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By Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan

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Co-hosts and longtime beauty journalists Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan give their perspective on all things makeup, skincare, and wellness at the intersection of pop culture and entertainment. Experts in the field and friends IRL, they pull back the curtain on trends, treatments and popular products — all the things you're likely searching or watching on TikTok. (They'd know — they've spent 10 years creating and optimizing editorial content for mainstream digital beauty publishers.) Tuesday episodes reveal the most notable beauty headlines with informed takes while Friday episodes feature guests from experts in the industry to celebrity spokespeople, including Courteney Cox, Hailey Bieber, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Laverne Cox, Jonathan Van Ness, Barbie Ferreira, Brad Mondo, Emma Chamberlain, Dr. Jason Diamond, Charlotte Palermino and more.

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Episode Date
Jonathan Van Ness Returns to Share What Really Happened to JVN Hair
Jul 12, 2024
Cheers to 5 Years: Revisiting Our First Episode Plus a Q&A
Jul 09, 2024
Why Kylie Cosmetics’s Iconic LA Billboard Finally Got Taken Down
Jun 28, 2024
Which Facials Aren't Worth Your Money, "Ozempic Face," and More Skincare Education with Joanna Czech
Jun 21, 2024
Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Czech On Her Famous Slapping Facial Massage and her 13,000 Hour Skincare Education
Jun 14, 2024
Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber
Jun 11, 2024
Creating a Successful Beauty Brand With "Brand Whisperer" and NOYZ Founder Shaun Neff
Jun 07, 2024
Gen Alpha's Latest Brand Obsession, Glossier's Big Pivot, and Child Labor Tied to Luxury Fragrance Houses
Jun 04, 2024
LASIK, Lumify, & Lash Growth Serums: What You Should Know About Eye Health
May 24, 2024
Beauty Briefing: Why Rosie Left Rose Inc. and What’s Going on With Beautycounter
May 21, 2024
Why Listening To Critics Can Benefit a Brand in the Long-Run With Divi's Dani Austin
May 17, 2024
Everything That's Happened With the Youthforia Drama, Smell-Testing Bella Hadid's Fragrance Line and more
May 14, 2024
Creating Formulas That Every Generation Loves with iNN Beauty Project's Jen Shane and Alisa Metzger
May 10, 2024
Alexandra French on Leaving Euphoria, Industry Politics and the Makeup Products She Doesn't Use on Herself
May 03, 2024
Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Body "Melasma" and More Skin-tel With Dr. Nancy Samolitis
Apr 30, 2024
The Best Lip Masks, Eyeliners, and More of Your Questions, Answered!
Apr 26, 2024
Can a Bill Help Curb Children From Using Anti-Aging Products?
Apr 23, 2024
After 30 Years, the Iconic, Original "Spice" Lip Liner is BACK
Apr 17, 2024
Rising Country Star Tanner Adell Still Struggles to Find a Glam Team in Nashville
Apr 12, 2024
What Goes Into Product Pricing, the Right Skincare for Makeup Application, and Celebrating Mature Women with Laura Geller
Apr 09, 2024
The Gloss Angeles Beauty Tournament: Final Four
Apr 05, 2024
Will Rare Beauty and/or Glossier IPO? Plus, Do You Agree With These Top 10 "Innovative" Beauty Brands?
Apr 02, 2024
The K18 Biotech Effect: Innovation and Transformation With Co-Founder Suveen Sahib
Mar 29, 2024
A "Wet" Dry Shampoo? Reviews From YOU (and Us!) About K18's Latest Innovation: AirWash™
Mar 26, 2024
Why We've Become Obsessed With Fragrance with Malaika Jones of Brown Girl Jane
Mar 22, 2024
*NSYNC, Tanning Beds (They're Still Bad!) and More Nostalgia
Mar 19, 2024
"Doping" in the Sunscreen Industry and the Problem With Broad-Spectrum Testing in the U.S. with Sophie Bai
Mar 15, 2024
My Eyes See.... a Little Oscars Recap (and Tea)
Mar 12, 2024
What Popular Plastic Surgeries are Being Reversed and Facelift Talk with Dr. Cat Chang
Mar 08, 2024
One Reason Celebrities Launch Beauty Brands That Isn't Widely Discussed (With Investor Maggie Sellers)
Mar 04, 2024
Is Beyoncé's Haircare Line Coming For K18?
Feb 27, 2024
Funny Guy Clayton Hawkins Shares His Wigs, His Wit and His Work with Olivia Rodrigo and Elizabeth Olsen
Feb 23, 2024
How e.l.f. Got Judge Judy to Agree to Her First Commercial with the Judge Beauty Super Bowl Commercial
Feb 16, 2024
Which Beauty Brand Won the Super Bowl?
Feb 12, 2024
✨ The Third Annual Gloss Angeles Awards ✨
Feb 07, 2024
Trixie Mattel on Her "Traumatized" Skin, "Sephora Kids" and The Importance of Making Changes to Your Makeup
Feb 02, 2024
Michael CeraVe, Brands at the Super Bowl, and Could Lauren Sanchez Save Chemical Sunscreen?
Jan 30, 2024
From Developing the Naked Palette to Shutting Down a Brand: Highs and Lows from Developer and Founder Amy Zunzunegui
Jan 26, 2024
This Week’s New Launches, the “In” Nail Shapes, and Kim’s Tanning Drama
Jan 23, 2024
Should Sephora and Ulta Be Catering to Gen Alpha?
Jan 16, 2024
What is the Likelihood Your Body Butter is Attracting Spiders? With Javon Ford
Jan 12, 2024
Why Founders Say So Many Brands are Headed to Ulta
Jan 09, 2024
Our Predicted Beauty Trends for 2024: Exosomes, Bar Soap, and More
Dec 22, 2023
The Most-Talked About Beauty Moments of 2023, RANKED
Dec 19, 2023
Recipe For Success: Glow Recipe's Founders on Creating a Fun-Yet-Efficacious Brand
Dec 16, 2023
SmileDirectClub Shutdown, Ephemeral Tattoos Don't Disappear, Plus Our Gift Picks
Dec 12, 2023
Why Recycling Shouldn't Be Our Biggest Sustainability Concern With Cosmetic Packaging Expert Allison Kent-Gunn
Dec 08, 2023
The Nominees For the Third Annual Gloss Angeles Awards Plus More Stimulating Headlines
Dec 05, 2023
Drunk Elephant Founder Tiffany Masterson Discusses the Tweenage Skincare Phenomenon
Dec 01, 2023
Why Have Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Gotten Worse?
Nov 28, 2023
Are Mini Products a Massive Problem?
Nov 21, 2023
Behind-the-Scenes of Taylor Swift's First Magazine Cover (And More Epic Stories) With Editor/Founder Kelly Atterton
Nov 17, 2023
Could New Cosmetic Regulation Curb Eye Product Launches? With Lexy Lebsack
Nov 14, 2023
Sofie Pavitt Dishes on a Few Unsuspecting Reasons You're Breaking Out (And How to Help)
Nov 10, 2023
What is "Age-Appropriate Makeup"? How Can You Get Your Hair to Hold a Curl? and More Mailbag Q's
Nov 07, 2023
Announcing Our First Holiday Collaboration + Our Sephora Sale Picks
Oct 31, 2023
Emijay's Julianne Goldmark on Starting a Brand at 14, The Cutest Claw Clips Ever, and Launching a New Category
Oct 27, 2023
An Affordable Goop Beauty Brand, Katie Jane Hughes Launches a Brand and More Headlines
Oct 23, 2023
Elizabeth Hurley Wants You Get Familiar With Your Breasts
Oct 20, 2023
Hermès' New Beauty Offerings, a Serum That Heals Skin Quickly After Microneedling, and an At-Home Menopause Test
Oct 17, 2023
Dr. Shah Talks Filler Complications, Bed Bugs, No Nuance and Other Frightening Skincare Trends
Oct 13, 2023
Tweenage Clean: Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, Minis and the Teen Skincare Surge
Oct 10, 2023
Being Filipina American in Beauty with Ann Krisha Buenaobra
Oct 06, 2023
Hair-apy, *NSYNC, a Parisian Blemish Spray and Our First Award!
Oct 04, 2023
10 Years of Huda Beauty With Huda Kattan
Sep 29, 2023
Beautycon 2023: What Worked, What Didn't
Sep 19, 2023
Why Cocokind Stopped Calling Themselves "Clean" and Sustainable with Founder Priscilla Tsai
Sep 15, 2023
Behind-the-Scenes of a Brand Acquisition With Ju Rhyu of Hero Cosmetics
Sep 12, 2023
How to Actually Change the Growth Pattern of Your Brows with Kristie Streicher
Sep 08, 2023
Why e.l.f. Buying Naturium is a Major Industry Move
Sep 05, 2023
The Incomparable Danessa Myricks on "Dimensional Skin," Breaking Beauty Limitations, and The Failures That Lead Up to Her Iconic Brand
Sep 01, 2023
Twilight, Sally Hansen, and the Return of Marc Jacobs Beauty
Aug 29, 2023
Cosmetic Chemist Javon Ford Doesn't Want You to "Do Your Own Research"
Aug 25, 2023
Concealers Galore! Why We're Seeing So Many New Launches
Aug 22, 2023
The Art of Facial Balancing with Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest
Aug 18, 2023
Shutdowns, Bankruptcies, and Why We Should Expect More of Them in 2023
Aug 15, 2023
How Hot Pink Took Over This Year (And It Wasn't Just Because of Barbie), Plus the Anatomy of a Trend
Aug 11, 2023
Listener Questions + Our 6 Favorite Products For SUPER WOYF
Aug 04, 2023
News: Ulta's Homeruns, Rare Beauty Has Sold $70M of This Product and More
Aug 01, 2023
The Savvy Way to Shop For Engagement Rings, Finding Staple Pieces, and Jewelry Care With Jennifer Meyer
Jul 28, 2023
Are Your Biotin & Collagen Supplements Causing More Harm Than Good?
Jul 25, 2023
What Beauty Products to Buy When Visiting Singapore
Jul 21, 2023
The Best Beauty Spots to Visit in Seoul and What Products to Pick Up
Jul 18, 2023
Alicia Keys on What She Really Meant When She "Swore Off Makeup" and What She Eliminated From Her Life That Benefitted Her Skin
Jul 14, 2023
4th Anniversary Special: Mid-Year Winner and Losers
Jul 11, 2023
Catt Sadler Shares Everything To Know About Getting a Facelift
Jun 30, 2023
The New Botox Competitor and What We Think Needs a Facelift
Jun 27, 2023
Hair Loss, Facelifts and the Return of Beautycon
Jun 20, 2023
A Foundation Controversy, The Top Online Beauty Retailer and More Beauty News
Jun 15, 2023
How to Incorporate a High Percentage of Vitamin C Into Your Routine with Paul Baek, Founder of Matter of Fact
Jun 12, 2023
Could Marc Jacobs Beauty Be Resurrected? We Can Only Hope
Jun 06, 2023
How Annie Lawless's Autoimmune Diagnoses Lead Her to Create Two Beloved Brands
Jun 02, 2023
Will Beyoncé Bring a Renaissance to Haircare?
May 23, 2023
Makeup Artist and Hollywood Historian Erin Parsons Wants Us to "Embrace the Fantasy"
May 19, 2023
What is the Dyson Airstrait? Plus, Sun Care Trends We'll See More of In 2023
May 16, 2023
Mary and Audrey From Dove's Viral Self-Esteem Project Video Share Their Story
May 12, 2023
We Rate Chat GPT's Beauty Advice! Plus More Tarte Trip Drama
May 09, 2023
The Consumer Perception of Black-Owned Brands With Briogeo Founder & CEO Nancy Twine
May 05, 2023
The Proof Between the Power of Fragrance and Memory with Elle Beauty Editor Margaux Anbouba
May 02, 2023
Do You Think There's a Quality Crisis in the Beauty Industry?
Apr 25, 2023
The Most Popular Facial Sunscreens, According to You
Apr 21, 2023
Social Media is Poisoning Our Youth and Dove's Emotional Campaign Wants to Change That
Apr 18, 2023
Kayali's Mona Kattan on Gourmand Fragrances, Middle Eastern Beauty Traditions and the State of Social Media
Apr 14, 2023
How Much Are You Willing to Spend on Sunscreen?
Apr 11, 2023
How the Pandemic Influenced the Skincare Industry
Apr 07, 2023
Pulling Natch Beaut's Jackie Johnson Out of Podcast Retirement to Talk Cruelty-Free Beauty
Apr 04, 2023
The Eastern Approach to Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy With the Founders of Chiyo
Mar 25, 2023
Are Fragrance Dupes Ruining the Industry? (With Naked Beauty's Brooke Devard Ozaydinli)
Mar 21, 2023
Mara Roszak Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Styling Hair For Oscar Winners
Mar 17, 2023
The Elusive Barbara Sturm with Writer Brennan Kilbane (Plus More Headlines)
Mar 14, 2023
Courteney Cox, Founder of Homecourt, Breaks Down the Best and Worst of Her Beauty Routine
Mar 07, 2023
Telling a Story Through Fragrance with Chriselle Lim, Founder of Phlur
Feb 24, 2023
Why Can't TikTok Properly Attribute Decades-Old Makeup Techniques?
Feb 21, 2023
Nobody Does It Like Sandra Lee, Dr. Pimple Popper
Feb 16, 2023
e.l.f.'s Monumental Super Bowl Ad, Kosas Allegations and More Headlines
Feb 14, 2023
4U Founder Tia Mowry's Hair Journey
Feb 10, 2023
Isamaya Beauty's LIPS Launch Epitomizes the Sexualization of Makeup, So Why Does it Feel less Crude?
Feb 07, 2023
How to Organize and Depot Your Makeup With Grishan Roof @DepotChopra
Feb 03, 2023
Trademark Wars: Sachi States of Skin vs. Current State of Beauty
Jan 31, 2023
Your Winter Skincare Questions Answered with Dr. Camille Howard
Jan 27, 2023
Tarte's Dubai Trip Broke the Internet, Why You May Need Gloves For the Nail Salon and More News
Jan 24, 2023
David Lopez Dishes on The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Hair, Curl Guidance and Auditioning for Queer Eye
Jan 20, 2023
Drama En Masse: Mielle is Acquired, Gwen's Strange Remark and a Royally Frozen "Todger"
Jan 17, 2023
Alix Earle's Hair Oil Drama, a Shower Necessity, and What Brand All the 'Hot Girls' Are Using
Jan 10, 2023
The 2nd Annual Gloss Angeles Awards
Jan 06, 2023
Is the Clamped Curling Iron a Relic of the Past?
Jan 03, 2023
The Most-Searched Hair, Skin and Makeup Trends (Plus What They All Mean)
Dec 20, 2022
The One and Only Susan Yara, Founder of Naturium
Dec 16, 2022
The 2022 Ultimate Gift Guide Episode
Dec 13, 2022
Gwen Stefani, Founder of GXVE Beauty
Dec 09, 2022
What You Need to Know (And Be Skeptical About) Regarding the Class Action Against Sephora
Dec 06, 2022
"World Class" Beauty Products and Making a Star Brand with Cassandra Grey of Violet Grey
Dec 02, 2022
A New Brand for the Slugging Obsessed and More Beauty News
Nov 29, 2022
The Products and Trends We'll See More Prominently in 2023
Nov 22, 2022
The Ultimate Pregnancy Skincare and Beauty Episode: What Do Avoid and More
Nov 19, 2022
Augustinus Bader is a Billion Dollar (Valuation) Baby. Here's Why
Nov 15, 2022
How to Easily Find Your Perfect Foundation and More of Your Questions
Nov 11, 2022
Is Washing Your Face With Head & Shoulders Good For Your Skin?
Nov 08, 2022
Tina Chen Craig Schools Everyone on the Perils of Washing Your Face Incorrectly
Nov 04, 2022
The Art of Mortuary Makeup with Mortician Eileen Hollis
Oct 31, 2022
Spooked: Creepy & Legitimately Scary Headlines for the Week
Oct 25, 2022
The Importance of Intimacy Coordinators Plus Set Makeup Secrets With Minx's Jessica Lowe
Oct 21, 2022
The Issue With Ozempic, Hollywood's Newest Weight Loss Fad
Oct 18, 2022
Decoding the BS of Clinical Trials with Julian Sass, Ph.D
Oct 15, 2022
How to Handle Perioral Dermatotis With Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali and Krupa Koestline
Oct 07, 2022
The Top Trending Halloween Costumes For 2022 (Plus Kirbie's Mom Drops By!)
Oct 04, 2022
The Worst Thing You Can Do to Damaged Nails and the Regimen For Healthier Hands With Nail Artist Brittney Boyce (Nails of LA)
Sep 30, 2022
Have We Officially Hit the Celebrity Beauty Brand Tipping Point?
Sep 27, 2022
How Long it Actually Takes For A Rhinoplasty to Heal and More Nose Job Q's With Dr. Paul Nassif
Sep 23, 2022
Can Barney's New York Make a Comeback in the Beauty Department?
Sep 20, 2022
Ciara, Founder of OAM Skin
Sep 16, 2022
Reviewing Lady Gaga's New Foundation: Is It All Just Hype?
Sep 13, 2022
The Correct Way to Gua Sha and more Traditional Chinese Medicine Intel from Sandra Lanshin Chiu
Sep 09, 2022
Powder Foundation and Eyeshadow Palette 101 with MUA Melissa Hurkman
Sep 02, 2022
Gloss Angeles Confidential: Revealing the Mystery Product
Aug 30, 2022
"Strategic Powdering" + Powder Application Expertise With MUA Melissa Hurkman
Aug 26, 2022
What's the Difference Between Botox, Dysport and Xeomin?
Aug 23, 2022
How the Teeth Age and What to Know About Veneers with Dr. Michael Apa
Aug 19, 2022
The Resurgence of "Anti-Aging", Perineum Tanning and More Headlines
Aug 16, 2022
10 Products We Emptied... But Would We Buy Them Again?
Aug 12, 2022
Can a Perfume *Really* Repel Mosquitos?
Aug 09, 2022
The 3 Pillars of How the Face Ages With Dr. Amir Karam
Aug 05, 2022
Unsolicited Beauty Advice Has Got to Stop
Aug 02, 2022
Is the 10-Step K-Beauty Routine Totally Made Up?
Jul 26, 2022
The Benefits of Mandelic Acid For Acne With Tiara Willis (MakeupForWOC)
Jul 22, 2022
#HOFOMO Plus French Beauty/Frenshe Beauty in Today's Beauty Headlines
Jul 19, 2022
3rd Anniversary Special! From Spotify Live
Jul 15, 2022
How to Keep Your Makeup From Creasing in Your Smile Lines (and Other Summer Beauty Q's)
Jul 12, 2022
Adult Acne: Here’s Why You’re (Still) Breaking Out
Jul 08, 2022
Why Are Reverse Rhinoplasties the Latest Plastic Surgery Trend?
Jul 06, 2022
Celebrity Trademarks and Usage Rights: What's Legal and What Isn't?
Jun 28, 2022
Halsey, Founder and CCO of About-Face
Jun 24, 2022
Revlon Files For Bankruptcy. Could It Have Been Prevented?
Jun 21, 2022
The Brands Have Lost It (According to Us)
Jun 14, 2022
Probiotics in Skincare Aren't Effective. Here's What to Look For Instead (With Dr. Whitney Bowe)
Jun 10, 2022
Can LimeCrime Rebrand Itself Out of Cancellation?
Jun 07, 2022
How to Self-Tan Confidently and Without Turning Orange
Jun 03, 2022
KKW Beauty is Dead. Here's the 411 on SKKN by Kim
Jun 01, 2022
What You Should Know About Behind-the-Teeth Braces
May 27, 2022
The TikTok Drama With Jones Road's WTFoundation
May 24, 2022
Ally Maki Lives the Life We Wish We Had
May 20, 2022
What to Pick Up from Half Magic, The "Forty-assance" and More
May 18, 2022
Sunnies Face is Coming to America! Why You'll Be Obsessed (With Founder Martine Ho)
May 13, 2022
Founders are Leaving Their Legacy Brands, But Why?
May 10, 2022
What's Going on With Haus Labs? Plus Influencer Drama and More News
May 03, 2022
How to Get Beauty Products For Free (Yes, Really)
Apr 26, 2022
Brands That Don't Work For Us and More of Your Questions, Answered
Apr 22, 2022
How to Fix Your Sunburn Sins and More Beauty News
Apr 19, 2022
Fixing a Broken Moisture Barrier With Jordan Samuel
Apr 15, 2022
We're Challenging You to Refresh Your Routine, Plus Our Controversial Beauty Opinions
Apr 12, 2022
One Big Problem in the Beauty Industry According to Valde's Founder Margarita Arriagada
Apr 08, 2022
Why Are We Obsessed With Nostalgic Beauty?
Apr 05, 2022
In Defense of Jada Pinkett Smith
Apr 01, 2022
There's a New Dyson Airwrap Coming This Summer
Mar 30, 2022
Oscar Nominee Frederic Aspiras Tells Us How He Created Lady Gaga's "Power Hair"
Mar 25, 2022
Tarte is Bringing Back a Cult Fave + More Buzzy Beauty Headlines
Mar 22, 2022
What 2022 Trends The Beauty Vanguard Thinks Are Here For the Long Haul
Mar 18, 2022
The Best Deals to Grab During Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty
Mar 15, 2022
Finding a Beauty Brand's Point of Differentiation with Maeva Heim of Bread Beauty Supply
Mar 11, 2022
How to Effectively Launch a Celebrity Beauty Brand (IOHO)
Mar 08, 2022
Let Scarlett Johansson Tell You About Her Skincare Brand, The Outset, Herself
Mar 01, 2022
With "The Browcon" Herself, Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills
Feb 25, 2022
Fenty Beauty Has a New Retail Partner + This Week's Beauty Headlines
Feb 22, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Dandruff With Dr. Caroline Robinson
Feb 18, 2022
All the Exclusive Details about Donni Davy's New Euphoria Makeup Line
Feb 15, 2022
Nam Vo Talks "Jesus Light," Hustling, and the Best Glow Job Products
Feb 11, 2022
How Lily James Was Transformed Into Pamela Anderson Through Special Effects
Feb 08, 2022
Talking Facial Plastic Surgery With Dr. Jason Diamond
Feb 04, 2022
Our Thoughts on the Future of Glossier
Feb 01, 2022
What Not to Do With Tretinoin (and Other Great Skincare Tips) With Charlotte Palermino
Jan 28, 2022
Reviewing the New Popular NARS Foundation
Jan 25, 2022
Dog Grooming 101 With Celebrity Groomer Jess Rona
Jan 21, 2022
Episode 200: Everything We've Learned Plus Tips on Starting Your Own Podcast
Jan 18, 2022
What's on Your Face: Glamgeleno Edition, Ep. 2
Jan 14, 2022
Sharing the Most Painful Beauty Treatments, Discussing a $300 Hyaluronic Acid Serum and More News
Jan 11, 2022
How to Decipher Marketing Claims on a Product with Jane Wurwand of Dermalogica
Jan 07, 2022
Our Beauty Resolutions: More Sex, More Lasers, Plus Daily Rituals
Jan 04, 2022
The 2021 Gloss Angeles Awards Ceremony
Dec 17, 2021
2022 Skincare Trends Plus the Most-Searched Beauty Questions of the Year
Dec 14, 2021
What to Buy Everyone on Your List This Year (For Every Budget)
Dec 10, 2021
MGK's Nail Brand, The Tea Behind All Those Celeb "Creative Directors," and Our FIRST MERCH DROP!
Dec 07, 2021
Nyakio Grieco of Thirteen Lune Challenges You to Particpate in a BIPOC Swap
Dec 03, 2021
Probiotic Skincare and Hyaluronic Acid-Infused Sleepwear: Are They Beauty Scams?
Nov 30, 2021
Vote For Your Faves in The Gloss Angeles Awards, Harry Styles's Beauty Brand, Plus Drugstore Dupes
Nov 24, 2021
Black Friday: Our Picks on What to Buy, Plus Our Comprehensive Doc with Codes!
Nov 19, 2021
Press Trips: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Nov 16, 2021
What is Inflammation-Induced Aging and How Do We Stop It? With Heraux's Ben Van Handel
Nov 12, 2021
Ariana Grande's Makeup Line Preview, the Environmental Impact of NFTs, Tati Westbrook's Brand Implodes and More News
Nov 09, 2021
Reviewing Trending Beauty Products: Matter of Fact, T3, SIMIHAZE, CaliRay and BeautyBlender
Nov 05, 2021
Sara's Nail Collab, Beauty NFTs, Blue Light Marketing Scams and More Headlines
Nov 03, 2021
The Dark History of Birth Control with Murder Mystery & Makeup's Bailey Sarian
Oct 29, 2021
We Met Ellen
Oct 27, 2021
Mario Dedivanovic's Long Road to Becoming the Most In-Demand Makeup Artist in the World
Oct 22, 2021
Behind-the-Scenes of Hocus Pocus With Special Effects Artist Tony Gardner (GA Rewind)
Oct 19, 2021
Reasons You're Grinding Your Teeth and Clenching Your Jaw With Cosmetic Dentist Victoria Veytsman
Oct 15, 2021
Is a Meghan Markle Beauty Line in the Works? Plus Sara's Experience With PRP and More
Oct 12, 2021
Feet Killing You? Talking Filler, Lasers and All About Foot Health With Dr. Brad Schaeffer
Oct 08, 2021
Managing and Formulating For Sensitive Skin with Tower 28's Amy Liu
Oct 01, 2021
Coolsculpting: What You Need to Know About Linda Evangelista's Treatment Disaster
Sep 28, 2021
Jenna Ushkowitz is Here! Talking Wedding Prep, Treatments and, of course, Glee
Sep 24, 2021
Smashbox is Selling Becca Products! Plus a Possible La Mer Dupe in This Week's SuperWOYF Episode
Sep 22, 2021
Juicy Makeup Artist Secrets Shared With the Magical Monika Blunder
Sep 17, 2021
Two Major Celebrity Brands Announced, Plus The Most-Searched Wedding Hairstyles in This Week's Headlines
Sep 14, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Peels With Dr. Dennis Gross
Sep 10, 2021
What's On YOUR Face? We Asked, You Delivered
Sep 03, 2021
The Magic Behind Peter Thomas Roth's Sold-Out Eye Cream, JVN's New Brand and Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale
Aug 31, 2021
How Working at Glossier and Sephora Equipped Diarrha N'Diaye-Mbaye for Beauty Domination
Aug 27, 2021
A Skincare Scanner for Hyperpigmentation, Guyliner is Back, Plus More Buzzy Headlines
Aug 25, 2021
Hair Aging and Mild-to-Severe Hair Loss Tips With Melisse Shaban of Virtue Labs
Aug 20, 2021
Celebrity Bathing Habits, Can You Guess the Brand From Cardi B.'s Bathroom Haul?, Plus More Headlines
Aug 17, 2021
"Dermaplaning Regret" and Face Shaving Myths with StackedSkincare's Kerry Benjamin
Aug 13, 2021
Breaking Down the Wealthiest Celebrity Beauty Brands: Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and More
Aug 10, 2021
Niacinamide: What it is, What it Does, and Who It's Best For
Aug 06, 2021
The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Rooms, "Skimcare," Weighted Razors and More News
Aug 03, 2021
How Melatonin and CBD Affect Your Sleep (For Better or Worse) with The Sleep Doctor (Rewind Ep!)
Jul 27, 2021
Why Do I Smell Bad? Answering All Your Armpit Questions With Dr. Zalka
Jul 23, 2021
Sunscreen Recalls, KKW Rebrand Drama and More Beauty Headlines
Jul 20, 2021
Microcurrent 101 With NuFACE's Tera Peterson
Jul 16, 2021
How to Properly Apply Your Skincare in Order (Rewind Ep!)
Jul 13, 2021
Two MAJOR Interviews For Our 2nd Anniversary!
Jul 09, 2021
The Best Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips (Rewind Ep!)
Jul 06, 2021
How Do Your Favorite Beauty Brands and Influencers Rate on the Cultish Scale? (With Amanda Montell)
Jul 02, 2021
The History of SPF Regulation and How Sunscreen Works
Jun 29, 2021
Our Exclusive Interview! Hyram Yarbro on His New Brand, How Many Sponsorship Offers He Gets in a Week and His Goals For Giving Back
Jun 25, 2021
Should You Be Worried About That PFA Study? Plus, the New Makeup & Skincare Brand That's All Under $24 and Big Paula's Choice News!
Jun 22, 2021
Surprising Facts About the History of Black Skincare Teachings and Celebrating Black Beauty With Allure and The Melanin Edit’s Jessica Cruel
Jun 18, 2021
The Products We Packed on Our First Trip of 2021 to Austin, Texas
Jun 15, 2021
When to Start Retinol, What Order Your Sunscreen Should Be Applied, Our Favorite Lightweight Concealers and More Mailbag Questions
Jun 11, 2021
"Everything is Chemicals," Don't Throw Out Your Sunscreen Just Yet, the Fate of Marc Jacobs Beauty and More in Beauty Headlines
Jun 08, 2021
MannyMUA on His Favorite Celebrity Encounters, Interviewing President Biden and How His Relationship With His Family Evolved After Coming Out
Jun 04, 2021
The Glossary: Lactic Acid | What Skin Conditions It's Good For and How to Incorporate This Superstar Ingredient Into Your Routine
Jun 01, 2021
Summer Fridays's Marianna Hewitt on Going From TV Host to OG Influencer, Plus Her Tips For Launching a Beauty Brand
May 28, 2021
The Top 10 Brands on the Internet at the Moment, a Lip Trend We Can All Love and CVS's Unaltered Images Gets Us Emo
May 25, 2021
Michelle Phan Beyond Beauty: Growing Out of Youtube, Her Appreciation for Astrology and Passion for Bitcoin
May 21, 2021
Psychodermatology, the "Serenity Skincare" Trend and a Drop to Uplift "Sleepy Eyes"
May 18, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Microneedling with Dr. Ava Shamban
May 14, 2021
Prince's Posthumous Urban Decay Collaboration + Jessica Alba's $130M Payday in Beauty Headlines
May 12, 2021
How Ayurvedic Doshas Relate to Skin Types, the Ingredient That Rivals Vitamin C and More with Ranavat Founder Michelle Ranavat
May 07, 2021
Can Chlorophyll Clear Acne? Plus Every Brand Coming to Kohl's x Sephora in This Week's Beauty Headlines
May 04, 2021
Tata Harper on Farm-to-Face Beauty and the Launch of Superkind, Her New Sensitive Skin Collection
Apr 30, 2021
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