Social Studies

By Joe Dombrowski

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Category: K-12

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Joe “Mr.D” Dombrowski studies being social, by being social! Join him as he wittily unpacks the wild world of elementary school.

Episode Date
Let’s Watch TV: 90 Day Fiance

This week, Joe and Mama Fran dive into the wild and crazy world of 90 Day Fiance. Joe falls in love with Tunisian architecture and Fran learns about polyamory!  

Apr 14, 2021
The Lock Down

This week, Joe is sweating bullets because he's been asked to give a speak for the induction of the National Teacher Of The Year even though this week he broke TEACHING RULE NUMBER 1! As punishment, his school has unannounced lock down drill and one of Joe’s students gets a little gassy! 

Apr 12, 2021
Let’s Watch TV: Catfish

This week, Joe and Mama Fran watch the MTV reality show Catfish! Fran gives us a rundown on catfishing and we learn that Joe himself has been involved in Catfish schemes more than once!

Apr 07, 2021
TATB: Teachers Against Tiny Backpacks

This week Mother Nature gives Joe her karma by striking him with relentless seasonal allergies, all while he’s avoiding tying kindergarten shoe laces and organizing a movement against the unnecessary production of undersized backpacks! THEY’RE USELESS!

Apr 05, 2021
Let’s Watch TV: Chrisley Knows Best

This week, LWTV branches out! We start by watching one of Mama Fran’s favorites, Chrisley knows Best! We learn that Fran has a hard time saying “sorry” and Joe embraces his inner southerner, ‘bless his heart!’

Apr 01, 2021
Liar Liar Pants on Fire

This week, Joe has his heart broken by one of his kid’s tall tales, another one makes a very informative yet inappropirate how-to manual, and Joe doesn’t know how to speak French, unlike all his kids.

Mar 29, 2021
CSI: Leprechaun Murder

This week, Joe simultaneously learns that kinders are addicted to holidays and that his body absolutely cannot handle drinking on a weekday. A horrifying leprechaun makes an appearance in the classroom and the kids react a little.....murdery.

Mar 22, 2021
Let’s Watch Tv: Batchelor Finale!

The Batchelor comes to a close and Joe couldn't be happier. Mama Fran is scared of Easter and Joe relives his debut stage role of "shepherd."

Mar 16, 2021
No Tired like Teacher Tired

This week, Joe is TIRED and shares some of his favorite tired teacher stories before he gets punk'd during yet another school fire drill, and then reminisces about the time he almost destroyed Michigan's natural habitats when he lost a pack of Giant Madagascar Hissing cockroaches!

Mar 15, 2021
Let’s Watch Tv: Surprise Departure!

This week, Joe and Fran are both surprised at who leaves the show, Joe is grossed out by milk-baths and Mama Fran goes to great lengths to celebrate Louis the Golden Retriver's birthday!

Mar 09, 2021
Kindergarten Divas

This week, Joe has to use his teacher-features to prove he’s eligible to get a vaccine, before he discusses the finer points of bead safety with everyone and establishes a pen pal program with Mother Nature!

Mar 08, 2021
Let’s Watch Tv: Tell All Drama!

On this episode, Joe and Fran discuss Fran's least favorite episode, the Tell All, before making predictions and discussing the future of LWTV!

Mar 02, 2021
Kindergarten Cuss Words

This week, Joe learns first hand just how challenging virtual teaching is, before sharing the magic of counting to three, and revealing his biggest kinder challenge yet: Not laughing when the children swear!

Mar 01, 2021
Let's Watch TV: Hometown Madness

This week, Matt and the girls visit their hometowns, and Joe reveals the truly shocking secret that he's a diva who likes attention while Mama Fran sees something she's never seen before in all her years watching the Batchelor!

Feb 23, 2021
Kindergarten Scissor Fiasco

This week, Joe has a serial haircutter running loose in his classroom! So he  takes the opportunity to chat with Michelle Griffo, AKA @applesandabcs, who tells him where he went wrong and also shares some amazing information on how to use and also create resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Feb 22, 2021
Let’s Watch Tv: Tantrum Yoga!

This week, Joe and Mama Fran decide to ignore the negativity that is dominating batty naysh, and focus on the positives. Mama Fran wants to give Heather a hug, and Joe explains tantric sex to his mother.

Feb 16, 2021
Kindergarten Fire Drill
Joe’s journey in kindergarten continues! It’s been an eventful week in Mr. D’s class, as the kids are sketched out by the year’s first fire drill. But they go nuts for Valentime’s Day and the ghost of Pablo Picasso pays  a visit during Joe’s latest kiddie craft project!
Feb 15, 2021
Let's Watch Tv: The Return of Mama Fran!

Mama Fran's back! And she has lots of thoughts about how this season is (or isn't) going! Joe finally gets to watch a date that doesn't make him cringe, and they both think there's more to Heather than meets the eye!

Feb 09, 2021
Welcome to Kindergarten!

The votes are in, and this week we debut the brand new theme music chosen by Socialite Nation! Joe then shares his trial by fire in his first week in his new role as a kindergarten teacher. He's learned that kindergartners are all selfish liars who can't survive two seconds on their own...and he's never had more fun in a classroom!

Feb 08, 2021
Let's Watch Tv: The Inside Tea!

This week, Rod returns and he and Joe take a whole new approach to breaking down the show, Joe is starting to like Matt, and they share some exclusive inside tea on everyone's favorite villain: Queen Victoria!

Feb 02, 2021
Teacher of the Year, Owen Bondono

This week, Joe shares some fantastic personal news before having an amazing conversation with Owen Bondono. Owen is a passionate teacher who is currently nominated as a candidate for the U.S teacher of the year. Joe and Owen also happen to be friends from high school and catch up a bit before deciding which grade is the worst for teachers, the importance of being yourself in the classroom, and how it felt for Owen to become the first person who is trans to win a state teacher of the year award!

Feb 01, 2021
Let's Watch Tv: New Girls, New Energy!

Joe is joined by the Millenial King, Rod, while Mama Fran recovers. The guys chat about the new faces, new favorites, and Joe's wacky theories!

Jan 26, 2021
YTE: Young Teacher Energy with Gabe Dannenbring

This week, Joe needs your help fine tuning the pod’s vibe, and any changes will be permanent so be sure to make your voices heard!! Joe is joined by first year teacher and rising Tik Tok creator, Gabe Dannenbring, to talk about dirty DM’s, modeling, and the funny story behind Gabe’s unique Tik Tok handle!

Jan 25, 2021
Let's Watch Tv: Producer Puppet Alert!!

This week, Mama Fran gives a reading of her unreleased erotic novel and Joe is totally convinced that Matt is a producer puppet, but still can't wait to see what happens next!

Jan 19, 2021
Draggin’ it up a bit with Queen 6!
This week, Joe is on pins and needles waiting to hear back from his interviews, and to pass the time, has a conversation with “6” one of the most interesting people he’s ever met. 6 is an amazing Drag Queen and fashion artist with an incredible story. From her early days growing up in foster care to her bouts with homelessness, 6 has survived many trials in her life by adopting a unique and inspirational outlook!
Jan 18, 2021
Let's Watch TV: The Batchelor Episode 02

This week, Fran shares the most romantic date she's ever been on! The queen drives everyone crazy and Joe may have a point about Matt being boring!

Jan 12, 2021
Millenial Tik Tok with Rod

Joe bids farewell to his parent's basement and hello to millenial Tik Tok creator Rod! Rod and Joe chit chat about tanning beds, N'SYNC, and all things glorious from the 90's!

Jan 11, 2021
Let's Watch TV: The Batchelor Episode 01

Joe and Fran are still riding high off the romantic fumes of Tayshia and Zac, but they jump right back into it with the 25th season of The Batchelor featuring Matt James. Fran and Joe pick the crazies and the keepers, make their winner-predictions, and prepare themselves for a whole new season of romance and drama!

Jan 05, 2021
New Year's Resolutions with Steph RIley

On this episode, Joe indulges his midwestern appetites and eats his weight in cheese, before being joined by his college friend and amazing entrepreneur and health trainer, Steph Riley! Steph and Joe talk about planning a wedding during the pandy as well as how to start and follow through on a plan to be healthier in 2021!

Link for women’s Boot Camp:

Link for 1:1 coaching:

Jan 04, 2021
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 12

This episode is the podcast's very first (but not last) season finale Live Episode! Joe and Fran invited patreon subscribers to join them for a live taping that includes games, gifts, and of course all the hot gossip about the new season of The Batchelor! Stay tuned for more episodes of Let's Watch TV in 2021!

Jan 03, 2021
Exactly You with Sarah Krajewski

This week, Joe is psyched to get an interview to get back into the classroom, and invites Sarah Krajewski to the pod to help him get reacquainted with the elementary classroom atmosphere! Sarah is an absolutely amazing elementary school art teacher and author of the new book, Exactly You: The Shape of Your Feelings. Sara and Joe  chat about  some tips and tricks for teaching during covid, jewelry making techniques, and the importance of giving kids the language to describe and understand their whole range of emotions.

Dec 28, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 11

They did it! Joe and Mama Fran wrap an incredible first season of Let's Watch TV in style as they discuss all the ins-and-outs of the final two episodes. Mama Fran's gets 2 out the final three correct and Joe can't believe he made it all the way through without going insane.

Dec 23, 2020
Star Struck with Koo Koo Kanga Roo
This week, Joe doesn’t get to fulfill his dream to become a librarian just yet, but its okay because he gets to have a conversation with Neil and Bryan of Koo Koo Kanga Roo, the Beatles of the elementary dance music scene! Joe and the guys have an amazing conversation about how they started the band, micro-dosing, and why Boris wasn’t invited to the cat party!
Dec 21, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 10

This week is a double episode, and we learn that Fran almost nailed her prediction at the beginning of the season, and Joe learns that Fran things jumping in a pool can mummify your downstairs bits!

Dec 16, 2020
The Double D’s with Gerry Dee

This week, Joe is hopefully heading back to those hallowed and sticky hallway of the elementary school as he tries to become a school librarian. Then he’s joined by the Canadian comedian sensation, Gerry Dee! Who super ironically also goes by “Mr.D!” They chat about comedy, Mr.D the TV show and tricks to deal with kids who know more about a subject than you do.

Dec 14, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 09

This week, Mama Fran becomes BFF's with Jo Jo Fletcher, and Joe is concerned that one of the contestants might be and actual real-life serial killer.

Dec 09, 2020
The Euphoria experience with Nika King
This week, Joe keeps going down internet rabbit holes and lands on the award winning HBO show Euphoria, he is then quickly joined by the amazing Nika King who actually plays Leslie Bennett on the show Euphoria!! Joe and Nika talk about teaching high schoolers, Addiction, Euphoria season two, and Nika's new tech resource for aspiring entertainers!
Dec 07, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 08

On this week's episode, Joe goes full-cynic and thinks he could do a better job producing the show while Fran reveals her deep dark fear of haunted houses and the Noah Bennett drama finally comes to a head!

Dec 02, 2020
Spilling UK Tea with Mr.P & Mr.P!

This week, Joe has decided that he will win Survivor, and there’s nothing his mailman can do about it! Then he’s joined by two very funny Brits, Lee and Adam Parkinson from the Two Mr. P’s in a Podcast. Joe adds several new British slang words to his vocabulary and the gang discuss Lee’s illustrious acting career, the craziness of the teaching profession, and a British treasure named Sticky Vicky!

Nov 30, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 07

There's a lot of drama going on in Bachelorette Nation this week and Mama Fran drops some hot tea on everyone's (least) favorite couple, Dale and Claire! Joe gets in touch with his inner southern belle and Fran tells us the meaning of pegging!

Nov 25, 2020
The Gay Cello with Tour Manager Jeff
On the show today, after a long day of hard work, Joe and Jeff unwind and unbox the Mr. D Holiday Gift Boxes before going on an A.D.H.D conversational journey for the ages! They talk about crow gifts, paper shredder haircuts, and why Joe is always nervous in hotels!
Nov 23, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 06

We start the show off this week on a struggling foot as Mama Fran and Joe experience several technical glinches (technical term) while trying to watch this week’s Bachelorette episode. Joe decides that Ben looks like a tan B.J. Novak and Mama Fran forgets that she’s being recorded.

Nov 18, 2020
Fabulosity with Dr. Jose Medina
This week, Joe is having a comedy show to help teachers pay for ppe because lets face it, teachers should get all the support we have to give! Joe is also joined by the amazingly smart and fabulous Dr. Jose Medina. Dr. Jose shares his research and experience as a bilingual teaching specialist, but just as importantly, shares his journey and experiences as an out and proud gay Mexican-American educator. 
Nov 16, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 05

This week, Joe and Fran power through some technical difficulties, Fran has a perfect record guessing the winners of the show, and Joe "does a tea" on Mama Fran!

Nov 11, 2020
CEO of Silly Songs with Sarah Maddack

This week, you've created a monster!The Let's Watch TV podcast is blowing up, and with it Mama Fran's ego! But even when she's famous she'll still be our favorite Midwestern Mama! Joe talks with an amazing Musician of Tik Tok fame, Sarah Maddack! She tells us about her creative process, the importance of being yourself, and Joe challenges her to an amazing LIVE RAP BATTLE (spoiler alert, Joe loses!)

Nov 09, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 04

On this week's episode, Mama Fran bids a (not so fond) farewell to Clare and Dale, Joey actually remembers something from the show that Fran can't, and everyone gets real excited for the absolutely stunning arrival of TAYSHIA!

Nov 06, 2020
Trixx and Treats!

Joe gives us the rundown on the first super-fan happy hour (spoiler it was AMAZING!) and learns that tights don’t mix well with his COVID fupa! He’s then joined by the very funny comedian Trixx and they discuss the ups and downs of performing for Gen-Z crowds as well as the importance of not Kink-Shaming in glass houses!

Nov 02, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 03

This week on Let's Watch TV, Joe discovers that he's addicted to trashy reality television, Fran gets sick of Dale, and no one knows how to pronounce La Quinta!

Oct 28, 2020
That Dude Can Cook! with Sunny Hurrell

This week, Joe is little concerned about the lyrics the youth of 2020 are listening to and gives us some examples, before he's joined by the Tik Tok cooking sensation Sunny Burrell! Sunny talks about his rise the culinary world through years of hard-work and how he hopes to use that experience to make cooking accessible for everyone. He also drops that good knowledge with a few delicious tips and tricks!

Oct 26, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 02

Things are getting hot, heavy, and classless on Bachelorette.....just the way Joe likes it! But neither Joe or Fran are sold on this season's bachelorette Clare as they discuss all the developments with the show this week, both on and off the screen!

Oct 21, 2020
The CEO of Having One Leg, Ruth Codd

In this week’s episode Joe reminds us that it’s not okay to answer texts during adult activities, before welcoming the incredible Ruth Codd to the show! Ruth is an amazing cosmetic artist and activist as well as being absolutely hilarious! She shares the journey  of how she overcame a debilitating childhood injury and shows us that her infectious positivity and confidence is the pandemic the world really needs!

Oct 19, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Episode 01

On this episode, we join Joe and Fran as they digest episode 1 of season 16 of the bachelorette, and behold the splendor and beauty of the finest La Quinta Inn banquet hall that money can buy! They go over all the unique tidbits that are sure to make this season of the bachelorette one to remember, not the least of which is the fact that it was filmed during a pandemic. We get Fran's first impressions of the guys, before hearing Joe's prediction for who will be the winner at the end of the season!

Oct 14, 2020
Picking Your Battles with Chinedu Unaka

Joe is back home in Michigan this week, and he takes a trip down memory lane by looking over his high school yearbook only to find the horror-story that was 2005’s fashion styles! He’s then joined by the amazing teacher-turned-comic Chinedu Unaka and they chat about his experiences with Teach-For-America, when to pick your battles, and how middle schoolers are great at two things: manipulation and smelling bad!

Oct 12, 2020
Let's Watch TV: The Bachelorette Preseason Episode

On the first episode of Let's Watch TV, millenial Joe gets ready to watch an entire season of reality TV with his baby boomer mom Fran and the laughs and sparks start flying! They get ready for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette by discussing the history of the show, before dissecting the trailers and playing a lovely mother-son game of 'Smash or Pass,' with some of the season's contestants!

Oct 07, 2020
The Dear Abby for Dudes aka Jared Freid

This week, Joe tries to better himself by taking classes during covid, and gets ostracized by teenage girls and an old Norwegian woman for his troubles. He bounces back by chatting with the incredible comic and podcast host Jared Freid about being a Batchelor super-fan and how to have strong opinions on the internet these days!

Oct 05, 2020
Growing Up Funny with Jesus Trejo

This week, Joe reminds us how no one can frustrate you like your parents and shares the latest shenanigans from the Dombrowski household, before being joined by fellow comedian Jesus Trejo as they have an amazing chat about their childhood influences, telling jokes in two languages, and how to kill the haters with positivity!

Sep 28, 2020
Project Podcast with Gunnar Detherage

Joe sends out a thank you to A very special someone and previews his forthcoming Batchelor podcast, before falling down the rabbit hole (or in this case pony hole) of people who spend they’re time pretending to be animals...He’s rescued by an Amazing Designer of Project Runway and Tik Tok fame, Gunnar Deatherage and they chat about Gunnar’s incredible journey as a self-taught designer who has designed clothes for some of the most famous people on the planet!

Sep 21, 2020
Tik Talk with Casey Hamilton

This week Joe gets lost in the world of prison Tik Tok, before he stumbles onto Tik Tok sensation Casey Hamilton, who used his quarantine time to launch his career in entertainment. Joe and Casey both started in the classroom before going viral and they share how to deal with the haters but also swap stories about how students and co-workers continue to inspire them as they pursue their passions. We also get a taste of Casey’s Tik Tok fare with a fun new game invented just for him!

Sep 14, 2020
Teachers Turned Comedians with Ian Fidance

This week, Joe takes a trip to Yellowstone and nearly gets attacked by a 2,000 pound bison, before he’s joined by fellow teacher-turned-comedian Ian Fidance. Joe and Ian swap classroom stories before Ian shares some of his favorite moments working on Crank Yankers and Joe tells us how he raised hell in college with nothing but a flip phone and a Miss Cleo soundboard!

Sep 07, 2020
One Funny Profession with Dr.Zeisner

This week, Joe is busy getting ready for his upcoming totally virtual comedy show, but not too busy to have an amazing conversation with one of the funniest, realest, and knowledgeable educators on the planet! Joe talks with Dr. Zeisner on her incredible journey as an educator, the importance of staying relevant with your students, and how to ace your next teaching interview!

Aug 31, 2020
The Return of the Jeff

This week, everybody’s favorite tour manager returns! Jeff and Joe get really into cults for a hot minute and spill some inside tea about Joe’s upcoming comedy special, before offering you the amazing opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime awkward chat with a socially regressed Mr. D!

Aug 24, 2020
WAP (Wild A** Podcast) with Joe

This week, China hatches a plot to take advantage of Joe’s plant-daddy issues and you get a full dose of his ADD when he dishes on everything from Cardi B’s amazing new tunes to his personal experiences with Ellen Degeneres!

Aug 17, 2020
Bravo F******* Bravo with Uncle Ralph

On this episode, Joe visits his favorite city and has a chat with his favorite uncle Ralph! Ralph spills the tea on the fact that Joe has craved the spotlight since childhood, before they take time to appreciate teachers of all types, and Uncle Ralph dispenses some deep wisdom including the incredible insight that drunk people are stupid.

Aug 10, 2020
Just you & me! One-on-one time w/ Joe

This week is a solo show as Joe decides to go on health kick to find his long lost six-pack by becoming a “salad b****!” He spills the tea on respecting America's teachers and prepares himself mentally for his biggest challenge yet: camping without running water or a mirror! 

Aug 03, 2020
Parental (Mis)Guidance

This week, Joe is back in Michigan, living in his parents basement like a 22 year old, broke-ass, college kid. So naturally he invited the dynamic Dombrowski duo of Fran and Ron on the pod. Fran dishes the hot tea about her favorite Batchelorettes and Ron reveals his favorite memories of Joe, including the time he froze his tongue to a supermarket freezer!

Jul 26, 2020
Behavior B*****s

On this weeks show, Joe has an amazing time hanging out with The Behavior B****S, Liat and Casey! This dynamic duo share their incredible journey’s through the worlds of education and medicine as they became the realest and baddest team in the behavioral science world. They teach Joe the ABC’s of behavior analysis, before going full Nancy Drew to figure out what is up with Brittney Spears’ Insta account!

Jul 20, 2020
Classroom Brew

This week, Joe accidentally gets drunk at the beach before dishing his opinion about classrooms opening up this fall. Then Ryan from the awesome podcast Classroom Brew stops in to talk shop and he and Joe compare High School teaching to Elementary in a brand new game segment!

Jul 13, 2020
Matt & Kim’s Meaning of Life

This week on the Social Studies podcast, Joe answers your questions and reveals the chaos that was his and Morgan’s first date. He’s then joined by the amazing musical duo Matt and Kim and they discuss body hair, the meaning of life, and strange tales from south of the border!

Jul 06, 2020
Character Work with Becky Robinson

This week, Joe receives the most amazing butt-dial from a fan in Tennessee, before being joined by the amazing and funny Becky Robinson. Becks and Joe talk about the vicious sea-creatures of Portland before getting into it about their shared love of character work! They finish the episode with a round of ‘Who Said it’, but not before they arrange a potential playdate for Suze and Trish!

Jun 29, 2020
Keeping it Real with Drew Lynch

This week, Joe has forgotten how to talk to people and makes a fool of himself in public, before being joined by the amazingly talented Drew Lynch. Drew shares the incredible story of how he got his start in comedy following a traumatic sports injury and he and Joe splash the tea about the power of being authentic and learning from the school of life!

Jun 22, 2020
My Good Jody

This Week, Joe shares an amazing facebook live conversation he recently had with child psychologist and friend of the pod, Dr. Jody Carrington! Joe shares his experiences as a teacher and comedian with the listeners and he and Jody dish on why laughter can help soften the real-talks that absolutely need to happen in this crazy world!

Jun 15, 2020
Haters B Gone!

Today our guest is Joe! Justtttt Joe. He kicks off the episode with a word (and a special finger) to the haters who came for him this week and explains why he refuses to incubate a fanbase of hatred. In true Joe fashion, he quickly lightens the mood and dissects all his not-so-favorite TLC shows and enlightens us as to why his mom's browser history isn't as clean as you might think!

Jun 08, 2020
Cruisin’ with Zach Noe Towers

This week Joe tells us how he thought the worst thing about hiking in Washington would be getting snatched up by cougars…until he ran into NAKED hikers! Then the incredible Zach Noe Towers helps Joe kick off Pride month by sharing stories about being trapped on a gay cruise, befriending people with cats during Zoom performances, and giving us the inside tea on some of his greatest tweets!

Jun 01, 2020
Covid Q&A with Dr. Darria

This week, Joe shares an embarrassing near-death experience, before being joined by the incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Darria, who gives us all some great adivice and answers some important questions we all have about how to safely transition out of this quarantine life we’re living.

May 25, 2020
Acting out with Emma Willmann

On this episode of the Social Studies Podcast, Joe tells us about how he completely embarrassed himself for all the teenagers of the world on Tik-Tok, but he’s willing to share it with everyone (including you!) He’s joined by amazing comedian and actor, Emma Willmann, and they dish on horror stories about the worst venues they’ve performed, including the time when Emma performed AT A CHURCH PULPIT!! They also chat about acting and the expectations of gay performers, before playing a fun new game called "Gay’s of our Lives" to end the show!

May 18, 2020
The Internet’s Principal, Gerry Brooks

This week, Joe gives us the inside tea on how to be involved in his next digital happy hour, before he’s joined by everyone’s favorite Principal, Gerry Brooks! Gerry is a phenomenal educator & internet sensation from Kentucky with a whopping 3+ million followers across his social media pages. Ger and Joe talk about how they manage to share their experiences with the rest of the world without upsetting the administration, and Gerry tells stories about wrestling donkeys and falling off hover-boards, all before they play a new game called This-or-That!

May 11, 2020
Talking Trash with Nicky Paris

This week, Joe shares his top quarantine binge-picks during a fantastic new segment called 5-in-5, before he’s joined by the epitome of a New York Italian, the hysterical comedian, Nicky Paris. Joe and Nicky chat about performing in front of family, getting in fights at shows, and of course that time when Nicky was homeless in L.A!

May 04, 2020
Quar-inspiration with Mr. D’s Internet All-Stars: Part 2

This week, quarantine Joe needs to work out more, but don’t get judge-y because we’re all in this together! Including all-star guests Cassie Stephens and Jenna Marcal. Cassie is an amazing art teacher who will inspire you to make somethings out of nothings, and even though Jenna is a young teacher, she knows how to set the right tone for anyone’s day! Get inspired and check out these amazing folks here:

Apr 27, 2020
Quar-inspiration with Mr. D’s Internet All-Stars: Part 1

This week, Joe hates that he loves The Tiger King, before he brings you the first installment of a two-part series featuring inspiring folks who are making the most of their quarantine. On this first episode we'll start in Los Angeles for a free digital dance party with the incredibly talented choreographer & Dancer, Mark Kanemura. Next take a trip down to the outer banks of North Carolina to visit Jonathan Willis as he quite literally transforms into book characters for his students. To wrap things up we'll head up into the farmlands of Minnesota to see how high school teacher, Kari Fransen, turned her garage into a fully functional "KARI-oke" bar! 

Apr 20, 2020
Whose Your Plant Daddy with Maria Failla

On this episode, Joe's neighbors think he's homeless and Jeff is running out of clean clothes! But it's all good because Maria Failla stops in to drop some strong tea about how NOT to be a plant murderer before she and Joe get to the bottom of a global ice-cube conspiracy!



Joe Episode:


Apr 13, 2020
Social Distancing Studies with Rosebud Baker

This week Joe adapts to the corona reality and long-distance chats with Rosebud Baker. Joe almost locks his Jeff outside before he and Rosebud chat about turning tragedy into comedy and give everyone the real tea about joke-stealing. Fran stops by to chat about prescription drugs and that Detroit energy!

Apr 06, 2020
Quality Quarantine Content (TM) with Devin Siebold

On this episode, Jeff and Joe are NOT dating, contrary to popular belief, but they chat about e-learning and swap their craziest quarantine stories with fellow teacher turned comedian Devin Siebold. 

Mar 30, 2020
Nature Time with Tour Manager Jeff

This week's show is live from nature as Joe and Jeff hit the road  to reflect on these crazy times. They enjoy a tasty malbec and get attacked by bees, before sharing some of their favorite ways to cope with the 'rona and playing a podcast edition of "would you rather!"

Mar 23, 2020
Kids These Days with Dr. Jody Carrington

Joe and his amazing guest, Dr. Jody Carrington, dish on the train wreck of a reality show “Love is Blind” before getting into some real-talk about how to support teachers, maintaining relationships, and how to handle the toughest kids who come in hot with serious attitudes.

Mar 16, 2020
Seattle Shenanigans with Beth Stelling

On this episode, the Corona Virus steals all of Joe's toilet paper and people care just a little a lot too much about their dogs, before Joe and superstar comic Beth Stelling share stories from the road. They chat about collaboration, comedy, and being true to yourself...Oh yeah! And that time Joe’s dad shit his pants at Melrose Diner in Chicago.

Mar 09, 2020
The Tutu Teacher with Vera Ahiyya

This week, Joe doesn't want to do flamingo beer bongs with college kids at NACA national conference, but he loves talking tea with @TheTutuTeacher Vera Ahiyya! They chat about ways to promote diversity in the classroom, teaching in title one schools, and respecting butterfly culture!

Mar 02, 2020
Janitorial Services with Jimmy Cash

Joe and Jeff share their new reality TV obsessions but Joe gets worried Jeff might be the next Yolanda, before getting into it with the incredibly talented Jimmy Cash visiting the Pod all the way from "Woostah" Massachusetts. Jimmy and Joey talk comedy, coyotes, and proper custodial nomenclature!

Feb 24, 2020
Tour Life with Tour Manager Jeff

This week Joe and his tour manager/long time friend, Jeff, sit down with the love of their life... an Argentinian Malbec. This weeks Kiki includes:

-The evolution of blanket dresses

-Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

-Best & worst parts of touring

-Joe’s obsession with Key West & Miami.

Feb 17, 2020
Doing Fran-TASTIC with Mrs. D

Joe is back in his childhood home this week visiting the H.B.I.C  herself, his mom, FRAN! In this episode Fran gives all the hot gos on her picks for ABC's The Bachelor, Joe confesses to almost being arrested in college AND Fran discusses exactly why when you two time her..."Yer dead to me!"

Feb 11, 2020