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A married couple recapping, conversing and goofing off while discussing episodes of 'Murder, She Wrote' every other week or so.

Episode Date
S06E20 - Shear Madness

The Crow. The Horse. The basement. The bride?

Sep 21, 2022
S06E19 - Always A Thief

Was Stanton the first podcaster? Will Damien change his name to "Stun"? Will Elaine talk Monica into The Big Salad? And what does Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Burt Reynolds have to do with any of this?


Sep 11, 2022
S06E17 - Murder According To Maggie

An immature leading man, a creepy dysfunctional relationship, a bad fake mustache and a reminder to never drop your pencil on a break.

Sep 02, 2022
S06E16 - The Big Show Of 1965

We're off the rails and neither of us likes the episode enough to rein each other in, also, we occasionally talk about The Big Show Of 1965.

Aug 23, 2022
S06E15 - The Fixer Upper

Real Estate.

Fake Howard.

Aug 10, 2022
S06E14 - How To Make A Killing Without Really Trying

We talk stocks, golf versus gulf, and high definition heartsmart beginnings while learning 'How To Make A Killing Without really Trying'.

Aug 06, 2022
S06E13- If The Shoe Fits

Kevin's the best kid in the world, Jessica doesn't understand the town she lives in and Jennie needs bird information all while Seth's diet takes a downturn in 'If The Shoe Fits'.

Jul 27, 2022
S06E12 - Good Bye Charlie

We talk about The Train People, mullets, monographs, the quality of mystery writing in the MSW universe and even a little bit about what may be our least favorite of the bookends, Good-Bye Charlie.


Jul 20, 2022
S06E11 - Town Father

The electionality of Mayor Booth and debates over 'electionality' as a word, Leonard Nimoy's musical legacy and laments over our last trip to Loretta's Salon come together while we talk about Town Father.

Jul 10, 2022
S06E10 - Class Act

It's college cop class in the best of the bookends!

This episode is a real Class Act, unlike this super basic episode description.

Jun 20, 2022
S06E09 - A Test Of Wills

Island mansions, rich jerks, money grubbers, fortune hunting con men and terrible family relations abound during A Test Of Wills.

May 22, 2022
S06E08 - When The Fat Lady Sings

Stanton being awesome, hair metal terminator and The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Police Uniform, If you like Giorgi0 you'll love When The Fat Lady Sings.

May 07, 2022
S06E06 - Dead Letter

Cabot Cove jerks, flammable solvents, friend-zoned firemen, the worst designed sign that MSW has ever featured and a title drop done by a woman paining a portrait of a fisherman all wrapped up with a slightly more caffeinated take on the usual CCC nonsense , it's Dead Letter!

Apr 30, 2022
S06E05 - Jack and Bill

Jack and Bill, Mullet and The Man, news-camera guns and bottle bombs, it's the first bookend we've enjoyed and it's awesome!

Feb 22, 2022
S06E04 - The Error Of Her Ways

We start at the end but was Jessica wrong about who did it? Do we care? 

Also, Damien talks a little too much about answering machines and Jennie tells us tales of internet dating.

Jan 26, 2022
S06E02 - Seal Of The Confessional

We've got late night cloak walks, giant knives, blood covered boats, comic book loving lawmen, wind breaker loving scumbags and rag doll physics wheelchair drops as Donald Barnes rethinks voluntary temporary assignments while under the Seal Of The Confessional!

Dec 26, 2021
S06E01 - Appointment In Athens

From Paris to Athens, but never to Cairo.

A story of spoiled travel, spies, murder, bird voice talent and stuff.


Dec 01, 2021
Season Five Recap

2:42 to skip the Lou.

It's the Season Five recap and podcast wrap up along with some callbacks and goofing off!

Thanks everybody!!

Jun 27, 2021
S05E21+22 - Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It's the Season 5 ender!


Jun 16, 2021
S05E20 - Three Strikes, You're Out

Major league. Small park.

Purple dream shirt. The Bellman.

Baseball. Broken glass.

Jun 11, 2021
S05E19 - Double Exposure

Mistaken-Identity-but-not-really-a-mistake-but-maybe-still-not-cool-to-bring-up-to-a-possibly-grieving-widow energy abounds when Man-At-Arms sends an unqualified rumpled man to tail Jess in Double Exposure!
And Harry's back!

Jun 03, 2021
S05E18 - Trevor Hudson's Legacy

Debates about bears and big game as well as a discussion about the financial benefits of substituting Fulci for babysitter bills. 

All that and some terrible family stuff!

May 07, 2021
S05E17 - The Sins Of Castle Cove

Hard opinions on the Karate kid series and Limp Bizkit serve as the bread in this Sins Of Castle Cove recap sandwich.

Apr 15, 2021
S05E16 - Truck Stop

Black and white flashbacks, unreliable narratives, obvious paternity secrets, motorcycle tough-guys and bitter-sweet news about the podcasts future.
We're covering Truck Stop and its ...okay!

Apr 08, 2021
S05E15 - Alma Murder

Is a bachelor's degree still valid post-marriage? Where is the link between Argento and Kolchaka? And what is the story with faculty/student relations in the MSW universe?

It's lies, murder, inappropriate relationships, bad decisions and more lies, it's Alma Murder!

Mar 25, 2021
S05E14 - From Russia ...With Blood

Is Iranian caviar as delicious as it is easy to import? Was the cypher designed for someone with no knowledge of cyphers to figure out? Did JB secretly miss the almond nougat that was replaced with microfilm? And what does any of this have to do with reptile parks?

It's time for a Zmed-ucation with the episode that two out of two hosts agree is better when you don't fall asleep before the ending, From Russsia ...With Blood!

Mar 18, 2021
S05E13 - Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

Are there no tree removal services in Cabot Cove? Is a pilgrim dress the 3rd piece in a suit? How did Adam's rep survive after the toaster-tech attack of 1985? And will Jonas be able to find love at the bus station again?

Ghosts for hire, rock-star exorcists and fire hazards causing anxiety? Calm down, Little Ricky's on the case for Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble!

Mar 11, 2021
S05E12 - Smooth Operators

Can Latimer get any props for being the first person to bust a JB ruse by recognizing her book jacket photo? What crucial part of the plot was Noodles the dog playing? And will Damien become a time-travelling foot model?

Get out your morgue snacks and meet us downtown, it's time for unnecessary procedures and dog accessorization with some Smooth Operators!

Mar 04, 2021
S05E11 - The Search For Peter Kerry

How many episodes in a row will feature an estranged wife pulling a firearm on her con man spouse? Would this episode have been better with Pauly Shore? Is Danny a beautiful slob? And does Roger Philby stay up at night thinking of zingers?

Oh no, they killed Michael Beck! Meet us at the mansion to compare sweaters and scars but leaves your smokes at home, it's The Search For Peter Kerry!

Feb 26, 2021
S05E10 - Weave A Tangled Web

Will we ever hear of the Starlight Lounge again? How can two people lose one set of keys so many times? Was Vivian Jennie's favorite character ever? What exactly does Miles believe happened? And does Jess still have that red top?

Place your bets, tell the party to go home, and Weave A Tangled Web!

Feb 19, 2021
S05E09 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

What was Harriet's temperature anyway? Is Damien sponsored by the Whitman's Sampler? Will Ziggy ever find another companion to discuss his mother with? Did Clara ever get to try the food? And will Slocum be invited to the next big event?

Modern weddings are all pork balls, black coffee and 'Something Borrowed, Someone Blue'!

Feb 12, 2021
S05E08 - Prediction: Murder

Will Francesco's exploits end his career as a party psychic? Did Jill hone her skills by scamming Stevie Nicks fans into buying knock-off tambourines and scarves? Was Ben secretly a stone-cold hitman who didn't Del because he doesn't work for free? And will JB ever try that recipe Lee offered her?

Chew your toast carefully and put your romantic quandaries aside, its Prediction: Murder!

Feb 05, 2021
S05E07 - The Last Flight Of The Dixie Damsel

Would Frank have really dropped the caddy off the plane if given half a chance (we think so)? Has Dressler ever met someone he couldn't offend? Is Rossi king of the long con? And will Mrs. Havermeyer notice those holes in the trunk?

Heat up the hot plate while JB throws a sick burn, we're talking season 5, episode 7; The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel.

Jan 29, 2021
S05E06 - Wearing Of The Green

Does Diane just try too hard? Is this Blackthorn's first job? Did Laszlo think the Queen of Tara Tiara replica-replica was his ticket out of the friend zone? Was there ever a moment Andrea considered doing the right thing? And will Ken stop creepily hanging around Siobhan's apartment now?

Trigger the alarm and blow the doors out, we're talking Wearing Of The Green!

Jan 22, 2021
S05E05 - Coal Miner's Slaughter

Are grand declarations a good idea prior to filing subpoenas? Bridie or Birdie? What do the guys in the dynamite factory say? And why is Reese such a dweeb?
Lock your door, fry up some chicken and hold on to your Shakespeare, its Coal Miner's Slaughter!

Jan 15, 2021
S05E04 - Snow White, Blood Red

Who really was skiing in the red parka? Was Gunnar a guru on skis or the baron of sleaze? Did Johnny make the team after all? Was this the worst day of Pamela's life? And will the Doc find needle-point fulfilling?
Hold on to your room key, dodge the crossbow fire and hit the slopes because they're Snow White, Blood Red!

Jan 08, 2021
S05E04 - Snow White, Blood Red

Who really was skiing in the red parka? Was Gunnar a guru on skis or the baron of sleaze? Did Johnny make the team after all? Was this the worst day of Pamela's life? And will the Doc find needle-point fulfilling?
Hold on to your room key, dodge the crossbow fire and hit the slopes because they're Snow White, Blood Red!

Jan 08, 2021
S05E03 - Mr. Penroy's Vacation

How many bodies are buried in that yard? Is Lillian really dizzy or is that a front? Did Ole Korshack project so much failure that the bank employees weren't concerned about his suspicious behavior? And how long has Helen been honing those forgery skills?

Join us for the episode where Metzger's on the case and Winston digs through the clues, its time for "Mr Penroy's Vacation".

Jan 01, 2021
S05E02 - A Little Night Work

Have you ever met a thief with a specific vendetta, a built in alibi and a personal moral code? Was everyone at that party working a separate agenda? Are balcony drops better than elevators? And is this just a story about people who don't want to work and the various schemes they come up with?
Join us as we watch this episode's Stantformation into a show about a dude who only lies when his lips move, its time for A Little Night Work.

Dec 27, 2020
S05E01 - JB As In Jailbird

The 'Chronicle' or 'Rolling Stone'? Will Lancaster get to keep the fish when he retires? What was Santiago's story? And is Warren Peace the greatest musician who never lived?

Join us as we uncover the truth behind 'Mike' Haggerty's elite espionage position, it's pretty much like every other workplace except for the fake names, as we talk 'JB As In Jailbird'!

Dec 20, 2020
Bonus- Season Four Recap

Its the season four recap where we, uh, ...recap season four.

Dec 13, 2020
Bonus- Season Four Recap

Its the season four recap where we, uh, ...recap season four.

Dec 13, 2020
S04E22 - The Body Politic

Why aren’t all speeches written by mystery writers? Was that Bud really for anyone? Would you call that claw hammer a political tool or a business solution? And what’s up with the cheese on the fillet o fish?

Its all fun and games until the dude from Green Acres throws you off a balcony in the season four finale, The Body Politic!

Dec 12, 2020
S04E22 - The Body Politic

Why aren’t all speeches written by mystery writers? Was that Bud really for anyone? Would you call that claw hammer a political tool or a business solution? And what’s up with the cheese on the fillet o fish?

Its all fun and games until the dude from Green Acres throws you off a balcony in the season four finale, The Body Politic!

Dec 12, 2020
S04E21 - Deadpan

Does one 'play' a play? How many states are in Perceptual New England? Are we distracting or relevant? And why are there so many speaking roles in this episode?
Come along and listen to Damien's ignorance of theater eclipse his ignorance of geography as we talk 'Deadpan'.

Dec 06, 2020
S04E20 - Showdown in Saskatchewan

Will Jill learn the right lessons from her time with Marty? Will Consuela ever get back in her trailer? Does Luke own any other pants or did he blow his clothing budget on disguise glasses? And with a name like Strychnine can you ever relax?
So get that bull a model train set Buster, we're heading to the rodeo for a Showdown In Saskatchewan!

Nov 28, 2020
S04E19 - Just Another Fish Story

What were Anton Chekhov’s thoughts on frozen fish? Who wants a pitchfork of burning meat? What are the style rules for pairing bolo-ties and leather vests? And does this episode contain the best murder weapon in MSW history?

Pull that Yellowtail out of the freezer (for personal protection) and join us even though its ‘Just Another Fish Story’.

Nov 21, 2020
S04E18 - Benedict Arnold Slipped Here

Will the Tilly Adams house be featured on House Hunters: Cabot Cove? Is Eve Simpson a hyper-focused professional or a stone cold sociopath? Was Alastair a tormented fan or a dangerous man? And are mung beans better or worse when burnt?

Take an inventory of your possessions and hide the valuables behind brick #3, we're coming to your place to chat about the time Benedict Arnold Slipped Here!

Nov 14, 2020
S04E17 - A Very good Year For Murder

Is it a bigger faux pas to not appreciate the quality of a good wine or to not detect the poison added to it? Will family dinners be awkward for Michelle when Ben Skyler is brought up? Has Stella been secretly spitting in the food for years? And is Salvatore really dying or is this another attempt to bring his family together while evading justice?

Pour a glass of your finest vintage and join us for a party where the food is plentiful and the music is reminiscent of a popular 90s McDonalds campaign, its 'A Very Good Year For Murder'.

Nov 07, 2020
S04E16 - Murder Through The Looking Glass

When having a medical emergency while driving, is it best to accelerate downhill while swerving wildly? Why is it so hard to say “Carl Cosgrove”? What else was in JB’s file? And did Francis prefer dressing like a priest because he didn’t own a good suit?

Join us in the safehouse while we look in on a Murder Through The Looking Glass!

Oct 31, 2020
S04E15 - Mourning Among The Wisterias

Is it ever a good idea to give up after one attempt when trying to warn someone they are being poisoned? Will Deidre be cast as Jessica in the play Eugene is writing about the events of this episode? Who will play Deidre if she is? And why are we so concerned with this?

Grab a fan and tuck your tie into your pants while we head to the deep south for proposals and grits while Mourning Among The Wisterias!

Oct 24, 2020
S04E14 - Curse Of The Daanav

What is the market rate for cursed rubies these days? Are Carolyn and Mark terrible by nature or nurture? Does not telling people about his cursed cobra nightmares contribute to or detract from Vikram's success? And how many times have you been fooled by the old cigarette in the latch trick?

Its family reunions, polo heckling and attempted murder at Richie Hazlitt's place, we're talking 'Curse Of The Daanav'!

Oct 17, 2020
S04E13 - Harbinger Of Death

Is Leonard an astronomer genius or coffee spilling hack? Will Carrie ever stop relocating in an attempt to escape her inner turmoil? How do you please someone who only wants to talk about comets until he is asked to talk about comets? And does Aunt Edna even have bursitis?

So get computering on that telescope and don't call Thor by his first name while we keep a lookout for a 'Harbinger of Death'.

Oct 10, 2020
S04E12 - Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

Is #floak going to take off? How scary can you be with the name Elmo? Can you get 'hopped up' on Sleepy Time Tea? Is it customary for a deputy to provide their own uniform? And has anyone ever successfully pretended to be their own answering machine?

Gather the Framily! It's time to impose on in-laws and enjoy a sleepy New England feast. But first, Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

Oct 03, 2020
S04E11 - Doom With A View

What was a computer operator salary in 1987? Why wasn't Charlotte Rae fronting any of the bands on the Monolith of Death tour? And couldn't Mark just wait for his next review?

Set up that suplex and throw on a Willa Ford album - we're at season 4, episode 11; Doom with a View.

Sep 26, 2020
S04E10 - Indian Giver

Why couldn't we just get a bookend? When will land developers learn to stay out of Cabot Cove? How does Charlie Peabody's motel stay in business? And why did we decide to do every episode in order?
Try to figure out if this episode is bad, inept, offensive or some combination of the three, its episode 10 of season 4!

Sep 25, 2020
S04E09 - Trouble In Eden

Is Luis Framm just a jaded Grady? Did Eddie crash because he isn't good at thinking ahead or could he just not see over his mustache? When will anyone explain to the Garden of Eden staff that Jessica isn't actually Mary Rose? And can Martha find happiness in a mall job?
Come with us to the west coast's answer to Cabot Cove while we talk about MSW's "Trouble In Eden".

Sep 12, 2020
S04E08 - Steal Me A Story

Is Danger Doctor the original unconventional detective? Why did Gayle even go to the meeting if she didn't want to work in television? Was this Sid Sharkey's first gift? Why did Gary do it? Why wasn't it Gary that did it?
Come listen to Jennie talk about Gary's guns and Damien just want to talk about Gary in season 4, episode 8; 'Steal Me A Story'.

Aug 30, 2020
S04E07 - If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly

Is it fair for Seth to blame the calamari’s failure on a DOA call? What would Johnathan do with an eighth day in the week? Will Amos ever recover from his beauty parlor migraine? And will he be able to get a date now that Johnathan’s leaving town?

So get ready to gossip and berate Coreen or maybe just hide in the corner with a magazine and a coffee because “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly”!

Aug 20, 2020
S04E06 - It Runs In The Family

On a scale of 'The Doodlebops' to 'Die Antwoord', how controversial is Emma's spooning song? Will Emma and JB swap tales of their crime solving exploits on their next long distance call? And how fast did news of the arrest hit the Garden Club circuit?
Grab a pint, skip the herring and call your identical cousin because it's time for season 4, episode 6; 'It Runs in the Family'.

Aug 16, 2020
S04E05 - The Way To Dusty Death

Can a tennis match reveal corporate leadership strength? Is it medically sound to pull a TV into a hot tub to stop a heart attack? How much glass was smashed or stolen in this episode? And will Tom and Morgan bond over their shared experiences of murderously minded wives?

Take your seat at the table but skip that moment of silence as we enter the cutthroat corporate world in season 4, episode 5 - The Way to Dusty Death.

Aug 09, 2020
S04E04 - Old Habits Die Hard

Will Sarah take her vows at the convent or with Mike Phelps? Will Ray Carter ever make it to Florida? Did JB keep the convent map to run future D&D campaigns? And will the M&M sisters ever trust Sarah with cookie baking responsibilities again?
Grab your flashlight and meet us in the catacombs , we're exploring season 4, episode 4; Old Habits Die Hard.

Aug 02, 2020
S04E03 - Witness For The Defense

Did Jessica actually like Jim's work, or even Jim? Why is it so hard to believe his books are any good? Did Jim hire someone else to do his writing? And why would anyone like Jim?
Join us for questionable Canadian accents, Fletcher/MacGill homicide accusations and JB in disguise (twice) in 'Witness for the Defense'.

Jul 26, 2020
S04E02 - When Thieves Fall Out

How rare is a 1950s cherry red Corvette and does anyone want to donate one to CCC for "research purposes"? Is Perry honest enough to be a judge? When Dan finds out what happened, will he be grateful he was in jail those two nights? And will coach keep the '66 trophy in his prison cell?
Come out and relive old glories on the field as we talk secrets, sports cars and the struggle of emotions vs. justice in this week's episode - season 4, episode 2, When Thieves Fall Out.

Jul 19, 2020
S04E01 - A Fashionable Way To Die

Will "The Taylor Look" change prom fashion forever? Can a mistress demand monogamy? And could a red purse be a hotter smoking gun than the smoking gun?
We're hitting the catwalk and strutting our stuff with a quick thinking emcee and model trainee in season 4, episode 1 - A Fashionable Way to Die. And don't worry, the pearls come with the dress!

Jul 12, 2020
Bonus - Season 3 recap

Its a recap of our coverage of MSW's third season!

Jul 07, 2020
S03E22 - Murder, She Spoke

Will Stoney ever recoup those bootleg losses? Why does Mrs. Randy even want to own the recording studio? And can Sally Ann put her tin ear and screech owl voice to use in a different career path?
Join us as we answer none of these questions in the season 3 finale, its episode 22, Murder, She Spoke.

Jul 05, 2020
S03E21 - The Days Dwindle Down

Was Jessica relieved to work a cold case for strangers rather than keeping loved ones out of jail? Can we get a sequel where Thelma is wrongly accused of killing "the hunk"? And if you build models in your mansion while wearing a three-piece suit will Damien still consider you unemployed?
What's old is ...not as old, because its super flashback attack in season 3, episode 21, "The Days Dwindle Down".

Jun 28, 2020
S03E20 - The Cemetery Vote

Will any of JB's flowers survive Tupper's flower sitting? Is breaking into a relatives house acceptable if they don't hear the doorbell? When did "lawyer" become a dead-end job? And can one be professionally stoked?
Cast your ballot while keeping an eye out for snoopy secretaries, its season 3, episode 20 - The Cemetery Vote.

Jun 21, 2020
S03E19 - No Accounting For Murder

Will Grady ever find an honest employer? Did Zoltan find inspiration again when he left NYC? What's next for the informant hairdresser who struck it big with the IRS? And is Marty Giles still in business with his going out of business merchandise?
Climb out of the crawlspace and bring your receipts, we're covering season 3, episode 19 - No Accounting for Murder.

Jun 14, 2020
S03E18 - No Laughing Murder

When did MSW get so gruesome? Why does the doctor practice less medical confidentiality than the police? Does Wylie's mom get a stipend for her contributions? Will Corrie ever be able to win an argument with Kip after the "incident"? And who puts their light bulbs behind the sugar?
Pop in those old videocassettes and pull up a seat, this week we talk about season 3, Episode 18 - No Laughing Murder.

Jun 07, 2020
S03E17 - Simon Says, Color Me Dead

Will a name like Cash Logan set you up for a successful life? Will George Selby still want to host a Simon Thane festival after this? And will Amos Tupper have room for two large secrets in his "amnesia vault"?
Set up the studio and throw on some C.M.B.; we're discussing the masterpiece that is season 3, episode 17 - Simon Says, Color Me Dead.

May 31, 2020
S03E16 - Death Takes A Dive

Does Harry McGraw ever tell the truth? Where can we get a bullet proof couch cushion? How's the Doc/Blaster dairy farm partnership? And can The Irish Shillelagh continue his boxing career behind bars?
The gloves are on, the fix is in and we're all warmed up and ready to cover the third visit from Harry McGraw in episode 16 of season 3, Death Takes a Dive.

May 24, 2020
S03E15 - The Bottom Line Is Murder

Was the Uncle Buck who danced with Jess the Uncle Buck? Will Lynnette achieve the success she knows she deserves? Did Bert go ahead and order both chairs - or was his requisition DOA since the boss's signature is now meaningless? And will Rob be the prison racquetball champion?
Never call Jessica "Ms. Fletcher" and always trust your spouse over violent psychopaths. Learn how we came by this sage advice in our exploration of Season 3, Episode 15 - The Bottom Line is Murder.

May 17, 2020
S03E15 - The Bottom Line Is Murder

Was the Uncle Buck who danced with Jess the Uncle Buck? Will Lynnette achieve the success she knows she deserves? Did Bert go ahead and order both chairs - or was his requisition DOA since the boss's signature is now meaningless? And will Rob be the prison racquetball champion?
Never call Jessica "Ms. Fletcher" and always trust your spouse over violent psychopaths. Learn how we came by this sage advice in our exploration of Season 3, Episode 15 - The Bottom Line is Murder.

May 17, 2020
S03E14 - Murder In A Minor Key

Will Mike ever achieve proper posture? Does breakfast pizza absolve verbal error? How does one miss a loud argument, a second visitor and a tuning-fork massacre? And, most importantly, can we have Jessica back now?

So join us for the episode no one was asking for - Season 3, Episode 14 - Murder in a Minor Key.

May 10, 2020
S03E13 - Crossed Up

What exactly is the "surprise" in tuna surprise? Can Mona really recognize people just by looking at their feet? Will the cat have to go to prison for attempted murder by allergies of Gordon? And Will Leslie and Grady hit it off on the bus to NYC?

Get your giant dictionary so you can describe how you feel about that tuna cuisine while we talk season 3's episode 13, Crossed Up.

Apr 29, 2020
S03E12 - The Corpse Flew First Class

Which is the more heinous crime; stealing a multi-million dollar piece of jewelry or tampering with someone's Walkman before a long flight? Who is the Empress Catherine and what does she have to do with Bunker Hill? Is the lounge any place for a cadaver? And will the Metcalfs and Burt have the memorable vacation in Paris that they deserve?
So grab your over-sized knitting bag full of green handcuff alternatives 'cause we're having more fun than Bernie the pilot in Season 3, Episode 12 - The Corpse Flew First Class.

Apr 23, 2020
S03E11 - Night Of The Headless Horseman

Where did Dorian learn to throw a punch? How would Greg Brady's tattoo fare on Ink Master? Is a bottle of vodka and a living room chair all you need to start in dentistry? And will Doc Dentist still practice his jewelry making craft in jail?

So saddle up and meet us at the inn while we talk poetry and decapitation in Season 3, Episode 11 - Night of the Headless Horseman!

Apr 15, 2020
S03E10 - Stage Struck

Could TJ Holt win a smirking contest? Is Eddie the reddest herring or just the creepiest soda jerk? Was generic cola the real killer? And should Chief Drock quit his day job as well as his passion hobby?
Meet us at the playhouse for sundaes, romance, and intrigue in a world where understudy life is cheap, the plot was attacked by moths and the auditory hallucinations are sweet. It's season 3's episode 10; Stage Struck.

Apr 08, 2020
S03E09 - Obituary For A Dead Anchor

What secrets lie in George Fish's diary? Will Paula return home believing in the power of Jessica's mind reading or realize that she just has a terrible poker-face? Were we right about which toes Helman was missing? And can Amos get his $100 deposit back for the boat?
So dial 9 for an outside line and check out that view from Hill House because we're getting explosively nautical in season 3, episode 9 - Obituary for a Dead Anchor!

Apr 01, 2020
S03E08 - Magnum On Ice

Where are the Dobermans?! Is Magnum the only Detroit fan in Hawaii? Why does Art Houston keep his computer outside? And will countless tourists return home from Hawaii with stories of a man performing death defying feats outside of a hotel window?
So put on your favorite ball cap and pack your heirloom jewelry, we're heading to Hawaii in the thrilling second half the Magnum P.I. crossover with Season 3, Episode 8 - Magnum on Ice!

Mar 25, 2020
Bonus - Magnum Pod Eye - Novel Connection

Can Damien and Jennie successfully manage a secondary, 1 episode cast? Where are the Dobermans? Is it practical to tail someone using a helicopter?Does Amy ever tell the truth? And is it possible to hide at a garden party?
Nobody puts Magnum in a corner, except Higgins...and Pamela...join us for the only episode of Magnum Pod Eye covering the MSW crossover part one - Novel Connection!

Mar 21, 2020
S03E07 - Deadline For Murder

What's the proper amount of wait-time to get pics of a guy who's had a heart attack whilst attempting to brain you with a cane? Where are the Reveres living? Do you prefer flowers or taxidermy as office decorations? Will Jennie ever let this Sims thing go? And did I use 'whilst' correctly?
So hop and the phone and get that headline for the bulldog edition because there's a 'Deadline For Murder'!

Mar 18, 2020
S03E06 - Dead Man's Gold

How is a woman of international fame who finds bodies and solves murders every time she leaves the county be considered dull by her neighbors? Is Larry's greatest secret that he is rich, industrious or appropriately risk averse? Did Sasquatch help destroy the convertible? And do the writers of MSW have a nemesis named David?
So throw on your 3 piece beach suit and grab your binoculars, we're sailing the seas of deception in season 3, episode 6 - Dead Man's Gold.

Mar 12, 2020
S03E05 - Corned Beef And Carnage

Will sideways hot dogs become the new craze? Is corned beef a sound choice for a load bearing structure? How many duties are assigned to the secretary of the Kinkaid Agency? Will the Barths go into burger making? And how many commercials will the hosts bring up?
Take the express elevator to the cutthroat world of advertising as we launch our new campaign in Season 3, Episode 5 - Corned Beef and Carnage!

Mar 05, 2020
S03E04 - One White Rose For Death

Does Wyckam have any stories that won't lower your opinion of him? How did Michael stay so calm during his just-been-shot-car-chase phone call? Is your accountant really a spy? And will Franz continue on in the spy gigolo circuit or retire his title?
Crash the embassy gate and join us in the convenient rose garden while we talk spy-shop in our coverage of "A White Rose for Death".

Feb 27, 2020
S03E03 - Unfinished Business

What is that orange thing on the shelf behind the counter? Did Amos successfully negotiate a back road in the dark that Seth couldn't locate? How many deputies does this town need and with that staff, why was the sheriff was so vacation deprived? And is it possible to get a refund on a gifted trip around the world?
Grab an icy-warm Yoohoo from the fridge and join us for the only Kale that is sure to result in a heart condition while we try to finish season 3, episode 3 - Unfinished Business!

Feb 20, 2020
S03E01+02 - Death Stalks The Big Top

Is it better to fake your own death and then take a murder rap on a crime you didn't commit than face your overbearing ex? How has Sutter survived carny justice this long? Will Brad and Katie find love and leave circus life? Will Maylene succeed in her horse dreams? And are tiger threat confessions admissible in Arkansas?
So find your long lost grandpa so he can clown around because we're heading to the circus where Death Stalks The Big Top!

Feb 13, 2020
Bonus - Season 2 Recap

It's the recap of our coverage of MSW's season 2!

A little bit about each episode with comments, corrections and a deleted clip of audio from one of the episodes that we call a deleted scene even though you can't see anything. Check it out!

Feb 09, 2020
S02E22 - If The Frame Fits

What has two frames, a thief and a club? (This episode!) Is the Sea Shanty a convenient spot for late night trysts? Will the Tilleys be able to save their reputation and pay their bills? Was Binky the happiest criminal ever to be apprehended? And do the super rich even eat pizza?
Hide your splatter paintings and check the locks on your doors, there's a thief in town! Come along and crack the case as we cover the season 2 finale, 'If the Frame Fits'.

Feb 06, 2020
S02E21 - The Perfect Foil

Will aunt Mildred go to her grave believing Cal's letters to her were lost during alligator-canoe confrontations? Is Brad wasting his dramatic reenactment talents by choosing a career in politics? Does Jessica ever manage to convince the city of New Orleans that Cal is not HER relation? And can a newly public love affair survive a prison sentence?
It's Mardi Gras at New Orleans' most infamous gambling establishment as we unmask a killer and save a hapless naturalist from being his own worst enemy in season 2, episode 21 - The Perfect Foil.

Jan 30, 2020
S02E20 - Menace, Anyone?

Can Carol overcome the death of her parents and fiancee, the reemergence of her supposedly dead sister, an attempt on her life, a frame job, a police investigation, a murder in her house, a dismembered doll scene, and a wildly speculating doctor all at once?! Will Doris ever be almost engaged again? How much money did that guilt-mining cemetery caretaker extort out of Jess for the untidy grave? Will Rosie ever catch a ride back to space? And is Horrible Harrigan the real hero?

Remember - everything must happen this week, so put on a red wig, shake up some dynamite and meet us at the club for season two episode 20; Menace, Anyone?

Jan 23, 2020
S02E19 - Christopher Bundy, Died On Sunday

Will the events at the Bundy mansion strengthen or obliterate Grady's love life resolutions? Is Antonio a nerd with a camcorder or a socialite playboy? Can Chester Harrison make any good decisions? Did the butler actually do it? And can Grady be assertive without having to throw down with a private-eye over twice his age?
Get to the chopper and hang on tight because we're swooping in for a game of croquet and coverage of season 2, episode 19 - Christopher Bundy, Died On Sunday, the episode with the title that explains the whole plot.

Jan 16, 2020
S02E18 - If A Body Meet A Body

Can you trick a Sheriff with The Duke and warm pie? Will Silas ever find love? Why is Shipley's escape house so fly? How will Phyllis overcome the shock and stigma of an affair, a dead body being discovered in her house AND using her precious lunch minutes unwisely? And did Connie rue the loss of her "decorative lawn pipe"?

So go back to Harvard you berry picking hippie and drive your beat up school bus to episode 18 of season 2, If A Body Meet A Body!

Jan 09, 2020
S02E17 - One Good Bid Deserves A Murder

Does a famous actor's body improve the value of an armoire? Will Harry McGraw ever meet a lock he can't pick? Can a piano picture inspire stronger loyalty than friendship? Is Sal a criminal master mind or just another creep in a smoking jacket? And does paying for something you already stole make it yours legitimately?
So press down those king squares because we're taking the diary out of the secret compartment and telling all on season 2, episode 17 , One Good Bid Deserves A Murder.

Jan 02, 2020
S02E16 - Murder In The Electric Cathedral

Was Earl Fargo the sort of child who did his parents taxes for fun? Did Sue Beth get her hair done in a beauty hut? What will Harvey add on to his model oil rig train set? Was DA Fred the only guy out of vacation and sick days? And will Doc Brady take up golf now that his Wednesdays are free?

Pack your luggage because we're visiting an old friend in this week's entry, the high voltage mystery that is season 2, episode 16, The Electric Cathedral.

Dec 26, 2019
S02E15 - Powder Keg

How much did that sweet suite cost Jess? Are the people of this town just in need of a productive hobby? Is Billy a loyal friend or a knife wielding maniac who was once a little league ringer? Was Kelso a gun nut or a firearms enthusiast? When in crisis should you drop everything to have dinner with an old flame? And did Jolene even have a mama in Shreveport?

Tensions are building, secrets abound and Kelso's bar is cleaned for the first time ever in season 2 episode 15, Powder Keg!

Dec 20, 2019
S02E14 - Keep The Home Fries Burning

Was Amos Tupper the original How can you trust the Eggs Benedict Arnold? Will Margot Perry ever get to discover a new food born illness? Will the infamous suede purse ever surface in Morgan Creek? And can Floyd find more success with the Ethan Allen Inn franchise?

We're taking the Tupper train to the hot new breakfast spot where the food is bad and the preserves are murder in season 2, episode 15 - Keep the Home Fries Burning.

Dec 13, 2019
S02E13 - Trial By Error

Can you spot all of the returning guest stars in this episode? Detweiler, good guy looking out or creepy trouble-maker? How did J.B. make it through the selection process? What happened to make Arthur so afraid of Cliff? And what are your thoughts on square-cut pizza?
The verdict is in and justice is served as we review season two, episode thirteen - Trial by Error.

Dec 06, 2019
S02E12 - Murder By Appointment Only

How much Lila Lee makeup must you sell to get the car and does it need to be purple? How many domestic workers does Grady pretend to employ? Will Grady be able to get his life together enough to boil water in his own apartment again? And is Tangerine Twist a '60s dance craze or vital clue to solving this case?
Apply the right lipstick, learn the left-from-right choreography and grab a cup of lukewarm tea but don't use a white cup if the lipstick shade doesn't look good on the rim! We're glowing up with season 2, episode 12 - Murder by Appointment Only.

Nov 28, 2019
S02E11 - Murder Digs Deep

Is Gideon Armstrong a sensible business man or a cocky jerk digging holes in sand? Does withholding transportation qualify as kidnapping? Do all universities offer custom mascot daggers? Is New Mexico independent in the MSW universe? And why WAS Seth at the dig site?
So put on some sunblock and bring extra batteries for the boombox 'cause we're heading for the desert in season 2, episode 11 Murder Digs Deep.

Nov 22, 2019
S02E10 - Sticks And Stones

Will Jessica's nostalgia toaster ever heat bread again? Docks or wharfs? Is Charlie living his best life? Why is Amos a better detective when it isn't his job?Is it appropriate to knock someone out with a shovel for trespassing in a place that you yourself are also trespassing? And will Michael Digby go on to write small town horror novels?
Fix up a plate of magic butter and gather round the bathroom television set because it's time for season 2, episode 10 - Sticks and Stones.

Nov 15, 2019
S02E09 - Jessica Behind Bars

What is the secret of Mimm? Will Jessica give Gates any tips on being in the Senate? Is it supply shortage or lack of skill that makes Springer's food so awful? How many times can Library Louise repeat the same concerns about Kat? And will Mary become an accomplished author or will her prison nursing skills lead to a career in the medical field?
Throw down some prison Cheetos and meet us in the infirmary - we're talking about season two, episode 9 - Jessica Behind Bars.

Nov 08, 2019
S02E08 - Dead Heat

Is it better to place bets scientifically, emotionally, or to just write them in a book and pretend? Can Anchors Ahoy overcome his crippling carrot addiction and face his identity crisis? What do Wilson Phillips, the Wilson sisters and the White Pony album have to do with any of this?
The fix is in! Place your bets as to how many tangents we'll go on (spoiler - a lot!) as we explore season 2, episode 8 of Murder She Wrote, Dead Heat.

Nov 01, 2019
S02E07 - A Lady In The Lake

Is Overholtz underrated? Are bike guy and boat guy in some sort of lakeside resort union? Did Kyle bring that gun in case he couldn't catch any fish the conventional way? And where do Yellow Belly Fly Catchers make their nests?
Join us at the lake where Damien talks psychology and Polaroid cameras; and Jennie reveals her enjoyment of sleeping in is stronger than her love of birds, in our latest coverage of Season 2, Episode 7 - A Lady in the Lake.

Oct 25, 2019
S02E06 - Reflections Of The Mind

Can a music box ruin your day? Are Brooke's love letters as fluffy as her shoulder pads? Who is The Cincinnati Lizard? What treasures would you keep in your portrait safe? And will Carson Todd's next album suffer from Sophomore slump?

Call an old friend, spill some drinks and let's get down to business with the most optimistic doctor you'll ever meet as we reflect on episode 6 of season 2, Reflections Of The Mind!

Oct 18, 2019
S02E05 - Sing A Song Of Murder

Why do punks love the yellow bird song? Is Emma secretly a stunt woman? How many days after one is missing/presumed dead should you wait before inquiring if you were "remembered" in their will? Will anyone miss Bridget O'Hara? And is Oliver an actor in decline or a hack who likes to whine?
Drape yourself in faux leopard fur and join us for the matinee that four out of four new wave punks called "delightful" while we discuss season 2, episode 5 - Sing a Song of Murder.

Oct 11, 2019
S02E04 - School For Scandal

Should you trust The Burger King? Is Alger a well-meaning friend or a creepy-hanger-on? Is Disco Nick a Disco Dud? Who killed Nick in the guest house with the candle stick? Is this just a game of clue? And will Damien ever be collegiate?
Grab your books because school is in session with season 2, episode 4 of Murder She Wrote - School for Scandal.

Oct 04, 2019
S02E03 - Murder In The Afternoon

Can "Our Secret Lives" survive the purge? Are any of Bibi's alibi stories true, like, any of them? Where does Julian end and Goodman begin? Is Gordon the true hero for going to work mere hours after taking a bullet? And is there a name that Damien won't get wrong?
Who knows?! (Spoiler - we don't!) But join us anyway as we review episode 3 of season 2 - Murder in the Afternoon.

Sep 27, 2019
S02E02 - Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly

Joshua Peabody - local hero or urban legend? Will Ellsworth Buffum take legal action to reclaim both the bones and his cool? Is it more important to protect your back or save your biscuits? Is a 2 am tarp Amos's greatest moment in sheriffing?
Come along with us and discover why Wheatleys arent just for breakfast anymore as we break down the second episode of season two, Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly.

Sep 20, 2019
S02E01 - Widow Weep For Me

Is anyone who they say they are when on vacation? Could you still successfully impersonate a wealthy recluse today? How many substitute teachers covered room 17 at Custis Elementary School during the suspicious "sweepstakes vacation for one"? And will the Brahms find happiness in their marital honesty or both lose their jobs?
All of these questions are raised but none of them are answered in Murder She Wrote's premier season two episode, Widow Weep for Me!

Sep 13, 2019
Bonus - Season One Recap Special

Have you been wanting to check out Murder She Wrote season one but wish there were some Cliffs notes instead? Cabot Cove Confidential is bringing you the next best thing, a season one recap! There will be ratings and spoilers and good times had by (hopefully) all! Don't miss out on the "Covie" awards, where we break down our picks for quirkiest cop, best animal guest star and more!

Sep 09, 2019
S01E21 - Funeral At Fifty Mile

Is it ever appropriate to drive your luxury camper into a funeral gathering? What is the appropriate population level to call your town physician "doc"? Can a horse really jog your memory about that murder you meant to commit? And how many upstanding citizens does it take to get away with the murder of one bad man?
Strap on your cowboy boots, leave your pickup truck in the mud and saddle up because this episode is one bumpy ride!

Sep 06, 2019
S01E20 - Murder At The Oasis

Can you still cry over spilled milk if you just found the body of your employer? Do you have to disclose your Phantom Zone time on job applications? Can an insurance policy be the death of you? Would Vic's old van ever make it over the border? And can a hidden camera improve your pool game?

Follow Lou's clues to the tennis court while that old Johnny Shannon record spins and join us for Murder at the Oasis.

Aug 30, 2019
S01E19 - Armed Response

What ailment gets you a prescription for apple flapjacks? Will we ever get to hear about Barney and Sadie's Hong Kong adventures? Will Mrs. Brindle ever win anything on TV? And would putting Martin Kove in Cabot Cove have been too much cove?

So pour a tall glass of carrot juice and check out the show that 3 out of 3 private facility Texas doctors recommend when we check ourselves in for Armed Response!

Aug 23, 2019
S01E18 - Murder Takes The Bus

How often should you check the coolant in a Sheriff Mobile? Are prison bus stops a good place to make friends? Is the sea captain as fake as his capccent? Does a postman career lead to old-timey wisdom? And would you hire a sea captain to English interpreter? (Asking for a friend -D)
Program "Stamos Law" for record and join us instead while we talk, tangent and agree to disagree about the 18th regular episode of season 1 - Murder Takes the Bus.

Aug 16, 2019
S01E17 - Footnote To Murder

Is it safe to mix roller-skates, raincoats and umbrellas? Will Horace Lynchfield ever return to mend the broken hearts of Cabot Cove? Was this entire episode an advertisement for an incredulous optometrist? And can a confession trap ever be too elaborate? (Spoiler - No)

So grab your questionable-judgement-pistol-lighter and put on your sad-girl sweater because we're cracking open a best-seller with "Footnote to Murder".

Aug 09, 2019
S01E16 - Sudden Death

Would you reschedule a flight for a 4% football team inheritance, or just sell the shares? Should those shares let you in an interrogation? Is it safe to stand behind the players at a drunken football after party? And would you bet on Bet Cops ability to solve a case?

Change your party blazer and drive your football helmet on down to the stadium while Google searching the definition of "intestate" while we cover season 1, episode 16 - Sudden Death.

Aug 02, 2019
Bonus - The Manchurian Candidate (1962) - CCC At The Movies

Our first mini-sode!

We test out some new gear with a short, mostly spoiler-free look at Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra in 1962's The Manchurian Candidate.

Jul 31, 2019
S01E15 - Tough Guys Don't Die

What exactly is a good reason to break into someone's house? What's more terrifying, scalpels or scalpers? Boat building sweetheart or cold-blooded killer? How many hours would you spend on a bus from Boston to VT to follow a lead? And will Damien ever crack the code and understand vaporwave?
Calling all Gumshoes! Follow the clues to solve the case of who-dunnits (and a lot of who didn'ts) while we talk the awesomeness of McGraw in season 1, Episode 15 - Tough Guys Don't Die.

Jul 26, 2019
SO1E14 - Paint Me A Murder

Will Damien ever be able to say philanthropist? What is the SECOND rule of eavesdropping? Is it better to sculpt a bust or bust a move? And where is Stefan now and did he choose art or science?
Islands and Crossbows and Art - Oh My! So throw out your matches, put down that left-handed cigarette and join us as we cover the 14th Episode of Murder She Wrote, Season 1 - Paint Me a Murder.

Jul 19, 2019
S01E13 - My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean

What's up with Ramon's mustache? Did Johnny really like mushroom-walnut-mustard chicken? Is slaughterhouse chatter a good topic for a first date? Is Russell a karate heartthrob or a super geek? Can pepper make you cry? Will Phoebe and Carla ever make it to China? And can you tell the difference between a Fuji and a Firecracker?
Join us as we set sail with the MacGill women on the cruise that two out of two doctors recommend in season 1, episode 13 of Murder She Wrote, My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean.

Jul 12, 2019
S01E12 - Murder To A Jazz Beat

Is smuggling a good day job for an untalented talent manager? Are New Englanders rude or just reserved? Why is Jessica’s obscure poison knowledge so on point? Can denture cleaning commercials give you the “aha moment” you’ve been searching for? And was there only one working New Orleans cab driver in 1985?

Grab your clean clarinet reed because we’re getting the band back together! Listen as we go for quirky cabbie redemption and cover season 1, episode 12 of Murder She Wrote, Murder to a Jazz Beat.

Jul 05, 2019
S01E11 - Broadway Malady

Will Grady ever truly find “the one”? The money or the jewels? Morley, Morty or Marley? What is Milton Berle’s favorite rodent, is it Stephen Pearcy? Will carrots and crunches lower your cholesterol? Can they make you a good cop? Are theater and film actors generally at odds? And can you “mother” a relative stranger into throwing you out of a window?

Give our regards to Broadway as we examine a dysfunctional showbiz family and meet New York’s most carrot-obsessed cop when we talk episode eleven of season one of Murder She Wrote, Broadway Malady!

Jun 28, 2019
S01E10 - Capitol Offense

Can digestive gurgles unlock a mystery? The environmental survey or the tie clip - which did you notice first? Do you have enough clout to get your feline companion served milk in an upscale restaurant? Driving gloves - fashion forward or faux pas? And is Jessica responsible for lox and bagels in New England?

Come along with us for Mendelsohn's maladies, Jessica's stint as a congresswoman and meet a man named Thor Danziger in season 1, episode 10 - Capitol Offense!

Jun 21, 2019
S01E09 - Death Casts A Spell

Is Cagliostro a hypno-creep or just a super magnetic guy? Will Joan ever have an idea she doesn't think is amazing or that Jessica likes?
Can earplugs prevent you from being hypnotized? Can Lake Tahoe reporters teleport? Is curiosity Jessica's Kryptonite? How many character voices will Jessica roast Yambert's office in? And would you let your worst enemy hypnotize you?

Talking slot machines, naked trapeze artists, questionable stunt doubles on motor bikes and an assistant editor who will make your head spin more than jogging at high altitudes. Turn up that Mayf Nutter album and do the happy-hypno-chicken strut with us while we chat about season 1, episode 9 - Death Casts a Spell.

Jun 14, 2019
S01E08 - Death Takes A Curtain Call

What are the odds of a second date after you use someone as a cover to commit an international crime? Did Jessica Fletcher have a hand in improving Russian-American relations during the cold war?Streets of Fire or Xanadu? Was Sheriff Tupper really "doing his best"? Is William Conrad the best guest star ever? How many fugitives can fit in the sea chest on Ethan's boat? Does a search warrant cover a breakfast muffin?

Grab your marked playbill, lace up those ballet slippers and don that decorative dagger to join us down-east where we will unravel the mystery of "Death Takes a Curtain Call".

Jun 07, 2019
S01E07 - We're Off To Kill The Wizard

Why are amusement park offices always located underground? How much would you pay to visit a JB Fletcher themed amusement park? Will Laurie Bascom's book become a best seller or fade hastily into obscurity? What's a more effective way of catching a mystery writer, with gun threats or by piquing their curiosity? And most importantly, what does Kiss or Chris Angel have to do with any of this?

Monk Robes, giant heads,  cat sounds, swanky house coats, and underground lairs abound! Unravel the mysteries of call forwarding with us as we discuss Season 1, Episode 7 - "We're Off To Kill The Wizard".

Jun 01, 2019
S01E06 - Hit, Run and Homicide

Tony, Tommy or does it even matter? Does your revolutionary angst get in the way of your pirate pride? Team Ethan or Team Amos? Does J.B. have an icy cool calm or a comfort with her mortality? And is there anything mechanical that a simple toggle switch can't control?

Before there was Elon Musk....there was Daniel O'Brien, so put on your baseball bell bottoms and join us at the old Gentry Farm as we dissect this episode of Murder She Wrote, 'Hit , Run and Homicide'! 

May 24, 2019
S01E05 - Lovers And Other Killers

How many languages does Jessica speak? Is Doctor Edmund Gerard responsible for the 90's Seattle grunge scene? How early is 'too early'? Vonnegut, Fletcher or Hesse? Why does Damien think he learned to diagnose psychosis from a book that claims that untrained people shouldn't?

All of these questions are raised and it's all disco-jazz, Jennie's pet peeves and inflatable raft charges when we discuss season 1, episode 5 of Murder She Wrote,  'Lovers And Other Killers'!

May 18, 2019
S01E04 - It's A Dog's Life

Do casts belong on safety shotguns? Can you slip a horse a mickey? Can young people hear dog whistles? Does Oprah have her own tea brand? Why is this episode so bananas? What do Potts and Spencer talk about? What is the median age of a metal detector user? And how legal is 'legal as hell'?

This episode will kill the desire you have to get the answers to any of these questions because it's all tally-ho and tea leaves when we talk about 'It's A Dog's Life'!

May 11, 2019
S01E03 - Hooray For Homicide

Where would you fall on the Lydecker scale? Are break dancers flame-proof? Who would win if Gomez Adams threw down with Horshack? Does vodka mix well with Diet Coke? Where is Scott Bennett's belt? Will Hernandez's work become a Sunday night movie? Why was Damien fascinated by blue-eyed people as a kid? And just what do you get when you add Porky's, Halloween and Flashdance together?

The first question only you can answer, five and six will remain mysteries that will haunt you for the rest of your life but all the other questions are answered in our coverage of the third regular episode of the first season of Murder She Wrote, 'Hooray For Homicide'!

May 04, 2019
S01E02 - Birds Of A Feather

How do lobsters handle jet lag? Does Victoria ever get to marry Howard? Does she ever get a late night date in San Francisco? Which Las Vegas llamas get the best dressing rooms? Is murder a good option for career advancement? And does a grief suit really improve your golf swing?

Most of these questions are answered in our coverage of the second regular episode of Murder She Wrote season one, Birds Of A Feather!

Apr 28, 2019
S01E01 - Deadly Lady

How many deadly ladies are in this one? Who is the worst? Where is the hobo and is he really a hobo? How do you retrieve clams? What is Ethan's job, and what do orangutans have to do with any of this?

Some of these questions will be answered in our coverage of Episode 1 of Season 1 of Murder She Wrote, "Deadly Lady"!

Apr 21, 2019

Welcome to our first episode!

Do nephews always read your manuscripts, can pectin make you a new man, how do you pull off a captain's hat at all times and what does Agnes Peabody have to do with anything?

We won't answer any of those questions but we do have a good time looking into The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes!

Apr 20, 2019