Truth for your twenties

By Katie Bulmer

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With the passion to "be who she needed when she was younger" Katie Bulmer interviews experts and 20-somethings alike to talk about boys, faith, purpose, and how to not take yourself too seriously. Katie is often called "the big sis we all need"

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Ask yourself these 4 questions before choosing a career
Todd Linder Founder at Launch Poin helps Young Professionals Take Their Right Next Step Towards A Career They Want With Confidence. Share this episode if you are choosing a career, changing a career, or not sure what you want to be when you grow up (it's okay if you are already grown, we won't tell).   Follow Todd on Linked in And sign up for the Career you want Challenge HERE
May 11, 2021
How to know if you are Relationship Ready

Interview with Relationships & mental health Counselor, Debra Fieta. 

Check out her new book here

Relationship freebies here

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May 04, 2021
Dear Recent College Grad

When it seems like "everyone has it all figured out" and you are still trying to learn what a 401K even means. Don't worry this episode is for you. Katie is putting on her mentoring hat and helping you navigate relationships, friendships, jobs, and finances. 

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Apr 25, 2021
Sexless in the City Kat Harris

Let's face it: being single in today's culture as a woman of faith can be a STRUGGLE FEST. But it doesn't have to be. With real talk and straight wisdom, speaker, podcaster, and founder of The Refined Woman Kat Harris says it's time for a new conversation about singleness, sex, and desire.

That is just what we chat about on today's Podcast!

Make sure you check out Kat's new book

Kat Harris on Instagram

Apr 20, 2021
From Atheist to Amen

From touring the country as a rising country star to losing her voice. From bars and boys to a renewed worth. She couldn't even say the name, Jesus and now she writes songs about what He has done in her life. This interview is inspiring and hilarious

Make sure you check out her new song Woman at the Well

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Apr 13, 2021
Interview with The Relationship Doctor, Dr. Christine Bacon

Author of The Super Couple. Dr. Christine Bacon, Ph.D., is a leading expert in communications and relationships. In this episode, we talk about how really can be blinded by love, a "love cocktail" of hormones and how to build a healthy marriage before you even meet your spouse.

Link to Dr. Christine's Book

Dr. Christine on Instagram Listen to Dr. Christine more on her radio show, "Breakfast with Bacon: The Relationship Doctor" weekly on 1110 AM, WKQA radio. 

Apr 06, 2021
Dating Q&A live zoom with Florida State Gamma Phi Beta

I did a live zoom event with Gamma Phi Beta chapter at Florida State University. These incredible ladies brought their most burning dating questions...from current relationships, breakups, and singleness we cover it all!


FSU Gamma Phi Beta



Mar 30, 2021
How to listen to your body to find health & FREEDOM from diet culture

Think about food & your body less enjoy life MORE during this Interview with intuitive eating and exercise coach Nutrition with Nyla 

Eleváre Jewelry  use promo code TRUTH for free shipping

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Mar 23, 2021
College student interviews Katie

PR Major Jillian DiMarco put together an impressive list of questions and asked me everything from what I wish I did differently when I was 20 to how I got to what I'm doing now.

Links we mention

Mar 16, 2021
$$ in all stages of your Twenties. Interview w/ my hubby

We have lived debt-free for 14 years, thanks to his leadership. 

Previous episodes I mention Ask the hubs and I anything Our financial testimony


Ad mentioned

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Mar 09, 2021
Beauty from Broken things, The Joanna Gaines of Fashion

She takes discarded and forgotten fabric and makes BEAUTIFUL clothing! What's even cooler is this isn't just her profession but her LIFE. From sexual abuse as a child to a successful business owner and a voice for change in the fashion industry. This episode is SOOO INSPIRING.


The True Cost Documentary 

Shop Tammy's Jo Fashion

Tammy Jo on Instagram



Mar 02, 2021
Chasing Dreams and Long distance relationships

They both had big dreams in big cities but they were four hours apart.

Kayla and her, now husband managed a 4-hour distance for 3 years, and are now living happily ever after. 

Kayla talks openly about the healthy habits, the struggles, and how she knew it was worth fighting for. 


Kayla on Instagram 

Feb 23, 2021
To the girl who thinks she is too far gone.

22-year-old Nadine Krill and I have a shame-free discussion on sex, finding your voice, and why it' never too early or too late to do what sets your soul on fire. 

Check out Nadine's YouTube Channel

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Feb 16, 2021
Tips for landing a (untraditional) dream job

The host of the Thrive Podcast Erica Ligenza joins me today to talk about asking for what you are worth at a job interview or maybe just creating your own dream career from scratch!


Erica's Blog

Erica on Instagram

Feb 09, 2021
Love after you have been hurt

Author of "love has a name" Adam Weber and I are chatting about what it looks like to love after you have been hurt, love when you are scared, and the freedom that comes if we can do this thing well.


Link to Adam's New Book


Feb 04, 2021
Hollywood, Marketing, Sex and You

Why we follow the crowd, why it matters, and what it has to do with you. 

I got passionate on this episode...put on your seatbelt. 

The book I reference is called Influence

Jan 26, 2021
5 College students bring their best questions

We talk about faith, marriage, and cleaning toilets. Yep, You are basically listening in on a coffee date with me, and 5 college students from NY to Nebraska talk about all the things.

The girls on this episode are my amazing ambassadors! Give them some insta love

Summer Espinosa

Brooke Blakemore

Erika Akers

Makayla Brown

Caroline Krupa

Jan 19, 2021
Top 5 most downloaded episodes of 2020

This is the episode you want to share with your friends. I took the best clips from the best episodes and viola! 

In order of appearance: Our 5th Most Downloaded was:

5. How to not take yourself too seriously with Sarah Maddack

4. Friendships don't just happen with Shasta Nelson

3. Interview with a Dating Coach  Kait Warman

2. Relationship Questions ANSWERED with Debra Fieta 

1. Former Miss Texas and MLB player discuss waiting for marriage. with Angela and Carson Blair




Dec 28, 2020
How she joined the fight to end sex trafficking in her 20's

I call Jen Kubasch an "ordinary missionary" because she has the same real-life struggles as anyone else yet she is living full time in the Dominican Republic teaching women how to get free from being trafficked and learn the skill of making jewelry.

Quotable quotes from this episode

"You vote for the type of world you want with the dollars you spend"

"Love DOES, why are you still sitting here?"

"Break my heart for what breaks yours, God, The truth is all sin breaks His heart"

"People can hurt you out of your control, but you can decide if they CONTINUE to hurt you"

Is he pushing your toward your dreams or toward the bedroom?



Jen Kubasch missions

Dare for more missions

Books we mention

Love Does

Kisses from Katie

Dec 14, 2020
Congratulations you graduated, Now what?

Coming to college there are so many ways to build community, but what about when you go into the real world? Katie talks about finding your people and imagining your best life in 5 years from all aspects. This episode is one you don't want to miss

Resources I mention:

The principle of path

The space between college and marriage

From diet pills to strong mind and body

Dec 07, 2020
Being Brave & finding your calling

She's famous on TikTok and Youtube but in real life, she is just a regular girl who has the same struggles you do.  Link to follow Nicole Renard  Tiktok @nicole_thenomad

YouTube Nicole Renard 

Instagram Nicole_thenomad

Nov 30, 2020
All my best relationship advice

I was interviewed on the Relationship Real talk podcast and our conversation was so good...I wanted to share with you too!

Link to the book, Love Sex and Dating that I mention


Nov 16, 2020
What is Truth?

Since we are called the "Truth for your Twenties Podcast" I thought it was time to tackle the question, "What is true?" I did my homework on this topic and really think this advice will be very helpful


Here is the sermon series I reference 

Right in the Eye

Share on Instagram and tag @katiebulmerlife and/or @truthforyourtwentiespodcast 

Nov 09, 2020
Interview with Doctor of Sexual Wellness & why sex affects men and women differently

I have been studying healthy relationships for years but have learned so much in the last 6 months I have known Dr. Joe Malone author of Battle of the Sexes and founder of Sex IQ

For example, did you know women are 4X more sexually intelligent than men through puberty? 

Did you know Human beings are built to experience sex differently than any other species?

Did you know that men bond to women MORE when they date longer BEFORE having sex?

Make sure you share this episode with a friend and share the wisdom of Dr. Joe Malone! 

Joe Malone PhD, CPT, LWMC Joe's book Battle of the Sexes Founder: SEX IQ Founder: ROMANCE REVIVAL


Nov 02, 2020
She had 15 internships by the time she graduated and now she is founder of the Intern Queen

The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, has impacted over 20 million students from over 6,000 colleges and universities. Here are her 3 books and social media platforms:

 All work no pay

Welcome to the real world

Get it together




Oct 19, 2020
ADPI at UNF asked me we recorded it!

We did a live Q&A with adpi at University of North Florida then I took the second half of the podcast to answer questions from my Instagram community from a little questions sticker "Ask me anything" 

We talk about dating, college life, priorities and speaking up for what matters. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do!


Oct 06, 2020
24 year old founder of the "enough" movement

Grace Valentine is everyone's virtual BFF, She wrote a book while still in college, podcast host, and expert on keeping it real.

Grace Valentine on Instagram

Grace Valentine's website


Sep 28, 2020
What it looks like to be a college student who prays

Ever seen the movie war room?

Georgia Brown is a college Senior who daily hangs out in her closet with Jesus and it has changed her life.

Her identity was built around boys and popularity, she moved 9 hours from home for college to pursue her dream of songwriting and found a new identity birthed in prayer.  Books we mention:

Redeeming love

Circle Maker

Get out of your head


Georiga Brown on Instagram

Georgia's Podcast, Faith and Friends

Sep 22, 2020
She called off the wedding a month before the I do's

She had the white dress, venue and the invitations were sent, but she made the hard decision to hold out for God's best for her life. 

Kylie Smith

Sep 14, 2020
Virgin reality show winner. Road to finding love
A month from her wedding day, My first repeat guest Angela Zatopek Blair shares the behind the scenes story of why she chose to remain a virgin until her wedding night. How it felt to make that stance in the public eye and what she has learned through that process.   @AngelaZatopek Eleváre Jewelry
Sep 02, 2020
A beginners guide to faith (from a girl who Googled Jesus)

She had boys, Bacardi, and beauty but it still left her broken-hearted, so she found herself googling Jesus. 

A scoop of honey


Katie's speaking info

Truth for your Twenties facebook group

Aug 27, 2020
All about the Enneagram with Ainsley B

It's more than a personality test, It's a game-changer. Find your number and learn why it matters on this episode with Enneagram Coach Ainsley B. Ainsley's Enneagram Guide

Find your enneagram 

Aug 23, 2020
How to Speak with Confidence: Interview with Voice Coach Sally Prosser

Unless you have taken a lifetime vow of silence, we all need some tips on how to use our voice more effectively. This episode walks through voice exercises, and simple steps on how to use the tool of our voice.


** Message her on Instagram that you heard about her on the Truth for your Twenties Podcast for a freebie!**


Sally's Podcast:

Aug 14, 2020
What you never knew about Sorority

This episode I interview 3 different collegiate women from 3 different sororities in 3 different states to share their take on why sororities matter. 

Aug 10, 2020
Bryan and my financial testimony

Bryan got 3 MILLION views on our financial testimony on TikTok, also we are celebrating 16 YEARS of marriage this week so a perfect day to share this episode. We hope you enjoy our journey of becoming debt free and what we learned along the way.

Jul 20, 2020
How to not take yourself too seriously

It wasn't her dream job and she hadn't yet met her prince charming like she had planned, Yet today Sarah Maddack finds herself in the middle making silly and inspiring rap songs that have taken the internet by storm. She now sees how all those other "plans" were just steps to get her in the direction of where God is letting her shine her best gifts. 


Links we mention: 



Jul 13, 2020
Maybe your calling is what comes easy to you

Recent college graduate from Los Angeles Hillary Phillips talks about finding your platform and your identity in Christ....oh and chickens. She makes me cry, and we crack up at least 12 times and I love her perspective on Black Lives Matter.

Jul 06, 2020
Relationships questions ANSWERED by author of True Love Dates

Author of 3 books on relationships, counselor, and speaker, Debra Fileta brings some dating TRUTHS today to the podcast. 

If you are married, dating, or want to be married one day, this is the episode for you.

One of my favorite quotes she shared: "Becoming healthy while you are single, brings your future marriage a great favor"

Links we discuss:

Ways to meet with Debra Her blog  5 guaranteed ways to attract a jerk

Her books

May 26, 2020
A counselor's take on social media, our mind, and when to put the phone away

 Rachael Gilbert host of, Real talk with Rachael joins me to chat about our relationship with our phone.

How much is too much, how do you know when you are addicted, why do you find yourself scrolling and how to have a healthy view of it all.

As mentioned on the episode, this free worksheet will provide you with the tools you need to recognize triggers and reframe your thoughts


May 18, 2020
Helping women "WEIGH LESS" physically and emotionally

Jessica Hottle's passion for helping women getting emotionally and physically healthy while keeping God at the center. She inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles, victories, and journey through life.

Jessica is a successful online entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster for What's The Truth, and author of two best-selling books, Know Your Worth and A Worthy Wife. Along with a third book, Own Your Worth. Her passions are being a wife to her husband, Jon, being a momma to their three cats, and spending her free time outside whenever she can (playing golf, hiking, reading, or writing in her journal). Jessica has a heart that runs hard after Jesus and credits everything she has done to her Savior.

May 04, 2020
Mo Isom author of, "Sex, Jesus and the conversation the church forgot"

Porn, Promiscuity, Purity, and everything in between. Mo is open about her personal testimony, why she believes sex, can be used as a tool for worship or a weapon against ourselves depending on the context.


Link to Mo's book:

Sex Jesus and the conversation the church forgot

Her free resources to use this as a study guide 

Follow her on Instagram @moIsom 

Apr 27, 2020
Former Ms. Texas & MLB player discuss waiting for marriage and finding each other

Angela Zatopek and Carson Blair discuss why they chose to wait for marriage, how a national TV audience and professional baseball team reacted to their public decision and what they learned along the way.

Links we mention:

The mingling of souls

Elevare Jewelry (use promo code TRUTH for Free Shipping)

Becoming us (enneagram couple book)

Apr 13, 2020
How to find Faith in a world of fear. Interview with 26 year old bible study leader Britt Nelson

She grew up with addicted parents and later started a ministry with the Disney intern program and has an online Bible/Journal decorating company!

My favorite part is when Britt says she would tell her younger self "You can do art" She had no idea she could paint and do calligraphy until after college! 

Apr 06, 2020
How to make the most of your sisterhood, when you can't see your sisters

With colleges shutting down face to face interaction for the rest of the semester, sorority women are asking what do we do now?

This episode is designed to bring together sorority women across state lines, across rival football teams, across greek letters to link (virtual) arms and give ideas on how we can come out of this pandemic stronger than before.

Mar 23, 2020
How to write a book / find your inner brave

24-year-old Kohlie Browning and I talk about overcoming fear, chasing big dreams the nuts and bolts of how to become an author, even for "regular people" like us.

Mar 09, 2020
Let's talk about Porn...From a guy's perspective. Interview with Drew Boa

Well, friends, buckle up today we are talking about pornography from a guy's perspective. Author, podcaster, husband and mentor, Drew Boa joins me on a chat to help you understand more about porn, why it’s a big deal, and how to help those who struggle, shame-free.

Check out the incredible work Drew is doing over at 

Husband Material


Books we talk about on this episode:

Redeemed Sexuality


Fight the New drug

Feb 24, 2020
Friendships don't just happen. Interview with friendship expert, Shasta Nelson

Did you know many doctors are cited for saying loneliness is more harmful to our health than obesity or smoking? Friendships MATTER but so few are talking about how to do them well!

Leading expert on friendships and relationships, Shasta Nelson walks us through the 3 vital tools for every healthy friendship and lots of other practical ways to have the best girlfriends in the world!

Free online Friendship quiz

Shasta's Book, "Friendtimacy"

Shasta's book, "Friendships don't just happen"


Feb 17, 2020
Interview with a dating coach Kait Warman

Professional relationship coach and host of the podcast "Heart of Dating" shares her expertise on how to handle rejection, how to discuss physical boundaries, and how to find romance in your single time.

I know I'm not supposed to call the shots but I'm pretty sure this is going to be our #1 episode! Listen for all the goodness from Kait Warman!

Kait Warman on Instagram Heart of dating podcast

Book we mention: "Sacred Search" by Gary Thomas

Feb 10, 2020
Ask the hubs and I anything

I put on Instagram, "Ask us anything" and you did! Bryan and I sit down to the mic and do our best to be transparent, real, and tackle questions like:

  • How do you know when you found the one?
  • Did we spend the night together before marraige?
  • How to deal with crazy family members
  • and more!


Feb 03, 2020
Texas Tech Student shares her story of overcoming eye cancer. Lexi Rendon

Despite having more surgeries and doctor visits than most of us will have in a lifetime, Lexi Rendon shares her inspiring story of overcoming eye cancer. 

Even with limited sight, Lexi has made straight A's, danced competitively and become a speaker for Delta Gamma's sorority, service for sight.

What I love most about this conversation is Lexi's positive outlook. She is the perfect example of the saying, "It's not what you see, but how you see it that makes all the difference."

I hope you enjoy this chat with the inspiring, Lexi Rendon!



Jan 27, 2020
From diet pills and unhealthy to strong mind and body

My physical journey was anything but easy. I went from an unhealthy distorted view of my body to learn to love, care for, and strengthen my body every day and I'm unpacking all the tools to help you unlock your inner health rockstar. 

Jan 13, 2020
The space between college and marriage

I'm tackling 5 areas of life to unlock your best single self. Bonus: Finding your best self is 100% more attractive than waiting around on a dude. 

Dec 30, 2019
One month after the breakup: What she wishes she would have known with Mally Doyle

Chatting with 21-year-old Early Childhood major Mally Doyle. Mally opens up about the aftermath of a breakup, how she lost herself, what she wishes she would have known, and how she is coming back from the ashes stronger than ever.

Mally's blog

Mally's instagram

Dec 16, 2019
Ask Katie Anything

Today’s podcast episodeI'm answering your questions from social media. We talk about what to do when it feels like “everyone” is getting married, defining fun, and even how to know when to drop your sorority.

Bryan also scares the be-gee-bees out of me while I was recording and walks into the studio 🤣. But I left the record button rolling because the next question was “how to choose the future father your children need.”

Basically, I'm not holding back as we cover several passion points in today's episode. 


In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

Join the conversation

If you are interested in being interviewed on the podcast. We would love to hear from you!

Link to apply to be on the podcast:


With every new episode, Katie loves reading your reviews! If you want a shout out on the next episode. Leave a review!

Follow our community of World changers Follow our Host

The best compliment is your referral. Share this episode with a friend. Thanks for tuning in today and getting some Truth for your Twenties. 


Dec 01, 2019
How to have a Service Social

Two different girls, from two different states sharing their stories of planning and executing of a service social within their chapter. If you are ready to change the stigma of greek life and make a difference in your community. This is the episode for you. 

Nov 18, 2019
Q & A with Katie, 3 college students, and lots of juicy topics

Katie sits down with 3 college students at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to record this live mentoring chat. They talk about boys, faith, friendships and did I mention boys. This episode is my favorite so far. 

Nov 11, 2019
Bryan and I discuss why we waited for sex until marriage.

The hubby and I sit down to the mic to talk about how we met how we knew we were "the one" why we waited for sex and why it matters. I have a pretty good feeling you guys are gonna like this episode. 

Nov 04, 2019
Your voice and your story MATTER with Stephanie May Wilson

To the girl who has passion buried deep within her to speak up about her faith...This is the episode for you.


Stephanie May Wilson is an author, a podcaster, a speaker, and the go-to guide for 20 & 30-something women as they navigate their most important relationships. Through her book, The Lipstick Gospel, her chart-topping podcast, Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson, and her brand new prayer journal, Every Single Moment, Stephanie has mentored thousands of women as they cultivate healthy, thriving relationships with God, their friends, their significant others, and with themselves. 

When she’s not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, Stephanie is usually packing for a global adventure with her husband Carl, laughing with her close tribe of girlfriends, or snuggled up in yoga pants in her Nashville home.

Oct 21, 2019
25 year old Co-Founder of Trades of Hope Elisabeth Huijskens and practical ways to truly change the world.

Do you know you could change the world with the purchase of earrings? Today I'm chatting about how we can "VOTE" with our dollars and 25 year old founder of a company that makes it possible to do just that. 

Oct 07, 2019
Sorority Girls can Change the World Keynote at Mississippi State

Bonus episode. I'm sharing my keynote from Kappa Delta Worship Night at Mississippi State University. Get ready to change the world!

Sep 30, 2019
Would Jesus go to a frat party?
23-year-old Kathleen Nicholson and I unpack the million-dollar question, "Can you be greek and be a Christian?"
Sep 23, 2019
Interview with Lizz Carter Clark who researched college women across the county, here is what she learned.

Actress, and founder of college moxie chats about the common themes she found researching college women across the nation. Hint we are going to talk a lot about self-worth. 

Sep 09, 2019
Let's talk about sex baby

Senior Biology Major and future doctor and I discuss hormones, chemicals, the evolution of sex and how surely God gave us sex just to have fun right? You don't want to miss this conversation with Jaida Hopkins. @jaidagabrielle on instagram

Aug 26, 2019
When failure and rejection change your plans...for the better.

Guest Brynn Hudgins opens up about getting 6 rejection letters to PT school, a relationship that didn't end the way she wanted and what she learned along the way.

"No human ever became interesting by not failing."

Aug 12, 2019
When your happily ever after doesn't work out the way you thought it would.

She had the white dress, she had a ring on her finger, she had the job working with his family, she had a PLAN until they broke up. Listen in as Allison talks about the aftermath of a broken engagement, and the inspiring strength she found in her new normal. I am reminded during this conversation sometimes we have to be broken to be re-built. If you are in a big transition of any kind, this is the episode for you. 

Jul 29, 2019
Gennean talking about Wild hearts and Making the most of your single life

29-year-old world traveler and host of the podcast "Wild hearts with Gennenan" is talking all about making the most of your single life. Did I mention she is calling in from England? You guys are going to love her perspective on all the things, especially what it looks like to "define your everyone."

Jul 15, 2019
Malorie McBride "When EVERYONE around you seems to be getting married"

Malorie I chat about the pressures you feel when it seems EVERYONE around you is getting married. But who is EVERYONE? We chat about defining your everyone, serving in your sorority and how to find a church while in college. 

Jul 06, 2019
Carli Anderson Unlocking the secret of abortion and the power of being brave

Carli is a shining example of a new creation. She has a past that used to live in darkness and shame but the freedom she has found in Christ, and sharing her truth is truly CAPTIVATING. Every time I talk to Carli it makes me a little more brave. Enjoy!

Katie Bulmer website

Join the Instagram party


Jul 01, 2019
Ainsley Britain Unveiling Lies from the media

Chatting with the founder of the Unveiled campaign. Unveiling the lies of the media and sharing the truth with young women. Ainsley is currently 29 but her non-profit started when she was in college! Listen in with my chat with Ainsley Britain!

Jul 01, 2019
Katie's testimony and the heart behind the podcast

Welcome to the first ever "TRUTH FOR YOUR TWENTIES" Podcast. In this episode, Katie paints the picture of who she was as a college freshman then we cut to her recent interview on the 3rd space podcast where Katie's dives into her testimony, who she is, why she cares about twenty-somethings and the truth she wants to share with you. Happy listening! 


Katie Bulmer website

Join the Instagram party


Jul 01, 2019