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Tony B
 Sep 2, 2019
Hi Chris, love the podcast. My question is are the 32 week 1 starting quarterbacks this season the best since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002? Tony from Ireland


Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Episode Date
Week 3 Picks: Bucs-Rams heavyweight fight + Rodgers back to Cali

Mike is reeling after Chris' 3-0 Best Bets performance last week.

(2:45) TNF: Panthers at Texans

(4:10) Washington at Bills

(6:50) Bears at Browns

(9:30) Ravens at Lions

(13:00) Cardinals at Jaguars

(15:00) Chargers at Chiefs

(17:30) Saints at Patriots

(20:55) Falcons at Giants

(23:25) Bengals at Steelers

(25:55) Colts at Titans

(29:15) Jets at Broncos

(32:15) Dolphins at Raiders

(35:15) Buccaneers at Rams

(40:10) Seahawks at Vikings

(43:40) SNF: Packers at 49ers

(50:15) MNF: Eagles at Cowboys

(51:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

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Sep 23, 2021
WTF Happened Wednesday: Kyler & Carr lasers & Justin Herbert's mistake

It's another WTF Happened Wednesday as Chris breaks down some of the biggest plays of the week. Then the guys invite former NFL Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan on to teach us about recovery timelines for the big QB injuries of the week.

(5:45) Kyler Murray: How a Patrick Peterson gaffe led to a big play for the Cards.

(23:15) Derek Carr: How Minkah Fitzpatrick's mistake led to a Henry Ruggs bomb.

(33:45) Derrick Henry: How a key AJ Brown block sprung him for a monster TD.

(46:05) Justin Herbert: How his bad red zone decision was very costly for the Chargers

(54:05) Zach Wilson: How Corey Davis did him no favors on one of his INTs

(1:06:10) Colts: They ran the same play twice, and it burned them

(1:14:50) Injury Expert Mike Ryan: He joins to tell us about the outlook for Carson Wentz, Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, and Tua Tagovailoa.

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Sep 22, 2021
Week 2 Recap: Damn! Okay Lamar Jackson + Zach Wilson's INTs

Ahmed is back, and he is swaddled in Under Armour swag. He and Chris hit every Week 2 game with Damn! Okay, Self-Scout Thyself, and Give Me The Headlines.

(4:45) Ravens def. Chiefs: "Their whole gameplan is around Lamar Jackson"

(13:40) Raiders def. Steelers: "He's the MVP of football after 2 weeks"

(22:20) Titans def. Seahawks: Derrick Henry broke Seattle's defense

(29:30) Panthers def. Saints: "Their defense is a freak show"

(35:40) Cowboys def. Titans: "Micah Parsons looks like he's played defensive end his whole life"

(42:25) 49ers def. Eagles: "Their defense saved the day"

(47:05) Browns def. Texans: Cleveland's run game is unstoppable, but Chris is worried about their defense

(52:25) Patriots def. Jets: How bad was Zach Wilson's game?

(1:00:40) Bills def. Dolphins: Chris takes an "L" on underestimating Gregory Rousseau

(1:04:20) Rams def. Colts: Some bad breaking news for Carson Wentz

(1:09:30) Cardinals def. Vikings: "It's gooooooood!!!!!!! No he missed it."

(1:15:50) Buccaneers def. Falcons: "Cruise control" for the Tampa offense

(1:19:05) Bears def. Bengals: It's "Fields of Dreams" time for Chicago

(1:23:15) Broncos def. Jaguars: Teddy B knows how to "Be. Aggressive."

(1:27:20) Ahmed's (Top Pick TBD) Power Rankings: Who is the frontrunner for the top pick in 2022?

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Sep 20, 2021
Week 2 Picks: Mahomes vs Lamar + Browns & Bills get right

Mike and Chris are ready to bounce back in their picks after an underdog-dominated Week 1.

(1:55) Giants-Washington

(5:40) Saints-Panthers

(9:45) Bengals-Bears

(12:55) Texans-Browns

(15:10) Rams-Colts

(18:20) Broncos-Jaguars

(20:00) Bills-Dolphins

(22:40) Patriots-Jets

(24:30) 49ers-Eagles

(27:30) Raiders-Steelers

(30:15) Vikings-Cardinals

(33:55) Falcons-Buccaneers

(36:00) Cowboys-Chargers

(39:15) Titans-Seahawks

(42:05) Chiefs-Ravens

(45:50) Lions-Packers

(49:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

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Sep 16, 2021
WTF Happened Wednesday: Tyreek Torches Browns, Steelers stifle Allen

It's our first WTF Happened of the season, and Chris has a new toy to break down every play.

(6:05) Chiefs def. Browns: How did Tyreek Hill torch Cleveland (again)?

(18:15) Rams def. Bears: How did Cooper Kupp get so wide open?

(31:20) Steelers def. Bills: How did the Steelers contain Josh Allen?

(43:15) Saints def. Packers: WTF happened on Aaron Rodgers' "nut shot" INT?

(52:00) Raiders def. Ravens: How did Derek Carr burn the Baltimore blitz?

(1:03:35) Buccaneers def. Cowboys: How did Tom Brady & Antonio Brown beat the Cowboys 2-man?

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Sep 15, 2021
Week 1 Recap: Damn! Okay, Kyler Murray + Start Justin Fields

It's the first Recap Monday and there's a lot for Chris and Paul to break down. The guys go through nominees for "Damn! Okay...", "Self-Scout Thyself", and "Victory Lap" to decide what games we can overreact to.

(4:05) Chiefs def. Browns: "Cleveland treated Tyreek Hill like a pedestrian"

(13:40) Seahawks def. Colts: "I'm not sure there's a better trio that can go to the house on every play"

(16:00) Rams def. Bears: How is Matthew Stafford helping Sean McVay get better?

(19:35) 49ers def. Lions: "He's as important to the 49ers offense as anyone on that team"

(28:40) Cardinals def. Titans: Is Kliff Kingsbury's offense evolving?

(38:00) Steelers def. Bills: Should we be worried about a Josh Allen regression?

(45:10) Saints def. Packers: "Green Bay's dropback pass game is not a special thing"

(53:10) Eagles def. Falcons: A couple Philly fans are tweeting at Chris. Just a couple.

(58:45) Texans def. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence should get used to this

(1:02:00) Panthers def. Jets: "Zach Wilson still made the most eye-popping throws out of all the rookies"

(1:07:15) Broncos def. Giants: "I'm not going to give up on Daniel Jones yet"

(1:11:00) Dolphins def. Patriots: Positive signs from both Mac Jones & Tua Tagovailoa

(1:14:55) Chargers def. Washington: Justin Herbert was great, but it's the LA O-line that caught Chris' eye

(1:21:20) Bengals def. Vikings: Chris loses it over a Zac Taylor decision

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Sep 13, 2021
Week 1 Picks

Oh baby, football is back, and so is the Florio-Simms joint collaboration! After a wild Kickoff game, Chris does his picks from Raymond James Stadium while blocking out the noise (literally).

(2:40) Eagles at Falcons

(5:00) Steelers at Bills

(7:45) Jets at Panthers

(9:40) Vikings at Bengals

(12:45) 49ers at Lions

(14:50) Jaguars at Texans

(16:25) Seahawks at Colts

(19:00) Cardinals at Titans

(20:30) Chargers at Washington

(22:50) Browns at Chiefs

(25:25) Dolphins at Patriots

(27:45) Packers vs Saints (in Jacksonville)

(30:25) Broncos at Giants

(32:25) SNF: Bears at Rams

(34:10) MNF: Ravens at Raiders

(36:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

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Sep 10, 2021
2021 Playoff Bracket & MVP Predictions

Chris introduces our new sponsor, just in time for the long-awaited 2021 predictions podcast. But first, Chris gives some thoughts on college QBs he saw this weekend and Paul recaps working the epic Notre Dame-Florida State game.

(8:45) AFC East: Will the Patriots take the division back from the Bills?

(12:20) AFC North: Can Chris get over his Browns mental block?

(15:55) AFC South: Will the Colts get past their bad preseason?

(18:40) AFC West: Can anyone challenge the Chiefs?

(21:40) NFC East: Do the Cowboys deserve to be favorites?

(26:00) NFC North: How big is the gap between the Packers and the rest?

(27:50) NFC South: Chris tells you the team to not sleep on this year

(33:10) NFC West: Will the 49ers QB uncertainty hold them back?

(39:10) Playoff teams: Seeding the AFC & NFC, and who missed the cut?

(48:40) Playoff bracket: Simms bucks the chalk and predicts a wild Super Bowl LVI matchup

(1:06:55) 2021 Awards: A new MVP, and which QB wins rookie of the year?

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Sep 08, 2021
Patriots cut Cam Newton + NFC Win Totals

As the Patriots cut Cam Newton, Chris tells the story of the time he was a potential backup for Bill Belichick.

(5:45) #AskMeAnything: Is Andy Reid building a running O-line? How did Sam Darnold look in the preseason?

(11:05) GUEST: Big Phil: Papa Simms returns to give his outlook for Mac Jones. And can Trey Lance fix his throwing this season?

(45:25) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC East

(56:55) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC North

(1:02:35) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC South

(1:10:20) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC West

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Sep 01, 2021
Start Justin Fields + AFC Win Totals

Chris tells us what should (and will) happen in the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears QB battles. Then he and Paul pick over/under for AFC win totals. But first, Simms explains how he dodged a face-full of cake Sunday night.

(5:30) Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance: Did Kyle Shanahan show his hand yesterday?

(23:30) Cam Newton vs Mac Jones: What does Mac bring to the Patriots that Cam (and Tom Brady) did not?

(35:15) Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields: "Have I seen everything I need from Justin Fields? No. But..."

(45:15) Win Total Over/Unders: AFC East

(55:05) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC North

(1:06:00) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC South

(1:15:00) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC West

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Aug 30, 2021
#AskMeAnything on Jameis & Trevor + GUEST: Injury expert Mike Ryan

We hit the mailbag to answer questions about young QBs and impressive rookies. And then Chris and Paul welcome on Sunday Night Football's injury expert, Mike Ryan, to talk about how worried we should be about Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Carson Wentz.

(3:15) Jameis Winston: Chris has changed his mind on the Saints QB battle.

(8:50) Trevor Lawrence: Does the Jaguars offense fit him?

(15:30) Tua Tagovailoa: "I don't Tua last year throw's this football"

(25:10) Lamar Jackson: "It's not about figuring him out. It's on the Ravens coaches to make sure they are not figured out."

(32:15) Kyle Shanahan: How is his run-first offense different from Baltimore's?

(34:15) Kyler Murray: Chris is concerned about him and the Kliff Kingsbury offense.

(39:00) Rookie Pass Rushers: Which one will have the most sacks?

(42:40) Rookie Regrets: Justin Fields and Jaylen Waddle are making Simms doubt his spring rankings.

(45:45) Javian Hawkins: He's been cut, and Chris thinks there's more to the story.

(47:05) Breakout WR: Who could be this year's Stefon Diggs?

(49:00) GUEST: Mike Ryan - NBC's Sports Medicine Analyst explains whether we should be concerned about Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Carson Wentz being 100% this season.

(1:10:20) Giants: What's their floor and ceiling this year?

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Aug 25, 2021
"I've Seen Enough": Projections for QB Competitions

We're not 100% through the preseason, but Chris is ready to make some calls on who should start Week 1 for some key QB competitions. But first he welcomes Paulie B back to the set.

(7:00) Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields: "Let's go ahead and start the Justin Fields era"

(20:55) Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance: "After that performance, I don't think Lance is going to be in Shanahan's trust tree"

(36:45) Cam Newton vs Mac Jones: Even if it's Cam, how short a leash does he have?

(43:55) Teddy Bridgewater vs Drew Lock: "It's a tough call. Both have played really well"

(50:20) Zach Wilson: "To all the haters, it's over. Move on from your narrative."

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Aug 23, 2021
Preseason UNDER-reactions: Dak's motion, Taysom's INT, & Rookies RBs

We hear all the time "don't overreact to the preseason." But what news is everyone UNDER-reacting to? Or what underreactions are people overreacting to? Or something like that...this episode got a little loopy. Bottom line, Chris and Ahmed give you some football storylines that we should be paying more attention to.

(4:45) Dak Prescott: "His throws this offseason look different"

(12:10) Ezekiel Elliott: Is it good that he's lost weight?

(16:20) Rookie LBs: Micah Parsons, Zaven Collins, & Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah look NFL-ready

(23:20) Low blocks: A new NFL rule may make life even harder on defenses.

(28:50) Taysom Hill: Was his INT his fault?

(34:10) Carson Wentz: Are the Colts in trouble without him?

(40:30) Dwayne Haskins: Is he the heir to Ben Roethlisberger?

(47:30) Drew Lock: Simms hasn't given up on him yet

(53:00) Javonte Williams & Najee Harris: They're already making Chris self-scout his RB draft rankings

(57:40) Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes is (probably) making history off the field, while Chris Jones could be ushering in a new defensive era

(1:04:20) Matthew Stafford: Does it matter if he plays in the preseason?

(1:09:00) Raiders QBs: Could Jon Gruden pass up Marcus Mariota for Nathan Peterman?

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Aug 18, 2021
Wow-O-Meter: Fields, Lance, and other Rookie QB debuts

We're baaaaaaaack! Our Olympics hiatus is done and Chris and Ahmed are back at the desk. The guys react to how the big name rookie passers did in their first NFL action, using the soon as they figure out how to say Wow-O-Meter.

(6:45) Justin Fields - "His natural feel and pocket presence was better than most"

(21:05) Trey Lance - "Impressive, but not every pass should be a fireball"

(31:50) Trevor Lawrence - "Not that it was bad, but I expect more"

(40:10) Zach Wilson - "He had the most realistic NFL regular season-type of performance"

(48:40) Mac Jones - Can he really beat out Cam Newton for the starting job?

(58:00) Kellen Mond - "It wasn't up to par with these other guys"

(1:00:45) Jordan Love - There were positive signs, but one part of his game was "pitiful"

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Aug 16, 2021
Josh Allen gets paid, Joe Burrow returning from ACL, and Dak on Hard Knocks

Simms & Florio discuss Josh Allen's new deal and what it means for Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson; Dak Prescott on Hard Knocks; Joe Burrow's struggles returning from ACL injury; "Holding In" is the latest negotiating tactic for TJ Watt, Jamal Adams, and Duane Brown.

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Aug 11, 2021
Cam vs Mac, Jimmy G vs Trey Lance, and Dak's injury

In the latest PFT/Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration, Simms & Florio hash out the bad luck injuries for the Colts, Dak's injury, Cam Newton vs Mac Jones, Deshaun's tradeability, and Jimmy G vs Trey Lance

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Aug 04, 2021
Aaron Rodgers shows up, so does Deshaun, and what the hell are the Jets doing??

Ohhh baby! Simms is back on the pod and is joined by Mike Florio for a PFT-Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration to discuss Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Zach Wilson, and Xavien Howard

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Jul 28, 2021
Top 40 QB Tiers, #AskMeAnything, & Fake Lasers

Chris and Paul recap the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown by taking your questions on Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray, a league full of Case Keenums, and a fake 2006 commercial.

(5:45) Top 40 QB Tiers: Chris puts some lines of demarcation on his rankings. And could he see anyone passing Mahomes next year?

(19:00) Case Keenum: If he was the QB of every team in the NFL, who wins the Super Bowl?

(23:40) QBs 41-50: What were the names that just missed out on the Top 40?

(27:55) QB Rank Concerns: Who does Chris think could take a big leap or fall from his current rank?

(30:55) Josh Allen vs Aaron Rodgers: "When I started, I had Rodgers #2"

(36:20) Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray: What separated them for Simms?

(42:00) Russell Wilson: Can the Seahawks new OC improve his passing?

(44:00) Derek Carr: Could he fit the Seattle offense if the Raiders trade for Wilson next year?

(45:45) Baker Mayfield: What kind of extension should he get?

(49:30) Ryan Tannehill: How will defenses adjust to stop the Titans play-action attack?

(53:45) Sam Darnold: How did he move up the Top 40 after his disappointing season?

(58:00) Trey Lance: Chris likes his running ability, but is it overrated?

(59:30) Davis Mills: Should anyone compare him to Andrew Luck?

(1:04:45) Cam Newton: Are his days of being a Top 10 QB done?

(1:07:15) Fantasy Files: Chris gives us the backstory for a 2006 commercial of him throwing (fake?) lasers

(1:11:00) Big Effer vs Little Effer: Was Chris a better college QB than Phil?

(1:15:15) Top 10 QBs To Drink With: The homies pointed out the many flaws in Producer Pete's list.

(1:20:20) Andrew Luck vs Carson Palmer: Who had the better career?

(1:24:30) Brett Favre: Is he a Top 10 all-time QB?

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Jun 24, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown #4-1 + The Miz on Ahmed's Super Brawl

We reach the end of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, and then welcome WWE superstar The Miz to weigh in on Ahmed's Super Brawl.

(8:30) QB #4 Deshaun Watson: "Just between the lines, there is no weakness to his game"

(20:55) QB #3 Aaron Rodgers & #2 Josh Allen: "This was the hardest ranking for me on the whole list"

(44:00) QB #1 Patrick Mahomes: "Nobody brings more belief & magic to a football field"

(58:50) Top 10 QBs To Drink A Woodford Reserve With: Producer Pete makes his own list for Twitter to hate.

(1:09:30) GUEST - The Miz: We got an expert to come on and critique Ahmed's Super Brawl rankings, and he doesn't hold back

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Jun 21, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #8-5 + Throwing in the Rain

We're nearing the end of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown with 4 more QBs revealed, and Paul returns with some Kentucky-themed QB Jeopardy. But first, Chris tells the story of the time his grandfather lost all his teeth.

(3:55) Cam Newton & Tua Tagovailoa: How much should we care about interceptions at rainy June minicamps?

(12:20) Xavien Howard, Stephon Gilmore, & Jamal Adams: Who should be getting new contracts?

(22:30) QB #8 Matthew Stafford: "He's on a team now, and everyone is going to see what he's worth."

(33:20) QB #7 Kyler Murray: Is Kliff Kingsbury holding him back?

(41:55) QB #6 Lamar Jackson: "We're still talking about the most dangerous weapon in football"

(53:40) QB #5 Russell Wilson: "If they're close in the 4th quarter, I'm going with Russell Wilson"

(1:15:50) #AskMeAnything: Where would Philip Rivers rank in the Top 40? And Chris explains our podcast logo.

(1:25:30) QB Jeopardy: In honor of Woodford Reserve, Paul has some Kentucky-related trivia.

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Jun 16, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #12-9 + Ahmed finishes the "Super Brawl"

We hit the Top 10 of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, and Ahmed gives the final 8 tag teams in the "Super Brawl." But first, Ahmed says he's hooked on Harry Mack and Chris reminisces about the Texas freestyle rap scene.

(8:30) QB #12 Ryan Tannehill: "It's time to let go of the old narratives"

(24:00) QB #11 Justin Herbert: Why should defenses stop blitzing him?

(34:25) QB #10 Tom Brady: "We saw a different Brady last year, and his arm is still top-notch."

(48:20) QB #9 Dak Prescott: Maybe Cowboys fans finally realize what they have. And Chris takes a victory lap over an NFL "insider."

(1:03:00) #AskMeAnything: Did Chris even SEE Jalen hurts play last year? And is Jon Gruden holding back Derek Carr?

(1:10:20) Super Brawl: Ahmed re-brands the QB/Coach Royal Rumble and reveals the Top 8.

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Jun 14, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #16-13; plus Big Phil on Jordan Love, and "There's a crab on the loose!"

Simms & Ahmed reveal 4 more on the Top 40 QB Countdown, Big Phil chimes in on Baker vs Burrow, Jordan Love, and why hoops skills matters when it comes to QBs. Plus, a European version of "Rate Your Snap Count"

(6:30) QB #16 Kirk Cousins: Better than you give him credit for, but there's one big thing missing

(18:20) QB #15 Matt Ryan: Simms makes a bold prediction for the remainder of Ryan's Falcons career

(28:45) QB #14 Derek Carr: "I thought he brought a bit of an edge...I saw him yell at Gruden last year. It made me proud."

(39:15) QB #13 Baker Mayfield: "If you argued he was 9 or 10, I wouldn't fight you on it"

(47:15) Big Phil: Why Baker Mayfield made a big leap last year

(57:00) Baker or Burrow?

(1:01:45) Jordan Love sounds like he's struggling early in Packers minicamp

(1:06:30) Big Phil recalls the time a QB didn't get drafted because he wasn't good at playing basketball

(1:14:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Rollicking new submissions from Scotland and England, and the phrase "There's a crab on the loose" is uttered

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Jun 09, 2021
Julio Jones traded + Top 40 QB Countdown: #20-17

Julio Jones is traded, Simms reveals 4 more names from the Top 40 QB Countdown, and Ahmed gets into the Top 10 of his QB/Coach Royal Rumble rankings. But first, Chris analyzes Ahmed's dapper Belmont Stakes attire.

(5:15) Julio Jones trade: The Titans could have a historic WR duo. Ryan Tannehill is good, get over it. And why couldn't the Falcons get more for Julio?

(21:00) QB #20 Cam Newton: "He still has one of the greatest presences on a football field. It's not just about the passing numbers."

(35:15) QB #19 Sam Darnold: Chris still thinks he can be a franchise QB. But Ahmed knows Sam is lying.

(46:20) QB #18 Carson Wentz: "I'm not going to knock him all the way down because of 1 year in a bad offense with a bad supporting cast."

(59:25) QB #17 Joe Burrow: "If he doesn't get hurt, he's definitely around the Top 10 this year"

(1:10:15) Homies react: What do Baker & Burrow have over Big Ben? Why didn't Jordan Love make the Top 40?

(1:15:15) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed reveals the #16-9 toughest tag teams

(1:29:55) Chris Simms, Professional Body Inspector: Giovani Bernard enters the quad-rena, and AJ Dillon has 2 nicknames.

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Jun 07, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #25-21

Chris reveals 5 more QBs in his Top 40 QB Countdown (with a new cool official sponsor), and Big Phil finally stopped dodging us.

(7:15) #25 Jameis Winston: "He's a top 10 talent when he plays clean and smart."

(15:55) #24 Taysom Hill: "Jameis is a better traditional QB, but tradition is gone."

(24:25) #23 Ryan Fitzpatrick: "Fitz-tragic is over. It's done. That's old stuff."

(30:50) #22 Ben Roethlisberger: "The Steelers need to take the Brady & Buccaneers route with him"

(39:50) #21 Jimmy Garoppolo: Would he be ranked higher if he wasn't an injury risk?

(46:10) Big Phil: He joins to weigh in on Jameis vs Taysom, and goes deep on passing mechanics.

(1:19:20) Homies react: Who has a biggest upside: Drew Lock or Daniel Jones? Why doesn't Chris rank Trevor Lawrence & Zach Wilson higher?

(1:26:30) High school phenom? Chris weighs in on the ridiculous throws from Texas high schooler Quinn Ewers

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Jun 03, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #30-26

Chris continues his Top 40 QB Countdown and Ahmed continues his QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown, and it all sounds so much sweeter thanks to their new microphones.

(6:40) #30 Mac Jones: "I don't look at him as a normal rookie"

(19:05) #29 Andy Dalton: He's in front of Justin Fields now, but for how long?

(30:30) #28 Trevor Lawrence: "What can't he do on a football field?"

(37:20) #27 Zach Wilson: "His throwing is out-of-this-world special"

(47:55) #26 Daniel Jones: "He has the potential to be a Top 15 QB"

(58:20) Homies react: Why didn't Gardner Minshew or Jalen Hurts make the Top 40?

(1:05:45) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed reveals the #24-17 toughest tag teams

(1:18:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Green 86! Black 80!

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Jun 01, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #35-31

Chris reveals 5 more names in his Top 40 QB Countdown, while Ahmed is starting his own countdown. Then, the guys rate some fan-submitted snap counts.

(4:35) Chris Simms, Professional Body Inspector: It's an AJ Dillon vs Mike Davis quad-off.

(14:30) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown reactions: Chris responds to questions on #39 Justin Fields, #38 Trey Lance, and #37 Kellen Mond.

(26:30) #35 Tyrod Taylor: "A great backup like Case Keenum, but with better physical talents"

(34:20) #34 Tua Tagovailoa: "I saw growth, but he's gotta be more aggressive."

(44:45) #33 Drew Lock: "He has real upside to be a big-time QB. But he's boom-or-bust right now."

(51:20) #32 Teddy Bridgewater: "He has no chance of being a big-time QB, but I trust him more than Drew Lock."

(58:50) #31 Jared Goff: "He battle-tested, but he doesn't play the game like a really experienced quarterback."

(1:11:20) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed went all-in and reveals pairs #32-25.

(1:24:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Black 88! Purple 69!

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May 26, 2021
Top 40 QB Countdown: #40-36

It's here! The 2021 edition of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown begins with numbers 40 to 36.

(4:10) Overview: Chris explains the guidelines for his rankings. "It's not what you have done all-time or what you will do 3 years down the road. It's what you can do for me this year, and everyone's on the same team."

(7:35) QB #40 Case Keenum: "One of the ultimate backups. You can win a Super Bowl with him."

(14:05) QB #39 Justin Fields: "He could be Top 20 midseason. But he could also fall out of the Top 40."

(30:00) QB #38 Trey Lance: Chris loves his "top end talent," but breaks down some mechanical issues.

(45:45) QB #37 Kellen Mond: "He's one of the most NFL-ready rookies." And why would Bruce Arians pick Kyle Trask over Mond?

(54:30) QB #36 Marcus Mariota: "If he gets his opportunity, I think he can be a starter again."

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May 24, 2021
Simms Top 40 QB Countdown Preview

With the 2021 Simms Top 40 QB Countdown starting next week, Chris and Paul look back at last year's list.

(2:35) Legs & Ass: We need to discuss Mike Davis' quads.

(8:30) Simms 2020 Top 40 QBs: Chris self-scouts himself on last year's list.

(29:45) 2021 QB Props: Who is the best bet to lead the NFL in pass yards & pass TD?

(44:00) QB Jeopardy: We see how much Simms knows about last year's Top 10 QBs.

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May 19, 2021
#AskMeAnything: Chiefs Super Bowl Hangover + QB-Coach Royal Rumble

Simms coaches Ahmed on New York traffic and his snap count before they empty the mailbag with a 100% #AskMeAnything.

(10:00) Rookie QBs: How would Chris rank the 2021 Draft class on pure ceiling? Where would Jordan Love rank in this class? Is Fields/Dalton similar to Mahomes/Smith?

(22:20) "What If?" QBs: Who is the best QB who hasn't won a Super Bowl? What bust would have succeeded on a better team? And Chris clarifies his stance on Sam Darnold.

(31:30) Spider 2 Y Banana: Chris picks his perfect receivers for Jon Gruden's favorite play.

(35:30) London team: What are the hurdles for an NFL team moving overseas?

(38:20) Jets: How much of a jump will the offense take from Adam Gase to Mike LaFleur?

(40:40) Trey Lance: How much reading of the defense did he do in college?

(42:00) Brady's Bucs: How many QBs could have won the Super Bowl last year with that supporting cast?

(48:30) Defensive schemes: Which one currently gives NFL offenses the most trouble?

(53:10) Vikings: How big a bounceback will Mike Zimmer's defense have this year? And does Simms really like Mike Florio?

(58:50) Chiefs: Get ready for a Super Bowl hangover.

(1:00:55) OBJ: Would the Browns be better off trading him?

(1:04:35) Aaron Rodgers: Should the Broncos trade for him? Can the Packers still win the Super Bowl with him?

(1:10:55) 2021 Draft picks: Should Baltimore have taken Terrace Mashall Jr instead of Rashod Bateman? How will the Cardinals use LB Zaven Collins? How did the Chargers do in the draft?

(1:17:45) Fights: Who was the most intimidating player Chris ever faced? And what QB-Head Coach combo would win an NFL Royal Rumble?

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May 17, 2021
Most Improved 2021 Defenses

After we hit the offenses that improved and declined this offseason on Monday, today we'll hit the defenses. Also, Paul brings the return of QB Jeopardy.

(9:15) Week 1 Schedule Released - Chris and Paul talk about the best matchups of Week 1, including Josh Allen vs the Steelers defense and The Darnold Bowl.

(23:30) Year In (P)Review: Passing Defenses - Washington is ready to dominate this season, and the Titans can turn it around.

(35:40) Rushing Defenses - Are the Bucs a lock to be #1 again? And Chris likes what the Lions and Bengals have done.

(44:10) Scoring Defenses - The Patriots and Dolphins could jump the Rams for best defense in the league.

(54:20) QB Jeopardy! - With Tebowmania back in vogue, we do some 2011 season QB trivia.

(1:06:50) #AskMeAnything - What is the best QB-coach combo in the NFC West? And do the 49ers have a better chance of reaching the Super Bowl with Jimmy G or Trey Lance?

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May 12, 2021
Faster than DK? + Most Improved 2021 Offenses

Chris & Ahmed talk about the fastest players in the NFL, predict offenses that will improve and decline this season, and hit the mailbag. But first, they talk about a weekend of old man injuries.

(7:15) Faster Than DK? Fresh off DK Metcalf's impressive 100m performance, what NFL players could beat him in a race?

(23:00) Year In (P)Review: Passing Offenses - Are the Chiefs the best bet to be the #1 next year? Could the Giants take a big leap forward?

(44:00) Rushing Offenses - Don't be surprised if the Titans fall off. And did the Steelers do enough to fix their run game?

(58:15) Scoring Offenses - Is Baker Mayfield holding back the Browns? And Chris reacts to breaking news of the Colts signing Eric Fisher.

(1:11:30) #AskMeAnything: Chris re-ranks the 2020 rookie RBs heading into Year 2. And Ahmed pitches his "3-win Sunday" idea to revitalize the MLB.

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May 10, 2021
2021 Rookie Predictions + #AskMeAnything

With the draft in the books, Chris makes some predictions about the 2021 rookies, and we get Big Phil's take on the weekend's events. Then Paul grabs some questions from the mailbag.

(4:15) 2021 Rookie Predictions, Offense: Who will be this year's Justin Herbert? Jonathan Taylor? Justin Jefferson?

(22:15) Big Phil: How much will Trey Lance play this season? How will Mac Jones let the Patriots go back to their strength? What kind of offense will the Bears run with Justin Fields?

(1:01:30) 2021 Rookie Predictions, Defense: Who will be this year's Chase Young? Antoine Winfield Jr?

(1:13:15) #AskMeAnything: Do the Falcons have the best trio in the NFL? Do the Ravens have enough weapons? Will the Jets baby Zach Wilson? Which Steelers draft pick did Chris like most?

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May 05, 2021
Bust The Narrative: 49ers take Trey Lance + #AskMeAnything: 2021 Draft Recap

Simms responds to all the narratives about the 49ers drafting Trey Lance over Mac Jones, and then gives us the 2021 Draft picks he loved and questioned. But first, Ahmed regales us with tales from the Kentucky Derby and then introduces Odafe (formerly Jayson) Oweh.

(3:45) Bust The Narrative: 49ers Draft Trey Lance - Did Chris plant the Mac Jones rumor as a smokescreen for Kyle Shanahan? Was Lance San Francisco's target all along?

(26:45) 2021 Draft Recap - Jets: They got Chris' #1 QB, but did they need another CB?

(31:30) Jaguars: Did Chris give Trent Baalke his draft rankings? And was Travis Etienne a reach?

(37:35) Dolphins: Miami fans who hated Simms last year are very conflicted now.

(42:30) Lions: Ahmed is pumped, but does he look cool in his Lions draft hat?

(48:20) Giants: Dave Gettleman finally traded back! But is Kadarius Toney's route-running a concern?

(53:50) Cowboys: What does Micah Parsons mean for Leighton Vander Esch?

(59:45) Chiefs: KC has completed their O-line transformation.

(1:02:50) Titans: How Tennessee overhauled their secondary.

(Producer's note: This podcast was taped before news about Rashad Weaver's assault charge broke.)

(1:08:00) Raiders: Alex Leatherwood becomes the latest Mike Mayock questionable pick.

(1:10:50) Saints: Payton Turner is not the DE who Chris would have taken.

(1:12:10) Buccaneers: Chris has questions about Kyle Trask.

(1:14:25) Vikings: How soon could Kellen Mond leap Kirk Cousins?

(1:17:15) Washington: Though Chris was not the highest on Jamin Davis, he loves him some Dyami Brown.

(1:19:10) Panthers: Terrace Marshall Jr. & Tommy Tremble add to a strong weapons corps for Sam Darnold.

(1:23:15) Bears: How does Justin Fields' mechanics compare to Cam Newton? And in some breaking news, the Bears cut their LT.

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May 03, 2021
2021 NFL Draft Round 1 Recap

Simms & Florio recap Round 1 of the NFL Draft

(4:00) The 49ers pull a shocker going with Trey Lance

(16:00) The Bears get aggressive with a trade-up to snag Justin Fields

(23:45) Mac Jones falls to Bill Belichick and the Patriots

(30:30) Is the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay over?

(52:30) 2 RBs in the 1st round? The Steelers grab Najee Harris and the Jaguars pick Travis Etienne

(57:30) Peter King joins from Atlanta to talk about the Falcons drafting Kyle Pitts

(1:01:45) Florio & Simms hand out some Round 1 Superlatives: WRs fly off the board in the Top 10, Caleb Farley & Jaelan Phillips get good value, and the Cowboys get a stud in Micah Parsons

(1:13:00) Speed Round: What was the best trade? Which Alabama player will make an immediate impact? Which QB should be happiest with his new protector? And which CB is in the best situation?

(1:24:00) The Big Kahuna (Cajones) Draft of the gutsiest picks from Round 1

(1:37:45) Names to look for in Round 2 on Friday night

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Apr 30, 2021
2021 Draft Sleepers + GUEST: Trey Lance

On the last podcast before the draft, Chris and Paul talk sleepers, QB skill rankings, and take some of your questions. And after, stick around for Chris' interview with North Dakota State QB Trey Lance.

(7:10) Simms Mock Draft revisited - Chris elaborates more on why he had Justin Fields at #32, and names the pick he wants to happen the most

(19:05) Robin Hood: Draft Sleepers - Simms stumps for less-heralded prospects like Dyami Brown, Amari Rodgers, Marquez Stevenson, Jaelon Darden, Javian Hawkins, and Rashad Weaver.

(44:55) QB Rankings Revisited - Chris ranks the 2021 passers on arm strength, mechanics, decision-making, and athleticism.

(1:08:25) #AskMeAnything - What is Chris' biggest concern about Zach Wilson? What's are the 49ers needs after QB? Should the Jets target Travis Etienne?

(1:17:40) Position Props - Will there be over or under 4.5 wide receivers in Round 1? 5.5 quarterbacks?

(1:22:25) GUEST: North Dakota State QB Trey Lance - Simms talks to the top 10 QB prospect about improving his mechanics, his parents' spreadsheets, his basketball skills, and his mindset on the eve of the Draft.

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Apr 28, 2021
Simms 2021 Mock Draft

The long-awaited Simms 2021 Mock Draft is here! Chris predicts what every team will do in Round 1, highlighted by a surprising fall for Justin Fields.

(7:00) Big Board: Chris flips Trey Lance and Justin Fields in his final draft rankings.

(13:00) #1 Jaguars - QB Trevor Lawrence

(15:20) #2 Jets - QB Zach Wilson

(16:30) #3 49ers - QB Mac Jones

(18:20) #4 Falcons - TE Kyle Pitts

(21:10) #5 Bengals - WR Ja'Marr Chase

(23:50) #6 Dolphins - WR DeVonta Smith

(25:45) #7 Lions - T Penei Sewell

(28:30) #8 Washington (trade w CAR) - QB Trey Lance

(32:15) #9 Broncos - LB Micah Parsons

(35:10) #10 Cowboys - CB Patrick Surtain II

(37:00) #11 Patriots (trade w NYG) - WR Jaylen Waddle

(39:50) #12 Eagles - CB Jaycee Horn

(42:25) #13 Chargers - T Christian Darrisaw

(47:10) #14 Vikings - T Alijah Vera-Tucker

(49:20) #15 Giants (trade w NE) - EDGE Jayson Oweh

(53:30) #16 Cardinals - DT Christian Barmore

(57:30) #17 Raiders - LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

(1:00:40) #18 Dolphins - EDGE Kwity Paye

(1:02:50) #19 Panthers (trade w WAS) - CB Caleb Farley

(1:05:00) #20 Bears - T Rashawn Slater

(1:07:15) #21 Colts - EDGE Jaelan Phillips

(1:09:15) #22 Titans - T Teven Jenkins

(1:10:45) #23 Jets - EDGE Joe Tryon

(1:14:50) #24 Steelers - C Landon Dickerson

(1:17:10) #25 Jaguars - DT Levi Onwuzurike

(1:19:10) #26 Browns - LB Zaven Collins

(1:21:15) #27 Ravens - EDGE Azeez Ojulari

(1:23:55) #28 Saints - CB Tyson Campbell

(1:25:30) #29 Packers - WR Kadarius Toney

(1:29:15) #30 Bills - EDGE Gregory Rousseau

(1:30:40) #31 Ravens - T Alex Leatherwood

(1:33:30) #32 Buccaneers - QB Justin Fields

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Apr 26, 2021
NFL Draft Interviews: Kellen Mond, Caleb Farley, and Dyami Brown

Ohhh baby. With his Draft rankings in the rearview, Simms talks to a trio of his favorite prospects with Draft Day a week away.

(1:40) Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond on why he deserves to be a first-round pick, why he chose to do the 'Zach Wilson Throw' at his Pro Day, and how he self-scouted himself across 4 years with the Aggies.

(42:15) Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley on why teams should take a risk on him, how he talks trash, and his battle in college with Chase Claypool.

(1:15:35) UNC WR Dyami Brown on concerns about his route tree, when he knew he was really fast, and why opponents should never leave a CB 1-on-1 with him.

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Apr 22, 2021
2021 Draft Tight End Rankings

Chris is extra excited today for some reason. He and Ahmed answer some questions, welcome back Big Phil to the pod, and then reveal Chris' last draft position rankings: Tight Ends.

(5:05) Bengals re-brand (sort of) - The Uniform Police react to Cincy's new threads

(8:50) #AskMeAnything - Should Justin Fields and Trey Lance start right away? Would you rather have Mac Jones at #3 or Kellen Mond at #12? Is Davis Mills a good draft sleeper?

(26:55) Big Phil joins - Should the Panthers still draft a QB after trading for Sam Darnold? Do the 49ers need to trade Jimmy Garoppolo? And Phil roasts the most overused draft tropes.

(52:15) TE Scouting Process - How does Chris weigh blocking vs receiving? Why does it take TEs so long to reach their potential in the NFL?

(58:45) TE #5 Briley Moore (Kansas State) - "Reminded me of Mark Andrews"

(1:04:40) TE #4 Brevin Jordan (Miami) - Is he a traditional tight end?

(1:09:30) TE #3 Tommy Tremble (Notre Dame) - "His vast skill set screwed him over in production."

(1:15:00) TE #2 Pat Freiermuth (Penn State) - Is he really "Baby Gronk?"

(1:18:15) TE #1 Kyle Pitts (Florida) - Where would he rank among this year's wide receivers?

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Apr 20, 2021
2021 Draft Linebacker Rankings

Chris reveals his draft LB rankings, and then he and Ahmed reach into the mailbag.

(3:15) LB Scouting Process - Would you rather have a coverage LB or a run thumper? What happened to Isaiah Simmons and Patrick Queen last year? And Chris predicts some 2nd year leaps for the 2020 LB class.

(15:30) LB #5 Nick Bolton (Missouri) - How does he compare to Steelers LB Devin Bush?

(20:30) LB #4 Jabril Cox (LSU) - How does he compare to other recently drafted LSU LBs?

(27:45) LB #3 Zaven Collins (Tulsa) - "The best between-the-tackles LB in the draft"

(36:00) LB #2 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Notre Dame) - "Arguably my favorite watch in the whole draft"

(44:40) LB #1 Micah Parsons (Penn State) - How high could he go? Giants #11? Broncos #9?

(55:15) Honorable mentions - Jamin Davis (Kentucky), Chazz Surratt (North Carolina), Baron Browning (Ohio State), Derrick Barnes (Purdue) 

(1:04:40) #AskMeAnything - What did Chris learn from his interview with a chippy Kellen Mond? Would he have traded up to #3 if he was the 49ers GM? What did he take from Justin Fields 2nd Pro Day? And what do we make of Trevor Lawrence's comments on motivation?

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Apr 15, 2021
2021 Draft Running Back Rankings

Chris reveals his Draft rankings for the controversial RB position, and he and Paul take a few more of your draft questions.

(1:40) RB Scouting Process - Would Chris draft an RB in Round 1 anymore? How would Chris re-rank last year's RB class?

(12:00) RB #5 Javonte Williams (North Carolina) - "A ball of power."

(18:35) RB #4 Najee Harris (Alabama) - "He's a tough eval for me. I don't think he's a slam dunk #1 RB."

(28:10) RB #3 Javian Hawkins (Louisville) - "He's small. That's where the negatives stop."

(34:45) RB #2 Michael Carter (North Carolina) - "Nobody tackles him 1-on-1."

(44:30) RB #1 Travis Etienne (Clemson) - "The most complete RB in the draft."

(55:00) Honorable mentions - Chuba Hubbard (Oklahoma State), Trey Sermon (Ohio State), Kenneth Gainwell (Memphis), Rhamondre Stevenson (Oklahoma)

(1:08:45) #AskMeAnything - Is Mac Jones worth trading up for? How does Justin Fields compare to Lamar Jackson? Should the Bengals draft Penei Sewell or Ja'Marr Chase? And Chris tweaks his Aaron Rodgers song.

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Apr 12, 2021
2021 Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings

Chris and Paul reminisce about football movies and Warren Sapp stories before they take some questions and reveal the Simms 2021 Draft DT Rankings.

(9:40) #AskMeAnything - Does Jaelen Phillips' concussion history worry Chris? How does Kwity Paye compare to Rashan Gary? Did Jaycee Horn's 40 impressive Simms? Should the Pats pounce on Kellen Mond?

(23:45) DT Scouting Process - Is Simms looking for power or speed from his DTs?

(27:45) DT #5 Jay Tufele (USC) - "A stout ball of power"

(32:25) DT #4 Alim McNeill (NC State) - "Immovable. A true nose tackle"

(37:35) DT #3 Tyler Shelvin (LSU) - "They don't make humans like this very often"

(45:05) DT #2 Christian Barmore (Alabama) - "There's no negatives, but I expected more"

(52:30) DT #1 Levi Onwuzurike (Washington) - "He moves like he's 275 lbs, but with the strength of a 330-lb guy."

(1:09:50) Honorable Mentions - Osa Odighizuwa (UCLA), Daviyon Nixon (Iowa), Milton Williams (Louisiana Tech)

(1:14:20) QB Jeopardy: Top 10 Draft Picks

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Apr 08, 2021
2021 Draft Offensive Line Rankings

Chris and Ahmed react to the Sam Darnold trade and take some QB draft questions before they dive into Simms' OL rankings.

(4:20) Sam Darnold trade - Can the Panthers make the playoffs with him? What positions should Carolina target in the draft? Did the Jets get enough for him?

(16:10) QB Questions - Did Chris see enough tape of Zach Wilson under pressure? How risky a pick is Justin Fields? Does Mac Jones have more upside than we think?

(37:45) OL Scouting Process - How does Chris differentiate between a tackle, guard, and center? What did he learn about his miss on Tristan Wirfs?

(46:10) OL #6 Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State) - "Big country!"

(51:10) OL #5 Rashawn Slater (Northwestern) - "One of the tougher evals I've had"

(57:10) OL #4 Alijah Vera-Tucker (USC) - "One of the best pure pass protectors in the draft"

(1:03:05) OL #3 Landon Dickerson (Alabama) - "This is a Pro Bowl center"

(1:08:15) OL #2 Christian Darrisaw (Virginia Tech) - "His anchor is the best in the draft"

(1:13:40) OL #1 Penei Sewell (Oregon) - "Rare to see a guy that big who can move the way he can"

(1:24:00) Honorable mentions & missed the cut - Walker Little (Stanford), Alex Leatherwood (Alabama), Aaron Banks (Notre Dame), Liam Eichenberg (Notre Dame), Jackson Carman (Clemson), Rasheed Walker (Penn State), Jalen Mayfield (Michigan), Samuel Cosmi (Texas), Brady Christensen (BYU)

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Apr 06, 2021
2021 Draft EDGE Rankings

Simms reveals his chocolate pretzel hot taeks to Paul before he gives his Pro Day thoughts and Edge Draft Rankings.

(4:20) Pro Day reactions - Mac Jones let it go, Justin Fields shows better mechanics, and is Kellen Mond a good fit for the Steelers or Patriots? And would Simms rather have Justin Herbert or Zach Wilson?

(29:30) EDGE Scouting Process - What does Chris look for? What did he learn from last year? How does the 2021 class compare to 2020?

(34:50) EDGE #5 Dayo Odeyingbo (Vanderbilt) - "Size and versatility"

(40:00) EDGE #4 Rashad Weaver (Pitt) - "Long with sneaky explosion, reminds me of Montez Sweat"

(46:40) EDGE #3 Jayson Oweh (Penn State) - "The perfect example that stat production is overrated"

(54:10) EDGE #2 Kwity Paye (Michigan) - "Rocked-up, thick, powerful, twitchy dude"

(1:03:40) EDGE #1 Jaelan Phillips (Miami) - "The best pure pass rusher in the draft"

(1:14:10) Honorable mentions - Payton Turner (Houston), Cameron Sample (Tulane)

(1:18:00) What about... - Gregory Rousseau (Miami), Ronnie Perkins (Oklahoma), Carlos Basham Jr. (Wake Forest), Azeez Ojulari (Georgia), Joe Tryon (Washington)

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Apr 01, 2021
#AskMeAnything: 49ers trade up (for Mac Jones?) + Zach Wilson's Pro Day

Chris is excited for another episode where of revealing all of the secrets Kyle Shanahan has told him. And he and Ahmed take all of your questions on the big trade for the 49ers and how to react to Zach Wilson's Pro Day.

(4:20) 49ers trade up to #3 - Did San Francisco really have to move up so high? Chris doubles down on Mac Jones. Do the 49ers have to trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

(25:40) Justin Fields & Trey Lance - Why doesn't Simms think they're as good a fit for Kyle Shanahan?

(37:30) Jets - Can they pass up Zach Wilson? Where would Sam Darnold rank in this draft class?

(43:40) Zach Wilson's Pro Day - Chris was blown away by it, and responds to inaccurate comparisons to JaMarcus Russell.

(1:03:30) Dolphins & Eagles trade - Does Ja'Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith make more sense for Miami?

(1:09:40) Draft misc. - Chris gives his take on Dyami Brown's disappointing 40 time, WRs Amon-Ra St. Brown & Elijah Moore, and CB Greg Newsome.

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Mar 30, 2021
2021 Draft CB & Safety Rankings

Simms laments his busted March Madness bracket before he and Paul hit the top cornerbacks and safeties in the 2021 Draft.

(5:05) WR Rankings reactions - Chris takes a couple of questions about Rashod Bateman and Rondale Moore

(8:20) CB scouting process: Chris reflects on what he learned from his 2020 ranks and what he's looking for when he watches CBs.

(13:50) CB #6 Marco Wilson (Florida) - "Smooth, good hips, but a little lack of burst breaking on the ball."

(16:20) CB #5 Paulson Adebo (Stanford) - "A kamikaze missile. He will hit you."

(21:20) CB #4 Aaron Robinson (UCF) - "He got put in tough positions, but the pure ability is amazing."

(27:00) CB #3 Patrick Surtain II (Alabama) - "He's a Top 15 pick, but I worry about him against the elite speed receivers"

(33:50) CB #2 Tyson Campbell (Georgia) - "A true shutdown elite corner"

(40:00) CB #1 Caleb Farley (Virginia Tech) - "I don't know if I've ever evaluated a corner like this. He's worthy of being drafted in the Top 3"

(48:45) Safety scouting process: Chris is glad he had Antoine Winfield Jr. at the top of his 2020 rankings.

(51:30) S #5 Shawn Davis (Florida) - "He's your traditional safety, a violent tackler"

(54:10) S #4 Ar'Darius Washington (TCU) - "He is THE safety at TCU. I watched him and thought 'Honey Badger'"

(1:02:50) S #3 Jevon Holland (Oregon) - "He can be a free safety, strong safety, big nickel; he's versatile."

(1:07:30) S #2 Elijah Molden (Washington) - "This guy is Jessie Bates. Probably the best open-field tackler in the whole draft."

(1:12:20) #1 Andre Cisco (Syracuse) - "His range at free safety was the best of anybody, which at his size is saying something."

(1:19:00) Honorable mentions & missed the cut: Chris gives his thoughts on Asante Samuel Jr, Jaycee Horn, Kary Vincent, Trevon Moehrig, Paris Ford, Richie Grant, and Ifeatu Melifonwu

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Mar 24, 2021
2021 Draft WR Rankings

Ahmed makes his long-awaited return, and Chris reveals his 2021 Draft WR rankings, where his Big 3 is a little different from others you might see.

(3:00) Chris explains his process for scouting WRs and looks back at what he learned from last year

(12:20) WR #6 Terrace Marshall Jr (LSU) - "aka Justin Jefferson Jr"

(20:50) WR #5 Kadarius Toney (Florida) - "He and Ja'Marr Chase are the most dangerous with the ball in their hands."

(27:40) WR #4 Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) - "I like him better than I liked Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy."

(36:20) WR #3 Dyami Brown (UNC) - "This is my guy. There was nobody that could run with him."

(46:15) WR #2 DeVonta Smith (Alabama) - "His physicality was the most pleasant surprise of all."

(55:50) WR #1 Ja'Marr Chase (LSU) - "He's a slam dunk. He's the safest and the best. He has everything."

(1:10:40) Honorable mentions: Chris gives love to Jaelon Darden, Tutu Atwell, Marquez Stevenson, and D'Wayne Eskridge

(1:15:50) Homie questions: What about Rashod Bateman, Rondale Moore, Nico Collins, and Tylan Wallace?

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Mar 22, 2021
Free Agency Day 2-3 Recap: Dalton to Bears & WR Landing Spots

Chris gives all his analysis on the second wave of free agency, including Andy Dalton to the Bears and what teams are still hunting in the depressed WR market.

(3:30) Quarterbacks: What's the best fit for Mitch Trubisky? Would anyone trade for Deshaun Watson right now? And what about Cam Newton's bad mechanics last year?

(22:30) Wide Receivers: Curtis Samuel is putting Washington in the leaderhouse in the NFC East. Chris hasn't given up on A.J. Green. And what teams could want Kenny Golladay and JuJu Smith-Schuster?

(35:45) Big Phil: He joins to talk about the Patriots spending spree, offensive line changes for the Raiders & Chiefs, and if Andy Dalton is better than Nick Foles.

(1:02:00) 49ers: Why Trent Williams wasn't their only big O-line signing this week.

(1:07:40) Cornerbacks: Chris doesn't understand why Shaquill Griffin got paid more than William Jackson.

(1:13:00) Phillip Lindsay: Simms is concerned by his 2020 film.

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Mar 18, 2021
Free Agency Day 1 Recap

Tampering Day 1 is Free Agency Day 1, so Chris gives his take on all the big news, right after Paulie B explains an old college photo with some chihuahuas.

(4:55) Patriots spending spree: Jonnu Smith AND Hunter Henry? Would Chris rather have Nelson Agholor & Kendrick Bourne or Kenny Golladay? Was there any Belichick move that Simms didn't like? 

(24:40) Buccaneers: How did they keep Shaq Barrett & Rob Gronkowski? Why should Tampa prioritize Ndamukong Suh over Antonio Brown?

(30:00) Re-signings: Leonard Floyd is a star for the Rams, and Kyle Juszczyk was a must-keep for the 49ers

(36:45) Jameis Winston: Is he the favorite to win the Saints starting job over Taysom Hill?

(38:30) Ryan Fitzpatrick: Does Washington still need to draft a QB?

(42:00) Edge rushers: Yannick Ngakoue, Bud Dupree, Carl Lawson, and Trey Hendrickson...which is the best fit? And who is still out there?

(47:25) Offensive line: After cutting their tackles, why did the Chiefs sign a guard? And after signing Corey Linsley, could the Chargers target Trent Williams too?

(52:55) Jets: Chris is excited for both Corey Davis and Jarrad Davis.

(55:00) Wide Receivers: Why are Kenny Golladay and JuJu Smith-Schuster still unsigned?

(1:00:10) Defensive backs: The Browns got a good deal with John Johnson. And why are the top CBs still out there?

(1:04:40) Robin Hood signings: Who are the best under-the-radar adds?

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Mar 16, 2021
Free Agency Mega-Preview

It's a special podcast for a special day, as Paulie Burmeister turns 50! What better way to celebrate than hitting every big name in a free agency mega-preview. Who deserves to get paid? Who's fool's gold? Also Big Phil joins to talk about Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson.

(5:00) Wide Receivers: Why didn't the Lions tag Kenny Golladay? Chris would love to see Curtis Samuel to the Jets and T.Y. Hilton to the Packers. And is Will Fuller fool's gold?

(17:00) Running Backs: Chris doesn't understand why the Packers didn't franchise tag Aaron Jones. Are Chris Carson or Leonard Fournette good options for the Steelers?

(27:20) Tight Ends: Why didn't Hunter Henry or Jonnu Smith get the tag? What is the only team Gronk might leave Tampa for?

(29:50) Offensive Line: Trent Williams and Corey Linsley are the stars of the group, but don't sleep on Daryl Williams. And please sign Joe Thuney, Bengals.

(36:15) Big Phil: He joins to talk Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and what's the best destination for Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, and Mitchell Trubisky.

(1:11:40) Edge Defenders: Is Shaq Barrett worth a massive deal? Should Bud Dupree stay with the Steelers? And buyer beware on Haason Reddick and Trey Hendrickson.

(1:18:50) Defensive Tackles: Why does Chris like Dalvin Tomlinson? And will Ndamukong Suh return to the Bucs?

(1:20:30) Linebackers: What is the best landing spot for Matt Milano? How much does KJ Wright have left?

(1:23:15) Cornerbacks: William Jackson is going to shock everyone. Are Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson more name than game? And Brian Poole's demand could surprise you.

(1:27:30) Safeties: John Johnson deserves to get paid.

(1:32:00) QB Jeopardy: 2021 Draft QBs Edition

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Mar 10, 2021
#AskMeAnything: 2021 Draft QBs

On the heels of releasing his 2021 Draft QB Rankings, Chris answers questions from the homies about his Top 6 passers and others who didn't make the cut.

(6:10) Zach Wilson: Should we be concerned about his weak schedule? His shoulder injury? If Chris were the Jaguars GM, would he draft him #1 overall? And should the Jets draft Wilson or trade for Deshaun Watson?

(20:45) Trevor Lawrence: Does he remind Chris of Andrew Luck?

(24:50) Mac Jones: Are people overlooking his physical traits?

(36:30) Kellen Mond: Why could he be a good NFL QB when he wasn't overwhelming in college? And is there any concern over the track record of Jimbo Fisher QBs? And would he be a good fit with the Steelers or 49ers?

(48:45) Justin Fields: Does he compare closely to Sam Darnold? How easy will it be to fix his mechanics?

(58:15) Trey Lance: Does he compare at all to Josh Allen? Would he be a bad pick for the Panthers at #8?

(1:04:45) Others: What does Chris think of Kyle Trask, Davis Mills, Sam Ehlinger, and Jamie Newman? Are there any mid-round sleepers he likes?

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Mar 08, 2021
2021 Draft QB Rankings

The much awaited debut of the Simms 2021 Draft QB Rankings are here. Chris reveals his Top 6 QBs of the 2021 class, and as always he is not swayed by the consensus opinions.

(5:15) Freezing Cold Tweets - Before revealing the list, let's remember the (wrong) ridicule of years past

(9:45) QB #1 Zach Wilson (BYU) - "He's got the best arm in the draft. He's clearly #1 for me. Clearly."

(24:00) QB #2 Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) - "There's untapped talent, though he does have inconsistencies in his mechanics."

(32:30) QB #3 Mac Jones (Alabama) - "He is a machine throwing. He's a Top 10 pick, there's no doubt in my mind."

(43:05) QB #4 Kellen Mond (Texas A&M) - "Why is nobody talking about this guy? As a pure, consistent thrower, he's better than Trevor Lawrence."

(51:15) QB #5 Justin Fields (Ohio State) - "He's got elite traits. But he has technique issues that make him a project."

(1:06:25) QB #6 Trey Lance (North Dakota St) - "He's the most gifted runner of the group. But he hasn't thrown enough."

(1:15:45) Tiers - How much of a gap is there between each group? And is there any chance the Jaguars would draft Wilson #1?

(1:18:30) Homie questions - Where would Justin Herbert & Joe Burrow rank in the 2021 class? Is Mac Jones a better prospect than Tua Tagovailoa? And is the 2021 QB class as a whole better than 2020?

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Mar 03, 2021
Bust The Narrative + Free Agent Blind Resumes

Chris tells us which offseason narratives we should bust (or trust), and then Ahmed tries to stump him with some blind resumes about underrated players and pending free agents.

(6:35) Bust The Narrative - "The Bucs need to keep both Shaq Barrett and Chris Godwin"

(18:00) "The Browns and Lavonte David are a match made in heaven"

(22:00) "Nick Foles got a raw deal last year with the Bears and should still be a contender for the starting gig"

(26:15) "The Jets are best to stick with Sam Darnold"

(29:30) "Deshaun Watson can’t win anytime soon with this Texans roster"

(33:50) "Russell Wilson can’t get back to the Super Bowl with Seattle’s coaching"

(41:40) "The Cowboys are best with Dak Prescott, Dak is best for Cowboys"

(46:10) "The Saints should want Drew Brees to retire"

(50:55) Robin Hood: Blind Resume - Chris tries to guess the identity of some underrated stars and pending free agents from their stat lines

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Mar 01, 2021
Ranking Franchise Tag Candidates

With the franchise tag window opening yesterday, Chris ranks which pending free agents mean the most to their team.

(4:00) Dak Prescott - Do the Cowboys have any choice but stick with him?

(12:15) Wide Receivers - Ranking Allen Robinson, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay, and Will Fuller

(28:45) Offensive Linemen - Tough decisions for the Packers, Patriots, Panthers, & Football Team

(37:45) Tight Ends - Jonnu Smith over Hunter Henry?

(42:30) Aaron Jones - Are the Packers ready to turn to AJ Dillon?

(46:20) Edge Rushers - Could we see a 2nd straight tag for Shaq Barrett, Yannick Ngakoue, Matt Judon, Leonard Williams, and Bud Dupree?

(56:10) Safeties - The Broncos, Rams, Saints, and Vikings could lose some of the best safeties in the league

(1:05:10) Matt Milano & Shaquill Griffin - Have they done enough to be paid at the top of their position?

(1:08:50) #AskMeAnything - Chris on how he scouts QBs and the biggest difference between college and the pros

(1:16:30) QB Jeopardy - Paul brings trivia on Deshaun Watson and other QBs in the news

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Feb 24, 2021
#AskMeAnything: Wentz, Watt, Big Ben, and QB Questions

Chris is back from his staycation, and he and Ahmed hit the mailbag hard with a full #AskMeAnything pod.

(4:55) Carson Wentz trade - Have the Colts upgraded from Philip Rivers? Should the Eagles hand the starting job to Jalen Hurts?

(17:20) J.J. Watt - What is the best scheme for him?

(22:20) Ben Roethlisberger - If the Steelers cut him, what is their best replacement? Mason Rudolph? Cam Newton?

(28:15) Deshaun Watson - What will it cost to get him? Is he a good fit for Kyle Shanahan's 49ers system? What else should the Texans do to rebuild?

(40:50) QB Questions - Should the Bears trade up for Zach Wilson? How many QBs could go 1st round? Should the Cowboys be scared of paying Dak? Why is there so much disrespect for Sam Darnold?

(53:25) New Coaches - What will Raheem Morris change about the Rams defense? Can Arthur Smith rejuvenate Matt Ryan?

(1:04:30) Under The Radar Free Agents - Curtis Samuel, Leonard Floyd, William Jackson and more.

(1:13:40) The Next Gennies - Ahmed hands out kudos for some leaders in advanced stats this season.

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Feb 22, 2021
George Kittle & Mark Ingram

Ohhh baby, Simms is on vacation so no regular pod this week. But we've got interviews with a couple of his favorites:

(0:00) 49ers TE George Kittle on defending Jimmy G and breaking down why Travis Kelce is so good

(15:20) Free agent RB Mark Ingram on how much gas he has left in the tank, playing for the Ravens and Saints, and memories of his dad with the Giants.

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Feb 15, 2021
WTF Happened? Chiefs shocking gameplan in Super Bowl LV

Chris has rewatched the Super Bowl so many times, his family is having an intervention. But Ahmed and Big Phil joined him to give some final thoughts on the Bucs big win over the Chiefs.

(5:05) WTF Happened: Chiefs offense - Chris is still shocked by Kansas City's gameplan. What could they have done differently? Is there a blueprint to stop the Chiefs now?

(24:00) Big Phil - He joins to talk about his view from the field Sunday, Andy Reid's timeouts, and the one-sided penalties.

(56:45) Bucs & Chiefs offseason - Who is the free agent Tampa Bay needs to keep? Could Kansas City have a Super Bowl hangover?

(1:18:00) Carson Wentz - The Eagles fans are mad at Chris, so he ranks who is to blame for his decline in Philadelphia.

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Feb 10, 2021
Super Bowl LV Recap: Bucs take down Chiefs

Mahomes was shut down like he has never been before and Brady has ring number 7(!). Chris and Paul break down all angles of the Bucs beatdown of the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

(5:05) Chiefs Offense vs Bucs Defense - How did Todd Bowles go against his nature to stop Patrick Mahomes? How much of a factor was the QB's toe? Why was Chris "shocked" by Kansas City's gameplan? And should Devin White have been MVP?

(34:30) Bucs Offense vs Chiefs Defense - Why was the run game so important for Tampa? What was the "brilliant" move Tom Brady made early in the game? And how did Brady and Gronk's experience lead to a TD on a broken play?

(50:50) Penalties - Chris is pissed that the refs made themselves part of the game.

(56:40) Bucs O-line - How did they dominate the Chiefs front?

(1:08:05) Andy Reid's timeout - Did Chris agree with his strategy at the end of the first half?

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Feb 08, 2021
WTF Will Happen? Super Bowl LV Preview

Chris watched back the Chiefs Week 12 win over the Bucs to see what it can tell us about how Super Bowl LV will play out. And Paul has a TB-KC-themed QB Jeopardy.

(8:00) Chiefs Offense vs Bucs Defense: How did Tyreek burn TB's secondary? Should KC even try to run the ball? And why any blitzing from Todd Bowles is too much blitzing.

(28:30) Bucs Offense vs Chiefs Defense: How Steve Spagnuolo confused Tom Brady, but made a crucial mistake. As good as they are, does the Tampa O-line have an advantage over the KC D-line?

(45:00) Super Bowl #AskMeAnything: Would Simms take Mahomes with the Bucs roster over Brady with the Chiefs roster? Is the Bucs D-line better than the 49ers D-line in last year's Super Bowl?

(59:15) QB Jeopardy - Brady-Mahomes Super Bowl Edition: Paul finds a way to bring up the best photo in Super Bowl history

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Feb 03, 2021
Stafford-Goff Trade, #AskMeAnything, & Simms 2020 All-Pro Team

It's all about awards and your questions in today's pod, as Chris reveals his 2020 All-Pro Team, Ahmed hands out his Under-Talked About players, and we reveal the 2021 Homies Choice Awards...all while taking your Twitter questions.

(2:20) Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff Trade - What does this blockbuster mean for the Rams Super Bowl odds, the Lions draft plans, and Ahmed's fandom?

(20:45) Chris Simms 2020 All-Pro Offense - Of course Aaron Rodgers makes the cut, and Chris is sick of the criticism.

(39:15) #AskMeAnything - To get Deshaun Watson, would Chris trade Trevor Lawrence? Lamar Jackson? Four first round picks? How concerning was Nick Sirianni's shaky press conference?

(54:40) Chris Simms 2020 All-Pro Defense - Amid some househould names, a little-known safety makes Chris' squad

(1:11:05) Ahmed's Under-Talked-About Players - Who isn't getting the spotlight they deserve?

(1:25:45) 2021 Homies Choice Awards - Who were your picks for MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and more?

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Feb 01, 2021
WTF Happened: Packers last series + Chiefs disguise fools Josh Allen

Chris and Paul talk "white 80" and other audibles before they give their final thoughts on the Conference Championship games.

(3:45) Bucs-Packers leftovers: How the Bucs have made Brady into a big play QB, and should Rodgers have waved off the FG unit? And Simms goes play-by-play to explain what went wrong on the Packers final series.

(29:25) Chiefs-Bills WTF Happened: What is KC's biggest weakness? And how did the Chiefs disguises confuse Josh Allen?

(1:01:00) QB Jeopardy: Tampa Super Bowl edition

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Jan 27, 2021
Championship Sunday Recap: Brady is the GOAT*, Rodgers heartbroken again

Even though Chris was right on both his Conference Championship picks, he's still a bit sad after yesterday's Conference Championships. And Ahmed says goodbye to the Packers, Bills, and one of his favorite players ever.

(3:30) Buccaneers def. Packers - Is Chris finally willing to admit Tom Brady is the GOAT? Should Matt LaFleur have gone for it on 4th-and-goal? Should Packers fans be mad at the refs? What was Green Bay's D doing on the Scotty Miller TD? And might Aaron Rodgers want out of Green Bay?

(50:15) Chiefs def. Bills - Chris breaks down Tyreek Hill's big play. Why did the Chiefs blitz get to Josh Allen? What do the Bills need to do to beat the Chiefs next season? And Ahmed buries Buffalo with Requiem For A Team.

(1:12:00) Super Bowl LV - Some early thoughts on Chiefs vs Bucs. KC might already be missing a couple key pieces.

(1:14:00) Thanks, Matthew Stafford - Ahmed is ready to let go of one of his favorite Lions of all time

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Jan 25, 2021
Conference Championship Picks

Chris and Mike cannot wait for Brady vs Rodgers & Allen vs Mahomes. They give their Championship Sunday picks, but not before Florio gets to gloat about a nice performance last week. Also, an astute viewer has uncovered a secret about Simms.

(3:50) #5 Buccaneers at #1 Packers

(26:00) #2 Bills at #1 Chiefs

(43:20) Championship Sunday Props

(49:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

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Jan 21, 2021
WTF Will Happen? Conf. Championship Preview

Chris talks about his Championship Sunday routine and reflects on Philip Rivers' career before he and Paul dive into Bills-Chiefs and Bucs-Packers.

(2:30) Philip Rivers retires - Chris respects his toughness, but is he a Hall of Famer?

(11:00) Bills vs Chiefs - Buffalo's D is better than Week 6, but can KC run all over them again? And the Bills O "needs to use its greatest weapon."

(27:05) Big Phil joins to share some concerns about the Bills passing game, and if Buffalo can doubleteam both Tyreek Hill & Travis Kelce

(52:50) Buccaneers vs Packers - How did the Bucs give Aaron Rodgers his worst game of the year? And "I don't see how Green Bay can slow down Tampa Bay."

(1:19:15) QB Jeopardy: Championship Weekend Edition - Can Chris repeat his 5-for-5 performance?

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Jan 20, 2021
Divisional Recap: Brees' final game, Browns fumble, & Josh Allen busts his "a-word"

Chris & Ahmed recap the Divisional Round, including an unhappy ending for Drew Brees.

(2:45) Buccaneers def. Saints - Yes, Drew Brees is at fault for his INTs. How did Bruce Arians go against his nature? And where was Michael Thomas?

(24:30) Chiefs def. Browns - #HennethingIsPossible! Andy Reid's "gutsy playcall"", Damn! Okay Steve Spagnuolo, and the Browns should be "so happy where they are."

(50:15) Bills def. Ravens - Stefon Diggs & Josh Allen have a bromance, and what does Lamar Jackson need to work on this offseason?

(1:08:00) Packers def. Rams - Green Bay burns LA with the same play twice. Should Jalen Ramsey blame his teammates? And is Jared Goff's job secure?

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Jan 18, 2021
My Boy Blue!: Interview with Bills QB Josh Allen

Simms chats with Bills QB Josh Allen prior to Buffalo's Divisional round game against the Ravens. The bromance is real.

(1:00) Josh picks his best play of the year, and explains why Week 2 against the Dolphins was a turning point

(4:45) How losses to the Titans & Chiefs help the Bills right the ship

(6:40) How Josh deals with the haters and self-curses thyself to get past mistakes

(10:20) Changes to his mechanics helped his accuracy

(13:50) Josh talks us through 2 key plays vs the Colts last week

(17:40) When did facing a blitz become something to attack and not to fear?

(18:50) Best way to describe the Ravens D, keys to playing in the snow, and keeping tabs on Lamar & Baker

(22:00) The one thing that Sean McDermott hasn't quite accepted about his QB

(23:50) Simms serenades Josh with his official song: "Giddy Up Josh Allen"

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Jan 15, 2021
Divisional Picks: Upset in Buffalo + Brady vs Brees

Due to some scheduling conflicts, there will be no WTF Happened Wednesday pod this week. Instead, enjoy Chris and Mike's Divisional Round picks a day early.

(5:30) #6 Rams at #1 Packers

(16:00) #5 Ravens at #2 Bills

(28:00) #6 Browns at #1 Chiefs

(36:40) #5 Buccaneers at #2 Saints

(46:00) Divisional Round Props

(49:45) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

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Jan 13, 2021
Wild Card Recap: Browns dump Steelers + Doug Pederson fired

Chris & Ahmed unpack all angles of Super Wild Card Weekend.

(3:40) Browns def. Steelers - Baker and "a guy named Blake" pull off the upset. And is practice overrated?

(21:45) Ravens def. Titans - Lamar makes an all-time run. And how did Baltimore stonewall Derrick Henry?

(35:45) Bills def. Colts - Chris debuts TWO new QB songs, and Ahmed questions Indy's 4th down decision.

(47:15) BREAKING NEWS: The Eagles have fired Doug Pederson.

(51:00) Buccaneers def. Washington - Brady burns the blitz & Taylor Heinicke showed some holes in Tampa's D.

(58:40) Rams def. Seahawks - Seattle's offense became too predictable & who is the best QB for LA?

(1:14:10) Saints def. Bears - Michael Thomas in the slime zone, and don't end the Trubisky era just yet.

(1:20:20) Requiem For A Team: Ahmed says goodbye to all the Wild Card losers

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Jan 11, 2021
Wild Card Picks: Upset in Seattle & Tom Brady vs Chase Young

Chris and Mike hit on an emerging story before they pick every game from Super Wild Card Weekend.

(:30) Deshaun Watson - Florio is hearing rumors that he wants out of Houston. Could the Texans trade him?

(9:00) #7 Colts at #2 Bills

(16:30) #6 Rams at #3 Seahawks

(25:15) #5 Buccaneers at #4 Washington

(29:45) #5 Ravens at #4 Titans

(37:35) #7 Bears at #2 Saints

(41:45) #6 Browns at #3 Steelers

(47:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

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Jan 07, 2021
WTF Will Happen? Wild Card Preview

Ahmed makes his triumphant return to the pod and Big Phil joins in to hit all angles of Super Wild Card Weekend. And we lay a few more squads to rest with Requiem For A Team.

(3:00) #6 Rams vs #3 Seahawks - How did the LA offense change with John Wolford? And the Hawks need to move DK Metcalf around.

(16:50) #7 Bears vs #2 Saints - Can Chicago's offense keep up in a shootout?

(21:20) Big Phil joins to talk about if you can slow down the Saints, and Ahmed is bitter about the Bears.

(33:10) #5 Buccaneers vs #4 Washington - The WFT front 4 is good, but "they can't ruin this game."

(50:15) #7 Colts vs #2 Bills - Phil is not buying Ahmed's Buffalo playoff narratives.

(1:06:55) #5 Ravens vs #4 Titans - Is Baltimore any better than last year's playoff loss?

(1:17:45) #6 Browns vs #3 Steelers - Can Cleveland beat Pittsburgh two weeks in a row?

(1:27:45) Requiem For A Team - We eulogize the lost seasons of the Pats, Lions, Vikings, 49ers, Raiders, and Giants.

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Jan 06, 2021
Week 17 Recap: Browns back in the playoffs, Bills unstoppable, Eagles tank

Chris gets to gloat about his QB Jeopardy win before he and Paul react to all the fallout from the last week of the regular season.

(2:15) Damn! Okay: AFC Wild Card Edition

-Baker made the big plays when it counted.

-Are the Ravens hotter heading into the playoffs than last year?

-The Bills are almost unstoppable.

-As of right now, Tua doesn't pass the eye test.

(26:55) Take it Up to 100 - "Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Derrick Henry"

(33:50) Victory Lap: Rookie Edition

-Jonathan Taylor is on fire.

-Justin Jefferson and Justin Herbert shatter records.

(42:45) Black Monday - Which is the best head coach opening: Chargers, Jets or Jaguars? And the guys have high praise for Brian Daboll.

(49:15) Give Me The Headlines: NFC East Edition - Chris gets why the Eagles tanked, even if he's pissed.

(58:40) Damn! Okay: NFC Playoff Edition

-Tom Brady is amazing.

-Jalen Ramsey was the best CB in 2020.

-"The Rams can beat the Seahawks with John Wolford."

-Did Aaron Rodgers lock up the MVP?

-The Saints are flying under the radar

-"The Seahawks have made the greatest 180 in football"

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Jan 04, 2021
Week 17 Picks: Who will win the NFC East?

Florio and Simms pick every game in the final week of the regular season. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

(4:15) Sunday 1pm games

-Jets at Patriots

-Dolphins at Bills

-Ravens at Bengals

-Steelers at Browns

-Vikings at Lions

-Cowboys at Giants

-Falcons at Buccaneers

(23:30) 4pm AFC games

-Raiders at Broncos

-Chargers at Chiefs

-Titans at Texans

-Jaguars at Colts

(32:00) 4pm NFC games & SNF

-Saints at Panthers

-Seahawks at 49ers

-Packers at Bears

-Cardinals at Rams

-Washington at Eagles

(46:30) Best Bets & "Folsom Prison Blues" pick

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Dec 31, 2020
WTF WILL Happen? Previewing Week 17 Rematches

With a rematch-filled Week 17, Chris and Paul look back at the first meetings between some playoff hopefuls to predict what we might see this Sunday. And to close out 2020 in style, Simms hits his first perfect round of QB Jeopardy.

(4:00) Packers vs Bears: Chicago has found its offensive groove since Week 12, but the Packers run game "is now a force." And Chris sees Matt Nagy & Mitchell Trubisky back next year.

(26:15) Steelers vs Browns: What happened to the Pittsburgh run game we saw in Week 6? And this isn't the same Baker Mayfield as last time.

(36:45) Defensive Player of the Year: TJ Watt is great, but Chris would vote for someone else.

(42:10) Cardinals vs Rams: LA can win without Jared Goff. Arizona can't without Kyler Murray.

(58:30) Cowboys vs Giants: It's stoppable force vs movable object with the Giants O and Cowboys D.

(1:10:30) QB Jeopardy: Chris goes 5-for-5 for the first time ever when Paul quizzes him on the College Football Playoff teams.

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Dec 30, 2020
Week 16 Recap: Steelers come back, Browns can't run, & Washington cuts Haskins

Chris is flying solo today without a co-host, so he calls Big Phil from the bullpen to recap all the Week 16 action.

(2:00) Steelers def. Colts - How did Pittsburgh turn it around after halftime?

(9:00) Jets def. Browns - Why did Kevin Stefanski stop running it?

(13:30) Chiefs def. Falcons - Is the pressure getting to Patrick Mahomes?

(25:45) Packers def. Titans - Green Bay's run game makes them seem less "fraudulent."

(37:00) Seahawks def. Rams - Jared Goff doesn't throw spirals and Seattle's D makes them true contenders.

(46:45) Take It Up To 100: Saints def. Vikings - Alvin Kamara is the perfect RB.

(53:35) Bears def. Jaguars - "Chicago is dangerous right now."

(56:30) Dolphins def. Raiders - Should Miami start Tua or Fitz this week?

(1:06:20) Ravens def. Giants - Phil has advice for Daniel Jones.

(1:16:15) Give Me The Headlines: Cowboys def. Eagles - Andy Dalton will shoot your eye out, and the Eagles shouldn't fire anyone.

(1:23:20) Panthers def. Washington - Paging Mr. Smith, and Dwayne Haskins gets benched yesterday and cut today.

(1:34:15) 49ers def. Cardinals - "The spread is dead" and Kyler is questionable.

(1:35:50) Buccaneers def. Lions - Is the balance of power swinging back to the NFC?

(1:37:20) Chargers def. Broncos - Chris has a reservation about Eric Bieniemy coaching LA.

(1:39:15) Bengals def. Texans - Way to go, Zac Taylor.

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Dec 28, 2020
Week 16 Picks: Christmas football + Titans vs Packers offensive explosion

Florio and Simms pick every game on a holiday weekend of 4 straight days of football. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!

(1:30) Friday & Saturday games

-Christmas: Vikings at Saints

-Saturday: Buccaneers at Lions

-Saturday: 49ers at Cardinals

-Saturday: Dolphins at Raiders

(14:20) Sunday early games

-Giants at Ravens

-Bengals at Texans

-Bears at Jaguars

-Falcons at Chiefs

-Browns at Jets

-Colts at Steelers

(26:10) Sunday late games

-Broncos at Chargers

-Panthers at Washington

-Eagles at Cowboys

-Rams at Seahawks

(36:10) Primetime games

-SNF: Titans at Packers

-MNF: Bills at Patriots

(47:40) Best Bets & "Folsom Prison Blues" pick

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Dec 23, 2020
Week 15 Recap: Brees' bad decisions, Brady's lasers, & Jets upset Rams

Chris and Paul recap all the Saturday and Sunday games from Week 15, including Drew Brees' painful return and an embarrassing Rams loss.

(4:30) Chiefs def. Saints - Aside from playing hurt, Drew Brees also made some bad decisions. And can the Chiefs protect Patrick Mahomes?

(21:15) Packers def. Panthers - Green Bay is heading towards the #1 pick, despite a "disappointing win."

(26:15) Damn! Okay: Cardinals def. Eagles - Kyler Murray looks healthy again, and Kliff Kingsbury had "one of his better offensive gameplans all year." And it's over for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

(41:10) Bears def. Vikings - Matt Nagy is finally adapting his offense to David Montgomery and Mitchell Trubisky.

(48:30) Browns def. Giants - Baker Mayfield has reached a new level of comfort.

(52:30) Dolphins def. Patriots - Salvon Ahmed comes out of nowhere

(55:40) Ravens def. Jaguars - Yannick Ngakoue gets revenge on his old team.

(56:45) Take It Up To 100: Bills def. Broncos - Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley are on a team that knows how to use them, and Josh Allen has entered the Mahomes-Rodgers stratosphere.

(1:04:20) Self-Scout Thyself: Bucs def. Falcons - Tom Brady was "throwing lasers" to erase another Atlanta lead.

(1:12:20) Titans def. Lions - Thoughts for the poor Lions CB who tried to tackle Derrick Henry high.

(1:16:00) Jets def. Rams - It's a broken record for the Rams offense. And Chris has a message for Jets fans.

(1:22:50) Seahawks def. Washington - Has the Seahawks defense turned a corner? And Simms was encouraged by some of what he saw from Dwayne Haskins.

(1:25:45) Give Me The Headlines: Cowboys def. 49ers - "I miss the '90s"

(1:27:40) Colts def. Texans - "Hoosier daddy"

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Dec 21, 2020
Week 15 Picks: Chiefs win in New Orleans + Freddie Kitchens revenge game

Florio and Simms hit every Week 16 game, including a fun Saturday slate with Simms' man crushes.

(00:15) TNF & Saturday games:

-TNF: Chargers vs Raiders

-Saturday: Bills vs Broncos

-Saturday: Panthers vs Packers

(8:40) Sunday early games:

-Buccaneers vs Falcons

-Jaguars vs Ravens

-49ers vs Cowboys

-Texans vs Colts

-Patriots vs Dolphins

-Bears vs Vikings

-Lions vs Titans

-Seahawks vs Washington

(31:00) Sunday late afternoon games:

-Eagles vs Cardinals

-Jets vs Rams

-Chiefs vs Saints

(39:50) Primetime (SNF & MNF)

-SNF: Browns vs Giants

-MNF: Steelers vs Bengals

(47:20) Best Bets & "Folsom Prison Blues" Pick

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Dec 17, 2020
WTF Happened in Ravens-Browns + Tua's best game so far

Chris and Paul go deep on the Ravens-Browns game of the year and welcome back Big Phil.

(3:30) WTF Happened: Ravens def. Browns - Was this the best game of Baker Mayfield's career?

(23:20) Big Phil thinks Baker is growing up, and remembers the time he lost 30 yards on a sack

(41:30) Why didn't the Browns have a plan for Lamar Jackson? And how can the Ravens fix their passing game?

(1:02:30) Chiefs def. Dolphins - Can you blame Patrick Mahomes for all 3 of his INTs? And why this was the best game of Tua Tagovailoa's career so far.

(1:24:10) Cardinals def. Giants - Who is most to blame for New York's disastrous offense?

(1:35:15) Buccaneers def. Vikings - Tampa's offense is better when Antonio Brown plays less.

(1:44:50) QB TE Jeopardy - Paul has trivia inspired by Travis Kelce's great season

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Dec 16, 2020
Week 14 Recap: Jalen Hurts sparks upset + Allen-to-Diggs sinks Steelers

Simms takes Ahmed behind the curtain of his Lowe's commercial ("Let's go team!") before the guys hit every game from Week 14 and bury some squads in Requiem For A Team.

(6:15) Deep Dive #1: Eagles def. Saints - Why was New Orleans not ready for Jalen Hurts? And does Chris already like him more than Taysom Hill?

(23:00) Take It Up To 100: Packers def. Lions - Davante Adams has the best QB connection in the NFL...

(29:00) Chiefs def. Dolphins - ...unless Travis Kelce has something to say about it.

(33:30) Deep Dive #2: Bills def. Steelers - How Pittsburgh's defense ran out of steam, and is Big Ben the problem?

(52:00) Damn! Okay: Colts def. Raiders - Kenny Moore had the INT of the year, and the Vegas defensive problems go beyond coaching

(56:40) Buccaneers def. Vikings - Ndamukong Suh pushed around the Minnesota O-line, and can the Bucs really do "anything damn thing they damn want to"?

(1:00:30) Cardinals def. Giants - Haason Reddick has a big return to New Jersey, and Daniel Jones needs to play football

(1:04:30) Washington def. 49ers - Chase Young and the Football Team D can win games by themselves

(1:07:40) Seahawks def. Jets - Jamal Adams is setting records

(1:10:45) Give Me The Headlines: Titans def. Jaguars - Derrick Henry is "legendary"

(1:14:10) Cowboys def. Bengals - "Red Rifle Revenge"

(1:16:20) Self-Scout Thyself: Chargers def. Falcons - The Falcons twitter account knew what was coming

(1:18:20) Broncos def. Panthers - Brandon McManus trolled...himself? And yesterday was big for Drew Lock's future

(1:20:45) Bears def. Texans - Chicago's offense is playing to David Montgomery and Mitchell Trubisky's strengths

(1:24:00) Requiem For A Team - We lay to rest the Texans, Falcons, Broncos & Panthers

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Dec 14, 2020
Week 14 Picks: Jalen Hurts debut + Steelers rebound vs Bills?

Mike concedes the straight up picks title to Chris before the guys hit a full 16-game Week 14.

(1:45) TNF & Sunday early games:









(23:20) Sunday late games







(39:30) Primetime (SNF & MNF)



(47:40) Best Bets & the debut of Survivor Picks

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Dec 10, 2020
WTF the Steelers offense + Requiem For a Team returns

Ahmed is still coming down off his high hosting Football Night in America, and then the guys put a cap on Week 13. Plus, Requiem For A Team returns for another season.

(5:45) WTF Happened: Bills def. 49ers - Josh Allen is hitting Mahomes & Rodgers territory

(30:45) Washington def. Steelers - Pittsburgh's offense has become "predictable within their predictableness"

(53:20) Saints def. Falcons - Would Chris rather have Taysom Hill's ceiling or Drew Brees' floor?

(1:01:30) Rams def. Cardinals - How Arizona is misusing DeAndre Hopkins

(1:09:50) Requiem For A Team - Ahmed eulogizes the Jets, Jaguars, Chargers, and Bengals

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Dec 09, 2020
Week 13 Recap: Giants shut down Russ + Time to start Jalen Hurts

Chris talks about hanging out with Steve Kornacki before he and Paul dive into Week 13.

Deep Dive #1: Giants def. Seahawks - "The Giants D is real" and gave Russ nowhere to go

Damn! Okay (DB edition): Chiefs def. Broncos - Tyrann Mathieu is a stud on a D that "is what it is"

Rams def. Cardinals - Troy Hill was on to the Arizona pass game; what happened to Kyler Murray's motion?

Vikings def. Jaguars - Cameron Dantzler is Mike Zimmer's kind of corner

Deep Dive #2: Browns def. Titans - Kevin Stefanski self-scouted himself and has reined in Baker Mayfield

Take It Up to 100: Colts def. Texans - T.Y. Hilton can be the go-to guy Indy needs

Self-Scout Thyself: Raiders def. Jets - Gregg Williams blitzes himself out of a job

Patriots def. Chargers - Anthony Lynn's special teams can't count to 11

Packers def. Eagles - "Carson Wentz did nothing to be benched yesterday, but it's time to go to Jalen Hurts"

Give Me The Headlines: Saints def. Falcons - "You win some, you Taysom"

Lions def. Bears - "Pooh bears"

Dolphins def. Bengals - “Brooklyn brouhaha”

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Dec 07, 2020
Week 13 Picks: Browns-Titans run-off + Upset in Lambeau?

Simms won last week on Marquise Brown's late TD and Florio is not happy about it. Then the guys pick every game for Week 13.

-Saints vs Falcons

-Lions vs Bears

-Colts vs Texans

-Bengals vs Dolphins

-Jaguars vs Vikings

-Raiders vs Jets

-Browns vs Titans

-Rams vs Cardinals

-Giants vs Seahawks

-Eagles vs Packers

-Patriots vs Chargers

-SNF: Broncos vs Chiefs

-Monday: Washington vs Steelers

-MNF: Bills vs 49ers

-Tuesday: Cowboys vs Ravens

-Best Bets: Chris really likes the under in LA

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Dec 03, 2020
WTF Happened...Titans dominate, Carr & Goff disappoint

Chris and Paul have perhaps our most efficient WTF Happened ever, as they hit on Derrick Henry, Herbert vs Allen, bad games for Derrick Carr & Jared Goff, and concerns for Taysom Hill.

(2:50) Titans def. Colts - Indy missed DeForest Buckner, and the Titans use both man and zone blocking to get Derrick Henry loose.

(16:45) Bills def. Chargers - Why wasn't it a Justin Herbert-Josh Allen laser show?

(27:30) Titans or Bills: Who has the better chance of upsetting the Steelers & Chiefs in the playoffs?

(29:20) Falcons def. Raiders - Raheem Morris' crazy defense confused Carr & Gruden

(40:00) Rams def. 49ers - Jared Goff had a bad game, but don't let Sean McVay off the hook

(53:50) Taysom Hill - "It wasn't great, I don't care what the circumstances were"

(57:15) QB Jeopardy - Can Chris get his first perfect score in the category of all-time receiving performances?

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Dec 02, 2020
Week 12 Recap: Mahomes-to-Hill burns Bucs + Henry for MVP?

Paul sells Chris on cutting down Christmas trees before the guys hit every game from Week 12 Sunday.

-Deep Dive #1: Chiefs def. Buccaneers - "Mahomes left points on the board"

-The Bucs offense has an identity crisis, and Brady can't move anymore.

-Take It Up To 100: Titans def. Colts - Derrick Henry is part of a 3-man MVP race

-49ers def. Rams - Deebo Samuel is a running back in a wide receiver's body

-Damn! Okay: Packers def. Bears - Aaron Rodgers ho-hum, 4 TD

-Vikings def. Panthers - Jeremy Chinn makes history, and you can win a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins

-Browns def. Jaguars - Jarvis Landry is in Baker Mayfield's trust tree

-Giants def. Bengals - Evan Engram has a career day

-Deep Dive #2: Patriots def. Cardinals - "The Arizona offense does not pose a lot of problems"

-Self-Scout Thyself: Bills def. Chargers - Anthony Lynn has some questionable calls

-Chris gives thoughts on the firings of Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn & Dave Caldwell

-Saints def. Broncos - "No QB, no win-ee"

-Dolphins def. Jets - "Fitz-venge"

-Falcons def. Raiders - "Done dirty in the south"

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Nov 30, 2020
Week 12 Picks: Mahomes vs Brady + Pats not dead yet?

Simms gets to gloat about last week's sweep of Florio before the guys pick every Week 12 Sunday/Monday game.

Note: The Ravens-Steelers game was postponed after the taping of this podcast, and is still is jeopardy of not even being played, so that game is not included here.

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Nov 27, 2020
Thanksgiving Picks

Florio & Simms pick the three two Thanksgiving games: Texans-Lions & Washington-Cowboys

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Nov 26, 2020
Week 11 Recap: Mahomes magic, Taysom's debut & fixing the Ravens

Chris and Paul have a packed podcast to recap Week 11 as they hit on a couple big overtime games and Patrick Mahomes doing Patrick Mahomes things.

(3:40) Deep Dive #1 - Titans def. Ravens: What's happened to the Baltimore juggernaut from last year?

(18:30) How did the Tennessee offense out-Raven the Ravens?

(24:15) Damn! Okay (Defensive edition) - Steelers def. Jaguars: Minkah Fitzpatrick is a ballhawk. And Simms responds to the hate after he left Big Ben out of his Midseason Top 10 QB list.

(30:15) Browns def. Eagles - Denzel Ward shut it down. And Chris can't defend Carson Wentz anymore.

(34:20) Saints def. Falcons - Cameron Jordan and Trey Hendrickson lead an underrated New Orleans front, and how Taysom Hill opens the field for the Saints offense.

(43:50) Deep Dive #2 - Colts def. Packers: Why did the Green Bay offense disappear after halftime?

(51:45) Chris questions the Colts clock management

(1:01:20) Take It Up To 100 (NFC East RB edition) - Cowboys def. Vikings - Zeke Elliott gets back on track

(1:02:50) Washington def. Bengals - Antonio Gibson has surprised Chris. And poor Joe Burrow.

(1:07:45) Deep Dive #3 - Chiefs def. Raiders: What changed between KC's Week 5 loss and their Week 11 win? And Chris sees that Jon Gruden and Derek Carr have reached a new level.

(1:20:20) Victory Lap - Texans def. Patriots: Yes, Deshaun Watson is a Top 10 QB

(1:23:15) Give Me The Headlines - Broncos def. Broncos/Tua Tagovailoa: "Fish out of water"

(1:26:30) Chargers def. Jets/Justin Herbert: "Rookie of the year"

(1:28:45) Panthers def. Lions/PJ Walker: "(meow)"

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Nov 23, 2020
Week 11 Picks: Kyler vs Russ & Chiefs revenge vs Raiders

Simms pays up on his jersey bet as he and Florio pick all the Week 11 games.

(2:45) TNF: Cardinals vs Seahawks

(7:00) Titans vs Ravens

(11:45) Lions vs Panthers

(12:55) Eagles vs Browns

(16:00) Patriots vs Texans

(17:45) Steelers vs Jaguars

(20:45) Falcons vs Saints

(23:55) Bengals vs Washington

(27:10) Dolphins vs Broncos

(30:10) Jets vs Chargers

(33:00) Packers vs Colts

(37:10) Cowboys vs Vikings

(40:15) Chiefs vs Raiders

(44:10) Rams vs Buccaneers

(47:50) Best Bets: Florio has a good feeling about SIX bets this week

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Nov 19, 2020
WTF Happened...Ramsey vs DK + Simms Top 10 QBs

Chris and Paul hit on some final Week 10 takeaways before they reveal Chris' Top 10 QBs in the NFL right now.

(6:45) WTF Happened...Rams def. Seahawks: What's up with Russ? And did Jalen Ramsey really shut down DK Metcalf?

(22:30) The Seahawks keep screwing up basic coverages. And who is the favorite in the NFC West?

(34:20) Dolphins def. Chargers: Miami is managing Tua Tagovailoa, but that's not a bad thing

(40:30) "The Chargers are doing Justin Herbert a disservice"

(45:45) Saints def. 49ers: "I will be shocked if Jameis Winston isn't the starter this week"

(55:00) Midseason Top 10 QBs: Simms updates his rankings

(1:38:45) QB Jeopardy: Paul tries to stump Chris with Hail Mary history

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Nov 18, 2020
Week 10 Recap: Hail Murray, Pats outrun Ravens & TJ Watt for MVP

Holy smokes we have a sponsor! We debut the first episode of Chris Simms Unbuttoned, presented by Verizon...and Ahmed is already angling for some freebies.

(4:00) Deep Dive #1: Cardinals def. Bills - What could Buffalo have done differently to stop the Hail Murray?

(17:40) How the Cardinals went with a zero-DL defense to frustrate the Bills

(26:30) Defensive Damn! Okay: Rams def. Seahawks - With Leonard Floyd & Jalen Ramsey, "the Rams are for real"

(33:50) Saints def. 49ers - Demario Davis led the New Orleans defense; and what do the Saints do if Drew Brees is out long-term?

(39:35) Giants def. Eagles - With Leonard Williams, "the Giants have a playoff defense"

(43:00) Steelers def. Bengals - Ahmed starts the TJ Watt MVP campaign

(49:10) Raiders def. Broncos - Jeff Heath made Drew Lock pay for his mistakes

(52:15) Give Me The Headlines: Dolphins def. Chargers - "There are 3 phases of football"

(56:25) Buccaneers def. Panthers - "Back to basics, baby"

(1:00:35) Packers def. Jaguars - "Not exactly purrrfect"

(1:04:00) Deep Dive #2: Patriots def. Ravens - "Cam Newton has played 3 near-perfect games in a row"

(1:15:15) Why couldn't the Ravens run on the Pats weak run D?

(1:21:50) Take It Up To 100: Browns def. Texans - Nick Chubb & Kareem Hunt both hit 100 this week

(1:24:55) Victory Lap: Lions def. Washington - Matt Prater is cocky and Chris loves it

(1:29:00) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - Ahmed puts the rankings on bye, and Chris gives some early analysis of Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance

(1:34:15) Chris and Ahmed react to some bad breaking news about Drew Brees

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Nov 16, 2020
Week 10 Picks: Herbert vs Tua, Steelers prime for upset, & Kyler-Allen jersey bet

Florio predicts a massive upset and Simms proposes a bet between "my boy blue and your boy red."

(3:30) TNF: Colts vs Titans

(7:00) Buccaneers vs Panthers

(9:55) Texans vs Browns

(13:50) Washington vs Lions

(16:05) Jaguars vs Packers

(17:50) Eagles vs Giants

(20:15) Bills vs Cardinals

(24:50) Broncos vs Raiders

(27:35) Seahawks vs Rams

(31:35) Chargers vs Dolphins

(35:20) 49ers vs Saints

(37:00) Bengals vs Steelers

(40:15) SNF: Ravens vs Patriots

(43:45) MNF: Vikings vs Bears

(47:00) Best Bets: Simms goes against Florio's team

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Nov 12, 2020
WTF Happened...Russell Wilson's turnovers + QB Rankings Revisited

Chris will reveal his Top 10 QB Rankings next week, so this week he, Paul and Big Phil discuss the passers who should be in the conversation.

(2:25) WTF Happened...Josh Allen: How was the Seattle D not ready for him? Don't blame Jamal Adams.

(16:50) Russell Wilson: Simms breaks down the longest TD throw in recent history. And did Sean McDermott switch things up for the Bills D?

(27:30) Big Phil joins to discuss the MVP race...Is it Wilson's to lose?

(38:30) QB Rankings Revisited: Who is in the discussion for the Top 10 through this season?

(55:45) Cam Newton: Why there's hope for him after Monday night's win.

(1:06:15) Lamar Jackson: Is Greg Roman's offense overrated?

(1:16:20) QB Jeopardy: We pay tribute to Alex Trebek and do some Steelers-related trivia

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Nov 11, 2020
Week 9 Recap: Tua outduels Kyler, Josh Allen back in MVP convo, & Saints bully Brady

Chris critiques Ahmed's rapping before the guys hit on every Sunday game from Week 9.

(3:10) Deep Dive #1: Cardinals def. Dolphins - How Tua saved some of his best throws for the biggest spots

(13:45) Was this the best game Kyler Murray has had in the NFL?

(25:00) Self-Scout Thyself: Bills def. Seahawks - Is Josh Allen back in the MVP conversation?

(32:30) Steelers def. Cowboys - Is Pittsburgh as good as their 8-0 record? And Ahmed sees a "rugby revolution" moment

(36:50) Titans def. Bears - Is it time for Matt Nagy to hand over playcalling?

(40:15) Victory Lap: Raiders def. Chargers - Give Derek Carr credit for airing it out

(45:30) Ravens def. Colts - Chris regrets being a little too hard on Lamar Jackson

(50:30) Chiefs def. Panthers - Why does KC keep playing down to their opponent?

(55:45) Take It Up To 100: Vikings def. Lions - Dalvin Cook takes it up to 200, and Chris reevaluates D'Andre Swift

(1:01:45) Deep Dive #2: Saints def. Buccaneers - Saints Twitter does not mess around, and Chris explains how New Orleans bullied the Bucs

(1:11:50) Was Tom Brady that bad? And how did Antonio Brown look?

(1:21:40) Give Me The Headlines: Giants def. Washington - "Big Blue wrecking crew"

(1:23:45) Falcons def. Broncos - "He's totally Raheem-ing himself!"

(1:25:30) Texans def. Jaguars - "Thank God for THAT guy"

(1:27:40) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - Tonight's game could really shake things up

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Nov 09, 2020
Week 9 Picks: Brees vs Brady & The Battle of #1s

Simms questions Florio's driving habits before the guys hit a Week 9 slate with some marquee matchups between two young QBs and two all-time greats.

(2:40) TNF: Packers vs 49ers

(5:15) Broncos vs Falcons

(9:00) Seahawks vs Bills

(12:50) Ravens vs Colts

(16:55) Texans vs Jaguars

(18:55) Panthers vs Chiefs

(21:20) Lions vs Vikings

(24:55) Bears vs Titans

(28:05) Giants vs Washington

(30:40) Raiders vs Chargers

(34:40) Dolphins vs Cardinals

(39:20) Steelers vs Cowboys

(41:20) SNF: Saints vs Buccaneers

(46:00) MNF: Patriots vs Jets

(48:50) Best Bets: Chris and Mike try to redeem themselves after last week

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Nov 05, 2020
WTF Happened?..Joe Burrow "off the charts good" + The Return of Big Phil

We've got a jam-packed Week 8 WTF Happened pod, as Chris and Paul hit 4 games, play some QB Jeopardy and say welcome back to The Big Effer. 

(1:40) WTF Happened...DK Metcalf: He dominated the game even when he wasn't catching passes.

(11:15) Has the Seahawks defense turned a corner?

(18:40) Jared Goff: Brian Flores toyed with him and Sean McVay.

(33:15) Tua Tagovailoa: Can we take anything away from his quiet game?

(35:45) Joe Burrow: "He's off the charts good"

(45:00) QB Jeopardy: Ahead of the big game, Paul puts a Notre Dame-Clemson twist on trivia

(49:40) Big Phil makes his return fresh off turning 65

(1:12:15) Daniel Jones: Was Simms more encouraged by his TDs or discouraged by his INTs?

(1:19:45) Tom Brady: Chris gives him an "A"

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Nov 04, 2020
Week 8 Recap: Steelers stifle Lamar + Are the Pats & Niners done?

We had 5(!) Sunday afternoon games come down to the final minute Sunday, and Chris and Paul analyze them all in the Week 8 Recap. Plus we get some breaking news that might doom the 49ers.

(3:45) Deep Dive: Steelers def. Ravens - How bad was Lamar? And what does Baltimore need to fix to avoid another playoff disappointment?

(20:35) Why aren't the Steelers the most complete team in the NFL? And what did the stat sheet miss about Pittsburgh's offense?

(31:00) Down to the Wire: Bills def. Patriots - Did the Bills bury the Pats? And Simms is not ready to settle the Brady-Belichick debate.

(42:00) Vikings def. Packers - What happened to Green Bay?

(49:15) Saints def. Bears - Why is Chicago's offense so inconsistent? And Drew Brees is holding New Orleans back again.

(58:15) Broncos def. Chargers - How did the Chargers blow this one?

(1:05:30) Victory Lap: Bengals def. Titans - Joe Burrow: "ok that's not lucky, that's good"

(1:12:30) Dolphins def. Rams - Tua ruins a Chris Simms stat; and how did Miami confuse Jared Goff?

(1:17:15) Take It Up To 100: Raiders def. Browns - Josh Jacobs has no weakness to his game

(1:19:50) Self-Scout Thyself: Seahawks def. 49ers - Why didn't Kyle Shanahan exploit Seattle's defense? And we react to breaking news on Jimmy Garoppolo's injury.

(1:28:15) Eagles def. Cowboys - Carson Wentz is going full tropic thunder

(1:32:30) After more bad 49ers injury news, Simms says San Francisco might be done

(1:34:00) Give Me The Headlines: Colts def. Lions - "Don't forget these stallions!"

(1:37:00) Chiefs def. Jets - "Ho hum"

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Nov 02, 2020
Week 8 Picks: Lamar vs PIT D, Pats upset Bills & Tua's debut

Simms unveils a new QB song and Florio has a stat linking Chris to Tua Tagovailoa.

(2:00) TNF: Falcons vs Panthers

(4:25) Steelers vs Ravens

(9:00) Patriots vs Bills

(11:15) Titans vs Bengals

(14:00) Raiders vs Browns

(18:55) Colts vs Lions

(21:30) Vikings vs Packers

(24:45) Jets vs Chiefs

(25:50) Rams vs Dolphins

(29:30) Chargers vs Broncos

(34:00) Saints vs Bears

(37:05) 49ers vs Seahawks

(40:45) SNF: Cowboys vs Eagles

(44:15) MNF: Buccaneers vs Giants

(45:45) Best Bets: is 19.5 pts too much in Le’Veon revenge game?

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Oct 29, 2020
WTF Happened?...Brady locked in, What's wrong with Cam, & NFC West Superteam

Ahmed has a big update on our popularity in the Dominican Republic before the guys hit some QBs in What The F&*^ Happened?

(4:15) Tom Brady - He is locked in, Damn! Okay Devin White, and the Bucs have a Top 10 CB

(19:50) Cam Newton - What's wrong with his mechanics?

(29:40) 49ers running game - "Kyle Shanahan was nice to Bill Belichick"

(39:50) Baker Mayfield - "It's the best throw he's had in a while"

(43:00) Joe Burrow - Why Chris was more impressed with him than Baker

(50:00) Justin Herbert - "Top 10 arm? Definitely."

(55:20) Aaron Rodgers - How Davante Adams torched the Texans, and a breaking rumor about a possible new Packers weapon

(1:00:55) Matthew Stafford - Ahmed loves reliving his game-winning drive

(1:1100) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - The Cowboys have entered the ring

(1:15:10) NFC East Superteam reactions - The homies had takes on Ahmed's all-star team

(1:17:45) NFC West Superteam revealed - Russ or Kyler? Lockett or Kupp?

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Oct 28, 2020
Week 7 Recap: Kyler outduels Russ, Steelers stifle Henry, and Chris claps back at Broncos

Chris and Paul hit all the Week 7 games, including dive deeps on Seahawks-Cardinals & Steelers-Titans.

(2:45) Deep Dive #1: Cardinals def. Seahawks - How did Arizona shut down DK Metcalf? What happened on Russell Wilson's INTs?

(25:00) Why Seattle's defense doesn't match up well with Kyler Murray.

(36:40) Self-Scout Thyself: Buccaneers def. Raiders - Would Chris put Tom Brady back in his Top 10 QBs? And is Antonio Brown a good addition for Tampa?

(42:00) 49ers def. Patriots - What's wrong with Cam Newton?

(49:20) Victory Lap: Washington def. Cowboys - Could Football Team be the favorite in the NFC East?

(53:55) Chargers def. Jaguars - Is Justin Herbert now a Top 10 QB?

(56:45) Lions def. Falcons - Matthew Stafford is still dangerous

(59:30) Chiefs def. Broncos - Chris claps back at his old team

(1:01:30) Take It Up To 100: Packers def. Texans - Why didn't Houston double-team Davante Adams?

(1:06:30) Deep Dive #2: Steelers def. Titans - How Big Ben had a great game despite 3 INT.

(1:16:30) Why Derrick Henry couldn't get going vs Pittsburgh's D. And how did the Titans offense get rolling after halftime?

(1:25:20) Give Me The Headlines: Browns def. Bengals - "Kings of Ohio; The Future is Fun"

(1:28:30) Saints def. Panthers - "They're Still Missing Their Best Player"

(1:30:30) Bills def. Jets - "Just What The Doctor Ordered"

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Oct 26, 2020
Week 7 Picks: Battle of the 5-0s + Jimmy G back in NE

Florio is clearly honored to be a part Episode 200(!) of the pod. He and Simms hit all the Week 7 games.

(1:40) TNF: Giants vs Eagles

(4:00) Lions vs Falcons

(7:30) Browns vs Bengals

(10:40) Packers vs Texans

(13:50) Panthers vs Saints

(16:50) Bills vs Jets

(18:20) Steelers vs Titans

(23:10) Cowboys vs Washington

(26:15) Seahawks vs Cardinals

(30:45) Chiefs vs Broncos

(34:00) Jaguars vs Chargers

(36:20) 49ers vs Patriots

(40:50) SNF: Buccaneers vs Raiders

(44:10) MNF: Bears vs Rams

(46:30) Best Bets: Florio and Chris are big on 2 NFC South teams

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Oct 23, 2020
WTF Happened?...Don't undersell the Titans, Drew Lock's stats lie, & NFC East super-team

Ahmed promises to make our pod Top 2 in the Dominican Republic, and then the guys put a cap on Week 6 with What The F^*! Happened?

(4:10) Titans def. Texans: "Ryan Tannehill isn't a game manager. He's a game winner."

(17:40) Pour one out for Deshaun Watson

(22:20) Chiefs def. Bills: Is there a silver lining for Buffalo's defense?

(35:30) Broncos def. Patriots: Was this good Denver D or a bad New England O? And Chris is taking names on Twitter

(45:10) The stats lie with Drew Lock. And why are the Pats not starting JC Jackson?

(54:00) 49ers def. Rams: How Kyle Shanahan got Jimmy G back in rhythm

(1:00:30) How the 49ers took away Jared Goff's dink-and-dunks

(1:08:20) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings: Chris power ranks Ahmed's NFC East super team

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Oct 21, 2020
Week 6 Recap: Rodgers rattled, Steelers roll, & Derrick Henry is something different

Week 6 had plenty of surprises for us. Paul joins Chris to hit every game from Sunday, with an in-depth look at big wins for the Steelers & Bucs.

(1:50) Deep Dive #1: Buccaneers def. Packers - Rodgers rattled & are the Bucs the NFC's most complete team?

(18:10) Bruce Arians managed a game and Paul has some Brady-Gronk trivia

(26:55) Damn! Okay: Titans def. Texans - Chris has never seen anything like Derrick Henry

(32:50) Colts def. Bengals - Marcus Johnson is legit

(34:30) Self-Scout Thyself: 49ers def. Rams - Why didn't Simms trust his friend Kyle?

(41:25) Broncos def. Patriots - Denver D dominates; Pats need practice

(46:00) Deep Dive #2: Steelers def. Browns - "Tell me, what does Baker Mayfield do that's elite?"

(1:00:50) Take It Up To 100: Falcons def. Vikings - Julio Jones is still a freak

(1:02:20) Lions def. Jaguars - "Let's see what D'Andre Swift's got"

(1:03:45) Victory Lap: Ravens def. Eagles - Calais Campbell, first ballot Hall of Famer?

(1:05:25) Dolphins def. Jets - Xavien Howard is on fire and Gregg Williams is inevitable

(1:10:45) Give Me The Headlines: Bears def. Panthers - "U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi, you won"

(1:12:55) Giants def. Washington - "You'll always remember your first"

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Oct 19, 2020
Week 6 Picks: Browns-Steelers grudge match, Rodgers vs Brady, & Mahomes vs Allen

Chris is torn between his man crushes, and Florio is officially an Aaron Rodgers fan.

(2:00) Sunday 1pm games: Bears vs Panthers

(6:00) Bengals vs Colts

(7:20) Lions vs Jaguars

(9:20) Falcons vs Vikings

(12:15) Broncos vs Patriots

(14:40) Washington vs Giants

(16:50) Ravens vs Eagles

(19:30) Browns vs Steelers

(26:10) Texans vs Titans

(30:15) Sunday 4pm games: Jets at Dolphins

(33:20) Packers at Buccaneers

(40:20) SNF: Rams at 49ers

(43:00) Monday doubleheader: Chiefs at Bills

(45:15) Cardinals at Cowboys

(47:10) Best Bets: Simms keeps riding with the birds

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Oct 15, 2020
What The F^*! Happened?...Respect Ryan Tannehill, DK Metcalf is the best WR in the NFL, & Stop the blitzes

Chris and Paul "Paulie" Burmeister debate Tuesday Night Football vs Thursday Night Football, and then put a cap on Week 5 with What The F&^# Happened?

(3:40) What The F^*! Happened? Titans def. Bills: Is Ryan Tannehill a Top 5 QB?

(13:45) Chris gives Josh Allen's game a C+

(31:00) Saints def. Chargers: Stop blitzing Justin Herbert

(44:15) How did Drew Brees and Sean Payton turn it around?

(54:25) Seahawks def. Vikings: Is there any hope for the Seattle defense?

(1:02:40) "DK Metcalf is now the best receiver in the NFL"

(1:17:50) Steelers def. Eagles: "Yes, Chase Claypool is that much of a freak"

(1:25:30) Was this Carson Wentz's best game of the season?

(1:33:50) Quarterback Jeopardy: TWOsday night football edition

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Oct 14, 2020
Week 5 Recap: Raiders shock Chiefs, Browns pound Colts, & Chase Claypool victory lap

The guys touch on a bittersweet Week 5 (poor Dak), but first Chris ruins the color red for Ahmed.

(3:05) Deep Dive #1: Raiders def. Chiefs - What was the biggest catalyst for the Vegas offense: Carr, Ruggs, or the run game?

(16:40) What happened to the Chiefs offense after halftime?

(26:20) Victory Lap: Cowboys def. Giants - Chris' best backup in football comes through.

(33:20) Seahawks def. Vikings - DK Metcalf wins the Game of the Year (maybe?)

(39:00) Steelers def. Eagles - Chase Claypool scores 4 and trolls Tom Brady (maybe?)

(43:40) Ravens def. Bengals - Patrick Queen crushes his former QB

(47:10) Dolphins def. 49ers - Is San Francisco done as a contender?

(52:10) Take It Up To 100: Panthers def. Falcons - Robby Anderson is crushing it for Carolina

(58:20) Deep Dive #2: Browns def. Colts - A complete game keeps Cleveland rolling, and Ahmed has a pop quiz for Chris

(1:14:45) Damn! Okay: Rams def. Washington - An inspiring comeback for Alex Smith. And Simms gives love to Jared Goff.

(1:17:50) LeBron James - Chris veers off football to praise LBJ

(1:20:10) Give Me The Headlines: Texans def. Jaguars - "Cooking up some Watson"

(1:23:20) Cardinals def. Jets - "Red go, Green stop"

(1:26:55) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - Ahmed still thinks the Falcons aren't bad enough (really?) and then he ranks the NFC North teams he hates the most

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Oct 12, 2020
Week 5 Picks: Is Indy for real? + Kirk returns to Primetime

Although some games are in limbo, Florio & Simms still hit every one in the megapicks podcast.

(2:45) TNF Buccaneers vs Bears

(6:30) Panthers vs Falcons

(9:45) Bengals vs Ravens

(13:30) Jaguars vs Texans

(15:20) Raiders vs Chiefs

(18:30) Cardinals vs Jets

(22:40) Eagles vs Steelers

(25:40) Bills vs Titans

(28:30) Rams vs Washington

(30:45) Dolphins vs 49ers

(34:00) Colts vs Browns

(37:45) Giants vs Cowboys

(40:20) Broncos vs Patriots

(43:00) Vikings vs Seahawks

(45:40) Chargers vs Saints

(47:40) Best Bets: Simms doubles down on Baltimore & Florio likes a Dallas rebound.

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Oct 08, 2020
What The F^*! Happened?...Belichick slows Mahomes (again), respect Josh Allen, worry for Murray?

Chris and Paulie B pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen before they dive into the film of Week 4 with another What The F&^# Happened?

(3:30) What The F^*! Happened? Chiefs def. Patriots: How did Bill Belichick slow Patrick Mahomes (again)?

(21:45) Was Brian Hoyer as bad as he looked? (Spolier alert: yeah, he was)

(33:20) Saints def. Lions: Why did Drew Brees throw deeper this week?

(42:25) Bills def. Raiders: Chris is tired of the Josh Allen disrespect.

(52:20) Derek Carr and the Raiders keep missing opportunities.

(56:15) Panthers def. Cardinals: Is it time to worry about Kyler Murray?

(1:06:15) Colts def. Bears: "The Colts are the best defense in football"

(1:16:15) QUARTERback Jeopardy: Chris goes for his first 5-for-5 performance

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Oct 07, 2020
Week 4 Recap: Brady vs Herbert & Browns Twitter strikes back

Browns Twitter came at Chris with a vengeance for some old comments, so he responds. And as always, he and Ahmed touch on every game from Sunday.

(3:50) Deep Dive #1: Bucs def. Chargers - Who was more impressive: Tom Brady or Justin Herbert?

(27:50) Victory Lap: Seahawks def. Dolphins - Back when Chris called DK Metcalf "one of the can't-miss prospects of the draft"

(32:50) Self-Scout Thyself: Saints def. Lions - Drew Brees starts letting it loose

(39:30) Colts def. Bears - Was it more bad Nick Foles or good Colts defense?

(43:40) 49ers def. Eagles - On Nick Mullens: "He was the reason they lost that game"

(50:30) Deep Dive #2: Browns def. Cowboys - Browns Twitter demands a Chris apology

(1:10:45) Take It Up to 100: Vikings def. Texans - Justin Jefferson is showing off all his skills

(1:15:00) Damn! Okay: Bills def. Raiders - Stefon Diggs is up there for the best offseason acquisition

(1:17:00) Panthers def. Cardinals - 8 men in the box can't stop Mike Davis

(1:20:20) Ravens def. Washington - "I would take Marlon Humphrey over Jalen Ramsey right now"

(1:22:30) Give Me The Headlines: Rams def. Giants - "A win is a win"

(1:25:15) Bengals def. Jaguars - "Not your ordinary Joes"

(1:28:00) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - We have a new team at #2

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Oct 05, 2020
Week 4 Picks: Belichick vs Mahomes & Blue vs Gru

Florio's best bet heater continues.

(2:00) TNF: Broncos vs Jets

(4:45) Ravens vs Washington

(7:55) Seahawks vs Dolphins

(10:45) Cardinals vs Panthers

(13:55) Colts vs Bears

(16:40) Saints vs Lions

(20:10) Browns vs Cowboys

(23:15) Jaguars vs Bengals

(26:25) Chargers vs Buccaneers

(28:30) Vikings at Texans

(31:15) Giants vs Rams

(33:20) Bills vs Raiders

(36:45) Patriots vs Chiefs

(40:45) SNF: Eagles vs 49ers

(43:30) MNF: Falcons vs Packers

(46:00) Best Bets: Simms likes the blowouts and Florio doubles down on Monday night

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Oct 01, 2020
What The F^*! Happened?...Mahomes vs Lamar, Russell vs Dak, & Foles/Trubisky

It's the return of QB Jeopardy! Paulie B has some trivia for Chris after they put a bow on Week 3 with What The F^*! Happened?

(1:40) Steelers-Titans postponed - Paul & Chris react to the breaking news

(3:50) What The F^*! Happened? Chiefs def. Ravens - Why did Baltimore's defense have the wrong approach? And did Marcus Peters blow a coverage?

(23:45) Steve Spagnuolo calls Lamar Jackson's bluff

(36:15) Deshaun Watson - How much is he to blame for the Texans weak offense?

(44:15) Kyler Murray - Did the Lions expose him?

(50:00) Seahawks def. Cowboys - Russell Wilson is awesome, but Simms praises an unsung hero for Seattle

(58:45) Pour one out for the formerly dominant Cowboys running game. And the Seahawks defense drives Chris crazy.

(1:10:40) Nick Foles & Mitchell Trubisky - Did Mitch deserve to get benched?

(1:17:30) QB Jeopardy! - America's favorite game returns by looking at some leader this season

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Sep 30, 2020
Week 3 Recap: Brees stats deceive, Bears bench Trubisky, Wilson & Allen in MVP form

It takes a big pod for Chris & Ahmed to digest everything we saw in Week 3, including deep dives of Packers-Saints & Bills-Rams.

(4:30) Deep Dive #1: Packers def. Saints - Was Drew Brees' game as good as his numbers? And Chris has a suggestion for the New Orleans defense.

(29:00) Damn! Okay: Seahawks def. Cowboys - Russell Wilson's record pace

(38:15) Bears def. Falcons - Nick Foles is the Chicago starter and Dan Quinn on the hot seat

(43:15) 49ers def. Giants - Can Kyle keep winning with Nick Mullens?

(46:30) Patriots def. Raiders - Rex Burkhead is this week's New England RB carousel star

(50:00) Buccaneers def. Broncos - Shaq Barrett gets on the board

(53:00) Deep Dive #2: Bills def. Rams - Bills Mafia stuffs the ballot to demand more Josh Allen love,

(1:09:45) Take It Up To 100: Browns def. Washington - Nick Chubb continues to dominate

(1:13:45) Victory Lap: Lions def. Cardinals - Chris crushes his best bet

(1:17:15) Self-Scout Thyself: Texans def. Steelers - Is Chris ready to admit Deshaun Watson needs DeAndre Hopkins?

(1:21:15) Colts def. Jets - Chris has advice for Adam Gase

(1:24:15) Titans def. Vikings - Ahmed has a wild Stephen Gostkowski stat

(1:29:00) Give Me The Headlines: Bengals tie Eagles - "You win...the game"

(1:33:00) Panthers def. Chargers - "Who needs Christian McCaffrey?"

(1:35:30) Trevor Lawrence Top Pick Power Rankings - Ahmed updates the worst of the worst

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Sep 28, 2020
Week 3 Picks: Mahomes vs Lamar, Dak vs Russell, & Fade the Saints?

Simms is leading in the overall picks standings, but Florio has yet to lose a best bet.

(1:30) TNF: Dolphins vs Jaguars

(4:45) Bears vs Falcons

(7:30) Rams vs Bills

(10:30) Washington vs Browns

(13:15) Titans vs Vikings

(16:00) Raiders vs Patriots

(19:20) 49ers vs Giants

(22:00) Bengals vs Eagles

(25:15) Texans vs Steelers

(27:45) Jets vs Colts

(28:45) Panthers vs Chargers

(30:45) Lions vs Cardinals

(33:30) Buccaneers vs Broncos

(36:45) Cowboys vs Seahawks

(40:00) SNF: Packers vs Saints

(44:00) Chiefs vs Ravens

(46:15) Best Bets: The guys target the SNF matchup and Simms takes an 0-2 underdog

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Sep 24, 2020
What The F^*! Happened?...Cowboys comeback, What's wrong with Wentz & Defending Brees

Chris and Ahmed pay homage to one of the NFL's all-time greats before Simms gives his big takeaways from watching the Week 2 film.

(2:50) Remembering Gale Sayers

(5:10) Injuries: Why didn't Ahmed turn them off last week?

(6:50) Cowboys def. Falcons: Despite the comeback win, Chris is still worried about the Cowboys defense

(22:50) Rams def. Eagles: Praising Sean McVay, and what's wrong with Carson Wentz?

(41:30) Aaron Rodgers: How have the Packers changed their running game to help him?

(50:50) Josh Allen: Has he improved his accuracy?

(1:01:20) Tom Brady: "His arm is still top notch"

(1:11:20) Drew Brees: "It wasn't as bad as I originally thought it was"

(1:22:20) Ahmed's Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings: Sorry Bengals and Browns, you were too good this week

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Sep 23, 2020
Week 2 Recap: Russell bests Cam, Mahomes overcomes Chargers & Dak comes back

It was a bittersweet Week 2 as we saw some wild wins and crushing injuries. Paulie B makes his return to the pod as he and Chris tackle every game from Sunday.

(4:20) Deep Dive #1: Seahawks def. Patriots - Should we second-guess New England's final play call?

(22:30) Is Russell Wilson the best QB in football?

(32:45) Deep Dive #2: Chiefs def. Chargers - How did LA stifle Patrick Mahomes and how did he bounce back?

(47:45) Damn! Okay: Cowboys def. Falcons - How did Dak lead the Cowboys back?

(52:30) Packers def. Lions - How does Aaron Jones make Green Bay more explosive?

(54:30) Bills def. Dolphins - What is Josh Allen doing better?

(1:00:45) Victory Lap: Colts def. Vikings - Jonathan Taylor is establishing himself. And is it time to bury the Vikings?

(1:04:15) Steelers def. Broncos - Chase Claypool "is DK Metcalf Part 2"

(1:07:00) Self-Scout Thyself: Rams def. Eagles - Does Sean McVay deserve the credit for Jared Goff?

(1:12:15) Bears def. Giants - Mitchell Trubisky is going in the right direction.

(1:18:45) Gimme The Headlines: 49ers def. Jets - "Dropping Like Flies"

(1:20:00) Cardinals def. Washington - "Size is Overrated"

(1:21:50) Ravens def. Texans - "Pick Your Poison"

(1:22:50) Titans def. Jaguars - "Are You Not Entertained?"

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Sep 21, 2020
Week 2 Picks: Lamar vs Deshaun, Cam vs Russell, & will Brady bounce back?

Chris gets to gloat after he swept Mike in their head-to-head picks last week. Then the guys hit every game in Week 2.

(2:45) TNF: Bengals vs Browns

(5:20) Lions vs Packers

(8:00) Vikings vs Colts

(12:00) Giants vs Bears

(15:30) Falcons vs Cowboys

(18:30) Panthers vs Buccaneers

(21:00) Rams vs Eagles

(23:20) 49ers vs Jets

(25:00) Bills vs Dolphins

(26:50) Jaguars vs Titans

(28:30) Broncos vs Steelers

(32:00) Washington vs Cardinals

(34:50) Ravens vs Texans

(37:45) Chiefs vs Chargers

(40:30) SNF: Patriots vs Seahawks

(45:10) MNF: Saints vs Raiders

(47:15) Best Bets: Simms & Florio give their 3 top picks of the week

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Sep 17, 2020
What The F^*! Happened? Jimmy G's blame, Baker's struggles & Trubisky's comeback

Chris gives his takeaways from grinding the Week 1 film, and Ahmed ranks the teams that did the most to lock up the #1 pick.

(2:45) Cardinals-49ers: How much can we blame Jimmy Garoppolo? How did the Cards frustrate Shanahan's offense?

(16:00) Why is Kyler Murray the 49ers' kryptonite?

(24:30) Cowboys-Rams: What was different about Sean McVay's offense?

(31:00) Is Kellen Moore a good offensive coordinator? How did Ezekiel Elliott look?

(35:15) Packers-Vikings: Green Bay is getting aggressive with Aaron Rodgers

(43:15) Is Gary Kubiak giving Kirk Cousins enough help?

(49:00) Browns-Ravens: What's wrong with Baker Mayfield? And can Cleveland salvage Odell Beckham?

(59:15) Bears-Lions: Despite his comeback, is Mitchell Trubisky still making the same mistakes?

(1:08:15) Ahmed's Top Pick Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings: What team showed us the least so far?

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Sep 16, 2020
Week 1 Review: Brady's INTs, Pats roll with Cam, & is Davante Top 10 yet?

Chris & Ahmed touch on every Sunday game from Week 1, starting with 2 different debuts for Tom Brady & Cam Newton.

(3:15) Film Deep Dive #1: Saints def. Bucs - What happened on Brady's 2 INT? And what weapon do the Saints need to use more?

(20:00) Film Deep Dive #2: Patriots def. Dolphins - Is this just the tip of the iceberg for the Cam Newton offense?

(35:45) Self-Scout Thyself: Packers def. Vikings - Is Davante Adams in Chris' Top 10 WR list yet?

(43:30) Bears def. Lions - Mitch Clutch-bisky breaks Ahmed's heart...again.

(48:00) Jaguars def. Colts - Should Indy fans panic already?

(52:20) Damn! Okay: Seahawks def. Falcons - Jamal Adams' immediate impact for Seattle, and Hawks #LetRussCook

(1:01:15) Cardinals def. 49ers - Kyler Murray & DeAndre Hopkins lead an upset

(1:07:30) Cowboys def. Rams - Aldon Smith shines in defeat, and did Dallas get hosed by the refs?

(1:13:45) Washington def. Eagles - Ryan Kerrigan & Chase Young pummel Carson Wentz

(1:17:40) Victory Lap: Bills def. Jets - Josh Allen does it all

(1:20:45) Raiders def. Panthers - Chris tried to tell you about Josh Jacobs

(1:22:45) Give Me The Headlines: Ravens def. Browns - Baltimore uses the Chiefs Super Bowl play

(1:28:15) Chargers def. Bengals - Welcome to Cincinnati, Joe Burrow

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Sep 14, 2020
Week 1 Picks: Football is Back! + Florio Takes a Victory Lap

The PFT PM/Chris Simms Unbuttoned joint collaboration is back in full force with Chris & Mike making their picks against the spread for every game in Week 1. But first, Mike gloats over last year's title.

(2:45) Kickoff: Texans vs Chiefs

(6:15) Seahawks vs Falcons

(11:40) Browns vs Ravens

(16:00) Jets vs Bills

(20:00) Raiders vs Panthers

(23:40) Bears vs Lions

(28:50) Colts vs Jaguars

(31:00) Packers vs Vikings

(35:15) Dolphins vs Patriots

(39:30) Eagles vs Washington

(42:00) Chargers vs Bengals

(44:45) Buccaneers vs Saints

(48:00) Cardinals vs 49ers

(50:00) SNF: Cowboys vs Rams

(54:30) MNF: Steelers vs Giants

(58:20) MNF: Titans vs Broncos

(1:01:00) Best Bets - Simms & Florio give their 3 top picks of the week

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Sep 10, 2020
2020 Playoffs Answer Key + Super Bowl LV Prediction

It's prediction time! Chris gives the order he thinks each division will finish, and then we will play out the bracket and reveal his Super Bowl winner.

(4:45) Self-Scout Thyself: We look back at how his 2019 predictions went

(10:15) AFC East: Will the Bills finally beat out the Pats?

(16:15) AFC North: Will the Browns end their playoff drought?

(22:15) AFC South: Chris has his first surprise team to miss the playoffs

(30:30) AFC West: Are the Chiefs the only playoff team?

(36:15) NFC East: Can the Eagles repeat as division champs?

(41:20) NFC North: The most wide-open division in the league?

(47:45) NFC South: Will the Buccaneers live up to the hype?

(55:20) NFC West: Can the 49ers stave off the Seahawks?

(1:07:45) Playoff Bracket: Chris and Ahmed give their Super Bowl LV winners

(1:21:45) Awards: The guys give their picks for MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and more

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Sep 08, 2020
Bucs sign Leonard Fournette + NFC Win Totals

Chris reveals an uncomfortable injury to Ahmed and the guys do some RB talk before they pick win total over/unders for every NFC team.

(4:00) Leonard Fournette: What will his role with the Buccaneers be?

(11:00) Joe Mixon: Chris was pumped to be on his hype video. Is Mixon better than Alvin Kamara?

(18:00) Chris ranks his Top 5 RBs from the 2017 Draft class. Where does Dalvin Cook land?

(22:00) Homies react to Chris' AFC Win Totals

(23:45) NFC Win Totals - NFC East: Eagles 9.5, Cowboys 9.5, Giants 6.5, Washington 5.5

(41:30) NFC North: Packers 8.5, Vikings 8.5, Bears 7.5, Lions 6.5

(58:00) NFC South: Saints 10.5, Falcons 7.5, Buccaneers 9.5, Panthers 5.5

(1:16:00) NFC West: 49ers 10.5, Seahawks 9.5, Rams 8.5, Cardinals 7.5

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Sep 03, 2020
Yannick Ngakoue traded, Leonard Fournette cut + AFC Win Totals

Simms and Ahmed tackle some big moves by the Jaguars before they pick over/unders on wins for every AFC team.

(5:00) Yannick Ngakoue: What does he bring to the Vikings? What happened to the promising 2017 Jaguars defense?

(19:30) Leonard Fournette: Why the the Jags cut him and where does he end up next?

(27:15) AFC Win Totals - AFC East: Patriots over/under 9.5, Bills 8.5, Jets 6.5, Dolphins 6.5

(39:45) AFC North: Ravens 11.5, Steelers 9.5, Browns 8.5, Bengals 5.5

(56:10) AFC South: Texans 7.5, Titans 8.5, Colts 9.5, Jaguars 4.5

(1:11:30) AFC West: Chiefs 11.5, Broncos 7.5, Raiders 7.5, Chargers 7.5

(1:26:00) Best Bets: Chris and Ahmed give the two bets they're each most confident about

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Aug 31, 2020
Bust The Narrative + Rotoworld Fantasy Football Primer

Simms busts (or confirms) some big 2020 narratives before the guys welcome on Big Phil & Rotoworld fantasy analyst Josh Norris. Oh, and Ahmed raps.

(4:05) Sports Boycotts: Chris & Ahmed touch on the news of the day and what it means for the NFL

(12:15) Bust (or Trust?) The Narrative #1: The Texans offense will be worse without DeAndre Hopkins

(16:30) Ahmed raps a new theme song

(17:30) Narrative #2: Mike McCarthy solves the Cowboys problems

(22:00) Narrative #3: Aaron Rodgers & the Packers are headed for a drama season

(28:00) Big Phil joins and explains how Bill Parcells got him to be a more aggressive passer

(39:00) Joe Judge: On why running laps could bring his team closer together

(46:55) Playcalls: How did a playcall in Phil's old offense compare to a Gruden version?

(58:00) Rotoworld's Josh Norris joins us to prep you for your fantasy season. Why should we draft RBs early, but QBs late? And we talk about Jalen Reagor, Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kyler Murray, Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool (of course), Terry McLaurin, Henry Ruggs, and Josh Jacobs.

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Aug 27, 2020
Earl Thomas cut, #AskMeAnything, & Obvious Movie Trivia

Chris has some hard truths about Earl Thomas after the Ravens cut him. Then we hit the mailbag with an #AskMeAnything, along with your Obvious Movie Trivia questions for Ahmed. We end by building the offense for the Rapid City Rushmores.

(2:45) Earl Thomas: How do the Ravens replace him? Where does he rank among safeties? What teams could use him?

(23:05) #AskMeAnything begins with a shoutout

(24:00) Jimmy Garoppolo: What did Bill Belichick see in him that made him want to replace Tom Brady?

(30:10) Patriots: What's the worst-case scenario for them with Cam Newton this year?

(31:20) Giants: Will Joe Judge surprise everyone this year? Why is he making players run laps?

(36:40) Seahawks offense: What QBs could succeed in it?

(40:15) 2020 Defenses: Will they have an early advantage with no preseason?

(44:00) 2020 Leaders: Who will top the pass yds, rush yds, rec yds list?

(53:00) 2020 Playoff Teams: Who didn't make it last year who could make it this year?

(57:50) 2000 Ravens vs 2002 Bucs: Which was the better defense?

(1:01:30) Super Bowl Winners: Who was the worst one in the last 20 years?

(1:06:00) Obvious Movie Trivia: How little does Ahmed know about popular movies he hasn't seen?

(1:09:50) Chris' Favorite Offense: We fill out half of the starting lineup for the Rapid City Rushmores

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Aug 24, 2020
Jarrett Stidham's INTs, Dwayne Haskins vs Alex Smith, & Most Impressive Rookies

Chris and Ahmed talk NBA jerseys before getting into some Virtual Training Camp Takeaways and an edition of Damn! Okay for rookie camp standouts. Plus, your best suggestions for the next bobblehead we add to the desk.

(4:00) Injuries: Why are we seeing so many this week, and could we see more when the season starts?

(14:15) Jarrett Stidham: How bad a sign are his early INTs?

(21:00) Dwayne Haskins vs Alex Smith: Simms rants against isolated social media practice videos

(25:45) Philip Rivers: Chris explains why he was yeling "flatten the route"

(29:00) Stephon Gilmore: Can he really pick up on routes from Twitter videos?

(31:20) Damn! Okay...Rookie Standouts: Cam Akers, Van Jefferson, Chase Claypool, Henry Ruggs, KJ Hamler, Cole Kmet, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, D'Andre Swift, AJ Terrell, Kyle Dugger, Antoine Winfield Jr.

(1:03:00) QB School: Does Chris wish he had a different coach instead of Jon Gruden?

(1:09:15) Bobbleheads: Your suggestion for our next addition to the desk

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Aug 20, 2020
Training Camp Battles & AJ Dillon's Legs

Chris talks about being starstruck by Martha Stewart before the guys get into Training Camp Battles and a big weekend for Legs & Ass.

(6:15) Alex Smith: He's back after almost losing his life to football, a story Chris can relate to. Can he beat out Dwayne Haskins and where does he rank in the Simms Top 40 QB list?

(18:00) Training Camp Battles, Patriots QB: Cam Newton vs Jarrett Stidham

(25:15) Dolphins QB: Tua Tagovailoa vs Ryan Fitzpatrick

(27:30) Bears QB: Mitchell Trubisky vs Nick Foles

(30:00) Raiders QB: Derek Carr vs Marcus Mariota

(33:45) Colts RB: Marlon Mack vs Jonathan Taylor

(36:15) Broncos RB: Melvin Gordon vs Phillip Lindsay

(40:20) Lions RB: Kerryon Johnson vs D'Andre Swift

(42:45) Rams RB: Darrell Henderson vs Malcolm Brown vs Cam Akers

(48:15) Raiders WRs: Henry Ruggs III vs Bryan Edwards vs Tyrell Williams vs Hunter Renfrow vs Nelson Agholor

(52:45) Eagles WR: Jalen Reagor vs J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

(57:15) Saints LB: Alex Anzalone vs Nigel Bradham vs. Zack Baun

(59:45) Bills CB2 Levi Wallace vs Josh Norman

(1:05:00) Legs & Ass: Chris is proud to be known as the "legs & ass" guy. AJ Dillon & Jordyn Brooks impress.

(1:13:30) George Kittle vs Travis Kelce: The homies pushed back on Chris putting Kittle over Kelce.

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Aug 17, 2020
Derwin James on Patrick Mahomes; George Kittle's record deal; Hard Knocks reactions

Chris spoke to one of the top 2 safeties in the NFL, Derwin James. But first Simms and Ahmed vent about pool hygiene.

(7:15) Hard Knocks: After seeing Aaron Donald is afraid of needles, does he still make Chris' Zombie Apocalypse team?

(18:15) Big Phil: Joins to talk about how impressed he was with Anthony Lynn & Sean McVay.

(25:00) Derwin James: Chris interviews the Chargers star safety, who spoke about his favorite play he's made in the NFL and his approach against Patrick Mahomes.

(50:15) Patriots defense: Will Bill Belichick move to a 4-3 instead of a 3-4 because of the shortened offseason?

(55:15) Games without fans: How much will it affect the game? Phil tells us the only time the crowd noise changed his game.

(1:04:45) Big Phil Storytime: The time he went to the hospital and used the broadcast booth to contact his family.

(1:09:30) George Kittle: He broke the record for TE contracts, but is he still underpaid?

(1:18:30) Everson Griffen: How big an addition is he for the Cowboys D-line? And where do the Seahawks go from here?

(1:24:30) Create-A-Team: Chris & Ahmed brainstorm a 33rd team for the NFL

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Aug 13, 2020
#AskMeAnything: Lessons from Belichick, Wilson's MVP misfortune, & Optimism for 2020

Chris and Ahmed swap stories about struggles without electricity before they dive into the mailbag.

(6:20) Strongest arm: What's the difference between throwing it farther vs harder?

(18:30) Pass routes: What was Chris' favorite one to throw as a QB? And he gives his favorite Patriots play.

(26:30) Bill Belichick: How much communication did Chris have with him when when he worked with the Pats?

(30:30) Russell Wilson: What year should he have gotten an MVP vote?

(35:00) 2020 NFL season: Why should we be optimistic it's going to happen?

(39:30) NFC West vs AFC West: Which division is more likely to have all 4 teams make the playoffs?

(43:45) Vic Fangio: Is he the right head coach for the Broncos young offense?

(47:30) Kliff Kingsbury: Is he going to change his offense now that he has DeAndre Hopkins?

(50:45) JK Dobbins: Will he take over as the Ravens #1 RB?

(54:30) Tattoo: Is there a sporting event that would make Chris get another tattoo?

(58:50) Chris' future: Does he think he'll ever work in the NFL again?

(1:01:30) Andrew Luck: If he unretired, where would he rank in the Simms Top 40 QB list?

(1:06:00) Bears QB Competition: Is it crazy to think Mitchell Trubisky can beat out Nick Foles?

(1:11:30) Self-scout Thyself: What was Chris' strength and weakness when he was playing?

(1:15:15) Pizza: What is Simms' favorite? And Ahmed reveals some shocking pizza habits.

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Aug 10, 2020
Antonio Brown landing spots & Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes throwing contest

A hurricane has driven Ahmed back to our desk, and Big Phil joins us to talk about teams that should be interested in Antonio Brown.

(3:15) Homies on Most Talented Rosters: Chris defends Ahmed putting the Chargers #5. And where do the Bills and Packers rank?

(10:45) Antonio Brown: Simms posted a poll, and was surprised by how few fans would want to sign him. What is the ideal landing spot for him?

(21:15) Big Phil joins: Should the Ravens or 49ers sign AB?

(29:00) Derek Carr: "He is the least of the Raiders worries"

(35:20) Dak Prescott: "I'm a big believer in him"

(41:45) Opt outs: Phil reflects on the uncertainty of this season compared to the strike seasons of the '80s

(54:15) Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes: Who has the strongest arm?

(1:06:20) Washington's helmet: Does it make Ahmed's Top 5?

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Aug 06, 2020
Top 5 Most Talented Rosters; Impact of Opt Outs

The guys dive into opt outs, the most talented teams in the NFL, and finally settle the Mascot Wars. But first, Ahmed discovers he might have been bamboozled by the deodorant industry.

(3:45) Opt outs: What team has the biggest on-field loss? What is Chris hearing from coaches around the league?

(19:10) Patriots: Why did they have so many players opt out? And why shouldn't they panic?

(28:00) CJ Mosley: "The Jets lost their 2 best defensive players in consecutive weeks."

(32:15) Devin Funchess: "This makes the Packers draft look worse now."

(34:30) Damien Williams: "Clyde Edwards-Helaire is going to be a superstar."

(37:15) Nate Solder: "Andrew Thomas will be ready to go."

(42:00) Top 5 Teams With The Most Talent

(1:07:55) Mascot Battle Royale: We finally crown a winner, and why the Giants are the first team out.

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Aug 03, 2020
#AskMeAnything: Patrick Mahomes isn't #4, Sleeper MVP Candidates, and Zombie Apocalypse Team

Simms and Ahmed hit the mailbag with an #AskMeAnything, and welcome Big Phil back to the show.

(2:40) NFC West: Does the Jamal Adams trade push the Seahawks above the 49ers?

(6:30) Seattle scheme: Who plays the Kam Chancellor role for the 7 teams that run it?

(12:00) 49ers defense: If Chris isn't high on the Seattle scheme, what would he run instead?

(14:30) Big Phil busts into the pod, with some high praise for the Ravens

(19:00) Patrick Mahomes: How was he ranked #4 in the league by his peers?

(24:15) Lamar Jackson: Is he the James Harden of the NFL?

(26:30) Davante Adams: Big Phil weighs in on Chris' Top 10 WR list

(30:50) Offensive & Defensive Minds: Which 2 would Chris and Phil choose to mold their squads?

(37:45) Bill Belichick: Do we overlook his bad roster moves because of his great coaching?

(44:00) Sleeper MVP candidates: Matthew Stafford? Josh Allen? Philip Rivers?

(48:30) Jamal Adams: Big Phil tells a story about George Adams that likely shaped the former Jets safety

(54:40) Fantasy picks: Chris gives some insight into potential breakouts like Josh Jacobs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool, and Bryan Edwards

(58:45) Rookie WRs: Who will have the best numbers at the end of the year?

(1:02:45) Zombie apocalypse: Chris creates his 5-man SWAT team

(1:08:00) #3 TE: After George Kittle and Travis Kelce, is Zach Ertz the next-best TE in the NFL?

(1:10:20) Roy Williams: What derailed his career?

(1:13:00) Simms' Best WR: Who was the best receiver Chris ever threw to? Joey Galloway? Brandon Marshall? Randy Moss?

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Jul 30, 2020
Jamal Adams traded & Top 10 WR reactions

It's a day of reactions for Simms and Ahmed: to the Jamal Adams trade, to Chris' conversation with Kyle Shanahan, and to players mad about the Simms Top 10 WR list.

(4:20) Jamal Adams: Simms reacts to the trade and defends Adam Gase

(22:00) Seattle scheme: Chris explains it, which teams use it, and ranks the most important positions in the defense

(38:00) Kyle Shanahan takeaways: When did Chris know Kyle was a "psycho"? Does he share his Jimmy G optimism?

(55:45) Buttoning up: Chris explains when he started buttoning the top button

(59:00) Top 10 WR Reactions: Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry, and Keenan Allen had comments, and Chris defends himself.

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Jul 27, 2020
Guest: 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan

After 167 episodes, Kyle Shanahan finally returns for another appearance on the podcast. He talks about getting over the Super Bowl loss and preparing for a season unlike any other.

(1:15) Fashion: Chris grills Kyle on his "look"

(6:15) Career: What Kyle learned from his father, Jon Gruden, Monte Kiffin & other coaching mentors

(17:00) Xs and Os: How he organizes his playbook for gameday to "crack the code"

(22:15) Seattle scheme: Why Kyle prefers it for his defense

(27:45) 2019 season: How Kyle knew his defense was elite way back in Training Camp, the impact of the Emmanuel Sanders trade, and Jimmy Garoppolo's improvement

(35:40) Super Bowl LIV: How he got over the depression of the loss and if he's watched the game with the team yet

(40:15) 2020 expectations: Is this year "Super Bowl or bust"?

(43:20) Coaching: How Kyle builds his style on being honest to players

(49:45) Jimmy Garoppolo: Why he's just getting started

(53:15) 3rd & 15: At what point of the Super Bowl did Kyle say "Oh no"?

(55:15) COVID-19: How Kyle is preparing for the season and why he's more optimistic since arriving to the facility

(1:01:00) Preseason games: Why he's glad they were canceled this year

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Jul 23, 2020
Simms Top 10 Wide Receivers & Ahmed's 99 Club

(3:00) Simms Top 10 Wide Receivers: Chris explains his gripe with Madden ratings and the logic behind his list

(10:30) WR #10 Courtland Sutton

(16:45) WR #9 Stefon Diggs

(22:00) WR #8 Amari Cooper

(26:30) WR #7 A.J. Green

(31:15) WR #6 Odell Beckham Jr.

(37:00) WR #5 DeAndre Hopkins

(44:00) WR #4 Mike Evans

(49:15) WR #3 Michael Thomas

(55:00) WR #2 Julio Jones

(58:00) WR #1 Tyreek Hill

(1:03:30) Missed the cut: DJ Moore, DK Metcalf, Davante Adams, T.Y. Hilton, Adam Thielen, Chris Godwin, DeVante Parker, Terry McLaurin, Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel

(1:08:00) Ahmed's 99 Club Don't forget the punters

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Jul 20, 2020
#AskMeAnything: Back from Vacation

We're back, baby! After a 2-week break, Chris & Ahmed return to hit on the big stories we missed (Cam to Pats, Mahomes' big deal, Washington's name change) & tackle other #AskMeAnything questions from the homies.

(3:45) @SimmsHomies: Chris gets his own fan account

(6:00) Training camps: Why do players need even more time to prepare for this season?

(11:30) Cam to the Pats: Is he guaranteed to be the starter? Was this Belichick’s plan all along? Is Jarrett Stidham still the future? Are the Bills or the Pats favorites in the AFC East?

(30:15) Mahomes' big contract: "One of the most team-friendly deals we've ever seen."

(35:45) Dak's contract negotiations: Why did Mahomes' contract hurt Prescott's leverage?

(39:00) Chiefs: Should we give Mahomes less credit because of his weapons?

(47:15) Best O-lineman: Chris names his top guys at each position. Are left tackles still more important than right tackles?

(54:15) Washington name change: What should their new mascot be?

(1:01:00) Madden Top 10 QB Ratings: Where does Chris disagree?

(1:05:45) 2020 QBs: Who will lead the league in TD passes? How about INT?

(1:10:30) Ravens: Are they the most talented team in the NFL?

(1:13:00) Switching fandom: Chris talks a Packers fan off the ledge

(1:15:00) 49ers: Should Raheem Mostert have demanded a trade? And why does Kyle Shanahan like the Seattle defense despite Chris always bashing it?

(1:21:40) Seahawks: Is there any chance they (or any NFL team) sign Antonio Brown?

(1:24:45) Mascot Pro Bowl: “I’m putting my money on any human”

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Jul 15, 2020
#AskMeAnything: Simms Top 40 QB Countdown recap

Before Chris starts his vacation, he, Ahmed & Big Phil take questions from the homies as they react to the full Simms Top 40 QB Countdown.

(4:00) Tom Brady & Drew Brees: Does Chris underrate their mental strengths?

(11:30) Adam Lefkoe weighs in on Aaron Rodgers, and Chris calls blasphemy

(14:40) Deshaun Watson: Is the Texans offensive scheme doing enough for him?

(17:45) Patrick Mahomes: Why was he drifting in the pocket last year?

(19:40) Big Phil would make a switch in the Simms Top 5

(30:45) Lamar Jackson: Where does he rank on just his throwing?

(37:45) Russell Wilson: How is his offense handicapping him?

(49:45) How the Simms family was photo-bombed by a dog

(53:30) Big Phil makes Chris tell an embarrassing wiffle ball story

(58:00) A homie suggests a Simms song for Russell Wilson

(1:00:45) Tua Tagovailoa: Does he have a Top 5 ceiling?

(1:06:30) Top 5 Fan Bases Maddest at Chris

(1:16:30) Cam Newton: What if he doesn't play this year?

(1:19:30) Jameis Winston: What if we could eliminate all his flaws?

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Jun 25, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown concludes: #5-1 (Lamar, Deshaun, Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes)

Chris reveals his top 5 passers in the NFL as we finish the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown. And Paul has some trivia for the fab 5.

(4:15) Homies react: What does Cam Newton do better than Kyler Murray? Why is Matthew Stafford behind the less-talented Matt Ryan? Why is Carson Wentz ahead of Dak Prescott?

(16:00) QB #5 Lamar Jackson: What can he improve to jump into the Top 3?

(29:15) QB #4 Deshaun Watson: Why DeAndre Hopkins' departure might be a blessing in disguise

(38:00) QB #3 Aaron Rodgers: "For the first time since 2010, I don't think he's the best in the game."

(51:45) QB #2 Russell Wilson: Are the Seahawks setting him up to succeed?

(1:05:45) QB #1 Patrick Mahomes: "There is no weakness to his game. None."

(1:17:15) QB Jeopardy: Simms Top 5 QBs (plus a wild card)

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Jun 23, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown #10-6 (Cam, Stafford, Dak, Ryan, Wentz)

We're nearing the end of the Simms Top 10 QB Countdown, as Chris and Ahmed reveal numbers 10 to 6.

(3:00) Homies react: How would Ryan Tannehill do without Derrick Henry? Where's Jacoby Brissett? Where would Simms have ranked himself in his prime? And Ahmed catches some backlash from jorts-lovers.

(19:45) QB #10 Cam Newton: If he's a Top 10 QB, why did the Panthers let him go?

(34:00) QB #9 Matthew Stafford: "Last year he was out-of-this-world good with a new playing style."

(44:30) QB #8 Dak Prescott: "I like Andy Dalton. But he ain't Dak Prescott."

(55:30) QB #7 Matt Ryan: Why Chris is even more impressed with him after his MVP season.

(1:06:30) QB #6 Carson Wentz: "Nick Foles? They're not in the same stratosphere."

(1:20:15) Talkin' Baseball: Ahmed & Chris are angry with one of their favorite sports

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Jun 18, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #14-11 (Ben, Cousins, Kyler, Tannehill)

Chris reacts to some Brady & Brees backlash before he reveals the next 4 QBs in his countdown. And then Paul gives him his toughest round of QB Jeopardy yet.

(4:00) Homies react: Why Philip Rivers over Jimmy Garoppolo? Did Chris ever say Michael Thomas was good because of Drew Brees? Can we blame Tom Brady's receivers for his struggles last year?

(20:15) QB #14 Ben Roethlisberger: Should we be concerned about his health and supporting cast?

(30:45) QB #13 Kirk Cousins: Why does he catch so much flack?

(39:45) QB #12 Kyler Murray: Is he a Top 5 MVP candidate this season?

(51:15) QB #11 Ryan Tannehill: Why was he better last year than with the Dolphins?

(1:04:15) QB Jeopardy: QBs on their Second Stop

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Jun 16, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #18-15 (Allen, Rivers, Brees, Brady)

Last year, Chris was bashed in the summer and vindicated in the fall for his ranking of Drew Brees & Tom Brady. So bring on the backlash.

(2:00) Homies react: Did Daniel Jones rack up stats in garbage time? Should the Browns have drafted Josh Allen over Baker Mayfield? A stat fight over Jimmy Garoppolo's deep passing. And Raiders Nation isn't as mean as they say.

(25:30) QB #18 Josh Allen: "He's not scared of any throw."

(33:45) Ahmed's Top 5 QBs in shorts

(37:00) QB #17 Philip Rivers: "He can still make a lot of plays."

(45:45) QB #16 Drew Brees: "The Saints wouldn't be pushing him out the door for Taysom Hill if he was still a Top 5 quarterback."

(56:00) QB #15 Tom Brady: "Teams don't let Top 10 quarterbacks go."

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Jun 11, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #22-19 (Jones, Baker, Jimmy G, Carr)

Chris & Paul reveal 4 more names in the Top 40 QB Countdown, as 2nd Round picks are a theme of the day.

(2:30) Homies: If Joe Burrow's O-line was that bad, why did they win awards last season? And why does Jared Goff rank behind Sam Darnold when he's accomplished so much more?

(11:30) QB #22 Daniel Jones: When did Chris know he was wrong about his draft evaluation of him?

(23:45) QB #21 Baker Mayfield: It's nuts to think this is a make-or-break year for him.

(33:45) QB #20: Jimmy Garoppolo: "There's some doubt there or they wouldn't have flirted with Tom Brady."

(46:45) QB #19: Derek Carr: "A better athlete with a better arm than Jimmy G."

(58:45) QB Jeopardy: 2nd Round Draft Picks

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Jun 09, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #26-23 (Burrow, Lock, Goff, Darnold)

Drew Brees' comments are dominating the NFL landscape and Chris & Ahmed touch on them before they get back into the Top 40 QB Countdown with Big Phil.

(7:00) Chris tells a few stories about teammates' encounters with racism

(13:30) Homies: We shout out a very committed fan, and Chris defends his ranking of Andy Dalton & Gardner Minshew

(20:00) Speaking of Minshew, Producer Pete Damalitilitis reveals his QB Facial Hair Power Rankings

(29:00) QB #26 Joe Burrow: "The ceiling is he could be Peyton Manning."

(39:00) QB #25 Drew Lock: Chris could see some monster stats for him this year.

(48:15) QB #24 Jared Goff: "He doesn't make enough plays for me to put him in the Top 20."

(1:08:00) Trivia: Name the 5 Cal QBs who have started a Super Bowl

(1:10:45) QB #23 Sam Darnold: "He is a master Jedi in the pocket."

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Jun 04, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #30-27 (Minshew, Bridgewater, Fitzpatrick, Dalton)

Chris reveals four more names in his Top 40 QB Countdown, and Paul has some trivia on journeymen who you’ll find high up on the all-time passing yards list.

(2:30) Chris responds to questions about his rankings for Jarrett Stidham & Nick Foles

(10:00) QB #30 Gardner Minshew II: Will he still be the Jaguars starting QB 3 years from now?

(22:45) QB #29 Teddy Bridgewater: Does he need to play more aggressively with the Panthers?

(34:30) QB #28 Ryan Fitzpatrick: Why did he rise 7 spots from last year?

(44:30) QB #27 Andy Dalton: Is his future more Teddy Bridgewater or Jon Kitna?

(53:30) Simms breaks down the difference between the Jon Gruden West Coast offense & Josh McDaniels Patriots offense

(1:04:30) QB Jeopardy: All-time Journeymen

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Jun 02, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #35-31 (Stidham, Taylor, Winston, Keenum, Foles)

We reveal another 5 names in the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, with Big Phil weighing in.

(2:45) The homies & haters react to Chris' ranking of Tua Tagovailoa, Dwayne Haskins & Mitchell Trubisky

(17:15) QB #35 Jarrett Stidham: Why he's a much better prospect than his draft pick indicates.

(24:15) QB #34 Tyrod Taylor: "I think he can take the Chargers to the playoffs. But will that be enough?"

(32:30) Big Phil has thoughts on the 4th-and-15 onside kick alternative that did not pass today.

(49:30) QB #33 Jameis Winston: Why Sean Payton could resurrect his career

(1:02:45) QB #32 Case Keenum: Why he could put pressure on Baker Mayfield

 (1:11:00) QB #31 Nick Foles: “I think he’ll take the Bears job Week 1 and run with it.”

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May 28, 2020
Top 40 QB Countdown: #40-36 (Tua, Haskins, Trubisky, Herbert, Hill)

Chris reveals the first 5 names of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, while Paul is all about alliteration.

(2:00) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Chris explains his thought process

(5:50) QB #40 Tua Tagovailoa: Are injuries his biggest red flag?

(17:30) QB #39 Dwayne Haskins: Does he have the worst supporting cast in the NFL?

(25:00) QB #38 Mitchell Trubisky: Chris doesn’t let Matt Nagy off the hook

(35:45) QB #37 Justin Herbert: Does he start more games than Tyrod Taylor?

(47:15) QB #36 Taysom Hill: “He’s on his way to being the starting QB for the Saints in 2021”

(58:30) QB Jeopardy: How well does Chris know the QB classes of 2018 & 2019?

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May 26, 2020
#AskMeAnything & Top 40 QB Countdown Preview

With the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown coming next week, he and Ahmed first take a look at last year's rankings. Then they hit the mailbag for an #AskMeAnything.

(3:30) Tom Brady has solved a problem that Chris is familiar with from his time as a Buccaneers QB

(12:15) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown Preview: Taking a look back at Chris' 2019 list. Some Brady/Brees vindication, and why didn't Chris have Lamar Jackson higher?

(17:10) #AskMeAnything: @thederekquinn "Who do you think will be the most improved QBs in the NFL this season?"

(21:30) @Woolsdan1 "With Mitch Trubisky regressing, who is most responsible?" And why the Bears should just start Nick Foles.

(27:00) a_dubzero "What’s up with Jimmy Garoppolo and the deep ball?"

(33:00) Feeet "Who is going to crash the playoffs?"

(36:45) @realEdwardMason "What stat would you like to see be officially recorded?"

(43:15) @ConnerMcGinnis "Who are 1 or 2 WRs that could be this draft's Kevin White?" Chris has concerns about Jalen Reagor Laviska Shenault Jr.

(47:50) Ahmed tries to recruit more people to #TeamBidet

(49:50) @benp0218 "Who is the one draft prospect where you think 'how did I miss that'?" Chris talks about his scouting mistakes with Dak Prescott Greg Robinson.

(51:45) UF Jeff "What are the first things to watch for when trying to understand the game better?"

(57:30) Finn Weeks "What did it take for you to do the Lowe's ad with Kurt Warner?"

(1:00:15) @oconnelldarragh "If you could pick where you would have been drafted, where would you have gone?"

(1:03:15) @coacharmijo "My wife wants to know: who's your barber?"

(1:05:45) @bcurtis112 asks Ahmed about Michigan beaches

(1:08:20) Chris talks some Yankees memories about the Jeffrey Maier game

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May 21, 2020
Simms City: Building the Perfect Team

In an effort to build his perfect team, Chris chooses the best team at every position group in the NFL. What team has the best QB room? D-line? WR corps? And in another edition of QB Jeopardy, Paul again tries to stump Simms by testing how well he knows his dad's career.

(3:40) Simms City: Building the perfect team

(8:30) Quarterbacks

(17:00) Defensive line

(25:15) Defensive backs

(34:20) Offensive line

(42:00) Wide receivers

(53:00) Tight ends

(1:03:00) Special teams

(1:05:00) Running backs

(1:12:30) Linebackers

(1:21:20) QB Jeopardy: Big Phil Simms’ career

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May 19, 2020
Top 5 Uniforms, Biggest Gamechangers, and Predicting Worst Teams of 2020

The Rams new uniforms gets Chris & Ahmed to rank the NFL's 5 best. Then Big Phil calls in to talk gamechangers and answer some #AskMeAnything questions.

(3:00) Unofficial Uniform Police: Rams unveil a new look, and Chris has an unpopular opinion

(8:00) Best and worst new uniforms of the offseason

(10:30) Top 5 Uniforms: Chris & Ahmed give their picks

(32:15) Gamechangers: Big Phil joins to talk about the NFL’s biggest gamechangers, both then and now

(48:30) Cam Newton: What team could handle him as a backup?

(56:30) #AskMeAnything: Who will the bottom 5 teams be this season?

(1:03:30) Bengals: Do they sneakily have the best WR corps in the NFL?

(1:13:15) QB scouting: Chris throws cold water on the “it factor”

(1:23:15) Who is Chris’ favorite non-football athlete?

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May 14, 2020
Best Games of Week 1, 2016 Re-Draft & QB Jeopardy

Chris & Paul have a jam-packed pod full of 2020 Schedule takeaways, a 2016 Re-Draft & QB trivia.

(4:15) 2020 Schedule release: Best games of Week 1, Teams with toughest & easiest September

(31:15) Dak Prescott: Maybe on the verge of signing the richest contract in NFL history, where does Simms rank Dak among starting QBs?

(46:00) 2016 Re-Draft: Chris & Paul re-do the Top 10 picks: Where does Dak & Carson Wentz go? And go Jared Goff & Ezekiel Elliott make the cut?

(1:21:40) QB Jeopardy: Paul tries to stump Simms on trivia about his 2003 QB draft class.

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May 12, 2020
2017 Re-Draft & #AskMeAnything with Big Phil

Big Phil is back to help answer your questions in a father-son #AskMeAnything. And Chris & Paul redo the Top 10 picks of the 2017 Draft.

(9:55) Big Phil storytime: Missing golf with Lawrence Taylor & Michael Jordan and taking hits from Reggie White, Mark Gastineau, Kevin Greene & Richard Dent

(24:30) What is Chris & Phil's most frivolous purchase?

(28:10) Colts: Why did they commit to Philip Rivers when they could have had Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton?

(34:50) Dolphins: Is there a big transition if they go to left-handed Tua Tagovailoa midseason?

(41:20) Phil wonders if the Cowboys & Dak Prescott negotiations could be getting personal

(58:40) 2017 Re-Draft: Chris & Paul redo the Top 10 picks of the 2017 Draft. Where does Christian McCaffrey rank and does Alvin Kamara make the cut?

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May 07, 2020
#150 - Top 10 Backup QBs & Ahmed reviews The Godfather

Who are the best backup QBs, today and all-time? Chris & Ahmed give their lists. And Ahmed FINALLY watched The Godfather, so he gives us his review (spoiler alert!).

(3:20) Remembering Don Shula

(9:00) Top 10 Backup QBs: Chris ranks the best ones in the NFL today

(56:50) Top 5 Backup QBs All-Time: Ahmed reveals his list

(1:13:10) #AskMeAnything: Can Lamar Jackson surpass Patrick Mahomes?

(1:17:00) Ahmed Watched a Movie: The Godfather

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May 05, 2020
#149 - Post-Draft #AskMeAnything & The Return of Big Phil

After a way-too-long absence, the Big Effer Phil Simms makes his triumphant return to the podcast. He, Chris and Ahmed talk Andy Dalton's release and dive into the mailbag to answer your post-Draft questions.

(3:00) Phil is a fan of old jerseys and robes

(6:40) Andy Dalton - What is his Bengals legacy? Where does he end up? Why aren't the Patriots a fit?

(15:50) Phil weighs in on the Packers drafting Jordan Love

(23:30) Eagles: What is their logic behind drafting Jalen Hurts?

(30:10) Giants: How far are they from contending?

(34:20) Big Phil has a messy sideline story

(41:50) Could an all-rookie team coached by Bill Belichick win the Super Bowl?

(51:00) What future draft prospects stuck out to Chris while he was scouting the 2020 class?

(53:50) Bears: Was it dumb for them to draft Cole Kmet?

(56:20) Denzel Mims: Is there any similarity between his draft fall and DK Metcalf's?

(58:30) Brandon Aiyuk: Why was Kyle Shanahan ready to take him at #13?

(1:04:30) Josh Jacobs: Where would he rank in the 2020 Draft class?

(1:06:50) Bills: Will Zack Moss be a bell-cow RB?

(1:09:20) Are Jameis Winston's numbers not much different from young Peyton Manning's?

(1:13:15) Which rookie QBs might make Chris' Top 40 QBs list?

(1:15:45) Would Chris ever become a GM?

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Apr 30, 2020
#148 - 2020 Draft recap: Favorite Picks & Top 5 Teams

With the 2020 Draft in the books, Chris goes position-by-position to give his best picks through all 7 rounds. Then he and Paul give the Top 5 Draft Classes they liked.

(1:55) Virtual draft could change the way NFL teams work moving forward

(5:35) Chris’ favorite WR pick: Chase Claypool Round 2 to Steelers

(9:00) Why didn’t the Packers draft a WR?

(13:20) Broncos, Raiders and the AFC West arms race

(16:45) Favorite OL: Jedrick Wills 10th overall to Browns

(19:35) Favorite QB: James Morgan Round 4 to Jets

(21:30) How will the Eagles use Jalen Hurts?

(24:00) Chris rants about Jake Fromm

(27:00) Favorite RB: Jonathan Taylor Round 2 to Colts

(29:40) Favorite TE: Devin Asiasi Round 3 to Patriots

(31:40) Favorite EDGE: Terrell Lewis Round 3 to Rams

(34:20) Favorite CB: Kristian Fulton Round 2 to Titans

(36:35) Favorite S: Antoine Winfield Jr. Round 2 to Buccaneers

(39:00) Favorite DT: Neville Gallimore Round 3 to Cowboys

(42:00) Favorite LB: Kenneth Murray 23rd overall to Chargers

(45:00) Top 5 Draft Classes: Chris & Paul pick the teams who did the best job this weekend

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Apr 27, 2020
#147 - Round 1 Draft Reactions: Dolphins risk it with Tua & Chris is mad for Aaron Rodgers

Chris & Paul react to Round 1 of the 2020 Draft, including Tua being drafted ahead of Herbert and the Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers' successor instead of drafting him help. The guys also wind through a memorable WR class and give their Top 5 Favorite Picks.

(4:00) Tua Tagovailoa 5th to Dolphins: “Risky”

(8:45) Justin Herbert 6th to Chargers: How soon will he start?

(11:50) Jordan Love 26th to Packers: “I hate it”

(23:40) Joe Burrow 1st to Bengals: “Baller. Peyton Manning.”

(28:00) Henry Ruggs III 12th to Raiders: “Straight speed”

(30:25) Jerry Jeudy 15th to Broncos: “Refined, ready-to-go”

(32:00) CeeDee Lamb 17th to Cowboys: “Slam dunk WR of the draft”

(33:25) Jalen Reagor 21st to Eagles: “They overdrafted him”

(34:50) Justin Jefferson 22nd to Vikings: “Could be a better than Stefon Diggs”

(37:10) Brandon Aiyuk 25th to 49ers: “Shanahan thinks he can be Isaac Bruce”

(41:25) Offensive tackles: “All 3 of these guys have Hall of Fame potential”

(46:55) Chris grades the Dolphins 3 first rounders

(50:40) Best Round 1 of team with multiple picks

(55:05) Damon Arnette 19th to Raiders: “This was a severe overreach”

(58:10) Top 5 Favorite Picks: Paul & Chris give their best of Round 1

(1:13:30) Best Players Available in Round 2: Antoine Winfield Jr, Xavier McKinney, Kristian Fulton and more

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Apr 24, 2020
#146 - Simms 2020 Mock Draft

Oh baby, it's Mock Draft time! On the eve of the 2020 Draft, Simms predicts how Round 1 will unfold. How far does Tua Tagovailoa slide? Does someone trade up for a big-name wideout like Jerry Jeudy? And Chris has a big surprise in the Top 10.

(6:50) #1 - Bengals: QB Joe Burrow

(8:30) #2 - Redskins: EDGE Chase Young

(9:30) #3 - Lions: CB Jeffrey Okudah

(13:10) #4 - Giants: OT Jedrick Wills Jr.

(16:10) #5 - Dolphins: QB Justin Herbert

(21:05) #6 - Chargers: OT Andrew Thomas

(23:15) #7 - Panthers: DT Derrick Brown

(24:20) #8 - Cardinals: WR CeeDee Lamb

(27:05) #9 - Jaguars: DT Javon Kinlaw

(29:25) #10 - TRADE! Raiders (from CLE): WR Jerry Jeudy

(32:40) #11 - Jets: OT Mekhi Becton

(35:00) #12 - Browns (from LV): LB Isaiah Simmons

(38:05) #13 - TRADE! Jaguars (from SF): QB Tua Tagovailoa

(43:00) #14 - Buccaneers: OT Tristan Wirfs

(45:15) #15 - Broncos: LB Patrick Queen

(48:30) #16 - Falcons: CB CJ Henderson

(50:55) #17 - Cowboys: EDGE K'Lavon Chaisson

(54:00) #18 - Dolphins: S Antoine Winfield Jr.

(55:45) #19 - Raiders: CB AJ Terrell

(57:35) #20 - 49ers (from JAX): WR Henry Ruggs III

(59:45) #21 - Eagles: WR Justin Jefferson

(1:01:10) #22 - Vikings: CB Kristian Fulton

(1:02:20) #23 - Patriots: TE Cole Kmet

(1:05:15) #24 - Saints: LB Kenneth Murray

(1:07:20) #25 - Vikings: EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos

(1:10:35) #26 - Dolphins: OT Josh Jones

(1:12:05) #27 - Seahawks: DT Neville Gallimore

(1:14:10) #28 -Ravens: LB Zack Baun

(1:15:45) #29 - Titans: S Xavier McKinney

(1:19:00) #30 - Packers: DT Raekwon Davis

(1:22:15) #31 - 49ers: CB Trevon Diggs

(1:23:50) #32 - Chiefs: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

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Apr 22, 2020
#145 - 2020 Draft OL Rankings & Robin Hood

It’s 4/20, which is significant to Chris for some reason. It’s significant to Ahmed because it marks the end of Chris’ draft ranks. We talk O-linemen and then run through some sleeper prospects in Robin Hood: Draft Edition.

(2:20) Guess what day it is??? 😊

(6:10) The Unofficial Uniform Police react to the Patriots going full Color Rush

(9:00) Homies react to LB Ranks: Sellout Simms goes consensus again!

(13:30) Homies react to DT Ranks: Should the Colts have drafted a DT instead of trading for DeForest Buckner?

(17:20) OL #5 Cesar Ruiz: “I think he’s drafted in the 25-to-45 range”

(24:15) OL #4 Tristan Wirfs: “There’s a lack of foot quickness for him to be an NFL tackle at first”

(30:40) OL #3 Andrew Thomas: “He has all the traits to be a franchise LT for a long long time”

(36:30) OL #2 Mekhi Becton: “I’m not gonna be mad if he goes #4 to the Giants. He’s deserving of that.”

(45:15) OL #1 Jedrick Wills: “He could be the best right tackle in all of football”

(49:40) Honorable mentions: Chris is high on Josh Jones & Robert Hunt, down on Austin Jackson

(56:45) Robin Hood: Draft Edition – Chris sheds a light on some sleepers outside his Top 5 lists

(1:19:30) Why is 4/20 significant?

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Apr 20, 2020
#144 - 2020 Draft DT & LB Draft Rankings: "This was as close as it gets"

Simms is cranking through the film and he reveals his Top 5 DT & LB prospects to Ahmed, including the closest 1-2 ranking he's had to do this year.

(1:55) The "Unofficial Jersey Police" weigh in on the Browns new uniforms

(4:30) Homies react to CB Ranks: Is Chris underrating Jeffrey Okudah's athleticism?

(11:35) Homies react to S Ranks: Why wasn't Grant Delpit or Jeremy Chinn in Chris' Top 5?

(16:35) DT #5 Jordan Elliott: "Reminds me of Sheldon Richardson"

(22:50) DT #4 Raekwon Davis: "This is a Richard Seymour, Muhammad Wilkerson type of guy"

(28:00) DT #3 Neville Gallimore: "His pass rush ability is every bit as good as Aaron Donald"

(32:20) DT #2 Javon Kinlaw: "Can’t miss, no brainer in the Top 10"

(38:15) DT #1 Derrick Brown: "He’s the 25-years-later, bigger version of Warren Sapp”

(45:10) Honorable mention: Ross Blacklock "A little bit of Elliott & Gallimore"

(49:10) LB #5 Josh Uche: "Out of this world strength for his size"

(53:45) LB #4 Zack Baun: "He's Kyle Van Noy…he’s got Patriots written all over him"

(59:45) LB #3 Kenneth Murray: "A slam dunk Top 25 pick"

(1:04:45) LB #2 Patrick Queen: "He’s as athletically gifted as Devin White”

(1:10:45) LB #1 Isaiah Simmons: "He's like a praying mantis with lots of muscles"

(1:14:30) Where will Isaiah Simmons be drafted?

(1:18:50) Honorable mentions: Jordyn Brooks, Malik Harrison, Akeem Davis-Gaither

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Apr 16, 2020
#143 - 2020 Draft CB & S Rankings: "No way I'd pick him Top 5"

It takes a megapod to reveal Chris' Top 5 CBs & Safeties in the 2020 Draft.

(4:00) Homies react to RB Ranks: Defending Clyde Edwards-Helaire

(13:10) CB #5 Trevon Diggs: "Maybe the best 50/50 ball skills of any corner in the Draft"

(19:40) CB #4 Kristian Fulton: "I wish there was a half or more of a rocket up his ass"

(25:30) CB #3 Jeffrey Okudah: "He's a Top 15 pick. There's no way I'd pick him Top 5."

(37:20) CB #2 A.J. Terrell: "Clemson treated him like he’s Jalen Ramsey or Darrelle Revis”

(46:00) CB #1 CJ Henderson: "The physical mobility jumps off the screen"

(52:20) Should the Lions draft a CB at #3 or trade down?

(59:00) Safety rankings: Why Chris is ranking Isaiah Simmons as a linebacker

(1:03:15) S #5 Ashtyn Davis: "He has a Swiss Army Knife toolset"

(1:09:15) S #4 Kyle Dugger: "I think he’s a first round specimen"

(1:14:00) S #3 Julian Blackmon: "I feel like this guy goes somewhere in the Top 45 picks"

(1:20:00) S #2 Xavier McKinney: "The 0-to-60 was special"

(1:27:15) S #1 Antoine Winfield Jr.: "Damn, I’m watching Earl Thomas at Texas right now"

(1:38:30) Who has been Chris' favorite prospect in the draft to watch so far?

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Apr 14, 2020
#142 - NFL Draft 2020 RB Rankings: A clear No. 1

Simms gives his Top 5 RBs in the 2020 Draft, and Ahmed gives his Top 5 RBs in the NFL right now.

(3:15) Bucs new uniforms: Chris & Ahmed officially move them out of the bottom 5

(5:45) Homies react to Edge Draft Ranks: Where are the angry tweets?

(11:20) State of the Running Back: Should teams give a 2nd contract to any RB?

(18:45) Honorable mention: Cam Akers "Reminds me of Lamar Miller or Damien Williams"

(23:00) RB #5 D'Andre Swift: "I like the player, but everyone has overhyped him”

(29:25) RB #4 Zack Moss: "Reminded me of Le’Veon Bell or Frank Gore”

(34:00) RB #3 J.K. Dobbins: "Elite game-breaking type speed"

(38:00) RB #2 Jonathan Taylor: "The best power runner in this class, and maybe the best home-run hitter too”

(44:10) RB #1 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "Honestly, I don't think it's close"

(53:30) Who has the safest floor? Highest ceiling?

(55:40) What teams could draft an RB in Round 1?

(58:30) Who would Chris rank higher: Edwards-Helaire this year or Josh Jacobs last year?

(59:40) Honorable mentions: AJ Dillon, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Lamical Perine, Darrynton Evans and "diamond in the rough" Anthony McFarland

(1:01:30) Ahmed releases his Top 5 RBs in the NFL today

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Apr 09, 2020
#141 - NFL Draft 2020 EDGE Rankings: Don't sleep on Chaisson

Chris reveals his Top 5 EDGE players in the Draft, but first he and Paul discuss an update to his QB rankings.

(1:45) Chris likes the Buccaneers "new" uniforms

(3:45) With some help from Philip Simms, Chris shows off his stolen Broncos photos

(7:20) QB Ranks Update: Chris flips Tua Tagovailoa & Jordan Love

(15:00) The 2020 Edge rusher class is deeper than Chris expected

(18:00) EDGE #5 - Yetur Gross-Matos "The film underwhelmed me"

(24:00) EDGE #4 - Terrell Lewis "He reminds me of JPP & DeMarcus Ware."

(31:00) EDGE #3 - A.J. Epenesa "One of the slam-dunk safest picks of the draft"

(40:00) EDGE #2 - K’Lavon Chaisson "He's the most naturally gifted pass rusher in this draft"

(46:30) EDGE #1 - Chase Young "This is super freak territory"

(50:15) If Chris were the Redskins GM, would he pass on Chase Young to trade down?

(57:00) Honorable mentions: Jabari Zuniga "He reminds me of Michael Strahan"

(59:45) Julian Okwara "One of the more natural pass rushers in the draft"

(1:02:00) Josh Uche "He's kind of like the Tasmanian Devil"

(1:04:45) Darrell Taylor "He's a Baltimore Ravens-type outside linebacker"

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Apr 07, 2020
#140 - #AskMeAnything: Jerry Jeudy backlash, ranking Dak & Simms' biggest regret

Chris responds to the Jerry Jeudy uproar before he and Ahmed dish out more hygiene tips.

(4:25) WR Draft Ranks: How did Chris leave Jerry Jeudy out of his Top 5 when some fans see him as the next Stefon Diggs or Jerry Rice?

(16:00) 49ers: Could they take Jeudy in the first round?

(17:10) Raiders: Chris sees a couple WRs who Jon Gruden might like in Round 1

(20:05) Route-running is overrated: Who are some WRs who improved once they hit the NFL?

(24:30) Bill Belichick’s successor: Will it be Steve Belichick or Josh McDaniels?

(26:55) Hygiene: Chris suggests a new tooth-brushing strategy and Ahmed again regrets revealing too much

(32:45) Jaguars: Could they actually draft a QB in the First Round?

(35:15) Dak Prescott: Where does he fall in Chris’ QB rankings?

 (38:50) Andy Dalton: What team should trade for him?

(42:30) Bo Jackson: Who are the fastest players in NFL history?

(45:15) Peyton Manning: If he was drafted by the Patriots, does he win as many rings as Tom Brady?

(49:40) Choose…2 WRs to throw to? 1 movie to watch over and over? 1 athlete to be for a day?

(1:00:30) NFL bar fight tournament: Would Aaron Donald and Chandler Jones be the top seeds?

(1:03:20) Simms vs Brady: Chris is confident he could take Tom

(1:05:25) Dream Offense: Simms picks the best teammates he ever played with

(1:07:30) Chris regrets: What’s the one throw he wishes he could have back?

(1:10:30) Did Chris hear a fan at Whole Foods?

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Apr 02, 2020
#139 - NFL Draft 2020 WR Rankings: Big name misses the cut

Simms reveals his WR ranks for this year's draft class, and Paulie B is surprised by who didn't make the Top 5.

(3:10) How does the 2020 WR class compare to 2014?

(6:20) Paul gives love to Chris' 2019 WR rankings

(8:30) Why route trees are overrated for prospects today

(11:20) WR #5 - Tee Higgins "He's the premier jump-ball guy in the draft"

(16:25) WR #4 - KJ Hamler "Hollywood Brown makes me feel more comfortable about him"

(23:45) WR #3 - Henry Ruggs III "He's a game-changer...a lot like Tyreek Hill"

(31:45) WR #2 - Justin Jefferson “One of the can’t-miss prospects in the whole draft”

(40:45) WR #1 - CeeDee Lamb “DeAndre Hopkins’ size, but Jarvis Landry with the ball in his hands”

(45:55) Jerry Jeudy misses the Top 5 “I don’t think he’s as loved by the NFL as everyone thinks he is”

(50:25) Lamb: Should he get docked for beating lesser Big 12 defenses?

(55:20) Why did Chris put Higgins over Jeudy at #5?

(57:10) More honorable mentions: Brandon Aiyuk, Denzel Mims & Chase Claypool

(1:03:15) Laviska Shenault Jr. “I wouldn’t take him until the 3rd or 4th Round”

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Mar 31, 2020
#138 - #AskMeAnything: Love>Tua, Jon Gruden nightmares & Toilet paper alternatives

We open the mailbag to answer your questions, especially the ones that make Ahmed uncomfortable.

(3:30) QB Draft Ranks: Chris defends why he has Tua Tagovailoa #4 and why Jalen Hurts didn’t make the cut

(11:05) Cam Newton & Jameis Winston: Chris calls B.S. on the Panthers, the Dolphins are a Cam sleeper, and have coaches given up on fixing Jameis?

(18:45) Draft: Do the 49ers go WR? Re-ranking the 2018 QB class. What draft bust was dealt a bad hand?

(27:55) Raiders: Who will the QB be at the end of this season? Is Marcus Mariota better than Derek Carr? And how Jon Gruden used to literally give Chris nightmares.

(31:15) Ahmed scouts where Chris would have ranked among the 2020 QB prospects, and he does not pull any punches

(33:20) Texans: After losing DeAndre Hopkins, is Houston still the AFC South favorite?

(36:50) Giants: How much of a leap can Daniel Jones make this year?

(39:10) Steelers: Do we buy that Ben Roethlisberger’s arm is in better shape now?

(41:35) Lions: Chris weighs in on Matt Patricia vs Darius Slay. Would Ahmed get a neck tattoo to guarantee a Lions Super Bowl?

(50:35) Simms Memories: What were the toughest and easiest defensive schemes he faced? When did Chris decide to retire?

(56:00) Legs & Ass: Chris picks his best in the 2020 Draft, and Ahmed picks his best in the NFL.

(1:01:15) What team would Chris play QB for right now?

(1:03:20) Eagles: Why haven’t they signed any help for Carson Wentz?

(1:06:30) If every NFL QB got into a bar fight, who comes out on top?

(1:09:00) If Chris or Ahmed ran out of toilet paper, what would they use next?

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Mar 26, 2020
#137 - NFL Draft 2020 QB Rankings; Cam Newton released by Panthers

Simms reveals his QB ranks for this year's Draft prospects and makes Ahmed's jaw drop.

(1:00) Ahmed admits to some strange showering habits

(3:00) Chris explains why he was right about Patrick Mahomes and wrong about Daniel Jones

(8:45) QB #5 - Jacob Eason “His type of quarterback is a dying breed”

(14:50) QB #4 - Tua Tagovailoa “He plays small. He plays very small.”

(22:30) QB #3 - Jordan Love “You could argue he has the highest ceiling of all the QBs in this draft.”

(32:25) QB #2 Justin Herbert “He’s got the best arm of all of these guys.”

(42:30) QB #1 Joe Burrow “The cleanest film I’ve ever seen from a college quarterback.”

(49:30) How do the Tiers of the Top 5 break down? Is Burrow a cut above?

(51:45) Where would Kyler Murray & Drew Lock rank among this year's prospects?

(53:45) Sleepers who didn't make the Top 5

(56:25) Panthers cut Cam Newton - What is his ideal landing spot?

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Mar 24, 2020
#136 – Free Agency Winners, AFC East favorite & Brady Feud

Chris is in studio while Ahmed checks in from his Detroit Lions-clad man cave to break down free agency news.

(4:35) Tom Brady to the Bucs: Ahmed wins a bet, and does Brady fit in Bruce Arians’ offense?

(14:45) Who are now the favorites in the AFC East & NFC South? Who finishes with a better record: Bucs or Pats?

(20:35) Top 5 Free Agency Winners (so far)

(57:20) Robin Hood - Free Agency: Chris sheds light on some underrated signings

(1:05:10) Brady Feud: Ahmed guesses the Top 5 best things about being the Bucs starting QB

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Mar 19, 2020
#135 - Brady to the Bucs, DeAndre Hopkins vs Bill O'Brien, is Cam getting cut?

Florio & Simms break down all angles of Tom Brady to the Bucs, along with other breaking free agency news.

(3:20) Tom Brady is going to the Buccaneers; Was Jameis Winston one drive away from keeping his job? Florio is really excited by Tampa's schedule

(14:20) Does Brady want to reunite with Antonio Brown?

(16:45) Did DeAndre Hopkins and Bill O’Brien have a falling out?

(25:15) Cam Newton trade rumors; Will the Panthers end up cutting him?

(31:35) The Cowboys want Emmanuel Sanders

(34:20) The Bengals are spending in free agency, as promised

(37:30) How Coronavirus is delaying physicals and impacting free agency

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Mar 18, 2020
#134 - Tom Brady says goodbye to Pats, Cam trade & Colts sign Rivers

Florio & Simms break down a big day of quarterback news, starting with Brady's stunning exit from New England.

(1:40) Tom Brady has left the Patriots; is he headed to the Buccaneers?

(9:40) Is Jameis Winston stuck being a backup?

(13:45) Panthers sign Teddy Bridgewater; will they find a trade partner for Cam Newton?

(21:20) Colts sign Philip Rivers; will they try to trade Jacoby Brissett?

(28:00) Are the Bears left deciding between Andy Dalton & Nick Foles?

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Mar 17, 2020
#133 - Free Agency Day 1: DeAndre Hopkins & DeForest Buckner traded, Bears hunt for QB

On a wild first day of free agency tampering, Simms and Florio react to all the news.

(0:55) 49ers trade DeForest Buckner to the Colts

(6:45) What would Philip Rivers cost the Colts?

(10:05) Trade rumors for the Vikings and Stefon Diggs

(19:15) Which QB is best for the Bears: Teddy Bridgewater, Nick Foles or Andy Dalton?

(24:50) Jack Conklin agrees to big deal with the Browns

(29:45) After being traded to the Cardinals, DeAndre Hopkins is looking for a new contract

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Mar 16, 2020
#132 - Final Predictions for Tom Brady & Philip Rivers; Tua to the Redskins in Rotoworld Mock Draft

It's a family affair as Chris & Big Phil get a final word on free agent QBs, and then Josh Norris walks us through his first mock draft of the offseason.

(2:05) Should the NFL postpone free agency due to coronavirus? One coach thinks it should.

(13:35) Free Agent QB Predictions: Chris & Phil give their final answers on where every passer will land

(15:15) Will Teddy Bridgewater definitely be a starting QB?

(22:10) Is Ryan Tannehill staying with the Titans?

(23:45) Could Jameis Winston be a fit for the Steelers?

(28:50) Big Phil believes the Chargers are committed to Tyrod Taylor

(32:20) Marcus Mariota could find a home out west, but not the Raiders

(36:15) Is Philip Rivers destined for the Colts?

(41:50) Will Tom Brady come down to the 49ers and Patriots, or are the Bucs a dark horse?

(52:01) Rotoworld's Josh Norris explains why he has Tua Tagovailoa to the Redskins in his first Mock Draft

(58:55) With Tristan Wirfs & Mekhi Becton, could this be a historic class for elite OTs?

(1:02:55) Is Jeffrey Okudah the hands-down best CB prospect?

(1:05:15) Who is the best WR in a stacked group? Jerry Jeudy? Henry Ruggs? CeeDee Lamb?

(1:14:15) What red flags do Chris & Josh see in Justin Herbert & Jordan Love?

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Mar 12, 2020
#131 - Free Agency 2020 Preview: What's next for Tom Brady, Jadeveon Clowney & Derrick Henry?

Simms & Florio go position-by-position to get you ready for the start of free agency next week.

(3:40) QBs: Tom Brady - Does it come down to the Patriots and 49ers?

(7:30) Is Ryan Tannehill a Patriots target?

(8:50) Will any other QB sign before Brady?

(11:25) What is the trade market and timeline for Cam Newton, Andy Dalton & Nick Foles?

(13:05) Dak Prescott, Drew Brees & Taysom Hill - Any chance they leave?

(16:40) Speed Round: QB Carousel - For fun, Mike & Chris spit out some QB landing spots.

(23:15) PASS RUSHERS: Will Chris Jones and Yannick Ngakoue be traded?

(27:15) Tag: Yes or No? Shaquil Barrett, Arik Armstead, Bud Dupree, Dante Fowler Jr, Matt Judon

(37:05) How big will Jadeveon Clowney's contract be?

(40:05) CBs: Is Chris Harris Jr the best on the market?

(41:45) Will Byron Jones become the highest-paid CB in NFL history? Should he?

(45:40) SAFETIES: Should Anthony Harris be the top target over Justin Simmons and Jimmie Ward?

(48:45) WRs: Could Amari Cooper pass Julio Jones as the highest-paid WR in the league?

(51:10) A.J. Green - Should the Bengals keep him or trade him?

(53:15) Best of the rest: Should teams target Emmanuel Sanders, Robby Anderson & DeMarcus Robinson?

(56:25) RBs: Will Derrick Henry get a Top 5 RB contract?

(1:00:50) Best of the rest: Why Kenyan Drake fits perfectly with the Cardinals but might leave anyway

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Mar 10, 2020
#130 - Brady or Jimmy G?, Trade Winners and Ugliest Uniforms

Big Phil weighs in on AJ Green & Tom Brady, Chris breaks down this week's trades, and Ahmed is very confident in his sprinting. Plus the guys move from helmets to ugliest uniforms.

(2:10) Big Phil calls B.S. on Ahmed's 40-yard dash boast

(4:55) Kentucky native Phil has a surprising take on the Bengals helmets

(6:10) Should the Bengals keep AJ Green for Joe Burrow?

(10:50) Brady Watch: Could the Patriots be targeting Ryan Tannehill?

(20:10) Who is better right now: Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo?

(36:20) Panthers-Chargers trade: what the film told Simms about Trai Turner & Russell Okung

(44:30) Assessing the AJ Bouye trade and the CB market

(52:00) Should the Texans target Sammy Watkins?

(58:00) Top 5 Ugliest Uniforms: will Chris double-down on his Bengals take?

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Mar 05, 2020
#129 - Brady & Burrow Combine rumors, Damn! Okay Justin Herbert, & Franchise Tag Speed Round

Simms & Ahmed dissect some buzz coming out of Indy, praise the top Combine performers, and do a quick run-through of franchise tag candidates.

(3:35) Combine Rumors: What teams can we rule out for Tom Brady? What do the Pats do if he leaves (Andy Dalton or Ryan Tannehill)? And Chris & Ahmed make a Brady bet.

(16:30) Does Joe Burrow want to go to the Bengals? Did he ask them to keep AJ Green?

(20:00) Are the Redskins seriously interested in Tua Tagovailoa? "Tua scares the crap out of me."

(24:35) Andy Dalton to the Colts? "Jacoby Brissett is not going to be the starting QB this year."

(25:20) Jaguars want to trade Nick Foles? Where does he fit on the Simms Trust Tree?

(29:20) Damn! Okay: Combine Edition - Praising a ridiculous wide receiver class

(32:00) LSU WR Justin Jefferson "He'll definitely be a 1st round wide receiver"

(32:45) Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb "Size and really crafty"

(34:30) Alabama WR Henry Ruggs "I think he's more fluid than Tyreek Hill"

(36:40) Baylor WR Denzel Mims "DeVante Parker but more explosive"

(38:40) Michigan WR Donovan Peoples-Jones "Is he just a workout star?"

(40:00) Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy "The best receiver in the draft"

(40:30) Notre Dame WR Chase Claypool "Freak of nature"

(43:35) LSU QB Joe Burrow "Handles himself like a pro"

(44:30) Oregon QB Justin Herbert "Potential to be a superstar"

(49:25) Louisville OL Mekhi Becton "It's the footwork that had me excited"

(51:40) Iowa OL Tristan Wirfs "His legs are special"

(53:35) Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons "The NFL is looking for these types of guys"

(55:00) Mississippi St LB Willie Gay Jr "I bet he's going to thrive in the NFL environment"

(56:20) Utah DB Javelin Guidry "That's a position where speed usually translates"

(57:50) Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor "His 40 time helped him out more than anyone else"

(59:50) Arizona St P Michael Turk "Punters are physically-gifted dudes"

(1:01:40) Franchise Tag Speed Round: Derrick Henry or Ryan Tannehill? Tag Amari Cooper? Trade Yannick Ngakoue?

(1:11:20) Ahmed lobbies for The Lateral Revolution. Chris is not on board.

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Mar 03, 2020
#128 - Combine interviews with Justin Herbert, Matt Rhule, and Zac Taylor

Simms is at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indy with Florio, talking to coaches, GMs, and prospects

(0:17) Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor on the pressures of having the #1 pick, Andy Dalton's future, and why he disagrees with Simms about the Bengals helmet needing a re-brand.

(9:50) Oregon QB Justin Herbert drops by the set on why he'll throw at the Combine, getting used to throwing an NFL football, why he wants to coach after his playing career, and his surprising answer to who his hero was growing up

(17:00) Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule chats about why he's watching 2015 film of Cam Newton, Cam's uncertain future with the team, and why Combine week is unique having just come from the college game

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Feb 25, 2020
#127 - Playoff Expansion, Best Helmets & This Year's Ryan Tannehill

Chris & Ahmed react to the news that the NFL wants to add 2 more playoff teams, they look at some potential big impact free agents & finish up our helmet debates by naming the NFL's best.

(2:35) Playoff Expansion - Do we want 7 seeds in the postseason?

(18:50) Drew Brees is returning to the Saints

(24:15) Which 2020 free agent is This Year's...Shaq Barrett? (backup who breaks out as a starter on his next team)

(28:25) ...Ryan Tannehill? (backup QB who becomes the starter midseason)

(30:25) ...Tyrann Mathieu? (veteran leader who boosts a locker room)

(33:20) ...Za'Darius Smith? (under-the-radar player who becomes a star on his next team)

(37:25) ...Dee Ford/Frank Clark? (tagged and traded)

(41:05) Odell Beckham, Jr.? (surprise trade)

(49:55) Top 5 Best Helmets - Chris & Ahmed reveal their lists as we wrap up our helmet debates

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Feb 20, 2020
#126 - Worst Helmets in the NFL, QB Carousel Trust Tree & Top Non-QB Storylines

Chris is back from vacation, and he and Ahmed dive into the offseason with some QB carousel talk and the worst helmets in the NFL.

(4:20) QB Carousel Trust Tree: Chris ranks Dak Prescott & the other (possibly) available QBs he trusts most

(6:00) Does Simms trust Tom Brady more than Drew Brees?

(9:25) Would you rather have Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill this season?

(16:30) Ryan Tannehill places high in the tree. Marcus Mariota...not so much.

(20:20) Should Jameis Winston be guaranteed a starting job somewhere in 2020?

(24:40) Would Chris rather trade for Matthew Stafford or Cam Newton?

(31:00) Biggest Non-QB Offseason Storylines

(33:05) Chris Jones may be the best player available in free agency

(35:30) Are Amari Cooper & AJ Green going to get tagged?

(38:40) Is a surprise trade coming for Jalen Ramsey?

(42:40) The 49ers have some tough decisions to make

(47:30) Will the Raiders, Rams & Chargers making a splash move for their new stadium?

(54:20) Ahmed reveals the Top 5 Worst NFL Helmets

(57:40) Were the Bengals named after a stove?

(1:03:00) Chris gives his Top 5 worst helmets

(1:09:00) Chris doesn't care about the XFL

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Feb 17, 2020
#125 - Russell Wilson on getting more offensive weapons and the secrets of a 2-minute drill; plus crazy Gruden stories with Maxx Crosby, and having a catch with Jake Fromm

(1:45) Simms and Florio speak with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson about adding more superstars around him, should Seattle have gone for it on 4th down vs Green Bay, 2-minute Russ vs huddle-up Russ, and whether or not Jimmy Fallon really kick-started his last contract negotiations.

(16:25) Simms and Raiders DE Maxx Crosby share some crazy stories about Jon Gruden, discuss what it's like playing against Patrick Mahomes, and the pending move to Vegas

(26:05) Jake Fromm stops by to have a catch with Simms. They discuss how his baseball background impacts his throwing, emulating Drew Brees, and being overlooked among this year's top QB prospects.

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Feb 13, 2020
#124 - Dak Prescott, Frank Gore, Tarik Cohen, and Aaron Jones

Simms is on a beach in the Caribbean, but he's got four killer interviews from Super Bowl week for you, including a star QB about to get paid, and a Hall of Fame RB who's mean-mugging Chris:

(1:50) Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on what he learns from watching Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes, why he won't call Aaron Rodgers about Mike McCarthy, and what he's most looking forward to when signing a new deal.

(11:45) Bills RB Frank Gore doesn't hold back and gives Simms a piece of his mind about why he should be considered a no-doubt Hall-of-Famer.

(25:55) Bears RB Tarik Cohen on why people should believe in Mitchell Trubisky, and his prowess in the gym.

(35:30) Packers RB Aaron Jones joins Simms & Florio to make sense of the Packers no-show in the NFC title game, Aaron Rodgers' love of scotch, and why he deserves more credit as a star RB.

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Feb 10, 2020
#123 - #AskMeAnything: Bucs for Brady, worst NFL helmet & fans on horses

Chris & Ahmed dive into twitter questions from the homies for another #AskMeAnything. Also Big Phil comes on to give his Super Bowl thoughts, the guys react to some wild photos from the Chiefs victory parade, and Ahmed properly buries the 49ers.

(3:05) Big Phil talks about crushing his pull-up challenge from Ray Lewis

(10:00) What film showed about Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl that TV didn't

(16:15) Is Jimmy Garoppolo the future for the 49ers?

(20:20) Does Phil have a problem with any Kyle Shanahan decisions?

(32:00) When Chris first knew Mahomes would be a star

(39:30) #AskMeAnything: How can the AFC West compete with the Chiefs?

(41:20) Why don't more teams use the Shanahan running scheme?

(44:30) Why do the numbers lie with Richard Sherman?

(47:05) Are the Buccaneers a good fit for Tom Brady?

(51:50) Will Tua Tagovailoa's left-handedness affect his draft stock?

(53:05) Which draftees is Chris excited to see at the Scouting Combine?

(55:45) Should the Packers trade up for Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy?

(57:20) Will the Lions ever not make Ahmed miserable?

(58:50) Can Chase Young make the Redskins a playoff contender?

(1:00:55) Chris trashes the Bengals helmet, and Ahmed wants to rebrand them

(1:03:30) How does Simms feel about the Jaguars playing more games in London?

(1:04:35) A Jersey lesson in Taylor Ham

(1:06:35) Fan on a horse? Fan in a tree? Chris & Ahmed Look at Pictures: Chiefs parade edition

(1:12:15) Requiem For a Team: The homies (well, 2 homies) asked for it, so Ahmed eulogizes the 49ers

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Feb 06, 2020
#122 - Super Bowl LIV recap: Mahomes prevails, second-guessing Shanahan, and Chiefs dynasty underway?

Chris & Ahmed get into the logistics of sleeping with the Lombardi Trophy before they break down the Chiefs win over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.

(2:40) On Patrick Mahomes: "The best player on the field prevailed"

(5:50) Dissecting Kyle Shanahan's playcalls after another blown Super Bowl lead

(14:50) Was Shanahan afraid to put the game in Jimmy Garoppolo's hands?

(17:50) What The &*%! Happened on Mahomes' huge 3rd & 15 pass to Tyreek Hill

(27:00) "Richard Sherman is not one of the 10 best corners in football"

(30:40) Why wasn't George Kittle running routes with the 49ers' season on the line?

(34:20) In praise of Steve Spagnuolo

(38:30) Are Andy Reid and Mahomes starting a dynasty?

(42:15) Damn! Okay: Chris names his runner-up for Super Bowl LIV MVP, and it's not Damien Williams

(46:00) Simms explains why Frank Clark hates Jimmy G

(52:25) Ahmed goes to hypothetical-land with Tom Brady and the 2020 49ers

(54:20) Who Would Have Guessed? Simms reacts to some surprising stats from Super Bowl LIV

(58:00) What's next for the 49ers, and Ahmed sets an over/under for Mahomes rings

(1:01:20) A Freudian slip convinces Simms that Drew Brees is coming back, and Frank Gore is pissed at Chris

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Feb 03, 2020
#121 - Super Bowl Picks, Props, and live audience Q&A from Miami

Simms & Florio take the PFTPM/Chris Simms Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration on the road to the Playwright Irish Pub in Miami Beach to take audience questions, hit some Super Bowl Props, and make their final picks

(5:00) The guys begin with a game of Would You Rather: Mahomes arm or Hill's speed? Mahomes arm or Jimmy G's looks? Block Nick Bosa or be blocked by George Kittle?

(13:55) Q&A from the audience, including some angst about Tom Brady's future, what the Dolphins might do at QB, and what will happen with Drew Brees

(23:25) Another game of What's More Likely: Lamar's chances at back-to-back MVPs, Browns in the playoffs, Rodgers' status in Simms' QB ranks, and Cam Newton's future.

(31:45) More Q&A, including Simms' legendary story about sabotaging Jeff Hostetler's cleats, the club of coaches who were infatuated with drafting Patrick Mahomes, and Reid vs Shanahan on Sunday.

(45:45) Super Bowl Prop Bets: largest lead by either team, over/under jersey number 26.5 for the first TD, and will the old mantra 'tails never fails' hold true again.

(1:06:10) The guys make their Super Bowl picks. Simms explains his reasoning for siding with an old friend, while Florio shocks the world.

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Jan 31, 2020
#120 - #AskMeAnything Super Bowl Edition: Mahomes vs Saleh, Andy Reid's HOF case & 49ers-Chiefs Hunger Games

Simms & Florio start Super Bowl week in Miami by taking questions from Marsh Melo Mafia, El Taco and other loyal homies.

(1:01) The time young Chris pissed off Danny DeVito on Regis Philbin's show

(5:25) How much will Shanahan & Saleh change their strategy against Patrick Mahomes?

(12:00) What can the 49ers D take from the Chiefs losses this season?

(18:25) Does Andy Reid need a ring to make the Hall of Fame?

(22:00) Who would win a Hunger Games between the 49ers & Chiefs?

(25:25) Better potential sumo wrestler: Fletcher Cox or Aaron Donald?

(28:05) Who has the special teams edge in the Super Bowl?

(31:00) Florio claps back at the haters

(36:25) Deebo Samuel reminds us of...

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Jan 27, 2020
#119 - 49ers & Chiefs weaknesses, the unprecedented Patrick Mahomes, and Super Bowl stories with the Big Effer

Chris & Phil recap the Championship games and take a first look at Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers & Chiefs, & the Big Effer tells some Super Bowl week stories.

(2:45) Phil talks about the Arrowhead Stadium atmosphere at the AFC Championship

(6:20) How did the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry?

(11:30) Have we ever seen anyone like Patrick Mahomes?

(21:15) How much can you blame Aaron Rodgers for the NFC Championship loss?

(29:00) What is the biggest weakness for the 49ers and Chiefs?

(32:10) Phil tells Super Bowl stories: "We had fights"

(39:40) Thoughts on Jason Garrett to the Giants & Jay Gruden to the Jaguars

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Jan 22, 2020
#118 - Mahomes' epic run, 49ers roll the Packers & Super Bowl LIV first glance

Chris & Ahmed recap a Conference Championship weekend where Simms favorites Patrick Mahomes and Kyle Shanahan both came through, and they take an early look at Super Bowl LIV.

(1:30) Chris has a big announcement about tickets to our first live podcast in Miami

(3:50) Chiefs 35-Titans 24 The turning point for the KC defense against Derrick Henry

(11:05) WTF Happened on Patrick Mahomes' epic TD run?

(20:20) Damn! Okay for a Chiefs skill player who is finally earning his contract

(23:55) 49ers 37-Packers 20 How San Francisco dominated Green Bay again

(26:55) WTF Happened on Raheem Mostert's untouched TD on 3rd & 8?

(36:00) What went wrong for the Packers?

(39:10) Chris has praise for how far Kyle Shanahan has come

(45:55) Requiem For a Team: What lies ahead for Ryan Tannehill & Derrick Henry?

(55:10) What does Aaron Rodgers need before his window closes?

(58:45) The 2 Robbies have a bone to pick with Simms

(1:01:00) Super Bowl LIV First Glance 49er throwbacks, best bet for MVP and "he's the best D-lineman in this game"

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Jan 20, 2020
#117 - Conference Championship Picks: Stopping Henry & Mahomes, Rodgers for the upset, & Simms defends butts

Florio relishes his Best Bets title before the guys go deep on the Championship Sunday matchups, with questions from the homies.

(3:05) Storytime: When Evil Roger Goodell met Real Roger Goodell

(5:45) #6 Titans at #2 Chiefs: Can the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry? Can the Titans stop Patrick Mahomes?

(14:35) Ring Ding Dong has a Mahomes question

(23:05) #2 Packers at #1 49ers: Why the Week 12 SF blowout was closer than it appeared

(32:10) International Touch has an idea for how Aaron Rodgers can avoid the 49ers pass rush

(39:20) Florio has a rant about a Packers play call

(49:25) Player prop bets - Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill? Davante Adams or George Kittle?

(58:40) Lemons and Cocunuts has Chris getting defensive about butts

(1:00:20) Best Bet - Mike takes a favorite and Chris goes with an over/under

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Jan 16, 2020
#116 - Luke Kuechly retires, Joe Burrow vs Trevor Lawrence & previewing Conference Championships

Chris & Big Phil chat about the latest NFL news and take an early look at the Conference Championship matchups.

(4:55) Luke Kuechly retires: Is he a Hall of Famer?

(9:15) George Young makes the Hall of Fame: Phil tells some stories about his former GM

(15:25) Early draft talk on Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence & Justin Herbert

(24:20) Previewing Titans-Chiefs: Can the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry?

(36:00) Previewing Packers-49ers: Will this a repeat of the Week 12 blowout?

(44:30) Phil talks about the playoff rematch he was most scared for

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Jan 15, 2020
#115 - Divisional recap: Chiefs crazy comeback, 49ers crazy crowd & Would You Rather tackle Derrick Henry

Chris & Ahmed recap the Divisional Round by second-guessing some coach decisions and Chris finishes with an epic rant against the Browns.

(2:45) Chiefs 51-Texans 31 Why Chris never thought the Chiefs were out of it

(5:45) Mulligan Monday: should Bill O'Brien have gone for it on 4th-and-1 early?

(8:55) Chris calls O'Brien hot seat talk "insane"

(14:05) Why couldn't the Texans cover Travis Kelce?

(19:10) Bad tweets & how "Big Buck Chuck" launched the Chiefs comeback

(22:50) Ahmed makes a case for taking Andy Reid over any other coach

(26:05) Titans 28-Ravens 12 Tajae Sharpe trolls Mark Ingram

(27:40) Would You Rather tackle Derrick Henry or...

(33:50) Earl Thomas' ill-fated trash talk

(34:45) Mulligan Monday: was John Harbaugh too aggressive on 4th down?

(39:45) Did the Ravens make a mistake by resting in Week 17?

(47:55) Packers 28-Seahawks 23 Ahmed questions Seattle's early-game strategy with Russell Wilson

(53:20) Chris apologizes for calling the Packers the worst #2 seed he's ever seen

(56:30) Damn! Okay Davante Adams

(59:15) Mulligan Monday: Pete Carroll's punt on 4th-and-11

(1:04:15) 49ers 27-Vikings 10 Simms raves about the playoff atmosphere at Levi's Stadium

(1:06:30) "The 49ers running game is as exciting as some teams' passing games."

(1:13:45) Browns hire Kevin Stefanski "Cleveland is back to the mistake on the lake"

(1:21:30) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed eulogizes the Texans, Vikings, Ravens & Seahawks

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Jan 13, 2020
#114 - Divisional Picks: Deshaun vs Mahomes, Russell Wilson vs ooooh Aaron Rodgers & Florio goes with his heart

With Florio on the verge of clinching the Best Bets title, he and Simms give their Divisional picks.

(2:55) #6 Vikings at #1 49ers: Florio predicts overtime

(11:00) #6 Titans at #1 Ravens - "I'm curious how much Bill Belichick helped Mike Vrabel this week"

(17:20) #4 Texans at #2 Chiefs - Deshaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes in a shootout?

(22:45) #5 Seahawks at #2 Packers - "This is the most 50/50 matchup of the weekend"

(30:00) Prop bets - Lamar Jackson & Derrick Henry rush yards? More passing yards: Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers?

(44:25) Best Bets - Mike goes with over/unders while Chris likes an upset.

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Jan 09, 2020
#113 - Coaching Hires for Cowboys, Giants & Panthers

It's a shorter pod with Big Phil to talk about the 3 coaching hires of the week: Mike McCarthy to the Cowboys, Matt Rhule to the Panthers and Joe Judge to the Giants.

(1:20) Chris touts Big Phil's legendary dad strength

(5:20) Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy: "He is truly buttoned-up"

(9:07) Why McCarthy might work better with Dak Prescott than he did with Aaron Rodgers

(12:00) How did McCarthy's offense run stale in Green Bay?

(17:06) Panthers hire Matt Rhule: How Rhule reminds Big Phil of Bill Parcells

(21:45) Giants hire Joe Judge: "I didn't expect the Giants to go this route"

(23:50) Praise for Wink Martindale & Eric Bieniemy

(27:55) Do the bad Patriots receivers reflect poorly on Judge?

(31:50) Chris gives some insider info he got during the Giants coaching search

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Jan 08, 2020
#112 - Wild Card recap, Cowboys hire McCarthy & the end for Brady and Brees?

Chris & Ahmed react to the Cowboys coaching hire, recap the Wild Card games and give a first look towards the Divisional Round.

(3:00) Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy "This made the most sense"

(8:20) What does this mean for Dak Prescott?

(9:35) Playoff parity is back!

(11:40) Vikings 26-Saints 20 (OT) How did Minnesota's D slow down the Saints?

(15:10) Is Michael Thomas to blame for Drew Brees' fumble?

(18:30) Is Sean Payton ready to turn from Drew Brees to Taysom Hill?

(21:55) Did we see the death of Primetime Kirk Cousins?

(24:30) Was Kyle Rudolph's TD pass interference?

(26:45) "Has Drew Brees played his last game in New Orleans?"

(27:40) Titans 20-Patriots 13 "Has Tom Brady played his last game in New England?"

(29:00) Ahmed has Chris rank possible Brady 2020 destinations

(32:55) "The Titans exposed New England's flaw"

(37:15) Breaking down the Titans game-changing goal-line stand

(41:30) Mike Vrabel's time shenanigans: "he had a great feel for the game"

(43:50) "Brady doesn't make any plays. That needs to be talked about."

(47:50) Texans 22-Bills 19 (OT) "It starts with the Deshaun Watson greatness factor"

(51:10) The downside of Deshaun's game-winning play

(52:30) Defending Josh Allen

(57:50) Explaining the illegal blindside block on Cody Ford

(59:55) Which Bill is to blame for Duke Johnson's 3rd-&-18 conversion on the game-winning drive?

(1:04:05) Seahawks 17-Eagles 9 Was Jadeveon Clowney's hit on Carson Wentz dirty?

(1:08:50) Jim Schwartz's gameplan: "I don't get it"

(1:15:05) Chris takes a DK Metcalf victory lap

(1:17:50) Speed Round: Divisional Round Preview

(1:22:15) Requiem For a Team: Ahmed says goodbye to the 4 Wild losers

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Jan 06, 2020
#111 - Wild Card Picks: Tannehill vs The Terminators, Kirk Cousins vs "salty" Saints & Birds vs Birds

Simms rejects Florio's regular season championship and the guys give their Wild Card picks.

(2:40) Bills-Texans: Is Josh Allen playoff-ready?

(9:15) Can the Texans move the ball without Will Fuller?

(12:40) Can Tre'Davious White handle DeAndre Hopkins?

(16:30) Titans-Patriots: "If I'm going to be wrong, I'm going to be wrong because I believe in the Terminator."

(20:15) Does Tom Brady have anyone to attack the Titans secondary?

(22:30) "Ryan Tannehill to AJ Brown is the hottest combo in the sport"

(27:55) How did Chris feel in his first career playoff game?

(31:35) Vikings-Saints: "This could be the kind of loss that makes the Vikings reevaluate their organization."

(36:15) Can Kirk Cousins beat the Saints without a running game?

(42:00) Seahawks-Eagles: "The Eagles have won 4 straight, but who have they beaten?"

(46:00) How the Eagles defense can stop Russell Wilson from beating them.

(50:00) "In all 4 games, I've selected the QB with more playoff experience."

(52:15) Best Bets: "The Bills under is an automatic"

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Jan 02, 2020
#110 - What was Belichick thinking, the worst 2-seed ever, and will Cowboys go celebrity coach hunting?

Chris Simms & Ahmed Fareed recap an eventful Week 17, take a first look at the Wild Card round, and react to the early happenings on Black Monday

(3:30) 49ers-Seahawks: What happened during the final chaotic sequence? And how the Seahawks could have schemed up a better play against the 49ers coverage.

(21:00) Aaron Rodgers leads a comeback in one of his worst games ever, and the Packers "might be one of the worst 2-seeds I've ever seen"

(25:45) Why Green Bay could ruin the Super Bowl

(27:00) "Yesterday was another perfect example of the greatness of Carson Wentz"

(31:15) Could the Eagles shock the world and win more than 1 playoff game

(32:30) It was not the best day for Stephon Gilmore, but it's time the Patriots give him a break

(36:40) What the **** was Bill Belichick thinking at the end of the half - could he have been sending a message to Tom Brady?

(43:20) Wild Card Speed Round: best QB matchup, underrated & overrated players, and kicker most likely to pull a Parkey

(50:05) Which game is most likely to have some crazy shit happen?

(51:40) It doesn't matter that the Cowboys hire a big name; but they need a "true NFL guy"

(57:20) "My #1 guy for the Giants would be Josh McDaniels"

(1:00:45) The biggest appeal for Ron Rivera taking the Redskins job

(1:03:30) Freddie Kitchens: "Why give him the job a year ago?"

(1:07:40) Pop Quiz! Multiple 1,000-yard receivers, Le'Veon's rough season, and 30-30 guys

(1:18:10) Bruce Arians throws serious shade at Jameis Winston

(1:21:00) Potential landing spots for Jameis if he's done with the Bucs

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Dec 30, 2019
#109 - Week 17 Picks: Return of Beastmode, danger for the Eagles, and the Jameis 30-30 Watch

Despite taking a rough tumble down the stairs on Christmas Eve, Florio is ready to make his Week 17 picks with Simms:

(4:10) Browns-Bengals: Can Freddie Kitchens do anything to save his job?

(7:20) Falcons-Bucs: The Jameis 30-30 Watch is here and it's spectacular

(10:35) Bears-Vikings: Does Mike Zimmer need to play his guys to regain momentum after a MNF flop?

(16:45) Saints-Panthers: Amazingly, the Saints could be 13-3 playing on Wild Card weekend

(20:10) Packers-Lions: Rodgers vs Blough- how do you think it'll turn out?

(23:00) Jets-Bills: Perhaps the biggest 'What If' team gets a chance to finish on a high note

(27:20) Chargers-Chiefs: Does KC have an incentive to lose and setup a first round game with the Bills?

(31:15) Dolphins-Patriots: Can Brian Flores ruin the bye for Bill Belichick?

(33:50) Cardinals-Rams: Changes are coming in LA

(35:50) Colts-Jaguars: Can Doug Marrone do anything to save his job? And could Gardner Minshew make himself some money with a good performance?

(39:35) Raiders-Broncos: Oakland's improbable chance at the playoffs

(42:35) Steelers-Ravens: RG3 gets a showcase game, and will the Ravens regret not knocking out their rival?

(47:30) Titans-Texans: Should Houston rest up or gun for the 3-seed?

(51:05) Redskins-Cowboys: If you don't think Dallas could blow this game, then you don't know Dallas

(55:30) Eagles-Giants: Despite last week's win, danger looms for Philly

(58:30) Florio declares victory in 2019, but the ruling is up for dispute

(1:00:05) 49ers-Seahawks: How much impact will Marshawn Lynch have?

(1:11:30) Best Bets: Over/Unders might be the better play than going against the spread.

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Dec 27, 2019
#108 - #AskMeAnything Holiday Edition: Cowboys collapsing, Chiefs peaking & Home Alone plot hole

With the holidays upon us and the playoff picture rounding into form, Chris & Ahmed open up the mailbag to answer your questions.

(3:00) Are the coaches or the players to blame for the Cowboys collapse?

(7:50) Why did the Cowboys go away from Ezekiel Elliott?

(10:50) How to fix the Cowboys? "I'd fire the coaching staff."

(13:05) Are the Eagles destined for the NFC Championship?

(15:50) Does the Simms family open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

(17:50) How did Emmanuel Sanders get wide open on 3rd & 16?

(22:45) Why is Kyle Shanahan still giving carries to Tevin Coleman?

(24:40) How to fix the Rams next season

(26:00) We finally clear up how to pronounce Jaquiski Tartt

(29:45) Chris already has his pick for 49ers-Seahawks

(32:00) Can Marshawn Lynch save Seattle?

(35:10) Is Chandler Jones a superstar?

(37:00) "They lost me at 'egg' and 'nog'"

(39:40) Can the Chiefs win the Super Bowl without a bye?

(42:25) Chris gives an early Super Bowl prediction

(45:10) How could Kevin McAllister mistime his mac 'n' cheese?

(48:15) Speed Round: Simms' favourite O-line & D-line players?

(50:45) What kind of gel does Chris put in his hair?

(52:00) Is Phish the best live band in the world?

(53:35) Bills-Patriots: Does Chris have renewed faith in the Pats offense?

(55:05) What is Bill Belichick writing in his notebook?

(57:10) Was John Brown's TD on Stephon Gilmore or Devin McCourty?

(1:00:45) Is Tre'Davious White a Top 5 CB?

(1:03:45) Chris names his Defensive Player of the Year

(1:04:35) Should the Ravens play their starters against the Steelers?

(1:06:00) Are the Packers a Super Bowl dark horse?

(1:08:35) Hot Seat Speed Round: Will Derek Carr be on the Raiders next season?

(1:11:15) Is Lincoln Riley a fit for the Redskins?

(1:12:40) Who is the Giants next head coach?

(1:14:40) Most underwhelming player this year?

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Dec 23, 2019
#107 - Week 16 Picks: Divisions on the line in Rematch Week

With some pivotal rematches on the slate, Florio & Simms pick every game of Week 16.

(3:30) Saturday: Texans at Buccaneers "It would be typical Texans to blow this one."

(6:10) Saturday: Bills at Patriots "This is not the same Patriots we've seen this decade."

(10:25) Saturday: Rams at 49ers "The 49ers understand they can't limp into Week 17."

(17:00) Jaguars at Falcons "I don't think getting rid of Tom Coughlin cures everything in Jacksonville."

(20:10) Why Gardner Minshew could save Doug Marrone's job.

(23:45) Ravens at Browns "The best running game in history is coming to town."

(27:20) Panthers at Colts "I think the Panthers are in not-so-subtle tank mode."

(31:40) Bengals at Dolphins "Joe Mixon's been playing like a superstar the last few weeks."

(34:30) Steelers at Jets "Le'Veon Bell is going to be determined to get revenge on Pittsburgh."

(40:00) Saints at Titans "Janoris Jenkins is a gamechanger."

(44:20) Giants at Redskins "I feel like last week was a sendoff for the season for the Giants."

(50:20) Lions at Broncos "Matt Patricia has gotten his free pass for next year, I don't know how the players feel about that."

(53:10) Raiders at Chargers "I think Rivers delivers in his last home game for the Chargers."

(56:00) Cowboys at Eagles "If the Cowboys lose this game they all deserve to be fired."

(1:01:40) Cardinals at Seahawks "The Seahawks don't put anyone away."

(1:03:45) SNF: Chiefs at Bears "Andy Reid is going to solve Matt Nagy & Chuck Pagano."

(1:08:05) MNF: Packers at Vikings "Do I trust Kirk Cousins? I don't know."

(1:13:25) Chris tries to thread the needle again with one of his Best Bets

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Dec 19, 2019
#106 - Rematch Week, All-Decade RBs & WRs and Five-Minute Fantasy

There's a twist to this packed Wednesday's podcast as Simms & Ahmed look ahead to What The %^&! Will Happen in 4 big divisional rematches. Ahmed also gives some All-Decade lists, Big Phil joins after a brief hiatus, and Josh Norris comes on set for some fantasy championship advice.

(1:45) The guys bid farewell to the man behind the camera, John "Johnald" McDonald

(3:45) Chris recaps his 3 most impressive QB seasons of the decade

(6:15) What The ^&*! Will Happen: Bills vs Patriots "The Bills put too much on Josh Allen back then."

(11:45) "That was the start of the Patriots offense getting worse."

(14:45) What The ^&*! Will Happen: Rams vs 49ers "The Rams got physically dominated in Week 6."

(19:00) "Jimmy Garoppolo was shaky as hell then. He has changed his play."

(26:30) Big Phil makes his triumphant return with praise for Lamar Jackson & Greg Roman

(32:45) All-Decade Running Backs Pop quiz: who has scored the most TDs this decade?

(44:30) Ahmed stumps Phil & Chris on the defender who has started every game this decade

(48:10) All-Decade Wide Receivers Phil & Chris disagree on the best WR this decade

(54:00) "The Saints offense is Sean Payton living out his life as a QB through Drew Brees"

(58:30) What The ^&*! Will Happen: Cowboys vs Eagles "The Cowboys don't make sense."

(1:04:30) All-Decade Bust Team Johnny Manziel only an honorable mention?

(1:09:00) What The ^&*! Will Happen: Packers vs Vikings "They jump out on teams, and then can't put you away."

(1:13:30) Five-Minute Fantasy with Josh Norris Can fantasy players trust Ryan Tannehill & DeVante Parker in their championship?

(1:21:30) Josh quizzes Chris and Ahmed on the most surprising championship-winning performances of the decade

(1:28:45) Requiem for a Team The guys say goodbye to the Colts, Bears & Broncos

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Dec 18, 2019
#105 - Falcons shock 49ers, Cowboys roll Rams, and Deshaun & DeAndre take over

It's a little different format this Monday, as Chris & Paul break down the most pivotal plays from Week 15 in What The &*#! Happened fashion.

(3:45) Falcons 29-49ers 22 "Atlanta did as good a job as I've seen at stopping the 49ers"

(9:45) Which CB is to blame for Julio's game-winning TD?

(18:15) Cowboys 44-Rams 21 "They have feasted on the poor. They finally won one against the rich."

(20:15) Eagles 37-Redskins 27 Philly's game-winning TD: "They already ran this for a TD earlier in the game"

(26:45) "That's why they drafted Dwayne Haskins in the Top 15"

(28:00) Seahawks 30-Panthers 24 "Is it a plus or minus that the Seahawks are winning all their games close?"

(29:30) Packers 21-Bears 13 Davante Adams' TD on 4th & 4

(38:00) Vikings 39-Chargers 10 "Danielle Hunter Defensive Player of the Year: yay or nay?"

(40:30) Texans 24-Titans 21 "It was all Deshaun Watson & DeAndre Hopkins"

(48:00) "Ryan Tannehill & AJ Brown are special"

(50:20) Bills 17-Steelers 10 Josh Allen's game-winning TD

(53:15) Duck Hodges' 4 INT: "That was dumb. I have no other way to say it."

(59:40) Patriots 34-Bengals 13 Stephon Gilmore "at what point is he going to be talked about as Defensive Player of the Year?"

(1:01:00) Chiefs 23-Broncos 3 "Snow problem for Mahomes & Kelce"

(1:02:15) Giants 36-Dolphins 20 "Happy trails, Eli Manning"

(1:04:15) Jaguars 20-Raiders 16 "Sad trails, Derek Carr"

(1:06:15) Buccaneers 38-Lions 17 "When you play in Bruce Arians' offense, you're going to throw interceptions"

(1:09:15) Cardinals 38-Browns 24 "Kyler completes Browns meltdown"

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Dec 16, 2019
#104 - Week 15 Picks: Cowboys reeling, Bills back in primetime, & Shanahan's revenge

Simms swept Florio in 4 games last week, and they disagree on another 4 in Week 15.

(5:30) TNF: Jets at Ravens "The Ravens don't need to use all their ammunition tonight"

(8:45) Seahawks at Panthers "The Panthers were falling apart before they fired Ron Rivera"

(11:10) Patriots at Bengals "Spygate 2 is the kind of thing Belichick uses to light a fire under his team"

(14:00) Buccaneers at Lions "I think the Bucs win even if Jameis doesn't play"

(18:00) Bears at Packers "Who has Green Bay beaten this year?"

(21:45) Broncos at Chiefs "Patrick Mahomes played one of his worst games of the year last week"

(25:30) Dolphins at Giants "I just don't give a damn about Eli Manning anymore"

(28:30) Texans at Titans "The Texans might not make it to the playoffs at all"

(33:00) Eagles at Redskins "Carson Wentz is working with a collection of nobodies"

(36:20) Browns at Cardinals "It's the Heisman showdown, Mayfield vs Murray!"

(38:50) Vikings at Chargers "We saw Xavier Rhodes on the field less, which is the right thing to do"

(45:45) Jaguars at Raiders "This is the Super Bowl for the Raiders"

(47:30) Rams at Cowboys "Sean McVay cracked the Seahawks, who run the same defense as the Cowboys"

(52:00) Falcons at 49ers "I'm picking 28-3"

(58:05) Bills at Steelers "I worry about the Bills protecting Josh Allen"

(1:02:40) Colts at Saints "The Colts linebackers can cause problems for Alvin Kamara & Michael Thomas"

(1:05:30) Simms takes an upset as one of his Best Bets

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Dec 12, 2019
#103 - Lamar breaks Bills blueprint, Drew Lock's big day & Simms' Trust Tree

Chris & Ahmed dive into how the Bills defended Lamar, Denver's bright future with Drew Lock, and who Chris trusts the most down the stretch.

(4:00) Ravens 24-Bills 17: Hayden Hurst's 61-yd TD "Did the Bills crack the code on Lamar?"

(12:10) Will teams start hitting Jackson more?

(18:30) "Michael Vick is a better athletic specimen than Lamar Jackson"

(21:20) Damn! Okay "Is Matthew Judon developing into a superstar?"

(23:00) "The Ravens showed no respect to the Bills wide receivers"

(26:20) Broncos 38-Texans 24: Drew Lock's big day "Drew Lock has a game-changing arm""

(33:15) "Deshaun Watson did not have his best game"

(40:00) Rams 28-Seahawks 12: Todd Gurley "He is not the superstar he was in 2017. He's still really good."

(46:00) "Seattle's defense doesn't have enough corners."

(49:30) "We're not going to give Jared Goff the credit."

(53:00) "Russell Wilson missed a few throws"

(59:20) The Trust Tree - How much does Chris trust...

(1:02:00) Matt LaFleur in the playoffs?

(1:05:30) Carson Wentz with no weapons?

(1:07:15) Josh McDaniels to fix the Patriots offense?

(1:09:20) Ryan Tannehill in 2 games vs the Texans?

(1:13:20) Devlin Hodges vs the Bills defense?

(1:14:30) Le'Veon Bell when he's sent home sick?

(1:16:10) Raiders fans to not tear apart the Black Hole in their last game?

(1:18:15) Requiem for a Team - Ahmed eulogizes 6 more teams whose playoff hopes are dead

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Dec 11, 2019
#102 - 49ers win Game of the Year, Pats offense is broken, and Ravens beat up Josh Allen

Paul & Chris recap every Sunday game of Week 14, starting with 49ers-Saints in the Game of the Year.

(2:30) Film Deep Dive #1: 49ers 48-Saints 46 "This was more fun than Chiefs-Rams from last year."

(6:30) The difference between Sean Payton & Kyle Shanahan

(11:45) Breaking down George Kittle's huge play on 4th & 2

(17:30) Simms on Jimmy G: "The 49ers are the best team in football, and they're going to win the Super Bowl"

(24:10) How did the Saints gash the 49ers defense?

(30:00) "I question if Sean Payton knew the rule on the fake punt"

(33:30) Rams 28-Seahawks 12 "McVay has found his groove"

(36:20) Packers 20-Redskins 15 "The Packers have to ride Aaron Jones"

(37:15) Vikings 20-Lions 7 Damn! Okay Danielle Hunter

(39:00) Film Deep Dive #2: Chiefs 23-Patriots 16 The homies give their one word to describe the Pats

(43:00) "Steve Spagnuolo New England-ed New England in New England!"

(46:00) "Tom Brady right now doesn't want to take that hit"

(53:20) "It was one of the worst games I've ever seen Patrick Mahomes play."

(1:01:30) Ravens 24-Bills 17 "I promise you Josh Allen was sorest man in NFL this morning"

(1:03:00) Broncos 38-24 "That's why Lock was my 2nd-highest rated QB in the draft"

(1:05:30) "The Texans are a different team without Will Fuller. They need him."

(1:07:15) Titans 42-Raiders 21 "Are the Titans the most dangerous team in the AFC after Baltimore?"

(1:09:15) Steelers 23-Ravens 17 "The Steelers have a Super Bowl defense"

(1:12:00) Browns 27-Bengals 19 Paul is tired of the Cleveland drama

(1:14:15) Buccaneers 38-Colts 35 A history pop quiz based on The Full Jameis Experience

(1:16:20) Falcons 40-Panthers 20 The non-kicking adventures of Younghoe Koo

(1:17:15) Chargers 45-Jaguars 10 Austin Ekeler joins the double-triple club

(1:19:00) Jets 22-Dolphins 21 Brian Flores was angry, and Chris agrees

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Dec 09, 2019
#101 - Week 14 Picks: Lamar vs Bills defense, 49ers & Saints battle for a bye, and Mahomes-Brady III

With some potential playoff previews on the slate, Simms & Florio pick every game in Week 14.

(4:30) TNF: Cowboys at Bears "One play by the Bears defense could win this game."

(6:45) Panthers at Falcons "I think everyone was shocked by the Ron Rivera news."

(9:00) Ravens at Bills "The only thing that's going to stop the Ravens is an injury to Lamar Jackson."

(13:30) Bengals at Browns "Even if the Browns run the table, I don't think it's enough to save Freddie Kitchens."

(15:20) Redskins at Packers "The Packers are the worst great team this season."

(20:15) Broncos at Texans "After beating the Patriots, the Texans have a swagger."

(24:30) Lions at Vikings "When will they think about benching Xavier Rhodes?"

(27:45) 49ers at Saints "On the turf, the advantage goes to San Francisco's offense."

(31:15) Dolphins at Jets "The Dolphins impressed me last week."

(32:50) Colts at Buccaneers "I'm done with the Colts."

(36:30) Chris tells the story of Peyton Manning's Monday night comeback vs Jon Gruden

(38:30) Chargers at Jaguars Minshew-mania is back, and "Philip Rivers could get benched at any moment."

(41:15) Steelers at Cardinals "I like the matchup of Kyler Murray vs T.J. Watt."

(44:20) Chiefs at Patriots "Everyone in Boston is trying to blame anybody but Tom Brady."

(49:15) Titans at Raiders "Derek Carr feels that red hot poker on his ass."

(51:50) SNF: Seahawks at Rams "It's the last time Pete Carroll will play a game at the Coliseum."

(56:00) MNF: Giants at Eagles "If the Eagles fall behind, it's going to get ugly."

(58:50) Two of Florio's Best Bets come from the same game

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Dec 05, 2019
#100 - Panthers fire Ron Rivera, Seahawks burn Xavier Rhodes & QB Contender Word Association

We made it to Episode 100, which is about 99 more than we thought we would. Chris & Paul hit some What The F$%! Happened, Word Association for playoff contenders & Rotoworld's Josh Norris joins us with advice for the start of the fantasy playoffs.

(2:30) Seahawks 37-Vikings 30: David Moore's 60-yard TD "I would just bench Xavier Rhodes"

(9:00) How six O-linemen helps Russell Wilson's deep ball

(12:15) Will Mike Zimmer's defense struggle down the stretch?

(15:45) Rams 34-Cardinals 7: Jared Goff's big game "McVay deserves more credit than anybody"

(24:00) Chiefs 40-Raiders 9: Patrick Mahomes "The NFL has caught onto the Chiefs offense"

(27:50) How will Bill Belichick defend the Chiefs this week?

(30:10) What's behind Patrick Mahomes low stat lines?

(39:20) QB Contender Word Association "Ryan Tannehill is taking advantage of everything that is there"

(42:00) Josh Allen "Can somebody take notice of what we're seeing here?"

(46:20) Duck Hodges "Deep ball throwing can be safe too"

(49:40) Taysom Hill "He's just a freak of nature"

(52:20) Kirk Cousins "How many points do you want him to score?"

(55:00) We welcome Josh Norris to the set to talk about the Panthers firing Ron Rivera

(1:02:45) Fantasy Playoffs Advice for players in tough matchups: Chiefs offense at Patriots

(1:05:45) Cowboys offense at Bears "I could see Dak Prescott being a Top 8 QB this week"

(1:09:10) Saints offense vs 49ers "Jared Cook is a major difference-maker"

(1:13:30) Why does NFL Twitter hate Taysom Hill?

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Dec 04, 2019
#99 - Ravens top 49ers in the rain, Texans trick Pats & Simms still concerned about Chiefs

Chris & Ahmed take your questions as they recap a big Week 13 Sunday, and Ahmed buries a few teams in Requiem For A Team.

(2:20) Ahmed gives his percentage odds of a Ravens-49ers rematch in the Super Bowl

(3:45) Film Deep Dive #1: Ravens 20-49ers 17 "This was the first time all year the 49ers D-line didn't win the battle"

(14:15) "Fred Warner is the Bobby Wagner of this defense"

(18:00) Why the 49ers should have thrown more to Deebo Samuel & Emmanuel Sanders

(26:30) Texans 28-Patriots 22 Breaking down the DeAndre to Deshaun trick play TD

(31:45) Did the Patriots offense salvage something with their late-game TDs?

(34:10) "This is where I see Tom Brady slipping"

(40:30) Who is most to blame for New England's offense?

(42:30) "Will Fuller is the key to the Texans offense"

(46:30) Chiefs 40-Raiders 9 Despite the win, Simms & ManBearPig are both concerned about the Chiefs offense

(49:15) Derek Carr struggles again in cold weather

(53:30) Rams 34-Cardinals 7 Ahmed names Jared Goff the NFL MPP

(57:15) Packers 31-Giants 13 Happy birthday, Aaaaaron Rooooodgers

(1:00:15) Steelers 20-Browns 13 "Devlin Hodges is a natural at the deep ball"

(1:03:00) Titans 31-Colts 17 "Derrick Henry is doing it again"

(1:07:00) Dolphins 37-Eagles 31 How did the Eagles not adjust to DeVante Parker?

(1:12:15) Redskins 29-Panthers 21 "There's no such thing as tanking."

(1:15:40) Bengals 22-Jets 6 "The Jets roster is a bigger problem than anything"

(1:19:00) Buccaneers 28-Jaguars 11 "As we stand here, Gardner Minshew is better than Nick Foles"

(1:21:45) Broncos 23-Chargers 20 "Drew Lock made some big-time throws"

(1:24:15) Requiem For A Team In a new segment, Ahmed eulogizes the teams eliminated from playoff contention

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Dec 02, 2019
#98 - Week 13 Picks: Lamar vs 49ers defense, Browns-Steelers rematch & Florio picks between his 2 favorite teams

Simms takes a victory lap for threading the needle before he and Florio get into all the post-Thanksgiving games of Week 13:

(2:50) 49ers at Ravens "San Francisco has the formula to slow down Lamar Jackson."

(8:50) Redskins at Panthers "Dwayne Haskins' selfie is a microcosm of the Redskins victory lap."

(10:50) Jets at Bengals "What the upside for Andy Dalton to play again?"

(13:30) Titans at Colts "The Colts are better than 6-5."

(17:30) Buccaneers at Jaguars "We picked the Jaguars to win the division, and they're screwing us!"

(21:30) Eagles at Dolphins "This is a chance for Carson Wentz to quiet some of the doubters."

(24:30) Why the Eagles made a mistake with Wentz's contract

(29:15) Packers at Giants "These are the games Aaron Rodgers can take over single-handedly."

(33:30) Browns at Steelers "I'm more concerned about the fans than I am the players."

(37:30) Rams at Cardinals "2017 was Deshaun Watson, 2018 was Patrick Mahomes, 2019 is Lamar Jackson, I think 2020 will be Kyler Murray's year."

(40:30) Chargers at Broncos "I'm starting to wonder when Anthony Lynn is going to be in trouble."

(45:45) Raiders at Chiefs "A bye is still in the cards for the Chiefs."

(48:20) SNF: Patriots at Texans "Bill Belichick owns Bill O'Brien, and he'll own him again."

(52:00) MNF: Vikings at Seahawks "It's Florio's team vs Florio's 1B team!"

(57:15) Florio has a Thanksgiving underdog betting theory

(1:00:00) Best Bets "I want people to tune into our podcast and say 'these two idiots aren't that stupid.'"

(1:03:20) Florio shares a heartfelt email from a listener

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Nov 28, 2019
#97 - Thanksgiving Picks: 3 Coaches on the Hot Seat

It's a Thanksgiving special as Florio & Simms pick all 3 turkey day games.

(2:40) Bears at Lions "With Jeff Driskel or The Blough King, I can't have any faith in the Lions"

(7:30) Bills at Cowboys "We've seen Jason Garrett do well when his back is against the wall."

(17:30) How old was Chris when he started swearing in front of Phil?

(19:30) Saints at Falcons "I think it will be a high-scoring, fun game."

(25:00) Best Bets The guys each give 1 best bet from the 3 games, and Florio ranks the hot seat level of Matt Patricia, Jason Garrett & Dan Quinn

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Nov 27, 2019
#96 - 49ers pummel Packers, Cowboys make Simms angry & teams who pass the Bar Fight Test

Chris & Paul recap every Week 12 game as the playoff race heats up, and dive into the 49ers domination of the Packers and the Patriots monsoon win over the Cowboys.

(3:00) Film Deep Dive #1: 49ers 38-Packers 8 "Their defense outhits everybody."

(11:00) Who is more dominant: the 49ers D-line or the Patriots secondary?

(15:15) WTF Happened on Rodgers' sack-fumble on his first drive?

(19:20) How did George Kittle get so wide open?

(29:10) Saints 34-Panthers 31 "Without Marshon Lattimore, New Orleans is a different defense."

(31:30) Chris names the teams who pass his "bar fight test"

(34:15) We'll do it Live! on Michael Thomas' catch on the Saints game-winning drive

(38:50) Seahawks 17-Eagles 9 "I think Carson Wentz is second-guessing himself."

(42:30) Film Deep Dive #2: Patriots 13-Cowboys 9 "I think Jerry Jones is sending a message."

(44:30) The Cowboys offense has Chris literally pounding the table.

(51:50) Does Chris blame Kellen Moore or Jason Garrett more for Dallas' struggles?

(59:15) Bills 20-Broncos 3 Discussing Frank Gore among the all-time RBs

(1:02:20) Jets 34-Raiders 3 "They looked like they didn't want to be there."

(1:03:45) Steelers 16-Bengals 10 Should Duck Hodges start for the rest of the season?

(1:06:00) Browns 41-Dolphins 24 "They've stopped shooting themselves in the foot."

(1:08:00) Titans 42-Jaguars 20 Is Ryan Tannehill the Titans starter beyond this year?

(1:12:45) Bears 19-Giants 14 How can Daniel Jones fix his fumbling issues?

(1:15:00) Buccaneers 35-Falcons 22 "That's what's frustrating about Jameis."

(1:16:10) Redskins 19-Lions 16 Haskins selfies & Chris reminisces about his 1st win

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Nov 25, 2019
#95 - Week 12 Picks: Shanahan vs Rodgers, Lamar vs Donald & Simms learns nothing from last week

Chris is reeling and Mike is gloating as they pick every game of Week 12:

(3:15) TNF: Colts at Texans "If T.Y. Hilton is healthy, the Texans will have their hands full."

(7:50) Buccaneers at Falcons "Dirk Koetter will have some inside information on Jameis Winston."

(11:30) Broncos at Bills "The Broncos offense is better with Brandon Allen than Joe Flacco."

(15:30) Giants at Bears "I don't think Saquon Barkley is going to be fully healthy all year long."

(19:20) Steelers at Bengals "Mason Rudolph was absolutely horrible in that game. Horrible. Horrible."

(23:20) "If you ever farted during the show, would you admit it or deny it?"

(25:00) Dolphins at Browns "Without Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi, the Browns are thin on D-line."

(28:45) Panthers at Saints "I don't trust the Panthers defense, and I definitely don't trust Kyle Allen."

(31:40) Raiders at Jets "I played for Jon Gruden against Gregg Williams. We had a good plan of attack."

(36:30) Seahawks at Eagles "Fletcher Cox is back to being a game-wrecker."

(41:00) Lions at Redskins "I can't say I've been impressed with Dwayne Haskins at all."

(42:45) Jaguars at Titans "The Titans should try to pound the rock with Derrick Henry."

(46:15) Cowboys at Patriots "I can't believe you're going to do this again. Did you learn nothing last week?"

(51:30) SNF: Packers at 49ers "I'm in a win-win situation, either Kyle Shanahan or Aaron Rodgers wins."

(56:20) MNF: Ravens at Rams "As good as Aaron Donald is, he's not going to get his hands on Lamar Jackson."

(1:01:15) Mike and Chris each take an under in their Best Bets

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Nov 21, 2019
#94 - Agholor's "drop", Dak carries the Cowboys & "stop it" with Michael Thomas MVP talk

Chris dives into the biggest plays of the week in "What The $&*%! Happened?".

(2:20) Patriots 17-Eagles 10: Nelson Agholor's "drop"

(10:30) "I don't think the Lane Johnson injury had a big impact on the game"

(14:45) "I'm not going to place the blame on Carson Wentz."

(20:00) Vikings 27-Broncos 23: Stefon Diggs TD "One of the best throws of the year for Kirk Cousins"

(27:00) How did Kyle Rudolph get so wide open on his TD?

(33:10) Breaking down the Vikings goal-line stand at the end of the game

(39:00) QB Referendums with Big Phil

(42:30) "Josh Allen was put on earth to throw something"

(45:00) Philip Rivers: "The Chargers need another way to win football games"

(47:00) "Mason Rudolph does not have average arm strength for the NFL"

(49:30) Jameis Winston "misses 3-4 throws per game with no pressure around him"

(53:15) Who do you want as your 2020 starter: Rivers, Rudolph, Jameis or Kyle Allen?

(1:01:30) Cowboys 35-Lions 27: Zeke's game-clinching TD

(1:06:30) Should Dak Prescott be getting more MVP buzz?

(1:12:30) Saints 34-Buccaneers 17: Michael Thomas TD

(1:18:45) "People are saying Michael Thomas could be MVP. Stop it."

(1:26:30) We'll Do It Live! Cooper Kupp's 50-yd catch

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Nov 20, 2019
#93 - Lamar for MVP, judging Jimmy G, and Colts keg stands for the win

Chris & Ahmed touch on every Week 11 game in a Survival Sunday for the NFC Contenders, and go deep diving on Cards-Niners and Texans-Ravens.

(2:00) Gimme The Headline: Vikings 27-Broncos 23 "How about Clutch-y Kirk?"

(7:15) Saints 34-Buccaneers 17 Is Michael Thomas an MVP candidate?

(13:25) Rams 17-Bears 7 "Khalil Mack has gone dormant...Aaron Donald is the best defender in football."

(21:00) Film Deep Dive #1: 49ers 36-Cardinals 26 "Jimmy Garoppolo's mistakes are boneheaded mistakes."

(32:30) "The Kyler Murray effect is real"

(39:00) Dak Prescott wins the Best Of Week 11 Offensive Award

(43:45) The Patriots Defense wins the Best of Week 11 Defensive Award

(47:45) Who on the Eagles defense (not Ronald Darby) is to blame for the Patriots trick play TD?

(53:30) Film Deep Dive #2: Ravens 41-Texans 7 "The Ravens are the best team in football."

(1:02:25) How the Ravens shut down Deshaun Watson

(1:12:50) Damn! Okay starts with Raiders DE Maxx Crosby

(1:16:00) Where does Jon Gruden fall in Chris' Coach of the Year rankings?

(1:17:00) Breaking down the Colts keg stand celebration

(1:21:15) Gimme The Headline: Falcons 29-Panthers 3 "Dan Quinn is the Undertaker gif"

(1:24:15) Bills 37-Dolphins 20 "This might be Josh Allen's cleanest game as a pro"

(15:52:15) Jets 34-Redskins 17 "Jamal Adams is the best safety in football"

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Nov 18, 2019
#92 - Week 11 Picks: Lamar vs Deshaun, Nick Foles is back & Pats want revenge in Philly

Florio gets out the broom before he and Simms pick every game of Week 11, and Macy chimes in with some takes:

(2:30) Chris considers doing the opposite

(3:30) TNF: Steelers at Browns "James Conner is back, and the Browns are not a good run defense."

(6:45) Texans at Ravens "It's Lamar vs Deshaun "

(11:00) Falcons at Panthers "I think if it falls apart this year, Ron Rivera will be out of a job."

(14:30) Cowboys at Lions "I don't know if everyone realizes the Cowboys have the No. 1 offense in football."

(17:30) Jaguars at Colts "I this Nick Foles going to energize this team."

(21:15) Bills at Dolphins "This is the first time all year I'm picking the Dolphins to win."

(24:30) Broncos at Vikings "The Vikings can't afford to lose this one."

(29:00) Saints at Buccaneers "The Saints are shooken up now."

(31:45) Jets at Redskins "Let's just pick a score on this one and move on."

(32:15) Cardinals at 49ers "Macy shut up! We're doing a podcast!"

(36:15) Bengals at Raiders "It's the Bo Jackson revenge game!"

(40:45) Patriots at Eagles "I'm wussy-ing out here. There's no other way to say it."

(46:00) SNF: Bears at Rams "Is this an elimination game?"

(48:45) MNF: Chiefs at Chargers "Patrick Mahomes left a lot on the field last week."

(53:30) Best Bets: "That is the dumbest bet you've ever made."

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Nov 14, 2019
#91 - Fixing the Rams, Cowboys coaching comes up short & Clowney's career day

Chris dives into the biggest plays of the week in "What The $&*%! Happened?".

(3:45) Steelers 17-Rams 12: Jared Goff's 3 turnovers "Ok, the guy's not open. You gotta do something else."

(9:30) Chris has advice for Sean McVay to "reinvent himself"

(12:30) How Minkah Fitzpatrick and the Steelers D took Cooper Kupp from 220 yards to zero

(16:00) Packers 24-Panthers 16: GB's goal-line stand "Kyle Allen's got Christian McCaffrey open for a touchdown."

(24:30) The Packers were not ready for the final play...and it helped them

(30:45) Vikings 28-Cowboys 24: Big Phil joins to discuss the Cowboys failed 4th down

(38:20) Were the Cowboys too worried about the clock? Chris & Paul disagree.

(49:10) Steelers, Raiders, Bills and Colts: which dark horse does Big Phil like the best?

(59:00) Seahawks 27-49ers 24 (OT): " It was the best game I've seen any NFL defender play all season."

(1:04:00) "Jimmy Garoppolo did not play that bad."

(1:13:15) Raiders 26-Chargers 24: Josh Jacobs game-winning TD "Rodney Huson was the star of the play."

(1:16:45) Jets 34-Giants 27: Saquon Barkley 1 rush yd "There's nowhere to go."

(1:19:00) "Daniel Jones is one of the most pure throwers in football."

(1:20:45) Chris breaks down the Ravens "Heisman Package" in our new segment: We'll Do It Live!

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Nov 13, 2019
#90 - Cook > Zeke, McVay needs to change, and the Chiefs big blunder

Simms breaks down Week 10:

(3:20) Vikings-Cowboys: Why Minnesota might be better than the group that made it to the NFCCG a couple years ago

(8:25) Why is Dallas wearing the navy blues at home??

(11:30) Panthers-Packers: Is Green Bay as good as their 8-2 record? We definitely didn't see vintage Aaron Rodgers

(14:20) Rams-Steelers: We saw a Steel City ass whuppin. And why it's okay to say that Todd Gurley isn't the same player he used to be.

(16:20) "Sean McVay has to reinvent himself"

(18:55) Simms self-scouts thyself when it comes to re-evaluating the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade

(21:30) Falcons-Saints film deep dive: How in the world did the Saints not score a TD vs the Falcons? Atlanta was not gonna let the short passing game beat them

(26:50) "I wrote 'Where is the run, question mark, question mark'"

(32:35) "I do think Drew Brees is aware of his lack of arm strength"

(37:00) Simms takes a small victory lap related to his QB rankings. Where are all the Goff & Rivers Truthers now?

(39:20) "He's being paid like one of the best players in the game. Which is erroneous."

(40:45) Damn! Okay: praise for Lamar Jackson, his shades, the nasty spin move, and his MVP candidacy

(43:10) A couple of Ivy Leaguers get a Damn Okay

(46:00) Props to Brian Flores and the Dolphins for continuing to play hard

(50:00) Chiefs-Titans film deep dive: "When you have those kinds of numbers, you're not supposed to kick FGs"

(53:20) "Patrick Mahomes made some of the damndest f***ing throws I've ever seen"

(1:01:45) Inside Derrick Henry's 68-yard TD

(1:09:20) Bills-Browns: Baker Mayfield said "get off my back"

(1:10:35) Lions-Bears: "Thank God that Stafford didn't play"

(1:12:40) Giants-Jets: "The best football player in New York right now is Jamal Adams"

(1:15:00) Simms gives us the history of the word $hit

(1:15:50) Cardinals-Bucs: Why Mike Evans is the most forgotten player in football. And don't forget that Kyler Murray is special.

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Nov 11, 2019
#89 - Week 10 Picks: Goff in the cold, Mahomes returns & Florio makes another Kirk Cousins bet

Simms rants about pushes before he and Florio get to picking every game for Week 10:

(2:30) "If I pick a push, I should get a win!"

(5:25) TNF: Chargers at Raiders "I'm going down to crazyville with the Chargers tonight."

(9:35) Lions at Bears "The Lions defense is not good. It's one of the worst in football."

(13:05) Ravens at Bengals "No one knows what to expect from Ryan Finley or A.J. Green."

(17:15) Bills at Browns "The Bills are kind of a fraudulent 6-2, and I think Bills fans would admit it."

(21:10) Falcons at Saints "The Falcons desperation-meter is at 10+."

(25:00) Giants at Jets "Daniel Jones has shown more promise than what we've seen from Sam Darnold."

(27:45) Cardinals at Buccaneers "Last week Jameis Winston played awesome football, there's no denying it."

(31:20) Chiefs at Titans "Please Andy Reid, run some of Matt Moore's plays with Patrick Mahomes."

(39:10) Dolphins at Colts "The Colts play down to their competition almost every week."

(42:15) Panthers at Packers "If there's any doubt with Davante Adams, don't play him. You don't need him."

(46:25) Rams at Steelers "The Steelers have some special going on, even with Mason Rudolph at QB."

(52:35) SNF: Vikings at Cowboys "Kirk Cousins is incapable of ignoring the stakes."

(55:35) Florio makes another Kirk Cousins bet

(1:01:20) MNF: Seahawks at 49ers "The 49ers aren't going to run the table."

(1:06:10) Chris takes an over/under in this week's Best Bets

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Nov 07, 2019
#88 - Simms QB Ranks & What The $&*%! Happened: Brogram gets to Rodgers, Baker's failed 4th down, and Chiefs D turns a corner

Chris updates his QB Rankings for the first time since preseason, and he and Paul dive into the biggest plays of the week in "What The $&*%! Happened?".

(2:15) Chiefs 26-Vikings 23: Damien Williams 91-yd TD run "Harrison Smith was put in a bad spot."

(10:00) "The Kansas City defense has turned the corner. They're not going to be the pushover we saw early in the year."

(14:50) "There were 2-3 throws where I wish Kirk Cousins was aggressive."

(21:10) Raiders 31-Lions 24: OAK goal-line stand "I'd rather go down with my best player, and that's Matthew Stafford."

(26:10) Broncos 24-Browns 19: CLE failed 4th down "This tells me the game is moving too fast for Baker Mayfield."

(36:05) Big Phil joins to give his reaction to Chris' updated QB Rankings

(44:20) "What game has Tom Brady won for the Patriots this year?"

(46:55) "Jacoby Brissett has done many things, but doesn't get the attention or highlights."

(51:20) "Jimmy Garoppolo at 15...too low or too high?"

(57:45) Chris responds to Twitter gripes about his QB rankings: "You forgot the guy who leads the NFL in passing yards."

(59:40) "Did you think about putting Lamar Jackson above Patrick Mahomes?"

(1:01:45) Shocker...PFF thinks they're right. And Chris claps back.

(1:08:45) Steelers 26-Colts 24: Minkah Fitzpatrick 96-yd pick-six "Fitzpatrick is finally playing the right position."

(1:17:35) Chargers 26-Packers 11: LAC D frustrates Rodgers "They're phenomenal! It's the Brogram!"

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Nov 06, 2019
#87 - Lamar bests Belichick & Russell Wilson beats bad Bucs strategy in Week 9 Recap

Chris & Ahmed recap all 12 Sunday games of Week 9 and dive deep into the Ravens win over the Patriots and the Seahawks-Bucs OT game.

(6:10) Film Deep Dive #1: Ravens O vs Patriots D "Baltimore did to New England what New England does to other teams."

(19:40) Chris explains why Bill Belichick has problems with running quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson.

(24:55) Patriots O vs Ravens D "It's amazing how fearless Tom Brady is in the pocket at 42 years old."

(32:05) "Earl Thomas can't run anymore...He's lost a gear. He's lost two gears."

(33:35) Ahmed reveals his favorite fast food place.

(37:40) Chiefs 26-Vikings 23 "No Patrick Mahomes is a little bit of a blessing in disguise for the offense."

(41:45) Steelers 26-Colts 24 "Bud Dupree has the ability to take over games."

(44:20) Raiders 31-Lions 24 "Josh Jacobs is clearly the favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year."

(49:00) Chris demonstrates how Lamar Jackson avoids big hits

(51:20) Film Deep Dive #2: Seahawks O vs Buccaneers D "Russell Wilson is arguably the best deep-ball thrower in the sport."

(55:20) "I don't blame the secondary for the Bucs. I blame Todd Bowles."

(59:00) Chris takes a Victory Lap on D.K. Metcalf

(1:01:15) Buccaneers O vs Seahawks D "It's on the Seahawks D-line now. The secondary's not going to get better."

(1:04:10) "Playing quarterback vs the Seahawks is easy."

(1:05:30) Texans 26-Jaguars 3 A Damn! Okay for an MVP candidate

(1:09:20) It's over, Gardner Minshew

(1:11:15) Panthers 30-Titans 20 Chris self-scouts his Tennessee best bet

(1:15:00) "DJ Moore really reminds me of Steve Smith. He's a wide receiver in a running back's body."

(1:16:40) Broncos 24-Browns 19 Twitter responds to Baker Mayfield's postgame attire.

(1:22:25) Dolphins 26-Jets 18 "I don't think Adam Gase deserves to be on the hot seat."

(1:26:00) Eagles 22-Bears 14 "If DeSean Jackson is out for the season, that takes the Eagles out of being a real Super Bowl contender."

(1:29:25) Chargers 26-Packers 11 "Joey Bosa has stepped up ever since you said Nick Bosa was the better Bosa."

(1:32:15) Bills 24-Redskins 9 "I surprised how the Bills defense has been pushed around 2 weeks in a row."

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Nov 04, 2019
#86 - Week 9 Picks: Halloween Costumes, Chastity Belts & Flip-flopping on Pats-Ravens

Florio has some Halloween costume takes before he and Simms get to picking every game for Week 9:

(0:40) I'll eat some Werther's Originals, be miserable and be happy in my misery."

(5:30) TNF: 49ers at Cardinals "There's this hesitation to give the 49ers their due."

(10:55) Texans vs Jaguars (in London) "I don't know if this is a team Deshaun Watson can take over against."

(16:55) Redskins at Bills "If I knew it was Dwayne Haskins, I might give the Redskins less of a chance."

(21:05) Titans at Panthers "Ryan Tannehill may be the Titans starting QB in 2020 if he keeps this up."

(26:15) Vikings at Chiefs "Prove me wrong, Kirk Cousins!"

(33:40) Jets at Dolphins "Adam Gase will be extra motivated to beat the team that fired him."

(38:40) Bears at Eagles "Philadelphia! Doug Pederson!! Run the ^&*#ing ball!!!"

(43:10) Colts at Steelers "I feel like Mason Rudolph found something on Monday."

(52:35) Lions at Raiders "I don't think I've picked the Raiders to win a game all year."

(56:10) Buccaneers at Seahawks "I think Jameis Winston can throw on a below-average pass defense."

(1:01:20) Browns at Broncos "The Browns outplayed the Seahawks and were not outclassed by the Patriots."

(1:04:45) Packers at Chargers "The Packers offense is borderline unstoppable at this point."

(1:08:20) SNF: Patriots at Ravens "I have slight concerns about the Patriots offense."

(1:14:00) MNF: Cowboys at Giants "This loss could get the clouds gathering around Pat Shurmur."

(1:17:30) Chris likes an upset for one of his Best Bets

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Oct 31, 2019
#85 - What The $&*%! Happened: Browns turnovers, Deshaun Watson heroics & "The dumbest play of the week"

Chris & Paul do a "What The $&*%! Happened?" where they deep dive the best (Deshaun Watson) and worst (WTF Miami?) plays of the week. Also, Big Phil stops by and defends Mitchell Trubisky.

(3:00) AZ-NO: Drew Brees' TD pass to Taysom Hill "Now that Brees is back, Taysom Hill is a weapon again in the offense."

(11:05) "If the Saints have a weakness, it's Brees' ability to stretch the field."

(18:25) OAK-HOU: Deshaun Watson gets kicked in the face, still throws TD "Watson is not Charlie Checkdown, he's Bobby Bombs-Away."

(28:35) Big Phil reveals if it's true that Chris was a good student in high school

(31:45) "Do you think the Chicago Bears are salvageable?"

(36:35) On Aaron Rodgers: "Let me say this. NOBODY ELSE COULD MAKE THOSE THROWS."

(48:55) "Who wins right now? The 49ers or the Patriots?"

(51:30) CLE-NE: Browns back-to-back-to-back turnovers "Jonathan Jones is the star not for the fumble, but for the hustle."

(56:40) On Baker Mayfield's shovel pass interception: "This is a play he's not even supposed to think about."

(1:02:05) "If I had to grade the game, I'd probably tell you Cleveland won more plays than New England."

(1:04:25) James White's 59-yard screen on 3rd & 10 "This play broke because of one player."

(1:12:20) PHI-BUF: Miles Sanders 65-yard TD run "This should not have been a big play."

(1:16:35) "I feel like the Eagles think they're the Chiefs sometimes...You're not. You're not the Chiefs."

(1:21:15) Dolphins all-out blitz on 3rd & 20 "Has there been a dumber play this year?"

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Oct 30, 2019
#84 - Drew Brees returns, Pats & Niners stay perfect, and hope for the Chiefs in Week 8 Recap

Chris & Ahmed recap all 13 Sunday games of Week 8 and dive deep into Panthers-49ers & Packers-Chiefs.

(2:25) Saints 31-Cardinals 9 "He looked like the same old Drew Brees, like he hadn't missed a beat."

(7:20) Patriots 27-Browns 13 "The Patriots, even with the easy schedule, seem to be dodging some bullets"

(13:15) Film Deep Dive #1: Panthers O vs 49ers D "The 49ers defense is every bit in the conversation with the Patriots"

(19:35) "Nick Bosa is more made for the NFL than his brother Joey"

(24:05) 49ers O vs Panthers D "The 49ers play-design is No. 1 in the NFL."

(27:20) "Who will have more targets moving forward: George Kittle or Emmanuel Sanders?"

(32:00) Rams 24-Bengals 10 "Cooper Kupp is legitimately good. This isn't just a system guy."

(35:40) Seahawks 27-Falcons 20 "The Seahawks secondary is a little questionable."

(38:20) Lions 31-Giants 26 "I'd like to hear some talk about how Matthew Stafford is playing so well."

(40:35) On players-only meetings: "Guys! We have to play harder!"

(41:30) Chargers 17-Bears 16 "I'm not gonna sit here and say 'Matt Nagy's decision was the dumbest ever.'"

(47:50) Film Deep Dive #2: Packers O vs Chiefs D "If it isn't Aaron Rodgers at QB, the Chiefs are pulling that game off."

(53:30) Ahmed has a gripe with Aaron Rodgers' highlight TD to Jamaal Williams

(57:40) Chiefs O vs Packers D "Signs you know your interior D-line is no good..."

(59:40) "This showed the Chiefs can win games without Patrick Mahomes."

(1:05:10) Jaguars 29-Jets 15 "Damn! Okay Gardner Minshew!"

(1:08:50) "When Nick Foles comes back, who is your quarterback?"

(1:09:40) Texans 27-Raiders 24 "Even with JJ Watt, that Texans defense is not good."

(1:11:35) Colts 15-Broncos 13 "I don't understand Joe Flacco coming out and saying this publicly."

(1:14:00) Trade reactions: Leonard Williams to Giants, Kenyan Drake to Cardinals

(1:16:50) Titans 27-Buccaneers 23 "I don't think the Titans are a playoff team, but they'll ruin a lot of playoff dreams."

(1:19:05) Eagles 31-Bills 13 "If Buffalo wants to be taken seriously, they have to stop the self-inflicted wounds."

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Oct 28, 2019
#83 - Week 8 Picks: Kyler's toughest test, Bills looking for signature win, and Best Bets

Simms & Florio pick every game against the spread for Week 8:

(1:10) "If Kirk Cousins wins Super Bowl MVP, I will get a Kirk Cousins tattoo on my arm. Guaranteed."

(4:30) TNF: Redskins at Vikings "I think the Redskins will be a pain in the ass early."

(7:25) Seahawks at Falcons "No matter what Matt plays QB for the Falcons, they're done."

(11:10) Eagles at Bills "The Bills don't really have that signature win yet."

(15:15) Chargers at Bears "I think the loser of this game is going to flat-out collapse."

(19:30) Giants at Lions "Pat Shurmur quietly had one of the worst decisions in the league last week."

(24:15) Broncos at Colts Florio floats a Von Miller trade proposition for an NFC team.

(29:40) Jets at Jaguars "Can we get the name Haley Joel Darnold to stick?"

(33:30) Bengals at Rams in London Florio learns what "wanker" means.

(37:00) Cardinals at Saints "This is the toughest environment Kyler Murray has had to play in."

(39:50) Buccaneers at Titans "I like what I saw from Ryan Tannehill last week."

(45:05) Panthers at 49ers "If the Panthers go to San Francisco and win, I'm sticking with Kyle Allen."

(50:00) Raiders at Texans "I think Derek Carr is on the outs."

(54:45) Browns at Patriots "I'm not picking the Browns to win, I'm not that stupid."

(59:20) SNF: Packers at Chiefs "Even if Patrick Mahomes is active, this could be a ruse."

(1:03:00) MNF: Dolphins at Steelers "This might be the low-water mark for primetime football in 2019."

(1:05:05) Chris and Mike go all favorites for their Best Bets

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Oct 24, 2019
#82 - What The $&*%! Happened: Sam Darnold seeing ghosts, Jalen Ramsey vs Julio Jones & Top 5 offensive minds

Chris & Ahmed do a special "What The $&*%! Happened? Players Edition" where they react to the uproar over Sam Darnold's mic'ed up moment and Chris names his Top 5 Offensive Minds in the NFL.

(2:50) Sam Darnold "To say 'I'm seeing ghosts out there.'...That shows confidence to me."

(8:20) Chris is still waiting to see a ghost in his house

(9:10) "Bill Belichick said 'I don't think their blitz plan is up to snuff. I've gotta expose it.'"

(21:20) Ezekiel Elliott "I think at time Zeke tries to be too perfect with his vision."

(26:35) "As far as a route-runner, Amari Cooper might be the best."

(28:25) Carson Wentz "It's hard to look good when everyone else around you is sucking."

(30:50) DeMarcus Lawrence "He whupped Lane Johnson."

(36:20) Mitchell Trubisky "You could put whoever you want at quarterback for the Bears...they suck."

(44:05) Jalen Ramsey "Matt Ryan missed Julio on a few routes. Why? Because he's afraid of Jalen Ramsey."

(50:45) Jacoby Brissett "Frank Reich is a Top 5 offensive mind in the NFL."

(1:01:00) Kirk Cousins "The Vikings have more play actions & boots than anyone in football."

(1:09:40) Matt Moore "The big thing they'll miss is the vertical offense."

(1:16:35) The Chiefs Defense finally goes whole ass

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Oct 23, 2019
#81 - Aaron Rodgers on all cylinders & Lamar goes for it in Week 7 Recap

Chris & Paul hit every game from Sunday in their Week 7 recap, and deep dive on Raiders-Packers & Ravens-Seahawks.

(3:15) Film Deep Dive #1: Packers O vs Raiders D "The Packers offense is no longer a work in progress"

(12:45) Packers D vs Raiders O "The Packers defense is going in the wrong direction"

(20:35) Praising Josh Jacobs & "Darren Waller is in the convo for the 2nd-best TE in the NFL"

(25:55) Vikings-Lions Florio loses his Kirk Cousins bet

(29:40) Saints-Bears "I've given up trying to defend Trubisky. He's worse this year than last year."

(35:00) Rams-Falcons "You. Julio. Mano-a-mano. Do what you gotta do."

(37:20) 49ers-Redskins "The Redskins are lucky it was a monsoon, because Kyle would tried to score 50 on them."

(39:00) Ravens O vs Seahawks D "Hell yeah coach let's go for it!"

(46:25) What Chris saw on the Lamar Jackson 4th & 2 TD

(50:10) Seahawks O vs Ravens D "Marlon Humphrey isn't Jalen Ramsey or Stephon Gilmore, but he's in the next conversation"

(53:55) What Russell Wilson didn't see on his game-changing pick-6

(59:50) Eagles-Cowboys "This is what they paid Zeke for."

(1:02:55) "I'm worried about the Eagles. Everything is work for that offense."

(1:04:55) Dolphins-Bills "Josh Allen didn't panic."

(1:08:10) Texans-Colts "Jacoby Brissett was awesome, but good job Colts defense."

(1:10:35) Cardinals-Giants "I should have never doubted Kliff Kingsbury"

(1:12:50) Chargers-Titans "The Charger-est Charger kind of loss"

(1:15:35) Jaguars-Bengals "Can we start talking about Leonard Fournette and stop talking about Gardner Minshew?"

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Oct 21, 2019
#80 - Week 7 Picks: Upset brewing in Green Bay, Ramsey's LA debut, & Florio's Vikings guarantee

Simms & Florio pick every game against the spread for Week 7:

(0:45) Florio tells the story of how he got his first Vikings jersey

(5:10) TNF: Chiefs at Broncos "The formula is out there for keeping it close with the Chiefs"

(9:35) Rams at Falcons "We both wanna get our popcorn ready to see how Jalen Ramsey fits"

(13:40) Dolphins at Bills "I think Ryan Fitzpatrick will give the Dolphins a lift."

(17:25) Jaguars at Bengals "Are you deliberately saying 'Bangles' now??"

(23:00) Vikings at Lions "I guarantee you if the Vikings win, I will wear a Kirk Cousins jersey next Thursday."

(28:55) Raiders at Packers "I like that Jon Gruden's had 2 weeks to prepare for this game."

(35:10) Texans at Colts "If they lose, you've gotta get past this smitten-with-the-quarterback thing."

(39:45) Cardinals at Giants "The Giants are not athletic up front, and that scares me against Kyler Murray."

(43:05) 49ers at Redskins "The Shanahan motivation will be a factor."

(47:55) Chris explains the time he legitimately wanted to kick Florio's ass

(50:00) Chargers at Titans "I do think we could see Philip Rivers playing for the Titans next year."

(54:00) Saints at Bears "This is the best offense the Bears have played to this point."

(59:20) Ravens at Seahawks "I'm intrigued by Earl Thomas and his knowledge of Russell Wilson."

(1:07:40) Eagles at Cowboys "The Eagles bread-and-butter plays are just not good enough."

(1:13:30) Patriots at Jets "Gregg Williams can throw some things are the Patriots that they're not ready for."

(1:17:15) Mike & Chris go all road teams for their Best Bets

(1:22:00) Florio has a motivational message for Richard Sherman

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Oct 17, 2019
#79 - What The $&*%! Happened? Darnold's bomb, Baker's INT, & Diggs roasts Eagles + Jalen Ramsey trade

Chris & Paul defends a Browns playcall & the Eagles secondary. and dives into the Monday night gamesmanship between Trey Flowers & David Bakhtiari in the debut of our new segment: What The $&*%! Happened? And as always, Big Phil swings by to give his thoughts on the latest NFL news.

(2:40) Jalen Ramsey traded to Rams "This opens up the box of creativity for Wade Phillips"

(12:00) Marcus Peters traded to Ravens "He fits into the bad-ass renegade culture of that team"

(16:40) The debut of What The $&*%! Happened?

(17:30) Play #1: Sam Darnold 92-yd TD to Robby Anderson "Dallas is predictable. They don't do enough on defense."

(25:50) "There are too many moments when DeMarcus Lawrence just doesn't show up"

(28:00) Play #2: Cowboys failed 2-pt conversion "Hey, go into the end zone and turn around!"

(36:05) Big Phil joins to praise the Lions defense and dissect the body language of Aaron Rodgers

(43:15) Ranking the NFC's best: 49ers, Packers, Saints & Seahawks

(47:00) Comparing Sam Darnold's feet to Tony Romo

(49:10) On how Kliff Kingsbury & Kyler Murray are evolving the Cardinals offense

(53:50) Play #3A: Baker Mayfield red zone INT "The pre-snap read is off. The drop is off. The throw is off."

(1:00:45) Play #3B: Browns failed 4th & Goal from the 1 "Was it stupid to run the same play again? No!"

(1:07:20) Play #4: Stefon Diggs' 1st TD "Sometimes the offense calls the exact right play for the defense."

(1:16:10) Play #5: Trey Flowers hands to the face penalty "This is where the gamesmanship starts."

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Oct 16, 2019
#78 - Zeke doesn't scare defenses, Deep Diving 49ers-Rams & Texans-Chiefs, & Doug Pederson's guarantee

Chris & Ahmed hit every game from Sunday in their Week 6 recap.

(3:10) Doug Pederson's guarantee: "We're going down to Dallas and we're gonna win"

(5:15) Eagles-Vikings "When Philly leaves their corners man-to-man, they're burnt toast"

(9:50) Cowboys-Jets "If I'm a defense, I have no fear of Ezekiel Elliott anymore"

(15:25) "Sam Darnold is a pinpoint intermediate passer"

(16:55) Redskins-Dolphins Nostrasimmsus takes a lap

(24:00) Film Deep Dive #1: 49ers O vs Rams D "It's the 49ers and the Patriots for the best defense in the NFL"

(31:20) "McVay needs to do more. When the Rams run game doesn't work, they're limited."

(33:50) 49ers O vs Rams D "Jimmy Garoppolo. There are concerns."

(41:30) Seahawks-Browns "You could argue that Russell Wilson is the best QB in football."

(47:10) Saints-Jaguars "If Drew Brees was playing, it's not gonna be that big of a difference."

(51:10) Panthers-Buccaneers "I respect this about Jameis Winston...he goes down swinging."

(57:25) Film Deep Dive #2: Chiefs O vs Texans D "The predictability of the offense is affecting KC more than anything."

(1:03:45) Chris calls BS on a controversial Mahomes INT

(1:08:20) Texans O vs Chiefs D "I would become a blitz team if I'm the Chiefs."

(1:15:25) Bengals-Ravens "When Baltimore doesn't have Hollywood Brown, they lack speed."

(1:18:20) Steelers-Chargers "The Chargers are not turning this around."

(1:22:50) Damn! Okay...Falcons-Cardinals "Kliff Kingsbury's proven he deserved to be hired as a head coach"

(1:25:40) Titans-Broncos "If the Broncos can score 17, they have a chance to win."

(1:27:50) Should Tennessee start Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill this week?

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Oct 14, 2019
#77 - Week 6 Picks: Watson vs Mahomes, Browns exposed, & 49ers big opportunity

Simms & Florio pick every game from Week 6 in their usual Unbuttoned/PFT PM joint podcast. They disagree on a Texans-Chiefs shootout, talk about the Browns odds of bouncing back vs Seattle, and set high expectations for the 49ers.

(5:35) TNF: Giants-Patriots "The Patriots will win, will they win by enough?"

(7:55) Panthers-Buccaneers (in London) "Christian McCaffrey should be able to carry the Panthers."

(11:50) Bengals-Ravens "The Bengals are not scared of the Ravens, but they're outmanned."

(15:55) Seahawks-Browns "What made Baker Mayfield successful last year was Cleveland running the ball."

(25:00) Saints-Jaguars "The Jaguars want to run the ball first. You don't run on the Saints."

(30:10) Texans-Chiefs "Watson vs Mahomes. It just doesn't get any better than that."

(35:00) Redskins-Dolphins "Let's not waste people on planet Earth's time with this one."

(35:50) Eagles-Vikings "Diggs, Thielen, Cousins...they're back in the trust tree together!"

(43:50) Falcons-Cardinals "I'm think Ryan-Ridley-Jones can get it done in a shootout."

(46:35) 49ers-Rams "If the 49ers win this game, they'll go 13-3 or better this season."

(51:25) Titans-Broncos "The Titans formula continues. They're underdogs. They'll win."

(54:30) Cowboys-Jets "Sam Darnold is back, but it's not like the Jets were great before he was gone."

(1:01:25) SNF: Steelers-Chargers "Devlin Hodges is a better quarterback than Mason Rudolph."

(1:05:50) MNF: Lions-Packers "Matt Patricia is putting together something special in Detroit."

(1:10:40) Best Bets 3 underdogs who should win outright

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Oct 10, 2019
#76 - Deep Dive Wednesday: Baker concerns, Bears offense has no identity, and Houston rounding into form

A little different format this week as Chris has Big Phil on for the whole pod for a Deep Dive. They answer your Twitter questions on Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders dominating the Bears, and Phil tells a story about postgame drama with Ronnie Lott.

(1:30) Handshakegate - "This could be a good thing for Baker Mayfield"

(4:25) Big Phil recounts his own handshake drama with Ronnie Lott

(8:50) Browns O vs 49ers D - "The things we were worried about Baker coming out of college are rearing their ugly head"

(18:45) 49ers O vs Browns D "This was more of a schematic cremation"

(29:15) Raiders O vs Bears D "The 24-21 score is misleading. The Raiders dominated that game."

(40:00) Bears O vs Raiders D "There is no calling card to the Bears offense."

(48:40) Vikings O vs Giants D "Minnesota needs to find more ways to move when they're playing a good defense."

(1:03:15) Texans O vs Falcons D "The Houston offense is getting into form."

(1:10:20) Are you more encouraged by the Vikings offense or Texans offense?

(1:16:40) Ravens O vs Steelers D "That Steelers defensive front is still special."

(1:21:10) "The Ravens defense is slow."

(1:27:30) Chargers O vs Broncos D "I'm shocked that the Chargers gave up on the run."

(1:34:20) What's wrong with the Chargers?

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Oct 09, 2019
#75 - Week 5 Recap: So You Want To Be a Gruden, the Colts run over the Chiefs & what's wrong with the Cowboys?

Chris & Ahmed react to Jay Gruden's firing, touch on every game in Week 5 and dive deep into Colts-Chiefs & Packers-Cowboys. Ahmed has a pop quiz for Chris on a stunning Redskins stat, and Chris gets to sing for one of his QBs.

(2:20) Redskins fire Jay Gruden

(7:25) How much is Bruce Allen to blame?

(11:30) Pop quiz: Who was the last Redskins All-Pro?

(12:40) Patriots-Redskins "The best offenses in the NFL are running the football"

(14:15) Bears-Raiders "I haven't seen the Bears front pushed around like that in a while"

(20:35) Film Deep Dive #1: Chiefs O vs Colts D "The Chiefs just won't run the ball"

(30:40) Colts O vs Chiefs D "Quenton Nelson is maybe the best O-lineman in football"

(39:00) Falcons-Texans Chris sings Deshaun Watson's praises

(41:55) Buccaneers-Saints & Jaguars-Panthers "You mean you don't need a franchise QB to win a game?"

(47:25) Ravens-Steelers "Only 1 of Lamar's Jackson's INTs were his fault"

(50:55) Film Deep Dive #2: Packers O vs Cowboys D "I worry about Dallas vs good quarterbacks"

(58:30) Cowboys O vs Packers D "The Cowboys try too hard to put on a show"

(1:04:45) Damn! Okay - A QB rebounds, a 2nd-year WR breaking out, and rookie coaches get their first wins

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Oct 07, 2019
#74 - Week 5 Picks: Saints & Eagles back on track, Rodgers vs Dak, and Colts return to Arrowhead

Simms & Florio do their weekly picks in an Unbuttoned/PFT PM collaboration. Have the Eagles and Saints found their groove? Will the Cowboys or Packers rebound from their first loss? And can the Colts get revenge in a playoff rematch at Arrowhead?

(3:55) TNF: Rams-Seahawks "The Rams offensive line is worse than we've seen in years"

(7:15) Jaguars-Panthers: "Kyle Allen has never started a home game"

(13:10) Cardinals-Bengals "It's not working for the Cardinals"

(16:25) Falcons-Texans "The Falcons should be 0-4"

(20:25) Buccaneers-Saints "I think the Saints are finding their groove with Teddy"

(24:05) Vikings-Giants "If it's a close game, you should pick the Giants to win"

(29:05) Bears-Raiders (in London) "Khalil Mack knows what it takes to break Derek Carr"

(33:20) Jets-Eagles "The Eagles are getting into their groove"

(36:50) Ravens-Steelers "I need to see this Steelers offense do it one more than once"

(41:05) Bills-Titans "The Titans lose when they're favorites and win when they're underdogs"

(44:35) Patriots-Redskins "This may be the dagger game for Jay Gruden"

(46:30) Broncos-Chargers "This is the kind of game the Chargers have to win"

(49:25) Cowboys-Packers "The Davante Adams injury has me concerned"

(52:45) Colts-Chiefs "At some point, the Chiefs defense has to stop something"

(55:55) Browns-49ers "I did something I've never done before when picking games"

(1:00:00) Best Bets "Someone called me the Mayor of Crazyville for picking the Giants last week"

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Oct 03, 2019
#73 - Film Deep Dive: Cowboys can't run on the Saints, Baker stops his craziness, & the Vikings sorry game of "I'm sorry"

We close the book on Week 4 with a Deep Dive Wednesday with your Twitter questions. Which D-line dominated more this week, the Saints or the Bears? And Big Phil breaks down Pats-Bills with some Bill Belichick insight.

(1:35) Cowboys-Saints: "Nobody runs up the middle on the Saints"

(10:50) Vikings-Bears: "Adam Thielen should be saying sorry to Kirk Cousins"

(22:10) Was the Bears or Saints D-line more dominant this Sunday?

(25:50) Browns-Ravens: "Baker stopped his craziness in the pocket"

(32:05) "Earl Thomas has lost a step"

(37:25) Big Phil joins for Patriots-Bills: "the best defensive backfield in the NFL"

(49:30) Bill Belichick stories from Phil

(1:04:10) "Josh Allen just needs to throw it underneath"

(1:08:55) Raiders-Colts: "Without T.Y. Hilton, the Colts don't have a game-changer"

(1:15:20) "Josh Jacobs is getting better every week"

(1:17:45) Twitter Questions on Panthers-Texans "I come away underwhelmed by the Texans offense more often than not"

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Oct 02, 2019
#72 - Week 4 Headlines: Praising Jared Goff, Advice for Josh Allen & Defending Jay Gruden

We recap Week 4 and go deep on Bucs-Rams and Chiefs-Lions. Chris discovers one of the best games of Jared Goff's career and Ahmed suggests an all-lateral offense.

(2:35) Bears without Mitchell Trubisky "no big deal"

(5:10) Vikings-Bears: "Vic Who?" & Adam Thielen criticizes Vikes O

(9:50) Cowboys-Saints: "I don't think the stats would have been much better if Drew Brees was in there"

(15:30) Film Deep Dive #1: Bucs O vs Rams D "This is why Jameis was a #1 pick"

(27:45) Rams O vs Bucs D "One of the best games I've ever seen Jared Goff play"

(36:15) Browns-Ravens Cleveland returns to the run game

(40:10) Patriots-Bills Holy Secondary! & "you gotta rein it in Josh Allen "

(43:50) Vontaze Burfict suspended "it's not football, it's WWE"

(49:10) Film Deep Dive #2: Chiefs O vs Lions D "I think Mahomes was a little off"

(59:25) Chris breaks down 2 big plays on the Chiefs game-winning drive

(1:01:15) Ahmed suggests an all-lateral offense

(1:02:45) Lions O vs Chiefs D "Matthew Stafford looked awesome"

(1:09:00) Redskins-Giants "The best thing for Dwayne Haskins is to keep Jay Gruden right there"

(1:11:30) Seahawks-Cardinals "Seattle was pissed off and they were gonna make a point"

(1:12:55) Panthers-Texans "Carolina's D is real"

(1:17:00) Damn! Okay Praise for Leonard Fournette, a Chargers DB and Chris' old coach

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Sep 30, 2019
#71 - Week 4 Picks: Mahomes in a dome, Danny Dimes at home, and Best Bets

Simms & Florio do their weekly picks in an Unbuttoned/PFT PM collaboration. Can the Lions pull off the upset in Patrick Mahomes' first NFL game in a dome? Will Danny Dimes drop an L on the Redskins? And as always, the guys give their 3 Best Bets of the week.

(3:40) TNF: Eagles-Packers "Carson Wentz is the best QB the Packers have seen all year"

(9:30) Panthers-Texans "This is a chance for Houston to pull away in the AFC South"

(13:40) Browns-Ravens "I want to see how Freddie Kitchens handles adversity"

(19:55) Chiefs-Lions "If the Lions pull this off, it would be a shot heard 'around the NFL world"

(24:40) Chargers-Dolphins "I don't bet on bad teams"

(28:45) Patriots-Bills "Every we think this is the year the Bills stick it to the Patriots"

(36:00) Raiders-Colts "I think this Colts offense has gotten better every week"

(39:55) Titans-Falcons "The Titans always play to their competition"

(44:45) Redskins-Giants "I can't pick a team who stirs their Gatorade with a bag of plastic cups"

(54:55) Seahawks-Cardinals "The Seahawks need to keep pace in the NFC West"

(58:35) Buccaneers-Rams "There is something wrong with Todd Gurley"

(1:03:05) Jaguars-Broncos "I don't think Jalen Ramsey will play Sunday"

(1:07:50) Vikings-Bears "The Bears have never seen this version of Dalvin Cook"

(1:15:10) SNF: Cowboys-Saints "We have not seen a Cowboys offense like this in a long time"

(1:22:20) MNF: Bengals-Steelers "The Steelers are in denial about not being good"

(1:26:55) Best Bets "Oh my gosh you are insane"

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Sep 26, 2019
#70 - Film Deep Dive: Inside the Browns failed 4th & 9, the juggernaut Cowboys, and there's a new Best RB in the NFL

It's a Deep Dive Wednesday, as Simms breaks down what really happened on the Browns failed 4th & 9, explains why the Cowboys are an absolute juggernaut right now, and plenty more reaction from Week 3.

(2:40) Saints-Seahawks: How much did the NO offense change from Brees to Bridgewater?

(10:00) Chris reveals an undrafted rookie on the Saints D to keep your eye on

(17:30) Lions-Eagles: What was Philly's O missing without DJax and Alshon?

(27:30) Matthew Stafford's offensive culture change

(36:40) Big Phil declares a new best RB in the NFL

(39:30) In praise of Daniel Jones

(45:30) The time Big Phil cursed out Reggie White

(1:00:00) Rams-Browns: What CLE is doing wrong with OBJ

(1:12:00) Is Freddie Kitchens taking heat for Baker's mistakes?

(1:16:30) How Sean McVay sees the big picture

(1:24:20) Newsreels: "I can't believe this is the Cowboys"

(1:30:35) Vikings are playing to the strength of their offense

(1:34:00) Bears: "I don't feel any better about Mitchell Trubisky"

(1:38:50) Panthers: Can Kyle Allen be the future?

(1:42:25) 49ers have "the most diverse run game in football"

(1:45:40) Make Me Feel Better About My Team: Titans, Falcons & Chargers

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Sep 25, 2019
#69 - Week 3 Headlines: Daniel Jones era begins, more Mahomes magic, and out-Seattling Seattle in Seattle

Chris & Paul recap a big Week 3 for some QBs making their season debut. Can we poke any holes in Daniel Jones' 1st start? Is the Chiefs offense the best ever? And a little-known pass rusher is already on a record pace.

(4:25) Give Me The Headline, Young QB Edition - How Daniel Jones opened up the Giants offense

(6:25) Teddy Bridgewater: "New Orleans out-Seattled Seattle in Seattle"

(8:50) Kyle Allen: "he capitalized on some things Cam Newton didn't"

(12:30) Damn! Okay - Shaq Barrett "They're not missing JPP because of this guy right here"

(23:20) Film Deep Dive #1 - BAL vs KC "The greatest downfield passing offense we've seen in the history of the NFL"

(33:20) Debating John Harbaugh's aggressive decisions

(47:20) "I thought the Ravens passed it too much"

(52:15) Give Me The Headline - LAR vs CLE "The Browns have no identity"

(56:30) DET vs PHI "They can't rush the passer and they can't cover people"

(57:45) NYJ vs NE "They almost looked bored"

(1:00:15) OAK vs MIN "Zimmer Ball!"

(1:03:05) CIN vs BUF "The Bills are can't-miss football right now"

(1:06:35) HOU vs LAC "Deshaun Watson is the reason the Texans won that game"

(1:10:15) Film Deep Dive #2 - NYG vs TB "The offense is so much better with Daniel Jones"

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Sep 23, 2019
#68 - Week 3 Picks: Pats & Cowboys with monster spreads, nobody believes in the Steelers, and Daniel Jones' advantage

Simms & Florio do their weekly picks in an Unbuttoned/PFT PM collaboration. Should the Chiefs be 6-point favorites over the Ravens? Will the Patriots and Cowboys cover their monster spreads? And can the Browns take down the NFC Champs in primetime?

(3:50) TNF: Titans-Jaguars "Bang the under"

(5:45) Falcons-Colts "The Falcons have the stars, but the Colts are the better team"

(9:15) Ravens-Chiefs "I was shocked to see minus-6"

(13:10) Bengals-Bills "Why are you trying to make logic of my illogical brain?"

(15:55) Broncos-Packers "I think this game is kind of ugly"

(19:10) Lions-Eagles "The Eagles have given up some big plays, and that's scary to me"

(22:30) Dolphins-Cowboys "Plus I sense that the Dolphins don't give a crap"

(26:20) Jets-Patriots "I think I'm being charitable with the points I'm giving to the Jets"

(29:50) Raiders-Vikings "If the Vikings are serious about being a contender, this is a game they must win"

(34:45) Panthers-Cardinals "The Cardinals will either get Kyle Allen or a diminished Cam Newton"

(38:15) Giants-Buccaneers "Daniel Jones has seen this defense"

(42:45) Texans-Chargers "It's too much on Deshaun Watson"

(46:15) Steelers-49ers "The Steelers are in a spot where nobody believes in them"

(50:15) Saints-Seahawks "Sean Payton's going to come up with a few things the Seahawks haven't prepared for"

(55:20) SNF: Rams-Browns "I think Freddie Kitchens will realize they need to run the ball"

(1:00:35) MNF: Bears-Redskins "It's sucky-ducky Redskins secondary vs sucky-ducky Bears offense."

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Sep 19, 2019
#67 - Film Deep Dive: How to fool Baker, Lamar Jackson the passer & Teddy vs Taysom; plus Phil Simms on the end of the Eli Era

It's another Deep Dive Wednesday as Simms gets into the Week 2 film with Paul Burmeister. Big Phil reacts to the end of the Eli Manning Era. Plus, Chris says which 0-2 teams he hasn't given up on yet.

(2:35) Browns-Jets: How defenses are trying to fool Baker Mayfield

(13:10) Saints-Rams: Jared Goff isn't aggressive, and that's ok

(26:10) Teddy Bridgewater's performance and why Taysom Hill gives the Saints a better chance

(32:00) Seahawks-Steelers: How Pittsburgh's offense had problems even before Big Ben's injury

(35:40) Why the Seahawks defense needs Jalen Ramsey

(44:00) Big Phil discusses the Giants benching Eli for Daniel Jones

(1:02:15) Phil takes us back to when the Giants released him

(1:10:00) 49ers-Bengals: The only question for the 49ers offense is Jimmy G

(1:18:10) Cardinals-Ravens: "we're seeing Lamar Jackson grow right in front of us"

(1:25:40) "Kyler Murray is a baller"

(1:30:35) Chiefs-Raiders: the unheralded strength of the KC offense

(1:38:10) "Make Me Feel Better About My Team" - Which two 0-2 teams may not be doomed yet?

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Sep 18, 2019
#66 - Ben & Brees are down & out, Week 2 Headlines, Packers & Eagles Film Deep Dive, and "Damn! Okay"

Simms & Paul Burmeister recap a chaotic and eventful Week 2 that saw a pair of Super Bowl winning QBs go down, a Hall of Famer struggle with a new system, and an offensive mastermind crack the code.

(3:30) Big Ben is done for the year; are the Steelers done as well?

(7:05) Drew Brees is out for a couple months; Simms thinks the answer at QB is on the roster, and his name isn't Teddy Bridgewater

(11:50) Give Me The Headline, Part 1: the Bears are holding Mitchell Trubisky back, and why Dak is already an MVP candidate

(21:00) "Damn! Okay": Kyle Shanahan found the Konami code for the Bengals defense, Josh Allen is just like Christopher Walken, and props to a group of Chiefs not named Patrick Mahomes

(33:45) Vikings-Packers Film Deep Dive: analyzing the Rodgers-LaFleur sideline spat, how the Packers offense will eventually break through, and some very troubling signs from Kirk Cousins

(51:40) Give Me The Headline, Part 2: the Dolphins are a college team, Lamar has us asking for LaMORE, the Jaguars play-calling is a disaster, and Jacoby Brissett comes through in the clutch

(1:04:30) Eagles-Falcons Film Deep Dive: Jim Schwartz gets way too aggressive (again), Carson Wentz gets way too aggressive, and a fading star RB might be done

(1:20:00) "I Checked The Rule Book" ... and tight ends aren't franchise left tackles

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Sep 16, 2019
#65 - Week 2 Picks: Saints out for revenge, Cowboys trap game & Jets without Darnold

In a joint Unbuttoned-PFTPM podcast, Simms & Florio pick all of the Week 2 games against the spread, including a couple big upsets. And as the Sam Darnold mono news breaks, they discuss what long-term impact it could have on the Jets.

(3:00) TNF: Buccaneers-Panthers

(6:00) Cardinals-Ravens

(10:15) Bills-Giants

(15:00) Cowboys-Redskins

(18:30) Colts-Titans

(22:30) Jaguars-Texans

(26:55) Chargers-Lions

(30:25) Vikings-Packers

(35:55) Patriots-Dolphins

(38:50) 49ers-Bengals

(42:50) Seahawks-Steelers

(49:45) Chiefs-Raiders

(52:00) Bears-Broncos

(55:40) Saints-Rams

(58:45) SNF: Eagles-Falcons

(1:05:45) MNF: Browns-Jets

(1:11:05) Best Bets of Week 2

(1:14:20) Sam Darnold's injury impact on Jets

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Sep 12, 2019
#64 - Film Deep Dive: Dak's new motion, Pats suffocating secondary, & Dalvin Cook is back; plus, "Make Me Feel Better About My Team"

Simms takes a deep dive on the Week 1 film with Paul Burmeister and Big Phil. Plus, he talks some fan bases off the ledge to make them feel better after their 0-1 team.

(4:15) Falcons-Vikings: How Dalvin Cook is back, but Devonta Freeman is not

(13:50) Redskins-Eagles: What makes Carson Wentz's deep ball so special?

(22:00) Big Phil Simms joins: are the Steelers missing Le'Veon Bell & Antonio Brown?

(25:30) Bills-Jets: How Sean McDermott's defense shook Sam Darnold down to his footwork

(30:00) Steelers-Patriots: How New England's secondary suffocates QBs; What Pittsburgh's offense needs to change

(35:00) Only a few minutes in, and the Jaguars are losing their cool

(42:50) Have the Steelers ever played the Patriots before? Because it sure didn't seem like it

(49:10) Giants-Cowboys: Kellen Moore's immediate effect on the offense; Dak's new throwing motion

(59:50) Ravens-Dolphins: Was the blowout more about Baltimore’s great O or Miami's bad D?

(1:09:10) Bengals-Seahawks: Zac Taylor's familiarity with "Seattle-beaters"

(1:17:20) Thanks to loyal listener & homie @adefaje, we have a new segment for all the bummed out fan bases - "Make Me Feel Better About My Team" - for the Bears, Buccaneers, Jets, Broncos, Falcons, Jaguars & Browns

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Sep 11, 2019
#63 - Week 1 Headlines, Browns & Chiefs Film Deep Dive, "Damn! Okay", and R.I.P. to the Seattle Cover 3

Simms & Ahmed Fareed break down all the Week 1 headlines, take a deep dive on the 2 biggest games of the weekend, and take a pop quiz to recap the opening Sunday in the NFL.

(5:05) Give Me The Headline, Part 1: The Pats are a well-oiled machine and everyone else is in big trouble; the Cowboys feel like they have a different aura; the Panthers blow a big change; and Todd Gurley is still special.

(18:50) "Damn! Okay": Shout-outs to Kyler Murray, Dalvin Cook, and John Ross. All 3 entered with question marks, and all 3 made say "Dayyyum! okay."

(30:30) Titans-Browns Film Deep Dive: Baker's no-good-very-bad-day, don't forget about Nick Chubb, and Cleveland's O-line gets a C-, and momentum is HUGE!

(46:25) Give Me The Headline, Part 2: DeSean Jackson's speed and Doug Pederson's cojones rule the day; why the Jets lost the game in the 1st half; Jameis Winston & Jimmy G played a game of "who can screw it up more?"; and Melvin Gordon might have reason to come back.

(1:02:20) Chiefs-Jaguars Film Deep Dive: Patrick Mahomes put on a display, Andy Reid put on a friggin clinic, R.I.P. to the Seattle Cover 3 scheme, Gardner Minshew (!) looks pretty damn good, and why the Chiefs defense looks so different.

(1:17:50) Simms checked the rule book, and the Dolphins are allowed to play a safety in the middle of the field

(1:22:45) Pop Quiz hot shot- does Simms know who was the fastest ball-carrier, who threw the longest completion through the air, and which team faced an 8-man box more than anyone else?

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Sep 09, 2019
#62 - Week 1 Picks: Big test for Mahomes, what we expect from Kyler, and and what's gonna happen with AB?

It's a joint Unbuttoned-PFTPM with Simms & Florio as they recap the season opener and pick all of the Week 1 games against the spread.

(2:00) Packers-Bears: Despite the win, do Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense have even more questions than they did before? And do the Bears have a Mitchell Trubisky issue on their hands?

(10:30) Falcons-Vikings

(14:00) Ravens-Dolphins

(16:45) Bills-Jets

(18:30) Chiefs-Jaguars

(22:30) Rams-Panthers

(27:15) Titans-Browns

(30:30) Redskins-Eagles

(38:15) Bengals-Seahawks

(41:35) Colts-Chargers

(45:20) Lions-Cardinals

(48:20) Giants-Cowboys

(51:45) 49ers-Bucs

(57:55) Steelers-Patriots

(1:05:20) Texans-Saints

(1:09:25) Broncos-Raiders & Antonio Brown drama

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Sep 06, 2019
#61 - The 2019 NFL Season Answer Key, Packers-Bears preview, and Clowney trade reaction

The 2019 season is only a couple days away, and Chris Simms has the answer key. He gives his playoff & awards predictions with Ahmed Fareed in this mega season preview pod.

(3:30) The Cowboys have signed one of their stars to a long-term extension, but it isn't Zeke Elliott ... yet

(7:50) What's the impact of Jadeveon Clowney heading to Seattle and the Texans giving up two 1st round picks for Laremy Tunsil?

(17:45) AFC Playoff Predictions: Which division will get 3 teams in? And will the Pats or Chiefs grab the #1 seed?

(39:45) NFC Playoff Predictions: Simms picks a shocker to miss the playoffs altogether, and a return to power for a team coming off a bad year.

(1:01:30) Playoff Bracket Predictions: Some big upsets, a top seed goes down at home in the Divisional, and one long-suffering team needs to wait another year for a playoff win.

(1:11:10) Award Predictions: no surprise for MVP, but a breakout DPOY candidate

(1:15:00) The Packers and Bears open up the season on Thursday night. Simms tells you what to watch for with the new-look Green Bay offense.

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Sep 03, 2019
#60 - NFC Over/Unders, Clowney's future, and College Football QB Preview

Birthday Boy Chris Simms and Liam McHugh plow through NFC win totals, predict where Jadeveon Clowney will wind up, and take a look at some of the top QBs to watch this college football season.

(0:20) Turning 39 is ... something

(6:25) Things have gotten bad between the Texans and Jadeveon Clowney. Simms explains why he ultimately thinks that the edge rusher will wind up with an NFC contender.

(14:25) Jimmy G is in full CYA mode after a rocky preseason

(18:45) We put Jon Gruden through the Simms BS translator to decipher what he really means behind his plea to take more deep shots

(21:45) Jalen Ramsey is already talking about shadowing Tyreek Hill in Week 1 and we can't wait

(33:00) NFC East over/unders: why the Cowboys are a fringe playoff team

(39:00) NFC North over/unders: why the division favorites have an overrated offense

(48:50) NFC South over/unders: why a trendy sleeper team has shown some bad signs

(57:05) NFC West over/unders: why you should bet the under on most of the division

(1:08:30) Don't forget how close Notre Dame was to Clemson during the 1st half last year, and the one stud player who will blow your mind

(1:14:50) Are the Longhorns ready to return to a national power?

(1:17:40) Simms breaks down Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jake Fromm, and the best NFL QB prospect might surprise you

(1:23:10) We assume Alabama & Clemson will be in the mix. And take Georgia out of the convo as well. What team are we getting behind to make a run at the playoff?

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Aug 30, 2019
#59 - AFC Over/Unders, Film Review on Kyler, Baker & Jimmy G; plus what we'll miss most about Andrew Luck

Simms & Paul Burmeister discuss the shocking Andrew Luck retirement, break down some film on QB play from Preseason Week 3, and rip through the AFC win totals.

(2:35) Why it really sucks that Luck retired, and why we like him even more now

(13:20) The biggest thing the Colts will miss, and it's not what you think it is

(18:10) Jimmy G film: the performance was much improved, but something with the mechanics is still really messed up

(22:10) Kyler Murray film: a lot better than last week, but he's in an offense that's so vanilla, it's translucent

(26:40) Kirk Cousins film: it wasn't pretty, and why their passing offense could struggle

(29:20) Baker Mayfield film: might've been one of his worst performances, but why there's no reason to worry

(32:10) The Legend of Swamp Ass is real

(33:50) Jameis Winston film: not good, but why it wasn't his fault

(36:05) Big Ben film: look out for the Steelers

(37:10) Matthew Stafford film: he looked tight, and his play-caller has hopefully self-scouted thyself

(40:00) Nick Foles film: why the Jags are salivating

(41:35) Film speed round: who jumped out, who did Simms expect more from, and the team that was sneaky dominant

(46:32) AFC East Over/Unders: the guys are at odds over a potential Wild Card candidate

(50:10) AFC North Over/Unders: this division includes the best bet on the board

(53:55) AFC South Over/Unders: a playoff team from last year is in big trouble, and it might not be who you think

(57:20) AFC West Over/Unders: why the Chiefs won't match last year's output

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Aug 27, 2019
#58 - B-Side storylines to pay attention to, Backup QB concerns, Fantasy Draft do’s and don’ts

Chris & Paul break down the B-Side storylines to watch in 2019. The Big F’er has some backup QB concerns. Rotoworld’s Josh Norris tells us who to avoid in upcoming fantasy draft while Chris shares the guy he’s most excited about.

(4:45) Simms’ pregame jams

(6:34) The Patriots secondary should be getting as much love as the offense

(14:56) Will the Cowboys offense be creative enough to win games?

(20:36) Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t the 49ers biggest concern

(27:14) Question mark in Cleveland? Offensive line

(29:24) Packers “could be Top 5 defense in football”

(40:51) Phil Simms has a little more hope in Josh Dobbs than before

(54:00) Cam Newton has his best supporting cast yet

(59:39) Fantasy: Josh Norris more confident in Nick Chubb than Le’Veon Bell

(1:04:25) Fantasy: Will Zach Ertz & Jarvis Landry see the ball enough?

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Aug 22, 2019
#57 - Baker Mayfield on Daniel Jones, Jimmy G Film Review, & More Preseason Underreactions

There's a lot of Week 2 Preseason action for Chris & Ahmed Fareed to break down. Off the field, what to make of Baker Mayfield's comments on Daniel Jones? On the field, what does Chris' Film Review say about Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyler Murray, and is everyone underreacting to Taysom Hill?

(0:50) Ahmed has seen at least a dozen movies, and he names his Top 5 all-time

(5:00) Should Ezekiel Elliott be offended by Jerry Jones' "Zeke who?" joke?

(12:45) The latest episode in the nev