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By Jason Falls

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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There's a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

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The Challenge of Vulnerability as an Influencer
The book is officially launched and for those of you who have your copy of Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, you’ve probably started in on the book and know the name Tiffany Mitchell now. Her story of the now infamous motorcycle accident opens the book.  To catch those of you up who haven’t yet read her story in the book, Tiffany is Tifforelie online. Her Instagram account has over 200,000 followers. She’s a lifestyle influencer, photographer and artist who has passionate, loyal fans, primarily because she is so very vulnerable with the ups and downs of her life.  The motorcycle accident I write more about in the book was controversial because the photographs she chose to share in its aftermath were very good. Too good. Professional. And in one, there was a SmartWater bottle conspicuously placed. Social media, then the traditional media exploded with claims she staged it, it was all a sponsorship play and so on.  It wasn’t staged. It also wasn’t sponsored. And the incident was one of several beacons in the influencer space in 2019 the mainstream media grabbed hold of to declare influencer marketing dead. And Tiffany's opportunities dried up for a year afterward.  But, Tiffany is still Tifforelie and still providing outstanding content, engaging her audience and she got back to occasionally partnering with brands and sharing partner content as well. To celebrate the launch of the book, Tiffany agreed to come on the show, rehash a little of the story one more time, but also dive into how she approaches brand partnerships, creating content and the risks of being out there.  She’s very candid in her advice for aspiring influencers and offers up interesting insights into the content creator’s mindset that brands and agency types alike will learn from. This episode of Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast is presented by Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, my new book from Entrepreneur Press. You can find it in bookstores everywhere. Winfluence, the book, is not just a strategic blueprint to help you employ smart influence marketing strategies for your business or clients, but it explains why our common perception of influencer marketing is all wrong. I take you through how to re-think and reframe the concepts to turn influencer marketing into influence marketing … broaden the perspective and open new avenues of leveraging influential people -- online and offline -- to grow your business. Winfluence (the podcast) listeners get a special 20% off code. Go to and on checkout, use the code FALLS20 for 20% off the retail price. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2021
Are Influencers Considered Experts?
The official launch date of the book, Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand - is Tuesday! This is technically the last episode of the podcast before the book is officially out — though Amazon has already started shipping it, so you can get it before then — but that launch date brings us to another book sneak peek episode and today we’re going to talk to Daniel Lemin. He is the co-author of Talk Triggers - The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth, written with Jay Baer. We talked about word of mouth on the last episode with Ted Wright and he comes up in the conversation here, too. But Daniel and I chatted while I was writing the book because I use some research he and Jay Baer conducted that was relevant to influencers. But I needed clarification as to whether or not an online influencer might qualify as an “expert” in terms of a source for product recommendations and research. For the conversation today, we start there, but get a little deeper in what role influencers play in ratings and reviews and Daniel’s main area of focus which is online reputation management or ORM. He explains what that is for those of you who may not know, but it’s essentially a combination of the disciplines of SEO, social media, content, public relations, corporate comms and beyond, to ensure a company’s online presence is protected.  Daniel recently joined the team at Edelman, one of the world’s largest PR firms, to head a team devoted to ORM. You can find him online at or on Twitter or LinkedIn. This episode of Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast is presented by Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, my new book from Entrepreneur Press. You can find it in bookstores everywhere. Winfluence, the book, is not just a strategic blueprint to help you employ smart influence marketing strategies for your business or clients, but it explains why our common perception of influencer marketing is all wrong. I take you through how to re-think and reframe the concepts to turn influencer marketing into influence marketing … broaden the perspective and open new avenues of leveraging influential people -- online and offline -- to grow your business. Winfluence (the podcast) listeners get a special 20% off code. Go to and on checkout, use the code FALLS20 for 20% off the retail price. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2021
Is Influencer Marketing Word of Mouth or Not?
Word of Mouth has been called the holy grail of marketing. Some of the world’s best marketing case studies center around brands with great word of mouth, or WOM programs. The Harley Davidson Owners Group, Maker’s Mark Ambassadors, Fiskars Scissors, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s hip resurgence—all classic Word of Mouth case studies.  But Word of Mouth is still a bit of an enigma to many brands. The output isn’t an ad. Or a website. Or a piece of collateral. The outcomes … at least of those of successful programs … is often incredible lift for the brand over time. But over time is complicated. Was it this magic sauce word-of-mouth that you don’t actually see or was it all the other marketing things we were doing? Ted Wright has authored probably half of the top 10 most successful word of mouth marketing programs. He is perhaps known most for reigniting the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand 20 years ago. A good portion of Chapter 14 of Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand is pieces of my interview for the book. But I wanted to go deeper with him on some of his experience and ideas about word of mouth to see if influence marketing and even online influencers are just a variation of the theme. In some ways, I feel like what we do as influence marketers is build word of mouth programs. But I know better than to outright claim that because folks like Ted tend to take exception to people hitching onto their wagon without at least running it by them first. In the spirit of my interviews of late, I suppose, we get a little vocal toward the end as Ted builds an argument that influencers aren't effective. But that's what happens me Ted and I get together. We enjoy the disagreements and are never disagreeable with one another. Enjoy this one. Ted Wright is always fun to talk to. You can find Ted on LinkedIn and Fizz at This episode of Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast is presented by Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, my new book from Entrepreneur Press. You can find it in bookstores everywhere. Winfluence, the book, is not just a strategic blueprint to help you employ smart influence marketing strategies for your business or clients, but it explains why our common perception of influencer marketing is all wrong. I take you through how to re-think and reframe the concepts to turn influencer marketing into influence marketing … broaden the perspective and open new avenues of leveraging influential people -- online and offline -- to grow your business. Winfluence (the podcast) listeners get a special 20% off code. Go to and on checkout, use the code FALLS20 for 20% off the retail price. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2021
Performance-based Influence Marketing and Analytics Innovations from Carusele
It's hard to dig deep into social media marketing or influencer marketing and not come across the name Jim Tobin. He started one of the first social media agencies at Ignite Social Media in 2007. When he saw influence marketing becoming its own thing, he launched a second firm called Carusele which helps brands and other agencies drive performance-based influence marketing programs. Jim and Erin Ledbetter lead the team and Carusele. Both joined me to talk about the evolution of both firms and how each company interacts with each other. But then we get into their approach to performance-based influence marketing. Carusele guarantees outcomes. It does so with a mix of organic and paid executions, but also with interesting innovations in analytics for influencers. Carusele has developed a True View metric to report the actual views of an influencers content, rather than reporting reach numbers based on the amount of followers someone has. Tobin is one of the industry experts I interviewed for Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand and the book includes a few Carusele case studies. He, Ledbetter and I dig deeper in this episode into how that particular agency ticks and what innovations they're bringing to the space. We also talk about whether brand paid spend on influencer content can damage the influencer's organic reach. So lots to cover here. If you like the episode, please share it with your network. This episode of Winfluence is made possible by Podchaser Pro, a media database that is solely focused on podcasts. Find and prioritize podcasts for media planning, public relations or influencer outreach and discover each podcast's audience size and demographics. It's about time podcasts -- which reach over 100 million Americans each month -- had proper media planning information available to brands and agencies. Now they do. Go to to sign up and reach more and more relevant customers through podcast sponsorships and outreach. Be sure to go to the URL so they know you heard about PodChaserPro here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 12, 2021
Does Fake Famous Miss the Boat on Influencers?
Nick Bilton's HBO documentary Fake Famous portrays influencers as superficial, purposeless and purveyors of staging their lives, followings and engagement. The film is compelling and certainly exposes the worst practices of social media influencers trying to just create fame. But it leaves out the rest of influencers, I would argue most of them, that build genuine trust and engagement with real followers through great content and personality. Bilton joined me on Winfluence to have a little intellectual sparring match over the issues I had with the show. The discussion was, frankly, an amazing back and forth and exploration of some of the problems with influence marketing we both agree are problems and should be addressed. Bilton's overall point in making the film aligns with a notion I think we can all get behind—social media's impact on society needs a good cleaning up. But he sees influencers as being overrun with the peace sign, duck lips, selfie-addicts who do buy followers and engagement. I see that segment as a problem, but not nearly the majority of what's out there. The back and forth was healthy and fun. I applaud Bilton, who is a seasoned journalist who writes for Vanity Fair and formerly wrote about technology and politics for the New York Times from 2013-16, for agreeing to an interview he had to know would potentially be combative. It was, but in a very respectful, friendly discussion. Yes, I believe the film misses the boat on the full spectrum of influencers. Nick doesn't. And that's fine. The movie is well made and written and is certainly worth watching. You can find it on HBO and HBO Max. Just keep in mind there's some disagreement on whether or not his portrayal of influencers is representative of them all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2021
The Role of Talent Management in Influence Marketing
One of the perspectives we haven’t touched on nearly enough on Winfluence is that of the talent manager or influencer agent, if you will. At some point in an influencer’s growth, they may look to a talent agency, manager or agent to help them manage or grow their business. The talent manager, however, presents a bit of perception issue. Many agency strategists and even brand-side marketing managers hear “talent manager” and think, ‘Oh, great. There’s another 25% in cost just to use that particular influencer.” That’s not a fair perception, really, but a talent manager’s job is to look out for the influencer, make sure their value is well represented and respected and their likeness, rights and such are protected. Kyle Hjelmeseth is the founder of G&B Digital Management, a talent management firm that represents influencers and content creators. It started when his wife, Stephanie needed representation. She is an influencer in the style and beauty space … she’s @honeynsilk on Instagram. Kyle came on the show to talk about his firm and their interesting and unique, value-based position. In fact, G&B is made up of a roster of almost intentionally diverse influencers. Kyle and his wife are both people of color, though Kyle admits his mixed-race makeup isn’t obvious.  So we talk about the diversity topic and 2020’s impact on that. But I also dig in and ask him all the questions about that cost misperception, what a manager’s goals are for the clients and how agencies and brands can work best with them. I also asked him when an influencer knows it’s time to seek representation.  This episode of Winfluence is made possible by Podchaser Pro, a media database that is solely focused on podcasts. Find and prioritize podcasts for media planning, public relations or influencer outreach and discover each podcast's audience size and demographics. It's about time podcasts -- which reach over 100 million Americans each month -- had proper media planning information available to brands and agencies. Now they do. Go to to sign up and reach more and more relevant customers through podcast sponsorships and outreach. Be sure to go to the URL so they know you heard about PodChaserPro here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2021
Influence Marketing in Silicon Valley
Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand is set to hit shelves February 23. In the coming episodes here, I'll interview some of the experts and practitioners that are highlighted in the book. Today’s sneak peek guest is Lisa Joy Rosner, the senior vice-president for brand and digital at Oracle. She was the chief marketing officer at NetBase in 2009 when I was building Social Media Explorer, my old blog, and writing a lot about social technology. She reached out to me as an influencer in that segment despite the fact I was some random PR guy in Kentucky—not a big shot in Silicon Valley.  The story of why she chose me and what happened after I wrote about NetBase is a great lesson I share in the book. We start off the episode talking about it as well. But we then dive into Lisa Joy’s deep experience in leading marketing teams for large, enterprise, B2B software companies. I ask her if influencers are imperative in the B2B space and how she has used them over the years. We then spent some time exploring the new challenge she faces at Oracle. Lisa Joy has spent 30 years as a marketing leader in Silicon Valley and was leveraging influencer marketing before there were websites. She gave me examples of how she has used influencers over the years to both change perceptions of the company she was working for, or to educate her target audiences to open more opportunities for future sales. This episode is made possible by PodchaserPro, where media planners, pubic relations and influence marketing professionals go to find audience and demographic information about podcasts. Build better media and PR plans by choosing the right podcasts based on data. Sign up for PodchaserPro today at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 03, 2021
The Magic of Celebrity Product Placement as Influencer Marketing
Is a celebrity an influencer? By that, I mean someone that falls into the category of influencer marketing? Or is celebrity endorsement a category in and of itself? I tend to classify celebrities as different because they’ve earned their influencer for something other than being an influencer. Even if a content creator illustrates expertise or talent, they are building influence themselves, not through sports or the media or movies or television. That definition aside, though, celebrities do have influence. The point of my exploration of influence marketing, through my new book and my podcast, is that we have to reframe our thinking to steer away from filtering everything through influencers … with an R … and influence, which is the action you’re trying to achieve. And celebrities can help you achieve influence over an audience.  Sarah Shaw has made a career out of leveraging celebrities to enhance both her own brands … she started a handbag company that got big thanks to celebrities showing up with them … and those of her clients. She joined me to talk about the art and practice of getting real celebrities, not just online influencers with a lot of followers, to try, use and even endorse your product. And often times, it happens without having to pay them. Sarah says it’s easier than you think. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 29, 2021
Is Facebook Killing the Influencer Economy?
Is Facebook set to kill the influencer economy? That question arose during my recent conversation with Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere and the Everything Everywhere podcast, and it’s a question we seriously have to consider and contend with in the coming year or years. He explained every time a brand or an agency, or one of the influencer marketing platforms, pays an influencer to post content on social platform, those are dollars that the social platforms aren’t getting. How long do you think Mark Zuckerberg and the MBAs that pull the strings at those networks will tolerate that? Gary Arndt is one of the most influential travel creators in the world. His Everything Everywhere blog has been a mainstay for the industry for more than a decade. I asked him to come on the show to discuss is recent pivot to podcasting. But boy, did I ever uncover so much more. We talk about his shift away from social media influencer work because of COVID, the volatility of the travel space and the potential threat from Facebook. He goes deep in his strategy -- including the dollars and cents monetization approach -- to building his new podcast.  But we also talk about how social media is killing blogging, how an expert in the field collaborates with brands in multiple mediums and what mistakes he sees brands and influencers making today he would clean up if he could. I call this a "head explode" episode. Listen. Learn. And share! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2021
What Every Influencer Needs to Know About the Law
One of the first jobs I tackled when I began focusing on social media marketing in the mid-2000s was to arm wrestle with a room full of corporate lawyers about what a client could and couldn't do on social media. Fortunately, I was working with attorneys who had an attitude of possibility, not risk-aversion. They tried to find ways within the rules and regulations to say "yes" rather than "no." Most influencers or content creators out there don't have the advantage of a room full of lawyers on their side. And reading things like mandates from the Federal Trade Commission or legal briefs from cases that set precedent in legal matters is better than sleeping pills. So influencers need to know about the law, but don't always have somewhere to turn for legal advice. Jamie Lieberman is that somewhere to turn. She and her team at Hashtag Legal specialize in helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers understand how the law affects them, their clients, content and beyond. We chatted recently about the ins and outs of FTC disclosure, intellectual property and even defamation, which Jamie brought up as an area of concern. Even if you think you know how to avoid legal risk as an influencer or even what you need to understand as a brand or agency, reviewing the legal issues of the day is a good idea. Listen in to my conversation with Jamie Lieberman and share the episode with an influencer friend when you're finished. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 22, 2021
Discovering Public Relations redefines PR for the Influencer Era
Dr. Karen Freberg is heading into her 11th year of teaching public relations at the University of Louisville. She also teaches a master’s level course for one of my alma maters … West Virginia University. Dr. Freberg started teaching a new version of public relations as the 2000s were winding down and social media had started to work its way into businesses and brands. She is one of the pioneer comms professors who has redefined what is taught in the classroom about PR.  And, as one might expect from a leader in the space, Dr. Freberg has written a new text. The book is called Discovering Public Relations and while it is a college textbook, it’s written and designed to be a strong business book as well. In fact, at the end of each chapter, Dr. Freberg outlines which topics are must-knows for taking and passing the Accreditation in Public Relations course. That APR standard is the industry’s designation for, “I know my stuff.” This book is great for students learning about the craft of PR, and influence marketing from a PR perspective. But it’s also good for business owners and brands who need to understand what public relations in today’s world means. Heck, it’s even a great resource for influencers who want to learn how to leverage PR partners to enhance their content, and their revenue.  I asked Dr. Freberg to talk about what the book has to offer, but we also find out about her journey from four-time All-American college athlete to teaching college athletes and students all about PR, media relations and, yes, influence marketing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2021
The 19-Year-Old Setting the Influencer Marketing World Ablaze
If I were to describe a person to you who had built a large following for themselves online, parlayed that into a job at one of the biggest companies in the world in a given industry, fell ill with cancer, beat that cancer, then started his own agency which is winning national and international awards for its work, what’s the picture in your mind of that person? My guess is it doesn’t look anything like Suhit Amin. The reason your mind’s eye probably isn’t seeing him? He’s 19 years old. And yes … all of those things I used to describe our imaginary person are not imaginary. That’s the story of his very young life. Suhit started gaming, then YouTubing at age 13. He discovered YouTube subnetworks and started helping other YouTubers manage their content and advertising revenues. EPL, the biggest gaming company in the world, hired him when he was the ripe old age of 16 years old. One month later, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system -- lymph nodes. Fortunately, his prognosis was good, he underwent the necessary treatments and had a clean bill of health two years later.  Instead of returning to EPL or doing what he’d always done, he decided to follow a dream and start his own talent management and influence marketing agency. Saulderson Media works with brands to engage with influential gamers, YouTubers and other creators. His firm won an Influencer Marketing Award last year for a campaign they did with a video editing software. Suhit and I caught up recently to talk about his incredible journey and the influencer marketing space. He took me through his path from teenage gamer to knowing the ins and outs of the YouTube multi-channel network ecosystem that supports video creators, through his time at EPL and now his goals and growth at Saulderson Media. Listen and get inspired by Suhit Amin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2021
A Deep Dive into Influence Marketing with Find Your Influence
There's a reason Winfluence often features people representing the influence marketing software solutions and it isn't sponsorship dollars. These are the people working in and thinking about influence marketing every day, so they have great insights and perspective to share. I thought I knew most of the players in the software space until I recently stumbled upon Find Your Influence, an end-to-end influencer marketing software and managed services company based in the Phoenix area. Its co-founders, Jamie Reardon and Cristine Vieria, sat out to build the first complete software solution for the industry. They've been around since 2013. We did a deep dive into their software platform, but then chatted about what 2021 has in store for us in the influence marketing space. Jamie even opened up the conversation about performance-based influencer marketing, which triggered a slightly different context for me, but we had a very informative and insightful conversation about that and other topics you'll be smarter for hearing. Dive in with us and be sure to share the episode with a friend or colleague who might enjoy the discussion as well. This episode is made possible by PodchaserPro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2021
Are Older Public Relations Pros Ignoring Influencer Marketing?
Arik Hanson offered up a theory on his excellent PR and communications blog Friday. His theory is that older public relations professionals, "completely detests and doesn't trust the influencer culture." He then proceeded to prove the theory with fairly trustworthy facts and statistics, convincing me it's more than a theory. The key statistics he used to illustrate the problem were ones I'm very familiar with as I, too, used them in Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand. He pointed to the Edelman Trust Barometer and PR industry research from Cision and PR Week. The Edelman information I report in the book is, according to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, 58 percent of Americans have admitted to purchasing a product based on discovering it through an online influencer. Arik shared similar stats. Then he cited the Cision and PR Week data surveying public relations and media relations professionals. When asked how much of their PR efforts are focused on mainstream media versus influencers, three out of four—74 percent to be precise—said mainstream media. When's the last time you saw data that indicated media coverage of a product or service led to someone purchasing it? Instead of just posing my own reactions to Arik's wonderful piece, I called him up and we chatted about it on a special episode of Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast. I played devil's advocate a bit just so we could gut-check both his and my assertions and assumptions, but I think you'll enjoy the discussion and the "what now" ideas we came up with. Find Arik Hanson's original piece over at ACH Communications where he blogs. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn as well. Oh, and Arik co-hosts a pretty darn good communications podcast along side Kevin Hunt of General Mills called The Talking Points Podcast. You should subscribe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 11, 2021
Is Influence Marketing Just Social SEO?
Rachel Clay of Matter of Form says Influence Marketing is essentially Social SEO -- That is, making sure when someone looks for your brand or type of product on sites like Instagram, there's plenty of great content there to surface you. It's a smart way to translate influence marketing strategy to brands that perhaps think in terms of search. She shared that opinion during an interesting conversation for Winfluence. We discussed influence strategy, how brands are starting to follow the leading edge companies and think more long-term about their influencer relationships. Clay comes from the PR world, but works primarily on influencer marketing efforts with luxury brands, which she says are a bit more mature than others in the influence world. We also discussed the differences between the marketplaces in the United Kingdom, where she is based, and the United States. She says the U.S. is far more robust and mature as an influencer marketing ecosystem than what the U.K. offers. She explains more as to why in the discussion. Give it a listen and be sure to share the episode with someone you know who could use the inspiration. You can find Rachel Clay on LinkedIn or connect to Matter of Form on its website. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 08, 2021
Advocating for Influencers and Creators - The Role of the AIC
Welcome to our first episode of 2021. Happy New Year! You know an industry has come to some level of maturation when trade organizations begin to form. Last year, the American Influencer Council was started by a group of creators and brand marketers to try and bring some advocacy for creators to the industry. And one of the key players in that happening was AIC co-founder Qianna Smith Bruneteau.  Bruneteau is a familiar name to those who watch social media case studies. She previously led social media teams at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and the U.S. Tennis Association. Bruneteau might also be the person with the most Shorty Award nominations in history. She’s won two and been nominated seven times. She was also one of the early practitioners of social media for Time, Inc., and Essence Magazine.  Bruneteau wound up in publishing because she began her digital career as an influencer. A blogger to be more precise. Back in the day when social networks weren’t the primary publishing platform for everyone. That background as an influencer and content creator gives her a unique perspective working from the brand-side of the equation. It’s that perspective that helped her see that a trade organization like the American Influencer Council was needed. We talked about the role of the AIC, what benefits it provides creators and touched on a lot of the issues that face the industry. Give it a listen and share with someone who might benefit from what AIC has to offer! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 06, 2021
Ask the Professor - Early Influencer C.C. Chapman on Influence, TikTok and Being a Creator
C.C. Chapman knows a thing or two about influence and influence marketing. He was a pioneer of podcasting back in its first wave in the early to mid-2000s with a show called Managing the Grey. He had the advantage of being in the middle of the social media and tech boom in Boston then, and became a noted blogger, photographer and content creator. Chapman first came to national and international prominence speaking at events about intellectual property rights and online media. He became an influencer in the marketing and technology space. But he also worked for brands as a marketer and leveraged bloggers, podcasters and new media creators much the way brands do today under the label of influencer marketing.  He is the co-author of one of the benchmark books about content marketing -- Content Rules which he wrote with Ann Handley of MarketingProfs. It has inspired many a brand and many an influencer to create great content and influence their audiences. Chapman is now a full-time professor at Wheaton College near Boston, teaching business and marketing to college students. Many of them flock to him to want to know how to be an influencer. He has some sage advice for them. C.C. and I talk about his evolution, what advice he has for influencers and those wishing to become them today and his thoughts on how brands might explore platforms like TikTok, which he says is -- quote -- pointless. Listen to hear the rest of the explanation and why he thinks TikTok stands out as different than the other social networks. This is a conversation you'll want to enjoy and share with others. Happy Holidays everyone! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2020
How a B2B Company Became an Influencer
Several of our recent episodes have focused on business to business, or B2B influence marketing. The last couple of conversations we’ve had -- one with Carter Hostelley and another with Mel Carson -- talked about the concept of creating influencers from a company’s executives.  In this episode of Winfluence, we focus on building influence for a company -- the company itself. Marc Meyer created a beautiful case study of such activity at one of his former companies. I loved it so much I wrote about in Winfluence, the book, which is due out in February. So you get a bit of a sneak peek of that part of the book today on the show. But our conversation was far more than just the case study. Marc and I talk about the challenges of building content that works in B2B industries, often time one that aren’t super sexy in terms of what kind of topics are relevant. Marc discusses how he tries to separate his content as signal from the noise. And we spend a fair amount of the conversation talking about Twitter and TikTok, one that is a strong B2B channel. The other one that might be?  Dive in and give it a listen, you’ll get some fun inspiration and a great case study from Marc and a useful discussion about building B2B influence for a company. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 18, 2020
The Essence of Tamar - A Fragrance and Long-Time Influencer
Online influencers have evolved in the short 15-20 years that social media sites have been around. When I got into the industry in the mid-2000s, the notable people online were people who had authority and followers as bloggers, or were vote-jockeys on content promotion sites like Reddit and Digg.  One of the first influential people in that world I made friends with was Tamar Weinberg. She had a popular social media and technology blog at Techipedia. Which is still active, by the way. She was one of the top 50 influencers on, which meant if she posted a link to your content, you got a flood of website traffic and credibility.  While social media influence has evolved to be very social network focused, success still comes to those who can create content. Monetization comes to those who can creatively intertwine branded content in with their own in ways relevant to the community. Blogging is no different, even if the cool kids today aren’t doing it, and Tamar knows long-form written content better than anyone. As if that angle weren’t enough to want to learn more from her on the podcast, Tamar’s struggle with postpartum depression and motherhood led her down a very interesting path to launch a product -- a fragrance -- appropriately named Tamar. We talk about how that came about and this interesting new direction for her -- I’m sure she’ll be identifying influencers for it as the business grows -- but we also dive into the evolution of what online influencer was versus what it is. Listen, like and share! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2020
The Ultimate Personalization Strategy for Influencer Outreach & Audience Building
There’s really no question that the more personal the relationship, the more powerful it is. In the business world, the big trend for everything from email marketing to e-commerce websites is personalization. In the influence marketing world agencies and brands hope to break through the inbox clutter and get influencers or media members to respond to their pitch. Personalization here is almost required because few media or influencers are going to respond to an email blast. You have to make that connection. But it works for the influencers too. For those who want to drive revenue from their community of followers, or those who just have a genuine interest in engaging and valuing the people who do follow them, one-to-one communications goes a long way. Matt Barnett is the CEO of Bonjoro, one of a number of video email platforms out there. You pay a subscription fee and have a certain number of video emails you can record on our computer or phone each month. A new customer transacts on your website? Hit them with a personal video thank you. It’ll blow their minds. Matt joined me from his home in Australia to talk about the opportunity for both brands and agencies, but also influencers themselves. Give the talk a listen and then go sign up and try it. You can start impressing people today with a free trial. Connect with Barnett on LinkedIn. Find more about Bonjoro, learn more at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 11, 2020
Advice for Influencers & Brands from an Original Influencer
The world of influencer marketing in the context we typically think of it today dates back about 15 years or so to the emergence of blogs. Jeremy Wright co-founded and was the first CEO of B5 Media, one of the original blog networks that eventually sold for millions of dollars. He sees parallels and has advice for today's influencers based on his own experiences, but has also spent his professional time since leaving B5 Media on the agency side of things. Wright transitioned from influencer-blogger to publishing platform CEO and then to agency strategist. He sees influence marketing from a high level and with an eye for driving business and growth. We dug into the conversation of the philosophy of influence marketing -- transactional versus relational -- and how big companies and brands may still not quite "get" social. As Wright and I are apt to do with just chatting about the industry, we invented a new marketing analytic -- the P-GAFF -- you'll want to listen for in this episode. (This is where the explicit warning comes from. Heh.) There are some interesting similarities to 2005 we both see today. The insights Wright shares are always worth hearing. Give it a listen! And then share the episode with someone who will as well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2020
Evolving Influence Marketing Software Beyond Social Influencers
AspireIQ is about to unleash a new version of its software that is an evolution with the market. The enterprise level software has been one of the great campaign management solutions out there that enables and agency or brand to discover, engage, manage and measure influencer partnerships. Its new version shifts the mindset from online influencers to anyone who can influence your audience. With plugins to e-commerce platforms like Shopify and customer databases, now you can manage content and engagement with influencers, but also impactful customers and other audiences you have transactions with. Magda Houalla is AspireIQ’s Director of Marketing Strategy. I caught up with her recently to understand more about the software evolution there, but also to talk more broadly about what she and her colleagues are seeing from the marketplace, brand and influencers alike. We talked about the difference in viewing influencers as, well, influencers versus creators, the misconception of influencers being just people on Instagram and YouTube, the philosophy of discovering influencers and beyond. An interesting discussion about the industry and a peek inside the newest software evolution at AspireIQ are here for the taking. Listen and share! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 04, 2020
The Sophistication of B2B Influence Marketing
There’s been an evolution in business-to-business (B2B) influence marketing lately. Both software companies and agencies are pushing the idea of brands creating influencers out of company executives. Mel Carson was an early company-based influencer, long before we were talking about all this. He was a digital evangelist at Microsoft in the mid-2000s whose whole job was to become known in the marketing and technology circles as a company spokesperson of sorts.  Carson moved on from Microsoft to create his own agency that builds influence for its clients in a variety of ways, including executive thought leadership and personal branding. But it’s more than just the CEO, it’s building influencers within a company throughout leadership and management positions.  He is creating this newly defined category of company-based influencer after having been one of the first of that kind.  Carson joined Winfluence recently to talk about his journey from that evangelist role at one of the world’s largest companies to creating positions of influence for other leaders in the B2B space. We also talked about the perspective that B2B influence marketing is more sophisticated than most B2C approaches. Mel even explains he doesn’t typically pay influencers for the programs he develops, either, thanks to the long-term relationship building with value exchange at the core.  Lots of great ideas and inspiration in today’s episode. Do give it a listen and share it with someone you know who might find it useful as well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2020
Breaking Down Trend, a Curated Influencer Marketing Platform
The landscape of influencer marketing tools is wide and varied. We’ve talked to some of the software company executives here on the show. The IZEAs, Onalyticas and Mavrcks of the worlds are large databases with a high-touch managed services that sit on top of them. I’ve used several of them and they’re great. There are others, like ApexDrop, that are more about product distribution and micro-influencer engagement. Still more are just do-it-yourself databases like HypeAudtior that help you find, but you do a lot of the work. And that’s just scratching the surface. Trend is a relatively new entry into the space and it’s a bit of a hybrid of an influencer marketing discovery platform and a creator marketplace. But it has a slightly different spin than most of the others. It’s an application and invite only platform of highly curated influencers. Jay Desai is the head of growth at Trend. He joined me to explain a little more about what distinguishes the platform, what they vet influencers for to ensure it’s a strong offering and Trend-specific topics. But more broadly we talk about the current state of the influencer space, the different philosophies in approach, both for brands and for software companies, and more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 27, 2020
One Influencer's Superior Success Method
Aaron Anastasi has one of those faces you think is very familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Until you do. He’s a working actor who has played parts on shows like Bosch, 9-1-1 on Fox and others. But if you have ever searched YouTube for singing lessons, you definitely know him. Aaron is the creator of the Superior Singing Method, a training program and YouTube channel with almost half a million subscribers. That channel funnels people into a subscription program that has now taught almost 100,000 people how to sing better.  He is also the author of two books to help others find their path to success: “The Voice of Your Dreams” and “The Propserous Mind.” Aaron joined me to talk about his failures and successes in building influence online, how he balances that, his acting career and his personal life. I asked him very pointedly what influencers out there listening should look for when you don’t feel successful and need to pivot, what his elements of a marketing funnel are, and how he manages a multi-million dollar business of passive income. Influencers and brands alike can take a page for his superior influence success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 25, 2020
The Primal Brain Science Behind Influence Marketing
Influencing people isn't just creativity and content mixed together. It's the by-product of the way our brains function. As we experience that content or creativity, hormones release into our system that make us feel safe, happy, sad, angry or any of the other range of emotions. People are subject to their own brain chemistry and cognitive reactions to their environments. When marketers and influencers understand how that works in their fellow humans, they can influence and persuade more effectively. That's why Tim Ash, a computer and cognitive scientist with years of experience building digital experiences for brands, wrote his new book. Unleash Your Primal Brain - Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. The book explains everything from the evolution of us as a species to the happiness hormones and what triggers them. Tim and I talked about the book, how cognitive science can inform marketers about working with influencers and vice-versa. He also broke down the brain science behind influence in the first place. This episode is heady ... because that's what we're talking about. Give it a listen and share it with someone you know who will find it as interesting as you do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20, 2020
Turning Executives into B2B Influencers
For years now, one business-to-business, or B2B, marketing tactic has been to build executives of the company up as thought leaders. Reframing that purpose you could argue what B2B companies have been doing for years is building their executives up as influencers in their industries. Carter Hostelley and his team at LeadTail have been building thought leadership for B2B clients for years, but with the longer-term play in mind of turning them into B2B influencers. He joined me on Winfluence to talk about the emerging trends he sees from what his clients are asking for and going, how executives as influencers has evolved to be a primary strategy today and what the different types of B2B influencers are and where the fall in your marketing funnel activities. Hostelley actually first wrote about B2B influencer marketing in 2014, which was well before most people were even connecting those two terms. His experience and thought leadership of his own are worth a listen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2020
The Scoop on Influencer Marketing from the Industry's Top Beat Writer
If there is a beat writer for the influencer marketing industry it has to be Joele Forrester from Talking Influence. Her whole job is to interview the movers and shakers, break the news about new software product launches and industry trends, analyze the implications of influencer unions and legal interpretations for the industry and beyond. And she does it brilliantly. Talking Influence exists to cover the influencer marketing space. The company behind it runs the Influencer Marketing Show and gives out the Influencer Marketing Awards. While all are based in the United Kingdom, they serve the industry on a global scale.  Joele to sat in with Jason Falls on Winfluence to talk about a lot of great topics she has thoughts on. They discussed the unionization issue, what influencer marketing will look like in the years to come, what her favorite influencer marketing case study is and a lot more. When you want to know something about a particular topic, the person on the beat is the first one you should turn to. So today we turn to Joele Forrester of Talking Influence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2020
The Problem of Influencer Fraud And What To Do About It
A few weeks ago on the show, we talked to Emily Ho, the marketing strategist behind Authentically Social and a fashion influencer in her own right under the monicker Authentically Emmie. In that episode we talked about influencer fraud, comment pods, buying followers and the like. I even mused, “When is someone going to create a software to detect comment pods?” Well, low and behold, I found one that not only has, but started its entire life as a tech startup to do just that for businesses and brands. HypeAuditor has been on my radar for some time now. They’re an influencer discovery tool that allows you to search for relevant influencers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. I found a research report they published on influencer fraud. Here are some high points: In the U.S., 61 percent of influencer accounts show some type of fraudulent activity. That number is only slightly lower in the U.K. at 58 percent. Oddly enough, even micro- and nano-influencers aren’t immune. Almost 50 percent of those with 1,000 to 5,000 followers show some type of fraudulent activity. HypeAuditor did the research, so to HypeAuditor I went. CEO Alex Frolov joined me from St. Petersburg, Russia to dive into the research, explain the methodology and chat about the issues at hand.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
How Influencers and Brands can Drive Dollars
We’ve talked about a handful of books on influencer marketing here on Winfluence. While we await the publishing of Winfluence (the book) in early 2021, Jason Falls couldn’t help having more great discussions with smart people in the space, even other authors. Justin Blaney is a professor at the University of Washington and the chief innovation officer at Principal Advantage, a lead-generation firm based in Seattle. He and his co-author, Kate Fleming, who is a skin care influencer as well as a digital analyst, have written a great book called Will Post for Profit. Unlike a lot of other influencer marketing books, Justin and Kate actually divide the advice in theirs between influencers and brands. Most books focus on one or other. That being one of the strengths of the book, Falls talked to Justin about what aspiring influencers could do to launch, build and be successful, then dove deeper into the brand side to discuss what insights he has for them. There’s a little something in this episode for everyone in the influencer marketing space. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2020
The Social and Influence Marketing Magic of Kroger
Kroger was the first company to launch a branded TikTok challenge. They have also successfully engaged influencers for events like Hispanic Heritage Month and partnered with publishing platforms like Funny or Die to product share-worthy online content. But the brand also has built incredible social media success in its own right and much of all that success can be linked to Casey Smith. She is the social media manager for influencer and publisher strategy at the Cincinnati-based company. Smith joined Jason Falls on Winfluence to talk about the company's influence success, her perspective on the dividing line between influencers and celebrities, Kroger's process for creating engaging influence programs and much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2020
Monetizing Video Content for Influencers and Brands
If you’re not doing video today online, you’re not getting much traction. And that goes for brands, but also for influencers. Video content is more engaging. It draws people in, makes them stop in their feed and pay attention.  P.J. Taei is the founder of UScreen. His platform provides just that -- a place for influencers and brands to house video content that can only be accessed through a fee … either one-time or a subscription based access model. He knows a lot about video marketing and the environment for content creators online, especially those who are looking to drive revenue and monetize their videos. We chatted about video in general and then got into the different ways influencers and brands can monetize video content in this episode of Winfluence.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 30, 2020
How Big Agencies and Brands Handle Influencer Marketing
Few people have been intimately involved in the influencer marketing industry since before it was called influencer marketing. Crystal Duncan is one of them. An early hire at IZEA before it because the behemoth influencer marketing platform, she is now the Senior Vice-President for Influencer Marketing at Edelman, the world's largest public relations firm. Crystal joined Jason Falls on Digging Deeper, his other podcast, before Winfluence launched. This replay of that interview illustrates her perspective on how big agencies and brands manage influencer marketing campaigns, budgets and beyond. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
Tapping Into Twitch - An Influence Marketing Goldmine
As of February of 2020, Twitch has 3.8 million unique broadcasters. As of March, it registered an average of 1.44 million concurrent viewers … that’s 1.44 million people watching all at the same time … on AVERAGE.  So, if you haven’t yet explored Twitch as both a viable platform for reaching consumers via advertising or as a place rich with influencers and opportunities for collaboration, this episode will help. Mitch Canter is an active Twitch user but also an experienced digital marketer and technology educator. He is a senior web developer, but a social media maven as well. He’s super smart and loves helping businesses of any size understand tech and the web better.  This conversation is revealing, both for brands and businesses who might find Twitch to be fertile ground for their influence marketing efforts, but also for potential influencers to grow a new audience and channel for their efforts.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 23, 2020
Can Influence Marketing Save Broadway and The Arts?
Can influence marketing save broadway? Or how about arts organizations in general? Save might be an inappropriate word. Certainly, COVID and the pandemic restrictions of 2020 have had a huge financial impact on the arts, as would any economically challenging time. And broadway theatres, along with arts centers, theatres, community troops and groups are going to have to resort to some scrappiness in the coming year to get re-established.  Is Influence marketing the key? Sam Maher started Yes Broadway as a media company -- an online magazine if you will -- to help people figure out what shows to see, which were duds and the like. It was when he stepped into a producer’s role that he realized influencers could get the word out about the shows. But when he became a producer of a show, he realized he could get influencers to help promote the experience. He joined Winfluence to discuss what he's learned, talk about how he's now turned on an influence marketing agency arm of YesBroadway and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2020
Is Influencer Marketing Just Bullshit?
Carlos Gil’s latest book is called The End of Marketing. In it, and in this podcast episode, he claims Influencer Marketing is Bullshit. This is ironic coming from someone who not only advises companies and brands in the marketing space -- where influencers are a hot channel for discussion -- but has built a bit of a career as an influencer in his own right. Carlos and I have sparred on a topic or two over the years. He’s an instigator and a disruptor and often brings a bit of a contrarian perspective on the status quo in the marketing conversation. But that’s what I respect about him most. I took the bait and had him on the show to spar a bit on the topic. What developed was a deep, interesting conversation about influence, the credibility of company executives, fake influencers, Snapchat's failures and beyond.  Gil offers ideas in this discussion that are valuable for brand managers and influencers alike. He also opens up a bit about the impostor syndrome and how and why some people might be critical of his career and success, which frankly was refreshing to hear. Give this one one a good listen, then share it with someone who might appreciate it as much as I did. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 16, 2020
Cracking the Influencer Marketing Code
Amanda Russell's new book, The Influencer Code - How to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing, is out now. You can find it on Amazon. She wrote the book because as a college professor at the University of Texas, and before that at UCLA, she felt like a college text on the topic was missing. The book give good advice to businesses and brands and is well worth the read. Amanda and I share a lot in the way of philosophical groundings in influence marketing. You’ll hear that in our chat. Amanda is another hybrid expert to talk to about this. She’s a fitness influencer in her own right, building her brand at Her fitness videos help her 80,000-plus YouTube subscribers, as well as others who follow her around the social web and on her site. She also consults with companies who need help with influence strategies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2020
Leveraging Employees as Influencers - Insights from Adobe
Rani Mani at Adobe formerly led that enterprise company’s influencer relations across company’s marketing department. But she was then promoted to take on the role of employee advocacy. Her role is to help Adobe employees to be the voice and face of the brand, much like the role of doing that with influencers. This is a significant sign from one of the world’s most successful companies -- the person most in tune with influence was promoted to apply her expertise to employees. That’s a clear sign that Adobe considers employees influencers. In this episode of Winfluence, Rani and I talk about the importance of employees as one of your channels of influence, but also how an enterprise company with both B2B and B2C products, as well as different business units with different influence needs manages the practice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 09, 2020
The Challenge of Influencer Fraud from an Influencer and Agency Owner
Fashion influencer Emily Ho has a unique perspective on influencer marketing. She's not only one herself, but leads influence and marketing campaigns for clients with her marketing agency. One battle she continually fights is influencer fraud. We dive in a bit to talk about the not-so-ethical influencers out there, how they hurt a brand's marketing and how to combat the practices. If you haven't heard of comment pods as a brand, or influencer, you may want to pay special attention to this episode. If you're involved with one -- whether you know it or not -- you're not likely getting the most out of your influence marketing as you might think. Emily and I explore her journey from marketer to influencer and back and even land on a great idea for influencer marketing software companies to build in an invigorating episode of Winfluence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2020
Bridging the Gap Between Influencer Analytics and Brand Measurement
Scott Harward is an SEO, Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Marketing guy. What does he have to do with influencer marketing? Well, he can not only help influencers understand how to better monetize their online presences, but report back metrics that brands care for most. He also works with brands and clients to help them design measurement strategies to prove the worth or programs like influencer marketing. We talked about the measurement approach, affiliate marketing, ROI and more on an insightful episode of Winfluence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 02, 2020
Diving into the State of B2B Influencer Marketing Research
Few people have as much experience in driving B2B influence marketing than Lee Odden. His company, TopRank Marketing, not only drives programs for some of the top tech companies in the world, but conducts an annual survey to report on the B2B space. TopRank’s latest research into B2B influencer marketing is out and very interesting. Lee joins the show to dive into the survey responses and better quantify and qualify how business-to-business companies are using influencers and how other businesses can adjust to the state of the industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2020
We've Entered The Age of Influence
This is a special bonus episode. Many of you know I host a weekly live stream for Cornett called Digging Deeper that is also a podcast. Before we launched this show, Winfluence, we had a few interviews specific to influence and influence marketing I wanted to make sure were available to you here. The first one of those I’ve pulled together is with author Neal Schaffer. His new book The Age of Influence, is a great resource for anyone wishing to understand influencer marketing from a process standpoint. From strategy to tactics, Neal shares the how tos and examples of those doing it well. We talked back in June of this year and discussed the differences in his book and what will come in mine when Winfluence the book hits shelves in January. And Neal shared a lot of great insight into a lot of the ideas we discuss here on Winfluence -- the philosophical approach, where the different types of tools lie in the process, how to measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns and beyond. Neal has been cranking out great advice across the spectrum of social media and digital marketing for some time and our chat over on Digging Deeper was so good, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 25, 2020
Identifying Influencers by Relevance Not Reach
Pierre-Loic Assayag is the founder and CEO of Traackr, one of the more sophisticated influence identification platforms on the market. His technology analyzes influence not by reach, but by relevance, often surfacing influencers brands would never realize were worth reaching. As a global platform, Assayag also has insights into the differences in influencers and influence strategies in different markets. In this episode of Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast, we talked about the global variations on influence marketing, the advertising versus public relations philosophical debate and much more in an interesting discussion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2020
The Fertile Ground that is B2B Influence Marketing
Michael Brito is one of the more experienced business-to-business (B2B) influence marketing practitioners in the world. He is the executive vice-president for the Zeno Group and has spent almost two decades building relationships for technology and SaaS companies in the Bay Area and around the world. Michael and I dive into some of the granularity he uses in finding influencers for his clients, but also what insights the influencers tell him that better informs his client’s overall marketing. We also talk about the challenges of using B2B thinking in the B2C space. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 16, 2020
Is Influence Marketing an advertising or public relations function?
Onalytica evolved from the public relations and communications side of the marketing world rather than the advertising side. As you might expect, its head of product, Alistair Wheate has a decidedly comms-side view of the practice. I visit with him to tackle that difference, talk about how influencer tool algorithms work and beyond. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2020
Reverse Engineering Influence Marketing Through Branded Communities
Sam Fiorella co-authored one of the first books on influence marketing in 2013. He then used that research and smarts to re-shape his agency to reverse engineer influence marketing using branded communities. These walled gardens give brands the opportunity to research and identify pain points in the consumer journey to know exactly who, what, why and how needs to be triggered to influence everything from consideration to purchase to loyalty. Get out your notebooks for a doozie of insights onslaught in this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
Identifying Influencers by Relevance Not Reach
The biggest challenge influencers often face is figuring out how to monetize their content by partnering with brands. Brands biggest challenge is finding influencers who understand the business of influence marketing. Tabitha Hawkins founded the Association of Influencers and Content Creators to bridge that gap and help influencers be more attractive to brands while also advancing equal representation and fairness in how brands leverage influencers. We talked about the association, her approach, standardization of influencer pricing, the potential of unions for influencers and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
Transactional or Relationship? What’s Patron Tequila’s Influence Marketing Approach
Adrian Parker is the Global Vice-President of Marketing at Patron Tequila and he has a very different take on influence marketing than many big-brand marketing leaders. In fact, his perspective is very much in line with the concept of Winfluence. Adrian and I talk about his take on transactional influence marketing versus that focused on relationship building, how Patron views influencers and the unique influence audiences in the alcoholic beverage world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
Is Standardization of Influencer Marketing Possible?
Kristy Sammis is the chair and executive director of the Influencer Marketing Association. The non-profit industry association is attempting to bring uniformity, standardization and cohesiveness across the influencer marketing industry. We discuss the IMA, unionizing influencers, standardizing metrics and the conflict of transactional versus relational influence strategies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
The Original Industry Software Founder Ted Murphy Looks Back, Ahead at Influence Marketing
Ted Murphy founded IZEA, the first influencer marketing platform, in 2006 to cries of heresy from the social media crowd. Twelve years later, he took the company public and can take considerable credit for the industry’s growth. I catch up with Ted to look back at the journey, talk about the 2020 version of IZEA’s offering and arm-wrestle about the one element in IZEA’s offering I have issues with. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
How White Castle Feeds the Crave
** Note - This is the final episode of Digging Deeper that will be simulcast on this feed. Subscribe to Digging Deeper separately at This feed changes Sept. 2 to Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast. ** This episode features White Castle CMO Lynn Blashford who touches on creativity, influencers, content marketing and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 25, 2020
Marketing Films that Matter
** Digging Deeper has changed feeds. Starting September 1, you'll need to get that show's feed at - This feed will officially launch Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast on September 2. Subscribe to both!** This episode of Digging Deeper sees Jason sit down with film producer Jyoti Sarda to talk about her documentary "And She Could Be Next" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2020
Brand Activation Strategy and Customer Identification
** Note: The feed changes September 2 to no longer include Digging Deeper. Make sure to subscribe to it at This feed becomes Winfluence September 2, 2020.** This episode - Brand activation strategist Makayla Ervin discusses branding and customer identification for new and small businesses and debates life coaches with Jason Falls. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 11, 2020
Influencers unionizing? Is that good or bad?
Crystal Duncan from Edelman joined Jason on #DiggingDeeper to chat about influencer marketing. The topic of potential influencer unions came up. The two discussed the feasibility of unions, the advertising versus public relations angle of influence marketing and more.  Be sure to subscribe to the Digging Deeper feed to not miss episodes after September 1, 2020. This feed will begin airing Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast after that date and no longer simulcast Digging Deeper. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2020
How Content Marketing Makes You a Brand Publisher
**Update your feeds! Digging Deeper will only simulcast to this feed until September 1, 2020. Don't miss the great interviews on Digging Deeper by subscribing at and connecting to wherever you get your podcasts. This episode: Andrew Hanelly from RevMade talks about content marketing strategy and making your brand a publisher! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 28, 2020
Hiring Freelance Talent to Scale Your Business
This Episode:  If you've ever wondered how to use virtual and freelance talent to grow and scale your business, Nathan Hirsch is someone to talk to. He scaled a small e-commerce business to a multimillion dollar venture, then solved his own problem by building another one -- FreeUp. That business helps people find and hire virtual and freelance talent for scale. Now Nathan spends his time teaching people how to build systems and processes to leverage virtual workers at Outsource School. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2020
Rethinking Success with Doug Holladay
** Update your feed to subscribe to Digging Deeper at ** Jason sits down to talk with PathNorth CEO and former Goldman Sachs executive Doug Holladay about his new book Rethinking Success. Why do motivated and successful business people and entrepreneurs often end up alone and unhappy? Holladay knows and wants to help redefine success to change it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2020
How Kroger is navigating 2020
UPDATE YOUR FEEDS! This podcast feed will not carry Digging Deeper as of September 1, 2020. It will change into an influencer marketing podcast, so please add the Digging Deeper feed to your subscriptions. The links are at This episode of Digging Deeper has Kroger's Curtis Midkiff, Jr., join and discuss what the conversations, planning and response has been for his company and its reaction to social issues of the day. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 07, 2020
Will Brands Boycotting Facebook Make a Difference?
Brands are boycotting Facebook and other social media platforms to fight against the often passive way the social networks have handled hate speech from users. Though a daunting list of advertisers pulling billions of dollars from ad spend, will it make a difference? New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer visited Digging Deeper this week to offer his thoughts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2020
Can you measure creativity?
Can you measure creativity? You certainly can if you're speaking about marketing or advertising creative. We put that question to data analyst and marketing analytics guru Christopher Penn in this week's episode of Digging Deeper. Penn is the chief data scientist at Trust Insights and one half of the long-running Marketing Over Coffee podcast. Our Jason Falls put him to the test of measuring creative and creativity, among other things. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 23, 2020
We are in the Age of Influence
Neal Schaffer's fourth book is out now and is called The Age of Influence. He visited with our Jason Falls on Digging Deeper to talk about influencer marketing today, how businesses can embrace it, what the challenges facing the practice are and how COVID-19 affects the marketplace. Add the new Digging Deeper feed to your podcast subscriptions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2020
What does making creativity your business advantage mean?
The podcast has officially switched over to Digging Deeper - Make Creativity Your Business Advantage. Look for that title where you get your podcast subscriptions and subscribe to ensure you don't miss future episodes. Here's the raw link if that helps: We'll cross post episodes here for a few weeks, but do update your feed. This week is Christy Hiler, president of Cornett, with a great talk on managing businesses and agencies in the COVID world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2020
Marketing Tips from a Purpose-Driven Marketer
Robert Courtney Collins is one of the co-founders of the UNEEK Collection, a clothing line with a purpose. He is also leads a branding and marketing consultancy in Detroit called Robert Courtney and Associates where he shows businesses how he built UNEEK based on a purpose and with creative marketing approaches. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2020
Marketing Challenges from the Hemp Industry
James Dawson has a monster challenge. He is the vice-president of marketing for Landrace Bioscience which is a scientific products manufacturer in the hemp industry. Businesses like his can't even get payment processors to accept their business. And then there are marketing challenges. He joined the show to discuss how he approaches them and to dispel many myths about the hemp industry and the products it brings to market. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 22, 2020
The Future of Offline Advertising
Imagine your CEO or company spokesperson appearing at your next trade show, or even in one of your store locations. Now imagine them also appearing at five trade shows or 125 store locations at once. The future of offline advertising may just be holographs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2020
How to be a Conscious Marketer
Jim Joseph, the global president of BCW — Burson Cohn Wolf, has a new book out called The Conscious Marketer. Very timely in its release, the book helps brands understand how to better target and position themselves by tuning into their customer's worlds. And what a world that has become, right? Jason Falls talked to Jim about the book and the ways that businesses and brands can become more aware, and thus more connected, to their customers as he visited the show this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2020
Insights on Influence and Content Marketing with Actidad
Mark Savant knows how to build an online brand. His Actidad community is a powerful beacon among fathers. It's Facebook Group, blog, podcast and social channels have made him an influencer. He also teaches people how to build their own influence with Mark Savant Media, so he and Jason Falls chatted about influence, content marketing, Tik-Tok and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2020
How to Identify Anonymous Website Users
If only you could identify anonymous website visitors and email them right away to compel them to engage more or even buy. Adam Robinson's new startup GetEmails allows you to do just that. The somewhat controversial approach gets the interrogation from Jason Falls as Robinson visits to explain. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2020
The Ratings & Review Marketplace for Agencies
Should agencies, consultants and other B2B service offerings worry about ratings and reviews? Certainly they should. One place that can help -- and which competes with them for search results -- is UpCity. Heidi Sullivan is its senior vice-president for product and marketing. She talks about the benefits of UpCity's marketplace, products and the need for protecting your digital reputation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2020
Building a Content Performance Culture
Does your brand or agency have a content performance culture? It needs one. Christoph Trappe's latest book by that title outlines how to build a culture where content marketing is made, distributed and optimized. He talks to Jason Falls about how brands and agencies can build that culture for content success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2020
Managing e-Commerce in a COVID-10 World
Gavin Jocius knows a thing or two about e-commerce. The former general manager of the art division at CafePress, also known as Canvas on Demand, helped that business through a $35 million acquisition, then doubled its profitability for new owner Circle Graphics. Now founder of a search fund, Jocius joined the podcast to share his thoughts on running e-commerce in a COVID-19 world and more with Jason Falls. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2020
Danielle Wiley is one of the pioneering agency leaders in the influencer marketing space. The San Francisco-based thought leader founded The Sway Group, one of the leading influencer strategy firms in the world, more than a decade ago. She visited with Jason Falls recently to talk about the state of the industry, how younger generations respond to sponsored content and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 27, 2020
Joining the Context Marketing Revolution
Have you joined the Context Marketing Revolution? You should. Or at least read the new book of that title from Salesforce's Mathew Sweezey. Today's marketing is not about attention getting or reach and awareness, but about addressing a consumer's need in context. Sweezey joined Jason Falls to discuss the revolution that is context. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2020
Crowdfunding a Sit-Com? Toni Deckers is Doing It!
Toni Deckers is trying to build a crowdsourced sit-com. Yep. You read that right. The actress and jazz singer launched an IndieGoGo campaign recently to crowdsource production of a pilot for Polk Fiction. Both Toni and her pilot-writing husband Erik joined me on the podcast to talk about the show, how the idea for it and the fund-raising effort came to life and what could become of it if they're successful.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 20, 2020
Balancing Direct and Retail Channels in an Amazon World
Selling direct on your website is challenging in an Amazon-led e-commerce world. So is balancing that direct e-commerce business and serving retail channels as well. Peter Friedmann of DEMDACO visits the podcast to talk marketing in a multi-pronged world, the Corona Virus situation for retail channels and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2020
Influencer Profile: Whit Honea
The creative process is one of life's great mysteries. If you figure it out, it's smooth sailing. Jason Falls catches up with award-winning writer Whit Honea. He is the author of the book The Parent’s Phrase Book and covers the Pixar and Disney animation beat for Fandango’s website. The two talk about Whit's creative process, how he finds ideas, his take on influence marketing, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 13, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Stock Photography
Stock photography sites are a dime a dozen, but is setting itself apart behind an eye for diversity and the use of Artificial Intelligence. CEO and founder Christina Hawatmeh visits with Jason Falls to talk about, how her site works and is different from others, image licensing issues and more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2020
Brand Marketing and Social Issues with Dove Men+Care's Jordan Lewis
Dove Men+Care is one of the few brands in the world that takes a definitive stance on a significant political and social issue. They put money and promotional power behind passing the Family Medical Leave Act. Jordan Lewis, Dove Men+Care brand manager, talks to Jason Falls about the company's position, its thoughts on influencers and marketing success.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 06, 2020
Adventure Brands and Corporate Marketing
There's a big difference in corporate marketing and brand marketing. There's also a big difference in marketing adventure brands than others. Holly Spaeth is the director of corporate marketing and partnerships at Polaris, the company behind snowmobiles, boats, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. She stopped by the podcast to help us understand the differences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2020
Influencer Profile: Kentucky Taste Buds
Leigh Roach and Tamara Schneider started a blog in 2017 to review and sing the praises of Kentucky businesses. In just three short years, they've exploded to have one of the most influential channels in the Bluegrass state called KyTasteBuds. Jason Falls sits down with the pair to profile these influencers and get advice for aspiring content creators, brands, agencies and beyond. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 27, 2020
Understanding the Buying Brain with Neuromarketing
The best way to encourage people to buy from you is to understand how they think and tap into a path to their buying brain. Felix Cao of Happy Buying Brain understands neuromarketing and works with clients to find that path to conversion. He chats with Jason Falls about queues and triggers that can improve your company's ability to convince people to buy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2020
Meltwater Unveils Podcast Monitoring
Meltwater announced a new addition to its social listening platform -- podcast monitoring. The ability to find brand and keyword mentions on podcasts is a game-changer in how we think of podcasts and how we quantify their success when our brands are involved in them.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 21, 2020
The Most Creative PR Move You Can Make
The most creative public relations move you can make is sitting right under your nose. It might be the most creative move you can make in all of marketing. This week's food for thought uncovers that creative advantage as a follow-on thought to my Girl Scout Cookie's story from the last episode. Dig in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 14, 2020
How to Build Influence in B2B Marketing
Not only is B2B marketing not some cosmic Rubik's cube B2C marketers can't figure out, but it's very similar and sometimes more simple. Evan Kirstel is one of the top B2B marketing influencers out there. He stopped by to talk about the differences, the approach and the success of B2B marketing, especially on social media with Jason Falls.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2020
Ideas on Optimizing Podcasts, Campaigns and Content
Jason Falls gives you food for thought on how to evolve and optimize your content by taking you through the evolution of this very podcast. He unveils some plans for the future of his own and correlates that to what you should do with your own content marketing efforts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 07, 2020
What can Groupon do for your marketing?
Matthew Rolnick knows a thing or two about the magic of Groupon for businesses and marketing. He's the divisional sales manager for health, beauty, wellness and fitness at the coupon app company. Jason Falls talks to Matthew about the breadth and depth of Groupon, including ideas for any sized business to use the platform for customer acquisition, revenue and growth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 04, 2020
Master Your Mornings for Time Management
You can master your mornings for optimal time management and Amy Landino knows just how to do it. Her book Good Morning, Good Life discusses five simple habits to do so and upgrade your life. She talks with Jason Falls about her book, why his 11-year-old daughter is such a big fan of her YouTube channel and how brands can leverage video marketing for success. This episode is sponsored by Get.Online domains. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2020
Driving revenue leaps without driving yourself insane
Kim Kasparian is a business coach and consultant who works with CEOs and the like to create six- and seven-figure revenue leaps, but without killing yourself doing so. Jason Falls interviews her to find out how, why she's qualified to tell you and more. He also talks about getting the media to write about you in this podcast episode, brought to you by Get.Online domains. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2020
The Power of Personal Branding for Business
Personal branding is imperative for today's professional, but how does personal branding overlap into helping your company or brand? Ryan Foland knows. He's an expert on the subject and the co-author of the book Ditch the Act which helps you mine your own experiences to be more genuine in building your personal brand. Jason Falls chats personal branding in an episode brought to you by Get.Online domains. Jason has one! You should too. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 17, 2020
Are You Priced Appropriately?
Burger King tried to charge Jason $3.63 for a 32-ounce soda this week. McDonald's sells them for $1.06. That conflict sets up a great food for thought episode of the podcast as Jason asks you to consider your pricing structure and if there is opportunity to improve. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 10, 2020
Where is Word-of-Mouth headed in 2020?
Word of Mouth Marketing has always been a bit fuzzy in terms of what it is, how you build it and beyond. WOMMA Hall of Fame inductee Geno Church joins Jason Falls to talk about where Word of Mouth Marketing is heading in 2020 and how brands can begin thinking about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 07, 2020
The difference in branding, marketing and advertising
Bill Harper has a very succinct and necessary reminder of the differences between branding, marketing and advertising. He shares those thoughts as well as has a great discussion with Jason Falls about finding consumer insights for better branding, marketing and advertising. Jason also talks about Data Studio and reviews, a social listening platform. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 17, 2019
How to Turn Fans Into Customers with David Meerman Scott
David Meerman Scott is the worldwide best-selling author of the book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. His new offering is called Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers int Fans. He wrote the book with his daughter Reiko. We dove into the topic of loyalty marketing, engaging your customers to become fans and advocates and much more in this podcast episode. Do yourself a favor and learn from one of the marketing masters. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 10, 2019
Beware of Google My Business Scammers
Jason Falls's pal Chris ran into a business owner who paid who he thought was Google to help his ranking. But that's a sure sign he was duped by a scammer. Google never guarantees rankings to solicits money from businesses over the phone. Jason goes over what Google says you should know to not be scammed over your Google My Business page or rankings in this Frida food for thought episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 06, 2019
What businesses need to know about new personal data protection laws
As if GDPR wasn't enough, the California Consumer Privacy Act is now forcing businesses to upgrade how they handle and manage consumer data. Tim Hayden and his company, Brain Trust Partners, help companies with digital transformation, including showing them what needs to now happen to comply with personal data protection laws. Jason Falls dives in with Tim to learn more for your business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 03, 2019
What Can the Automotive Industry Teach Us About Digital Marketing?
Eric Miltsch has a couple of decades experience leveraging digital marketing for the automotive industry. He's so good at it, that he eventually co-founded a software platform for car dealers and brands to make selling cars online easier, optimized for search engines and even connected via social media. Jason Falls sat down with Eric to learn what he knows the rest of us can use.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 26, 2019
New FTC Disclosure Guidance for Influencers is Here
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally issued a round of content aimed at clarifying its disclosure policies related to those with online audiences. The new brochure "Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers" and its accompanying videos and examples goes deeper than the regulatory body has ever gone and both simplifies and hardens the obligation. Jason Falls shares the details and reaction on the podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 22, 2019
Defy Expectations and be a Pink Goldfish
What does it mean to be a pink goldfish? Authors Stan Phelps and David Rendall stopped by The Jason Falls Show to tell me. They've penned a new book called Pink Goldfish, which helps people understand how to defy normal, exploit your imperfections and captivate your customers. So they want you to expose your flaws and weaknesses to drive your content marketing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 19, 2019
Always Build Your Email Marketing List
In sales, the phrase is "Always Be Closing." In marketing it should be, "Always Build Your List!" Building your email marketing list is the one, always on, aways be doing this no matter what activity every marketer should ensure is happening. Whether you are a multi-billion dollar corporation or a dumb guy with a blog, building your list means laying the foundation for future sales and success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 15, 2019
That time I gave Ted Kennedy booze
Yes. You read the headline right. Jason Falls once gave Ted Kennedy booze. He was 10. Years old. True story. In this episode, Jason tells the story of how a 10-year-old him gave one of the more well-known political figures of the last 50 years a pint of moonshine. He spends time talking a bit more about IZEA's new influencer marketing survey and a new feature rolling out soon, if not already, from Twitter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 12, 2019
It's Time to Get Into TikTok
TikTok is one of the fastest growing social networks and it's high time we paid attention to it. Who better to give us the TikTok low-down than Jason Falls's 11-year-old daughter Katie, and avid user? Dad interviews daughter in this food-for-thought episode of The Jason Falls Show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 08, 2019
Building Communications Strategies for Growth
Few people know how to build communications strategies for business growth like Barbara Hannan. She was an instrumental figure behind the Groundswell Award-winning case study of community and influencer strategies executed by Pitney Bowes over the course of the last few years. Jason Falls sat down with Barbara to talk about communications strategies for growth for businesses. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2019
How a Dentist Became a Content Marketing Star
Dr. James Gabhart saw other medical professionals fun videos at a conference once, came home and decided his dental practice should do it, too. Five years later, he's the most talked about dentist in at least Elizabethtown, Ky., if not beyond. And that has tripled his new patient business. He talks about the content marketing revolution for his dentistry practice on The Jason Falls Show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 29, 2019
What is the Self-Reliant Entrepreneur?
John Jantsch's latest book is a diversion from his previous how-to books on Duct Tape Marketing and Referral Engines. It's a daily devotional approach to business with inspiration from transcendental authors and more, with John's business correlations. Jason Falls dives into the book with John to uncover the self-reliant entrepreneur.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 22, 2019
What If You Can't Update Your Website?
If you had to add or change something on your company’s website right now — if it were a matter of staying in business or going under — right now — could you do it? In a Friday food-for-thought episode of The Jason Falls Show, Jason assigns you the task of learning how if you don't. And discusses why.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 18, 2019
How Alli Troutman Built Wicked Sheets
Alli Truttman started Wicked Sheets after being laid up in bed with an injury and realizing she had night sweats. A friend's dri-fit shirt and some ingenuity later and the first sheet focused on moisture absorption was born. Hear how Alli uses digital marketing and how she feels about competing with Amazon, while also selling there among other insights on this interview edition of The Jason Falls Show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 15, 2019
How to Correlate Website Analytics to Marketing Goals
Are you able to correlate website analytics to your marketing goals? Jason Falls thinks is there are 3-4 pieces of information within your website analytics you could use to correlate success (or not) of your website and marketing efforts. It's just a matter of thinking about each of those numbers you might see in a dashboard or report and what they might mean. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 11, 2019
How to Build a Great Podcast with Kevin Stroud
One of Jason Falls's favorite podcasts is the well researched, highly informative, well produced and performed History of English Podcast with Kevin Stroud. So, to help you understand what goes into a really well done podcast, Kevin joined Jason on Go Ahead Caller to share his knowledge. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2019
SEO Work is the Ultimate in Reverse Scope Creep
The main problem with search -- SEO and SEM work -- for consultants and agencies is what Jason Falls calls "reverse scope creep." He dives into examples and explains what it is and what to do about it in a food-for-thought episode of The Jason Falls Show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 04, 2019
Growth Strategies with Scott Monty
Few people play in the heady space of CXO advising in the digital space like Scott Monty. The former Director of Social Media for Ford Motor Company uses his Fortune 10 expertise to advise executives and companies on growth strategies, digital transformation and more. Jason Falls catches up with him to see what Monty's expertise can mean to your business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2019
Video Marketing Research Says Do It
New research from Google and the 4A's shows the impact of adding video marketing to your content and search efforts. Jason spends time discussing the opportunity for video marketing and dives deeper into the usefulness of platforms like Switcher Studio, the program's sponsor.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2019
A Brand's Role in Helping Influencers Get Better
Influencer marketing, podcasts, bloggers, vloggers and new media producers are the channel du jour today for brands. But they aren't traditional media with traditional training, respect for sponsor KPIs and the like. What is a brand's role in helping influencers and the new media roster get better? Jason Falls shares in a food-for-thought episode of Go Ahead Caller. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 20, 2019
The Feudal System of Our Digital World
In response to an observation by Jeremiah Owyang, Jason Falls discusses the comparison of today's digital space to the Feudal System and wonders if we will rise up like serfs to equalize the kingdoms of Facebook, Google, Amazon and more. He also talks paid search and the ego of social media in a rare, non-interview extended episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2019
What Parents Should Know about Teens and Social Media
What should parents know about teens and social media? In a special back-to-school episode, Jason Falls interviews author and teen/tween expert Ana Homayoun about the perils and opportunities of your child having a device and access to social media.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2019
The Psychology that Fuels Influencer Marketing
Listening to one of his favorite podcasts, Jason Falls discovered the human psychology behind influencer marketing. He calls it the most powerful argument yet for the stability of the channel as an important marketing one for years to come. Hear what Surrogation is and why it compels your brand to leverage influencers.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 06, 2019
The Power and Importance of Community Engagement
Community engagement -- listening, commenting, providing customer support -- is the "social" part of social media. Mike Koehler from Smirk New Media knows this and chats with Jason Falls about how engagement should be a higher priority than content, even, for brands in the digital marketing space.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 03, 2019
The Crossroads of Influencer Marketing
It seems like we've reached a crossroads in influencer marketing. More and more examples are popping up every day of influencers being called out for bad behavior, not disclosing sponsored content, faking their "genuine"-ness to their audiences and more. Jason Falls thinks we've reached a welcome crossroads in influencer marketing in this food-for-thought short. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 30, 2019
Understanding IP Targeting for More Effective Ad Spend
What if you could target your online media to just one building? Or just one house? What if you could figure out how to target the mobile devices of just the executives in a particular business? You actually can with IP Targeting. Stacy Griggs, the CEO of El Toro, stopped by Go Ahead Caller to explain to Jason Falls.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2019
How to get more email responses
Someone asked me last week, "How do I get more prospects to respond to my emails?" That's a good and timeless question for marketers, sales people and public relations professionals. The answers aren't exactly simple -- we all are overwhelmed with our inboxes -- but I took some time to offer some thoughts on how to improve your one-to-one email response rate on this food for thought short show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 23, 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management
If your business is not paying attention to online reputation management, you could be in trouble and not know it. Amanda Henson handles online reputation management in all its various iterations for Kindred Healthcare. She stopped by to help us understand what it is, how to do it and what to watch for. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 20, 2019
Time for a Social Media Policy Check
It's never a bad time to check your social media policy. A colleague of Jason's called this week with a sticky employee situation involving posting inflammatory content online. Should that employee be terminated? Is the company in the right to do so? Hear Jason's thoughts and those on updating your social media policy.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 16, 2019
Corporate Content Strategy and Communications
There's a difference between brand communications and content and corporate communications and content. And perhaps none know that better that Kevin Hunt of General Mills. He talks about corporate and internal communications for the CPG giant and explains how his team handles corporate content strategy for the mothership. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 13, 2019
Influencers and Optimization
Preston Arsement shared his insights as a YouTube influencer with Business Insider, but both he and Pew Research indicate that optimizing influencer content can often include potentially misleading titles and descriptions. There's a fine line between optimization and misleading an audience. Jason Falls offers up thoughts on this potentially disingenuous practices often used by influencers to optimize their content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2019
The Power of Infographics
Infographics may seem like a past fad to some, but Brian Wallace of NowSourcing discusses how they're not. Not only that, but Infographics solve about half a dozen digital marketing problems and should be a tactic used by any business. He also discusses LinkedIn Local and its power for a business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 06, 2019
Marketing to Gen Z
Marketing to Gen Z is an imperative for today's brands. The newest generation entering the workforce has unparalleled buying power combined with different ways of shopping, searching for information and finding products and services. Sarah Weise, author of the book InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z joins the show to talk about this group of consumers and how to connect with them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 30, 2019
How to Choose a Social Media Management Software
Every so often a familiar question pops up from clients, friends and folks asking me things on Twitter or LinkedIn. Recently, the question has been, "How do I decide which social media management software is best for me?" This episode of the podcast is a roll through my four basic categories of questions. I did so as I looked at StatusBrew, a social media management solution I'm reviewing for potential use with clients. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 26, 2019
An Idea to Curb Distracted Driving
Jason Falls came across an idea to help distracted drivers realize how much of a risk they're taking on his commute to and from work. He shares it on Go Ahead Caller. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 23, 2019
Do Small Businesses Need Websites?
Do small businesses need websites? Jason Falls offers up his thoughts on the answer and how Google My Business may play into it on this edition of Go Ahead Caller. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 19, 2019
Influencer Marketing for Sports Teams
Influencer marketing is the channel du jour in marketing right now, and for good reason. INFLCR has a unique take on it for sports teams and athletic programs that may have insight to help your business. Tim Stephens from INFLCR joins me to talk influencer marketing and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 16, 2019
The Future of Web Development for Marketers
Justin Hall, one of the geniuses behind BitSource and the economic development effort in Eastern Kentucky to teach coal miners how to code, has interesting thoughts on the future of web development for marketers. So I invited him on Go Ahead Caller to talk about the state and future of web dev and how marketing professionals and business owners can tap into coders for future success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 09, 2019
Social Media Campaigns & Engagement with Tod Meisner
One of my favorite things to do is chat with brand-side social marketers about the day-in, day-out of the job. Social media campaigns. Tod Meisner is the social media lead for Aflac. We chat about social media campaigns, engagement and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 02, 2019
Social Media for Business with Mitch Jackson
Mitch Jackson is an expert in social media for business and entrepreneurs because he is one and is living it every day. A personal injury attorney in Southern California, Mitch got excited about social media several years ago and took a different path than many in his profession: He started using digital marketing and giving back to other businesses as a way to build trust as an attorney and professional. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 25, 2019
Amazon Marketing with Shannon Roddy
If you want to launch your business on Amazon, Shannon Roddy is the right person to help. His expertise has helped hundreds of people and businesses not only launch there, but optimize, rank well for searches and profit. I sat down with Shannon on Go Ahead Caller to talk about launching businesses and succeeding in the Amazon Marketplace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 18, 2019
Linkedin Personal Branding and Sales with Sandra Long
Using LinkedIn for Personal Branding and Sales is just smart. But not many people fully understand how to do it well. Sandra Long wrote the book on it … literally. Her book LinkedIn for Personal Branding is a great primer on how to make the all-business social network drive business for you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 11, 2019
Be Limitless with Laura Gassner Otting
How do you live a Limitless life? How do you choose to focus on the real you and not strive for someone else's definition of success? Those answers can be found in Laura Gassner Otting's best-selling book Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2019
Video Marketing with Nick Mattingly
Our first interview show had to be about video marketing and with Switcher Studio CEO Nick Mattingly! Check out the new digs and learn a little something about video marketing, entrepreneurship and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2019
Jason Falls Q&A
The first-ever episode of what became The Jason Falls Show - A Marketing Podcast. Jason Falls randomly opens up Facebook Live and starts talking. The rest is history. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 21, 2018