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Category: Science Fiction

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Episodes: 24

 May 2, 2024
Well produced, excellent story, thrilling suspense, fantastic science fiction!

 Apr 23, 2024
Many reviews lauding the plot so I wanna instead say I've never heard unnarrated action scenes this good. It's easy to have a mess of unintelligible effects or characters awkwardly saying aloud what they're doing, and this show avoids both!

 Apr 7, 2024
Excellent!! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, hope there is more.

 Mar 30, 2024
Too many ads too frequently. Completely ruins immersive experience. Too bad. Was a great show. Couldn't get through half of ep. 1.

 Feb 23, 2024


Something has been found at the bottom of Earth's ocean. An ancient artifact that can only be described as a giant door, inset into the sea floor. It becomes known as the Vault. A gigantic enigma, buried and forgotten...nineteen thousand feet down. To study the artifact, the galaxy's most powerful corporation, Maas-Dorian, has built a massive, self-contained, secret laboratory base surrounding it, named FATHOM. It's objective: unlock the secrets of the artifact and discover what it holds.​ But some mysteries should remain buried. And some doors should never be opened....The story of DERELICT begins with season one, FATHOM, a narrative podcast experience from award winning science fiction author J. Barton Mitchell, and produced by Night Rocket Productions. Website:

Episode Date
DERELICT Presents: The White Vault
Jun 03, 2024
DERELICT Presents: Midnight Burger
May 20, 2024
Season 2 - Midseason Updates
May 06, 2024
Season 2 - DERELICT - E5- Carved in Mayhem
Apr 22, 2024
Season 2 - DERELICT - E4 - All the King's Horses
Feb 19, 2024
Season 2 - DERELICT - E3 - Insidious Consequences
Jan 15, 2024
Season 2 - DERELICT - E2 - By Any Means
Nov 27, 2023
Season 2 - Announcement
Nov 21, 2023
DERELICT Season 2 Trailer (Premieres 11/27!)
Nov 06, 2023
DERELICT Presents: VAST Horizon
Oct 27, 2023
Sep 05, 2023
DERELICT E1 - Through the Gate
Dec 16, 2022
FATHOM E10 - All Great Things
Oct 24, 2022
FATHOM E9 - In the Silence We Listen
Jul 25, 2022
FATHOM E8 - Read 'Em and Weep
May 17, 2022
FATHOM E7 - Into the Dark
Feb 18, 2022
FATHOM E6 - Don't Look Down
Dec 23, 2021
FATHOM E5- Seagulls
Nov 22, 2021
FATHOM Part 2 Trailer
Nov 08, 2021
FATHOM E4 - Pain
Sep 07, 2021
FATHOM E3 - Wolves
Jul 21, 2021
FATHOM E2 - Hard Right
Jun 23, 2021
FATHOM E1 - In the Dark We See
Jun 07, 2021
FATHOM - Full Trailer
May 04, 2021