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By Monica Swanson

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stacy morton
 Sep 17, 2019
amazing podcast! Makes me feel like I can get through the day since it makes me feel like im not alone.


Monica Swanson, author of the Boy Mom book, and blogger at, shares encouragement and inspiration for raising boys in today's world. Monica shares practical advice and biblical wisdom through honest conversations, interviews with other boy moms, and light-hearted humor.

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Ep. 159: Raising Boys of Character

This is the fifth part of my new monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” in my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 6 – Aiming High: Teaching Noble Character. I’ve received more feedback on this chapter than any other. This chapter
also inspired me to create my online Character Training Course (which will be opening its doors again on June 15th!)

This is one of my very favorite things to talk about and I believe with all of my heart that next to faith, character is the most important thing a parent can focus on. Character will be a key to your child’s success in relationships, school, sports, and a career.  I hope this episode gives you some practical tools to use and a bunch of inspiration to raise your own kids of character!

Find out more about the Character Training Course here:

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May 25, 2022
Ep. 158: You are More than a Mom, with Kari Kampakis

What if taking care of yourself was the first step to helping your family thrive? I’m sure you would agree that in the crazy season of motherhood, it is easy to lose a sense of your self and your self worth. We juggle so many things as moms, and we often find our own needs as a last priority.


Kari Kampakis joins us to share some highlights from her new book, “More than a Mom: How Prioritizing Your Wellness Helps You (and Your Family) Thrive. Kari is a wealth of wisdom, practical advice, and so genuine. Find links to all of the things we talk about over in show notes:


This episode is sponsored by Sarah’s Spanish School, a live, online Spanish school which is offering FREE classes for the entire month of May. Go check it out at:

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May 18, 2022
Ep. 157: What if it’s Wonderful? With Nicole Zasowski

Are you quick to celebrate the big and small things in life? Or do you hesitate – feeling like celebration must be earned, or like the minute you celebrate, things might take a turn for the worst? Nicole Zasowski, marriage and family therapist, and author of newly released book, What if it’s Wonderful, joins us to talk about the gift, and discipline of celebration! Sharing from a research perspective, as well as personal experience, Nicole’s voice is honest, relatable, and endearing!

After walking through her own seasons of disappointment, Nicole shares how she learned to shift her perspective from that of being suspicious of joy, to choosing to pursue a life intentionally anticipating joy! I LOVE this topic so much, and I learned a ton from Nicole in this interview. 


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* This episode is sponsored by Sarah’s Spanish School, an online Spanish class for kids, with FREE CLASSES in MAY!! Go to to check out it! (my boys are doing it!)

May 11, 2022
Ep. 156: Sis, Take a Breath this Mothers’ Day, with Kirsten Watson

I’m so excited to share this special Mothers’ Day episode with Kirsten Watson! As a mom to seven kids, wife to NFL veteran - Benjamin Watson, and cohost of a popular podcast, Kirsten Watson knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. She has also learned what it takes to thrive, even in the busiest seasons; it all begins with taking a breath.

Taking a breath is about inhaling the Word of God so we can exhale peace. Taking a breath is about recognizing our gifts and our limits…it is learning to say yes, and no. It’s about recognizing the significance of our significant other, finding our “dark alley friends”, and growing through every season.

In today’s interview Kirsten shares highlights from her beautiful book, Sis, Take a Breath.  This conversation will be a good way to prepare for Mothers’ Day (and every day) with perspective, humor, and plenty of deep breaths.

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* This episode is sponsored by Sarah’s Spanish School, an online Spanish class for kids, with FREE CLASSES in MAY!! Go to to check out it! (my boys are doing it!)

May 04, 2022
Ep. 155: Helping Your Son Develop a Secure Identity

This is the fourth part of the new monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” found in my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing from Chapter 5, “Secure Foundations: Affirming Significance and Identity.” This topic is so relevant to all the things are kids face today.

How can we help our sons develop a self-worth that is not dependent on their performance or other people’s opinions?  How can we help our sons know that while many things will describe them, none of those things have to define them? What happens when our boys fail at what they are passionate about…When their dreams are crushed, or they get stuck in the comparison trap? These are all important questions, and I believe that parents who have thought through them will be a great asset to kids growing up today.

In the noisy world our kids are growing up in, having a security based on the unchanging Truth of God’s love for them can be an absolute game changer. Join me as I share highlights from Chapter 5 of Boy Mom. Find a free download and more encouragement over in show notes:

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*Reminder: Ratings and reviews are so helpful! Please leave one wherever you listen to this podcast!


Apr 27, 2022
Ep. 154: The Unexpected Journey of Raising a Son with Autism

Today’s guest, Kate Swenson, shares her honest, difficult, but inspiring journey of raising a son with severe autism. We can learn a lot about autism through her story, and I think we can all relate to facing unexpected challenges in parenting.


Approximately 1/54 kids in America are diagnosed with autism, and I know many of you are affected in one way or another by this diagnosis. Kate shares candidly about the pain and isolation she has experienced, her divorce -- and remarriage (a story of its own!) and the and how she has ultimately found joy and purpose in her journey to “find Cooper’s voice.”  Be sure to share this episode with those you know who might be encouraged by Kate’s story!


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Apr 20, 2022
Ep. 153: An Easter/Anniversary Chat with Monica and Dave

Hey Friends! Happy Holy Week! This week I have my husband, Dr. Dave, with me to celebrate our 26th anniversary, answer some questions, chat about parenting and marriage, and offer some Easter reflections. Though he is a much more behind-the-scenes type of guy, Dave has so much wisdom to offer, and I love getting to share him with all of you!

Invite your men to join us for this fun and encouraging chat! Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for being a part of this podcast community.  *Reminder: Ratings and reviews are so helpful! Please leave one wherever you listen to this podcast!

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Apr 13, 2022
Ep. 152: Raising Kids to be Strong and Kind, with Korie Robertson

I am so excited to be bringing back the most-downloaded episode of 2021 this week!  I loved this chat with Duck Dynasty star, Korie Robertson, who has raised a number of amazing kids (her daughter, Sadie Robertson, is one of my top-recommendations for role models for young women!) I have admired Korie and her entire family for years, so this interview with a special honor!


Korie shares stories about ways she focused on character in her kids when they were growing up, and she also answers questions sent in by podcast listeners.  This is a fun way to get to know Korie, and to be inspired to raise your own kids to be strong and kind!

*On this topic of kids and character, be sure you are signed up for this weekend’s Perfectly Imperfect Parenting event (all-online!) where I’ll be speaking on 3 practical ways to raise kids of character!  Get tickets at  Event is on April 8th but you can watch allll the amazing speakers until the end of 2022!!

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Apr 06, 2022
Ep. 151: Raising Boys to Know and Love God

This is the third part of the new monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” found in my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing from Chapter 4 – “The Beginning of Wisdom: Nurturing Faith.”  This chapter is what I would consider the heart of the book!  It’s the best I have to give!

I get a lot of questions from people about what we did to raise sons who all love God and choose to follow Him, even as they launch and live independently. While I would never suggest there is a formula, I do believe there is a lot parents can do to nurture and inspire faith in our children.  I hope this episode gives you some practical ideas and hope for raising your own sons to live a life of faith for all of their days!

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Mar 30, 2022
Ep. 150: Foster the Family, with Jamie Finn

Whether or not you've ever considered being a foster family, this conversation with Jamie Finn will inspire you.  Her heart for children and family is contagious and her message is for all of us.

After reading Jamie’s book, Foster the Family, I was so inspired to learn more. In today’s conversation we cover Jamie's story of becoming a foster parent and starting a super creative and brilliant ministry. I ask some total beginner questions, and Jamie so humbly answers! She is so real and honest, and so much fun. Please share this episode with your friends because we can all play a role in supporting children and families in need, and I think Jamie has some great ideas on how we might do that well.

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Mar 23, 2022
Ep. 149: Let’s Talk About Youth Sports, with Carla Hanes

Do you love youth sports, or dread them? Are you an enthusiastic fan, or would you rather avoid every gym, field, and court possible? Do you get excited to see your kids growing in strength and character through sports, or do you see competition bringing out their dark side?  Let’s face it – If your kids play sports, they will likely be a big part of your life! There is a lot we can talk about on this topic!

After I shared a series of Instagram Stories asking for your experience and feedback about youth sports, I decided this topic was worthy of a full podcast episode.  I thought it would be fun to bring a real-life friend on with me, so I invited my friend Carla, whose sons are in very different sports from mine! In this very real conversation, we talk about the good and difficult parts of youth sports…with an emphasis on the good! Carla is an enthusiastic football, soccer, and track mom, and I think you’ll find her passion contagious! Grab a coffee (or put on your sneakers!) and join Carla and I for this fun chat all about youth sports!

PS Do you enjoy this mom-to-mom chat?  Let me know! I’d love to plan more episodes like this!

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Mar 16, 2022
Ep. 148: Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness, with Bonnie Gray

Growing up as an American-Chinese daughter of a mail-order bride and a busboy working in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Bonnie Gray has a story that will capture your attention and win your heart. In her Memoir, Sweet Like Jasmine, Bonnie shares her grown-up journey of revisiting her childhood memories, uncovering family secrets, and witnessing brokenness made beautiful. (She’s such a good writer!) In today’s interview, Bonnie and I talk about her amazing story, how she has shared the hard parts of her past with her sons, and how finding our identity in Christ is the key to peace and belonging for all of us.

Bonnie is so much fun to talk to, and I appreciate her honesty, vulnerability, and strength.  Bonnie’s story is unique, but it is also our story!  One of loneliness, longing for love, and ultimately finding the greatest love and security only in a relationship with God.  I am so excited to share this interview with you!

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Mar 09, 2022
Ep. 147: Habits of the Household, with Justin Whitmel Earley

We all have habits that fill our parenting, but are they the ones we choose? Justin Whitmel Earley says that “Our routines become who we are, good or bad, and over time they become the story and culture of our families.” If we do not carefully choose our habits, we end up falling back on rhythms that are forming us to be distracted, overstimulated, too busy, and lonely.

Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author, speaker, and father to four boys! I have quickily become a huge fan of his new book, Habits of the Household: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms. In this episode, Justin and I talk about how the book came to be, (a story we will ALL relate to!) and some of the habits and liturgies families can use to reduce chaos and create sweeter daily rhythms. We camp out on technology for a bit because I love that part of his book.

If you are not already family with Justin, I think you’ll feel like you made a new friend after listening. Grab links and show notes at…

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Mar 02, 2022
Ep. 146: Raising Boys with Boundaries and Freedoms

This is the second part of my new monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” from my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 3 -- Training Grounds: Boundaries, freedoms and discipline.  This chapter has been a reader favorite and a most-requested topic for radio and podcast interviews.

I love this topic so much and I hope it offers you some helpful perspective on: setting limits and saying no, giving kids a chance to stretch their wings, (and maybe skin their knees!) and disciplining kids with love and grace.

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Feb 23, 2022
Ep. 145: What parents should know about adolescent substance abuse, with Richard Capriola

Parenting a child through substance abuse is one of the most difficult experiences imaginable; something none of us could have fathomed when our kids were young. Yet the statistics on teens and substance abuse is startling. The percentage of teens vaping (nicotine or marijuana) has increased in recent years, and many parents are either totally unaware or don’t realize the extent of the problem. 

Today’s guest, Richard Capriola, spent years working as an addiction counselor at the Menninger Clinic in Houston Texas, and has now written the helpful guide, The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse. This book educates parents on everything from the types of drugs kids are abusing and what drug use does to the adolescent brain, to the kinds of treatment available for addiction. There is also a great resource list in the book for parents to find the help and support they need. In this interview we chat about the content of the book, and Richard shares hopeful stories from families who have overcome addiction to find a brighter future.

We are all impacted by substance abuse to some extent, and I think you’ll find this an informative and encouraging conversation!  Please share with friends as none of us know who might need this information.

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Feb 16, 2022
Ep. 144: Intimacy in Marriage, with Debra Fileta

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better time to have a counselor, relationship expert, and author of “Married Sex” join us to talk about the importance of intimacy in marriage.  Debra Fileta is so much fun to talk to, and even if I’m blushing throughout this interview, she totally is not! 


Debra talks about why women need to see sex as a gift for them as well as for their husbands as well as the importance of communicating about our sex lives. We also talk about how we can talk to our kids about marital intimacy and model a healthy love life that inspires them.

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Feb 09, 2022
Ep. 143: Redeeming Your Time, with Jordan Raynor

If you're starting off the new year feeling just as hurried and hectic as you ended last year. (um, 🙋🏼‍♀️) then this episode is for you and me both.

Today we get to talk to Jordan Raynor, serial entrepreneur and national bestselling author. Jordan offers a refreshing, biblical antidote to swamped to-do lists and hurried schedules. Jordan’s energy is contagious and I love that he focuses on meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes which we can practically implement right away!  Small changes make a big difference!  I hope you enjoy!

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Feb 02, 2022
Ep. 142: 4 Building Blocks of a Healthy Relationship with Your Son

This is the first of a new monthly feature I plan to do covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” from my book, Boy Mom.  Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 2: A Connection that Lasts, and expanding on the topic of growing a strong and healthy relationship with our sons. Though all relationships go through challenging seasons, I believe that a focus on these four building blocks will be very helpful.  

In show notes find a link to a (free!) download "20 Ways to Make Your Son Feel Loved" as well as links to Boy Mom and more. I hope you enjoy this episode and that this new series offers you a ton of encouragement and support to be the best #boymom you can be in the year ahead!

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Jan 26, 2022
Ep. 141: Finding Goodness Right Where You Are, with Alexandra Kuykendall

While the past few years have put a spotlight on the divisive, contentious, darkness of our world, it is good to remember that God has not changed. And, His goodness and light are still there.  The question is: Do we see it? 

Alexandra Kuykendall joins us today to point us to the practical truth of Philippians 4:8 – and a reminder that we can choose to shift our focus from the messy, hard things of our current culture, to all that is true, noble, and good right now. (hint: There’s a lot.) Alex tackles the hard stuff of personal conflict, cancel culture, and social media crazy with hope, help, and humor. This topic is so relevant to our lives right now!  The way we navigate these things will be passed on to our kids so we have many reasons to learn, grow, and do better!

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Jan 19, 2022
Ep. 140: Moms, we Need Each other! With Heather MacFadyen

There is so much pressure on moms to do everything right, and asking for help along the way often feels like defeat.  Heather MacFadyen, host of the popular “Don’t Mom Alone” podcast, joins us today with a refreshing reminder that we were never meant to do this on our own!  We need community. And community is available to all of us – if we look for it!


Heather and I talk about how to find and foster the key relationships you need to be the mom you want to be. I think you’re going to love Heather and this conversation!

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Jan 12, 2022
Ep. 139: 30 Days to Make or Break any Habit, with Mark Batterson

As we kick off 2022, Mark Batterson offers us practical ways to make habits, break habits, and get serious about reaching our dreams. Mark says that “Destiny is not a mystery…Destiny is daily habits”. He believes that our lives are built on our patterns of behavior: both constructive and counterproductive habits. He also tells us the good news that “Each person is just one habit away from a totally different life!” 

I love this topic, especially as we kick off a new year.  These are all ideas to share with our kids as we encourage them to dream big and establish a lifestyle that will support their greatest goals!

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Jan 05, 2022
Ep. 138: Building Family Culture and Habits for the Best New Year, with Kimberly Amici

Kimberly Amici is a Family Culture Coach and the host of the Build Your Best Family Podcast.  She is passionate about relationships and family life.  Today Kimberly shares some ways we might shift our focus from short-term goals to lifestyle habits that will shape our destiny. 


As we go into the new year we could all use some inspiration for setting an intentional family culture, with habits and routines that support our truest values. I hope you enjoy this topic as much as I do!


Find show notes and get Kimberly’s Family Culture Discussion Sheet at:

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Dec 29, 2021
Ep. 137: A Prayer for the week of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone…or as we say around here: Mele Kalikimaka! In this week’s episode I am checking in briefly to say hello and to read a special prayer from the Every Moment Holy book of prayers. I hope it offers you a moment of quiet and reflection in the midst of a busy season!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and please know that I am so grateful for your part in my podcast community!

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Dec 22, 2021
Ep. 136: Help and Hope for Grief during the Holidays, with Marci Pecora

I am so grateful to introduce you to my friend, Marci Pecora. Marci is a licensed marriage and family therapist, well-acquinted with grief.  After a nearly 5-year battle with cancer, Marci’s husband went to heaven 10 years ago, leaving behind Marci and their two children.  Through grief groups and with the support of family and friends, Marci has not only survived, but discovered a gift in walking others through their unique stories of grief.

I am so grateful that Marci would join us to share some insight and wisdom for understanding and walking through seasons of loss and grief – especially during the holidays.

Whether you are grieving a loss now, or know someone else who is, I think you’ll find this to be a really helpful conversation.  What Marci shares will be useful to all of us eventually, and I hope you’ll consider sharing this episode so those who need it will find it.

Marci’s recommended books and resources for grief are linked to in show notes:

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Dec 15, 2021
Ep. 135: Finding Wonder in every Season, with Singer-Songwriter, JJ Heller

When I first listened to JJ Heller’s song, “A Hand to Hold”, I had to pause the music and get tissues!  JJ’s music captures the wonder of childhood and the love between parents and children in such a magical way! Today, JJ joins us to talk about her journey…from college basketball player, to crippling anxiety attacks, to finding her voice and place in the music industry (and 10 million streams of Hand to Hold!)

And now “Hand to Hold’ is also the sweetest children’s book!

I love JJ’s honesty and humility and I think everyone will enjoy getting to know her in this chat.  Her story is a great reminder that God can use every struggle, hurt, and disappointment for His glory and our good when we love and trust Him!

Find Hand to Hold on Amazon

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Dec 08, 2021
Ep. 134: Simplifying Christmas, with Tama Fortner

Yay!  We made it to December, and I am so excited for the Christmas season ahead! Today’s guest, Tama Fortner is helping us simplify Christmas, reclaim peace, and ENJOY all the best parts of Christmas without any unnecessary stress!  Tama and I chat about so many great ideas tucked into her new devotional book, Simply Christmas – from practical ways to simplify your decorating, to some creative (and simpler!) gift-giving ideas...and more!  Join us for this fun conversation as we kick off what I hope will be the best Christmas ever!

Get Simply Christmas on Amazon!

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Dec 01, 2021
Ep. 133: Happy Thanksgiving with the Swanson Boys

I love sharing my sons with all of you, and this week my two youngest – Luke, 17, and Levi, 11, are with me to answer some listener questions and share some Thanksgiving holiday cheer.  The boys were fighting a case of the giggles and our dog fell off the bed in the middle of our chat, but this should give you a pretty realistic look at life at the Swansons real life! (This is a great one for your kids to listen to as well!)

Don’t miss it!!  --- The Character Training Course doors are now open for a first-time ever, THANKSGIVING SALE (from November 22nd to Monday, November 29th)!  Find out more here:

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Nov 24, 2021
Ep. 132: Gratitude Training, with Kristen Welch

Entitlement has become an epidemic among our kids. We are raising children in a quick-fix society, where everything they want seems to be available at the touch of a button (or a holler out to Alexa!) Many of us (me included!) have grown frustrated with this issue, and wonder if there is some way to fight against it. 

Kristen Welch, founder of Mercy House Global, and author of “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World” (among other awesome books) joins us today to talk about gratitude, which she calls the antidote for entitlement!  Kristen is sharing 6 ways we can “train our kids” (and ourselves) in gratitude…These are practical and do-able -- at the holidays, and all year long. 

Note! -- >  If you want to hear more on this topic of gratitude (and the issue of entitlement) be sure to check out my Character Training Course, which will open its doors for a special THANKSGIVING SALE beginning Monday, November 22nd 2021.  Find out more here:

Find links to Kristen’s book, website, and notes at:

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Nov 17, 2021
Ep. 131: God Made YOU to be YOU, with Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey, popular podcast host and author, joins us today to talk about helping our kids discover and enjoy their God-given identity. Jamie and I talk about the story behind her book for women -- You Be You, and how that led to her new children’s book, God Made You to be You. 


Our culture today offers plenty of messages about who our kids are and what gives them value.  As parents we have an awesome opportunity to teach our kids the Truth – helping them establish a foundation in their uniquely wonderful, God-given identity. This prepares them to stand up against any lies that might come their way! I love this chat with Jamie about everything from her own story, to the making of her children’s book, to how she feels about her soon-to-launch son. I hope you finish it feeling encouraged!

Today’s episode:

Nov 10, 2021
Ep. 130: “When You Don’t Feel Good about the Girl Your Son is Dating” with Kari Kampakis

Today I am excited to share a “guest podcast” from Kari Kampakis, host of the Girl Mom Podcast. In this episode Kari shares some helpful perspectives to keep in mind if your son is dating someone you don’t feel good about, as well as some sound wisdom to share with your teens or young adults when they enter the dating season of life.  (It’s not easy – rememeber!?)

Be sure to go to show notes to find and follow Kari Kampakis, her awesome blog (with many viral posts) her podcast, and her books.  If you have daughters or know someone who does, Kari is a must-follow!

today’s episode:



Nov 03, 2021
Ep. 129: Inspiring Boys to “Run Toward the Roar” with Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko, Pastor, best-selling author, husband, and Dad -- joins us to chat about his heart for tackling real issues kids face with compassion, grace, and biblical authenticity.  Pastor Levi’s newly released children’s devotional, Roar Like a Lion, helps parents open up conversations and bring Biblical truth into relevant topics including peer pressure and bullying, faith, fears, friendships, and finding the courage to try new things.


Levi and I talk about his family’s healing process after one of his young daughter’s went to heaven, and how in God’s mysterious way that opened the door for he and his wife to have their first son. He shares about how much he loves to bring the Bible to life for his kids and how that led to writing his first kids’ devotional.  At the end I got to ask Pastor Levi a few Dad/Pastor questions, and I loved his responses.  Find links and show notes at…

today’s episode:

Oct 27, 2021
Ep. 128: God has Good Plans for You, with Megan Fate Marshman

When life is difficult, it can be hard to believe that God is for you – that He is truly working all things together for your good. If you have ever wrestled with these thoughts, then this interview with Megan Fate Marshmann -- gifted Bible teacher, storyteller, and writer is just for you.  I recorded this interview in early 2021 to talk about the message in her incredible book, Meant for Good, but days before the interview was scheduled to release, Megan’s husband Randy had a sudden heart attack and departed for heaven. The message from Megan’s book became only more relevant and profound. 

I held on to the interview for many months and am so grateful for the chance to share it now. Megan's words are powerful and I think you’ll be encouraged -- whether you’re currently in a good season, or a hard one.  Perhaps you know someone who needs to hear this message now (please pass it along!)  Find all of the links in show notes…

Show notes:  www.monicaswanson,.com/episode-128

Oct 20, 2021
Ep. 127: Simplifying Family Life with 3 Key Routines, with Toni-Ann Mayembe

Whether you work outside the home or not, moms have a way of filling their days and then some...The overwhelm of  rushed mornings, exhausting evenings, or the dreaded #mondaymorning are so very real!  Today we get to hear from a working mom who definitely understands!  Toni-Ann Mayembe is a family dentist, a reservist in the Navy, a blogger and podcaster, and an intentional, involved #boymom and wife, and yet, she is holding it all together with style!  And even more, Toni-Ann is on a mission to help moms eliminate the overwhelm and enjoy motherhood while being authentic with themselves and others. 

In this interview, Toni-Ann walks us through the three routines she believes can make a big difference in your family life.  She also offers a link to get a free download to help make that happen.  This is such a fun and practical conversation – I hope you enjoy!

Show notes:



Oct 13, 2021
Ep. 126: Raising Jesus Followers, with Rachel-Ruth-Lotz-Wright

Billy Graham was one of (if not the) most impactful evangelists of all time, and now we get to hear from his daughter and granddaughter as they share stories from their family legacy.  Billy’s granddaughter, Rachel-Ruth joins us today to share some of those stories and the heart behind the book, Jesus Followers: Real-Life Lessons For Igniting Faith in the Next Generation. (co-written with her mom, Anne Graham Lotz.) 


Parents today are raising what has been called the “least religious generation.” What can Christian families do to make sure their faith is not only lived out in their homes but received by the next generation?  That is what this book is all about.  Rachel-Ruth has such a sweet, gentle spirit, but she is also bold in her convictions. Her love for Jesus and passion for sharing the Truth is contagious.  I think you’ll be inspired as you listen!


Show notes:


Get your tickets to this fall’s Christian Parenting Digital Event: Every Parent Wants to Know…with incredible speakers like Christine Caine, Jess Connolly, Heather McFadyen, Anthony Evans, Kristen and Benjamin Watson, and more!  Event begins October 15th but you’ll have until the end of 2021 to listen to all of the speakers!

Oct 06, 2021
Ep. 125: The 4-Hour School Day, with Durenda Wilson

We want our kids to have the best education, but less-than-ideal school environments as well as more recent inconsistencies in schools due to the pandemic have left parents uncertain about traditional schooling. Durenda Wilson, Mom to eight kids with over 25 years of homeschooling experience, joins us today to offer a refreshing approach to all things family and education.  Durenda has so much wise counsel for parents looking for fresh ideas to ensure their children have a quality education suited to their natural talents and abilities.

In today’s interview we talk about some of the myths related to homeschooling, and how we can help our kids become more independent in their school work. We talk about which topics you can wait until high school to take seriously, and how to incorporate your child’s natural interests into their curriculum.  Whether or not you homeschool your kids, I think you will feel inspired and encouraged listening to this conversation!  Spread the word to your friends and check out show notes to listen and grab all the links!

Show notes:

Get your tickets to this fall’s Christian Parenting Digital Event: Every Parent Wants to Know…with incredible speakers like Christine Caine, Jess Connolly, Heather McFadyen, Anthony Evans, Kristen and Benjamin Watson, and more!  Event begins October 15th but you’ll have until the end of 2021 to listen to all of the speakers!

Podcast homepage:

Sep 29, 2021
Ep. 124: The Hard Good, with Lisa Whittle

Life is full of hard things, we all know that. But how we choose to see those hard things – our perspective on all that life gives us -- can make a radical difference in how we come through our trials.  When bestselling author and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle lost her beloved father in 2017, she found herself on a journey to learn the hard good.  Years later Lisa combines the lessons she learned with counsel from Scripture to create a roadmap that will help readers navigate their own hard good.

In this episode Lisa shares about her relationship with her dad, and then we touch on a number of the “hard good” circumstances that we all face: From accepting things you wish were different, to seeing someone else get what you want, to showing up when you want to shut down. I think Lisa’s honesty and Biblical counsel will help you navigate a current hard season, or store up wisdom for those ahead.

Show notes:

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Sep 22, 2021
Ep. 123: Helping Teens Navigate Social Media with Integrity

There is no doubt, parenting in the age of social media can be tricky. Whether or not your kids are currently using social media, it is never too early to start thinking about how you might coach your kids in their use of it.  In today’s episode I am sharing a blog post I wrote about a shift my oldest son made in his approach to social media that was a game changer!  I am also sharing clips of an interview with that son about his journey with social media from age 13 to 22.

I am happy to announce a new page on my blog where I have gathered all of my technology-related content.  And I am excited to share that the doors to my “Raising Tech-Smart Kids Mini-Course” are OPEN from September 15-17th (as this episode comes out!)  If you catch this in real time, be sure to check out what is in the mini-course using the link in notes! Today’s episode is short but so practical and hopefully inspirational!

Show notes:

Raising Tech-Smart Kids Mini-Course
My new All-Things-Technology Page! 

Podcast homepage:

Sep 15, 2021
Ep. 122: How to Declutter Like a Mother, with Allie Casazza

Allie Casazza is on a mission to eradicate the "hot mess mom" stereotype by empowering other women. Today she joins me to talk about her proven, family-oriented approach to minimalism.  Allie shares the very real and raw story of how her journey began, and why she believes we can all find more peace by simplifying our stuff.


Whether you’re a working mom, overwhelmed by kids and responsibilities or already on your minimalism game, I think you’ll be inspired (and empowered) by this conversation.  Allie is hilarious, relatable, and full of practical ideas.


Show notes:

Sep 08, 2021
Ep. 121: Q and A with my College Boys!

Sharing a fun chat with Josiah (22) and Jonah (20) who are answering questions listeners have sent in. In this interview we cover their relationship as siblings (“Did you always like each other?”...“Did you ever fight?”) as well as how/when they made their faith their own. They talk about how they feel about homeschooling now, in light of how it prepared them for college.  Finally, they talk a bit about their relationship with their mom. (aww) I love all that they share, and they even have some advice for the kids listening! 

*At the beginning of this episode I take a few minutes to address questions listeners have sent in for my husband, a hospital physician, related to Covid and the vaccine. Since I know there are many more questions, I am hoping to do a Q and A episode with Dr. Dave on the podcast in a couple weeks! (stay tuned.)

Show notes:

Sep 01, 2021
Ep. 120: Helping Kids Recognize God's Truth from the Enemy's Lies.

What our kids believe will create a roadmap for the choices they will make for the rest of their lives. Teaching kids to discern God's voice from the enemy's lies is one of the greatest ways we can help them form right beliefs which will lead to good choices. 

After a traumatic life experience, Charity Rios learned what it means to "tend her heart", replacing the enemy's lies with God's Truth. Now that she has four sons, Charity is teaching them these same concepts. Charity shares how to do this in her new children’s book, My Heart's Garden, which has concepts simple enough for young children to understand, but deep enough to impact adults as well.

In today's conversation, Charity shares her story, gives the simple steps to tending your heart, and offers examples of how we might walk through these steps with our kids. I think you'll find it practical and encouraging!

Show notes:

Aug 25, 2021
Ep. 119: Don’t Miss Out! With Jeannie Cunnion

Mom to five boys, Jeannie Cunnion has written two parenting books which very well may be on your shelf. ;) Recently, Jeannie narrowed in on the greatest parenting tool she has discovered: The power of the Holy Spirit! And now she doesn't want any of us to miss out on all that is available to us through the Holy Spirit! 

Today Jeannie joins us to talk about the benefits of having the Holy Spirit’s daily presence in our life. I love how understandable and practical Jeannie makes things, and I love that when we really grasp the Holy Spirit in our own lives, we can naturally teach our kids to do the same.  This is a powerful conversation and I hope you enjoy!

Show notes:

Thank you to this episode's sponsor, -a subscription box delivered straight from the Holy Land, full of incredible goodies for your whole family.  (See show notes for a peek at my most recent box!)

Aug 18, 2021
Ep. 118: Growing Slow, with Jennifer Dukes Lee

In a culture that embraces hurry, and “busy” is the norm, today’s episode with Jennifer Dukes Lee invites us an alternative…one of strategically “growing slow.”  Jennifer discovered these lessons after years of fast-paced, high stress living – a season that led her to a breaking point.

Jennifer says that the lessons she shares in her book, Growing Slow, are the result of unlearning what the world taught her about success and finding the courage to walk in a world that asked her to never stop running.  Wow!  I needed this conversation at least as much as anyone. I think you’ll find Jennifer’s words and heart to be a huge encouragement!  Be sure to visit show notes…

Aug 11, 2021
Ep. 117: What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from His Mom

7 years ago I wrote a blog post that was read by nearly 2 million people in 2 weeks. (that was a huge surprise!!)  That blog post led to many opportunities, including the chance for me to publish my book, Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You, and...launch the BOY MOM PODCAST!!

This week the Boy Mom Book turns two, and I’m full of thankfulness and a bit of nostalgia. ❤️ On the podcast today I reflect on all of the steps that led to the book, and for the first time ever, I read the blog post that started it all.  (Pause to wipe tears.)

Thank you for sharing in this special day and be sure to visit show notes for a little party, complete with giveaways and confetti.

Show notes:

Podcast homepage:

Aug 04, 2021
Ep. 116: Equipping Your Kids to Understand and Defend their Faith, with Natasha Crain

Research suggests that at least 60% of kids who grow up in a Christian home walk away from Christianity by their early twenties, largely in response to the intellectual challenges to their faith. 😮  In light of the specific challenges kids will encounter in today's world (especially in college, I can tell you from my boys' experience) it has never been more important for our kids to know what they believe and why they believe it.  The good news is, parents are uniquely positioned to equip their kids to understand and defend their faith.

Today's guest, Natasha Crain, has written a number of books to help parents raise their kids with an understanding of how to make a case for and defend their faith in an increasingly secular world. Natasha offers a roadmap for meaningful dialogue about Jesus in light of the most relevant topics to kids today.  In today's episode, Natasha is sharing some eye-opening statistics as well as practical advice for parents who want to help their kids navigate well! I think you will end this episode feeling inspired and encouraged!

Jul 28, 2021
Ep. 115: How we Can Live Freely and Lightly, with Emily Lex

Emily Lex – watercolor artist and popular blogger, joins me today for a candid conversation about her journey from insecurity and anxiety, to quiet confidence and peace.  Facing many of the emotions and struggles common to all of us, Emily found the reward in a renewed sense of identity and strength.  This conversation inspired me so much, and I think you’ll find so many golden nuggets that will bless you, wherever you are in your faith and personal journey!


Show notes:

Jul 21, 2021
Ep. 114: The Most Important Thing a Parent Can Do. With Brooke McGlothlin

Brooke McGlothlin has become one of our favorite resources for all things praying for your kids.  Her interviews in episodes 27 and 42 were some of the most listened to here on the Boy Mom Podcast, and she is back with more inspiration today.  Brooke’s brand new book, Praying Mom: Making Prayer Your First and Best Response to Parenting, is about to come out and we get a sneak peek into some of the awesome content in the book.  Brooke has such a friendly, encouraging tone, I know you’re going to end this episode feeling built up and inspired!


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Jul 14, 2021
Ep. 113: Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, with Daniel Weiss and Joshua Glaser

Friends this is such an important podcast episode!  As we are wrapping up my summer mini-series on Boys and Technology, today we dive into the most concerning issue related to boys and devices: Pornography.  Josh Glaser and Daniel Weiss, authors of Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, join me to talk about how we can help our kids navigate in this hypersexualized, porn-friendly world we are raising them in. We talk about how parents can protect their kids, as well as how to handle it if we find out they’ve already accessed porn. You’ll find so much empathy and grace as well as practical help and encouragement in this episode.  Please, please spread the word to your friends because hearing this episode could make the difference in a child’s future.

Show notes:

Podcast homepage:

This episode is sponsored by the new, cutting edge internet filter, Canopy!  Go to to try get 30 days of Canopy for free!

Jul 07, 2021
Ep. 112: Everything You Need to Navigate Video Games with Your Kids, with Liz Busby

I am beyond thrilled to finally have some answers for everyone who asks me about kids and video games! Liz Busby, a researcher and writer for the Protect Young Minds website, dedicated mom to four, and enthusiastic gamer, joins us today to talk all about kids and video games!  Liz shares the pros and cons of allowing our kids to use video games, precautions to take, resources to turn to, and so much more (including her top recommendations for games families can play together and how they might work in our favor!)  As someone who has mostly kept my own kids off of video games (and encourages other parents to do the same) this was a surprising, fascinating, and fun conversation.


More good news:  Liz is sharing all of her notes with Boy Mom listeners over in show notes!

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Jun 30, 2021
Ep. 111: What Most Parents Don’t Know about Internet Filters, with Sean Clifford

If your kids are on devices of any kind, then this is one episode you do not want to miss!  We continue our summer mini-series, “Boys and Technology”, with a chat that had me on the edge of my seat. Sean Clifford shares some eye-opening statistics, and also helps us understand what most internet filters do…as well as what they do NOT do (hold on, this might surprise you!)  He also shares a new type of filter that uses cutting edge technology (artificial intelligence!) to prevent porn (or sexting) from ever reaching our kids’ devices!  This interview is packed with helpful information and some sweet encouragement, too!

Show notes:

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Jun 23, 2021
Ep. 110: Empowering Kids to Make Good Choices Online, with Kristen Jenson

This episode kicks of my summer series talking about boys and technology. I want to come at this topic from many angles, and today’s conversation is foundational. Kristen Jenson, author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures (check out episode 44) is back to talk about equipping our kids with what they need to make good choices online. The new Brain Defense Digital Safety Curriculum is an entertaining, video-based curriculum for students which covers everything from cyber-bullying, to pornography, to internet addiction. Our goal is to arm kids with safe technology habits to protect their growing minds. This episode will inspire you to have important conversations and give your kids what they need to thrive online.

Show notes:

Jun 16, 2021
Ep 109: Lots of Q & A, with my son, Jonah

It is so much fun to have my son, Jonah, home from college and here to co-host this all Q & A episode!

I've been saving questions for some time now, and I've still only scratched the surface.  In today's chat Jonah and I cover everything from how to decide if your family is a good fit for homeschooling, to whether or not Dr. Dave recommends we (and our kids) should get the vaccine, to a list of parenting questions about everything -- from toddlers to teenagers, from purity to influences, to father son struggles. 

Grab your earbuds and join in.  Find links to anything we mention in show notes:

Podcast notes:

Today's episode;

Thank you to for sponsoring this episode.  I HIGHLY recommend "The Big Questions" book series which address the tough questions every tween wrestles with (How do I Know Christianity is Real?" "What Happens when We Die?" and more!)  Visit to check them out today! 

Jun 09, 2021
Ep. 108: Where the Magic Happens {2 year Podcast Birthday + Character Course Doors open!}

This week we celebrate two years of the Boy Mom Podcast!

Even more, this week the doors to the Character Training Course are open – for a (first-ever!) SUMMER SALE!

In today’s episode I read a blog post from the archives -- sharing a story…of a regular Wednesday night in my home.  This is a little glimpse into what I believe is the heart of character training.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope it reminds you that your work matters…Every moment of pressing in, pressing on, holding high standards and holding your tongue. Your job is important, and one day you’ll look back and see the beauty in all you do each day.

My Character Training Course offers so much support and encouragement for the work you do, so I hope to see you in there this week!

Find out more:

Show notes:

Podcast homepage:

Jun 02, 2021
Ep. 107: Timeless Parenting Wisdom, with Chrys Howard

My recent interview with Korie Robertson on the Boy Mom Podcast was a favorite episode for a lot of listeners! Now today, Korie’s own mom, (also seen on Duck Dynasty!) Chrys Howard joins us to share all kinds of timeless parenting wisdom.  Chrys has so much wisdom to share and inspires me in so many ways! I love that true parenting Chattinwisdom does not come and go with trends…it is timeless!  This episode has some great encouragement for mom and grandparents alike.  I think you’re going to love it!


Podcast homepage:


** On June 1st the Character Training Course will open its doors for the first EVER summer SALE!  Don’t miss it!  Find out more here :


Thank you to this episode’s sponsor, The Good Book Company, who is sharing the BIG QUESTIONS SERIES of books for kids ages 9-13.  These books answer questions like, “How do we Know that Christianity is Real?  And “What Happens When we Die?” These are such important topics to go over with your kids!  See show notes and go to to find out more.

May 26, 2021
Ep. 106: Help for Destructive Mommy Anger, with Natalie Hixson

Whether or not you’ve ever had anger issues before, Motherhood seems to reveal our hidden anger issues. While anger is a normal emotion, it can be handled in negative and destructive ways which can hurt our kids and our relationship with them.  This was a big struggle for me when my kids were young, and I’ve heard from so many moms who feel shame and sadness over how this has affected their parenting.


Today’s guest, Natalie Hixson, shares her story of overcoming destructive mommy anger, and how this led her to learn more about the problem and ultimately become a coach -- helping other women overcome destructive anger habits!  This episode is full of compassion and encouragement as well as practical tips and tools. Natalie also offers a free “Triggers Tracker” download. 


Today’s episode:


Find show notes:


Note: One thing that helped ME overcome anger patterns in my parenting was to get intentional about what I focused on as a parent.  Focusing on my kids’ character was a huge help for me in this way.  Now I have great news!  From June 1st- 7th,  I will be opening the doors to my Character Training Course which teaches parents to raise kids of excellent character! I hope you can be a part of this awesome online course – filled with practical help, resources, interviews, and videos! Sign up on the interest list at:

May 19, 2021
Ep. 105: Create Family Adventures - Around the World or Around Your Table with Liz Yeboah

When I met Liz Yeboah through a homeschool roundup on Instagram, I immediately became a fan of her and her intentional family life! Though the Yeboahs live in England, they have created a culture of curiosity, exploration, and globe-trotting adventures with their four sons and one daughter.

In this episode, Liz shares some of the most magical trips her family has taken (hello South of France, and Shanghai...) as well as the most meaningful (visiting her husband’s roots in a village in Ghana.) She shares the books and platforms that have inspired her, and then tells us exactly how she plans her family’s big trips, monthly outings, and even date nights!  (you're going to want a wall-calendar and some colorful markers!) as well as the best travel apps, online inspiration and more.  You’re going to love Liz and everything she shares in this episode!


Want to raise kids of character!??  -- Get ready for a summer sale launch of the Character Training Course!  Find out more about the course and leave your name on the interest list at:

May 12, 2021
Ep. 104: 5 Ways to Avoid Mothers’ Day Disappointment

There is no doubt, Mothers’Day can be a mixed bag...While we often go into the holiday thinking we have low expectations, part way through the day we often realize that we had really just stuffed our expectations. ;) Moms are the orchestrators of all-things-family-and-celebration, so a holiday that is all about US...? Well, it can be tricky!

In today’s episode I share a blog post that went viral years ago and has since then been shared all over the world and even on the Today Show website. It is called “5 Ways to Avoid Mothers’ Day Disappointment.” Whether you think you need it or not, I highly recommend tuning in for a refresher! And please consider sharing this one with your friends! Who knows who might need it this year! Here’s to a No-Regrets-Mothers’ Day!


Get your copy of BOY MOM today on Amazon! If you’ve read it already, please consider leaving an Amazon Review!

Also: your ratings and reviews for this podcast mean SO MUCH to me! If you have been impacted by the Boy Mom Podcast, please take a second to tap on 5 stars on your podcast app.

May 05, 2021
Ep. 103: Mother’s Day Starts Now! Join the Celebration...

This episode is all about celebrating you, Moms. I wanted to kick off Mother's Day a bit early this year because history has proven (to me, at least) that a holiday like this comes and goes only too quickly...and if we aren’t thinking and planning ahead then we are likely to all but miss it!

Today my online assistant, Morgan, joins me to share fun Mothers’ Day and Motherhood Facts, best parenting advice, and some special clips from Boy Mom readers who are sharing how the book and podcast have impacted their parenting, as well as the best parenting advice they’ve been given! There are a few giveaways tucked in here too, so be SURE to get over to show notes to grab links and enter to win giveaways!



Get your copy of BOY MOM today on Amazon! If you’ve read it already, please consider leaving an Amazon Review!

Also: your ratings and reviews for this podcast mean SO MUCH to me! If you have been impacted by the Boy Mom Podcast, please take a second to tap on 5 stars on your podcast app!

Apr 28, 2021
Ep. 102: Unexpected Heartbreak, Ambiguous Loss, and Trusting God for Hope, with Pat and Tammy McLeod

After their teenage son’s traumatic brain injury from a hard hit in a football scrimmage, Pat and Tammy McLeod’s world turned upside down. In this powerful interview, they share about the months and years that followed their unexpected heartbreak, how they came to understand “ambiguous loss” and some of the things that helped keep their marriage, family, and faith together through the hardest of times. I believe the McLeod’s story, and the concept of ambiguous loss is so important for all of us to understand, and I pray you are encouraged by this episode!



Podcast homepage:


Thank you to this episode’s sponsor: Skincare essentials for THE BOYS! **Use code BOYMOM to receive 10% off your purchase at

Apr 21, 2021
Ep. 101: Wake Up Calls, Knowing Our Identity, and Love-Centered Parenting, with Crystal Paine

After a frightening wake-up call with one of her children, Crystal Paine began to explore where things went wrong and how she might fix it.  When a therapist suggested she take a different approach – one of focusing more on her relationship with her children than trying to fix them – everything began to change.

Crystal discovered root issues – lies she had believed about herself and her parenting. In her new book, Love-Centered Parenting, Crystal writes about this journey, and in this episodes, Crystal and I talk about what she has learned and how listeners might apply these lessons to their own parenting. I appreciate Crystal’s honesty and humility, and I think this conversation will inspire you in your own parenting!


Podcast homepage:

Thank you to this episode’s sponsor:  Skincare essentials for THE BOYS!  **Use code BOYMOM to receive 10% off your purchase at

Apr 14, 2021
Ep. 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Show Highlights and Giveaways

I am so grateful to all of you who have listened to The Boy Mom podcast, spread the word about it, and helped make this community so special.

In today’s show, we look back over the last 99 episodes, sharing clips from the 7 most downloaded episodes, and giveaways from each of the authors featured.  I hope you enjoy this celebration and I hope you know how grateful I am for all of you!!  Join the party, listen and be sure to enter to win the goods over at:

Podcast homepage:

Giveaway ends on 4/12/21 and winners will be contacted by email! 

Apr 06, 2021
Ep. 99.5: Holy Week Check-in and Poem with my son, Josiah

I decided to delay on sharing Episode #100 because that is going to be a big party-of-an-episode, with giveaways, clips from the most popular episodes, maybe some dancing and 🎉 confetti.  (we’ll see 😉 )  But this week happens to be HOLY WEEK…and it just felt wrong to put a bunch of hype on anything but...Jesus.  So, today I’m keeping things brief, and I’m inviting you all to join me for this short chat with my son, Josiah, who also shares an Easter poem he wrote as a teenager.  (Maybe your kids will want to listen, too.)  I’ll have a copy of the poem as well as links to the things we mentioned over in show notes: 

Mar 30, 2021
Ep. 99: Bible Devotions for Boys of all Ages, With Christie Thomas

Recently I did some Instagram stories talking about Bible Devotions and I had a lot of people ask me to share recommendations for boys’ devotionals.


I put together a list and shared it with my email subscribers, but I knew there was a lot more to talk about on this subject!  Moms asked how to best get started doing devotions with their sons.  Some had never read the Bible with their kids and wanted to start.  Moms asked at what age my boys started spending time with God on their own.  I love this topic so much!!


I invited my friend Christie Thomas to join me and I think you’re going to LOVE what she shares! Christie is a 3-boy momma, has years of experience working in Children’s ministry, and she also has a lot of helpful resources and tools on her website to share!  Christie is also the author of The Mother and Son Prayer Journal, which releases on April 6th! Be sure to see show notes for a LOT of links and free downloads!


Thank you to the Surf Atlas for sponsoring this episode!  Find out more about this gorgeous and educational book in show notes, or visit


If you enjoy the Boy Mom Podcast, would you consider supporting the show by donating to  You can also text the word CPGIVE to 474747.  Thank you so much!! 

Mar 23, 2021
Ep.98: Raising Differently Wired Boys to be Emotionally Intelligent and Resilient

This episode is for every mom who wants to raise her son to be emotionally intelligent and resilient…boys who are strong and empathetic, who are self-aware, and also…aware of others.  While every boy is unique, they all need our help growing up to embrace these qualities in the world today. Today's guest, Colleen Kessler, shares from her extensive research, as well as raising her own four, differently wired kids.  Colleen is an award-winning educator, educational coach, and consultant, international speaker, and passionate advocate for the needs of differently wired kids. This episode is super educational, and will also encourage you to keep talking to your kids, cheering them on, and supporting them in all of their uniqueness! 

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

You can support the Boy Mom Podcast by supporting Christian Parenting!  Two ways to donate!  You can TEXT: CP GIVE to 474747 or visit and donate now! 

Mar 16, 2021
Ep.97: Raising Kids to be Strong and Kind, with Korie Robertson

If you have followed the Robertson family since Duck Dynasty became a major hit, you might have wondered, “How did they do it?” - How have they raised such amazing children and stayed so close as a family while being in the crazy spotlight of reality television?  In today’s conversation, Korie Robertson answers that question with honesty and humility.  Korie shares a bit from her book, “Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character”, and then she answers fun questions sent in from my Instagram followers!  Korie is so down-to-earth and fun to talk to, and I think her parenting wisdom will be a great encouragement to everyone! 

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Mar 09, 2021
Ep. 96: Disrespectful Kids, Body Talk, Gardening and More: Q and A with Dave and Monica

I'm excited to kick off quarterly Q and A episodes this week, and I'm especially excited to have my husband, Dave, join me for this one!  It's a casual chat covering all kinds of things -- from how to handle eye rolling/disrespect, to helping kids develop their own faith, updates on Dave's tropical garden, fitting workouts into busy homeschool days, and much more.  You can always send questions in to (and write "Q &A" in the subject line) for future episodes!

Find all show notes at:

Today's episode:


Mar 02, 2021
Ep. 95: Taming Your Child’s Tongue, with Ginger Hubbard

Ginger Hubbard is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, and her books, “Don’t Make me Count to Three” and “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!” shaped my early parenting years.  It is so great to have Ginger on the Podcast this week to share practical advice and encouragement on redirecting our kids’ behavior, from the heart.  This chat focuses on verbal frustrations (whining, lying, complaining, tattling…) and Ginger offers a simple three-step plan to deal with it all in a way that will actually last.  You are going to love all of Ginger’s practical examples and helpful tips!  Be sure to see show notes for links to her books, website, and brand new podcast!

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Feb 23, 2021
Ep. 94: Every Boy is Unique! Personality types and more with Heather MacFadyen

After such great feedback on the recent mini-series on Birth Order (Episodes, 90, 91, and 92) I wanted to continue the conversation about all of the things that make our boys unique. So, I invited my friend, Heather MacFadyen - host of the Don't Mom Alone Podcast, and four-boy-momma, to join me for today’s episode.

Heather and her husband Bruce have a lot of experience with the Strength Finders test (aka: Clifton’s Strengths Test) so Heather gives us a little insight into how that works.  We also touch on love languages, and the Enneagram. Grab some coffee and join this fun boymom chat! 

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Feb 16, 2021
Ep.93: Kids, Character, and their Future Success, with Dennis Trittin

We all want our kids to have good character, but we don’t always consider how crucial character is to our kids’ future success.  In today’s interview, former multi-billion-dollar investment manager, Dennis Trittin, helps us connect the dots and find even more motivation for raising kids of character.  After over 30 years managing investments and studying successful leaders all over the world, Dennis shifted his focus to sharing what he had learned with the next generation.  Writing books and speaking to students, parents, and educators, Dennis is passionate about inspiring the next generation to embrace the kind of character that will help them get jobs (and not get fired from them!) nurture healthy relationships, and live happy, fulfilling lives. Today we draw from his book, What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons for the Road Ahead.


It is great timing for the conversation because this week (Feb. 9-12) the doors to my Character Training Course are once again open!  Learn more about the course and sign up NOW at

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Feb 09, 2021
Ep. 92: Let’s Talk about the Baby of the Family! With my sons, Luke and Levi {Part 3 of my Birth Order Series}

I love talking about birth order, and today’s episode had me smiling and laughing throughout.  Youngest kids are known for some unique character qualities – from being the comedians of the family, to getting off easy compared to their older siblings, and more. They are fun to love, but they still need our intentional parenting! In today’s episode, I share fun facts and helpful information about “What Our Youngest Sons Need Most from us", including a short interview with each of my (2) youngest sons.

Be SURE to check show notes for links and for a chance to win a copy of The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Lehman!  

Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Feb 02, 2021
Ep. 91: Let’s Talk Middle Children! With my son, Jonah {Part II in my Birth Order Series}

This is the 2nd in a series looking at how birth order affects our sons.  You’ve probably heard the term, “Middle Child Syndrome”, and if you have a middle child you will probably agree that this can be a complex position in the family. I began studying birth order to better understand my own middle son, and what I learned helped our family so much.  After sharing what I learned on my blog, I heard from a lot of families who were encouraged by what they read!  In today’s episode, I share that blog post and a short interview with my middle son. Be SURE to check show notes for links and a chance to win a copy of The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Lehman! 

I’m happy to share this episode’s sponsor, BRONCO AND FRIENDS: A Party to Remember, written by one of our favorite role models, Tim Tebow!  Find links to the book and more information in show notes!


Find show notes:

Today’s episode:

Jan 26, 2021
Ep. 90: Let’s Talk Firstborns! With my son, Josiah {Part 1 in my Birth Order Series -}

This is the first in a short series looking at how birth order affects our sons.  I love to study personalities, love languages, birth order, and anything else that can help us better understand and relate to our kids.  Today I am sharing a blog post I wrote a few years ago about firstborns, as well as a short interview with MY firstborn, Josiah. Josiah offers some encouragement to the moms and kids listening and I think you will enjoy what he shares.  Be SURE to check show notes for links to things we talk about – and enter to win a copy of The Birth Order Book by Kevin Lehman.  I’m also so excited to share this episode’s sponsor, BRONCO AND FRIENDS: A Party to Remember, written by Tim Tebow!  Find links to the book and more information in show notes!


Today's episode:

Thank you to this episode's sponsor:  Bronco and Friends Children's book, by Tim Tebow 


Jan 19, 2021
Ep. 89: Reading and Understanding the Bible with the Bible Recap {with Tara Leigh Cobble}

I am over-the-moon excited to share this interview with the author of the resource I have always dreamed of, but now hold in my hands…(happy tears!) The Bible Recap: A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible.  Perhaps you are familiar with the Bible Recap Podcast (with over 20 million downloads in the first year!) but my 2021 is starting off extra special because of this new tool to help me read through (and understand!) the Bible in a year!  Tara Leigh is so much fun to talk to, and she has some encouragement for us boy moms who want to inspire our sons to love the Word of God as well.  This is an episode you don’t want to miss, and I hope you’ll share it with your friends as well! 

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Jan 12, 2021
Ep. 88: The God Contest, with Carl Laferton

Carl Laferton, best-selling author of The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross, joins us today to talk about his brand-new book, The God Contest.  I have such passion for this topic because my four sons’ early years were impacted so deeply by good stories.  Bible stories, stories about heroes of the faith, and other creative, even silly stories -- shaped my boys’ character, faith, and interests.  This new book by Carl Laferton tells the story of Elijah up against the prophets of Baal up on Mt. Carmel (see 1 Kings 18.)  It is an exciting, humorous, and profoundly faith-building story that will inspire our kids to put their faith in the One True God.  Carl and I not only get to talk about this particular story, but Carl reminds us of the importance of helping our kids build their own faith based on the Word of God and equipping them to respond to questions about their faith.  I love this chat so much and I think you will too! 


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Jan 05, 2021
Ep. 87: Daily Habits to Help Families WIN every Day - with Mark Batterson

Prominent Pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Mark Batterson joins us for such an inspiring interview to prepare us all for the new year. I love talking about positive habits, goal-setting, and, well – winning just about anything, and this chat just hit the sweet spot for all of that!  Mark is sharing from his brand new book (releasing today! -- December 29th!) called Win the Day: 7 Daily Habits to Help You Stress Less and Accomplish More. In this episode we talk about some of the habits he covers in his book and I am so excited to not only put these into practice, but to help my sons embrace these as well! What a fantastic way to prepare for a HAPPY NEW YEAR (we pray!) ahead!  💥

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Dec 29, 2020
Ep. 86: Christmas Memories and Traditions with the Swanson Boys

Merry Christmas!!  In today's short episode Josiah and Luke join me to talk story (as we say in Hawaii) about Christmas memories and traditions.  We talk Christmas music, (look for this year's playlist in show notes) favorite movies, the most memorable gifts, and what they each love most about the true Christmas story.  This is a fun episode to share with your kids!  Sending much love and Mele Kalikimaka, from our family to yours!

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Dec 21, 2020
Ep. 85: Loving Your Actual Christmas, with Alexandra Kuykendall

Alexandra Kuykendall joins us today with such a refreshing, endearing message about Loving Your Actual Christmas.  Drawing from her book (by that name,) Alex reminds us that Christ did not come for the people who have it all together, but for the weary,  grieving, and hurting.  He came for us real people who sometimes struggle our way through the holidays. When we don’t have our act together, Jesus meets us in the most real way.  Alex talks about the meaning of Advent as well as Christmastide (the “12 Days of Christmas”) and how we can truly savor this season – yes, even 2020 – more than ever before.  Find links and notes below!


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Dec 15, 2020
Ep. 84: Practical Tips for a Tech-Smart Holiday with Your Kids

Over the past years, I have heard from countless families about their greatest challenges in parenting during the holidays. One thing I hear every year is the frustration of kids being on screens and feeling like technology is stealing their precious family time.  In today's episode I offer some practical ideas about being proactive and making a tech-smart plan for your family this holiday season.  For those listening this week (Dec. 8-11th) I have a brand new, helpful resource available called "Raising Tech-Smart Kids".  This mini-course has guidelines for raising kids with technology and screen time, social media, and video gaming.  It includes 2 interviews, helpful downloads, a top-notch resource with the best filters and accountability software, books, websites, and much more! 

Read more about the course and sign up here: Raising Tech-Smart Kids Mini-Course


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Dec 08, 2020
Ep. 83: (Not Your Typical Gift Guide) with Kate Merrick

Kate Merrick and I wanted to share a chat about gifts in the holiday season.  Because, as Kate said, "There are a lot of gift guides out there, but not a lot of guidance on gifts."  So true.  So join us for a fun conversation where we share favorite holiday memories, expectations for the season ahead, and some guidance for choosing gifts that last this season.  Kate shares memories of being raised by divorced parents and has some encouraging words for single moms. We talk about the most important gifts we can give (hint, they aren’t the kind you get on Amazon.)  And then we get practical about actual gifts (yep, some of those are on Amazon,) that will not soon be forgotten (or put in the Goodwill bin ☺) This is the most fun and inspiring episode to kick off your Christmas season.  Find links to everything we chat about in show notes: 


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Dec 01, 2020
Ep. 82: Getting Practical about Gratitude in Your Home with Krista Gilbert

Krista Gilbert, author of Reclaiming Home, joins me for a practical and inspiring conversation about gratitude.  Krista and I share ways we can teach our kids to be grateful -- from ideas for Thanksgiving day, to things we can do throughout the holidays (and into the New Year!)  Krista shares some awesome ways we can show our appreciation to others-- from service workers to cleaning staff, to our friends and neighbors. I think this episode will inspire you and give you some awesome ideas for things you can do with your family now! 


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Nov 24, 2020
Ep. 81: Raising Siblings to be Strong Together, and Strong Individuals. With Amy Carney

My guest today is Amy Carney - author ("Parent on Purpose"- an excellent book) speaker, content creator, product maker, and Mom to five. Amy knows a thing or two about sibling relationships!  Shortly after her triplet sons were born (*gulp*), she had a daughter, and a couple years later, adopted another son. Amy and her husband have made some upstream choices to parent their children with great intention in many ways -- including establishing intentional bonds with one another, while intentionally growing as individuals. This interview inspired me to continue parenting on purpose and I think you’ll find lots of practical helps for sibling relationships, too.

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Nov 17, 2020
Ep. 80: 4 Social Milestones Your Son Needs to Reach with David Thomas

David Thomas joins us again for part 2 of our conversation drawing from his book, “Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach.” In Episode 78 David and I talked about the 4 emotional milestones our sons need to reach, and today we cover the 4 social milestones they need to reach.  David offers such valuable insight into boys’ development and how we, as their moms, can help them reach the most important milestones. I love this topic so much, and I think you will, too!

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Nov 10, 2020
Ep. 79: Where do You Run on Your Hardest BOYMOM Days? With Wendy Speake

Wendy Speake’s new book, The 40-Day Social Media Fast, is an invitation to exchange your online distractions for real-life devotion. Today, Wendy joins us to talk about all of the things we Moms tend to run to on hard parenting days -- social media being a big one in today’s culture, but not the only one! So, if you (like me) ever catching yourself mindlessly scrolling…turning to Facebook or Instagram, Amazon Prime or Netflix, (just to name a few) to numb you or distract you from the things (and people) in your life, I think today’s episode will hit home.  No condemnation here, just a ton of love and support, and some practical ideas for how we might exchange those draining distractions for life-giving, real-life devotion. 

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Nov 03, 2020
Ep. 78: 4 Emotional Milestones Your Son Needs to Reach. With David Thomas

David Thomas, counselor, speaker and author (not to mention dad to one daughter and twin sons!) joins us for the first of a two-part conversation about milestones our sons need to reach.  Today we talk about emotional milestones (in two weeks we’ll cover social milestones.)  David touches on the four milestones boys should reach as well as some of the stumbling blocks that get in the way.  David has so much wisdom, insight, and sensitivity to the needs of boys and their families, I think you’ll finish this episode with new insight and tools to put into use right away.

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Oct 27, 2020
Ep. 77: Q&A Birthday Edition {Luke Swanson interviewing his Mom}

To celebrate my upcoming (significant 😯 ) birthday 😉, this week my son Luke takes the role of interviewer, firing me a list of questions sent in by listeners. Some of the questions are more serious parenting questions (challenges with tweens, keeping toddlers in their beds, etc.) and some are just for fun (how is my bang-grow-out process going?) But they are all good conversations, with my son Luke adding his input as well!  Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday week on the podcast, and I hope you’ll all join me for the Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Event on October 23-24th online.  Get tickets here:


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Oct 20, 2020
Ep 76: The Gift of Adoption, and Pro-Life Kids. With Bethany Bomberger

Bethany and Ryan Bomberger have been a great inspiration to my family. Today, Bethany shares her family's story, and what led she and her husband to start the Radiance Foundation. Bethany also talks about (and reads an excerpt from) her book, Pro-Life Kids.  I believe this conversation will offer hope and inspiration to families everywhere!

**Sign up today for the Perfectly Imperfect Event hosted by Christian Parenting! I’ll be sharing a talk titled: “What our Sons Need Most from Us, Now” and there will be over 40 other amazing speakers as well. This is an online event happening on October 23-24th! Register today at:

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Oct 13, 2020
Ep 75: Moms Standing Strong, with Alli Worthington

Alli Worthington, author, speaker, business coach, and BOY MOM to five sons (!!) joins us today with an encouraging and empowering message for all moms. Just listening to Alli speak made me feel stronger!  Be sure to check show notes to find out more about Alli and get links to her new book, Standing Strong!

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Oct 06, 2020
Ep. 74: A Father's Role in Character Training, with my husband, Dave.

Dad's are hugely important in the character development of their kids. My husband joins me to talk about some of the most important things a dad can do to be intentional about his kids' character training and development.  Find a video interview with my husband and lots of other encouragement for dads and moms in the Character Training Course - which just opened its doors for purchase from now until Friday, Oct. 2nd!! (Then will close until a future date) Learn more at:  


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Sep 29, 2020
Ep. 73: Parenting Wisdom from 7 Inspiring Interviews

I'm so excited to share sneak peeks from 7 interviews which are part of the brand new Character Training Course which will be launching on Sept. 28th! 😁   I think you'll be encouraged and inspired by these 7 nuggets of parenting wisdom from: Jonathan Pitts, Ruth Chou Simons, Dennis Trittin, Kari Kampakis, Maile Higashi, Wendy Speake, and my son Jonah.  Find out more about the Character Training Course and leave your name and email address to be notified as soon as doors open over at:
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Sep 22, 2020
Ep. 72: Help for When Kids Worry, with Sissy Goff

If you have a child who worries a lot, the season we are in is likely especially stressful. After hearing from many of you who have an anxious child, I knew just who I wanted to bring on to help!

Sissy Goff is a counselor, author, and speaker who helps kids find confidence in who they are and hope in who God is making them to be. I’ve read many of Sissy’s books and have so much respect for her! I am so grateful that Sissy could join us to offer encouragement, tools and practical advice for parenting kids who are anxious or worried, especially during this pandemic. Be sure to check show notes for links to Sissy’s books and where you can find more of her work.

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Sep 15, 2020
Ep. 71 : Parenting Boys into their College/Life Launch, with Gwen Smith

This is the final episode in our summer series exploring The Joys and Challenges of Every Stage of Raising our Sons.  And this is one of my very favorite stages to talk about (maybe because two of my sons are in it now!)

No matter the age of your son(s), I think you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this conversation!  Author, podcaster, speaker, and musician, Gwen Smith, joins me to talk about preparing ourselves, and our boys, for the day they launch into independence – whether that is college, the military, or the workplace.  Gwen has two sons (and a daughter) who are in or recently graduated from college, and her perspective is incredibly insightful!  We cover everything from all of those high school “lasts” (have the tissues handy,) to coaching our kids (from a distance) as they deal with life challenges, spiritual questions, dating, and more. Gwen and I both love our relationship with our college-age kids so much, and we wish that for everyone! 

Even if your kids are young, I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode.  Also: The grandmas are right when they tell us:  Blink, and your kids will be there, too!

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Sep 08, 2020
Ep. 70. A Refreshing Approach to School, Family, and Life. With Corinne Gold

This episode is a big breath of fresh air for Whether you have boys or girls, whether you homeschool, distance school, (or aren't sure what you're doing for school! 😊) Just hearing my guest, Corinne Gold, share perspectives from her life will be incredibly refreshing to everyone!

I know that a lot of people are stressed out right now, and it is my hope that listening to Corinne's story of family time, beach days, great books, and confidence in it all -- will inspire you to consider just how much structure and "school-style learning" your kids really need...Perhaps this time of distance learning can turn into a new way of doing life as a family. 

Be sure to check check out show notes to see Corinne's beautiful family and super fun Hawaiian life and an epic video about her husband's surfing (He has the Guinness Book World record for surfing the biggest wave!) Also get links to her very best sourdough recipe and more.

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Aug 31, 2020
Ep. 69: Intentional Parenting in The Teenage Years {with Krista Gilbert}

Word on the street is that all the fun of raising boys ends when they become teenagers...that boys will pull away from their parents...rebel..experiment, and on and on.  But does it have to be that way?  Krista Gilbert - author, podcaster, and mom of 3 teenage boys (as well as one daughter!) and I dive in deep to discuss our experience raising teen boys.  We talk about what an absolute blast teen boys can be, as well as some of the harder stuff.  We cover friendships, dating, substance abuse, and more.  I love this conversation so much and I think you will, too!

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Aug 25, 2020
Ep. 68 Navigating the News with Your Kids {with World Watch}

In light of so many difficult and controversial news stories in 2020, I think you'll find this episode incredibly encouraging.  Nick Eicher and Brian Basham join me to talk about helping our tweens and teens navigate the news today. We cover news literacy, critical thinking, and Biblical discernment -- and how the brand new World Watch 10-minute Daily News Program can help!  Whether you homeschool or not, the World Watch daily video segments will teach your kids (and the whole family) about world news and current events, as well as stories about science, technology, culture, art, the economy, and more.

The news can be an educational tool, and a great springboard for conversations. However, most of the news we find on television is biased and confusing.  World Watch's 10 minute videos are a great alternative -- written by Christian journalists, each show is informative, engaging and thought-provoking.  I'm super excited about what they're doing.  At the end of this episode I share 5 tips for talking to your teens about the news, wherever you get your news!  I love this positive and encouraging approach to what can otherwise be a challenging topic...especially in today's world!  

Thank you, World Watch, for sponsoring this episode and sharing your wisdom.  Find out more about World Watch at: Listen to the episode and get links to everything we talk about in show notes:

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Aug 17, 2020
Ep. 67 Talking Middle School Boys!! With Maggie John

If you've been around my site for long, you know I'm a big fan of boys in the sweet, awkward, hilarious middle school years!  As we continue on in this series celebrating all of the seasons of raising boys, I'm so happy to have Maggie John with me for this conversation!  Maggie is a Television host (!) as well as a two-boy momma who lives in Canada. One thing I love about this series is getting to know new friends and learning how different families' lives look in each season.  I think you'll find Maggie refreshing and so wise.  

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Aug 11, 2020
Ep 66: The gift of Imagination, with my son, Josiah.

It is such an honor to share this episode with all of you!  My first-born son, Josiah, joins me to celebrate the one-year birthday of the release of my book, Boy Mom, for one of my favorite interviews ever!  I let Josiah chose the topic for this episode and he did not hesitate to choose the topic of IMAGINATION!  Josiah's imagination played a huge role in his childhood, and still to this day, Josiah taps into his imagination in some very practical and inspiring ways (he'll share about that in our chat!)  This will be a great episode for your kids to listen in on, and I hope it inspires you to cultivate imagination in your kids (and your own life!)  

ALSO:  Josiah created 2 awesome printables for you and your kids.  I think you'll love them.  Find links to the printables and all show notes at:

Today's episode:

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Aug 04, 2020
Ep. 65: Homeschool Made Simple, with Jenn Bryant

This episode is for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a homeschooling your kids (whether you're already homeschooling or just thinking about it!)  My friend Jenn Bryant joins me, as we share the very good news: It doesn't have to be that hard!  You really can simplify your approach, and Jenn is sharing 7 ways to do that.

It's easy to overcomplicate things, and I love Jenn's reminder to slow down, focus on the things that really matter, and ultimately -- enjoy the ride! Jenn and I have a really fun chat, and I hope you can grab a cup of coffee and feel like you're hanging out with us!

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Jul 27, 2020
Ep. 64 Let them be Kids! Celebrating the Elementary years, with Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt, author, speaker, and mom to 3 elementary-age kids (2 boys, 1 girl) joins us today to talk about the joys and challenges of raising elementary-age boys. Jessica's new book, Let Them be Kids, is one of my favorite books of 2020, and we get to talk about some highlights of the book, as well as the magic, mischief, and madness of raising little boys. We also touch on some of the challenges parents of elementary kids face -- many of which fall under the category of technology.  I hope you can grab a cup of coffee (or strap on your tennis shoes) and feel like you're right there with Jessica and I as we have this chat.  Find more in show notes:

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Jul 21, 2020
Ep. 63: Two Big Announcements! And a chat about our Youth Culture Today. With my Son, Jonah.

My son Jonah is back with me to help me celebrate the announcement of my BRAND NEW CHARACTER TRAINING COURSE (doors to the Beta Group open July 15th!) and to share his own announcement that he is kicking off his own TRUTH FOR YOUTH PODCAST on July 18th!  Jonah and I dive into a fun chat, sharing some of the points from one of his first podcast episodes which is about "Problems Kids Face Today -- and the Solutions for those Problems".  I am truly honored to have this just-turned-19-year-old with me and this interview was one of my all time favorites.  I hope you love it too and DO NOT WAIT TO SIGN UP if you're interested in the character training course! (The Beta Group will be limited to the first 100 to sign up!)

All of the details are in show notes:

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Jul 13, 2020
Ep. 62: Bethany Hamilton, on Life with her Preschool Boys.

I'm so excited to share this super fun conversation with Bethany Hamilton with you!  Bethany has been one of our family's greatest inspirations.  After losing her arm to a shark attack at age 13, Bethany went on to become one of the greatest female surfers in the world.  In this interview, I loved getting to know a grown up Bethany, who surfs better than ever, but is now also a wife and #BOYMOM to her two preschool-age sons!  Bethany shares some of the joys and honest-challenges of raising rambunctious boys, and we also talk about how she balances parenting with training, competing and travel. Bethany is committed to a healthy and active lifestyle and we talk about how she is intentional about  her sons' health as well. We cover a lot in this interview and I think you'll enjoy getting to know this beautiful and authentic side of Bethany! 

Find links to anything we talk about in show notes:

This episode;

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Jul 07, 2020
Ep. 61: Skincare! From Acne to Aging, with Dermatologist, Heidi Foster

This episode is such a treat!  My friend, a mom to six, and dermatologist joins me to talk about all things skin care!  Heidi shares her best advice for adolescent skin, sunscreen, acne prevention and treatment, as well as anti-aging and more.  This is like a free visit to a dermatologist who has the time to talk to you about anything and everything!  Heidi has a long list of recommendations (most are over-the-counter!) and I've placed links to everything in show notes!

This also happens to be the FINAL WEEK OF THE JUNE SURFACE SUNSCREEN bundle giveaway, so leave a quick comment in show notes and you might just win sunscreen for your whole family this summer!  (Also use code BOY MOM to get 20% off everything at! )

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Jun 30, 2020
Ep. 60 Favorite Books for Boys with Wendy Speake

Join Wendy Speake and I as we chat over our favorite books for boys of all ages.  This is a conversation we've wanted to have for a long time, and I hope it offers you some new inspiration for reading with your boys this summer!  We cover some classics, some inspirational stories, a few great series, and more -- then, at the end we touch on favorite movies to inspire boys as well.  Hope you can grab some coffee and pull up a chair (or imagine we're walking/driving/folding laundry...alongside you) and join the conversation! 

This episode's sponsor is IEW.  See show notes for more, or find all of the curriculum my boys have used and 3 weeks free curriculum at  


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Jun 23, 2020