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Listen to real moms and long time friends Abby and Vanessa recap your favorite Bravo shows every week in 30ish minutes or less. They’ll dive into all their favorite shows including Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm and if you ask nicely they’ll add listeners requested shows too. These moms know that balancing kids, work, and Bravo can be tough so they’re here to help you out!

Episode Date
167: Episode 167: I got a text w/ @lucyontheground
Abby is still on maternity leave, Lucy @lucyontheground joins Vanessa in this week's recap. They discuss..
- SouthernCharm
-  Dubai

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Jul 29, 2022
166: Episode 166: Hot and cold tumblers! #SouthernCharm #RHOBH #RHODubai #RHOA
Abby is on maternity leave. Anthony Lario joins Vanessa in this week's recap.

This week they discuss..
- Southern Charm - Thank GAWD Taylor left Shep
- RHODubai - Sergio needs to go
- RHOBH - Jamie Lee Curtis may need a reoccurring spot
- RHOA - Marlo's messy

You can find Anthony Lario on Instagram or Tik Tok under @anthonylario. 

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Jul 22, 2022
165: Episode 165: Garcelle remains queen w/ @mixingwithmani
Abby is out on maternity leave. Mani (@mixingwithmani) joins Vanessa in this week's recap. They discuss... 
- Southern Charm - Taylor and Shep heading the wrong way.
- RHOBH - Garcelle continues to be a class act.
- RHODubai - Stanberry is cheeky!
-RHOA - Coochie cleanse? 

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Jul 15, 2022
164: Episode 164: Rough week for Kyle stans #SouthernCharm #RHOBH #RHODubai
Abby is out on maternity leave - Danielle @hollabackcards joins Vanessa in this week's episode.

They discuss...
- Southern Charm - is Shep a wannabe Leo?
- RHODubai - will Caroline and Sergio last?
- RHOBH - the Kyle of it all

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Jul 08, 2022
163: Episode 163: Craig had a Hot Boy Summer
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss..
- The first episode of Southern Charm
- The unnecessary Diana vs. Sutton feud
- The Drop it by Drew Event

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Jun 30, 2022
Episode 162: I think I like Erika Jayne #RHOBH #RHODubai #RHOA
Abby and Vanessa are both still in shock over the fact they found themselves enjoying and actually liking Erika this episode. Can she turn a corner with Bravo fans? Listen as Abby and Vanessa break down the nostalgic fun of this week's RHOBH, discuss the forced friendships on Dubai, and laugh over a $25 makeup fee in Atlanta. '

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Jun 24, 2022
Episode 161: The Struggle is Real with @anthonylario #RHOBH #RHODubai #RHOA
Anthony Lario makes a return back to Real Moms of Bravo this week with Abby to discuss what are they actually talking about in Beverly Hills, why Dubai is letting us down, and how Atlanta is back to peak status. They also mix in several theories and suggestions for other franchises on how to improve the future of housewives. 
Jun 17, 2022
160: Episode 160: LET THE MOUSE GO with @bestofbravo
Abby is on vacation. Maggie (@bestofbravo) joins Vanessa in this week's recap.
They discuss..
RHOBH: are they team Crystal or Sutton?
RHODubai: Maggie shares her experience visiting Dubai
RHOA: Do they still need a vibrating storyline on housewives?

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Jun 10, 2022
159: Episode 159: DUBAI is HERE! #RHOBH #RHODubai
Abby and Vanessa are BACK together!

In this week's episode, they discuss...
- Dubai - what a premiere!
- RHOBH - Crystal.... girlllllll 

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Jun 02, 2022
Bonus Episode: MOM TOK
Everything you need to do about MomTok!

EDIT: Judaism isn’t a race. It’s a religion. I apologize to anyone I may have offended. - Vanessa 

Jun 01, 2022
Episode 158: Frank Cantania is a generous lover with @hollabackcards #RHOBH #RHONJ #SummerHouse #RHOA
Danielle from @hollabackcards joins Abby to discuss the newest housewife in Beverly Hills, why she knows Frank Cantania is a generous lover, Summer House predictions, and appropriate children's party games. 

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May 20, 2022
157: Episode 157: RHOBH is BACK! #RHOBH #SummerHouse #RHONJ #RHOA
Anthony Lario joins Vanessa in this week's recap. 

The dive in and discuss...
- RHOBH - how did they feel about the premiere?
- RHONJ - what other red flags from Dirty Louie do they see?
- Summer House - our theories on why Paige was so angry
- RHOA - what they're enjoying about this season so far

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May 13, 2022
Episode 156: Anxiety and Abstinence #RHONJ #SummerHouse #RHOA
Atlanta is back and our girl FINALLY has her peach! This week we relive the anxiety producing RHONJ reunion, see Amanda and Kyle say I do at their "backyard wedding" and our graced with Sheree's presence back on our screens in RHOA. 

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May 06, 2022
Bonus Episode: Charmed with Craig Conover
Listen as we ask Craig ALL the things from filming 3 shows, his new book and of course his relationship with Paige! 
May 02, 2022
155: Episode 155: Dirty Louie shows his TRUE COLORS #RHONJ #SummerHouse
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- the mediocre RHONJ finale

They did not cover RHOC. Part 2 wasn't worth of your time. ;)

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Apr 28, 2022
Episode 154: Boot Scootin' Boat Parties #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
Turns out, light seasons make for boring reunions. Someone page Dr. Jen because everyone but Emily needs to bring some life to the set! In this episode Abby and Vanessa breakdown the first part of the OC reunion, boats and boots in Nashville with RHONJ, and we all wonder who is really planning this wedding with Summer House. 

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Apr 21, 2022
153: Episode 153: Let Lindsay LIVE #SummerHouse #RHOC #RHONJ
In this week's episode Vanessa and Abby discuss:
- The disaster that was the RHOC finale.
- Teresa really "flipped" a table over that?
-  Why does Ciara really care about Lindsay's love life?

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Apr 15, 2022
Episode 152: Chicken Salad for the soul #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
Who knew chicken salad has such magical healing powers. This week we discuss: 
- Why Noella is necessary evil in OC 
- A better understanding of Marge Sr
- The odd storyline choice for Traci 
- The glass throw heard around the Bravo world 
- Appropriate hurricane activities 

Apr 08, 2022
151: Episode 151: Noella is the villain we need #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa discuss..
- RHOC - is Noella a liar?
- RHONJ - FINALLY Jennifer
- Summer House - justice for Andrea

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Apr 01, 2022
Episode 150: Tell me you're 25 without telling me you're 25 #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa discuss the "evil spirits" haunting Gina in OC, Marge's love of coffee creamer and of course all the layers of drama going on in the Summer House. 

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Mar 27, 2022
149: Episode 149: Jen Shah's Performance of a Lifetime #RHOSLC #RHONJ #RHOC
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- Is this brain machine in RHOC a scam?
- Dirty Louie is at it again in NJ
- Is Jen on trial or Lisa?

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Mar 18, 2022
Episode 148: Don't we all just want a rich friend? #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse #RHOSLC
If you're a Gina searching for your Heather, this episode is for you. And if you're a Heather, hit us up at @realmomsofbravo. Abby and Vanessa also cover the husbands of NJ and their takeover this episode, the chaos of summer house, and of course the deflection at the Salt Lake City reunion where somehow Jen has yet to sit in the hot seat. 
Mar 11, 2022
Bonus Episode: From Chief Stew to Motherhood with Hannah Ferrier
Below Deck fans, you're going to LOVE this episode.Abby and Vanessa discuss motherhood, marriage, Below Deck, and Bravo with Hannah. Enjoy!

Mar 09, 2022
147: Episode 147: Ryne like the Orange Rind #RHOC #RHOSLC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- That cringworthy dinner in OC
- Who is fighting with who in Jersey?
- Is summer really fun this season?
- Bad Weather LET IT GOOooOOO

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Mar 04, 2022
Episode 146: Hot mics on the shore #RHONJ #SummerHouse #RHOSLC
It wouldn't be a RHONJ season without a shore trip, and per usual this one does not disappoint. Summer House has us questioning wedding expenses and listen to find out why Abby and Vanessa were disappointed by the RHOSLC finale. 
Feb 25, 2022
Bonus Episode: That's Amore with Andrea Denver from #SummerHouse #WinterHouse
Be prepared to swoon! Listen as well fall in love with Andrea Denver from Summer House and Winter House and learn more about his new girlfriend, future with reality tv, and past reality tv experiences. Plus, find out what it was like to work with JLo and Taylor Swift! 
Feb 23, 2022
Episode 145: Thank you Mya <3 #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse
Vanessa is back! In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- Fancy Pants and edibles
- that fight between Dolores and Jackie
- Mya and Ciara's vulnerability and honesty

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Feb 18, 2022
Episode 144: The Kids Are Not Alright with @mixingwithmani #RHOC #RHONJ #SummerHouse #RHOSLC
The highs are high and lows are OC this week in Bravo! Special guest host Mani from @mixingwithmani joins Abby to talk about the surprising rise of Emily in OC, the disappointment with Marge in RHONJ, Hot Hubbs Summer and of course the mastermind that is Jen Shah in RHOSCL getting everyone to focus on a memorial instead of her arrest. 
Feb 11, 2022
143: Episode 143: Get your facts STRAIGHT! #RHOC #RHONJ #RHOSCL #Summer House
This was a doozy! In this episode Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- RHOC - why are we still watching?!
- Summer House - OooOOf Craig
- RHOSLC - that HOT mic

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Feb 04, 2022
Episode 142: Accountability and Hot Takes #PumpRules #SummerHouse #RHOSLC
In the words of Lisa Rinna "own it baby!" Accountability is this week's theme with the engagement party drama on Pump and Jen Shah on RHOSLC. And of course we cover in detail our first party on Summer House! 
Jan 28, 2022
141: Episode 141: Summer is MESSY #RHOC #RHOSLC # SummerHouse
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa recap...
- RHOC: why does Noella continue to do the most?
- Summer House: RED FLAGS
- RHOSLC: Love you baby, byeee

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Jan 21, 2022
Episode 140: Why Is Creepy Mid-life Crisis Seth the Party Mascot? #RHOC #RHOSCL
OC is still finding itself missing a true villain (cough cough bring back Tammy Sue) and Noella is still doing way too much all the time. In Salt Lake we dive into our confusion about Seth's party and why is he gives "my you've grown up" creepy neighbor vibes. We also break down the dramatic final minutes of this week's episode. 

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Jan 15, 2022
Bonus Episode with Queen of Summer @LindsHubbs
Is she dating Carl? What can we expect this season? And what does Lindsay hope for herself in 2022? Listen to this fun bonus episode to find out and be sure to catch a new season of Summer House premiering January 17th! 
Jan 12, 2022
139: Episode 139: Fancy Pants Strikes Back #RHOC #RHOSLC
Abby and Vanessa are back! Happy New Year!

In this week's episode they discuss...
- RHOC: Fights over photo-tagging? PUH-LEASE
- RHOSLC: Jennie finally understand the assignment

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Jan 07, 2022
Bonus Episode: 2021 Top 10 Moments with @christinebiancavilla
Bravo gave us so many amazing moments on and off the camera. Listen to find out what was our #1! 
Dec 24, 2021
138: Episode 138: Stu Chainz isn't the one to blame #RHOSLC #RHOC
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss...
- RHOC - Is Gina a new fan favorite?
- RHOSLC - how delusional is Jen?

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Dec 17, 2021
Episode 137: Who wastes Nobu sushi? #RHOC #RHOSLC
All that sushi wasted! We try to collect ourselves over the heartbreak that is $10k of sushi not being consumed and recap all the drama in this week's Orange County and Salt Lake City episodes. 
Dec 10, 2021
136: Episode 136: Fancy Pants is BACK! #RHOC #RHOP #WinterHouse
A new premiere! In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss..
- RHOC - can Heather save the franchise?
- Winter House finale - WE DESERVE A REUNION
- RHOP Part 4 - how we feel about a celeb guest host

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Dec 03, 2021
Bonus Episode: The REALEST Housewife Ashley Darby
Abby and Vanessa had the pleasure of talking to Real Housewives of Potomac housewife, Ashley Episode.

In this episode they discuss, 
- Nicki Minaj 
- Ultimate Girls Trip
- That night out in LA 

Nov 29, 2021
135: Episode 135: Laundering Money and Long Baths #RHUGT #WinterHouse #RHOSLC #RHOP
The peacock delivered! We are pleased to say that Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip exceeds all expectations and we highly recommend the price of admission. We also break down the Austen of it all in Winter House, Fraud Squad continues with Salt Lake and Mia's size 12 drama during Potomac's reunion. 
Nov 19, 2021
134: Episode 134: Is Internal Bleeding code for the Feds? #RHOSLC #RHOP #WinterHouse
Sarah Galli from Andy's Girls joins Abby and Vanessa in this jam packed episode.

They discuss:
- Winter House - what is it about Austen Kroll?
- RHOSLC - our brains will forever be in the Beauty Lab parking lot.
- RHOP - part 1 is off to a solid start!

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Nov 12, 2021
Bonus Episode: People Magazine's Me Becoming Mom host Zoë Ruderman
When you get to talk about motherhood with some of everyone's favorite celebrities like Hoda Kotb, Kandi Burruss, and Alyssa Milano you have some great stories to share. Listen as we chat with Zoë Ruderman host of People Magazine's new podcast Me Becoming Mom to learn what is the great equalizer among famous and every day moms, her own journey to motherhood, and the question she asked RHOA's Kandi that we were all wondering! 
After listening, please subscribe to and give Zoë's podcast Me Becoming Mom 5 stars! We promise this is a podcast you'll want to listen to weekly as each week she has new guests that share things about their motherhood journey you never knew. 
Nov 08, 2021
Episode 133: A 1 wick event for a 3 wick lady #RHOP #RHOSLC #VanderpumpRules #RHOBH #WinterHouse
Gaslighting from Austen, unhinged behavior from Erika, staged interaction in Salt Lake, and hope the curse of the vow renewal ends all in one episode! And quite a bit more hence the longer episode, but there was just so much to unpack this week. 
Nov 05, 2021
132: Episode 132: Don't forget about the victims EJ #RHOBH #RHOSLC #RHOP #WinterHouse #PumpRules
Vanessa and Abby unpack a lot in this episode. They discuss...
- Winter House - really, Austen?!
-  RHOBH Part 3 reunion - oooOOf EJ
- RHOSLC - Duy sucks
- RHOP - Are the butterflies sleeping?

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Oct 29, 2021
All Roads Lead to Bravo with The Estate's Chris Baker
Writer, actor and recent WWHL bartender Chris Baker (@bakerseebakerdo) joins Abby and Vanessa to talk about his new movie, The Estate, which happened to also star Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent. He tells us about his inspiration for the movie, what it was like working with Lala, future projects and of course some Bravo tea. 
Be sure to check out his movie, The Estate, on Apple, Amazon, basically anywhere you can rent/buy streaming movies. 
Oct 28, 2021
131: Episode 131: Winter IS fun #WinterHouse #RHOBH #RHOSLC #RHOP #VanderpumpRules
A full lineup means a full heart for us Bravo fans! Listen to this week's episode as Abby and Vanessa breakdown the Winter House premiere, continued Erika Jayne drama with the RHOBH reunion, forced friendships on RHOSLC and d*cks dropping on the RHOP couples trip. 
Oct 22, 2021
130: Episode 130: Garcelle remains unbothered and relevant #RHOBH #RHOSLC #RHOP #PumpRules
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa recap, 
- RHOBH part 1 reunion - WHAT A START
- Pump Rules - the Brock of it all
- RHOSLC - Let's stop making Whitney and Lisa happen
- RHOP - Gordon is gross

Please check out our Patreon where we discuss pop culture headlines and the latest in Bravo news. We spill some tea on the upcoming season of #RHONJ and MKE's rush wedding. 
Oct 15, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: How the F do we feed our toddlers with @FeedingLittles
Megan from @FeedingLittles joins Abby and Vanessa in a special bonus episode discussing all things baby/toddler eating. This can be a pain point for so many of us.  Megan, a dietician,  provides advice on how to make it a little bit easier.

For $10 OFF a Feeding Little Course, please use the code REALMOMS.

Oct 12, 2021
Episode 129: Was that really the finale? with @mixingwithMani #RHOBH #RHOSLC #RHOP
Mani from @mixingwithMani joins Abby to discuss the Beverly Hills finale, Caterergate in Salt Lake, and why Potomac is truly peak housewives goals. 
Oct 08, 2021
Episode 128: Never have I ever been so scared of someone being nice #RHOBH #VPR #RHOSLC #RHOP
Abby and Vanessa are thrilled to have a full line up again! Even if not all the shows delivered. Listen to this week's episode to find out who made us laugh and who made us from cringe from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Real Housewives of Potomac. 
Oct 01, 2021
127: Episode 127: PK does not tell a lie #RHOBH #RHOSLC #RHOP
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa breakdown...
- RHOBH - Erika tells us another story - do they believe it?
- RHOSLC - what a premier! 
- RHOP - do they want Gizelle and Karen to be friends?

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Sep 17, 2021
126: Episode 126: Did we just watch an exorcism? #RHOBH #RHOP
Back at the dinner party from hell part 2 as Bravo finally uses a "to be continued" properly. Abby and Vanessa break down the continued drama as well as PK's and Dorit's date night and Garcelle's bravery to host yet another dinner event. Will these women ever learn that a dinner party is a recipe for drama? 
Potomac had us laughing, cringing and questioning if Candiace has truly changed. 
Sep 10, 2021
125: Episode 125: Spitting venom and bullshit #RHOBH #RHOP #RHONY
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa...
- dissect one of the most iconic housewives episodes in history... the Dinner from Hell Pt. 2
- celebrate the end of RHONY 
- discus the true difference between a 3 wick and 1 wick candle

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Sep 02, 2021
Episode 124: You lost me at Idris #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOP
Is production even allowed inside Rinna's house? This week we cover: 
- Erika's continued performance
- The Beauty party from hell
-Ashley's arrival for the Potomac cast trip
- Zen Wen has left the building
Aug 27, 2021
123: Episode 123: The Interrogation of Erika Jayne #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOP
In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa discuss,
- Sutton's masterful performance in RHOBH
- how RHONY continues to suck
- the hilarity between Gizelle and Karen

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Aug 20, 2021
Episode 122: Acrylics and stripper poles #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOP
This week's episode, Abby and Vanessa break down the drama, tears and laughter in La Quinta for RHOBH. We briefly discuss the confusing black shabbat for RHONY. And finally share why Ashley as a mom warms our hearts in RHOP. 
Aug 12, 2021
121: Episode 121: EJ's spiral continues #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOP
Abby and Vanessa are BACK together!
In this week's episode, they discuss..
- RHOBH - they break that scene between Garcelle and EJ in detail
- RHONY -  why did Sonja lie about hooking up with the "clothed model"
- RHOP -  someone does not understand the assignment 

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Aug 06, 2021
Episode 120: Potomac Conspiracy Theories with @MixingWithMani #RHOP #RHONY
Welcome Back Mani from @MixingwithMani! We suffer through this week's RHONY and then have the privilege to recap Potomac. What does Mani think of newcomer Mia? Is Ashley Darby going to be the bridge between the two groups this season? And the crazy conspiracy theories regarding Dr. Wendy and Mr. Darby. 
Jul 31, 2021
119: Episode 119: The crash and burn of EJ #RHOBH #RHOP #RHONY
Abby and Vanessa are BACK after time off... 

In this week's episode, they breakdown:
RHOP - initial thoughts on the season so far 
RHONY - minimal thoughts on the semi positive points of RHONY
RHOBH - the deliciousness of this week's episode.. even that car crash explanation.

If you want to hear more details of their time with Juliet, please check out their patreon.
Jul 23, 2021
Episode 118: Grace and Frankie meets RHONY #RHONY RHOBH
Who knew vibrators were what brings women in their 50s together?! We break down the witches in Salem and then enjoy a big bowl of drama in Beverly Hills courtesy of Harry Hamlin.

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Jul 10, 2021
Bonus Episode with Matrescence
Being a mom isn't easy, nor is the journey or process to become one! We are joined by the founders of Matrescence, an online community to create support and education for all mothers. We discuss why this support is so needed but often hard to find. After listening, please be sure to go follow @thematrescence to learn more. 
Jul 07, 2021
117: Episode 117: But who IS MR. Poppins? with @jaredlips
Makeup artist extraordinaire Jared Lipscomb @jaredlips joins Abby and Vanessa in this week's recap.

They discuss... 
- the Give Them Lala party
- initial impressions of Bershawn
- Ramona's vertigo
- Erika's marriage
- Was Crystal violated? 
- Scott & Amelia

They truly mention it all! When you're done listening, please check out Jared's podcast "Back on Air." You can follow Jared on Instagram @jaredlips.

Abby and Vanessa COVER ALL the headlines in this week's Patreon - you don't want to miss it.
Jul 02, 2021
Episode 116: No Longer a Pretty Mess #RHOBH
We only had one episode to recap but boy was it a big one! Listen as we both talk through of current thoughts regarding Erika's divorce and how much she knew prior to filing. We also discuss the drama with Sutton and Crystal and why Martha Stewart makes the best CBD gummies. 

Listen to our patreon for Shah's recap and weekly headlines at 
Jun 25, 2021
Bonus Episode: Housewives 101 with Brian Moylan
Brian is back! We talk about his amazing book "The Housewives: The Real Story Behind The Real Housewives." Even if you haven't read the book yet, you will love this interview and learn something new about the housewives filming and casting process. 
Make sure you go read Brian's book too! It's available on Amazon and Audible and the perfect summer read. 
Jun 23, 2021
115: Episode 115: What ARE we doing here without Dorinda? #RHONY #RHOBH
Abby is out on vacation. Anthony Lario joins Vanessa in this week's recap.
They discuss....
- RHONY - thoughts on the cast, Eboni and Dorinda's Future
- RHOBH - what did Erika know? What is her future? And overall thoughts on the Housewife and the Hustler.

For the tea on RHOC cast shakeup, please check out our patreon.

Follow Anthony on Instagram or Tik Tok @anthonylario. Don't forget to check out his podcast Sh*tshow too!

Jun 18, 2021
Episode 114: Children of the world #RHOBH #RHONY #BravoCon
We talk all things Bravo and reality tv with Kate and Allison from The Dipp's TV.Watch.Repeat and Pop Chaser. From new housewives evaluations to our first reality tv show obsessions. 

To get a discount on The Dipp subscription, please go to this URL. Please use the promo code REALMOMS.

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Jun 04, 2021
113: Episode 113: Goddamnit, Sutton #RHONJ #RHOBH #RHONY
In this week's episode we...
- wrap up Part 2 of the RHONJ - and we actually were happy to not have 3 parts
- obsess of Kathy Hilton
- feel Leah is doing TOO much.

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May 28, 2021
112: Episode 112: Is RHOBH actually better than RHONY? with special guest Kiki @thetalkofshame #RHONJ #RHOBH #RHONY
Is this really happening? We discuss why we loved the RHOBH premiere more than RHONY and to add to the craziness we find ourselves kind of agreeing with Ramona. We would question our sanity, but Kiki from @thetalkofshame also agreed with us. We also break down part 1 of the RHONJ reunion which started off hot thanks to Jennifer Aydin. 

For Shahs of Sunset coverage and weekly headlines, please go to our patreon at
May 20, 2021
Bonus Episode: Lilliana's Vazquez's Pregnancy Journey <3

In this episode, Lilliana Vazquez shares her pregnancy journey. It took Lilliana 6 years to get pregnant. She shares her ups and downs - and also provides insightful advice on how to support a friend who may be struggling.

Lilliana also shares maternity fashion - and gives her hot takes on the latest in celebrity gossip... INCLUDING PORSHA'S ENGAGEMENT. 

Follow Lilliana on Instagram - @lillianavazquez
And follow her style account @the_lv_guide

May 12, 2021
Bonus Episode: A real discussion about diversity, inclusion and parenting with Charnaie from @HereWeeRead
In this episode, Vanessa and Abby chat with Diversity and Inclusion Expert Charnaie Gordon. You may also know her as Here Wee Read. Charnaie provides insightful guidance on how to raise anti-racist children. Here new book, Race Cars is out now.

You can follow Charnaie on Instagram @hereweeread. You can also visit her blog here
May 10, 2021
111: Episode 111: Welcome Lumona #RHONJ #RHOD #RHONY #RHOA
Welcome back RHONY! In this week's episode Abby and Vanessa breakdown:
- The "secret" friendship of Dolores and Marge 
- Part 1 of the RHOD reunion 
-RHONY premiere and our thoughts on the new housewife, Eboni
- Silver Bullet at the RHOA reunion 

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May 07, 2021
110: Episode 110: What's so bad about a Porsche? #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
In this week's recap: 
We identify New Jersey's Gossip Girl
Celebrate the end of Dallas, and question the final credits
Rate the Atlanta reunion and discuss what we felt was missing 

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Apr 30, 2021
109: Episode 109: Did she really say "you have big boobs?" #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
In this week's recap, Abby and Vanessa ....
- Discuss all things Jersey - including that cringeworthy conversation between Antonia and Melissa.
- Look forward to Dallas ending. There isn't a theme party that can save the franchise.
- feel Drew is doing TOO much. They discuss their thoughts on the finale and what's next for RHOA.

Summer House will be recapped on Patreon early next week. There's still time to get the tea on Dirty Louie.
Apr 22, 2021
108: Episode 108: Red flags and rednecks #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
Messages from beyond the grave tell Dolores what all of us are thinking with her and David. Kary falls victim to the second season curse. And, a Prophet scandal is born in Atlanta. 
Apr 17, 2021
Bonus Episode: Sleep 101 with Baby Sleep Fairy @sleepandthecity
Sleep! It's the one thing all moms want more of but figuring out how to best encourage your baby or toddler to actually sleep through the night can be overwhelming. We talk all things sleep related with sleep expert, Lauren from @sleepandthecity. Take a deep breath and listen to this episode, we know you will love it! 
Apr 14, 2021
107: Episode 107: We Miss You Nonno #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
In this week's recap, Abby and Vanessa cover:
- RHONJ - Joey G is on their shit list
- RHOD - You're not missing out on anything :-p)

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Apr 09, 2021
106: Episode 106: Cubed cheese and forced apologies #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
If you haven't watched RHONJ three times yet, you might need to just to make sure you didn't miss a fight in the opening 10 minutes. We dive into all the drama including previews for what's to come in the second half of the season. Then we are booty bouncing in NOLA with the ladies of Atlanta and dissecting the energy of the group based on one key member's mood. And Dallas, well Dallas aired this week. We watched so you don't have to! 
Apr 02, 2021
105: Episode 105: Should Frank and Dolores hook up already? #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
In this week's episode, Abby and Vanessa discuss..
- Frank and Dolores - should they or shouldn't there?
- The supernatural fight in RHOD
- The Halloween party in RHOA 

If you'd like to listen to their thoughts on Summer House - please check out their patreon.
Mar 26, 2021
Bonus Episode: Bravo and Mom life with Amy Phillips
This is one of Abby and Vanessa's favorite interviews - they chatted with Amy Phillips about her career, HILARIOUS Bravo impersonations and toddler life. 

To see more hilarious impersonations, follow Amy on Instagram @meetamyphilips. Please also check out her Sirius XM Radio Show, Reality Checked, on Radio Andy. 
Mar 23, 2021
104: Episode 104: Tequila Pong Problems #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
Tequila pong and pineapples in New Jersey, shamans and Simmons name changes in Dallas, and large pandemic weddings in Atlanta all in one recap! 
Mar 19, 2021
Bonus Episode with former RHONY housewife Cindy Barshop
We loved her on season 4 but we love her even more after our conversation with Cindy Barshop. Listen as we chat about her time on the show, challenges and celebrations in being a mom, and women's sexual health. 
Mar 17, 2021
103: Episode 103: Let the Mouse Go #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
If you can't watch Dallas, don't worry we do it for you. Abby and Vanessa  STAN Tiffany Moon. They share the latest and greatest with our favorite housewives from Jersey and Atlanta. 

If you're interested in our Summer House recap, please check out our Patreon.

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Mar 12, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: Toddler Parenting 101 with Megan the Toddler Expert
Megan the Toddler Expert joins Abby and Vanessa in this special bonus episode. Moms, you don't want to miss it!

She gives us tips and tricks when it comes to tantrums, disciplining and potty training. 

You can follow Megan on instagram @megan_toddlershop. For more potty tips, visit
Mar 12, 2021
102: Episode 102: Prank or Problem? #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
The ladies on New Jersey had us laughing but also a little worried during their trip to Lake George while Dallas just had us worried. Atlanta brought us back to our glory days with post Bolo recaps spreading through the town. 
Mar 05, 2021
101: EPISODE: 101 Our peaches have been cobbled! #RHOSLC #RHOA #RHONJ
This week Abby and Vanessa are covering:
- the rest of the SLC reunion ... and don't worry, they don't hold back when it comes to Jen Shah. 
- RHONJ's trip to Lake George
- and the TRIP of ALL housewives trips. They discuss Bolo, the Mistress and WHO got their peaches cobbled. 

Programming note: Summer House will be covered in our Patreon.
Feb 26, 2021
100: EPISODE 100: Celebrating with Housewives #RHOA #RHOD #RHONJ #RHOSLC #SummerHouse
100 EPISODES! We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with all of you and a few special guests "pop in" as well. We still give you a full recap, so enjoy this extended episode. Here's to 100 more! 
Feb 19, 2021
Bonus Episode: Housewives and Hypnosis with Kimberly Friedmutter
You may not have heard of Kimberly until the infamous RHOSCL episode in Vegas where we learned no one trusted Jen Shah, but Kimberly has been working with celebrities and powerful people for years. Listen to how she helps people change their mindset to have incredible results in their life. 
Feb 16, 2021
99: Episode 99: Mary is finally out of the closet #RHOSLC #RHOD
Part 1 of the #RHOSLC reunion did not disappointment. Find who they think is MVP.  After watching this week's #RHOD, Abby and Vanessa can fill you in on "cricket pizza etiquette." ;)

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Feb 12, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: Spilling the tea with E!'s Lilliana Vazquez
E!'s Lilliana Vazquez join Abby and Vanessa to spill the tea and share hot takes on the latest Bravo news.  Lilliana shares her story on how she got to where she is today -- and even shares a few fashion tips for us along the way. You can catch Lilliana on Peacock's Pop on Peacock. 
Feb 11, 2021
98: Episode 98: Summer Fun #RHOA #RHOD #RHOSLC #RHOSC #SummerHouse
It feels lighter with Summer House. Listen as we predict the summer drama, question Kenya's hosting skills, and wonder if panty games are really the best way to celebrate. 
Feb 05, 2021
98: Bonus Episode with RHOD's Dr. Tiffany Moon
Tiger mom, working mom, pumping mom. We discuss all the highs and struggles of motherhood while also inviting ourselves to camp out in Tiffany's amazing closet! 
Feb 02, 2021
97: Episode 97: WHO is that EX-MLB player? #SouthernCharm #RHOSLC #RHOD #RHOC
WOW, WOW, WOW. What a week. Abby and Vanessa keep you up to date with the all the drama in Charleston. They share what they know about RHOC's future. And of course, they bring you up to speed on RHOSLC, RHOD and RHOA. If you can't get enough of the Southern Charm tea, check out our patreon ( 
Jan 29, 2021
96: Episode 96: Overly caffeinated and unhinged #RHOA #RHOD #RHOC #RHOSLC
What happens when you mix sleep depravation and lots of caffeine? A very unfiltered recap and possibly too much over-sharing. Listen as we do our best to make a mediocre week of Bravo shows seem a lot more fun. 
Jan 22, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: Mom Life & Reality TV with Dana Wilkey
00:00 - 30:00: Mom life with Dana Wilkey
30:00 - end: Erika Jayne, RHOBH, reality TV discussion
Jan 19, 2021
95: Episode 95: Trapped In The Closet #RHOA #RHOD #RHOC #RHOSLC
It's early into 2021 but we have already accomplished a goal of surviving this season of OC! We put on our thinking caps as we notice every small detail on RHOSLC and quickly welcome Dallas's newest housewife with this week's shoutout. We also share why this week's Atlanta episode brought tears to our eyes. 
Don't forget to check out the Dara Smart Scale from FitTrack by going to
Jan 15, 2021
95: Bonus Episode: Housewives expert Brian Moylan
Bravo expert and author of the new book, The Housewives: The Real Story Behind Real Housewives, Brian Moylan joins us to talk about his experiences with housewives, ghost writing Erika Jayne's book, what to expect in his new book and hot takes on what Bravolebs he loves and who he won't miss! You will love listening to his real life encounters when he worked as a writer for Gawker and now with Vulture. 

Jan 13, 2021
94: Episode 94: What really happened during the RHOP reunion? #RHOC #RHOA #RHOD #RHOP
Abby and Vanessa are back after a small break. Given the state of the world, this episode will be a welcomed distraction. They break down the latest with OC, Atlanta and Dallas. They also spill some tea from what we didn’t see at the Potomac reunion. Don’t forget to 50% off + an additional 10% off your FitTrack scale.
Jan 07, 2021
Episode 93: Thirst book and charcuterie boards #RHOP #RHOA
The reunion of all reunions continues with part 2 of Potomac. Did Andy play favorites? Will Monique come back? We give our hot takes on all of it including covid in Atlanta! Cynthia is determined to host the super spreader event of the year and we need a nap already with one housewife. Listen to why we think NDAs are involved and which housewife is boring us. Also, after the episode head to and use code REALMOMS50 to get 50% off your first Care Of vitamins order. 
Dec 22, 2020
92: Episode 92: Pastor Holy Whore 😱 #RHOP #RHOSLC #RHOC #RHOA
We’re all on the nice list this year because Santa has given us the reunion of all reunions. Abby and Vanessa discuss the binder, THE moment, and Pastor Holy Whore’s recent live. They bring you up to speed on RHOA, RHOSLC and RHOC.
Dec 17, 2020
Episode 91: Feuds and Proposals and Grandpas OH MY! #RHOA #RHOP #RHOC #RHOSLC
Salt Lake is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season, but luckily Bravo believes in giving lots of gifts as we welcome back Atlanta with open arms. Listen as we break down the ongoing drama between Mary and Jen, try to understand OC, question if we are properly using perfume, and shockingly side with Mike Hill! 
Dec 10, 2020
Bonus Episode: The Face of Bravo with @Jaredlips
You have seen him in all your favorite and not so favorite Bravolebs instagram posts and stories, Jared is THE Bravo makeup artist for the west coast.  Makeup artist hear it ALL, and Jared came on to spill some tea with us about who he loves to work with and who he will never work with again! 
After listening to this episode, please go to to learn more about a simple cheek swab can help save someone's life. 
Dec 08, 2020
90: Episode 90: Met Gala Drama #RHOSLC #RHOP #RHOC #SouthernCharm
Your weekly recap is back! Abby and Vanessa are coming in HOT with their thoughts housewives and Southern Charm. Southern Charm and RHOC are discussing COVID and they’re already over it. Thank goodness for Salt Lake and Potomac!
Dec 04, 2020
Bonus Episode: Bravo Breaking News with @LanaeBrody
We all dread the week after a holiday and the return to work, but Bravo made sure this week wasn't boring. Luckily for us we have Senior Entertainment Reporter, Lanae Brody, help us understand what happened over the course of a few hours one fateful Wednesday morning. 
Dec 03, 2020
Bonus Episode: A chat with DEUX MOI 🍵
Vanessa chats with Hollywood’s hottest insider, @deuxmoi. They discuss the origins of the account, and spill tea on JLo, Katy Perry and other A Listers. Oh, and of course they discuss Bravo!
Nov 27, 2020
Bonus Episode: Dylan Hafer from @bravobybetches and Mention it All Podcast
Abby and Vanessa discuss all things Bravo with one of their favorite St. Louisans, Dylan Hafer. Dylan is the mastermind behind the @bravobybetches Instagram account and one of the hosts of the Mention it All podcasts. They have hot takes on Salt Lake, Vanderbump, and St. Louis favorites. You can find Dylan on Instagram @dylanhafer or @bravobybetches. It’s a fun episode to take you into Thanksgiving!
Nov 23, 2020
Episode 89: Thumbs Up on the Drama #RHOSLC #RHOC #RHOP #SouthernCharm
COVID has hit Bravo but luckily we have a lot of entertaining drama in Salt Lake and Potomac to provide the break we need from reality. While OC and Southern Charm might be sending us back into our COVID depression, we break it all down for you so you can skip reliving the beginning of the pandemic that is still going on now.  Love what you're hearing? Leave us a 5 star review and check out our hot takes in our patreon series! 
Nov 20, 2020
Episode 88: Fast Food Inspiration and Disney Villains #RHOC #RHOP #SouthernCharm
Listen to this week's recap as Vanessa and Abby compare a new Southern Charm cast member to a classic Disney Villain, wonder why unlike Gizeey Gina is getting a pass on her fashion mistakes and of course have several opinions regarding the first day of the Potomac cast trip. It's also Real Moms of Bravo's second birthday! Time flies when you're having fun and we are so appreciative of all the support we have received in the last two years. 
Nov 13, 2020
87: Episode 87: The Hate Watch Struggle #RHOC #RHOP #SouthernCharm
Abby and Vanessa are back with a full agenda! The verdict is still out on Southern Charm. 🙄 They are still hate watching RHOC, so you don’t have to! They slither and laugh our way through RHOP. If you enjoy their episodes, please consider checking out our Patreon page (, they share a little more information on the RHOSLC ladies.
Nov 06, 2020
Episode 86: Are we charmed? #SouthernCharm #RHOP #RHOC
We are joined by the amazing Taria from the What Else Is Going On podcast. We chat about the Southern Charm premiere, get a history lesson of Pastor Jamal, and breakdown this week's Potomac and OC episodes! After this episode, jump over to our patreon page to listen to our analysis of the RHOA trailer that just dropped. 
Oct 30, 2020
Episode 85: Make It Rain for the Baby #RHOP #RHOC
Nigerians know how to party! Wendy threw an amazing celebration for her baby girl and Candiace threw some paperwork and charges at Monique. Listen to our thoughts on Ashley and Michael's therapy session, Ray and Karen's marriage and of course the party for Kamrynn. We also talk about OC but mostly talk about why Tamra is somehow still carrying this show even when she's not a cast member! 
Oct 22, 2020
Bonus Episode: Bravo Sh*tshow Moments
Take a trip through Bravo’s past as we discuss our favorite Sh*tshow moments with the hosts of the new podcast, Sh*tshow, Anthony and Morgan. We breakdown some of the most iconic scenes while also sharing some of our own sh*tshow moments too!
Oct 19, 2020
84: Episode 84: Is that who I think it is? #RHOP #RHOC
Are we hearing the voice of a housewives past to open up this season of Orange County? What does that mean for the season? What is worth covering from OC? We answer all this and of course break down all of Potomac from Karen's homecoming to Robyn's alter ego to Monique's break through. 
Oct 17, 2020
83: Episode 83: You call that an apology? #RHOP #Bravo
Abby and Vanessa discuss the aftermath of Candiace and Monique’s fight. They breakdown, analyze and critique Monique’s non-apology. 🙄 They also bring awareness to infant loss. ❤️
Oct 06, 2020
Episode 82: Hot Mics & Hot Tea
We breakdown THE EPISODE but it was so much more than we thought. The fight was intense but it was just the beginning. Listen to hear all details of a historic housewives episode.
Sep 30, 2020
81: Episode 81: Michael Darby Sucks #BravoTV #RHOP #RHONY #WWHL
Sasha from @thebravobreakdown joins Abby and Vanessa in this week’s recap. We all agree that Michael Darby is the worst. We breakdown “THE FIGHT.” Find out if we’re Team Candiace or Team Monique. 👀 We share our final thoughts on #RHONY Reunion Part 3 and comment on Bethenny’s WWHL appearance. Don’t forget to follow Sasha @thebravobreakdown on Instagram.
Sep 25, 2020
80: Episode 80: She smelled what?! #RHOP #RHONY #RHOBH
Lian from Everyone is Terrible pod joins Abby and Vanessa to recap the latest with #RHOP, #RHOBH and #RHONY. Lian knows how to bring out their bitchy side. You can follow Lian on Instagram @hollywoodlian and @everyoneisterriblepod
Sep 18, 2020
Bonus Episode: RMOB exclusive interview with James Harris from #MDLLA
We are both ready to take on the world after this motivating interview with James Harris from Million Dollar Listing LA. Learn about why he loves his job, how he centers himself and even his thoughts on the hit show Selling Sunset!
Sep 12, 2020
79: Episode 79: Down goes Dorinda #Bravo #RHOP #RHONY #RHOBH
This week’s #RHOP episode was the best birthday gift for Abby. It had pancakes, T’Challa, stripper drama and more. What more can we ask for? We couldn’t get enough! We break down that finale #RHONY... and Dorinda’s fall. 😬 We share our theories on why Erika was so angry during part 1 of #RHOBH reunion. When you’re done listening, please check out our Patreon for exclusive reality tv content.
Sep 08, 2020
Episode 78: Bravo, birds and Beverly Hills BS #RHOP #RHONY #RHOBH
What do Hanson, parrots, and strippers have in common? They were all discussed in this week's episode! Listen to hear our latest recap on Potmac, the ending of Beverly Hills, and expectations for the RHONY reunion (who knew masks could be so fashionable?!). 
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 77: Bravo Made It Nice #RHONY #RHOP #RHOBH
What are you doing here with Dorinda? We cover the big announcement from RHONY as well as predict next season without Dorinda and possibly a few other housewives. Potomac continues to make us laugh and improve our vocabulary while Beverly Hills makes us question if any of it is actually real! Listen to see if you agree with our assessment of New York, love for Potomac, and new theory for Beverly Hills. 
Also, please be sure to subscribe and leave a review if you haven't already!
Aug 25, 2020
Episode 76: Mommas back #RHOP #RHONY RHOBH
Ashley’s back to stirring up drama on Potomac and V is back from “maternity leave.” Get an update from Vanessa on her crazy birth story and get her hot takes on Potomac, BH and NY!
Aug 18, 2020
Episode 75: Bravo Addicts Only with Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey joins Abby to discuss 4th walls, Potomac and behind the scenes. We break it all down and laugh a lot along the way!
Aug 06, 2020
Bonus Episode: A Plea for Potomac with @mixingwithmani
Season 5 is almost here! And we believe it will be well worth the wait. Potomac expert Mani joins to discuss previous dramas and predict what is going to happen!
Jul 31, 2020
Episode 74: Shake ups and solo recaps #RHOBH #RHONY

Didn't think one of us could do a solo recap for a solid 30 minutes? Challenge accepted! Listen to Abby recap last week's episodes of Beverly Hills and New York while also making predictions for the future of both franchises. 

Jul 28, 2020
Bonus Episode: The Bravo Oracle with @anthonylario
Anthony predicted the Beverly Hills season just off the trailer and he has some major predictions for RHONY as well as himself!
Jul 17, 2020
73: Episode 73: WE’RE BACK! 🥳 #RHOBH #RHONY
After a “long” housewife break, Abby and Vanessa are giddy to discuss the latest with RHOBH and RHONY. We tell you if the episodes were worth the wait. 😉. They both get sucked into Selling Sunset and tell you what they really think of this COVID TV binge. Find out why Porsha continues to be queen and is this week’s shoutout!
Jul 11, 2020
Bonus Episode: Can Bravo still Pump it up with @bestofbravo
Join the Real Moms and Maggie from Best of Bravo as they talk about this season and the future of Vanderpump Rules as well as a proper goodbye to RHONY housewife, Tinsley.
Jun 18, 2020
Bonus Episode: Black Lives Matter with @mixingwithmani
We have an open discussion with Mani (@mixingwithmani) on Black Lives Matter, her experience with racism and what change can look like. We also discuss how Bravo has handled BLM and it’s problematic Bravolebs. Follow @mixingwithmani.
Jun 10, 2020
Bonus Episode: Summer Fun with Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay from Summer House talks with the Real Moms to discuss quarantine life, keeping the romance alive and her new merch line. We want to note that this was recorded prior to the Black Lives Matter marches and protests following George Floyd’s tragic death. We encourage all of our listeners to make time to educate yourself on the racism in America and across the world.
Jun 08, 2020
Bonus Episode: What’s next for Bravo?! with Lian from It’s Bravo Betch
Lian from It’s Bravo Betch joins Abby and Vanessa to discuss #RHONY, #PumpRules and #RHOBH. They take a moment to discuss Black Lives Matter and how Bravo/Bravolebs has responded to it. They share their thoughts on what’s next for shows who have stopped filming due to COVID-19.
Jun 05, 2020
72: Episode 72: What day is it?! 🤪#BravoRecap #RHOA #RHOBH #RHONY #PumpRules
It’s another today in quarantine... and Vanessa and Abby are having trouble keeping the days straight, but luckily they CAN remember (barely) the latest in #RHOA, #RHOBH, #RHONY and #PumpRules.
May 27, 2020
Bonus Episode: Bravo Bravo f***in Bravo with Jess from Hot Takes and Deep Dives
Join the Real Moms as they go behind the scenes of RHONY with Jess from Hot Takes and Deep Dives. We compare Beverly Hills to NYC and hear some exciting tea for all Summer House fans!
May 23, 2020
71: Episode 71: What is going on in Charleston? #SouthernCharm #BravoRecap #RHOA #RHOBH #RHONY #PumpRule
If you’re going crazy quarantined, don’t worry, Abby and Vanessa have you covered. There might be a smaller crop of shows to cover, but there’s no shortage of crazy. They bring you up to speed with the latest Southern Charm and Vanderpump off camera drama.
May 19, 2020
Episode 70: Bravo Recap Zoom Zoom with #RHOA #SummerHouse & #RHOBH #VanderpumpRules #RHONY
When we said a zoom reunion would be lame, the ladies of Atlanta were listening! They delivered and gave us all a reunion that set the bar high. Listen to our thoughts on this week’s Bravo shows and some off the camera tension with a Vanderpump producer
May 13, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: RMOB Exclusive with Craig Conover from Southern Charm
You don’t want to miss this bonus episode! Abby and Vanessa spend time talking to Craig about life in quarantine and the latest from Sewing Down South. We are SEW into this interview and we hope you are too.
May 08, 2020
Episode 69: Bravo Recap #Shahs #RHONY #RHOBH #SummerHouse #PumpRules
Now two less bravo shows to discuss but still lots of hot takes from Abby and Vanessa. Listen to their deep dive on this week’s Bravo TV drama
May 05, 2020
68: Episode 68: Bravo Recap & Quarantine Tiki Torches #RHONY #RHOBH #SummerHouse #Shahs #FamilyKarma
No, this isn’t a bonus episode...Abby and Vanessa REALLY had that much to discuss! 🤣 Family Karma has ended - will we see a season 2? RHONY gave us one of the best episodes of all time. They’re sad Summer House is almost coming to an end. They tell you if they’re Team Stassi or Team Kristen. After you’re done listening, please don’t forget to leave a rating or review.
Apr 28, 2020
Bonus Episode: Mention it all ATL with @facesbybravo
Steve from @facesbybravo joins the Real Moms for deep dive into all things Atlanta including predictions for next season and the first zoom reunion in housewives history!
Apr 24, 2020
67: Episode 67: Bravo Recap #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOA #PumpRules #ShahsofSunset #SummerHouse #FamilyKarma
We’re starting to feel more and more stir crazy, but thankfully Bravo has given us a great week in reality TV. We share our thoughts on the jaw dropping moment of the RHOBH premiere ... the Sonja moments in RHONY and so much more.
Apr 21, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: Sarah from Hey Frase
The hilarious, unfiltered Sarah Fraser from the hit podcast, Hey Frase, joins Vanessa and Abby to discuss married life, reality tv and Potomac run ins. Listen and you’ll see why Sarah is our new best friend.
Apr 17, 2020
66: Episode 66: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONY #PumpRules #ShahsofSunset #SummerHouse #FamilyKarma
6 shows under 45 minutes? YES! While you’re going cooky in quarantine, Abby and Vanessa keep your Bravo TV life on track recapping the latest.
Apr 14, 2020
Bonus Episode Anisha from Family Karma
What better way to pass the time at home than a special bonus episode? Listen as Abby and Vanessa chat with Anisha from the hot new Bravo TV show, Family Karma.
Apr 11, 2020
65: Episode 65: Quarantine Bravo Recap 🤪#RHONY #RHOA #PumpRules #ShahsofSunset #FamilyKarma
In this extra long episode, Abby and Vanessa give you everything you need to know about Bravo. Along the way, they share their labor stories, favorite 30th birthday parties and why Tik Tok should be reserved for Gen Z.
Apr 07, 2020
Episode 64: Bravo Recap #FamilyKarma #ShahsofSunset #SummerHouse #PumpRules
If you’re not watching Family Karma or Shahs right now, you will be after listening to Abby and Vanessa recap the drama. Summer House continues to deliver and Pump continues to disappoint. Enjoy 25 minutes of entertainment and distraction from the craziness outside our homes.
Apr 01, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: All things Bravo with Anthony Lario
Anthony Lario joins Abby and Vanessa to discuss all things Bravo. He’s one of their favorite guests and longest internet friends. 😂 He shares his thoughts on RHOA, RHONJ and the future of housewives. We MENTION IT ALL! We discuss how Covid-19 will impact filming and have some ideas on how to solve it. If you need a distraction from all the madness, this is a fun episode to listen to! Follow @anthonylario on Instagram.
Mar 24, 2020
Episode 63: Bravo Recap #FamilyKarma #RHOA #ShahsofSunset #SummerHouse #RHONJ #PumpRules
Remember when we thought Bravo TV episodes were crazy?! Now the world we live in is currently indescribable. We hope these 35 minutes give you a much needed break from all the stress we are all feeling. Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, Uber drivers and everyone still out there working to help make our lives slightly easier.
Mar 18, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: Love is Blind
Obviously like the rest of America, Abby and Vanessa couldn’t get enough of Love is Blind. 😉 In this episode, they share their thoughts on the show, couples and what improvements they can make for S2.
Mar 13, 2020
Episode 62: Bravo Recap #FamilyKarma #RHOA #ShahsofSunset #SummerHouse #RHONJ #PumpRules
A new Bravo TV show? No problem! The Real Moms cover the SIX current shows in 35 minutes. Buckle up because there’s a lot of drama and laughs to breakdown.
Mar 10, 2020
61: Episode 61: Bravo Recap #ShahsofSunset #RHOA #PumpRules #RHONJ #SummerHouse
Vanessa and Abby say this every week... but it’s been another crazy week in Bravo! Their jaws are dropping at the bombshell dropped at the end of #RHOA. 😱 They couldn’t get enough of the #RHONJ finale and feel Bravo could have given them more. They share their latest thoughts on Shahs, Pump and Summer House too. Listen why Vanessa’s father-in-law gets this week’s shoutout. You don’t want to miss it!
Mar 04, 2020
Episode 60: Bravo Recap #ShahsofSunset #RHOA #PumpRules #RHONJ #SummerHouse
The Real Moms are still covering 5 shows so they’re still going slightly over. Abby and Vanessa might have fell in love with a rodent and are still shocked by some of the revelations this week!
Feb 25, 2020
Bonus Episode: TO ALL THE BOYS 2 Deep Dive with @lucyontheground
SPOILER ALERT- Abby and Vanessa had a blast discussing To All the Boys 2 with Rom Com Queen Lucy (@lucyontheground). We share our overall thoughts, whether or not we’re Team Peter or Team John and what we expect to see in the third installment. If you love Rom Coms as much as we do, you’ll love this bonus episode.
Feb 20, 2020
Episode 59: Bravo Recap #ShahsofSunset #RHOA #PumpRules #RHONJ #SummerHouse
Our Bravo Founding Father, Andy Cohen, gave us a treat of week to discuss this President’s Day! The drama is heating up on Shahs as we learn why Mercedes and Reza began their feud. Cynthia and Nene finally make up! Pump gives us DJ James Kennedy and he’s no longer sitting on rolls of toilet paper. RHONJ goes back to their roots and Amanda and Kyle have us wondering if they’ll ever pick a date on Summer House. This is just the teaser so you can understand why the Real Moms went slightly over 30 minutes, but we promise it’s definitely worth the listen!
Feb 18, 2020
58: Episode 58: Bravo Recap #ShahsofSunset #RHOA #PumpRules #SummerHouse #RHONJ #ChiefsKingdom
Abby and Vanessa are BACK after a Super Bowl win. GO CHIEFS! While they were on a short hiatus, a few Bravo shows premiered. They have you covered on the latest with Shahs, RHOA, VPR, Summer House and RHONJ. You get 5 hours of Bravo in 30 minutes. Cheers!
Feb 11, 2020
Episode 57: Bravo Recap #RHOC #VanderpumpRules #RHONJ
OC hasn’t even officially started filing filming yet but the drama is hot! Abby and Vanessa talk about who is for sure out and who seems to be in for the upcoming season. The Real Moms also give Vanderpump Rules a warning/ threat of timeout if behavior aka the show doesn’t improve. After listening you’ll agree discipline is needed. New Jersey brought the laughs, cringe factor and of course a fight while the ladies enjoyed time in the Hamptons. And lastly, Abby and Vanessa discussed the heartbreaking tragedy that has resulted in 9 deaths including basketball great Kobe Bryant. Our thoughts are with all the families impacted.
Jan 27, 2020
Bonus Episode: Reality Life with Kate Casey
Abby and Vanessa discuss all things reality with the amazing Kate Casey. She shares her thoughts on all things housewives, plus where she thinks the future of reality tv is headed. It’s a fun discussion you don’t want to miss. You can follow Kate on Instagram @katecaseyca. You can find her podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey any where podcasts are available.
Jan 24, 2020
Episode 56: Bravo Recap #RHOA #VanderpumpRules #RHONJ
Atlanta continues to be the model for the perfect franchise. Vanessa and Abby discuss their favorite moments of this week’s episode including what brought tears to their eyes. Pump needs to pump up the drama with this new cast, and the real moms don’t shy away from the controversial tweets from Max and Brett. New Jersey had us laughing and wondering why drag queen brunches aren’t a Mother’s Day staple. Listen to hear all of this week’s drama!
Jan 20, 2020
55: Episode 55: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #VanderpumpRules
Atlanta and New Jersey are continuing to give us LIFE! These fights will go down in housewives history. Abby and Vanessa share their thoughts on who is right or wrong and predictions on what’s going to happen with #RHOD. If you haven’t already, check out their bonus episode with Kary Brittingham to get ALL the reunion tea. #PumpRules isn’t in this week’s episode - go to @mixingwithmani to get their thoughts and what else they saw at #BravoCon.
Jan 13, 2020
Bonus Episode: Kary Brittingham from #RHOD
Join Abby and Vanessa as they chat with Dallas Housewife, Kary Brittingham. Hear her thoughts on the very intense reunion, what it’s like being a housewife and what her life is like outside of filming. Be sure to checkout her amazing jewelry at
Jan 10, 2020
54: Episode 54: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOC
Abby and Vanessa are BACK after time off. They don’t waste any time discuss all the drama that’s been happening in the Bravo world. They share their predictions on Porsha and Dennis. They breakdown their thoughts on the hair pull heard from around the world. They’re not sure if RHOD or RHOC are going to last with the current cast. This week’s episode is sponsored by @betterhelp. @betterhelp provides affordable online counseling. We think your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You can get help at your own time and your own pace. RMOB listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code REAL MOMS.
Jan 07, 2020
Bonus Episode: Top Ten Bravo Moments of 2019
So many exciting, sad, and crazy things happened this year in the world of Bravo TV. Listen as Vanessa and Abby discuss their top 10 moments with guest, Eliza from @facereality16. What was number 1? And what didn’t make the cut? Listen to find out
Dec 22, 2019
53: Episode 53: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHOD #RHONJ #RHOC
Abby and Vanessa can’t believe 2019 is coming to an end. 😫 It’s their last live episode of the year. You don’t want to miss their thoughts on Dennis and Porsha’s therapy session (hint: he might be their current least favorite person). They round out the trips in Jersey and Atlanta. And find out why Emily is their new favorite housewife. Follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram. This week’s episode is sponsored by @betterhelp. @betterhelp provides affordable online counseling. We think your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You can get help at your own time and your own pace. RMOB listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code REAL MOMS.
Dec 17, 2019
Episode 52: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOC
Tis the season to travel for the housewives. So many vacations happening right now, but before globe trotting Abby and Vanessa discuss the now infamous wig party in Atlanta. This will forever be a top housewife moment. Then we go to Jamaica with New Jersey, Thailand with Dallas, and the Keys with OC. For most people, vacations are a time to relax but for housewives it’s a time for drama and the Real Moms of Bravo cover all of it.
Dec 09, 2019
51: Episode 51: Pat the Puss Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOA
Abby and Vanessa have a lot to celebrate as they just hit 20k on Instagram! They are feeling loose with a little wine as they recap the latest in all their favorite housewife shows. They couldn’t have hit the milestone without Mrs. Girardi herself. Listen why they will forever pat the puss! Don’t forget to follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram.
Dec 03, 2019
Episode 50: Bravo Recap #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOC #BravoCon
Still on a BravoCon high, Abby and Vanessa break down this week’s drama which also included some exciting news outside of what aired for Atlanta. New Jersey taught us how to properly apologize thanks to Gabby Aydin. But one step forward and two steps back for Bravo as Dallas opens up a deep topic. And the lovely ladies of Orange County might have just inspired a new party theme. The girls break down all this and so much more. Our partnership with BetterHelp continues, visit for 10% off your first month.
Nov 25, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Braunwyn & Sean #RHOC
RMOB EXCLUSIVE: Abby and Vanessa sat down with #RHOC newcomers Braunwyn and Sean at #BravoCon. They discuss the ups and downs of marriage and parenting. Have your Kleenex ready because there are moments where we couldn’t hold back tears. We got to know and love the REAL Braunwyn and Sean and we know you will love them too. Follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram to keep up with all the latest Bravo news!
Nov 20, 2019
Bonus Episode: #BravoCon
Fresh from one of the most epic weekends ever, Vanessa and a hoarse Abby break down everything that happened at the first ever #BravoCon. Favorite moments, nicest Bravolebs, drama, and what you didn’t see on Watch What Happens Live. You feel like you were there all weekend long after listening to this episode. Also, we are so excited to have partnered with BetterHelp an affordable and easy way to take control of your mental health. Real Moms of Bravo listeners go to to get 10% your first month.
Nov 19, 2019
Episode 49: Bravo Recap #VanderpumpRules #RHOA #RHONJ #RHOD #RHOC
4 housewives cities in one episode?! Abby and Vanessa attempt the impossible and cover Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas and OC in one episode. They dive into Porsha and Dennis, Jackie and Jennifer, LeeAnnes big day and all the pot stirring in the OC. Plus a special bonus with initial thoughts of the new Vanderpump Rules trailer.
Nov 12, 2019
48: Episode 48: Bravo Recap #AC2 #Meghan&Jim #Tinsley #RHOA #RHOD #RHOC #BravoCon #HotMomFall
Abby breaks down her AC2 experience. She shares Andy’s response on the Edmonds divorce and Tinsley’s (maybe) #RHONY exit. #RHOA is back and Vanessa gives us a quick run down of what’s happening in the ATL. Abby and Vanessa spend the rest of the episode sharing their thoughts on terrible theme party in OC and Leeanne’s wedding. Abby shares Bravo Con news... you don’t want to miss it! For all the latest, follow us @realmomsofbravo on Instagram.
Nov 04, 2019
Bonus Episode: Joe and Teresa Unlocked and Edmonds Divorce Announcement
It was a rough weekend for Bravo couples as we learned Joe and Teresa Guidice are pretty much headed for divorce. The theme continues for the Edmonds who announced their split Friday. Vanessa and Abby breakdown the crazy timelines of events as well as their predictions on what the future holds for both of these couples.
Oct 29, 2019
47: Episode 47: Bravo Recap #RHOC #RHOD #Royals #HotMomFall
Vanessa is back from vacation and ready to dish with Abby. Find out which housewife became her new BFF. They’re ready to hop off the Hot Mess Express and are ALL ABOARD the RHOD train. They discuss the Royal family and the honest conversation Meghan Markel had. Follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram to keep up with the latest.
Oct 22, 2019
Episode 46: Bravo Recap #RHOD #RHOC #Hotmomfall
Special guest Jess from Real Housewives of the Westside joins Abby to discuss Dallas history including her interview with D’Andra. They also dive into OC and who they want demoted and who they want back!
Oct 15, 2019
45: Episode 45: Bravo Recap #RHOD #RHOC #HotMomFall
In this week’s episode, Abby and Vanessa weigh in on all the drama in the OC... especially Brauwynn’s lactating and threesome revelations. They can’t get enough of #RHOD! The Cayeres trip might have ended, but the drunken fights haven’t. #HotMomFall is still going strong as pumpkin patch season is here.
Oct 07, 2019
Episode 44: #RHOC #RHOD #BravoCon #Hotmomfall
The Real Moms are big fans of this new housewives template of taking a trip early in the season. But, not big fans of how Kelly Dodd acted at the wellness retreat. Listen to find out why she was the perfect target for Vicki. Things are heating up in Mexico for the ladies of Dallas, but tequila has a way of doing that. These women know how to have fun even if that means popping a squat! Also, how can you help get Abby to BravoCon? Start using the hashtag #GetAbbyToBravoCon to help her win the latest contest.
Sep 30, 2019
43: Episode 43: #RHOC #RHOD #BravoCon
Abby and Vanessa haven’t been loving this season of OC, but actually enjoyed the last week’s DONG episode. The boringness of OC has been made up by the women of Dallas. The Cayares trip is a memorable one and the fights are just getting started. Follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram for laughs and the latest news. Please send us your good juju to get Abby to #BravoCon.
Sep 24, 2019
Bonus Episode: #PumpRules Drama
This is why we love this show! The drama never stops. In this bonus episode, Vanessa and Abby discuss the Fofty/ Lala feud, the new cast member, wedding bells for 2020, block parties and the Kristen/ Stassi drama. Our favorite SURvers might not be back until December but the Real Moms of Bravo will keep updated all through fall.
Sep 19, 2019
42: Episode 42: #RHOC #RHOD #HotMomFall
Find out why Abby and Vanessa are trying to keep their eyes open during RHOC. 😴 RHOD is giving them life! They love the women’s storylines, but aren’t loving people coming after Brandi’s daughter. Abby shares her fave recipes and tips to make a first birthday successful! Follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram.
Sep 17, 2019
41: Episode 41: Bravo Recap #RHOC #RHOD
Coming at you on Abby’s Birthday, we discuss why Shane is not getting our vote for husband of the year and why Abby spent an entire day researching him. Gina’s story continues to break our hearts but our legal followers give us some insight on what they think happened. Dallas is back and we are watching for the first time ever! For a season premiere, these ladies brought the drama! Also #hotmomfall continues, learn how you can join the movement by listening
Sep 09, 2019
40: Episode 40: Bravo Recap #RHOC #SouthernCharm #VanderpumpRules #RHOD #HotMomFall
In this week’s episode, we find out that the #RHOC choo choo train isn’t referring to Thomas. 😳 We discuss all the cringe-worthy moments in the #SouthernCharm reunion. We also give you ALL of the latest on #PumpRules. We need YOUR help! For our birthday month, help us reach 15k IG followers and we’ll release the infamous Bravo contest video. 🤪
Sep 03, 2019
39: Episode 39: Bravo Recap #MDLNY #RHOC #SouthernCharm #RHONY
Housewife exits, reunions and trains... oh my! Listen as we discuss the latest off camera bravo gossip as Bethenny announces her exit from Real Housewives of New York. What theory do we believe is correct as to why she’s gone? Luis is going to be a dad, well actually is a dad now to a beautiful girl. In the OC, our love for Braunwyn continues to grow but so does our confusion with the train comment. Finally we discuss the Southern Charm reunion and why we thoroughly enjoyed Andy’s tough questions.
Aug 27, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Mom Boss Spotlight with Abbey of @MimosasWithMoms
In the month’s Mom Boss Spotlight, Abby and Vanessa chat with Abbey of Mimosas with Moms. Abbey shares her inspirational story to motherhood along with other pearls of wisdom. You don’t want to miss this episode!
Aug 21, 2019
38: Episode 38: Bravo Recap #RHOC #SouthernCharm #MDLLNY
Abby and Vanessa discuss all the emotional drama in Bravo this week. Not only do they recap RHOC, they share their thoughts on the argument between Ryan and Sarah. They give their .02 on the final episode of Southern Charm and discuss the best kept secret on Bravo.
Aug 19, 2019
Episode 37: Bravo Recap #RHOC #SouthernCharm #MDLNY
The OC is back! Vanessa and Abby predict how they think the drama will unfold as well as discuss newcomer Braunwynn. Southern Charm is almost over and here’s hoping this is Ashley’s final season. Vanessa and Abby also give some love to the men of Million Dollar Listing New York as this week’s shoutout.
Aug 12, 2019
36: Bravo Recap: #SouthernCharm #BelowDeck
Abby and Vanessa discuss the STD heard around the world in Southern Charm. They discuss whether or not Madison was wrong for spilling that tea. Shep still sucks and they give you more reasons why. In Below Deck, they make their predictions on who might be coming back to the galley. It might rhyme with Hen. 😉
Aug 05, 2019
Episode 35: #RHONY #RHOBH #SouthernCharm
All good things must come to an end. This season of New York is officially over and Abby and Vanessa discuss part 3 as well as some predictions for next season. Southern Charm continues their ski trip and Kathryn kills it on the slopes and when it comes to sticking up for herself. Beverly Hills is almost over, but we have one more chance to possibly hear LVP side of the story. Finally, the Real Moms have hit 10k and couldn’t be more thankful for all the support. If you want them to give you a shoutout, now you can book them on Cameo!
Jul 29, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: #RHOBH Reunion Part 1 Deep Dive with @michelledempsey
Abby and Vanessa discuss the lows and highs of RHOBH reunion (part 1) with their special guest Michelle Dempsey. Michelle is a Bravoholic and the ultimate Mom Boss. She owns her marketing company and has been featured in publications like Scary Mommy and Huffington Post. On top of running her own business, she is making us laugh on her Instagram page (@michelledempsey). Michelle also keeps us inspired with her desire to help other parents navigate co-parenting. Listen to her thoughts on “Vander-Trump” and more.
Jul 22, 2019
Episode 34: Bravo Recap #RHONY #SouthernCharm
Part 2 of the reunion reminded us why we love New York, even if Abby and Vanessa couldn’t agree on their reasons why! Chelsea remained our favorite this week with her amazing one liners to Craig. We also gave our shoutout to a former housewife. Listen to find out who and why!
Jul 19, 2019
Episode 33: Bravo Recap #RHONY #SouthernCharm #BelowDeck #RHOBH
Vanessa and Abby discuss their disappointment with the first episode of the RHONY reunion. On Southern Charm, Trashley makes her dramatic comeback. RHOBH finally ends as we learn more about PK and Dorit’s drama. Below Deck is Mila free and we like it!
Jul 12, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: #JaxGotItWright #Pride #RHOC
Just when you thought Andy’s baby shower was the peak for Bravo lovers, they give us an amazing weekend. We decided that with Brittany and Jax’s wedding, Bravo’s pride float, and then the shocking cast picture for OC that a bonus episode was needed. We break down it all down and you might be surprised with our rankings for the wedding! Maybe as shocked as we were to find out Whitney and Sonja have hooked up or that Vicki is officially demoted!
Jul 03, 2019
Episode 32: Bravo Recap #BelowDeck #RHOBH #RHONY #Southern Charm
This week, we discuss why Chef Mila still has a job, how Camille saved season 9 of RHOBH, and whether or not we like Shep from Southern Charm. RHONY continues to be the best show on television. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with all the fun @realmomsofbravo
Jun 29, 2019
Episode 31 Bravo Recap: #BelowDeckMed #RHOBH #SouthernCharm
Mila still sucks as a homophobic person and cook. Kyle gets drunk and perfectly impersonates all the women. The men of Southern Charm get catty in a RV. Want to know more? Listen to our episode!
Jun 28, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Mom Boss Spotlight with Tiffany of @wefivekings
A new monthly segment where we spotlight a mom boss and ask questions. We are so excited to have Tiffany from @wefivekings as our first guest. She gave us life and fashion advice and basically a free therapy session. She’s impossible not to love and we can’t wait for you to hear our conversation
Jun 26, 2019
Episode 30: Bravo Recap #BelowDeckMed #RHOBH #SouthernCharm #RHONY
Is Mila an actress or a chef? We may never really know but Abby and Vanessa go there with Below Deck Mediterranean. They then discuss why Erika Jane needs to make a dramatic return in Beverly Hills. Our love for Chelsea grows stronger on Southern Charm. But we don’t have much love for Lu and her selfish ways as the ladies of New York continue their trip in Miami. So much drama to break down!
Jun 14, 2019
Episode 29: Bravo Recap #RHOBH #RHONY
Jess from @therealhousewifeofthewestside is a guest host this week while Abby is on vacation. Vanessa and Jess discuss LVP’s RHOBH exit and why RHONY continues to be the best franchise. You don’t want to miss it!
Jun 07, 2019
Episode 28: Bravo Recap #SouthernCharm #RHONY
Abby and Vanessa spill all the piping hot tea in #SouthernCharm. They can hardly keep up with the Austen, Madison, Danni drama. They also give #RHONY some love and discuss why the last 10 minutes make the Miami episode an instant classic.
May 31, 2019
Episode 27: Bravo Recap #RHONY #SouthernCharm #RHOBH #PumpRules
So much bravo drama happened this weekend both on and outside of the shows. Vanessa and Abby break down what happened with your favorite bravo stars in this weeks episode and in real life. Want to meet us in person? You can! We are going to #BravoCon and hope to see you there
May 24, 2019
Episode 26: Bravo Recap #PumpRules #RHOBH #RHONY #RHONY #SouthernCharm
Vanessa is back from vacation and ready to spill it with Abby. We start with part 2 of the #PumpRules reunion. From there, we discuss Erika Jayne and the lie detector test. Our girls in #RHONY continue to bring it and we’re not sure we’d stay in Lu’s house either. Lastly, we are so happy for Southern Charm to be back. Their seasons starts out with a bang! We went a little over because there was too much drama to cover this week. Follow us on Instagram for the latest Bravo drama and fun content @realmomsofbravo.
May 17, 2019
Episode 25: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpReunion
Special guest Rachel from surviving motherhood joins us to talk about this week’s bravo drama. We start to see the conflict between Bethenny and LuAnn build up as well as Ramona and basically everyone. Our glam girls from Beverly Hills go “camping” but still have several amenities. And the Pump Reunion starts guns blazing with arguments everywhere. So much drama to discuss we couldn’t do it in 30 minutes so we went a little over but you’ll be glad we did!
May 10, 2019
Episode 24: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules
Special guest host Missy helps break down this week’s bravo drama. Pump Rules season finale left us wanting more but Beverly Hills finally turned up the heat. New York was a bit of a dud but we are hopeful it’ll pick up.
May 03, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: #FreeBritney special with @anthonylario of Tony’s Tea Corner
The Real Moms of Bravo take a break from Housewives to dive DEEP into #FreeBritney with the ultimate tea spiller, @anthonylario.
Apr 26, 2019
Episode 23: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules
Abby and Vanessa discuss whether or not Ramona and Mario should get together in #RHONY, Boy George in #RHOBH and a #PumpRules wedding.
Apr 26, 2019
Episode 22: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules
If you’ve been watching since the beginning of BH this season, your patience has finally paid off! We have moved past the dog and now the real drama starts as we see LVP pull away from the group. Is she going to be gone for good? New York brought it per usual from drunken lingerie dinners to truth or dare. We learn more about Tinsley’s past and why her future might not be with Scott. Pump shows us why puppies and babies are totally different and why Oracles should maybe be avoided. Ohhh and Vanessa and Abby were slightly tipsy this episode so there’s that for entertainment too!
Apr 18, 2019
Episode 21: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #WWHL #PumpRules
Abby and Vanessa are coming at you twice this week! They discuss the drunken shenanigans in #RHONY, LVP’s #WWHL appearance and how they feel about the puppy party in #PumpRules. Don’t forget to follow @realmomsofbravo on Instagram for laughs, fun and the latest in Bravo!
Apr 12, 2019
Bonus Episode: #RHOBH Deep Dive
The Real Moms are joined by one of their first and most loyal fans, Mani! These three break down the first half of #RHOBH and make predictions for how the second half of the season will go. Also, find out what characters they love and could do without.
Apr 10, 2019
Episode 20: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules #RHOA
Abby and Vanessa are back after a week off! They cover everything in the Bravosphere... from #puppygate (#RHOBH) to shark room (#RHONY) and more.
Apr 04, 2019
Episode 19: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules #RHOA
The dog drama continues in Beverly Hills whether we like it or not. Luckily New York appears to be heating up soon and Pump has an explosive episode as well. Eva’s wedding is everything we hoped it would be and more in Atlanta.
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 18: Bravo Recap #RHONY #RHOBH #PumpRules #RHOA
This week, the Real Moms of Bravo discuss ALL the Bravo beef. Find out which side we’re on when it comes to Sandoval vs. Katie, LVP vs. Teddi, and Dorinda vs. LuAnn.
Mar 14, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: East Coast Special
The east coast knows how to bring it. New Jersey wraps an amazing season and New York returns! We will miss #RHONJ and welcome you back #RHONY
Mar 08, 2019
Episode 17: Bravo Recap #RHOA #PumpRules #RHOBH
The Real Moms of Bravo jump on the latest fitness craze with Lisa Rinna, plan Stassi and Beau’s future wedding and wonder why we like the ladies in Atlanta think certain things are a good idea after drinking. All of this in one episode!
Mar 06, 2019
Episode 16: Bravo Recap #RHOBH #PumpRules #MexicanDynasties
Vanessa and Abby join the women of Beverly Hills in Bahama, well not really but it felt like we were there! Major drama is being setup between LVP and everyone else. Then we jump over to Solvang and back to Tom Tom as the Pump Rules cast goes through some relationship lows but business highs. Finally we are introduced to 3 families in Mexican Dynasties and we can’t wait to see this series unfold.
Feb 27, 2019
Episode 15: Bravo Recap #RHONJ #PumpRules #RHOA #RHOBH
This week Vanessa and Abby cover ALL of the drama in the first episode of the New Jersey reunion. They wonder if the #PumpRules cast have a Diet Coke sponsorship. They give their thoughts on Porsha’s engagement on #RHOA. .
Feb 21, 2019
Episode 14: Bravo Recap #PumpRules #RHOA #RHONJ
Vanessa and Abby break down Pump’s girls trip, Atlanta’s stay in Japan and New Jersey’s return from Mexico
Feb 12, 2019
Episode 13: Bravo Recap #RHONJ #PumpRules
Vanessa and Abby discuss the CRAZY fights in RHONJ and the Pump Rules opening of Tom Tom.
Feb 05, 2019
Episode 12: #BelowDeck #PumpRules #RHOA #AndysBabyShower
This week Below Deck sailed away in the final episode of the season, the Pump cast revealed juicy gossip and Atlanta’s trip drama continued. We of course also covered Andy’s EPIC Baby Shower.
Jan 31, 2019
Episode 11: Bravo Recap #PumpRules #RHOA #RHONJ
The FIGHTS are on this week. We talk about ALL the beef on #PumpRules, #RHOA and #RHONJ.
Jan 22, 2019
Special bonus episode covering the Bravo true crime series Dirty John
Jan 18, 2019
Episode 10: Bravo Recap #PumpRules #RHOA #RHONJ
Abby and Vanessa give you ALL the good stuff from Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of New Jersey. Just long enough for your morning drive.
Jan 15, 2019
Episode 9: Bravo Recap #VanderpumpRules #RHOA #MDLLA
Following up from our amazing bonus episode with @anthonylario, we are coming at you twice this week. We cover Vanderpump Rules, Atlanta and with Million Dollar Listing LA back, we had to discuss the newest member as well as some of our old favorites.
Jan 09, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: #RHONJ Deep Dive with @anthonylario of Tony’s Tea Corner
We discuss all things Jersey with our FIRST guest @anthonylario of Tony’s Tea Corner. He spills the tea on one of our favorite franchises. You don’t want to miss it!
Jan 07, 2019
Episode 8: Bravo recap #RHONJ #RHOA #VanderpumpRules #WWHL
We are back after a break over the holidays and we cover New Jersey, Atlanta, Vanderpump Rules, and Andy’s Watch What Happens Live OG special. We also discuss our favorite Bravo moment of 2018!
Dec 31, 2018
Episode 7: Bravo Recap #pumprules #RHOA #RHONJ #belowdeck
Another great week of Bravo! Abby and Vanessa break down a week’s worth of drama. They cover Vanderpump Rules, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Below Deck.
Dec 17, 2018
Episode 6: Bravo Recap #pumprules #RHOC #RHOA #RHONJ #belowdeck
Listen to Abby and Vanessa discuss another crazy week of Bravo. They talk about Pump Rules, OC reunion, RHOA, RHONJ and Below Deck. An episode long enough to get you to work!
Dec 11, 2018
Episode 5: What a Week #vanderpumprules #rhoc #rhoa #rhonj #belowdeck
Whoa! A weekly recap of this week in Bravo: Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Below Deck. And somehow we do it all in less than 30 minutes!
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 4: You’re a fart
This is our most jam packed episode yet! We dive into the OC reunion, OC finale, Flipping Out, Atlanta and Jersey.
Nov 26, 2018
Episode 3: What’s her name? Danielle?
This week we breakdown the drama with LVP, Jersey, OC and Atlanta. We might have had a case of mom brain during our Jersey discussion. Listen to our oops!
Nov 19, 2018
Episode 2: Last Nights Makeup
Our ladies from Jersey are back! We break down the first episode and what we are looking forward to from this season. Atlanta also premiered and there’s lots of love happening in Hotlanta. OC enters plastic surgery season with Vicki and Shannon.
Nov 12, 2018
Episode 1: How We Got Here
Our first episode! Welcome to Real Moms of Bravo
Nov 08, 2018