct signal. Having a prophetic perspective on all that is going on is key. I have some prophetic “signals” for you in today’s broadcast you need to hear!

Sep 23, 2021
Communism On Biden’s Team

I recently discovered something interesting when I thought someone was pranking me as I kept hearing a knocking at my door. My staff said it was really a woodpecker making the sounds because it saw its reflection.
Don't miss the correlation of the woodpecker to the Left and what I share regarding Biden's Cabinet!

Sep 22, 2021
Biden Kills Innocent Family

You won't likely hear about the real story on mainstream news. The tragic details of whom our intelligence community actually killed as compared to what Major General Hank Taylor said in his press conference. That's the narrative they want us to focus on instead of the truth.

Sep 21, 2021
America Under Attack From Within

While I've been focusing on 9/11 there are patterns as well as a spiritual meaning I don't want you to miss!
Consider the targets attacked. Then consider what we are facing as a nation, in our present time.
Ah, but there is an answer in all of this, and I believe the populist movement has a strategy!

Sep 16, 2021
Live From Ground Zero

We have our team at Ground Zero today, where the two world trade buildings collapsed after being hit by jets overtaken by terrorists.
You'll hear personal insights from one directly affected that includes a connection to present day.

Sep 15, 2021
Remembering 9/11, 20 Years Later

Here we are, twenty years later of the anniversary of an event that reverberated not just around the United States, but around the globe. Do you remember where you were on that fateful day?
Check out this story about a window washer whose leadership helped save lives, and more.

Sep 14, 2021
Breaking News Georgia Fraud Caught On Video

We have some breaking news for you regarding the Georgia voter fraud! What's amazing to me was what I observed in the video of the fraud. You have to see the special "efforts" people took that involve drop boxes, health-conscious masked-up midnight runners handling wads of ballots, wearing gloves, and more!

Sep 09, 2021
New Transcript Exposes Biden To Impeachment

Talk about the script being flipped.. Last year the Left was all in an uproar when President Trump said to check out Biden's connection to Ukraine and China, and they went after Trump to impeach HIM.
This year, however? We have a NEW transcript that just came out, only THIS time it wasn't Trump on the phone.
Oy vey what a pickle we have here, but you won't hear about this on the mainstream media!

Sep 08, 2021
As Biden Fails Hope Rises

From Biden sleeping in meetings, checking his watch, its really looking like this administration is failing on every front! On the one hand, we have the Left acting like Jim Carrey's character in Liar, Liar, when he was beating himself up in the restroom.
But on the other hand? All of this is helping de-legitimize the Biden administration while awakening the heroes of the "shire!"

Sep 07, 2021
Unthinkable? Not Any More
America isn’t the victim of military and political incompetence. It’s sabotage. Elites in the State Department and Intelligence community set this up in order to establish the world order they think works best.
Wait till you see who is leading the Taliban government. It’s Osama bin Laden on steroids. It’s only 7 months and America under Biden is beating itself up like Jim Carrey’s bathroom scene in Liar Liar.
And yet I am hopeful. “But they will progress no further, for their FOLLY will be manifest for all to see.” ( 2 Tim 3:9)
Sep 03, 2021
Corporate Goons Attack Three Patriots

Communist censorship is taking place, where?! The USA of all places! That's right! Corporate goons like Bank of America, Chase Bank and others are going after patriots like you and I.
Is there something we can do about it?

Sep 03, 2021
Live With Pastor Ramiro

Today I'm joined by my good friend, pastor Ramiro Peña!

Sep 02, 2021
What Is God Saying?

While watching America’s self inflicted defeat in Afghanistan and trying to make sense of where this is all going I was STUNNED BY WHAT THE LORD SAID.

Sep 01, 2021
The Good News

There's A Lot of Bad News, But THIS is the GOOD NEWS
“Come Up Higher” the Spirit of God said… “before the worst shall come there shall go those who shall carry the fullness of My truth and the fire- not only to the states of this nation but to many other places; for there is a work that must be done first spiritually before the Lord shall come.”
I read the prophecy on this video - WATCH!
Kenneth Hagin prophecy 1963

Aug 31, 2021
A Prophetic Word For The United States

Prophetic Word on America’s Crisis, Our Enemies Within, Donald Trump, November 3rd Election audit results and Why we should TAKE HEART! (Sorry that the sound gets distorted whenever I talk about certain subjects) Jump to 35 min. If all you want is The Hagin prophecy

Aug 30, 2021
Whats Next For America, Afghanistan, and the world?
What did Biden just do that has heads exploding? World leaders continue to register shock and disbelief.
Polls show that 1 out of 8 Democrats would have switched their vote to Trump if the election was held today. Can America survive till 2022? Is there hope of a Great Awakening? What does the Bible say about the collapse of a restraining world order and the rise of the AntiChrist?
Aug 25, 2021
What Happens Next?!?

What happens next in Afghanistan and the United States?
You need to know:
1. The Intelligence community is throwing Biden under the bus. Woke military is experiencing a backlash for turning the worlds most respected force into a rainbow army.
2. We have a short window to recover the Bagram airbase we gave up in Afghanistan.
3. Watch for cascading anti-American unrest all over the Middle East and keep an eye on Iraq’s US embassy. Iran is taking over the Iraqi political infrastructure.
4. Al-Qaeda and Taliban are teaming up with China and Iran - all aligned.
5. All this is setting up an opportunity to shake and salvage America between now and November 2022!
We are one nation under God, and progressives are forcing another god on our culture. Your prayers are working. Trust God as Heaven is doing what the Bible calls a “strange work.”

Aug 24, 2021
What God is Saying About Afghanistan and America

What God is saying about America and Afghanistan and what the Bible says about this moment. The Biden Administration's shambolic withdrawal from Afghanistan continues. Joe Biden tells the media that US citizens are evacuating without incident, then less than an hour later is contradicted by his own Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin.

Aug 23, 2021
The Battle Of Ideas In America

Today I'm talking to Stephen "MAGA Hulk" Davis, a Turning Point USA Contributor, and Co-host of the "You Ain't Black" show.

Aug 19, 2021
A Different Type Of Radio With Alex Clarke

Today's special guest is Alex Clarke, who has a unique way of communicating complex political issues in a social media digestible form that kids actually get!


Aug 18, 2021
The Greatest Psychological Schism

I'm back with Jeff Younger, and I find this unbelievable. 40% of America is acquiescing to this demonic deception that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Basically, you can self define your your gender any way you want to, and that there's no psychological or moral issue with taking children and sterilizing them for life, or altering their physical body for life.

Because after all, that's what adults do, isn't it? We use our children as props for our own mental in political worldview, and then alter them physically. I'm just amazed that what I'm hearing, but what bothers me the most, is the idea that this is a well-funded strategy, and you can buy the conscience and the vote and the morals of Republicans in office, if you can offer the right money.

Aug 17, 2021
The Moral Issue Of Gender Reassignment Surgery

Today I'm talking to Jeff Younger who has been a national news story in his fight against the gender reassignment surgery of his 9-year old son, James.

At age 3, Jeff’s ex-wife had divorced him to teach his son that he had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body. For years, she has taught him this lie and even enrolled him in school as a girl.

These young children can’t smoke, drink, or vote, but we are allowing them to physically castrate themselves and alter their bodies doing incredible physical, mental, and emotional harm. These are medical experiments being conducted on children, yet we as a nation are allowing this to happen and even glorifying it.

Aug 16, 2021
Abby Johnson: The Walls Are Talking

Have you heard the term "trophies of grace?" Abby Johnson certainly fits the description! Her story, which she later wrote in her book, Unplanned, is the journey of working for the world's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, but ultimately one of God's Grace.

After leaving Planned Parenthood, she created a nonprofit foundation as a resource for others like herself looking for a way out.

Aug 10, 2021
HR1: The Legalization Of All Forms Of Voter Fraud

Have you wondered how we go about making sure that electoral reform is happening? Don't miss this conversation I had recently with
the challenger to Liz Cheney's congressional seat, Daryn Smith. We're covering the HR1 bill, chain of custody and more.

Candidate Daryn Smith is what I call the epitome of "Mr. Smith goes Goes to Washington!"

Aug 09, 2021
Believe In What You Say To Make A Difference

Today I have Gabe Poirot again with us on the show! Gabe shares his experience of being a social media "influencer" and why being authentic with his audience has such an impact!

We're talking about how what we say can really make a difference.

Aug 07, 2021
50% Of Gen Z Deny THIS Basic Fact!

The Left has a different kind of philosophy; they believe in it so much they go into all the world, similar to Matthew's Gospel! They're brainwashing kids on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender issues.
Join me as I interview a young entrepreneur and internet influencer, Gabe Poirot, who's working hard to take back that ground from the Left with the Gospel!

Aug 06, 2021
And The Truth Shall Set You Free

There are people that I love to interview on this program who are actively working towards stopping the spread of chaos and destruction in our country.
Today I'm talking with Tim Barton, son of David Barton. Don't miss our discussion on the progressive 1619 Project!
The Wall Builders Association and the Barton family and ministry are iconic voices of the American resistance against the anarchy and tyranny of the Left.

Aug 04, 2021
Fox News, Mike Lindell, And The Election Audit

I hear that train a-coming and I've got an update for you. Fox News is refusing to allow Mike Lindell to advertise his symposium to expose China meddling with the US election and derailing it!

Aug 03, 2021
Live With Gene Bailey And Mario Murillo

I'm with Gene Bailey, Mario Murillo, and Larry Sparks for the first ever flashpoint live in person event. There will be special guests General Michael Flynn and Kenneth Copeland. It really will be a landmark event!

Aug 01, 2021
What's REALLY going on

An update on the Arizona election audit, what Mike Lindell has been working on, Joe Biden and how all of these fit together!

Jul 30, 2021
Trump calls out Communist takeover in America
Listen to this… big update!
1. Trump calls out Communist takeover in America.
2. Protests are erupting against corrupt and overbearing governments from Cuba to France and the U.K. Populist uprising are manifesting.
3. NOVEMBER 3! Don’t believe new election laws will fix anything. What we need is a full exposure of Theft, error and corruption on Nov 3! Only decertification and hard evidence will change the rigged system by 2022 mid terms.
Do this audit in Red States! Guess what we discovered? Surprise! Surprise! - Republicans are as corrupt as Democrats! They are hindering forensic election audit activity in AZ. GA. and MI. BOTH parties need to be dealt with.
GOOD NEWS! - One group is mobilized and demanding an audit of EVERY county! They are set up in 50 states and have 125,000 volunteers. They need you! Go to Telegram and look for “America First” audits.
4. FBI just got exposed in a way that opens up a huge hole in the D.C. Jan 6. narrative. Remember the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer? The caper is rapidly becoming an FBI embarrassment as 12 out 18 participants are revealed to be working as either FBI informants and agents! is breaking the story and showing how the Michigan Capitol break-in is looking more and more like a dress rehearsal for group infiltration and facilitation for breaking into D.C Capitol.
5. Mike Lindell says his symposium on 10-12th will expose China interference on Nov. 3 election. He believes his evidence will convince Joe Biden and Harris to step aside. What do you say? I don’t think we understand that humans can “sell themselves to do evil” such as Ahab did (1 Kings 21:25)… We’re not dealing with honest people. Still, if the evidence is comprehensible and irrefutable as he says, it could go to the Supreme Court to rule on foreign interference. What then?
6. THIS verse jumped out at me… Jesus “went up on the mountain and SUMMONED those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him.”
Jesus is summoning those He is about to send.
Jul 28, 2021
Global Update On The Great Awakening
Strap on your seatbelt for a wild, fast, global update on the great awakening in its first phase- a populist movement bigger than the tea party!
Catch what’s happening in the news you’re not hearing!
Jul 21, 2021
America Deserves the Truth

Establishment Republicans and the "good ol' boys club" are a real issue. Just like the ongoing issues we have with COVID, Fauci's emails, and the January 6th investigations.
I'm talking to Graham Allen who is a candidate running in District 7 of South Carolina (Congressman Tom Rice's district).
Graham believes that you and I here in America deserve the truth!

Jul 09, 2021
The Demonization of Police and the Devastating Border Crisis

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from Rifle, Colorado, joins me on the show as we discuss some of today's hot topics.
Lauren speaks with law enforcement officers throughout the United States, including Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, local police departments, and state police. She told me these LEO's do NOT have qualified immunity, and in her state, they have been stripped from qualified immunity.
You will want to hear what this means and why it is important.

Don't miss how we also discuss the tragedy taking place at our border and the devastating crisis it has become.

Jul 08, 2021
How We Can Change America

I have a special guest with me today, Brooke Rollins, CEO and Texas Public Policy Foundation President. As former President Trump's Domestic Policy Chief, she dealt with the impeachment issues, government shutdowns, and the notorious Russia investigations.
We're talking about how you and I can change America at the local levels, getting involved with school boards, because it's really the grassroots groups, especially the faith believers out there who know they have to show up.
Brooke says that activism is a biblical priority and that the book of Acts is a "book of activists!"

Jul 07, 2021
The Nature of the Warfare in America

Today I'm talking about the Wuhan debacle and the way media blew everything out of proportion. There is Fauci's fingerprints all over the gain of function to the Wuhan Lab, and then we have the forensic audits going on in Arizona and other states.

Not to miss: You HAVE GOT to hear this connection with the NSA and January 6th and how this all ties into the warfare in America.
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.

Jul 06, 2021
Tucker Carlson and The Security State

This is serious. The security state must be reformed and the populist movement must mature. Tucker's story is real. We will have fake performative politics… all theater. The power brokers are the corrupt intelligence community. Like the KGB in Russia or the CCP in China.

Jul 01, 2021
American Prisoner in Russia Trapped Between Putin and Biden

Russians are known to be excellent chess players. But imagine for a moment Putin locking up an American prior to meeting with Donald Trump?
Right now we have an American who is stuck in a Russian prison. Meanwhile, Putin is gambling on his moves to negotiate with a weak President Biden over locked up pawns!
Why is no one reporting on this?
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.

Jun 29, 2021
Biden's Stumble At G-7

You have to hear the crazy similarities of when Khruschev debated President Kennedy to this year's G-7 meeting with all the elite globalist leaders!
When world leaders act weakly on the global stage, watch what happens!

Jun 25, 2021
Worried About a Rigged Election? Here’s One Way to Handle It

Rush Limbaugh had a phrase he used that talked about realism. Be the "Mayor of Realville" where real decisions are made and implemented.
The election integrity process that President Trump has talked about and is currently watching, is the answer! Has anyone in your state begun to do a forensic audit where you live?

Jun 24, 2021
The Rise Of The Populists Resistance

Bill O'Reilly believes the Biden/Harris administration is headed for a ship wreck and to watch what happens as the current economy continues to have issues. In the meantime, we have an emerging group rising that is the new resistance! Are you on board?

Jun 23, 2021
What's Happening In Arizona, Georgia, And Michigan?

Watching the news right now, Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow are having meltdowns because the moms are showing up to go to bat for their kids so they are not embarrassed or shamed for the color of their skin, as critical race theory enters our schools.

Let's also look at what's happening with the election audits - wild!

Jun 22, 2021
How Many Government Agents Were Involved?

I don’t know if it’s comforting or unsettling to be right, but Tucker and others are now hammering what happened on January 6th at the capitol building, and asking “how many government agents were involved?”

Plus, what is judgement? Do you really know what it is? We'll look in the bible, specifically Romans, to find what Judgement is.

Jun 21, 2021
Lance Live With Gene Bailey

I'm joined today with the host of Victory Channel's show, Flashpoint, Pastor Gene Bailey!

Jun 13, 2021
Lance Interviews Charlie Kirk Of Turning Point USA

Join me as I interview Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA live from the Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas!

Jun 12, 2021
Who Wants To Stand Up Against Government Tyranny?
Join Lance and Pastor Pawlowski. Hear from Pastor Artur Pawlowski how you can join in with him, and fight tyranny in your area!
Jun 12, 2021
Live from Turning Point Young Women's Leadership Summit
On today’s Firewall, this will be one of the strangest Bible studies you’ve ever taken part in. It’s strange only because I believe that the times we are living in are when the books are literally being opened. Make sure you have your Bible ready!
Specifically we’re going to look at Acts 23, and the Apostle Paul, the most interesting character you could ever meet in terms of experiences with God while on Earth. Last week we were talking about about Statesman Evangelists and I’ve got a Statesman Evangelist moment you don't want to miss.
Jun 11, 2021
Why has this pastor been beaten, arrested, and his house set on fire?
Pastor Artur Pawlowski is a sort of early warning to the church in the United States.
When you hear his story of what he grew up under behind the iron curtain in Poland, you will understand why his voice is a threat to the political powers in Canada where Christianity has been under attack.
Jun 11, 2021
North Carolina Kicks Off The Battle
North Carolina, the home of great awakenings and also a battleground state during the Civil War. The big GOP convention and rally includes ND Governor Kristi Noem, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, with keynote speaker, President Trump.
The main theme throughout the rally is just as President Trump has said all along, get involved locally, not just in Washington D.C., or the federal level!
Jun 10, 2021
Biden Lab Crime Cover Up

In just a year, when tariffs were squeezing China, this is where the Wuhan story becomes insidious, and they just might have one area that could be a game-changer.
Just look at how we went from dominating economically at the beginning of 2020 to where we are now.
Trump used economics instead of war, Biden and company use money and backroom deals.

Jun 09, 2021
Trump's Enemies Are Setting Him Up

Trumps enemies in New York are setting him up for a trial and jail! This is major evil and incredibly stressful. Let’s attack this and break it in prayer. (Fast forward to wild PRAYER time 21 minutes in!!!)
In the meantime Trump drives them into the crazy zone asking “What’s going to happen when everyone discovers the states flipping their election results because of fraud!?” He asks “will we let Biden continue destroying America?” This drives them so mad they simply can’t even talk about it.
Hence, they try to lock him up! So let’s pray and lock this spirit up shall we?

Jun 08, 2021
The Great Awakening Has Begun
Jun 04, 2021
Cover Ups Now Exposed
Have you noticed? Something has shifted! China is being exposed. Tech giants that cracked down on supposedly false information now relax their stance regarding COVID.
Its all part of the unraveling, the 4th turning! A strange Awakening
Jun 03, 2021
Trump Sets Their Hair On Fire, Again…

When Donald Trump speaks, liberals listen! As President, he spoke guardedly. Now he's relaxed while between golfing and in Mar-a-Lago, so we're getting to hear a different side of him and it's driving liberals mad all OVER again!

Jun 02, 2021
Lies About January 6th
It’s hard to know if Democrats are sincerely angry about stupid things or if they are just systemically lunar. This month they are furious over the Republican Senate blocking their proposed January 6th Commission. If they want a January commission they should expand it to a 2021 commission including the summer of riots up to and including Jan 6, where no guns were used, no fire bombs deployed, no business burned down, no police precincts incinerated or Govt court houses or churches targeted for destruction. Let them examine incidents where streets were actually occupied, as in Portland. BUT Those are all the doings of the well funded organizers on the left and like laptop computers during Impeachment proceedings I suppose they are irrelevant and should not be investigated.
And THAT is why the Jan 6th Commission was a joke before it started and I wonder if these people are capable of objective journalism and policy formation or if they are indeed taken over by what Isaiah describes as “gross darkness” covering the earth.
Jun 01, 2021
Democrats Are Drowning America In Debt

Warning! The Democrats are destroying America in debt. 11 trillion dollars for what? For NOTHING. Who will pay? The world does not have to take our dollars! This debt is a guaranteed inflation strategy. We will be like Argentina or Venezuela. We need to know who the fighters are like Marjorie Taylor Greene in this battle, and we need to know who the useless leaders are like McCarthy, who simply roll over or worse- attack Marjorie Greene. BUT God is showing me a 20-30 million soul harvest during this 4th Turning. The low hanging fruit of Trump voters who don’t know Jesus. The Rallies can roll into revivals. All this is the theater where your prayers are playing out.

May 31, 2021
From Wuhan to Hollywood

Ah ha! From the news on Wuhan labs to an actors tortured apologies to China, to the destruction of a career in the military because of resistance to critical race theory the pattern is getting clear. If you want to see Donald Trump emerge you better get this lesson down. We’re up against something coming together that looks like the Beast in the Bible.

May 28, 2021
Trump Responds To News He’s Being Criminally Investigated

Join Lance in the underground at:

May 26, 2021
Tony Robbins Exposes Media Manipulation

A surprising revealing of how media uses fear to manipulate comes through famed, motivational speaker and author, Tony Robbins!

Join Lance in The Underground:

May 25, 2021
Is The Associated Press Working With Hamas?

Have you been paying attention to what's going on in Israel? Is the Associated Press working with Hamas? Sen Cotton thinks so.

May 24, 2021
YOU Can Stop The Woke Corporate Agenda

Action! How YOU can STOP the woke corporate agenda with this one thing! Justin Danhof is going to explain to us the power of showing up and how you can make changes in these publicly traded companies.

May 20, 2021
The Liberal Takeover Of American Corporations

The Liberal takeover of American Corporations. Watch this and discover the REAL reason your favorite brands are turning to corporate wokeism and how you can STOP it.
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May 19, 2021
As Tensions Rise In The Middle East
As tensions rise in the Middle East, nations are aligning for or against Israel’s right to exist. Every nation is about to enter the Valley of Decision.
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May 18, 2021
End Times Prophecy Unfolding In The Middle East
End-time prophecy is unfolding in the Middle East. Will we see peace again?
If you've been following the current situation taking place in Israel, don't miss the breakdown that shows this is really all quite political
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May 17, 2021
Is Israel at war?

Here's the uncensored truth...

May 13, 2021
Is End Time Prophecy unfolding now in the Middle East?

Israel heads to war as Biden policies embolden attacks against Israel.

May 12, 2021
Cop calls Out LeBron James

Listen in on this viral tik-tok video where a cop calls out LeBron James's appalling, divisive behaviour.

May 06, 2021
Putin Takes A Page Out Of Democrats Playbook
The spirit of lawlessness is not just exclusively at work in the USA; it is also at work globally. While Democrats paint Trump and his supporters as extremists, Russian President Putin is doing the same right now and more to his presidential opponent, Alexei Navalny and his supporters!
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May 05, 2021
And The Award For Worst Ratings Goes To...
On the night of Hollywood's annual pontificating, where elitists speak their thoughts during the Oscars, ONE VOICE stood out from amongst them and interrupted their Leftist political opining!
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May 04, 2021
Biden’s Bullying Agenda To Divide America
Did you listen to Biden's speech and catch the eery similarity to the messaging of last year's campaign?
Meanwhile, we have a more oppressive government than we've ever had, and the aggression with which the Democrat Party is pushing their Leftist policies is staggering!
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.
May 03, 2021
What Does This Mean?

“I HEAR THAT TRAIN A COMIN...” What does this mean? I keep hearing this Johnny Cash song in my head. What are we supposed to do in the midst of this slow Motion train wreck we are watching in America? What did they just do to Rudy? Man, that makes me mad. I got a message through to President Trump. It’s about the 15 rallies he’s about to do. We need to repent as a nation. As the left divides us by race and sex and gender we must either be divided and wrecked or be “One nation under God.” (Just listen to the last two minutes and you’ll get the 💡 idea I’m a thinkin bout) But there is a glory train coming to the earth. An awakening coming to us. We need a track and action to make traction! The church has to fight for the preservation of the nation and the freedom given to it. There’s a practical track and a spiritual track. By 2022 Midterms will we have traction? We can see a turning of many to Christ and recover power to arrest our destruction in Congress and possibly the Senate.

May 03, 2021
Two Pandemics: Ignorance and Cowardice

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Apr 27, 2021
Change The Culture – Change The Game
Experiences, beliefs and decisions are all part of what helps shape culture.
The news provided us with the experience of that agonizing 8 minute video of George Floyd, while telling us to believe his death was a racially motivated event, which then led to riots lasting for months.
In order to change the culture, we must change how the game is being played by the Left.
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.
Apr 26, 2021
See Where God Has Gone Before You
Today I’m with Annabelle and we’ve got a verse for you that has to do with testimonies. I'm looking at Luke 22:7. “Then came the day of unleavened bread, when the Passover must be killed. And he sent Peter and John, saying, Go and prepare us the Passover, that we may eat. And they said unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare?”
Jesus said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the house which he enters.’
What that verse suggests, which we glide over so quickly, is that in the major events of life, you could see where God has already gone before you.
You can follow the miracles and divine appointments Annabelle experiences at Furnishing Families here:
Apr 24, 2021
Why Would God Allow A False Prophecy?
Is it possible to have a right prophecy and mix it with a wrong interpretation?
Anyone hearing concerns about the economy? Is there a financial collapse on the horizon? How do you know what to believe?
Here’s a 50 dollar code... LWRELIVE50 (it’s a course from my Cousin Billy) found at wealthbuilders!
Apr 23, 2021
Where We Are Winning
Have you heard the good news? Amazon reinstates a book critical of Trans Identity children, pushback is coming from states like Alabama, Florida, and others, with Governors also taking a stand.
These are indications that the populist movement is on the rise and YOUR voice is having an effect!
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.
Apr 22, 2021
Lance Breaks Down The Left's Dark Agenda
Ever wondered how the left took over in the USA or why it seems that we have to fight for every inch? This makes it simple.
Check out this powerful, yet understandable illustration that shows how the influence of Arts/Entertainment, Media, Business, Government, Education, Family, and Religion, all work together!
Apr 21, 2021
As America Is Distracted Radicals Infiltrate Government
Media spins their tales by using effective fear-mongering tactics. Because, as you'll hear from James O'Keefe's recent CNN investigation, "fear sells."
But what is actually happening while all of America is distracted by these fear tactics?
Don't miss the connection to the Defund Police, The Equality Act and other extreme policies!
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.
Apr 20, 2021
Late Night Report

Shocking news about gender procedure and children and good news about how we are winning in the States. AND the words of a big test of discernment coming to the body of Christ. The Levite’s who pass the test will be approved to stand for truth in the coming days.

Apr 19, 2021
What Happens When Your Peace Comes Upon Someone Else?

What does bitterness with another person, a voodoo doll, and your spiritual atmosphere have to do with each other? Join myself and Annabelle in today’s Bible Study to find out! Jesus said, "Go out in teams of two. Whatever house you enter, let your peace come upon it." Then when they returned, here is their testimony: “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” That is a strange thing. Jesus sent the men, He didn’t mention demons, He said peace. When your peace comes upon someone else, your authority is present to deal with the roots of strife and discord. If people can walk in peace with you and you can walk in peace with each other, you could isolate and deal with the devil. It is when you have strife that you have a problem dealing with the devil, but if you can get unity, you could deal with the demons.

Apr 16, 2021
Archbishop Warns About Digital ID & Tracing
Have you noticed how the government is coming for the Christian Church? Both California Governor Newsom and Colorado's Governor have tried to lock up Pastors. Both Canada and Britain have either attempted to shut down church services or have jailed Pastors.
This is a segment taken from Firewall with Lance Wallnau that airs Saturdays at 11am CST on Real America’s Voice! You can watch the rest of the show by downloading the Real America’s Voice app on your phone or on Roku. Catch us live each Saturday in the app or watch Dish network 219 and Pluto 240.
Apr 15, 2021
Polish Pastor Casts The Devil Out Of Church
What in the world is going on? We have mask hysteria resulting in a Pastor being arrested in Alberta, Canada. In Dallas, Texas, a young nursing mom is forced to leave a church service or be arrested for "trespassing," and a courageous Polish Pastor DELIVERS his church from law enforcement for interrupting his service in Canada.
I'm talking about all of this and also how even the name of the Polish Pastor's Church ties in!
Apr 14, 2021
Why Terrorists Are Showing Up In America
Have you seen the recent data regarding the number of children currently being detained? Children are being used as currency for smuggling into the United States, which is now SEVEN TIMES WORSE than during the previous administration's border policy.
Now we have a porous border policy, and the Department of Homeland Security is rarely reporting who they are catching, so is it any wonder that terrorists are slipping through?
Apr 13, 2021
Biden and Woka-Cola Wage War On Georgia

Democrats and Joe Biden all lie and need to be exposed. Why? They, along with elitist CEO's of corporations such as American Express, Delta, and American Airlines and others, all have their hand in the DAVOS pie. Meanwhile, Woka-Cola CEO opines his thoughts on Georgia's new voter laws!

Apr 12, 2021