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By Katy Wells

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Category: Self-Improvement

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This podcast is dedicated to helping women ditch their clutter and live a simpler, intentional, more meaningful life. I help women stop living on the modern-day hamster wheel of motherhood, by providing expert advice on achieving a life with MORE, by having LESS. Join the Maximized Minimalist Movement!

Episode Date
165: How to Manage Your Time And Beat Overwhelm

Tune in as I welcome back time management expert, Megan Sumrell. We talk about the purpose of creating an annual plan and how having one has numerous benefits, including reducing overwhelm, hitting your goals and preventing burnout. Grab your ticket for her October 18th and 19th online workshop, Plan-a-palooza, where she'll help you with YOUR time management in this highly anticipated event!

Sign up for the early-bird discounted tickets for just $47 until 8/31/22 using promo code: ANNUAL2022 - Prices go up to $97 on 9/1/22. Hope to see you there!

Aug 10, 2022
164: How to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clutter-free Part 2

Tune in as I share one thing you are likely doing that's causing mess and clutter to accumulate on your surface areas, plus what to do about it! Join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge and get $20 off with code: PODCAST


Aug 03, 2022
163: 2 Habits to Keep Your Home Stress-Free

Tune in as I share two of my most effective habits that will keep your home clutter-free and stress-free! Get your personalized colors from Your Color Guru to make simplifying your wardrobe a breeze! Get 10% off any color package with code: clutterfree


Jul 27, 2022
162: Sneaky Ways Kid Clutter Creeps Into Your Home

Tune in as I share all the ways kid clutter sneaks into our homes and why it's important to identify how clutter and stuff come into our homes to begin with! Join Our Clutter Cure Club: https:/ Get $20 Off Your First Artkive Order with code: KATY20

Jul 20, 2022
161: This Lesson Saved me THOUSANDS of Dollars (And Prevented Lots of Clutter)
Today's lesson will give you a huge *AHA* moment when it comes to "stuff". If you find yourself regularly tempted to buy from certain brands, people, influencers or celebrities, this is ESPECIALLY for you! Join my 14-Day Clutter Challenge: Get Coached by Me:
Jul 13, 2022
160: 6 Ways to Reduce Impulse Shopping

If you struggle with impulse shopping, you're not alone! Here are six ideas to help so you can put that money toward things that really matter (and don't become clutter)! Join my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Get Coached by Me:



Jul 06, 2022
159: How to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clutter-Free (Part 1)
Tune in as I share some of my favorite ways for keeping countertop mess and clutter to a minimum this summer (and beyond)! Enjoy! Join Our Clutter Cure Club: Join the 14-Day Clutter Challenge:
Jun 29, 2022
158: One Simple Thing to Live A More Intentional Life
Tune in as I discuss one simple way (and one word) that will help you live more intentionally. Join our Clutter Cure Club: https:/ Join the 14-Day Challenge:
Jun 22, 2022
157: Reducing Goal Clutter & How to Actually Reach Your Goals with Brie Sodano
Financial expert Brie Sodano joins me back on the show and tells us how to reduce goal clutter and set goals that we can get our whole mind on board for, so we actually achieve them. Brie's course, Find Your Bleed, completely changed my money habits - which impacted me being able to reach my financial goals. If it's a goal of yours to control the money in your life or if money stresses you out, you can sign up here!
Jun 15, 2022
156: My NEW Go-To Strategy for Reducing Clean-Up Battles
Caley Kukla, parenting expert, joins me back on the show today and shares my NEW favorite go-to parenting strategy that reduces clean-up battles! I've been using this method for several months and it's also made such a positive impact in our family's days and even my relationship with my sons. Caley and I share 5 more powerful clean-up strategies in our workshop we just released you can grab here for $24: Or you can get FREE access to it if you're a Clutter Cure Club Member:
Jun 08, 2022
155: Four Ways to Explore Emotional Attachment

Tune in to learn four ways to explore the root of emotional attachment and ultimately help you I keep this or am I ready to let it go? Join my Clutter Cure Club:

Jun 01, 2022
154: Teach Your Kids Life Skills with TedX Speaker Katie Kimball

Tune in as Katie and discuss why we prioritize teaching our kids life skills and how kids benefit from learning them! Get a FREE ticket for you and your child to learn from me and 40 other experts in Katie's Summer Camp Virtual Summit for Kids, June 13th - 17th, 2022. We help prepare your kids with things like:

-Communication and handling big emotions

-An understanding of money and business

-Skills for living like cooking, organizing, and screen wellness. The Summer Camp will provide training for all that and more! Grab your FREE ticket here:

May 25, 2022
153: Summertime Meal Tips to Simplify

Returning to the show today is my friend Nakita Vassalo who helps parents ditch overwhelm by saving time in the kitchen.

We talk about:

-how to plan for meals that allow flexibility in schedules to change

-summertime meal strategies

-simple no-nonsense recipes that keep everyone fed & happy

Grab her FREE 7-day meal plan:

Check Out Her Meal Plan Subscription:


May 18, 2022
152: How to Give Yourself Permission to Let Go
Ever notice how much we can get in our own way while decluttering? Whether it was guilt, emotional attachment or getting stuck on what I paid for something, I never seemed to make much progress by myself. I remember thinking, "If only my best friend here to tell me what to do, I'd be able to get rid of this stuff!" So, pop me in your earbuds because (as your friend and declutter fairy godmother 😊) I'd love to give you 5 practical tips to do just that, let go of everything that is weighing you down...Enjoy! To join our Clutter Cure Club:
May 11, 2022
151: 5 Signs Your Stuff is Owning You

Learn 5 signs to help you identify exactly who’s in charge, you or your stuff? (We often think *we* are, but these tell-tale signs prove otherwise.) Become a Member of The Clutter Cure Club:

May 04, 2022
150: Ask Me Anything!
Tune in as I answer recent listener questions, enjoy! To join us in The Clutter Cure Club: To join the next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:
Apr 27, 2022
149: Are We Hard-wired to Hoard?
Research shows that relationships and experiences actually bring us MORE pleasure than buying stuff, but many people still struggle to change their consumption habits and declutter their possessions. ...have you ever wondered WHY that is?

Or WHY we get a dopamine hit when we buy something new?

Tune in to learn why, plus how to shift your habits to help you simplify and further your declutter progress!

Get $20 off my upcoming 14-Day Clutter Challenge using code: podast

Apr 20, 2022
148: #1 Reason For Clutter (It's Not What You Think)

On the surface level, there are many reasons so many of us battle clutter...things like procrastination, scarcity mindset, our value lens and so on... All of these things are important to be aware of and course-correct... BUT, if you've been hanging with me for awhile, you know how much importance I put on getting to the ROOT of clutter. Tune in as I share the #1 reason for clutter which is eye-opening, to say the least! Get $20 off my upcoming 14-Day Challenge using code: podcast

Apr 13, 2022
147: Time Management Strategies that Actually Work with Megan Sumrell
Tune in as I talk with Megan Sumrell, time management expert for women. You'll learn: - why old-school time-management strategies set us up for failure and leave us exhausted and overwhelmed

- how to find hidden pockets of time and make progress toward your goals

- her refreshing take on "work-life-balance" and what to focus on instead

*Megan's FREE Time Management 5 Day Bootcamp kicks off Monday 4/11:

Her app is: ThePinkBee

Apr 06, 2022
146: 16 Ideas to Simplify Your Kitchen
Tune in as I share some helpful ways I've simplified and decluttered our kitchen over the years, enjoy! To join my next clutter challenge: Use code PODCAST for $20 off!
Mar 30, 2022
145: Brilliant Home Design DIY Tips with Tasha Agruso

Tune in as I talk with Tasha Agruso from Kaleidoscope Living. Known in the interior design world for her budget-friendly design tips and creative DIY projects, she's got some great ideas for us today! I’m honored to be an expert speaker on Tasha’s upcoming Beautiful Home Beautiful Life Summit along with 24 other guest speakers discussing decluttering, organizing, and designing a home you love! If you want to get a Free Ticket to the online event happening April 5th-7th, 2022 head to: Enjoy!

Mar 23, 2022
144: Get Out of a Style Rut with These Ideas
Tune in as I welcome back, Jeannie Stith, color analysis expert from Your Color Guru. We share:

- the easiest way to declutter your wardrobe

- ideas to incorporate color into your outfits (especially helpful if you already have your best colors from Jeannie!)

- 3 things you need to consider before buying anything new

- how to get out of "wardrobe tunnel vision" and wear what you have in new, exciting ways

Get 10% off Jeannie's color analysis packages with code: clutterfree

Mar 16, 2022
143: Pursuing a Life with Less Stuff, Mom-of-4 Shares Her Inspiring Story

Tune in as I chat with a student, Naomi, who recently went through my 14-Day Clutter Crusher Challenge and loved her results so much, she offered to share her biggest takeaways with my listeners. To get $20 off my next 14-Day Challenge use this link and type promo code: podcast 

Mar 09, 2022
142: Getting Kids to Listen Without Nagging or Yelling with Amy McCready
Tune in as I talk with positive parenting expert, Amy McCready. We discuss: - the 2 basic emotional needs every child has and how they impact their behavior - Amy's proven 5-step process for implementing consequences

- how your personality can spark misbehavior

- how to get kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control.

*Watch her FREE Get Kids to Listen Webinar

*Join her 7-Step Parenting Success System online course: use code: clutterfree for 10% off

Mar 02, 2022
141: Easily Triggered By Mess or Clutter? Use My Go-To Tips

Mess and clutter can be so triggering, can't they? Join me as I share my go-to tips and solutions for when this happens. Enjoy! To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Feb 23, 2022
140: Shocking Clutter Stats That'll Motivate You to Declutter
Tune in as I share shocking clutter statistics and studies that'll surely motivate you to declutter! Enjoy! To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:
Feb 16, 2022
139: Teaching Kids to Cook + 5 Tips for Picky Eaters with Katie Kimball
Tune in as I talk with Katie Kimball, two-time TedX Speaker and mom of four. We dive into common causes of picky-eating and her 5-step process to prevent/reduce picky-eating as well as practical ways to encourage and teach your kids (of all ages) to cook. Resources mentioned:

-Join Katie's FREE 5 Day No More Picky Eaters Challenge 

-Grab her FREE Kid's Knife Skills Guide

-Teach Your Kids to Cook with her best-selling course

Feb 09, 2022
138: Things I Don't Buy Anymore Part 2

Tune in as I share things I no longer buy (and in some cases, what I buy instead)! Cheers to simplifying, friend! Some helpful links: Blu Berry Elixir: Coffee Bean Elixir: Color Analysis Packages: Use code: clutterfree for 10% off!

Feb 02, 2022
137: Things I Don't Buy Anymore Part 1

Tune in as I share things I no longer buy (and in some cases, what I buy instead)! Cheers to simplifying, friend! My o3 sanitizing water bottle:

Join the next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Jan 26, 2022
136: Shaping Your Perspective and Getting Over Your Fears

Tune in as I share a story and lesson learned about perspective, acceptance, and getting over my fears. This "a-ha" moment has shaped my simplifying journey and can offer the same for you, enjoy! To join my next challenge:

Jan 18, 2022
3 Ways to Maximize Your Declutter Efforts

Tune in as I share three ways to maximize your declutter efforts and stay committed to reaching your simplifying goals for 2022! To join my next challenge:


Jan 12, 2022
134: How to End Clutter Shame (And Further Your Simplifying Progress!)

In today's episode, I share with you ideas on how to put an end to clutter shame. If you're ready to enjoy all of the benefits that come with releasing shame, then you'll be kickin' off 2022 in such a powerful way. Enjoy! To join my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Jan 05, 2022
133: 5 Tips for Restoring Peace for The Holidays With Caley Kukla

Tune in as I chat with Caley Kukla, childhood development expert, to help us move through our holidays (and parenting in general) with more merriment and ease. Caley's Workshop Info:

January 2022 Clutter Challenge, sign up now!:


Dec 08, 2021
132: Laila Ali: Balance, Motherhood & Pursuing Your Dreams

If you want to finish out the year feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take on 2022, today's episode with Laila Ali is a must-listen.

Not only is Laila a world champion boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali - one of the greatest boxers of all time - she's also a homeschooling mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

Join us as we talk about balance, motherhood, clutter, and how to pursue your dreams and follow your heart. To join my next clutter challenge:


Dec 01, 2021
131: Gracious Ways to Request "No Toys Please"

This episode gives you helpful statements you can insert into birthday invitations or use for any gift-giving occasion. If you're tired of toys or too many material gifts, use these 12+ ideas to gently ask for other types of gifts. Enjoy! To grab today's action guide:

Nov 24, 2021
130: What's Your Focal Point (And Why You Need One)

In today's episode, I help you set your focal point this holiday season (and beyond) so you can stay focused on what really matters, whether that's reaching your goals (runnin' 5Ks, decluttering and anything between) or staying true to your vision of simple holidays.  Enjoy!

Nov 17, 2021
129: Family Gift Ideas (That Don't Create Clutter)

Tune in as I share clutter-free gifts and unique ways to give them for simplified holidays and celebrations! Enjoy!

Nov 10, 2021
128: 5 Ways to Have a Minimalist Holiday

Tune in as I share our family's favorite ways to enjoy the holidays (gifts included!) To join the Clutter Cure Club (and get FREE access to my Challenges):

To enroll in my upcoming challenge:


Nov 03, 2021
128: 5 Ways to Have a Minimalist Holiday

Tune in as I share our family's favorite ways to enjoy the holidays (gifts included!) To join the Clutter Cure Club and get instant access to my Club Masterclasses and much more!:

To enroll in my upcoming challenge:


Nov 03, 2021
127: The REAL Reason You Hate Doing Certain Chores

What if I told you that you can go from dreading a downright annoying chore to making it tolerable and a breeze to do? In today's episode, I share my 3 secrets to make this a reality! To join my LAST clutter challenge of 2021:

To get your best colors from Jeannie, Your Color Guru:

Use code: clutterfree for 10% off her services

Oct 27, 2021
126: Struggle Being Content? Then Try This

Do you find yourself always looking for things in your life/home to update, improve, buy, or do you "chase the shiny objects"? Because owning less is great but if we can never learn to be content with what we have we will continually reach for the next “best” thing. Think of it this way... Contentment is a muscle that you need to “flex” more this time of year - so that your home and mind stay clutter-free. Tune in as I share 3 ways to UP your contentment this holiday season and beyond! To join my next Challenge:


Oct 20, 2021
125: Minimalism Vs. Prepping - Can You Do Both?

Tune in as I talk with my husband, Andrew, about how we balance our uncluttered home AND are prepared for basic emergency situations. Enjoy! To join my LAST clutter challenge of 2021:

To enroll in my toy clutter course:


Oct 13, 2021
124: What You Need to Understand After Experiencing Resource Scarcity

Tune in as I discuss where do we draw the line between being "prepared" for potential emergency situations and accidentally hanging onto clutter?

Plus, the biggest side effect of having experienced resource scarcity and how that can impact your home. To grab my podcast action guide for FREE:

To sign up for my next Challenge:

For my Ultimate Solution to Conquer Toy Clutter:


Oct 06, 2021
123: Stuck in Clutter? You Need to Do This ASAP

Tune in as I discuss one of the MOST important things you need to change if you want to grow into the person you were meant to be and simplify your life. To grab my FREE action guide:

To join my next Clutter Challenge:

For my Ultimate Toy Clutter Solution:


Sep 29, 2021
122: 5 Eco-Friendly Decluttering Tips

Want to declutter but don't know how to in an eco-friendly way? Listen and learn the 5 eco-friendly declutter tips I live by!

To get your colors analyzed with Jeannie from Your Color Guru:

To join my next 14-Day Challenge:

To get $10 Off Your First Purchase with Poshmark use code: WITTKATY

Sep 22, 2021
121: My #1 Productivity Tip (And How I Get Things Done)

In 2019, I realized the answer to me being more productive wasn't found in the newest "productivity hack", waking up at 4 a.m., or using a bullet journal.

Sure, all those things can be helpful but they never got me the outcome I wanted. So...wanna know my secret to "productivity"? It's simple.

My ability to get stuff done isn't that I'm doing more than everyone else (I'm not), it's my ability to IGNORE. Tune in as I expand more on the concept of being able to ignore all the noise in the world and why you need to, as well!

To grab my action guide:

To enroll in my next clutter challenge:

To conquer toy clutter:


Sep 15, 2021
121: My #1 Productivity Tip (And How I Get Things Done)

In 2019, I realized the answer to me being more productive wasn't found in the newest "productivity hack", waking up at 4 a.m., or using a bullet journal.

Sure, all those things can be helpful but they never got me the outcome I wanted. So...wanna know my secret to "productivity"? It's simple.

My ability to get stuff done isn't that I'm doing more than everyone else (I'm not), it's my ability to IGNORE. Tune in as I expand more on the concept of being able to ignore all the noise in the world and why you need to, as well!

To grab my action guide:

To enroll in my next clutter challenge:

To conquer toy clutter:


Sep 15, 2021
120: Major Money Mistakes Most People Make

Tune in as I welcome back Brie Sodano, financial advisor, and my go-to money expert. We discuss the top money mistakes most people make and her go-to solutions to solve them so that you can create the life you want. To learn more about her course:

To sign up for my podcast action guides:

To join my next challenge:


Sep 08, 2021
119: Four Brilliant Ideas to Get Your Family To Put Stuff Where It Belongs

This episode is all about ways to empower your partner and children of any age to start taking care of their own stuff and make keeping the home clean a Team effort instead of Mom-Will-Take-Care-Of-It Party of 1. Enjoy!

To grab the FREE Action Guide OR to get your All-Access Pass:

To grab my toy clutter course:

To sign up for my next clutter challenge:


Sep 01, 2021
118: Why I Don't Strive For Balance (And What I Do Instead)

Tune in as I share why I no longer strive for "balance" in my life and what I opt for instead. Enjoy! To join my next clutter challenge:

To cure toy clutter:


Aug 25, 2021
117: Simple Steps To Declutter Your Skincare With Trina Felber

Tune in as I chat with Trina Felber, founder of Primal Life Organics, as we talk clean beauty products and she walks us through simple steps to declutter our skincare PLUS she shares the Number 1 ingredient we need to AVOID and how this one little-known ingredient actually makes us age FASTER. My favorite products of Trina's:


Aug 18, 2021
116: How Swedish Death Cleaning Can Help You Let Go

Tune in as I discuss a popular declutter method, Swedish Death Cleaning, and how you can use many of these practical tips to increase your simplifying results. I also share how I'm raising my sons to be passionate readers, without having overflowing book shelves. Enjoy! To sign up for my next challenge:

To conquer toy clutter:


Aug 11, 2021
115: The Most Important Part of Your Journey: The During

Our world is filled with perfectly curated "afters" but those are often the least compelling part of any story. Tune in as I discuss "the during" and how that is the space where the real beauty happens. Enjoy! To sign for my next clutter challenge:

To conquer toy mess:


Aug 04, 2021
114: Stop Believing THIS If You Want to Be Happy

Tune in as I dispel one common lie that we are constantly being told that is hurting our happiness, finances, relationships, mental health and more. Enjoy!

To conquer toy mess:


Jul 28, 2021
113: Become the Creator of Abundance in Your Life

Tune in as I talk with Danette May, best-selling author and abundance expert! On today's podcast episode you'll learn: ✔️What to do when you're stuck in scarcity ✔️How to attract abundance ✔️5 ways to create an aligned and purpose-filled life To sign up for my July 2021 Free 5-Day Clutter Challenge:


Jul 21, 2021
112: Q+A: My Answers to YOUR Questions

Tune in as I answer listener questions about decluttering, my favorite tv shows and everything in, if I still consider myself a minimalist! Enjoy!

To join my July FREE 5-Day Clutter Challenge:

To grab my toy clutter course:


Jul 14, 2021
111: The Good Enough Home

Tune in as I share my concept of the "good enough" home and how it can revolutionize the way you look and live inside your home. Enjoy! To join my next challenge:

To conquer toy mess for good:


Jun 16, 2021
110: Who's Influencing Your Actions? You'll Be Surprised!

Today's episode is a must-listen if you find you ever find yourself falling "under the influence" of others and want to find freedom in knowing you're making decisions on your own terms Enjoy!

To join my next challenge:

To conquer toy mess:


Jun 09, 2021
109: 10 Quick Ways to Reduce Mental Clutter

Tune in as I share 10 of my favorite ways to reduce mental clutter, enjoy! To join my next Challenge:

To grab my Toy Clutter Course:


Jun 02, 2021
108: Six Ways to Be More Present

Tune in as I share some of my favorite ways to be present in the moment and embrace the little moments in life. Enjoy! To join my next Clutter Challenge: To get rid of toy clutter:

May 26, 2021
107: Closing Your Clutter Gaps

Tune in as I walk you through three simple ways you can close the "clutter gap" between the state of your home right now and where you want it to be. Enjoy! To sign up for my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

For my Toy Clutter Course:


May 19, 2021
106: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Confidence

Tune in as I talk with confidence coach, Emily Long about increasing your confidence and squashing self-doubt, so you can live a purposed and fulfilling life and do that thing you've always wanted to do. Follow Emily on Instagram:

May 13, 2021
105: 12 Things You Can Let Go Of Today

Grab your bag or box and let's declutter together as I share with you 12 (easy-ish) things you should let go of TODAY! Enjoy! To sign up for my next Challenge:

To sign up for my toy clutter course:


May 05, 2021
104: Essentialism: Doing Less To Get The Most Out Of Your Life With Greg McKeown

In today’s brand new episode with NYT best-selling author, Greg McKeown, we dive into:

-What is essentialism and why it's needed now, more than ever

-How to decide what's essential when we’re living in survival mode

-How to discover where our energy is going and how to stop majoring in minor activities

To subscribe to Greg's podcast:

To sign up for my Clutter Challenge:


Apr 28, 2021
103: Four Ways to Overcome Clutter Shame [Part 2]

If you’ve been feeling unfocused, unmotivated, and bogged down by shame, today’s episode is a MUST-LISTEN, it's part two to last week's, so if you haven't yet, start there. Knowing these FOUR ways to overcome clutter shame will empower you to let go. Get back on the course. Continue to simplify. And add fuel to your simplicity's fire. Enjoy! To sign up for my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Apr 21, 2021
102: The Truth About Clutter Shame [Part 1]

Tune in as I share what I’ve learned about clutter shame and offer you some reframes you can put into place today to save you some of the heartaches that I experienced. If you're ready to enjoy all of the benefits that come with releasing that shame, then this episode is for you.To sign up for my 14-Day Challenge:


Apr 14, 2021
101: 3 Reasons You Need to Create Homes for your Stuff ASAP

Tune in as I dive into the most common reasons piles end up on your counters, how to create designated, intentional homes for your things and offer 5 solutions to STOP the dreaded "stuff shuffle" cycle. Enjoy! To sign up for my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

To cure toy mess:

For my most-popular declutter freebie:


Apr 07, 2021
100: My Life Pre-Simplifying Vs. My Life Now

Tune in to celebrate my 100th episode and to get a glimpse into my life pre-simplifying vs. my life, now. Thanks for being a dedicated listener of the show and for making me a Top-50 Podcast! To sign up for my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

To sign up for my Toy Clutter Course:

For my FREE declutter guide:


Mar 31, 2021
099: I Can't Believe 'The Real Housewives' Taught Me THIS

Tune in to hear what watching The Real Housewives series taught me! (Yup, it *can be* an educational show. 😂😂😂)
You'll learn:
- how we subconsciously define ourselves by our STUFF - what we own, wear, buy, our income, etc. - and how that thinking gets us TRAPPED
- what REALLY DOES define the person we are
- 3 main factors that impact our identity + self-worth

To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Mar 24, 2021
098: 3 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Edit Your Wardrobe

Tune in to today's episode with special guest Jennifer Mary, personal stylist and podcast host of Everyday Style School. We dive into:

- how to get over FOTO (fear of throwing out) 

- 3 simple things you can do to edit your closet RIGHT NOW

- how our wardrobe is like an ATM

- what to do with clothes that don't fit right now

Enjoy! To tune into Jennifer's Podcast:

To sign up for my next 14-Day Challenge:


Mar 17, 2021
097: Spouse Refuse to Declutter Shared Spaces? Then Try This

Tune in to today's episode to:

- hear a SUPER common mistake you're likely making in an attempt to get your spouse on board (I did it, too)

- learn 4 concrete ideas to inspire them to get excited about decluttering

- conversation starters to have if you want to stop being the manager of everyone's stuff

To join my next 14-Day Challenge:

To grab my Toy Clutter Cure System:


Mar 10, 2021
096: How to Determine Your Value Lens and Why You Need to Know It

Tune in as I share four types of "value lenses" we look through and how they determine what we buy, keep and get rid of. Understanding your value lens is key to simplifying success! To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Need Help With Toy Clutter?:


Mar 03, 2021
095: How I'm Able to Embrace Everyday Mess

Tune in as I share how to embrace everyday mess and key differences between everyday mess and clutter. To enroll in my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Feb 24, 2021
094: Pros and Cons of Giving Your Unwanted Stuff to Loved Ones

Tune in as I explore the concept of how giving our unwanted stuff directly to another person feels better for many of us and how giving to friends or family can be a double-edged sword. Plus, I share the ONE question you need to ask yourself to make sure you're giving stuff to others INTENTIONALLY. To enroll in my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

To learn more about my programs:


Feb 17, 2021
093: Confessions from my Online Shopping Debacle

Tune in as I share how a recent online shopping experience left me shook...and how I fell for the oldest trick in the book. I share what I learned and how I've pivoted!

To join my next 14-Day Clutter Crusher Challenge:


Feb 10, 2021
092: Declutter Guilt Weighing You Down? Then Try This

Tune in as I review the many ways declutter guilt gets layered, how to "embrace the sting" and ways to move past that guilt toward a simpler home and life. To enroll in my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

Feb 03, 2021
091: All The Ways We Pay For Our Stuff

Tune in as I share all the ways we pay for our stuff (hint: it's not just monetarily). To sign up for my next 14- Day Clutter Challenge:

Jan 27, 2021
090: The No-Think Solution to Simplify your Wardrobe

Tune in as I chat with Jeannie from Your Color Guru about a NEW secret weapon for a streamlined wardrobe that you love and wear! To get 10% off Jeannie's services use code: clutterfree

Learn more here:

To sign up for my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Jan 20, 2021
089: How to Gain Clarity and Control Over Your Money

On the Maximized Minimalist Show today is New York Times Best Selling Author, Rachel Cruze, personal finance expert, and daughter of Dave Ramsey. Her newest book, called 'Know Yourself Know Your Money' is now available and I had the honor of talking about it with her on today's episode!

You'll learn:

-the different types of "money classrooms" and how they shape the way we handle money

-the different types of major money tendencies we all have and why it's important to understand them

-how to start shifting your money habits (and dropping the bad ones)


To sign up for my next clutter challenge:

Jan 13, 2021
088: Do this One Thing to Live Your Best Life

When we're buried in non-essentials, we can't focus on what truly matters or craft the life we want (happiness, contentment, whatever it is that is you desire).

Listen in to this week's episode and learn:

-What distracts us from our values

-How to know if you're TRULY living out your values in real-life

-Ways to feel more aligned, empowered, and on the path toward whatever it is you want in life or in this new year.

To sign up for my next clutter challenge:

Jan 06, 2021
087: What Mindset Experts are Doing for a Better 2021

Tune in as I share the ONE thing that mindset experts are doing to get the most out of 2020 and have a more fruitful 2021. Happy Holidays! To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Dec 16, 2020
086: Memorable Ways to Give Experience-Gifts

Tune in as I share some of my favorite ways to give experience-gifts and make it unique and memorable for both the gift-giver and receiver! Cheers to a clutter-free Holiday Season filled with joy and memories!

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Dec 09, 2020
085: If You Don't Have this 'Maybe' Bin, You're Missing Out

Tune in as I share Part 2 of my secret weapon to decluttering MORE and without any effort. By putting this SAME bin inside your home, you'll get rid of SO MUCH MORE! Enjoy! To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Dec 02, 2020
084: My Secret Weapon to Declutter Even More

Tune in to today's short and sweet episode to hear about the secret weapon I use to declutter without taking ANY TIME out of my day. To sign up for my NEXT 14-Day Clutter Challenge:


Nov 25, 2020
083: 8 Reasons You Need to Set Gift-Giving Boundaries

As joyful as holidays can be, they can also be filled with anxiousness, stress and straight-up dread about the amounts of stuff you or your child may be receiving. Tune in as I share all the powerful reasons you should establish gift-giving boundaries with your loved ones and how it benefits everyone in the long run!

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Nov 18, 2020
082: The Pressures of Traditional Gift-Giving

Tune in as I review common reasons you may feel pressured to give gifts during the holiday season. Get inspired to re-think the holidays and shift your perspective on traditional gift-giving. Enjoy!

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Nov 11, 2020
081: 3 Ways to Identify the Root of Anxiety

Tune in as I talk with Tara Bixby from the Courageously U Podcast as she shares how we can help ourselves identify where our anxiety is coming from and how to heal from it. Enjoy!

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Nov 04, 2020
080: Expected Mess Vs. Clutter

Tune in as I dispel a common decluttering myth and share important differences you need to know between what I call "expected mess" and clutter. To join my next 14-Day Clutter Challenge:

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Oct 28, 2020
079: The Science of Play & What Toys Kids Really Need

Tune in as I chat with Caley Kukla, M. Ed, about the importance of play, ways to nurture independent play and our favorite toys that facilitate open-ended, meaningful play!

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Oct 21, 2020
078: How to Break the Kids-Make-a-Mess, Mom-Cleans-It-Up Cycle

Tune in as I give a sneak-peek of my brand new toy clutter course. The kid-tested, step-by-step system for moms to take back control and cure toy clutter once and for all. To learn more go to:

Oct 14, 2020
077: The Four Stages of Toy Clutter Takeover

"Katy what's your process for solving toy clutter? I'm tired of walking into my son's room and not seeing the floor." Sincerely, - a mom who's tempted to throw out all the toys.

In today's episode, I share the 4 stages of taking over toy clutter so you can regain your time and energy. To learn more about my Toy Clutter Cure System go here:

Oct 07, 2020
076: Weird Declutter Trick that Eliminates Overwhelm

Tune in as I share this weird declutter trick I discovered that helps eliminate overwhelm in the declutter process!

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Sep 30, 2020
075: 3 Ways to Declutter When You're Battling Depression or Anxiety

I know firsthand how depression and anxiety can lend their hand to clutter chaos. The clutter stressed me out but the thought of decluttering felt so overwhelming that I didn't take action. I felt paralyzed and ill-equipped. Tune in as I share 3 ways to declutter while battling depression or anxiety.

Sep 24, 2020
074: To Keep Or Not to Keep? 5 Questions to Ask

Tune in to hear the five questions I use when deciding to keep vs. not to keep and real-life examples of how I very recently (last week!) used these EXACT questions to help me!

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Sep 16, 2020
073: 5 Proven Ways to Shortcut the Declutter Process

Tune in as I share five proven ways to shortcut the declutter process and dare I say, make it enjoyable! To learn more about my 14-Day Challenge:

Sep 09, 2020
072: Why You Can't Rely on Motivation and What to Do Instead

Tune in as I talk about the most powerful and effective way to change our behaviors to get the results that we want! Enjoy! To join my 14-day challenge:


Sep 02, 2020
071: How to Create a Wardrobe You Love (And Actually Wear!)

Today on the show I’m hanging with Conni Jespersen, San Diego based personal wardrobe stylist.

We dive into:

- How to define your personal style descriptors

- How using style descriptors will help you edit your closet and save you lots of $$$$

- What to do with clothes that don't fit, when your weight fluctuates

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Aug 26, 2020
070: Identify & Reframe: "I Suck at Decluttering"

Tune in as we continue August's Identify & Reframe Series and I share how to overcome more false narratives that slow or stop our simplifying journey. To sign up for my next 14 Day Challenge Go Here!


Aug 19, 2020
069: Identify & Reframe: Retail Therapy

Tune in as I continue this month's topic series of Identifying and Reframing thoughts that keep us stuck in our simplifying journey.

Today's episode is focused on retail therapy and how we can combat impulse purchases. Enjoy!

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Aug 12, 2020
068: Identify & Reframe: Scarcity Vs. Abundance

Do you ever have fears around decluttering?

-Fear of letting go

-Fear of regret

-Fear of wasting money

-Fear of [fill in the blank]....

I've been there, too, and then I recognized all of that fear was keeping me stuck.

Tune in as I dive into: How identifying and reframing the scarcity mindset will allow you to amplify your declutter success!

Aug 05, 2020
067: Simplified Homeschooling Part 2: Resources + Where to Get Started

Tune in as Lizzy Ensor, mama and homeschooling expert, joins me for Part 2.

We cover:

- Three amazing questions to ask yourself to decide: "To homeschool or not to homeschool?"

- Where to get started, how to piece together curriculums

- Her favorite homeschool resources including books, online groups curriculums, etc. to help get you started!

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Jul 29, 2020
066: Simplified Homeschooling Part 1: How to Know if it's Right for You

On the show today is Lizzy Ensor, mama and homeschooling expert. We cover:

- Her experience growing up homeschooled and why she chose to homeschool her two children

- How to know if homeschooling is right for your family

- We debunk common homeschool myths and generalizations 

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Jul 22, 2020
065: The Subtle Art of Learning to Play with Kids

Tune in as I welcome back Caley Kukla, childhood development expert, about how to play with our children, especially for those of us it does not come naturally to. She offers incredibly insightful ways to help us connect not only with our children but with ourselves.


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Jul 15, 2020
064: Why You Need to Know about The Diderot Effect Before you Make your Next Purchase

Tune in as I discuss the Diderot Effect and how this little-known phenomenon negatively impacts our spending habits. Enjoy!

Jul 08, 2020
063: 3 Important Questions to Ask to Learn from Your Clutter

Tune in as I share three of my favorite questions to ask as I'm decluttering. It's never enough to simply declutter, we must learn from our clutter, too!

Jul 01, 2020
062: 6 Hard Truths About Your Clutter

Tune in as I discuss six hard truths about clutter that will help motivate you and get you to the next phase in your declutter journey! Enjoy!

Jun 24, 2020
061: Taking a Mom Break with Erica Fraser

Need a good laugh? Tune in to some downright silliness as Erica from The Mom Break Podcast and I take a mom break together and get to know each other through a series of random (and usually, embarrassing) questions in a game called 'Ice Breaker'.

Jun 17, 2020
060: The Real Truth About Stress and How to Manage It

Tune in as I talk with Ali Damron, an expert in women's hormones and stress. We dive into:

- 3 common mistakes women make when it comes to managing their stress and hormones

- GOOD stress (yep, there's such a thing!) versus BAD stress

- How stress shows up in our bodies and what to do about it

Jun 10, 2020
059: Struggle Parting With Sentimental Items? Then Try This

Do you struggle with decluttering sentimental items? You are not alone!

In this episode, I help you identify and reframe those thoughts that so often stop us in our tracks while handling sentimental items so that you can continue on your journey of finding joy through less.

Jun 03, 2020
058: Releasing the Bondage of Guilt as a Working Mama

Tune in as I talk with Katie Alexander, author of the book This One's for the Working Mama.

We'll be diving into: - How to create a supportive village and network + her unique solutions to do this -Finding a way to set your soul free from the bondage of guilt over being a working mom - Handling the challenges with grace that arise from being a working mom Whether you're working by choice or necessity, you've got this, mama. <3

May 27, 2020
057: Four Ways to Supercharge Your Financial Freedom

Tune in as I talk with Sami Womack, creator of the Your Sunny Money Method and budget whiz. ​ On today's Maximized Minimalist podcast episode we dive into:

-Debt-free & saving strategies​

-How to become more intentional with our money​

-Perspective shifts we ALL need to make about $$$​, especially NOW

May 20, 2020
056: 3 Genius Declutter Hacks That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

On today’s episode I'm sharing 3 Declutter Hacks to Simplify Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less a Day! Remember, it's not about flash-in-the-pan weekend purges that give you your sanity back for a few weeks - it's about DAILY HABITS (like the ones I share in this episode) and getting 1% better every day that will help you MOST in the long term when it comes to simplifying your home and life. Let's bring some calm into your world and KEEP it that way.

May 13, 2020
055: How to Build a Smart Closet - Tips from a Minimalist Fashion Blogger

Tune in as I chat with Jo Ellen Woods about how to build a smart and versatile closet, her best online shopping tips and how to be a minimalist (even if you have kids!)


May 06, 2020
054: 12 Unexpected Items That Make Your Home Feel Cluttered

There are sneaky and surprising items inside our homes that can cause it to FEEL and LOOK more cluttered than it actually is - tune in as I share 12 of these items! Enjoy!

Apr 29, 2020
053: Reparenting Tips that will Change your Life

Being at home with our families 24/7 has brought up tons of new challenges - especially in the parent/child dynamic. Caley Kukla, childhood development expert, and I talk about the root of several parenting challenges many of us are experiencing and how we can help ourselves with reparenting. Enjoy!

Apr 22, 2020
052: 5 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Couples

It's so easy to settle into roommate mode and habits of co-existing - and that's even MORE true during this quarantine. So, what do we do? On today's episode is Sabrina Schlesinger, she and her husband Matthew host the podcasts Parenting on the Go and Marriage on the Go. We dive into: - How to feel more like a couple than roommates - Emotionally healthy habits - Fun ways to reignite that spark - Ways to improve our communication so that we can continue to evolve and progress in our relationship with our partner. Enjoy!

Apr 15, 2020
051: An Introvert's Guide to Thriving in Motherhood

Tune in as I talk with Bryce Reddy, a licensed mental health counselor, about the challenges of parenting as an introvert. She offers insightful suggestions of self-awareness and how to not only survive parenting as an introvert, but to thrive. Enjoy!


Apr 08, 2020
050: Three Ways to Value What you Already Have

Having less is great, but wanting less is even better. Valuing what we already own is one key to stop bringing in more clutter and in today's episode I break down three different ways to achieve this. Enjoy!

Apr 01, 2020
049: How to Get Your Kids to do Chores (Without a Fight!)

Tune in as I talk with Ashley Buffa, Home Systems Extraordinaire and mom of TEN kiddos.

She shares exactly how she went from feeling like an unpaid maid to having FREEDOM inside of her home and how to work as a team with your kids to manage your home.

To Join Her Freedom Mom's 21 Day Challenge Click Here

To Get Her Smart Kid's Chore System Click Here

Mar 25, 2020
048: How to Manage your Digital Photos like a Pro

Tune in as I talk with Casey von Stein, a certified professional photo organizer (yep, that's a real thing!) She has helped thousands of women get a handle on their digital photo clutter.

To get $10 OFF on Casey's Backup Bootcamp photo course, use Promo Code MINIMAL -> sign up here!

Mar 18, 2020
047: 5 Life-Changing Ways to Get Yourself Unstuck

Feeling stuck? If you're feeling stuck in motherhood, your career, in a relationship with a loved one or anything in between, tune in to hear Natalie Hodson's 5-Part-Framework to getting UNSTUCK so that you can become the woman you were meant to be.

Mar 11, 2020
046: My Home is Tidier Because I Started Doing These Four Things

Tune in as I dive into FOUR things that I started doing that have made a MASSIVE impact on the tidiness of my home (and my sanity!) Enjoy!

Mar 04, 2020
045: How to Shop Second-Hand like a Personal Stylist

The cost of fast-fashion is affecting all of us financially, economically and environmentally. Tune in as Bri Lamberson, personal stylist and thrift-shopping queen, joins me again on the show. We discuss the benefits of second-hand shopping, how to navigate consignment stores to find the best pieces and ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Feb 26, 2020
044: Three Mindset Shifts you MUST Make In Order to Create a Home that you Love

Tune in as Marla Cilley aka The Fly Lady and New York Times Best Selling Author - coaches us through common mental roadblocks when it comes to housework, decluttering and cleaning and offers us some tough love. Enjoy!

Feb 19, 2020
043: Reevaluating Our Relationship with Alcohol

Join me as I talk with Jen Kautsch, founder of Sober Sis. Jen teaches women how to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol and live a more wholehearted, aligned life. We share our own personal journeys with alcohol and where we are now. Enjoy!

Feb 12, 2020
042: What's the Point of Minimalism, Anyway?

Tune in as I discuss how to use minimalism to get you to where you want in life or help you become who you want to be.

Feb 05, 2020
041: Is Resentment Sabotaging your Motherhood?

Tune in as I talk with Irin Rubin, founder of Mommy Mindpower. We discuss how resentment can sneak into our motherhoods, how it affects our emotional, mental and physical health and ways to heal from it. Enjoy!

Jan 29, 2020
040: Pursuing a Life with Less Stuff, One Mom's Inspiring Story

Tune in as I chat with Jessica who moved her family of four from a 4,000 sq/ft home into a 400 sq/ft R.V. We talk about her declutter journey, how her relationship with "stuff" has evolved and all the ups and downs in-between - enjoy!

Jan 22, 2020
039: Three Secrets to Declutter Your Home Successfully Even if You're Exhausted By The Mess

Tune in for this podcast masterclass training as I share the three secrets to *finally* declutter your home successfully and quickly, even if you're exhausted by the mess and have kids! To find out more visit:

Jan 15, 2020
038: Decluttering Your Mind: Digital Distractions

Tune in to this podcast masterclass training where I review how to declutter your mind - with an emphasis on digital distractions! Enjoy!

Jan 08, 2020
037: Unlocking Your Power to Make Lasting Change

Tune in as I chat with my friend and health coach, Kelly Altman.

You'll take away:

- All the different ways you can apply intention into your life

- The reason why as moms, we know we should put ourselves first, but have a difficult time doing so

- Her three-step strategy to creating lasting change and having a kick-butt year!

Jan 01, 2020
036: How to Get 2020 Vision For Your Life

Tune in as I discuss my favorite way to go into any new year with clarity, purpose and direction! Enjoy!

Dec 18, 2019
035: This One Insanely Powerful Action Will Help You Get the Most Out of 2019

Tune in as I chat about how doing this one thing will ensure you take the most away from 2019 and head into 2020 with a clearer vision! Enjoy!

Dec 11, 2019
034: Minimalist Travel: Learn How to Have a Care-free, Wander-full Vacation

Tune in as I talk with Megan Anderluh, editor of the & Beyond Series of Moon Travel Guides. She is a PRO at planning stress-free, wander-full trips and we talk about how to slow down, simplify and make the MOST out of your travels.

Dec 04, 2019
033: A Cirque Acrobat's Fitness Tips for Staying Motivated through the Holidays

Today on the show, is retired-acrobat and Cirque performer, Shannon Shearn, founder of Savage Wellness.

We dive into:

*Trendy diets, the pros and cons

*Common exercise mistakes she sees mamas make

*Her strategy to stay motivated this holiday season and focus on your health

Visit to learn more!

Nov 27, 2019
032: My Three Biggest Takeaways From Traveling Through Italy for One Month

Tune in as I share my three biggest takeaways from traveling abroad for one month with my husband and our two toddlers. This trip has changed me for the better and I believe traveling can offer the same for you, too! Enjoy!

Nov 20, 2019
031: 30 Experience-Based Gifts for Everyone in the Family

Tune in as I share some of my favorite experience-based gifts that are perfect for any celebration in life! To get my free guide filled with fun and creative gift ideas head to

Nov 13, 2019
030: How to Feel Like the Best Version of Yourself, Inside and Out

Tune in as I talk with personal stylist and confidence booster, Melanie Kluger!

We discuss: *Ways to change our inner conversation and love our bodies more - because here's the thing: We ​can have the prettiest clothes or the best wardrobe, but if our negative self-talk is continually sabotaging us, we'll never feel confident.

*Closet versatility​

*How to be creative in your closet and make getting dressed FUN! ​

*How to keep your stylishness through the cold season months (anyone else feel a bit hodge-podgy at times with all the layers? Melanie to the rescue!)

She also shares her favorite holiday party outfit ideas! Enjoy!

Nov 06, 2019
029: How to Find the Best Plants for Your Home and Keep Them Thriving

Tune in as I chat with horticulturalist, Paula Witt, about plants! We discuss: *How to find the best plants for your home (inside or outside) *The benefits of plants *How mindfulness relates to plants and nature *Fun ways to introduce your young kids to plants Enjoy!

Oct 30, 2019
028: Discover the Ways to Find Balance and Overcome Mom-Guilt

Tune in to this candid conversation that I have with Kara Livingston from Simply Whole Moms. We discuss: *Exactly HOW she does ALL the things as a working, stay-at-home-mom *Mom-Balance - does it even exist?! *Mom-Guilt and how to squash it so it doesn't keep you stuck.

Oct 23, 2019
027: The Tragic Downside of Material Gifts and 5 Creative Ideas to Try Instead

Tune in as I shed some light on the downsides of material gift giving (environmental and financial impact, to name a few) and inspire you to re-think the holiday season! Enjoy!

Oct 16, 2019
026: How I Keep My Home Uncluttered in Ten Minutes a Day

Today on the show, I’ll be sharing EXACTLY what I do each and every day to keep my home uncluttered and prevent our home from filling back up with STUFF. The best part? It takes literally minutes to do!

Oct 09, 2019
025: Classic Wardrobe Pieces that Every Woman Looks Fabulous In!

Tune in as I chat with Brianna Lamberson, personal stylist and thrift shopping whiz. We discuss figuring out how to narrow down your personal style, classic wardrobe pieces every woman should own and how to get out of a style rut! Enjoy!

Oct 02, 2019
024: Can't Stay Organized No Matter What You've Tried? Here's How to Fix it!

Tune in as I talk with Tracy Hoth of Simply Squared Away. Tracy is a certified life coach and professional organizer. She teaches women how to transform their life from the inside out and end their struggle with disorganization once and for all!

Sep 25, 2019
023: The #1 Thing You Need to Create a Wardrobe You Love (and Actually Wear!)

Tune in as I talk with Cladwell CEO, Erin Flynn. Cladwell is the world's largest personal styling app designed to help you love your clothes again. Listen as we talk about fast fashion, her story, and how decluttering her closet changed her life!

Sep 18, 2019
022: What to Do When Your Motherhood Expectations Don't Match Your Reality

It’s easy to get bogged down by the nitty-gritty details of motherhood. How do you manage everything life throws your way? I've gathered some of my favorite mom experts for a life-changing Online Summit to help you ditch the stress and overwhelm and find more joy and peace.

Sep 11, 2019
021: Dinner in a Flash: How to Go from Mealtime Dread to Everybody Fed

Tune in as I talk with Nakita Attard Vassallo, blogger and author of the book, The Mama Manual. Nakita is passionate about teaching busy moms how to simplify your time in the kitchen and streamline your routine so you can get the most out of life. Today we are diving deep into meal prep and meal planning, and how to cook LESS but serve MORE.

Sep 04, 2019
020: Four Terrific Tips to Simplify your Workouts and Make Exercise Fun!

Tired of exercising feeling like a chore? Just ONE MORE THING on your to-do list?

On the show is fitness instructor, Samantha Nivens. Today we discuss: * How her fitness expectations and schedule has changed since becoming a Mom (and how yours should, too) * Simple (and I mean SUPER simple) workout ideas * How to make exercise feel fun instead of like a chore

Aug 28, 2019
019: Epic European Family Vacation! Four Ways to Master Packing Like a Pro

Tune in as I discuss our family's upcoming European trip of a lifetime! I'm discussing essential tips for packing light and making travel easier with toddlers in tow. Enjoy!

Aug 21, 2019
018: How to Declutter Your Finances and Take Charge of Your Money

Tune in as I talk with financial advisor, Brie Sodano! Her content has been featured on U.S. News, Business News Daily, and Huffington Post, just to name a few!

Today we talk about why budgets don't work, how to declutter your finances and how to find the holes in your spending so that you can take control of the money in your life.

Aug 14, 2019
017: Four Effective Tips to Declutter with Young Kids

Tune in as I discuss my top tips to declutter when you have young kids. Having an uncluttered home IS possible with a family!

I discuss:

*What to do with the all the baby stuff, when you're not sure if you're going to have more children.

*Options for including your children in the declutter process or not, and my opinion on them!

*A Real-life story about what happened when a Mom removed 75% of the toys in her daughter's bedroom. I think you'll be shocked...

Aug 07, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Divorce or Declutter?

Tune in as I chat with one of my students about what made her decide to go ALL-IN with *finally* decluttering her home.

Aug 02, 2019
016: How to Create a Home You Love to Be In

On the show this week is one of my favorite Interior Designers, Kirsten Holmstedt. She and her team curate fresh, inviting, and functional havens for their clients.

On the show we’ll be talking about:

* Ways to create a home you LOVE to be in and FEEL great in

* How to make a home feel homey, without all the stuff

* Insider tricks on making a home feel more elevated, without dropping $$$ at West Elm to learn more!

Jul 31, 2019
015: How to Get Your Spouse on Board With Decluttering

Tune in as I chat with my husband about his best tips on getting your spouse on board with decluttering. 

He also shares his AHA moment he had along our declutter journey and his own struggles with hanging onto stuff he knows he should let go of.

To sign up as a VIP for my upcoming home declutter course launch go to

Jul 24, 2019
014: How to Become a Mindful Shopper and Stop Buying Crap You Don't Need

Today’s episode is about putting intention and mindfulness back into the shopping experience.

Our culture has trained us to seek instant gratification through materialism.

A few of the problems with this mentality are:

*the gratification never lasts (sorry, not sorry)

*it’s draining your bank account

*it creates extra waste = harmful for the environment

*it creates massive amounts of clutter in your home

I believe that no matter where we are on our journey of less, we can always work on improving our purchase habits.

Sign up for my VIP Launch List at

Jul 17, 2019
013: Faith & Fitness: A Unique Approach For Supercharging Your Health

Tune in as I chat with Lindsay Hay. Lindsay teaches women to get healthy and fit through grace and discipline.

In this episode we talk about the various seasons to motherhood, creative ways to find workouts that work for you, staying consistent with your fitness routine, and I think most importantly of all, giving yourself grace.

Go to to sign up for my Home Declutter Course Waitlist!

Jul 10, 2019
012: Hot Mess to Mindful Mom - Tips on Self Care for the Modern Day Mom

On today’s episode, I'm chatting with author, Ali Katz.

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” -Audrey Lorde

This episode is for you if you:

•Understand self-care is important but still don’t manage to do it

•Need new, creative ways to incorporate self-care into your routine

•Have tried self-care but struggle with staying consistent

•On most days you feel more like a “hot-mess” than a mindful mom

Ali’s uncanny ability to make the concepts of self-care, meditation and mindfulness feel relatable, and downright fun, truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd!

Ali is the mom of two boys, an avid runner, a yogi, and a self-proclaimed tea junkie...and on that note, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Jul 03, 2019
011: How to Radically Improve Your Health With Biohacking and Seasonal Eating

Tune in as I talk with Meg Smit about healing the body with biohacking and season eating.

No matter where you are on your health journey - tune in to today's episode because she shares with us her Top Four strategies that you can start TODAY, to improve your health.

And, you know me, I had her break it down and give us the simplest ways to do it, because I'm ALL about simplifying! :)

Jun 26, 2019
010: The Introvert's Guide to Finding Your Tribe and Creating New Friendships

Tune in to today's episode as I discuss finding your tribe!

This episode is for you if:

*You want to cultivate new friendships, but don't know how or where to find the "right" people

*You are in introvert (so am I!) and feel vulnerable putting yourself out there.

*You are ready to meet new, bad-a$$ women who actually have the same values and interests as you

Jun 19, 2019
009: How To Simplify And Streamline Your Makeup Routine

Tune in to hear my friend, Kat Elizabeth, talk ALL things makeup!

Kat teaches simple and natural makeup techniques for busy women, so they can go from frustrated to confident in their makeup look and always be camera ready (basically a necessity in the digital world we live in)!

Join us as we discuss all things makeup and find out the ONE (okay, maybe two or three!) products Kat would take with her on a deserted island!

Jun 12, 2019
008: Intentional Spaces: What Your Home Can Reveal About Your Life And Dreams

Today on the show is Melanie Scott, the founder of Intentional Spaces.

Through her company she has worked with clients to transform their home through coaching. Her belief is that a home can be beautiful AND can nurture your life and dreams. Yep, it's true!

Melanie is going to share with us her favorite ways to cultivate a beautiful home environment that you love to be in, without dropping major cash at Pottery Barn.



Jun 05, 2019
007: Meal Planning Secrets Revealed

On today’s episode, I talk with Karen Howell and get some insider tips on successful meal planning.

Karen is the founder of Meal Planning Secrets, a step-by-step guide designed to teach parents the right way to meal plan without wasting valuable time.

She is passionate about helping busy moms live their best lives by reducing the time and stress associated with cooking.

No more dreading the question, "What's for dinner tonight?"!

May 29, 2019
006: Happiness Vs. Contentment: What You Should Strive For And Why

Tune in as I discuss the key differences between HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT and how it affects us and our relationship to STUFF. I also share my Top Three Strategies that you can start today, to increase your contentment!

May 22, 2019
005: The 4 Step Strategy I Used to Conquer My Clutter For Good (and Climb a Mountain!)

Decluttering and mountain climbing can both make you feel like finishing and getting to the top is too difficult, too exhausting, and at times feels impossible. In this episode, I break down my Four Step Strategy that allowed me to conquer my clutter for good, AND climb a friggin' mountain, how COOL is that!?

May 15, 2019
004: How Clutter Can Cause Anxiety - And What To Do About It

Tune in as I talk with Celia Sugg about her strategic ways to declutter the mind and get passed anxious thoughts. Celia helps people heal from anxiety so that they can live a life of emotional freedom, I hope you tune in!

Check out Celia's free guide, Declutter Your Mind, here:

May 08, 2019
003: How to Connect With Your Children and Tame Tantrums

Tune in as Caley answers my burning parenting questions and walks me through a fantastic strategy to connect with our children and tame those dreaded tantrums!

May 01, 2019
002: How Doing This ONE Thing Will 10X Your Chance Of Success At Anything In Life

Tune in as Katy shares the ONE thing you can do that will 10x your chances of succeeding at anything you want in life, including decluttering your home!

Apr 24, 2019
001: The REAL Definition Of Minimalism

Tune in to hear the REAL definition of minimalism. It's NOT the definition you think! Join Katy as she also discusses theTop 5 Benefits (and then some!) you can expect if you start to live more simply

Apr 24, 2019
000: How Minimalism Saved My Motherhood

In this new show, Katy shares why she became a minimalist. Minimalism is not about what you remove, but rather what you gain by removing it!

You will also discover how she went from being an overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious Mom to one that is content, more joy-filled and able to focus on what matters most.

Apr 24, 2019