Get The Ref! - Alberta's Blood Bowl Roundup

By J. Gatner

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This podcast is concerned with the people who play the game of Blood Bowl, Game Workshop's game of fantasy football. Specifically, we report on the tournament scene in Alberta, Canada.

Episode Date
Getting Defensive About Amazons

Welcome to the Jungle, where Josh, Lair, Scott, and Darcy delve into the new stats from the upcomming release. The Amazons are different and we are here to tell you how. We then answer some questions from the internet, which inevitably leads to Lair confessing his undying love for Westjet. We listen to tales from Chaos Cup and look forward to our own Golden Sausage and Winter Mayhem competitions!  Lots of awesome goodness in this months episode. Lick the closest toad and join us!

Oct 01, 2022
Pow Town 22 Wrap Up

PowTown 22 has come and gone, leaving us with only memories. We talk about the tournament that was, sitting down with the champ, Steve Hall, and our adopted Canadian, Rory Donahoe. We also asked twitter for a few topics to talk about and had to juggle through a few technical difficulties. From Alberta, with love. 

Sep 04, 2022
Anticipation Galore

So many things to look forward to!  

We offer our humble opinions and wild speculation regarding the upcomming Amazon team box as well as the new star player that will be accompanying them. 

Hot on those heels, we prep everyone on what you can expect when you get to PowTown, our biggest local tournament - now in its tenth anniversary year!  Many things to digest. We hash out a few roster ideas and make some predictions. 


Jul 23, 2022
Honest Answers

This month, we jump pn the "Ask Me Anything..." bandwagon that has taken over Twitter over the last month. We combed through some of the more interesting questions and volunteered our hot takes on all of them. 

We then transition to an off-site (aka dubious quality audio) series of recordings directly after the Red Deer Rumble, a one-day tournament halfway between Alberta's two major centers.

Enjoy the ride!

Jul 01, 2022
Gremlins in the Engine

Despite some technical glitches, we managed to salvage an episode for you all this month!

We discus Mike Davis' Twitter question - what makes a great tournament?  We follow that up with a debrief of the Alberta Classic which included an interview with Scott Martin!  Finally, we chat breifly about upcoming tournaments. 

Jun 03, 2022
Poverty Stricken

Now that the Norse roster is official and in hand, we get the overall impressions from the panel, including their hot takes on the new stars. We talk about one of our favourite awards - Best Sporting Conduct - and what it takes to win it. Finally, we finish with a recap of the Blood Diamond Chalice and look forward to the Alberta Classic.

May 03, 2022
Norsing Around

With the new Norse team revealed, we chat about what we have seen so far and speculate heavily on what kind of new deisgn space this fan-favourite team will explore. Then, we talk about upcoming tournaments, including Edmonton's Blood Diamond Chalice!

Get your horney helmets and jump in your longboats and join us!

Apr 01, 2022
Cry Fowl Afterglow

The Cry Fowl Cup has wrapped and we are hear with a panel of coaches who have nothing else better to do than talk more Blood Bowl after playing for a whole weekend. We discuss winners, losers, mercenary rules, and where to take Horatio in the future! A very special episode indeed.

Mar 01, 2022
Crying Fowl

This month's episode is all about the Cry Fowl Cup - sample rosters, special rules, and possible tactics. Along with that, we start by running down some of the rumours that we have seen come across our consciousness. All in all, its looking like a fun February!

Feb 01, 2022
Hobby Resolutions

First, we chat about our Blood Bowl resolutions for 2022. Then, we recap the Festivus Bowl tournament in Edmonton this past December which includes an interview with the Champion, Jay! Finally, we look ahead to February's Cry Fowl Cup in Lethbridge - specifically introducing the available mercenaries that can play for the teams that compete!  You can find that list here: 

Jan 02, 2022
Festivus Awaits

This episode marks our three-year anniversary - and it didn't come easy!  We fought through technical difficulties just as hard as Aaron and Dylan fought to get back home. In the meantime, we dis Barik and his secret weapon, comb through the newly released FAQ, talk about winning rosters at Winter's Mayhem, and generally look forward to more Blood Bowl!

Dec 01, 2021
Taps Tourney Tell-All

Scott, Josh, and Lair gather round to discuss all the releases that are set to hit the Blood Bowl scene by Christmas. Then Lair takes us through the Commander Cup and the Manna-Bowl from the weekend before. Finally, the boys pick apart Josh's possible Renegade squad in preparation for the Winter Mayhem team tournament upcoming in November.  Pitter patter!

Nov 01, 2021
Khorne Fest

Today, Josh, Scott, Lair, and Darcy pick apart the new Khorne least the part of it that is released. Then Josh sits down to talk Edmonton with Scott Martin, the organizer of the Commander Cup and Mana Bowl. We then sift through all the fiddly bits and fallout from Chaos Cup. If you aren't part of the 8 of 110, then are you even trying?

Oct 02, 2021
Chernobowl Roundtable

This month's episode was recorded in the back room at Showcase Comics in Lethbridge directly after the Chernobowl tournament concluded. Our normal co-hosts are all here, but are joined by the illustrious Chris Cameron and the mighty Steve Hall. 

We discuss the new Scyla model, the changes to Vampires, the legitimacy of star players in tournaments, and get you caught up on all the results of all three tournaments this month. 

Pitter Patter!

Sep 01, 2021

Josh, Darcy, and Lair reminisce about the Hammerslam that was while Scott gets distracted by projectile vomit. Not from a trained troll, but from an untrained toddler!  Either way, we missed him!  

In addition, we actually have another interview!  This time, we chat with Jack B about his SNOTLING win. That's right, folks. Jack takes us through how to navigate a 16-person tournament with nothing but the equivalent of kindergarteners in helmets.

Finally, we discuss the busy August that awaits - three, one-day tournaments!  Yay!

Aug 01, 2021
Return to Play

Can you tell that we are looking forward to playing in person? With pandemic restrictions easing, the boys chat about what they want to bring to Thor's Hammerslam, what the Alberta Grand Draft will be, and about our very first sponsored tournament - the GTR Shake the Rust Cup!


Jul 01, 2021
Hobby Nobs

We start the pod off with rejoicing!  Thor's Hammerslam FINALLY has a green light to get played as a holdover from December 2019!  We then chat about the impact of the recent errata that was released. Finally, we settle into one of our favourite topics - Hobbying!  Tips, tricks, and trials that make us love the game!  

Jun 01, 2021
Seeing Stars

This week, we put out a request on Twitter (@ref_get) about what we should talk about this month - and thankfully, Jeffro came through! 

This month, we talk about how our Roll20 mini-tournament went and our teams that we took to it. After, we start chatting about stars and their proposed roles in the new system. Hint: they are a big deal! And we definitely don't talk about Adam. Or the Old World Alliance.

May 01, 2021
Cabin Fever

Josh has just come out of quarantine. Scott is still there. It doesn't take long, however, for the boys pull up a stump and talk about some of the rumoured new releases and send up their wish list for the upcoming Death Zone supplement. We check in on our FUMBBL league and discus Rolld20 as a possible platform for playing games in the future! 

Apr 01, 2021
Alberta Braft

The four of us sit around and hold a hypothetical "Braft", a mock drafting of any player you want from any existing roster. 

Mar 01, 2021
What's In The Box?

Josh, Scott, Lair, and Darcy gather around the fireside to chat about secret box shipments, the stars worth ordering and inducing, more tips about tournament organizing, and a general sense of longing for in-person tournament action!

Feb 01, 2021
Five Golden Toques

Josh and Scott are joined by Darcy and Lair as we run through our twelve days of Christmas, just like our former Prime Ministers, Bob and Doug Mackenzie. We chat more than a beer in a ... tree, indeed! We run through the recently released FAQ in our Rumour Mill, introduce NAF-man, run through the four remaining God-like stars for Hammerslam, and introduce the idea of the "chainpush" to the rookies. 

All in all, we are just four friends looking forward to playing games in person again soon.

Jan 01, 2021
Block Friday Has Come

This month, Josh and Scott welcome Darcy and Lair to join us for a fireside chat. We gab about all the new releases, the results from Winter Mayhem, our proudest Blood Bowl moments, and compare notes on what we are looking forward to in 2021!

Dec 01, 2020
Fires of Aniticipation

Not much to recap this month, but there is so very much to look forward to!  You should have a new Necromantic release, tournament results to talk about, and an entirely updated ruleset to discover - all within thirty days!  In the meantime, we have your thirsty ear drums covered with all the coolest things to look forward to. We wrap it up with a "Rookie Mistakes", tie it in a bow, and send it off to you one last time before the new set is in your hot little hands!

Nov 01, 2020
Prayers to Nuffle

Josh and Scott start the pod off talking about September's tournaments, spoiling some of the winners to those who weren't able to make it. We also talk about the "Prayers to Nuffle" table that is rumoured to be in the next edition and the possible impact on the tournament scene. We chat about rerolls, catch up with Ian McKinley of the "Up and Under Tale", and look ahead to Winter Mayhem.

Oct 02, 2020
Green Eggs and Ham

Join Josh and Scott on a whimsical journey of discovery as we comb through the PowTown 2020 results, rundown the five biggest changes to the game in the new edition, and get giddy about Snotlings. Includes a first-hand interview with the ever-elusive Jack Baird, crowned champion of Alberta Blood Bowl ... at least until Bob relenquishes his crown officially. 

If you have never listened to us before, maybe try to do it with a fox, in a box, with a . . .

Sep 01, 2020
Back in the Saddle

Josh and Scott sit down with Darcy Dirks to rehash how the first post-covid tournament went. Then, we catch up with Lair Ashmead to get the skinny on what we can expect for PowTown 2020 on August 23rd and 24th. 

Aug 01, 2020
Sacred Scarab

Josh and Scott actually sit in the same room after some painting time to sit and prognosticate over the new Spike magazine, offer skill advice, and work themselves up to get to the new Sacred Scarab Cup in July.

In addition, Ian McKinley and Josh sit down and catch up on the drama that is Up and Under!  If you would like to read it for yourself, visit

Jul 01, 2020
Commissioner's Hot Stove

Scott and Josh chat about the reopening of tournament play, with a healthy dash of "Rookie Mistakes" mixed in. In the second half, four league commissioners sit down together to chat about league formats and what a return to play might look like in the future. 

Jun 01, 2020
Online Therapy

Scott and Josh chat about the new Snotling news, detail their online FUMBBL exploits, and welcome Ian McKinley to discuss the goings-on of the Militantes, the team at the centre of the Up and Under Tale. We also chat defensive setups for the rookies in an attempt to sort through the all-important starting condition of a game. 

Ian McKinley's webseries can be found at



May 01, 2020
Up and Under

Josh and Scott catch up with Ian McKinley of the literary web-serious, Up and Under. If you want to check out his and Meunier's work, follow the link below!  We also chat about how Blood Bowl coaches are coping with social distancing while giving an update as to the state of affairs in Alberta.

And for our followers, we give some straight talk about skill choices...

Up and Under -

Apr 01, 2020
Leaping into the Unknown

Scott and Josh sit down with Tom Carter to talk about his win at the CFC. We then bumble through the rest of the episode, uneducated and unprepared. Still, it was fun. We chat about the non-rumourmill, the upcoming tournaments, and what rookies need to know about the fowl ...ahem.... FOUL action. 

Mar 02, 2020
Leaping Into February

Lots of tournament talk to get into whether it be a wrap-up of January's early action or looking forward to the Stolen Sausage and the Cry Fowl Cup. In other news, we chat about the new models from Forgeworld, the hot newness of the Great Plains Grand Prix, and a segment that covers shadowing and diving tackle as a combo. Lots to get into! It is our sincerest hope that Scott isn't contagious through your headphones. Nurgle Rot can be a real bummer!

Feb 01, 2020
Of Ogres and Cages

Josh and Scott run down the typical stuff in our recapping of tournaments and prepping you for future events. In addition, you can hear our take on the new Ogre release, caging for beginners, and a debate about the best players to take in a draft. Thanks for listening to us over the last year!

Jan 01, 2020
We Remember November

We remember the November that was, including talking to Dave Schindel, the winner of Winter Mayhem. In addition, was chat team value management in "Rookie Mistakes", wax poetic about FUMBBL, and sit down for a year-in-review with Lair Ashmead, our local NAF representative. 


Dec 01, 2019
Winter Mayhem Preview

Josh and Scott take a look at the results of the Onslaught Sac-tacular in this episode, as well as wax-poetically about the Lizardman and Ogre releases. We delve into the newly formed Get the Ref Secret League on FUMBBL and, of course, look forward to the upcoming Winter Mayhem tournament in Calgary. 

Nov 01, 2019
League Chat and FUMBBL

What do Josh and Scott do when there are no tournaments to report on?  We play Blood Bowl, of course! The local league has restarted for its sixth season and we continue to play more meaningless games than anyone should. In fact, there was so much to talk about, we didn't even get to our "Rookie Mistakes" section!  We do highlight the next tournament, the Onslaught Sac-Tacular!

Oct 01, 2019

Josh and Scott chat Sevens (in general) and the results of the Devil's Rejects. Included is a chat with double-winner Barry Gergel. Hear our takes on the new lizardman models, a "Rookie Mistakes" break down of Throw Team-Mate, and reactions from some of the news from the World Cup. 

Sep 01, 2019
Devils Rejects

In this episode, Josh and Scott chat about the Wood Elf stars in our rumour mill section, discuss big guy management in rookie mistakes, recap the weekend exploits from the Summer Sausage and have a sit down with its winner, Tom Carter!

We then get a little silly in making a few proposed Devil's Rejects of our own! 

**Upon further review, Scott's Halfling did NOT actually stick the landing after taking out the Skaven Gutter Runner as he claimed.**

Aug 01, 2019
Post Mortem for PowTown 2019

Topics this month include a quick chat about the new wood elf models, a peek into tournament etiquette in Rookie Mistakes, a recapping of the record-setting PowTown, and an interview with Bob Langevin, new anointed Blood Bowl Godfather and winner of PowTown. Finally, we drop some knowledge on you regarding Summer Sausage.

Special Thanks to Lair Ashmead, Jack Petrucha of Maelstrom Mats, Ogres Den, KR Multicase, Grym Forge, and Hungry Troll for all the hard work in making PowTown the record setting event that it was!

Jul 01, 2019
Powtown Hype Train

Josh and Scott wax poetic about the possibility of PowTown becoming the largest Canadian NAF tournament ever! As a bonus, you get to discover what both Adam Tremblay and Tom Carter are bringing. Finally, we discuss out builds for the upcoming tournament.

Jun 01, 2019
Blood Diamond Chalice Recap

This month, Scott and Josh team up to talk about the new Halfling roster, recap the Blood Diamond Chalice, hear from tournament champ Matt Chaffee, get a few words in with our NAF rep Lair Ashmead, and finally preview the Alberta Classic!

Of particular note, sincere apologies go out to Judah for getting your name wrong ALL EPISODE LONG. We honestly thought it was Jonah. 


May 01, 2019
March Madness Recap

This episode, Josh and Scott delve into the results from March Madness, talk about Games Workshop's new Halfling Blood Bowl release, interview Damian Glizean (newly minted champion), and preview Edmonton's Blood Diamond Chalice tournament.

Apr 01, 2019
March Madness Preview

In this episode, Scott and Josh share what happened during the Cry Fowl Cup in Lethbridge, talk to the eventual winner in an interview with Dave Sutton, and try to break the code for Melvin's March Madness, Nurglings Gone Wild, Back of the bus edition!

Mar 03, 2019
Episode Two

Josh and Scott chat about the Golden Sausage, we sit down with Sean Conrad for an interview, and we wax poetic about Lethbridge's only Blood Bowl tournament!

Cry Fowl Tourney Pack -

Golden Sausage Results -

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Feb 01, 2019
The Golden Sausage Preview; Interview with Justin G.
Jan 05, 2019