Global Investors: Passive Investing in U.S. Real Estate

By Charles Carillo

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Category: Investing

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The Global Investors Podcast focuses on helping both; American and foreign investors generate passive income by investing in U.S. real estate. Listen to interviews with investors, syndicators, lenders, attorneys, property managers, and other industry professionals who have successfully built their businesses while working with investors to create passive income. Host Charles Carillo (of began investing in apartments in 2006 with a 3-family house and has since invested in thousands of apartments throughout the U.S. alongside hundreds of passive investors. If you’re interested in generating passive income and financial freedom through real estate…then this is the podcast for you! Discover proven strategies to make money in U.S. real estate while avoiding costly mistakes. *Wednesdays: Interviews with a variety of successful real estate investors and professionals. *Saturdays: “Strategy Saturday” – Charles discusses an array of real estate topics including asset classes, market selection, underwriting, purchasing, and property management. Charles offers actionable advice as he explains mistakes made and lessons learned throughout his career. If you enjoy; BiggerPockets, Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), or Entrepreneurs on Fire, you will love this podcast! Learn more at: Passively invest in real estate: Learn how to invest in real estate:

Episode Date
SS187: Unveiling the Secrets of Commercial Property Syndication
Jul 14, 2024
GI264: HUD Multifamily Loans with Darin Davis
Jul 11, 2024
SS186: Maximizing Rental Property ROI: Expert Tips
Jul 07, 2024
GI263: Mobile Home Park Investing with Brett Bowman
Jul 04, 2024
SS185: Avoiding Over-Leveraging in Real Estate Investing
Jun 30, 2024
GI262: Investing in Farm Land with Chris Rawley
Jun 27, 2024
SS184: Navigating Property Insurance: What Every Real Estate Investor Should Know
Jun 24, 2024
GI261: How to Buy an Apartment Complex with Nico Salgado
Jun 20, 2024
SS183: Mastering the Real Estate Buying Process
Jun 17, 2024
GI260: Industrial Real Estate Investing with Cody Payne
Jun 12, 2024
SS182: The Impact of Interest Rate Changes on Real Estate Investing
Jun 10, 2024
GI259: How to Lower Flood Insurance Costs with DJ McClure
Jun 06, 2024
SS181: Don't Make These Rookie Mistakes When Investing in Multifamily Real Estate
Jun 03, 2024
GI258: Real Estate Asset Management with Gary Lipsky
May 30, 2024
SS180: How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio Without Dealing with Tenants
May 26, 2024
GI257: Mobile Home Park Investing with Jason Postill and Tyler Lekas
May 23, 2024
SS179: Real Estate Investment Strategies for a Recession
May 19, 2024
GI256: Investing in Short Term Rentals with Justin C. Mosley
May 16, 2024
SS178: Why is Rent Growth Crucial to Multifamily Investor Returns?
May 11, 2024
GI255: Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate with Michael Roeder
May 09, 2024
SS177: Setting Up LLCs and Bank Accounts for Real Estate Investing
May 05, 2024
GI254: Investing in Real Estate Syndications with Rick Martin
May 02, 2024
SS176: Renting Out Your Multifamily Property: What You Need to Know
Apr 28, 2024
GI253: Investing in Multifamily Properties with Cameron Pimm
Apr 25, 2024
SS175: Strategies for Transitioning from Renter to Real Estate Investor
Apr 21, 2024
GI252: Leaving Corporate America to Become a Real Estate Investor with Clive Davis
Apr 18, 2024
SS174: Location, Location, Location: Finding the Ideal Multifamily Property
Apr 14, 2024
GI251: Expat Investing in US Real Estate with Tim Robinson and Lisa Tilstra
Apr 11, 2024
SS173: From Single-Family to Multifamily Real Estate: Why You Should Make the Switch
Apr 07, 2024
GI250: Mailbox Money with Bronson Hill
Apr 04, 2024
SS172: The Power of Networking in Real Estate Investing
Mar 31, 2024
GI249: Raising Private Money with Mustafa Ladha
Mar 28, 2024
SS171: Real Estate Investing as a Hedge Against Inflation
Mar 24, 2024
GI248: Becoming a Real Estate Investor with Vessi Kapoulian
Mar 21, 2024
SS170: Real Estate Investments: How to Define Your Goals
Mar 17, 2024
GI247: Real Estate Digital Marketing with Bryan Driscoll
Mar 14, 2024
SS169: Multifamily vs. Single Family Real Estate Investing: Which Is Better?
Mar 10, 2024
GI246: Growing Your Business By Thinking Bigger with Jon Dwoskin
Mar 07, 2024
SS168: What is NOI in Real Estate
Mar 03, 2024
GI245: Alternative Investments with Ben Fraser
Feb 29, 2024
SS167: Zero Down Doesn’t Mean Zero Dollars
Feb 25, 2024
GI244: Commercial Real Estate Financing with Anton Mattli
Feb 22, 2024
SS166: Effective Rent Collection
Feb 18, 2024
GI243: Real Estate Asset Management with Sandhya Seshadri
Feb 15, 2024
SS165: What is Depreciation in Real Estate
Feb 11, 2024
GI242: Invest in Mobile Home Parks with Ryan Hill
Feb 08, 2024
SS164: Tenant Retention
Feb 04, 2024
GI241: Investing in Short Term Rentals with Kirby Atwell
Feb 01, 2024
SS163: Levered vs Unlevered IRR
Jan 28, 2024
GI240: Becoming a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with David Hill
Jan 25, 2024
SS162: IRR vs ARR
Jan 21, 2024
GI239: Navigating Property Insurance Today with Calvin Roberts
Jan 18, 2024
SS161: What is Due Diligence in Real Estate
Jan 14, 2024
GI238: Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur with Flavia Berys
Jan 11, 2024
SS160: What is a Gross Lease in Real Estate
Jan 07, 2024
GI237: Investing in Land with Brent Bowers
Jan 04, 2024
The Launch
Jan 02, 2024
SS159: How To House Hack
Dec 31, 2023
GI236: Subject To Real Estate Deals with William Tingle
Dec 28, 2023
SS158: What is Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Dec 24, 2023
GI235: Tracking Your Investment Portfolio with Litan Yahav
Dec 21, 2023
SS157: How to Prepare Your Property for Sale or Refinancing
Dec 17, 2023
GI234: Mobile Home Investing with Brett Bowman
Dec 14, 2023
SS156: Land Sale Scams
Dec 11, 2023
GI233: Infinite Banking with Jim Oliver
Dec 06, 2023
SS155: How to Find Real Estate Syndication Deals
Dec 04, 2023
GI232: Invest in Square Feet with Matt Shields
Nov 30, 2023
SS154: What is Rescue Capital
Nov 26, 2023
GI231: Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Pfeifer
Nov 23, 2023
SS153: What Does Turnkey Mean in Real Estate?
Nov 19, 2023
GI230: Commercial Real Estate Development with Shane Melanson
Nov 16, 2023
SS152: What is Builders Risk Insurance?
Nov 13, 2023
GI229: Outperforming the Real Estate Market with James Nelson
Nov 09, 2023
SS151: Understanding Vacancy and Make-Ready Costs
Nov 05, 2023
GI228: ADU Investing with Shawn DiMartile
Nov 02, 2023
SS150: What is Gain to Lease?
Oct 30, 2023
GI227: Active and Passive Investing with Rama Krishna Chunchu
Oct 26, 2023
SS149: What is Loss to Lease
Oct 22, 2023
GI226: Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Agostino Pintus
Oct 19, 2023
SS148: What is an Easement in Real Estate
Oct 15, 2023
GI225: Commercial Real Estate Investing with Ash Patel
Oct 12, 2023
SS147: What is Special Servicing
Oct 08, 2023
GI224: Subject To Investing with Dwan Bent-Twyford
Oct 05, 2023
SS146: What is Mezzanine Debt
Oct 01, 2023
GI223: The Landlord Law School with Bonnie Galam
Sep 27, 2023
SS145: What is Equity in Real Estate
Sep 24, 2023
GI222: Investing in Mortgage Notes with Jay Tenenbaum
Sep 21, 2023
SS144: What is Escrow in Real Estate
Sep 17, 2023
GI221: How to Flip 1700 Houses with Roger Blankenship
Sep 14, 2023
SS143: What is a Quiet Title
Sep 10, 2023
GI220: Creating a Vivid Vision with Joshua Ferrari
Sep 07, 2023
SS142: What is a Deed of Trust
Sep 03, 2023
GI219: Virtual Real Estate Investing with Paul Lizell
Aug 31, 2023
SS141: What is a Promissory Note in Real Estate
Aug 26, 2023
GI218: Evaluating Properties and Partners with Matt Fore
Aug 24, 2023
SS140: What is a Lien in Real Estate
Aug 20, 2023
GI217: The Life Is Too Short Guy with Scott White
Aug 17, 2023
SS139: What is a Real Estate Option Contract
Aug 13, 2023
GI216: The Importance of Partnerships with Sam Rust
Aug 10, 2023
SS138: What are Liquidated Damages in Real Estate
Aug 06, 2023
GI215: Real Asset Investing with Dave Zook
Aug 03, 2023
SS137: What is an Estoppel in Real Estate
Jul 30, 2023
GI214: Self Directed IRAs with Alex Perny
Jul 27, 2023
SS136: What is Earnest Money in Real Estate
Jul 23, 2023
GI213: Investing in Farmland with George Bravante Jr.
Jul 20, 2023
SS135: What is an LOI in Real Estate
Jul 16, 2023
GI212: Alternative Asset Opportunities with Kerry Lutz
Jul 13, 2023
SS134: What is Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
Jul 09, 2023
GI211: Elevate Your Business and Life with Tyler Chesser
Jul 06, 2023
SS133: What is a Capital Call
Jul 02, 2023
GI210: What is Real Estate Crowdfunding with Adam Gower
Jun 28, 2023
SS132: What is a PUD in Real Estate
Jun 25, 2023
GI209: Foreigners Investing in US Real Estate with Bernard Pierson
Jun 22, 2023
SS131: Proof of Funds in Real Estate
Jun 18, 2023
GI208: Multi-family Insurance with Micah Mattox
Jun 15, 2023
SS130: What is LTV in Real Estate
Jun 11, 2023
GI207: Improving Lives Through Real Estate with Andrew Reichert & Daniel Croce
Jun 08, 2023
SS129: What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate
Jun 04, 2023
GI206: Investing in the Outpost Economy with Ryan Swehla
Jun 01, 2023
SS128: Consideration in Real Estate
May 28, 2023
GI205: Investing in Self Storage with Tom Dunkel
May 25, 2023
SS127: What is Functional Obsolescence in Real Estate
May 21, 2023
GI204: Short Term Rental Investments with Culin Tate
May 18, 2023
SS126: Real Estate Asset Management
May 14, 2023
GI203: Multifamily Development with Joel Fine
May 11, 2023
SS125: Right of First Refusal in Real Estate
May 07, 2023
GI202: Investing in CoWorking CoLiving Properties with Jake Akers
May 03, 2023
SS124: Recourse vs Nonrecourse Loans
Apr 30, 2023
GI201: From Engineering to Fulltime Apartment Investing with Deepareddy Akula
Apr 27, 2023
SS123: What is a BPO in Real Estate
Apr 23, 2023
GI200: How to Find Off Market Multifamily Properties with Kevin Romney
Apr 20, 2023
SS122: What is a Bridge Loan in Commercial Real Estate
Apr 16, 2023
GI199: What is a Public Adjuster with Andy Gurczak
Apr 13, 2023
SS121: What Does NNN Mean In Real Estate
Apr 09, 2023
GI198: Invest in Student Housing with Mark Weinstein
Apr 06, 2023
SS120: What is an Interest Rate Cap?
Apr 01, 2023
GI197: Making Millionaires through Multifamily Investing with Charles Dobens
Mar 30, 2023
SS119: How to Become a Section 8 Landlord
Mar 26, 2023
GI196: From Mechanical Engineering to Apartment Investing with Philippe Schulligen
Mar 22, 2023
SS118: What is a Capital Stack in Real Estate
Mar 19, 2023
GI195: Deferred Sales Trust with Brett Swarts
Mar 15, 2023
SS117: How to Minimize Risk When Investing Passively in Real Estate Syndications
Mar 11, 2023
GI194: From Teacher to Apartment Investor with Todd Dexheimer
Mar 09, 2023
SS116: How to Minimize Risk When Buying Your First Rental Property
Mar 05, 2023
GI193: Raising Money for Multifamily Real Estate with Bernie Leas
Mar 02, 2023
SS115: Prepayment Penalties on Commercial Loans
Feb 26, 2023
GI192: Real Estate Debt Funds with Kevin Dureiko
Feb 23, 2023
SS114: Most Important Expenses When Underwriting an Apartment Building
Feb 19, 2023
GI191: Transitioning from Sales to Multifamily Syndications with Eric Chadderdon
Feb 15, 2023
SS113: What Happens After I Invest into a Real Estate Syndication?
Feb 11, 2023
GI190: Real Estate Diversification with Alpesh Parmar
Feb 09, 2023
SS112: Preferred Return vs Preferred Equity
Feb 05, 2023
GI189: Probate Real Estate Investing with Sharon Vornholt
Feb 02, 2023
SS111: Active vs Passive Real Estate Investing
Jan 28, 2023
GI188: Becoming a Conscious Investor with Julie Holly
Jan 25, 2023
SS110: Recession Proof Real Estate Investing
Jan 22, 2023
GI187: Real Estate as an Inflation Hedge with Patrick Grimes
Jan 19, 2023
SS109: Non Accredited Real Estate Investing
Jan 15, 2023
GI186: Assisted Living Investing with Camilla Jeffs
Jan 12, 2023
SS108: What is Carried Interest?
Jan 08, 2023
GI185: How to Vet Real Estate Syndicators with Kenneth Gee
Jan 05, 2023
SS107: Renting to College Students
Jan 01, 2023
GI184: Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire by 24 with Daniel Kwak of The Kwak Brothers
Dec 29, 2022
SS106: Preferred Returns vs Cash Distributions
Dec 24, 2022
GI183: How to Find Off Market Properties with David Robinson
Dec 22, 2022
SS105: IRR vs Equity Multiple
Dec 18, 2022
GI182: How to Invest in Real Estate While Working a Full Time Job with Andrew Schutsky
Dec 14, 2022
SS104: What is SOFR?
Dec 11, 2022
GI181: Investing in Real Estate Out of State with Kathy Fettke
Dec 08, 2022
SS103: What is a Preferred Return?
Dec 04, 2022
GI180: What is Cost Segregation with Erik Oliver
Dec 01, 2022
SS102: How to Become an Accredited Investor
Nov 27, 2022
GI179: Commercial Real Estate Investing with Mike Sowers
Nov 23, 2022
SS101: Managing Tenant Expectations
Nov 20, 2022
GI178: Investing in US Real Estate While Living Overseas with Becca Hintergardt
Nov 17, 2022
SS100: What To Do When a Tenant Moves Out
Nov 12, 2022
GI177: How to Invest in Affordable Housing with Denis Shapiro
Nov 10, 2022
SS99: What Is Value-Add Real Estate?
Nov 06, 2022
GI176: Investing in Coffee Farms with Josh Ziegelbaum
Nov 03, 2022
SS98: What is Cash for Keys?
Oct 30, 2022
GI175: Long Distance Real Estate Investing with Ali Boone
Oct 27, 2022
SS97: What is a K-1 Form and How is it Used in Real Estate?
Oct 23, 2022
GI174: Real Estate Investing for Passive Income with Whitney Elkins-Hutten
Oct 20, 2022
SS96: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Rental Property
Oct 16, 2022
GI173: How Does a 1031 Exchange Work with Alex Olson
Oct 13, 2022
SS95: What is Core Plus Real Estate?
Oct 09, 2022
GI172: Living Overseas and Investing in the U.S. with Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart
Oct 06, 2022
SS94: What is Core Real Estate?
Oct 02, 2022
GI171: Focusing on Apartments to Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio with Brian Alfaro
Sep 29, 2022
SS93: What Is An Accredited Investor?
Sep 25, 2022
GI170: Developing $800 Million Worth of Commercial Real Estate with Meg Epstein
Sep 22, 2022
SS92: What is a Credit Tenant?
Sep 18, 2022
GI169: Ground-Up Development and Managing 3,000 Investors with Michael Episcope
Sep 15, 2022
SS91: How To Fire A Property Manager
Sep 11, 2022
GI168: How To Find Off Market Properties with Logan Freeman
Sep 08, 2022
SS90: Why We Sold a Portfolio of Small Multifamily Properties
Sep 04, 2022
GI167: Utilizing Partnerships To Scale Your Real Estate Business with John Casmon
Sep 01, 2022
SS89: Property Inspection Mistakes to Avoid
Aug 28, 2022
GI166: Shifting From Passive Investor to Active Investor with Matt Picheny
Aug 25, 2022
SS88: What is a Letter of Intent?
Aug 21, 2022
GI165: Serving as a Pastor to Investing in Real Estate with Ellis Hammond
Aug 17, 2022
SS87: Maximizing Property Cashflow by Reducing Certain Expenses
Aug 14, 2022
GI164: The Hands-Off Investor; Passive Real Estate Investing with Brian Burke
Aug 11, 2022
SS86: Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb
Aug 08, 2022
GI163: Residential Assisted Living Investing with Loe Hornbuckle
Aug 04, 2022
SS85: Understanding Off Market Apartment Buildings
Jul 31, 2022
GI162: Real Estate Investing and Traveling the World with Derek Clifford
Jul 28, 2022
SS84: Should I Setup an LLC for My Real Estate Business?
Jul 24, 2022
GI161: The Impact of Inflation and Rising Interest Rates with Omar Khan
Jul 20, 2022
SS83: Why Should You Hire a Property Manager?
Jul 16, 2022
GI160: The Journey from Physical Therapist to Real Estate Investor with Lee Yoder
Jul 13, 2022
SS82: How to Hire the Right Property Manager for Your Properties
Jul 09, 2022
GI159: Education Times Action Equals Results with Gino Barbaro
Jul 07, 2022
SS81: Should I Get My Real Estate License?
Jul 03, 2022
GI158: Investing in Multifamily Properties as a NYC Firefighter with Timothy Lyons
Jun 30, 2022
SS80: Why Every Entrepreneur and Professional Should Passively Invest in Real Estate
Jun 25, 2022
GI157: 1031 Exchange Explained with Dave Foster
Jun 22, 2022
SS79: Don’t Buy D-Class Properties!
Jun 18, 2022
GI156: How to Scale Commercial Real Estate with Sam Wilson
Jun 16, 2022
SS78: What is Equity Multiple?
Jun 12, 2022
GI155: Transitioning from Corporate America to over 2,500 Units with Jenny Gou & Steven Louie
Jun 09, 2022
SS77: Closing Out Open Building Permits
Jun 04, 2022
GI154: Investing in Hotels and Multifamily with Michael Stohler
Jun 01, 2022
SS76: What is a Cap Rate and What is a Reversion Cap Rate?
May 29, 2022
GI153: Financing for Foreigners Investing in the US with Yair Benyamini
May 25, 2022
SS75: What is Return on Equity and Why is it Important?
May 21, 2022
GI152: Using Seller Financing to Acquire Multifamily Properties with Gabriel Hamel
May 18, 2022
SS74 What is the Difference Between Physical and Economic Vacancy?
May 14, 2022
GI151: Passive Real Estate Investing as a Medical Professional with Dr. Jeff Anzalone
May 12, 2022
SS73: Why You Should Be Calculating Your Return on Time
May 07, 2022
GI150: Investing in US Real Estate as a Canadian with Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz
May 05, 2022
SS72: Why are Real Estate Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing?
May 01, 2022
GI149: Investing in Commercial Real Estate Through Crowdfunding with Jilliene Helman
Apr 28, 2022
SS71: Understanding Property Management with Smaller Properties
Apr 23, 2022
GI148: Making Millions Through Multifamily Development with Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola
Apr 21, 2022
SS70: Handling Tenants When Selling Multifamily Properties
Apr 16, 2022
GI147: From 4,000 Units to 10 Years in Prison with Michael Morawski
Apr 13, 2022
SS69: Branding Your Real Estate Investment Company
Apr 09, 2022
GI146: Purchasing Over 4,000 Units in Phoenix with Zach Haptonstall
Apr 06, 2022
SS68: What Tenant Upgrades Should I Focus On?
Apr 02, 2022
GI145: Developing Your Mindset to Become a Successful Investor with Steven Pesavento
Mar 30, 2022
SS67: How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent
Mar 27, 2022
GI144: Combining Net Lease Properties and Blockchain with Michael Flight
Mar 24, 2022
SS66: Tips For New Landlords
Mar 20, 2022
GI143: Creating Passive Income as a Senior with Bill Manassero
Mar 17, 2022
SS65: How Can I Generate Passive Income from an Inheritance?
Mar 12, 2022
GI142: Achieving Financial Freedom as a Single Mom with Mandy McAllister
Mar 09, 2022
SS64: Should I Passively Invest in Real Estate Syndications?
Mar 05, 2022
GI141: Transitioning from Home Flipper to Multifamily Investor with Jimmy Edwards
Mar 02, 2022
SS63: The Importance of Having a Real Estate Website and Email Address
Feb 26, 2022
GI140: Completing Over $1.5 Billion in Real Estate Transactions with Spencer Gray
Feb 23, 2022
SS62: Understanding Capital Gains as it Relates to Real Estate Investing
Feb 20, 2022
GI139: Acquiring and Managing over 6,000 Units with Ivan Barratt
Feb 17, 2022
SS61: Why are Large Investors Acquiring Smaller Properties
Feb 13, 2022
GI138: Acquiring Over 400 Units While Working a Fulltime W2 with Brian Wagers
Feb 09, 2022
SS60: Should I Use a Mortgage Broker and How Do I Choose One?
Feb 06, 2022
GI137: Repositioning $1 Billion in Distressed Multifamily Assets with Max Sharkansky
Feb 03, 2022
SS59: What Are Qualified Opportunity Zones?
Jan 29, 2022
GI136: Financing Your Real Estate Investments with Nathan Trunfio
Jan 26, 2022
SS58: How To Calculate Property Taxes When Purchasing a Property
Jan 23, 2022
GI135: The Benefits of the Deferred Sales Trust with Brett Swarts
Jan 19, 2022
SS57: How to Successfully Hire and Train Virtual Assistants
Jan 16, 2022
GI134: Flipping Houses to Repositioning Over 2,300 Apartments with Andrew Cushman
Jan 13, 2022
SS56: Real Estate Joint Ventures Vs. Syndications
Jan 09, 2022
GI133: Choosing the Right General Contractor with Ira Singer
Jan 05, 2022
SS55: What is Rent Control and Why Does it Hurt Tenants?
Jan 01, 2022
GI132: Raising Over $15 Million From Passive Investors with Bronson Hill
Dec 30, 2021
SS54: Landlord Friendly States Vs. Tenant Friendly States
Dec 26, 2021
GI131: Developing Over 5 Million Square Feet of Real Estate with Ari Rastegar
Dec 22, 2021
SS53: What is an iBuyer?
Dec 19, 2021
GI130:From a Duplex to Over 400 Units with David Kamara
Dec 15, 2021
SS52: Reasons Why I Turn Down Partner Deals
Dec 12, 2021
GI129: Remote U.S Real Estate Investing from Australia with Alicia Jarrett
Dec 09, 2021
SS51: Understanding the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
Dec 04, 2021
GI128: Investing In Real Estate Notes with Dave Van Horn
Dec 01, 2021
SS50: How To Retain Excellent Tenants
Nov 27, 2021
GI127: Why You Need Asset Protection with Attorney Brian T. Bradley
Nov 24, 2021
SS49: What You Need To Be Aware Of When Investing In a HOA
Nov 20, 2021
GI126: 23 Years of Military Service to Over 500 Units with Colby Bowers
Nov 18, 2021
SS48: What Investors Should Be Looking For When Assessing a Property
Nov 14, 2021
GI125: Building a 5,000 Unit Portfolio with Tim Bratz
Nov 10, 2021
SS47: How To Reduce Your Real Estate Debt With Inflation
Nov 06, 2021
GI124: Purchasing Over 2,000 Houses with Mitch Stephen
Nov 03, 2021
SS46: Understanding Why Small Apartment Complexes Have Inconsistent Cashflow
Oct 30, 2021
GI123: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Kent Ritter
Oct 27, 2021
SS45: How Do I Passively Invest in Real Estate?
Oct 23, 2021
GI122: Investing In Farmland via Crowdfunding with Brandon Silveira
Oct 21, 2021
SS44: How Do You Build A Real Estate Team?
Oct 16, 2021
GI121: Developing Multi-Generational Housing with Scott Choppin
Oct 13, 2021
SS43: What Do Multifamily Property Managers Charge?
Oct 09, 2021
GI120: Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition in Real Estate with Chris Roberts
Oct 07, 2021
SS42: Avoid These Mistakes I Made With My First Rental Property
Oct 02, 2021
GI119: Creating Passive Income Through Note Investing with Chris Seveney
Sep 30, 2021
SS41: What is House Hacking?
Sep 25, 2021
GI118: Closing a 218 Unit Complex for Your First Deal with Anthony Metzger
Sep 23, 2021
SS40: Multifamily Real Estate Investing Strategies
Sep 18, 2021
GI117: Utilizing Cell Towers to Maximize NOI with Hugh Odom
Sep 15, 2021
SS39: How Do You Raise Rents?
Sep 12, 2021
GI116: Multifamily Investing and Property Management with Matt Brawner
Sep 08, 2021
SS38: Why I Do Not Flip Houses Anymore
Sep 04, 2021
GI115: From Maintenance Man to Over 5000 Units with Glenn Gonzales and Mike Woodfield
Sep 01, 2021
SS37: How I Got Started In Real Estate Investing
Aug 29, 2021
GI114: Multifamily Asset Management & Raising Capital with Kyle Mitchell
Aug 25, 2021
SS36: Why Is There So Much Hype Around (Multifamily) Real Estate Investing?
Aug 21, 2021
GI113: Tax Planning When Foreign Investing in US Real Estate with Olga Vodolazschi
Aug 18, 2021
SS35: Why Is Real Estate A Great Inflation Hedge?
Aug 14, 2021
GI112: Transitioning from Single Family to Commercial Real Estate with Dan Kennedy
Aug 11, 2021
SS34: How To Get Started In Remote Real Estate Investing
Aug 07, 2021
GI111: Becoming a Fulltime Passive Real Estate Investor with Travis Watts
Aug 04, 2021
SS33: Should You Invest In Real Estate Right Now in 2021?
Jul 31, 2021
GI110: How To Raise Capital For Your Syndication with Attorney Gene Trowbridge
Jul 28, 2021
SS32: Buying Real Estate For Appreciation vs Cashflow
Jul 24, 2021
GI109: Responsible Urban Development with Adrian Washington
Jul 22, 2021
SS31: A Tenant We Evicted Just Bought A House
Jul 18, 2021
GI108: Empowering Women Through Multifamily with Kaylee Mcmahon
Jul 15, 2021
SS30: What Is The Best Real Estate Investing Strategy?
Jul 11, 2021
GI107: Growing Your Real Estate Business to Over 1,000 Units with Monick Halm
Jul 08, 2021
SS29: How To Invest Your Money In Real Estate In Your 20s
Jul 03, 2021
GI106: Achieving True Freedom Through Real Estate with Vikram Raya MD
Jun 30, 2021
SS28: How Do You Create Wealth Through Real Estate?
Jun 27, 2021
GI105: Finding the Right Partner & Scaling Your Business with Barry Flavin
Jun 24, 2021
SS27: What Does A Property Manager Do? Do I Really Need One?
Jun 20, 2021
GI104: Verified Real Estate Syndication Investing with Lance Pederson
Jun 17, 2021
SS26: Why Do People Invest In Real Estate?
Jun 13, 2021
GI103: Passive Real Estate Investing Strategies with Taylor Loht
Jun 10, 2021
SS25: Multifamily Real Estate Investing for Beginners
Jun 05, 2021
GI102: Tax Benefits for Real Estate Investors with Heidi Henderson
Jun 02, 2021
SS24: How To Get Started in Real Estate Investing
May 30, 2021
GI101: Financing Your Commercial Real Estate Projects with Blake Janover
May 26, 2021
SS23: What Are The Best Places to Invest in U.S Real Estate in 2021
May 23, 2021
GI100: Investing Across Borders with Attorney Lauren Cohen
May 19, 2021
SS22: How Do You Buy a Multifamily Property with No Money
May 15, 2021
GI99: Multifamily Investors Who Dominate with Beau Beery
May 12, 2021
SS21: What Tasks Should You Outsource When Self-Managing Real Estate?
May 08, 2021
GI98: From $400 to 277 Rental Units via Creative Financing with Sergio Pejoves
May 05, 2021
SS20: How Do You Deal with Non-Paying Tenants?
May 01, 2021
GI97: Growing a Multifamily Portfolio through Joint Ventures with Brian Kochendorfer
Apr 28, 2021
SS19: The Step-By-Step Process of Purchasing a Multifamily Property
Apr 24, 2021
GI96: Florida Commercial Real Estate in 2021 with Eric Odum
Apr 21, 2021
SS18: What Are the Legal Documents Required for a Real Estate Syndication?
Apr 17, 2021
GI95: Transitioning from Engineer to Real Estate Investor with Lane Kawaoka
Apr 14, 2021
SS17: Understanding the Basics of Real Estate Syndication
Apr 10, 2021
GI94: From Apartment Investing to Mobile Home Investing with Dylan Marma
Apr 07, 2021
SS16: Understanding Title Policies and Title Insurance
Apr 03, 2021
GI93: Understanding, Reducing and Eliminating Flood Insurance with Brad Hubbard
Mar 31, 2021
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