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 Sep 12, 2021


Physics World Weekly offers a unique insight into the latest news, breakthroughs and innovations from the global scientific community. Our award-winning journalists reveal what has captured their imaginations about the stories in the news this week, which might span anything from quantum physics and astronomy through to materials science, environmental research and policy, and biomedical science and technology. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out our monthly podcast Physics World Stories, which takes a more in-depth look at a specific theme.

Episode Date
Building a science centre that will inspire local communities, musing over first lines in science books
In this podcast we meet four people who aim to build a science centre in their city
Aug 11, 2022
Artificial muscles offer a route to greener air conditioning, breakthroughs in semiconductor physics and hidden consciousness
In this podcast we learn about a new refrigeration technology and chat about what’s new in physics
Aug 04, 2022
Celebrating the life of the pioneering nuclear physicist Gertrude Goldhaber
We speak with her family and archivist about Goldhaber’s scientific legacy
Jul 28, 2022
Bountiful exotic hadrons at the LHC inspire new naming convention
Two members of the LHCb collaboration talk about their success in finding tetraquarks and pentaquarks
Jul 22, 2022
Projectile fusion offers new path to clean energy, quantum communications for alien civilizations
In this podcast we meet the CEO and co-founder of First Light Fusion
Jul 14, 2022
How we know climate change causes extreme weather, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Higgs-boson discovery
In this podcast we chat with an expert in climate change attribution
Jul 07, 2022
How climate change is affecting human and natural systems, test your knowledge of artificial intelligence
In this podcast we speak to a climate-change expert and take a quiz on AI in medical physics
Jun 30, 2022
Prize-winning AI research, bringing machine learning tools into the radiotherapy clinic
In this episode we talk about the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare
Jun 23, 2022
Seeking the warm glow of the Unruh effect, reconfigurable hardware drives innovation in test and measurement
We speak to an instrumentation entrepreneur and a particle dynamics expert
Jun 16, 2022
Using social media to turn people on to physics, vacuum supplier sets science-based targets for greenhouse gas reductions
We chat with Sara Fry from Atlas Copco – Vacuum Technique and Georgina Phillips of the Institute of Physics
Jun 09, 2022
Quantum-computing company focuses on quantum simulation for industry, celebrating the International Year of Glass
In this podcast we look at some practical applications of quantum computers
Jun 02, 2022
Asking the big questions in the philosophy of physics and quantum biology
In this podcast we speak to a molecular geneticist and a philosopher of science
May 26, 2022
Black-hole physics and that iconic ‘shadow’ image, balloons and rockets probe the atmosphere’s acoustic duct
We speak to a geophysicist and an astrophysicist in this week’s podcast
May 19, 2022
Boosting the prospects of PhD students before and after graduation
We meet students and staff at two Scottish centres for doctoral training
May 12, 2022
Ukraine’s stained-glass heritage shines through
Our coverage of the International Year of Glass takes an artistic turn
May 05, 2022
Radiation detectors could help find ancient buildings and dinosaur bones
In this podcast we also discover how an astronomy technique is improving biomedical imaging
Apr 28, 2022
Electron rain is driven to Earth by whistler waves, carbon nanotubes encapsulate explosive nitrogen
In this podcast we also chat about hunting meteorites
Apr 21, 2022
Measuring gravity outdoors using a quantum gas, breakthroughs in materials processing and particle physics
In this podcast we speak to physicists who have taken a delicate experiment outside
Apr 14, 2022
Quantum computing meets machine learning, how motorsport could save the planet
In this podcast we talk about motor-racing technologies and quantum machine learning
Apr 07, 2022
Neutron capture destroys tumours from the inside, dead stars are born again, commercializing quantum sensors
In this podcast we talk about radiotherapy, stellar physics and quantum businesses
Mar 31, 2022
Solar geoengineering is a ‘fire extinguisher’ for global warming, shark’s skin inspires underwater vehicles
In this podcast we chat with experts on hydrodynamics and climate-change mitigation
Mar 24, 2022
Closest black hole is really a vampire star, augmented reality comes to prescription eyeglasses
We chat about curved waveguide technology and a mysterious stellar system
Mar 17, 2022
Laser-powered photonic circuits drive displays, double-anonymous peer review takes on gender bias, International Year of Glass hits its stride
In this podcast we talk about the wonders of glass, removing biases in publishing and an award-winning start up
Mar 10, 2022
Tracking space junk around the Moon, one teacher’s struggle to correct textbook errors
In this episode we chat about mistakes in educational materials and lunar space junk
Mar 03, 2022
Start-up simulates quantum photonics devices, a physicist’s experience of the mental-health system
We talk to a physicist who has struggled with mental illness and the co-founders of Quantopticon
Feb 24, 2022
Time crystals go large, challenges of quantum optimization, physics careers in 2022
In this podcast we chat about two fascinating quantum technologies
Feb 17, 2022
Ion-based quantum computers could boost battery performance, how fuel cells are decarbonizing energy
This podcast has an energy-storage theme
Feb 10, 2022
Physics buildings: the good, the bad and the ugly; breaking the silence on bullying and harassment
In this podcast we talk about documenting toxic workplaces and the architecture of physics
Feb 03, 2022
Achieving success in research collaborations, celebrating the UN International Year of Glass
This podcast looks at glass in physics and how to create a research dream team
Jan 27, 2022
How the Web went global after arriving in Silicon Valley from CERN
In this podcast we talk about how physicists and entrepreneurs changed the world
Jan 20, 2022
The science and scientists of Don’t Look Up, low-cost optical technique is improving healthcare
In this podcast we chat about photoplethysmography and a controversial Hollywood film
Jan 13, 2022
Exploring Pluto’s changing atmosphere by chasing its shadow on Earth
In this podcast we meet two siblings who have devoted their careers to studying the dwarf planet
Jan 06, 2022
Meet the winners of the Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year award
In this podcast we talk about the prizewinning entanglement of macroscopic drumheads
Dec 16, 2021
Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2021: a lively round-up of the year’s best physics results
In this podcast we chat about our eclectic shortlist
Dec 09, 2021
Cutting through the quantum hype, why the Stark effect should be renamed
We talk about the “German Physics” movement of the 1930s and the quantum-computing industry
Dec 02, 2021
Materials science conserves 500-year-old warship, new gravitational-wave discoveries by LIGO–Virgo
In this podcast we chat with the chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust and LIGO–Virgo physicists at Cardiff University
Nov 25, 2021
Clever aerodynamics makes owls silent hunters, why 2025 should be the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology
In this podcast we also chat about multiscale X-ray imaging and Pauli blocking
Nov 18, 2021
Quantum start-up targets single photons, perovskite pioneers bag Rank Prize
In this podcast we meet the chief executive of Nu Quantum and two award-winning researchers
Nov 11, 2021
COP26 special: energy innovation, sustainable cities and carbon capture
Second episode in a two-part series on climate science and solutions
Nov 04, 2021
COP26 special: extreme heat, cloud mysteries and climate tipping points
First episode in a two-part series on climate science and solutions
Oct 28, 2021
Donna Strickland on her life-changing Nobel prize, previewing #BlackInPhysics week, nuclear fusion in stars
In this episode we also chat about how to avoid professional burnout
Oct 21, 2021
Why nuclear should be part of our net-zero-carbon future, green jobs for physicists, proton arc therapy
This podcast looks at how physicists can create a greener world and an emerging cancer treatment
Oct 14, 2021
Exploring the science behind the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics, travelling 13,000 km to become a medical physicist
In this podcast we speak to a spin-glass expert, a climate physicist and a medical physicist in training
Oct 07, 2021
Tackling the big questions in physics with Jim Al-Khalili, how a physicist worked out why dinosaurs went extinct
In this podcast we also find out how muons are used to study materials
Sep 30, 2021
How the US keeps its nuclear secrets and what it reveals, double anonymous peer review boosts inclusion
In this podcast we meet a historian of nuclear weapons and a scholarly publishing expert
Sep 23, 2021
Probing the origins of the universe, using plasmonic tweezers to manipulate tiny objects
In this podcast we meet a nanophotonics expert and a cosmologist
Sep 16, 2021
Pondering cosmic mysteries with Paul Davies, tandem solar cells could soon be on your roof
In this podcast the conversation runs from quantum fundamentals to the practicalities to powering the future  
Sep 09, 2021
Why fusion power could rely on high-temperature superconductors, China’s ambitious exploration of space
In this podcast we chat about the latest science superpower and magnets for tokamaks 
Sep 02, 2021
How to build an artificial brain, future is bright for hybrid perovskite solar cells
In this podcast we also look at the physics of rollercoasters
Aug 26, 2021
Surfing, sunscreen and the perfect pizza: the physics of holidays
In this podcast we also chat about a new brain-machine interface and Saturn’s oscillating rings
Aug 19, 2021
Balloon-borne telescope will ‘weigh’ the universe, remembering John Enderby
In this podcast we celebrate a pioneer of neutron science
Aug 12, 2021
Physics-themed holidays, meet the next director of the European Spallation Source
In this podcast we also chat about the American Association of Physicists in Medicine virtual meeting
Aug 05, 2021
Protecting self-driving cars from cosmic rays, size limits for wind farms
This podcast also looks at the latest discovery in twistronics
Jul 29, 2021
The physics of Olympic sports, searching for continuous gravitational waves
In this podcast we try out an Olympics-inspired quiz and talk to three astrophysicists who are searching for continuous gravitational waves
Jul 22, 2021
Talking about Hawking, Brazil’s new synchrotron light source
In this podcast we chat about a new biography of Stephen Hawking and catch up with the director of Latin America’s only synchrotron light source
Jul 15, 2021
Metallic foams for face masks, why the UK needs an X-ray free electron laser
An ion clock in space, a vanishing pacemaker and a LEGO microscope are also discussed
Jul 08, 2021
Physics tracks changes in English dialects, machine learning confused by COVID-19
This podcast also looks back on an exciting week in astronomy
Jul 01, 2021
Physics of caramel wafers, neutron scattering focuses on self-assembled materials
This podcast also looks at sustainable materials for sound insulation
Jun 24, 2021
Accelerating quantum start-ups, meet the CEO of D-Wave Systems
This podcast focuses on the business of quantum science and technology
Jun 17, 2021
Quantum science and technology careers beckon, sneak preview of Physics World’s Quantum Week
In this podcast we talk to two PhD students about their passion for quantum physics
Jun 10, 2021
Meet the new Astronomer Royal for Scotland, using fun and humour to teach physics
In this podcast we explore how physicists can share their love of science with others
Jun 03, 2021
Ultracold circuits for quantum computing, graphene boosts sustainability, secrets of supercooled water
This podcast looks at the physics of liquids, nanomaterials and qubit integration
May 27, 2021
Icequakes and rogue waves: geoscientists and musicians interpret the sounds of the sea
This podcast looks at Arctic seismology and music inspired by the ocean
May 20, 2021
Observing the weather on brown dwarfs, powerful laser puts matter under extreme conditions
This podcast celebrates the UNESCO International Day of Light
May 13, 2021
Why quantum technologists and materials scientists need to talk, lockdown silence is a boon to seismologists
In this podcast we chat about building better quantum devices and the seismology of human activity
May 06, 2021
Quantum birds inspire new metrology for biosciences, particle physicist searches for the very small
In this podcast we talk about measuring tiny masses and magnetic fields
Apr 29, 2021
New technology for artisanal gold miners and the pros and cons of blockchain
In this podcast we talk about reducing mercury use in gold production and the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining
Apr 22, 2021
Fermilab physicists may have glimpsed a new force, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from belching cattle
In this podcast we also chat about energy-generating floors
Apr 15, 2021
Graphene gives neural interfaces a boost, the amazing physics of hearing and vision
This podcast features a neuromedicine specialist and the author of a book on the physics of sight and sound
Apr 08, 2021
Inspiring young children to careers in science, the physics and economics of heat pumps
This podcast features education specialist Carol Davenport and our industry columnist James McKenzie
Apr 01, 2021
Finding silicon’s Holy Grail at long last, how to recognize and prevent ‘publication misconduct’
We also talk about that new particle at CERN in this week’s podcast
Mar 25, 2021
Artist draws on her physics background for inspiration, improving proton therapy for better cancer care
This podcast features an artist who collaborates with physicists and a medical accelerator expert
Mar 18, 2021
Meteorite hunters find fireball fragments in England, CERN collider has discovered 59 new hadrons
Scientists race against time to find pristine meteorites and what exotic hadrons could tell us about the nature of the strong force
Mar 11, 2021
The race to discover superheavy elements, a dinosaur killer and other visitors from outer space
In this week’s podcast we chat about making new isotopes and what to do if you find a meteorite
Mar 04, 2021
How gravitational waves could reveal flaws in a black-hole theorem, satellites lead an agricultural revolution
This week’s podcast features black-hole and satellite-imaging experts
Feb 25, 2021
Quantum-enabled scanner will boost our understanding of brain function, doing research 6.5 km under the ocean’s surface
In this week’s podcast we also talk about the cold snap in Texas
Feb 18, 2021
How sidewinder snakes slither sideways, the challenges of creating sustainable infrastructure
This week’s podcast features a snake locomotion expert and a sustainable infrastructure specialist are on the podcast this week
Feb 11, 2021
Quantum mechanics and human consciousness, developing technologies for brain-inspired computation
A neuroinformatics expert and a quantum biophysicist are our guests on the podcast this week
Feb 04, 2021
Nanophotonic biosensor tests for COVID-19, hot topics in medical physics
The editor-in-chief of Physics in Medicine and Biology and a nanobiosensor expert are our guests this week
Jan 28, 2021
Severe wildfires create towering thunderstorms, how to launch a new scientific society
This podcast features meteorologist David Peterson and medical scientists Amy Berrington and Suman Shrestha
Jan 21, 2021
Pursuing a career in science communication, commercializing single photon detectors
A molecular engineer (and student contributor to Physics World) and a quantum start-up CEO are our podcast guests
Jan 14, 2021
Processing natural language using quantum computers, listening to the oceans’ myriad sounds
Quantum physicist Bob Coecke and marine biologist Ana Širovic are our podcast guests
Jan 07, 2021
The highs and lows of physics in 2020, we reveal our Breakthrough of the Year
Physics World editors review what has been a truly weird year
Dec 17, 2020
We reveal our Top 10 Breakthroughs in physics for 2020
Physics World editors chat about their choices of the best physics research done in 2020
Dec 10, 2020
A passion for nanotechnology in medicine:  Black in Nanotech Week cofounder Olivia Geneus on inspiring the next generation of nanoscientists
A materials and music quiz and the sad demise of the Arecibo observatory are also in this week’s podcast
Dec 03, 2020
Quantum software company tackles big computing challenges
Ilyas Khan of Cambridge Quantum Computing is our guest this week
Nov 26, 2020
Hunting dark matter with quantum sensors, working abroad brings career advantages
Also in this week’s podcast, medical applications of focused ultrasound and a new route to twistronics
Nov 19, 2020
Striving for diversity and inclusion in engineering, 100 years of ferroelectrics
We also survey the state of the UK’s quantum industry in this week’s podcast
Nov 12, 2020
Making water on the Moon, radiotherapy for COVID-19, gear-changing particle colliders
Lunar expert Hannah Sargeant is our guest this week
Nov 05, 2020
Celebrating Black physicists
Two of the co-organizers of #BlackInPhysics week, Ashley Walker and Xandria Quichocho, talk about their journeys into physics and some of the barriers they've faced
Oct 29, 2020
Room-temperature superconductor arrives at last, a dark-matter detector mystery
Superconductor expert Ranga Dias and particle theorist Jayden Newstead are our guests this week
Oct 22, 2020
Pathways to scalable quantum technologies
Jelena Vučković and Michelle Simmons talk about their careers and drive to create practical quantum devices
Oct 15, 2020
Black holes: celebrating the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics
Why Andrea Ghez, Reinhard Genzel and Roger Penrose bagged this year’s award
Oct 08, 2020
Why Google builds quantum computers, the LGBT+ experience in physics, CERN’s carbon footprint
Sergio Boixo, Ramon Barthelemy and Kate Ravilious are our guests this week
Oct 01, 2020
The promises and pitfalls of peer review
In Peer Review Week, we hear from experts on the role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality – especially during a pandemic
Sep 24, 2020
Evidence for life is found on Venus, creating wider access to the best radiotherapy
We talk about reducing the global disparity in cancer treatment and Venusian phosphine
Sep 17, 2020
How the Doomsday Clock ticks, dusting on the Moon, Proxima reflects on women in STEM
Challenges of space exploration and demise of humanity are this week’s topics
Sep 10, 2020
Why that massive black-hole merger is important, battling quantum decoherence on two fronts
Gravitational-wave expert Laura Nuttall is our guest this week
Sep 03, 2020
A grasshopper's quantum leap, mentoring medical physicists, synchrotron is extremely brilliant
Making the connection between Bell’s theorem and a hopping insect
Aug 27, 2020
Why LHCb is so good at discovering tetraquarks, medical sensors that are drawn on the skin
We also chat about how to prevent the coffee-ring effect
Aug 20, 2020