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30 Minutes with The Perrys is a podcast with a whole lot of truth given in a short amount of time. Preston Perry and Jackie Hill Perry will bring their humor, honesty, and insight into conversations on everything from relationships, theology, politics, race, and parenting.

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The Beautifully Confusing Trinity

One God, in three distinct persons?? Confusing, we know. 

Book rec: Delighting in The Trinity by Michael Reeves: 

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Jul 04, 2022
Grieving with God w/Davey Blackburn

Grief is hard to describe but when you’re in it, you know it. It’s something everybody will have to  endure at some point in time so how can we do endure it “well”, if that’s even a thing. We’re  joined by Davy Blackburn, a man who knows what grief is and how God is faithful to show up in  it.  

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Jun 27, 2022
Dealing with Anger

Everybody gets mad. Some of us are angry at petty stuff. Some of us are angry at the right stuff but how do we discern between the two or even recognize when we are dealing with anger at  all…  

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Jun 20, 2022
Sooo, About Dating

Dating, the topic everybody loves to discuss. It feels like we covered everything in this  conversation. Dating according to our “types”. Dating non-Christians and the like. Why men  aren’t “choosing” and more…  

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Jun 13, 2022
Story Time with Preston Perry Part 2

Our most downloaded episode in all three seasons is “Story time with Preston Perry” and it’s clearly because Preston has the wildest stories. Last season, he told us about a time he encountered a demon possessed man. We’re starting off season 4 with even more craziness.

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Jun 06, 2022
Season 4 Trailer
Jun 03, 2022
Story time with Preston Perry

If you've been around Preston for more than a day, you'll soon find out that he tells the best stories. Listen as Preston shares about the time he almost got killed, saw a demon possessed man, and more...

Aug 23, 2021
Holier Than Thou

Holiness is a big topic in the bible. It's intimidating for some because of its associations with hell and damnation but what if we saw holiness from a new perspective? One that recognizes God's holiness as the evidence of His eternal beauty and how it is His holiness that makes Him absolutely trustworthy. Listen in as Preston picks Jackie's brain about holiness in anticipation of her new book, Holier Than Thou.

Click link to pre-order Holier Than Thou:

Aug 16, 2021
Questions That Need Answers: When Did Dinosaurs Exist?

Questions that need answer is a short segment where Preston and Jackie discuss a really random yet interesting topic.

Aug 13, 2021
Talking About Social Justice is Awkward

Let's be honest here, social justice is an awkward topic nowadays. Depending on who you're talking with, it can be an antagonistic conversation or a helpful one. In this episode of Thirty Minutes with The Perrys, Jackie and Preston discuss why social justice chatter can be awkward and reasons why it shouldn't be.

Book Rec: Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair:

Aug 09, 2021
Questions That Need Answers: Are Aliens real?

Questions that need answer is a short segment where Preston and Jackie discuss a really random yet interesting topic.

Aug 06, 2021
Fame: Christian Celebrity Culture

Fame isn't inherently bad but even then, it still comes with its share of snares and temptations. Preston and Jackie discuss their own experiences with fame and how Christians, no matter the size of their platform, can make sure that God's praise matters most.

Aug 02, 2021
Urban Apologetics

As it is in any culture, there are unique belief systems that spring up in response to the distinct experiences of people within a community. Oppression and/or racism in America and in the church has led to the formation of cults and black religious groups such as Hebrew Israelites, Moorish Temple of Science, and the Nation of Islam. What is central to each of these groups is a disdain for the Christian faith and its Christocentric teachings. Eric Mason, the editor of 'Urban Apologetics: Restoring Black Dignity with the Gospel' joins Jackie and Preston to offer wisdom on how the church can equip itself to answer the questions that these growing religious groups are asking.

Urban Apologetics:

Jun 21, 2021
Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is kind of a "thing" nowadays but should it be? Especially among Christians, the public shaming of certain individuals and groups may or may not be necessary but how do we determine when "canceling" someone is the righteous thing to do? Jackie and Preston will discuss the topic among themselves to see if they can come to some kind of conclusion on the matter.

Jun 14, 2021
What is The Black Church?

'The Black Church: This Is Our Story. This Is Our Song'. a documentary released by PBS, recently explored the story of the black church. The doc offered insight, facilitated reflection, and provided context for the space that many black Christians call or called home. In this episode of Thirty Minutes with The Perrys, Jackie and Preston are joined by Charlie Dates. The Pastor of the Historic Progressive Baptist Church in the Southside of Chicago to talk more about all things "Black Church"

To learn about Charlie Dates:

The Black Church (PBS):

May 24, 2021
Jesus and Therapy

The concept of Christians getting therapy shouldn't be a big deal but for some, it is. Sometimes it is said that "If Jesus is enough, then we don't need therapy." but what if therapy is a gift from Jesus? What if it's a means to help all people heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Listen as Jackie and Preston discuss their own experiences with therapy and why they believe every Christian should get some.

May 17, 2021
The Idolatry of Marriage

Marriage is to be honored as the Bible directs us but is it being held in highest honor? Or in other words, have we, the church, made an idol out of the institution of marriage? Yes? No? Maybe so? Listen in as Preston and Jackie share their thoughts on the topic.

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Aug 19, 2020
Sexuality & Self Denial: Our thoughts on Jackie's chat w/KevOnStage

About a month ago, Jackie conversed with KevOnStage about sexuality and not surprisingly, it was met with a lot of controversy. One aspect of it that seems to be the most alarming was Jackie's statements on self-denial. On this episode of 30 Minutes w/The Perrys, Preston and Jackie dig more into the concept of sexuality and self-denial and the reasons why it's typically not welcomed with opened arms.

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1: The Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert:

2: The Coddling of the American Mind:

Aug 12, 2020
Embracing Conflict

Every relationship we will ever have will at some point have some conflict. Whether it's with our partners, our friends, our co-workers, and our kids, the hard situations that will arise are inevitable but even then, they don't have to be avoided. And they shouldn't. In this podcast, Preston and Jackie talk through their different styles of embracing conflict and how they've learned and are learning to see that as Christians, conflict really can be a good thing.

Book Recommendation: Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

May 06, 2020
How We Met

Who doesn't enjoy a good love story every now and then? Jackie doesn't. But both her and Preston still figured it would be beneficial to share their own. On this episode, listen in as they discuss their first impression of each other, how they came to realize that they were each other's "one", and other details that both singles and spouses would be able to glean from.

Journey To Covenant:

Preston's Proposal:

Apr 22, 2020
Corona Crazy

Since the recent outbreak of Covid 19 in the States and in the World, all of our lives have been turned upside down. Listen in as Jackie and Preston discuss their thoughts on being quarantined, trusting God to provide financially, parenting during a pandemic, and the sovereignty of God.

Apr 08, 2020
Teach The Text : John 9

Back again is another episode of "Teach The Text" where either Jackie or Preston take a book or passage from the Bible and teach it. On this episode, Preston walks through a pretty popular narrative in the scriptures when Jesus healed a man that was born blind. Not surprisingly, this story has many connections to our modern context such as dealing with religious folk, suffering, and more.

Mar 04, 2020
Gender Identity, Biblical Womanhood, & Girly Girls

Jackie never considered herself a "Girly Girl" or whatever that means. She, like many women, found themselves being labeled a "TomBoy" or "Masculine" because she didn't wear purses and the like. These words were spoken by people who never had a biblical framework for how to understand gender in the first place. Situations such as these have clearly led to much confusion in the church and in the culture about what it means to be male and female in this world. Listen in as Preston and Jackie chat about it.

Feb 20, 2020
When Your Man is Intimidated by Your Gifts

Giftedness and the success that can accompany it isn't gendered. Both men and women have the capacity to do great things with the gifts God has given them. But for some women, this comes with a hefty price. Their gifts, talents, and abilities can tend to intimidate the men in their lives. On this episode, Preston and Jackie have a conversation about why that's a thing and what couples can do individually to love and support each other above it all.

Feb 12, 2020
Teach The Text : Jude

We're introducing a new series to 30 Minutes with The Perry's titled "Teach The Text". During Teach The Text, either Jackie or Preston will walk through a bible passage that they're currently studying. On this first episode of "Teach The Text", Jackie will walk through the book of Jude. 

To get a copy of Jackie's bible study on Jude, go


Oct 30, 2019
How To Argue Well

Who doesn't get into an argument with their significant other every now and then? Over unwashed dishes, a irritating tone of voice, bad breath, the assumption of disrespect, leaving the fridge open, and texting while a partner is talking, couples will argue over any and everything. Arguments aren't necessarily a bad thing though. They can be helpful in identifying issues in the relationship that need to be addressed but we have to learn how do it well first. How we communicate during conflict will determine if it will end in unity or in division. Listen in as The Perrys take on this topic. 

Aug 28, 2019
Healing From Church Hurt

"Church-Hurt" shouldn't be a norm but sadly it is. On this episode, Jackie and Preston tell their individual experiences with church hurt and the truths from God's word and God's people that helped them heal. 

Aug 21, 2019
Out of Context Texts

Have you ever heard someone quote a scripture out of context? We all have and most likely we've all done it. Listen as Preston and Jackie take on two popular passages that they've heard used inaccurately: Leviticus 19:28 and Romans 4:17

Aug 07, 2019
What's up with Christian men not wanting to commit?

It seems that in this large land of Christian dating (or "Courting" depending on your preferred word) it's becoming increasingly hard for Christian women to find Christian men that actually want to settle down. Jackie sits down with Preston to figure out why. 

Jul 31, 2019
When you're afraid to talk about Jesus

Talking about Jesus to other people can be scary, weird, and flat out awkward, so how is it that some people seem to do it so fearlessly while others are too afraid to do it at all? Preston and Jackie have two different personalities and therefore two different approaches to evangelism but over time, they've learned how to be bold, the best way that they know how.

Jul 17, 2019
Dealing with Your Partner's Sexual Past

Everybody has a past but what happens when two people enter into a relationship where one or both partners past includes sexual immorality? Preston and Jackie both have sexual pasts that are less than holy. Bringing their experiences into the conversation, listen to how they've been able to trust each other despite their untrustworthy pasts. 

Jun 12, 2019
Toxic Friendships

So the term "toxic friendship" is a thing apparently. It's become a common theme behind social media memes and Instagram captions. It's often referenced as the reason certain friendships must end or why other friendships are considered exhausting. Preston and Jackie take on the idea of toxic friendships by trying to examine if it's biblical at all while fleshing out what it might look like to love our difficult or should we say "toxic" friends. 

Jun 05, 2019
Pornography & Marriage: Part Two

Finding out that your Spouse has been watching porn can feel like betrayal. That's definitely how it felt for Jackie when she discovered Preston had been secretly struggling with pornography. On this episode, Preston and Jackie will finish up their conversation on pornography and marriage by discussing how mercy informs love, how humility helps trust and how God can help us fight to love Him above all things. 

Apr 17, 2019
Pornography & Marriage: Part One

Discovering that your Spouse has been watching pornography can be a devastating blow to any marriage. In this episode, the Perry's discuss their prior histories with sex, how that impacted their marriage, and how porn tries to replace the true intimacy that God intended for a man and wife to enjoy together.




Apr 02, 2019