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Confused about health and wellness? Each week we interview an expert to bring a little inspiration to your life - from gut health to mental health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes, finding happiness, what happens to our brains when we exercise, skincare 101, dealing with stress, veganism and the environment and so much more.

Hosted by Ella Mills, the founder of Deliciously Ella, this podcast brings you open, honest conversation around mental and physical health.

Episode Date
Understanding Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

Ella and guest, Karl Deisseroth on understanding anxiety, depression and mental health. From the depths of human emotion to why the science can expand our empathy and connectivity; why our view of mental health needs updating; the hidden realms of the mind and the ways in which we can expand our connectivity.

Karl Deisseroth - Connections: A Story of Human Feeling


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Jun 08, 2021
Why Calories Don’t Count

Why calorie-counting simply doesn’t stack up, with Giles Yeo. We ask: are all calories equal; what’s the connection between calories and weight loss; and are foods with fewer calories automatically better for you? A debunk of every calorie myth, why we need a fundamental restructure of the food system and whether we really can be healthy at every size.


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Jun 01, 2021
Mindfulness, Meditation and Easing Stress

Michael James Wong on how to bring mindfulness into your day, ways to let go of stress and expectation, redefining happiness and the benefits of slowing down.


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May 25, 2021
Food As Medicine

Tim Spector, a world expert on gut health, reveals the at-home blue muffin test that’ll help you understand how healthy your gut is, why food is medicine and how to improve our health.

To get involved, visit


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May 18, 2021
How to Optimise Your Health

Is wellness to prescriptive and how can we optimise our individual health? We talk about understanding and optimising your hormones, the concept of happiness as a chemical concept, the role of stress and sleep, quick ways to boost your wellbeing, unlocking your potential and creating more self-compassion with Amy Thomson, founder of Moody.

Amy Thomson: Moody


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May 04, 2021
Building Exceptional Relationships

We talk to Stanford lecturers David Bradford and Carole Robin about the six characteristics of an exceptional relationship and their relevance to all relationships in our lives from friends to family and colleagues. We look at how to shift out relationships along the continuum towards exceptions, how to foster interpersonal mindfulness, the importance of becoming both more curious and more vulnerable and the role of technology.


David Bradford and Carole Robin: Connect


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Apr 27, 2021
Plant-Based Diets for Children

Everything you need to know about raising plant-based children from protein to calcium, iron, fat, carbohydrates, omega 3, milk, B12, vitamin D and so much more. With dieticians Whitney and Alex from Plant Based Juniors. 

Alexandra Caspero & Whitney English - Plant-Based Baby & Toddler


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Apr 20, 2021
Happiness, Change and Emotional Resilience

Renowned psychotherapist Julia Samuel talks about learning to face our difficulties with self-compassion, expectation versus reality, the relationship between happiness and change, escapism and building a strong foundation with her eight pillars of strength.


Julia Samuel This Too Shall Pass


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Apr 13, 2021
How to Supercharge Your Brain

This week we’re looking at the practical advise on how to maximise, nurture and sustain your brain health with Professor James Goodwin, a leading expert on brain health. From managing stress levels to why meditation and yoga make your brain glow, the impact of intermittent fasting, how exercise creates new brain cells, the impact of sleep, of gut health and that cognitive decline is not inevitable.


Professor James Goodwin Supercharge Your Brain


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Apr 06, 2021
Adam Grant on Creating a Successful Mindset

This week we’re talking to psychologist Adam Grant about upgrading your mindset; looking at the culture of failure, the importance of rethinking and keeping an open mind, how to create constructive dialogue, whether to follow our gut instinct and why ignorance isn’t such a bad thing.  


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Mar 30, 2021
Understanding Your Period & Female Health

Maisie Hill talks about the importance of understanding your cycle and all the stages women go through from the very first period through pre-menopause (all of our reproductive years), peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause, and most importantly why having knowledge early on can make all the difference to how we feel later on. We talk contraception, hormones, fluctuations in mood, fertility awareness, tracking our cycle, the impact of stress and how what we eat can affect our periods.



Period Power, Peri-menopausal Power, Read your body, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, The Fifth Vital Sign 


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Mar 23, 2021
Changing Habits & Reaching Goals

We talk to behavioural scientist Dr Grace Lordan about what makes some people succeed while others are unable to reach their goals; from the importance of removing the ego to taking ourselves out of our comfort zones, changing our narrative and looking at long-term success over instant gratification. With a specific lens on creating purpose in our careers and reframing failure.


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Mar 16, 2021
Metabolism and Calories; Myths and Reality

What actually is your metabolism; what’s the link between metabolism, your weight and calorie intake; can any foods, powders or supplements speed it up and does yo-yo dieting or restrictive eating have a negative impact? Today evolutionary biologist Herman Pontzer talks fact and fiction and why so many of the headlines are mis-selling us information when it comes to our metabolism, calories, our health and weight management.  


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Mar 09, 2021
How to Live Your Happiest Life with Fearne Cotton

With an introduction on our new charitable partnership with the Trussell Trust in support of their work supporting food banks across the UK and their campaign to end hunger; this episode then delves into a conversation with Fearne Cotton on creating boundaries, saying no (without a white lie), being true to who you really are, embracing vulnerability and finding compassion for yourself in order to live your most genuine, happy life.

Trussell Trust:


Our mix and match oat bar packs for the £1 donation:

Fearne Cotton: Speak Your Truth


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Mar 02, 2021
Creating Healthy Relationships

Clinical psychologist and couples therapist, Michaela Thomas, talks to us about how to build a healthy relationship, why our relationship with ourself is the cornerstone of true connection and how to navigate the pressure for perfection. From embracing our vulnerability to asking for what we need, understanding the impact of technology and how to understand and then unpick the ways in which our upbringing shapes the way we form future connections. 


Michaela Thomas -


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Feb 23, 2021
Controlling the inner critic

We talk to psychologist Ethan Kross – a world expert on controlling the conscious mind – on how we can harness the ongoing chatter in our heads, the ongoing internal conversation, to silence streams of self-doubt from our inner critic. From how ruminating on negative thoughts impacts on our relationships, work, physical health and stress levels; to why venting our emotions isn’t the answer and the tools we need to stop ruminating on negativity and catastrophising.


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Feb 16, 2021
Finding Healthy Routines with Dr Chatterjee

We talk to Dr Rangan Chatterjee on finding healthy habits, why we need to move away from quick fixes and why we need to look after ourselves as a whole; from finding a healthy weight and stopping yo-yo dieting to the role of sleep and bedtime routines, moving our bodies, morning rituals, getting outside and the impact of stress.


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Feb 09, 2021
Why do we see the bad more often than the good?

Why do we respond more to the negative over the positive; to criticism more than praise? Why do we worry so much? How can we stop our negative thought patterns? Science shows this negative thinking is innate, it’s our negativity bias and it explains why negative events and emotions affect us more strongly than positive ones. Our guests today, John Tierney and Roy Baumeister, explain why our brains work in this way and how we can recognise the negativity effect and break destructive patterns. 


Ella and Matt’s recommendations: This Is Us, History Hit, Tudor Dynasties and Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library

John Tierney and Roy Baumeister, The Power of Bad


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Feb 02, 2021
Can a Plant-Based Diet Revolutionise Your Health?

Dr Alan Desmond, an NHS consultant with over twenty years of clinical experience, joins us to talk about the science behind a plant-based diet, the latest research and how it can help all of our wellbeing. Dr Desmond specialises in gastroenterology and the effect what we eat has both on our gut health and our overall wellbeing, he’s revolutionary in the sense that he prescribes a plant-based diet to his patients and he’s seen first-hand the extraordinary impact it can have.


Dr Alan Desmond, The Plant Based Diet Revolution


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Jan 26, 2021
Coping with The Current Uncertainty

The last year has been full of unprecedented, unexpected, uncertain moments, which have thrown many of us through a loop. Today we talk to Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk, about how we can sit with that fear, how we can stop our minds from racing ahead and projecting into the future and how we can find moments of calm even when the world feels upside down. We look at the many positives, the irony of missing our busy lives and how we can cultivate more compassion and appreciation of lockdown; as well as the questions we should be asking ourselves in our collective quest for happiness when our external pick-me-up’s aren’t there.


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Jan 19, 2021
Five Pillars of Health

We take a look at the simple, every day practices that can transform our mental and physical health from what we eat to how we sleep, the role of exercise, water and moments of calm. We’re answering all the key questions on why your five-a-day matters, why gut health has such a big impact on our wellbeing, what mindfulness means and whether we really need eight hours of sleep.


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Jan 12, 2021
2020 Finale - Baby News, Future Plans & What Happens Behind the Scenes

Ella and Matt reflect on 2020 from May’s birth story to navigating a business through the covid crisis, plans for next year, their personal favourite recipes and what happens behind the scenes at Deliciously Ella.

A Monk's Guide To Happiness: Gelong Thubten 


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Oct 27, 2020
How Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine

With the world feeling increasingly uncertain and scary, finding the humour in life can often be a struggle but in this week's episode, Ella talks to author Naomi Bagdonas about why it's more important than ever. Despite seeming like a frivolous thing, they explore how humour has the power to actually connect us more as humans as well as the science on why it can impact our physical and mental health and ultimately our wellbeing.

Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas: Humour, Seriously


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Oct 20, 2020
Gabby Bernstein on Self-Worth, Rock Bottom and Judgement

Leading wellness speaker Gabby Bernstein talks about shifting the lens on the life we lead to create more ease, joy, calm and centring. From the importance of internalising our self-worth to why rock bottom can be a good thing, choosing to be open to new perspectives, stepping away from judgement, affirmations, self-sabotage, stress management and why doing the work to make the change isn’t always easy


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Oct 13, 2020
How Women Can Support Women

An empowering conversation on the power of supporting one another with Cyndie Spiegel. We talk about turning complex emotions like jealousy into positive paths of self-awareness, grace and curiosity; why supporting one another starts with compassion for ourselves and overcoming imposter syndrome; how to build bridges even when we feel uncomfortable and why it’s ok to be ourselves, even if that doesn’t make everyone happy.


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Oct 06, 2020
How to Become a Truly Positive Person

Vex King, the #1 best-selling author of Good Vibes, Good Life talks about how to shift your mindset, how he overcame huge obstacles to create the life he wanted and in doing so learnt to truly internalise positivity and gratitude. We talk about the importance of stopping seeing yourself as a victim in order to move forwards, the balance between positive well-being practices and a chasing of perfectionism, why the idea of self-love is misunderstood and how we can allow change in our lives.


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Sep 29, 2020
Mindfulness, Baking and Slowing Down

Pauline Beaumont – therapist, author, mum of six and passionate baker – outlines the importance of slow, calming, mindful activities for nurturing our mental health. We talk about why balancing the frenetic, technology led parts of our lives with activities that allow us to find more presence, creativity and community is so important, why we need to celebrate life’s imperfections, what simple ingredients like flour and water can teach us about life and how emotional eating plays a role in our everyday.


Pauline Beaumont, Bread Therapy


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Sep 22, 2020
Why Is Exercise Good For Us?

Dr Daniel Lieberman, a Harvard professor, talks us through why we’re over simplifying exercise in the modern world; why ‘just do it’ doesn’t work and why exercise really does matter. We look at how it’s connected to our mental and physical health, from coronavirus to depression; whether there is an optimal form or duration of exercise; how we’ve evolved – the biological and anthropological foundations of movement and whether sitting is the new smoking?


Book: Daniel Lieberman, Exercised

Our app:




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Sep 15, 2020
The Science of Happiness

Tal Ben-Shahar created the most popular course in Harvard’s history, studying the science of happiness. He guides us through the universal pillars of happiness from the importance of learning and curiosity to our relationships, meaning and purpose, as well as the universal detractors from the downfall of technology to the gap in our expectations, the modern rat race and the misunderstanding of the connection between, wealth, success and happiness.


Poem – The Guest House by Rumi

Book – Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar

The Happiness Studies Academy -


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Sep 08, 2020
10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Our September back to school special is on how to de-stress and de-clutter your life, looking at how we can bring more joy, ease and efficiency into our every day. We talk to author of Life Skills Erin Zammett Ruddy about morning routines, skipping the snooze button, boosting our energy in three minutes, organising the house, creating a positive working from home environment, streamlining our overflowing inboxes, de-stressing in less than a minute, meditation, saying no and walking into a room with confidence with tips from wellness leaders like Arianna Huffington and Dr Oz.


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Sep 01, 2020
Reasons for Optimism About Climate Change

Why should we be optimistic about the solutions to climate change? Why is positivity more likely to give us better results and what does the latest research show? We talk to Lily Cole about everything from rewilding to the power of technology, the role of food, the limits of the individual, eco-anxiety, conscious consumerism, green washing and how contradictory and imperfect many of the solutions are. Plus what Elon Musk thinks and how hard it was to follow Greta Thunberg’s advice.


Lily Cole: Who Cares Wins


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Aug 25, 2020
Finding Work Life Balance

We spend about a third of our lives at work so finding joy, balance, purpose and structure is so important. Yet so many of us feel instead that our jobs are a daily grind that have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing, so today we’re asking Samantha Clarke how we can change that. From tips on working from home to the myth of the overnight success, finding inspiration, dealing with burn out, the over glamorisation of entrepreneurship and truly switching on and off at the start and the end of the day, we look at creating better relationships at work, reconciling work life balance and taking control of our everyday.


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Aug 18, 2020
A Celebration of Imperfect Women

We speak to Helen Lewis, author of Difficult Women, about feminist hero’s, the importance of embracing our imperfections and flaws, why we airbrush certain parts of stories, why we tear each other down and why women can’t always support women.


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Aug 11, 2020
A Practical Approach To Mental Health

We talk a lot about the importance of sharing our worries and anxieties, but what can we do on a practical level to change negative cycles and to create consistent patterns that support our mental health. Physiatrist, Dr Sarah Vohra, talks irrational thoughts and beliefs, why we catastrophise, what causes negative thought patterns and sabotaging cycles, the role of our senses, why quick fixes don’t work and what’s the role of those around us.


Dr Sarah Vohra, The Mind Medic


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Aug 04, 2020
How to Create Positive Body Image

Body image concerns are prevalent, so the question is how do we proactively fight against that pressure and foster a body sense of self and in doing so create a positive body image. Should we just stop talking about body image altogether, how far reaching are the consequences of a negative view on ourselves, what role does social media play and how do we change it for our children? We explore all this and much more with body image researcher Nadia Craddock.


A starter list of recommendations:

Social Media Accounts

  • @car_uwe
  • @nadia.craddock
  • @phillippa.diedrichs
  • @emily.l.matheson
  • @honeykinny
  • @beauty_redined
  • @maxineali
  • @yrfatfriend
  • @munroebergdorf
  • @scarrednotscared
  • @antidietriotclub
  • @bodyposipanda
  • @bodyimage_therapist
  • @chr1styharrison


  • Shrill by Lindy West
  • Body Positive Power by Meagan Crabbe
  • Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings
  • Hunger by Roxane Gay
  • The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
  • Body Respect by Lindo Bacon (published as Linda Bacon) and Lucy Aphramor


  • Appearance Matters – the official podcast of the Centre for Appearance Research – with Nadia Craddock and Jade Parnell
  • The Body Protest with Nadia Craddock and Honey Ross
  • Food Psych with Christy Harrison RD


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Jul 28, 2020
The Flaws of Perfectionism

We so often see perfectionism as a positive flaw but could it be having a detrimental impact on our mental health? We speak to LSE professor Dr Thomas Curran about the rise in perfectionism, the conflict of who we really are versus an idealistic view of ourselves, our increasing focus on meeting unrealistic expectations, the correlation to anxiety, how social media comes into it and how focusing on our self-esteem and purpose can counteract the concerning trends that we’re seeing. 


Thomas’ Ted Talk: 


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Jul 21, 2020
Simple Tools for Health: Breath

Over the course of the day we take about 25,000 breaths. It’s a process that is so automatic for so many of us but could it be a missing pillar of health? Today we explore the topic of breathing looking at the history and latest scientific research with journalist James Nestor, author of Breath. We look at the potential power of consciously breathing from the roots of breath in Buddhist, the Chinese Tao and the history of yoga to its links to stress, anxiety, mental health; why we should be breathing through our nose; why breathing less can give us more; how office life stops us breathing and how the little things can have a big impact on our lives.


James Nestor: Breath


Book Links for Quick and Easy:






Free worldwide delivery of the UK edition: 

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Jul 14, 2020
Love and Relationships: 15 Facts

From the impact of coronavirus and quarantine on our relationships to online dating, marriage, divorce, the ups and downs of being single, love at first sights and whether soulmates exist, we’re looking at fifteen facts on love and relationships with Laura Mucha.


Laura’s Book: We Need to Talk About Love

Laura’s first podcast episode on attachment theory:

Paul Dolan’s podcast episode on Happy Ever After:

Half price links for Quick and Easy:


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Jul 07, 2020
Human Kindness

Why should we believe in human goodness? Today we’re exploring the power of human kindness and why the theory that most people are governed by self-interest is possibly totally inaccurate. Our guest Rutger Bregman instead argues that history shows we are fundamentally altruistic and kind, it’s a refreshing, optimistic view of the world that we hope will give you a little hope.



Rutger Bregman, Humankind

Hans Rosling, Factfulness – the book on why the world is getting better


A link to an article detailing more about the real Lord of the Flies:


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May 12, 2020
Finding Gratitude in the Hardest Moments

What happens when life as you know it disappears in an instant, when the world is swept from under you and every part of your day to day shifts. We’re talking to our friend Lauren who experienced extreme isolation eight years ago about finding blessings, appreciating connections, not losing sight of the future or gratitude in adversity, as well as the importance of looking to the future even when the future is so hard to predict, the lessons we can take from disconnection and distance and the importance of perspective at all times. A how to in living by the moto ‘live life as though everything is rigged in your favour’


Lauren’s Vogue article:


You’ll find the By Sarah products on in the next couple of weeks


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May 05, 2020
Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Home

From finding motivation to boosting your energy levels, emotional eating, boredom snacking, morning routines and managing any pressure to be using this time productivity, we’re talking staying healthy at home with nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik


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Apr 28, 2020
A Calming Meditation

A calming, grounding guided meditation to make you feel a little more calm and peaceful during this strange time. The meditation itself runs from 5.30 - 21.20 and is led by Phoebe Greenacre 


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Apr 21, 2020
Checking In and What We’re Loving

A shorter episode focused on what we’ve been enjoying reading, watching and listening to during these strange times and how we’re trying to keep happy and productive.

Poem: The Rainbow Children, Gemma Peacock 



  • Playing to win, A. G. Larfley and Roger L. Martin
  • Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd, Youngme Moon
  • When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi
  • Any Human Heart, William Boyd 
  • Educated, Tara Westover 
  • A Monk’s Guide to Happiness, Gelong Thubten 


TV Show:

  • Unorthodox, Netflix 




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Apr 14, 2020
Coping with The Current Uncertainty

How can we manage the huge shifts and monumental changes we’re dealing with across the world right now? How do we find joy and keep our sense of self when the way we define ourselves and our everyday has shifted so drastically and so quickly? Can we reframe the uncertainty and anxiety that so many of us our feeling? Psychotherapist Anna Mathur is helping us get to grips with it all, bringing us a little group therapy and helping us find a little more compassion and understanding for ourselves and each other.

For more info on Anna’s reframing anxiety course:


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Apr 07, 2020
Is Happy Ever After a Myth?

Does our quest for a seemingly perfect life, a constant need to keep up with the Joneses and a series of unachievable expectations fuel our growing levels of unhappiness and anxiety? We’re looking at the social norms that surround marriage, children, careers, education, income and so much more with Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, looking at the research and the science behind the narratives.


Happy Ever After: Paul Dolan


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Mar 31, 2020
Reframing Our Thinking: How to Believe Good Things Can Happen

How do we reframe our thinking to believe good things can happen, how do we spread good in such a difficult time and how can we manage our mindset to stop us drifting into negativity bias, especially in such an uncertain period? Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart talks us through the power of the mind, the law of attraction and whether creating the life we want is luck, faith at work or something explainable by science.


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Mar 24, 2020
Embracing Life’s Challenges

Today’s guest, therapist Sasha Bates, talks embracing vulnerability, expanding our emotional bandwidth, why we shouldn’t cut ourselves off from difficult emotions and the importance of stopping the ‘I’m fine’ mentality. From loosening the protective emotional armour we can create in childhood to understanding avoidance and denial, creating space for feelings, finding gems in the rubble and treating vulnerability and pain with kindness, we discuss all manner of ways to embrace and understand life’s challenges.


Sasha Bates, Languages of Loss


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Mar 17, 2020
Eco-Anxiety and The Healing Power of Nature

Does our cultural move away from the natural world impact our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing? Does it really change things in our brains, guts and our ability to heal? What does the science say? Our guest is the science journalist Lucy Jones – looking at the most recent studies on our relationship with nature and how it interacts with human biology, neuroscience and psychology, as well the impact of pollution and the concept of eco-anxiety and how our disconnect from nature impacts on climate change. 


Lucy Jones: Loosing Eden


Deliciously Ella Live:


Bristol, 11th May - Gelong Thubten 

  • How to Find Genuine Happiness 


How do we find peace, presence and happiness in the business of the world around us? Can we make happiness an internal quality rather than something we’re on a constant quest for and that needs external validation to happen? We’re looking at compassion, discipline, the science of meditation and how to navigate the modern world with Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten. 



London, 13th May, Dr Rangan Chatterjee

  • The Quick and Easy Ways to Create a Healthier Life


Can five minutes make a difference to our lives? Can we really create healthy habits that impact our mental and physical wellbeing in that time, lower stress and boost our relationships. Dr Rangan Chatterjee believes we can, and that’s what he’ll be able to tell us all about. 



Edinburgh, 17th May, Dr Megan Rossi 

  • The Power of Our Gut Health


How can what we eat, our stress levels and the way we move impact the gut and why does that matter? How does the gut brain connection work and how can I make it all work a little better? We’ll be delving into the science behind our gut health and how that impacts on almost every part of our physical and mental wellbeing with Dr Megan Rossi, a leading expert in the field. 



Cardiff, 19th May, Gelong Thubten 

  • How to Find Genuine Happiness 


How do we find peace, presence and happiness in the business of the world around us? Can we make happiness an internal quality rather than something we’re on a constant quest for and that needs external validation to happen? We’re looking at compassion, discipline, the science of meditation and how to navigate the modern world with Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten. 



Dublin, 21st May, Shahroo Izadi 

  • Making Positive, Long Lasting Changes


How many times have you tried to break a negative cycle, give up a habit that doesn’t help you or make a change in your life only to find yourself back at square one a week later? We’re talking to behaviour psychologist Shahroo Izadi about making these habits stick, about creating true change in our lives and allowing the healthier habits that we know may help us become an easy, enjoyable part of our every day. 



Manchester, 26th May - Amelia Freer

  • Healthy Eating 101


Healthy eating can feel very confusing - what to believe and what not to? With contradictory headlines in the media almost daily it can be hard to get a clear sense of what we should be doing to feel our best. We’ll be talking myth versus fact and breaking down what really matter and what doesn’t when it comes to balanced, healthy, sustainable, delicious eating habits with nutritionist Amelia Freer. 



Leeds, 27th May, Shahroo Izadi 

  • Making Positive, Long Lasting Changes


How many times have you tried to break a negative cycle...  

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Mar 10, 2020
How To Build A Healthy, Happy Brain

Can we build a healthy brain? Are there psychological and lifestyle factors that impact on our brain’s functioning and therefore our wellbeing? We’re talking to Kimberley Wilson, a psychologist who’s passionate about education on the preventative measures we can take when it comes to brain health. We talk everything from why we ignore mental health symptoms to dementia, depression, anxiety, stress, diet and managing our emotional health.


Kimberley Wilson, How to Build a Healthy Brain: Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future-proof your brain -


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Mar 03, 2020
Setting Boundaries & Our Christmas Reading List

For our final episode of series 4, we're joined by the wonderful journalist Toni Jones, founder of Shelf Help: global platform, book club and community dedicated to self-help and self-development. Toni kicks off the episode by interviewing Matt and Ella about the whirlwind year they’ve had and how much they’ve learnt from our incredible podcast guests. From setting boundaries to work life balance, daily routines and new year’s resolutions. We then go on to discuss three gorgeous books, recommended by Toni, to help kickstart 2020.

Shelf Help

Gelong Thubten

100 Days of Self-discovery

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life by Dr Tara Swart


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Dec 03, 2019
Morning Routines

Can a morning routine change your life? Is making a big transformation really as simple as bringing together passion, belief and effort? Can we actually all set our alarms a little bit earlier every day? Today we’re talking to international bestselling author of Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, about whether implementing just six things over the course of an hour, every single morning, every single day of the year, can really help us live our lives to the fullest.

Hal Elrod - Miracle Morning -

Will Smith on Ellen Degeneres -

Hal Elrod & Michael J Maher - The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents -


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Nov 26, 2019
Diet Myths

Should we eat little and often or three big meals? Why does one meal make one person lose weight and another person gain it? Is it really calories in versus calories out? What about ultra-processed food, how does it impact on us? What happens if we eat just McDonalds for 10 days? We’re exploring personalised nutrition, diet myths and nature versus nurture with scientist Tim Spector.

Sign up to our newsletter here -

Tim Spector, Identically Different and The Diet Myth -

Link to the DIETFIT study -

Link to the British Gut Project -


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Nov 19, 2019
Friendship, Sisterhood and Jealousy

Exploring the topic of friendship: how to support one another, how to let go of toxic relationships and why we need to strengthen our relationship with ourselves in order to further our relationships with others. We’re answering all your questions from why can we be so catty to why do we judge so much. Are women really supporting women, how can we be happy for others when we feel intense jealousy, how to handle the shift to motherhood and how can we change the paradigm of constant comparison? One of my favourite episodes yet, a warm and open talk with Xochi Balfour.

Holly Lynch's letter expressing support for Megan Markle can be read here

Chameli Ardagh, Awakening Women:


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Nov 12, 2019
The Meat Myth

James Wilks, producer and presenter of the best-selling documentary Game Changers, joins us to explore a plant-based diet from a totally new angle, looking at how it fuels some of the strongest and most dynamic athletes in the world. From Roman Gladiators to UFC fighters, Olympic champions, the world’s strongest man and American Footballers, we look at the myth of meat and challenge the stereotype that real men eat meat.


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Nov 05, 2019
Building Bridges In A Divided World

How do we create real change, build community, find a sense of togetherness and heal the divisions that currently exist in our society? A recent Harvard study concluded that 80% of millennials want to be rich and 50% famous, are we aiming for the wrong things and focusing so much on the big, on grandeur and impossible-to-reach goals that we miss the joy, the purpose, the connection of the small, the everyday, the local? We’re talking to independent Politician Rory Stewart about his experience here and the often toxic divides of politics today.

700 Tesco stores for frozen

Gelong Thubten Podcast Episode:

Harvard Study Ted Talk:

Statistics on loneliness in the UK:

Rory references Tempus Novo, an award winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders:


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Oct 29, 2019
Do We Need a Digital Detox?

We tap, swipe and click our devices 2,617 times a day, 34% of us have checked Facebook in the last ten minutes, we answer an email within six seconds and we’re now spending more time on screens than we do sleeping. Is it too much? How is it affecting us all? Should we need a digital detox? How can we wean ourselves off the addiction and control the social anxiety that can come with it? Today we’re talking about finding that balance, looking at the small steps we can take making tech something that makes us healthier and happier rather than more frazzled with Tanya Goodin.

All statistics cited by Ella and Tanya can be found on:

All information about Tanya’s retreats, books and everything else can be found at:


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Oct 15, 2019
Changing the Birth Narrative

What happens in birth? Why are we so afraid of it? Do we need to be that afraid of it? Can you really have a calm, empowered experience? Does it hurt? Will I tear? What are my choices? This episode looks at the FAQ’s and the current conversation around birth, breaking down the culture of fear and dread and questioning the current dynamics through the lens of #metoo and whether birth can be a feminist issue. From the widely differing stats of different birth choices and their respective outcomes to hypnobirthing, tearing, birth plans and doulas, this episode looks to guide all women through their thinking and create a positive outlook for all of us.

Milli Hill – The Positive Birth Book & Give Birth Like a Feminist

Ina May Gaskin – Guide to Childbirth

Emily Oster - Expecting Better


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Oct 08, 2019
Learning to Fail

We talk to Elizabeth day, host of How To Fail, about failing at body insecurity, relationships, wellness, children, families and careers; looking at how failure is an intrinsic part of success, how our mistakes help to move us closer to what we want, the importance of vulnerability and embracing our flaws. We’re looking at all of our biggest failures, what we’ve learnt from them and how that openness is able to connect us and allow us to get to know ourselves better.

Elizabeth Day - How To Fail, Book & Podcast

The Mo Gawdat episode is episode 4 of season 4


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Oct 01, 2019
How To Have a Healthy Gut

What is a healthy gut? How do I know if I have a healthy gut? What’s normal? We’re talking to Dr Megan Rossi from Kings College about bloating, gas, constipation, heart burn & reflux, IBS, food intolerances and so much more. From how to nurture your gut microbes to the impact of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, yo-yo dieting, high protein diets, exercise, restrictive eating, antibiotics and probiotics on our bodies; plus the extent to which stress affects our wellbeing, why fibre is so important and the practical solutions to understanding what’s going on in your body and how to feel better.


Dr Megan Rossi – Eat Yourself Healthy

Earlier podcast episode – The Gut; Why it Matters, season 1


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Sep 24, 2019
Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt

70% of women and just over 50% of men have had imposter syndrome, a constant, nagging sense of self-doubt, insecurity and the fear that others think we’re not good enough to be doing what we’re doing. In today’s episode we talk to clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd about how to get comfortable being uncomfortable; how to differentiate between everyday fear and the negative thought patterns that hold us back and how to create a new mindset that allows us to celebrate our achievements and escape the mind-trap of insecurity that so many of us fall into.


Dr Jessamy Hibberd - The Imposter Cure: How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud and Escape the Mind-trap of Imposter Syndrome

Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In

Dr Steve Peters - The Chimp Paradox


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Sep 17, 2019
Plant Power; Eat Yourself Healthy

Can we really eat in a way that supports and prevents some of the biggest health issues affecting us today? Will going vegan result in vitamin deficiencies? What's the difference between a vegan and a wholefoods, plant-based diet? Should we eat five or ten portions of fruit and veg a day, does it make a difference? What benefits does eating organic really have? With so much conflicting information about diet and lifestyle, this season finale takes a deep dive into the data, evidence and studies around the power of a plant-rich diet with Dr. Gemma Newman. Gemma goes into the facts and figures, as well as talking us through her own experience with the power of a wholefood, plant-based diet and what she’s seen in her patients, touching on everything from cardiovascular disease to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, B12, childhood nutrition, mental health, pregnancy and so much more.


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Jul 23, 2019
Happiness As A Choice

Are you happy, present, at peace with yourself and the world around you? Can you maintain that sense of happiness when life becomes difficult? Finding true happiness is something we all strive for, but so many of us struggle with. This week we’re talking to Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk and meditation teacher, who believes happiness can be a trainable skill, a skill that allows us to control our thoughts and therefore consistently choose the positive. In doing so we can make happiness an internal quality, rather than something that requires external validation or something we’ll receive in the future when we achieve or complete a goal. Thubten talks us through his pillars for happiness – discipline, mental freedom, compassion and forgiveness; as well as the science behind meditation and how it benefits us physically and mentally; how you can transform a negative experience and your own suffering into something positive; how to navigate the business of modern life, social media, emails 24/7 news and where to start on your journey with meditation and mindfulness. The episode closes with a short guided mediation by Thubten. His book, ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century’, really is one of the most powerful reads on the subject of happiness.


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Jul 16, 2019
Sobriety, Insecurity & Transforming Your Life

How do you make a huge shift in your life, especially one that may make you feel isolated or insecure? This week we’re talking about alcohol, the social constructs that exist around our drinking culture, the rise of sobriety and our fear of being seen as boring. Through the lens of one woman’s journey from alcoholic to teetotaller, we look at how to be vulnerable, how to make a change, how to honestly identify when we need that change and how to deal with the fear of being different to those around us. Our guest this week is Catherine Gray, author of ‘The unexpected joy of being sober’.


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Jul 09, 2019
How Our Food Affects Our Mood

Is there a proven link between our diets and our mental health? Could our diets be connected to the rise of anxiety and depression? Are there foods that boost your mood? Can we really eat for happiness? How does your gut health play into your mental health? We’re joined today by Felice Jacka, who gives us a clear insight into the most recent science, definitively answering whether there is a proven link between diet and mental health and separating myth from fact. We look at all the key questions posed above, as well as the role of our gut and our immune system, the relevance of pregnancy nutrition, the extent to which what we eat as children can impact on us later on and answer all your questions on sugar, caffeine, supplements and alcohol.


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Jul 02, 2019
Who, Why and How We Love

Does love at first sight exist? What’s the difference between love and lust? What do we look for in a partner? How does our upbringing influence our relationships? Why do people cheat? Love is a complex topic and one that we have a lot of questions on, so this week we’re breaking these common questions down, looking at idealisations versus reality; attachment theory and how to identify where you sit on this scale and how that might play out in our relationships; whether constructs like advertising, porn and Disney movies create a sense of unrealistic expectations; how often we’re really having sex and likewise how often we’re all being unfaithful; polygamy, swinging and why we’re so judgemental and so much more. Laura Mucha has spent ten years studying the above before writing the brilliant book Love Factually, and today she’s sharing an honest insight into a topic that affects us all.


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Jun 25, 2019
Why We Sleep with Matthew Walker

Why do we sleep, how much does it matter, how much sleep do we really need, to what extent do lifestyle factors like coffee, alcohol and technology affect our ability to sleep? Today we’re talking to Matthew Walker, the award winning author of bestseller ‘Why We Sleep’ about sleep, getting to grips with our sleep cycles, the connection between sleep and our mental and physical health, how to sleep better and why we need to make it a priority.


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Jun 18, 2019
Period Power

Why are my periods irregular, why are they heavy, why do I get cramps, should I be on the pill and how will that impact my health, why do I feel low around the time of my period, why do I break out or get bloated? These are just a few of the common question we have about our periods, a topic that we can shy away from and that can often have quite a lot of stigma and embarrassment surrounding it, yet there is so much we can learn about our bodies, our health and our mental wellbeing from understanding our cycle, the fluctuations of our hormones and how we feel across the month. The episode, with women’s health expert Maisie Hill, breaks down the most common questions, outlines what’s happening at each point of the month and allows us to get to know ourselves so much better.


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Jun 11, 2019
Creating a more mindful life

We all want to be healthier and happier but how can we actually make it happen? Today we’re looking at simple, practical day-to-day practices to help create that internal transformation, focusing on yoga and meditation. From their ancient roots and philosophies to the idea of non-attachment, the power of the breath and the ability to see ourselves as enough just as we are, as well our favourite books, concepts, affirmations and intentions. This episode, with Steffy White, will help you find new ways of being present, create a sense of inner peace and calm and ensure that our happiness come from internal not external sources, most importantly it also shows that you don’t need to stand on your head to be a yogi!


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Jun 04, 2019

Confused about health and wellness? Each week we interview an expert to bring a little inspiration to your life from gut health to mental health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes, finding happiness, what happens to our brains when we exercise, skincare 101, dealing with stress, veganism and the environment and so much more. Hosted by Ella and Matthew Mills, the founder and CEO of Deliciously Ella, this podcast brings you open, honest conversation around mental and physical health.


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May 29, 2019
Nutrition 101: Calories, Carbs, Fat, Salt & Sugar

Should we count calories? Are all calories created equal? Will an avocado and a chocolate bar have the same impact if they have the same number of calories? What about fat, and carbs, sugar and salt? Should we be guided by traffic light systems on packaging? Nutrition is incredibly confusing and in this episode we’re breaking down the myths and confusion that surround calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, the glycaemic index, cholesterol and trends like ketogenic and low carb diets with nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert.


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May 28, 2019
Livia Firth on Sustainable Fashion

What is the human cost of fashion, how do our choices impact on others, is feminism at odds with fast fashion and how do you define sustainable fashion? Livia Firth, the founder of the green carpet challenge is talking us through her journey with bringing glamorous, sustainable fashion to the Oscars, visiting garment factories in Bangladesh, what to look for when we shop and so much more as she lifts the lid on the industry, showing us the responsibility that we have as citizens of the world and the way in which we wear the stories of those that make our clothes.


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May 21, 2019
Body Acceptance & Making Peace with our Plates

Accepting our bodies as they are, cultivating a positive relationship with food and stepping out of diet culture. We talk to nutritionist and intuitive eating expert Pandora Paloma about how to make this happen, how to reclaim our thought patterns around food and how to stop defining ourselves by the way we look.


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May 14, 2019
Loss, Grief, Gratitude and Presence

Loss and grief are two of the rawest, most profound emotions that strip you back to the very core of what it is to be human, and today we look at how you turn that darkness into a world of heightened gratitude, bringing more meaning to everything that has come before. After losing their Mum, Matt and his sister, Jess, talk the depths of loneliness, supporting those around you, accepting the painful reality of where you are and the desperate need for a change in the way we address such a shared experience, as well as the absolutely indispensable power of presence, gratitude and resilience throughout.


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May 07, 2019
Turning Adversity into Opportunity

In this powerful final episode of season two, Ella and Matt talk to Nicole, founder of Self Care Co, about her powerful journey of self-discovery from crippling anxiety, panic attacks and moments of such darkness that there seemed to be no way forward, to a hobby that created a sense of stability and then became a thriving new business. We’re blown away by the power of internal transformation seen here as we learn the value of celebrating kindness and unconditional love for those around us, and how one kind act from a stranger saved Nicole’s life and instigated her Be Kind movement.


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Mar 19, 2019
How Our Brains Control Our Happiness

Ella and Matt take a deep dive into the world of the brain with Dr Mithu Storoni looking at how our brains record events as we perceive them, not as they actually happen, how our emotional and rational sides of the brain control the way we see the world and how we can therefore train ourselves to shift from a negative to a positive bias. Stress can both help and harm us and Mithu helps us understand the ways in which we can use this to achieve peak performance and improve our mental and physical health, as well as how small tweaks in our lifestyles can make us feel completely different, why challenge and reward cycles can be game changing, and how our perceptions of colour, sounds, taste and time alter under stress.  


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Mar 12, 2019
Marathon Training 101

With Matt’s marathon training in full swing, this week Matt and Ella talk to Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson and Digital Editor of Women’s Health Amy Lane about the do’s and don’ts of marathon training. From carb loading to foam rolling, what to eat and when to eat it, hydration, coping with chaffing, understanding fatigue, the importance of recovery and strength training and how intense impact can impact on your body, this episodes covers it all.  


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Mar 05, 2019
Fearne Cotton on Making Mistakes & Accepting Yourself

In this candid episode Ella chats to author, presenter and fellow podcaster, Fearne Cotton, about success and happiness; embracing our vulnerability, learning from our mistakes and finding balance in every aspect of life. From dealing with criticism to imposter syndrome, the impact of social media, the power of those around us and making peace with every version of ourselves, this episode discusses how happiness isn’t a destination, instead it’s an eternal work in progress.


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Feb 26, 2019
How to Break a Habit & Make Lasting Changes

In this episode Ella and Matt chat to the wonderful Shahroo Izadi, a behavioural psychotherapist, about how to create positive, sustainable and long lasting changes. Her background in addiction has informed a refreshing approach to change through reframing your internal dialogue and nurturing a kind relationship with yourself in order to achieve your goals. Whether your goal is less screen time, better nutrition, weight loss or simply moving more, this episode is well equipped to arm you with some of the tools required to get you on track and to stay there once you’re on it. 


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Feb 19, 2019
The Skincare Edition

Acne, blackheads, white heads, cleansing, double-cleansing, exfoliating, hormones, period related breakouts, how our lifestyles choices affect our skin and so much more. This week Ella talks to author and Harley Street dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto about the do's and don'ts of skin health.


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Feb 12, 2019
Baby Mills! What to Expect When You are Expecting

In this very special episode Matt and Ella talk with Marina Fogle, author and co-founder of the bump class, about the exciting and daunting prospects of early parenthood and beyond. 


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Feb 05, 2019
Lessons in Happiness from Around the World

If anyone is looking for a little more joy and optimism in their life this episode is for you, as Matt and Ella talk to Helen Russell, journalist and author, who has been researching happiness since 2013. We look at a selection of concepts from around the world, each one relating to happiness, optimism and more positive takes on melancholy, from ageing to self-acceptance, joy in imperfection and resilience. The episode left us feeling inspired and excited, and we hope it’ll do the same for you, as we learnt how we can embrace concepts from other cultures around the world to enhance our own state of wellbeing. 


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Jan 29, 2019
Dealing with Stress

70-90% of all GP consultations are related to stress. Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks to us about what’s going on with the stress epidemic, from what stress really is, to how it impacts on both our mind and our body; how it’s linked to a vast variety of conditions from fatigue to anxiety, gut problems, diabetes and lack of libido; why we need to get a handle on it and how to make positive changes, particularly when it comes to technology, social media, loneliness, friendship and affirmations.


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Jan 22, 2019
How to Get a Balanced Vegan Diet

With Veganuary in full swing, the number of people trialling a plant based diet is higher than ever. This episode answers all your questions about a vegan diet, beginning with the most infamous of all - how to get enough protein. Matt, Ella and nutritional therapist Alice discuss everything from iron, B12, soy, calcium, fats, vitamins and minerals, to supplementing, watch-out’s, how to eat a healthy plant-based diet and everything in between.


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Jan 15, 2019
Diet Myths Unpicked

In this episode with acclaimed nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert we talk through the do’s and don'ts of January diets; evidence-backed insights into all the latest crazes from intermittent fasting to carb-cutting; why we should stay clear of quick fixes and the problem with our tendency to rely on a number on the scales when it comes to our health. With a focus on the importance of proper nutrition and how the way we eat impacts on our bodies, this episode looks at how you can reach your health goals in the most sustainable way.


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Jan 08, 2019
Why We Care

Kicking off season 2 of Deliciously Ella The Podcast with our new year’s resolutions, finding ways to be more present in 2019, running a marathon, why we care about what we do, why plant-based living matters for our future, and our plans for the year ahead


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Jan 02, 2019
Learnings From a Roller Coaster Year

In this episode Ella and Matt discuss grief, learnings from life’s challenges, their tools for inspiration, finding a work life balance, working as a married couple and what keeps them happy, motivated and grounded.


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Nov 06, 2018
Cultivating Happiness and Living With a Glass Half Full, with the Happy Pear

Looking at happiness and purpose through community, self-care, living with passion and building a glass half full attitude. How to stop living with a When I Achieve X or When I Have Y outlook and start being happy where you are.


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Oct 30, 2018
How to Build a Brand

How to build a strong, consistent brand; the importance of brand in building a business; why women need to support women and why we all need to find joy in life’s simple pleasures with Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company. 


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Oct 23, 2018
Matt Haig on Mental Health

We're joined by bestselling author Matt Haig who shares an intimate account of his own struggle with mental health, why he believes that mental health should be given just as much importance as physical health and a fascinating look at the impact of technology, social media and the business of the world today on our mental wellbeing.


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Oct 16, 2018
Veganism and Climate Change

In our most startling episode yet, we talk to Joseph Poore at Oxford University about his recent study concerning the effect of our diets on the environment. We look at how we could cut global greenhouse gases by 23% with a vegan diet, how fish can create more methane than cattle, how food miles are the wrong metric to look at, and the alarming rate at which deforestation is happening to make space for meat and dairy farms.


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Oct 09, 2018
How Exercise Impacts on The Brain & Our Mental Health

We chat to doctor and researcher at King's College London, Dr Brendan Stubbs, about the impact exercise has on mental wellbeing, how important the 10,000 daily steps are and what else we can do with our bodies to help our minds. 


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Oct 02, 2018
Lifestyle Medicine

We hear from Dr Hazel Wallace, a doctor, personal trainer and campaigner for a holistic approach to our health. She talks about what prompted her to become a doctor, how to create a more holistic approach to medicine, how she's crafted a life totally unique to her passions and how to stay healthy when you’re busy.


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Sep 25, 2018
Food Waste and Climate Change

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing us today, with 25 million slices of bread thrown away every day in UK households and over $1 trillion dollars of food wasted every year. In this episode we look at just how serious it is, the huge role we as individuals play in it, and how we can tackle the issue with Tessa Clarke, from the food waste app, Olio.


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Sep 18, 2018
The Gut; Why it Matters

Matt and Ella talk to lead researcher Dr Megan Rossi about the overall importance of the gut, also known as a 'second brain', in maintaining both physical and mental health. Looking at the nitty gritty of digestion, bloating, microbiomes, sourdough, kombucha and how our body works. 


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Sep 11, 2018
Building Resilience

In this refreshingly honest episode, Matt and Ella talk to Holly Tucker, MBE, about what it’s really like starting a business, finding your why, overcoming hurdles, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and their top pieces of advice. From hitting rock bottom to building an award-winning business, this is a story of passion and resilience. 


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Sep 04, 2018
Navigating the World of Health and Wellness

In this episode, Matt and Ella, in discussion with nutritionist Amelia Freer, discuss the concept of positive nutrition, how to find balance in the way we eat, and how to navigate the bombardment of conflicting information around healthy eating. We talk sugar, superfoods, how to put a healthy meal together, and Amelia’s top tips for staying healthy when life is busy.


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Aug 28, 2018
Telling the Deliciously Ella story with Ella and Matt

In this first episode of Deliciously Ella: The Podcast, get to know Ella and Matt as they tell their story in this very candid conversation. From bed, to blog, to business; marrying your business partner and everything in between. 


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Aug 21, 2018

Deliciously Ella; The Podcast delves into the world of physical and mental health, wellbeing, the realities of building a business and a brand and staying positive in a busy world.

Hosted by Ella and Matthew Mills - husband and wife and founders of phenomenally successful Deliciously Ella - the podcast welcomes guests from business, health and nutrition backgrounds to share their stories and advice. 


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Aug 16, 2018