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How do the smartest marketers and business entrepreneurs cut through the noise? And how do they manage to do it again and again? It's a combination of math—the strategy and analytics—and magic, the creative spark. Join iHeartMedia Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman as he analyzes the Math and Magic of marketing—sitting down with today's most gifted disruptors and compelling storytellers.

Episode Date
Ryan Seacrest: “I celebrate people, but I’m not the star.”
Apr 11, 2024
Andrew Jarecki: “People really do want to tell you their story.”
Apr 04, 2024
Rob Reilly: “Be a fountain of ideas.”
Mar 28, 2024
Scott Borchetta: “This is the future – we better figure this out.”
Mar 14, 2024
Kenneth Feld: “People make an organization.”
Mar 07, 2024
Kellyn Smith Kenny: “The working world is a team sport.”
Feb 29, 2024
Math & Magic Returns Thursday, February 29th
Feb 22, 2024
Ted Leonsis: “People want purpose.”
Jun 08, 2023
Howard Makler: “Your brand is a fingerprint of your behavior.”
Jun 01, 2023
Jacki Kelley: “Don’t be afraid to zig and zag.”
May 25, 2023
Jon Bon Jovi: “It comes down to truth.”
May 11, 2023
Angela Yee: “Every time I learn something, I want to bring it to people.”
May 04, 2023
Paris Hilton: “I love to be someone who is underestimated.”
Apr 27, 2023
Gwyneth Paltrow: “Transaction can actually be a service”
Apr 13, 2023
Allen Grubman: “I’m a businessman first and a lawyer second.”
Apr 06, 2023
Blake Scholl: “It doesn’t matter what you’ve already done. It’s what you can learn to do.”
Mar 30, 2023
Math & Magic Returns March 30th
Mar 23, 2023
Colin Cowherd: “I’m more interested in ‘the why’ than ‘the what.’”
Dec 08, 2022
Christian Juhl: "I have to predict the future just slightly better than everybody else."
Dec 01, 2022
Mike Meldman: "If the product is bad, no matter who is behind it, it won’t work.”
Nov 17, 2022
Byron Sharp: “Highly restrictive targets are a fantastic way to shrink brands.”
Nov 10, 2022
Stephanie Ruhle: “I want the world to get better and smarter.”
Nov 03, 2022
Tony Coles: “We are sourcing stories that mainstream newsrooms would never tell.”
Oct 20, 2022
Jeff Bewkes: “We didn’t care about the ratings.”
Oct 13, 2022
Steve Cooper: “You should never get too comfortable.”
Oct 06, 2022
Dr. David Eagleman: “The conscious mind is like a broom closet in the mansion of the brain.”
Sep 29, 2022
Suzy Deering: “We are at the moment where everything changes. And a big reason we’re at that moment, is the F-150 Lightning.”
Sep 22, 2022
Math & Magic Returns September 22nd
Sep 15, 2022
Bob Pittman on Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver
Mar 16, 2022
Ben Horowitz: “Let’s go make something. Let’s change the world.”
Aug 12, 2021
Celebrate MTV’s 40th Birthday with the Real Story of MTV
Jul 31, 2021
Remi Kent: “A small act can make a difference.”
Jun 10, 2021
Christian Navarro: “I've been at the bottom; and if I can use that energy to help people stay on top, then I win.”
May 13, 2021
Brad Gerstner: “If something's not a fast yes, then it's a quick no.”
Mar 18, 2021
Alec Baldwin: “You have to find a way to make it work.”
Mar 04, 2021
Gary Vaynerchuk: “Accountability's an incredible gateway to happiness.”
Jan 28, 2021
Sir Martin Sorrell: “Good people are by nature difficult”
Oct 15, 2020
Elizabeth Rutledge: “We call our employees colleagues.”
Sep 24, 2020
Jan Brandt: “We had to break a lot of glass”
Aug 13, 2020
Brad Hiranaga: “I’ve been in love with brands since I was 5 years old.”
Jul 02, 2020
The Real Story of MTV: Founder’s Edition
Jun 25, 2020
Marisa Thalberg: “Connect the dots that aren’t obvious”
Jun 11, 2020
Dave Cote: “I benefited from second chances. I always kept that in mind”
May 28, 2020
“Believe in your own greatness”: Advice from Tim Cook, David Chang, Abby Wambach and more
May 21, 2020
Hans Vestberg: “This country relies on connectivity. My job is to empower and energize my company in these times.”
Apr 16, 2020
Special Covid-19 Episode: "Market with humanity"
Mar 26, 2020
Philippe Krakowsky: “If you say you’re going to do something, do something.”
Mar 19, 2020
Shazi Visram “Finding solutions— that’s just a part of my DNA.”
Mar 12, 2020
Rich Lennox: “I came from a culture where I saw big ideas transform businesses.”
Mar 05, 2020
Fan Favorite: Judy McGrath: “I didn’t know anything about TV; I didn’t even like it!” (rebroadcast)
Feb 27, 2020
Bonus Episode—How They Made It
Feb 20, 2020
Ken Auletta: “My task is to understand them”
Feb 13, 2020
Raja Rajamannar: “Even the brightest ideas get killed if they're not emotionally embraced by your team.”
Feb 06, 2020
Bobbi Brown: “I started doing it my way... and it caught on!”
Jan 30, 2020
Marian Goodell: “In this day and age, we need more bridges.”
Jan 23, 2020
Paul Tudor Jones: “All I had was a checkbook and a big heart.”
Jan 16, 2020
Charlamagne tha God: “You fail by trying to be the next anything. You should just be yourself.”
Jan 09, 2020
Marc Pritchard: “We serve all humanity. We need to reflect that.”
Jan 02, 2020
Gerry Laybourne: "Have you ever been slimed? It is wonderful!"
Dec 26, 2019
Norm de Greve: "You have to be facile; you have to teach creativity back into yourself"
Dec 19, 2019
Bill Koenigsberg: "I built a culture where business is personal"
Dec 12, 2019
Bonus: Our favorite Audio Stories
Dec 10, 2019
Bonus: Our favorite Marketing Stories!
Nov 26, 2019
Season 2 of Math & Magic Coming Soon!
Oct 25, 2019
Bertha González Nieves: "I've always been an entrepreneur."
Oct 17, 2019
Walter Isaacson: "People want to hear ideas. There's a hunger for that."
Oct 10, 2019
David Zaslav: “We’re betting for the long term.”
Oct 03, 2019
Michael Kassan: “If you can find chaos, there’s going to be opportunity.”
Sep 26, 2019
Scott Hagedorn: “I like agencies to have some funk.”
Sep 19, 2019
Jeremy Zimmer: "I grew up loving stories."
Sep 12, 2019
David Solomon: “I think the culture starts with leadership. And the leadership has to live it.”
Sep 05, 2019
Tom Freston: “I never wanted to be a mainstream businessman. I still don’t.”
Aug 29, 2019
Steve Stoute: “Music Moves Culture”
Aug 22, 2019
John Sykes: “I love to see if I can defy conventional wisdom.”
Aug 15, 2019
Tom Brokaw: “I’m not one who says we ought to go back to the old days.”
Aug 08, 2019
Wendy Clark: “Creativity is the biggest, most important lever you can pull.”
Aug 01, 2019
Fred Seibert: “When in doubt, count!”
Jul 25, 2019
Daniel Glass: “A-minuses don’t sell. They don’t make it anymore.”
Jul 18, 2019
Gayle Troberman: “There’s an endless number of stories brands have the right to tell”
Jul 11, 2019
Olivier Francois: "You need to recognize the brand without seeing the product"
Jul 03, 2019
Shaggy: "I'm a direct representative of Brand Jamaica"
Jun 27, 2019
Jarl Mohn: "The best ideas come from desperation"
Jun 20, 2019
Ben Lerer: “The Place We Win is Empathy”
Jun 13, 2019
Judy McGrath: “I didn’t know anything about TV; I didn’t even like it!”
Jun 06, 2019
Julie Rieger: "Storytellers run the World"
May 30, 2019
Tim Castree: “I’m trying to be 80% Australian”
May 23, 2019
Maurice Lévy: “No Silos, No Solos, No Bozos”
May 16, 2019
Scooter Braun: “Burn the Ships”
May 16, 2019
Introducing: Math and Magic
May 14, 2019