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By Juanique Roney & Gina Worful

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In the Gutsy Health podcast, Tristin and Juanique Roney cover the topics involved in alternative health, holistic health, nutrition, diets, and medicine. They have transformed their own lives and their patient's lives by researching the best health practices and translating them into an applicable lifestyle. Their goal is to share their knowledge and help empower individuals in taking their health back into their own hands and living a better, healthier life.

Episode Date
S2E38 - Decoding the Mysterious Lyme Disease

Show Summary: 
"Imagine your body as a tree trunk with termites burrowing and leaving a bunch of holes. Lyme loves to attack neural tissues that keep you stuck in a PTSD loop - even if the ‘termites’ aren’t alive anymore.”


Lyme is a mysterious illness that not all people know of. Showing up in symptoms like migraine, anxiety, acidic stomach and other unidentified malaise, your body feels at its worst.


But, once doctors check, they find nothing serious and suggest that it's your imagination. Is it? Or did they miss identifying Lyme disease as the true and hidden culprit?


Join our guest, Hailey Scarbrough, as she takes us through her holistic victory with Lyme disease. She tells her story about finding her trusted medical practitioners. Not to mention, the long-lasting protocol that doesn't have to include antibiotics.


Indeed, knowledge is power. Let’s decode Lyme disease by listening to Episode 38 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Lyme is an expensive disease to diagnose. The average patient spends tens of thousands of dollars for therapy and antibiotics.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common effect of Lyme disease even after treatment.
  • The gut and immune system may play a role in why some people are symptomatic and asymptomatic.


Show Highlights:


Cortisol worsens Lyme


Juanique 11:19

  • As Lyme deteriorates your body, the stress hormone cortisol exacerbates it. From anxiety to depression, it turns into a PTSD feedback loop that turns your body against you.

Anyone can have Lyme yet be asymptomatic


Juanique 13:48


  • Many of us could have Lyme yet be asymptomatic. To get better, the soil of the body, like your microbiome, must be a place where Lyme can't thrive.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a dual purpose treatment

Juanique 28:38

  • Lyme is an anaerobic bacteria that cannot survive in non-oxygenated environments. Thus, a hyperbaric chamber saturates your body with megadoses of oxygen. It kills off the parasites, while hastening your healing process.

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Sep 27, 2022
S2E37 - The Value of Self-Awareness Thru Psychedelics and Core Energy

Show Summary:

“Renewal starts with the mind. When you understand your Core Energy and the impact of psychedelics for healing, awareness means half of the battle is won already."


‘Energy’ is indeed a meaningful word. A term loosely used around, it can connote different meanings that may pertain to our health, vibrancy, and even abstract ideas connected to the spiritual or ‘woowoo’ realm.


Though the Gutsy Health platform leans more towards science-based advice and findings, we are open to discuss new concepts that push the boundaries of our long-held beliefs, as long as it helps us reach our peak performance. 


Our guest, Lana Pribic, is a certified life coach and podcast host of Modern Psychedelics. She lets us into the two-fold topics of Core Energy and Psychedelics. Having used psychedelics recreationally, she experienced what it’s like to have barriers removed and be connected to her higher self. Later on, she studied at the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching (iPEC) to learn their trademarked Core Energy program.


In this episode, you’ll understand why psychedelics can be helpful, and be aware of your own level within the hierarchy of the seven (7) types of Core Energy.


Is psychedelics something you’d try for self-awareness? Find out and listen to Episode 37 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Core Energy can either be one of two things. Catabolic is destructive, tearing down, and works against you. While Anabolic is supportive, constructive, fuelling and expansive. 
  • Discovered on the same year as the atomic bomb, psychedelics has become the atomic bomb for the mind. It allows you to see the world in a completely different way.
  • Psychedelics are nonspecific amplifiers. They bring to the forefront your suppressions while tearing down your mind’s defense mechanisms.


Show Highlights:


Origin of Core Energy 


Lana Pribic 3:21


  • Core energy lies as the root of our thoughts, belief systems, and our actions. It’s a default programming from everything as we grew up. Like in a cell’s nucleus - that’s where it all begins.


Beliefs differentiated from Energy


Lana Pribic 4:51

  • Beliefs are not core energy. Your core energy determines whether a set of beliefs are going to hold you back or move you forward.

50% of Change comes from Awareness

Lana Pribic 16:56


  • When it comes to change, knowing is already 50% of the work. We can’t come to choice without awareness and it all starts in the head. 


Important Links:

Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching 

Sep 20, 2022
S2E36 - Makeover Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

Show Summary:

 “Weight loss should be easy. Knowing your body's Metabolic Ecosystem allows you to burn fat, even while relaxing and eating the food that you want.


After following a rigid weight loss plan, it’s frustrating to see unsustainable results. Hour-long cardios? Check. Clean eating? Check. Reduced calories? Check. But how come we are not seeing any obvious progress?


Meet our guest, Megan Hansen, a ‘cool dietitian’ that helped 6,000 people drop the fat and find food freedom by repairing their metabolism. Having struggled with bulimia and packing on the pounds, she felt like a fraud. In her search for answers, she found out about the Metabolic Ecosystem platform that she's known for today.


In this episode, discover the six (6) interdependent factors that affect your metabolism rate - yet overlooked by most in the industry today.


Educate yourself and combat weight gain for good. Join us and listen to Episode 36 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Limiting calorie intake is a lie. Instead, a holistic approach on metabolism is the key behind permanent weight loss.
  • Controlling blood sugar gives you more flexibility in your diet. It supports our hunger and satiety hormones that influence our energy and  cravings.
  • Stress and lack of sleep are major factors that affect and slow down your metabolism.


Show Highlights:


A balanced take on carbohydrates

Megan Hansen 16:52


  • “I’m not anti-carbs in any way. I'm pro-eating carbohydrates with protein, fat and fiber that keep your blood sugar steady.”

Burn calories even on downtime

Megan Hansen 20:43


  • “So lean muscle tissue is the one thing that's going to use our basal metabolic rate. So if you want to increase the calories you're burning per day, at rest and doing nothing, put on some lean muscle tissue by lifting weights.”


Consequences of sacrificing sleep


Megan Hansen 32:43


  • “Sleep deprivation leads to eating anywhere from four to 500 extra calories a day, it affects our stress levels, the way that we're able to manage stress, and how much we live everyday.”


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Sep 15, 2022
S2E35 - How To Expedite The Right Order of Healing

Show Summary: "Outsourcing your health recovery to supplements or treatments, will rarely give you answers. To hasten healing, mindset and nutrition are intrinsic factors that you can control."


Health issues are inevitable and unfortunate events that we face. Coming in forms of brain fog, panic attacks, inflammations, or other chronic diseases, experiencing these can debilitate or slow us down from living our best lives.


And in our effort to bounce back, instead of focusing first on intrinsic, controllable factors such as our thoughts and food choices, most of us search for healing outside through popular supplements or undergoing treatments prescribed by a doctor.


If you’ve been listening to the Gutsy Health Podcast, you know by now that there’s a chronological order of recovery protocol that you must follow. Skipping this may spell the difference in achieving the breakthrough that you need.

In this episode, we’ll reveal why a sound mindset and proper nutrition are of utmost priority, and supplementation and treatment, even though helpful, fall to the bottom of that list.

Optimize and hasten the momentum of your self-healing. Join us and listen to Episode 35 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Follow the chronological order of protocol to expedite healing. First is the Mindset, second is Nutrition, Supplementation is third, and last is Treatment.

  • To recuperate, you should prioritize sleep and rest because that's when eighty percent of healing happens. 

  • Inflamed bodies are like burning buildings, while Proper Nutrition is the big hose that kills the fire.

Show Highlights:

Direct Effect of Mindset in Healing

Juanique 10:29

  • If your mind is not in alignment with healing, it is going to trigger your body to be in a fight or flight response, which wears and tears your body and creates more disease and dysfunction.

Nutrition as the Primary Source for Healing

Juanique 11:42

  • Nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants -  these are the big hoses that put out the fire. 

Supplementation & Treatments as Support to Healing

Juanique 15:17

  • Using the analogy of someone sick, they go to the doctor who prescribes supplementation. Did they talk to you about the big hose of nutrition in the first place? Why would you invest in a small hose of supplementation when the big hoses exist? You tend to outsource your power to supplements and treatments because it's easy, but invest in your nutrition first.

Juanique 27:33

  • If you want to accelerate healing, that's when you incorporate treatments. When starting a healing protocol, most people ask, “How long does it take to heal?”. People get frustrated when they hear 6 to 12 months. if you want to make it a three-month process, you could speed up that timeline with treatments.

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Sep 06, 2022
S2E34 - How Does Blue Light Affect Brain Health?

Show Summary: “The best thing you can do for your mitochondria is to lessen the consumption of blue light sources, and utilize devices that decrease blue light. Watch the sunrise and sunset as it boosts your mitochondrial function.”

As we progressed in the dominance of the digital age, our gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and many more had been prevalent in our lifestyle. It’s safe to say that they make our lives easier and it would be a lot harder to live without them. 

But, are you protecting yourself from the harmful effects of blue and artificial lights that come from these devices? Not everyone knows why and how they affect our brain health. 

And in this episode, we dive deep into the whys and hows of the relationship between blue light and our overall health - from the brain to skin, to our mental and physical health.

We are joined by Dhruvin Patel, an eye expert and founder and CEO of Ocushield, to discuss the ins and outs of blue lights, how to maintain eye health, and prevent blue light from harming our health.

Becoming the captain of your well-being doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to guide you throughout your self-healing journey. Join us and listen to Episode 34 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Blue light from screens affects the eyes; causing eye strain and fatigue, leading to headaches.
  • Artificial blue lights suppress the melatonin hormone, which affects the quality of sleep.

Show Highlights:

What does blue light do biologically to our bodies?

Dhruvin Patel 8:30

  • Our eyes are very smart; they can see lots of light sources so you want to reduce the flicker in lighting. Flicker rate is something called Hertz. Aim to use devices with a lesser flicker rate. 

Why should the younger generation lessen their screen time?

Dhruvin Patel 11:56

  • Children’s eye lenses don’t develop until they are teenagers, and the lens is an important natural filter for UV and blue light. Long-term exposure to blue light can eventually cause macular degeneration, which affects your central vision. 

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Two recommended steps to lessen the impact of blue light:

Dhruvin Patel 13:15

  • The proximity of the device. Position your device or light source farther away from the eyes. 
  • Turn down the brightness.

Frequent usage of devices

Dhruvin Patel 14:13

  • Try not to use your devices the first hour when you wake up and the last hour before you sleep. Especially when you wake up and your body is in an alpha state, which means you’re more susceptible to what you’re taking in.

Get 20% discount when you buy Ocushield products using  the code GUTSYHEALTH20

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Aug 23, 2022
S2E33 - Step 3 & 4 in the Order of Healing: Gut & Liver

Show summary: “You have to eat the right materials in order to heal your body. Even though there is so much deep science, you can do it. It’s just a willingness to do it.”

Just over a month ago, we introduced the first and second steps in the Order of Healing: Mindset & Mitochondria.

Today, we discuss steps 3 and 4 in the Order of Healing: Gut & Liver.

It is no mystery how important the gut is in our overall health and healing. After all, the gut and the lining of your intestines act as the border between the food you eat and your immune system.

The process of breaking down nutrients starts within your gut. And so the repair your body needs starts within your gut. 

On the other hand, the liver may be undervalued and unrecognized whenever you think about your health. But it is just as important. The liver is closely connected to your gut and digestion. It plays a fundamental role in creating hormones and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol.

In this episode, we dive deep into the science of the roles your gut and liver play in your health healing. 

Healing happens, and we invite you to become the experts because it is one of the most empowering tools you can utilize for your healing journey.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • To heal your autoimmunity, brain fog, and fatigue, you have to heal your gut.
  • It’s important to know the whys and hows of healing protocol so you can stick with the process longer.
  • The highest concentrations of mitochondria are in the brain and liver because they are that important.

Show Highlights:

What are the benefits of healing the gut?

Juanique 3:29

  • We have to heal our gut in order to heal autoimmunity, brain fog, fatigue, thyroid, anxiety, depression, PCOS, inflammation, and immune dysfunction.

What are the symptoms of gut issues?

Juanique 10:24

  • You have to look out for bloating, gassiness, and burping. Questions to consider: does your meal kind of sit in your stomach for an hour or two? Do you feel heavy? Bloating and gassiness shouldn’t be normalized.

Why does bloating and gassiness happen?

Juanique: 17:02

  • You’re eating food that is rotting in your gut. Bloating and gassiness are a sign of inflammation. And bad bacteria thrive in inflammation.

Sugar is highly inflammatory

Juanique: 25:01

  • Sugar is highly inflammatory not only in the gut but also in the liver. It releases aldehydes that are toxic to your body.

Healthy foods for liver

Juanique: 45:58

  • Eat vegetables, and food with lots of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Important Links:

Aug 16, 2022
S2E32 - Biohack Your Way to Healing

Show Summary: “Bioregulators can trigger the body’s healing mechanisms to reverse biological aging.”

It’s a known fact that our bodies can cleanse and heal themselves. But did you know exactly how the mechanisms of our body do just that? 

Peptides and Bioregulator Peptides are types of small proteins and strings of amino acids that help heal and rejuvenate our DNA.

In this episode of the Gutsy Health Podcast, Nathalie Niddam dishes out Peptide Therapy and Bioregulators, and how these helpful compounds trigger not only our body’s natural healing mechanism but also reverse our biological aging. 

Nathalie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Epigenetic Coach whose passion is to guide people on how these strings of amino acids can help decrease inflammation, aid weight loss, and potentially reverse our natural aging. 

As we go along, we dive deeper into the science of Peptide Therapy and how Bioregulators cross through our nuclear membrane to upregulate proteins in our bodies.

Peptide Therapy is a subject not yet known to many people. But worry not! We are here to guide you all the way so you too can become a citizen scientist, your self-healing advocate, and the CEO of your body and healing process. 

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Peptides and Bioregulator Peptides are proteins and strings of small amino acids that could penetrate our nuclear cells and help upregulate our DNA.
  • Upregulating our DNA is known as rejuvenating and restoring the functions of tissues.
  • One of its (Peptides) functions is to restore the telomere length on DNA.

Show Highlights:

How to administer Bioregulators?

Nathalie Niddam 9:50

  • Bioregulators naturally occur in food. And the bioregulator supplements can be taken orally because they are so small and our body has a mechanism to recognize them.

What organs can benefit from Bioregulators?

Nathalie Niddam 13:12

  • Bioregulators can target and improve the health of specific organs such as the liver, pancreas, lungs, muscles, and bone marrow.

What is the appropriate prescription for Bioregulators?

Nathalie Niddam 19:16

  • The answer is evolving. The oral bioregulators are classified as nutritional supplements because they’re essentially food.

Additional Resources:

Important Links:

Aug 09, 2022
S2E31 - The 5 Pillars of Health

Show Summary: “To get healthy and stay healthy, you’ve got to be your own investigator. You’ve got to be inquisitive.”

Many “healthy food” products in supermarkets are marketed as whole and organic food. They claim that they have anti-inflammatory ingredients and are suitable for your heart and blood sugar. 

A couple of hundred years ago, people didn't die from diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, and heart attacks. And this is because we weren’t eating the types of highly processed food that we eat now. 

So, how can you make sure that you’re truly getting the products that are good for you?

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Hemingway laid down the 5 simple pillars of health practices you can learn from to take care of your body. His holistic health philosophy is backed by numerous studies and one that many of you are already familiar with.

Dr. Hemingway believes that health and wellness are sustainable by addressing the root cause of the problem, long before symptoms start to manifest.

We invite you to listen to Episode 31 of the Gutsy Health Podcast and make sure to invite all your loved ones. Now is the time to take charge in making significant decisions that promote healthy living!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • 90% percent of your genetic diseases can be prevented by changing your lifestyle.
  • Most food that we buy in supermarkets is marketed as healthy food. But they’re not actually healthy.
  • The five pillars of health are FOOD, MOVEMENT, STRESS, SLEEP, and GUT HEALTH.

Show Highlights:

Food is medicine

Dr. Thomas 6:51

  • Food is the best medicine or it can be a slow poison. One of the biggest levers that we have is treating food as the powerful medicine it can be.

Plant-based oils

Dr. Thomas 9:14

  • Giant corporations funded the American Heart Association. They got us to believe that man-made plant-based oils are healthier for us than what we’ve been eating for millennia. 

Why is sleep important?

Dr. Thomas 23:47

  • Sleep enables our brain to flush all the toxins away. If these toxins are built up over time, they can cause chronic inflammation the same way our joints start to ache.

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Importance of our lifestyle choices

Dr. Thomas 44:19

  • Our lifestyle is within our control. And by having a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we can prevent the manifestation of over 90% of our genes that have diseases.

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Aug 04, 2022
S2E30 - The Good, the Bad, and the Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Show Summary: “Olive oils must be single-origin. The land where the olive trees grow should be non-invasive, and the fruits must be hand-picked so as not to damage the quality in the process.”

You've all heard olive oil is probably the holy grail among oils. Not only does it taste good but it's also been proven many times that it has a lot of health benefits. Now, the question is how certain are you that you're getting the good quality ones - considering many large olive oil brands are out there just for profit?

How can you distinguish between virgin and extra virgin olive oil? What are the tell-tale signs that the bottles displayed in grocery stores came from multi-sourced locations? How does a clear olive oil bottle affect its overall quality?

It seems like a lot of stuff to consider just to consume oil, doesn't it?

But when it comes to our health, we should always be mindful of the quality of products that we consume. A little research goes a long way too.

That’s why we're thrilled to be joined by Tony Kasandrinos, the founder and CEO of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. In this episode, we discuss the history of their olive oil which originated in Greece. He also gave us some advice on how to spot a good quality product in our nearest grocery stores and the health benefits that come from it.

So please join us as we discover facts about one of our favorite and most important ingredients in our kitchen, and begin to be a positive healthy influence among your friends and family!

Exclusive Gutsy Health discount on Kasandrinos Olive Oil - Use the code GUTSY

Exceptional Highlights:

  • The olive oil industry has become one of the largest health and food scams in the past years.
  • Aside from vitamin E, olive oil is packed with polyphenols and antioxidants that are good for our skin, cells, brain, and heart. 
  • Most large olive oil companies source their ingredients from different countries, which creates a less quality product.

Show Highlights:

What’s the problem in the olive oil industry?

Tony 3:27

  • The vast majority of olive oils are not organic and the fruits are sprayed with pesticides. At the same time, you can have high-quality olive oil that was produced, but due to its distribution process and by the time it gets into consumers’ households, its freshness degrades over time.

Preserving the quality directly from the source

Tony 10:42

  • We want to get Kasandrinos Olive Oil to the customer as soon as we can because that’s what olive oil should taste like.

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What’s the difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?

Tony 12:00

  • When a chemical analysis or acidity test is done, anything above point A is virgin olive oil, and anything below is extra virgin olive oil. It can be tested out the day it’s pressed, but the acidity level rises over time.

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Jul 28, 2022
S2E29 - How to Become Proactive in Preventing Osteoporosis

Show Summary: “We want to prevent Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. It’s easier to slow down and prevent bone loss than to build what’s lost.”

Osteoporosis is commonly known to affect only women in their forties to sixties, but did you know that it could start at an earlier age? 

Studies have shown that approximately 10 million Americans have Osteoporosis, and not only women but men can also suffer from it. It also shows that one in two women and one in four men will break a bone in their lifetime because of low bone density.

Oftentimes, we hear about this condition when people have already been diagnosed and are suffering - only then do they start taking medications, and supplements, and changing their diet and exercise. But it shouldn’t be the only way. And believe us when we say that there are lots of different ways we can prevent Osteoporosis from happening.

Bone Coach™ Kevin Ellis is a Forbes-featured certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, and he’s here to talk to us about what causes Osteoporosis, the tests we can take to check our bone density status, and what we can do to proactively prevent Osteoporosis from happening. 

Listen to the newest episode of the Gutsy Health Podcast and be the best advocate of yourself for your healing journey.

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Identify the root cause of bone loss and get tested for bone density.
  • Get enough nourishment to build stronger bones through a healthy balanced diet.
  • Build body strength through appropriate exercises.

Show Highlights:

What is Osteoporosis?

Kevin Ellis 7:57

  • It’s a condition characterized by insufficient bone formation or excessive bone loss. It can also be a combination of both.

What causes Osteoporosis?

Kevin Ellis 13:59

  • Primary Osteoporosis is related to a decrease in estrogen. Secondary Osteoporosis occurs as a result of bone loss, behaviors, disorders, diseases, medications, and other conditions.

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How to know if we have Osteoporosis?

Kevin Ellis 8:18

  • Through a bone density scanner called DEXA Scan. It is a painless test like an X-ray, but it has much lower levels of radiation.

What are the symptoms of Osteoporosis?

Kevin Ellis 12:42

  • Osteoporosis is a silent condition and does not manifest in pain unless we get a bone fracture. 

Sponsor Link:

Important Links:

Sign up to the Stronger Bones Masterclass CPL

Jul 19, 2022
S2E28 - How To Get Your Grocery Bill Under Control

Show Summary: “Eating healthy: let’s pop the myth that it’s expensive and hard. Inexpensive healthy meals can be done right with proper skills and knowledge.”

Healthy habits can begin with the food that we eat. And sometimes, we’re daunted by the tremendous amount of tasks before us just to achieve our health goals.

What kind of food should we buy? Where can we access inexpensive organic fruits and vegetables? Are healthy meals complicated to make?

One way or another, we’ve asked ourselves these questions many times, and more often than not, these questions can be intimidating - and then we start to doubt ourselves.

Worry not! Episode 28 of the Gutsy Health Podcast is here to lay down all the recommendations for you to become a meal planning Pro. And it doesn’t have to be tricky. It doesn’t take a lot of work either. You don’t necessarily have to be a Michelin Star chef to create sumptuous and healthy meals for you and your family.

In this episode, we emphasize the importance of meal planning and food prepping, and that leftovers are more nutrient-dense than what we get from big fast-food restaurants. I guarantee you that this will make your meal planning a lot easier and hassle-free!

Tune in to this episode and become an advocate of healthy healing for you and your family. Because shifting away from the mindset that eating healthy is time-consuming and that it takes a lot of work may seem unthinkable but this is the best way to nurture, nourish, and heal our bodies. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Information and knowledge about healthy eating are pointless without proper implementation.
  • Changing your health isn’t just about information: it’s ingraining it in your mind, body, and soul
  • Eating is a habit. We need to break old habits in order to create new healthy ones.

Show Highlights:

Food and meal planning

Juanique 7:40

  • Get everyone in your family involved in food prepping and washing fruits and vegetables.

Changing old habits

Juanique 9:10

  • You need to get out of your way to prioritize eating healthy and make a habit of it, just like how brushing your teeth and showering are part of your daily habits. 

Inexpensive healthy food

Gina 23:04

  • The sandwiches that we pick up in coffee shops may seem reasonably priced. But if we replace it with an omelet with spinach and avocado, we will find that those ingredients are much cheaper and healthier than those store-bought sandwiches.

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How is eating inexpensive healthy food related to our health?

Juanique 24:57

  • The amount and effort it takes for us to prepare organic and healthy meals are a lot cheaper than when we get hospitalized and under medications because of an illness that resulted from our neglect of food consumption.

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Gutsy Health Menu Plans

Gutsy Health Mindset Group

Gutsy Health Podcast Instagram

Jul 12, 2022
S2E27 - Healing Through the Gift of Disease

Show Summary: “You will not heal until your mind aligns with your healing. You can only heal if you stop what’s causing your pain in the first place. Never give up hope; you are your best healer.”

**********Trigger warning: Cancer story and suicide ideation.**********

It’s been a year since Tristin's passing, and Juanique is here with us today to share her journey that spans over five years.

It all started when she was 28 years old and 20 weeks into her pregnancy when the world seemed to have stopped revolving the moment they found out that her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer. 

Throughout those years, she has been nothing but a solid support system for Tristin, her children, and her friends. She carried all the emotional and psychological weight of the situation while refusing to show vulnerability. Not for selfish reasons, but to continue taking care of everyone around her. 

As a trauma response, Juanique buried herself in tons of work and advocacies in helping others on their healing journey. That is until her own body showed signs of many unusual neurological symptoms lately. It even came to a point where she just wanted it to end. Her mind and body shut down which made her stop and slow down. As if her body’s telling her that she has taken care of everybody enough, and now is the time to take care of herself too.

Here in the Gutsy Health Podcast, we always aim to share with you the many ways we can heal ourselves in a holistic way. And Juanique, as brave as she is, stands to be an example that no matter how hard we repress all our pain, we can still recover and create a healing space - not just for everyone that we care about, but for ourselves too. After all, the healing journey begins with us, and only us. 

We hope that by listening to this special podcast episode, you’ll pick up a thing or two and go about your day feeling like you’ve gained optimism and strength to know that no matter how hard your situation is right now, there is always hope. And there is always help along the way. 

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Our body will start to process all the fear, emotions, and things we’ve held on to for so long when it feels safe to do it.
  • Our disease and dis-ease are our internal mirror of the imbalance within our mind, body, and soul.
  • If we can create disease, we can create health. If we can create darkness, we can create light.

Show Highlights:

About repressed emotions for the past six years

Juanique 5:55

  • Because I was trying to protect everyone and make them feel comfortable, there was no space for me to feel my emotions. And as I’ve been going back to work, for the first time I felt sadness for myself.

Trauma response and survival

Gina 12:46

  • You lived in your mind for survival. If you didn’t disconnect from your emotions and physical exhaustion at the time, you wouldn’t be able to survive and take care of your kids and Tristin.

Realizations while meditating, doing EDMR, and Ketamine Therapy

Juanique 13:43

  • By pushing all my emotions down, that’s where I dishonored myself. That’s where I lost myself and safety in this life.

Important Links:

Jul 05, 2022
S2E26 - How Thoughts Can't Move Energy To Heal. Only Energy Can Move Energy To Heal

Show Summary: “Energy moves through us. Just because we feel certain emotions doesn’t mean it’s us.”

Oftentimes our thoughts create our emotions. And our emotions lead to our moods. And when we put these moods on repeat long enough, we feel like we are stuck in an endless loop and they eventually become our identity. That’s how powerful our mind is.

Everything begins in our minds and our healing journey starts with it as well. Mindset is always number one.

In this week’s episode, we welcome back one of our fantastic frequent flyers in the Gutsy Health Podcast, Britt Lefkoe, to talk about the relationship between our mind and body, and how our mindset is tied to the energy and emotions that flow through us. 

Britt is an exceptional mindset coach. We’ve worked with her in the Gutsy Health Academy and I have personally witnessed her brilliance when it comes to personal development. 

The path to our healing may not always be an easy one. You may also have heard that healing is not linear. But there are many ways in which we can make it a lot more bearable - may it be in the form of positive affirmations, therapy, or medications. 

We choose what’s best for us and luckily, Britt is here with us to guide us on how to bring lightness and empowerment, and create love and joy not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones too. 

Come and join us in this enlightening conversation and sign up for the Gutsy Health Academy to become a health healing champion.

Get the MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP YOU NEED! Get your Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets now with a 35% discount using the code "GUTSY"

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Don't ask why emotions are there, because it puts you in an endless story. Rather, question yourself about what to do and how to move forward.
  • There’s a difference between negative thoughts and emotions. There are no negative emotions but there are negative thoughts. 
  • Sometimes our expressions of symptoms are not an actual illness. We’re not as sick and tired as we thought we were.

Show Highlights:

Positive affirmations

Britt 4:11

  • Thoughts do not change emotions. Only emotions can change emotions.

The person we needed as a child

Britt 13:06

  • We have become the person our little self needed and our development has been dedicated to honoring who our little self was. We’ve become that which we didn’t have.

Get the MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP YOU NEED! Get your Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets now with a 35% discount using the code "GUTSY"

Fear and anxiety are not feelings

Britt 18:43

  • Unlike sadness, despair, joy, and love - fear and anxiety are not feelings. Those are reactions we don’t know how to feel.

Energy moving through our body

Juanique 23:41

  • As humans, we are not sad. We just have sadness flow through us. These emotions are energy just moving through. And just because energy moves through me, it doesn’t mean it’s me.

Sponsor Link:

Important Links:

The Gutsy Health Academy
Gutsy Health Mindset Group

Britt Lefkoe

Gutsy Health Instagram

Jun 29, 2022
S2E25 - Optimizing Oral Health to Optimize Overall Gut Health With Dr. Jim Ellis

Show Summary: “Good oral health is good gut health.”

How often do we consider the relationship between our oral health and gut health? Turns out, that lots of our oral activities affect the nature of our gut health – from brushing our teeth, flossing, and even the kind of food that we eat.

There are also many things to take into consideration: what should we be looking for when it comes to dental products? Are we protected enough? How can we take care of our oral and gut health while being mindful of the impact of these products on our environment?

In this week’s episode, we are joined by our special guest Dr. Jim Ellis, an amazing dentist in Ogden and owner of The Oral Care Club. He shares with us the different chemicals to look out for that are harmful to our teeth, good habits that nourish our oral environment, and the difference between cleaning our teeth versus creating good oral health.

We were also able to talk about the features of his amazing dental health resource, The Oral Care Club, wherein you can browse through his sustainable and environmental-friendly dental products and other brands that truly care about our dental hygiene.

So please tune in and invite as many people as possible, as we take on a fascinating conversation with Dr. Ellis that leads to a positive change in our overall oral and gut health.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • If our oral health is poor, we’re essentially damaging our gut health and our ability to digest food correctly.
  • Cleaning off the gunk is one thing, but nourishing the tissues and the oral microbiome is a great reward all the way downstream.
  • Make the habit of brushing and flossing teeth a family affair to get kids involved so they can enjoy taking care of their teeth.

Get the MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP YOU NEED! Get your Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets now with a 35% discount using the code "GUTSY"

Show Highlights:

Aside from brushing and flossing, how else can we contribute to a healthy oral microbiome?

Dr. Ellis 7:45

  • Getting the garbage out of your mouth is number one. But you must also look at your overall health, are there prescriptions you’re taking that affect your salivary flow rate? Are you getting yeast infections in your mouth? Do you have a dry mouth?

Chemicals in our toothpaste are bad for us

Dr. Ellis 6:19

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate is the number one foaming agent found in toothpaste. Big manufacturers put these harsh chemicals in our toothpaste because they’re cheap.

Get the MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP YOU NEED! Get your Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets now with a 35% discount using the code "GUTSY"

Dr. Ellis 19:48

  • Titanium dioxide makes things bleach white. You don’t want that. And a lot of toothpaste has artificial sugars like saccharides.

Causes of bad bacteria in our mouths

Dr. Ellis 1 10:03

  • Unnatural added sugars in our daily diet. Bad bacteria thrive in sugar and we’re basically feeding the bad bacteria in our mouth and stomach with sugar.

Dry mouth epidemic

Dr. Ellis 13:58

  • Your mouth needs to be wet and moist, otherwise, your tissues are going to dry out and you’re going to get cavities and fragile teeth.

Get the MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP YOU NEED! Get your Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets now with a 35% discount using the code "GUTSY"

Sponsor Link:

Important Links:

The Oral Care Club

Jim Ellis, DDS

Jun 21, 2022
S2E24- Step 1 and 2 of the Order of Healing: Mindset and Mitochondria

Show Summary: “The body has all the mechanisms necessary to heal itself. “

As you embark on your healthy lifestyle goals, you first need to learn how to heal. So, how do you heal to recognize the significance of what health means?

Complete healing is a process, and we created the Order of Healing so you can easily absorb the essence and importance of each step and how these steps are interconnected. 

This series introduces the first and second steps in the order of healing, Mindset, and Mitochondria. 

Mindset is number one over anything. It is phenomenal when you dive into the power of the mind and how it acts as a conductor of the body to create healing. You may not recognize it, but even science can prove that having subconscious thoughts of self-doubt and fear can sabotage your healing process. 

Once you have established a strong mindset, you can focus on the next step in healing, your Mitochondria. If you have no idea what this word is, now is the time to learn how essential it is in your healing process. To give quick hindsight, the Mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells and are responsible for powering up your body in creating energy that we need in our everyday lives. 

Please tune in to this episode as we deep dive into how you can improve your mindset and learn how easy it is to rejuvenate and produce healthier Mitochondria as you prepare for the next steps in your self-healing journey. 

Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Your body is literally a portal for life.
  • If you have autoimmune disease in your genes, you can turn the genes on and off through mindset and lifestyle changes. 
  • If you want health from a long-term or longevity standpoint, go deep into the cellular level.

Show Highlights: 

How does the energy of self-doubt transmute into a chemical response in your body

Juanique 7:48

  • If your conscious value is, I'm going to heal. But you're not unpacking those thoughts of "I'm not worthy of this, or I'm unlovable" your body is going to create chemicals like cortisol, which is the wear and tear hormone, and it will start breaking down your body. 

Heart Math research shows how thoughts can change your physical body

Gina 11:58

  • Findings show that people who feel fear, worry, and frustration, have very erratic heart rate variability. Their health markers are lower, and their stress hormones are higher. While people who feel gratitude, love, and appreciation have excellent, smooth rhythmic heart rates and have better health markers.

What are Mitochondria?

Gina 18:08

  • Almost all your cells have hundreds to thousands of Mitochondria. And they power up our body and give us energy that creates our lifeforce. 

What heals the Mitochondria?

Juanique 19:09

  • Don't count macros; instead, count micros. Because the micronutrients are what heal and help the mitochondria function.

Juanique 25:13

  • Mitochondria needs Magnesium, as well as 200 other enzymatic functions.

Important Links: 

Gutsy Health Academy

Bruce Lipton

Heart Math Institute

Jun 14, 2022
SE23 - How to Reverse Diseases Using Food

Show Summary: "Don't be content with being sick. And don't ever give up." 

Have you ever felt like giving up on your sickness or life? If yes, then don’t!

There is a way, and we are here to tell you that you don't have to waste your time, money, and medicines to get well. Instead, you can reverse your disease through food.

Coining the term "nutritarian" and publishing 12 best-selling books aside from his medical practice, our special guest, the amazing Dr. Joel Fuhrman, shares with us that proper diet indeed is the cure for all diseases. Would you like to get rid of your diabetes and high blood pressure and get back to your ideal weight? Would you like to live a long, healthy life as possible? You can do it!

With all the advanced research, we can live longer and healthier. And Dr. Fuhrman shares how we can achieve this goal. So please tune in to our latest episode so that you can be a self-healing champion. 

Exceptional Highlights: 

  • When you take drugs, it's just these short-term gains but long-term deficits.
  • The nutritional calorie density of your diet is a major factor affecting your health.
  • It's a big process and art to motivate a person to change their diet. 

Show Highlights: 

How did you realize that nutrition is the way to go if people want to find healing?

Dr. Fuhrman 5:20

  • I found that out before I went to medical school. I was dating this woman who went to medical school and said that if I'm so passionate about this, why don't I become a doctor myself?

What are you seeing in the literature in the research these days around health and nutrition?

Dr. Fuhrman 26:56

  • The most surprising finding in the scientific literature is that more plant protein in the diet extends the human lifespan and slows aging. And more animal protein accelerates aging and promotes cancer.

Can you tell us something about your nutritarian philosophy?

Dr. Fuhrman 27:33

  • A diet that has a sufficient amount of green vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, and other vegetables, of course, is the basis of a nutritarian diet. 

Important Links: 

Eat for Life Book

Dr. Fuhrman’s Website

Gutsy Health Podcast Instagram

Jun 07, 2022
S2E22 - Healing Lyme Disease- Ashley Church's Healing Journey

Show Summary: "Healing isn't a destiny. It's a journey." 

Have you ever had Lyme disease? Or do you know someone who had it? Unfortunately, Lyme is more prevalent than we realize. And some people are not even aware that they have it. Such is the case with our guest for this episode. It took her almost fourteen years to find out that she had Lyme disease, setting aside the daily fatigue and headaches she was experiencing. 

So today, one of my golden babies, Ashley Church, who is now one of our private coaches at Provo Health, is joining us for this episode. She was my note-taker before she finally graduated to become a coach. Listen as she shares her healing journey with us and affirm that healing takes time. Ashley is proof of our mission in helping everyone to be their healing champions as she advises all of you listeners to be your health advocate. 

No one cares as much about your health as you do. So be inspired by Ashley as she tells about her healing journey from having Lyme disease to being a Provo Health coach. 

Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Antibiotics are not the way to attack Lyme disease. 
  • Give your body what it needs to heal you.
  • There's always help; there's always light; there's always hope. For me, it was the hope and the desire to have my future.

Show Highlights: 

What symptoms did you experience that led to Lyme disease?

Ashley 4:39

  • More headaches, and they were pretty constant every single day. I was taking Advil to get through the day every day. Also, having low energy. I couldn't wake up early. 

If the listeners here had Lyme disease and were sitting in consultation with you, what would you tell them?

Ashley 12:50

  • I would probably want to see how severe their symptoms are and what symptoms they have. 

What are cavitations?

Ashley 21:04

  • Cavitations are actually pockets on teeth that hold a lot of bacteria. And they can harbor things like Lyme and infection from when your teeth are pulled. 

Are there any other lessons you feel it's taught you along the way?

Ashley 28:53

  • One thing I would say is, "Never give up." I mean, there were many times when I felt I was done. But I had some amazing support from my family and friends that I never felt I was in a really scary place. 

Important Links: 

Spore-based Probiotics episode with Dr. Kiran Krishnan

Provo Health Team

May 31, 2022
S2E21 - Elimination Diets & Autoimmune Diseases with Dr. Donna Mazzola

Show Summary: "Healing is a marathon, not a sprint."

Do you know someone who has autoimmune diseases? There are about 110 types of autoimmune diseases, and most people who have them are not aware that they have them. Checking your food intake and what foods you should avoid eating can help you heal these diseases.

We have Dr. Donna Mazolla, a.k.a Dr. Autoimmune Girl, to discuss elimination diets and autoimmune diseases with us for this episode. For someone who has had Hashimotos for several years, Donna is the perfect person who can tell us what works and what does not work with the food we eat. Plus, she is a doctor of pharmacology! She shares all she knows through her book "Immunity Food Fix." 

Donna teaches people what she has been practicing. Like us, she realized that there is a gap in health care that other medical professionals do not address that much - nutrition and lifestyle. Instead, they prescribe medication and let their patients go about their way without being adequately advised or educated about what they should eat or avoid. 

So please tune in to this episode and share it with as many people as possible to be your healing champion by simply addressing your nutrition and making the necessary lifestyle changes. If we could do it, you can do it, too! We are here for you. 

Exceptional Highlights: 

  • No wonder people are so traumatized by food because all these quote-unquote experts are all yelling at each other, saying each other is wrong.
  • There is a science to back up that food will make or break you.
  • We need to figure out which buttons to push and which foods to eat to help our bodies heal themselves.

Show Highlights: 

Can you add something about the effects of antibiotics on our microbiome?

Donna 13:33

  • It's impacted our immune system; it's decreased our oral tolerance. We see a rise in allergies as a result.

Suppose people are starting to incorporate food after an elimination diet. What are the effects that they should look out for?

Donna 18:38

  • It could be fatigue, something you're not even thinking about. But like your typical bloating, diarrhea, or gas, these let you know something is going on with the gut. 

What about these people that can't even handle vegetables?

Donna 21:10

  • For those people, the question is, have you removed all inflammatory foods first? And now you're eating vegetables and can't tolerate it. We have to give it time. 

Can we get your opinions on the different types of elimination diets?

Donna 32:50

  • I am a pro vegetable and not vegan or vegetarian. I'm not anti-animal protein. But I recognize the need, like the phytochemicals present in plants. Looking at Keto and being a carnivore, I'm against these diets because of the disruption and the gut microbiome. 

Important Links:

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Dr. Donna Mazzola’s IG

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Dr. Donna Mazzola’s Website

Immunity Food Fix Book

May 24, 2022
S2E20 - Getting Rid of Heavy Metals, Toxins & Parasites to Finally Expedite Healing in Your Body

Show Summary: "Parasites can change your personality."

When was the last time you did detoxification?

When was the last time you made yourself aware of what could possibly be in the food you're eating & water you're drinking?

When was the last time you felt like you were not yourself?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, you should listen to this episode!

Imagine pulling 12-inch dead worms out of your rear end & discovering that there are many parasites inside your body! That was Dr. Jay's experience when taking Mimosa pudica seeds for cleansing. Dr. Jay Davidson is one of CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas' founders that ensures patients build a strong foundation before entering periods of deeper detoxification. 

Listen as he deeply educates about different types of parasitic worms that could affect how you think and act. He also shares how Lyme is being treated incorrectly and why it is important to identify its root cause. 

Please share this with your loved ones because it is so essential to be aware of how different parasites can get to your bodies and how to get rid of them.


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • The most important thing for your water is to make sure there are no chemicals in it.
  • Lyme disease is most often in places with radioactive elements in their water supply.
  • Parasites can literally change your brain chemistry.

Show Highlights: 

Does the stool test detect parasites?

Dr. Jay 13:27

  • The chance is very little. I know that upsets people, especially those working in a lab or huge fans of stool tests. And there are two pieces to unpack here. The first one is they've done research where they take a stool analysis and look at the bacteria on the stool, and then they probe up into the intestinal tract and take a sample of the bacteria. And they were completely different.

Parasites can change your personality

Dr. Jay 17: 49

  • There's a book called Your Brain on Parasites. Their research finds that when a parasite is there, it actually changes your personality. So when you do certain things, and you feel that that's not you, there's probably something else that is modifying who you really are.


How often should you do a parasite cleanse?

Dr. Jay 19:16

  • It depends on the person. The idea is we're not trying to eliminate every single worm or parasite within your body. Just like we're not trying to kill every bacteria. Parasite load will build up. One of the most important things to do is to bring that load down and then do some periodic cleansing to keep it down, so it's not as if you're going to get rid of it. We're not eliminating everything, and we want to keep that in check because it's all about harmony and balance.

Important Links: 

May 17, 2022
S2E19 - The Future of Healing Through Ketamine

Show Summary: "Ketamine creates the death of the ego. It takes those things you've been keeping alive with your ego and says they no longer serve a purpose."

Cancer patients and their caregivers go through many challenges that lead to psychological problems like anxiety and depression. And the standard talk therapy that happens between patients and psychiatrists isn't enough. In recent years, some people put up Ketamine clinics. But these clinics are just cash cows and still do not help in addressing the psychological experiences that cancer patients and their caregivers go through. 

So in this episode, I am deeply honored to have Krista Andersen, my partner, in putting up our Ketamine clinic. She has been dealing with cancer as a caregiver at an early age since her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was ten years old. Then her sister, and then her. But amazingly, she is now at the stage of moving forward to being in remission. 

Please tune in and listen as Krista and I share with you our shared journey of being a cancer patient and a caregiver and how we will be putting up our ketamine clinic so that we can help more people in their healing journey.

Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Cancer is a very lonely experience. Even if a lot of people surround you, it is still isolating, very lonely, and very helpless.
  • Ketamine helps you see things from different perspectives. You're seeing it from a much higher level; you are not seeing it from a place of trauma.
  • Ketamine therapy can help people with all sorts of depressive disorders: PTSD, addiction behaviors, suicidal ideations, disease, trauma, and end of life. 

Show Highlights: 

Do you think people understand what cancer patients or even their caregivers are going through?

Krista 9:53

  • Until you are in that place as a caregiver or patient, there is no way to understand the experiences fully.

How was your first experience being under Ketamine?

Krista 16:20 

  • In my first few moments of being under Ketamine, my conscious cognitive thought was if this is what dying is like, I would be okay with it. There was a lot of peace. 

Why are we creating our clinic?

Juanique 19:52

  • Because we see these cash cow clinics, and they're just pumping people in and pumping them out. And can you imagine someone starting to have that experience? And it's a very scary experience for them.

Why do you believe in Ketamine therapy?

Krista 25:47

  • I believe that we can revolutionize how these medicines are being used to treat mental health or help improve mental health. 

Important Links:

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The Gutsy Health Podcast Instagram

May 10, 2022
S2E18 - EMDR Therapy for Mental Health & Healing

Show Summary: "EMDR targets part of the past; then, it targets current triggers, and then it does the future template.”

Getting your mindset right is the first important step in starting your healing journey. Suppose your brain isn't working for you but is working against you, or if you have this neuro wiring for trauma, PTSD, or highly intense emotional reactions, it's because that's what protected you or saved you many years ago. 

Sadly, if that's how your brain still works, your body won't feel good. It'll be in a fight or flight response, and you need to get out of that dominant sympathetic response and get into a parasympathetic state, which is rest & digest, to heal. But some people think that it's difficult to do because it'll take years to get past their trauma.

We all know that talk therapy is helpful, but other therapies can also help you resolve one traumatic memory at a time so your brain can start rationalizing negative events or experiences and prevent you from getting into a fight or flight response. And with Gregory Salvesen, we'll talk about what EMDR is, how it works, and how effective it is in dealing with traumatic experiences without spending years of a lifetime going to therapy sessions.

Don't forget to share this with your loved ones who need to hear this!


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • The goal is whenever you feel negative emotions; you calm yourself down without needing all the other tools because your rational brain can now tap into that negative emotion & rationalize it out. 
  • We drop off the emotions attached to every experience; We filter that out and place the information where it belongs.
  • We resolve one memory at a time. Some need more than one session because it depends on what is the significant trauma.

Show Highlights: 

What is REM Sleep?

Greg 3:16

  • A lot of information processing occurs while we're asleep, specifically when we're in REM sleep. REM means rapid eye movement. That's because our eyes do a little bit of a flicker & that's when you know people are dreaming.

What is EMDR?

Greg 10:04

  • EMDR works on the same mechanism as REM sleep. But it targets those problematic experiences and memories that have shifted and neutralizes them. We use a mechanical eye movement, and we target & stimulate the memory & negative thoughts associated with that. And then we use the eye movements while you're awake to help the brain reexamine and file it correctly. 

How Dr. Greg discovered that his road rage comes from the underlying cognitions of power and control

Greg 23:10

  • My road rage had nothing to do with a car, and it was about underlying cognitions of power and control. It was related to my childhood experience in detention. I was planning to go to a dental appointment, and the teacher grabbed me into detention, and she wouldn't let me go to the parking lot and tell my mom, and I had this awful trapped power control thing. 


Important Links:

Provo Health

May 03, 2022
S2E17 - Healing DOES Happen & This is How with Jasmine Dulin

Show Summary: "Healing can be fun. It can be inflow, and it can be easy. It's not hard work. You just need to set your intention."

If you have been used to being sick or depressed, Healing may look like hard work. In our modern world filled with Transformation Tuesdays, it isn't easy to talk about one's healing journey from the point of view of our guest for this episode. 

From suicidal ideation to embracing her Healing timeline, join our discussion with Jasmine Dulin, one of our Gutsy Health Academy members. Jasmine grew up with her mom, who used food as medicine. But upon finishing college, she started getting weird health symptoms. She couldn't exercise because she was injury-prone, and she has since struggled with terrible anxiety. She discovered the Gutsy Health Podcast when she badly needed something to take her mind off of suicidal ideation. And ever before, she decided to change her habits and learn all that she could, especially with food and nutrition, to become a self-healing champion. 

If you are currently nursing a sickness and would like to be inspired by Jasmine's story, sit back, relax and tune in to this episode. Invite a loved one or a friend with you, too! Believe in the power of Healing! And just like Jasmine, all you need to start is to believe that you can. 


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Your brain creates the ambiance for the rest of the body. So if you're thinking of damaging thoughts or are highly stressed, you're sending out a chemical cascade to the rest of your body that creates inflammation and disease. 
  • The stress around eating the bad food can be just as toxic as eating the bad food all by itself.
  • Learn how to heal your body from a cellular level like you repair your cells' ability to make energy. 


Show Highlights: 

How long have you been experiencing depression?

Jasmine 07:19

  • I've struggled with really bad anxiety my whole life!

What is suicidal ideation?

Jasmine 8:15

  • It means that you don't necessarily have a plan to end your life, but you won't be disappointed if you happen to get in a car crash and die. 

What was the next breadcrumb on your path of learning?

Jasmine 20:14

  • Some people like to jump into a program and go hard. But for me, I get overwhelmed super quickly. So I've heard you guys say something similar to it can be beneficial for many people to make small conquerable goals. 


Important Links:

Tony Robbins Life Force 

Gutsy Holiday Treats 

Ten Percent Happier 

Apr 26, 2022
S2E16 - Never Overlook Mindset When it Comes to Healing with Beliefs - Britt Lefkoe

Show Summary: "If we believe something is dangerous, it creates fear. If we believe something is safe, it creates calmness in our body."

Mindset is everything. It is the way that we experience the world. Mindset is the very first item in the order of healing. Without the proper mindset, healing will take a longer time to happen. Our conscious and subconscious belief systems can build up or deteriorate our bodies. Whatever we think of happens to our bodies. That is why our special guest for today gives us a glimpse of the fantastic possibilities that could happen when you join us in the Gutsy Health Academy. 

Britt Lefkoe is one of the most amazing mindset coaches we've ever met. She continues the groundbreaking work of her father, Morty Lefkoe. Their belief-based and neuro-scientific approach to personal development has been of great help to individuals and organizations around the world. I have personally witnessed what she can do in an hour as she has helped Tristin change from being bent over and in a dark place to being upright and in a positive mood again. 

We are so honored and thrilled to have her on board with us as we open another season and continue our healing journey together at the Gutsy Health Academy. So please sit back and listen to this episode so that you can take a peek at what's possible for you and your loved ones to heal. 


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Our health is oftentimes a reflection of our internal turmoil.
  • Love and attention are tied to safety. 
  • When you're in that space of self-love and when you're in that space of flow, that is when you start to heal.


Show Highlights: 

Why is mindset important?

Britt 13:20

  • I think that mindset is so important because it's about updating the software. Mindset is about getting rid of these old generalizations to see the world as it actually is instead of as you believe it to be.


So how do you update an app that you haven't updated? 

Britt 16:50

  • I think coming with curiosity to your childhood is important to understand that if our beliefs are developed during our first seven years, we can start to ask the questions like, 'What did I think I learned?', 'What did I feel about having a parent who was a worrier?' 

What happens when someone starts doing mindset work?

Britt 19:31

  • When you start doing mindset work, you start to have this superpower where these beliefs simply are midpoints; there's a step along the way. 


Important Links:

Britt Lefkoe Website

Britt Lefkoe’s IG

The Gutsy Health Academy - Enroll Now!

Apr 19, 2022
S2EP15 - How To Go From Victim To Hero In Your Healing Journey

Show Summary: "There is a lot of mindset shifting when people embark on a healing journey. It can sometimes be scary or isolating, and we want to break down those barriers for our members."

Our mission here at the Gutsy Health Podcast has always been to help people become self-healing champions. And a champion is always a hero, never a victim. Being sick, especially with a debilitating disease, can cause negative thinking, insecurity, and loneliness. We are here to delete all of the negativities that cause you to get more sick by helping you change your mindset and making you feel that you are not alone. 

The current model for our health care is just not working. As we are truth seekers, we only want the best for you, and certain practices cause harm rather than good for our bodies. We want to empower more people with knowledge and skills that allow them to think about their health critically. We share whatever knowledge we have through this podcast and the Gutsy Health Academy. 

We believe that people just need guidance on the basics when it comes to healing. Please tune in to this episode to know when we are once again opening doors for our Gutsy Health Academy.

We invite you to join us and be a hero in your self-healing journey.   


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • Our body is a complex system that all works together. Our gut influences our hormones, our mindset affects our hormones, and all these things work together. 
  • The present medical model is just like a machine - for doctors to see as many people as possible in a short amount of time. But that's not sufficient to help people understand their bodies and to help them know what they need to do to heal and reverse a lot of their ailments. 
  • Healing should be in flow. If you want to go from victim to hero in your healing journey, it has to excite you. It has to come from a place of joy and wonder.

Show Highlights: 4

What are your credentials that would back up this program?

Juanique 7:41

  • I was in school for nutrition therapy to become a master nutrition therapist; halfway through the program, Tristin's health started to decline, and he died.

What is our mission here?

Juanique 10:54

  • It's to empower you with knowledge and a skill set that allows you to think critically about your health and recruit doctors to be on your team but you're the head coach; you're not taking direction from them.

When can we sign up for the Gutsy Health Academy? 

Juanique 30:20

  • You can sign up from April 11 to June 1. 

The Gutsy Health Academy is more fun!

Juanique 41:09

  • We gamified it! If you finish a certain class & share something about your experience on Facebook,  you gain points. And the accumulated points will allow you to get gifts or prizes!


Important Links:

The Powerful Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen

The Gutsy Health Academy - Enroll Now!

Apr 12, 2022
S2E14 - The Vision of Conscious Healing Clinics for Cancer and Lyme Patients

Show Summary: "I want to provide incredible services for cancer patients and help fund the means for their treatments and let them realize they're not alone."

Most of Juanique's followers and listeners know that Tristan reveals himself to her through rainbows, and she always sees rainbows. She sees them everywhere. During a friend's funeral, she saw an upside-down rainbow that seemed to be going around the sun. That same day, she received a DM from someone on Instagram who was also present at the funeral, and she thanked her for all the things she had done for the cancer community. 

But here are Juanique's thoughts. "I have done nothing but run from the cancer community because I was still healing from mental trauma. But I won't be running anymore. Seeing the rainbow and the sun fueled me to have bigger plans for the cancer community."

So in this episode, Juanique shares her vision - her plans and dreams for cancer and Lyme patients - by opening the Provo Health Clinic. There is not enough good mental support for people struggling with cancer and their families, and it's appalling. Having cancer in the family feels like your world is being completely shattered, and your sense of safety is ripped from you. But Juanique is here for you. We hear you, so you will never be alone in your battle.

Do you have cancer or know someone who has cancer? Listen to this episode because there is hope, and we can help each other get through the challenges of this sickness. 


Exceptional Highlights: 

  • The brain is the body's thermostat.
  • One of the most underestimated keys to healing lies in the nervous system.
  • My friend Krista, who has finished her cancer and radiation treatments for Stage Three breast cancer, will help me create a ketamine clinic. 

Show Highlights: 4 

What is a conscious healing clinic?

Juanique 15:50

  • A conscious healing clinic integrates consciousness with nutrition and lifestyle changes that empower people to learn how to heal themselves.

Why are there not more hyperbaric clinics?

Juanique 17:34

  •  It is way too hard and too expensive to open up a hyperbaric clinic.

Why do you want to open a hyperbaric clinic?

Juanique 17:47

  • This isn't about business. This is about helping people promote health. It's for a purpose. It's for a cause.

Why do you feel the need to help families of people with cancer? 

Juanique 18:45

  • I understand that when cancer families are feeling desperation, they need a team, a support system, and need help. They don't need to mortgage their house; they don't need to feel like they will become bankrupt from this. 


Important Links:

Provo Health

Ketamine Therapy Episode

Apr 05, 2022
S2E13 - How To Heal Your Gut To Heal Your Body

Show Summary: "This is the future, and it is how I see our world changing: by becoming our own healing experts."

We talk about our favorite topic: healing the gut, in this episode. This episode is similar to the first class of our Gutsy Health Membership, where we help our members understand how the nervous system and the gut are intertwined. For our long-time listeners, we bet you already know what you should prioritize in the gut-healing, but let's discuss it even more.

Nowadays, we normalize gut imbalances, which is not what most people should experience, like being bloated after every meal. Here in the Gutsy Health podcast, we always tell you the symptoms of a leaky gut. And we'll never get tired of reminding you about it because it is not normal, and normal is having a well-functioning & healed body. 

Remember, stress ruins your gut. And in our modern world, we always sit in front of our computers while we work the whole day. Sadly, it puts our bodies in a fight or flight response. And this does not go well in helping our body heal. 

So hop on and listen to this episode and continue the education on being a self-healing champion!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Eight out of 10 people have digestive issues.
  • Check your poop because your poop is a great sign and tell of what's going on internally.
  • If we want to reverse health problems, we need to ensure our absorption is on point. 

Show Highlights: 

What are the most improperly prescribed medications?

Juanique 1:58

  • PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are antacids. These are one of the most improperly prescribed medications in America. It puts you at higher risk for cancer if taken for so long. 

 What are some signs of gut dysfunction?

Juanique 5:13

  • Skin disorders like if you have eczema or psoriasis; then there's the lump in your throat feeling; another one is burping. A lot of people get really burpee. And so that's a sign of low hydrochloric acid and digestive dysfunction.

What is a way to know you're not digesting your protein correctly?

Juanique 16:53

  • If you have stinky gas. 

What should we be introducing more of as we try to heal our guts?

Gina 32:09

  • Things like aloe vera, bone broth, turmeric are good anti-inflammatory foods and compounds that heal the gut.


Important Links:

Bristol Scale

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen List

Episode with Dr. Uma Naido

The Mind-Gut Connection 

Gutsy Health Membership

Mar 29, 2022
S2E12 - Every Child Is Different with Dr. Joel Gator

Show Summary: "Having healthy, firm, loving boundaries around food is not punishing your child. It's teaching them a skill that will keep them healthy throughout their lives." 

In our fast-paced world, we have gotten used to eating instant or processed food or food that is easy to prepare. Most of the time, we order from fast-food restaurants. If we go to the grocery, we skip checking labels and shoot whatever we think is delicious inside our grocery carts. But are we aware of the content of these foods and their effects on mental health? Especially with children who are still developing their brains? 

For this episode, we have Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh with us, who discuss mental development in children. He is an integrative and holistic pediatrician who also has a Master's Degree in Epidemiology and Community Health. He balances Western medicine and natural medicine in treating his patients. Listen as he unravels why mental health issues in children are doubling these past few years and what we can do to better care for our children. 

Tune in to this episode to learn how to better care for you and your children's mental health. Please share it with people you care about, too! 


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Stress influences mental health.
  • We weren't programmed to be stressed out all day, every day. That changes your body, your hormones.
  • We have to go back to the kitchen and practice that skill. We have to learn and become friends with cooking again.

Show Highlights:

Is there some holistic regimen that you can put together with medication to address sensory disorders? What are their commonalities, and how are they different?

Dr. Gator 15:04

  • Every child is different, and every diagnosis is different. So there's not one thing that works for everyone. But there's one commonality across these which is inflammation - the leading cause and contributor to all of these,

Do you think some kids get misdiagnosed with disorders like ADHD and things like that? What if they just needed to clean up their diet?

Dr. Gator 33:11

  • For sure. ADHD is a label. There's no specific test where you have these lab numbers in there for you. 

Can we do detoxification for kids?

Dr. Gator 41:40

  • Whenever we're doing detoxification for kids, the place to start is with natural detoxification. So you first think about the three ways you get things out of your body- poop, pee and sweating. 


Important Links:

Raising Healthy Eaters with Healthy Boundaries

Episode w/ Kiran Krishnan  

Episode w/ Dr. Uma Naidoo

Raising Amazing Podcast

Dr. Gator’s IG 

Integrative Pediatrics

Mar 22, 2022
S2E11 - Healing Your Body Through Whole Foods with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Show Summary: ”The power of how we feel emotionally & physically is at the end of our fork.”

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted physical effects on those who caught the virus. But physical effects are for those who got sick. Meanwhile, the rest of the world struggles with psychological impacts like depression and anxiety. What can we do to address these physical and psychological issues? Do we meditate, change our routines, and take medicines to cope? Or can we also turn to our natural medicine - food? But it isn't about fad diets or being an extreme vegan or an extreme carnivore or even restricting yourself from eating certain foods. It is just about knowing which foods are good for your body. 

In this episode, we are super thrilled to have Dr. Uma Naidoo. She is the first woman "triple threat" in the food and medicine space since her skills are the perfect mix of the professionals that this world needs at our present time: a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, a professional chef, and a trained nutrition specialist. Simply one of a kind, she shares how we can have healthy lifestyle changes starting with food to reverse our illnesses and optimize our physical and mental health. 

Listen now and remember to share the episode with your family and loved ones. 


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Proper gut-healing takes about 28 days. 
  • Fermented foods are extremely helpful in lowering inflammation. 
  • Fast food and restaurants use processed vegetable oils, which are more cost-effective but pro-inflammatory for our bodies. 

Show Highlights:

How important is nutrition in dealing with mental health issues? 

Dr. Naido 09:21

  • It is a well-known fact that in many physical conditions, if you work on a nutritional plan and change up your diet, that can impact change.

Can you dive into that a little bit more about the gut-brain connection?

Dr. Naido 10:18

  • The gut and brain, organs that are far apart from the body but originate from the same cells in the embryo, divide up to form organs, and then they remain connected throughout life. 

Are there specific nutrients or specific foods for mental health?

Dr. Naido 32:46

  • Prebiotic foods because most people think they have to take a supplement. But prebiotic foods nurture those gut microbes, and they can be found on simple foods like garlic, leeks, onions, the allium family, bananas, oats.


Important Links:

Chef Uma MD

Dr. Uma Naido’s Masterclass

This is Your Brain on Food

Dr. Uma Naido’s Instagram

Mar 15, 2022
S2E10 - Facing Trauma & Your Shadow Self To Truly Heal

Show Summary: "We have psychological problems that food alone cannot fix. But if we get to the belief systems that created a neurological pathway in our brains that set us up for failure, we can reverse it. "

We do not have a guest for this episode as Gina and I catch up on what's happening with our lives. People were asking how I was after Tristin died, so I want to share my healing journey around this trauma. I know that a lot of you out there are dealing with hardships on your own.  

And so we discuss how you can face your trauma and your shadow self to heal truly. Because there are problems that food alone can't fix, and our greatest fears give us the feeling of being unsafe and unloved. We have to dig deeper into our beings to heal truly. But we can't do this alone, and we need someone to guide us. And sometimes, we also need substances like Ketamine which we discussed in Episode 8, to facilitate faster processes. 

If you are experiencing trauma, tune in to this episode. We are here to help you by opening the Gutsy Health Membership soon, and we’ll have the mindset ninja, Britt Lefkoe with us, who’ll guide us in facing our shadow self. Please follow our Instagram account for more information. 


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you have brain fog, that is a sign that your body and your brain have been burnt out. And it didn't start a year ago; it has been probably for a couple of years. Because your brain wasn't meant to be in such a high provision, say it's kind of an adrenal burnout.
  • We’re hoping that these beautiful therapies are going to be legalized next year. Psilocybin is another one, so doctors can use it in clinical settings for cancer studies.
  • 90% of hormonal issues and health issues could be resolved with good sleep and nutrition. 

Show Highlights:

What does not yawning anymore say about our body?

Juanique 30:00

  • Yawning is a parasympathetic response we're supposed to do. So sad that many of us have stopped doing it. 

How about not dreaming when you sleep? 

Juanique 30:54

  • If you're not dreaming, your body is not relaxed enough to go into that deep REM to do some serious healing. 

What happens when we don't sleep well?

Juanique  41:43

  • If you have sleep disturbances, you have an overstimulated nervous system. You're in fight or flight all the time, and being in that state is disrupting your digestion, absorption, cortisol levels, sex hormones, and the way your body detoxifies. 


Use the code "GUTSY" to get a 40% discount on all products.

Healing the Unhealable episode with Britt Lefkoe

The Completion Process by Teal Swan

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman

Whole Brain Living by Dr. Jill Taylor

Attached by Amir Levine

Mar 09, 2022
S2E9 - Ketamine Therapy- How It's Changing PTSD, Anxiety & Depression Healing

Show Summary: "Ketamine allows us to feel safe. It is really powerful medicine that gets us into a sense of well-being & enables us to do the inner healing work or inner growth work we're longing to do." 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are now experienced by more people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Contracting the disease or having the pain of losing loved ones from it triggers these on people. These can be debilitating and cause people to feel powerless, unmotivated, and worthless. 

So today, we are lucky to have Dr. Michael Sapiro, a clinical psychologist, psychedelic-assisted therapist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher specializing in utilizing therapies and modalities, who helps retrain the brain and heal people from these psychological problems.

Dr. Sapiro shares how Ketamine can be used for therapy in helping people deal with these psychological problems. Listen as he walks us through the process of how the Boise Ketamine Clinic facilitates Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy. He explains how this can promote faster healing than traditional psychotherapy, thus helping more people claim back their power over their lives.

Tune in and find out how this therapy can help lots of people. Please share this episode with someone you know who needs it, too. 


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • The ego will hold on to its defenses for survival. Those of us who want to change and are so ready to do the healing and the growth work, with Ketamine, we dissolve the hold that we have over our ego. 
  • I work with people with severe trauma, and I've never seen a flip out on Ketamine. And I have seen some flip-outs on DMT. But that's because the egos are dissolving and dying. 
  • Our bodies are not our own; we can do our best to take care and love our bodies, strengthen them, and keep them fit and healthy as best as we can at the same time knowing that they will decay and die.  

Show Highlights:

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Dr. Sapiro 6:34

  • Ketamine was used initially as an anesthetic. What they found was people who were put under, like dental surgeries, reported that their depression was gone for months at a time. 

Can you explain what Ketamine does to the ego?

Dr. Sapiro 17:28

  • How Ketamine functions is it puts the nervous system in a state that we would consider more parasympathetic, a little bit downregulated. Because your body is on its own, you're essentially dissociated, but you can still feel and be in the body. But it has a sense of freedom and ease. 

Sponsor link

Use the code "GUTSY" to get a 40% discount on all products.

The Mind Explained (Netflix)

Dr. Michael Sapiro's Website 

Radio Awakened

Dr. Michael Sapiro's IG account

Mar 01, 2022
S2E8 - The Order of Healing

Show Summary: "The Gutsy Membership's Order of Healing is purely based on science; it's the depths of science and healing into a simple roadmap." 

You, becoming self-healing champions, has always been our top priority since the beginning of this podcast. This is why we continuously create content and programs that will help you better understand how to heal your body with less struggle, confusion, & frustrations. 

We know how challenging it is for others to heal, from a mind level & cellular level. Because from the past years, we have been programmed to address only the symptoms, not the root cause. And here at the Gutsy Health podcast, we always want to figure out what possible reasons contribute to one's current sickness on a deeper level. May it be the endocrine disruptors you had when you were still a child.

This inspired the creation of the Gutsy Membership's "The Order of Healing," which has the simplest & most straightforward approach to healing. And in this episode, Juanique & Gina share its importance up to the energetic & cellular level so healing can smoothly flow without band-aiding everything & feeling like you’re carrying a boulder uphill. 

Please share this with your friends and family who have been looking for simpler ways to heal. Join our membership program if you are ready to become a self-healing expert this year!


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • You got to get your gut running like a well-oiled machine to set you up for healing.
  • If you're eating a lot of fiber and a lot of highly nutritious foods, you're already detoxing. Still, our issue is that the standard American diet doesn't supply those foods that give the liver the necessary molecules to detoxify.
  • When the body controls the mechanisms, it will most likely win because the body's designed to do that.

Show Highlights:

First order of healing — Mindset

Juanique 12:12

  • Mindset is exploring your shadow self & your subconscious belief systems that your body is programmed to run from. Mindset is diving into traumas that have put your brain into a fight or flight response almost 24/7.

Second order of healing — Mitochondria

Juanique 16:22

  • Mitochondria are the batteries to your cells. The healthier the mitochondria are in your body, the more energy and resources you will have to have your body heal itself.

Third order of healing — Gut

Juanique 20:08

  • Your gut is the root system of the rest of your body. And if the roots in a tree are dying, it dies. So if you have inflammation in your gut, if your gut is on fire, that's like the root system to a tree is on fire.

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Important links

Join the Gutsy Membership

Gutsy Health IG

Karpman Drama Triangle

Feb 22, 2022
S2E7 - Keep It Simple & Let's Go Back To Basic with Ryan Blaser

Show Summary: "Healing doesn't happen overnight. And the stress around your Healing could be more detrimental than the toxins that you're exposing yourself to."

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining good health habits is not as expensive as you think. We have to keep things simple, and we just have to go back to basics. 

So for this episode, we have our frequent flier once again, Ryan Blaser of Test my Home, discuss the different life aspects that we should always keep in check for us to stay in good shape. Holistic Healing is not just about exercise and food; it also includes the environment and mindset.

We do not have to follow complicated procedures to be healthy, and we just have to learn essential habits. We do not have to pressure ourselves into doing things that are hard for us to accomplish. We have to be comfortable with our bodies, love what we do, and always choose joy. 

Listen to our sharing as good friends and pick up a few lessons on keeping yourself and your family's good health. We do not want to keep this knowledge to ourselves. Please share this episode with all of your family and loved ones who you know can benefit and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Movement stimulates your brain. It creates neurotransmitters that make you feel good &  motivated.
  • Eat to live; not live to eat..
  • When you analyze dust, it's made up of dead skin cells, insect parts, insect feces, broken down foams, and plant material. If you ingest that, it will be a toxic load in your body. 

Show Highlights:

Where should we start?

Ryan 6:17

  • We should start with fitness. I'm no fitness instructor, but I used to be quite overweight. You can get detailed with how you work out and what you do. When should you do cardio, when should you do the lifting, but,  get simple with it and move your body and do what makes you happy. Do what you feel good doing.

What about nutrition? 

Juanique 13:45

  • Get eight servings of vegetables a day. People say that's so hard, and eight servings are like half a cup of compacted veggies. You can start with four cups of vegetables.

What about mental health and spirituality?

Ryan 37:13

  • I know that in my life, when I start to feel stressed out or feel overwhelmed or sad, one of the things that help is to think of 12 things you're thankful for. Or do a random nice thing for somebody else. 

Sponsor link

Use the code "GUTSY" to get a 40% discount on all products.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: 

Test my Home IG Account 

Test My Home Website

Episodes with Ryan

Sleep Sanctuary

Mold Contamination

15 Easy Steps To Create A Healthy Living Environment

Feb 15, 2022
S2E6 - The Powerful Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen

Show Summary: "With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it's not just about healing wounds. It gives you cellular energy to have more physical energy." 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment for several severe conditions that make you breathe 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The pressure helps the body absorb oxygen and hyperoxygenates blood plasma, which then helps fight bacteria and promotes healing. It is a powerful yet underutilized therapy that is unknown to many. 

That's why we are lucky to have with us in this episode a powerful woman with whom I share a love for HBOT. A sponsored triathlete and an ambulance EMT, she was bound for a career in law enforcement. A torn shoulder from a wrestling match paved the way for her to discover the power of HBOT by how it had helped her heal faster.  

So today, Alex Williams of The Holistic Hyperbarics Wellness Clinic will discuss her advocacy for HBOT and her mission of making this therapy more accessible and affordable for those who need it, even fighting her way for funding and accreditation. Her passion for helping others through this therapy and helping them live better lives through healing is genuinely remarkable. 

Tune in to our episode and find out if you may also need this kind of therapy in your healing journey. Or you can also help spread the word about it. 




Exceptional Highlights:

  • The one-size-fits-all Western way of thinking is no longer adequate for health care.
  • With HBOT, you can sleep better, make better nutritional choices, do more exercises, and have a positive cycle in life.
  • ​​Your only limitation in life and healing is how much energy you have to do it. 

Show Highlights:

What's the difference between hard-shell and softshell chambers?

Alex Williams 8:11

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers come in two distinct categories, a hard-shell chamber, and a soft-shell chamber. Soft-shell chambers allow you to go to 1.3 atmospheres, which is around 10 ½ to 11 feet of diving, and you can dive from 10 ½ feet to 66 feet with a hard-shell chamber. So it gives you a lot more variability depending on the patient's presentation and what they need.

What does it do to our body for those who have just heard about HBOT?

Alex Williams 11:48

  • You probably all have already been in a hyperbaric chamber for your listeners who are all new. It's called an airplane. We put you in a controlled space. And we increase the amount of pressure in that control space. And what that does is it takes oxygen molecules and compacts them into a more controlled space.

Tell us more about your holistic hyperbaric's expansion plans. How are you getting this to more and more people?

Alex Williams 23:48

  • We are manufacturing our own chambers. They'll be available next year. And we have patented technology to work inside the chamber. And so we're excited about that. 

Sponsor link

Use the code "GUTSY20" to get the discount for FlowPresso and HOCATT - 70 USD only per treatment

Holistic Hyperbarics IG account

Holistic Hyperbarics Website

Feb 08, 2022
S2E5 - Sleep Sanctuary - Debunking EMF Harmonizers and Blocking Devices with Ryan Blaser (Test My Home)

Show Summary: "Sleep is when our bodies are taking a break. It's healing. It's repairing. It's resting. It's getting you ready for the next day. "

Today, we tackle two topics for today's episode with our good friend, Ryan Blaser of Test My Home. Ryan is an electrical engineer who specializes in the health hazards of the environment. He helps people protect and reclaim their health by eliminating the dangers of EMF or Electric & Magnetic Fields from their homes and workplace. 

Exposure to EMF radiation can have adverse effects on our health, such as headaches, body pains, and anxiety. Constant use of our digital devices exposes us to EMF radiation. Many people believe they protect themselves by using harmonizers to block EMF exposure. And in this episode, we find out if that belief is true or false.

We spend ⅓ of our entire lives sleeping, and we should honor this daily activity, which is an essential aspect of good health. Ryan explains what we can do to have a sleeping sanctuary to experience excellent and deep sleep daily. 

Listen to our episode right now as we debunk harmonizers and share with you simple steps on how you can turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.  


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Harmonizers and EMF blocker cell phone cases don't block or mitigate EMF.
  • Changing the lighting in your home could change your energy.
  • Watching the sunrise and the sunset boosts your mitochondrial function. Our mitochondria thrive off of healthy lighting. 

Show Highlights

What has been the conclusion about harmonizers?

Ryan Blaser 6:09

  • A lot of people do think that these devices are eliminating EMFs. And they're not. It's more of a therapeutic device.

So how do we get rid of the EMF? What are some things that we can do and not spend thousands of dollars?

Ryan Blaser 9:27

  • A lot of this is just about changing our habits and turning our devices off when we're not using them.

What can we do to improve our sleep quality?

Ryan Blaser 25:19

  • Keep all the wireless devices away from the bed, turn off your circuits at night. So basically, we should sleep in a low EMF zone in the house. The second big part of it is lighting. The blue light suppresses melatonin. Those cool white lights are the worst blue lights if we have those cool white lights. That's going to tell our brain, "Hey, it's the middle of the daytime, it's not time for sleeping!" and stop producing melatonin. And you're going to have a hard time getting to sleep.

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Important links

Ryan's Blaser's website

Test My Home Instagram

Debunking EMF Harmonizers with @testmyhome 

Feb 01, 2022
S2E4 - Headaches & Migraines - What are the causes?

Show Summary: "To people who are chronic headache sufferers, believe in your healing. Don't just give up hope and feel like you have to live like this." 

Are you one of the many people who suffer from chronic headaches and constant migraine? They are so persistent that you accept them as a part of your life, no matter how debilitating and frustrating they are. Even your family and coworkers see it as something normal to you, and you start to believe that it will never go away.

Taking pills like candies or rubbing balms on your forehead can definitely soothe you. But it doesn't address the root cause. That's why in this episode, we help you identify the underlying causes of chronic headaches and constant migraine with Dr. Meg Mill, a functional medicine practitioner who helps people restore mental clarity and reclaim energy without drugs or injections. 

Listen carefully as Dr. Meg shares actionable tips and inexpensive tools you can use to start eliminating the pain. Know what Juanique and Gina's personal experiences are and what they did to stop their headache struggles. Don't forget to share this with your loved ones who want to free themselves from the continuous discomfort of migraines. 


Just go to

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Hydration is an independent trigger for headaches.

  • Prioritize your sleep because there's a correlation between REM sleep and incidences of migraine.

  • Heavy metals like lead and cadmium found in our homes and things we use daily trigger migraines. 

Show Highlights

Do antibiotics and gut flora play into headaches and migraines?

Dr. Mill 12:58  

  • Gut flora is a factor, an independent trigger for headaches. So if you do have some dysbiosis, or different things going on, that can be something that we can dig in.

What would be some of your recommendations for getting a good night's rest for listeners who suffer from migraines?

Dr. Mill 14:12 

  • I recommend turning off all full-spectrum lights an hour or two before bed. Try to keep your phone in another room. 

Have you found any supplements to be helpful for people when they have an acute headache or migraine?

Dr. Mill 32:04 

  • Peppermint oil can relieve an acute migraine. Magnesium is also very helpful in preventing headaches. 

Sponsor link

Use the code “GUTSY” to get 40% discount on all products

Important links

Dr. Meg Mill's Website 

Just ingredients

Lead: The Silent Epidemic Episode

Youtube: Lead Safe Mama

Jan 25, 2022
S2E3 - Raising Healthy Eaters with Healthy Boundaries

Show Summary: "You can't force children to eat anything, but you can choose what foods are being put in front of them."

Teaching children how to eat healthy food is a challenge for parents of every generation. And today, we are exposed to more and more junk food, making us lose our healthy boundaries with our kids. We succumb to whatever they want to eat, which leads to long-term ramifications, like getting sick or getting different kinds of autoimmune diseases at significantly younger ages. 

So today, we have Mariah Sage, a family coach who helps families set up systems that support their dynamics to create more ease and flow in the family unit. She helps families honor, navigate, and understand each other gently. Her goal is to help parents teach and train their children to make healthy food choices at the earliest age possible. 

Listen to the episode and discover how to make positive changes in our kids' food approach. Let's make them understand that we come from a place of love and connection, and let's show them that we respect their choices so they can proactively participate in being healthy eaters. 


Exceptional highlights:

  • Having clear boundaries with your kids is not the same as controlling them. 
  • Being wishy-washy about your children's food boundaries can create confusion and a lot of contention.  
  • We can show our love & understanding to our children by educating them about their food.

Show highlights:

What are some ground rules and boundaries that you think every single family in America and worldwide should have in their family dynamics?

Mariah 7:39

  • The first thing I would say is to try to get away from making different meals for different people.

How can you train your child to choose healthy food?

Mariah 10:05

  • I think it's really important for parents to know that it takes a lot of exposure to new foods before kids are willing to try them, like them and feel comfortable with them. 

What are your thoughts around boundaries with family dinners?

Mariah 17:53

  • It's really up to your values as a family or what feels important to you. 

  • You can ask them to sit and spend more time together at the dinner table, then work up to it gradually, and don't try to make an expectation that your kids go from running wild to sitting still.


Juanique 51:55

Important links:

No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

Gut Restoration Podcast Episode 

Mariah Sage IG

Gutsy Health Website

Jan 18, 2022
S2E2 - Spore Based Probiotics - Why is it superior to probiotics?

Show summary:"If your microbiome is decimated, your immune system is blind, and that is how your immune system would attack everything."

Today's episode unpack frequently asked questions and correct the numerous misinformation about probiotics, gut health, and gut flora with our special guest Kiran Krishnan. Kiran is the co-founder and chief scientific officer of Microbiome Labs, and he is a frequent lecturer on the human microbiome at health and nutrition conferences. Kiran is a brilliant person who's like a walking dictionary. That's why we've been wanting him to be on the podcast.

Kiran shares more understanding about symbiogenesis - the forced relationship between different species because of the proximity in a given area. He explains further how microbes reside in every part of our body, especially in our gut, providing an array of benefits so we can live harmoniously.

However, the misinformation about the symbiotic relationship of these probiotics in our body brings us to something scary. As we lose microorganisms from our microbiome, we lose functionality, capability, and resilience. As a species, we are passing these down to our kids in depleted ecosystems, losing body functionality, making them sicker every generation. 

Listen closely to this episode as we deep dive into the benefits of spore-based prebiotics and share this with your loved ones to help break the misinformation.


Exceptional highlights:

  • It's really about understanding how nature functions and being smart enough to utilize it. 
  • The immune system is the only system in your body that is continuously adapting to the environment that you're in.  
  • Today, nine out of ten people have digestive issues, and more and more are seen in children. 

Show highlights:

How did we come to know about the microbiome?

6:48 Kiran

  • We didn't know anything about the microbiome until only 7 or 8 years ago. Years ago, we thought we might have something like 8 or 10 species of microbes that live in our gut. Now, we know that there are 24,000 possible species that could live in our gut. 

What is the link between pregnancy and probiotics and gut health?

Kiran 1:03:17

  • The baby's brain in utero also contains receptors and transporters for bacterial peptidoglycan. So the mom's gut bacterial byproducts are such important stimuli for the baby, the placenta. The baby's brain has receptors to find and receive these compounds. So the development of the human brain and central nervous system is dependent on bacteria. 



Important Links:

Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs YouTube

Kiran Krishnan IG

Kiran Krishnan FB

Gutsy Health Website


Jan 11, 2022
2nd Season's Pilot Episode

Show Summary: “Gutsy Health podcast is a place that brings you peace, light, and a frequency to self-healing.”

***This episode was recorded before 2021 ended.***

Finally! The second season of the Gutsy Health Podcast is out!

We know you waited for so long as we did. We all have been through extreme and painful experiences in the past years, but here we are, standing strong and healing together. Now we're back again with the upgraded version of the Gutsy Health podcast, where we live by our promise to give you a more fun learning experience with the experts in the holistic healing industry.

We make sure that we share with you the best of the best, including those who have successfully healed through the help of the Gutsy Health membership program. Our goal is to share not only the Science of it but also the real experiences of individuals who are now SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS.

Join us and celebrate with us as we launch the Gutsy Health podcast season 2, where we connect more to you and continue the power of Tristin's memory, legacy & advocacy. Together, we'll create more global SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS through uncomplicated, practical & affordable wellness education Juanique and Gina have for you.

Please share this with your friends and family who have been waiting for our new episodes! 


3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you're in a state of fear, it creates wear and tear hormones.
  • We can't heal if we are in fight or flight. So we should create a space for our bodies to rest, digest, and recover, and it starts with the mind.
  • For the SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS we have here, we'll blast your stories across the globe so we can inspire more people to heal from the inside out.

Show Highlights: 

What was Gutsy Health Episode 1 about?

Juanique 3:01

  • We spoke about Tristin’s cancer journey, how it all started and how we lost hope. But we never gave up. We did a lot of research to figure out Tristin’s healing, and we wanted to share it with people, and that’s also how it turned into a clinic.

The Gutsy Health goals

Juanique 12:21

  • We want the Gutsy Health podcast to be a way to embrace information that serves you and empowers you. We want to bring you healing, peace, and joy and give you light and frequency that will help you heal yourself, your family, your community, and the planet.


Juanique 19:27

  • Follow us on Instagram @gutsyhealthpodcast 
  • Leave us a review at

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Gutsy Health IG

Heart Math Institute

Microbiome Labs

Episode 1

Jan 04, 2022
S2E1 - Getting Through Infertility - A Gutsy Health Member's Real Life Story

Show Summary: “If you're dealing with infertility, you probably have some form of PTSD, and you got to take care of yourself. You got to see where your triggers are.”

In this episode, we're so happy to share with you the story of Katie Vaal, a member of the Gutsy Health Program who is now on her way to being a self-healing champion. Katie had infertility and the early signs started when she was young. When she had her first period, the bleeding didn't stop, and she thought it was normal. Together with her mom, they visited an OBGYN, and the solution given to her was to go on birth control to help regulate her period.

Katie was on birth control for 13 years. And when she got married, she decided to stop it, which prevented her from having a period, resulting in no pregnancy. But her journey started to shift when she got rid of all of the endocrine disruptors; chemically-based products. Through the help of the Just Ingredients podcast & Gutsy Health Program, she started to have her first proper period. And now, we're all looking forward to her having a baby in the future.

Tune in as she tells us how she made small steps daily to change her mindset, nutrition and even create radical but healthy boundaries in her life.  If you have family or friends struggling with infertility, give them hope by sharing this episode with them. 


3 Exceptional Highlights

  • Healing isn't just about food. It's not just about chemistry. It's about your perception of life.
  • The biggest thing with mindset is you have to keep moving and keep learning. Celebrate the wins and be proud of yourself.
  • You don't have to show up for everyone all the time. You just need to show up for YOU 100% of the time.

Show Highlights:

When did your healing journey start? 

Katie 14:00

  • That was around Christmas time when I hit my ultimate low. That was also the time when my sister recommended your podcast. I then started listening and made external changes in our house. I stopped using products that are chemically based and switched to brands like Force of Nature.

Infertility usually starts from childhood

Juanique 16:16

  • We want listeners to understand that if you have infertility, your problem didn't start when you had your period. It began in childhood, like early childhood, and exposure to chemicals & inflammatory foods messed up your hormonal balances.

What is Katie’s advice to listeners?

Katie 47:15

  • Go slow. Don't feel like you have to know all the answers right away. Believe that everything you're learning, you have it too.


Juanique 1:00:27

Important Links

Gutsy Health Membership

Just Ingredients 

Mindset, Healing and Identity with Aubrey Taylor

The 30 Day Thyroid Reset Plan

Jan 04, 2022
Tristin's Life Purpose-The Healing Power of Self Love

Show Summary: “Demonstrate The Healing Power of Self Love”

It is the 100th episode of The Gutsy Health Podcast! Listen as Juanique and Gina remember Tristin's life purpose, the history of this podcast, and the most eye-opening events they had in the journey of empowering people to be their own healers. Their mission to teach you to be an expert on your own body and heal it through the power of self-love and soul connection never stops, so you get out of the vicious cycle of disease and decay.

To live by their purpose and mission, they vow to continuously grow and improve Provo Health & The Gutsy Health podcast, making it more exciting! That's why Juanique persists in bringing in more experts who'll talk about specific modalities and tools that'll make your healing journey much easier to approach.

We invite you to be with us in 2021's 100th and last episode as we prepare for a more life-changing season of the show next year. Listen until the end, and please share this with your friends and family to hear Tristin's message for his children and YOU about why you should prioritize love to have peace and acceptance.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • You can't heal a body you're at war with.
  • Ask your body what it needs instead of asking your doctor about it.
  • Emotional healing can resolve gut issues. 

Show Highlights:

What is Tristin’s mission statement?

Juanique 4:55

  • Earlier this year, Tristin and I did a Find Your Purpose workshop. Tristin's purpose was so beautiful. His mission statement was, “I am here to demonstrate the healing power of self-love”. I think that's so true and beautiful because we talk about the Science, Biochemistry, and Biology of healing the physical-chemical body in this podcast &, most importantly, the healing power of self-love. 

 Emotions can show in your hair analysis

Juanique 31:26 

  • When you pull the hair follicle, protein synthesis or fatty acid metabolism will show up. It can show emotions in your hair analysis. When I see emotions, I know that my client and I have to talk. I'm not a therapist, but I want to see what we can impact. With my first consult, I saw emotions come up in brain health. And I knew immediately that there was deep trauma there. 

The Direction of Provo Health

Juanique 50:11

  • I've been talking with investors, and I want to grow Provo Health into something that I call a "Conscious Healing Clinic." I wanted to be this prototype for clinics worldwide, go up on a global level, and take healing to another level of consciousness. 

  • I can't wait to talk about that in the next season of the podcast. We will be bringing in experts who talk about certain modalities that'll help you rewire your brain, unpack trauma and heal it in a few sessions. I want these modalities in Provo Health clinics and integrate them with nutrition and lifestyle.

Tristin’s message to his children

Tristin 1:03:30

  • Make love your priority and never lose sight of that. And if you do that, everything is going to be fine. 

Important Links

Gutsy Membership

Nov 03, 2021
Big Fat Lies about Fats-Part 2

Show Summary: “Every cell in your body has fat, your nerves, and brain. Your brain is 60% fat; that's why fat is crucial for everything.”

Cholesterol is the backbone you need to make all of your sex hormones. Every cell in your body has a phospholipid membrane that is made up of fat. That's why fats are so healthy and essential. But many started to fear consuming fats because of the epidemiological research done by Ancel Keys back in the 50s and 60s that demonized fats and said people who eat high fat die younger. But sadly, epidemiological studies are unreliable.

People who take their vitamins on an empty stomach in the morning do not absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K without fats. Fat-soluble vitamins are delivered to damaged tissues in your body to heal & repair and to have healthy neural tissue and brain function. This is why lower total cholesterol is not helping your health in any way.

Listen closely to this episode to know if saturated and unsaturated fats are good for your health. Discover what high-fat foods are incredible and nutritious to your body. And please help your friends and family remove their fear of cholesterol by simply sharing this with them.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • When you are healing, slow down because you're a human being. The pressure that we put ourselves under is not good for our nervous systems, bodies and souls.
  • You have to have fats in order to absorb vitamins A, D ,E and K.
  • Saturated fats are very tasty. If you eat these more and eat protein more, you're going to eat less carbs..

Show Highlights:

The update on Juanique

Juanique 0:00:52 

  • It's been a while since we've podcasted. I haven't been on Instagram a ton lately. It's been tough for me to show up. I share this because many people have been following this journey of Tristin's passing. And what my process looks like and how our family is trying to heal from it. I want people to understand and know that healing and mourning are very up and down, it comes in cycles.

Why is it so important for us to eat fat?

Gina 21:15 

  • First of all, so much of our bodies are made up of fat. So much of our brains, our hormones, our lipid membranes, it's incredible. And I think whenever we talk about hormones; especially, we see so many people so afraid of cholesterol and the egg yolks, right? But when you look at how hormones are made, it's that initial building block. Cholesterol is the first thing that you need to make all of your sex hormones.

What happens when you eat saturated fat or unsaturated fat or trans fat?

Juanique 28:42

  • When you eat saturated fat or unsaturated fat, or polyunsaturated fat, these are all found in nature and foods. When you're exposed to natural fats not made by man, your body has enzymes and the ability to break those down and utilize them. When it comes to trans fats, something made in the lab, your body hasn't got any capability of breaking this down in your body. So it creates a lot of inflammation and a lot of problems.

Important Links

Big Fat Lies 1

Episode with Diana Rodgers; author of the Sacred Cow

Sep 14, 2021
Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick

Show Summary: “Our real work is to teach our kids to trust themselves.”

Human beings develop their belief systems and formulate how they see the world primarily by seven years old. That's why our upbringing greatly influences our perspectives in different life situations. Childhood experiences play a significant role in how we view things as an adult. 

Therefore, we must teach our kids and be with them as they process various emotions triggered by several events. We must show them how to trust themselves and be creative in communicating positive possibilities whenever they feel broken and sad. Be their guide and empower them with the view of curiosity so that you can train them to steer clear from limiting beliefs unconsciously.

Listen closely to this episode as Britt Lefkoe, an amazing business and personal development coach, shares multiple ways how to guide the heart and mind of a child as they grow old. Find out how she worked with Tristin and how she helped him shift his pain into happiness.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Self trust comes in so many ways from the ability to see that we can figure out our own answers.
  • Once we trust ourselves, life becomes so much easier.
  • The mindset is the most important part of your healing.

Know more about Britt Lefkoe’s program:

Healing the Unhealable

This four part course will teach you the keys to unlocking your own health, so you are empowered to release your mind's attachment to being sick and develop a mindset that supports your healing.

“After seeing the impact my work had on Tristin, Juanique asked me to create a masterclass to help her clients experience the breakthroughs she watched Tristin have.” - Britt Lefkoe

In the past decade, research has changed our understanding of the mind-body connection. In contrast to past belief that we were mostly powerless over our bodies we have learned quite the opposite to be true. Countless studies have proven that both conscious and subconscious belief systems can create and heal disease within the body.

Healing The Unhealable will empower you to identify limiting beliefs that keep you in a cycle of being sick and teach you how to shift your mindset to create a healthy environment for your body to heal in.

What Will I Learn?

- Why being sick is self-protective and how it has served you

- How illness has been self-love in disguise

- How to use your mind to create the neurochemicals that heal your body

- What mindset is right for you to feel strong and empowered in a healthy body?

Is This For Me?

- You have felt frustrated, hopeless, or powerless around your ability to heal

- You have felt like healthcare providers have failed you or been unable to help you

- You are confused and need help and support around your healing

- You want to take control of your mind to create health and wellness for yourself


Week 1: Our attachment to being sick

Week 2: Healing happens in a healthy environment

Week 3: Neuroscience and repatterning to what we want

Week 4: Breakout Sessions and Integration 

Important Links

Britt Lefkoe


Aug 17, 2021
How to Heal: From deprivation to Inspiration

Show Summary: “Presence is the greatest present.”

We often see pain as a red flag. When we were young, we were taught that it was a bad feeling. But actually, it can be beautiful as it can teach us a lot of things. When we feel it, it tells us to slow down and be with our body because pain is a compass to return to our true north and higher self.

Your body feels different emotions for different reasons, and listening to them and letting them flow through you, is your medicine. Loneliness, defeat, and despair are painful, and crying it out is OK because it makes you feel better. And surrendering allows those triggers to heal.

In this episode with Gina and Raj, they discuss masculine and feminine energy & how emotions change our physical chemistry towards healing. Listen as Juanique also shares the beautiful things she learned through Tristin's death that help her create a safe space for their children.

If someone you know is in deep pain, please share this with them to help them process what they feel through the golden nuggets mentioned in this podcast.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • When you're present and slow with your body, it can magically do its work.
  • Let the pain be your teacher and guide into your body.
  • Children are one of our greatest teachers because they teach us to slow down and play.

Show Highlights: 

How are Juanique and Tristin's loved ones doing four weeks after his passing?

Raj 1:00

  • I can still feel the amount of love from him in every moment, in the kids and the house. He randomly pops into my mind all the time. Gina and I talk about him quite a lot.


  • He's a part of our lives. He's not a memory; he's an active part of our lives.

How are Juanique’s children doing?

Juanique 7:41

  • I don't think there is a right way to prepare your children. The only thing you can do for them is doing the work to hold a really safe space that is loving and gentle for them. I think I've done a great job of letting them feel the sadness. And then we'll hold each other in love and let it move through them.

Intentions help you do things with love and energy

Raj 16:27

  • It doesn't matter if it's a workout or a desire to have a healthier life. The origin of the intent is the seed that heals. If you think that you're not enough, you will be in this rat race or the hustle culture that gives you more stress and makes you do more. It puts you in this place where your mind is in the driver's seat instead of your mind being in service to the heart.

Our bodies will not heal in fear and stress

Gina 20:17

  • The researchers at the Heart Math Institute look at heart rate variability and other health indicators that predict longevity and aging. They look at how joy, love, and gratitude directly change heart rate variability. They're all these different keys to longevity. So we have to have love and joy for our bodies to heal. Otherwise, we're out of sync and coherence.

Important Links

Conquering Cravings

Juanique Roney IG

Gina Worful IG

Raj Jana

Aug 10, 2021
Unpacking Death Through Life - Juanique's Story About Tristin's Life Transition

Show Summary: “If you can get to the heart, the universe will pour itself into you because the universe loves you. You just have to be open to receiving it.”

As most of you know, Tristin, Juanique's husband, life partner, best friend, the brains of Provo Health and Gutsy Health Podcast, passed away two weeks ago. And in this episode, Juanique shares how they turned a total-wrecked world into the most magnificent event in their lives.

When Tristin's cancer came back, it became a very dark and painful experience for them. Tristin was so traumatized that he kept all his wounds to himself and chose to suffer in silence. But Juanique figured that all the heavy emotions cancer had caused them should be addressed so they can heal.

Tristin underwent different therapies like Ketamine, Sanga & EMDR therapy to rewire the brain and help him deal with his battle. Juanique, who had been grieving from the very beginning, used techniques and tools throughout the past few months that helped her release her pain.

It had been a tough journey for Juanique and Tristin, but their choice to undergo mental and emotional healing made their situation exquisite. The overflowing love from their family and friends made his passing so peaceful and calm. The beautiful synchronicities made his memories & legacy so remarkable like he truly was. 

Exceptional Highlight:

  • You are not your body, you are the love that encompasses your body.
  • Death showed us that we are not our body and that we are not the things we cling to.
  • Love goes everywhere. There's nowhere where love can't go.

Show Highlights: 

How is Juanique’s story different from others?

Juanique 2:18

  • Tristin actually hasn't gone. I feel him every, every single day. And it's so amazing. Trust me, the first week, I could feel him so big as he passed. And when he passed, it was palpable you could feel the peace in the house. It was like his energy was being transmuted through me, and I could feel him around me and in me,

The night Tristin died

Juanique 09:58

  • It was around 9:45 PM, and I walked into the room. I checked Tristin and looked for his chest to see movement, and there was none. My friend Jalen,  a nurse, was in the room, and we locked eyes. And I said, "Tristin's not breathing."

What were the things Tristin and Juanique did for healing?

Juanique 29:14

  • He did Ketamine and Sanga therapy, and it was amazing. He also did EMDR therapy, and what it does is helps rewire your brain and move traumatic memories to a different part of your brain so that it doesn't have that emotional charge anymore.

The goose bumping beautiful synchronicities of Tristin's death

Juanique 53:14

  • He was really close with his sister Brittany. She said as she came to drive to her house the following day; as soon as she entered the canyon, she heard Tristin say to her, "I love you, sister. It was peaceful entering in. "

Books mentioned: 

Untethered soul

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Dying To Be Me

Important Links


Juanique Roney IG

Gina Worful IG

Jul 27, 2021
Conquering Cravings - How To Master Emotional Eating And Overcome Food Cravings

Show Summary: “When you know yourself, that's where you can find your medicine.”

Do you always feel like eating ice cream when you're alone at home?

Do you long for salty foods when you are stressed?

Do your cravings always show up?

If your answer is YES, it's OK. Many of Gina's clients experience that a lot. Even if they have meal plans to follow, their cravings always show up like a balloon that keeps coming up from underwater, and no matter how hard you push it down, it pops back up again.

Interestingly, cravings are also linked to the inability to experience emotions like boredom, sadness, and loneliness. If you find yourself munching sweets in the middle of the night, even if you're not hungry, it could be that there is an unprocessed emotion deep within you that you have to address.

But as always, Gina and Juanique discuss some handy and easy steps to start conquering cravings through meditation and deep breaths. Listen as they give you a little sneak peek of what the Conquering Cravings Workshop looks like and find out how to sign up early and get a discount.

To register:

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Connect & create a relationship with your body first. Have your body as your guide throughout the day and not your mind.
  • You can slow down your cravings by taking three breaths through your nose. It lowers your stress hormone cortisol and helps subside cravings.

Conquering Cravings Workshop Details:

Conquering Cravings Workshop is a three-part masterclass program designed to dive deep into the science behind why we get food cravings with proven strategies to get back into control. 

By the end of the workshop, you will confidently have the step-by-step process of stopping sabotaging your diet and taking charge of your health. 

Investment: $300

Early Bird Price: $250 

Member discount code (Gutsy): $50 off Learn the skills once and use them for the rest of your life!

What you will learn:

  • Why willpower doesn't work, but what really does
  • Why cravings come on
  • How to deal with emotions such as boredom, stress, and anxiety  
  • The 3R Method for Conquering Cravings exclusively from Gina's signature coaching program Mastering Mindfulness 

Who is it for?

  • You find yourself starting and stopping your diet often 
  • You get sugar cravings and don't know why 
  • You find yourself wanting to eat when you're bored at work, tired after a long day, or feeling emotional or anxious

Schedule of the 3-Part Series: 

  • August 24, 2021
  • August 31, 2021
  • September 7, 2021 at 6:00-7:30pm MT 

To register:

Jul 20, 2021
15 Easy Steps To Create A Healthy Living Environment

“Stop bringing in chemicals that are harmful to you and your family's health. Your home should be clean and safe because it is your SANCTUARY.”

Your home is your safest place. That's where you rest, eat healthy and fun foods, spend time and build dreams with your loved ones. And because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, sometimes there is no other choice for you but to stay home. But it can be quite alarming to know that even the simple things around your home can give you inflammation and worse, can poison you.

The world runs differently right now, and many things are created to make your life much easier but can destroy your health faster even if you're at home relaxing, like the gadgets you use daily. Devices help you reach people who are far from you, and it automates your activities. Some products help you clean your house but slowly deteriorate your body. And without proper guidance and awareness from the real experts who care, you might get sick without knowing the root cause.

That's why Ryan Blaser, the owner of Test My Home Building Solutions, is back to discuss what EMF is and give you Fifteen easy, actionable, and no-cost ways to protect your family from it. And just by simply sharing this with the people you care about, you can save a life and help us heal the world.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • The problem is, the more effective a pesticide is, the more harmful it is.
  • If you have plastic in your kitchen, get rid of it and reuse glass, wood, stainless steel, and silicone. They are all good options.
  • Practical Avoidance is lowering all the artificial energies that are traveling through our bodies that are affecting the brain, heart & nervous system.

Show Highlights: 

Ways To Protect Yourselves from EMFs

Starting at 7:36

  • Take the time to open up doors and windows, get some cross-ventilation because AC causes high CO2 levels inside the homes.
  • Take off your shoes out of the door. Make it a rule to take off your shoes to prevent bringing in so much nasty stuff from the outside.
  • Ensure you use the vent in your bathroom and not let the moisture condensate in your doors and walls.
  • Ensure you're using the ventilation in your kitchen to prevent creating carbon monoxide whenever you're burning petroleum products.
  • Use good clean products instead of products with high chemical content which are deadly.
  • Prevent using fragrances that have chemicals in them. Learn to love the smell of neutral because that's a healthy smell.
  • Get rid of plastics for cooking because they are toxins, and they can get into your system.
  • Stop using super effective pesticides because they are toxic to your gut biome.
  • Stop using herbicides on the lawn because they are cancerous.
  • Go to your attic, check it once or twice a year and clean it.
  • Turn off your electronic devices when not in use to minimize EMF exposure.
  • When you're sleeping, turn the circuits off to your bedroom.
  • When you use grounding mats, you have to be in a zero electric field.
  • If you can't turn off your devices, make sure to put them from a distance.

Important Links


Think Dirty App

Test My Home


EMFs Episode

Mold Contamination Episode

Jun 22, 2021
Neurological Effects Of Sugar & Insulin

Show Summary: “Give your brain a break, let it be the true hybrid engine that it wants to be, and quit depriving it of this alternative or additional fuel, namely ketones.”

A lot of people have requested for Dr. Benjamin Bikman to be in the podcast again, and he's back with more valuable information that can save you and your family's lives! In the 89th episode, he discussed how glucose could kill and how it triggers different diseases when it goes up. Now, he'll discuss how it could affect the human body's neurological health.

When the brain is hungry, it can cause neurological problems. It's because the brain can't get enough energy from glucose, and there are simply no ketones around to provide the alternative fuel. Sadly, people usually eat sugary & starchy foods that don't have ketones, depriving the brain of what it needs.

Also, reductions in brain glucose use have been detected in those suffering from migraines which are also evident in Epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. Listen carefully as Dr. Benjamin breaks down the lethal effects of glucose & lack of ketones in the brain. Share this with your friends and family and learn how to protect yourself from neurological illnesses by trimming down your sugar intake.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • If someone's eating french fries that have been fried in soybean oil, they are getting every fat molecule on there because the oil has become an oxidized or a peroxide version of itself.
  • Insulin may take up to three hours or more to come back down to where it was before. If we can never stop eating, we bump it back up again before insulin gets back down to fasting or baseline levels.
  • When ketones are available in the blood, the brain will get 75% of all of its energy from ketones.

Show Highlights: 

Quick Recap: What is Insulin?

Dr. Benjamin 3:52

  • Insulin is a peptide hormone. It is released from our pancreas, and it tells every cell in the body to do something. And every cell in the body will respond to insulin in some way. Its most famous effect is what it does at fat cells and muscle cells, and that is to stimulate the uptake of glucose.


How insulin and sugar affect neurological disorders?

Dr. Benjamin 20:16 

  • When the glucose metabolism rate in people's brains with mild cognitive impairment is measured, it is significantly down. It happens even with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease (even if it's not diagnosed yet), yet we see these detections. We can detect this reduction in glucose use; however, ketone use was normal.

The best and easiest way to take care of your brain

Dr. Benjamin 49:56

  • You don't have to go on some strict ketogenic diet or multi-day fasting. You don't have to be that extreme. Eat a reasonable dinner that isn't an overindulgence. It should have fat, protein, and even carbohydrates, then stop eating after dinner.

Important Links

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Jun 15, 2021
Mindset - The First Order of Healing

Show Summary: “When you do the work, and you don't bypass your mindset, your life shifts for the better and you start to channel your inner power”

The Master Your Subconscious Workshop has finally wrapped up. Twenty women learned to channel their inner power and discovered that they could do amazing things and effortlessly heal. The workshop taught them how important mindset is in healing that helped them shift their energy and frequency.

Working on your mindset can be challenging if you do it alone. But it can be easier if you work on it from the inside out instead of outside in. And in this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Rogers, a master healer, and expert in custom holistic health services, shares some simple exercises you can consistently do every day to start manifesting powerful energy and regain control of your life.

Please share this with your family and friends who need emotional healing and gradually discover the higher version of you. And if you want to be a part of The Master Your Subconscious Workshop, watch Juanique's Instagram for an update on the class.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • We are emotional beings and we can't keep bypassing that.
  • The old version of you kept you alive, so thank her/him and let them go.
  • You have to learn how to love yourself. If you fill your love cup, then you can graciously fill other people's love cup. Asking others to fill your cup without you filling it is transactional love, selfish love. 

Show Highlights: 

Dr. Elizabeth Rogers’ story

Dr. Elizabeth 3:01

  • I lived on the receiving end of what mainstream medicine can do to you when you become chronically ill. Fifteen years ago, I ended up getting rushed to the hospital in the morning while I was getting ready for class because I collapsed on my bathroom floor. I was admitted to the hospital because of kidney stones. My surgeon said, "We're gonna blast out your stones." So I had surgery, and ten days later, I was in the hospital, declining, and no one could figure out why.


How perception can shift your energy?

Juanique 14:09

  • You know that feeling when you fall in love with someone, and you're energized? You're so inspired, and you feel like you're floating on clouds. It's not because of that person. It's because of your perception of that person. That was all your energy shifting, and you shifted that energy because of your perception.

How can you shift your energy?

Dr. Elizabeth 19:59

  • Ask yourself these questions:
    • Who would I be if I had blank?
    • What would I do if I already had blank?
    • Then the last question is, how would I feel if I already had blank?

                   You fill in the blank with what feels right to you.

Books mentioned: 

Untethered soul

Biology of Belief

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Jun 08, 2021
Dental Health - How It Relates To Autoimmune & Other Body Health Issues

Show Summary: “When you improve gut health, you also improve dental health. Adding minerals back to our body helps heal the teeth.”

A beautiful set of teeth makes you more attractive and confident. And dentists have different ways to do that. One of those is dental amalgam or silver fillings. You can also buy toothpaste with high fluoride content everywhere because it can prevent cavities or tooth decay.

However, silver fillings and fluoride may not be the best solution to your tooth problem. Silver fillings have fifty percent mercury which is dangerous to your health, and fluoride makes your bones very brittle. Sadly, tooth decay is not the only dental issue that exists. Mouth structure can also be a dental health problem that can affect your breathing seriously.

In this episode with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness provider, you'll find out why malnutrition is a reason for your child's inability to develop healthy teeth. Don't forget to share this with your friends and family for tips on how to understand and take care of your teeth better.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Unfortunately, Fluoride makes the bones brittle, leading to higher rates of bone fracture.
  • An unhealthy diet can lead to long skinny, narrow faces & noses during growth and developmental changes, making it very difficult to get air into our bodies.
  • The tongue's job is to form the upper jaw. If the tongue is unable to go up because it's tied down to the floor of the mouth, the upper jaw then becomes narrow because it doesn't have the force of the tongue going up and spreading the job.


Show Highlights: 

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen’s story

Dr. Michelle 1:39

  • I was a general dentist, but I was getting worse and worse while I was taking great care of people. MRIs, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists,  nobody could give me an answer. Until finally, I met another practitioner. He asked me if I had looked into mercury poisoning. He said, "It's the ones that you've been drilling out for the last 15 years with no protection, breathing it all in."

What are dental silver fillings made of?

Dr. Michelle 4:49

  • The silver fillings have 50% percent mercury. If you have one today, it's 50% mercury. Everyone says silver is one of the lowest percentage ingredients, like 20% silver, 50% mercury.

What is Dr. Michelle's opinion on fluoride?

Dr. Michelle 21:01

  • People started using fluoride because they found that societies with higher fluoride in their water suddenly had fewer cavities. But what they don't tell you is it also had an increased incidence of hyperfluorosis, which is this high fluoride level that also affects the bones and makes bones more brittle.

How does malnutrition affect your child's teeth development?

Dr. Michelle 32:22

  • My son's teeth were so messed up when we adopted him. I found out that the maxilla, the upper jaw, is the first bone impacted by malnutrition. So his jaw didn't grow because he didn't have enough nutrition to help it grow.

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Jun 01, 2021
Insulin, Sugar & Blood Sugar - An Explanation

Show Summary: “When blood sugar stays in the bloodstream, it causes inflammation and damage to other organs.”

Last week's episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman was a very beneficial & comprehensive education about insulin and blood glucose. He spoke about the biochemistry of what happens in the body when we overeat sugar and how we get sick from hormone dysfunction and inflammation.

But for those who find it quite overwhelming and technical, Juanique and Gina created a short bonus episode for you, which explains the mechanism of glucose & insulin. They use different and simple analogies to help you understand better how to monitor the food you eat, the daily activities you do, and familiarize yourself with the terminologies you can use to educate your loved ones.

Don't forget to share this with your family and friends who have listened to the Megamind episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman. Also, be sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media accounts, where we create more content that you need to live a better, healthy, and happy life.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Even though coconut sugar, maple syrup & honey are nature-made, they still have tons of sugar and no fiber to stabilize blood glucose.
  • If you have a 20-year-old liver versus the liver of an 80-year-old, the 20-year-old liver is going to handle the fruit beautifully.  But if you have the liver of an 80-year-old, you are not going to regulate all the sugar from the fruits you eat.
  • Check your protein bars because many of them are around 20-25 grams of sugar, while your standard Snickers bar is 25 grams of sugar.


Show Highlights: 

What is blood glucose mainly about?

Juanique 2:00

  • When talking about blood glucose, we're mainly talking about carbohydrates. And the most simple form of carbs is the monosaccharides.

A great analogy of how carbohydrates work

Gina 12:09

  • If you eat carbohydrates, they get digested and broken down. They're all linked together like a pearl necklace. Then each little pearl is like a little molecule of glucose. So when you eat a lot of carbohydrates,  they get flooded in the bloodstream really fast.

What foods are high in sugar?

Juanique 17:33

  • Table sugar, any pastries, icings, cakes, cookies, fruit juices have tons of sugar. Soda has tons of sugar, even the healthy sources, I hate to say this, but coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey, even though they are nature-made, they still have tons of sugar & no fiber to stabilize the blood glucose. 

What to check first in the food label?

Juanique 23:41

  • When you're looking at labels, you need to look at sugar first, carbohydrates second. So if it has zero sugars, but it has 60 carbs, that's still going to break down into sugar, and you'll still need a lot of insulin to break that down.

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May 25, 2021
Insulin - The Root Cause of Disease

Show Summary: “When glucose goes up, it can kill you.”

Essentially, human metabolism is fueled by two energy sources, those are glucose and fat. But too much intake, especially of glucose, puts your health at risk. That's where insulin comes in, which keeps your blood glucose within the normal range.

Every cell responds to insulin differently. So if a person has insulin resistance, it means that some of his cells are resistant (ex. muscle). While, some are sensitive as they were (ex. cells in the ovaries or on the adrenal gland), which sends the wrong signal to the body to produce more hormones and causes a vast dysfunction.

In this episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman, the author of the book Why We Get Sick, they break the misconception about insulin resistance. They also discuss why monitoring your insulin (not just your glucose) can be your lifesaver. Please share this with your family and friends to help us spread the word and save more people suffering from Diabetes and insulin resistance.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Rather than looking at insulin as an anabolic hormone at the muscle, look at it as anti-catabolic. It prevents the breakdown of the muscle protein. And you don't need a big insulin spike to do that.
  • If the mitochondria aren't working well, then there's no question. Virtually every chronic disease is waiting for you.
  • We should be very grateful. Every time we're putting something in our mouth, we should realize that this came from something that was once alive. Whether it was a plant or animal and now its death can enrich us and help us live longer.

Show Highlights: 

What is the book, “Why We Get Sick” about?

Benjamin 1:32

  • The premise of the book is maybe a good way to start. The idea is that metabolic health essentially underlies good health or disease, that when our metabolic health is in disarray, then the consequence will be chronic diseases.

What would happen if glucose is high?

Benjamin 12:09

  • If glucose is high around the 200 milligrams per deciliter range for several hours, you will start to lose plasma volume or water from your blood as that glucose in that water is getting pulled into your urine.

What is insulin resistance?

Benjamin 16:55

  •  It is the process where insulin is simply less able to do what it used to do in a cell. And, of course, every different cell responds to insulin differently. And so it's no surprise that when I say insulin isn't working well, that affects some cells more than others.

What are the causes of insulin resistance?

Benjamin 22:26

  • One is chronically elevated stress. The other is inflammation. And then the third is you're eating a diet that is forcing your insulin levels to be up all the time. So chronically elevated insulin is a cause of insulin resistance.

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May 18, 2021
Lies You've Been Told About Salt

Show Summary: “We need sodium to help us adequately maintain our blood pressure. We need it to support our brain, our adrenals, and our digestion.”

We need salt in our bodies. Studies from the American Journal of Medicine show that low salt intake causes more cardiovascular disease risk factors than extremely high intake. The adrenal, which produces cortisol, needs sodium to help our bodies adapt to stress. 

But we should know which type of salt to consume and not. Like other processed foods, salt can also be manufactured. Sadly, other manufacturers pull out the nutrients from it to make the cost cheaper, which you have to get rid of to avoid certain diseases.

In this episode with Darryl Bosshardt, one of the founders of the Redmond Red Salt, you'll discover what natural whole salt is and its difference from the one you see in the market. In addition, you'll find out how the human body reacts to a salt substitute.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Throw out the idea of looking for sea salt, and start looking for natural whole salt.
  • Every single cell in the body requires sodium.
  • Salt is a very inexpensive preservative, and it's even cheaper if it's manufactured because they've already pulled out the nutrients. So if you're eating processed foods, you're getting high amounts of processed salt, which is a bad combination.


Show Highlights: 

Is salt really bad for us, and should we eliminate it from our diet?

Darryl 5:00

  • Salt's job in the body is to regulate intracellular and extracellular fluids. So when those fluids are out of balance, it does cause, or it can cause problems. So these doctors did a study on rats and fed them copious amounts of sodium, and sure enough, they had some problems. And that'd be true for everything.

Does lack of salt affect your food digestion?

Juanique 9:42

  • If you're decreasing your salt intake, you don't have enough sustenance to create hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down your food. Therefore, you're not absorbing your food and would have malabsorption. Consequently, you start to get sick. So we need this salt to get the chloride to pump it into our stomach to break down our food.

What should we know about the world of iodized salt?

Darryl 20:27

  • Most people, especially women, are iodine deficient for several reasons, whether that's halogen toxicity, diet, or many different factors involved. Most people should be going out of their way to seek good sources of iodine, be that food or a good clean iodine supplement. But salt is not the way to get iodine.

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May 11, 2021
Why We Lose Libido As We Age

Show Summary: “Women have such delicate hormones. They experience shifts at different times that make them feel that their body is at war against them.”

Women are natural nurturers. They are great at multitasking, particularly in taking care of their children, working, and doing household chores. But as they age, they experience different issues in their bodies, such as weight gain, loss of libido, and loss of energy.

These issues cause mood changes, difficulty to stay in shape, and usually have crazy cravings. And it doesn't only happen with moms, even in single and younger women, which is quite alarming, especially for the younger generation.

In this episode, Juanique and Gina discuss the other possible reasons why you don't feel like yourself because of these shifts in your body, their personal experiences and how you can prevent it from happening. Listen as they talk about the program they created for you to heal yourself using the tools they have in the roadmap.

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Be a part of The Gutsy Health Membership now

Exceptional Highlight:

  • There can be a time and a place for cardio, but from a hormone balance perspective, keeping it short and doing things like Yoga, Pilates, strength training might be a lot better.
  • If your hormones are all over the place, you should take an honest look at your stress. If you're stressed, that's going to take priority, and all your other hormones will drop.
  • Sleeping resets everything; it brings inflammation down.


Show Highlights: 

Why do we gain weight and lose our libido as we age?

Gina 2:14

  • I think for me, it was a combination of trying to heal my body from birth control, being under so much stress. I remember waking up in the morning, and I don't even feel like myself anymore. I don't feel positive anymore. And I was using caffeine and coffee to get me into a good mood.

How our hormones and organs work together

Gina 11:05

  • The main ones that I'm thinking about are your sex hormones. You have your estrogen or progesterone, your testosterone. These hormones are like a symphony. Your estrogen, that's what's going to drive you for reproduction, that's what's going to support you to have sex & have a baby; that very juicy hormone there. Your testosterone is more like your metabolism.

What happens to your cortisol level when you're not sleeping?

Juanique 27:22

  • When you're not sleeping well, you will have a higher cortisol level in the morning.

Gina  27:45

  • There's a research study where they deprived mice of sleep, and I can't remember how long it took. But after a certain amount of time, they all get diabetes.

What’s inside the Gutsy Health Membership?

Juanique 46:17

  • Gina and I have put together inside The Gutsy Health Membership these incredible units that deep dive into the dysfunctions, and we give you tools to help you become the expert in your own healing.
  • Every month, each member is emailed a discount code to use on Provo health or Honestly Essential, so you get 10% off of everything all the time.
Apr 20, 2021
Master Your Subconscious To Heal Yourself

Show Summary: “Take the reins of your subconscious; The embodiment of your power.”

All human beings have experienced stress, toxicity, or trauma, which changed their perception of life. Some survived it, but some are still living in their dark past, which negatively affects their way of thinking and ability to make decisions.

Implanting different subconscious programming to human beings' minds since childhood takes them away from knowing their real identity, contributing to someone's suffering. But to heal is to grow; to grow is to heal. No matter how difficult or challenging it may sound, it can be simply done if you know the right tools and steps.

That's why Juanique, together with Audrey Taylor, have created a workshop to help you change your current mindset and thought patterns and help you reclaim your power back and take charge of your life. Their goal is to teach you how to fill your love and energy cup and attract the caliber of relationship & results you have with yourself.

We’re offering you a 50USD discount on the workshop, during this episode!

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Join The Workshop - Get 50 USD Discount or use the code EARLYMASTER

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Trauma doesn't come through intellectually; It comes in emotionally and energetically.
  • Your trauma is not your fault, but it's your responsibility to heal it.
  • I create my future by releasing the past.
  • All betrayal is self-betrayal.


Show Highlights: 

What kind of workshop are Juanique and Aubrey putting up?

Aubrey 4:30

  • We are designing for you all a beautiful Master Your Subconscious Workshop. We have been talking about the tools that people are using that are getting them a little bit of progress, but then maybe they plateau, flatline, or fall flat on their face, and they feel like they try, but it just doesn't work. So we wanted to talk about some of those things that maybe have a little bit of positive change but aren't like the full shebang, and you feel stuck.

What do we do to heal?

Juanique 8:23

  • Something that you've mentioned to members in the past is that we have to have an identity crisis for us to heal. And that is terrifying. In fact, for most people, that's probably scarier than facing your disease because your disease feels tangible. The identity crisis is who you are, and this is your ego. We have to go back to the beginning and recognize our part in playing out these stories and energy.

What is the victim-villain-hero analogy?

Juanique 17:54

  • Often, when we are in a situation that doesn't serve us, we play the victim, and there's a villain out there who's attacking you, and you want a hero. Part of the identity crisis is saying there are no victims, and there are no villains, there are no heroes, there's just being accountable for your part.

Three things to do in the workshop to solidify change 

Aubrey 29:14

  • We need something that is going to initiate a real subconscious shift. That would be an immersive workshop, not a seminar, not something where you are a passive participant and recipient of all this information.
  • We’ll be (1)  teaching you, and then (2) you’ll be teaching each other and (3) we’ll be standing by as you practice independently.
Apr 13, 2021
Healing- How We Are Doing It Wrong

Show Summary:  “When I'm sitting down with my five coaches and we're going over training and cases, they say, everyone's foundational issues are almost identical. You actually are very unique, please embrace your uniqueness. But disease is not. Disease oftentimes all stems from the same root causes. People don't implement the basics because they don't understand them and they don't see the value behind implementing basics because it's too basic.”

Gutsy Health started when Tristin was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. It became their motivation to study and open a clinic to help and educate people about healing; It also sparked Juanique's mission to save Tristin. They created courses, memberships, and the podcast to spread their word and make micro changes worldwide.

Despite all the great things they have built, their uphill battle continues. When Tristin's cancer came back, and his body was giving up because of the tumor, his doctor told Juanique that he only had two weeks to live. But like what they say, "You can't put a good man down!". Miraculously, Tristin is gradually bouncing back and is now doing great!

Fueled by their mission, Juanique, and Tristin, together with their good friend, Gina Worful,  a Registered Dietitian, created a program that consists of complimentary classes, a new membership, and consultations that break down everything you should know, even the basic components, so you can get a clear grasp of what's truly going on inside your body. Listen until the end of the episode and find out how to be a part of the program.

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Join The Program Now

Exceptional Highlight:

  • You have to be the interpreter of your body's language.
  • Our bodies have this incredible intelligence to keep us alive. They want to stay alive. We were put on Earth to be the highest version of ourselves,
  • These classes will teach you how to heal your body from the ground up. From energy and mindset to mitochondria to gut, liver, adrenals, hormones, and brain.

Show Highlights: 

A little update about Juanique and Tristin

Juanique 1:23

  • This business is an extension of me, and it's my passion project. It's not even a business; it's who I am. And it started because of Tristin's cancer. It began with the burning fire because the doctor told us that he wouldn't live past two years.

What idea keeps Juanique awake at night?

Juanique 22:09 

  • I want to explain this diagram to you guys because I think I did it at 1 AM.  I literally stay up at night, trying to figure out the world's problems and I was thinking, "How can we help people heal themselves?"

Let your body be your trainer

Gina 35:00

Let your body be your trainer. I think a lot of people have a fear of, "Well if I just listened to my body, it'll be just sitting on the couch."  But truly, we need to check in on it. When I  got honest with what my body wanted, it wanted to move in so many different ways.

What’s in the program?

Juanique 45:00

There are three options. You can just buy one of the parts. You can buy the Foundations of The Food and Health part if that's what you want to focus on, or you can buy the Heal Your Whole Body Roadmap part.

Apr 06, 2021
Hydrogen Water - The New Water Craze You Need To Know Of

Show Summary:  The research behind hydrogen water is that it can act as antioxidant in the body and help nurture a healthy gut biome as well as help normalize any kind of dysbiosis. It can also help with other diseases, like diabetes and neurological dysfunctions

Hydrogen water has a lot of miraculous benefits to the human body.  Even people with diabetes typically experience normalization of glucose levels within three to five days of drinking it. Juanique's tremor has reduced by ninety percent three days after installing it in their home.

People who visit Dr. Paul's booth at trade shows who couldn't hold a glass of six to eight ounces of water come back to him with their hands still after ten minutes of consuming it. His wife, who was in extreme menstrual cycle pain and was anemic, is now free from all of those discomforts. Again, thanks to hydrogen water.

But, how does it help heal a human body?

In this episode, Dr. Paul Barattiero, a certified naturopathic doctor and the CEO and founder of Synergy Science, discusses its mechanisms and success stories showing its power to heal. Listen as he tells about the places on Earth where you can naturally get water with hydrogen gas and find out where you can buy Echo Water machines for you and your family.

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Buy the Echo H2 Water Machines:  

Sign up for Zoom class on Hydrogen Water with Dr Paul:





Gutsy Health Website

Exceptional Highlight:

  • All disease starts with gut dysfunction
  • Putting hydrogen into the gut will not repair the gut. Changing the electrical potential of the tissue in the gut will repair it and its functions. Hydrogen will help feed healthy anaerobic gut bacteria
  • When we use antibiotics inappropriately or appropriately, it can destroy our gut tissue's polarity or the epithelial tissue in the gastrointestinal tract

Show Highlights: 

How did Dr. Paul discover hydrogen water?

Dr. Paul 3:06

  • As a thank you, our friends took my wife and I on a nine-day cruise to the Panama Canal. But they brought a suitcase of 1 gallon water jugs with them for us, filled with special water -  After drinking the water my wife almost completely recovered from debilitating health issues

Why is hydrogen water so good for us?

Dr. Paul 21:08

  • Our bodies were designed to digest food and during digestion, we have fermentation in the gut. When fermentation happens, we have these beautiful bacteria called hydrogen tropes that will consume fiber, water soluble or beneficial fiber as well as short chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids, and convert those things into hydrogen gas in the gut. But because of our lack of whole food consumption, antibiotic use and herbicide/pesticide exposure our gut biome is constantly being destroyed which then decreases its ability to produce hydrogen which then decreases the body's ability to then utilise it as an antioxidant
Mar 30, 2021
Stress, Neuroinflammation and Digestive Issues

Show Summary:  “When you're bloated and have a super noisy gut, you might not be making enough enzymes to break down your food because you're stressed out.”

Stress and digestive issues can create neuro-inflammation. The vagus nerve attaches to every organ in a human body's digestive tract, keeping you in balance and maintaining your homeostasis. But, viruses can potentially hijack the vagus nerve and the immune system depending on how well the body can balance different life stressors.

The neck area has a direct connection with the brain. When someone has Epstein Barr or food sensitivities, they get swollen lymph nodes. Poor posture and stress can cause tight neck, preventing proper circulation and getting rid of toxins to help the body heal.

Dr. Jannine Krause, a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and Podcaster, shares how strengthening the parasympathetic system can combat this issue. Listen well as she gives tips and actionable practices on how to start to calm your nervous system to prevent inflammation.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Dr. Jannine Krause Website

The Health Fix Podcast

Dr. Jannine Krause TV


Exceptional Highlight:

  • Stress creates inflammation in the nervous system and we get infections because of it.
  • You can't run from a bear and digest food. The brain literally cannot do that. Your nervous system is either in a parasympathetic state (rest and digest) or it’s in a sympathetic state (fight or flight) but it can’t be in both.
  • Your oral health is related to your systemic health. When your gums keep bleeding or getting cavities, that is related to gut health.


Show Highlights: 

The belly is your first brain

Jannine 3:06

  • We also have all these nerves that are connected, they go all the way down the spine, so can potentially affect every single part of your body, every organ in your body..

How do we help ourselves with neuro-inflammation?

Jannine 14:41

  • It's not because we need to calm  the sympathetic nervous system, we need to strengthen the parasympathetic. I'm doing a lot more lifestyle stuff now and working on how we get more calm and there's this great thing called parasympathetic breathing.

What does food sensitivities have to do with it?

Jannine 19:46 

  • With food sensitivities, what's happening is we've got two things. One is the neck bottleneck issue here. Part of it is if your neck is dealing with stuff, you're putting food in, your neck’s already inflamed - we're adding histamine. Histamine is a neurotransmitter that comes out in response to inflammation. So if you're struggling with rashes, or hives, or any of that stuff, and you can't figure it out, this could be  neuro-inflammation.
Mar 23, 2021
Lead: The Silent Epidemic

Show Summary:  “It causes so many things because it's one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man, and it also impacts pretty much every biological system, but there's no outward symptom.”

Moms are known for being very protective of their little ones. But the question is, how far are they willing to go to give the best life to their kids? How much effort can they give to raise awareness to their fellow moms about the toxins contributing to children's brain damage?

In this episode, Juanique and Gina ask Tamara Rubin everything she knows about the harmful effects of Lead. Tamara is a child health advocate, author, environmental activist, and documentary filmmaker. Her son was acutely poisoned when a painter they hired used an open flame torch to burn the paint off their house's exterior. Now, he has severe OCD, has ADHD and Dyslexia, and all sorts of learning disabilities. This ignited her mission even more, to tell the world, specifically moms, to protect their kids from the dangers of Lead.

She publishes new blogs almost every day and educates people where it exists, such as toys and even cooking dishes. Listen as she shares tips on properly choosing the best materials you can use at home to minimize your family's exposure to Lead.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Lead Safe Mama

Heavy Metals Class

MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic




Exceptional Highlight:

  • Main forms of exposure are inhalation and ingestion. But the thing is it's not like eating paint chips. That's a myth. A child doesn't need to eat a paint chip to be poisoned.
  • The Lead industry have made a concerted effort to hide this information from us intentionally, to hide the damaging impacts of Lead
  • The same people who worked on the tobacco industry campaigns to make sure that you think cigarettes are safe are those people who also initially designed the Lead poisoning obfuscation campaign, making you think that Lead paint is safe.

Show Highlights: 

Why is Lead a silent epidemic?

Tamara 1:08

  • But the reason it's a silent epidemic or a secret epidemic is because there's no outward symptom.

Do any toys have any kind of metal in it?

Tamara 8:38

  • I do want to give people some hope. As much as there's Lead in everything, we also need to not be afraid and we need to not live in fear.

How does XRF instrument work?

Tamara 13:25 - 

  • If your readers or listeners go to eBay and look for a used XRF instrument, they're going to find used ones from 5 to $10,000. The problem is that's not the right instrument. The instrument I use is the one specifically used by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Mar 16, 2021
The Role of Neurotransmitters and Mold

Show Summary:  “Neurotransmitters  are basically neuro chemicals in your body that control every aspect of it -  your digestion, muscles, mood, and are very related to anxiety, depression, sleep, and peristalsis of your gut.  They are involved in every single function of the body.”

Dopamine and Serotonin are neurotransmitters and are very powerful. Being deficient in it can make you feel exhausted, unmotivated and can cause anxiety and depression. Medical professionals see it as something critical because it can contribute to hormone dysregulation. 

Another thing that can trigger depression and anxiety is mold as it is often invisible and misdiagnosed.

What's even trickier about this is people often think that they don't have mold in their homes. Surprisingly, it can cause an illness in any organ or our thyroid glands and create symptoms like brain fog. That's why Dr. Ann-Marie Barter believes that every household needs to address this and that more people need to be tested for mold toxicity. 

In this episode, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner in private practice in Denver, Colorado tells us more about hormonal issues, its causes and effects and how we can address it initially. Listen as she breaks down every aspect you need to know about what could be causing your stress, anxiety, depression or some other illnesses. 

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Website for practice


Dopamine & Serotonin support (Sugar Cravings Support)

Serotonin and Gaba support - Relax and calm down (Mood Relief)

Magnesium supplements 



Exceptional Highlights:

  • Most people are actually deficient with neurotransmitters across the board.
  • Sugar is a legal drug we are all dependent and addicted to, and the food industry is well aware of this
  • Be careful with mold exposure - Mold is a great imitator. It mimics many diseases and dysfunctions in the body

Show Highlights: 

How do you usually address Neurotransmitters when people come to you with health issues?

Ann 6:43

  • I think two things are really important to address before you deal with neurotransmitters. The gut - it’s very important. If you have all this gut dysregulation, then guess what? You have to fix that first.

What are Catecholamines?

Ann 9:09

  • When we're looking at dopamine, basically you’re fight or flight, (which are catecholamines), this helps us run from a bear. But you need to be able to transition between being motivated, focused and feeling worthwhile and hopeful to be unable to run from that bear. Because that pathway for dopamine, is the same as your catecholamines pathways that fight or flight. And you have to be able to transition between the two seamlessly. 

Mar 09, 2021
Covid-19 Vaccine — Should You Take It

Show Summary: "Vaccines are meant to stimulate your immune system."

The pandemic has been testing the mental, physical and emotional well-being of people worldwide since it started. Many felt the fear of losing their lives or their loved ones because of how dangerous it has become. Wearing masks, face shields, and social distancing are now the new norm. Restrictions are everywhere to prevent the virus from spreading and taking the lives of many. The decrease in economic growth has been felt, especially in third-world countries.

But the question is, until when do we suffer from this? Now that vaccines are developed, many believe and hope that the pandemic is soon coming to an end. However, it sparks multiple reactions and emotions from different people. Some are afraid to get it, while others can't wait to be vaccinated.

"Is it safe for all ages?"

"Will it prevent the transmission?"

"If taken, does it mean your 100 percent protected from the virus?"

In this episode, Dr. Bradley Campbell of Integrated Holistic Healthcare in Wilmette, IL, and author of "Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue" book, shares his experiences with vaccines since he was a child up to the present. As a kid, he and his sister were doing a regular vaccine schedule, but they had different reactions to it, which made him more curious about its risks and benefits. However, many people in the natural community are skeptical about it, so find out what he has to say  about  the effects of vaccines.

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More about Covid-19

Exceptional Highlight:

  • It's not like they're perfectly safe and it's not like they don't do anything at all.
  • Doing research takes a long time to do, sometimes it takes years  or decades, it can take a full career to prove a medical point..
  • Fever helps you create long term defense.

Show Highlights: 

Who is Dr. Bradley Campbell?

Dr. Bradley 2:15

  •  I went to Chiropractic and Naturopathic school and got finished with my chiropractic degree and got that from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois.

How long does the vaccine is supposed to last?

Dr. Bradley  3:23

  • Once it becomes past the tipping point where tons of people have had this thing, it's likely to become endemic, sort of like a flu or cold season, where it might last forever, or it could last for five years or 10 years before it sort of dwindles down...

His history with vaccinations

Dr. Bradley 7:39

  • My family has some genetic traits, which can make us a little more susceptible to issues with detoxification, allergies and autoimmunity

The effects of the pandemic

Dr. Bradley 38:36

  • We've learned how much we need to touch people and be in real connection with people and in person. All these CEOs who are like, “Wow, we can't wait to have everybody work from home and you're going to be more productive and get more work done.” They're gonna be with their kids. And then they're like, “Wow, they're actually less creative.”

Feb 23, 2021
Sugars' Many Forms and Triggers — The “Perfect” Root Beer Float

Show Summary: "We allow people to consume as much sugar as possible without them recognizing it and, it leads to a lifetime of health issues."

Sugary foods are yummy and inviting, but they are also addicting and dangerous. Its availability in the market without any limitations makes it accessible to everyone without recognizing the harm in the long run. Almost all foods contain sugar, but not all are aware of properly looking at the label or nutritional facts.

However, your cells, your body, and your brain use sugar as energy. So the question is, is sugar good or bad?

In this episode, Juanique, shares a story about Tristin's craving for root beer float and how it triggered their Instagram followers' curiosity about its sugar content. Together with Gina Worful,  a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition, they discuss:

  • What the body's threshold for sugar intake is 
  • What happens in the body when your blood sugar starts to rise
  • When blood sugar spikes up

Stay tuned and find out if the “Perfect” root beer float exists.

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Gina Worful Mastering Mindfulness

Gina Worful Conquering Cravings

Use the code: Gutsy

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Insulin in high dose is actually very inflammatory to the body. It can cause organ damage
  • If we get a huge load of sugar at one time, it overwhelms your bloodstream.
  • Self awareness is really your most powerful tool.

Show Highlights:

How’s Tristin and Juanique?

Juanique 2:14

  • It's been really hard. Everyone is probably thinking 2020 was like the worst year of their lives, 2021 is potentially the worst year of my life..

How did the root beer float trigger start?

Juanique 8:08

  • There was one day where he's just craving root beer floats. So his dad went out and bought him some ice cream, which is like a keto ice cream. It has low sugar, but a whole bunch of other ingredients. And then we got the zevia root beers and they taste really good, but they're sweetened with stevia. So I showed everyone online, I'm like, “Hey, this is how I make Justin's root beer floats.” 

Is eating protein bars the same as eating Snickers??

Gina 11:19

  • Seeing some of these bars, well, they’re healthy. It's a protein bar but it has 25 grams of sugar.

Are artificial sweeteners safe?

Juanique 37:00

  • Artificial sweeteners do actually cause gut dysbiosis, which leads to obesity (long term), and it also leads to immune system dysfunction.
Feb 16, 2021
Overcoming Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

Show Summary: "To heal your hunger, you have to feel some hunger because that hunger informs you of what's going on."

Do you feel defeated because of your Yoyo diet?

Do you feel frustrated from preventing yourself from binge eating unhealthy foods, but you still end up feeling guilty after a stressful day?

Have you always been disappointed because of overeating?

Tricia Nelson, the author of Heal Your Hunger book and a transformational speaker, shares her roller coaster experience in being an emotional eater.

She tried many ways like diet, pills, programs, and consulted an eating disorder therapist to find solutions, but unfortunately, nothing worked for her.  She would always go back to her yoyo diet, which broke her hope of finding the real problem.

Being focused on food and weight symptoms is not the key because it is just a symptom.  What you have to dive into and deal with are the underlying causes, like the emotional factors. Good thing, Tricia overcame this through the help of her spiritual healer by addressing the real cause of her eating disorder.

Her journey has been her inspiration in educating people about food addiction or any health issues where the diet is involved. Listen as she breaks down the common misconceptions about food, emotional, and physical hunger.

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Heal Your Hunger Website

Heal Your Hunger Book 

Heal Your Hunger Instagram

Exceptional Highlight:

  • “Whatever the health problem, diet plays a major part of getting the problem and then healing the problem.”
  •  We use food as a form of escape because of worry and stress and fear, we want to numb out.
  • Feed your body and get used to a regular schedule of eating, so that you have space between the meals..

Show Highlights: 

What is Tricia’s story?

Tricia 2:21

  • I started out as an emotional eater, I think from the get go like as far back as I can, I remember food was a big highlight for me.

How did she figure out the missing piece to her problem?

Tricia 5:1

  • I was still young. I tried so many things, I'd actually lost some weight. And I was about to go back up the scale again, because that was my habit. 

How did she start to heal her hunger?

Tricia  24:55

  • I did a lot of intense work. After a year or so I was in so much of a better place, and I didn't have the cravings anymore. I was in a thin body and I could handle being in a thin body, feeling worthy of being seen or feeling comfortable.

How does one differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger

Tricia  37:4

  • I've been doing this work for over 30 years now and it amazes me as a motivator, like I'll get off a phone call that's really stressful and I’d be like, “I'm hungry”.
  • And I'll think, “What can I eat?” And then I'll have this conversation with myself. And I'd be like, “Wait, you know, you just had breakfast a couple hours ago. Are you really that hungry?”
Jan 12, 2021
Ayurvedic Living with Claire Ragozzino

Show Summary: "How we're moving through the course of a day, eventually becomes how we move through the course of a week and a month, which shapes our health."

Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old holistic health model with branches in general medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, diseases of the head & neck, toxicology, and surgery, but it mainly focuses on preventative medicine. It teaches us how to understand our relationship with nature, including seasonal foods and practices.

Like Chinese medicine, it is also an elemental model; Air, Space, Fire, Water, and Earth. DOSHA categorizes the elements that help you better understand how to get the right balance during the change of seasons. Paying attention to every subtle shift enables you to get the best experience and prevents diseases.

Listen as Claire Ragozzino, a holistic nutritionist and the author of the new book the Living Ayurveda, breaks down everything you should know about its benefits and how it works. Learn how to use gunas properly to start creating the balance you need for a healthy life.

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Claire Ragozzino’s Website

Living Ayurveda Book 

Exceptional Highlight:

  • We are just an extension of nature. The further we step away from nature, the sicker we get.
  • In your winter diet, you naturally have an increase in appetite. It's not just because of the holidays, and everyone's aware, but you need to eat more to build more bulk for your body to stay in balance..
  • Ayurvedic food is not strictly vegetarian.

Show Highlights: 

What path did she take to end up a yoga teacher, a holistic nutritionist, and an Ayurvedic practitioner?

Claire 2:00

  • Let's go back to age seven because I give a shout out to my mom. She was in a pretty bad fatal car accident and I found yoga back when yoga was still pretty fringe.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Claire 7:25

  • Hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga, and all these styles came from Ashtanga Yoga, a more vinyasa style, practice and Ashta means eight.

Did she study Ayurveda in India?

Claire 24:55

  • Well, I started doing some studies in India. And then when I had come back, I was still really having the raw foods trip. "If I can just eat all raw, I'm gonna find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." and somewhere around that turning point, I realized, “Okay, this isn't quite the path I want to take.” 

That's when I really started diving into my Ayurveda studies.

What is Ayurveda?

Jennifer 37:46

  • The literal translation of a Sanskrit word is the Science of Life. One even more poetic is the Art of Living.

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Jan 05, 2021
Exercise and Brain Health Interview with Jennifer Etnier

Show Summary: “There's one organ in the body that's designed to benefit off of movement and that's the brain.”

Jennifer Etnier,  a fellow at the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Kinesiology,  focuses on physical activity's cognitive benefits. Her mom inspired her mission to spark awareness about the ability of exercise to improve brain functions.

It started when she noticed the difference in his mom's ability to problem-solve, mostly around technology, compared to his father's. At the age of 80, her mom still plays pickleball for two to three hours a day, which is not a regular activity for adults. She also hikes a lot, and she stays active with gardening and all sorts of activities.

Right now, they're doing a clinical trial that's supported by the National Institute of aging. They're looking at the potential benefits of a one-year commitment to physical activity for 40 to 65 years old and have a family history of Alzheimer's disease. They believe that if cognitively normal and healthy people participate in exercise for a year, they'll get behavioral benefits,  brain structure, and brain function benefits.

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Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s Disease 2

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Problem solving abilities could be enhanced by being physically active.
  • The most important thing to recommend is that people do a form of physical activity that they can stick with. If you like hiking, then hike, by all means. I don't want to force you to swim. You're going to get these enduring benefits.
  • If you're in an apartment, you don't have a place to be outside, find somebody who does the fun boot camp on YouTube. Do it as a family.

Show Highlights: 

Do the things that you love as an exercise

Jennifer 5:04

  • I think for sure that her commitment to physical activity has allowed her to maintain her cognitive ability into advanced age.

What does exercise improve?

Juanique 11:48

  • Exercising, enhances mood, enhances memory, enhances all good things. And what our lifestyle is doing now is completely causing deterioration, and all of those aspects and areas.

What was Tristin’s recreational activities as a kid?

Tristin 24:55

  • I ended up playing tennis all the way through high school and then continued to play it recreationally for years and years after that. So it really can make a huge difference. What kind of experience these kids have at a very young age.

What clinical trial do Jennifer’s team do now?

Jennifer 37:46

  • What we anticipate is that we're going to see those benefits, even in people who in addition to their family risk of Alzheimer's also have a genetic risk for Alzheimer's. 

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Dec 29, 2020
Follow-up to the Truth about Tristin

"We are all storytellers, and the story we tell create our experience."

Show Summary: On December 8, 2020, Tristin and Juanique published an episode entitled “The Truth About Tristin” about his battle with cancer. He was initially diagnosed in 2016 and survived it. They stopped testing for quite some time, but this year, 2020, things got terrible. His cancer got back unknowingly.

It was real devastation for both of them, but the reason why they want to share Tristin’s journey with you is because of the life-lessons they discovered behind the anxiety and panic they went through. It took them years to process it and overcome the trauma it had caused them through the help of EMDR therapy. They believe that it’s not the illness alone that you should deal with but also the psychological effect that comes with it; Otherwise, it can cause more stress that can worsen the disease.

To all the people who are having the same battle, this episode is for you. For the tears and pain you and your family have shed, you deserve to have the best in the world. You deserve the happiness, peace of mind, and positivity to get through this. Listen as Juanique and Tristin break down their journey and tell about the process of acceptance and learning to find the good in everything.

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Look For The Good - Jason Mraz

Podcast Services

Exceptional Highlight ( A quote that Juanique read during the recording) :

“Every action taken by human beings is based on love or fear.

Decisions affecting business, industry, politics, religion, the education of your young, the social agenda of your nations, the economic goals of your society, choices involving war, peace, attack, defense, aggression, submission, determinations, to covet or give away to save or to share to unite or to divide.

Every single free choice you have ever undertaken arises out of one of the only two possible thoughts there is - A thought of love or a thought of fear.

Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms. Love is the energy which expands, opens up, senses out, stays, reveals, shares, heals.

Fear wraps our bodies enclosed. Love allows us to stand naked fear clings to and clutches all that we have. Love gives all that we have away.

Fear holds close, love holds dear.

Fear grasps love lets go.

Fear rankles love suits, fear attacks, love amends.

Every human thought, word or deed is based on one emotion or the other. You have no choice about this, because there's nothing else from which to choose but you have free choice about which of these to select.”

Show Highlights: 

What  is coffee enema for?

Tristin 14:55

  • But I can tell you from my own experience that as I've been doing this really intensive protocol, if I don't do the coffee enemas I have a really bad day.

What is the best or worst thing Tristin can say or do for a friend that is battling cancer?

Tristin 16:01

  • One out of two people in their lifetime will contract cancer, which means that 30% of it would be a very, very rare incident where a person does not know somebody who has cancer.

What can you do for people who are battling with cancer?

Juanique 18:58

  • If your loved one that is struggling with cancer has children just say “Hey, my kids are going to kangaroo Zoo or coconut Cove. I'd like to pick up your kids.” 
Dec 22, 2020
Heartspace Healing - Learn to Listen to Your Body to Heal

Show Summary: Do you cancel appointments with your dietitian because you feel like you're not consistently following the meal plans prepared for you?

Do you feel a bit pressured to visit the clinic because of struggles that prevent you from achieving your health goals?

You are not alone. Many people feel this way when they realize that it's a challenge to keep up with their dietitian's recommendations. That typically happens because of multiple triggers, such as the emotions, body chemistry, and stress that cause cravings. Addressing those gradually increases the chance of your wellness through the help of your health coach.

In this episode with Gina Worful, a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition, you will learn how to determine:

  • What causes your triggers
  • How to know what your body needs
  • How your physiology works

Listen as she breaks down the reason behind your cravings and get tips on how you can understand your body better.

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Gina Worful Instagram

Gina is offering $30 off any of her masterclasses at

This is on top of the holiday discount she's already running! 

Just use the code GUTSY at checkout to have the extra discount applied.

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • When we get a craving, it's actually just your body telling you, “Hey, there's something that I really need”.
  • Whenever your body gets this signal that there's a little bit of stress or a warning, it actually activates a different part of your brain that's called your amygdala. It's one and only job is to keep you safe if there's a threat.
  • When we don't sleep, we don't heal properly. And when we're not sleeping properly, cortisol goes through the roof, blood sugar goes up.

Show Highlights: 

How Gina became a dietitian??

Gina 4:14

  • I became a dietitian in 2012. When I went to I studied at Eastern Michigan University, they have an amazing dietetics program there. And I thought, the more knowledge I have, the better I can help people..

Why are patients scared of follow-ups?

Juanique 7:20

  • Whenever I consult with people, people have this shame around food, and I have to remind them, this is a safe space, I am not going to judge you here.

Where do mostly cravings come from?

Juanique 24:40

  • A lot of times cravings do come from nutritional deficiencies. 

What is the process revolutionary for Tristin?

Tristin 38:02

  •  In my mind, it feels very revolutionary because you're not really talking about nutrition, you're talking about deeply embedded psychological processes, you're talking about working through trauma. 
Dec 15, 2020
The Truth About Tristin

Show Summary: We have different battles. Others may look like they are the happiest when behind the laughter and smile is a heart full of sadness and pain. 

No one exactly knows what each person is going through, whether it's financial, family, or health problems. Because sometimes, it's part of being a loving & caring person; we choose to hide what we feel and spread positivity even if we know that it's taking the toll on us

Our mentors, coaches, healers, or consultants are no exemption to this. The amazing people who empower and guide us also experience challenges in life. But to push you to move forward, they sometimes have to cry in silence, keep their problems to themselves just to see you grow and prosper. 

Like Tristin and Juanique, their mission is to save lives by making a holistic lifestyle change. Behind it is a roller coaster ride of different emotions, anxiety, and stress because of Tristin's battle with cancer. However, this doesn't stop them from raising awareness about taking full responsibility for what you eat and do for long, healthy, and happy lives.

In this episode, they tell you how their journey has been in this year and

  • What symptoms has Tristin been feeling
  • What his current state is
  • Treatments that he undergoes
  • What realizations they have as a married couple with business and health struggles

Listen to this episode, and don't forget to say thanks to the people who help you heal, guide you, and make you happy. 

To all who never stop to work day in and out to make this world a better place, THANK YOU. You are truly FANTASTIC.

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Gut Restoration

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • The reason why we are here is because I hope that when people hear this message, it's a course correction, that maybe you would have gotten cancer in five years or 10 years, maybe, but you're not anymore because you're changing your lifestyle because you're changing the food that you are nourishing your body with, you're changing your stress, you are giving your body what it needs to thrive..
  • Disease is so much more than $1 bill
  • We co create with each other. That means that the emotions that we place onto each other have power.

Show Highlights: 

Why did Juanique and Tristin start The Gutsy Health Podcast?

Juanique 9:34

  • The reason why we started this podcast, the reason why I just started talking on a platform to begin with.

Why was the first half of the year so traumatic to both of them?

Tristin 14:30

  •  It was like symptoms coming and going. It was really weird. Fear, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks look the other way.

What was their business struggle?

Juanique 17:45

  • We haven't even spoken about the stress of the business this year. On top of all of this panic from January to July, Provo health just blew up, which we're so grateful for. But we're not business people. 

What was their experience attending the retreat?

Tristin 38:11

  • We showed up to this retreat the first day. And we were both scared out of our minds. Yeah, we're in this house with 50 people. They all know and love each other. They're hugging and talking like, best friends from childhood. We're sitting in a corner. 
Dec 08, 2020
How To Heal Your Gut- The Gut Restoration Protocol

Show Summary: Many people have gut dysfunction because we live in a very harmful and antagonistic society towards our gut biome. What’s worse is some scientists say that it is totally fine when it’s not. Childhood allergies are one of the harmful effects, and it has now tripled, which is why we have to be cautious of what is detrimental to our health.

Other factors contributing to gut dysbiosis are stress, which increases inflammation and makes it a hostile environment for healthy bacteria to populate. Second is antibiotics and birth control. Third are the foods containing glyphosate, mostly found in bread, pasta, or processed food that uses wheat.

Learn some practical steps on how to start restoring your gut biome with Juanique, as she also discusses her top six list of most inflammatory foods on the planet. Find out what superfoods you can eat to feed the good bacteria and help them grow exponentially.

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Gut Restoration

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • We need to have the good bacteria be the king of the castles, we need more of them, the bigger the army, the more damage control they can do.
  • Those born in the 90s I think are like five times more likely to get colon cancer in their 30s.
  • You're going to take your probiotic with food so that as it goes in and germinates its spores out. It should have food to eat because it wants to grow.

Show Highlights: 

What is the screening age for colon cancer now? 

Juanique 3:45

  • There were a lot of very triggered people, and I apologize, but it basically said that those born in the 90s I think are like five times more likely to get colon cancer in their 30s.

What is a healthy gut?

Juanique 9:38 

  •  A healthy gut has a nice strong lining epithelium lining so it's not broken down.

How does inflammation start?

Juanique 14:30

  • When we don't have enough healthy good bacteria to protect the mucous lining, the epithelial lining starts to break down. And when it breaks down with that mucosal lining starts to kind of dry up, and vaporize. 

What is rebalancing?

Juanique 21:32

  • Rebalance is stress management, yoga, exercising self-care, deep breathing, meditation. 

How to repair and repopulate?

Juanique 21:47

  • If you have insane gut dysbiosis if you potentially have cebo you might not want to start with this one. And I'll tell you why. Because there might be a lot of competition in your gut and it might make you more bloated and gassy. 

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Nov 24, 2020
Mold Contamination - Recognize and Remediate with Ryan Blaser

Show Summary: Molds are a fungus that feeds off of organic material, and it can make you sick.  Its existence in the household makes it dangerous for human health, especially if people are unaware of what it does to our immune system. Sadly, eighty percent of American families have toxic mold problems that affect the occupants' health.

It doesn't exempt dry areas when there is a leaky pipe, water damage, or drainage issues.  Itchy throat, cough, or runny nose that doesn't go away are toxic molds' symptoms. It also has psychological effects like headaches, brain fog, fatigue, depression, nausea, and in some cases, even hallucinations; if it's bad enough.

To get rid of it, listen to Ryan Blaser, the owner of Test My Home, a company aiming to create healthy, toxic-free work and home environments through mold remediation.  Find out what other recommendations he has to prevent molds from spreading to your house.

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Test My Home

Test My Home Facebook 

Test My Home Instagram

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • The reason that it's toxic is that mold is fighting for its territory. They're not necessarily doing that to harm humans, but they're trying to fight off the other mold species that are in the area.
  • Proper mold remediation, according to the standards, is removing the mold physically. So either sanding, if it's in a porous material, it needs to be thrown away.
  • Our number one goal is to build a healthy home and to have mold-free, toxin-free. And let's take our time, let's do it right.  It might take a little bit longer, but in the end, you're going to have a home, that's going to be a sanctuary for you.

Show Highlights: 

What is Mold?

Ryan 3:50

  • Mold is a fungus, it's a fungus in its own kingdom. And it feeds off of organic material. So if you have water and you have organic material, mold spores are in the air everywhere. So you give it a little water, something to eat, and you're gonna have mold growing.

What's the difference between bad mold, black mold & mold on our cheese??

Ryan 4:21 

  • There are several hundred different kinds of mold in their molds that are much worse than others just like they're different kinds of animals. So a tiger might be more dangerous than a bunny.

How do you know if you have a mold problem?

Ryan 11:31

  • There are a couple of things you can do. Mold needs water to grow. One of the first things you can do is look for water leaks. If you had a water leak, do you currently have any water spots or water damage? 

Are there certain materials or ways you can build to minimize your risk of mold?

Ryan 22:28

  • Using magnesium boards instead of drywall, it doesn't have the paper on it. There's nothing for the mold to grow on and it's breathable. 

Can we use bleach on it or paint over it?

Ryan 28:05

  • It’s the worst thing you can put on mold. It actually makes it worse for two reasons:
    • Bleach is 90% water or one, 
    • It doesn't kill it right away. When you put bleach on it, it gives it enough time for it to realize it's under attack and it releases a lot of mycotoxins and a lot of spores before it has a chance to die. 

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Nov 18, 2020
Essential Oils and Self-Empowerment with Dr. Eric Z

Show Summary: Dr. Eric Zielinski, the founder of Natural Living Family, talks about the healing power of essential oils for mind, body, soul, and spirit. Dr. Eric Zielinski was introduced to essential oils when he met her wife, Sabrina. She has been using essential oils for chemical burns since she was a child to heal her chemical burns.

Studies also show that essential oils have anti-inflammatory effects and could help patients with cancer, diabetes, blood glucose, and blood pressure. They have been working on creating awareness through their services, books, and healthy products.

It is their advocacy to motivate people to take full control of their lives by being responsible for what they eat and do. They create strategies on using different essential oils and guide their clients on how it's used properly. They also motivate them to go through a holistic approach to reach maximum results.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

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Natural Living Family

The Essential Oils Diet

The Healing Power Of Essential Oils

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • If someone's going to use essential oils, but live their fast food or American lifestyle now, it literally is like taking one step forward and two steps backwards
  • If you're struggling with mood,  so many people are just by virtue of knowing that you're doing something good for yourself, put the happy mood dopamine serotonin, boosting essential oils.
  • If you want your body to truly respond to things, your body has to be in a good place to do it.

Show Highlights: 

How did they start their essential oils journey?

Dr. Eric 7:59

  • My wife's been using oils since she was a teenager and she had a chain of chemical burns.

How did their business become popular?

Dr. Eric 18:06

Let's empower the people that actually do this work quickly, like I'm in my research office here, my wife is the one who’s really doing and  formulating a lot of the things.

Major causes of death

Dr. Eric 26:13

  • What the biggest bang for our buck right now is to help people is to focus on the major causes of death..

Effect of the peppermint essential oil

Juanique & Tristin 11:52

  • I don't know any healthy person on the planet, that if you give them peppermint, that they won't automatically jump up and perk up.

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Nov 10, 2020
Gut Health During the Holidays - Interview with Andrew Colombini

Show Summary: Juanique and Tristin share their interview with Andrew Colombini as a part of the Healthy Holiday Summit, which aims to raise awareness about getting through the holidays by choosing delicious, regret-free treats that power over your cravings while making sure you're staying healthy.

Holidays are supposed to be fun and exciting because you celebrate it with your family. You get to eat delicious foods and treats that your mother, aunt, or grandmother prepared for you. But the sad part of being unconscious of what you eat is it takes you away from a healthy lifestyle that can eventually ruin your body's first brain, which is (evolutionary speaking) the gut.

  • Listen as they give tips on how to maintain your healthy lifestyle while enjoying the rest of the holidays. 
  • Find out how to get your family's support in making a holistic lifestyle change 
  • Get ideas on what kind of food to prepare during holidays.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Provo Health Instagram

Gutsy Holiday Treats Book

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Your gut is literally the root system of a tree, you can't buy apples from a second tree and try to put it on your tree, you have to nurture your root system.
  • Gut health without holidays is already bad enough.
  • If you're not producing a lot of hydrochloric acid because you're stressed because you eat a lot of refined grains, because you have a lot of inflammation it means you’re not healing.

Show Highlights: 

How did Juanique and Tristin discover what true health is?

Juanique 3:33

  • It was really interesting because we were at the same hospital, I was getting my 20 week ultrasound. And then I went three floors up to pick him up from his colonoscopy. And I thought like, the worst news of my day would be, oh, something's wrong with my baby. But I realized, nope, something's wrong with my husband.

Heal the gut, heal the mind

Juanique 9:07

  • Because you're either in fight or flight or rest and digest, and most of us are chronically in fight or flight. We can't fight or flight and rest and digest at the same time. We really need to work on healing the gut, but then also healing our mind.

We have bad gut health

Andrew 11:00

  • That's why I really wanted to present this because especially the holidays. We already have bad gut health and now we're gonna add all this other stuff up.

Why are the holidays tough on our gut?

Juanique & Tristin 11:52

  • Well, it's interesting that you mentioned gluten, because if there's one thing that tends to be associated with holiday foods, it's gluten. It's bread, it's cakes, its rolls. It's all of those things. And the reason why it's super hard on our guts is just because of how wheat is manufactured these days.

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Nov 04, 2020
Mindset, Healing and Identity with Aubrey Taylor

Show Summary: In this episode, Aubrey Taylor, one of Provo Health's wellness coaches, shares education and hacks on how to get rid of the toxins; The negative tapes that tell you you're not worthy of healing. She teaches proven and effective ways on how to penetrate your subconscious mind.

She mentions how important it is to go through Metanoia, changing one's mind, heart, and self. It's a way to release limiting beliefs and adopt ones that will serve your growth better so you can align your conscious mind with your soul to remove your old and toxic mindset.

Aubrey says that the growth mindset should overcome the fixed mindset, which stops you from getting outside your comfort zone. A growth mindset allows your body to create four million different versions of yourself, which can significantly contribute to your healing.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Provo Health Instagram

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Our minds need to be in alignment for these beautiful bodies to flourish with.
  • We are just prisoners in these negative tapes that hinder our progress and our ability to heal.
  • You can combine the exercise and the affirmations together, while listening to good uplifting music rather than dirty rap music.

Show Highlights: 

Affirmation From Aubrey Taylor

"Dear body, I love you.

I love myself and I am worthy of love and healing.

I nourish my body with healing foods and lifestyle choices and it responds with health, strength, vitality, and healthy gene expression.

Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health and is in communication with all other cells.

With every exhale, I release stress and disease. With every inhale, I channel connection, love, and health to every cell.

All of my body’s systems and organs function perfectly.

My body communicates with me and I pay attention and give my body what it needs.

I am a daughter of God who has entrusted me with this earthly body as a temple for my soul.

I am worthy of healing and thriving, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I release and forgive whatever part of my past brought me to this point. My body is divinely designed to heal, and I invite that divinity within me to take the reins."

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Oct 27, 2020
Ozone Healing with Dr. David Minkoff

Show Summary: In this episode with Dr. David Minkoff, an alternative healthcare expert and the author of BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter and the Optimum Health Report, talks about his journey in starting his practice and clinic. He mentions how Jeffrey Bland, the father of Functional Medicine, inspired him to pursue his career and mission to help people heal from different illnesses.

He shares the possibilities of Prolozone and IV Ozone and how it makes a difference in many problems. It makes athletes run faster, makes sick people feel better, and helps get over their infections and fatigue. He says one special thing about it is the patient's response rate. Eighty percent of his patients who underwent four to six treatments due to chronic long-term back pain, knee pain, or neck problem had extreme pain relief.

Ozone can be used at home too. It clears the air of odors and viruses, and other types of particles. It also improves mitochondria which are the area in the cell where energy is made.

Important Links

Body Health Website

Dr. David Minkoff Website

Dr. David Minkoff’s Book

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Ozone is good as a detoxifier, will tailor-bind with things and neutralize them
  • If the NAD is not ready to get an NADH, if the NADH is still stuck on there, it can't take a new particle to make energy. Ozone resets that so you see people get more energy and you see their brain and their kidneys and their livers function better because the cell can actually make energy better.
  • There are things in the body that shouldn't be there. And there are things missing from the body that should be there. And if you can figure out what those things are and restore them, then the physiology gets back to the way it's supposed to be.

Show Highlights: 

How did Dr. Minkoff start his practice and clinic?

1:58 Dr. Minkoff

  • When I finished medical school, I didn't know what I wanted to do. And I went to the University of Wisconsin, and I thought I would do a rotating internship.

How do they do Prolozone and what is the effect?

10:30 Dr. Minkoff

  • We did prolozone, which is injecting ozone into joints and soft tissue areas where there's pain. And we started putting it into bladders for people who have like interstitial cystitis bladder pain.

How do his patients respond to Ozone treatments?

13:18 Dr. Minkoff

  • In four to six treatments, 80% of the patients that I saw had extreme alleviation of their pain or no pain.

How does Ozone retain the good bacteria while killing the bad ones?

22:34 Dr. Minkoff

  • Our own cells have in the cell membrane, an enzyme which is called peroxidase. It is able to neutralize ozone. So if ozone comes in as a free radical, it's neutralized by the peroxidase.

If Ozone is a pollutant, why are we wanting to put it all over ourselves??

24:27 Dr. Minkoff

  • Well, it's not really pollutant, it actually helps with pollution. The ozone layer is actually a protectant.

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Oct 20, 2020
Heal Your Mitochondria to Heal Your Body

Show Summary: In this episode, Tristin and Juanique discuss the importance of mitochondria, how to make sure that it’s optimally functioning and what destroys and enhances it. All the other treatments and things you do can even make you worse if you don’t pay attention.

They mentioned that a holistic approach is more exponential and beneficial to your health than working out for two hours a day for seven days a week. Extreme workout can destroy your mitochondrial function because our bodies are not designed to carry so much work and stress.

Connecting with nature helps us heal and improves our body function even more. Seeing the sunrise has a physiological effect on our bodies because it stimulates melatonin production, which is very anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system, brain function, sleep, and neurological regulation.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Provo Health Instagram

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Heart rate variability is very closely tied to your mitochondrial function.
  • If the heart is struggling, everything else is struggling.
  • Our health is dependent on our ability to connect with nature.

Show Highlights: 

Is working out helpful to our body?

8:29 Juanique

  • How many people listening here are just hitting the gym two hours a day, like seven days a week? They're thinking, What is gonna make me healthy? And then they're sicker, their hormones get worse, they keep gaining weight.

Why do we need to get back to what our species evolved to do?

10:10 Tristin

  • We need to get back to what our species evolved to do. And the further we get away from what our ancestors did, and the environment they lived in, the sicker we get.

What is a normal stress response cycle and sympathetic state?

17:25 Tristin

  • Why zebras don't get ulcers. Zebras, if you think about it, they live a very stressful life. They're constantly on the hunt for food, looking for water, oh, and the water is filled with crocodiles that want to eat them.

The Evolution of Mitochondria

21:35 Juanique

  • I want to talk about the evolution of the mitochondria for a second. Sure, it is theorized by scientists that the mitochondria was the first part of the cell to ever be like to ever be, actually because it is morphed from bacteria.

The Earth heals us

30:02 Tristin

  • We need positive and negative charge, they need to be balanced. And one of the ways that the human body has traditionally accomplished that is through contact with the Earth.

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Oct 14, 2020
Hormone Health with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Show Summary: In this episode, Dr. Anna Cabeca, the Girlfriend Doctor, a certified gynecologist and the author of the books The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16, tells us about how we can empower our hormones and restore its balance naturally.

At the age of thirty-nine, she was diagnosed with permanent irreversible infertility and early menopause & she was told she’d never be able to have another child. It made her feel the massive devastation many couples experience because of the inability to produce offspring. But it motivated her to pursue functional medicine, and now through her knowledge and expertise, she had amazingly helped hundreds of women get pregnant.

She mentioned that just by cleaning up the diet, taking out the sugar, the endocrine disrupters, the preservatives, and eating organic foods create a vast difference in our lives and make us feel ninety percent better.

Important Links

Dr. Anna Cabeca Website

Keto-Green Calculator

Keto-Green 16

The Hormone Fix

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • We know vitamin D matters, the higher the vitamin D, the lower your risk of breast cancer, right, the higher your vitamin D, the lower risk of breast cancer recurrence.
  • The pharmaceutical companies fund our medical education. So we're given the best latest chemical, the best latest surgical technique or device and that doesn't address the, it's not getting to the root cause it's not root cause medicine so thankfully with the strength and growing awareness of functional medicine, consumers are demanding.
  • Girls starting birth control pills before the age 16 have a significantly increased risk of breast cancer.

Show Highlights: 

What kind or trauma did Dr. Anna experience in life?

7:19 Dr. Anna

  • In 2006, we lost our son, in a tragic accident, he was only 18 months. And that's when, from you know, just devastation I mean, when I talk about devastation upon devastation.

Birth control increases the odds of breast cancer by 40%

17:48 Juanique

  • I remember reading back in the day, when I was reading about all the notes on cancer summits and stuff that research was coming up that birth control would increase your odds of breast cancer by 40%. And I'm like, Why are doctors not telling us this?

What kind of Keto is clean?

22:46 Dr. Anna

  • There's a healthy way to do keto. There's keto clean, and there's keto dirty. So Keto Green is keto clean. And what I found out as I hit my second menopause, let's say at 48 I'm really struggling I dove down into another deep well, and you know, the brain fog the weight gain without doing anything different..

Do you have to count your carbs from vegetables and leafy greens if you do Keto-Green?

29:46 Dr. Anna

  • Now the key thing is TESTING NOT GUESSING. So checking urine PH and ketones is the way I start clients. You know, you can definitely do blood ketones but getting started
Sep 22, 2020
Bread That Won't Kill You - How to Safely Reintroduce Grains

Show Summary: In this episode, Nathan, the founder of Time Traveler's Bakery, shares his health history & journey on how he started his company. He tells why he should watch every food he eats because of his autoimmune disorder. His chronic fatigue began when he was 14 years old up to the mid-20s. He experienced full-body pain from his back, lower and upper shoulders, neck, and head, which made him think that by the time he was 35, he'd probably have some assistance with a walker or wheelchair.

He then decided to go to a therapist and had some elimination diet, where he gradually felt that the pain was decreasing. He cut out some food that helped him overcome his depression and chronic fatigue, but he figured he still lacked the nutrients he needed. He knew he had to do something to get back to gluten and wheat without experiencing extreme pain, and that's how the Time Traveler's Bakery started.

They call their bakery "Time Traveler's bakery" because they believe in the phrase "Back In Time, Back In Health." He says if we go back in time and make it that old way, then autoimmune disorders might not exist anymore.

Important Links

Sunset Farmer’s Market

Time Traveler’s Bakery

Provo Health (gutsy - discount code)

Order their bread

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • My body has worth, my spirit has worth, my brain has worth. I need to honor them and let them speak to me.
  • It’s a  balance thing, because we used to care about balance. And now it's all about marketability, right? So they are willing to sacrifice a lot of the underlying function and quality to get a more marketable product. It's like what we do with dogs, right? We breed them into this state where they have hip problems and back problems, nasal problems, eyesight issues, and all of that, but they look really good.
  • It's so important to reintroduce foods again, and make sure that you are feeding multiple species, multiple foods and you're rotating your foods, and you're eating like 50 different kinds of foods, 100 different kinds of foods, because that's what we did in the old days.

Show Highlights: 

Why should you get rid of Glyphosate?

16:00 Nathan

  • Modern wheat sometimes contains what are called desiccants, which we have referred to one of them as glyphosate. Glyphosates are commonly marketed under the name Roundup. Roundup is weed killer, we do apply it directly to our wheat supply in America.

We're eating the Chihuahua of wheat now.

19:58 Nathan

  • Think about who dogs’ ancestors were. They wolves righ? Now, think about a Chihuahua. Our modern wheat is literally called dwarf wheat. Our ancient wheat grew tall. I'm six two and it grew almost as tall as me sometimes.

What is Frankenstein food?

21:09 Nathan

  • Hybridization is very closely linked with GMO. Hybridization is going to be where we take wheat as a type of grass. So we're going to take this type of grass that grows really short and then we're going to crossbreed it with the natural normal wheat that grows really tall.

Just because it's organic, that doesn't mean it can't be heavily hybridized and heavily crossbred.

24:44 Juanique

  • So it's still hard to digest. It will still tear up your gut. It'll still cause a leaky gut, even though it's organic. Because now you don't have the glyphosate but you still have the high amount of phytic acid which is shelf stable, but not digestible. 

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Sep 15, 2020
Getting To Know Environmental Toxins

Show Summary: Tristin is back! And in this episode with Juanique, they discuss toxins and their burden on human bodies. They mentioned that humans have always been exposed to it since the beginning of time because of the harmful chemicals on pesticides, cosmetics, and perfumes that cause severe illnesses like cancer.

According to Juanique, our bodies should have a high functioning liver to deal with toxins back in the day, not today's toxins. Not feeding the liver with the nutritional food it needs causes dysfunction.  Nowadays, the invention of different unhealthy products with harmful chemical content puts our health at a greater risk.

They also shared a story about one of their clients who couldn't find a brand that produces organic spinach with no heavy metal. They said eating leafy greens helps feed your gut and gives you tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but make sure to buy ethically sourced products.

Important Links

Gutsy Health Website

Provo Health (provohealth10 - discount code)


3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Prevention is so inexpensive compared to treatment.
  • Bio-organic produce doesn’t allow toxic pesticides when they grow the food. For meats, dairy and egg production, choose pasture raised, organic, grass fed, grass finished and ethically farmed.
  • If you're buying all the organic things, and then you're feeding your children really crappy food and you're not supporting their liver function, if we are doing all of these things, and we're just going nuts in the organic stuff department, and we are not eating leafy greens, drinking Collagen, taking B vitamins or eating foods with B vitamins like there's no point.

Show Highlights: 

The standard American diet doesn't give our livers any support to handle this toxic overload.

3:14 Juanique

  • Well, in the past hundred years, our exposure to toxins has increased by 2,000%.

The system doesn’t care about our health.

8:27 Tristin

  • This is not because it's just so difficult and complex. It's not because there's no Science behind it. What we're doing is very scientific. It's very research based.

Fen-phen was dissolving heart valves

17:57 Tristin

  • Fen-phen was a weight loss drug. They were using it like crazy in the 90s. And then they found out because of people reporting, that it was basically dissolving heart valves.

Chemicals that we are heavily exposed to

20:16 Juanique

  • But pesticides, guys, this is herbicides, fungicides, insecticides. rodenticides. These are largest like, this is one of the things we're so largely exposed to. And maybe you don't spray your house, like how many people have companies come and spray their homes for pests?

Babies are not safe from toxins

31:26 Juanique

  • In fact, research has shown that when newborns are born, they test the placenta. And the placenta is already laden with like 200 toxins and chemicals.

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Sep 01, 2020
How To Use Essential Oils Properly With Cecilia Salvesen

Show Summary: In this episode, Juanique and Cecilia, talk about what Honestly Essential is and its purpose. They discussed why it is important to properly educate oneself about essential oils before inhaling, drinking, and using it directly onto the skin.

Because of misinformation, different skin conditions arise when using it. Lack of knowledge in understanding which one to use for pregnancy, mental health, stress, and pain separates you from its advantages and benefits and can also harm your health when abused.

The formulation of essential oils should not be complicated, it should be simple. It doesn’t have to contain all the antivirals, antibacterials, antiparasitics. There are proper measurements and limits of each of its content when creating it.

Description: This episode educates you about Essential Oils Formulation. It describes what happens when you use the wrong oil for the wrong reason, and it creates awareness about being vigilant in choosing what you buy and consume because not all Essential Oils are suitable for everyone.

Important Links

Honestly Essential (Promo Code- ARO8)
Gutsy CBD
Wasatch Herbals
Aromatherapy Book

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you have too many essential oils, YOU DON'T GET THE THERAPEUTIC VALUE.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT STAND ALONE. It's not the only thing that can make you healthy and keep you healthy, give you benefits. You've got to do good nutrition, you've got to do exercise.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT MAGICAL, you don't just apply them, they have the chemical constituents and those are the ones that make them anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, anti fungal, and makes them uplifting and soothing and calming.

Show Highlights: 

Who Is Cecilia Salvesen & What Are Her Credentials?

1:38 Cecilia

  • I first studied complementary medicine and that included aromatherapy But before that, I also studied aromatherapy on its own.

Her Goals & Intentions For Honestly Essential

6:21 Cecilia

  • Well, my goal and my intentions for that is to get people to know how to use the oils properly. People do know about essential oils and by now they already have a pretty good stock of oils, and they are using it, but I'm sometimes horrified when I find out how they use it.

Tapping Into The Essential Oils' Properties

8:56 Cecilia

  • When we drink lemon juice, we juice the fruit, we get the juice from the fruit, we don't take it from the skin. Now lemon, all the citrus essential oils. It's extracted from the peel.

How To Spot Clinical Aromatherapists For Your Safety

23:48 Juanique

  • What's really interesting is when you watch this Unwell Documentary series, the language between the women who are clinical aromatherapists and the language between those who are not is very very different.

We Are Against Roll On

26:46 Cecilia

  • If you put it in a bottle that you can see through if you hold it to the light, you'll see all the cells floating in there. Because when you roll it on your skin when you roll it up and down your skin..

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Aug 20, 2020
Factors Affecting Male & Female Fertility

Show Summary: In this episode, Juanique and Katie Baker, talk about general guidelines on how to boost the fertility of women and men, which is the struggle of many couples. Many women are getting stressed because of their inability to get pregnant without knowing that male sperm is a massive contributor to it.

Juanique mentioned that a comprehensive meta-analysis of data collected between 1973 and 2011 shows that men from Western countries have a decrease in sperm production of more than fifty percent with no evidence of leveling off, which creates a slim chance of conception.

This problem may have been caused not only by what people eat as adults but also by their childhood food consumption patterns. Fat & protein demonization, exposure to pesticides/herbicides, and too much sugar intake are all significant contributing factors.

Description: This episode educates you about the advantages of knowing the short and long-term effects of every food you take, the importance of checking its label and getting rid of processed goods that are high in sugar. 

Illnesses are not only caused by your current food intake but your holistic lifestyle as a kid. Parents are encouraged to teach their children to live a happy, healthy and long life by training them as early as now.

Important Links

Paleo Valley (provohealth10)
Reset Your Liver
Provo Health
Gutsy Health
Gutsy Health Tribe
Wasatch Herbals

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Be very mindful of your stress. Some SELF-CARE is very, very important. You want to make sure that you are sleeping. Get at least eight hours of sleep. You are being mindful, you're exercising because that can help with stress management. 
  • Collagen is fantastic for healing the gut and then you want to eat healthy healthy fats. So my favorites are coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, red palm that is unrefined.
  • Some ways to help retrain your body to become less insulin resistant, is do some intermittent fasting or some fasting. Cut back on your carbs significantly, so do more complex carbs from vegetables, obviously, increase your fats increase your proteins,

Show Highlights: 

Katie's PCOS History

5:36 Juanique 

  • Well let 's tell listeners like how you got there, right? Because your health history is fascinating, your environmental exposure from that to nutrition. Tell everyone where your breakdown happened.

Reasons For Infertility In India

10:20 Juanique 

  • More statistics you guys, reasons for infertility in India, they attribute 45% to unhealthy eating habits. Can you imagine here in America? Like unhealthy capital of the world? 
  • Glyphosate is destroying our gut biome, we're gonna talk about how infertility and gut biome and sex hormone function are all linked together.

GMO Is Harder On Our Guts To Digest

18:48 Juanique

  • Not only is GMO harder on our guts to digest because it has been modified to be more resistant to pests, right. But now it's also more resistant to our Gut Biome.

Plastic Is An Endocrine Disruptor

26:31 Katie

  • And that brings us to another exposure and that's plastics, right? So it's huge. Like you think about all the food that comes in the plastic packaging, and how many people are still microwaving on plastic, right?
Aug 11, 2020
Dr. Elia Gourgouris | How to Navigate A Crisis With The Happiness Doctor
The Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting people at an increasing rate. Drug and alcohol use, as well as suicide rates, have been at an all time high. This crisis has brought on a lot of fear in people’s lives. Due to social distancing, people are more distanced now than they have ever been in our time. The most vulnerable of our population are suffering the most. There are four personality types. The first is the victim who says “Why me?” The second is the critic. The one who criticizes whatever instructions they are given such as wear or don’t wear a mask. The third is the bystander. They are the ones who just watch, are frozen in fear, and do nothing. These first 3 personality types all have something in common, which is they offer no solutions. The fourth type is the navigator. They face issues with positivity. They practice self care, they’re aware of their environment, they’re aware of their surroundings, they’re adaptable and flexible, and then ultimately they take initiative and therefore are able to help others. You don’t want to be stuck in the first three types, but transition to type 4 after the first hour. We have to be able to adapt and get out of our comfort zone in order to get through a trial such as the Coronavirus. People will pay anything for fear and the media uses fear to drive sales and consumption. Unplugging from the media can help you adapt. His book is a masterclass in overcoming a crisis. Physicians weren’t trained for this situation and are oftentimes facing situations they’re not used to. Companies are having to adjust while bringing their employees in to work again. Dr. Elia comes in and helps these companies navigate through getting everything back to how it needs to be. Our job is to reach out to those around us and help them. There is always someone worse off than you. 7 keys for getting through a crisis: 1. Self Care 2. Awareness 3. Flexibility 4. Preparation 5. Initiative 6. Positive attitude 7. Kindness. It’s ok to be in the first three personality types, but just for an hour. Make sure you transition out of it and move forward in life.

Get Dr. Elia Gourgouris’ book: “7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis: A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics & Other Disasters” at:
The 4 personality types during a crisis 18:17
7 Keys to getting through a crisis 54:47

“There is a big difference between danger and fear… Danger is real. If somebody came up to you and coughed in your face, that’s dangerous. And that’s not a political statement, that’s a factual medical statement. Fear on the other hand is not your friend… Fear is paralyzing. Fear is, you know, destabilizing. Let’s separate those two… let’s not live our lives through fear because that actually causes even more damage.” 16:43

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Aug 04, 2020
Your Liver Needs a Reset | Detoxification and Liver Function
Juanique and Tristin discuss the importance of detoxification, why it can stop working very efficiently, what happens to you when it stops working efficiently, and how you can supercharge it to get yourself back on a healing pathway. The liver is an essential piece of hormone management. The liver has over 500 functions in the body. Our modern environment seems to be terrible at making us healthy. Many foods that we eat have plenty of added chemicals and pesticides that our bodies are not meant to digest. Living a heavily stressful lifestyle can affect your liver negatively. Not only are foods unhealthy for us in modern society, but are also highly addictive. Three phases of detoxification. Phase 1) Bioactivation. Liver sends out enzymes to tag the toxins in your system letting your body know they are present. Phase 2) Conjugation phase. Your liver adds little molecules to the tagged toxins, so they are either water soluble or fat soluble. Phase 3) Flush toxins out of your body through urination or defecation. In some people, their phase two is not working properly, so their body will try and find the nearest exit, which can often be the skin. Phase 2 is very dependent on the foods you eat. When we eat unhealthy foods, oily, sugary foods, we aren’t giving our bodies the necessary tools it needs to digest properly, so things begin to shut down. Either you’re eating things that can contribute to eliminating toxins, or you’re eating things that your body needs to eliminate. Fiber is absolutely essential to the digestive system. If you don’t defecate regularly, your body is marinating in your feces. You need to get rid of those toxins. The liver produces bile, and bile is an emulsifier for fats, which help us to absorb fatty acids. So things can get caught in a vicious cycle when the liver isn’t doing well. Liver damage can happen from unhealthy fats and sugars. Your ears can indicate issues with your liver, such as ringing. Many issues around your body can be linked back to your liver. Even your sex hormones can be negatively impacted. There are three parts to healing your liver. Part 1 is nutrition. Start your first week eliminating fruits to help the liver get back on its feet because it will lighten the workload on your liver. Our program comes with meal plans for you. The other thing you’re eliminating is other things that are putting a lot of strain on your liver, such as coffee. Part 2 is supplements. SP Cleanse is an incredibly food based liver nutrient rich product that is entirely food based. You will be taking 7 of these per day. Part 3 is lifestyle factors. How are you taking care of what is in your heart and in your mind? Emotional toxicity in your life can create stress, which directly affects your physical health. The liver is the anger organ. When you get angry, your liver is impacted. Connect with people. Go outside. Do what will improve your mood and mental health. If you want meaningful and fundamental changes in your health, then you have to make meaningful and fundamental changes in your whole life. Not just in your digestive health.

3 phases of detoxification 17:05 26:10 26:18
3 parts to healing the liver 38:15
SP Cleanse 42:23
Gutsy Health Program Testimonial 61:54

“A blood test is not going to tell you [if something is wrong with your liver]… Your liver enzymes only get elevated when there is already damage going on. It is not a measure of liver function. It’s a measure of liver damage. So just because your liver isn’t damaged doesn’t mean your liver is doing what it’s supposed to do. So if your liver enzymes look totally normal, but all of your inflammation markers like CRP, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, Ferritin. If they’re all super elevated, there’s a decent chance there’s something going on with your liver. If your hormones are a total mess, maybe that’s your liver.” 28:00
Jul 28, 2020
Why Doctors Dont Listen | Interview With Dr. John Sanders
We have a culture of doctors who just don’t listen. It’s partially their fault and partially not. He’s a family physician. Has done dermatology, pediatrics, chiropractic work. About 70% of his energy is put to a computer rather than to a patient and understanding them. We don’t have doctors running the hospitals. Instead they’re run by business men, which can be a conflict between doctors, who focus more on patients, and administrators, who focus more on the system. In some states it’s illegal for non physicians to own clinics. The corporations running the health systems tend to be more concerned about the investor than the patients. The typical doctor feels restraints of the system. The problem is there is no time to create trust. There are usually multiple patients waiting in the next room, so the doctor has no time to linger or listen to you for long. As doctors own their own practice, they will have more time to meet with patients and really find out what’s going on with each individual patient. We have to change the whole model in order to provide the care that people need. By giving quick diagnoses, doctors have made themselves obsolete in a way. The system prevents them from having a higher quality diagnosis. Each office visit pays the same whether the doctor addresses 2 things or 10 things, so in this way the system doesn’t support the patient. Most Docs are risk averse and not entrepreneurial. They need a better model to better help the patient. The art of medicine is spending more time with and taking better care of people. It makes the life of a doctor so much better and more fulfilling. It takes more than just a few to change the system. We need the middle class and upper class to bring about change. The middle class needs to invest in their local direct primary care (DPC) clinic. Every dollar you put towards your local DPC is money that will help them grow and therefore help your community. Dr. John Sanders doesn’t charge another copay if they haven’t gotten to the bottom of his patients’ problem, even if you have spent an hour trying to find the problem. Sometimes patients can even send him a text with a picture of the issue, and he can reply to them letting them know if it’s a bigger deal or not. America consumes 45% of the medication in the world, even though it only contains 5% of the overall population. DPC’s can prevent you from having too much medication shoved in your face.

About Dr. Sanders 2:25
How to find a good doctor 35:26
Pricing for different patients 38:59
Zion Health Share 46:48
A good DPC locator 64:00

“How many people have we talked to who have been through five or six rounds of medications, all of them caused terrible side effects, none of them addressed any of the actual problems, and then when we sit down and spend 30, 45, or 60 minutes with them, we find out ‘oh, here’s what’s really going on here.’ It changes their life, but then they’ve had so much pain and frustration and have wasted so much time and money, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.” 24:19

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Office number: 385-498-7506
Office location: Spanish Fork, Utah
Search for a DPC:
Jul 21, 2020
Dr. Ronda Nelson and Pregnancy | Best Health Practice During Pregnancy
In this episode, we meet Dr. Ronda Nelson, an expert on keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy. Talking negatively about your body can affect your mental state, and therefore affect your physical health. What you say and what you say can negatively or positively affect your physical well being. Foods which contain folic acids and other vitamins are always better than supplements. Avoid synthetics. Her rule for her first trimester is to focus only on food rather than supplements. Find a prenatal that comes from food. Eat beets during the first trimester. Egg yolks are great for pregnancies. Postpartum depression comes from a lack of minerals in your brain. Using Bentonite clay will help a lot with indigestion. Salt can help prevent eclampsia during pregnancy. Vaginal microbiome is a mirror of the rectal microbiome. Change the PH of the vaginal canal by using coconut oil or using a probiotic inserted vaginally. Anything we consume or that occurs more than is in nature is too much.

Foods which contain Folate 19:10
Dr. Ohhira’s fermented Probiotics for pregnancies 34:58
Superior Minerals 42:36
Should Mothers eat the placenta? 67:50

“All of the foods that are in folate: Leafy greens, green smoothies, avocados, asparagus, broccoli and brussel sprouts, beets, ocra, cauliflower, red bell peppers, papayas, and oranges.” 47:24

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Jul 14, 2020
Sustainable Food Production and the Argument for (Better) Meat | Diana Rodgers
On today’s episode, we talk with Diana Rodgers, registered dietitian ( We begin our conversation by talking about the myths surrounding the consumption of meat that are dispelled by Diana’s new book, Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat: Why Well-Raised Meat Is Good for You and Good for the Planet ( These are that meat is unhealthy, that meat is bad for the planet, and that the consumption of meat is unethical. She speaks about her life on an organic farm, and her observations about sustainable food production. We discuss how you can get nutrients out of meat that you can’t get out of plants, and how researched is misinterpreted and misused. In terms of nutrition, we talk about the evidence against meat (including The China Study published by BenBella Books, the same publisher of Sacred Cow), and how population studies that adjust for confounding factors are the most accurate. The findings of these studies show that links to meat and health defects like colon cancer are very weak. We talk about the “faux science” behind the EAT-Lancet Commission Summary report and common narratives that vilify eating meat. The average steer gets their diet from actual grains, but from grass and up-cycled materials, so the issue of “good meat, bad meat” isn’t as black and white as we think. We explain how beef is a low source of Omega 3’s, and how the argument for eating only better meat is less accurate from a nutritional standpoint than it is from an environmental standpoint. We discuss what questions we should be asking when it comes to buying meat. Diana refers us to,, and her own course, Meat Curious (, which includes the ultimate guide to ethical sourcing. We then talk about regenerative agriculture and the effect of biogenic methane on the environment, showing that well-managed cattle are a net carbon gain for our environment and figure part of the water cycle. Grazing animals are one of our best tools for mitigating climate change, because they sequester more carbon than they give off in greenhouse gasses, and most U.S. land is better suited for grazing than crop production, which produces a lot of greenhouse gasses. We talk about how the most significant ethical argument should be against the massive destruction of life from large-scale crop production. We talk about how we should push for well-managed herds of animals instead of barren land. We warn against uninformed bias impacting policy like “Meatless Mondays.” We talk about the bonus material that you can receive when you pre-order Sacred Cow before July 14th (! Please support better health, ethics, and the environment by pre-ordering!

Intro to Diana/Myths Dispelled by Diana’s Book 4:56
Why Aren’t We Talking About this More? 18:17
Regenerative Agriculture and the Climate Crisis; Ethics of Meat 21:24
Educated, Responsible Food Decisions 32:15
Support Health, Wellness, and the Planet By Pre-ordering Sacred Cow! 40:00

“I’ve been learning about this evolutionary biology template for optimal eating, and I’ve realized that the two -- optimal, regenerative food production, and optimal eating -- really have the same exact framework: that it all goes back to basically this evolutionary biology template and mimicking nature; mimicking evolution. We can use modern technology to solve some of the logistical issues, but really, as much as we can, going back to way before the agricultural revolution when it comes to food product
Jul 07, 2020
Go Outside | How To Feel Better and Reduce Exposure to Indoor Toxins
In this episode, we talked to Ryan Blaser (, a specialist in EMF’s. He was featured on previous episodes, EMFs and Environmental Stressors and EMFs Revisited. We talk about all the synthetic materials that surround us in our homes, adversely affecting our health by off-gassing harmful frequencies. We focus on the harm that can come from artificial lighting. We discuss the adverse effects of too much exposure to light from screens, CFLs, and fluorescent lights, explaining how it has proven to cause sleep disorders, ADD and ADHD, depression, seizures, melanomas of the eye, etc. We talk about how artificial lights can alter our circadian rhythms, talking about their potential influence on adrenal fatigue, cortisol production, and mitochondrial function, as demonstrated by the 2pm slump. We give suggestions for reducing exposure to artificial blue light and getting more exposure to natural lights. We talk about ways to reduce screen time or make it more healthy (through screen time apps or apps like We discuss addictions to digital media because of artificial, immediate, endorphin-producing rewards. We talk about how social media and gaming are shaping social interactions. We talk about the rewards of outdoor activity, as well as the benefits of media fasts (including how we have included it in our liver reset program at Provo Health). We urge parents to consider the development of the brain chemistry of your kids, and limit their screen time accordingly. We invite you to keep the windows open for a couple hours every day to flush out stale air and harmful particulates. We give you an important tip to open the window and use the exhaust fan when cooking with a gas stove to reduce carbon monoxide exposure. We advise that you change your HVAC filters at least every 3-4 months, and look for a quality filter with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of at least 13. We recommend that you avoid all chemical or synthetic fragrances like Febreze. We recommend you look up and review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of all household products you use. We discuss how, while some are only concerned with high concentrations of toxic ingredients, the micro doses we receive across all the synthetic products are making us sicker than we’ve ever been before. Products are never tested in combinations like these -- only individually. We talk about titanium dioxide, used in beauty products, and even supplements, and how it can cause gut inflammation and other diseases. We warn that synthetic materials can be endocrine-disruptors, stunting growth in children and causing infertility and hormonal imbalances in growing people. We talk about the micro toxins that can come from molds, and how easily mold can develop in our homes.

We’re Spending Too Much Time Indoors in a Synthetic Environment 2:09
Ideal Lighting For Optimal Health; Reducing Screen Time 19:27
Other Tips For the Indoor Generation 36:40
Tips to Boost the Immune System 56:50

“The problem is a lot of homes these days are built with unnatural building products, synthetic products, products that don’t breathe, that off-gas VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). So, one of the big ones is lighting -- you know, unnatural lighting. Our eyes need the sun. And when we use these unnatural lights -- like CFLs that flicker, and they have liquid mercury in them -- they put off EMSs. And then fluorescent lights the same way. That’s a big one. And then the chemicals that we bring into the house. All of our cosmetics, beauty supplies, all of the furniture we bring in is off-gassing. And since Covid has gone on, some people aren’t leaving their house at all.” 6:24

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Jul 02, 2020
Educating Yourself to Help Your Children | Patient Participation in Health Care

Today, we talk with Rachel, one of our clients, who has been fighting to learn about her son, Boston’s unique medical condition, and advocating hard for proper medical diagnosis and treatment for him. It began with two lumps on his neck and face, which started to swell and pus. She shares the development of Boston’s condition, including how her pediatrician’s recommendation of antibiotics made no change, and how, seeing her son’s condition worsen, she tried to boost his immune system, change his diet, and search for more answers. She went to a naturopath, who figured it was a lymphatic issue, and first recommended a homeopathic approach to drain and rebound the lymph system. When that didn’t work, the naturopath recommended antibiotics, which were also ineffective. Rachel also cut dairy and gluten out of Boston’s diet. Finally, when she was a new naturopath, she learned about the option of culturing the lumps, and discovered that it was a staph infection. As she continued looking for a solution, she didn’t want to continue with antibiotics, because they had already failed twice, and this pushed her to look for natural treatments that reach the source of the issue without compromising his immune system in the long term. That’s where she found Provo Health, where a DNA hair test showed the unique weaknesses in his immune system, and they were able to begin their treatment with the autoimmune protocol. He was also put on the stealth pathogens protocol, and they saw more change over 6 weeks than there were over a year. The inflammation has gone down and there are just scars left. We talk about the personal change that occurred in Rachel over the course of her journey towards health and healing, allowing her to adapt to the overhaul of her lifestyle that came with it. We emphasize the importance of giving yourself time and grace, so that a change to a healthier lifestyle is at a proper pace that doesn’t add to anxiety. We recognize the importance of a supportive community, focusing on the positive and avoiding shaming when striving for a healthier lifestyle. We invite you to look into our cookbook, which you can order here: We then discuss how we should all be active participants in health care as opposed to passive recipients. We talk about how Provo Health can help with all these things.

Rachel and Boston’s Story 0:25
Coming To Provo Health and Boston’s Turning Point 23:12
Adapting to New Lifestyles in Health and Healing; Boston’s Experience 34:41
The Value of a Supportive Community 55:24

“Then, the DNA hair test showed why my son was susceptible to this chronic infection that wouldn’t go away, and it showed that his body was overloaded with toxins, and fungus, and parasites, and viruses, and more food sensitivities.” 24:43.

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Jun 23, 2020
Staying Safe in the Sun | Health Benefits of Sun Exposure and How To Avoid Sun Damage
Today’s episode is all about sun safety, debunking myths and promoting the healthiest practices for keeping safe during hot summer days. We begin our conversation by discussing the history behind why the sun is commonly viewed as dangerous and detrimental to our health, focusing on how modern medicine has blamed the sun for causing cancer and melanoma. We explain how this fear of cancer from the sun is unfounded and illogical, and how it is more important to focus on how much our body benefits from the sun by increasing vitamin D levels and strengthening our immune system. We take you through the things that actually cause melanoma and skin cancer, such as irregular sun exposure and improper filtering of artificial light, as well as the blocking of the endocannabinoid system and endorphin pathways, which are both stimulated by being out in the sun. Another is tissue calcium depletion, and that leads us into a discussion of the best ways to supplement calcium, as well as the ingredients to efficient calcium absorption. We explain how sunblock is not the most effective preventative measure, because it only filters out UVB rays, whereas UVA rays are the ones that cause cancer. We also talk about how it can limit vitamin D absorption, and point out that, while it is good for preventing burns in the moment, it is not a long-term solution because people have been using sunblock for years and skin cancer rates are still going up. We instead recommend working your way up to longer periods of sun exposure, as well as the use of an infrared sauna or a Sperti Vitamin D lamp ( We also recommend limiting your exposure to artificial light by spending more time outside, using blue light filters, and timing your sleep with the rising and setting of the sun. We talk about the best supplements to help your body prevent sun damage (you can find a list here: We recommend supplementing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, collagen, and using chlorophyll complex (watch out, it stains green!) and USF ointment (the paste form of Cataplex® F).

The Sun Isn’t Bad For You 3:34
The 5 Necessary Conditions for A Melanoma 16:40
How to Prevent Melanoma and Why We Don’t Like Sunblock 34:38
Best Ways To Treat Sunburns 55:27

“Those are the 5 conditions -- I’m just gonna repeat them one more time: Not getting enough sun, Burning whenever you do go in the sun, Being exposed to artificial light all the time, not getting enough endocannabinoids and endorphins in your system, and tissue-calcium depletion. That is the perfect recipe for melanoma.” 34:04

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Jun 16, 2020
The Dangers of Glyphosate | How to Limit Your Exposure to Harmful Pesticides
In today’s episode, we talk about glyphosate, which is a systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. We begin our discussion by sharing a negative review of our show and discuss the questions it brings up about medical authority. We reaffirm that our platform is to firmly advocate medical freedom and personal choice when it comes to their own health. We then encourage anyone who believes in freedom or has been the victim of oppression (at the hands of medical professionals or otherwise) has the obligation to listen to the voices crying for freedom as part of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We talk about the effects of the Mansfield Amendment in 1969, which took away all of the neutral funding set aside by the government and military for 3rd party scientists to research health topics. We explain how this has introduced bias (most of the time subconscious) into the reports and findings of scientists in the favor of the agendas of those who are now funding them. We discuss the evidence for harmful effects of glyphosate and all the ways it can be manifest in what we consume. One example is that glyphosate affects pituitary functions in the body by disrupting manganese levels. We then focus on how you can reduce your exposure to glyphosate, inviting you to find out which foods have the highest exposure to pesticides and other chemicals (search for the “dirty dozen” on As part of this, we give you a list of foods sprayed mostly with glyphosate, which includes a lot of grains. We emphasize the importance of buying organic and growing your own foods. We invite you to follow Zach Bush (, or go ask questions on or to learn more about this and similar subjects.

Inspiration for Today’s Topic; Medical Freedom In the Context of BLM Protests 0:27
History of Glyphosate Research; Toxic Buildup From Glyphosate 8:02
Glyphosate and Manganese; 31:08
How Can You Decrease Your Exposure to Glyphosate? 37:09

“I would say 9 out of 10 of our clients that come to us have an inability to digest food properly. They have heartburn, they’re bloated, they’re gassy all the time, they’re uncomfortable when they eat, they have indigestion, and they ask, ‘why? Why do I have this?’ And, in a nutshell, I say, well, aging and inflammatory foods. Glyphosate is an inflammatory molecule on these inflammatory foods.” 27:37

Jun 09, 2020
The Antinutrients Strike Back | Choosing and Preparing Foods to Improve Digestion
Today’s episode is all about antinutrients. We define them as substances found in foods that cause problems in the body sometimes -- meaning, they are not always harmful to everyone. We talk more in-depth about the food sources and potential harmful effects of specific antinutrients such as Phytic Acid, Lectins, Goitrogens, and Oxalates. We discuss how to prepare foods high in antinutrients to reduce digestive issues. We give you tips on how to adjust your diet if you are particularly sensitive to one of these antinutrients, as well as how to determine whether you do have a sensitivity. We give options for those who have high sensitivities to many antinutrients, such as using certain diets -- like autoimmune paleo and elemental -- as stepping stones to rebalance.

What is an Antinutrient? 4:36
Phytic Acids, Lectins, Goitrogens, Oxalates, 7:43
Protease Inhibitors; Tannin; Tips for Diets 30:33
The Purpose of Nutrition; Success Story 49:07

“Now, if you really want to be sure that your thyroid health is on track, you might want to just do some blood testing, rather than cutting out food groups and trying to guess about what your thyroid’s needing or what your iodine status is like. If you have really low T3, maybe you do need to back off the cruciferous and get more iodine in your foods.” 24:45

Jun 02, 2020
5 Ways to Change Your Health in 2020
Although this title might be a little “click baity” we put together a list of things that can be some great fundamentals to build on. We know especially for those that are new to learning all there is about nutrition and health, there can be a lot of information to digest. So we hope this episode on 5 things that can help jump start your health in 2020. We also talk about our new membership that you can get a discount on! Near the tail end of the podcast we give a promo code for anyone to get that discount!

Clean Out your Pantry 4:02
Meal Prepping 12:36
Self Assessment 19:15
Media Consumption 37:29
Membership 41:33

“It’s cool to know what’s going on in the world… but there’s a limit to how much we need to know, and most of us crossed that limit a long time ago. And now it’s just causing us to die a little bit inside everyday.” 37:44
May 26, 2020
Information Censorship and Health Freedom
Most episodes we talk about healing the body and at times we also talk about healing the mind. Today we talk about healing our country. There is a lot of heated debate and contention within our country and we want to talk about how to have a more open dialogue. Less separation and more coming together. We talk about how we can try to fix the system rather than blaming those that are putting their life on the line. We also talk about how our health system is rather broken right now. We hope that this episode can motivate you to become active and stand up for what you believe.

Introduction 0:15
Cocacola in China 15:53
Shame Casting 22:09
Knowing how to Cook 32:20
Big Pharma and Censorship 38:44

“Even in the best of circumstances, it is very difficult to switch the brain chemistry to crave healthy foods and prefer them over junk food.” 37:04
May 19, 2020
The Antinutrient Phytate | Destroyer of Nutrients
Phytic acid has become the monster under the bed for many people. In this episode we want to resolve this fear that too many of us are having. We bring Cecilia back on the podcast to discuss phytic acid, the particular issues it can cause, how to limit your risk of issues from it, and the importance of fixing your gut to help you manage it better. We also discuss how to prepare your food to avoid it.

Introduction 1:11
How to Prepare Foods 7:55
Benefits of Zinc 23:13
Phytic Acid Foods 44:44

“If you grew up on the standard American diet… you most likely have had trauma to your gut.” 46:19
May 12, 2020
All About Your Thyroid
We are getting to the point in our podcast where we get to cover more specific topics. Today’s specific topic is the thyroid. Especially where we are located, we have seen so many women with thyroid issues. It can look different for a lot of people, so we hope this episode gives you the tools to find healing. We took a deep dive into this amazing organ and we have come out with so much information and you can access it all by going to But in today’s episode we talk about Juanique’s story with how she was able to heal her thyroid. We also talk about what can go wrong, what triggers thyroid issues, and overall how to heal the thyroid.

Juanique’s Story with the Thyroid 3:39
Things that Trigger Thyroid Dysfunction 19:54
Things that can go Wrong 27:04
Fundamentals of Healing the Thyroid 51:53

“You cannot just take one thing to fix your thyroid... You can prop yourself up, just like crutches. That’ll keep you off the broken foot, but you’ll be on those crutches for the rest of your life.” 32:35
May 05, 2020
What's Safe for My Child? | Children's Supplementation
To start things off, we must first say that supplements are not to make up for a bad diet. However, there are many great supplements that can aid our diets. Often people have questions about when to start giving supplements to their kids, or if it’s even safe in the first place. We talk about different age groups, what is safe, what brands we recommend, and dosage. We also dig in a bit to our genes and what they may tell us about the supplements we should take.

Helping vs. Harming 5:06
Newborns 15:32
Toddlers 22:38
Young Children 47:51
Genes 50:54

“You cannot substitute healthy eating with supplements. No amount of supplementation going to make up for a bad diet.” 14:35
Apr 28, 2020
What is a Panic Attack? | Combating Your Anxiety
Everyone experiences some degree of anxiety. Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, many people are experiencing more intensified anxiety. In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about how to not only keep yourself steady, but how to thrive when the world around us seems like it’s falling to pieces. We, like many, have experienced difficult trials that have taught us what works for us when dealing with anxious feelings. Join us as we have an open dialogue on how to overcome crippling anxiety.

Why can we talk about this? 6:07
What has worked overcoming anxiety 19:23
COVID-19 application 38:35
Overreacting 50:15

“I could back pedal and escape that scariness, but would never escape the fear unless I leaned into it.” 22:02
Apr 21, 2020
Boosting and Sustaining Your Health | The Best Foundational Supplement Protocol
This episode is from our Instagram Live we did on supplements. Depending on the vitamins you are taking, where the supplements are coming from, and what your medical history is, you most likely have some specific needs in regards to supplements. We talk about synthetic supplements, some specific supplements that are often overlooked, and some that many of us really need. We also talk about minerals and how to get what our body needs.

Why Not Synthetic Vitamins? 3:45
Vitamin C 9:02
MultiVitamins 13:29
What Supplements We Like 22:19
Being Careful with Supplements 29:52

“If I could only recommend two supplements to a person and I didn’t know anything about their health history then I would say organ complex and cod liver oil.” 50:36
Apr 14, 2020
Mind and Body | Heal Trauma Heal Life
We often focus a lot on our physical health through nutrition. Today we will be talking about how our mental and emotional health can actually affect our physical health as well. We talk with Kandy Graves, an energy therapist, about healing and trauma. Sometimes we don’t think we have trauma or maybe we aren’t even aware of the trauma in our life, but everyone has it to some extent. We go through how to work through trauma, tools to use, evidences for the need of emotional health, and where to go from here.

Introduction to Kandy 2:14
Where Trauma Manifests 12:37
Tools for Trauma 44:28
Affirmations 50:08

“The intensity of the experience does not necessarily matter. It’s the intensity of your response to the experience.” 29:18
Apr 07, 2020
Skin Conditions and the Gut | Interview with Cecilia Salvesen
In this Episode of Gutsy Health, we talk again with Cecilia Salvesen. This time we talk all about issues with the skin and how to treat and prevent them through diet. We talk about what foods affects our skin adversely and the science behind it all. The things we talk about can help out something as simple as ance. We also talk about where all these issues start, which is at the health of those conceiving. At the end of the episode we also talk about our new eczema food meal protocol that we have. You can download it for free or donate to get it.

Why are skin conditions getting worse? 3:09
Starts at the Conception 11:04
Eczema 17:15
Digestion and Diet 22:25

“When it comes to these skin conditions, is it easier for people if they just stay away from dairy until it clears up, no matter what the source is? My first reaction to that is yes.” 24:36
Mar 31, 2020
EMFs Revisited | How to Protect Yourself
In a previous episode we did with Ryan Blaser, we took a look at how our technology is affecting our minds and bodies, specifically through EMF’s. We got Ryan to come back to take a deeper look and see how we can really avoid EMF’s. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode with Ryan, that is fine. We do a brief overview of EMF’s in the episode. We cover EMF regulations that exist, what products can help and what is bogus, we go into simple habits that can increase your health a ton, and we also go into how older vs newer homes can affect us.

What Should we in General Watch Out For 3:17
EMF Regulations 13:45
Difficulty Accepting 19:27
Products to Prevent EMF’s
Old Homes vs New Homes 40:58

“If you're looking at a home and it’s right next to a cell tower, or it has high tension power lines running through the back yard, that’s probably not a good investment. It might not be mainstream right now but in 20 years from now, you might have a really hard time selling that home.” 41:23
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Mar 24, 2020
COVID-19 - How to Support Your Immune System
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about COVID-19. We decided to really focus on what was going to help you the most in this scary time. We decided to talk about how to really support and strengthen your immune system. We get into our gut health, supplements and which ones help fight against viruses, and we also talk about what the immune system really is. Over all we really encourage you to start with nutrition but in this episode we wanted to give you some extra aid to fight.

Who is more Vulnerable 6:22
Foods and Immune System 7:44
Supplements 17:59
Vitamin C 30:38
Herbal Supplements 35:59

“This virus is causing this massive immune response to the point that it’s liquifying the lung tissue. It’s damaging these tissues and that’s how people are dying.” 32:58
Mar 17, 2020
The Healing Power of Traditional Foods | Interview with Autumn Smith of Paleovalley
Juanique and Tristin interview Autumn Smith about how she turned her health issues into opportunities, left a dream job to create her dream business, and created a line of products that are cleaner and healthier than just about anything on the market.

Introduction to Autumn 1:24
Snout to Tail 14:31
Synthetic Vitamins 22:03
Products Autumn Offers 41:28

“Vitamin C is supposed to be good for my immune system. Why wouldn’t I want 10,000%?... It’s not just the ascorbic acid component of the vitamin c everybody needs. It’s everything else that comes with that complex.” 37:54

Mar 10, 2020
Meat and the Research | Why We Recommend Animal Products
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about why it is that we recommend animal products. We know that there is no perfect diet for anyone out there. In this episode we explain what works for us and maybe that doesn’t work for others and that’s great. We talk about sources and the need of protein to help our body heal. We talk about some of the typical arguments against eating meat and what research we have found supporting otherwise.

Introduction 0:15
The Standard American Diet 16:12
Where Should Meat Fit in? 28:38
Cutting out Meat 42:03
Protein Sources 47:37

“I get a few people that have said, ‘Well when I cut out meat, I felt so much better.’ but what did they cut out at the same time? Did they cut out meat and grains? Did they cut out meat, grains and sugar? Did they cut out all processed foods and meat and grains and sugar? So then cutting out the meat is associated with their healing.” 42:06
Mar 03, 2020
Fighting Depression with Diet | Just Ingredients (Karalynne Call)
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we have the chance to talk with Karalynne Call, known as Just Ingredients. Karalynne went through an amazing journey with mental health and using food as a way to heal. Karalynne suffered from depression and, at one point, attempted suicide. After this low point, She would do anything to heal. Karalynne talks about how she went from knowing very little and being overwhelmed to now being a leader in this field and finding true healing through diet. Join us as we discuss her experience and what we can do to find healing too.

Introduction to Karalynne 3:29
Coming from Little Knowledge 14:12
Fear 25:34
Why is Food Polarizing? 34:22
What do you wish you Knew? 49:33

“People do want to be healed. There’s a lot of illnesses out there, but me saying, “it’s a long journey of healing with nutrition.” They don’t want to hear that. They want a pill they can pop.” 35:26

Feb 25, 2020
Heal Your Body with Real Food | Interview with Nicolette Richer
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk with Nicolette Richer. Nicolette has done extensive research with indigenous cultures and diet. She also owns several restaurants serving healthy vegan options and she is a contract worker offering health advice. In this episode, we talk about how food truly is medicine for our bodies. If we can learn to change our lifestyle through diet, we can prevent disease rather than treat it. We also talk about some of the programs that Nicolette runs with corporate companies. Join us for another great episode about how food can heal the real issues within our bodies.

Introduction to Nicolette 0:55
Research 15:30
How to help communities change eating Lifestyle 22:30
Restaurant Business 27:39
Corporate Program 43:16

“We have to respect our bodies, we have to respect our environment, and we have to respect our food.” 39:45
Feb 18, 2020
Childhood Behavioral Issues | Holistic Factors of Behavioral Disorders
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we have the chance to talk with Morgan Thomas, a preschool teacher of 11 years. Morgan has started a preschool that not only teaches academia but also emotional education. She has found that emotional habits, good or bad, can start being learned at the young preschool age. If not treated seriously, it can create habits very difficult to overcome later. We also talk about the school system and what needs to change, how to talk and be open with your kids, understanding children’s emotions, and how the environment we create can be affecting our kids. Generally speaking, we live in a nonstop environment that often is teaching kids to never slow down. Join us in this episode as we learn what we need to help our children grow emotionally.

Introduction to Morgan :45
Necessary Changes 6:25
What’s needed in Schools? 16: 33
Parenting and Emotions 31:36
Top 3 “To Do’s”

“I’ve spent a lot of time in my life being goal driven and wondering why I’m unhappy and realizing that when we're so focused... It’s like when we’re so focused on the outcome of a test, we forget how to enjoy the experience of learning...The joy is in the experience.”31:56
Feb 11, 2020
Children's Nutrition and Behavioral/Emotional Health
In this episode Gutsy Health, we further the discussion on children’s behavior. As parents, we often see their behavior through adult eyes and don’t notice the hidden messages that our children are giving. They don't always know how to express their emotions in words, so instead, they show it through their behavior. We talk about how food and exposure to man-made creations can affect the behavior and mental health of our children. Let’s find healing at the root of the problem and stop putting a bandaid on the issue.

Intro to Episode 1:57
Young Years and Food 7:54
Importance of Trace Minerals 22:17
Current Exposures to Children 33:49
Conclusion 67:13

“You know that when your children aren’t feeling well, they don’t behave well.” 67:13
Feb 04, 2020
Essential Oils Must-Know Facts | Interview with Cecilia Salvesen
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we get to interview Cecilia Salvesen, truly the OG of essential oils. She has 30 years experience in the natural health world, is a specialist with essential oils, and owns an essential oil company called Honestly Essential. In this episode we talk about what makes a good essential oil. There are so many essential oil companies starting now and if you’re not careful you could spend enormous amounts of money on oils that are very low quality. We also talk about how use of essential oils. Because essential oils have become trendy recently there is a lot of misinformation on how to use it. This can be very dangerous. Don’t take advice from someone who has no real training. Join us as we dive into this large world of essential Oils.

Introduction to Cecilia 2:31
Essential Oil Companies 15:22
What makes a good Oil? 24:00
Using Essential Oils 37:19
Effectivity of Essential Oils 61:42

“Everybody knows an essential oils person who says, ‘there’s an oil for that…’ They’re probably doing it wrong… The reason why is they don’t have the experience… to do it right and to do it safely.” 1:32
Jan 28, 2020
Sleep and Health | Why and How to Get Better Sleep
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about sleep. We often put busyness on a pedestal but often we are sacrificing our health for things that are hurting us. We talk about the things that prevent good sleep including diet, technology, the idea of association, and more. There is much that we don’t understand about sleep, however we know that it is a way that we are able to heal. When we don’t allow ourselves to sleep it could be affecting you in more ways than you know.

Culture of Sleep 0:15
What leads to bad sleep? 4:57
What Prevents Sleep 19:32
How to Help while Healing 45:20

“If you have an association with anything other than sleeping in your room, you will have a hard time getting good quality sleep.” 25:47
Jan 21, 2020
Cannabidiol (CBD) | The Softer Side of Weed
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about CBD. Most people know this as the weed oil. At first, we were a little hesitant to consider it as a healing method, but the research behind the benefits was so solid that we decided to try it and we are so glad we did. We tell our story behind CBD, our personal results from using it, and the science of how CBD can help. We also recognize that there are a lot of politics behind distributing, selling, and buying CBD. This episode exposes the corruption preventing CBD use. Lastly, we talk about who CBD is for and what dosage you should take.

Our Experience with CBD 0:15
What is CBD/Science behind it 7:07
Good vs Bad CBD 25:21
Politics of CBD 44:40
Dosage 54:39

“Another thing that brings up, that has been really impressive to us about CBD, is that it does not seem to have an upper limit. Like we have seen people take astronomical amounts of this stuff, but the worst side effects they get are that they are like super chill.” 22:35
Jan 14, 2020
Gut Health and Soil | Interview with Dr. Pedre
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk with Dr. Pedre about gut health, probiotics, and how to tackle it all. It can be overwhelming trying to understand gut health because it is so widely misunderstood and this why we are so excited to have a specialist in this realm. Dr. Pedre grew up with lots of gut issues and became determined to understand it. He went through the medical school system and he has experience in other holistic health practices, including Asian practices and Yoga. Dr. Pedre talks about how the environment is affecting our gut health, how to use antibiotics, how to build up our gut health, what probiotic brands to look for, and he even links many illnesses to the gut health.

Dr. Pedre’s Background 1:36
Environment affecting Gut Health 26:04
Probiotics 55:00
Contact info Dr. Pedre 66:13

“I know that if I can’t change the mindset at the beginning, so that the person gets into the mindset of healing, then it doesn’t matter what you do. You can do everything to perfection. You cannot bypass your healing process. In other words, you can’t be a type A person and just want to insert the right salads and nutrients… into your life and still be rushing and not do any self-care and think that you’re going to heal.” 16:06
Jan 07, 2020
Stealth Pathogens | The Best Approach to Mystery Symptoms
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about immune system dysfunctions, often thought of as medical mystery illnesses. Typically, due to their complexity, these stealthy pathogens are misdiagnosed and it's extremely difficult to find help. Many of the people who have these issues have gone through the medical system and came out with no answers, still feeling crummy. Throughout the episode, we talk about what a stealth pathogen is, the typical symptoms, and where to go from there.

Introduction to Stealth Pathogens 1:06
Types of Stealth Pathogens 12:35
Finding what you have/symptoms 20:54
Where do you go from here? 31:04

“If we have enough of the symptoms doesn’t necessarily matter if we know exactly which of these stealth pathogens is active...Because you treat it the same.” 20:56
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Dec 31, 2019
Balancing Women's Hormones | Getting to the Root of Female Hormonal Issues | Nina Boyce
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we interview Nina Boyce, a women’s hormone coach who experienced major hormonal trials and found solutions through eating right and holistic health. Many people have hormonal issues and push through it without knowing that the problem can end. That was Nina’s story. Today, we cover our diets, some “do not touch” items, birth control, how to help the liver, and menstrual cycles. Find Nina @nourishedwithnina on Instagram to support and learn more from her.

Introduction to Nina 1:20
How to Start 23:06
Birth Control 38:52
The Liver 45:52
Main Things to Avoid 53:06

“As soon as I started really changing the diet and also actively reducing my stress response... I started to feel that veil lift, like immediate changes.” 9:28
Dec 24, 2019
EMFs and Environmental Stressors | All the Environmental Stressors Damaging Your Health
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we had the opportunity to interview Ryan Blaser, a specialist in EMF’s. New technologies and new environments are being introduced constantly and unless we are careful, they can affect our health in greater ways than we'd think. In fact, other countries are way ahead of the game in regards to EMF research. In this episode, we talk about everything from mold, chemicals, electric fields, lighting, cell phones, and more. Join us as we talk about a few simple ways that we can improve our health.

Introduction 1:06
Cell phones and WIFI 14:12
EMF’s 16:55
The Kitchen 24:27
Easy Steps to Improve Environment 42:38

“An ideal situation is basically go back 20 years, back before everything went wireless, when everything was wired… A lot of the stuff that makes life convenient today is also what makes life toxic today.” 15:18
Dec 17, 2019
Gut Health | Understanding your Digestive Health
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about all the possible gut health issues that many Americans have, sometimes unknowingly. We talk about symptoms, how our gut health works, how things like sugar and herbicides affect our gut health, and how we can improve our gut health.

Gut Issues: 47
Symptoms 2:41
Herbicides/Sugar 9:26
Where do we see it? 19:10
How Digestion Works 32:02
Hydrochloric Acid 35:15

“That glyphosate is entering your GI tract and it’s stripping everything. That would be like looking at a brand new house, taking a jackhammer and going at it on all the walls. What’s going to happen to that house over time?” 16:19
Dec 10, 2019
Creating a Powerhouse Medical Spa in Your Home | The Apollo Protocol
In this episode of Gutsy Health, Juanique and Tristin introduce the Apollo Protocol, a DIY medical spa you can put together in your own home to supercharge your natural healing abilities without going bankrupt. The Apollo Protocol emphasizes three tools: oxygen, ozone, and sauna. It is invaluable for serious illness and serious performance.

Introduction to Episode 1:31
Exercise 9:55
Who is this for? 37:17
The Power of your Mind 50:08
Ebola 52:17

“We’re taking it a step further with the apollo protocol because you don’t have to be near us for this. You don’t have to buy a plane ticket to the other side of the country and fall into the same trap where you might get a month of treatments but then you’ve gotta go back home and it’s not enough time.” 42:32
Dec 03, 2019
Defending Your Pathway to Healing | Interview with Monica Draper
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we interview Monica Draper, who shares her amazing story of healing from thyroid cancer at age 10. Her story covers standing up to doctors, her mother’s intuition, and finding healing through eating and mental preparation.

Introduction 0:15
Monica’s Story 3:27
Homes and Relationships Affecting your Healing 32:27
Saying “no” to Doctors 51:56
Creating your own Miracles 56:22

“Where thoughts go, energy flows.”58:21
Nov 26, 2019
The Emotional Battles of Illness | Winning the War on Disease from the Inside Out
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about the not treatment needs of dealing with illness. We delve into Tristian’s experience battling cancer and what emotionally helped him stay strong under such difficult illnesses.

- Introduction 1:13
- The stories you tell yourself 14:11
- Positive Thought Processes 20:33
- Growing Into A Stronger You 40:30
- Helpful Tips During Darker Times 50:04

“Even though you’re afraid and even though you hurt in a lot of different ways, ultimately the way things go, your experience, is entirely dependent on the story you tell yourself.” 14:11
Nov 19, 2019
A Deeper Look at your Health | Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
In this episode, of Gutsy Health we talk about the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. This is a deeper test than the typical blood work that you get with a doctor. It is something very underutilized but much more available than many know. We talk about what you get out of these tests, who would benefit from them, and what we can learn from them.

- Juanique’s Experience 1:03
- The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis 10:00
- The power of Lifestyle 24:16
- Homocysteine 38:36
- Who would benefit from this? 43:14

“There is a way to look at your blood chemistry that can help you optimize your nutrition and your lifestyle, and even your stress… This tool has been ignored for far too long because of how it has been used in the conventional system.” 7:33
Nov 12, 2019
Diet and Mental Health | Lifestyle Solutions for Depression with Amanda
In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk with Amanda about how her mental health has benefited from diet and exercise. Amanda suffered from anxiety, depression and went from doctor to doctor getting put on various medications. She tells her story of how exercise and nutrition helped aid not only her depression but also her marriage.

- Amanda’s Story 1:25
- How to Start 45:14
- Do you Miss old Foods? 53:31
- Exercise’s Role 60:36

“I always compare medications to switching off the ‘check engine light’ on a car without having it serviced.”
Nov 05, 2019
Kick-Ass Women Dominating a Male Dominated Health Industry | Giving Power to Women in the Medical World
In this episode of Gutsy Health we talk with Shannon and Liza about the women that do not have credentials, and are forced out of health conversations. Women tend to be blocked out of the realm of medicine and health because of gender bias and lack of credentials. There are too many examples of how health professionals don’t trust women’s thoughts on their health. We need to learn how to say no and how to say yes and remember that as women we have a choice.

- Episode intro 3:18
- How did it start? 8:38
- Shannon’s Story 23:30
- To Those with Power 45:51

“Don’t let anyone bully you out of getting educated. You don’t have to have a medical degree to understand nutrition. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to understand what's going in your body. You don’t have to have any kind of 10 years of schooling to recognize you’re taking a medication and it’s making you feel off. “ 42:25

*Formerly: "Women without credentials"
Oct 29, 2019
Exercising | Physical and Mental Health with Jared Harris
On this episode of Gutsy Health we talk about exercise with Jared Harris. Studies have shown not only physical but also mental health benefits accompanying those who exercise. We talk with Jared about how we can start, how can see benefits, mental health benefits and healthy habits through exercise.

- Introduction to Jared 1:19
- How to start exercising 8:49
- What Exercising does to your Body 16:20
- Stress Management and Exercise 32:41
- Taking Exercise too Far/Unrealistic Expectations 43:14

“A lot of people think that if they have hormone imbalances or health issues…’If i try this nutrition plan for a week I should see a benefit.’ You have to give it at least 3 to 6 months, at LEAST, before you get life changing long term results.”
Oct 22, 2019
Information Turf War | Take the Power to Your Health Back
On this episode of Gutsy we talk about the information war currently going on in the medical world. Have you ever had a doctor mock you for doing your own research? The current medical world has been set up giving all authority to those who have gone through schooling and taking the power to our health away. We discuss why this is and how to give the power to our healing back to us.

- Iatrogenic Death 6:12
- The Hierarchy 15:52
- Our Story 19:29
- Gatekeepers 34:49
- Other Advocates 38:28

“A big chunk of people, once they start down the medication road, they never come back from that. They end up on those medications for the long term.”
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Oct 15, 2019
Big Fat Lies | What You Need To Know About Fats
In this episode, Tristin and Juanique talk about fats and the body. Our society's misunderstanding about fat has lead us to have a lot of unhealthy habits that have impacted the way our heart works and has actually work against how our hearts work. In this episode, they cover the history of why our society has become this why and how our relationship with fat has grown worse and worse over the years. They also cover how fat works in the body and how to develop healthy habits with the correct fats. Listen in to learn more about fats!
Oct 08, 2019
Healthy Food for Children | Parenting for your Children's Future
On this episode of Gutsy we talk about how to overcome the obstacles of feeding children healthy food with Katie Baker and Liza. Much of these obstacles are caused by the culture of how we view food. This episode dives into what culture we need to change to be healthy, how to parent to encourage healthy living, and what benefits we can find by doing so.

- Obstacles of Eating Healthy 4:35
- How to help Kids Eat Healthy 19:31
- Liza’s transition to eating healthy 36: 47
- Katie’s transition to eating healthy 43:04
- Techniques that worked with kids 60:47

“They think that what they need is the sugar. They think that what they need is the hamburger…but what they really need is to develop a healthy relationship with good food.”

“[With] my own kids a tactic that was huge was building the trust, introducing the foods in a safe judgement free (kinda like this is just the norm)."
Oct 03, 2019
Creating Healthy Eaters | Guidelines for Parents
In this episode, Juanique and Tristin talk to parents about teaching kids how to eat healthily. This can be very difficult and overwhelming for a lot of parents, so this episode is to help take away the horrifying aspects of overcoming these difficulties. They provide tips and tools that you can apply today.
Oct 01, 2019
Mandatory Vaccine Laws and Medical Freedom | Deconstructing the Argument
The topic of today's episode is the very complex and often inflammatory subject of vaccine laws. In this episode, Tristin and Juanique delicately cover the subject in a way that focuses on medical freedom and personal responsibility for the choices we make for our bodies and the bodies of our family members. Tristin and Juanique want to make space for both sides of the argument and aren't trying to say one side is more correct than the other. They cover some of the history involved in the vaccine argument, as well as the research behind the topic. Listen in to get more informed about both sides of the argument.

3:45 Diving into the topic
13:50 Representing both sides of the argument
23:43 Getting into the safety aspects of vaccines
32:25 Gene mutation
40:36 Reactions to vaccines
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Sep 24, 2019
Clinic Treatments | Healing Modalities
This episode outlines the different treatments at their clinic. Their treatments range from hyperbaric chambers to ozone therapy. Their treatments aimed to be used are healing modalities, harnessing the power that the body already has in healing itself.

Clinic Treatments and Giveaway
- Hyperbaric Chamber 2:57
- Oxygen and it’s affect on the body 8:00
- Stem Cells 12:35
- Ozone Therapy 37:36
- Healing Modalities 69:00
Sep 17, 2019
Developing Happiness with Dr. Elia Gourgouris | Mental Health
Tristin and Juanique are joined by Dr. Elia Gourgouris, the president of the happiness center, an organization dedicated to creating personal success and happiness. With his Positive Psychology background, he has helped thousands of people both in their careers and in their relationships to achieve success and better life/work balance. He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Seven Paths to Lasting Happiness. Listen to this episode and find out about core-happiness and how you might be able to achieve it.

The Happiness Center:
Sep 12, 2019
Depression and Understanding Your Mental Health | Mental Health
In this episode, Tristin and Juanique discuss how the current medical field is failing those currently dealing with depression. They talk about problems in the system and tools that you might be able to use to help with mental health issues. According to the research itself, only 20% of patients with symptoms feel like they get relief in the first 6-8 weeks. Other statistics show that maybe only half of those numbers are actually feeling positive results. Depression and other mental health issues are very prevalent in the U.S., so listen in and learn more about mental health.

6:40 How little the medical field addresses
14:15 Genetics
20:25 Nutrition
33:30 Sleep
30:05 Stress
47:00 Relationships and Spirituality
Sep 10, 2019
Hormones | How to Protect and Optimize Your Hormones
Hormones are terribly understood by the general populace and even among medical professionals. Girls as young as 9, 10, and 11 are having terrible hormonal issues. In this episode, Tristin and Juanique talk about how you can protect your hormones and how to optimize your hormones. Some imbalances, such as when someone has hypothyroidism, can cause weight gain, low libido, and constant fatigue. This can really affect the general wellbeing of any individual with these issues. Since 1973, sperm count in men has gone down as much as 60%. Clearly, there are a lot of issues being caused by hormonal issues. Listen in to this episode to arm yourself with more knowledge about your hormones.

3:05 Hypothyroidism
13:55 Birth control and how it affects hormones
25:44 Why these issues aren't being addressed in the medical field
32:30 The four hormone organs in the body
40:30 Sex hormones
56:27 What they do in the clinic for patients with hormone imbalances
Sep 03, 2019
Vitamins Aren't What You Think | Holistic and Alternative Health
95% of the vitamins on the shelves are synthetic... you would probably be better not taking anything at all. These synthetic vitamins really don't do much at all for your body, and in some situations actually do harm. You cannot replace a healthy diet with supplements, but you can make up for some of these deficiencies. We need to use supplements correctly, rather than using the typical synthetic vitamins. Listen in as Tristin and Juanique discuss all the intricacies of taking vitamins and supplements.

2:42 Why supplements may be good for you
9:15 The importance of vitamins
17:53 Daily recommendations
27:01 Big Pharma and vitamins
34:50 Good vitamin products
Aug 27, 2019
How to Become an Effective Self Student of a Confusing Medical Industry | How to Become a Research Expert
How do you navigate the ocean of research that often contradicts itself? Tristin and Juanique delve into the ins and outs of how to properly engage with medical research. The reason this is needed is because, no matter the ideology, there seems to be research that supports it. There seems to be research that supports many conflicting views on health. Listen in to this episode to learn about the different types of research, how to analyze the information provided, and what to do with proper research.

*Formerly: "Research in the Medical Field"Support the show (
Aug 20, 2019
Bonus Episode: Deconstructing Our Cultural and Societal Health Norms
In this bonus episode, Tristin and Juanique talk about the social and cultural food norms in American society and delve into why we have such problematic eating patterns. They talk about the issues that involve our emotional and physical dependency on unhealthy food and why it's so difficult to break these bonds with food. Sugar is the biggest social drug in America (and possibly the world) so listen to this episode to learn how to mentally break away from this addictive ingredient. For more, go check it out at

Correction on the childhood cancer rates:
Aug 15, 2019
How to Fast Properly | Fasting, Nutrition, and Health
Why is fasting such a craze recently? Is it healthy? How do you fast properly? In this episode, Tristin and Juanique cover the ins and outs of fasting. They cover seasonal fasting that lasts 3-5 days, intermittent fasting, how to do a water fast properly, how bone marrow broth can help out during the fast, among many other aspects of fasting. Learn techniques to improve your fasts and how to do it in a healthy way.

5:00 Diving into the benefits of fastings
19:00 Water fasting
24:40 Intermittent fasting
29:23 Ending a fast, juice fasts, and what they recommend
39:56 Blood monitoring

Fasting Resources:
Coupon Code for 50% Off: podfast
Apps: welltory elitehrv

Aug 13, 2019
Fixing the Broken Medical System | Dr. John Sanders
This week, Tristin and Juanique are joined by Dr. John Sanders, a doctor who has focused on fixing the broken medical system in the United States. Dr. Sanders graduated medical school with a focus on family medicine and rural medicine, which he practiced in Moab, Utah until he moved north to Utah County. He graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice between 6-10 years. After having experienced the problems involved with insurance coverage and the lack of transparency, he realized how problematic the American medical system can be. He works to keep his practice transparent and even negotiates prices on behalf of his patients. In this episode, Tristin, Juanique, and Dr. Sanders talk about how the American medical system is broken from an inside and outside perspective.
Aug 06, 2019
What is the Perfect Diet? | Deconstructing Keto, Paleo, Veganism, and more
In this episode, Tristin and Juanique deconstruct the fad diets that are currently popular. Many people ask about the 'perfect diet', but there really isn't one true 'perfect diet'. People need to know that each diet can work in different ways and may work better for certain people. Tristin and Juanique take the religious/cultish aspects out of dieting and break it down to its nutritional aspects. They cover the keto diet, paleo diet, and veganism.

2:51 The keto diet
21:24 The carnivore diet
32:30 Veganism
53:03 Paleo diet
Jul 29, 2019
The Healing Pyramid | Nutrition, Stress, and Treatments
In this episode, Juanique and Tristin talk about the healing pyramid that they created with their health clinic. Bad health isn't an inconvenience that gets in the way of your life, it is your life. Many try to heal with minimal effort, but because of that they often get minimal results. In order to heal, people need to get the proper nutrition and follow the correct practices. Healing isn't just about suppliments and pills, so learn what you can do to maximize your health.

1:37 The healing pyramid
7:58 The foundation: nutrition
20:43 Rather eat bad food with the right mentality than the right food with the wrong mindset
24:26 The second tier: stress and movement
35:51 The third tier: supplements, medication, and treatments
39:23 When is the right time to look at treatments

The Healing Pyramid:
The Healing Pyramid:
Jul 29, 2019
Our Story and How You Can Take Control of Your Health | Overcoming Cancer
Tristin and Juanique Roney talk about the purpose of the podcast and what they aim to do with it. In this episode, they tell their stories about how they got into the health community and why they do what they do. Each of them were able to overcome various diseases and ailments through holistic health and nutritional practices that they researched on their own. They talk about why you don't need to rely on the overpriced medical systems available in U.S. society. Learn how to empower yourself and take your health back into your control.

0:43 Purpose of the podcast
2:38 Juanique's story with Graves Disease
12:58 Tristin's story with terminal cancer
23:01 A death sentence
26:10 Taking their health into their own hands
36:42 Our story is to help empower you
Jul 29, 2019