Age of Plastic

By Andrea Fox

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An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free! Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.

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Having an impact as a sustainable business

Petria Leggo-Field from Coco Rose Eco and the Sustainable Shift Podcast talks to me about eco entrepreneurs. She works to helping them make the biggest impact, but what does sustainable business impact mean in reality?

More on today’s episode!



Apr 30, 2021
The Future of Food Packaging

What is the solution to single use plastic waste?
Today we are delving into single-use plastic alternatives, what bio plastic is, and the future of food packaging with Sales Manager from BIOPAK Richard Harries.

Biopak is an eco-friendly packaging company (in the UK and Australia)

Ella Daish on the Age of Plastic Podcast

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe on the Age of Plastic Podcast


Apr 23, 2021
Plastic Myths

Amy Nguyen works as a sustainability strategist — but is more commonly known on Instagram as @sustainableandsocial, a blog dedicated to educating people about sustainability in fashion, beauty, business, and more. Since 2018, she’s turned research and scholarly articles into digestible Instagram posts for her audience, while also working her main job helping businesses to integrate sustainable development goals into their daily operations.  Today's she's busting some plastic myths on the Age of Plastic Podcast.

Compare Ethics website

Outland Denim

Cora Ball

Apr 16, 2021
Climate Change and Covid

Today me and Matt Rees from Climate Solutions Podcast discuss Covid and Climate Change. Now the latest Climate Solutions delved into this.

Matt Rees is a former foreign correspondent with Time and Newsweek and the author of nine novels and a book of non-fiction.

As well as the results of a survey into climate attitudes across the world we talk Bitcoin! And that most difficult of questions; What hardest things to give up to stop climate change?

Matt Rees Award Winning Climate Solutions Podcast

Eco Life Hack


Apr 09, 2021
Wine that helps protect the ocean

Did someone say beveragino…? 

Seachange Wine are passionate about two things: protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. 

Simon Rolfe from Seachange talks innovation in wine packaging, why people want to buy from a company that does good. Covid & wine and climate change and the wine industry. And the issues around organic wine production… 

Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe and our minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact. Their partners range in size from global charities like Plastic Oceans UK to smaller charities like the Olive Ridley Project and Sea-Changers UK.

Eco Life Hack

Jo Ruxton on the Age of Plastic Podcast


Apr 02, 2021
Plastic-free, Low-Carbon Gardening with Sally Nex

Sally Nex worked as a journalist on BBC radio for 15 years. Since leaving the BBC, Sally has devoted herself to horticulture, qualifying to RHS Level 3 and gaining a planting design diploma. Teaching sustainable gardening and writing for BBC Gardeners World. In 2019 Sally won the Garden Media Guild, Beth Chatto Environmental Award for a series of articles about going plastic-free in her garden.

Her book How to Garden the Low Carbon Way is out now.

It's such a useful book for all levels and all spaces, I have a very windy balcony and it’s inspired me… how chat has got low carbon tips on plants to chose, water saving, sustainable sheds and plastic free compost - and you learn about what a FEDGE is!

Get Sally Nex’s book here;

Eco-Life Hack


Mar 26, 2021
Series Round Up and movie star Dougray Scott!

A round up of everything from the most recent series!

Featuring Dr Imogen Napper, finance expert Rebecca O'Conner,  Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Sophie Howe, Julia Giannini, ITV's Senior Sustainability Manager and Phil Holdgate, Head of Production and Sustainability for ITV Studios.  

Plus Ever After star Dougray Scott to talking about Wateraid's new campaign.
The campaign video is called the The Girl Who Built a Rocket. Watch here;

Catch up with all of the recent episodes here; 

This weekend's live will be with fashion brand with Beach Flamingo on their Instagram
Sat 27th Feb at midday


Feb 23, 2021
ITV and Sustainability

How do you work out the carbon footprint of a TV show?
Today I'm pleased to be joined by Julia Giannini, ITV's Senior Sustainability Manager and Phil Holdgate, Head of Production and Sustainability for ITV Studios. Find out with today's guests from ITV, all about the Net Zero Carbon by 2030 pledge, and how Covid has affected the business but how what it's taught us could be beneficial to the climate, plus Rugby World Cups and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

ITV Pledge

Albert Sustainable Productions

ITV also teamed up with Eco Act when putting together their pledge

Also take a look at SBTI

Yulia also mentioned the  Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, more here;



Feb 10, 2021
Leaving the world in a better place than you found it!

I often ask what our guests think governments need to do to protect the planet. 
Today's guest is Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe. 
Her job is to hold the government and Welsh bodies to account on behalf of those who have not been born yet. We cover how environmental and health issues are connected, to town planning, the 4 day working week and robot taxes!
Find out more about Sophie’s role (and the Manifesto we discuss along with the Future Generations Act and Report!) here;

If you’re listening in Wales - don’t forget the vote in May which includes votes for 16 and 17 year olds!

Sophie Howe’s recent TED Talk

Paris 15 minute city

Company Autonomy who Sophie is working with

More on the climate crisis from the Big Issue

Rob Hopkins on the Age of Plastic Podcast

Feb 02, 2021
Can you save the planet when you clean?

Before Christmas I spoke to to founders of plastic free, carbon free delivery service Charrli.

Monica Grundy and Chloe Cronyn talk to me about deposit schemes  for waste plastic, the embarrassment and cost of our waste disposal here in the UK and recycling shaming!
Find out more here; 

Let me know your thoughts on this episode - GET IN TOUCH!

Jan 26, 2021
Plastic, plastic, everywhere. With Dr Imogen Napper.

Today I’m joined by Marine Scientist and so called Plastic Detective Dr Imogen Napper. So recently we discovered not only is plastic filling up our oceans but it’s been found on Everest the highest point on earth!
Dr Imogen Napper was part of that study and countless other projects you will have seen in the press surrounding plastic pollution.
We dive into the middle class-ness of plastic-free chat,  what the future of our washing machines might be, and her thoughts on plastic alternatives!

Jan 18, 2021
Yes but, Is It Really Green?

On today's episode hear from the author trying to answer that age old question, is it really green? What actually is the best sustainable option? Like relationship statuses sometimes it’s complicated.

There’s where todays guests new book comes in, Georgina Wilson Powell (founder of Pebble Magazine) launched her first book called IS IT REALLY GREEN…Everyday Eco-dilemmas answered.

Is It Really Green? by Georgina Wilson Powell

Eco Life Hack

Beths Noy from Plastic Freedom on the Age of Plastic Podcast


Jan 11, 2021
Can you save the planet with your bank account?

On today’s episode we cover everything from the ethics of credit cards to how to have a pension investing in sustainable projects with guest Becky O’Connor who is Head of Pensions & Savings at Interactive Investor, co-founder of Good With Money, an ethical adviser for Castlefield and a trustee at Mortgage Prison.

Find out more here;

Bank Track


Becky on managing family finances on the Penny Drops Podcast

Eco Life Hack - Veganury


Jan 04, 2021
This Series Greatest Hits
A look back at the latest series with clips that didn’t make the full episodes and brand new guests including DJ and Producer Adamski, Treedom founder Federico Garcea and the IET’s green energy systems expert Olivia Carpenter-Lomax!Sustainable Christmas Gifting Tips AND what to expect in the new year!TREEDOMJoin me and Green the Plant this Christmas with TREEDOM. Head to and use Discount Code AGEOFPLASTIC20 at the checkout to get 20% off your trees before midnight on December 31st 2020.Mikaela Loach on Age of Plastic Podcast out more about the IET Green Survey that I spoke to Olivia about here; CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS…Tala Sustainable Sportswear Rhys Jewellery Street Perfume Labo Perfume Clothing Cookery Classes Me Once from the founder here: )Toy Subscription Christmas!
Dec 17, 2020
LIVE EPISODE from FutureFest!
Give the Gift of a Tree this Christmas with is our LIVE episode from Pebble Magazines FutureFest last month their online virtual festival asking what a carbon neutral future looks like!If you missed out on a ticket - this is my chat with Sue Campbell from Award Winning plastic free, vegan and cruelty free solid shampoo and conditioner brand Kind2. And the founder of Bolt Beauty (launched in 2020) Lisa Sexton. What does the future of sustainable beauty look like? What the beauty version of fast fashion might be! And what are the contradictions within sustainability when it comes to our bathroom cabinets?
Dec 14, 2020
How kids toys can be more sustainable!
Today we are talking kids toys! Can you have a Christmas every month - without breaking the bank or planet? Today’s guest has set up what they call an online toy library, making sharing popular kids items easy, and reliable On this episode I am speaking to Nigel Phan of WHIRLI.Find out how much the average parent spends on toys a year! The amount of kids toys that go to landfill AND the amount of gifts that are wasted as kids don’t like them or parents don’t actually want their kids to play with them!... the Gift of a Tree this Christmas with LIFE
Dec 06, 2020
How to save the planet with your trip to the hairdressers!
Find out how to have a sustainable trip to the hairdressers with Fry Taylor from Green Salon Collective, helping hairdressers in the UK and Northern Ireland to reduce waste heading to landfill.And not just that! Find out the 4 amazing things you can do with waste hair on today’s episode of the Age of Plastic Podcast!Give the Gift of a Tree this Christmas with for your local sustainable hair salon here: Credit Meet The Fivers)
Nov 30, 2020
How to have a sustainable Christmas Tree!
Gift a Tree this Christmas Discount Code AGEOFPLASTIC20 at the checkout to get 20% off your trees before midnight on December 31st 2020.7 Million Christmas Trees go to Landfill each year in the UK.Find out all about renting your festive spruce from the Catherine Loveless and John Mearns from London Christmas Tree Rental to who has been working to urge David A to Pass the Mic to other activists ECO LIFE HACK…
Nov 21, 2020
How we can all be activists with Mikaela Loach!
Mikaela Loach is an Edinburgh based climate justice and anti-racism activist. She has written articles for Eco-age, you may have seen her featured in Elle magazine or seen her talking about climate change on BBC news recently. Mikaela along with her co-host Jo Becker host THE YIKES Podcast... delving into some really important and interesting discussions on social justice - oh and she is also studying medicine! This is a really hopeful discussion of climate activism, what an ACTIVIST actually IS! And how we can all be activists and bring more people into the climate discussion, and keep it inclusive!Give the Gift of a Tree this Christmas with Treedom Loach to the YIKES Podcast’s appearance she mentioned on the Friends of the Earth Podcast Delete Later Podcast & White Supremacy Book LIFE HACK
Nov 12, 2020
Meet the DJ championing sustainability; Sam Feldt
On the first episode of new series of the Age of Plastic Podcast, find out how and why DJ Sam Feldt set up his own Sustainable Foundation! Plus the latest on our Podcast Stage at Future Fest!Tickets for Pebble Magazine’s Virtual FutureFest 7th & 8th Nov - Tickets are £7.50 frompebblefuturefest.comUse code SustainableFuture for 10% off ticketsGive the gift of a tree this Christmas with our sponsors TREEDOM out more about Sam Feldt sustainable Heartfeldt Foundation back the uplifting live mix from Sam & his band… Keetley Plastic Gamechanger her episode on this podcast here; Life HacksSign Marcus Rashford’s Petition… recipes from Hubbub in touch!
Nov 02, 2020
Series 3 Round UP & Future Fest!
Join me at Future Fest brought to you by pebble magazine and Treedom and supported by Borough Wines and Karma 7th & 8th Nov (early bird tickets £4 plus VAT & booking fee) for biodegradable plastic… eating enzyme……The Daily from NYT Guilty Feminist Podcast Carr’s Earth Shakers Podcast Take Podcast & Lucy Podcast (Patreon content) YIKES Podcast Siegle’s So Hot Right Now Podcast
Oct 09, 2020
The complexity of sustainability in skincare with Bolt Beauty
Today I am chatting to Bolt Beauty founder Lisa Sexton about how she set up the sustainable, carbon neutral skincare company!We talk about the sustainability aspects of everything from sourcing product, to the innovative packaging, being carbon neutral, the beauty industry selling through fear - a personal bug bear of mine and Lisa's - launching during lockdown and why sometimes, unfortunately plastic is still the best option!Find out more about Bolt Beauty here; Tong’s TED TALK
Sep 28, 2020
One Simple Change with Bambuu Brush
Today’s guest is a big fan of Bamboo! Tommie Eaton from Bambuu Brush has been on some pretty enviable travels as he and Rebecca Dudbridge worked their way around the world!They decided to raise awareness of the the plastic pollution they were seeing to their social media following and that led to their main product - almost the emblem for the eco products available - Bamboo toothbrush - launched in Feb 2019 - selling bamboo toothbrushes in over 48 countries. They raise awareness of plastic pollution and donate to charity, and they’ve even teamed up with big names to provide their brushes to holidayers travelling with Tui as well as Virgin Atlantic passengers - they’ve even made a documentary and were due to have links to the Olympics 2020!Find out more at Hopkins Podcast App
Sep 22, 2020
How to have an open relationship with your wardrobe...
Have you been trying to break up with fast fashion? Maybe during lockdown you haven’t needed to hit the shops?Learn how to have an open relationship with your wardrobe with founder of clothes sharing app NUW Aisling Byrne. NUW is a new app for renting and sharing your clothes in your community, to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. I chat to Aisling about pivoting the business during Covid, Selfridges department store’s new Planet Earth project, THAT Misguided Doc, and our changing idea of fast fashion and supply chains.Download their app here follow them online out these articles too!
Sep 15, 2020
Talking sustainable interiors
If you love your camper van, you’ve decided to do up the shed OR you live in a small space and want to make the most of it, you’ll love todays guest. I'm talking sustainable interiors with Nicole Herridge from Stitcha! They are a new company with products and packaging made using sustainable textiles to look after our planet and sea!We talk bamboo, curtains, small spaces and labels to look for when you’re shopping for interiors. Plus how covid might change our ideas of home and travel and work. Life Hack - bamboo electricals!
Sep 08, 2020
What would you do if you had no recycling?
On today’s episode hear from George Berthon from Clean & Proud Malawi. The Clean & Proud is hoping to do something about the plastic waste issue and create jobs and even products from what would have been waste plastic. See their products and work here; Webb from Everyday Plastic tips
Aug 31, 2020
How do you deliver plastic-free coffee?
We're BACK (I'm back) for series 3!Today hear from the amazing Victoria Poon from Alpaca Coffee. They're single origin, South and Central American coffee delivered to your door, 100% plastic free and home compostable packaging. From her base in Peru we chat about launching a business during Covid, how to find the most sustainable packaging and also how to best enjoy your coffee! So grab yours now and take a listen!Order Alpaca (the animal!) Covid News LIFE HACK - Sign the Period Pant Petition… Period Pants founder Ruby Raut
Aug 25, 2020
Time to talk poop! And reusable nappies... with Close
Time to talk about kids and sustainability!Nappies, are a huge polluter. Close, formerly Close parent sell reusable baby items, from nappies to carriers, swimwear and lots for kids messy play times too amongst much more.Launched in 2004, and featured in a Channel 4 show in 2007 and rebranded as Close in 2011.Find out everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable kids products and more on today's episode with Martine & Hester from Close in contact!
Jul 01, 2020
Plastic Alternatives with Sam from WiseSip
Hello! This episode was recorded two weeks ago and is slightly delayed as me and the guest felt we didn’t want to put it out whilst the discussions was about the Black Lives Matter movement. When I started the podcast I wanted to showcase a diverse range of voices and I feel like I have failed, but I will do better. Below are some black climate activists and voices I recommend you follow and I would love to hear yours too!Right - today’s guest - we’ve spoken to lots of campaigners and businesses and charities all on a sustainable journey, and today’s guest is very much at the start of theirs.Sam Theakston has set up 'Wisesip' company who make re usable products and that want to spread the word about becoming plastic free! They use plenty of alternatives from glass to hemp!Find out what Wisesip is all about - and hear me discover how the hell cork is made!... and sustainability voices recommended for youAja Barber Copeny aka Little Miss Flint Biologist Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is her article on the links between climate change and racism Loach Hirsi check out the @RealHotTake Podcast and newsletter by @AmyWestervelt @MaryHeglar
Jun 13, 2020
Fashion and furloughing with Sophie Slater from Birdsong
Today’s guest talking all things sustainable, and people and planet centric is the lovely Sophie Slater from sustainable ethical fashion brand Birdsong, a brand that is a social movement first and foremost. We spoke just after Fashion Revolution about what Covid 19 means for the fashion world. them via their Patreon and get access to their Fashion Revolution Week content: Copeny (Little Miss Flint) Life Hack:
May 05, 2020
Plastic Waste Campaigning in Lockdown
Today we hear from friend of the podcast - Daniel Webb - I spoke to him at the end of 2018 about the year he had spent collecting ALL of his plastic. Listen again here: plastic; 22 bags, turned a personal plastic blueprint, a mural in Margate, and a report put together with scientist Dr Julie Schneider, giving a snapshot of one person’s plastic waste. Now he’s trialing a way to do that for you! The Everyday Plastic Survey LOCKDOWN addition! Listen for more and sign up to all the Everyday Plastic Channels to keep up to date! out more about Ella Daish Amanda Keetley Eco Life Hack hi!
Apr 28, 2020
Cleaning and Plastic Waste, in the time of Corona
We are back! Today hear from Nick Torday & Marcus Hill from Bower Collective, a business dedicated to the best natural household products in plastic-free and reusable packaging, delivered on repeat to your home. We spoke (via the magic of the internet) about their journey, the animal inspired name for their company, stock pilling, closed circle loops, some terrible environmental hot takes that have been going around regarding Coronavirus, and why they didn't chose compostable packaging.Apologies for the audio quality - my microphone failed me but our guests sound pretty good thanks to Zoom video calls.Find out more below follow here; here;
Apr 07, 2020
How to take on the bottle water industry?
Our guest today is the David in David & Goliath Battle with BIG PLASTIC. Rich Razgaitis truly believes we should think of the petro chemical companies in the way we have previously thought of BIG TOBACCO. Raz as he’s known is the co-founder and CEO of FLOWATER and is on a mission to provide the best water on the planet, without any plastic bottle waste.Flowater is water purification using the newest filter technology in water Refill Stations, to create drinking water that tastes better than anything in a single-use plastic bottle. They in most states in the US and have just launched in the UK.Flowater Raz Ted Talk Fee on Age of Plastic Cycle (in case you didn’t know)
Mar 04, 2020
How do you travel sustainably?
This episode of the Age of Plastic Podcast is all about enjoying travel sustainably! I'm joined by fellow podcast host India Pearson from Green on the GO. It's a podcast from Holiday Extra's that brings you the latest news, tips and trends to help you travel more sustainably and with less plastic. Find out what Flygskam is! Where in the world is doing really forward thinking on sustainability and the surprising holiday destination which is lagging behind!Holiday Extras to Green on the Go Podcast out about The Travel Foundation for Ella Daish in the Resource Media Awards for Lizzie Carr in the Inspiration of the Year in the Stylist Remarkable Women Awards
Feb 26, 2020
How do you make bags out of fruit?
Today find out how to make bags out of pineapple, mango and apple waste products! AKA the so called VEGAN LEATHER. Sydney born Jess Kruger pivoted into designing and making bags and founded LUXTRA LONDON.Check out her designs Luxtra London out more about Fruit Leather Rotterdam 'Pineapple leather' Pinatex for the planet's trainers
Feb 19, 2020
Talking activism with Ella Daish
Today I’m talking activism with an amazing person who decided to quit her job to focus on her campaign. She's the award winning ELLA DAISH - from End Period Plastic. She's Aldi and Sainsburys to stop making plastic applicators in their own brand products, saving tonnes of plastic waste and set up meetings with big producers like Bodyform and Lillets- what she’s achieved just SINCE I spoke to her a few weeks ago!Sign her petition! Ella's plastic free journey Life Hack!
Feb 12, 2020
What does it take to create a plastic free beauty brand?
How do you launch a brand new eco brand? Sue Campbell decided to leave her job 2 years ago and set up a clean green beauty brand - Kind 2 - solid shampoo and conditioners bars that are plastic free - vegan and free from soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens. "Saving the planet doesn't have to mean bad hair." Sue doesn’t have a cosmetics background - so I was really interested in her career turn around - we talk about issues you may have had trying solid bars before, business carbon footprints, being a responsible customer, social enterprises and the ethics of sourcing materials and of course eco packaging!Head to or follow them on instagram at @wearekind2ECO LIFE HACK
Feb 05, 2020
How to solve the climate crisis with your imagination.
Author and founder of Transition Town Totnes ROB HOPKINS is my guest on this episode of the Age of Plastic. As well as discussing the brilliant idea that is Transition towns and the Transition Network (where communities take action to reimagine and rebuild together) we talk about the ideas behind his new book called FROM WHAT IS TO WHAT IF: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to create the future we want. Demain Holmgren on Permaculture Leopold
Jan 22, 2020
How to buy Christmas gifts that last a lifetime...
Today’s guest on the Age of Plastic Podcast, Buy Me Once founder and author Tara Button. Buy Me Once is a one stop online shop for the most durable sustainable items that in some cases will last you a lifetime. From umbrellas to tights to frying pans, Buy Me Once does what it says on the tin! Tara Button set the site up when she realised no one focuses on long lasting products anymore. She’s also written a book called A Life Less Throwaway and even had a sustainable wedding! We cover over consumption, consumerism, the part advertising and social media has to play and why people need to think more about electric kettles!Check the website for gifts that last Me Once Zero Waste Starter Packs Life Less Throwaway Button on the Minimalists Podcast Life Hack - POTTED CHRISTMAS TREES (sign up for next year!)
Dec 11, 2019
How to save the world when you drink beer?
This episode of the Age of Plastic Podcast I talk food waste with Global Brand, Culture and Sustainability Officer Louise Zaine from Toast Ale. They make beer from waste bread!We get a history lesson in beer, talk crusts, B Corps, home brewing and what you should drink your beer from!I went along to help make a special brew you can get your hands on from 28th November at six selected London Brewdogs in time for Thanksgiving called Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble! To celebrate Thanksgiving and rescue pumpkins. Proceeds will go to Hubbub to help fix the food system.Hubbub out where to pick up Toast in a supermarket near you here; the recipe for homebrew here; Beer Bottles Feedback Feedback Gleaning Network Stuart Labs Charmian Love Life Hack a plastic free charity helping calendar. The chocolate ones taste pants anyway.
Nov 22, 2019
How to have a sustainable, plastic free kitchen.
Todays guest has been doing things sustainably in the kitchen for 50 years - culminating in setting up one of a just handful of cooking schools looking at sustainability in the UK. Rosalind Rathouse is an experienced cook and founder of the Cookery School at Little Portland Street in London in 2003. In our chat I ask Rosalind what’s best, organic or local and how she teaches these labels to her students and find out how she came to set up and run an eco, and totally plastic free kitchen.Sign up to their mailing list now and you’ll get a 10% discount off your first class! more recommended reading from Rosalind cleaning products in touch;
Nov 11, 2019
Talking PLASTIC FREEDOM with founder Beth Noy
On this episode find out how Beth Noy set up Plastic Freedom an amazing site full of plastic free options in everything from Christmas wrap to Pet Toys. Find out how she quit her job to set it up, how she gets around supply issues when they include plastic packaging, her favourite items and how she plants a TREE for every order!Shop and sign up to the newsletter below follow online's Hero on ethical fashion with Aja Barber LIFE HACK - sign up to the Everyday Plastic Surveyhttps://www.everydayplastic.orgAnd listen back to Dan's episode; episode's guests; as always come say hi!
Oct 28, 2019
How to fight food waste and save great food?
On this episode of the Age of Plastic I'm delighted to be chatting to co-founder of Too Good To Go - Jamie Crummie. Too Good To Go is the food waste app that’s more than just an app. Found out how on this episode as we discuss why their Magic Bags are a win win solution for everyone, the variables that make it hard for eateries to deal with waste and celebrate a momentous milestone. Listen out for some amazing culinary puns as well!Download Too Good To Go Junk Food Project Food Waste Research Ben Elliot Food Tsar Life Hackkartent.comFatboy Slim/Greta Thunberg
Oct 13, 2019
What impact is your morning coffee having on the planet?
What impact is your morning coffee having on the planet? Our your afternoon coffee for that matter. On today’s episode - hear from Sarah Lim and James Proctor Blane from Halo Coffee - the world’s first 100% compostable coffee capsule. Find out what the capsules are made of, why zero waste maybe is a difficult thing for us to aim for, Halo’s big plans and why they have some soil in a glass box in their office! world foundation in touch with your Eco Life Hacks, suggestions and comments!
Oct 01, 2019
How Odd Box are helping our huge food waste problem with wonky veg!
How do you pick your veg? Shiniest apples? Biggest potatoes? Absolutely no brown spots on your bananas? Terrifyingly even before it leaves the farm for our shops there’s a massive amount of food that is wasted. A third in fact! Worth 17 billion pounds! Why is this? Well find out from today’s guest…Odd Box is a London's first and only fruit and veg box that fights food waste by rescuing fresh and delicious surplus & wonky produce straight from the farm.Co-founder of ODD BOX Emilie Vanpoperinghe decided wonky veg is where it’s at! Hear all about Odd Box’s food waste revolution, and get 50% off your first Odd Box delivery with the code AGEOFPLASTIC bad are bananas? Book from Odd Box suppliers Fearnley-Whittingstall LIFE HACK
Sep 16, 2019
What can you do with the hard to recycle stuff?
You've got your recycling boxes at home, maybe composter or food waste bin… but what about your workplace? And what about all those fluorescent light bulbs, coffee granules, printer jets, cooking oil and hangers that you might be using where you work?First Mile are a recycling service that since 2004 has been helping 27,000 businesses like Caffe Nero, Innocent Drinks and the National Gallery to leave a greener footprint on the planet by recycling their waste to the max. Their ethos is to make it easy for businesses to do the right thing.Hear from Chief Commercial Officer Joe Allen about innovations First Mile are working plus we talk driverless cars and coffee perfume.First Mile - The Lab Bean Founder Yvon Chouinard Ed
Sep 02, 2019
How sustainable is your holiday?
What does it take to make a hotel sustainable? Do we even consider sustainability enough when it comes to our holidays?Find out from one half of Stow-Projects - Charlie Fulford who helped create STOW AWAY HOTEL in London’s Waterloo.Stow Away don’t have plastic filled mini bars, has solar panels on the roof, no plastic miniatures and you won’t end up going home with a plastic key card either... If you love concrete chat, and want to know what on earth a PASSIVE HOUSE is… this is the podcast for you!Find out more here; about Stow Projects other works..www.TheArtworks.londonAnd the future project... Castle Life Hack - Body Shop
Aug 19, 2019
with City To Sea founder Natalie Fee!
On the podcast today, founder of City To Sea Natalie Fee!Hear all about the Bristol based non-profit's environmental campaigns, her book out Oct 19 How To Save The World For Free, and why ‘sustainable’ is a lame target to aim for!Head below to sign up and back their campaigns from Switch the Stick to Plastic Free Periods. Plus get tips on plastic free travel this summer! is the book you are looking out for Fee's Ted Talk
Aug 05, 2019
What actually IS green energy?
‪What on earth actually is green energy? Juliet Davenport CEO of Good Energy explains renewables, shares who inspires her, why scrutiny is a good thing, and talks greenwashing! on Greenwashing with info on indoor stoves (and much more) Invisible Women Hack - Ecosiahttps://www.ecosia.orgNext ep - City To Sea founder Natalie Fee
Jul 25, 2019
How to have a plastic free period
Today here from female entrepreneur, environmental scientist and vegan eco friendly period pant founder Ruby Raut of WUKA's Plastic Oceans Poster for your work place or school Hack - Smalls For All
Jul 09, 2019
Today hear from Amanda Keetley - founder of organisation Less Plastic who give practical tips on cutting plastic pollution - and now - AUTHOR! Book "PLASTIC GAME CHANGER - How to reduce plastic in your organisation to make a difference to plastic pollution" is out now.We talk about individual and collective responsibility for plastic pollution, what it takes to go viral, what it takes to write and print an eco friendly book and why she would like to see her own book obsolete! on Plastic Trainers Lucas MP Friend Wash bag
Jun 24, 2019
With Lizzie Carr founder of PLASTIC PATROL
This episode here from founder of Plastic Patrol's Lizzie Carr! I've even got a book to give away if you download her app. Listen for details. Hear all about her journey and download the app and help log 1 million pieces of waste plastic! Data = power to change! & Plastic & plastic HacksFairphone to buy an ethical phone! FACEBOOK GROUP!
Jun 09, 2019
The next big fashion trend, renting! With Wear The Walk...
What's the next big fashion trend? Clothing rental.Here from Zoe Partridge of Wear The fruit & veg to go plastic-free Plastic stirrer, straw and bud ban Plastic Newsletter Nye the Science Guy Subscription Clothing Waste Revolution!,store:952105825960022061&prds=pid:15115700108714996667,oid:3853128084583980781&q=john+lewis+wool+debobbler&hl=en&ei=LNjqXLy6BcytkwXG077YAw&lsft=s_kwcid:2dxLIA-HOME,tmad:c,tmcampid:2&lsft=gclid:CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwBaNoh64V2d-bV-cCH-o8RCUYk1DylhwhKQA78HEJNgyqks4ZgMeAxoCVNQQAvD_BwE,gclsrc:aw.ds
May 27, 2019
How to become a zero waste beauty brand?
On this edition of the Age of Plastic Podcast I chat to the CEO of Clean Beauty brand REN Skincare, Arnaud Meysselle.Find out what it takes to become a zero waste beauty brand, why grey is the new green, REN's Clean to Planet recycled plastic innovations and a new eco-friendly delivery scheme they've teamed up with.Let me know your thoughts below!Here are the links to everything we chatted about;REN Skincare Clean to Skin, Clean to Planet pledge delivery system (heading to the UK in the Autumn) Carr of Plastic Patrol invests in sustainable packaging start-up Founder Yvon Chouinard on Climate Change Joesph Bathroom Bin Banks & Make Up Emergency articles-
May 13, 2019
What are the biggest environmental challenges we face? With Hugo Tagholm from SAS.
So excited to finally sit down with Hugo Tagholm from Surfers Against Sewage.Listen to find out who inspires him, what it takes to make an impact as an environmental charity, litter, business profit and purpose, Silicon Valley's place in saving the planet and what he thinks are the most pressing issues we face today.Oh and surfing! Obviously. And why he thinks surfers are the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to pollution. Plus find out if he thinks more MPs should be surfers!Donate and get involved and find out how to become a plastic free community with Surfers Against Sewage; me know your thoughts on the issues covered and get in touch with your environmental hacks at
Apr 29, 2019
What is a Bagboard? Plus Eco Easter Hacks!
On this episode here from Shosh Shetty of Bagboard, a new eco-friendly advertising platform that is bringing brands and people together to help eliminate single-use plastic bags in London.Head to Bagboard to learn more and sign the petition Bank Lego Musk Easter Eggs remember… book tokens.
Apr 15, 2019
Can Blockchain help clean up our Oceans?
Find out how new tech can have a social impact and even help clean up our oceans with today's guest Simona Pop Co-Founder and CMO of Bounties Network.The trailer for Bounties For Basura Network more on the Bounties For Basura your clothes last longer!
Apr 01, 2019
ECO GLITTER, how is it made?
Fellow magpies! Did you know glitter is a micro-plastic? Unless of course - it’s Eco Glitter!But what the hell is Eco Glitter made from? Get the full low down from founder of Eco Star Dust glitter Kath Senior! She also discusses teaming up with big brands like ASOS, becoming a B Corp, spotting truly bio-degradable products, continuing to reduce the waste from their products and polar bear poop! Pick up their products below and find details of their 2nd Birthday Party…Buy Eco Stardust Glitter…www.ecostardust.comGet tickets to the Birthday Party in Bristol… them in March 2019 at the Blue Patch Sustainable Store in Manchester… Fee of City to Sea New Arc in Aberdeen Against Sewage is Glitter? Article referenced from the New York Times
Mar 19, 2019
Pebble Magazine's Georgina Wilson-Powell plus Lent, International Women's Day and Words!
On this episode hear from Georgina Wilson-Powell, founder and editor of eco/green/sustainable/ethical magazine Pebble.Plus we kick off some Environmental Hacks, discuss Lent, the importance of words, International Women's Day and Greta Thunberg.Find all the links in the podcast below; Wesling on Age of Plastic Lambourne on Age of Plastic
Mar 10, 2019
Laura Try - Row For The Ocean
What does it take to row across an ocean and how much plastic is out there? This episode, hear from one of the team of four women who took on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge - Laura Try - with their aim to raise awareness of plastic pollution.Find out more about her team Row For the Ocean and their mission; Laura Try on social media;
Feb 24, 2019
What do you do when you find our tonnes of firehose is being sent to landfill? Set up a luxury fashion brand with it of course! Founder of Elvis & Kresse, Kresse Wesling is our guest on this Age of Plastic Podcast. Since the chance encounter the company has saved all decommissioned firehose from landfill and teamed up with the Burberry foundation.We discuss making the circular economy really happen, some lessons for Theresa May on plastic waste, why unsustainable equals indefensible, TAX PARTIES!! AND BLUEBERRIES!!! features Silent Witness, and making perfume into waste water.)
Feb 11, 2019
Everyday Plastic. How much plastic do we use in a year?
Ever wondered how much plastic you actually come into contact with in a year? Daniel Webb from Everyday Plastic did just that. He is my guest on the podcast today.We talked about - what he discovered - what Daniel thinks needs to change - and his big plans for the Everyday Plastic project! Also we talked about crisps. A lot.Read the report, backed by Surfers Against Sewage and co-authored by Dr Julie Schneider It’s called ‘What We Throw Away And Where It Goes’ which you can download from the website William interviewing Sir David Attenborough Hieroglyphics episode’s HisBe Steve McPherson
Jan 27, 2019
Upcycling with Warrior on Waste, Lynne Lambourne
Welcome back! Our first guest of 2019 is Lynne Lambourne! She is an interior designer and the Queen of Up-cycling. As well as that she does loads of work to engage young people into caring for the environment around them, and is a self confessed Warrior on Waste! Lynne shares her tips on how to get the next generation, what she would love to see change, and her tips for a sustainable home - including her Grand Designs Interior Designer of the Year award for her fabulous sustainable room design!Find out more about her workshops here; here's some details on her Environmental Hero Boyan Slat!
Jan 14, 2019
Christmas Edition
This week I’ve a brief but special Christmas Edition of the podcast available for you! From the tree, to the gifts, to the wrapping, some ideas and things I’ve discovered this week. And whilst I take a festive break, get in touch with areas you would love to explore together in 2019 or guest suggestions. Contact me via my website link below. If you happen to have David Attenborough’s email, pleasepleaseplease get in touch.Keep Britain Tidy donations Refugees Choose Love‎Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapist Wrapping Guide Danon Interior Therapist Decor Guide Crisps & Terracycle Bins of Plastic Podcast in touch Sweetheart
Dec 17, 2018
How to EDIT your STUFF
On this weeks episode if myself and my guest sound relaxed it’s because it was recorded in our guests bedroom! It’s a lovely room, and free of clutter. Why? Because she is Interior Therapist Elizabeth Danon of EDIT. She’s developed her own method over the past decade to help people make the most of their homes and spaces and get rid of items of unwanted clutter. She believes that the objects you surround yourself with and the environment you live in has a huge affect on your well-being, happiness, mental and physical health. And she cured me of my hoarding habit! We talk about more mindful ways to think about the products you bring into your home and the space you live in.Find out more here is some info on the Consumed TV show Liz mentions Minimalism film find out more about Marie Kondo author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up if you have some big items to get rid of check your local charities such as the British Heart‎As always let me know your thoughts on today's episode!
Dec 10, 2018
Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton
In this episode I’m very excited to be speaking to Allison Ogden-Newton - Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy. Allison is an experienced charity professional and social entrepreneur, plus THE best person to chat to about everything from from fly-tipping to green spaces! We cover why Japan have no landfill, what kind of litter crime women are most guilty of committing, ABBA getting in the bin for the charity, what Britain’s biggest export to Sweden is, and their new campaign for smokers to Bin The Butt! The Big Give Christmas Challenge... Get involved in the Great British Spring Clean And find out more about Allison’s chosen Environmental Hero Kresse Wesling’s company
Dec 02, 2018
Going back to the 90s with Toothpaste
This episode I delve into the bathroom, discover toothpaste tubes aren't recyclable! Elizabeth's I Feel For You Podcast - Winter Morning Rituals her episode “What Monaco taught me about failure, freedom & trust” to the Ren Skincare bottle Toothpaste alternatives
Nov 26, 2018
Jo Ruxton talks about her film A Plastic Ocean
*GUEST KLAXON* In this episode, co-founder of Plastic Oceans and filmmaker behind A Plastic Ocean JO RUXTON joins us. Through her work and the film she has made, she is hoping to change attitudes towards plastic. Hear how she went in search of the garbage patch in the Pacific, what she found, what we can do about it, and who she thinks of as her environmental heroes. Spoiler warning - it’s a popular choice. Find more information behind the science of the film and Plastic Oceans education programme here; Find the film online or on Netflix - search for A Plastic Ocean. Know the Origin, source of talks and brands considering their impact on the environment. The reusable bottle I will now have for the rest of my days.
Nov 05, 2018
Recycling hieroglyphics & polymer coasters
So this episode I’m delving into a topic I thought would be easy. Recycling.The thing we are all reminded to do by our councils, often in our own kitchens with separate bins and bin bags. Exciting chat this. I get on my high horse about recycling symbols, chuck in some facts and hopefully helpful tips and promise to set up a petition. I'm regretting it already.Recycling Rules where you are Lucy Siegle’s book ‘Turning the Tide on Plastic’ Britain Tidy - Our Broken Recycling System Britain Tidy - Tips on Recycling founder Guy Singh-Watson on recycling 2015 Time Out London article I decided to swear by, until recently. Plastic Ocean Film in touch with your thoughts and guest suggestions;
Oct 17, 2018
Age of Plastic Podcast ep 1 "What's all this about then?"
Welcome to the Age of Plastic Podcast!An environmental podcast! For people who care about the planet, but aren’t sure where to start.Hosted by Andrea Fox, a girl who wants to know learn how to save it. For questions head to find me on instagram
Sep 11, 2018