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Join Bre, aka The Self-Care Pusher from Southern California, as she shares life experiences, weighs in on current events, amps up her wellness/health habits and finds clean(ish) products to try all for the sake of taking her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being to the next level and (hopefully) inspiring other women of color to do so as well. It's time to become obsessed with our self-care!

Episode Date
6 Ways To Preserve and Conserve Your Mental Health This Winter
Jan 10, 2022
You Don't Owe Anyone Your Essence 24/7/365
Jan 03, 2022
For Abundance To Thrive We Must Embrace Change

As we enter the new year you are likely thinking about the changes in life sure to come as God begins blessing you with the things you asked for.  If you've ever felt a bit of panic or even thought "Am I making a mistake by wanting this change" this episode is for you.

Learn to use affirmations to increase your calm, clarity and confidence in 2022.  Attend the Brown Girl Self-Care Affirmation Workshop happening January 2nd, 2022.

Dec 27, 2021
3 Things To Consider When Bouncing Back From Bad Decisions


In today's episode I'm answering a community members question about how to bounce back from a bad decision.  This is a great question because everyone makes choices that don't end up panning out in ways that we hoped for and when that happens we feel stuck on how to move forward.  There is usually shame around it too.  You are more than just the outcomes of your decisions.

Girl, have you saved your seat for my affirmation workshop happening on January 2nd?  This will be a virtual event so no need to hop on a plane or book a hotel.  For 90 minutes I'll be teaching you how to think about your thoughts and words and how to use affirmations in a way where you start to notice positive transformation.  If you're tired of feeling like the words you are saying are a lie, if you don't know how use affirmations or if you want to create a life of more calm, clarity and confidence this workshop is for you.

Register for your space here -> Brown Girl Self-Care Affirmation Workshop

Dec 20, 2021
Where You Are Rooted Changes EVERYTHING

On this episode I'm asking to think about where you are rooted.  By rooted I mean your thoughts, things that were spoken over your life, daily messages you receive, etc that you've absorbed and now allow to dictate your life in this season.  Are you rooted in good soil?  It's never too late to set a new course for your life.

To join me at Januarys self-care workshop by reserving your space here - AFFIRMATION WORKSHOP

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Dec 13, 2021
For The Times That Monday's Suck

Hey, sis!  Welcome back for another episode.  Today all I want to do is drop some words of encouragement in your spirit if you are struggling with a case of the Monday Blues.  If your job feels like a soul suck, this episode is for you.

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Dec 06, 2021
Are You Falling For These 6 Ridiculous Self-Care Traps?

Hey, hey!

In this episode of the show I'm sharing six sneaky ways we can end up falling for common self-care traps that slow us down or completely take us out.  

Are you ready for 1-on-1 self-care coaching?  Book your sessions here:

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Nov 29, 2021
The 1 Thing You Thought Was Too Different About You Can Be The Key To Everything

Hey, hey!

Have you ever felt like you were too quirky, "weird," or just didn't fit in because there was something about you that stood out from the crowd?  Did you try to hide that thing?  Were you teased for it?  That thing you've been sleeping on about yourself can be the key to moving your life forward in a beautiful way.

Nov 22, 2021
Do You Have An Emergency Self-Care Plan? 4 Tips To Help Create Yours This Week.

Hey, hey!

Sis, do you have an emergency self-care plan in place?  I'm giving you four things to think about today to help you put one in place this week.

Everyone needs support in life.  If you are ready to work one on one for self-care coaching, email Bre at

Nov 15, 2021
Take Action, Sis (Jesus Download Episode)

I'm not sure who this episode is for but I want to be obedient and release it.  Take action, Sis.

Also, if you are in need of self-care coaching you can email me at

Nov 11, 2021
5 Ways To Invest In Yourself And Begin To Shift From "Grind" Mode

In this episode I'm sharing five simple ways to invest in yourself today  that will empower you to not only acknowledge your value but also help start to shift you out of "grind" mode.  


Nov 08, 2021
Creating A Life Of Freedom Plus Starting A Business You Have A Passion For With Aai'sha Shakir-Wright Of Sugar Shak Collection

In todays Eff The Cubicle episode I'm joined by Aai'sha Shakir-Wright, founder of Sugar Shak Collection.  Aai'sha shares with us how she uncovered her passion which led her to starting a wildly successful business, how she created a life of freedom, what her season of sacrifice looked like and also why money is not the most important benefit of being an entrepreneur.

For our listeners, Suga (Aai'sha) is giving you 50% off of EVERYTHING in the Sugar Shak when you use code "Brown Girl".  Visit to support a Black Business that supports Black Women by creating quality body and skin care products.

Nov 05, 2021
When You Can Give But Struggle To Receive Consider These 4 Things

In this episode I'm sharing 4 things for you to consider when it's hard to receive support or ask people for help.  

Nov 01, 2021
Things I wish I Knew Or Thought About While In My 20's and 30's

In todays episode I'm sharing some things I've learned that I wish I could go back in time and discuss with my younger self.  Are any of my things on your list?  What would you go back in time to discuss with your younger self?

Join me at the end of October for our Waist Beads + Wine event.  Get your virtual ticket now!

Oct 25, 2021
4 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed With Worry

In this episode I'm giving you a four question exercise you can begin using IMMEDIATELY in times of feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and challenges straight from the book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

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Oct 18, 2021
Delegating In Your Business When Just Starting Out w/ Shana Campbell of Launch Your Brilliance

You ready for another Eff The Cubicle episode?  Sho nuff!  Today I'm in conversation with Shana Campbell, Founder of Launch Your Brilliance.  Launch Your Brilliance is an online business created to provide coaches, consultants, influencers and other service based entrepreneurs the nuts and bolts of how to run challenges and webinars plus offers done-for-you courses and digital products. 

Get Shana's free, short delegation workbook right here today!

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Oct 15, 2021
One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure. WHET?!?!

Got a quick episode for you this week and it's all about how we are no longer co-signing with the popular saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  

Be sure to listen, share and leave a comment!!

Also, come hang out with me on October 30th at our next virtual event.  Get your ticket for only $27 by clicking here to learn more.

Oct 11, 2021
Is Negative Thinking Clouding Your Clarity?

I've got a listener question this week and it's all about ways to get clear on what you want.  Spoiler alert - negative thinking is not going to move you forward.

If you listened to this episode be sure to share your thoughts in your stories on IG so that I can share them with the community.

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Oct 04, 2021
Eff The Cubicle! Let's Goooo!

Hey y'all!  Welcome to Eff The Cubicle Fridays!!  I'lll be sharing candid conversations with amazing Black women entrepreneurs plus tips you can use to help bring your vision of starting a business to fruition.

Be sure to grab your Eff The Cubicle swag by clicking here:  Eff The Cubicle 

Oct 01, 2021
Chile, God Humbled Me In The Popeye's Drive Thru.

How do you handle delays in your life?  Are you fussy, fearful and impatient or are you able to stay patient and trust in God's timing.  Here's an embarrassing diddy about the time I (recently) experienced a delay and how I handled it like a non boss .  I also have three takeaways about delays and how they aren't a "no" but just a "not yet."

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Sep 27, 2021
6 Tricks To Being More Consistent In Life

I've got a listener question for you today.  Shout out to Tamia for being an awesome listener of the show and for writing to me at . This episode is all about being consistent during the times we don't want to be.

Want some self-care love by way of text messages that come directly from me?  Send the word WORTHY to 833-774-1547.

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Sep 20, 2021
5 Things The Tension I Carried Around Told Me

Y'all, I carried a ton of tension around in my body back in the day and didn't realize it.  In today's episode I'm sharing exactly what that tension represented and where in my body I felt it.  

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Sep 13, 2021
Hiding Your Greatness Won't Always Be An Option. Then What?

Hey Sis,

I know that it's Labor Day and all, but I'm still hitting you with an episode of the show.

Have you ever run away from your greatness and the better that God has for you?  Deep down you knew it was there but it scared you so much to have to walk into that season of uncertainty it caused you to make excuses, run away,  ignore the signs and stay in a place of chaotic comfort? 

Yep, that is what I want to talk about on todays episode.  I'm giving you four things to consider or try when you get to the place where you can no longer run from what is in store for you.

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Sep 06, 2021
The Other Side of "Pretty Privilege" With Vlogger Oh! Stephco

Hey, hey!  

I'm talking with Vlogger Stephanie of Oh! Stephco about her experience as a Black woman that doesn't have "pretty privilege."  Don't know what that is?  In a nutshell it means the more attractive you are the more opportunities (money, interest, relationships, gifts, favorable treatment, etc) are available to you.

I found Stephanie's viral Pretty Privilege video back in July (click here to watch) whilst scrolling around on Youtube and co-signed my way through parts of it.  I wanted to be in conversation because I've had similar experiences as a Black woman that doesn't check the boxes of what society considers conventionally beautiful or relevant.  For anyone that has ever felt less than and invisible I want you to know it isn't you!

Listen in then let me know your thoughts on todays episode.

You can find Stephanie's channel here:


Aug 31, 2021
Today, We Rest!

Today is the day of Collective Rest!  

Aug 30, 2021
Are You Stealing Your Own Peace?

Hey, hey!

You know the quote "If it costs your peace, it's too expensive?"  Well, what if we are costing our own peace because we are in a place of mess?  

Let's talk about that in todays episode!

Speaking of "peace" I have two HOT designs in the shop this week that I want you to see.  Get your t-shirt or sweatshirt today!

Aug 23, 2021
Those Times I Preferred Surgery Instead Of Working

I know I'm not the only one that would get excited about having surgery because it meant at least 4-6 weeks off of work, right?  The thing is that I was using avoidance (not addressing the challenges I had or how I felt) to navigate my life but that didn't mean the problems I had disappeared.

In this episode I'm sharing three things I had to learn to do that helped me get a better handle on my avoidance issues.

In the episode I mention the link I found on CNN in case you would like to help support Haiti.  Click here!

Aug 16, 2021
Girl, Stop Being Wishy Washy!

Laughing but so serious!

Hey Sistren, today I'm having sharing a part of my growth/personal development journey.  I have a habit of switching up something I'm going to do and instead moving forward on someone's suggestion because they are in a (sometimes perceived) place of authority. 

Sound like you? 

Listen to this weeks episode where I'm sharing three things I want you you (and me) to do before automatically shifting the direction of our businesses and lives.

Will I see you on August 29th and 30th at the Brown Girl Self-Care Virtual Retreat?  Click here to get your ticket!

Aug 09, 2021
Black Women Are "Quitters"

Hey, Hey!

Saying this off the top - There is LANGUAGE in this episode.  

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on how Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka were called "quitters" for choosing their mental health over entertaining the masses.  It takes courage to put yourself first and girl, I need you to know that it's ok to do so.  

Let's get into it in todays episode.

Also, don't forget there is still time to get your virtual retreat ticket.  Click here!

Aug 02, 2021
If Sh*t Hits The Fan, Are You Ready w/ Pro Prepper Tifani Gilliam

Hey Sistren,

This week, I'm in conversation Tifani Gilliam, Founder of Women Surviving SHTF™.

As the saying goes - If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready - and I'm a firm believer that women, especially Black women, must be prepared for emergencies.  Our communities are not prioritized the way that we deserve and so if something happens (heaven forbid) like another flood, massive earthquake, or civil unrest, being able to safely stay indoors or quickly leave our homes with what we need to survive and take care of ourselves is not an option.

I need you to do three things:

Have a pen and notepad ready to take notes

Commit to spending 30 minutes after the episode reflecting on three ways you can begin your prep work journey today

Share this episode with a friend that needs to hear it

Join Tifani's community and learn more about prepping right here:

Black Preppers : Women Surviving SHTF™ - Melanin Ready Prep™



Jul 26, 2021
What kind of rest are you in need of sis?

Hey Sistren,

Gotta quickie but goodie this week in the form of some reflection.  When I say the word "rest" do you automatically think of sleep?  There are other ways to rest and today I'm talking about some of them in the hopes that you will get laser focused on what type you need when you need it.

Tickets are now available for the Brown Girl Self-Care Virtual Summit!

Jul 19, 2021
Unlearning Harmful Mother/Daughter Narratives with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam Pt 2

Hey Sistren,

This week, I'm in conversation with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam and Goddess Reflections.  They are a dynamic mother/daughter duo who not only work together but also love each other and say they are best friends.

I wanted to have them on so that I could unpack my experiences of being a daughter as well as a mother, so that I can learn how to navigate towards healthier relationships on both sides of the spectrum

This is a two-part episode, with part two dropping tomorrow.  In these episodes we are discussing any and everything including:

- Learning how to speak to your kids so they listen vs yelling out of frustration

- Journaling

- The importance of exposing children to different experiences while they are growing and evolving

- The six core values prioritized in their relationship that helps make all of this work in a healthy way

Make sure you share both episodes with a friend!! 

Please be sure to support Debi and Alana right here:

Natural And Proud Nation App

Goddess Reflections I AM

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In need of community?  Come hang out with us in Brown Girl Society and be a part of our wonderful village.

Jul 13, 2021
Unlearning Harmful Mother/Daughter Narratives with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam Pt 1

Hey Sistren,

This week, I'm in conversation with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam and Goddess Reflections.  They are a dynamic mother/daughter duo who not only work together but also love each other and say they are best friends.

I wanted to have them on so that I could unpack my experiences of being a daughter as well as a mother, so that I can learn how to navigate towards healthier relationships on both sides of the spectrum

This is a two-part episode, with part two dropping tomorrow.  In these episodes we are discussing any and everything including:

- Why Debi decided to break traditions and parent Alana the way she felt made the most sense

- How Alana told Debi she had sex for the first time and how Debi reacted in a way I can't honestly say I would have been able to

- Hard lessons Debi learned about life which prompted her to empower Alana at a young age to be more liberated

- The six core values prioritized in their relationship that helps make all of this work in a healthy way

Make sure you share this episode with a friend and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the continuation of our chat!

You can catch up with Debi and Alana right here:

Natural And Proud Nation

Goddess Reflections I AM

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Jul 12, 2021
The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise I Use During Panic Attacks

Hey Sistren,

Recently I made a huge decision that can potentially change the course of my life.  When I tell you this decision had me shook, yall!  I ended up getting a bit anxious, ok, super anxious and this led to me having a panic attack.

In this episode I'm sharing:

- How long I've had anxiety and panic attacks

- How going into fight/flight/freeze mode can be helpful but also harmful

-What my anxiety attacks personally feel like

- The 5-4-3-2-1 grounding exercise I use to calm down and center myself

Be sure to share this episode with the important women in your inner circle.

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Jul 05, 2021
4 Truths from the Mary J Blige Doc I Need You To Hear

Hey, hey!

Sistren, the MJB My Life documentary is up on Amazon Prime.  You need to run, not walk, over to the TV or your nearest streaming device, put it on and get your entire life.

There were so many take aways for me, including the apalledness I felt (I'm not even sure if apalledness is a real word) when hearing about K-Ci's role in her story.  But today we aren't talking about that.  Today I'm going to share 4 powerful notes I need you to hear and understand.  

In this episode I'm talking about:

Why success isn't about how much money you have in the bank

Leaning into your "saving grace"

Seeing past the "physical"

Why you need to stop crapping on yourself

Be sure to share this episode with the important women in your inner circle.

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Jun 28, 2021
The Tea On Vanlife As A Single Black Woman W/ Nomad Crystal Vanner

Hey, hey!

I've got a GREAT episode for you.  I'm in conversation with Nomad Crystal Vanner and she is spilling the tea on just about everything vanlife.  If you have ever considered buying a 60k Sprinter Van and hitting the road (ok, that was possibly just me) or if you think that the freedom of vanlife is only a "White" thing, this episode you gotta hit play on this episode. 

Here are some discussion points:

Basics to getting started

How does Crystal protect her peace while taking care of her mental health

Where does she...go to the bathroom?

Why you should camp out in your car before even thinking about going all in

What she does to afford a nomadic lifestyle

Be sure to watch Crystals adventures on her Youtube Channel by clicking here!

Her Website: Nomad 4 Less

Her Instagram: Crystal Vanner

Resources mentioned:

African Americans That RV and Camp

African American Singles That RV and Camp

Have you heard about the Day of Collective Rest for Black Women event?  Make sure you are on the newsletter to get more info by clicking right here!

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Sugar Shak - Natural Bath, Body and Skin Essentials

Jun 21, 2021
Holding Space For Disbelief Kills Your Vision

Solo episode today!  I recently experienced a woman walking completely and boldly in her vision and it was a sight to see.  I've been telling myself for the last few months that I am ONLY walking in Faith and there is ZERO room for disbelief.  Seeing this Queen do exactly that was an excellent reminder for me to keep building my table even if no one else is in the room to sit at it (yet).


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Jun 14, 2021
Should Everyone Have Access To You? Embracing Who You Are As Well As Communicating Boundaries w/ Therapist Hazel Walker

I'm speaking today with licensed marriage and family therapist Hazel Walker of It's AParently Time about being yourself, the importance of determining who you are outside of the labels of mother, employee, etc, empowering yourself to dictate who has access to you and also communicating your boundaries in relationships when dealing with draining situations.

Liked what you heard in this episode?  Be sure to register for Hazels FREE event "Am I Ready For Parenthood" and also connect with her on social media.

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Sugar Shak - Natural Bath, Body and Skin Essentials

Jun 07, 2021
Sometimes The Right Decisions Take Time To Work

In a time where we can have orders Amazon Primed within 24 hours (or less) it's no surprise that having to wait more than a few days through a tough decision to see a breakthrough can be agonizing.  It's during those times that it's even more important to activate your faith.

May 31, 2021
Cash Is Not The Only Way We Can Be Wealthy

"National Be A Millionaire Day" was a few days ago and it got me to thinking about what being a millionaire would mean as well as the fact that cash might be king but there are other ways we can be wealthy right now.

May 24, 2021
5 Ways To Honor Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and so I wanted to support you by sharing ways that I've been able to honor and be mindful of my mental health.  

If you found this episode helpful please be sure to like, comment and share with your sistrens!

May 17, 2021
Faith, Using Your Voice and "Think Weeks" with Dr. Omolara

Today I am speaking with physician and success strategist
Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo, creator of Melanin, Medicine & Motherhood.  In this juicy episode we discuss what Faith means to her, how she uses her voice as an introvert, the major occurrence that happened in her life that caused her to slow down and also some book resources that helped shape her life.

May 10, 2021
2 Things I'm Doing To Get My Pre-Covid Body Back

If you've gained a few pounds in the last year or two, hear me when I say you aren't alone.  Lockdown, stress and working from home got me caught up in a rut which found me not moving my body as much as I used to.  To counter the weight gain and get back on track I've started doing two simple activities (walking + intermittent fasting) that will tone my body, increase my energy and keep my mind clear.

May 03, 2021
Was the Derek Chauvin verdict really a victory?

I've been slowly simmering on borderline rage for the last few weeks off and on.  In today's episode I'm sharing MY thoughts and feelings regarding the guilty verdict Derek Chauvin received and why I don't feel like celebrating.  I get a little emotional in the episode so if that is triggering please be gentle with yourself and skip this episode.

Apr 26, 2021
Doing things for fun and joy instead vs "perfect" or monetized.
Apr 12, 2021
Self-Care Looks Like Saying "No" Without Guilt When Your Job Wants You To Travel Or Do After-Hours Events

Have you ever been shamed or guilted into attending potlucks, after-hours  events or traveling for your job?  I was for quite some time until I took a firm stand, set a boundary said I would only participate when I felt it was right for me.  I talk about that in todays episode!

Apr 05, 2021
Changing your mindset to encourage more awareness and abundance Pt 1

I received a community question from a young woman asking how she could change her mindset to encourage more awareness, faith and access to abundance when lack is super prevalent.  

Listen to todays episode where I give some insight on how I've been able to work on moving past limiting beliefs and opening myself up to positivity and thinking more abundantly.

Special shout out to todays sponsor Buttered By K-Luxe.  If your skin is crying out for moisture  and you are about that "natural product" life, check out their moisture rich body butters and scrubs..  I've got a special code that will get you 15% off your order - BreSpring15. 

Visit today!


Mar 29, 2021
Identifying Trauma and How it Affects Our Relationships With Kobe Campbell

In this episode I'm speaking with Christian Counselor and Speaker Kobe Campbell about trauma.  What you are listening to is a portion of a conversation we recently had live in front of an audience.  Here is what you'll hear in the session:

What is trauma?

How is it received?

How do you know if you experienced it?

What are the ways our relationships with our parents play out in our friendships and intimate partnerships?

Make sure you connect and follow my guest Kobe here:


Healing Circle Podcast:

And also, make sure you join Brown Girl Society by clicking here for more conversations just like this one, monthly printables to help you stay in alignment with your goals and also a village of like minded women all focused on healing and living an elevated life:

Mar 15, 2021
The ABC's of what I am through Christ

It's easy to forget who you are, or who you are being led to be, when you feel stuck in a place of being overwhelmed and depleted.  That's how I've been feeling for about a week or so.  Today I decided to make a list (with the help of the alphabet) of who I am in God based on his promises for my life as well as the purpose he has for me.  I hope that you find this list helpful and that it encourages you to hit the pause button this week and sit down with your pen and journal to make your own.

Feeling alone in your journey of a life well lived?  Need more faith based support?  In need of a sense of belonging and community with other Black women?  Join Brown Girl Society!

Mar 08, 2021
Village Vibe: I Got Used To Living With My Struggle

Hey Beautiful Black Woman!!

In this episode of the podcast I'm sharing a letter I received from the community and my thoughts about staying comfortable with your struggle.  

If you are feeling afraid to get out of your struggle comfort zone or have ever gotten anxiety about a season of growth and opportunity, this episode is for you.

Make sure to join our online village, Brown Girl Society, by clicking here.

Mar 01, 2021
7 Ways That God Loves Us That We Can Use For Self-Care

Hey, sis!

I've gotten questions on occasion asking "How do I start loving myself or showing up for myself?"  In this episode I'm going to give you seven ways that we show up for others, which not coincidentally are ways that God shows his love for us.  These simple but effective principles are powerful ways to also commit to loving ourselves.

Feb 22, 2021
Boundaries on the Job and Making Career Changes with Lawyer Toya Gavin

Sis, if you are working at a job that no longer serves you, hear me when I say you are not stuck.  If you are afraid to set up healthy boundaries in the workplace, you are not out of luck.  If you have never negotiated to get what you want and need when looking for a new position it's not too late.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with lawyer and coach Toya Gavin of Legally Bold about all of the above (and more!!) during a Brown Girl Self-Care LIVE fireside chat.  This conversation was so timely I wanted to bring some of the nuggets she dropped here to the podcast.  

You can connect with Toya on Instagram right here!

ps - Toya will be doing a workshop in Brown Girl Society on March 17th on how to stay in alignment with the goals and vision you are claiming in 2021.  You don't want to miss this, girl!!

Brown Girl Society is the official membership of Brown Girl Self-Care.  For only $24.99/month you'll find virtual meetups, a supportive community and monthly workshops all centered on your healing, care, joy and abundance from a Christian perspective.  

Want in?  Email me directly:

Feb 15, 2021
Grace For When You Are Doing Your Best

Hey hey!

Ever been hard on yourself about how you haven't done enough or things didn't work out the way you wanted them to but you tried your very best?  

This episode of the show is specifically for you.  It's a quickie meant to encourage you and help you keep your head up and not be so hard on yourself.

ps - Join our growing Facebook group if being in community with beautiful Black women all focused on self-care is your jam!

Feb 08, 2021
In 2021 we aren't undervaluing ourselves anymore

Hello Brown Girl in Bloom,

This episode is all about how we are no longer undervaluing ourselves and instead are going to be intentional about building ourselves up.  I'm giving you 4 takeaways that you can start using today to start living and thinking differently.  This episode pulls no punches and is shared with love.

Be sure to share this episode with a Brown Girl in Bloom and don't forget to rate and review if listening on iTunes.

Feb 01, 2021
5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Boost Your Self-Care w/ Katara McCarty

Hey, hey!  A few weeks ago I hosted a Brown Girl Self-Care LIVE session on Zoom along with my guest, Katara McCarty.  Katara is the creator of the Exhale App, a self-care resource for BIWOC.  During the session Katara gave the community super helpful info about how stress interrupts our nervous system as well as 5 (FREE) ways we can intentionally pause and practice self-care.

You can find the Exhale App here!

And follow Katara here on IG!

Also, make sure you have registered for the "Aligned with His Vision" Board Party that happens on January 30th, 2021!

Jan 25, 2021
When Black women have trouble receiving kindness

Accepting kindness in the form of help, compliments and gifts is not only a celebration of you it's also an act of resistance.

I recently experienced a situation where I declined someone pouring into me and it really made me sit down for a while and reflect on why I reacted the way I did.  In this episode I'm giving you three thoughts on how to shift your perspective if you have a challenge receiving kindness.

Jan 18, 2021
4 Areas I'm Leveling Up in 2021

2020 was about survival for me.  I quit my "good paying job" September 27, 2019 and, instead of finding a new job, Covid hit in January or February 2020.

I feel like now I am being called to boldy reinvent myself but in order for me to do that, I've got to take better control of my morning and also how I decide to show up in life.

In this episode I'm sharing a few ways I'll be working this year to show up more confidently as well as be more responsible and forgiving.


Jan 11, 2021
4 Powerful Shifts To Help You Get More Out Of 2021

Happy New Year!!  During a period of reflection at the end of last year I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be super intentional about doing what I could to help bring a different kind of energy and seriousness to 2021.  I'm believing and claiming that this year will be amazing and pivotal for my life and business and I want that for you too.

With that, in this episode I'm sharing 4 shifts I'm using to help make this year different.  Make sure you have a pen and notebook handy.

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Jan 04, 2021
Let's Talk About Natural Hair!

This episode is all about natural hair!  Recently Brown Girl Self-Care hosted a free community chat on Zoom where myself and guest Robin Butler (Coil Beauty Inc) shared tips, tricks and products to help you on your natural hair journey.  Make sure you have a pen and journal handy and also, be sure to share this episode with a friend looking to learn more about ways to honor and take care of her hair.

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Dec 28, 2020
Trust The Process (Even When You Almost Burn Down Your Kitchen Table)

It's funny how God will teach you a lesson in the midst of chaos.  Recently I got a good reminder that success is still possible even when we can only see a few steps ahead and the way forward has traps, bumps in the road and pitfalls.

This episode is is sponsored by COIL Beauty Inc.  When you were a little girl did you have a doll that helped you see how beautiful you were? How about a book that put your beautiful features front and center instead of an after thought?  Click here to see the empowering "God Created Me Coily" book + doll COIL Beauty Inc has created for our babies and help support their kickstarter.

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Dec 21, 2020
Are you really ready for that big dream you've been asking for?

Brown Girl Society started day one of the "Believing Bigger" journal on 12/13.  One thought I had for the ladies that I'll share with you is, how ready are you for the big thing you are believing for?  If God handed it to you right now, how would you treat it?  Sometimes it isn't enough to say we are ready but we have to physically/mentally/emotionally start to prepare ourselves while we wait.

This episode is is sponsored by COIL Beauty Inc.  Mommies/Aunties/Grandmas click here to see the empowering "God Created Me Coily" book + doll COIL Beauty Inc has created for our babies and help support their kickstarter.

Also, Brown Girl Society is open to new members. Click here to join if you are ready for a God centered self-care approach and community.

Dec 14, 2020
Uncovering Your Focus Word for 2021

2020 is winding down which means now is the perfect time to figure out what your "focus word" for 2021 will be.  Not sure how to decide?  In todays episode Bre, shares the technique she used to uncover her word for 2020 and how she kept it top of mind for the year.

Please support this episodes sponsor, Coil Beauty Inc and learn more about their Kickstarter, offering a book and doll that celebrates our beautiful hair textures. 

Dec 07, 2020
Learning How to be More Resilient (pt 2)

In this final episode on resilience I share a super cringe worthing, embarrassing story that triggered my inner critic plus my process for moving through it.

Nov 30, 2020
Learning how to be more resilient: Pt 1 (Anger)

How resilient are you in the face of challenges and upsets?  When I was younger, I really struggled with being able to bounce back in a healthy way because I didn't know how to cope.  In today's episode, I'm sharing the downside of chronic anger, ways to possibly work through it, plus a bible verse that helped me put things into perspective.

Nov 23, 2020
4 Tips For Getting Into Alignment With God's Vision For Your Life

In this episode Bre is giving you 4 ways to begin inviting more clarity into your life so that you can get into alignment with God's vision and purpose over your life. Have your journal handy to jot down notes and "aha's" you may receive.

Also, here are the books mentioned in todays episode:

Believe Bigger (Amazon affiliate link)

100 Days of Believing Bigger Journal (Amazon affiliate link)

Nov 16, 2020
What You Water, Grows.

In this episode I take a few minutes to talk about the election (YAY!!!) and how it was allowing me to get sidetracked by trolls and nonsense.  I came across an excellent quote by TD Jakes that gave me inspiration to stay focused on what matters.  Listen to todays episode if you've been watering the wrong things in the lasts few months.

*Episode has a little language*

Nov 09, 2020
Honor Your Greatness + 3 Journal Prompts

It's not hard to notice greatness in others but when it comes to ourselves, we draw a blank.  In this episode Bre talks about honoring our greatness plus gives three journal prompts for reflection.

Nov 02, 2020
Leave Trash in the Trash!

Bloomies, why do we go back to the "trash" of old relationships and habits that no longer serve us?  It's because we are getting something out of it.  What?  That is for you to reflect on. 

Listen in on todays episode where I share my thoughts and experiences.

Oct 26, 2020
Self-Care Looks Like Setting Boundaries With Our Kids

Hey, Bloomie!

Quick episode today where I share some of MY personal experiences around raising a child as a single parent.  I'd often put my needs to the side and put self-care on the back burner.  This definitely had some consequences that I've come to regret. 

Oct 19, 2020
My Spirit Said "Let Down Your Guard"

Hi Brown Girl in Bloom,

I'm sharing a journal entry that I'm hope will allow you to take a look at who you are when times are tough and also, think about the guards up around your heart.  

Be blessed, be well!


Oct 12, 2020
Colon Cancer in the Black Community

Today I have Dr. Gina Charles on the show.  Dr. Charles (aka Dr. G) is a board certified Family Medicine Physician, Entrepreneur and Wellness Expert who encourages Black women to live healthier lives and advocate for themselves. 

In this medical edition of the show we discuss how colon cancer isn't just a "male" disease, things that can increase your risk, tips to help you feel more comfortable speaking with your doctor and also letting your doctor go if they aren't empowering you to take charge of your health.

Want to connect with Dr. G?  Here is where you can find her:

Oct 05, 2020
What can you do if you aren't being valued?

I was re-reading portions of "When they call you a terrorist" by Patrisse Cullors recently and a question jumped out that made me pause.  The question was  - "What is the impact of not being valued?"

For me, when I'm not valued the impact results in feeling invisible, used, not respected and worthless.  This is definitely nothing new as the system was designed to keep us oppressed while using our genius for profit.

If you've been feeling like you aren't enough or like you aren't valued, today I'm giving you 4 ways to reclaim your power:

  1. Remember what you bring to the table
  2. Expect the best for yourself
  3. Treat yourself the same way you'd treat someone you admire
  4. Invest in yourself

Listen to todays episode and also, don't forget to leave a review on iTunes and share with a friend.

*There is a little language in this episode*

Sep 28, 2020
Abundance isn't just about money

Thanks for catching this episode!  Today I'm talking more about abundance and also how scarcity thinking will have you clinging to things you need to let go of.

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Sep 21, 2020
Ask yourself each morning - "What can I fail at today?"

Ready for some Monday motivation?

On todays episode Bre shares a question she's been asking herself each morning that helps her get unstuck, stop making fear based moves and allows her to show up as her best self.

If you think that winning is the only way to see change happen, or you have been stuck with your personal goals, this episode is for you.


Sep 14, 2020
Black girls cry

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl,

In this episode of the podcast I'm peeling back a little bit of my layers on what it means for me to express my emotions through crying.  You may have had to stifle our tears as a child/young adult and now you are trying to come to terms with the idea that expressing yourself through tears is valid and ok.

Let's talk about!

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Sep 07, 2020
Monday Meditation - I am Healthy

Is your soul in need of more affirmations to help you get through the next month?  Don't worry because I got you!  Take 20 minutes, get comfortable and quiet, and listen to 21 affirmations all about being healthy.

I am a firm believer that life and death are in the power of the tongue so I encourage you to speak life and health over yourself at all times.

Aug 31, 2020
The "4 rooms" and creating a vision for your life

Hey, hey!!!  

Today I'm sharing about how our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing makes up the "rooms in our body" and an exercise on how to create a vision for your life. 

This stemmed from a quote I found from author Rumer Godden that in essence says everyone is a house with 4 rooms and these rooms need to be at minimum "aired out" everyday.  I'll explain more in the show so click "play" to listen now.

Also, make sure you sign up for the 5 day #cancelgrindculture challenge which starts August 31st.

Aug 24, 2020
Grind Culture + Black Women

Today's episode is all about "grind culture."  Surprisingly, though most relate it to jobs employment, for Black women it also applies to the work we do after we clock out for the day.  At the end of the episode I give a few prompts for reflection on what grinding looks like for you and if there is room for improvement.

If you'd like to explore more about grind culture and take some time prioritizing yourself, sign up for the 5 day Cancel Grind Culture challenge that starts on August 24th.  Make sure you are on the newsletter to get more details this week. Click the link below:


Aug 17, 2020
You are NOT your mistakes!

Hey, hey!

If you are allowing your mistakes to hold you back I need you to listen to todays episode so that I can give you a good word.  I'll be sharing about making mistakes, learning lessons and also "poor choices."  

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Aug 10, 2020
Monday Meditation - I am Blooming

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

Let's hit the "PAUSE" button and make space to be still and center our self-care.  I hope that you enjoy this months meditation.

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Have an amazing week!

Aug 03, 2020
Life and Healing After Dating A Narcissist

Have you ever dated someone with narcissistic characteristics?  What void were you filling?  Were you too embarrassed to break things off?  Did you need an apology before you could move on?

I'm talking about this with my guest, Dani Belgrave.  Dani is a 30-something mental health advocate and body positivist. Listen to our "real talk" chat where Dani shares the woes of dating a narcissist and how she was able to get her life back.

You can find Dani here:

Jul 27, 2020
When Distractions = I'm Not Good Enough

Have you ever allowed yourself to become distracted or procrastinated because you felt that you weren't smart enough or worthy enough to keep pushing towards your goal?

I'm talking about that today on this weeks episode.

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Jul 20, 2020
I'm A Christian (Follow up to Manifesting Episode)

I had to record this episode because there are 2 things I didn't say when I had the conversation about Dani about manifesting.  I hope it gives you clarity on who I am and what I believe.  

Jul 14, 2020
Simple 3 Step Manifesting Process with Dani Faust

Well hello Beautiful Brown Girl!

I've got a special guest on the show today who is breaking down what it really means to manifest (because I was wrong!!) and also the SUPER EASY 3 step process she swears by to make "manifesting happen."

Dani Faust, Spiritual and Manifestation Coach and host of the Manifest it, Sis podcast is giving us life today as she breaks down how Black women can co-create with God to go after and achieve the things and experiences we want out of life.

After the episode, catch up with her on:

Instagram @thedanifaust 

Facebook @Coachdanifaust


Jul 13, 2020
Monday Meditation - I AM VALUABLE

Hey beautiful brown girl!

Today I'm doing something a little different on the show.  AN AFFIRMATIVE MEDITATION!  Yasss!!!!  Allow me to pour into you, refresh your spirit and remind you of who you are today so that you can center your wellbeing and mood as you do all the brave things you do each day.   

If you are feeling this episode let me know.  Email me at or screenshot this episode and post it in your stories on Instagram so that I can see it and share.

Jul 06, 2020
5 Best Ways To Begin Investing In Yourself

Does the thought of investing in yourself make you feel overwhelmed? Do you have strong feelings about how your life should go but you don't feel confident enough to make it happen?  Girl, I got you.  If you are a habitual shrinker/people pleaser this episode is especially for you. 

Listen to this weeks episode where I share 5 ways to start investing in yourself so you can start making sh*t happen.

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Bre Mitchell

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Jun 29, 2020
When Father's Day is Hard AF

Father's Day 2020 has come and gone and for some of us all we could do was hang on and do our best to get through it.  Though the day is over, we are still processing our feelings and triggered memories.  Let's chat about that today and I'll give you a few suggestions on how to nurture yourself this week.

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Bre Mitchell

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Jun 22, 2020
White apologies, Buying Black and June Book Rec's

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

You are getting a smorgasbord today.  I'm checking in with you on why I'm not doing the labor of educating White people, Juneteenth ( and why we are buying black through July 4th), plus two books I read this month.  Click play to listen and don't forget to rate/subscribe where you are listening.

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Bre Mitchell

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Jun 15, 2020
Using your authentic voice

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

You were taught that it's "bad" to speak up and use your voice when actually that the perfect opportunity to be your authentic self.  I'm talking about it on todays episode.

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Bre Mitchell

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Jun 08, 2020
When Brands Are Silent, We Stop Supporting.

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

When businesses and groups I've purchased from don't address the experiences Black people are having, I let them go.  Listen to todays episode and see if this feels like self-care you can get behind.

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Bre Mitchell

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Jun 01, 2020
1 Self-Love Exercise You Gotta Try This Week

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

Why is self-love so hard?  These days it's much easier to find a million things to dislike about ourselves but so hard to believe we are worthy of loving ourselves.  This week I want you to try one simple exercise of self-love and see if it resonates with you.  Click to listen to this weeks episode.

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Bre Mitchell

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May 25, 2020
Boost Your Self-Esteem with 8 "Becoming" Takeaways

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

Today I am sharing 8 major takeaways from the Netflix documentary "Becoming."  Michelle Obama allowed us a peek into her private/work life while giving us major life changing thoughts. Grab your pen and journal so that you can take notes!!

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Bre Mitchell

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May 18, 2020
6 Daily Self-Care Questions You Need

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

Have you experienced moments of, but don't understand why or how you got to that place?  I definitely have which is why I do my best to check-in with myself everyday.  Today I'm sharing six questions to start asking yourself daily or as needed.

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Bre Mitchell

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May 11, 2020
Create your own morning routine and keep your peace

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!

I wanted to stop allowing life to control me and instead start controlling life because I was tired of showing up from a place bitterness and annoyance.  I wasn't giving myself the "all about me time" I needed and it was quite apparent.  Because of this I've created a peaceful morning routine that has helped me to be the best Bre possible (most days).  If you are crafting a morning routine or didn't know they were even a thing, this episode is for you.

I mention the book The Morning Miracle* which you can purchase here if interested.

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Bre Mitchell

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May 04, 2020
The World Will Make Space For You

Hey Beautiful Brown Girl!!

Today I'm sharing a slightly embarrassing mishap that proved without a doubt that if you are persistent and bold, the world will make space for you to do yo thang.

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Bre Mitchell

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Apr 27, 2020
3 Limiting Words to Toss in 2020

Our words hold more power than many of us realize.  Like Proverbs 18:21 says "Life and death are in the power of the tongue."  So how are we using this power?  Are we building ourselves (and others) up or tearing ourselves down?  

Listen to today's episode where I share with you three words we can remove from our vocabulary TODAY that will help us feel more bold and confident immediately.

Apr 20, 2020
2 Books You Need Neeooww

On today's quick episode I'm sharing about:

Stocking up on meat (Thanks CNN!)

Intermittent fasting

1 mindset hack you can try immediately

2 books on self-love that you need to check out

Apr 13, 2020
4 Lies affecting your mindset right now

With this global pandemic on the move and trying times weaving their way into our thoughts and processes, I'm going to give you 4 lies to be aware of that you either have experienced or may down the line.  

I'll give you the 3rd one right off the bat:  We are NOT all in the same boat with how we are dealing with our new normal.

Apr 06, 2020
6 Signs That Say The Relationship Ain't Working

Relationships can be complicated but definitely so when we are hanging on when it is time to let it go.  There are so many feelings that come up for us when we are forced to identify a damaging relationship for what it truly is.  You may have fooled yourself into thinking things are ok, but I'm going to give you six signs that you need right now to identify the relationship isn't working.

Mar 30, 2020
From 52K in Debt to $130K Net Worth

It's time to talk about something that makes many of us uncomfortable...DEBT.  Did you know that it is possible for you to get out of debt and do it in a reasonable way?  Did you also know that being in debt for a lot of us has to do with the mindsets we were taught as kids?  Listen to this episode where I talk with Krystal Dillard who shares how her and hubby were able to get their whole finance life on track, get out of debt and increase their net worth.

Mar 23, 2020
9 Ways to "Win" During the Coronavirus Pandemic

So here we are, sis.  The coronavirus is definitely a thing and we are doing our best to stay calm but ahead of the curve while new updates keep coming in and stressing us out.

To maintain a sense of normalcy the BGSC podcast will be updated twice a week (instead of once) in the hopes of encouraging self-care while we wait to see what the effects will be over the next few weeks.  So with that said, today I'm giving you 9 ways to stay calm as well as keep moving forward while we are in this season especially if a quarantine goes into effect.  If you have kids that will be home this episode is especially for you.

Mar 14, 2020