At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

By Patrick Lencioni

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Category: Management

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 Sep 18, 2021

Wow Jeff
 Oct 15, 2020
These guys like to talk. I get too much of these topic and similar attitudes at work. This podcast is not for me.


Real conversations and practical advice for everyday leaders. Sit across the table from one of the foremost experts in leadership and business. In his simple and approachable style, Pat tackles every topic related to the world of work (and some that aren’t). From culture to teamwork to building world-class organizations, Pat brings his wisdom, humor, and insight together to provide actionable advice for leaders everywhere. For more on Pat and the Table Group, visit

Episode Date
161. Principle Over Policy

Too many organizations allow their culture to be affected by their policies, while their policies should instead be informed by their culture.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss the dangers of letting our policies send the wrong message to our employees and customers.  


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Feb 01, 2023
160. Layoffs Done Wisely

We've all heard stories about the mistakes leaders make when conducting layoffs, but how can we carry them out well?  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss how to preserve our employees' dignity and strengthen our organizations by conducting layoffs with courage and clarity.  


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Jan 26, 2023
159. Cowardly Lion

In the pursuit of truth, hard conversations have to happen.  So what are we afraid of?  This week, Pat, Beau and Karen discuss what it means to have courage as a leader.  


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Jan 18, 2023
158. Unpacking the Southwest Airlines Situation

How does a competitive advantage become an achilles heel?  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau sit down to discuss their perspectives on the Southwest Airlines situation.  


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Jan 11, 2023
157. Start With Yourself

Let's start the New Year with clarity.  This week, Pat and Beau provide a framework for evaluating where we are in our work, at home, and on a personal level, so we can be more intentional about how we approach our day-to-day lives.  


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Jan 04, 2023
156. Workquake

There's been a tectonic shift in the nature of work.  This week, Pat, Cody, Tracy and Beau discuss the ramifications and importance of how we acknowledge and approach this shift leading into the new year.  


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Dec 28, 2022
155. No Purchase Necessary

Merry Christmas from the Table Group!  This week, Pat, Cody, Beau and Tracy talk about a gift we can all give our coworkers, managers or direct reports that not only costs nothing, but can have a major impact on our relationships at work.  

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Dec 20, 2022
154. Attention Deficit Advantage

Our attention spans are definitely not getting any longer.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau talk about how we can lean into this fact and take advantage of our short attention span as it relates to work, meetings, and getting stuff done fast.  

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Dec 14, 2022
153. The Career Counselor is In

The career counselor is in.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau talk about what they would do if they didn't work at the Table Group and offer some advice.  

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Nov 30, 2022
152. The New 3-Letter Secret to Success

It's simple, it's easy, and yet it's somehow a major competitive advantage.  This week, Pat, Cody, Tracy and Beau discuss the new 3-letter secret to success.  

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Nov 23, 2022
151. Everyone's Got Stuff

Everyone's got stuff, and that stuff is a part of who we are.  This week, Pat, Beau and Tracy discuss why it's good to talk about our personal challenges at work, and how to do it safely. 

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Nov 09, 2022
150. Say it Again, and Again, and Again...

As leaders and managers, we are often far too hesitant to overcommunicate.  This week, on our 150th episode of the At the Table Podcast, the whole team discusses the importance of overcommunication, and the fears that keep us from achieving better clarity.  

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Nov 02, 2022
149. Success is Messy

Success is messy.  Embrace it, and don't assume others aren't.  This week, Pat, Cody, Beau and Tracy discuss some common misconceptions about management and leadership.  

Oct 21, 2022
148. What is Your Posture?

What exactly is our company's culture indicating to others, and is that what we want to communicate?  This week, Pat, Tracy and Beau discuss why posture matters, and how we can be intentional about presenting ourselves as organizations.  

Oct 12, 2022
147. Org Health Insurance

A healthy organization is a resilient one.  This week, Pat, Beau and Karen discuss why investing in org health is the best way to prepare for difficult times, and list four practical things any team can do right now.  

Oct 05, 2022
146. Beers With the Author

The Six Types of Working Genius book is now officially out!  Check out this episode of the Working Genius Podcast to hear Pat talk about some of his experiences as an author and provide a behind-the-scenes look at his new book.  

Buy the Working Genius book: 

Take the 12 minute assessment:

Sep 28, 2022
145. The 'F' Word

Not that 'F' word.  This week, Pat, Beau and Tracy discuss the meaning of the word 'fun' at work.  

Sep 21, 2022
144. Enough About Quiet Quitting

Enough about quiet quitting.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the act of quitting and staying, and why this is neither a new concept nor a good thing for employees or the organizations they serve.  

Sep 14, 2022
143. Innovation is Offensive

Innovation is offensive.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the difference between protection and possibility, and why successful companies need to adopt an offensive posture around innovation.  

Sep 07, 2022
142. Vocation Over Vacation

When we don't see our work as a vocation, we're constantly looking forward to our next vacation.  This week, Pat, Beau and Tracy discuss the Sunday blues and the idea of work as a calling rather than a transactional relationship. 

Aug 31, 2022
141. Your Work Sponge

What did you take away from your first work experience?  This week, Pat and team discuss their first jobs and the most important things they learned through those experiences, as well as the things they might have had to unlearn.  

Aug 24, 2022
140. Work is a Verb

Work is a verb, and we're supposed to enjoy it.  This week, Pat, Tracy and Cody discuss the reasons why what we do matters far more than where we do it.  

Aug 17, 2022
139. The Sport of Business

Like many others in the business world, we love to make analogies to sports.  Why are these analogies so impactful, and what can we learn from them?   This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the nature of the relationship between accountability and results.  

Aug 10, 2022
138. Iron Sharpens Iron

Holding people accountable is an essential behavior for any high performing team, but the inability to do so remains one of the most prevalent dysfunctions in organizations today.  This week, our good friend Chris Stefanick joins Pat and Tracy to discuss how iron sharpens iron, and why it is so important to foster this behavior within our teams.  

Aug 05, 2022
137. Honey, I Shrunk the Team

How many people belong on a leadership team?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy dive into the reasoning behind the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions.  

Jul 22, 2022
136. Personal Life Lightning Round

"Is there something going on in your life right now that's distracting you at work?"  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy use this simple question to put a new spin on the lightning round meeting, and come up with a trust building exercise that isn't complicated or soft.  

Jul 15, 2022
135. The Last Virtual Conversation

Navigating between virtual and in-person work shouldn't be an organizational problem or a policy issue; it's a unique challenge that needs to be addressed specifically at the team level.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy have what we hope to be our team's last conversation about "virtual work" (or as we like to call it, "work").

Jul 06, 2022
134. 14 Qs About the 5 Ds

This year, we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pat's book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  In this episode, Pat and Cody respond to 14 of your questions about the model, the book, and how to best apply it to your team.  

Jun 29, 2022
133. Freestyle Rap

Comparison is not only the thief of joy, but the thief of potential.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss the 10,000 hours rule and the intersection of joy, talent and practice.  

Jun 24, 2022
132. Dignity is Tricky

The concept of dignity in work is at the heart of organizational health, but it's not always as simple as it's made out to be.  Dignity requires an emphasis on performance as well as humanity, but too often, companies focus on one at the expense of the other.  

Jun 17, 2022
131. Blowing up Performance Management

Forget everything you know about performance management.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about one of the most important jobs of any leader, and how it relates to hiring, firing, and everything in between.  

Jun 10, 2022
130. The Patron Saint of the Ignorant

What is assumed to be understood is often what is most important.  

Jun 03, 2022
129. You're Not Tired, You're Fatigued

Right now, within a lot of organizations, one of the most common issues we're facing is fatigue.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss the different reasons for this issue, and why we as employees, managers, and leaders are often solving for the wrong things.  

May 25, 2022
128. Leader Monkey

Almost every leader has a role to play outside of their explicit duty to manage others.  This week, Pat, Cody and Karen discuss the idea of being a 'leader monkey' and the importance of making the distinction between when we are leading others and when we are serving others.  

May 17, 2022
127. Adjust Your Rearview Mirror

When we get through painful experiences, both in our lives and in our work, how do we tend to look back on those experiences?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss how we can begin to see failure as a necessity, and look back on difficult moments with gratitude instead of shame.  

May 11, 2022
126. Abdication vs. Delegation

When it comes to being a leader, how can we tell the difference between delegating tasks and abdicating our responsibilities?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the intersection of The Motive and The Working Genius.  

May 03, 2022
125. Poisonous Candy

There are some ideas that seem great on the surface, but may lead to a number of unintended negative consequences.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the merits (and limits) of a new proposal for a 32 hour workweek as it relates to productivity and employee engagement.  

Apr 29, 2022
124. Our Fascination with Theranos

Other than television shows based on their unethical and disastrous decisions, what do the founders of Theranos, WeWork, and Uber have in common?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the dangers of leading for the wrong reasons.  

Apr 19, 2022
123. Don't Calm Down

This week on At the Table, the team discusses the importance of expressing appropriate emotion at work.  

Apr 08, 2022
122. Doctor Burnout

When it comes to burnout, it's not the amount of work, it's the type of work.  This week, the team talks about the nature of our jobs, and how to do more of what gives us energy and joy.  

Mar 30, 2022
121. Enough About Productivity

Productivity is an art, not a science.  

Mar 25, 2022
120. Plan is a Four Letter Word

It was Mike Tyson who said "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."  This week, the team discusses flexibility and the importance of identifying and working towards a 'true north' over adhering to the details of a plan.  

Mar 18, 2022
119. Gaslighting Really Sucks

We might not think of gaslighting as something that happens in the workplace, but it does... and it sucks.  When leaders are unwilling to be vulnerable, and team members are unable to admit their mistakes, it can lead to behaviors like gaslighting that undermine culture and poison organizations.  

Mar 09, 2022
118. It's a Strategy Thing

Product leadership, customer intimacy, operational excellence.  Every organization needs to pick one of these three values to be the best at in their industry.  

This week, Pat and Cody discuss Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema's, 'The Discipline of Market Leaders'.

Mar 03, 2022
117. Leaders Can't Be Pleasers

As a leader, it's tempting to try and make sure everyone in your organization likes you and approves of you.  However, good leaders know that this simply can't happen, and that's okay.  

Feb 25, 2022
116. It's Not Entitlement, it's Engagement

Many organizations are struggling to get their people back in the office.  It's tempting to see this as a reflection of their employees' character, but what does this really say about the environment that these organizations have created?  The unwillingness to return to in-person work is not a result of entitlement, but rather a lack of engagement.  

Feb 16, 2022
115. The Benefits of Being Sick

We talk about organizational health every week.  In this episode, Pat and Cody share their thoughts on being sick.  

Feb 09, 2022
114. Replant Your Friggin Tree

It's been a year and a half since we first encouraged you to plant your tree.  This week, Cody brings us back to one of our favorite episodes and offers a fresh perspective on a topic that, we believe, remains just as relevant 18 months later.  

Feb 03, 2022
113. Management is Not a Reward

If promoting a high-performing member of your sales team means losing your best salesperson and gaining an average sales manager, why do we continue to rely so heavily on these metrics?  This week, Pat and Cody discuss the mistakes that many organizations make when promoting and choosing their managers.  

Jan 26, 2022
112. Speed Dating with Pat and Cody

How do I kindly hold someone accountable?  How do I influence my boss?  Is there such thing as too much conflict?  This week on the podcast, we decided to have Pat and Cody field some of the most frequently asked questions related to organizational health, live!

Jan 19, 2022
111. Rehire Your People

Everyone remembers their first day on the job.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about the mistakes that most companies make when onboarding, and why it's so important to communicate (and recommunicate) the 'why' to your employees.  

Jan 12, 2022
110. Be a Donkey Not a Unicorn

Donkeys, unicorns, Theranos and a Panamanian fisherman.  

Jan 07, 2022
109. Who is Your Sleeper?

Many Hall of Fame athletes were overlooked at the beginning of their careers until someone gave them the chance to shine.  This week, the team takes a look at how organizations evaluate talent, and encourages you to answer the question, "Who is Your Sleeper?"

Dec 31, 2021
108. Better Than a Gift

During this Christmas season, Pat, Cody and Tracy want to remind you about the importance of genuine appreciation and gratitude for those who make our jobs, and our lives, easier.  

Dec 22, 2021
107. The Poachers are Coming!

In the war for talent, the best defense isn't money.  This week, Pat and Cody discuss employee retention through employee engagement, and three easy ways to create an environment that nobody wants to leave.  

Dec 15, 2021
106. Don't Cheat Yourself

It's never been easier to get away with doing less.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss why we need to avoid falling into the trap of mediocrity.  

Dec 10, 2021
105. Pat and Cody Divided

This week, Pat and Cody discuss their own recent experiences with virtual leadership: the positive, the negative, and the unexpected.  

Dec 01, 2021
104. Person on the Street

This week's episode comes from the Working Genius Podcast where, last week, we debriefed some assessment results live!  Our friends Tom and Rosylyn, who own a local business, sit down with Pat and Cody to discuss how their Geniuses show up in both their marriage and their work.

Nov 24, 2021
103. The 20 Minute Challenge

Too often, we waste time scheduling meetings around conversations that could happen immediately.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy issue a challenge to our listeners.  

Nov 17, 2021
102. The Brutal War for Talent

With the flexibility of remote work and the 'great resignation,' the war for talent has never been more brutal.  This week, the team discusses the importance of a strong culture in retaining good employees.  

Nov 10, 2021
101. The Elephant in the Workplace

This week, Pat and Cody tackle the elephant in the workplace and enter the danger around a topic that nobody wants to touch: vaccine mandates.  

Nov 02, 2021
100. Go Ahead, Enter the Danger

For At the Table's 100th episode, Pat and Cody are back with an important reminder.  Go ahead, enter the danger.  

As heard on today's episode:

Oct 25, 2021
98. Freestyle

We typically prepare a topic before recording a new episode... this week we decided not to!  Tune in to hear Pat, Cody and Tracy 'freestyle' about organizational health.  

Jul 08, 2021
97. Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding our teammates accountable is almost never easy, even for the best leaders and the most healthy organizations.  On this week's episode, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss how to hold yourself accountable for holding others accountable.  

Jul 01, 2021
96. You Should Retire Now

Retirement shouldn't be the end of work, it should be the beginning of doing what you want to be doing.  So why not "retire" now?

Jun 16, 2021
95. Re-entry Sucks

Are you excited to be back in the office?  This week, we discuss the reality of transition, and that even though returning to the office is a positive thing, it can still be difficult.  

Jun 09, 2021
94. So You Want to Fire Someone...

So you want to fire someone... stop!  This week on the podcast, we discuss the steps that every manager, leader and employer should take before letting someone go.  

Jun 02, 2021
93. Is Your Org Arrogant or Ashamed?

Healthy organizations are healing organizations.  But when things get messy or we miss the mark, how does your organization tend to respond?

May 20, 2021
92. Are You Addicted to Adrenaline?

Many of us are feeling signs of burnout and may be suffering from an addiction to adrenaline.  This week, Pat and Amy talk about the early signs of adrenaline addiction and how to reconnect with the real purpose of work.

May 14, 2021
91. When To Leave a Job

Too many people go through life not knowing when they should leave a job. There are a lot of reasons to keep a job, and a few really good reasons to dust off your resume.

May 07, 2021
90. The Three Phases of Work

People tend to think of work in two phases, ideation and implementation.  In this special Working Genius crossover episode, we discuss the critical "middle" stage of work - activation.

Apr 28, 2021
89. The Best 4-Letter Word

Why do some teams succeed and some teams fail?  This week, the team identifies the best 4-letter word, and Tracy lets Pat and Cody talk about sports!

Apr 21, 2021
88. The Power of Daily Disruption

What are you working on today?  In this episode, Pat, Cody and Amy talk about the difference between mission and maintenance, and the importance of disruption in determining what's most important.  

Apr 14, 2021
87. This is Your Wake Up Call

How do you start your day?  This week, the team offers some practical personal advice related to stress and our morning routines.  

Apr 07, 2021
86. Wanna Get Away?

Over the past year, teams have been spending less and less time together.  In this week's episode, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the idea of a 'teamwork drought' and the importance of off-sites in building trust among teams.  

Mar 31, 2021
85. The Whole World is Wasting Time

Most people and most companies waste a ton of time every day, and they've come to accept it.  This week, Pat and the team talk about why this is true, and how we can avoid it.  

Mar 24, 2021
84. The Genius of Meetings

Every meeting requires certain Geniuses.  This week, Pat, Tracy and Cody discuss the different types of meetings, and how to identify which Geniuses are appropriate and necessary.  

Mar 17, 2021
83. Be a jerk

We often avoid saying things that need to be said because we're afraid of sounding like a jerk.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about the importance of having the courage to be a "little-j jerk."

Mar 10, 2021
82. Managing Your People is Risky

Managing people is a fundamentally human endeavor, yet we tend to play it safe when it comes to building relationships.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the importance of accepting that risk.  

Mar 03, 2021
81. Navigating the Neutral Zone

Last week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discussed the difficulty of transition.  In this week's episode, they're back to talk about the uncomfortable middle part of the transition model, the neutral zone, and how to navigate it.  

Feb 24, 2021
80. Change is Easy, Transition is Hard

We don't hate change, we just struggle with transition.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the real reason why people are afraid of change.  

Feb 17, 2021
79. Selling Tips for Life

Everyone is in sales.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy offer four important pieces of practical advice around selling that anyone can apply to both their work and their life.  

Feb 10, 2021
78. Burn Your Business Card

Are we constrained by our titles and our job descriptions?  This week, Pat and Cody talk about how titles can actually create limitations when it comes to teamwork and innovation.  

Feb 03, 2021
77. Efficiency Sucks

Most organizations value being efficient over being effective, and at a certain point, efficiency gets in the way of effectiveness.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about wasting time to save time.  

Jan 27, 2021
76. One Hour Coaching Hack

One hour coaching hack: how your team can give and receive invaluable coaching feedback in less than an hour.  Tune in to this week's episode to hear Pat, Cody and Tracy share some of their own feedback that has helped them grow in their work and life.  

Jan 20, 2021
75. The New Teamwork Trifecta

Over the years, Pat has come up with plenty of useful models that help facilitate teamwork, including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the Ideal Team Player, and The Six Types of Working Genius.  We recently figured out how all of these models fit together.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy explain the new framework for building a successful team.  

Jan 13, 2021
74. Time to Go Deeper

How does a team reach the next level of vulnerability?  This week, Amy joins Pat and Cody to discuss the difficult task of going deeper, and why most people tend to avoid it.  

Jan 06, 2021
73. Your Working Genius and Your Family

You know what your Geniuses are and their implications for your team.  However, the Working Genius model extends further than just the workplace.  This week, Pat and Cody talk about how to better understand your Geniuses in the context of your family and relationships.  

Dec 30, 2020
72. Slowing Down to Go Fast

For most organizations, slowing down is difficult.  It feels wrong even though it's necessary.  This week, Pat and Cody talk about how important it is for companies to slow down and take a step back, especially during times when they're moving fast.  

Dec 23, 2020
71. What is Your Blind Spot?

There are things we do that only others notice, but we tend to shy away from helping each other understand them.  This week, Pat and the gang discuss how important it is to address each others' blind spots.  

Dec 16, 2020
70. The Truth About Virtual Productivity

After almost nine months of virtual work, it's finally time to answer the question: Can we be as productive working from home as we are at the office and in person?  Join Pat, Cody and Chris this week as they discuss whether or not 'the new normal' is sustainable.  

Dec 09, 2020
69. Why You Should Protect Small Business

Why do small companies matter, and why should we care if they go out of business?  In addition to the fact that the majority of people work for small companies, they're also more innovative, scrappy, and meritocratic than bigger ones.  Join Pat, Cody and Tracy this week as they talk about why small companies are so important.  

Dec 02, 2020
68. Rethink Your Vacation

As we take time off for the holidays, many of us try to forget about work as if that is a prerequisite for enjoying our vacation.  The real question is: How we can integrate our work into our time off?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about how and why to share what you do for work with friends and family.  

Nov 25, 2020
67. Why do You Work?

Everybody works for a reason, but is it the right reason?  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about why having a meaningful purpose for your work matters, and how to reshape it.   

Nov 18, 2020
66. Who is Your Hero?

Being a hero at work looks a little different than the heroes we see in movies.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy talk about why we tend not to recognize heroics within our organizations.  

Nov 11, 2020
65. Your Genius and Your Team

What do your geniuses mean to your team?  What to do if your team is lacking in an area, and how to get more out of your team's assessment results.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy dive deeper into the Six Types of Working Genius.  

Nov 04, 2020
64. What is Your Genius?

What is your genius?  This week, Pat talks with Cody and Tracy about his newest model, the Six Types of Working Genius.  We've never seen Cody this excited!  

Oct 28, 2020
63. Only the Scrappy Survive

Only scrappy companies survive and thrive.  This week, Pat and Cody talk about the necessity of this quality for any successful business.

Oct 21, 2020
62. Pain Relief is Your Business

No matter what position or industry, everyone is in the business of pain relief.  Join Pat and Cody as they discuss the importance of connecting your job to the people you serve.  

Register for Pat's FREE virtual speech on the Six Types of Working Genius here:

Oct 14, 2020
61. Don't Have Work Friends

Are we supposed to have friends at work? Why do we refuse to embrace the people we spend the majority of our day with? Pat and the team discuss work and friendship on this week’s episode.

Oct 07, 2020
60. Sometimes Democracy Sucks

A great way to run a country, a bad way to run a business.  Pat and Cody discuss the problems with trying to manage an organization as a pure democracy.  

Sep 30, 2020
59. Don't Make Me Repeat Myself

Pat, Cody and Chris talk about how every leader needs to perform their duties as 'Chief Reminding Officer' in order to create clarity on their teams, and why we tend to avoid that responsibility so frequently.  

Sep 23, 2020
58. The Power of Nothing

Pat, Cody and Tracy explore the benefits of sitting in silence and organizing your thoughts.  Why leaders and employees tend to avoid distraction-free time.  

Sep 16, 2020
57. The Worst Job in the World

Pat and Cody design the world's worst job.

Sep 09, 2020
56. Politics Sucks

Office politics are destroying your culture.  The team discusses the importance of saying what you mean and doing what you say.  

Sep 02, 2020
55. Show Me the Merit

Amy joins to talk about money, merit, and meritocracies in the workplace.  And what employees are really looking for in their job.  

Aug 26, 2020
54. Don't be a Cowardly Manager

The team discusses the importance of interpersonal courage and the consequences of being a cowardly manager.  

Aug 19, 2020
53. The Danger of Humility

Pat and team take on one of their most important topics yet - humility.

Aug 12, 2020
52. LIVE - Questions that Demand Answers

Pat and the team are joined by the listeners for a special one year anniversary episode. They discuss 4 questions that must be answered in the midst of change and take live questions from listeners. Join the celebration.

Aug 05, 2020
51. The Work-Life Balance Hack

Work-life balance is even more complicated than ever. The team explores two ways to cheat the conundrum.

Jul 29, 2020
50. Let the Haters Hate

The team discusses the real danger of trying to convince naysayers in an organization, the law of thirds and more.

Jul 22, 2020
49. Now Burn Your Ships

After the "Plant Your Friggin Tree" episode, Pat and Cody follow-up with the next step in personal and organizational courage.  

At The Table Webinar:

Jul 15, 2020
48. Plant Your Friggin Tree

Stop waiting for "normal" to return. Do it now! Pat, Cody and Chris discuss decision making and action in the midst of uncertainty.  In your businesses, in your families and in your personal lives, it's time to plant your friggin tree.

At The Table Webinar:

Jul 08, 2020
47. Sophistication Sucks

Why are human beings so enamored with complexity? Pat and Cody answer this and explore the power of simplicity.

Podcast Anniversary Webinar Registration:

Jul 02, 2020
46. Problem Solving and Pop Tarts

Tracy and Pat were having pop tarts when Pat invented the Issue Resolution Model.  They share the origin story and application of the model with Cody.

Issue Resolution Model PDF:

Jun 24, 2020
45. Obliterate Your Office Space

The team re-thinks office space and types of work. As we go back to our places of work, does our resting work posture reflect what we are trying to accomplish?

Jun 17, 2020
44. What Do You Suck At?

Pat and Cody discuss the importance of identifying, airing, and even celebrating your weaknesses. 

Jun 10, 2020
43. How Nice Leaders Become Angry

The team discusses frustration and anger and how a leader's desire to be "nice" can contribute.

Jun 03, 2020
42. Why Your CEO Doesn’t Get It

Pat, Cody and Chris discuss the three biases that prevent leaders from truly embracing organizational health. And they explore how conditioned we are to think that the “smart” side of the equation is more important than “health.”

May 28, 2020
Behind the Scenes: Real-time Re-entry Revelations

Pat, Tracy and Cody reflect on their first three days back in the office and make some real-time observations about the transition.  

May 21, 2020
41. Burn the Resumé

As millions of people look for work and employers are set to rehire, Pat and Cody discuss the three critical traits for hiring and interviewing that are far more important than anything on the resumé.

May 19, 2020
40. Data is Overrated

Pat and Cody discuss decision-making, data, intuition and why we need more integrative thinking.

May 13, 2020
39. It's Time to Rethink Work

Laura joins the podcast as the team discusses a fresh way to think about work and jobs.  Whether you are heading back to work, looking for something new or a college graduate starting your career, now is the perfect time to rethink work and find fulfillment and joy in what you do.

May 06, 2020
38. Why We Innovate in a Crisis

Pat and the team analyze why they have been able to innovate during this time and how we can bring that creativity and urgency back with us into the new normal.

Apr 29, 2020
37. Lean in to Discomfort

Including a special recorded interview segment with Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford and Boeing, Pat and team discuss the benefits and rewards of leaning in to uncomfortable conversations.

Apr 23, 2020
36. Let's Never Go Back to Normal

Pat and Cody have a candid and casual conversation about preparing to enter a "new normal." 

Apr 15, 2020
35. The Five Dysfunctions of a Virtual Team

This new virtual work environment poses unique challenges for teams looking to become more cohesive and effective. Pat and crew discuss how teams can overcome the five dysfunctions in a virtual world and emerge from this crisis better.

Apr 08, 2020
34. War for Jobs

Pat calls everyone to enlist in the war for jobs. He proposes some ideas for companies, leaders and workers to help save jobs and sacrifice for the greater good.

Apr 02, 2020
33. Org Health in a Health Crisis

Pat is joined by Dr. Bill Morice from the Mayo Clinic to discuss the coronavirus crisis and leading a healthy organization in the midst of a pandemic

Mar 31, 2020
32. How Do You Measure Success?

Pat and Cody discuss success, performance and dignity. 

Mar 25, 2020
31. Leadership Doesn’t Stop

Pat offers some advice for leading in uncertain times. 

Mar 20, 2020
30. LIVE - Make Your Meetings Matter

In a special episode recorded live from the stage of Table Group's UnConference, Pat, Cody and Chris tackle one of the most important activities in business - meetings.  They take questions from the audience and explore how to run better, more effective meetings. 

Mar 11, 2020
29. Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book

Pat and the team sit down to discuss the book writing process and tell some of their favorite stories from the last 20 years and 12 books.

Mar 05, 2020
28. Pat's Brand New Book - The Motive

Pat's new book, The Motive is out today!  Cody takes the host spot to dig into Pat's latest thinking on leadership and what might be his most important book yet. Listen and discover your motive.

Feb 26, 2020
27. Joy is the Leading Indicator

The first sign of trouble on the horizon for any organization is not as clean and measurable as you might think.  Pat and Cody make the case that leaders would be wise to pay keen attention to the joy in their organizations.  

Feb 20, 2020
26. Stop Agreeing to Disagree

Conflict with trust is the pursuit of truth or the best idea.  Too many teams, families and friends stop short of the best answer because they "agree to disagree."  Pat and Cody suggest a different approach - convince or be convinced. 

Feb 13, 2020
25. The Cost of One Bad Team Member

Can one bad apple really spoil the whole bunch?  Pat and the team discuss the impact of even one team member who doesn't fit. Consulting corner is back!  Pat answers listeners questions.

Feb 05, 2020
24. “That’s Not Good Enough”

The team sits down to discuss four simple words that are not used enough on teams. Pat and Cody introduce a new segment intended to deconstruct common corporate speak and the damage caused by sayings that are used in companies every day. 

Jan 29, 2020
23. Hard Culture

On this episode the team breaks down company culture. What do companies get right and why are so many organizations focused on perks? 

Jan 24, 2020
22. Teamwork Dies Young

The impact of youth sports on the culture of teamwork. 

Jan 16, 2020
21. What's Your Rallying Cry

Forget a new year's resolution, you and your team need a rallying cry.  Jeff and Chris join the podcast to take a deep dive into one of the most practical and useful tools we use with our clients.  When everything is important, nothing is important.  Join the conversation and learn how to set a single, near-term priority for you and your team. 

Resources mentioned in the Podcast

The Meeting Advantage:

The Advantage Book:


Jan 08, 2020
20. Start With Vulnerability

Pat's wife Laura joins the podcast to discuss the power of vulnerability at work and at home.    


Dec 28, 2019
19. Making Strategy Simple

Your organization's strategy should be simple and usable. Chris joins Pat and Cody to demystify "strategy".  They share examples of companies who get it right and provide a framework for developing three strategic filters that should provide the context for all decision-making.



Dec 19, 2019
18. How Dysfunctional Is Your Team?

Pat and the team dig into The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model and use the Table Group's Online Team Assessment to help listeners identify the dysfunction on their own teams. 

Learn more about the team assessment:

Listeners use promo code "PODCAST" to receive 20% of the assessment.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team book:


Dec 12, 2019
17. The Best CEO You've Never Heard Of

Bobby Herrera stops by the podcast to talk about leadership, struggle, and building a world-class culture of "climbers" at his company Populus Group.  

Bobby's book The Gift of Struggle can be found here:


Dec 04, 2019
16. The Most Important Organization in the World

Amy and Jeff join the podcast to talk about the most important organization in the world - family.  We discuss how to run your family with the same sense of intentionality and rigor we use in our businesses and answer The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family. 

The book and resources discussed can be found here:


Nov 26, 2019
15. When Bigger Isn't Better

Pat and Cody discuss the benefits of small company culture and make the case that bigger isn't always better.

Nov 19, 2019
14. The Limits of Diversity - Creating a Real Company Culture

Question #2: How do we behave? Jeff joins Pat and Cody to discuss values and how to create culture in organizations. They break down some of the best and worst company cultures they have encountered and make a case for who shouldn't belong in your organization.

Nov 13, 2019
13. All-Pro CEO: Executive Lessons From a Former NFL Running Back

Pat is joined by NFL All-Pro running back Justin Forsett to discuss leadership, teamwork and culture in professional sports and his new role as CEO of startup company, Shower Pill. Afterwards, Cody and Pat debrief and pick out the wisdom for leaders and teams.


Check out Shower Pill here:

Nov 06, 2019
12. One Question Every Company Must Answer

Every organization needs clarity.  And the first question every company needs to answer is "Why do we exist?"  Pat and Cody sit down to discuss and offer real-world examples of clarity.

Oct 30, 2019
11. The Simple, Effective, and Free Path to Loving Your Work

Everyone needs three things in order to love their work. Chris joins Pat and Cody to discuss job fulfillment, employee satisfaction, and what managers need to give the people they lead.


More information on the topic can be found here:

Oct 23, 2019
10. Two Extremely Dangerous Attitudes About Work

Pat addresses two very common and very dangerous perspectives about work.

Oct 16, 2019
9. Managing Up Without Sucking Up

How to be a hero and influence your boss.

Oct 09, 2019
8. The Power of Personality Profiles

Without understanding how people are wired it makes it difficult to be  a great leader, team member, spouse and even parent.  Deb joins the podcast to discuss the fundamental attribution error, the Myers-Briggs, why Pat and Cody talk too much at dinner and much more.

Oct 02, 2019
7. Robot CEO

Self-control isn't always good.  Pat and Cody weigh in on robot CEOs and the human side of leadership.  And Pat gives a rapper name to everyone in the office. 

Sep 25, 2019
6. Meetings and Movies

Most meetings are bad - but they shouldn’t be. Pat and Cody discuss how leaders can borrow from the secrets of screenwriters and film directors to make their meetings more compelling and engaging. Pat draws on his own experience writing screenplays, and presents concepts from his book “Death By Meeting”. For more information and resources on this topic, visit:

Sep 16, 2019
Bonus: Sports Culture

Pat and Cody introduce a new segment about the intersection between two of their favorite topics: organizational culture and sports. They take on some of the week’s top sports stories and provide insights as they relate to teamwork, leadership, and culture.

Sep 10, 2019
5. Curing Job Misery

Job misery is an epidemic in today's working world and there is a simple cure. Pat and Cody provide an easy (and free) solution to help managers address job misery and develop engaged, fulfilled employees.

For more resources related to employee engagement and making work more fulfilling, visit:

Sep 05, 2019
Bonus: Teamwork and an NFL Star's Retirement

Pat and Cody turn the mics on to discuss Andrew Luck’s surprise retirement from the NFL and its larger implications on the culture of teamwork

Aug 27, 2019
4. The Power of Naked Service

Pat and Cody are joined by a few colleagues (Jeff, James, and Chris) to discuss three counter-intuitive ways to win client loyalty and turn existing clients into raving fans. They explore the benefits of “getting naked” and offer advice on how to overcome the fears that can prevent you from securing new clients and building your business. Pat even shares his most embarrassing moment working with a client... this episode is a fun one!

For more on the "getting naked" model, visit:

Aug 20, 2019
3. The Upside of Conflict

Pat tackles one of his favorite topics. He and Cody discuss why conflict is critical on teams and why so many organizations avoid it at all costs.  Pat provides practical tips for leaders and teams looking to bring more healthy conflict into their decision-making.

Aug 07, 2019
2. Stop Hiring the Wrong People

Pat and Cody explore why so many companies hire poorly. They present three qualities to look for in an interview that have nothing to do with technical expertise or experience, and they reveal the most dangerous hire that companies should avoid at all costs.

The model referenced in the podcast can be found at:

Aug 07, 2019
1. Being Smart is Overrated

In this first episode, Pat and Cody discuss why the smartest companies don’t always win. He presents organizational health as the greatest competitive advantage in business and takes us back to his first job to discuss where it all started.

Aug 07, 2019
Introducing "At The Table" with Patrick Lencioni

Sit across the table from one of the foremost experts in leadership and business. In his simple and approachable style, Pat tackles every topic related to the world of work (and some that aren’t).  From culture to family to building world-class organizations, Pat brings his wisdom, humor, and insight together to provide actionable advice for leaders everywhere.

Jul 11, 2019