Explicitly Pro-Life

By Kristan Hawkins

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 Sep 15, 2020
Most important cause of the century! Pro-life greetings from Brazil.


Tune in every week for a new episode of Explicitly Pro-Life. The only podcast that focuses on how we can change the tide in America to overturn Roe v. Wade and shift the political playing field in America. This podcast is brought to you by Kristan Hawkins, the President of Students for Life of America, mother of four, and a fierce fighter for the preborn. Subscribe wherever you find your podcasts.

Episode Date
Special Episode: Why Won’t Democrats Support Babies Who Survive Abortion? | Episode 97

This week I have a special episode of the “Explicitly Pro-Life”. It’s time to dive into the current abortion politics. Did you know that the Biden Administration deregulated dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills? That the vast majority of Democrats don’t believe that babies born alive after a botched abortion deserve life-sustaining care? That’s just the beginning...

Apr 17, 2021
Special Episode: Why Won’t Democrats Support Babies Who Survive Abortion? | Episode 97

This week I have a special episode of the “Explicitly Pro-Life”. It’s time to dive into the current abortion politics. Did you know that the Biden Administration deregulated dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills? That the vast majority of Democrats don’t believe that babies born alive after a botched abortion deserve life-sustaining care? That’s just the beginning...

Apr 16, 2021
The Dirty, Unregulated Reality Of The Abortion Industry | Missy Stone | Episode 96

This week on the “Explicitly Pro-Life” podcast, I'm joined by Missy Stone, Senior Analyst and Director of Operations at Reprotection, an organization that works to close abortion facilities. Missy exposes the grim reality of the abortion industry, and...warning...it isn’t pretty.

Apr 09, 2021
Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary | Dr. Byron Calhoun, OB/GYN | Episode 95

This week on Explicitly Pro-Life, I am joined by Dr. Byron Calhoun, an OB/GYN at CAMC Women's & Children's Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia. Dr. Calhoun supports the pro-life movement and so does science. He helps every woman choose life because abortion is never medically necessary. This is a great episode to listen to and learn from so that you can discuss abortion with your pro-choice friends and family. Be the conversation starter!

Apr 02, 2021
Are Christians Doing Their Job To End Abortion? | Anna Lulis | Episode 94

This week, I'm joined by Anna Lulis, the Data Strategist for Students for Life of America. They address the hard topic of whether Christians are doing their job to end abortion. You may talk the pro-life talk, but can you walk the pro-life walk?

Mar 26, 2021
How to Discuss Abortion with Someone Who Doesn’t Share Your Worldview | Michele Hendrickson | Episode 93

Michele Hendrickson has been working with Students for Life of America helping change hearts and minds for almost 7 years! She also happens to be Evangelical and Liberal, while I'm a Conservative Catholic. In this week's episode, we sit down to discuss how to share the truth about abortion even if you don't share the same religious or political views.

Mar 19, 2021
The Abortion Divide In America | Danielle D'Souza Gill| Episode 92

Danielle D'Souza Gill, author of the book "The Choice: The Abortion Divide In America" joins me this week as we continue to have hard conversations about abortion.

Writing with freshness, intelligence, and insight, Danielle explores the contours of the debate, taking into account new ideas, new technology, and new laws and putting forth a new vision for a life-affirming society.

Mar 12, 2021
A Women Is About To Enter An Abortion Facility | Lauren Muzyka | Episode 91

This week I'm joined by Lauren Muzyka to talk about the life-saving work of "Sidewalk Advocates for Life" in helping women who are about to walk into an abortion facility. Here's how you can help others choose LIFE.

Mar 05, 2021
HR1 Is An Anti-American & Pro-Abortion Power Grab | Hans von Spakovsky | Episode 90

In this week's episode, Hans von Spakovsky and I sit down to discuss HR 1, also known as "The For the People Act," and the different areas of our lives it will affect, including within the Pro-Life movement.

Hans von Spakovsky is the manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and a senior legal fellow in Heritage’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

Feb 26, 2021
What Will The Abortion Industry Do Next? | Rich Doerflinger | Episode 89

Could opposing equal rights help save babies? Rich Doerflinger, a Fellow of Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, sits down with Kristan Hawkins to discuss the complex issues around the bill called 'The Equality Act', and its effect on Pro-Life policies.

Feb 19, 2021
Human Trafficking And Abortion | Deacon Ernie Martinez | Episode 88

There are many social issues that intersect with the Pro-Life movement, one being human trafficking. Deacon Ernie Martinez chats with Kristan Hawkins about how sex trafficking and abortion are intertwined in our communities.

Feb 12, 2021
The Best Pro-Life Films You Need to Watch | Jason Jones of Movie To Movement | Episode 87

Kristan Hawkins chats with Jason Jones on this week's podcast episode about how we can use movies to have difficult conversations, as well as some of the Pro-Life movies you should watch.

Feb 05, 2021
How To Have A Successful Conversation About Abortion Online | Joshua Tijerina of Him + Her Digital | Episode 86

The Pro-Life movement consists of a wide audience, and it’s all about finding where YOU fit in. Josh Tijerina, CEO of Him + Her Digital Co. chats with Kristan Hawkins about how we can unpack data to discover the best way to speak to people online.

Jan 29, 2021
Together Strong, We #Stand4Life | Jeanne Mancini of March for Life | Episode 85

Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life, joins me this week to discuss everything you need to know for this year's virtual March for Life happening on January 29, 2021, and how you can still be involved.

Jan 22, 2021
Uncovering the Underlying Economic & Social Issues Linked to Abortion | Rev. Dean Nelson | Episode 84

In Season 3, Episode 2 of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast, Kristan Hawkins sits down with Rev. Dean Nelson, Chairman of the Fredrick Douglass Foundation to discuss the economic & social issues that are linked to abortion.

Jan 15, 2021
COVID Vaccinations and Fetal Stem Cells | Dr. Sander Lee & Dr. Prentice | Episode 83

This week of the Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast is all about vaccines, specifically the Covid vaccine. Dr. Tara Sander Lee and Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institute join Kristan to discuss how pro-lifers should act in regards to vaccines.

Jan 09, 2021
An Update From Georgia | Episode 82

All eyes are on Georgia! 

Leading up to the Georgia Senate runoff election, Students for Life of America has 200 students on the ground door-knocking in an effort to keep the Senate majority pro-life. Listen now to find out what's at stake during Joe Biden's presidential appointment and how pro-choice politicians are actively trying to end the Hyde Amendment.

Don't forget to look out for season three of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast!

Jan 04, 2021
Are You Prepared For What's To Come In 2021? | Episode 81

We all know that 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for everyone. But the Pro-Life Generation is ready for 2021 - are you?!

Jan 04, 2021
Breaking Down the 2020 Election Results... Thus Far | Episode 80 | Special Election Episode 4

Kristan Hawkins breaks down what we know so far about the 2020 election results and what it means for the future of the pro-life movement. 

Nov 04, 2020
Should You Vote Pro-Life First Regardless Of Party? | Kristen Day | Special Election Episode 3

In this Special Election Edition of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast, David Cordaro & Kristen Day (Democrats for Life) sit down to discuss the importance of voting for Pro-Life candidates in this upcoming election.

Oct 30, 2020
Can You Be Pro-Life And Vote For A Pro-Abortion Candidate? | Jason Jones | Special Election Episode 2

In this special election edition, Kristan Hawkins is joined by Movie to Movement's Jason Jones to discuss the issues around being Pro-Life and voting for a pro-abortion candidate.

Oct 23, 2020
Being Consistently Pro-Life At The Ballot Box | Herb Geraghty | Special Election Episode 1

What does it mean to be consistently Pro-Life at the ballot box? Kristan Hawkins sits down with Herb Geraghty as they unpack the conversation around the 'consistent pro-life ethic'.

Oct 16, 2020
How To Talk To Your Kids About Abortion | Tina Whittington | Episode 76

SFLA Vice President Tina Whittington sits down with Kristan Hawkins as they discuss how to and the importance of talking to your kids about abortion.

Oct 09, 2020
Abortion Politics, Pop Culture, & Propaganda | Alex Clark | Episode 75

Planned Parenthood is helping Hollywood normalize abortion! Alex Clark joins Kristan Hawkins as they sit down to discuss abortion politics, pop-culture, and propaganda!

Oct 02, 2020
Why the Supreme Court is Important to the Pro-Life Movement | Mary Kate Knorr | Episode 74

What does the Pro-Life Movement do now that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed? Listen to this special episode of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast featuring special guest Mary Kate Knorr!

Sep 23, 2020
Where the Political Parties Stand on Abortion | Kristen Day | Episode 73

Every human being should be against the killing of another human being - its that simple! Listen to today's podcast with Kristen Day from Democrats for Life as she discusses where political parties stand on the topic of abortion!

Sep 18, 2020
History of the Pro-Life Movement | Connie Marshner | Episode 72

Learn what has made the Pro-Life Movement tick with Connie Marshner & Kristan Hawkins!

Sep 11, 2020
The Abortion Movement’s History of Racism | Ryan Bomberger | Episode 71

It's time to expose the abortion industry's history of racism. This week's special guest is Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation.

Sep 04, 2020
Special Episode | Blueprint For A Post-Roe America | Episode 70

Listen to this Special Edition of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast with SFLA president Kristan Hawkins joined by some of the celebrity signers of the Pro-Life Generation Blueprint For A Post-Roe America! Special guests include VP Mike Pence's daughter Charlotte Pence, member of National Black Pro-Life Coalition Christina Bennett, Joshua Edmonds of Georgia Life Alliance, and Secular Pro-Life's Kelsey Hazzard.

You can sign on to the blueprint at www.postroeblueprint.com!

Aug 28, 2020
Why Don’t Pro-Lifers Advocate for Birth Control Then? | Dr. Monique Ruberu | Episode 69

You have more options than birth control! Have you heard about NapProTechnology? Find out more in today's episode of The Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast with Dr. Monique Ruberu & the Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast host Kristan Hawkins.

Aug 21, 2020
But What About Cases Of Rape? | Stephanie Gray | Episode 68

Ask yourself this: is it fair to give the death penalty to a child? Of course not, a child is innocent! Stephanie Gray sits down with Kristan Hawkins as they unpack why abortion is ALWAYS wrong!

Aug 15, 2020
Special Episode: SFLA Students Unconstitutionally Arrested, President Pence Talks About the Pro-Life Generation, and More! | Episode 67

Students for Life of America students were unconstitutionally arrested and Vice President Mike Pence talks about the Pro-Life Generation, and more!

Aug 08, 2020
How Abortions Hurt Women | Georgette Forney | Episode 66

It’s time to change the narrative and start talking about the trauma of abortion. Georgette Forney shares her experience with having an abortion and discusses the importance of talking about it.

Jul 31, 2020
Human Development and Personhood | Dr. Katrina Furth | Episode 65

This week I sit down with Dr. Katrina Furth to discuss human development and why abortion is wrong.

Jul 24, 2020
The Current U.S. Abortion Law & Statistics | Dr. Michael New | Episode 64
Jul 17, 2020
How Are Abortions Committed? | Liberty Pike | Episode 63
Jul 10, 2020
Special episode: June Medical Services vs Russo Explained Ep. 62

Kristan Hawkins breakdown the June vs Medical Services decision and why the 2020 election is more important now than ever.

Jul 01, 2020
Unified for Life | Mark Cavaliere Ep. 61
Jun 26, 2020
Nearly Aborted | Christina Bennett Ep. 60
Jun 18, 2020
A Pro-Life Generation Town Hall with Rep. Mike Johnson Ep. 59
Jun 11, 2020
How Planned Parenthood Is Exploiting George Floyd's Death Ep. 58
Jun 06, 2020
How to Help a Child in Foster Care | DJ Jordan & Sarah Zagorski Ep. 57

Foster care is often a point of debate in the pro-life vs. pro-choice argument. As pro-lifers, it's pertinent that we understand what the foster care system is designed to do and what you can do as an individual to help foster children.

In this episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, Kristan speaks with two folks who have had significant experience with the foster care system and provide clear insight into what the system is like for children.

May 28, 2020
Father Frank | The Truth About Norma Mccorvey Ep. 56

In this special episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, Kristan invites Father Frank to set the record straight on the legacy Norma Mccorvey left. Since her passing, those who find it expedient, have smeared her integrity, trustworthiness, and questioned the real pain she faced from abortion.

May 21, 2020
Mary Vought | Protecting The Vulnerable From Abortion Ep. 55

Kristan Hawkins and Mary Vought discuss the challenges of raising children with CF and how the pro-life movement can support those with disabilities.

May 15, 2020
How to Engage in the 2020 Elections Ep. 54

Listen to Kristan discuss why it's so important for students to get involved in the HISTORIC 2020 election! Featuring Billy Valentine, Vice President of Public Policy for Susan B. Anthony List & Mary Kate Knorr, Executive Director for Illinois Right to Life

May 08, 2020
Liz Wheeler | Countering the Abortion Culture Ep. 53
Apr 30, 2020
Jay Watts | Pro-Life Apologetics
Apr 23, 2020
Not Surprising: Hollywood Smears Anti Abortion Women Ep. 51
Apr 16, 2020
Abby Johnson | Former Abortion Director Reveals How Big Abortion Targets Young People Ep. 50
Apr 09, 2020
Camille Pauley | Pro-Life Response To Assisted Suicide
Apr 03, 2020
7 Ways The Abortion Industry Is Taking Advantage Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Ep. 48
Mar 26, 2020
Father Frank | Elections Are Much Simpler Than We Think Ep. 47
Mar 20, 2020
Charlotte Pence | How to Talk About Abortion With Friends Who Disagree with VP Pence’s Daughter Ep.46

This week, I sat down with Charlotte Pence, daughter of the Vice President, to talk about her life as a writer, speaker, and member of the Vice President's family. We talk personal life, the campaign trail, and how to talk about abortion on college campuses and with friends and family members who disagree. Don't miss it.

Mar 12, 2020
SCOTUS’ First Abortion Case During Trump Admin Ep. 45

The United States Supreme Court heard their first abortion-related case this week since President Trump took office and nominated conservative-leaning judges. Students for Life held a rally outside of SCOTUS and I want to give you an inside look at what took place.

Mar 05, 2020
Ramesh Ponnuru | Do We Have A Court Willing To Do It? Ep. 44

Next week the Supreme Court will hear its first abortion case since the majority flipped to be pro-life, thanks to President Trump. Abortion advocates are panicking that Roe may soon be reversed.  

Feb 27, 2020
Josh Brahm | Understanding The Pro-Choice Mind Ep. 43

To change someone’s mind about abortion, you, first, have to understand what’s going on inside of their head. Just because a pro-life argument makes sense to you, doesn’t mean it will make sense to them. Listen to my recent discussion with Josh Brahm from the Equal Rights Institute to understand how those who support abortion really think and feel about abortion.

Feb 20, 2020
3 Things Happening On Capitol Hill THIS WEEK You Haven't Heard About Ep. 42
The abortion lobby is "teed up" to ratify the ERA and attempt to enshrine "abortion rights" into the US Constitution (not going to happen), pro-aborts refuse to protect children born alive from a botched abortion, and Democrats again present themselves as pro-woman with deceptive language.
Feb 13, 2020
Unimpeachable Record for LIFE Ep. 41

While our battle to abolish abortion isn’t a political one, we know we must engage in politics as it’s one battlefield we must fight on. Hear the latest about what went down in Iowa this week, the State of the Union, and President Trump’s impeachment. Warning: I will offend some of you.

Feb 06, 2020
Erika Frantzve | It’s Time For The Church To Come Alive Ep. 40

I decided to bring on sort of an atypical guest this week to discuss why it’s so critical for the Church to stand up and lead for Life in our communities. Erika, former Miss Arizona, and I first met about ten years ago, and it was so neat to catch up and hear about a few of her really cool initiatives, local and abroad. Check it out!

Jan 30, 2020
Abby Johnson | The State Of The Pro-Life Movement Ep. 39

Wednesday night Abby and I were at the Lincoln Memorial for a live stream on Students for Life's Facebook page. I wanted to share that discussion here for you to hear. 2020 will be the most important year for the pro-life movement and you need to be a part of it. Here's how! Thanks, Abby for joining me!

Jan 23, 2020
Breaking: The ERA Isn't Ratified Ep. 38

The ERA was passed in Virginia this week. So, what does that mean for the pro-life movement? It means...we have to fight.

Learn more about the ERA here: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/videos/634972957041510/

Jan 17, 2020
Camille Pauley | Converting Pro-Choicers With Emotional Arguments Ep. 37

Have you ever wondered if there are philosophical arguments that prove abortion is wrong? Camille Pauley, President of Healing the Culture, joined me at my home in Pittsburgh to discuss some of these arguments. She's an expert. Don't miss it!

Jan 16, 2020
Hypocrisy and Manipulation: Abortion, Hollywood, and Planned Parenthood's Annual Report Ep. 36

Abortion is not a tool for success. But, that opinion was on full display this past Sunday at the Golden Globes. Also, let’s do a deep dive into Planned Parenthood’s annual report and learn why abortions are up, but cancer screenings are down. You don’t want to miss this. Subscribe today: linktr.ee/explicitlyprolife



Jan 08, 2020
Josh Brahm | These Are The Pro-Choice Arguments You Need To Prepare For Ep. 35

'Explicitly Pro-Life' listeners request apologetics content & dialogue tips more than ANYTHING else. So, this week, I sat down with Josh Brahm, the leading apologist of today’s pro-life movement. We discussed the biggest current pro-choice arguments, why pro-choicers hold those opinions, and how to respectfully point out the inconsistencies in them. Listen here: linktr.ee/explicitlyprolife

Jan 02, 2020
Tina Whittington | Our Funniest Wins and Failures Ep. 34

Last week on my podcast, we were encouraged to do more to save lives. This week, my bestie, Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President of Students for Life, sits down with me to discuss some of the most comical wins and failures we’ve had at Students for Life. After all, failing forward is critical to success! Let’s talk about it. Listen here: linktr.ee/explicitlyprolife

Dec 19, 2019
David Bereit | The Abortion Industry’s Secret Plan Ep. 33

David Bereit, the Founder of 40 Days for Life joined me on my podcast to talk about the abortion industry's secret plans AND our movement's strategy for 2020. Listen here: linktr.ee/explicitlyprolife

Also, if you’d like to read the abortion industry’s game plan for yourself you can here: http://bit.ly/RHIAReport

Dec 12, 2019
Tonya Nelson | What To Say When Your Daughter Comes Home Pregnant Ep. 32

Tonya Nelson was the Christian, unwed, pregnant daughter. Today, she runs Hand of Hope Pregnancy Centers in Raleigh, North Carolina. Learn Tonya’s story, her advice for parents when a daughter has an unexpected pregnancy, and how she’s using her story to save lives. Plus, hear how she fought back when the Raleigh City Council banned her from opening up her third pregnancy center next door to one of the BIGGEST abortion facilities in the southeast. 

Dec 05, 2019
Teresa Kenney | Pills, IVF, NFP... Fertility in 2019 Ep. 31

Birth control pills... or natural family planning? In-vitro fertilization (IVF)... or NaPro technology? Women today face some really serious decisions about our fertility and, sadly, we aren’t given all of the details. Today's guest on my podcast, Dr. Teresa Kenney from the Pope Paul IV Institute, explains the harsh reality of IVF and chemical birth control as well as the success of natural family planning and NaPro technology.

Nov 21, 2019
How To Be A Pro-Life Leader Ep. 30

I’ve been a leader in the pro-life movement for thirteen years. I've learned a lot of lessons the hard way - and I want to share them with you! And if you're thinking, "I'm just a regular person, I'm not a leader..." hard stop. Anyone can be a pro-life leader in your own life. Here are my Top 10 Tips for doing it well. http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Nov 14, 2019
Kanye Pro-Life? Ep. 29
Nov 07, 2019
5 Things Millennials Agree On About Abortion | Michele Hendrickson Ep. 28

Michele Hendrickson is Students for Life’s Eastern Regional Director whom I've featured on this week’s podcast because she has SO much experience with changing hearts and minds on campus. We talked about the best practices for having productive dialogues, especially her tips for how to challenge a pro-choice person's views on abortion. Check it out! http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Oct 31, 2019
Christina Hagan | A Mom On A Mission Ep. 27

Christina Hagan was the youngest woman ever elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and is a fierce champion for life. Today in my podcast, we talk about the challenges of passing the controversial Heartbeat Bill and how sometimes your closest allies may or may not be your friends. Listen to the full episode here: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Oct 24, 2019
Make Abortion Illegal Again Ep. 26

My "controversial" Make Abortion Illegal Again campus tour has been a huge success so far! Just this week, I spoke to over 300 students at Liberty University, and I was later met with protesters at Xavier University...a Catholic school. Check out what all the fuss is about on this week’s episode of Explicitly Pro-Life: http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/studentsforlife/events/ for a list of my upcoming tour stops!

Oct 17, 2019
Eugenics Is Already Happening In America Ep. 25

An individual’s value as a human being is not negotiable based on their genetics. That’s called eugenics. http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Oct 10, 2019
Lila Rose | Creating A Pro-Life California Ep. 24

This week I have a very special guest, Lila Rose, host of the Lila Rose Show! I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a long time now, and I think you’ll know why once you listen. We talk about the National Pro-Life Summit, pregnancy, fighting back against the abortion pill in California, campus activism and more! You don’t want to miss it. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts. bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Oct 03, 2019
Terrisa Bukovinac | A Pro-Life Atheist Ep. 23

This past week, I got to sit down with a courageous pro-life activist in San Francisco, Terrisa, who also happens to be an atheist, Democrat, and vegan. We talked about an atheist vegan can become pro-life and broke down exactly what's happening in California with David Daleiden and his undercover Planned Parenthood videos. Don’t miss it!

Sep 26, 2019
Where The Pro-Life Movement Has Failed Ep. 22

It’s not often that we give ourselves constructive criticism. Today on my podcast, I want to talk about where the pro-life movement has not met our goals and where we could have done better. I believe this is something we should discuss... because we have an important mission, and we can’t fail. Subscribe Today! 

Sep 19, 2019
Former Abortionist Answers the Hard Questions Ep. 21

I am very excited for today’s guest on my podcast. Dr. John Bruchalski has been serving women as an OBGYN for many years, but in his early career as a doctor, he committed abortions. In this episode, we address topics such as: life of the mother, fetal abnormalities, and why it’s so important that we have PRO-LIFE doctors serving women. Don’t miss it! bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Sep 12, 2019
Top Rules For Pro-Life Activists Ep. 20

We are all pro-life activists! In this week’s episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, I share with you my top rules for how to be the most effective defender of life. Check it out today! http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Sep 05, 2019
History Of The Pro-Life Movement Ep. 19
When I speak with student pro-life leaders, the most requested topic is often the history of the pro-life movement. Some of it may surprise you! http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life
Aug 29, 2019
Planned Parenthood's 💩Week Ep. 18

A $3 million-dollar lawsuit defeat, an abortion facility denied, and $60 million forfeited - Planned Parenthood has had a seriously bad week. In my podcast today, I discuss these signs that the abortion Goliath is falling apart day by day. Listen to Explicitly Pro-Life now and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube! http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Aug 22, 2019
Governor Scott Walker Ep. 17

Every week on my podcast, I want to bring you exciting content that leaves you more prepared to fight for Life than before. That’s why, for my very first guest, I sat down with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is a former Students for Life leader himself and has been one of the fiercest champions for Life in conservative politics. Don’t miss it!

Aug 15, 2019
Special Episode 16: Preparing For Post Roe America At YAF Conference

For this week’s episode, I want to share with you a speech I gave at the Young America’s Foundation Annual Conference. Post Roe America is something that the conservative movement should be preparing for every day! Listen to more of Explicitly Pro-Life here: http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Aug 08, 2019
Roe v. Wade Was Illegitimate From The Start Ep. 15

Ever hear the lie that “Abortion is a Constitutional right?” In this episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, I lay out the case for why Roe v. Wade is illegitimate and explains (explain) how the Supreme Court got it wrong in 1973. Subscribe to Explicitly Pro-Life on Apple Podcasts today: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Aug 02, 2019
Responding To "It's Just A Fetus!" Ep. 14

“It’s just a fetus!” I hear this all the time and today, I want to help you respond to pro-aborts' last-ditch effort for supporting abortion on demand through all nine months. Listen here: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Jul 25, 2019
Planned Parenthood Fires Leana Wen In Secret Meeting Ep. 13

Leana Wen found out this week just how ruthless Planned Parenthood truly is when they abruptly fired her in secret meeting. Listen to my take on it in today’s episode of Explicitly Pro-Life. http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Jul 18, 2019
Who Needs Responsibility When There's Abortion Ep. 12

Abortion has let men off the hook from taking responsibility for too long. Here’s a hard truth no one likes to talk about: not having abortion as an option forces individuals to think twice about who they sleep with. Listen or watch episode twelve of Explicitly Pro-Life to learn about how the abortion industry has actually manipulated men to believe they don’t have to take responsibility.

Jul 11, 2019
Listener Q&A: Everything But The Kitchen Sink Ep. 11
After receiving so many excellent submissions from subscribers, I figured I should just record an entire episode addressing YOUR burning questions! Check it out while you're traveling this weekend for your 4th of July festivities: http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life
Jul 03, 2019
The Pro-Life Movement Is Winning in America Ep. 10

As the 2020 election cycle approaches, we are going to witness just how scared the pro-abortion left is of the Pro-Life Generation. In this week’s episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, I want to share with you some of the recent advancements the pro-life movement has made and what it means for 2020. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified weekly! bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Jun 27, 2019
Fact Checking Democratic Candidates Ep. 9

This Saturday, Planned Parenthood is hosting a candidates forum in South Carolina - and all the 2020 Democrat Presidential hopefuls are invited. I wanted to use Episode 9 of "Explicitly Pro-Life"  to give my prediction on what will be said at that forum. The abortion lobby has been using the same junk talking points for years, but recently it’s become very clear just how much influence Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby has over these candidates. Especially the flip-flopping Joe Biden. Listen to the full episode here: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

Jun 20, 2019
The Pro-Life Movement Helps Women In Need Ep. 8

Don’t try to tell me that I am only "pro-birth" before you've listened to this podcast. To get more episodes of Explicitly Pro-Life, subscribe today on Apple Podcasts:http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life (or wherever you get your podcasts).

Jun 13, 2019
Bias In The Media Against The Pro-Life Movement Ep. 7

The mainstream media regularly ignores the March for Life, even though it's the largest, annual human rights march in the United States. In today's episode, I explain more about media bias towards the pro-life movement.  Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/explicitlypro-life. Also, my podcast is on Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and other podcasting locations!

Jun 06, 2019
Lies Feminists Tell Speaking Tour Ep. 6
My “Lies Feminists Tell" Tour just ended a couple of weeks ago, and I want to share a few things I kept hearing on campuses like Boston College and UC-Berkeley. There is an interesting trend taking place in regards to how pro-choice students describe their position on abortion... and it's very telling about the future of this debate. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes or on YouTube. New episodes every Thursday: !bit.ly/ExplicitlyPro-Life
May 30, 2019
Responding To Pro-Choice Arguments Ep. 5
Responding to pro-abortion arguments is easier than you think! In Episode 5 of 'Explicitly Pro-Life,' I help you form educated responses. There is more great content coming in the next few weeks so be sure to subscribe: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life
May 23, 2019
A Day In The Life Of The Hawkins Family Ep. 4

My family decided early on that we weren’t going to let an unexpected cystic fibrosis diagnosis keep my kids from experiencing everything we had planned for them. However, it required some significant changes. In my latest, very personal episode of "Explicitly Pro-Life," I discuss a few things that the pro-life movement should be doing to help families with children who are fighting tremendous battles. Warning: You will probably hear my kids in the background... :) Subscribe today to hear more from "Explicitly Pro-Life" on iTunes: bit.ly/explicitlypro-life

May 16, 2019
Where Are The Conservative Women? Ep. 3

Phyllis Schlafly fought for women, for the family, and is considered a hero for stopping the Equal Rights Amendment (Everything Related To Abortion Act). In Ep. 3 of Explicitly Pro-Life Kristan dives deep into a New York Times Article, Where Are the Socially Conservative Women in This Fight? Be sure to subscribe on YouTube, iTunes, and wherever you get your podcasts! 

May 09, 2019
Life After Roe v. Wade Ep. 2

In the second episode of Explicitly Pro-life, Kristan Hawkins discusses what life will be like after Roe v. Wade is overturned and what we need to do to prepare. This is a conversation few people are having, but an important one. The Pro-Life Movement has work to do. Be sure to subscribe!

May 07, 2019
Why State Politics Are Important To Abolishing Abortion Ep. 1

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Apr 24, 2019