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By Ginny Yurich

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 Mar 4, 2023
So inspiring!


Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated. Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.

Episode Date
1KHO 157: Life Can be a Great Big Treasure Hunt | Heather LeFebvre, The Nature Journaler

Welcome to another captivating episode of 1000 Hours Outside Podcast! In this episode, we embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with our guest, Heather LeFebvre, as we explore the wonders of nature journaling and its transformative power in our lives.

Join us as we delve into the world of nature journaling, an artful practice that connects us to the joy and beauty of the natural world. Heather LeFebvre, a fourth-generation artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of rural Vermont, shares her deep-rooted passion for nature and art. With her extensive background in nature journal education, writing, and art, Heather's insights are sure to ignite your curiosity and awaken your senses.

In our conversation, we delve into the profound benefits of nature journaling, focusing on the incredible power of observation it cultivates. Heather guides us through the practice of slowing down and truly noticing the wonders that surround us every day. By capturing our observations through art and words, we unlock a deeper connection with nature and nurture a sense of wonder and gratitude within our souls.

Through Heather's engaging storytelling and personal experiences, we discover the transformative effects of nature journaling. We uncover how this practice serves as a treasure hunt, inviting us to uncover hidden gems in the natural world and within ourselves. As we harness our curiosity and embark on this adventure, we unlock a newfound appreciation for the world around us.

So, grab your journal, sharpen your pencils, and prepare to be inspired by Heather LeFebvre's profound insights on the boundless beauty of nature and the art of observation. Tune in to this episode and join us on a delightful exploration as we uncover how "Life Can be a Great Big Treasure Hunt."

Get ready to be captivated by the magic of nature journaling and its ability to transform our lives in ways we never imagined.

Learn more about Heather and her courses here >>

Find Heather on Instagram at @thenaturejournaler

Jun 01, 2023
1KHO 156: Humans are Wired to Need Worthy Struggle | Jill Winger, Old Fashioned on Purpose

Join us on this inspiring episode of The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast as we dive deep into the world of homesteading and the transformative power of taking action. Our guest, Jill Winger, a homesteading enthusiast and advocate, shares her journey from feeling dissatisfied with the status quo to embracing an unconventional way of life that has brought her joy, purpose, and a stronger connection to her humanity.

Jill candidly discusses her desire for something different and the courage it took to go against the grain. She shares her realization that in order to truly embrace the unorthodox, she had to learn how to think differently from the rest of the crowd and embrace her own uniqueness, even if it meant being seen as a "weirdo."

Exploring the deeper meaning behind her journey, Jill explains how the fast-paced modern culture can lead to a loss of self and the need to reclaim what makes us human. She delves into the importance of building confidence and competence, as well as the value of engaging in worthy struggles that bring us joy and fulfillment.

Drawing attention to the paradox of our times, Jill highlights how despite the convenience and ease of our lives, we find ourselves among one of the most miserable generations. She explores the concept of modern malaise, driven by the growth of convenience, and the detrimental effects it has on our overall well-being.

Throughout the episode, Jill emphasizes the significance of leaning into activities that ignite our passions and combat boredom. She shares fascinating research on the brain's effort-driven reward cycle and how engaging in hands-on tasks can bring about a sense of purpose, joy, and beauty.

As the conversation draws to a close, Jill shares her ultimate secret to success: action. She emphasizes that taking action, however small or seemingly insignificant, has been the trait that has served her best. By embracing the power of action, we can break free from stagnation and unlock a world of possibilities.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast as Jill Winger inspires us to embrace homesteading, think differently, and take action to find joy, beauty, and happiness in our lives. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that may just transform the way you perceive the world around you.

Get Jill's Cookbook (that has over 2500 reviews!) here >>

Pre-order Jill's newest book Old Fashioned on Purpose here >>

May 26, 2023
1KHO 155: Unleashing Your National Park Wanderlust: Camping Tips and Unforgettable Memories | Jeremy Puglisi, Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks

Join us for an exciting episode as we dive into the world of camping in America's stunning national parks with special guest Jeremy Puglisi, co-author of the acclaimed book "Where Should we Camp Next? National Parks." Jeremy, together with his wife Stephanie, has compiled a comprehensive guidebook that takes readers on a journey through the best campground options near premier national park destinations across the country.

In this episode, we uncover the secrets of planning the perfect camping adventure, both within the parks and just outside their borders. Jeremy shares his expert insights on navigating campground reviews, helping you make informed decisions about where to pitch your tent or park your RV. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a novice adventurer, Jeremy's practical tips and personal experiences will ensure that you find the ideal camping spot to suit your needs.

But it's not just about the campgrounds. We also explore the breathtaking national park hikes and trails that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of America. Jeremy offers guidance on choosing the best hikes based on your fitness level, interests, and the unique features each park has to offer.

For families looking to create unforgettable memories, we delve into the Junior Ranger program, a fantastic initiative that engages children in fun and educational activities within the national parks. Jeremy shares stories of his own family's experiences and highlights the importance of fostering a love for nature and conservation in the younger generation.

Lastly, we uncover Jeremy's biggest tip for maximizing your enjoyment of the national parks. 

Discover how to make the most of your visit, capture incredible memories, and share your experiences with friends and loved ones. As Jeremy eloquently puts it, "It’s a very deep human desire when you go somewhere cool to want to tell your family and friends." With their book and shared knowledge, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are enriching the lives of people and families everywhere.

Tune in to this episode and embark on a virtual journey through America's national parks, gaining valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice from Jeremy Puglisi. Whether you're planning your first camping trip or seeking hidden gems to explore, this episode is sure to ignite your wanderlust and deepen your appreciation for the natural wonders of the United States.

Purchase your copy of "Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks" here >>

Check out these additional podcast episodes with the Puglisis:

1KHO 117: All Things Camping! | Jeremy Puglisi, See You at the Campground >>

1KHO 134: Discovering the Best Camping Spots in America: A Journey Through All 50 States | Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi, Where Should We Camp Next? >>


May 24, 2023
1KHO 154: Summer Survival Guide - First Aid, Family Rhythms, and Feeling Empowered as a Parent | Beth S. Barbeau, CPM, LM, Midwife & Founder of Indigo Forest

Meet the woman you've heard of time and time again... Ginny's midwife, Beth Barbeau!!!!

In this episode, we dive into the world of parenting during the summer (it's coming soon!) with the incredible Beth S. Barbeau. As a midwife for more than four decades and as the founder of Indigo Forest, Beth has dedicated her life to teaching families about healthy births and subsequently healthy lives. Prepare to be inspired as we explore a myriad of pertinent topics that will transform your family's summer experience.

Join us as Beth shares invaluable insights on summer first aid ideas, revealing practical strategies to keep your little ones safe and healthy during their summer adventures. But it doesn't stop there—Beth delves into the profound impact of establishing rhythms in family life. Discover how these rhythms not only safeguard parents' mindsets and preserve family energy but also create a solid foundation for children's growth and development.

One of the key concepts Beth emphasizes is the idea of "expanding your toolbox" as a parent. She believes that by acquiring a diverse set of skills and knowledge, you'll feel empowered and prepared to handle a variety of situations that arise with your children. With her expertise, Beth equips parents with the essential tools needed to navigate the challenges of raising children without losing our minds.

Furthermore, Beth addresses the loss of generational knowledge that many women have experienced, leaving them feeling adrift in their parenting journey. Through her groundbreaking work at Indigo Forest, she fills in those gaps, ensuring that parents have access to the wisdom and support they need to raise their children with confidence and grace.

Tune in to this extraordinary episode and unlock the secrets of summer parenting with the unbelievably knowledgeable Beth S. Barbeau. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the tools to create unforgettable summers for your family, filled with growth, adventure, and lifelong memories.

Learn more about Indigo Forest and sign up for the newsletter here >>

Check out the Get Well Soon Course here and get $50 off with code "1000hours" >>

Expand your toolbox and order organic herbal baths here >>

May 22, 2023
1KHO 153: From Warrior to Wordsmith: Unveiling the Art of Bravery, Lifelong Learning, and Creative Problem Solving with Navy SEAL Jack Carr | Jack Carr, Only the Dead

In this captivating episode, we sit down with the remarkable Navy SEAL turned New York Times bestselling author, Jack Carr. Join us as we delve into the transformative journey that led Jack from the battlefield to the world of literature, exploring the pivotal role that reading played in shaping his life.

From a young age, Jack's parents instilled in him a deep appreciation for books, making reading an integral part of his upbringing. He vividly recalls the magic he discovered within the pages, igniting his imagination and fueling his thirst for knowledge. This early foundation laid the groundwork for his extraordinary 20-year career as a Navy SEAL, where he learned the true essence of bravery.

Drawing on his extensive experience and unyielding passion for learning, Jack has authored six captivating fiction books, captivating readers with his thrilling narratives and rich characters. With a seventh non-fiction book set to be released in 2024, Jack continues to push the boundaries of his craft, embracing the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

During our conversation, Jack opens up about his perpetual journey as a lifelong student. He shares his unwavering commitment to personal growth, constantly striving to become a better author, husband, father, and leader. Through his insights, he unveils the profound connection between being a warrior and a wordsmith, revealing how the principles of bravery, creative problem-solving, and storytelling intertwine.

Join us as we embark on an inspiring exploration of the art of storytelling with Navy SEAL Jack Carr. Discover the transformative power of reading, the enduring quest for knowledge, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence that fuels this extraordinary individual. Prepare to be captivated by his wisdom and inspired to embrace your own lifelong journey of growth and self-discovery.

Get your copy of Only the Dead here >>

Learn more about Jack Carr and find his booklists here >>

Find Jack Carr on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @JackCarrUSA as well as @Jackcarrbookclub

May 18, 2023
1KHO 152: Exploring Pure Michigan: Adventures and Entrepreneurship | Angie Martin, UP Sunrise Cottages Co-Owner

Angie Martin, co-owner of UP Sunrise Cottages recorded this episode OUTSIDE in beatiful Little Lake, Michigan. 

Angie and her husband, Jeff, are gearing up for their third summer season in the breathtaking Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and she shares their journey of entrepreneurship, parenting, and outdoor adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of The Mitten State.

In this episode, Angie delves into the joys and challenges of running their eight cottages, including the unique experiences they provide for families. Discover how Angie involves her own children in the business, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of small business at an early age.

But it doesn't stop there! Michigan, the only bi-peninsular state in the US, offers an incredible amount of adventures for families. From the majestic waterfalls to the sandy beaches, from exhilarating mountain biking trails to breathtaking hikes, from camping under starry skies to invigorating backpacking expeditions, and from serene kayaking experiences to refreshing swims in crystal-clear waters—Michigan truly has it all.

Did you know that the Great Lakes are the largest freshwater system in the entire world - and Michigan touches four out of the five of them?! Join us as we explore the wonders of the Great Lakes, dive into the coastal towns that exude charm, and uncover the essence of summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're a Michigander looking to embark on new escapades or an outsider seeking the perfect vacation destination, this episode will inspire and guide you towards creating unforgettable experiences in the enchanting state of Michigan.

Learn more about the UP Sunrise Cottages here >>

Use code "20OFFJUNE" to get 20% your stay in June, 2023.

Learn more about the INCH conference Ginny will be speaking at from May 18 - 20, 2023 here >> 

May 17, 2023
1KHO 151: Unveiling Moab: Epic Family Adventures and Personal Growth | Brandon Lake, Moab Adventure Center Co-Owner

Join us in this captivating two-part podcast series as we delve into the breathtaking wonders of Moab, Utah with the charismatic Brandon Lake, co-owner of Moab Adventure Center and Western River Expeditions. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with phenomenal experiences that will ignite your sense of adventure, create lasting family memories, and push the boundaries of personal growth.

In Part 1, Brandon takes us on a virtual exploration of the Moab Adventure Center, where families can discover a wide array of thrilling trips and activities. We'll dive deep into the details of their remarkable offerings, including a five-night overnight rafting expedition through the awe-inspiring Desolation Canyon. I'll be taking this trip in just three weeks with our oldest daughter and I share the excitement and anticipation for our upcoming adventure in June, and will be able to provide an insider's perspective on what makes this trip truly extraordinary.

But that's not all! Brandon also reveals the secrets of navigating Moab and its surroundings like a seasoned explorer. From finding the perfect accommodations and savoring delectable local cuisine to uncovering hidden gems in nearby parks and National Parks, you'll gain invaluable insights to enhance your own Moab experience.

Beyond the adventure and practical tips, we delve into a profound conversation about the transformative power of nature. Brandon highlights how these incredible journeys, offered through the Moab Adventure Center, provide unique opportunities for families to conquer fears, build confidence, and develop character. Discover how being fully present in the moment during family vacations can foster deep connections and create cherished bonds.

Part 2 of this remarkable series awaits us after the trip, as we reconnect with Brandon to reflect on our firsthand experiences and the impact it had on our lives. From thrilling tales of adventure to personal growth anecdotes, this follow-up podcast will complete the immersive journey through Moab, offering a rich tapestry of inspiration and discovery.

Prepare to be captivated by the charm of Moab, indulge in extraordinary adventures, and unlock the transformative potential that lies within. Tune in to this remarkable podcast series and let Brandon Lake and the Moab Adventure Center guide you to a world of endless possibilities.

Learn more about the Moab Adventure Center here and sign up for a trip today!

May 16, 2023
1KHO 150: Holding the Bittersweet | Alisha Roth, Little Women Farmhouse

I'm so excited to welcome Alisha Roth to the podcast. In this episode Alisha shares about her journey as a single mother. She shares her knowledge on how to adventure (including camp!) as a single parent with four young children. 

Alisha talks about her story of divorce and how she found healing through nature and being outside. Throughout the episode, Alisha emphasizes the importance of getting outside and connecting with nature, both for herself and her children. She shares how being in nature has brought her peace, healing, and a greater appreciation for life.

Listeners will come away from this episode feeling inspired to step outside of their comfort zones, and to find adventure and healing in nature. Alisha's story is a reminder that even in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is always hope and beauty to be found in the world around us.

Learn more about Alisha here >>

And on Instagram >> @littlewomenfarmhouse 

May 11, 2023
1KHO 149: If You're Outdoors, Your Kids are Growing | Rachel Tidd, Wild Learning

Welcome to this episode of our podcast with Rachel Tidd, author of Wild Learning, Practical Ideas to Bring Teaching Outdoors.

Rachel is a passionate educator who has spent over two decades exploring the benefits of outdoor learning. Through her work, she advocates for the importance of play-based and child-led learning, and how we can use nature as a tool to enhance children's learning experiences.

We start the conversation by exploring the benefits of play-based and child-led learning. Rachel explains how this approach allows children to take control of their learning and helps them develop a sense of independence and confidence. She also discusses how children who learn through play are more likely to retain information and apply it in real-life situations.

Moving on, we discuss the benefits of taking school lessons outside. Rachel shares how outdoor learning can help children develop a sense of curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. She also talks about how simply being outside can increase children's attention and focus, leading to a more productive learning experience.

We then delve into the sensory experience that comes with being outside. Rachel shares how exposure to nature can help children develop their senses and connect with the world around them. She also discusses some suggested materials, example activities, and ideas for bringing nature inside.

Throughout the conversation, Rachel emphasizes the importance of giving children the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace. She shares her passion for outdoor learning and provides practical tips and advice for parents and educators looking to incorporate this approach into their children's education.

Overall, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the benefits of outdoor learning and how we can use nature to enhance children's learning experiences. Tune in to hear Rachel Tidd's insights and advice on play-based and child-led learning.

Check out Wild Learning here >>

Learn more about Rachel here >>

May 10, 2023
1KHO 148: We Are Scrolling Our Lives Away | Heath Wilson & Joey Odom, Aro Co-Founders

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, where we explore ways to bring more joy and connection into our daily lives. Today, we're thrilled to chat with Heath Wilson and Joey Odom, the founders of Aro - a company dedicated to helping families put down their phones and spend quality time together.

The conversation starts with a surprising statistic - screen time has become the biggest battleground in families today, overtaking drugs, sex, and alcohol. But instead of dwelling on the negative, Heath and Joey share inspiring stories of families who have successfully disconnected from their screens and reconnected with each other.

They highlight the importance of giving our loved ones our full attention and in that way bestow value on them. They share practical tips on how we can break the habit of mindless scrolling and focus on what truly matters.

The founders of Aro also remind us that time is precious and we don't realize how little of it we have with the people we love. But the good news is that with the right tools and mindset, we can make the most of our time together and create lasting memories.

The conversation ends on a hopeful note as Heath and Joey emphasize that we're not alone in this struggle. They assure us that by taking small steps to disconnect and recharge, we can cultivate stronger and happier relationships with our families.

Join us in this uplifting conversation with the founders of Aro, and discover how you can bring more joy and connection into your own family life.

Aro is offering our listeners a discount to get a free month on the upfront annual or two-year memberships with the code “1000hours”. If you are looking to spend more time with your family, model great habits for your kids, keep them safe, or maybe just fall asleep without scrolling, we encourage you to check out Aro right now at .

May 04, 2023
1KHO 147: From Music to Mountains, Tennessee's Best-Kept Secrets | Sarah Lolli, Make a Happy Home Podcast

50% of the US population lives within 600 miles of Nashville!! Join us as we talk about some of Tenneessee's best kept adventuring secrets!

Sarah Lolli is the co-host of the Make a Happy Home Podcast as well as co-owner of Lumber and Loom shop. She's a old friend of mine and I couldn't be more thrilled to be talking with her about adventures of a lifetime that can be had all over the state of Tennessee. 

We cover Nashville, to Cookeville, to Pigeon Forge, to Chatanooga and more - and even include some lodging ideas.

Check out the Make a Happy Home Podcast here >>

Check out both the podcast and the Lumber and Loom Shop on Instagram:



May 01, 2023
IKHO 146: From Chaos to Calm: Transforming Your Home | Shannon Acheson, The Clutter Fix

So often families are asking the question about how can they find the time to get outside but still keep their home somewhat tidy. Shannon Acheson, author of The Clutter Fix is here to answer that question and more! 

In this episode, about how women, especially moms of all ages and stages, can equip themselves with the skills and tools they need to create the home they've always wanted. From dealing with clutter to developing good habits and staying organized, Shannon shares practical tips for transforming your living space and creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your family... that ultimately will give you more time to do the things you really want to do.

We discuss the challenges that many women face when it comes to managing a household, and Shannon offers insights into how to overcome these obstacles and achieve a sense of peace and order in your home. She also shares her personal experiences and struggles with decluttering, simplifying, and maintaining a tidy home, providing relatable and actionable advice that listeners can apply to their own lives.

Whether you're a seasoned homemaker or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies for creating a happy and functional household. So join us as we explore the art of homemaking with author Shannon Acheson, and discover how you can transform your home into a haven of peace and tranquility.

Check out The Clutter Fix here >>

Learn more about Shannon here >>

and on Instagram at @home.made.lovely


Apr 28, 2023
1KHO 145: The Two Biggest Things Parents Should Think About | Dr. Jean Twenge, Generations

The reigning expert on generational change, Dr. Jean Twenge joins us to talk about why we are at the forefront of the worst mental health crisis in decades and what we can do about it! 

Dr. Twenge explains that today's generation of children has less experience with independence and decision-making than previous generations did at the same age. Dr. Twenge shares that she has more students who cannot make simple decisions without texting their parents. She highlights the importance of real-life interactions with others, exercise, being outside, and good food for humans to thrive. She stresses that screen time is not a substitute for being with someone and that the time spent on devices has replaced time outside, which is not good for mental health.

Save, share and subscribe! 

Check out Dr. Jean Twenge's newest book Generations here >>

Check out Dr. Jean Twenge's highly referenced book iGen here >>

Learn more about Dr. Jean Twenge here >>

and on Twitter @jean_twenge .

This episode is brought to you by Aro. Aro is offering our listeners a discount to get a free month on the upfront annual or two-year memberships with the code “1000hours”. If you are looking to spend more time with your family, model great habits for your kids, keep them safe, or maybe just fall asleep without scrolling, we encourage you to check out Aro right now at .


Apr 27, 2023
IKHO 144: Orlando Without the Theme Parks: Uncovering Orlando's Hidden Gems | Suzanne Nunn, FPEA

Today, we are excited to have Suzanne Nunn join us to discuss over 20 free or inexpensive outdoor ideas for families to do in the Orlando, Florida area outside of the theme parks. Suzanne is a homeschool mom, writer, speaker, podcaster, and traveler who heads up the FPEA Homeschool Convention - the world's largest homeschool convention that takes place each year on Memorial Day Weekend in the Orlando area.

In this episode, Suzanne shares her insights on how to adventure in the Orlando area in a budget-friendly and family-friendly way. With her extensive knowledge of the area, she gives us the inside scoop on some of the best outdoor family activities that Orlando has to offer, including hidden gems that are often overlooked by tourists.

Beyond the theme parks, Suzanne takes us on a journey to discover the many exciting and affordable outdoor adventures that Orlando has to offer. From hiking and kayaking to visiting local parks and swimming holes, there are plenty of fun and educational activities for families to enjoy in a budget-friendly way. Members of the 1000 Hours Outside community are consistently asking about ideas to do in the Orlando, Florida area and this episode has got you covered!

Suzanne also provides a sneak peek into the FPEA Homeschool Convention, which is fast approaching. As someone who is heavily involved in the homeschooling community, she shares the ins and outs of the convention and what attendees can expect from this year's event.

So whether you are a local looking for some new outdoor family adventures or a tourist seeking to explore Orlando beyond the theme parks, this episode is for you. Join us as we chat with Suzanne Nunn and uncover the best-kept secrets of Orlando's outdoor family activities!

Learn more about the FPEA Homeschool Convention Here:

Online registration closes May 1st!

Apr 25, 2023
1KHO 143: Why the Outdoors is Nothing and Everything All at the Same Time | Lorna Norton (UK) and Lauren Cecora (Germany)

Welcome to the latest episode of The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast! Today we're joined by two amazing guests who will share their unique perspectives and experiences on the benefits of spending time in nature.

Our first guest is Lorna Norton, founder of the Kith Homestead in the UK. The Kith Homestead is a place where families can learn side by side and create memories together. Lorna shares with us the benefits of visiting the same outdoor places time after time, and how this can create a homey feeling in an outdoor space. She also provides tips on how to spend time in an outdoor space when it doesn’t look like there’s a lot to do, and why going out at nighttime can be a massive adventure.

Our second guest is Lauren Cecora, who lives with her family in Germany and takes adventures in their camper van named Kleo. Lauren talks about how getting outside has helped her anxiety and made her less worried about all the “risks” of the unknown with being outdoors. She shares with us how being in nature has allowed her to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and has given her the opportunity to explore new places and connect with new people.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the importance of getting outside and the positive impact it can have on our mental health and well-being. We also touch on the challenges of balancing screen time with outdoor time, and how we can make a conscious effort to prioritize spending time in nature.

So join us as we dive into the world of outdoor adventures with Lorna Norton and Lauren Cecora. We hope this episode will inspire you to get outside and explore the beauty of nature!

Learn more about Lorna and The Kith Homestead on Instagram at >> @kithhomestead

Learn more about Lauren and Cleo the Camper van on Instagram at>>

@laurenccecora and @adventures.with.kleo

Apr 22, 2023
IKHO 142: What's More Important Than the Kids We're Raising? | Thara Reinitz, Health and Homeschool

I LOOOOOVED this conversation with Thara Reinitz. It centers around so many topics of conversation from considering continuing development as parents, to adventuring close to home and tying read-alouds with your adventures, to how we should include experiences in our lives (like cooking with kids and going outside) that force us to slow down and be present with our families, and more!!!! You're going to love it and it will give you lots to think about.

Learn more about Thara at:

And on Instagram at: @health_and_homeschool

Learn more about the THSC Conventions here:

Apr 20, 2023
1KHO 141: From Summer Camp to Motherhood: Mary Kate Robertson's Journey of Raising Young Kids, Exploring the Outdoors, and Beating the Louisiana Heat!

Join us for an exciting episode featuring Mary Kate Robertson from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty, as we delve into the joys and challenges of mothering, particularly with little children and the great outdoors. As a mother of two young kids, aged two and three, Mary Kate shares her insights on navigating scorching Louisiana summers, getting her little ones outside, going on trips, and living close to extended family.

In this candid conversation, Mary Kate opens up about her experiences as a mother, including how she and her husband John Luke met at a summer camp and their journey of parenthood. She shares practical tips on beating the Louisiana heat while still enjoying outdoor adventures with young kids, and the importance of creating memorable experiences with family.

Whether you're a fan of Duck Dynasty or a parent seeking advice on mothering little children and embracing nature (or both!), this episode is packed with relatable stories, heartfelt moments, and valuable insights from Mary Kate Robertson. Tune in to be inspired by her adventures in motherhood and her love for the outdoors!

Apr 17, 2023
1KHO 140: Savoring Summer on a Budget: Money-Saving Strategies for Travel, Outdoor Gear, and Making Memories | Allison Baggerly, Money Made Easy

In this episode, I sit down with Allison Baggerly, the author of "Money Made Easy," to dive into the world of travel hacking, budgeting for outdoor gear, and making summer memories affordable. Allison shares her inspiring journey of paying off six figures of debt with her husband to create a better life for their family of four. She also reveals how they embarked on an epic trip from Texas to Canada, spending $0 on flights!

Allison shares her practical tips and strategies for travel hacking, including leveraging credit card rewards, loyalty programs, and travel discounts to make travel more accessible and affordable. She also delves into the importance of budgeting for outdoor gear, whether it's camping equipment, hiking gear, or other outdoor adventures, and provides actionable advice on how to save money without sacrificing quality or safety.

Moreover, Allison opens up about the priceless memories they created during their family trip from Texas to Canada, and how they managed to keep their expenses in check while enjoying the trip of a lifetime. She shares her insights on planning and budgeting for long-distance trips, finding affordable accommodations, and making the most out of every adventure.

Join us for an engaging conversation as Allison Baggerly shares her personal finance journey, travel hacking expertise, and practical budgeting tips to help you make the most of your summer adventures without breaking the bank. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to create unforgettable memories while staying financially savvy!

Learn more about Allison here >>

You can find Allison on Instagram here >> @inspiredbudget

Check out Allison's new book Money Made Easy here >>

This episode is brought to you by Aro. Aro is offering our listeners a discount to get a free month on the upfront annual or two-year memberships with the code “1000hours”. If you are looking to spend more time with your family, model great habits for your kids, keep them safe, or maybe just fall asleep without scrolling, we encourage you to check out Aro right now at .


Apr 14, 2023
1KHO 139: To Be a Mother is to Have Self-Doubt | Pam Lobley February Book Club Podcast

Pam is back!!!! She's back!!!!!

Pam Lobley is a beloved guest on the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast. Her episode called "We've Forgotten How to Have an Ordinary Time" (episode #60) has been a most-listened-to episode for months in the running. 

In our February Book Club Pam dives into so many pertinent topics. We explore the reasons why motherhood has ramped up over the last few decades, attributing it mainly to the idea that we want to control everything and avoid taking risks. Pam points out that this fear only feeds itself, making it difficult for mothers to trust that there's another way.

The discussion then moves to the teenage years, which Pam describes as being pretty crazy in terms of pace. 

Pam also touches on the topic of being counterculture without feeling ashamed or afraid. She acknowledges that being a mother is to have self-doubt, but stresses the need to remember that everyone is struggling in their own way.

Throughout the podcast, Pam shares her honest opinions and encourages the audience to cultivate a community on purpose, which takes a lot of energy but is worth it. She also gives a shout-out to all the moms of boys who don't love sports and discusses the challenges of constantly having to deal with unexpected situations.

Finally, Pam advises mothers to invest when they have the chance, as they will have their adult child for much longer than they had their young child. Pam is heartwarming, per usual. This episode is a must-listen for any mother looking to gain some insight and perspective on the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Listen to Episode #60 Here >>

Get your copy of "Why Can't We Just Play?" here >> 

It would make a great Mother's Day or Baby Shower gift.

Apr 08, 2023
1KHO 138: Why Paying Attention is the Key to Unlocking Success and Fulfillment | Paul Angone, Listen to Your Day

Welcome to our podcast episode featuring Paul Angone, author of "Listen to Your Day: The Life-Changing Practice of Paying Attention." Paul's book explores the power of mindful attention in our busy, noisy world. In this episode, we'll discuss the key themes and insights from his book, as well as Paul's personal journey to becoming more present and intentional in his own life.

We'll explore the idea that the most successful and fulfilled people on earth are simply better at paying attention to what's important. Paul will share his tips and strategies for cultivating this crucial skill, including the importance of embracing silence and creating intentional spaces for reflection and focus.

We'll also dive into Paul's own ten-year journey to "overnight" success, discussing the role that failure, rejection, and perseverance played in his path. Paul will share how paying attention to his own journey and being open to feedback and growth helped him achieve his goals and find fulfillment.

Whether you're looking to unlock your own potential, cultivate greater mindfulness and presence, or simply live a more intentional life, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore the life-changing benefits of practicing mindful attention with Paul Angone.

Get your copy of "Listen to Your Day" here >>

Learn more about Tony here >>

Apr 07, 2023
1KHO 137: Dealing with Perfectionism | Alex Luning

Alex Luning joins us as our sixth community episode guest! We have community episodes running all year long throughout 2023 and I know you're going to love this one because Alex dives into dealing with perfectionism. In particular, she talks about participating in 1000 Hours Outside has helped her overcome some of her perfectionist tendencies. 

She also talks about using nature groups to build a strong sense of community, even when you have to move often due to work or other circumstances. If you're wanting to break some of your perfectionist tendencies and develop strong and flourishing friendships, Alex has so much for you!

Check out our other community episodes:

Episode 129 - Worldschooling, Self-Publishing, and Entrepreneurship with Simone Nofel

Episode 125 - Adapting Your Nature Time to Fit Your Life Circumstances with Dr. Jenny Bond

Episode 121 - Bringing Outdoor Programming to Your Local Library with Lori Goins and Kelly Konieczki

Episode 98 - When Grey Came to Stay with Amber Kuipers

Apr 04, 2023
1KHO 136: From Fear to Brave, Raising Kids with an Adventurous Spirit | Jan Smith, Homeschool Louisiana

In this podcast, Jan Smith, homeschool mother of four grown children and Vice President of Homeschool Louisiana, shares insights on how to foster an adventurous spirit in children. Jan believes that the first five years of a child's life are crucial in shaping their perspective on the world. In this regard, she emphasizes the importance of exposing children to new experiences and helping them learn how to overcome their fears.

Jan discusses how learning to manage fear is an essential step towards cultivating an adventurous spirit in children. She emphasizes the need to teach children from a young age to face their fears and to recognize their capacity for growth. Jan suggests that parents can do this by allowing children to take risks, but in small doses, so that they can learn what they are capable of and parents can learn to let go.

As children grow, Jan believes that parenting is about gradually eliminating their need for parents' constant supervision and guidance. She encourages parents to recognize their children's potential and to allow them to do more than they think they are capable of doing. Jan also encourages parents to use language that inspires bravery in their children, rather than constantly warning them to be careful.

Jan acknowledges that, as a mother, contending with her own fears about her children's safety and navigating the judgments of others can be a challenging aspect of fostering an adventurous spirit. She shares her experiences of doing things that other people may have disapproved of but that were essential for her children's growth and development.

Jan emphasizes the importance of letting children fail when the risks are low and allowing them to learn from their mistakes. She explains that learning new skills often involves starting out poorly and making mistakes but that the process of falling and getting back up is a valuable experience in itself.

In conclusion, Jan emphasizes that creating a culture of adventure in the family means allowing children to take risks and make mistakes and recognizing that their adventures are not ours to control. She shares a personal story of how she felt like something was an unnecessary risk for her child, but it was necessary for his growth. Through her experiences, Jan encourages parents to nurture an adventurous spirit in their children and to embrace the unknown with open arms.

You will absolutely adore Jan and I know this episode will encourage and inspire you.

If you're interested in meeting us in Louisiana on April 22nd, 2023 just outside of Hammond, Louisiana make sure you sign up for the Homeschool Louisiana conference today! Sometimes tickets are available at the door but they often sell out. There's also a swamp tour you can sign up for that is happening on April 21st. Can't wait to see you there!

Click here for more information >>

Mar 31, 2023
1KHO 135: Finding Courage and Connection Through Cut Flowers | Deanna Kitchen, The Growing Kindness Project

In a world where we are facing a pandemic of loneliness, it can be easy to feel disconnected from those around us. However, according to Deanna Kitchen, the founder of the Growing Kindness Project, there is a simple yet powerful way to connect with others: through the gift of homegrown flowers.

In this episode, Deanna shared her insights on the capacity flowers have to connect with people and how they can be a cure for loneliness. She emphasized that growing and sharing flowers is a simple act of kindness that can have a large impact.

Deanna's project is all about making it easy for people to grow and share flowers. It's as simple as planting some flowers, cutting them, and giving them to someone who needs a little extra kindness. She believes that if you have a little bit of dirt and a big heart, you have what it takes to make a difference.

During the podcast, Deanna also shared her passion for cut flowers and how they have helped her find courage and connection. She believes that there is nothing quite like the feeling of having flowers in your hand and the joy of giving them to someone else.

If you're interested in learning more about the Growing Kindness Project and how you can get involved, be sure to listen to this episode. You'll come away with a renewed appreciation for the power of flowers and the simple acts of kindness that can make a big difference in the lives of those around us.

Learn more about The Growing Kindness Project here >> and on Instagram at @growingkindnessproject

Mar 30, 2023
1KHO 134: Discovering the Best Camping Spots in America: A Journey Through All 50 States | Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi, Where Should We Camp Next?

Join Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi, authors of the best-selling book "Where Should We Camp Next?" as they take us on a journey through the 50 states of America, highlighting some of the best and most unique camping experiences each state has to offer. From romantic getaways to family-friendly destinations, they cover it all, including campgrounds near water parks, morning pancake breakfasts, summer camp activities for all ages, and more.

In this episode, they share insights from camping experiences they've had across the country and they also highlight their upcoming book "Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks" set to release in April. Their passion for camping and exploring the outdoors is contagious, as they inspire listeners to get out and discover the beauty and adventure in their own backyard.

Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the scene, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to plan their next outdoor adventure. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and educated on the many fun and unique camping experiences available in the United States.

Check out these trio of books from the Puglisis. They're all FANTASTIC!

See You At the Campground: A Guide to Discovering Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors (Plan the Best Family-Friendly Summer Camping Vacation) -

Where Should We Camp Next?: A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campground and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations -

(PREORDER - Releases April 4th) Where Should We Camp Next?: National Parks: The Best Campgrounds and Unique Outdoor Accommodations In and Around National Parks, Seashores, Monuments, and More -

Check out our other podcast episode with Jeremy Puglisi! 

Episode 117: All Things Camping!

Learn more about the Puglisis at and on social media @thervatlas .

Also check out their podcast called The RV Atlas Podcast that Stephanie and Jeremy host together. They're kicking off their ninth season and it's a thematic season all about the National Parks!

Mar 24, 2023
1KHO 133: Learning Outside the Lines: The Benefits of Multi-Age, Child-Led Outdoor Experiences | Erin Majeske, Founder of The Barefeet Farm School

In this episode I talked with Erin Majeske, the founder of The Barefeet Farm School - one of only seventeen licensed outdoor preschools in the United States. Erin shares her journey towards creating a child-led learning environment that embraces the power of voluntary play and multi-age situations.

Erin explains how and why she had to learn to let go of data collection and control in order to truly embrace child-directed experiences. She talks about how it was difficult to step back and watch the children play without intervening, but ultimately recognized the value in giving children the space to learn on their own terms.

The Barefoot Farm School provides children with a unique opportunity to learn about nature while fostering a love for the outdoors. Erin started with just three students and now her summer camps for kids are sold out each year by February. She explains how you can get your own camp or outdoor preschool up and running!

Erin also discusses the benefits of being in an outdoor environment, including quieter surroundings and a reduction in overstimulation that can trigger fight or flight responses in children.

Learn more about Erin and The Barefeet Farm School here >>

And on Instagram here >> @barefeetfarmschool

Mar 24, 2023
1KHO 132: Highlighting Indiana State Parks | Amy Sager, Publications Director IAHE

New for 2023!!

I'll be speaking at eight conferences this year and when I can I'll be highlighting outdoor adventures in the states I'll be speaking at. First up is the Indiana Association of Home Educators Conference at Chapel Rock Christian Church in Indianapolis on March 24th and 25th.

Click here to register >>

The IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference is your big chance to connect with other homeschoolers. You aren’t on this journey alone. Come learn, grow, and connect. Hear from homeschool experts, shop in the exhibit hall, and get your questions answered. This is an excellent opportunity for continuing education. Gain insight and tips to help you be the best parent and teacher you can be. I'm hoping we get to meet there! 

In this episode the Publications Director of IAHE, Amy Sager joins us to talk about the immense variety of outdoor recreation opportunities at some of the state parks in Indiana. She even mentions an outdoor photography workshop opportunity! Learn more here >> You'll get lots of ideas for if you live in Indiana or are traveling to (or through) Indiana. It will also inspire you to dive into your own state parks and find out what they have to offer! 

Learn more about the Indiana State Park Challenges here >>

Mar 15, 2023
1KHO 131: Burdens That We Should Not Want to be Rid Of | Christina Crook, The Joy of Missing Out

Digital Mindfulness Expert, author, speaker, and podcast host Christina Crook joins us to talk about filling our lives with the things that bring us the most joy. 

Christina reveals how key shifts in our thinking can help us to prioritize joy and draw closer to one another. Through her writing, podcast, and facilitation of The JOMO Method™—her signature program —she helps people hone in on the relationships and work that matter most to them. 

In this episode we discuss what elements are needed to experience joy, how to tackle the technology question with our kids, why we want uncomfortable and inconvienient experiences in our lives, and more! There are good burdens, burdens we want to hold onto because they provide lasting value.

Learn more about Christina, her books, her podcast and more here >>


Mar 06, 2023
1KHO 130: Nature Pen Pal Exchange | Jennifer Wilmoth, Wilmoth Wellness

Learn more about this fabulous opportunity to be part of the Nature Pen Pal Exchange!! It's a way to learn about the natural environments in other areas as well as foster new relationships.

Jennifer Wilmoth is the founder of Nature Pen Pal Exchange. In this episode she walks us through how to join in as well as how to start a nature club of your own. She also talks about wholeschooling, large family life (8 kids and 6 grandkids), homesteading, and how she juggles it all!

Find information on The Nature Pen Pal Exchange here >>

Learn more about wholeschooling and homesteading here >>

Check out Jennifer's Wellness services here >>

You can also find Jen on Instagram at:




Mar 04, 2023
1KHO 129: Worldschooling, Self-Publishing, and Entrepreneurship | Simone Nofel, Hearty and Free

Applied epigeneticist Simone Nofel joins us for another community episode! Simone walks us through the ins and outs of worldschooling (and roadschooling) with a toddler, starting a business, and self-publishing an entire kids book series all about natural elements! Simone is passionate about whole family holistic wellness and how nature can be used in our healing. 

Check out Simone on Instagram at: @heartyandfree and @way.of.the.wildling

Learn more about Hearty and Free here >>

And check out Simone's book series here >> They're beautiful books!

Mar 02, 2023
1KHO 128: Out of the Bedroom and Into the Outdoors | Thomas Kersting, Raising Healthy Teenagers

The mental health epidemic began in 2012 and our children are suffering. Thomas Kersting joins us to talk about the components that are necessary for a healthy childhood. He offers encouraging and straightforward advice about what we need to take away and what we need to add back in so that our children can thrive. 

Kersting looks back on his simple childhood and describes it as "phenomenal." How will our kids describe their childhoods? Play is down 75%. Many of our kids are not living in the real world, they're living in a virtual one. How will our kids survive, problem solve, and thrive in the real world if they've not spent much time there? 

There are so many ways we can help our children and the answers may be simpler than you think!

Learn more about Thomas Kersting here >>

Order your copy of Raising Healthy Teenagers here >>

Feb 23, 2023
1KHO 127: Grow Your Own Food and Grow as a Person | Kody Hanner, Homestead Education

A public speaker, host of The Homestead Education Podcast, and creator of the Homestead Science curriculum Kody Hanner joins us to talk about self-sufficiency and about how giving our kids ownership in their responsibility to the future builds the character in them that so many of us are seeking out. We also talk about eating clean, farmers markets, homeschooling, personal growth, homestead ideas for urban settings and more!

Learn more about Kody here >>

Find Kody on Instagram @homestead_education

Feb 22, 2023
1KHO 126: Dealing with a Limitless Digital World When We Don't Have Limitless Time | Dr. Devorah Heitner, Screenwise

Dr. Devorah Heitner is the author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World. She has fabulous insights into what it is like for kids growing up in a digital age and how that affects everything from time management, to relationships, to self-esteem, and more! Devorah gives practical ideas that any parent can use - even if you don't have a degree in social media platforms :). 

It's important to understand how our child's world is different from the one we knew growing up in order to help them navigate through. Our world is changing so rapidly that the challenges our kids face might even look different from oldest sibling to youngest sibling!

Learn more about Devorah here >>

Check out Screenwise here >>

Feb 21, 2023
1KHO 125: Adapting Your Nature Time to Fit Your Life Circumstances | Dr. Jenny Bond, Professor of Exercise Science

We're thrilled to bring you another 1000 Hours Outside Podcast Community Episode! 

Dr. Jenny Bond is a Professor of Exercise Science at Wingate University School of Sport Sciences and she talks us through the challenges of her 1000 Hours Outside journey that include limited time as well as dealing with physical issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction. She also talks about ways she is helping college students increase their amount of time outside.

As a busy working mother, Jenny gives many practical ways to relentlessly defend the type of family you want to have. She is energetic and inspiring! 

Feb 20, 2023
1KHO 124: A Little Change of Pace and Place Can Be Really Impactful | Dylan Minter, Senior Trip Guide GCU Outdoor Recreation

I had the absolute honor of meeting an talking with Dylan Minter, a senior trip guide of the Grand Canyon University Outdoor Recreation program. We got to record this episode in person (a first time experience for me!) in the beautiful podcast recording studios on campus at GCU.

I was so impressed by the culture of the students at GCU who were hardly on their phones but rather engaged with each other and their surroundings. The Outdoor Recreation program runs over 100 guided trips each year that students can join in at budget-friendly prices and they offer on-campus activities as well... not to mention their incredible outdoor equipment rental program.

I personally got a lot of this conversation. Even as busy college students, the trips that the Outdoor Recreation program runs fill up often in just minutes. This is a reminder that no matter your stage of life, no matter how busy you are, it is worth it to try and find a change of pace and a change of place at least a few times a year. 

You'll also get some travel ideas out of this episode as well as some ideas to implement with your nature group!

If you're interested in learning more about the GCU Outdoor Recreation program check them out on Instagram @gcuoutdoorrec

Feb 17, 2023
1KHO 123: The Cost of Preserving Childhood | Jessica Smartt, Let Them Be Kids

Jessica Smartt, author of Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need as well as Memory-Making Mom: Building Traditions That Breathe Life Into Your Home joins us to talk about the costs involved with preserving childhood. 

Leaving space in your life for boredom, monitoring screen usage, allowing for moments of failure, and intentionally adding adventure to your days isn't easy - but it is worth it on many levels. Just because it feels hard doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. Jessica will encourage you and give you practical ideas as you seek to find balance in your home and to value imagination and creativity. 

Learn more about Jessica here >> and at @jessica.smartt on Instagram

Purchase your copy of Let Them Be Kids here >>

Feb 16, 2023
1KHO 122: Nature Gives Once in a Lifetime Experiences in Ordinary Settings | Susie Spikol, The Animal Adventurer's Guide

I LOVE Susie Spikol and I love her book The Animal Adventurers Guide. Susie opens our hearts to what is amazing, magical, enchanting, charming, and incredible about the everyday. She gently reminds us that we often overlook the wonder of the local animals around us and she teaches us how to re-look at the outdoors through beginner eyes. 

Susie's book reminded me that even when our adventures don't seem all that adventurous, they can still be touchstone's in our family stories.

As a naturalist, writer, and lifespan environmental educator for over 30 years, Susie knows the tried-and-true nature activities that kids and families love! This episode is all about the practical because the majority of our 1000 Hours Outside journeys will be spent close to home and with Susie's reminders we can fall in love with the world that is right around us.

Learn more about Susie Spikol here >>

Purchase your copy of The Animal Adventurers Guide here >>

Feb 14, 2023
1KHO 121: Bringing Outdoor Programming to Your Local Library | Lori Goins and Kelly Konieczki

Combine the power of reading with the power of nature!

In this 1000 Hours Outside Community Episode, Lori and Kelly walk us through how they started outdoor programming at their local libraries and all of the benefits they've seen from their implementations. 

They cover many other topics as well. Lori talks about being a 1000 Hours Outside grandma and Kelly talks about their transition to homeschooling during the pandemic. Kelly also runs The Detroit Butterfly Nursery and is a citizen scientist about all things pollinators. 

You can learn more about Lori and what she is heading up at the Monroe County Library Ellis Branch in Michigan here >> . Look for the "Literacy on the Lawn" events.

You can learn more about Kelly on Instagram at:



You can find the monthly outdoor programming she is heading up at the Gross Pointe Public Library on Instagram at @thegppl .

Feb 13, 2023
1KHO 120: Get Out of Your Normal Life and Live a Little Bit More Adventurously | Alastair Humphreys January Book Club Podcast

This is our first ever 1000 Hours Outside Book Club!!! Alastair and a bunch of you joined us for a 45-minute, live-stream discussion about two of Alastair's phenomenal books. We discussed Microadventures and The Doorstep Mile. This episode includes your questions, your comments, and a piece of information that Alastair has never shared in public before! This was SO fun! You're going to love this one.

Find the book club questions for Alastair's books here 

Learn more about Alastair Humphreys here 

Order your copy of Microadventures here 

Order your copy of The Doorstep Mile here 

Listen to three other podcast episodes with Alastair. They will all stir you on to adding just a little bit more adventure to your life.

Episode 43: Microadventures - Because Even Small Adventures are Better Than None at All

Episode 84: If it Feels Like an Adventure to You, it 'is' an Adventure

Episode 108: Does This Year Matter? Then Use it.

Join in for our February Book Club! Check out all the remaining book club books for 2023 here.

Feb 09, 2023
1KHO 119: We Cannot Learn Sitting Still and Being Quiet | Dr. Carla Hannaford, The Dominance Factor

I have learned a tremendous amount about movement and learning and the way our brains work from Dr. Carla Hannaford. The first time she was on our podcast (Episode 29) we talked about her life-changing book Smart Moves: Why Learning is not All in Your Head

In this episode we talk about another of her life-changing books called The Dominance Factor: How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Brain, Hand & Foot Can Improve Your Learning. This book and our conversation in this episode are filled with important pieces of information for parents and for teachers that I'd NEVER heard of before. 

We need to know our dominances beyond which hand we write with because our dominances affect every aspect of our learning and many aspects of our relationships. This will help your marriage, it will help your parenting, it will help your kids with their school work, it will help in your work place. Going through life without this information from Dr. Hannaford is a big disadvantage. 

Your set of specific dominances gives you a dominance profile. There are 32 total. Our current educational system favors one of the 32 that accounts for just 15% of learners. If you have a child struggling with school, this is a must-listen to episode. 

Learn your dominance profile. Learn why it matters. Learn why 75-80% of half your brain shuts down under stress or when learning new things. Learn how you can enhance your brain function over the course of your life. Learn why getting out in nature and unstructured play are a must during childhood and during adulthood. And SO much more!! 

Dr. Hannaford's books are important reads for anyone who works with children.

Check out The Dominance Factor here >>

Check out Smart Moves here >>

Learn more about Dr. Carla Hannaford here >>

Feb 06, 2023
1KHO 118: Nature Feeds Our Desires Both for Rhythm and for Change | Jillian Hankins, Jillian Margaret Wellness

This is beautiful episode with Jillian Hankins from Jillian Margaret Wellness where we talk about embracing the simple riches of the season in order to slow down, enhance your life, be more present, lessen anxiety, and strengthen family life.

Jillian has always been endlessly fascinated with the richness of the seasons. We talk about how nature is amazingly both exciting and calming - all at the same time. When we embrace the simple power of nature's rhythms it can help us quiet of anxious and overthinking minds.

Jillian has created beautiful seasonal family guides and you can find those (as well as so much more) at . Her guides are simply and beautifully laid out and help you avoid inspiration overload.

The more you fill your seasons with the things you love, the less time there is to grumble about all the particular things you don't like about that season. 

Feb 03, 2023
1KHO 117: All Things Camping! | Jeremy Puglisi, See You at the Campground

Calling all camping enthusiasts and all hopeful camping enthusiasts! The cohost of The RV Atlas podcast as well as the coauthor of several books Jeremy Puglisi joins us to get your family ready for the upcoming camping season!

One of the questions we get asked most often at 1000 Hours Outside is about camping. So many ask how to get started and then others ask about specific gear, meals, tips, tricks, and more! Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi's book See You at the Campground: A Guide to Discovering Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors covers it all and it includes inspiration to connect with your kids and grandkids as much as possible.

The Puglisis are also the authors of the #1 bestseller Where Should We Camp Next?

Listen in for some great ideas and share with other families who are interested in learning more about camping!

Learn more about the Puglisis at and on social media @thervatlas

Purchase a copy of See You at the Campground here >>

And check out the #1 Bestseller Where Should We Camp Next here >>

Feb 01, 2023
1KHO 116: How to be Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst | Kim John Payne, Being at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst

Kim John Payne says "How we handle the storms and struggles is what will ultimately define us in the eyes of our kids." And since difficulties can blow up quickly with kids having tried-and-true strategies that can calm down heated situations can make a huge impact on our family life both now and in the future.

This is the third time Kim has joined us on the podcast. He is always relatable, practical, and compassionate. You walk away from listening to him with more than you can imagine. In this episode you'll learn how and why to model self-control, how to break the cycle of frustration, how to recall the golden moments of your days and more.

Learn more about Kim John Payne and his Simplicity Parenting movement here >>

Purchase Being at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst: Practical Compassion in Parenting here >>

Don't miss our other two podcast episodes with Kim John Payne! 

Episode 36 - The Undeclared War on Childhood >>

Episode 67 - We Underestimate the Power of Family >>

Jan 30, 2023
1KHO 115: Who Decides What's in Humanity's Best Interest? | Maria Bridge, Center for Humane Technology COO

Chief Operating Officer, Maria Bridge from the Center for Humane Technology joins us to talk about the fascinating field of technology ethics and what we can do about the negative effects of technology, many of which are preventable.

Maria walks us through the walks in which certain platforms attempt to manipulate our behavior, what we can do about those attempts, and things to be aware of as we move forward into new technologies. 

There's lots to learn in this one that will help us guide ourselves and our children in a world that at times may start to feel like an invisible prison. The Center for Humane Technology has incredible resources to help us navigate these changing times.

Learn more about the Center for Humane Technology here >>

Check out their Your Undivided Attention Podcast that has sixty episodes and over 15 million downloads.

Watch The Social Dilemma Documentary that has already reached an estimated 100 million people since its debut in September 2020 and is streaming in 190 countries in 30 languages.

Jan 26, 2023
1KHO 114: The High Cost of Over-parenting and Understanding the Damage | Dr. Madeline Levine, Ready or Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World

I was on the edge of my seat while I read her book, I was on the edge of my seat during this conversation, and I was on the edge of my seat while I edited it. You're going to love this one and you may even listen to it twice! If it's a favorite of yours, like it's a favorite of mine, share it with friends and family and make sure to subscribe and leave a review.

In this week's episode of the podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Madeline Levine, a renowned psychologist and expert on child development with 40 years experience.

One of the main themes of the conversation was the importance of understanding our failures in order to discover our strengths. Dr. Levine noted that often times, we learn the most from our mistakes and that they can serve as valuable learning experiences. She calls it trial-and-error learning instead of failure.

Another key point that was discussed was the idea that most people do not have a straight path to success. Dr. Levine emphasized the importance of recognizing that life is a series of small challenges, and if we can meet them, we go on to bigger and bigger challenges.

Additionally, Dr. Levine highlighted the damaging effects of being an over-involved parent and the importance of allowing our children to experience unhappiness. She also discussed the lack of management skills among today's youth, specifically in areas such as risk management and conflict management. Dr. Levine also urged listeners to think long and hard about what's going to matter in the long run, and emphasized the link between optimism and healthy mental health outcomes.

She even talked about preparing ourselves for when our kids leave the nest.

Overall, this is a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation with Dr. Levine, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did!

Learn more about Dr. Madeline Levine here >>

Grab your copy of Ready or Not here >>

Jan 24, 2023
1KHO 113: The Digital Substitute: Can Technology Replace our Most Valuable Relationships? | Andy Crouch, The Life We're Looking For

I had the immense privilege of interviewing Andy Crouch for a second time! Amongst many, many accomplishments Andy is the author of the new book "The Life We're Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World."

In this episode we discussed the promises and consequences of innovation, and how technology has the power to shape our relationships and interactions with one another. Crouch shared his insight on how for the most valuable things in life, there are no digital substitutes. He also touched on the idea that technology gives us simulations of recognition that ultimately aren’t satisfying.

Crouch emphasized that so much is at stake in the way we handle technology, and how it is important for us to understand the role of machines and their need for machine-like environments to operate autonomously. He also challenged us to consider doing something harder and better, rather than just relying on technology to make our lives easier.

Overall, the interview provided a thought-provoking perspective on the impact of technology on our relationships and the way we live our lives. After listening to this one, you'll be motivated to be a "three-plane person." :) Crouch’s book offers valuable insights and practical steps for reclaiming relationships in a technological world. I highly recommend checking it out!

Learn more about Andy Crouch here >>

Check out his new book here >>



Jan 17, 2023
1KHO 112: Let the Mothers Go Out to Play! | Leah Boden, Modern Miss Mason

I finally got to meet Leah!! After years and years of being asked if I knew Leah, it actually happened and I learned what all the hype was about.

Leah is as lovely as they come and she has this way of imparting just what you need to hear. She gives us courage, she promotes freedom in our households, she reminds us to be grateful for the life we have before us, and she gives loads of practical insight beyond all of that. 

Leah speaks, hosts podcasts and coaching sessions, and runs workshops sharing the beauty of a Charlotte Mason approach to childhood, motherhood, and education.

In this episode you'll learn how to gain confidence in your parenting approach, what the true goal of education is, how to manage life when you're overwhelmed, and why the mothers should go out to play, too!

Learn more about Leah Boden at

Check out the more than seventy episodes on the Modern Miss Mason Podcast.

Grab your copy of Modern Miss Mason here

Jan 12, 2023
1KHO 111: How to Make it Past Quitter's Day | Jon Acuff, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

Our resident 1000 Hours Outside goals expert, Jon Acuff is back for a second time on our podcast to help us accomplish what we want to accomplish this coming year. The third Friday in January (1/20/23) is known as "Quitter's Day" but Jon has practical and motivating advice for making it past Quitter's Day and continuing on with our intentions.

Jon Acuff is a nine-times NeW York Times Bestselling Author as well as a INC Top 100 Leadership Speaker. You want to hear what Jon has to say! He teaches what works. With an incredible ability to break down the obstacles we face and find solutions that we can implement into our every day lives, Jon helps all of us live more fully. 

In this episode we talk through the traps of perfectionism and how to deal them in order to meet our goals. As Jon says, "Nothing gets awesome accidentally." Let's learn to be purposeful. Let's learn to be resilient. Let's learn how to take the momentum of a new year and use it to propel us forward. Even if we have more ideas that we can possibly get done, Jon has answers!

Learn more about Jon Acuff here >>

Sign up for The Guaranteed Goals Challenge that begins tomorrow, 1/10/23 here >>

Order a copy of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done here >>


Jan 09, 2023
1KHO 110: We Should Adventure Whenever We Can | Adelaide Olguin, TalkBox.Mom

Adelaide Olguin, founder of TalkBox.Mom joins us to talk adventure, worldschooling, traveling with kids of all ages, and learning new languages in a family-centered approach!  

In this episode you'll learn about a tremendous amount of things kids learn when they travel, Adelaide's budget-friendly travel secrets, how Adelaide got started traveling with her kids starting in infancy, and you'll learn all about TalkBox.Mom - a foreign language approach that gets you speaking in just seven minutes! Seriously, seven! 

Your child can be participating in project management skills and academic level research at young as toddlerhood with some of the approaches to travel Adelaide uses with her own family. You'll learn a lot from this one and be inspired that fun is worth it and whenever the opportunity for adventure arises, we should take it!

Learn more about TalkBox.Mom here >>

Get 50% off the beautifully illustrated softcover Bilingual In Nature Book that includes 45+ nature phrases in 10 different languages and comes with native speaker audio via the TalkBox.Mom Companion mobile app. Use code OUTSIDE on the check out page to get started. This special 50% off promo is only available during the month of January. After January 2023, the coupon code will work but will change to 25% off. Check it out at >>


Jan 06, 2023
1KHO 109: We are Critically Fun Starved | Michael Rucker, Ph.D. - The Fun Habit

Heading into a new year, behavioral scientist, organizational psychologist, and charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association Dr. Mike Rucker joins us to talk about his brand new book, The Fun Habit. 

Fun is essential to the development of the human brain so Mike helps us figure out how we can intentionally insert more fun into our lives. We talk about creating the space for spontaneity, about how rote memories encode in our brain as one singular memory, about why living a tapestry of different experiences leads to a happier life, about why we're meant to get bored, about the benefits of having a memento mori and more! 

This episode will help you live a better life this coming year!

Learn more about Mike Rucker here >>

Order your copy of The Fun Habit here >>

Jan 03, 2023
IKHO 108: Does This Year Matter? Then Use It. | Alastair Humphreys, The Doorstep Mile

Of all those who are releasing podcast episodes on January 1st, this one has to be up there on the motivational scale. Alastair's book The Doorstep Mile is all about getting started. Go after your silly daydream. Make the most of your opportunities instead of looking for excuses. Leave the dishes and go climb a tree with your child. Try to magine being an old man or woman and looking back on your life. Embracing new things and exposing your own personal vulnerabilities is risky, but having an empty life is risky too. Let's be a society that applauds endeavor, that embraces the amateur. 

Do this year matter? Then use it. 

Alastair Humphreys is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year as well as an author, photographer, videographer, speaker, and more! This is his third time on our podcast and he says the 1000 Hours Outside community is the most cheerful audience. If you haven't listened yet, make sure you listen to episodes 43 and 84 as well! 

Learn more about Alastair here >>

His YouTube channel is here >>

Jan 01, 2023
1KHO 107: The Greater Culture is on a Sedentary Trajectory | Katy Bowman, Move Your DNA

Movement is counterculture and as daily movement becomes less required of us our physical bodies pay the price. As Katy says, "Advancements to make our lives less physically taxing, have taxed us physically."

Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman, M.S. is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her eight books, including the groundbreaking Move Your DNA and Movement Matters, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. Her work has been featured in diverse media such as NPR, the Today Show, CBC Radio One, the Seattle Times, and Good Housekeeping.

This episode includes why myopia is increasing in children at such an alarming rate, how movement helps breast health, the differences between walking on a treadmill and overground walking, why you might consider sleeping without a pillow, several ways to make the outdoors more enticing to teens and preteens, games you can play outside while you're walking and hiking and as always, SO much more. 

Katy is always a hit. She was also on episode 9 where she talked about whole-child, whole-family ways to get everyone moving more! So check out both!!

You can find Katy at or on social media @nutritousmovement. She also hosts the Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman podcast with over 140 episodes!


Dec 29, 2022
1KHO 106: Pave Highways in a Child's Brain Through Nature Play | Kim Wilson, Nature's Path O.T.

This one includes it all. Kim covers the three sensory systems we need to know about: proprioceptive, interoception, and vestibular. She explains why kids move in the ways that they do and what their bodies are trying to accomplish through those movements. Kim walks us through occupational services for children - what the purposes are and how therapy services can help. She talks about sensory processing disorders and how nature is such a therapeutic setting.

We talk a lot in this episode about the importance of balance throughout the entirety of life and ways we can continue to work on our balance through older age. We also hit those first three years of life and the vast benefits of nature connectedness. 

Nature gives a new toolbox every season. Get your notepad and pen ready for this one!! It'll be one you save and share for sure.

Find more about Kim at

Kim is also on instagram at (@natures.path.ot)

Dec 27, 2022
1KHO 105: Letting Go of the Burden We Carry | Kirk Martin, Calm Parenting Podcast

Kirk Martin is host of the popular Calm Parenting Podcast where he shares wisdom and practical advice on dealing with "a strong-willed child who doesn't respond to consequences, argues like an attorney, and refuses to do things your way." Kirk Martin has given over 1,00,000 parents and teachers around the world practical, life-changing strategies to stop power struggles, yelling, and defiance today. Based on work with 1,500 challenging kids (many with AD/HD, OCD, ODD, ASD, etc.) in his home, and years spent in classrooms, Kirk's approach is refreshingly practical, honest, and laugh-out-loud funny!  

In this episode, we focus on normalizing anxiety (we all experience it at times!), having courage to trust your own instinct, the power of fresh air to change moods, and  watching closely the arbitrary stuff we ask of kids. There's a lot in this one... even a bonus segment at the very end (a first!)

Check out Kirk's top five podcasts here >>

Learn more about Kirk here >>

Email Celebrate Calm directly at

Dec 24, 2022
1KHO 104: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? | Glen Anderson, Youth Wilderness Experiences

This one is sooooooooooooo good. Not only will you be inspired to adventure like Glen (and maybe even send your teen on one of his trips!) but you'll be challenged to think about how much leisure, connection, and risk you are weaving into your life. We talk about the power of nature to facilitate connection and what the secret to bringing happiness is! We also talk about wandering through you life as it pertains to careers and goals. This episode will give you a lot to talk with your teens and tweens about. Finally, we cover helicopter/snowplow parenting and the concept of preparing your child for the trail, not the trail for your child.

Find more information about Youth Wilderness Experiences on Instagram at @ywe_official and on their website

Dec 22, 2022
1KHO 103: 84% of Parents Feel Rushed Every Day | Merissa A. Alink, Living Slower

This episode is about finding ways to decrease those feelings of being rushed, pressured, and overburdened. Merissa A. Alink offers simple, practical solutions for decluttering, meal planning, and dealing with perfectionism so that we have more time for the people and the things that we love. She walks us through what her family does for screen time and she has a wealth of information on her website, .

As we head into the New Year, Merissa's guidance will help expand your sense of time and keep it that way!

Dec 21, 2022
1KHO 102: Why Creativity Matters in our Broken World | Rachel Marie Kang, Let There Be Art

This is an episode about creating, about creativity, about the importance of being playful throughout your life, about imposter syndrome, and poetry, and family, and the types of things that make a simple life grand.

Rachel Marie Kang is a New York native, born and raised just outside New York City. She is founder of The Fallow House and author of Let There Be Art: The Pleasure and Purpose of Unleashing the Creativity within You. Rachel’s writing has been featured in Christianity Today, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and (in)courage. She lives and writes in North Carolina with her husband and two children.

You can find Rachel at all of the place below.

** This episode is sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Writing, or IEW. Each year at Christmas, IEW gives twelve days of gifts that consist of products, downloads, video and audio resources, and more. On the final day, they ship a special gift right to your door! Register now to take advantage of all the gifts and help your students become confident communicators. Register at

Dec 20, 2022
1KHO 101: All About Rucking | Emily McCarthy, Cofounder of Go Ruck and Jaala Shaw, Tribe Kids

Everything you ever wanted to know about rucking!! It's here in this episode! Learn about it's benefits for your health, your social life, your bone density, your sensory processing, and more! 

Emily McCarthy, Cofounder of Go Ruck and Jaala Shaw, head of Tribe Kids join us to answer the most important questions you may have about rucking (which burns significanly more calories than walking). This is a must listen to episode because this one small change has the potential to enhance so many areas of your life.

Learn more about Emily on Instagram at @emidently

Learn more about Jaala at and on Instagram at @dropbydropfitness

And definitely check out the Go Ruck website. They have loads of information as well as some amazing products. Find them at and on Instagram at @goruck

Dec 16, 2022
1KHO 100: 10 Must-Read Books for 2023 | Ginny Yurich, Founder of 1000 Hours Outside

My heart is bursting that we've made it this far. I'm filled with gratitude for all the guests and for all the listeners. 

In this episode we walk through 10 must-read books based off our top ten podcast episodes so far. 

The first 100 were an absolute blast! Here's to all that is still to come.

For this milestone episode, please take a moment to subscribe and to leave a review if you've never done that before.

Save this book list for our brand new 1000 Hours Outside Book Club that is coming in 2023.

Dec 15, 2022
1KHO 99: Make Nature Your Default | Penny Whitehouse, Mother Natured and The Muddy Chef Co-Author

I've been a huge fan of Penny's for years and years and have so enjoyed all of the gorgeous, hands-on nature ideas Penny shares through her movement Mother Natured where she aims to connect kids with nature and sprinkle more nature play into childhood. 

In this episode we discuss Penny's brand new book, The Muddy Chef that she co-authored with Emma Bear. We do a deep dive into mud kitchens and talk about the best age for mud kitchens (the answer will surprise you), the must-have utensils and tools for your mud kitchen, Penny's top three mud kitchen ingredients PLUS the key to getting kids to come back to the mud kitchen time and again. Beyond mud kitchens, we talk about safety and risk, how to bring nature indoors, what you should have in your Wildlife First Aid Kit (and other kids you should keep in your car), and why it is lovely to get your hands dirty.

Learn more about Mother Natured here >>

Check out The Muddy Chef here >>

Join the Nature Printable's Club here >> 

Dec 13, 2022
IKHO 98: When Grey Came to Stay | Amber Kuipers, Grief Literacy Advocate and Children’s Book Author

This is the first in our 1000 Hours Outside Community series that highlights families just like yours from around the globe whose lives have been changed from their 1000 Hours Outside journey. 

Amber Kuipers joins us from Ontario Canada to talk about grief literacy, an especially important topic during the holidays. She also shares her path to becoming a children’s book author (twice!), how she has overcome getting outside in the cold Canadian winters, the new children’s book she is writing with her son about their local outdoor adventures, how her family built a kick sled, and more!

You can find Amber at: and you can find her cards at

Dec 12, 2022
1KHO 97: We Tend to Take the Play Out of Learning | Daniel Heffington, Generation Joshua and Daniel Heffington Music

Meet singer/songwriter Daniel Heffington! Daniel's singing and songwriting is a side hustle that Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist says is life-enhancing in many ways. In this episode we dive into learning through games and simulations, how play enhances creativity, analog vs. digital experiences, and the importance of boredom. In both his professional life (Generation Joshua) and personal life (Daniel Heffington Music), Daniel is aiming to keep play and sensory experiences as a central part of growth and learning.

Learn more about Daniel and listen to his music here >>

Dec 09, 2022
1KHO 96: The First Thing You Make is Not Going to be the Best Thing You Make | Survival Skills with Tim Swanson, Owl Eyes Wilderness

Tim Swanson is the founder of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, a “traveling” wilderness survival school that seeks to connect people of all ages to the landscape in hopes to protect and restore our natural world. In this episode we talk about all sorts of survival skills such as shelter building, fire skills, wood carving, foraging, animal tracking, and many others. Tim walks us through how he combines many of these skills together to teach them to children and to adults. If you're close in proximity you can check out Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival in person and if you aren't you can use many of these ideas to learn yourself or incorporate them into kids' birthday parties.

Learn more about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival here >>

Check out Tim's recommended books and games here >>

Dec 02, 2022
1KHO 95: Urban, Suburban, and Small Space Gardening | Bailey Van Tassel, The Kitchen Garden Society

The garden guides and teaches us with her rhythms and seasons, filling our lives with wonder and awe. Bailey Van Tassel, founder of The Kitchen Garden Society and host of The Garden Culture Podcast joins us with all sorts of ideas for uban, suburban, and small space gardening. Learn how to weave all the benefits of gardening into your life wherever you are! In this episode we talk about the power of including our kids in our projects, the magic of watching things grow, how the garden gives and gives, the differences between companion gardening and interplanting and (you guessed it)... so much more!! :)

Learn more about Bailey Van Tassel here >>

Check out The Kitchen Garden Society here >>

Nov 30, 2022
1KHO 94: Society Has Lost its Boundaries and it’s Up to Us to Create Them I Jade Miles, Futuresteading

Jade Miles and her husband Charlie Showers run Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in north east Victoria. Black Barn Farm is a magnet for visitors to learn about permaculture, homesteading, as well as pick-their-own from some of the 98 varieties of heritage fruit and berries.

In this episode, Jade walks us through the concept of Futuresteading (the tenants of living like tomorrow matters), being a twilight owl (letting the day go in the evening and having time to reset), and why she plans her year around six seasons instead of four. I LOVE the stories Jade tells and I know you will, too!

Check out Jade's book Futuresteading, Live Like Tomorrow Matters: Practical Skills, Recipes and Rituals for a Simpler Life here >>

Learn more about Black Barn Farm here >>


Learn more about Futuresteading here >>


Nov 29, 2022
1KHO 93: Somebody Just Has to Go First | Shannan Martin, Start With Hello |

Shannan Martin is one of my favorite storytellers and she includes a never-told-before story in this episode. I cried while we were recording together and then again while editing (a first for me.)

Shannan does such a beautiful job breaking down the essence of building community and reminding us of why it is oh, so important. Feelings of loneliness are becoming more and more common but we can start with the small seeds of a smile, wave, and short conversations. We talk about so much in this one and you will learn a tremendous amount through Shannan's touching stories. Don't miss this one!

Learn more about Shannan and sign up for her newsletter at 

And check out Shannan's newest book called "Start With Hello" here >>


Nov 25, 2022
1KHO 92: Make Real Life Compelling | Andy Crouch, The Tech-Wise Family

Make real life compelling. It is a tall order but one that's on our plate as parents and caregivers. 

Andy Crouch is the author of a tremendous book called The Tech-Wise Family that is packed with stats and information but also with practical ideas for your family to give you hope. This episode includes ways to deal with our own technology use so our children don't have to compete so hard for our attention, a secret way to 'not' have the first day back after vacation be the worst day of your year, encouragement to develop skills in front of our kids and invite them to join us, the power of a candlelit dinner, the hope of neuroplasticity, and (as usual) so much more!

Learn more about Andy Crouch at

Check out The Tech-Wise Family here:

Nov 17, 2022
1KHO 91: There’s Something About a Photo That Anchors a Memory | Vanessa Quigley, Chatbooks Co-Founder

I adore Vanessa. She is full of life (and full of opera which you will hear a little bit of in this episode!) 

Learn how a simple, touching story with Vanessa's youngest son brought her into the world of entrepreneurs where so leads a team of 150 who are helping strengthen families. In this episode we talk about the power of elaborate reminiscing, how to hold on to your stories, and how printed photos remind parents that they are good parents. Vanessa discusses research done in tandem with HP about the power of a printed photo. This is your reminder and inspiration to capture (and print) the magic of everyday moments and not to forget about the grandparents who, may be feeling increasingly irrelevant or struggling with memory challenges, delight in the stories that printed photos spur on.

Learn more about Chatbooks here:

Nov 10, 2022
1KHO 90: Kids Need More Nature and We Need to Provide Them With It | Linda Akeson McGurk, The Open-Air Life | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, EP #90

Rain or Shine Mamma, Linda Akeson McGurk is back to discuss friluftsliv - a form of slow nature. Linda Akeson McGurk is a Swedish American journalist and author who believes life is better outside. Her first book, the parenting memoir There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom’s Secrets for Raising Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids (from Friluftsliv to Hygge), was published in 2017 to critical acclaim, receiving mentions in The Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times. Since then, the book has become an Amazon bestseller and been translated into five languages. The Open-Air Life: Discover the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv and Embrace Nature Every Day is her second book.

In this episode we talk about dealing with exhaustion, cultural differences surrounding time in nature, our soundscapes, dressing for the weather, and passing down a love of nature to our children. Everyone loves Linda and I know you're going to love this episode. Make sure you tune into Linda's last episode where we talk about how different types of weather help us develop grit and resilience (Episode #12). 

Learn more about Linda here:

Check out Linda's brand new book The Open Air Life here:

This episode is sponsored by 1000 Hours Outside double hammocks! Get $10 off your hammock with code "PODCAST10". Shop here:


Nov 03, 2022
1KHO 89: As the World has Become More Comfortable, We've Lost a Lot of the Things That Used to Keep Us Healthy | Michael Easter, The Comfort Crisis | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E62

Award-winning journalist and author of "The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self" joins us to talk about everything from whether our happiness depends on being comfortable, how to expand our sense of time, how much silence we need for our well-being, overcoming alcoholism, and why rucking is arguably the best exercise for women. There are SO many nuggets in this one!

Learn more about Michael Easter here:

Sign up for the 2 Percent Newsletter here:

Order your copy of The Comfort Crisis here:

Pre-order your copy of 1000 Hours Outside, Activities to Match Screen Time with Green Time here: 


Nov 01, 2022
1KHO 88: Set Your Intentions Like you Set a Table | Lana Stenner, Grace Filled Homestead | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E61

You don’t have to own a big farm to have a slower, simpler lifestyle! In this episode we talk about guarding you slow living lifestyle and putting the brakes on hustle mode. Lana actually did this!! And she tells you how she did it and how she continues to do it during this conversation. 

We talk about everything from gardening to goats, and food security to a peach-sized brain tumor Lana had removed not too long ago. She talks us through ideas about self-sufficiency and what to do when you feel like your world is falling apart. 

Learn more about Lana here:

Check out Lana's podcast here:

Purchase Lana's new book here:

This episode is sponsored by 1000 Hours Outside, Activities to Match Screen Time with Green Time published by DK Books!! It launches *worldwide* on December 20th and you can pre-order now! Here's the link to preorder: 

Oct 28, 2022
1KHO 87: The World is Open with Possibilities to Write Your Own Path | Mary Heffernan, Five Marys Farms | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E60

I don't even know where to begin with this one except that I've adored Mary Heffernan (of Five Marys Farms) for YEARS and then... I got a chance to talk with her.

The Heffernans run a massive ranch in Ft. Jones, California where they raise Black Angus cattle, Berkshire hogs, and Navajo-Churro sheep as a family - Mary, Brian, and their four daughters who are also all named Mary!! 

Mary self-describes herself as a serial entrepreneur so this episode weaves all over the place - from her first businesses as an elementary-school kid all the way through opening restaurants, moving to a ranch, writing cookbooks, offering entrepreneurship courses and more.

We talk about how empowered kids feel when they are a part of the daily caregiving of home and animals. We talk about living in a small space (the six Heffernans lived in 700 sq. feet for seven years), the importance of having a family motto, squeezing in date nights when you have a lot of kids, eating outside, and feeding large crowds.

This is a fun one! Learn more about what Five Marys Farms has to offer below and order one of Mary's cookbooks here:

Five Marys Family Style: Recipes and Traditions from the Ranch >>

Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook: Homegrown Recipes from Our Family to Yours >>

Oct 26, 2022
1KHO 86: Camping with Babies and Young Children | Laura Bruner, Radical Roots | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E59

This is the question so many of you have! How do you camp with little ones? 

Laura Bruner, founder of Radical Roots and co-host of The Modern Mamas Podcast joins us to talk about she's camped with a baby and a toddler and the things she does to make it work (including food ideas!) She'll also convince you why parenting is often easier outside and what she does when she's at her highest stress levels. 

You can learn more about Laura at:

Check out The Modern Mamas Podcast here:

This episode is brought to you by Ginny's brand new book, 1000 Hours Outside that hits the stores December 20th but is available for preorder now wherever you buy your books. Preorder here: 

Preorders are extremely helpful for authors and by preordering you can be assured that your copy will come just in time for a brand new year.

1000 Hours Outside is published by DK Books so you know it’ll be a family favorite. It is filled with exciting ideas, vibrant photos from the 1000 Hours Outside global community, activity instructions, and all the inspiration you need to keep hands-on experiences woven into your life. Preorder now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, or

Find more information on our website,


Oct 21, 2022
1KHO 85: I Didn't Know How Much Fun Family Could Be |Sally Clarkson, Giving Your Words | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E58

In an amazing turn of events I got to speak with Sally Clarkson!!!!!!

Sally has been giving life and inspiration to mothers and families for decades. Her latest book, Giving Your Words carried the reminders that I needed to be more intentional about flooding our home with words because those will help with imagination and so much more. Sally gives practical idea after practical idea in her new book as well as in this episode. She's just SO encouraging. You will feel a little lighter and you'll have good direction after this one. 

We talk about the power of home, the power of words, how words open up opportunities for our kids, the legacy we want to leave, giving people hope, imaginative play, walking and talking, and lots more. 

It's a lovely thing that Sally has such a lovely voice to give her words with :). Enjoy!

Check our Sally Clarkson here:

Order Giving Your Words here:

Oct 19, 2022
1KHO 84: If It Feels Like an Adventure to You, It 'Is' an Adventure | Alastair Humphreys, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E57

He's back!!! And he's just as entertaining, endearing, and enjoyable as ever.

Alastair Humphreys, author, keynote speaker, adventurer, film maker and blogger joins us to talk about the five books he's written that you absolutely want to have on your shelves for your kids. Through his writing, he hides education within grand stories of adventures. You'll learn about Alastair's experiences traveling around the world and then walking through Spain with nothing but a violin that used to play and make money (even though he could hardly play the violin at all!)

Take the first step. Go. Alastair implores us to break down our adventures into small bits and step out of comfort zone and live full lives. You'll learn what project Alastair has coming next, you'll hear me tear up a bit, and you'll listen to Al commiserate on how hard it is (even for a pro-adventurer) to get his own kids off screens and out the door. We even have a little book club chat near the end. 

This is one you may listen to twice and your kids will enjoy it, too!

Subscribe and share with friends.

Learn more about Alastair here:

Shop Alastair's books here:

Listen to our first podcast about Microadventures here:

Oct 18, 2022
1KHO 83: One Beautiful Journal to Rule Them All | Micah Pettes, Founder of Juniper Grove Journals | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E56

Charlotte Mason meets John Muir Laws meets modern entrepreneur, Micah Pettes in this new episode that will spark ideas and warm your heart.

The wonderful and talented founder of Juniper Grove Journals, Micah Pettes joins us to talk about the power of journaling (sketchbooks, calendar of firsts, phenology wheels, and more) as well as entrepreneurship, giving kids real world experiences before they have launched into the real world, process over product, scheduling in high-quality leisure time, how to lock in the things you've seen, encouragement to stay off your phone when you're outdoors with your kids, and how to equip your young creator. 

Micah's knowledge of both Charlotte Mason and John Muir Laws will give you practical ways to include journaling of all sorts into your home. 

I met Micah for the very first time at a conference earlier this year and her Juniper Grove Journals booth was just bustling with activity. As we head into the holiday season, the journals and accessories Juniper Grove Journals sells would make unique and delightful gifts for the special people in your life. My friends are all getting something from Juniper Grove Journals this year. They're already tucked away in my closet ready to be wrapped. (Sorry, friends for spoiling the surprise :) ). 

Check out all Juniper Grove Journals has to offer here:

If you purchase one and you think about it shoot me a picture of the fabric you chose! They're all so stunning. I have The Classic Juniper Strawberry Jam in Natural and I LOVE it!

Oct 07, 2022
1KHO 82: Perfectionism Paralyzes Us | SD Smith & JC Smith, Jack Zulu Series Co-Authors | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E55

We are so pleased to welcome SD Smith, author of the beloved Green Ember series back on our podcast for a second time.

The first time he was on we talked about the type of childhood that prepared him to be a novelist. On this episode, he is joined by his teenage son AND co-author. SD (father) and JC (son) have started a new fantasy series together and the very first book, Jack Zulu and the Waylanders Key is available for pre-order now! Books will ship in November (a great holiday gift idea!!)

This episode is about dreaming - dreaming up what is possible for your family and dreaming up what is possible in a story line. We talk about common things we all struggle with: perfectionism, parenting, risk, finishing things, and more. 

Everyone RAVES about SD Smith. He is genuine and thoughtful and this episode where he is joined by his is both heartwarming and inspiring.

SD Smith and JC Smith have combined forces to create an enchanting, mythical world full of the types of dangers that create daring heroes and heroines. Our souls crave meaningful stories and Jack Zulu delivers in a family-friendly way through memorable characters and fearless adventures. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with this brand new page-tuner, the first book of an entire series to come!

Check out the podcast and then check out the new book which is available for pre-order (a signed copy!!) Pre-orders are SO helpful for authors. It's a great way to support the writers we love!

Jack Zulu and the Waylanders Key -

SD Smith -

JC Smith -

The Green Writer Course -


Oct 05, 2022
1KHO 81: The Best Parenting Decision We've Made To Date | Molly DeFrank, Digital Detox | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E54

This is a bold statement... the best parenting decision made to date!!

Listen in to find out what it is and why you don't need to feel any shame about past screen habits with your family. We all were marketed one thing and it didn't pan out. Molly walks us through many ways to keep screens from ruling your household and reminds all of us of the tremendous influence we have as parents.

There are lots of things that come in this episode and in her book that I didn't know... about conversation, about the impact of even just having your phone out, about the amount of micro-interactions necessary to build a strong relationship.

Learn more about Molly DeFrank here:

Check out Molly's book here:

Sep 30, 2022
1KHO 80: Learning About Nature Through Song | Sara Ernst, Award-Winning Children's Author, Illustrator, & Kindie Musician | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E53

Get ready for a unique episode with award-winning children's author, illustrator, and kindie musician Sara Ernst! 

All of you with little ones need to know about Sara and the beautiful children's books she's written and illustrated as well as all of the darling music she has recorded to help all of us learn in nature and pique our curiosities. 

Sara performs two of her enchanting songs in this episode and reminds us of the power of music to help us self-soothe, move, and give us deep feelings. Music is an amazing resource to use throughout childhood.

Sara also talks about the process of writing and illustrating children's books, something that is a dream for many.

Your kids will love her music!! And with titles like It Comes from a Seed, Constellations, Clouds, Firefly, My Cocoon, and Seasons they will learn things while they listen!

Check out Sara and all she has to offer (many free things!) on her website:

And on Youtube:

Sep 27, 2022
1KHO 79: Children Who Play Creatively Are Not Lucrative to the Toy Industry | Dr. Susan Linn, Who's Raising the Kids? | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E52

We need to end the corporate takeover of childhood.

Dr. Susan Linn always has practical and pertinent information for today's parents. She's an expert on the commercialization of childhood, the values that companies are spreading that cause division in families, and the types of toys that undermine creativity.

In a gentle, supportive, and empathetic was Susan helps us find ways to protect our children's intrinsic motivation to play and create. She gives insight into what is going on behind the scenes that is contributing to nagging and guilt. 

I have gotten so much out of all three of Dr. Susan Linn's books, all published by The New Press. Her newest, Who's Raising the Kids? Big Tech, Big Business, and the Lives of Children is phenomenal. I was so thankful to get the chance to talk about the things she is continuing to learn as it pertains to the intentions of companies who are taking advantage of our need at times for convenience.

Susan was on our podcast earlier this season (season 3, episode 26) talking about the loss of middle childhood (ages 6 - 12). Both episodes are fantastic. They'll leave you with lots to ponder and lots to discuss with friends and family!

Check out Susan's brand new book here:

Learn more about Dr. Susan Linn here:


Sep 22, 2022
1KHO 78: Move at the Speed of Your Family | LaNissir James, Author + Speaker + Consultant, The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E51

What's it like recording a podcast while frantically getting ready for the news to show up last minute? You'll find out here! LaNissir is highly sought after for her momma skills (she has seven kids plus two puppies) and for her advice on roadschooling, homeschooling, Myers Briggs personality types, leadership, and so much more! 

Everyone loves LaNissir and I know you will too. Mamas who are in the early stages with little ones, you will find encouragement here. Mamas who are transitioning to new ages and stages, you will find wisdom and joy here. She reminds all of us to embrace the season that we are in right now.

Check out LaNissir's Moms Manual here:

Learn more about LaNissir here:

Sep 21, 2022
1KHO 77: There’s Not Ever Going to be the Perfect Season to Adventure | Jodi Mockabee, The Whole & Healthy Family | The 1000 Hours Outside Family, S3 E50

When you have young kids you are in the trenches, living moment by moment and trying to do the best that you can in those early years. And your kids get older, it gets easier physically but you lose the flexibility and wide-open schedules of early childhood. The point is that now is now and there won't ever be a perfect season to adventure with your family. 

Jodi Mockabee, author of The Whole & Healthy Family has crafted a lifestyle of adventure for her five children and she joins us to explain the ins and outs but she also covers getting teens outside, the importance of stamina, the benefits of being barefoot, and she also gives some beautiful homeschool advice for those who are in need of that. 

You can check out Jodi's new book, The Whole & Healthy Family here:

Learn more about Jodi on her amazing website here:

Jodi has so much to offer on her site!


Sep 20, 2022
1KHO 76: We are Humans, And We Need to Fight For Our Humanity | Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Digital Madness | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E49

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy League educated psychologist, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker and an expert on mental health, addiction, and the impacts of our digital age.

We spoke last year in season two about his phenomenal book Glow Kids that came out in 2016 where he lays the case that technology is habit-forming. At the time it was ground-breaking and controversial though now it has been established that we live in an "attention economy" and that our devices very much operate like digital slot machines.

Launching this week is a brand new book by Kardaras and per usual it is cutting edge and eye-opening. Digital Madness looks at what addictive technology and habituation is doing to our society. You don't want to miss this episode! 

There's so much in here I don't even know where to begin. Kardaras is an addiction specialist and he has the answers that we need with the metaverse on the horizon and at a unique time in history when depression is outpacing prescriptions.

Digital Madness is a total page turner! Check it out here:

Sep 14, 2022
1KHO 75: I Want My Family to Get the Best of Me, Not the Rest of Me | Jon Acuff, Author + Speaker | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E48

Jon Acuff is paving the way.

He's paving the way for his daughters as he just co-wrote a book with them (!) and he's paving the way for us with practical, relatable information that makes our lives better. 

In 2021, Jon wrote Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking and he has this way of doling out information that sticks. It slides into your brain and rolls around in there and connects with your other thoughts and helps you make more heartfelt choices.

It was an honor and a hoot to get a chance to talk with Jon about parenting topics like helping kids learn their "turn down" techniques for when life has gone haywire, like giving kids time to practice skills during childhood so that they feel prepared for adulthood, like being purposeful and present with today's relationships.

We also talk about legos.

And queso.

And skittles and failure.

Jon's daughters, L.E. and McRae wrote a sequel to Soundtracks that's geared for teens called "Your New Playlist" and Jon was their editor. 

As a New York Times Bestselling Author and INC Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Jon packs it the good stuff while being entertaining, witty, and memorable through and through.

Check out Your New Playlist here:

Learn more about Jon, his other books, his courses, and his "All It Takes is a Goal Podcast" here:

Sep 13, 2022
1KHO 74: Slowing Down to the Speed of Listening | Christine Marie Bailey, The Kindred Life | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E47

Vulnerability, grit, courage, abundance, farming, belonging, how to slow down in a busy culture, embracing change, pushing through, starting fresh, visceral connection, stoking someone else's fire, abundance, and... farming!!! 

Lovely topics with a lovely soul... Christine Marie Bailey reminds us through her book and her personal story, that it totally okay to change, and grow, and do something different with your life. We don't have to ask permission.

You can find Christine's new book, The Kindred Life here: (it's beautiful and would make a great gift!)

You can find Christine at as well as

Christine is also on Instagram at @organicstine and @thekindredfarm

Sep 08, 2022
1KHO 73: We're Going to Get to the End and We're Not Going to Care About a lot of Things | Todd Wilson, The Familyman | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E46

Todd Wilson sure does live up the hype. You're gonna laugh and cry your way through this one.

Todd helps us answer pertinent questions like:

* How to choose relationships when there's so much to do?

* How to help you and your children smile more?

* How to stop focusing so much on the future?

*How to remember what matters amidst the busyness of our world?

Learn more about Todd at: and

Sep 07, 2022
1KHO 72: Be a Relentless Defender of Your Family Culture | Ainsley Arment, Wild + Free | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E45

It's so hard to turn down good opportunities. 

In this episode, headed into the back-to-school season we talk about defending the type of family that we want to have. We celebrate children blooming at their own pace. We discuss the often ignored gifts of motherhood and parenting. 

Ainsley Arment's newest book, The Wild + Free Family reminds us that if we don't make decisions about our family's values, then society will make it for us.

Time is clicking by. This podcast episode will remind you to look at the children you have and celebrate all that they are and all that they are interested in, even when those things aren't what society would deem as awardable.

Ainsley is the founder of the Wild + Free movement which includes six books, content bundles, curriculum, meet-up groups, a podcast, conferences, and even a farm village that hosts family camps and more! 

Ainsley has such a beautiful way with words. You'll love this episode and her brand new book. 

Purchase Wild + Free Family here:

Learn more about Wild + Free here:

We're so grateful for today's podcast sponsor, Toups and Co Organics. Toups and Co is owned and run by a homeschool mom of four, Emilie Toups. Toups and Co believes people deserve amazing skincare and makeup that works without hormone disrupting toxins.

You can find them here:

Get 10% off your order with code "1000hours"

Sep 01, 2022
1KH0 71: Are We Modeling that Adulthood is a Big Bore? | Linda Flanagan, Take Back the Game | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E44

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I learned SO much from Linda Flanagan's brand new book "Take Back the Game, How Money and Mania are Ruining Kids' Sports, and Why it Matters."

Not only did I learn a lot about things like the college admissions process and what's going on behind the scenes, why kids' sports have become such a big deal over the past two decades, the dangers of early sports specialization and more but her book also left me SO much to ponder.

Ever since reading the book I've been thinking about how we are presenting adulthood in our home. I've been thinking about the importance of relationship and if the choices we are making regarding our time is supporting quality relationships. I've been thinking about the simple, family times like dinner together that truly matter. And I've been thinking about sibling cohesiveness.

Linda has done a masterful job of writing a book that pertains to all parents, whether they are heavily involved in youth sports or not. She touches on our anxiety about the future, about our vulnerabilties, and about our deep-seated search for meaning and significance.

Her book is fantastic and this conversation is eye-opening and will leave you with a lot of things to think about.

Check out Linda's new book here:

You can also find Linda on twitter at @LindaFlanagan2 .

Aug 26, 2022
1KHO 70: 85% of the Jobs That Will Exist in 2030 Haven’t Been Created Yet | Ryan Collins, CEO of Bethel Tech | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E43

What’s coming and how we should be preparing our children?

Ryan Collins, President and CEO of Bethel Tech gives us a solid view into current trends in the job market and what the future may hold.

He explains why character traits such as trustworthiness, empathy, brave communication, healthy relationship and community are highly sought after characteristics by employers and he helps us understand why childhood is meant for play. Ryan reminds us that "Play is the impetus for creativity." Screens can come later. In fact, with little or no background in tech at all it takes just nine months to become proficient enough to land a high paying career in a rapidly changing job market.

This episode is fascinating. We discuss aligning the future of education with the future of work and Ryan explains how they are doing that right now at Bethel Tech.

Bethel Tech is the first and only Christian coding school in the world. Located just over three hours from Silicon Valley, they are getting invited into places like Facebook, IBM, Google and Apple because of the quality of graduates they are churning out.

Their brand-new high school program kicks off on September 12, 2022 so make sure you listen in before then! This is an episode for everyone to listen to and pass on because you'll walk away with a lot of insight on today's fast moving labor markets, many of which no longer require a four (or even two) year degree. Bethel Tech provides options for high schoolers, college aged students (think gap year), and career pivoters of any age.

Bethel Tech offers what so many need right now and they are also continuing to look into the future to adapt their educational offerings to iterate and to continue to align with the needs of companies.

Bethel Tech is offering a $50 tuition reduction off each of their high school courses and $1000 off of their full program to 1000 Hours Outside listeners. Be sure to mention it when you hit the "I'm interested" button.

Learn more here:

Aug 24, 2022
1KHO 69: Messiness is Therapeutic and Helps Kids Deal with Perfection Issues | Sandi Schwartz, Finding Ecohappiness | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E42

Sandi Schwartz, author of Finding Ecohappiness joins us to talk about so many things I've never heard of before relating time interacting with nature and our overall wellbeing (both in childhood and adulthood).

We discuss the new emerging science of awe, lessons we can learn in the garden, Attention Restoration Theory, and more! We talk about differnet Citizen Science opportunities that are available, blue zones, and why we should all float more :). 

Sandi's book is so comprehensive and this podcast episode is as well! 

You can learn more about Sandi and ecohappiness here:

Aug 18, 2022
1KHO 68: The Brain is Designed to Remember Shocking Things | Kristen Jenson, Defend Young Minds | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E41

Kristen A. Jenson is the founder of Defend Young Minds (formerly Protect Young Minds®) and #1 best-selling author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books, which have translations in 10 languages and are now augmented by a guidebook for professionals which supports child therapists and educators. She is also the executive producer of the Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum—a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators.

Kristen is a positive voice for raising empowered, resilient, screen-smart kids who know how and why to reject pornography. She instills hope and confidence and leaves her audiences with pragmatic advice they can act on immediately to defend young minds.

Kristen has raised her strong voice at international conferences and symposiums such as the United Nations Civil Societies Conference and the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit.

She has testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography, and she is a trusted guest on a variety of media platforms as she speaks up for defending children from pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation.

Join us as we seek to educate ourselves, empower our children, and keep the conversation going!

Learn more about Defend Young Minds here: Website:

Aug 16, 2022
1KHO 67: We Underestimate the Power of Family | Kim John Payne, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3

I think you're going to listen to this one twice. Maybe three times. I cried while editing it and I can hardly believe I got to speak with Kim John Payne a second time. 

Payne's newest book, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens launches this week and it left me slack-jawed. Like all of Payne's other books, he covers so many pressing topics in both practical and memorable ways and then, in these conversations, he somehow is able to expound even more. 

In just sixty minutes we cover the crucial topic of family being a safe harbor and how as a lot of the structures of the past fall away we have to step up and strengthen the family base camp. We cover bullying - in all forms including online, exclusion, teasing, and more and the ways to coach kids through. Bullying doesn't just affect one child, it affects the entire family. We discuss "turning down the faucet" instead of spending childhood mopping up the spillage.  We talk about rites of passage in other cultures and the ways in which those are related to enduring ongoing social turbulence. Payne shares a secret near the end... and it's a good one. 

We had the conversation and I took notes. I listened back to edit it and I took notes. It's just so good. A golden nugget of my parenting years. 

The things we can teach our tweens, teens and even younger children about being emotionally resilient will help us as well in our adult lives.

There aren't many books I recommend having on your shelves as reference, but this is definitely one. 

You can purchase a copy here:

Sign up for a free live book launch workshop on Thursday 8/18 at 8:30 ET here:

It's free but you have to register. I'll be there too!!

Learn more about Kim John Payne and all of his wonderful books here. As Kim says, "Parenting is too important to not enjoy it."

Aug 11, 2022
1KHO 66: 22 National Parks in 2022 | Kyana Miner, Black Adventure Mom | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E39

As seen on Good Morning America, Kyana Miner adventures with her family and then helps other families join in by providing all the tips and tricks you need as a parent to follow in the Miner's footsteps. 

With concise, bulleted lists Kyana (both on Instagram and her website) walks through the ins and outs and their travels with four young kids, explaining their favorite spots, how long the hikes are, what's near by, and so much more. 

As campers, bikers, skiers, and hikers the Miners sure do know how to adventure! Kyana also talks about the powerful sibling bonds they are forming, the benefits of being barefoot, how to deal with fear as a mother and so much more.

The Miners are traveling through many National Parks this month, August 2022!!

You can follow along on their adventures over on Instagram @blackadventuremom or on Kyana's website:

Aug 09, 2022
1KHO 65: What To Do When Fear Sucks the Joy Out of Your Family | Jennifer Pepito, Mothering By the Book | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E38

My lovely friend, Jennifer Pepito wrote an extraodinary and unique book about the lessons we can learn as parents through the read aloud stories we share with our children. 

In this episode, we dive straight into so many of the fears we hold of not doing enough, of the baby years, of kids falling being, of being along, and so much more and then the process of finding hope and the answers to many of our fears through the literature that we read.

We discuss comparison, habits, and even the power of singing! 

You can find Jennifer's new book wherever books are sold but if you purchase here there are some fun freebies:

Jennifer is also the founder of The Peaceful Press where she carries beautiful learning resources for children. Learn more here:

Aug 04, 2022
1KHO 64: Turning Back to Traditional Toys | Sarah Baldwin, President of Bellaluna Toys | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E37

Sarah sings us the most beautiful little song in this episode!!! It's SO lovely and heartwarming. Goodness, there is so much in this hour. We talk about rhythm and why it's espeically importat in the early years. We discuss how every seven years we reach a new stage of development - and this occurs throughout our life! We touch on heirloom quality toys, open-ended toys, and the characteristics of traditional toys. We touch on creating our own village because we were never meant to parent in isolation. Music is woven into this epsiode as is the power of being present and the important reminder to set our phones down more when we're with our children.

You've gotta listen! There's so much here! 

We recorded this is honor of the 20th anniversary of Bella Luna toys and so as president Sarah walks through her three career stages and that is fascinating as well. 

All in all, you'll walk away with so much.

Happy 20th anniversary, Bella Luna Toys!!! Check them out here:

Check out Sarah's blog here:

And watch some of Sarah's YouTube videos here:

Aug 03, 2022
1KHO 63: Technology that Supports Healthy Human Behavior | Russell York, Cosmo Technologies | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E36

It's been 15 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone and as Russell York, CEO of Cosmo Technologies puts it we have "blazed past some disturbing mile markers."

Many are starting to take another look at the role of technology in our lives and beginning to determine ways to intentionally use it as a tool rather than being the end product that is used by technology as it collects our data, our money, and our time.

Through Cosmo Technologies and the JrTrack Kids Smartwatch, Russell York and team are proactively providing solutions that bring back balance by providing desperately needed tech options to parents. Why is there very little middle ground when it comes to technology - especially technology for kids? Why doesn't Apple have a kid's phone? Google? The answer which we discuss in this podcast episode is fairly shocking.

This is hard time to be a parent. Thankfully, companies like Cosmo Technologies are making it easier to "Take Back the Neighborhood!"

Join us as we discuss the disconnected childhood experience, how to grapple with addictive screen devices, and what option we have as parents to help give our kids more freedom and more memorable and meaningful outdoor play moments.

Learn more about the JrTrack 2 Kids GPS smartwatch here:

Get 30% off your order with code: "1000HOURS"

Jul 28, 2022
1KHO 62: Parenting is a Constant Lowering of Expectations | Lindsay Ford, Positive Parenting Solutions | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E35

Parenting coach, Lindsay Ford encourages all of us to keep taking steps forward because with each new step you're gathering new information and you'll find clarity.

Parenting is an ever-changing endeavor and Lindsay helps us sort out many of the pertinent questions and issues such as tantrums, dealing with fear and worry, and why some kids are easier than others. 

You can learn more about Lindsay and check out her free parenting class called How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling, Threats or Bribes at

Jul 25, 2022
1KHO 61: Resist the Urge to Overly Structure Childhood | Luis Fernando Llosa, Beyond Winning | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E34

When kids have adult-directed activities filling every nook and cranny of their childhoods, they lose the ability to be a self-starter. They miss out on key developmental periods where the experiences of simple play help them learn to be creative and adaptable.

Kim John Payne (author of Simplicity Parenting and many other books) co-wrote a book called "Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment" with Luis Fernando Llosa and Scott Lancaster and it probably wouldn't have been a book I would've initially picked up but Kim introduced us to Luis and I'm so thankful the path of my life led me to this book.

It is filled with rich parenting and life insights. While youth sports culture is sufficiently covered, so are a considerable amount of other topics that are timely and needed for today's parents. We discuss the power of play, boredom, the upcoming job market, the gift of anticipation, peer mentoring, learning for mastery, how to respond to loss and failure, what should define success in childhood and in life, and more!

Beyond Winning went right to the top of my list as a favorite parenting book.

You can learn more about Luis at Whole Child Sports:

You can purchase Beyond Winning (and many other phenomenal books) here:

Finally, you can pre-order Luis's newest book with Kim John Payne that releases August 9th, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens here:

Jul 21, 2022
1KHO 60: We Have Forgotten How to Have an Ordinary Time | Pam Lobley, Why Can't We Just Play | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E33

I laughed and snorted and cried and reflected through the entirely of Pam Lobley's book, Why Can't We Just Play - What I did When I Realized My Kids Were Too Busy

This podcast episode has it all. We walk through all the familiar feelings of motherhood and parenting - lonliness, hollowness, fear, pressure, competitiveness, guilt, nervousness but above all love. 

Pam reminds us, in a comical way that I've rarlely seen in parenting books, that we don't get these years back. Eras end. 

So how can we step off the engine train of activities? How can we follow a clear vision for our family? How can we lower expecations in a good way and remind ourselves that the overwhelm and exhaustion we feel is very normal?

I recommend Pam's book beyond reservation. 

Through August 1st, 2022 you can get a copy through Pam's editor for 40% off with the code "PLAY." Check it out here:

And follow Pam on Instagram for news about an online book she'll be running in the future.


Jul 14, 2022
1KHO 59: Brand New Nature Curriculum |Ginny Yurich & Julie Schultz, Add the Wonder Nature Curriculum |The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E32

I am thrilled to announce the brand new official 1000 Hours Outside nature curriculum: Add the Wonder Nature Curriculum available beginning July 12, 2022. 

Download sample pages and learn more here:

This new resource, created by Ginny Yurich, M.Ed. and founder of 1000 Hours Outside alongside Julie Schultz, homeschooling mother of 8, is designed to be cross-curricular, multi-age, and affordable; but more than that it, was written to capture attention through the fascinating things and interconnections that are already embedded in our world. It's a perfect fit for home educators, nature schools, grandparents, summer learning, and classroom teachers!

John Taylor Gatto said, "There are as many ways to be come educated as their are fingerprints." Join us in a conversation about childhood and about learning!


Jul 08, 2022
1KHO 58: We Only Need Five Good Friends - The Science of Fun and Relationships | Dr. Michael Rucker, The Fun Habit | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E31

We all want to have a little bit more fun!! How much fun do we need? What consistutes as fun? What are some fun ideas?

Dr. Michael Rucker, authoer of the upcoming book The Fun Habit is on a mission to help the world have more fun.

In this episode we explore a lot of the science behind having fun as we touch on autonomy, situational intimacy, exploring uncertainty, friendship, personality traits surrounding what's considered fun, and much more!

You can find out more about Mike, about his upcoming book, and about the science behind fun on his website:


Jul 01, 2022
1KHO 57: Just Because Someone Else is Winning, Doesn't Mean You're Losing - The Secrets to Finding Contentment | Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E30

Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author (twice!) and daughter of personal finance expert Dave Ramsey joins us right at the kick-off a new season to discuss crafting the life we want through intentional choices.

We talk through the subjects of jealousy and comparison - which are sometimes hard to steer clear of in a social-media drenched world. 

We discuss increase in prices and how to still create a fulfilling summer filled with memorable experiences in a way that doesn't break your budget.

You can learn more about Rachel and her amazing books at her website, where you'll find so many free resources such as quick and easy dinner recipes as well as budget-friendly vacations!

Jun 27, 2022
1KHO 56: Bringing a Consumer's Mindset to Club Sports | Priscilla Tallman, NCAA Mindset Coach | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E29

With a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Priscilla Tallman who is an author and NCAA mindset coach walks us through the world of club sports and what to be on the lookout for as parents.

Club sports have changed over the past several generations and it's important to be a shrewd consumer when it comes to involvement.

Tallman walks us through how to determine if your program matches your family's value systems? How much is too much? What is the end goal? What are children looking to get out of team sports? Does that change with age? What is the measure of success when it comes to childhood sports teams? How to talk to your kids about tough games? What percentage of kids go on to a collegiate level and how do their childhood sports experiences affect them later on in life? And so much more!!!

You can learn more about Priscilla and find her journals for athletes here:

Jun 15, 2022
1KHO 55: All Things Aquatic - Swimsuit Colors, Life Jackets, Swim Lessons, and More! | Chris Whipple, Whipple Aquatics & Safety | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E28
Chris Whipple, Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer Educator with the American Red cross, has been supervising and managing a variety of aquatic settings over the past 15+ years. He is also a nationally registered EMT, a part president of the Association of Aquatic Professionals, and was a subject matter expert for the current release of the American Red Cross lifeguarding program. 
Today Chris joins us to talk about all things aquatics and water safety. He answers many questions that also came in via social media channels covering many topics including swim lessons, life jackets, swimsuit colors, open-water swimming, and so much more! 
In 2020, Chris also founded Whipple Aquatics and Safety to help bring training and education to as many people as possible to keep them safe in and out of the water. You can find more about many of the topics we talked about here:
Jun 09, 2022
1KHO 54: It's Okay to Say "Not Yet," The Power of Delaying Smartphones and Social Media | Brooke Shannon, Wait Until 8th | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E27

Find the answers to so many of your tech questions here.  

Brooke Shannon, mother of three and founder of Wait Until 8th walks us through the immense challenges we face today in regards to technology with new insight, practical tips, and encouragement to stay the course.

Wait Until 8th, Let Kids be Kids Just a Little Longer is a pledge that will empower parents to rally together to delay the smartphone at least until 8th grade.  By banding together, this will decrease the pressure within the child’s grade to have a smartphone. 

Learn more about Wait Until 8th here:

Jun 02, 2022
1KHO 53: A Place to Belong | Amber Johnston, Heritage Mom | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E25

A manifesto. 

A memoir.

And a guide.

Amber Johnston's brand new book, A Place to Belong: Celebrating Diversity and Kinship in the Home and Beyond launched this week and it was an honor and a joy to be able to have a conversation about "curating a culturally rich home library, fostering open dialogue, and raising socially conscious kids." Amber's new book answers so many questions she's been personally asked over the years. It has a beautiful breadth and depth to it with so many practical takeaways and lots to ponder and learn.

Find out more about Amber at:

Learn more about Amber's new book here:

Jun 01, 2022
1KHO 52: The Loss of Middle Childhood (ages 6 - 12) I Dr. Susan Linn, Author, Psychologist, & Award-Winning Ventriloquist | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E26

Dr. Susan Linn is an author, psychologist, and award-winning ventriloquist (so fun!) and she has changed the world with her two books, Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood and The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World.

You may have seen her in some episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood growing up!

We dive into so many pertinent topics in this episode including:

*The loss of middle childhood (age 6 - 12) and why it matters

*KAGOY (Kids are growing older younger)

*Kids learn how to learn through play and it improves the executive function of their brain

*How corporations exploit kid's vulnerabiltiies

And so much more!!

Dr. Linn has a new book releasing this September called "Who's Raising the Kids? Big Tech, Big Business, and the Lives of Children." She has so much to offer parents and caregivers. You're going to get a lot out of this one!

Jun 01, 2022
1KHO 51: Outdoor Kids in an Inside World | Steven Rinella, Founder of MeatEater | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E24

Learn how to hang out with the cool people when you're older. :)

Steven Rinella is a father, outdoorsman, writer, and wild-foods enthustiast. Creator and host of the television show MeatEater and the MeatEater Podcast, Rinella just launched a phenomenal new books for parents called "Outdoor Kids in an Inside World."

Time in nature teaches kids resourcefulness and discipline. In the great outdoors, they learn how to deal with disappointments, challenges, annoyances and they gain a new appreciation for conveniences. 

In this episode, Rinella inspires us to include our kids in the things we love. He reminds us of how powerful our own moods are within our homes. And he encourages us, through his personal trials and failures, with a message that challenging things can be extremely rewarding.

Purchase Steven's new book here:

Learn more about Steven here:

May 12, 2022
1KHO 50: Seeking Out the Beauty of Something Different | Greta Eskridge, 100 Days of Adventure | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E23

Feel the pull of real, tangibile experiences that cause our children and cause us to look up and behold the beauty of the world around us and of relationships.

Join us as we discuss Greta's lastest book, 100 Days of Adventure and talk about things like the lost art of knot tying, taking a book road trip, finding engagement in simple things, getting our hands dirty and so much more! 

You can learn more about Greta here:

Purchase your copy of 100 Days of Adventure here:

May 12, 2022
1KHO 49: Don't Live Your Life By Watching Others Live Theirs | Diane Boden, Minimalist Moms Podcast | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E22

How do we juggle it all? The cooking? The cleaning? Work? Activities?

Diane Boden, host of Minimalist Moms Podcast since 2016 joins us we cover all sorts of practical ways to priortize experiences over posessions.

Learn about:

*The one minute rule

*The "heck yes" mentality

*Putting down your phone and picking up your life

*JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out)

and so much more!

A special part of this episode is that there are lot of precious kid "interupptions" - a sweet reminder that perfection isn't necessary and relationships trump all.

Find out more about Diane and her podcast here:

Find Diane's book here:


Apr 28, 2022
1KHO 48: Gifting a Childhood and Restoring Wonder | Ainsley Arment, Wild + Free | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E21

Reclaiming wonder in childhood, how children learn, the ripple effects of entrepreneurship, the beauty of motherhood, you are the expert on your child, ... and so much more! There are so many themes in this podcast episode with Ainsley Arment, founder of Wild + Free and author of The Call of the Wild + Free.

Ainsley has been instrumental in fostering deep relationships all around the world through the Wild + Free movement. She has a way with words and an outlook on life and parenting that will touch your soul.

You can learn more about Ainsley and Wild + Free here:

Apr 22, 2022
1KHO 47: If We Let Kids Pursue Their Own Interests and We Support Them, They Will Learn | Dr. L. Carol Scott, Psychologist and Author | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E20|

Relationships are at the heart of all our success. Listen in as Dr. L. Carol Scott walks us through how children because self-aware through interaction with people and the environment and through play experiences during the ages of birth to seven. 

And learn how we can implement "development do-overs" if we missed some of the key components. 

Carol also discusses why it's important to take a step back when kids are trying new things since they are born learners and are naturally curious explorers.

You can find Carol on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and on her website. And if you are interested in her free Bookette you can email her at .

Apr 15, 2022
1KHO 46: Let's Do Hard Somewhere Beautiful | Nichole Holze, Responsibly Brave | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E19

Parenting can be grueling - but often it is exhausting no matter whether we are inside or outside. Build your adventure muscles with Nichole Holze and learn right alongside your kids that you all can do hard things. 

Nichole walks you through the ins and outs of finding the best places to adventure for your family at the stage of life you're in right now. She teaches you how to adventure responsibly and she reminds us all that the outdoors is such a balm to a soul that is struggling.

Learn more about Nichole here:

Check out Nichole's Gumroad Shop here: 

Or find Nichole on Instagram: @coleyraeh or by using the following hastags:






Apr 09, 2022
1KHO 45: Trusting Your Own Parenting Judgement | Jennifer Pepito, The Peaceful Press - S2 E18

Parenting is a journey, not a science. As we learn to trust our kids, we also learn to trust ourselves and our judgement. 

This podcast episode is filled with beautiful wisdom from mom of seven, Jennifer Pepito. She walks us through the harrowing years of toddlerhood all the way through the even more harrowing years of young adults.

Learn more about Jennifer Pepito here:

Mar 31, 2022
1KHO 44: Our Feet Are the Ultimate Technology, Conversation with a Podiatrist | Andy Bryant, Melbourne Natural Podiatry | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E17


Wide, Thin, Flat, Flexible - This is what to look like in a shoe. We need to free our feet because our feet are the ultimate technolgy and by not allowing them to be used in the way that they are designed we put stress on other parts of our bodies, like our hips and and knees.

The ground will stabalize your foot. The ground will mobilize your foot. Learn why you want to have as little between your foot and the ground as possible!

You'll even learn a little about the history of shoes and why the majority of them look the way that they do.

Learn more about Andy here:

And here:

Mar 25, 2022
1KHO 43: Microadventures: Because Even Small Adventures Are Better Than None at All | Alastair Humphreys | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E16
I read Alastair's book, Microadventures and then had the immense pleasure of speaking with him for an hour and we've already made some changes around our home due to his influence. We're trying to cook and eat outside more. We're searching out new places to go. We're thinking differently about our time. 

Alastair is witty and endearing, and even more than that he'll remind you of what's out there and how the simplest of nature experiences will always be with us. 

We will definitely be reading his other books!!  

Learn more about Alastair here:

Check out all 13 of his books here:

Mar 18, 2022
1KHO 42: School Outside All Day?! Learn More About Forest Kindergarten | Lida Lawrence, The Waldorf School of Baltimore | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E15

Have you ever heard of Forest Schools, but weren't really sure how they worked?

Join me and Forest Kindergarten teacher, Lida Lawrence, as we explore how The Waldorf School of Baltimore transitioned nearly two years ago to full day, outdoor Forest Kindergarten. We discuss how primarily 'indoor' activities like art and reading, and even eating lunch, translate out-of-doors, and you'll get a glimpse of a typical day for Lida and her students. 

The extra year of play-based learning in a setting like this, coupled with the delay in formal academics is truly a gift for these children. 

You can learn more about the school at 

Mar 15, 2022
1KHO 41: Toys That Preserve the Creativity of the Child | Drew Vernon, Tonies | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 - E14

Stories, and storytelling, are such wonderful and even magical components of our lives - and especially the lives of our children. With the pressures to purchase toys to enhance development, we want to use the toys that nature provides us as well as toys that preserve the creativity of the child. 

Drew Vernon, Marketing Director of Tonies, joins us to talk about how the stories we fall in love with in the early days and years of our lives transcend simple entertainment - they teach us about the world and about each other. 

Join us as we talk about Drew's work with another iconic toy brand, and learn how his recent work at Tonies, with their tactile, screen-free Toniebox, is helping introduce pre-readers and developing readers to the wonders of narrative story telling. 

When children can just 'listen' to a story versus 'seeing' it played out in front of them, it sparks the creativity in their brain and challenges them to bring the story to life all on their own, using their imagination. 

You can get 15% off certain Tonies products with the code "toniepodcast" - certain restrictions do apply. 

Mar 13, 2022
1KHO 40: Your Garden is Your Friend | Sharon Lovejoy, Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E13

Depending on where you live, gardening season is either already here or it's right around the corner.

Of all the gardening books I've come across and read, Sharon Lovejoy's stand alone as my all-time favorite - and especially Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots which is a beloved book by so many all around the world.

Sharon joins us for a second time to help us kick off the gardening season with ideas of things to grow, practical tips, and the reminder that even a small victory like one pumpkin will bring more joy and delight than you can imagine.

Use gardening as a tool to help your mental health and your physical health. You can garden in the city like Sharon does or in the country - it doesn't matter where you live. The things that you plant will create mini worlds and you'll experience so much reward! 

My sincere gratitude to Sharon for joining us not one, but twice on the 1000 Hours Outside podcast. In our earlier episode (season 2, episode 15) we take an in-depth look at all the fantastic books Lovejoy has written over the years. 

Purchase your copy of Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots here:

Mar 07, 2022
1KHO 39: The Run Wild My Child Treasure Hunt & More | Sara McCarty | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E12

Run Wild My Child is your online destination for all things kid-friendly and outdoorsy and they have so many fun things coming up this spring and summer like a photography challenge, a camping challenge and even a nationwide treasure hunt! Learn about the fabulous resources that Run Wild My Child provides, hear about the team that founder Sara McCarty has built, and discover practical advice for all your family outdoor adventures. 

Find more about Run Wild My Child Here:

Register for the Treasure Hunt Here:

Mar 04, 2022
1KHO 38: Being Outside as a Kid Saved Me | Andrea Davis, Better Screen Time | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E11

Andrea Davis is the founder of Better Screen Time. She has a BA in secondary education. However, her greatest learning has come from being in the tech trenches as a stay-at-home-mom.

In this episode Andrea talks about her guide, “Creating a Tech-Healthy Family, 10 Must-Have Conversations to Help You Worry Less and Connect More With Your Kids” and gives practical and pertinent information for parents who are navigating screen usage in their family.

Learn more about Andrea and Better Screen Time here:

Purchase Andrea’s tech guide here:

Feb 28, 2022
1KHO 37: Children in Loving Homes Can Still Feel Unseen | Leslie Martino | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E10
Leslie is captivating from the moment you meet her. She offers incredible resources that teach you how to thrive at home... she even offers a four-week coaching program called "Thrive at Home."

This podcast episode is filled with ideas about intentionality, connection, and learning how to ensure children feel seen and visible in the home.

Find more about Leslie Martino here:

Sign up for coaching with Leslie here:

Find freebies, workshops, and other resources here:

Feb 25, 2022
1KHO 36: The Undeclared War On Childhood | Kim John Payne | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E9
Simplicity Parenting is a book that has touched hundreds of thousands of families around the globe. It certainly up-ended many of my thoughts on parenting and changed the course of our family in so many ways for the better. I consider it a must read for any parent. 

Simplicity Parenting is just one of eight books written by Kim John Payne. In this episode, he goes above and beyond is written words and clarifies, explains, validates, inspires, and reminds us of what is truly important. And then he points us to the future. Play is what will best prepare our children for it.

Discover the extraordinary power of the ordinary with Kim John Payne.

Purchase your copy of Simplicity Parenting here:

Pre-order Emotionally Resilient Teens & Tweens here:


Feb 17, 2022
1KHO 35: Change the World and Do What Matters | Clare Fieseler & Gabby Salazar, National Geographic Explorers | 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E8
Clare Fieseler and Gabby Salazar met in the first class of National Geographic's Young Explorers. Over the past ten years, they have built a strong friendship and recently launched a new middle grades book together called No Boundaries: 25 Women Explorers and Scientists Share Adventures, Inspiration and Advice Clare and Gabby spotlight 25 women from all walks of life and from all around the world that are on the front lines of science and exploration today. These women may not look like what you'd think of when you think of science, but they are each changing the world in their own ways.

In No Boundaries, Clare and Gabby highlight a mountain climber, a mammalogist, a volcanologist, a long distance hiker, an archeologist, a paleontologist, a Florida springs diver, two photographers, and many more inspiring women. Each woman gives practical advice to anyone who is pushing boundaries!! 

This is a great one for your young scientist to listen to!

Purchase your copy of No Boundaries here:

Feb 14, 2022
1KHO 34: Having A Porn Plan | Greta Eskridge| The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E7
Greta Eskridge, @maandpamodern on Instagram, is back on the podcast to discuss pornography!

The average age of a child's first exposure to pornography is 11 years old. Tune in to hear helpful tips on how to discuss this topic with your kids now or in the future at the appropriate time.

Learn more about Greta at

Order her first book, "Adventuring Together", here:

And check out her newest book, "100 Days of Adventure", which is available for pre-order here:

Feb 10, 2022
1KHO 33: Parenting Without Blue Ribbons & Bumper Stickers - A Deep Dive Into the World of Charlotte Mason | Amber Johnston, Heritage Mom | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E6
Amber Johnston, aka "Heritage Mom" (@heritagemomblog on Instagram) is an expert when it comes to Charlotte Mason and providing a life-giving home. Her website,, is a treasure trove of information.

In this episode we discuss the tried and true tenets of the Charlotte Mason philosophy on education that have withstood the test of time over the last century. Who knew educational philosophy could be so interesting? :) 

Find out more about Amber at

Pre-order her brand new book, A Place to Belong, here:

Feb 03, 2022
1KHO 32: What's Normal? | Joel Salatin, The Lunatic Farmer | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E5

Joel Salatin, known as "The Lunatic Farmer, has influenced me personally in so many realms of my life. He's caused me to look differently at everything from daily living to the food we eat, to the entertainment we consume, to vacations, to entrepreneurship, to parenting...he really covers it all, and so does this podcast. 

Joel's farm, Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA, is one of the most famous farms in the world and services more than 5,000 families. Learn more about the farm at Learn more about Joel and his 12 published books at

Jan 27, 2022
1KHO 31: How to Compete with the Stimulation of Screens | Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D. | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E4

If only.

If only screens were as innocuous as we wished they were.

Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D. and author of "Glow Kids, How Screen Addiction is Hijacking our Kids - And How to Break the Trance" walks through information every parent, teacher and caregiver should know about screens and brain development. 

Kids today are losing their ability to even stack and play with blocks. 

This episode will give you the tools that you need to hold off on screens a little more often and make space for more relationships and more of the good life.

Purchase your copy of Glow Kids here:

Learn more about Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D. here:

Jan 20, 2022
1KHO 30: Homeschool Special | Durenda Wilson| The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E3

Join us as we discuss author Durenda Wilson's new book, "The 4 Hour School Day", how children learn so much just by living in the world, and how you can move forward with home education in spite of fear. 

Durenda has more than 25 years of home education experience and has 8 kids and 6 grandchildren. Her own children spent countless hours of their childhood playing outdoors and she credits much of their success to having a lot of opportunity to play freely. 

Find Durenda's book, "The 4 Hour School Day", here!

Jan 17, 2022
1KHO 29: We Must Reinsert Movement Into Childhood | Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E2

Carla Hannaford wrote a book that revolutionized much of what I thought about learning and childhood. Movement is truly at the heart of learning and development, especially for children and yet we continue, more and more, to confine them to sitting spaces... in the name of education!

If we want our children's brains to work faster, we must allow them to move.

Learn more about Carla here:

Purchase a copy of Smart Moves here:

Jan 13, 2022
1KHO 28: Research Supports Setting Kids Free | Teacher Tom | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S3 E1

Early childhood educator, international speaker, education consultant and author, Tom "Teacher Tom" Hobson reminds us that being self-motivated, getting along with others and being personable are key factors for a lifetime of success and happiness. 

Research confirms that setting kids free to play is the best way for them to learn these skills. 

Learn more about Teacher Tom here:

Jan 06, 2022
1KHO 27: If We Slow Down, Will We be Left Behind? | Erin Loechner |The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E21

Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow, founder of Design for Mankind as well as Other Goose, takes us on a journey through her own life and discusses how truly difficult it can be to slow down. 

There is a lot of fear surrounding doing less. Maybe we will be left behind or thought less of? Maybe we will pass up a really good opportunity?

In this episode we talk parenting, imperfection, and surrender. We talk about Erin's husband's brain tumor and how they manage that as a family. We talk about choosing to run a different race, heading toward a different type of finish line than the majority of those around us... and then being okay to lose that race.

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. But simple is still worth pursuing.

Purchase your copy of Chasing Slow here:

Check out Design for Mankind here:

Learn more about Other Goose here:

Dec 23, 2021
1KHO 26: Hope For the Under-Resourced Parent | Pam Leo | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E20

Maybe you, like I am, are struggling - muddling your way through this parenting thing. Pam Leo, offers so much hope in this episode for any parent or caregiver who feels under-resourced, who feels like they're not giving enough or not quite hitting the mark. 

Pam is lovely and her resources and her life's mission has given us a better understanding of why parenting can be so unbelievably hard and then she gives practical tips and ideas that will help. We are often competing with our children to get needs met and a lack of resources is the most common reason for that competition.

Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting, joins us on the podcast to share her story as well as the genesis of Connection Parenting, and her book that includes her framework for 'Parenting Through Connection instead of Coercion'.

Pam is a delight and we know you'll love this conversation!

Check out Connection Parenting here:

And The Book Fairy Panty Project here:

And Buy Pam's fantastic book here:

Dec 16, 2021
1KHO 25: How to Connect with Your Kids Amidst Busy Schedules & the Siren Calls of Technology | Greta Eskridge | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E19

Adventures, no matter how big or how small, push us out of our comfort zones and help us to grow as people and to connect as family and friends.

But with hectic schedules and constant access to technology, how can we ensure we are connecting with our kids in meaningful and lasting ways.

Greta Eskridge, author of Adventuring Together, encourages and inspires with practical tips and ideas for crafting that life you really want for you and your family.

Buy your copy of Adventuring Together here:

Dec 09, 2021
1KHO 24: Slow Down and Sync Up With Nature's Rhythms | Nicolette Sowder | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E18

Nicolette Sowder is the founder of A Wilder Child, Wildschooling and the Kid's Moon Club. Nicolette gives all of us permission to be creative about how we structure our lives - to be purposeful and creative in doing so. 

She reminds us that we are enough and that we have enough to help our kids bond with the nature that is around them, whatever that looks like. 

Nicolette is a poet, a dreamer, a farmer and an entrepreneur, and her ideas will help you expand your thoughts about what your life could look like if you slow down and sync up to nature's rhythms. 

Dec 02, 2021
1KHO 23: You’re Not Stuck with the Brain You Were Born With: John Muir Laws Talks Nature Journaling, Dyslexia, Growth Mindset, Ukulele, and more! | John Muir Laws | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E17

Listen in as John Muir Laws (AKA Jack) highlights a litany of benefits simply from throwing a nature journal and some drawing materials into your adventure bag and using it a few times a week. Learning how paying sustained, compassion attention to nature and to the people in our lives can profoundly change the ways we relate to each other and interact in the world.

Jack highlights growth mindest and reminds us that we're not stuck with the brains we were born with. He also talks in depth about being dyslexic and almost giving up on himself. You contain multitudes, he encourages and explains why dyslexia is a special gift. You are so much more than the way you spell. 

Books mentioned in this transcript. Click links to purchase.

Nov 24, 2021
1KHO 22: Moving Grief and Trauma Out of the Body through Movement and Nature | Actress Nikki DeLoach | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E16

Our bodies talk to us all day long and because of the world that we live in now, we've been trained not to listen to it. American actress Nikki DeLoach walks us through how she uses movement and nature to move grief and trauma out the body. She also gives practical ideas for teaching our children to listen to their bodies.

This is a beautiful episode about life and death and love and memories and stormy skies in Georgia and soul connection. You might want to have some tissues ready. 

Nov 18, 2021
1KHO 21: A Kaleidoscope of Sensory Pleasures and Forgotten Childhood Treasures are Found in the Garden | Sharon Lovejoy, Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E15

Sharon Lovejoy's books changed our lives. Her incredible knowledge, wonderful writing and genuine warmth are simply delightful. In this episode we talk about fun topics like:

* how a garden is a magical thing and it costs virtually nothing to introduce your kids to this and to have real adventures together. 

* leading explorer walks and how they aren't just for kids

* fun things to do in the garden, even in the dark at night!

...And a lot more. Sharon is incredible and I know you'll love this conversation!


Nov 11, 2021
1KHO 20: Play is the Main Occupation of Children | Angela Hanscom, Balanced and Barefoot | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E14

*Play is the main occupation of children.

*Kids are experiencing an unrelenting sitting routine that is wreaking havoc on children's minds and bodies.

*We want kids to move in ways that make adults gasp.

*A child who is spinning is trying to organize their brain.

*We're not allowing kid's neurological systems to do their work......

and SO much more. This episode should be on everyone's playlist. Angela Hanscom changed our lives and she will change yours too. 

Nov 04, 2021
1KHO 19: The 8 Great Smarts: Discovering and Nurturing Your Child's Intelligences | Dr. Kathy Koch, Celebrate Kids | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E13

All kids are smart! What a powerful phrase! 

In this podcast episode you'll learn new ways to celebrate kids as you help them discover the unique ways in which they are smart. Is your child primarily logic smart, word smart, nature smart, picture smart, people smart, self smart, body smart, or music smart? This episode is jam-packed with practical information you can use within your family starting today! 

Oct 29, 2021
1KHO 18: Everybody is Looking for Help to be Happier | Andrew Pudewa, Founder of The Institute for Excellence in Writing | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E12

We look in all sort of places for help to be happier. Listen as Andrew Pudewa, father of seven and grandfather of 15 shares his wisdom about being outside for no particular reason and how habits of slowing down can help our overall quality of life. Our world has all the materials we need to grow our imaginations, facilitate contemplation and reflection, and practice being at peace with ourselves. 

Andrew is the star of the show at speaking engagements across the country. People literally flock to him. It is a gift to have been able to grab him for an hour and hear the stories of his personal and professional journey.

Oct 26, 2021
1KHO 17: Using Time in Nature to Quiet Our To-Do Lists | Lauren Betzing, Heartflow Kids | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E11

How can parents who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed during these times use nature as tool for less stress and anxiety, and more peace and presence? How can they help their children utilize simple nature experiences to lead a fuller, more grounded life? Learn this and more in our latest podcast episode with founder of Heartflow Kids, Lauren Betzing. 

Learn more about Heartflow Kids here:

Oct 21, 2021
1KHO 16: The Power of the Multigenerational Family - Interview with John Hannigan, executive director of Celebrate Kids | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E10

Learn why you are smart and why your kids are smart! John is a favorite friend of ours and we loved diving into the 8 Great Smart, the 5 Core Needs as well as the impact of the third and fourth generations in our lives. And as a bonus, learn how to adapt to 1000 Hours Outside when you don't like being outside :).

Oct 19, 2021
1KHO 15: Every Function of Your Body is Continually Responding to Nature. Learn about the Power of Full Spectrum Sunlight with Dr. Jacob Liberman | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E9

Our health and wellness is dependent upon our dance with Mother Nature. Listen as Dr. Jacob Liberman walks us through the immense importance of exposing our eyes and our bodies to full spectrum sunlight.

Oct 14, 2021
1KHO 14: Connecting Moments of Boredom and Running Wild in the Woods to Great Storytelling | Interview with Author S.D. Smith | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E8

In a world that prizes busy over boredom, listen to the story of author Sam "S.D." Smith as he weaves together building worlds as a child to becoming a wordsmith. This episode is will gently remind all of us of the downside, the cost of constant entertainment. 

Sam traces his storytelling abilities back to the early years of his life where he ran wild in the woods of West Virginia, immersing himself in nature and in his imagination.

Childhood and childhood play hold value in the moment and for decades to come. Long live the storytellers!

Oct 07, 2021
1KHO 13: Multitasking Reduces Cognitive Capacity to that of an Eight Year Old | Tom Kersting | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E7

We’ve gone from being in control of our devices to our devices often controlling us. Psychotherapist and parenting expert, Tom Kersting shares about his influential book, Disconnected and gives practical advice for reclaiming your family and reconnecting with your kids. Learn about how multitasking reduces your cognitive capacity as well as your IQ level so the next time you’re thinking about sending an email in the middle of a meeting, remember that it’d be the same as having an eight year old send it for you :).

Sep 30, 2021
1KHO 12: Different Types of Weather Instill Resilience & Grit in Kids | Linda Akeson McGurk I The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E6

What about winter? It's the most frequently asked question we get asked at 1000 Hours Outside. Join us as we discuss the benefits of getting outdoors even when the weather isn't ideal. Learn practical tips and fun ideas for year-round outside adventure... and learn how to pronounce "friluftsliv." Linda's book, "There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather" changed our lives and we know you'll get so much out of her book and this podcast episode as well!

Sep 23, 2021
1KHO 11: When School Wasn't Such a Big Deal, Interview with Dr. Peter Gray

It's hard to imagine a time when school wasn't as big of a deal as it is today, when childhood wasn't so career focused. Learn about a time when parents and society trusted that children could manage themselves and solve their own problems. Apprenticeships were the way of the past and may become a large part of the future of education. Dr. Peter Gray's book "Free to Learn" was a life-changing read in our family. Listen as we discuss Dr. Gray's books and so much more! 

Sep 16, 2021
1KHO 10: Technology Training Wheels - Intentionally Introducing Technology in Steps | Anne Marie McDonald w/Gabb Wireless | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E4

There's a better life beyond the screens. Anne Marie MacDonald from Gabb Wireless gives practical tips and ideas for intentionally introducing children to safe and healthy technology habits in stages. Learn about the phone and watch that parents are turning to for their children... and even for themselves in order to live beyond the screen so that there will be less time for the screens.

Sep 09, 2021
1KHO 9: Bare feet, Movement Hunger, and a Home with No Furniture I Katy Bowman I The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E3

This episode was recorded on August 18th, 2021 In today's episode, Ginny Yurich sits down withKaty Bowman to discuss her latest book release, Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More. Raising Healthy Sleepers from Crib to College. Purchase your copy here - (aff. link)

Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her nine books, including the groundbreaking “Move Your DNA” and “Movement Matters”, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. Her work has been featured in diverse media such as the Today Show, CBC Radio One, the Seattle Times, and Good Housekeeping. One of Maria Shriver’s “Architects of Change” and America Walks “Woman of the Walking Movement,” she has worked with companies like Patagonia, Nike, and Google as well as a wide range of non-profits and other communities, sharing her “move more, move more body parts, move more for what you need” message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family. Learn more at

Sep 02, 2021
1KHO 8: Interview with "America's Worst Mom" I Lenore Skenazy I The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E2

This episode was recorded on August 17th, 2021. In today's episode, Ginny Yurich sits down with Lenore Skenazy to discuss her book, Free Range Kids: How Parents and Teachers Can Let Go and Let Grow. The first edition of Free Range Kids came out in 2009 and the second edition was released earlier this year, in 2021. Purchase your copy here - (aff. link).

Lenore Skenazy is president of Let Grow, a non-profit promoting childhood independence and resilience, and founder of the Free-Range Kids movement. She is also a speaker, blogger, syndicated columnist, author, and reality show host. A mother who lives in Queens, her controversial decision to let her then-9-year-old son take the New York City Subway home alone became a national story and prompted massive media attention. She was dubbed, “America’s Worst Mom.” In response, Skenazy founded the book and blog “Free-Range Kids,” with the aim of "fighting the belief that our children are in constant danger from creeps, kidnapping, germs, grades, flashers, frustration, failure, baby snatchers, bugs, bullies, men, sleepovers and/or the perils of a non-organic grape." Let Grow continues the quest to make it "easy, normal and legal" to give kids back some old-fashioned independence of thought and deed.


Aug 26, 2021
1KHO 7: Lux, Lumens, Sunlight, & Sleep I W. Chris Winter, MD I The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E1

This episode was recorded on August 16th, 2021 In today's episode, Ginny Yurich sits down with Dr. W. Chris Winter to discuss his latest book release, The Rested Child, Why Your Tired, Wired, or Irritable Child May Have a Sleep Disorder - and How to Help, Raising Healthy Sleepers from Crib to College. Purchase your copy here - (aff. link). Dr. Chris Winter is a sleep specialist and neurologist and the author of The Rested Child and The Sleep Solution (published in 2017). The Sleep Solution, Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix it is a #1 best seller in Sleep Disorders. Join us as we discuss lux, lumens, sunlight, sleep, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, video games, blue light, walking to school, and so much more! For more on today's guest: Dr. Chris Winter's website: The Sleep Solution book website:

Aug 16, 2021
1KHO 6: Nature Time and the Vestibular Sense

The vestibular sense, also known as the balance sense, is the awareness of your body in space.  It begins developing in utero and is the first fully functioning sensory system to develop.  It is foundational to childhood development because it affects all the other senses.

Feb 14, 2019
1KHO 5: Connecting as a Couple When You Can't Date Your Spouse

Date night.  It's all the rage.  Unless you can't do it.  

Parents who are wrestling with the pressure to date your spouse, don't despair!  As a society, we desperately need the reminder that we can connect as husband and wife, even with our children around.  

If you're struggling to connect and date nights are hard to come by, remember that Mother Nature is just a step out the front door.  You can recalibrate your marriage with your children around.  It has worked that way for thousands of years and it still works today.

Feb 14, 2019
1KHO 4: Nature Play & Socialization

Socialization.  It's a huge buzz word.  We all want our children to learn good social skills throughout childhood but there is a misnomer that simply attending public schools is the answer.  Nature play is one of the best and most efficient ways for kids to learn social skills.  Learn why in this podcast! 

Jan 28, 2019
1KHO 3: The Origin of 1000 Hours Outside

Why 1000 Hours Outside?  Where did it come from?  Learn the origin here and find out why you might want to join the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge with your family!

Jan 28, 2019
1KHO 2: Tips for Spending Time Outside During the Winter
Jan 13, 2019
1KHO 1: Time in Nature Contributes to Increased Academic Success

So often we when we think of learning we think of paper and pencil.  Or maybe we think of watching an educational program or listening to an engaging speaker.  It’s important as parents and caregivers to know that movement, and especially movement in free play, is a major contributor to brain growth. In fact, movement it is the pre-cursor to all learning.  Here are three ways that spending time outside helps ensure your that child gets the movement he or she needs for optimal brain development. 

Jan 01, 2019