By Jerry Stewart

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The Story of St. Patrick’s Day
Take a quick moment and tell me just what Saint Patrick's Day is all about.   You say, "green beer" - WRONG!   How about "4 leaf clovers" - WRONG again!   OK, listen and learn.
Mar 17, 2023
”What Makes A Good President?”
Here's a question that is not meant to be political in any way - "When was the last time that we in America had a really good President? Even half way good? How about 2? How about 3?   My story today is about one of the good ones - perhaps the best of all - Abe Lincoln.   Let us pray that "We The People" take seriously who will be our next President - not just an auto D or an auto R.   Enjoy and Pass it On
Feb 20, 2023
”The Jackie Robinson Story”

Why did Baseball Great, Jackie Robinson, refuse to quit playing baseball?

The money? The Stardom?  Listen to his story and you'll see why.  But it's not what you're expecting to hear.


Feb 03, 2023
”The Cowboy Code”
This week's story is a mighty good one for all of us to hear and seriously consider.   It gets right to the Heart of our biggest National problem in the form of a crucial question for us all to answer - "How are we to Act in the Work that we must do  to Save Our America?" Is there a "Way to Walk?"    What are we to do?   Take a listen, then tell me what you think.
Jan 31, 2023
”Easy Eddie”

The powerful lesson to learn in this story is this.  Who you are, what you do, what you make of yourself, that others are always watching and following you.

The lesson in the story today is for all of us, others will follow us, good or bad, even your own young son.

Jan 21, 2023
”The Great Wall of China”

Apart from defense, other purposes of the Great Wall have included border controls, allowing the imposition of duties on goods transported along the Silk Road, regulation or encouragement of trade and the control of immigration and emigration.

So, what's so wrong with the United States having a wall for our immigration law?

Jan 13, 2023
”God’s Birthday Gift To Jerry”

It was my birthday - the day before Christmas and all was set.  But then, God changed the Plans and gave me an amazing unexpected birthday gift that you won't believe.


Jan 07, 2023
”The Story of Christmas”

It's Christmas time, but do you really know the story of Christmas and the reason we have the celebration? 

Listen and remember why!

Dec 22, 2022
”Twas The Night Before Christmas”

Have you heard this story? 

And what better time to tell this story. Take a listen and enjoy.   PS - How many of you can quote this entire story poem by memory?   Merry Christmas!
Dec 16, 2022
”The Christmas Miracle Of World War I”

The most amazing story of 1 day in World War I when the war became peace.

Dec 13, 2022
”Live Like You’re Dying”

What would you do if you were told you only had a short time to live?  Would you go find somewhere to lie down and just wait for that time to come or would you start living your life each day to the fullest. 

This is what I was told years ago and I decided to start my bucket list and to live each day like it was my last.  Here is a story that happened to me while hunting on one Thanksgiving weekend. I thank God every day that He gave me the strength to go on and be thankful for the days I had.

Nov 27, 2022
”One Last Thanksgiving Lesson To Be Learned”

There is a very important someone in our history today that we can learn from. Some have given up on our America today, but John Winthrop didn't give up and had a vision for America.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Nov 24, 2022
”Who Is Squanto?”

What shall we do in times of our own trouble?  Should we let ourselves feel down or help someone in need and be thankful for what we have.  This story is about Squanto and his hardship and how he turned things around for the good and helped people who needed him.

Nov 23, 2022
Veterans Day Ceremony 2022
Veterans Day is a time set aside for those who have served in our U.S. Military. It is also a day to remember those serving today.
Nov 10, 2022
”The Scariest Halloween in U.S. History”

Did you know that one Halloween night in our America, over 1 million people were convinced that aliens had landed and were about to destroy us all?

Oct 28, 2022
”If You Don’’t Vote, Then Don’t Complain”

If you think your vote won't count because the news are saying it is a sure win, then don't complain if you don't step up and do your part.

Oct 21, 2022
What happens when you vote for yourself? What does that mean?
Oct 18, 2022
”The Golden Rule”

The idea of treating others the way you would want to be treated yourself (the Golden Rule) may be good for our lives, but how about the Golden Rule in business?  How does that work out?  This story is about one man, J.C. Penney, who proved it could work.

Oct 12, 2022
”Your Own Monument”

Most everywhere you go today, there's a pillar or a statue or a monument standing to honor someone.  We are told that these were built to honor someone who did a great work in their lives.  Question - if one was built to honor you, and your life so far, what would it look like?

Oct 10, 2022
”Get In The Wheelbarrow”

In our lives today, just how do we rise above all of the forces and obstacles at work to keep us down?  Here's how - Get in the Wheelbarrow!

Oct 07, 2022
”What Did The Founding Fathers Stand For?”

What did our founding fathers stand for?  What were the morals and virtues that they used to build our nation and what would they say if they visited it today.

Sep 16, 2022
”9-11 God Was There”

Where were you on this day?

Sep 09, 2022
”God Saved D.C.”

When we think of all the times that God has saved our America. What comes to our mind most is our American Revolution.  But there was another time, a very dramatic time, that God showed who's side He was on. 

Listen to this story.

Sep 03, 2022
”George Washington’s Rules of Civility”

When George Washington was a teenager, he wanted to make a good impression on his elders. Good manners were important to him.

That’s what Washington’s rules of civility and decent behavior reflect. The rules are about focusing on other people, instead of just thinking of our own narrow self-interest. In addition, they’re about being willing to make small sacrifices for the sake of living in a community and getting along well with others.

Aug 18, 2022
”Honest Abe”

Some have come to believe that the nickname for Abraham Lincoln was just a made up name for him to use as a politician - but that is not true.

Abraham Lincoln did something in his community at only age 16 that was so amazing, so honest, that from that point forward, he was known in his community and then eventually, around the world as "Honest Abe".  

Take a listen and make sure your children hear and understand this story.

Aug 10, 2022
”Communion On The Moon”

What happened before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong actually took that historical walk is perhaps even more amazing, but so few ever knew it even happened. Take a listen to this story.

Aug 05, 2022
“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

Take Me Out To The Ballgame and don’t even think about trying to burn our US Flag on the ball field! 

The story of Rick Monday.

Jul 29, 2022
”Amazing Grace That Saved A Wretch Like Me”

Who wrote the song "Amazing Grace" and the story behind the song.

Jul 22, 2022
”Thomas Jefferson’s Last Words”

If you knew you were going soon, what would your last words be?  Take a listen to these last words by Thomas Jefferson.



Jul 15, 2022
”This Great Invention - America”

When we think about our Founding Fathers, and their fight for a Free America, we find ourselves concluding that the hardest part of making our Nation was the actual War that took place. But don’t be too quick to think that once our American Revolution was over that the hardest part was over – that’s just not true. Why? Because they were determined to make an all-new Nation owned by “We the People”, not run by a few at the top. This caused our Nation’s document authors, with the Great Help of Almighty God, to invent something all new - “This Great Invention – America”. On this 4 th of July Special Program I am taking us all on a new adventure – to give to us the true and exciting “back story” of how our Founders came to invent America.

Jul 08, 2022
”The Mystery Man at Independence Hall”

The 56 signors were there to sign, but there was someone else there.  A mystery man and no one knew who it was.  

Jun 11, 2022
”The Price Paid For Freedom”

This Memorial Day special, “The Price Paid for Freedom”, has been produced to honor all our Veterans,

but it gives a special “final salute” to so many of our WWII Vets who are leaving us by the 1,000’s every day.

It is truly my deepest honor to help tell the true stories of these who are part of what has come to be known as

“Our Greatest Generation”.

Each telling their own story in their own words.

May 26, 2022
”Minutemen At Bunker Hill”

Minutemen were a small hand-picked elite force which were required to be highly mobile and able to assemble quickly. Minutemen were selected from militia muster rolls by their commanding officers.  

May 13, 2022
”Iron Sharpens Iron”

We live in a society today that's always working to convince us that hard and difficult things are bad and the way we should always seek is the easy way - that somehow, easy is best. But that's not really true.  Would you be shocked if I told you that the difficulties that come upon you in your life could be good for you.


May 07, 2022
”The 49ers”

Is it true that all the glitters is not gold?  We sure think that the riches are all good and glittery.  But is big money always the answer or does it sometimes bring it's own troubles.

Apr 30, 2022
”We Are All Responsible”

The biggest mistake that we can make in our work to "Save Our America" is to think that the job we need to do is up to someone else. What are you doing to save our America?

Apr 22, 2022

What did our founding fathers insist must be legally unlawful that our nation's leaders have made lawful and each of us must participate each year.

Listen to this story

Apr 20, 2022
”Wrong Way Riegels”

Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels played for the University of California, Berkeley football team from 1927 to 1929. His wrong-way run in the 1929 Rose Bowl is often cited as the worst blunder in the history. Listen to what he did with what happened to him. It is amazing!!!!!!

Feb 18, 2022
Why Are There No More Executions?

In our world's history, there have been some nations that have been considered to be the greatest of the nations. America is one such country. But did all the greatest countries get their greatness in the same way? Our founding fathers were quick to note that the greatness of America was because of God's Mighty Help. So, question - "If America has become a great nation because of God's Help, will we remain great the more we turn away from Him as a nation?"

Jan 27, 2022
”He Died For Our Freedom, Did You Know That?”

Sometimes we forget that so many before us, even today, are dying for our freedom.  This is one such story.

Often, I find myself asking this question "what have I done, what have I given to assure freedom for our America?"

Jan 12, 2022
”Angels Flying So Close”

Sometimes the angels fly so close you can hear the flutter of their wings.


Dec 22, 2021
”Martha and the Christmas Card”

It's hard growing up, but the hardest time is when you are a little awkward and others make fun of you.  Listen to this story and see how you can spread a little cheer to someone who may be feeling this way.



Dec 18, 2021
”The Christmas Miracle of WWI”

When we think of war, we only think of hardship, suffering and death.  But even in the midst of war, can there be those "moments" where peace somehow prevails, if even for one day.  

The story today is one of the most amazing war stories I have ever told.  It is the true WWI story when foes became friends on Christmas.

Dec 10, 2021
”Lost At Christmas”

Have you ever lost your way?  Separated from your family or friends  and felt alone?  Listen to this story.

Dec 02, 2021

Who was Squanto? What does he have to do with the Pilgrims?  Listen and find out.

Nov 19, 2021
”Can America Lose It‘s Greatness? How Close Are We?

How close are we to losing our greatness?  Can America lose it's greatness?  

Nov 11, 2021
”Freedom Isn‘t Free”

Listen to this story and see why our veterans are so important to our freedom and keeping our America safe.



Nov 11, 2021
”The Assassinations Of John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln”

Have you ever thought of the things that these Presidents had in common?  Listen to this story.

Nov 05, 2021
”The Scariest Halloween Ever in America”

Halloween night in America is a big business.  On Halloween, the haunted houses are full and some of the biggest theatre box successes are horror films.

But did you know that one Halloween night in our America, over 1 million people were convinced that aliens had landed and were about to destroy us all?  Here's the true story of Halloween night in America, 1938.

Oct 29, 2021
”Which is Best - Easy or Hard?

There are some today who are down on America because of the present difficult conditions in our country. They believe that life in America should always be easy and prosperous, and when things get tough they want to complain. 

Oct 17, 2021
”The Richest Kids in Town”

Have you ever thought you were going to be rich when you were younger?  Listen to this story and see how you can be fooled easily.

Oct 09, 2021
”Principles of Our Founding Fathers”

In my various speeches and programs, I talk a lot about our Founding Fathers and what they stood for.  Listen to a number of the ideals that they stood for and see if some of them sound very familiar.

Oct 02, 2021
”Being Honorable”

If there a monument built in your honor that represented who you are.  What would that monument look like?

For some of us, monument would not be very impressive.  Take a listen and learn why the monument built in honor of George Washington is a Pillar.

Oct 01, 2021
”Get In The Wheelbarrow

Do you aspire in your life to do great things?  Do you look for ways to make a difference, a positive, not just for you, but for all around you?  This story is the perfect illustration of what will happen to you when you begin your journey.  But listen carefully to the story then the man is instructed to get in the wheelbarrow.

Sep 16, 2021
True Story of Labor Day

Would you stand for something that was wrong?  Would you quit if there was danger involved? Listen to what happened in 1939 to change what was happening.

Sep 05, 2021
The Most Unusual Jobs in the World

What would you say the most unusual job in the world is.  I have had some pretty unusual jobs myself while in college. 

Aug 29, 2021
George Washington Rules of Civility

Why did George Washington depend on God to help him and his troops fight?  What do we really know about George Washington?

Aug 29, 2021
"One Of The Lucky Ones"

If you’re like me you’re one of the lucky ones, born and raised in the 50’s and 60’s when life was a lot simpler and us kids didn’t think we knew so much, so we asked our parents.


What do you remember growing up?

Aug 13, 2021
"Communion On The Moon"

It happened on July 20, 1969 and to this day, most still do not know what happened.  Listen to this.

Jul 29, 2021
"The Pony Express - Help Wanted"

In our nation today, there are several help wanted signs.  Would you ever think to apply to deliver mail by riding a horse?  Listen to this story.

Jul 20, 2021
"I Love America"
We have this very popular song, "God Bless America", we all know it and enjoy singing it.  But why?  Well look at the opening words to the song - "God Bless America, Land that I Love".  That's why we love singing it - because it tells the story of our hearts - we LOVE America. This program will have some great LOVE stories for our America!
Jul 08, 2021
One of the Most Amazing Events in All of Our World History

It was truly one of the most amazing events in all of our world history.  Do we know this today? If we know, do we really care? 

Maybe the not remembering, not caring today is why we are in trouble as a nation.

Jul 01, 2021
Bill Of Rights - But Who's Rights?

There's a lot of talk today of our rights as U.S. citizens.  But rights can only work if we have one other piece of the puzzle.  What is it?  Listen to this. 

Jun 30, 2021
Memorial Day 2021 "The Greatest Generation"

We all need to hear the true history stories of our nation, but what a better way to hear them?  The WWII Veterans telling their stories of war and what they lived through and why it made them stronger and better citizens.  We need to get their stories before the "Greatest Generation" have all left us.

You can find more stories like these to purchase on our website at


May 30, 2021
Bricks and Mortar

Walls are made of bricks because a brick is a powerful and strong material. But will a brick wall stand without something else to keep it together? 

No! No matter how strong the bricks are, the brick need something else - something called "mortar". It is the mortar that finishes the strengthening of a brick wall.

And it's the same thing in life. We can be strong as a brick, but to be strong enough to take on all the troubles  and challenges of life - we must have also the "mortar of life". 

What is the "Mortar of Life"? Take a listen.

May 24, 2021
Hey Joe, What About Us?

What are we to do when our country is so busy working to help others from outside our country, while at the same time, not taking care of the needy in our own country.  That is wrong!

Here is a perfect example.

Apr 19, 2021
"The Fall of Greatness"

There is no doubt that America is a nation - the greatest in the world - perhaps the greatest ever.

But what happens if we are losing our greatness, and if we are how close are we from the end? 

Jan 27, 2021
"Red Square"

I have been around over 70 years in America and I love this nation with all my heart, but I am very concerned.  Why?  Because with each new event and happening and rule made in our nation, we look less and less like the America I love.

Listen to this:

Jan 26, 2021
"25K Troops"

Am I the only one who sees it, or did you also notice something about the Presidential Inauguration just didn't look right. 

Jan 25, 2021
"Here Die 40 Men For Christ"

Is there anything that you feel strongly enough about that you would die for it?  A cause, a belief? 


Few of us today in America really know much of anything about sacrificing to the point of death, but there are stories in history that tell us amazing accounts of those who have suffered and died for a cause or belief.  One such story took place in 328 A.D. in a city high in the icy mountains of Armenia.

Jan 15, 2021
"Lost at Christmas"

The story of an 8 year old boy who gets lost from his family at Christmas and to this day, believes the person who saved him was really an angel disguised as a policeman.  

Listen to the story and tell me what you think.


Dec 05, 2020
The Thanksgiving Hitchhiker
He was a big, scruffy man on the side of the road with his thumb stuck out. I don't know why, but I was I "told" to pick him up .   Why would I pick up such a scary person and where was I to take him?    This is a true story you won't soon forget. Jerry Stewart
Nov 28, 2020
The True Story of That First Thanksgiving and What We can Teach Ourselves and Our Children Today

As you sit down with your family to eat your hearty Thanksgiving meal,

first serve them a dish with just 5 kernels of corn (It’s part of the story to come).

When they see the plate and react (oh yes they will!), let them hear or tell them

this story, ending with these simple final two words – BE THANKFUL !



Nov 25, 2020
400 Years Later and We Still Remember - But Why?

With all the people, all the places all the experiences we have in our lives to remember, why do we still remember those people, the Pilgrims, who came to America all the way back in 1620 - exactly 400 years ago this week?  

I have my reason why I believe they are still in my memory, but please take a listen and tell me yourself why you chose to listen to this podcast, and why you still remember the Pilgrims.

Have a good listen, and pass it one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2020
"The Cinderella Man"

Can Courage and Determination Overcome Absolute Power?  Listen to this story of one "washed up" 30 year old boxer who met that force in the ring.

Nov 07, 2020
"The Scariest American Halloween Ever"

Just how powerful is the emotion of fear?  This is one true story you won't believe. 

Oct 30, 2020
"The Cuban Missile Crisis"

Did you know there was a time in our America when Russian missiles were delivered to Cuba, just 90 miles from Florida, atomic missiles set to be pointed, perhaps to be fired at America? 

Oct 28, 2020
"Being Honorable"

If they built a monument for you, what would it look like?

Oct 03, 2020
Saving Our Nation by Encouraging Our Youth

Our next generation is the youth of our nation.  Are we teaching them to be good citizens or are we teaching them to be respectful?

Sep 25, 2020
"One Nation Under God"

Our nation was built with God's Help!  Why do we want to take Him out of the places where we need Him the most?

Sep 10, 2020
"Where Were You?"

This is a memory that no one should forget! It brought our nation together and we need to remember how to come together as a nation in hard times.  

Sep 10, 2020
"What Happened on July 20, 1969"

One Moment in America by Jerry Stewart

Jul 24, 2020
"Who Was The Most Famous Duel Between in America?"

One Moment In America by Jerry Stewart

Jul 24, 2020
"What Do You Know About the $500 Bill?"

One Moment In America by Jerry Stewart

Jul 23, 2020
"Are You A Proud American?"

One Moment In America with Jerry Stewart

Jul 22, 2020
"Do Failures Make You Stronger?"

Take a listen to my "One Moment in America" and let me know your thoughts.

Jul 22, 2020
"The Most Amazing Invention Ever"

What would you say was the greatest invention every in our history? Listen to this story and see if you agree.

Jul 18, 2020
Are The Women of Today Taking Over?

When they say "The women of today are taking over", what do they mean?


Jul 09, 2020
If the Declaration of Independence were Written Today!

If the Declaration of Independence were written today, what would it say? 

Jul 08, 2020
What Good Came From the Civil War?

Did anything good come out of the Civil War?  Here's one you may not know.

Jul 07, 2020
Who Was The Mystery Man at the Declaration of Independence?

There were 56 delegates at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but there was one mystery man there that day. It remains a mystery as to who he was, where he was from or why he was there. Listen to what Ronald Reagan said about the mystery man.

Jul 07, 2020
What is the reason we seek freedom? You may be suprised

Why do we seek freedom?  Listen to this story-it may surprise you.

Jul 07, 2020
"How Important is the Declaration of Independence?"

Does the government rule the people or do the people rule the government? How do the people make the change? 

They vote!!!!!!!

Jul 04, 2020
"What Does The Pledge of Allegiance Mean To You"?

Listen to the way that "Red Skelton" describes the "Pledge of Allegiance". 

Jul 03, 2020
"The Most Famous Ride Ever"

Do you know who broke the final vote on July 1, 1776 and how a very sick man made it to make that vote?

Jun 30, 2020
"Let's Rally Around The Flag"

What does it mean to "Rally Around The Flag"?  What honor does it give us?

Jun 25, 2020
"What Rights Do We Have"

Why did our Founding Fathers give us these rights?  Did they ever think our nation would be where we are today?


Jun 25, 2020
"What Would Your Memorial Look Like?"

We all wonder what our legacy will be in our family and in our history.  But do we have any control what our legacy will be?  Take this test to answer your own question - what will my monument look like? 

Jun 19, 2020
"The Baltimore Plot"

As we all know, Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, was assassinated.  It is perhaps the most famous event in all our U.S. history.  

But did you know that prior to that assassination there had been at least one other foiled attempt on his life?  In fact, it was planned even before his first inauguration in 1860.  It came to be known as the "Baltimore Plot". 

Jun 14, 2020
"Are Hard Things Always Bad?"

We have come to believe that anything bad or unfavorable is not good, has no value, avoid at all cost. But is that true?, or is there something to be learned in the hard times that we would have never learned. 



Jun 04, 2020