Flow With Me Yoga

By Natalia Emery Hastings

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Flow with Me Yoga is a podcast for passionate yogis looking to roll out their mats and get right to it. No long intros, disclaimers, or ads, just a guided Vinyasa yoga flow recorded specifically for listening and flowing along. The podcast offers three types of classes – Classic Flow, Gentle Flow, and Power Flow. Gentle Flow offers a slower pace and longer holds. This is not a euphemism for a watered down asana practice. Gentle flow is a legit flow class. Classic Flow offers a mid-line of intensity and pace. Get ready for chaturanga pushups along with power elements in standing postures. Power Flow kicks the levels of intensity up a notch with core work in high planks, holds at bottoms on chaturanga pushups, and standing series that build on one another. Your legs will feel it the next day. So will your arms and core. Is getting stronger not what you came here for? Come flow with me! For more information, visit www.flowwithme.yoga This podcast is intended for experienced yogis. Please listen to your body and go at your own pace. For your safety, make sure you are healthy enough to practice yoga. By listening to this podcast, you are accepting full responsibility for your practice.

Episode Date
Episode 39: Winter Chill Reclined Flow

This is a 30-minute Restorative Flow performed exclusively while lying down on your back. Put on some comfortable lounge clothes and cozy socks and get ready to deeply relax while addressing the needs of your hamstrings, groin, hips, and spine. This class will help you replenish your energy reserves through mindful movement and conscious attention to the breath. The flow starts and ends with dirga pranayama, an incredibly calming and grounding way of breathing. End in classic savasana or in legs up the wall, it is entirely up to you. And yes, a slow yoga class counts as a practice. We cannot just chaturanga our way to well-being. Being well requires balance. I invite you to give yourself permission to slow down and gently nurture your body and heart. Enjoy!

Jan 12, 2022
Episode 38: My Foundation Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow, offering a well-rounded journey through classic postures with a focus on length in the side-body. After a luxurious start, we proceed to rounds of modified Sun Salutations that include Crescent Moon and Wide Leg Forward Fold. Building a strong foundation gets special attention here. We dial up the intensity as we move breath-to-movement and then level-up by adding Crescent Lunges, Triangle and Goddess to the familiar flow. The descent into stillness is mindful and slow. If you are looking for a flow that has it all, including a balance between movement and rest, this is it. Enjoy!

Nov 16, 2021
Episode 37: The Sacred Pause Slow Flow

This is a 40-minute Slow Flow. If you are looking for a decadent pause from everything that draws you away from your center, this class is for you. In this class, slow and mindful asana are combined with breath for a profoundly grounding and calming experience. We wake up the spine, the sides of the body, the hips, then move into three modified Sun Salutations. A modified standing series invites you to experience familiar postures in a new way. Lastly, we finish with restorative reclined postures. Viparita kirani against the wall is offered along with hands-free nadi shodhana pranayama. We finish in shavasana that can be as long as you like. This class is medicine for the body, salve for the spirit. If you feel in need of deep nourishment, this class is for you. Enjoy!

Oct 16, 2021
Episode 36: Wake Up & Go Classic Flow

This is a 50-minute Classic Flow. There are few greater pleasures in the life of a yogi than starting the day with a morning yoga practice. Roll out the mat the night before and allow yourself to step out of bed and right into your practice. (Of course, this class may be done at any time of day). We begin slowly, honoring the body’s universal desire to wake up gradually and mindfully. Before you know it, however, we are flowing breath to movement into a variation of Sun Salutations A emphasizing spinal flexibility and hamstring opening, and then into Sun Salutations B focusing on balance, standing hip opening, and power in the lower body. This class offers a well-rounded journey through both restful and effortful asana and can be done again and again due to its focus on length, suppleness, and strength. If starting your day with breath and intentional, mindful movement is your jam, this class is for you. If you prefer to start the day in a burst of frenzied activity, this class will be a positive change of pace. Try it and enjoy!

Aug 15, 2021
Episode 35: Exhale into Peace Restorative Flow

This is a 15-minute Restorative Flow. In this class we explore the exhale as the key to relaxing the body and soothing the nervous system. Only five simple, yet effective restorative postures are offered, and each takes the body further into peaceful presence and stillness. No mat is needed for this flow; a carpeted floor will do just fine. If you are wound up, stressed, unable to relax, anxious, disconnected from your breath, this class is for you. There is no physical intensity here, only letting go deeper and deeper into rest and stillness by exploring the restorative power of the exhale. I invite you to give yourself the gift of breath and relaxation in just 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Jul 16, 2021
Episode 34: Hands-Free Mandala Power Flow

This is a 45-minute Power Flow. This class offers a grounding, lower body and core focus and is free of any weight-bearing postures for the upper body. This front-to-back-of-mat flow features shoulder-opening arm variations in standing postures and places a strong emphasis on balance and controlled movement in and out of poses. We hold some, we flow some, we move with purpose and power. Round after round, we move deeper into challenging postures such as dekasana variations with a bind and with eagle arms. Hamstring opening work allows us to move into revolved heron pose. Cow Face posture is split in half - the arms portion shows up as a twist on Warrior Two, and the legs portion is taken on the back during the winddown. A quick restorative component leads us into a smooth and restful savasana. Enjoy!

May 22, 2021
Episode 33: Twisting Mandala Gentle Flow

This is a 65-minute Gentle Flow. Some practices leave you connected to your very being, and this is such a flow. We begin slowly, developing a strong connection to the current state of the body and to the breath, opening the hips and the sides of the body. We travel front to back on the mat, mandala style, and explore the length and strength in the lateral seams of the body in both modified and classic standing postures. Each round of mandala up-levels the postures offered. Taking advantage of the length and suppleness in the sides of the body, we explore accessible and more demanding twists. The bhav, the mood, of this class is meditative, well-paced, and peace-promoting. Challenging postures and transitions are just an offering, allowing you to take exactly what you need. The unrushed, luxurious wind-down invites you to revel in the mindful presence you have created. If you are looking for a soulful, well-rounded, breath-centric flow, this class is for you. Enjoy!

May 15, 2021
Episode 32: Wild and Free Power Flow

This is a 50-minute Power Flow. This is a dynamic, continuous flow that works up to Wild Thing variation of side plank. In rounds of non-traditional flowing forms, we warm up the spine, lengthen the front and the back of the body, and wake up the quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors. We flow through a series of power standing postures with a focus on control and stability amid combined, dynamic movement. Flowing deep chair poses and their variations are offered, and the core is activated with many side plank variations, in increasing levels of challenge. In winddown, we address the outer hips in reclined cowface pose and take easy reclined twists before rest in savasana.

Mar 23, 2021
Episode 31: My Post-Workout Gentle Flow

This is a 45-minute Gentle Flow. This flow is my answer to the body’s needs after a workout such as cycling, running, hiking, bootcamp, or strength training. We address the major areas in need of love after such exertion - hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, outer hips, glutes, groin, front body, side-body, chest, neck, etc. There are no power-poses here and for good reason - this flow is about lengthening and unwinding tension. Modified standing postures are offered in succession and build up to a modified half-moon with sugarcane option (hello, hip extension, backbending and balance!)  Go as far as you want and stay as long as your body is being served by the postures at hand. The wind-down includes reclined figure four stretch, forehead to shin, bridge or supported bridge, and reclined easy twist. Supta baddha konasana is where we finish, before savasana. If you have two blocks, grab them! If you ever wonder what asana class to do after a killer workout, wonder no more. Whether you run, spin, lift, (or something else that leaves you needing a legit stretch), do this class afterwards, same day or the next day. Enjoy!

Feb 17, 2021
Episode 30: Begin Again Classic Flow

This is a 50-minute Classic Flow. This continuous flow class offers an opportunity to experience your practice anew, each breath - a new moment unfolding. Each round of postures offers something new to step into and keeps the practice flowing while challenging expectations and muscle memory. Anatomical emphases of the class include twisting (easy twist, standing twist, extended revolved hand to foot pose, revolved standing wide leg forward fold), posterior chain lengthening (half splits, standing splits, standing wide leg forward fold) and hip extension (mountain pose with goal post arms, camel, bridge). Standing and balancing postures give ample opportunities to begin again by recommitting to your effort and starting fresh with each new breath. If you need a meditative flow to remind you of the gift that is the present moment, this class is for you. If you need to step out of your daily routine and do something full of challenge and grace, this class is for you. Enjoy!

Jan 13, 2021
Episode 29: Stand in Your Power Flow

This is a 40-minute Power Flow. This class honors a very human need to hit it “kind of hard” in your asana practice. If you want to move and work it out, all the while riding the even waves of your breath, this class is for you. As always, this is a breath-centered class, and no corners are cut on breath to accommodate someone’s idea of vinyasa pace. This class offers many opportunities to play with challenge and grace in transitions - Chair to Drinking Bird, Double Lunge to one-leg Mountain, Warrior 3 to Double Lunge, Triangle to Half Moon, etc. Special attention is given to the core with planks and side planks of all sorts, tree leg option included. Standing postures provide a sense of familiarity and flow at the heart of the class. Finally, a cooldown featuring hip extension, hip opening, and gentle twists paves the way to final rest in savasana. Feel free to stay as long as you want. You have earned the rest, my friend!

Nov 20, 2020
Episode 28: Autumn Comfort Evening Flow

This is a 45-minute Gentle Flow. This class celebrates Fall with an honoring of our need to slow down and to practice in a gentler, more nourishing way. As we come back to the exhale again and again, we lengthen and open the sides of the body. Mild twists wring out places of tightness and congestion, making space for lightness and ease. Mild, accessible inversions offer an opportunity to drop deeper into inner stillness, while freeing the spine from habitual compression. What we give to our body in rest and slowing down comes back to us ten-fold in renewed energy, vitality, and vibrant presence. If you are craving a slow, breath-focused practice that nourishes the body, this class is for you. If the day has left you feeling drained and burdened, this class is for you. If you do not do “slow yoga”, this class is for you. This class will help you feel centered, embodied, and calm. Enjoy!

Oct 16, 2020
Episode 27: Dancer’s Ladder Classic Flow

This is a 40-minute Classic Flow. This class features a dynamic, continuous ladder flow working up to Dancer Pose. With each round of flow, a new pose/movement is added to the sequence. Repetition allows breath and movement to become second nature and invites us to enter a state of awareness and full-body presence. The principal physical foci here are hip extension, hamstring opening, and inviting suppleness into the spine with gentle backbends and mild twists. Additionally, we ignite the core and activate the shoulder girdle. As always, this well-rounded class offers an opportunity to gradually wind down and sink into rest. If you love flow, this class is for you. If you find flow to be too fast-paced, this class is also for you - it is paced very well, if I may say so myself ;) Enjoy!

Sep 14, 2020
Episode 26: Express Essentials Classic Flow

This is a 40-minute Classic Flow. Are you looking for a shorter, but still well-rounded practice? This episode is your answer! Lunging blended Sun Salutations, powerful standing postures that gradually dial the hips open, shoulder opening, backbending, active and gravity-assisted twists, 360 degree core work, and a gentle wind-down. This flow addresses all major energy lines in the body - the front, the back, the sides, the outer leg, the inner leg, and the inner arm. It is certainly an energizing flow and would make a fantastic morning practice. This class has it all in a compact package. Enjoy!

Aug 18, 2020
Episode 25: Strengthen, Lengthen & Twist Power Flow

This is an 85-minute Power Flow. The focus of this class is the core, specifically the side body, and we work on strengthening it, lengthening it, and twisting it. Sun Salutations A feature the forearm plank, and core engagement is certainly the name of the game as we flow. In standing postures, we dial the hips open gradually, progressing from Crescent Lunge to Warrior One, then to Malasana and Horse Squat. Twisting as we go along, we explore Revolved Low Lunge, Revolved Runner’s Lunge, Revolved Crescent and Revolved Pyramid. Backbends appear throughout class and allow us to use the space and suppleness that have been created in the sides of the body. Hamstring and posterior chain work weave throughout the class as well and show up as Dolphin Pose, One-Legged Dolphin, and Bridge. Our peak pose appears after we have rested back on the mat - Reclined Revolved Extended Big Toe Pose; just an offering, of course, if you wish to deepen the reclined twist. If you are looking for a balanced class to focus on your core in a big, yet integrated way, this is IT. Come twist it out with me and see what you let go of in the process. Enjoy!

Jul 19, 2020
Episode 24: My Evening Slowdown Practice

This is a 35-minute slow practice. It is an offering of presence and slowing down that can be practiced at any time - before bed or during the day to reconnect and calm the nervous system.  Just a handful of slow postures here and a whole lot of meditative presence and inward connection. The breath focus of this practice is the exhale - the physical and the emotional release. 

Sometimes the yoga asana we need most is very mellow, very slow. When the day has left you wired and your energy dissipated, take half an hour to settle the body and the mind. This is my daily evening practice. In this way, I clear away the debris from the day and fully arrive into my body before settling in for the night. 

This is not a workout. This is a work-in, and, quite possibly, the most peaceful 30 minutes of your day. Flow with me and notice how you feel when you are done. Enjoy! 

May 10, 2020
Episode 23: My Morning Practice Classic Flow

This is a 50-minute Classic Flow. This practice is a breath-focused journey that features several types of Sun Salutations with prostration, Danda Pranam. If you have been holding on tight lately, this class is for you. Each exhale in this offering reminds you to let go, to soften, to release, and to fully arrive into the body. 

This class is an offering from my personal asana practice. This is the form practice I do every morning before I sit down and explore the stillness within. On some days I do more asana later on, but this sequence is one that I do every single day. Rain or shine. Happy or grumpy. Rested or dragging. It is my daily reminder to let go: every time my forehead touches the floor in danda pranam, I soften, I surrender, I offer myself to something bigger, something unknown, something sacred and abundant. I invite you to join me in this practice. Perhaps when you are done, you may have time to sit in quiet contemplation with no agenda and to just be. Namaste, friends. Enjoy!

Apr 13, 2020
Episode 22: 360 Degree Core Power Flow

This is a 60-minute Power Flow. The focus of this class is the powerhouse of stability that is the core of the body - not just the superficial layer of tissue on the front of the belly, but the sheath that runs all the way around the torso and includes the front, the sides, the back, as well as the hip flexors and the quads. In this class, I offer you an exploration of core engagement in a dynamic breath-to-movement context with powerful standing poses and without excessive hip flexion. Sun Salutations A invite chest-opening and hip extension, while Sun Salutations B play with balance in the energetic shift that happens in the flow from one standing posture to the next. A forearm plank special takes us down onto the mat and targets the body’s center from every angle, with dynamic hip extension mid-set to continue to lengthen the front of the body. Things get slow and mellow as we roll onto the back and explore gentle twisting and hip work. We finish in Constructive Rest pose and easily descend into stillness and full-body presence. This class is the ultimate balance of effort and ease. Enjoy!

Mar 12, 2020
Episode 21: Be Here Be Now Gentle Flow

This is a 60-minute Gentle Flow. The focus of this class is experiencing the practice as a place TO BE as opposed to another thing TO DO, something to mark off your list. My offering is a breath-filled practice. Sun Salutations A feature sphinx and forearm plank. Sun Salutations B progress through lunging poses that build on one another, offering more challenge with each round. Classic Vinyasa transitions are nowhere to be found here. Instead of relying on momentum or muscle memory, you are invited to be fully present in this practice as it unfolds one breath at a time. We gradually transition from open to closed twists, honoring both the length of the spine and the length of the breath. There is a slow-burning intensity in this flow, and as you hold in dolphin pose for the second time, you will surely feel it. This class is a true moving meditation: it invites you to be fully present. If you have been short in presence lately, come to your mat and let me take you on a journey into breath and into ‘just’ being. Enjoy!

Feb 13, 2020
Episode 20: Heart-Full Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. The first class of 2020 is all about nurturing a deep connection with your heart center through mindful movement. With breath as our constant companion, in this well-rounded practice we explore the upper chest in 3D. Front to back and side to side, we practice integrated heart-opening. Special attention is given to *intentional* core engagement and hip extension, as we work up to Wild Thing side plank variation and one-arm Camel pose with a twist. Gentle backbends build on one another, and high plank variations say hello. Standing series invite lower body to the party, leg-day style. Eagle everything, from chair to Warrior 1, makes an appearance, so don’t say you were not warned. The wind-down gives you an opportunity to fully experience the emotional effects of your asana practice. Newly found space in the heart center creates a deep sense of overall well-being, so why not bask in this state of softness, presence, and contentment? Stay as long as you like. Happy New Year, Yogis! Enjoy!

Jan 16, 2020
Episode 19: Holiday Bliss Classic Flow

2020 YOGA RETREAT ALERT (see below)!

This is a 75-minute Classic Flow. For those still searching for the perfect gift (for yourself; you know, to make the Holidays bright), look no further. This is it. I invite you to discover ease and contentment in your own being as you flow through this rebalancing Vinyasa class. This breath-focused class is the ultimate moving meditation to balance the body in every direction - top to bottom, left to right, front body to back body. We begin with attention to breath, then explore dynamically making space in the thoracic spine - a theme that will show up many times during this class. Lunging Sun Salutations A explore hip extension and hamstring flexion breath to movement, then rounds of standing series dial the hips open, one featured pose at a time - Crescent Lunge, then Warrior 1, then Warrior 2 and finally Horse/Goddess squat. Balance elements highlight the need for stability through engagement in the lower body. Camel pose takes advantage of the hip extension work and offers the opportunity to explore the space created in the mid-back. The juicy wind-down features seated hip openers and their counter-poses. We work up to Firelog pose, through Half-Pigeon and Baby Cradle pose. You will feel like one happy baby by the time you roll onto the back and rock side to side. As stillness washes over you, you will know exactly what to do with your breath. Just be with it, one beginning, middle, and end at a time. Happy Holidays, Yogis! 

2020 YOGA RETREAT ALERT! A shout out to yogis who like to travel and are looking to plan some away-yoga-down-time into their upcoming 2020. I am planning my week-long yoga retreat offerings for the second half of 2020. I am thinking Bali in the Fall and Sayulita, Mexico in December. If you are interested in receiving more information, email me at hello@flowwithme.yoga. The gist is this – I am partnering with the highly-reviewed Drishti Journeys to offer you a transformative yoga and travel experience: two daily yoga practices, lots of local color and exploration, fantastic food, and decadent accommodations at private villas. Retreat group size is intimate, so there will be a lot of quality time with yourself and the natural beauty around you.

Dec 17, 2019
Episode 18: Autumn Folds Gentle Flow

2020 YOGA RETREAT ALERT (see below)!

This is a 60-minute Gentle Flow. Did you know that they take away your yoga teacher card if you aren’t at least a little bit inspired by the changing seasons? Ok, not really, but almost. In an effort to keep my yoga teacher card J, I am offering you a practice for the Fall focused on forward folding. As the days get shorter and darker, it feels more natural to turn inward both symbolically, taking stock of the year coming to an end, and also physically, by conserving energy and soothing the body. Forward folds are calming for the nervous system and are exactly what is needed at this time of year.


In this gently paced, breath-centered class, we explore the role of hip flexors and the core in folding forward. We begin mindfully and prepare for forward folding with moving twists and side bends in lunging Sun Salutations A along with prone backbends. Sun Salutations B feature Warrior 1 and Triangle pose, igniting the inseam of the legs. Instead of classic Vinyasa transitions, we play with Sphinx and Forearm Plank as a way to bring attention to the core in an undeniably intense way. We put it all together in Boat Pose, taking Reverse plank is its counter. When we go on the back, neutral spine postures with knees bent dominate to provide the spine some time to reset. Fallen Bridge pose winds down the practice and eases the body into a restful Savasana. So, just how Fall is this practice? It is the yoga equivalent of a decaf PSL at 4pm. Enjoy!


2020 YOGA RETREAT ALERT! A shout out to yogis who like to travel and are looking to plan some away-yoga-down-time into their upcoming 2020. I am planning my week-long yoga retreat offerings for the second half of 2020. I am thinking Bali in the Fall and Sayulita, Mexico in December. If you are interested in receiving more information, email me at hello@flowwithme.yoga. The gist is this – I am partnering with the highly-reviewed Drishti Journeys to offer you a transformative yoga and travel experience: two daily yoga practices, lots of local color and exploration, fantastic food, and decadent accommodations at private villas. Retreat group size is intimate, so there will be a lot of quality time with yourself and the natural beauty around you.

Nov 16, 2019
Episode 17: Fall into Breath Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. Simply put, this class is a moving pranayama practice. We link breath and movement, breathing and moving continuously for most of the practice. The goal of the class is to cultivate an evenness of breath while minimizing setup instructions and unnecessary talking. Have you ever been in a yoga class where you are sucking wind the whole time due to the whirlwind pace of the practice? Well, yep, so have I. This kind of class is missing out on the biggest element of yoga – an even, steady BREATH. While we lengthen many parts of the body during asana practice, lengthening the breath is the most important element of any Vinyasa Flow (cue my breath-centric soap-box). To breathe evenly, continuously, steadily is to remain centered. As we practice on our mat, we develop the ability to take this breath with us into challenging situations off the mat that leave us holding in exhales, stifling our power, and feeling off-kilter. Can you keep an even and steady breath at the very bottom of Chaturanga Dandasana? Or is it your pattern to rush through it to minimize the challenge? There is no fast-forwarding through the difficult parts of life, but we can certainly strive to meet them from a centered, steady place.

This practice focuses on back-bending and hip extension. Eventually we arrive at Wheel Pose, then keep on going to a juicy wind-down and rest in Savasana. Sun Salutations A take a progressive flow approach to classic lunging salutations. Sun Salutations B flow continuously and focus on the inseam and back line of the legs. Expect to lengthen the side seams of the torso with twists and to strengthen them with side planks. This is an all-around kind of practice. You would be hard-pressed to call it over-cued. You may find yourself fully aware of your breath as you go on about your day afterwards. You may find yourself being fully aware of the present moment. And isn’t that the heart of yoga? Enjoy!

Oct 12, 2019
Episode 16: Root, Rise & Squat Mandala Classic Flow

This is a 65-minute Classic Flow. The focus of this class is lower body, especially outer hips, glutes, and quads. Your attention will be repeatedly drawn to your feet in order to create balanced muscle engagement and stacking of joints. Release expectations of classic Sun Salutations (beyond two and a half rounds of side-wall lengthening Sun A to calibrate the breath), be ready to move front to back of the mat, and take it one breath at a time. We will hold, we will flow, we will challenge muscle memory. Hip-opening horse squats and hip-strengthening active malasana squat with a twist make an appearance in this flow and invite you connect with your center. The center line is explored further in balancing postures like standing figure four and tree pose. Hip, core, and balance work come together in our peak pose – side plank tree leg variation. Half-pigeon finishes the hip opening theme with a bang, providing much-deserved ‘dessert’ as you hold and breathe. What has been opened must be closed, and in the wind-down we explore postures with neutral and closed hip alignment. Legs up the wall pose finishes our lower-body journey and prepares the body for rest in savansana. Enjoy! P.S. If you have a child that already began the school year, I bow to you for surviving the summer-to-reality transition and for rolling out your mat. Let’s GO, parents!

Aug 23, 2019
Episode 15: Gentle (Not Gentle) Summer Flow

This is a 75-minute Gentle Flow. This class focuses on offsetting one postural affliction of the modern age – slumped shoulders that round forward, crowding the chest and leaving little space for an expansive heart. This class explores your wingspan through open arm twists in many body configurations – folding forward, on knees, standing, squatting, and lunging. The class begins slowly and thoughtfully. A luxurious start on the back leads into Sun Salutations A that calibrate the breath and warm up the body. The pace of Sun Salutations B is measured (read: slow burn). Long holds offer ample opportunities to set up, refine, and deepen your standing postures. Special attention is given to the foundations of poses: your hands and feet. Get ready to notice small details that have the capacity to change a pose completely. This class is not an anthology of poses, but the poses that are offered have been carefully selected and are covered in more detail, more color. I invite you to slow down your practice and to *notice* how each pose feels. Don’t be fooled by the name. You will work, and you will grumble to yourself about my calling this gentle. The pace is gentle. The rest is pure commitment to growing your practice on the mat. Enjoy!

Jul 17, 2019
Episode 14: Heart & Hip Opening Power Flow

This is a 65-minute Power Flow. This class focuses on opening the chest and the hips. Many a chest-expansion are offered, however, as always, they are optional. We start out slow, but don’t let that fool you. High-to-mid planks, committed holds, and flowing breath to movement will challenge you and bring you into your body. Sun Salutations A set the pace for the breath, and the practice quickly gains speed and intensity as we add standing power poses. We explore hip opening in different planes, with different effects of gravity. Balancing challenges are added to take your practice up a notch or to bring it down a few pegs, in case you are feeling overconfident. Dancing Shiva pose makes an appearance as our twisting peak, and Tree Leg Side Plank puts all of the hip opening, hip flexor preparation, and core engagement together. We wind down slowly and mindfully, offsetting external rotation of the femurs with neutral and then internal rotation, easing into Supine Twist Eagle Legs. This practice is a challenge, an exploration, a study in balance and flow. It is a chance to connect with the breath and to let it get you through anything that is placed in front of you. Enjoy!

Jun 15, 2019
Episode 13: Let Symmetry Guide You Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. The focus of this class is symmetry – front to back, side to side, to the front of the mat and to the back, clockwise and counter-clockwise. We explore all sides of the mat, and with them, all sides of the body. A fair share of hip opening and posterior chain activation comes into play as we hold, flow, and balance on the hands and on the feet. This class explores symmetry of movement, and you are invited to be a passenger on this yoga adventure. Let me drive, and just focus on the posture, the movement at hand. Worry not, you will be even and whole by the end. This is an exercise in trust and in restraint. The pace of this class is moderate, but it will make you work. Classic Sun Salutations A and B get a make-over, and not one Vinyasa transition (high-to-mid plank, up-dog, down-dog) makes an appearance. If you ever find yourself thinking that yoga classes have a formula, this may make you think otherwise. Flying Frog is one of our peak poses, and so is Tree Pose. An all-around core-activating segment invites every side of your torso to the party. You will feel well-worked. How can you not, when you have held a forearm plank? If you get easily bored, this class is for you. If you love routine, this class is also for you. You will feel at home while also discovering something new about your practice. Enjoy!

May 12, 2019
Episode 12: Core Strengthening Gentle Flow

This is a 60-minute Gentle Flow. The focus of this class is the core - the powerhouse of stability that wraps around the center of the body and includes not only the front, but also the sides and the back. This class is a slow burn - we move with intention and honor the breath, while holding poses for a spell or two and feeling the burn. You will begin to notice new components in foundational poses such as Downward Facing Dog, Warrior 2, and Table Top. We explore alternatives to the classic Vinyasa high to mid plank transition, such Locust, Rolling cobra, and Child’s pose. We activate the core in a variety of side stretches and strengthen it in balancing poses on hands and knees as well as in standing postures. Special attention is given to achieving a balance between hip flexion and hip extension. If you love core work, this class is for you. If you dislike core work, this class is also for you. This is not a “Belly Blast” VHS workout from 90s. You will be challenged. More importantly, you will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!

Apr 19, 2019
Episode 11: Lunging Crescents Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. This well-rounded practice is built around the idea of squaring the hips and twisting from the mid-back. We open the shoulders, ignite the core, challenge the quads, glutes and hamstrings, and work on isolating spinal twists while keeping the hips level. Chest-opening and shoulder-waking Sun Salutations A give way to Sun Salutations B featuring Crescent Lunge and its core-challenging variations. Modified Pyramid Pose provides a hip-leveling check point as we flow and eventually becomes full Pyramid Pose. Revolved Half-Moon is the peak pose that we work towards and where we put it all together. This practice incorporates back-body work and offers poses for strengthening the spine. We wind down with a few reclined stretches that release tension in the hips and calm the nervous system. If you love Crescent Lunge, this is your practice. If you don’t love Crescent Lunge, this is your opportunity to flow through it and learn that discomfort is temporary and that your strength is infinite. Enjoy!

Mar 19, 2019
Episode 10: Lengthen & Twist Classic Flow

This is a 65-minute Classic Flow. This practice is as continuous of a flow as it will get. The special focus of the class is lengthening the sides of the torso and twisting more productively. Lengthening the sides and twisting go hand in hand, and we explore this dynamic relationship through a flowing practice grounded in a series of powerful standing poses. Moving through a variation of classic Sun Salutations A warms up the body, and special attention is given to waking up not only the front and back of the body, but also the side walls. Sun Salutations B continue to ignite the sides, while energizing the legs and opening the hips. The last series of standing poses work up to Revolved Triangle by way of Warrior 1 and Pyramid pose. A progression from Gate Pose to Modified Extended Half Moon presents the final challenge for the sides of the body, while allowing the heart rate to settle. Camel pose is the peak backbend offered in this practice, and it is intended to take advantage of the now supple side body walls. The descent into rest is restorative and slow, as always. If you are looking for a flow practice to take you out of your head and deliver you into your body and breath, this class is it. Enjoy!

Feb 14, 2019
Episode 9: Mandala Classic Flow

This is an 85-minute Classic Flow. Let’s start 2019 with a BANG and BIG dose of presence! The first practice of Season 2 is a special, extra-long well-rounded practice that opens the chest, inner thighs, and outer hips. This practice offers a luxurious opening that allows you to truly arrive and relish in how good it feels to just move on your mat. Rounds of Sun Salutations A introduce gentle back-bending and chest-opening and ignite the quads. Sun Salutations B fluidly move front to back on the mat and back again, offering full body engagement in standing poses. A special focus on inner thighs will make you smile, or at least notice that you have inner thighs. Crow pose flies by. Fly with it or keep your crow grounded. This is your practice. The next standing series puts it all together as we work up to Airplane pose (aka Warrior 3 Airplane Arms), Humble Warrior, Triangle, and end with the lusciously restorative Wide Leg Forward Fold. As we come down to the mat, more hip openers are offered -- one-legged and two-legged -- as well as some gentle twists. Bound Bridge pose draws on the warmth we have built in our thighs and completes our chest-opening, back-bending adventure. As the descend into stillness begins, a sense of deep well-being is bound* (yoga pun intended!) to wash over you. This class will make your body hum with gratitude, pure joy, and warmth. Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2019
Episode 8: Triangles Everywhere Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. In this class we bring the magic of breath to movement to the forefront of our practice. Rounds of Sun Salutations A wake up the spine, the core, and the hip flexors. Repeated rounds of chair pose bring energy and warmth to the quads, preparing them for standing postures. Moving Sun Salutations B work up to triangle pose, and rounds of one-legged plank flow gently work the core while featuring breath front and center. Warrior 1 and pyramid pose continue to prepare the legs for our peak pose - revolved tringle, which wrings out tension while challenging the sense of balance. Gentle backbends sprinkled throughout the practice are welcome counterparts to all the forward bending (and also to living in a hunched-over world). A mellow half pigeon and easy seated forward fold ease tension in the hips and lengthen the sides of the body. This class offers repetition in rounds of poses to let you focus on your breath, to let it shine, to let it rejuvenate you. We make shapes in order to access the breath and the sense of presence here and now. This class is intended to feel like a moving meditation, a journey within - with breath as your guide. Enjoy!

Dec 13, 2018
Episode 7: Glutes & Outer Hips Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. In this class we address glutes and outer hips with strengthening and lengthening postures. Take this flow at your own pace and bring mindfulness to all repetitions of the offered poses. Instead of just getting through it, challenge yourself to be present and fully immersed in the journey. The destination is secondary, while the journey is the whole point. Echoes of poses you have seen earlier in the class show up later with a twist. Enjoy them! Welcome them! Take them up a notch, if you wish. After a gentle waking of the spine in Sun Salutation A without any chaturanga pushups, we move into a dynamic flow of standing postures in Sun Salutation B and belly-down core work which targets all three layers of the glutes; all I ask is that you follow along mindfully, feeling each movement rather than rushing through it. Gentle twisting in the mid-back paired with spine-lengthening concludes the ‘hard work’ portion of class, and after we take it down to the mat with Half-Pigeon (which can always be substituted with a reclined figure four stretch on each side), the ultimate hip and glute release. A few more relaxing stretches prepare your body for slowing down and going deep in Savasana. Enjoy!

Nov 16, 2018
Episode 6: Supported Half Moon Gentle Flow

This is a 56-minute Gentle Flow. Allow the intentional flow and gentle pace of this class to draw you deep into your practice. Enjoy ample time to set up your poses and take them to your edge. I invite you to open your heart and shoulders and to explore the strength of your side walls and your obliques. In this practice I offer a flowing Sun Salutation A and Vinyasa-style Sun Salutation B. A break for the legs brings core strength to the forefront of your practice and calls you to challenge your center – everything from your upper abdominals to inner thighs. Forearm planks make a brief appearance, as do forearm side-planks. The last standing series puts it all together with Supported Half-Moon/Sugarcane option. Enjoy a gradual wind-down and notice your heart rate slow down as you lay back onto the mat. This gentle flow has a little bit of everything (hello heart, shoulders, sides, hips, ankles) and a whole lot of mindful presence. Make it what you need today. This is YOUR practice. Enjoy!

Oct 22, 2018
Episode 5: Seal & Bow Power Flow

This episode is a 65-minute Power Flow. This flow is a yoga equivalent of legs and back day at the gym, only a lot more zen. Your quads will be challenged by many a chair and crescent lunge. Your back will grow taught as we flow through flying locust in repeating rounds of Sun Salutation A. A steady rhythm of energetic standing poses in this slow-burn-flow Sun Salutation B will keep you moving and breathing. Core work will help in our quest towards the peak and will give the legs a much-needed break. Eventually we work up to Standing Bow Pulling pose and Floor Bow as well as prepare for and test out Seal pose. No attachment to taking any of these, of course; they are just opportunities to take your flow one step further if you wish. Towards the end of class we slip into a restful state of body and mind. Your effort and movement are rewarded with release and stillness. In this class I invite you to practice out of intention rather than out of habit. Some unusual transitions may come up, and I encourage you to resist muscle memory and to let my voice guide you. This class is the ultimate opportunity to go with the flow. Perhaps you can take this attitude with you off your mat. And who couldn’t use more flowing and less resisting in their day-to-day? Enjoy!

Sep 16, 2018
Episode 4: Mermaid Prep Power Flow

This episode is a 60-minute Power Flow. If you are feeling vital and powerful today, this is the practice for you. If you are feeling bleh and meh-meh today, this is also the practice for you. You simply cannot go wrong with this flow because it will bring you into your power and into the present moment. You may discover that you can indeed pause in your mid-plank for a full breath with great form. Sun salutations will build on one another, and you will seamlessly reach new depths in your holds and new grace in your flow. This class offers a full-body workout, along with a chance to deepen your half pigeon with a mermaid pose variation. We will flow, we will glow, then we will settle down and rest. This class offers a challenging flow with numerous opportunities to take it up a notch. Hello, single-leg bridge pose! No matter how far you choose to go, you will feel successful and strong. We will challenge our legs, core, upper body, and, as always, we will take time to slow down. We make shapes, so we may be still. And still you will be at the end of it all. When you wake from savasana, you may feel a sudden urge to conquer the world. Go for it! You are powerful!

Aug 26, 2018
Episode 3: Heart-Opening Gentle Flow

This episode is a 60-minute Gentle Flow. We begin with classic Sun Salutations with heart-opening and back-bending variations and gently progress to standing postures with light-hearted twists, stretches, and holds. This practice challenges the muscle memory we rely on in traditional Vinyasa Flow and invites you to tap into the magic of breath, whether in stillness or in movement. This class offers the perfect balance of exertion and rest. We will challenge our legs, core, and upper body, but we will also take time to breathe and reset. This class is a combination of flow and stillness, of effort and release. Do you want to work? Do you also want to rest? This class is the answer. Enjoy!

Jun 27, 2018
Episode 2: Lunging Crescents Classic Flow

This episode is a 60-minute Classic Flow practice. We focus on chest opening, work on the hip flexors, and discover the strength in our quads while holding and flowing through a fierce standing series. Core work gives the legs a break and fires up the abs. The second half of this energetic practice offers a counterbalance to movement and works up to Dancer’s pose and Floor Bow pose. Heart-opening binds, high-to-mid planks, deep lunges, gorgeous balancing moves, and a relaxing wind-down about cover it. This is a full hour of yoga, and you will feel worked out yet calm at the end. Enjoy!

Jun 19, 2018
Episode 1: Dancing Warriors Classic Flow

This episode is a 50-minute Classic Flow practice. We open the front and back lines of the body, strengthen the sides, and challenge the core with movement and isometric holds. This practice is strongly rooted in classic standing postures and offers a beautiful Dancing Warriors flow. We hold, we flow, we open, and we stretch. We find time to wind down and internalize the benefits of the practice in savasana. This is a well-rounded flow that will serve you at any time of day, any day of the week. It will energize and center you. Enjoy!

Jun 16, 2018