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By Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn

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Life is always easier and more exciting when you have friends to share in your journey, and the path to plant-based living is no exception! On the Plant-Powered People Podcast, you’ll hear from folks who’ve embraced plant-based living while they share their experiences overcoming obstacles in the most graceful (and sometimes not-so-graceful) ways. Join hosts Michelle Cehn (founder of World of Vegan) and Toni Okamoto (founder of Plant Based on a Budget) every other week as they tackle challenges like being the only vegan in the family, what it’s like to be plant-based while working at a non-veg restaurant job, and more!

Episode Date
92. Effective Animal Advocacy with Milo Runkle

Learn how to make an impact for animals from one of the greatest farmed animal advocates of our time: Milo Runkle. Milo is a longtime changemaker who founded Mercy For Animals at the age of 15. For two decades, he oversaw the organization’s growth into a leading international force in the prevention of cruelty to farmed animals and the promotion of compassionate food choices and policies and raised over $130 million to help expand farm animal protection work across the globe. He shared his journey, experience, and advice based on his decades of experience with many different forms of advocacy and practicing effective altruism.


Show notes:

  • Milo’s story of growing up in a remote area and immediately connecting with animals

  • What it was like to grow up in a family of hunters, trappers, and fisherman

  • The life experiences that set Milo on the path of fighting for the wellbeing of animals

  • The shocking school experience that ended up connecting Milo to one of his greatest supporters

  • The importance of finding a support system to help you with your mission

  • How Michelle was inspired by Mercy For Animals

  • The early days of Mercy For Animals and how it grew from local to international over two decades

  • Milo’s advice for people who have a hard time with change

  • Why it’s important to listen to people who don’t agree with you

  • How practicing compassion and unconditional love can help you find potential allies and partners where we might not have before

  • What helped Milo to narrow the focus of the organization

  • Why joy, love, and fun is at the core of the work at MFA

  • Moving from talking about the WHY to the HOW when it comes to helping animals and ending factory farming

  • The advice Milo has for anyone who feels lonely in their beliefs and doesn’t know where to start 

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Mar 15, 2023
91. Save Time & Money While Living Plant-Based

A few years and many lifestyle changes have gone by since the last time we’ve done an episode all about budgeting, and it was time for an update! Inspired by Toni’s new book, this episode covers our newly updated tips for saving time and money while encouraging a healthy, plant-based lifestyle for the whole family.


Show Notes:

  • The story of how Toni has become budget conscious

  • How to be smarter and more efficient in the kitchen

  • What changes when you are cooking and budgeting for a family instead of just yourself

  • Time and budget-friendly planted-based meal and snack ideas for the whole family

  • Leave a podcast review and send a screenshot to for a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Toni’s new book

  • Plant-based myth busting: you do not have to be wealthy in order to live a healthy plant-based life

  • The cheapest foods on the planet - they’re all plant-based!

  • Toni and Michelle’s best tips for budget-friendly plant-based grocery shopping

  • The best items to buy from bulk bins & how to store them

  • Which items are actually more expensive from bulk bins

  • Toni’s favorite mindset tip for sticking to a budget + a story from her new book

  • The one thing that has saved Michelle and Toni the most amount of money on food

  • The price difference at different stores & organic vs. conventional prices

  • Toni’s top tip for creating meal plans that don’t waste leftover ingredients 

  • Toni & Michelle’s best tips for saving time in the kitchen

  • Why a pressure cooker is life-changing

  • The importance of learning how to store your fruits, vegetables & herbs properly

  • Why you should be checking the price per ounce when buying food

  • Why you should consider buying store brands

  • Cooking and meal swapping with friends

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Mar 01, 2023
90. Budget-Friendly Vegan Living Tips for the Family

Amber Allen is a YouTuber and mom of 3 kids and 3 rescue dogs who strives for balance by living as low waste as possible while still eating wonderful food and having fun. She’s on a mission to show the world that small changes can have a big impact, and she’s on the show to tell us all about how!


Show Notes:

  • Amber’s mission of raising her family with a low-waste, plant-based lifestyle

  • How Amber started living plant-based, and how she accidentally became low-waste

  • How Amber got started growing her own food in a tiny urban apartment

  • Amber’s best tips for living a budget-friendly, sustainable plant-based lifestyle

  • The value of training, repurposing, & how to find people items to trade/repurpose

  • How to select the best second-hand products, and when to buy new items

  • A vegan who wears leather? Learn the story of why it was a more sustainable decision.

  • Making intuition-based decisions rather than trying to find the “rule” about what is most sustainable or vegan

  • Unusual things that Amber does to save money and live sustainably

  • DIY laundry detergent that lasts all year

  • How to use reusable toilet paper

  • How to help reduce food waste by buying expiring/recently expired food at supermarkets

  • How to give plastic fruit/veg supermarket containers another life

  • The energy and work required to grow and preserve food

  • Amber’s strategy to prevent food waste at home

  • How to normalize “strange” foods for young children

  • The importance of creating an environment where healthy foods/cooking is easier than grabbing convenience foods or takeout

  • How to make your own plant-based convenience foods to have on hand (broths, pressure cooker meals, meal prepping)

  • A guide to consciously giving and receiving sustainable gifts

  • How Amber and her husband got out of $70 000 of debt

  • The difference between frugality and being cheap

  • Thank you to our sponsors Ritual (get 10% off at and Caraway Home (get 10% off at or use code plantpoweredkitchen at checkout)


Feb 15, 2023
89. Plant-Based Health, Vibrancy, and Longevity with Jane and Ann Esselstyn

At 86 and 56, Ann and Jane Esselstyn are pictures of ageless health and vibrancy and spend their days hiking, doing yoga, gardening, cooking, and spreading the message that diet is the key to living a happy, strong, and disease-free life. They’re sharing their best tips for plant-based health in this episode!


Show Notes:

  • Why and how the Esselstyns decided to make the shift toward plant-based eating
  • What it was like to transition kids onto a plant-based diet
  • How to make a plant-based diet appealing to kids that don’t want to make the switch
  • Tips for when children refuse vegetables
  • Jane and her family’s experience eating plants for fuel as competitive swimmers
  • How the whole family eventually embraced the plant-based lifestyle that Dr. Esselstyn wanted the family to adopt
  • About Jane and Ann’s book and why they wrote it
  • Jane and Ann’s empowering message for women
  • How a plant-based lifestyle can support women’s health
  • How to make healthy, plant-based food choices feel automatic when you are short on time
  • Go-to healthy & plant-based breakfast recipes for busy families
  • The secret to making plant-based bowls delicious
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Feb 01, 2023
88. Vegan Nutrition Q&A With A Plant-Based Dietician Nisha Melvani

Registered dietician nutritionist Nisha Melvani join us on the Plant-Powered People Podcast for a nutrition Q&A. She has a Masters in nutrition education from Columbia University, she's a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, and has a wealth of practical knowledge about how to thrive on a vegan diet.


Show Notes:

  • About Nisha and her journey towards studying a Masters of nutrition at Columbia University
  • How and why Nisha transitioned into plant-based living
  • Nisha’s experience living in Jamaica, England, Montreal, and New York
  • What Nisha learned from her Indian heritage and how it influences her plant-based cooking
  • The challenges that Nisha encountered when transitioning to plant-based living & the conflicting information that she learned in nutrition school
  • The truth about the protein obsession, and what people should really obsess over in their diets
  • Meeting protein needs on a plant-based diet throughout each phase of life
  • Why our bodies need protein & how to eat enough plant-based protein
  • The relationship between protein and bone health
  • Protein-rich plant foods & how many servings to eat per day
  • Lectins & the importance of soaking dried legumes
  • What you need to know about cooking beans in a pressure cooker
  • Some of Nisha’s favorite easy, fast, & healthy plant-based protein bowl recipes
  • Why fiber is essential & how to properly introduce more fiber into the diet to prevent bloating and discomfort
  • What is enough water intake & why you should drink more water when increasing your fiber
  • Why it’s important to chew slowly
  • How more fiber can help build a stronger gut lining, diabetes, and more
  • The calculation you need to know to understand the fiber content in processed foods
  • Why iodine is essential & how to get it on a plant-based diet
  • Iodine’s importance during pregnancy
  • Iron-rich plant-based foods & how to get enough on a plant-based diet
  • Tips to get rid of the aftertaste in tempeh
  • The benefit of fermented foods vs non-fermented foods
  • Why it is important to consume healthy fats & plant-based fat sources
  • The importance of maintaining the joy of eating
  • The meaning behind “cooking for peanuts”
  • Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home ( or code plantpoweredkitchen at checkout for 10% off) and Bootstrap Farmer ( 



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Jan 15, 2023
87. 200 Pound Weight Loss Journey & Addiction Recovery With Adam Sud

Today, Adam Sud is a plant-based coach who has helped hundreds of people reclaim their health - but it wasn’t always that way. Adam spent years of his early adulthood addicted to fast food, suffering from substance abuse, severe depression, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, severed relationships, and more. Along with his amazing story, he shares meaningful insights and his best tips for reclaiming our health in a sustainable way.

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses suicide, addiction, and topics related to severe depression.

Show Notes:

  • Adam’s experience growing up as a 7th generation Texan in the 80s-90s
  • The experiences that impacted Adam growing up and how that affected how he thought about himself
  • How Adam developed a problematic relationship with food
  • How Adam’s ADHD diagnosis led to substance abuse
  • Adam’s experience with Adderall and the social, physical, and mental implications
  • How Adam became addicted to Adderall, and how that addiction shifted to fast food
  • How a 7-day retreat by Rip Esselstyn planted the seed for a shift towards a healthy plant-based lifestyle
  • The moment that changed everything for Adam and became a turning point
  • The power of words, their long-term impact, & the importance of compassionate language
  • Adam’s experience with rehab & the power of the diagnoses he got while there
  • How Adam’s plant-based journey began with a hamburger
  • How to re-program your dopamine system to want healthy foods
  • The mindset that allowed Adam to achieve sustainable positive change
  • The importance of creating a system that works for you when trying to make a positive lifestyle change
  • The simple meal plan that helped Adam reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and more
  • What Adam believes addiction recovery should actually be about, and how plant-based nutrition plays a role in that
  • What Adam wants people to understand about making healthier choices
  • Diet culture vs. nutrition
  • Healthy/unhealthy food choices vs. healthy/unhealthy food patterns
  • The problem with considering certain foods good/bad
  • The outlook towards habit change that gives you permission to start over 
  • Why you don’t need to challenge yourself with massive or radical goals in order to create positive habits
  • The mindset that is key for lasting habit change
  • How to get yourself into a positive feedback loop when trying to make changes in their life
  • How to help people experiencing depression, substance abuse or addiction issues
  • Thanks to our sponsors with PawCo Food (get 50% off your first box at here).


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Jan 01, 2023
86. Vegan Baking with The Great British Bake Off’s First Vegan Contestant, Freya Cox

Freya Cox was the first vegan contestant on The Great British Bake Off, showing the world that vegan baking can be as good—and even better—than baked goods made with animal products. On this episode, she shares the details of her new book Simply Vegan Baking, and she dishes out lots of plant-based baking tips for fellow home bakers!


Show Notes:

  • How Freya became a vegan baker
  • The meal that got Freya to go vegan
  • Freya’s impulsive application to The Great British Bake Off
  • Freya’s tips for vegan bakers who want to be on the show
  • How Freya prepared for the show while balancing work, school, and taking care of her animals
  • How Freya’s vegan morals prevailed even when baking challenges would have been easier made non-vegan
  • How Freya’s experience on the show influenced her career and ignited the drive to write her cookbook
  • The recipe that took Freya the most tries to make into a vegan replica
  • Freya’s favorite vegan baked good recipe from her cookbook and the show
  • The impact that Freya had on others on The Great British Bake Off
  • A peek behind the scenes of the show
  • Freya’s biggest struggles with vegan baking both at home and on the show
  • The practical tips for common vegan baking substitutes like aquafaba, cream or tartar, and more
  • The secret to making amazing vegan meringue
  • Why egg replacements rarely work the same as eggs and what to do about it
  • What you need to look for in vegan butter
  • Why Freya always uses soy milk as plant-based milk in cakes
  • How to pick the right plant-based milk for your recipe
  • Tips for using agar-agar as a vegan gelatin substitute
  • What’s next for Freya’s vegan baking career
  • Thank you to our sponsor Caraway Home (check out their cyber season event) 



Dec 15, 2022
85. Blue Zones & How to Add 10 Years to Your Life with Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner is an award-winning journalist and producer at National Geographic who has spent most of his life identifying and studying “blue zones” - the 5 areas of the world where people live the longest, with the lowest disease rates. Today he’s telling us all about how a plant-based diet ties into their health and longevity.


Show Notes:

  • Dan’s unique stories from his many quests and expeditions with National Geographic
  • Dan’s experience with archeological expeditions
  • What is a blue zone?
  • How Dan discovered the 5 blue zones and why they got the name “blue zones”
  • The characteristics the people in blue zones
  • Carbohydrates: the confusion and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them
  • The difference between good and bad carbohydrates
  • How the Standard American Diet came to be
  • How the Standard American Diet ended up including so much added sugar
  • Why it can be so difficult to make diet changes even when we know something is bad for us
  • The role our environment and community play in our health
  • Blue zone-like habits that you can incorporate into your life without travelling anywhere
  • Why Dan transitioned into a plant-based lifestyle as a result of studying blue zones
  • How to make it easier for others to make more plant-based diet choices
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people that inspire your health goals
  • Some simple guidelines for adopting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle
  • A little challenge for you to start incorporating healthy, delicious recipes into your life long-term
  • Evidence-based tips to get young, picky eaters to eat vegetables
  • Healthy cultural ways of eating that we should take note of
  • About Dan’s new book
  • Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home and Yai’s Thai (use code PLANTPOWER at checkout for 20% off at



Dec 01, 2022
84. Mastering Diabetes with Robby Barbaro

Robby Barbaro is a diabetes coach, educator, author, and international speaker who has been living with type 1 diabetes for more than twenty years. He now helps countless people improve their insulin sensitivity and gain more control over their metabolic health through Mastering Diabetes, and we’re excited to chat with him today!


Show Notes:

  • Robby’s journey with type 1 diabetes
  • Robby’s experience with acne, plantar fasciitis, and more
  • How Robby decided to turn to nutrition and lifestyle to help his diabetes
  • Robby’s experience with the ketogenic diet and other diets
  • The plant-based diet that helped improve Robby’s insulin sensitivity by 900%
  • Why it is so important to improve insulin sensitivity
  • The 4 components of the “Mastering Diabetes” plant-based method
  • How to set yourself up for long-term success
  • What you can do to become more insulin sensitive
  • A simple explanation for what insulin resistance is
  • How does eating different types of fats affect our bodies?
  • Suggested ratios of carbs, fats, and protein in an insulin-sensitivity-improving diet
  • What you should know about coconut oil
  • How animal products impact someone who is living with diabetes
  • The difference between insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes
  • The tests that you should get if you’re living with any form of diabetes
  • The importance of accountability for the things that matter to you
  • Robby’s tips for how to start making positive changes
  • Examples of plant-based shifts to make in your breakfast and lunch meals
  • How removing foods from your diet can change your taste buds
  • How physical activity impacts your insulin sensitivity
  • The signs of type 1 diabetes and when to get checked out
  • Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home and Yai’s Tai (use code PLANTPOWER at checkout for 20% off at



Nov 15, 2022
83. Introducing Season 5!

Get a sneak peek at what’s to come this season on the Plant Powered People Podcast, plus get to know Michelle and Toni beyond podcast interviews!


Show Notes:

  • Learn the new direction Toni and Michelle are taking with the podcast
  • A sneak peek of who to expect on the next episodes!
  • Exciting and in depth updates from Toni and Michelle
  • How Toni and Michelle have been growing their businesses
  • Proud friend moment- what Toni is proud of Michelle for
  • Knowing when to get support in your business
  • The benefits of therapy, business coaching, and self-care
  • The importance of learning new things, and what Michelle and Toni are learning
  • Toni’s exciting gardening updates
  • How Toni is creating healthy habits
  • What Toni and Michelle are loving lately
  • We’re going there: bidets and reusable toilet paper
  • Why you should pick up some passionfruit and rambutan
  • Toni’s favourite recent musicals
  • How Fitbit is helping Toni stay active
  • How Michelle has been making bubble tea at home
  • Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home ( or use code plantpoweredkitchen at checkout) and Yai’s Tai (use code PLANTPOWER at checkout for 20% off at



Nov 04, 2022
82. How to Organize Your Fridge & Pantry Like a Pro With "Fridge Love" Author Kristen Hong

How do you reduce food waste, motivate yourself to cook healthy food at home, and keep your kitchen clean? Kristen Hong, author of Fridge Love and expert at organizing fridges and pantries is on the show to share her best tips for making food storage easy and fun!


Show Notes:

  • How Kristen got into organizing fridges and food saving
  • What is a nutritarian?
  • The amazing benefits that you can expect once you start organizing your kitchen
  • How setting aside 15 minutes per week to organize your fridge can change the way you eat and reduce food waste
  • How you can unlock a new way of thinking about food and your fridge
  • How to get started with organizing your fridge
  • How to bring intention into your fridge
  • How to start organizing with what you already have at home
  • When to upgrade your storage containers
  • The benefits of “buy nothing” groups
  • What to think of and do before you get started organizing your fridge
  • Tips for deep cleaning your fridge
  • The importance of showcasing your produce & avoiding putting it in the crisper drawers
  • Best ways to store produce for maximum shelf life
  • Container recommendations for fridges and freezers
  • How Kristen navigates having an omnivore fridge while being vegan
  • Tips for organizing your pantry & creating one if your kitchen doesn’t have pantry
  • The importance of recognizing what works best for you when organizing your kitchen
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and AMARA 



Aug 22, 2022
81. How to Turn Your Dad Vegan With Harley Quinn Smith

How can you convince your family to go plant-based with you? Harley Quinn Smith is an actress and outspoken vegan lifestyle advocate who did just that through leading with kindness and compassion, and she’s here to share her story with us!


Show Notes:

  • Harley Quinn’s journey from being a musician to becoming an actress
  • How Harley Quinn gradually went vegan and started to bring her father on board
  • What it was like adopting a bunny from the shelter & helping her heal from trauma
  • How Harley Quinn’s dad went vegan after suffering a heart attack
  • Sharing graphic images of animal cruelty vs. leading with compassion when talking about veganism
  • How Harley Quinn’s dad inspired others to make lifestyle changes after his heart attack
  • The importance of knowing your audience when you’re talking about becoming plant-based
  • What it’s like to have a family that is also vegan
  • Why and how Harley Quinn started her podcast with her dad
  • The journey of Harley Quinn’s boyfriend going from eating a lot of meat to becoming a pescatarian
  • The power of going to farm sanctuaries
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and AMARA (use discount code PLANTPOWER)




Aug 15, 2022
80. Theme Parks as a Vegan & How to Navigate Them

How do you find the best vegan snacks at a theme park? Russell Heiman, aka @rollercoastervegan travels the world adding to his 590+ list of roller coasters ridden, and they find the best vegan snacks in the process. They’re on the show to talk about their best theme park tips!

Podcast website:

Show notes:

Show Notes:

  • How Russell conquered their fear of heights through roller coasters and unlocked a new passion
  • Russell’s journey to becoming plant-based
  • How to find good vegan food at theme parks
  • How to plan out a trip to a theme park, near or far
  • Vegan food options at Disneyland
  • Maintaining vegan values &  theme parks that have live animals
  • What to do when your family plans a trip to a theme park with live animals
  • Some of the best theme parks to visit worldwide
  • The different types of rides and roller coasters around the world
  • Tips for staying safe & healthy during theme park visits
  • Tips for sticking to a budget while on a theme park trip
  • How to find discounted admission & bulk deals for theme parks
  • Tips for making waiting in line fun & productive
  • Spooky abandoned theme parks & what happens to them
  • Russell’s Instagram
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenely and Caraway home/plantpoweredkitchen or use plantpoweredkitchen
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Caraway Home (use discount code PLANTPOWEREDKITCHEN)



Aug 08, 2022
79. Fire Station Goes Plant-Based with Rip Esselstyn

How can you improve the health of an entire fire station? Rip Esselstyn joined the fire department after 10 years as a professional plant-based triathlete, and that’s exactly what he did! Now, Rip empowers the masses to take control of their health through his books, podcast, food brand, and more.


Show Notes:

  • The Esselstyn family’s journey from consuming the Standard American Diet to becoming leaders in the healthy plant-based living space
  • Learning to cook tasty plant-based meals
  • The evolution of plant-based resources
  • How & why Rip got into firefighting after being a professional athlete & communications graduate
  • The lifesaving event that led Rip to start helping firefighters eat healthier & plant-based
  • What it’s like to be a firefighter & the kinds of calls they get
  • The contrast of witnessing the consequences of poor diet choices while his father’s work focuses on reversing them through plant-based nutrition
  • Rip’s shift from saving fire victims to helping firefighters live healthier lives
  • The amazing benefits that Rip’s friend experienced after 28 days of healthy plant-based eating
  • How small group challenges can influence us to live healthier
  • Simple & healthy meal ideas from the fire station
  • A summary of what Rip’s books are about & who they’re for
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Karviva Beverages. Note: most Karviva drinks are fully vegan, but they have a few that aren't. Their Ace sport drink line is not vegan). 



Aug 01, 2022
78. How Sprouting Will Change Your Health & Your Life

Imagine eating dozens of vegetables worth of nutrients, but only within a few bites? That’s what you can do when you eat sprouts! Doug Evans, serial entrepreneur and author of “The Sprout Book” is here to tell us everything there is to know about sprouting.


  • Everything you need to know about sprouts
  • Growing your own food at home with sprouts
  • How Doug’s family history of illness influenced his journey
  • How meeting a vegan lady sparked his “cold cucumber” moment
  • Doug’s philosophy around making diet changes
  • How moving to the desert changed Doug’s access to fresh food
  • The shocking nutrient density of sprouts
  • How to grow your own sprouts in the space of a shoebox
  • How sprouting reduces the risk of contamination
  • Why sprouts are so much more expensive at the grocery store 
  • The nutritional benefits of broccoli sprouts vs full grown broccoli
  • How to start sprouting with seeds, jars, and cheesecloth
  • The best seeds to sprout for beginners
  • The best ways to make sprouts delicious & Doug’s signature sprout dish
  • How to get creative with your sprouts
  • The amazing environmental benefits of sprouting vs. farming full vegetables
  • How sprouts can help give access to food in even food deserts
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Karviva Beverages. Note: most Karviva drinks are fully vegan, but they have a few that aren't. Their Ace sport drink line is not vegan). 



Jul 22, 2022
77. Making Healthy Food Delicious with Plant-Based Food Blogger Danielle Brown

How can you make sure you always have delicious, healthy, plant-based food ready for you to eat when you need it, without spending hours meal prepping every week? Danielle Brown, AKA the creator of Healthy Girl Kitchen, is on the show today to tell us, and share all her healthy eating tips!


Show Notes:

  • How Danielle became a full-time vegan food blogger
  • Danielle’s journey to becoming plant-based
  • The amazing benefits Danielle experienced from going plant-based & focusing on healthy food
  • Why Danielle decided to become a health coach
  • The importance of understanding your WHY for going plant-based 
  • How having answers to the most common questions about your lifestyle change can help you build confidence
  • How to make healthy lifestyle changes that last
  • The power of not being too restrictive when trying to make diet and lifestyle changes
  • Top recommendations for when you want to make healthy meals quick
  • How to be prepared with healthy food without necessarily meal prepping
  • Navigating the becoming plant-based when your household isn’t on board
  • What a day of healthy girl eating looks like
  • Plant-based meal and snack ideas for the on-the-go lifestyle
  • How to make healthy swaps for the treats you want
  • How to build a salad that you’ll be excited to eat
  • Advice for anyone wanting to get started with a healthy plant-based lifestyle
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Karviva Beverages



Jul 15, 2022
76. Gut Health Part II with Dr. B

How can fiber, fermented foods, and sprouts improve your gut health? Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is back for another gut health episode to get into all the details that we didn’t cover last week! Get ready for some practical and actionable gut health tips from one of the USA's top gastroenterologists.


Show Notes:

  • The microbiome & why it matters so much for our health, energy, & wellbeing
  • A practical application of HOW to empower your microbiome to be its best
  • How fiber can reduce the risk of 6 of the top causes of death
  • The biggest misconception of fiber
  • How our gut microbes are supporting us more than we are supporting them
  • The power of short-chain fatty acids and how fiber produces them
  • How much fiber do we actually need, & is there such a thing as too much?
  • Why increasing fiber intake too fast can cause gut issues & how to ease into more fiber in your diet
  • Can juice cleansing impact your microbiome?
  • Which are most important: prebiotics, probiotics, or postbiotics?
  • The surprising truth about taking probiotics after antibiotics
  • How to properly support your gut before, during, & after taking antibiotics with plant-based food
  • How a plant-based diet can be better than restrictive diets like keto for weight loss
  • Raw vs cooked food & why it’s important to vary how you prepare your food
  • The power of fermented foods & sprouts
  • The impact of alcohol on our gut health
  • Part 2 of last week’s gut health challenge!
  • Thank you to our sponsors karviva and maxine’s heavenly



Jul 08, 2022
75. Gut Health & Why It Matters with the Bestselling Author of Fiber Fueled

What does fiber have to do with disease prevention? Turns out, a lot! Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is an award-winning gastroenterologist, internationally recognized gut health expert, and the New York Times bestselling author of Fiber Fueled. He joins us on the podcast to help you optimize your gut health with simple, practical, and potentially life-saving tips.


  • How Will got started on the path of practicing & sharing healthy plant-based eating
  • From being an proud fast-food eater in a multi-year health crisis to a proud and healthy vegan
  • Overcoming the struggles of becoming overweight & anxious while meeting the demands of med school
  • The gap in medical education & how nutrition helps
  • What exactly is gastroenterology?
  • What makes Dr. B’s practice different & innovative
  • How Dr. B grew his Instagram to over 414K followers with purpose-driven content
  • How to empower yourself with health knowledge for free
  • Empowerment to take control of the choices that can unveil the best part of yourself
  • Why we were not educated about our gut health
  • How our gut microorganisms are connected to our health, our mood, etc
  • The benefits of good gut health and the effects of bad gut health
  • What ulcerative colitis and crohn's are and why they are not considered autoimmune diseases anymore
  • What your bowel movements say about your health & what healthy bowel movements look like
  • How emotional disturbance is affecting your gut health
  • The power of belly breathing & a breathing exercise you should do everyday
  • How do create a diverse, resilient microbiome by eating more fiber
  • What happens down the line when we eat more fiber
  • How eating more fiber is linked to reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and more
  • How many different vegetables you should be eating in a week
  • Thank you to our sponsor’s Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Karviva Beverages


Jul 04, 2022
74. Being Plant-Based When Everything is Working Against You

What do you do when you need help from a dietician but you’re on a tight budget? Anna Rios is a registered dietician at the FQHC, and she helps low-income Americans to make accessible healthy diet changes that help reverse hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and more! She’s on the show today to discuss the challenges associated with accessing a healthy plant-based lifestyle, and how to make affordable changes.


Show Notes:

  • How Anna provides professional nutrition counseling to farm workers, factory workers, and more who have health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and more
  • Busting the myth “it’s too expensive to eat vegan”
  • The importance of empowering people with the knowledge, resources, and access to eat healthier and reclaim their lives
  • How Anna’s goals shifted from wanting to be a doctor to becoming a registered dietician
  • Navigating becoming plant-based in a family that is set in their ways & dietary habits
  • How plant-based living helped lower blood pressure, help energy levels, and helps improve mood disorders
  • What is the FQHC and how does it help the low income population?
  • How Anna makes dietary changes seem attainable and less scary using SMART goals
  • How to find and access FQHC clinics with or without insurance in almost every US county
  • How to talk to patients who are uneasy about seeking healthcare
  • Why restrictive and unrealistic diets don’t work long term
  • How Anna’s patient regulated his cholesterol levels and reversed type 2 diabetes
  • The connection between nutrition and mental health
  • The importance of Intuitive & mindful eating
  • The connection between food & culture, family, wellbeing, & happiness
  • How to participate in cultural dishes in a healthier way
  • Thank you to our sponsor’s Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and Karviva Beverages



Jun 22, 2022
73. Vegan Rabbi on Being a Jewish Vegan

How much does veganism have to do with Jewish values? Turns out, a lot! Rabbi Shmuly is one of the most influential Rabbis in the USA, and he is here to talk about his plant-based journey, the intersection between vegan and Jewish values, and how to stay plant-based at traditional Jewish meals.


Show Notes:

  • How Rabbi Shmuly went from no interest in veganism at all to living the plant-based lifestyle
  • Raising plant-based children
  • How Rabbi Shmuly embraces transformation and compassion
  • Why a plant-based lifestyle complements Jewish values
  • The difficulty of being in jewish spaces that don’t understand/embrace vegan sensibilities
  • How religion can challenge us to not accept the world as it is, but instead to help us envision and work towards what it should be
  • How religion can help people to support each other and build community
  • How the current food system & factory farming conflicts with Jewish morals
  • Why a Kosher label doesn’t always mean the food was produced ethically
  • How people are becoming more aware of the suffering of other beings, creating new pathways for change
  • Jewish ethos & rejecting dogma
  • How the systems of oppression and technologies of destruction towards people compare to the mass slaughter of animals
  • Being an advocate for those who aren’t seen or heard
  • Tips for using kosher labels to figure out what’s vegan
  • How to politely navigate Jewish holidays and traditions as the only vegan in the room
  • Feel empowered as a vegan at a traditional meal by hosting the event
  • Tips for creating your own vegan traditions
  • Vegan ingredient replacements for traditional Jewish dishes
  • Vegan Jewish recipe suggestions
  • The importance of deepening our inner world in order to create change in the outer world
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly & Natreve 



Jun 15, 2022
72. Integrating Plant-based Living into Cultural Traditions

How can you veganize your culture’s dishes that traditionally contain many animal products? It can sometimes be a challenge to maintain the flavors, but there is a way! Alexa Soto specializes in bringing her Mexican culture to the world through plant-based food, and she’s here to give us her best tips on cooking plant-based versions of our culture’s favorite dishes!


Show Notes:

  • Mexican culture & mexican food
  • How to enjoy & love your culture without sacrificing your plant-based lifestyle
  • Dealing with pushback from family about being vegan
  • Vegan swaps for items that are culturally significant
  • Veganizing Mexican, American, and Jewish dishes
  • How to tie your cultural identity into your plant-based food
  • Tips for those trying to veganize their culture’s family recipes
  • Plant-based, wholefood swaps for animal products in our culture’s dishes
  • Learning to enjoy the flavors & textures of vegan ingredients
  • Resources for vegan cultural dishes
  • Tips for ordering a vegan dish at a traditional cultural restaurant
  • Thank you to our sponsors, Maxine’s Heavenly and Natreve



Jun 08, 2022
71. What's Wrong With Eating Animals?

How do you discuss the uncomfortable reality of why it’s bad to eat animals without shaming anyone or causing hard feelings? Gene Baur, author of two books, founder of Farm Sanctuary, and expert on the reality of the animal product industry is on the podcast today to help us navigate the conversation!


Show Notes:

  • About Gene’s books & the Farm Sanctuary
  • How to effectively answer the question “What’s wrong with eating animals?”
  • The harm that factory farming causes to animals & the environment
  • How & why Farm Sanctuary started
  • How to make the conversation about slaughterhouses less uncomfortable
  • What it was like being vegan in the 80s when it was more rare
  • Why being making plant-based choices isn’t about being perfect
  • The power of making the conscious choice to avoid unnecessary harm
  • The extremely unsanitary nature of factory farms & the risks they carry
  • The community & environmental impact of the mass production of animal products
  • Why cows being raised for dairy might just be worse than being raised for beef
  • The sad reality of free-range/cage-free/free-roaming egg production
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly & Natreve



Jun 01, 2022
70. The Power of Meatless Mondays

How do we shift the outlook on the plant-based lifestyle from extreme to mainstream? Kristie Middleton, vice president of business development at Rebellyous Foods is here on the show to tell us how she’s been doing exactly that for the last 20 years! She's the author of MeatLess--Transform the Way You Eat and Live--One Meal at a Time. During her time at Rebellyous, she has launched the successful rebrand of Seattle Food Tech to Rebellyous Foods and commercialized three SKUs for retail and four for foodservice. She and her team have now launched our products from coast to coast.

Her work has been covered by national media, including The Los Angeles Times, Civil Eats, San Francisco Chronicle, and Politico. She’s a co-founder and board member of East Bay Animal Political Action Committee and serves as an advisor to Clear Current Capital. She holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.


Show notes:

  • The impact that people & their communities can have when they commit to meatless Mondays
  • The process of implementing meatless Mondays across school food programs
  • Kristie’s work at Rebellyous foods & animal welfare initiatives
  • How vegan food samples on the street make a huge impact
  • What it’s like to work in the vegan food industry
  • The importance of shifting away from the commonly dogmatic way of veganism
  • Meatless Mondays’ WWI roots
  • Kristie’s work at the humane society
  • The popularization of meatless Mondays in school districts
  • How to have a more pragmatic approach to veganism & seeing people as allies
  • How bringing a vegan dish to an event can trigger a positive impact
  • The power of not demanding perfection from those around us
  • Meatless Mondays as a way to explore foods from around the world
  • How meatless Mondays have impacted students & staff to make healthy food choices
  • Advice for people considering going plant-based
  • The positive health impacts of a plant-based lifestyle
  • Giving yourself permission to be flexible in your food choices
  • Advice for proposing meatless Mondays to your community centers
  • The obstacles of large-scale food service programs & being a positive resource/problem solver
  • Tips and tricks the help meatless Mondays stick
  • Practical tips for making vegan food choices simpler
  • The impact of sharing vegan dishes & recipes
  • Words of encouragement for vegan activists when encountering negative pushback
  • Tips to encourage a vegan lifestyle & being active within your communities 
  • Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home & Maxine’s Heavenly 


May 22, 2022
69. Stories From a Vegan Jazz Musician & Mobster
A pacifist vegan with ties to the mob who fight-fixes, but also would never hurt a fly? Sounds like one big oxymoron, but in fact all of this (and more) is embodied in jazz musician and longtime animal advocate Charles Farrell. Charles shares how he would often take boxing and musician friends and clients to Buddha’s Delight, a vegan restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown, to share animal-free cooking with unlikely customers who were always won over by the delicious food. He mentions how he moved tarantulas safely out of his path while walking barefoot through the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and how he often came up against the classic “You don’t eat meat?” incredulous question from hard-boiled Boston and New York mobsters. Enjoy this fascinating episode!


Visit the Plant-Powered People Podcast website and show notes at:

Find vegan recipes, guides, and resources at Plant-Based on a Budget and World of Vegan.


Show notes:

  • Navigating being the only vegan/vegetarian among family & friends in Boston
  • Fluctuating between being a working musician & being a gangster
  • Getting out of dangerous situations
  • Ethics & decision making
  • Exercising empathy & connection with others
  • Natural empathy vs. learned empathy
  • Making conscious decisions to avoid harm towards all beings
  • Tips for maintaining kindness & compassion within different social circles
  • Turning bad habits into good ones
  • The plant-based food industry & how it is promoted
  • Dealing with a population who thought the vegan lifestyle is not healthy
  • Charles’ advice for new vegans & those considering the vegan lifestyle
  • Thank you to our sponsors, Better Than Bouillon & Maxine's Heavenly



May 15, 2022
68. Heart Disease is a "Paper Tiger" — Dr. Esselstyn Shares How to Become Virtually Heart Attack Proof with Plants!

How did heart disease become the leading cause of death in the west, and how can we prevent and reverse it? Dr. Esselstyn is here to share how we all have the power to prevent and reverse decades of abuse to our endothelial cells from eating the Standard American Diet by eating plant-based foods.

Visit the Plant-Powered People Podcast website and show notes at:

Find vegan recipes, guides, and resources at Plant-Based on a Budget and World of Vegan.


Show Notes:

  • Dr. Esselstyn’s story & accomplishments
  • Why the prevalence of disease in the USA is higher compared to other countries
  • What heart disease is & how it is caused
  • How early the foundations for heart disease begin
  • The importance of nitric oxide and the endothelium for cardiovascular health
  • The future of heart disease treatment
  • The missing pieces in typical heart disease treatment
  • The foods that cause heart disease & why animal products are bad
  • Whole, plant-based foods that help reverse heart disease
  • Why heart disease is more prevalent as we age
  • How balsamic and rice vinegar with greens can help reverse heart disease
  • The importance of chewing greens vs. using them in smoothies 
  • How fluoride & antacids can contribute to the onset of heart disease
  • Why the Standard American Diet injures our heart & bodies
  • How heart attacks are caused
  • How an 87 year old reversed his heart disease with plant-based food
  • Advice for those recently diagnosed with heart disease
  • Sample plant-based menu for preventing & reversing heart disease
  • Thank you to our sponsor, Caraway Home 



May 08, 2022
67. Plant-Based Athletes Are Winning The Game

Vegan athletes are competing at the highest level in virtually every sport — and winning! Robert Cheeke, longtime vegan bodybuilder and NYT bestselling co-author of The Plant-Based Athlete, shares why plant-based athletes have a competitive advantage.

He also shares his experiences thriving as an athlete long-term on a plant-based diet.

Visit the Plant-Powered People Podcast website and show notes at:

Find vegan recipes, guides, and resources at Plant-Based on a Budget and World of Vegan.


  • Growing up in an animal farming environment
  • Pursuing a plant-based lifestyle despite concerns of coaches, friends, & family
  • Bodybuilding on a vegan diet & putting on 100lbs of healthy weight
  • Some famous professional athletes who are plant-based
  • Inflammation & how food choices impact recovery for athletes
  • The ANDY score and ranking foods on nutrient density
  • Why an athlete can look healthy on the outside but be sick on the inside
  • Athletes who continue competing at a high level later in life thanks to a vegan diet
  • Why some animal protein powders can be dangerous & the benefits of vegan protein
  • Why you don’t need protein powder to build muscle
  • Energy levels & getting enough calories on a plant-based diet
  • Top supplements for vegans that are actually helpful
  • The importance of community


May 01, 2022
66. Italian New Yorker Goes Vegan & Opens Plant-Based Italian Restaurant

Meat-loving Italian New Yorker, Danny Costanzo, saves his own life by going plant-based. And then... guess what he did? He went on to open a 100% Vegan Italian Restaurant — Plant-Based MafiaGrowing up in an Italian family in New York, Danny Costanzo grew up enjoying delicious comforting food and the way it brought his loved ones together. His dietary habits have shifted many times throughout his life — from eating everything, to becoming a raw foodist, to a diet which led him to 3 clogged arteries, and to where he is now with a vegan diet.

When you think of Italian food, you probably think of cheesy pizza, parmesan on everything, and deliciously creamy cannolis. Vegan may be the last word that comes to mind.

That's why we're so excited to have him on the show to talk about how he got started on a plant-based lifestyle and how it led to the creation of his wildly successful Italian restaurant.

Danny shares what led him to change his diet a number of times, and how food has had such a huge impact on his cardiovascular health. You'll definitely want to listen to this if you want to know how a vegan diet can help improve and even reverse heart disease!

He also shares his experience of growing up in an Italian family where food is central to bringing everyone together, and how he carried that welcoming philosophy into his restaurant.

By the end of the episode, you’ll want to find your way to Florida to eat at Plant-Based Mafia sometime soon!

Happy listening,

♡ Michelle & Toni


  • Growing up in a food-centric Italian family with rich & decadent recipes
  • Creating delicious vegan versions of popular Italian dishes and making vegan Italian food cool! 
  • How a long recovery from a leg injury led to adopting a vegan diet
  • Dealing with grief and stress & how it can affect the body
  • The importance of listening to your body’s symptoms and cues
  • How a plant-based diet can help reverse clogged arteries and help heart disease
  • Bringing people together and creating community around plant-based food
  • Real Italian culture vs. Italian portrayal in films
  • The history of the name “Plant-Based Mafia & reclaiming the true meaning of the word “mafia”
  • The importance of being your own health advocate
  • Getting through a tough time by dedicating yourself to a cause
  • The exciting next steps for the vegan Italian restaurant Plant-Based Mafia
  • Thank you to our sponsor, Caraway Home 




Apr 22, 2022
65. Prevent & Reverse Diabetes: How to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently in Type 1, 1.5, 2, Prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes With Dr. Cyrus Khambatta

Do you live with diabetes, or know someone who does? This episode is a must-listen. NYT bestselling author Dr. Cyrus Khambatta shares his research on how a whole foods, plant-based diet can help Type 1 diabetes, Type 1.5 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes. 

  • Reversing or controlling diabetes through a plant-based diet
  • Why restricting carbs isn’t enough to effectively manage blood glucose
  • How eating lots of fruits & veggies can decrease insulin requirements
  • The differences between the 6 types of diabetes
  • How cognitive decline is related to insulin resistance
  • Saturated fats & the creation of type 2 diabetes 
  • Our organs & how they digest food
  • Insulin and how it works in the body
  • Foods to include and stay away from to control or reverse diabetes
  • The side effects of diabetes & how they can be prevented with plant-based foods
  • Defining your WHY to stay inspired to keep lifestyle changes
  • The importance of community that is aligned with your goals
  • Chronic disease reversal as a emerging branch of medicine 


Apr 15, 2022
64. Parenting Plant-Based Kids With Vegan Mama Marisa Miller Wolfson

Do you have kids? Are you thinking of raising vegan kids in the future? If so, this episode is for you!

From school lunches to kids’ birthday parties and every meal and snack in between, having plant-based kids can be a challenge. That’s why we had the Vegucated documentary  creator, The Vegucated Family Table co-author, and plant-based mom, Marisa Miller Wolfson on the show!

We talk all about how to navigate the challenges and wins of having kids with a vegan lifestyle. You’ll get lots of advice on how you can make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle easier for your family, and tips to keep it going long-term! We also talk about the power of vegan documentaries and what got us onto the vegan path.


♡ Michelle & Toni

Show Notes:

  • Thank you to our sponsors, Caraway Home and Gaiam.
  • Special discount code for our listeners: use the code PLANTPOWEREDKITCHEN for 10% off of your Caraway pans.
  • Vegan lifestyle as a parent
  • Growing up eating meat and transitioning into plant-based
  • The power of documentaries on the vegan path
  • Navigating the non-vegan food systems at schools
  • Helping your kids to understand why their food is different
  • How to explain veganism and where meat comes from to children
  • Talking about compassion and respect for other peoples’ choices with your kids
  • Advice for parents who want to transition their family’s lifestyle
  • Planning for a plant-based halloween 
  • How to navigate when your kid is invited to a non-vegan party
  • How being involved in your kids social life can be helpful
  • Being part of a community that is making the world a better place


Apr 08, 2022
63. Rural Vegan Living Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Jami Gerke is a midwesterner who is used to buying a whole cow and splitting it with her whole family. When she decided to transition to vegan living (which is still a work in progress), her family had to make a huge adjustment to support her decision.

  • Our Sponsors: Better Than Bouillon, a Life-changer for Soup Lovers
  • Veestro, an Exciting Vegan Meal Delivery Service
  • Living plant based in a community without many vegan options
  • The challenge of being vegan somewhere where it’s politicized
  • Growing up in midwest USA farm culture & switching to plant-based
  • Reversing pre-diabetes with diet changes
  • Joint health & eating plant-based
  • Leading by example to address judgments & challenges about the vegan lifestyle
  • Navigating the restaurants and grocery stores that aren’t vegan friendly
  • How keeping it simple helps the transition to plant-based living
  • Switching to a plant-based lifestyle with kids
  • Tips to clear out your home from non vegan ingredients without wasting
  • Advice on choosing healthy, whole vegan food over pre-packed & processed
  • Using willpower & preparing for non-vegan cravings 
  • Armoring yourself with knowledge to stand up for your food choices
  • How to practice strong & respectful communication about plant-based decisions
Apr 01, 2022
Rural Vegan

Jami Gerke is a midwesterner who is used to buying a whole cow and splitting it with her whole family. When she decided to transition to vegan living (which is still a work in progress), her family had to make a huge adjustment to support her decision.

Apr 01, 2022
62. Two Meat-Loving Guys Go Vegan for One Month

Ollie and Liam are two friends who love meat and never imagined they would one day try dropping meat, dairy, and eggs from their diet.  

But here they are.

After trying vegan for one month during Veganuary, we brought them on the show to check in about how things are going during this period of big sudden change. 

What did their friends think?

How have they handled learning to cook?

What's been the hardest part?

And the question we're ALL asking... are they going to stick with it?

Listen and find out in our latest episode

Show Notes:

  • Thank you to our sponsors, Caraway Home and Gaiam.
  • Special discount code for our listeners: use the code PLANTPOWEREDKITCHEN for 10% off of your Caraway pans
  • The biggest reasons to live a vegan lifestyle (or at least try for a month!)
  • Steps to ease your way into a plant-based diet
  • Making the process of becoming vegan easier
  • Why inclusion and respect are so important when transitioning into a vegan lifestyle
  • Dealing with others’ judgments when you transition to a plant-based diet
  • Navigating events and holidays with your new vegan food requirements
  • The importance of your “why” during moments of temptation
  • Starting small or diving right into vegan lifestyle
  • Expanding a vegan diet to a vegan lifestyle
  • Getting your family on board with a vegan lifestyle


Episodes to help you respond to judgments:

Oliver Wright and Liam Stacey join Toni and Michelle on the podcast to talk about their journey as newly minted vegans with just a little over a month under their belts. They share how much they've learned, how their families are handling the change, and if they'll be able to stick to it in the longrun.

Mar 22, 2022
61. Composting 101 for Beginners With Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Isn’t it wonderful how our Earth can take in our food waste and grow new life and so much beauty? When we treat our Earth with care it provides us with an abundance of wonderful things.

Sadly, these days humans are getting into some pretty awful habits of trampling all over our planet and completely neglecting the natural flow of its ecosystems. 

In this episode, we are so excited to welcome back Colleen Patrick-Goudreau to discuss composting: a beautiful way of making sure our food waste doesn't go to waste!

From turning food scraps into a homemade fertilizer, to identifying materials that would benefit our compost, we cover the relevance of composting in its most interesting form.

And what about worm composting? Is that even vegan? We'll answer that and more.

We love maximizing food as vegans, so if you’re ready to learn more about how you can do that, dive in with us!

♡ Michelle & Toni


00:30 Introducing Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

02:15 This episode’s sponsors: Better Than Bouillon, provides major flavor to your dishes

04:15 This episode’s sponsors: Petal Sparkling water, organic, low sugar, caffeine free

06:50 What is composting? Let's simplify the concept. 

07:40 Misconceptions of throwing compostable materials in the landfills

07:10 How biodegradable materials actually compost

10:50 Tips and Benefits of composting

15:25 Types of Compost (what compost system is best for you?)

18:30 Benefits of making your own compost

20:54 Composting with Worms

27:00 Toni’s first composting experience – worm bin

32:55 Finding people who share the same practice

35:00 Colleen’s secret composting tool

36:00 When to know if its composting

37:40 Where you can dispose your biodegradable waste to turn into compost


47:29 Colleen’s website

47:39 Colleen’s Instagram: @joyfulvegan 

49:12 This episode’s first sponsor: Better Than Bouillon, provides major flavor to your dishes

49:18 This episode’s second sponsor: Petal Sparkling water, organic, low sugar, caffeine free

50:15 Support this show on Patreon

SHOW SYNOPSIS: Michelle and Toni welcome back Colleen Patrick-Goudreau to discuss the ways you can turn your food scraps into a homemade fertilizer for your garden. In the episode, they discuss tumbler composting, vermiculure, and even how to compost when you don't have a yard.

Mar 15, 2022
60. Vegan Nutrition 101 With Plant-Based Registered Dietitian Cathterine Perez

The Plant-Based RD, Catherine Perez, is taking Instagram by storm with her quick and easy nutrient-rich dishes and her casual way of explaining nutrition information. Toni and Michelle had her on as a guest to discuss nutrition 101 to help people get started down their plant-based journeys. On this episode, we talk about:

  • What is a registered dietician?
  • Eating vegan without giving up you culture’s food
  • The difference between an RD and a nutritionist
  • The growing amount of plant based RDs
  • The signs that you might need more protein
  • How common is protein deficiency, really?
  • Getting enough calories
  • Why vegan vitamin B12 is important to supplement.
  • What to look for in a supplement
  • Health and nutrition resources on a budget
  • Omega 3s: where to get it from
  • The reality of Calcium
  • Why do we need iron?
  • Vitamins A, D, and C
  • Zinc and Iodine

Registered Dietician Resources:

Mar 08, 2022
59. Vegan Cookbooks 101—Finding Your Match With Dustin Harder

There are so many vegan cookbooks, it can be hard to choose. But a great plant-based cookbook can absolutely change the game and make you love living vegan and cooking plant-based meals. So this episode is all about: Cookbooks!  Your guide to starting a beautiful, colorful, delicious, fun relationship with cooking food.

In this episode, we interview Dustin Harder to talk about the hard work that comes with everything cookbook-related. Finding good cookbooks is a beginner vegans’ entryway into the lifestyle, and yet this kind of gold is difficult to find. Dustin talks about how to find the best cookbooks for you, as well as how to leave good reviews to raise the cookbook author up. 

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge in vegan recipes through cookbooks, this podcast episode will definitely help you.

2:03 - Sponsors: Better Than Bouillon, making your food extra delicious; Cariloha, comfortable bamboo clothing

5:50 - A Glimpse of Dustin Harder

7:00 - Celebrate Small Wins, Peer Pressure is Overrated

10:01 - Let Them Be Weirded Out and Curious About You

13:20 - Cookbooks: Your Friend in the Kitchen

21:13 - The Success of Recipes is Relative To One’s Taste

27:19 - Look for A Cookbook That is A Good Fit For You

28:38 - Good Reviews Are Heads-Ups to The Author

30:12 - Hard Work Births the Best Cookbooks

32:09 - Find the Gold, Avoid The Not-So Good

34:26 - Be Smart! Check Recipe Samples Before Getting the Book

35:24 - Do Your Research in the Cookbook World

37:11 - What To Look For in a Cookbook

40:13 - Dustin’s Highly Recommended Cookbooks

45:11 - Find Justin on Social Media!

Awesome Vegan Cookbooks:

Mar 01, 2022
58. Compassion Fatigue & Why Compassion Fades with Whitney Lauritsen
Does compassion actually fade? In this episode, Whitney Lauritsen will help us explore compassion and tackle its different facets: including how and why it diminishes. There’s a whole theory behind that and we’re excited to uncover it with you! If you’re interested in knowing more about it, this episode is for you!


01:11 This Episode’s Sponsors:  Better Than Bouillon, provides major flavor to your dishes and Veestro, plant-based meal delivery we love. 

06:01 Introducing Whitney Lauritsen: A healthy living crusader, content creator, and host of the popular This Might Get Uncomfortable podcast!

06:33 Michelle and Whitney’s Friendship

09:06 Reminiscing Michelle and Whitney’s Good Ol’ Youtube Days

10:36 Youtube: A Time Capsule

10:59 Perseverance Leads to Growth

12:38 Whitney’s Introduction

13:24 How to make people remember your name

15:49 Whitney’s Passion Projects

16:37 Puppy Love and Vegan Life

19:36 Earthlings Documentary: Films that Change Your Lifestyle

21:35 Discussing the Compassion Fade 

23:18 Unending Societal Problems: Start of Compassion Fatigue and Fade

23:41 Seeing the Bigger Picture to be Compassionate

25:10 Taking Action: Connecting with an Individual Suffering

26:23 One Death is a Tragedy, Thousands is a Statistic

29:33 Putting Help That Has a Greater Impact In Reducing Suffering

30:23 Peter Singer and Effective Altruism

30:43 One vs Many: Choosing Where to Help

31:33 Choosing to Make the Greatest Impact

32:24 Urgency of the Situation vs Will to Help

34:50 Money Matters: Not the Be all and End all

35:00 The Dark Side of Help Dependency

38:25 Decision Fatigue: Donation

38:55 Peter Singer's website to send donation: 

39:15 Donate What You Can

40:30 Unpacking the Reason: A Person's Lack of Compassion

42:38 Being Compassionate is Not a Race nor a Contest

43:30 Understanding Your Self-limits

45:49 Activism and Volunteerism that Work for You

51:17 Compassion Growth

52:46 Passion Projects that Work for You

53:48 Whitney’s Podcast

56:06 Whitney’s Website

58:02 Check out our sponsors Better Than Bouillon, provides major flavor to your dishes and Veestro, plant based meal delivery.


We are so grateful to have the support of some of our favorite vegan-friendly brands this season. Many thanks to the sponsors of this episode, Better than Bouillon and Veestro.

Better Than Bouillon is one of our all-time favorite vegan pantry staples, and we turn to it all the time for soups, stews, and beyond. The "No Chicken Base" and "Seasoned Vegetable Base" are always in our kitchens. Get free shipping in the US with the code PLANTPOWERED at checkout.

Veestro is an awesome plant-based meal delivery service that can help support you in healthy eating for the new year and beyond. They cook and deliver fresh, organic meals to your door, frozen and ready to heat-and-eat. You can choose your favorite vegan meals from their extensive a la carte menu crafted by professional gourmet chefs with an expertise in healthy vegan cooking. Let the healthy eating begin!

Feb 15, 2022
Plant-Based Pediatrician on Raising Vegan Children

Dr. Reshma Shah, a board-certified pediatrician, mother, and co-author of the award-winning book, Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families, joins Michelle and Toni to talk all about raising vegan babies and children. She has over two decades of experience caring for children and currently serves as an instructor for Stanford’s Healthy Living Program and oversees the nutrition curriculum for the Stanford University Pediatric Integrative Medicine Fellowship.

Feb 01, 2022
Liver Failure, Sobriety, & Vegan Healing
Jan 22, 2022
Instant Pot 101

Join Michelle and Toni as they offer up all the reasons you should get a pressure cooker asap! They'll share tips and tricks, recipe ideas, and more to get you excited about this time- and money-saving machine!

Jan 15, 2022
Battling Heart Disease With a Plant-Based Diet With Guest Sherra Aguirre

How in touch are you with your health? Sherra Aguirre, our guest for this episode, shares her journey from embracing an organic farm life to being in touch with the reality her family faces: heart disease. Realizing that she needed to step out of her comfort zone to change the trajectory of her health, she jumped. Listen to this episode to learn more.



Jan 08, 2022
100 Pound Weight Loss Journey to Conquering Disease

Gina House eliminated her asthma, reversed her high blood pressure, got off all her medications, cleared her lifelong cystic acne, and reduced her osteoarthritis pain and stiffness. At the same time she improved her mental health and gained energy and motivation. In this inspiring episode, Gina shares how plant-based food helped her dramatically improve her health and fall more deeply in love with life.

Jan 01, 2022
Vegan Traveling Tips With World Traveller Lucas Spigel

How can you stay vegan while travelling the world? It's possible, and even exciting! Lucas Spigel joins us in this episode to share his international travelling tips, stories, and experiences. He serves as a great reminder that no matter where you are, you can eat vegan with some planning, communication, and care.

Dec 15, 2021
Vegan Gift Guide—Our Favorite Holiday Gifts

What are the best ethical and conscious gifts to give to friends, family, and beyond? Toni and Michelle call upon their decades of vegan gift giving experience and share their favorite gifts to give. Hope this helps you treat your loved ones!

Dec 01, 2021
Guide to Prepping for the Holidays for Plant-Powered People

How do plant-based eaters prep for the holidays? If you're planning on hosting a holiday gathering, we share all our tips—from grocery shopping for vegan roasts to planning a dinner menu. Let the vegan holiday celebrations begin!

Nov 15, 2021
Mental Health

Nearly every human being struggles with mental health at some point in life, and for many it's an ongoing ever-present battle. In this episode we talk with Jason Wrobel, a vegan cookbook author and celebrity chef who has shifted his focus lately to supporting others along their mental health and wellness journeys. We talk about nutrition and supplements and how they can relate to our mental state and overall wellbeing, and he shares some misconceptions he had when he first went vegan.

Nov 01, 2021
You Can Always Come Back

Have you slipped up, struggled to stay consistent, or just abandoned being vegan completely? This episode will be a great dose of inspiration and reminder that you can always come back! We welcome back Crystal Young, the "Weekday Vegan" from Season 1, who since abandoned vegan eating entirely before stepping back into it fully and even identifying as vegan!

Oct 15, 2021
Season 4 is Here...Welcome Back!
Join us as we step back into season 4 of The Plant-Powered People Podcast! Michelle and Toni will be discussing what's been going on over the summer, plans for Halloween, gardening updates, and more!
Oct 01, 2021
Ep. 46 - Answering Your Plant-Based Questions

We answer all your vegan questions! We usually spend an entire episode discussing a common plant-based struggle, but in this episode, we decided to make it a one-stop-shop for the answers to all your vegan questions.

Apr 15, 2021
Ep. 45 - Intro to Gardening

Gardening is a great way to save money on food and practice a sustainable lifestyle. In today’s podcast, our friend Farmer Nick shares his knowledge on topics such as the best soils to use, composting, vertical gardening, and his top hacks on how to plant the most fruitful garden!

Apr 01, 2021
Ep. 44 - Why We're No Longer Vegetarian...

This episode is all about plant-based milk. We discuss the problem with dairy milk and why we choose vegan, how to transition to healthier, kinder, and more sustainable plant-based milks, how to make your own milk, and our favorite options out there today.

Mar 15, 2021
Ep. 43 - Adoption—Is It A Good Choice for You?

Have you ever considered adoption? Michelle was adopted as a baby and this topic is near and dear to her heart. In this episode we bring on Marji Beach who adopted her daughter through the state foster-to-adopt system. Learn about the many wonderful reasons to choose adoption, the benefits of going with a public adoption through Child Protective Services instead of a private adoption agency, and see if this may be the route for you.

Mar 01, 2021
Ep. 42 - All About Vegan Cheese

"But I could never give up cheese!" We hear this all the time, and if feel that way (or know someone who does), this episode is for you. We talk about why people are so attached to dairy-based cheese, how to break the habit, and we share our favorite plant-based cheeses available today.

Feb 15, 2021
Ep. 41 - What It's Like to Hit Rock Bottom & Rebuild With A Foundation Of Compassion With Vegan Athlete Dom Thompson

Our guest Dom Thompson is a vegan athlete, wellness warrior, speaker, entrepreneur, medical field professional, dog-daddy, and so much more. In this episode we dive deep into his story of hitting rock bottom—going from dealing drugs on the streets of Chicago and landing in prison, to kneeling on the floor of his cell and choosing to do no harm, become vegetarian (and ultimately vegan), and change his life.

Feb 01, 2021
Ep. 40 - Debunking Health Myths

Plant-based doctor Matt Nagra joins us to discuss popular health trends (like the keto diet, paleo diet, low-carb eating, collagen supplements, and more). He also dispels common myths about health and nutrition and provides his tips for eating healthfully and preventing disease.

Jan 15, 2021
Ep. 39 - 80-Year-Old Goes Vegan

What happens when an 80-year-old goes vegan? Today's guest shares his journey from big time meat eater to herbivore, how he has lost over 25 pounds in a couple of months, and how his body feels better overall after embracing on a plant-based diet.

Jan 01, 2021
Ep. 38 - 10 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly (Without Buying A Prius)

Making sustainable and eco-friendly choices can be a lot easier than you may think. In this episode, we share how you can make a big environmental impact with the least amount of time, effort, and money. From shopping in bulk to reusable paper towels and even toilet paper, we talk about the swaps we've made and which ones we recommend for you.

Dec 15, 2020
Ep. 37 - Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Plant-Based Cooking

Stocking your kitchen with tools that will make your cooking and life easier is so important. With a million kitchen gadgets on the market, we go through our favorite must-haves in this episode. From Instant Pots to high-powered blenders, we'll help you figure out what is worth investing in.

Dec 01, 2020
Ep. 36 - Meet The Parents (Special Holiday Episode)

What's it like when your child comes home and announces that they're vegan? In this special episode we're taking your deeper into our personal lives to meet our family—Toni's mom and Michelle's mom-in-law—who share what it was like being launched into a whole new culinary territory and have a sudden radical change in their family dinners. We hope this episode helps both the vegans and the family-of-vegans as we approach the holidays.

Nov 15, 2020
Ep. 35 - Behind The Scenes of The Friendly Vegan Cookbook

Our new book, The Friendly Vegan Cookbook, is out! In this episode we'll give you the low-down on our new book, why we wrote it, what it has been like to publish a cookbook during covid, and some funny and emotional stories along the way.

Nov 01, 2020
Ep. 34 - Eating Vegan in Social Situations

It can be challenging eating in social situations such as dining with your family, eating out with friends, and being the lone vegan in your workplace. In this episode, we discuss how to handle eating at restaurants, work events, birthday parties, holiday dinners, and more, with your non-vegetarian family and friends. Learn how to step into each of the situations with confidence and grace.

Oct 15, 2020
Ep. 33 - Season 3 is Here...Welcome Back!

Welcome to Season 3! In today's episode we'll be giving a little life update and also sharing a sneak peek of what's to come in this season. We've got some great guests and topics coming...stay tuned!

Oct 01, 2020
Ep. 32 - Things We've Been Loving Lately (Bonus Episode!)

While in quarantine during these pandemic times, here are some things we've been loving—eating, reading, watching, using, buying, and more.

Sep 10, 2020
Ep. 31 - Anti-Vegan Goes Vegan

We step inside the mind of an antagonistic anti-vegan and learn about his journey to becoming a vegan activist!

Apr 15, 2020
Guided Meditation with Ari Nessel (10 Min)

A bonus from Ep. 30, a 10 minute guided meditation with Ari Nessel.

Apr 01, 2020
Ep. 30 - Mindfulness & Meditation

We can all benefit from taking time to slow down and calm the mind. In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of mindfulness and the practice of meditation with our guest, Ari Nessel.

Apr 01, 2020
Pandemic Pantry Prep—Plant Based Style!

In this bonus episode we share our top tips on planning for the coronavirus and social distancing. We share our plant-based pantry must-haves and ideas infusing positivity into these difficult times.

Mar 20, 2020
Ep.28 - Vegan in London

In this episode, we talk about the fast-growing vegan scene in London, with special guest Robbie Lockie from Plant-Based News!

Mar 15, 2020
Ep. 27 - Meal Prepping Tips to Save Time & Money

In this episode, we talk all about meal planning and how to optimize your time in the kitchen and the grocery store!

Mar 01, 2020
Ep. 26 - Vegan Clothing & Fashion

In this week’s episode, we talk ALL about vegan clothing & fashion! From vegan and cruelty-free shoes, coats, wallets, belts, and suits!

Feb 15, 2020
Ep. 25 - Charity Work & Giving Back

In this episode, Nikki Neretin shares her experience giving back to her community and spreading the plant-based message within. 

Feb 01, 2020
Ep. 24 - Tips for Getting Healthy

In this episode, Michelle and Toni share their top strategies for getting healthy in the New Year.

Jan 17, 2020
Ep. 23 - 150 Pound Weight Loss Journey to Health

In this episode, we hear about Eric O' Grey's inspiring story and journey to health.

Jan 01, 2020
Ep. 22 - How to Conquer Holiday Convos

In this episode, we will talk to Bruce about how to handle tough conversations during the holiday season.

Dec 15, 2019
Ep. 21 - Remembering B'Pa (the Brand-New Vegan)

In this episode, we remember Michelle's birth father Greg.

Dec 01, 2019
Ep. 20 - Vegan Home

In today's episode, we will chat about creating a conscious home.

Nov 15, 2019
Ep. 19 - Non-vegan Family

This episode discusses being vegan in a non-vegan family...

Nov 01, 2019
Ep. 17 - Life Updates

Welcome back to season 2! We'd love to share our life updates with you! 

Oct 15, 2019
Ep. 18 - Life in a Van

On today's episode, we talk about life in a van as a vegan!

Oct 15, 2019
Ep. 16 - Being Plant-Based on a Budget

On today's episode, we talk about being Plant-Based on a Budget!

May 01, 2019
Ep. 15 - The Filipino Vegan

When we started this podcast, we knew we want to acknowledge that although you may be deeply rooted in your cultural foods, it’s still possible to be plant-based! Our guest today shows just that! Maria not only transforms her favorite traditional Filipino dishes into plant-based goodness, she also shares her new lifestyle with her community and inspires them to try it too!

Apr 15, 2019
Ep. 14 - The Imperfect Vegan

This week, we’re talking about a topic that has seemingly become one of our favorites, and that is: Being an Imperfect Vegan. We’ve brought on Tobias Leenaert, author of the book How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach, to chat with us about utilitarianism, and how to change hearts and minds (and food choices) by modeling kindness, patience, and grace.  

Apr 01, 2019
Ep. 13 - Plant-Based Beauty

If you’re like us, your plant-based journey started with being considerate of the foods you put into body. But have you considered all the ingredients you use on your skin for body care? In this episode, popular vegan beauty blogger and author of The Compassionate Chick's Guide to DIY Beauty, Sunny Subramanian, educates us on the differences between cruelty-free, vegan, DIY beauty products, and more!

Mar 15, 2019
Ep. 12 - Zero-Waste Vegan

For many of us, plant-based eating has been an introduction to a bigger shift of living more consciously. Conscious of how our decisions impact not only our health, but the health of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

That’s why we’ve been dying to do an episode about creating less waste!

And who better to talk about it than someone who’s inspired both of us to go further down the path of zero-waste consciousness: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau!

Mar 01, 2019
Ep. 11 - Plant-Based Weddings

Fun news: Toni’s getting married! And for anyone else who’s planning a wedding, we’re going to share the low-down on how to do it plant-based-style! We’ve brought our friend Taylor Wolfram on the show to share her experience planning a wedding with her non-vegan spouse, Michelle talks about some compromises she made to accomodate family, and Toni chats about what it’s like to be currently going through the decision-making process.

Mazel tov! Here’s to wedding season!

Feb 15, 2019
Ep. 10 - The Christian Vegan

In one of our recent podcast interviews, Karen Brockway talked about how her faith has been a big part of her journey in plant-based eating. It inspired us to cover this topic in its own episode! We brought on Deanne Thomsen, a lifelong Christian who is very active in her church community and also does faith outreach for The Humane Society of the United States, to talk about her experience in marrying her two passions.

Feb 01, 2019
Ep. 9 - Josie Steiger on Vegan Pregnancy

With all the major changes happening to your body, being pregnant in general can be really stressful. But when you’re vegan and everyone has an opinion about your pregnancy, it can be extra frustrating. In our latest episode, Josie Steiger shares her experience of having a healthy vegan pregnancy and baby, some of the resources she found most helpful, and how to be the best advocate for yourself and your baby.

Jan 15, 2019
Ep. 8 - Reclaiming Your Health

The new year is the perfect time to set goals and make resolutions, but unfortunately, they’re not always easy to see through once the hectic rush of life sets in. That’s why we were eager to invite Karen Brockway on the show to share what happens when you actually stick to your new year’s health goals.

Last year, Karen joined in for our Plant-Based on a Budget New Year’s Challenge and has had tremendous benefits by sticking with it. We hope that you’ll enjoy this episode, and that she inspires you as much as she’s inspired us to adopt healthier habits and reclaim good health.

Jan 01, 2019
Ep. 7 - Vegan in College

Ah, college life! We remember it fondly because it was when we both decided to align our dietary choices with our values and full-on embrace plant-based eating. That’s why we’re so excited to bring on Felicia Falconer, the personality behind the YouTube channel By Felicia, to discuss what it’s like becoming vegan in college and while being totally immersed in the college life (being on a budget, working on campus, easy and quick meals, etc.). Felicia also shares some funny stories about how her teenage fashion (as seen below), her dating life, and more!

Dec 15, 2018
Ep. 6 When Your Partner Isn't Vegan

It can be frustrating when you’ve totally fallen in love with the plant-based lifestyle but your spouse isn’t (and may never be) on board. That’s why we’re so excited to have Josie Morris on the podcast sharing her experience of being a full-time plant-based advocate who is married to a meat eater. Josie spends her days working for the Humane Society of the United States promoting vegan food at institutions around the country, but still accepts her husband (and father of her beautiful children) for who he is and what he chooses for himself. Hear more about Josie’s on today’s episode.

Dec 01, 2018
Ep. 5 - 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

We know that holidays can be a rough time when you’re living the plant-based life, so we’ve put together the top five ways that we’ve learned to survive the holidays. In this episode, we share tips for hosting holidays meals, what to do when you’re traveling to someone’s house to celebrate, some of our favorite plant-based Thanksgiving products, and more!

Nov 15, 2018
Ep. 4 Shawn Remy talks about working in a non-vegan restaurant

Just because you adopted a plant-based diet, doesn’t mean that you can quit your job and start a whole new life. So, what happens next? In our latest episode, Shawn Remy shares how a positive attitude can not only get you through it, but it can also possibly influence what offerings the restaurant serves. Hear his story! Visit for full show notes.

Nov 01, 2018
Ep. 3 The New Vegan with Greg Hicks

Did you know that Michelle was adopted? She had been on an over-a-decade long journey searching for her biological father, and thanks to the phenomenon of accessible genetic testing, she found him this year! 

We're thrilled to have her bio-dad (aka B'Pa) on this episode talking to us about how he met Michelle six months ago, how she inspired him to become vegan, and how the process has been along the way.




Oct 15, 2018
Ep. 2 Crystal Young discusses being a weekday vegan

Saaaayyy what?! A weekday vegan?! We’re thrilled to tell you all about it!

Our friend and episode guest, Crystal Young, shares how a plant-based meal planning challenge changed her diet from meat-lover to eating plant-based 5 day a week (soon to be 6!). We talk about incremental progression, and how Crystal’s meat-loving husband - who is also the chef in their kitchen - is handling the change.

Oct 01, 2018
Ep. 1 Olympic gold medalist Meagan Duhamel on being a plant-based athlete

We’re so honored to have Meagan Duhamel share her story with us today on the podcast! She’s a plant-powered Olympian who has not only placed once, or twice, but THREE times -- earning gold this year in PeongChang.

In this episode, Meagan talks about how she started skating at the age of three, how she left home as a teenager to train professionally, her introduction to plant-based eating, and how a plant-powered diet helped her thrive and heal faster as an extremely dedicated athlete.

Oct 01, 2018
Ep. 0 - Michelle & Toni: Plant-Powered People

Welcome to the first episode of the Plant-Powered People Podcast, with your hosts: Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto. Today, we’re discussing our hopes and dreams for our brand new podcast, and a brief background behind who we are -- but don’t worry, you’ll learn a lot more about us in future episodes. ;)

Michelle shares her story about how she developed a strong love for animals as a child. And Toni talks about how her high school track coach introduced her to a life without red meat for better health and performance, which ultimately led her to veganism.

We’re so excited for this inaugural episode, and we’d love to see your review of it on iTunes!

Oct 01, 2018