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Audio from TheQuartering YouTube channel. Conversations about technology, video games, comics, and the developers that make them.

Episode Date
Joe Rogan & Kat Williams Blasts Hollywood, FBI Arrests J6 Journalists & Much More!
Mar 04, 2024
Tim Pool Suing Google? Tucker Carlson Assassination Attempt, Dr. Phil Destroys The View & More!
Feb 28, 2024
Shane Gillis SNL Fallout, Marvel Drops Brie Larson, Rich Streamers Whine, Taylor Lorenz & More!
Feb 27, 2024
Joe Rogan & Kid Rock Shill For Bud Light, Woke Media Collapses, Reddit Loses 100M & More!
Feb 26, 2024
Disney, Trans George Floyd FAILS, LibsOfTikTok Banned From Bank, Drew Carry Melty & More w/ Nerdrotic!
Feb 23, 2024
Dr Phil Torches Gender Transition On Joe Rogan, Jon Stewart Vs Tucker Carlson, Rachel Zegler & More!
Feb 22, 2024
Woke Left Boycotts GoFundMe, Jon Oliver Bribes Federal Judge, Disney Attacks Customers Again & more!
Feb 21, 2024
Trump Sneakers Trigger Leftists, Gym Thot Owned, YouTube CEO Tragedy, Jimmy Kimmel Owned & more!
Feb 20, 2024
Fani Willis Humiliated, Russian Opposition Leader Murdered, Disney Plus Tanks, Space Nukes & more w/ Chase Geiser!
Feb 19, 2024
Daily Wire vs Taylor Swift, George Floyd Joke Backlash, Trump's Georgia Case Bombshell & More!
Feb 16, 2024
Tucker Carlson Vs Ben Shapiro, Dana White, Disney CEO Caught On Tape & More!
Feb 15, 2024
Senate Betrays America, Jon Stewart Torches Biden, Pedo YouTubers Exposed, Another Marvel Bomb & more!
Feb 14, 2024
Woke Superbowl Ads, Sean Strickland vs Demonic Megan Fox, George Floyd Joke Meltdown & More!
Feb 13, 2024
Live with Owen Shroyer!
Feb 12, 2024
New Tucker Carlson Insanity, Jimmy Kimmel Destroyed By Joe Rogan, Trump & More w/Viva Frei!
Feb 09, 2024
Nikki Haley Loses To NOBODY, Tucker Situation Goes Nuclear, School Shooting Coverup!
Feb 09, 2024
Tucker Carlson Shocks The World, Tim Pool Blasted By Taylor Lorenz, Disney Race Swaps & More!
Feb 07, 2024
Biden's INSANE Border Bill, State Removes Child To Trans Them, War With Iran, Racist Grocery Store & more!
Feb 06, 2024
Alex Jones Live On All Of Today's News!
Feb 05, 2024
Bud Light Gets DESPERATE, RFK Busted Creeping, Huge Loss For Disney & More!
Feb 02, 2024
Live with Alex Jones on Infowars!
Feb 01, 2024
MSM Turns On Biden, Daily Wire Exposes Disney, Rachel Zegler Cut From Snow White & More!
Jan 31, 2024
Blackrock Vs Rumble, Mutiny At Disney, Social Media Ban & Biden vs Texas!
Jan 30, 2024
Biden Declares WAR On Texas, Crowder Investigation Gets SERIOUS, Ben Shapiro Rap Song & more!
Jan 29, 2024
Civil War Brewing Over Texas Border, Matt Walsh Under Investigation, Today's News & more!
Jan 26, 2024
Democrats Caught Voting Nikki Haley, Elon Musk & Mr Beast's Shady Deal, Charlie Kirk Blasted
Jan 25, 2024
Wizard Of Oz Gets Woke, Feminist Gets REKT, Rumble Stock Soars, Nikki Haley, Kimmel & more!
Jan 24, 2024
Dana White Demolishes Woke Reporter, Barstool Sports Joins Rumble, Massive Corruption At Twitter & more!
Jan 23, 2024
UFC Fighter DESTROYS Woke Reporter, United CEO Drag Queen Tanks Company, RFK Vs Howie Mandel & more!
Jan 19, 2024
Vivek Trump's VP? Jordan Peterson's Brutal Loss, Rachel Madcow, Twitch Platforms Terrorists & more!
Jan 18, 2024
Trump Dominates Iowa, Nikki Haley Copes & DeSantis Declares Victory As Iran Bombs Iraq & more!
Jan 17, 2024
Trump Gets Serious About Iowa Caucus, Another Trans Mass Shooter, Women Being Terrible, YouTube & more!
Jan 16, 2024
Biden Starts ANOTHER War & Democrats RAGE, Woke Pixar Hit By Massive Layoffs & More
Jan 15, 2024
Fauci Admits He Lied, Crowder DELETES Social Media, Aaron Rodgers Fired? Sports Media Meltdown & more!
Jan 12, 2024
Jimmy Kimmel & Anthony Fauci DESTROYED LIVE On ESPN, Hollywood Pedos Called Out, Youtube Crackdown & more!
Jan 11, 2024
Huge Trans Shooter Update, Kimmel Has ANOTHER Epstein Meltdown, Rumble Under Attack & more!
Jan 10, 2024
More Epstein Files Drop, Biden Is Lost, Hollywood P*dos Laugh, Bass Pro Shop Streaker & more!
Jan 09, 2024
New Epstein Files, Jimmy Kimmel Makes It Worse, US Jobs Are Tanking & More!
Jan 08, 2024
Epstein Files DROP & Clear Trump, Another LGBT School Shooter, & More As Jimmy Kimmel Keeps Getting Roasted
Jan 05, 2024
The Epstein ”List” Releases, Jimmy Kimmel Meltdown, New Feminist Star Wars & More!
Jan 04, 2024
Chapelle TORCHES Trans People, Top Woke Brands, USA Boxing Gets Woke, Seth MacFarlane Roasted & more!
Jan 03, 2024
Live With Dave Landeau!
Jan 01, 2024
Body Positivity Movement Gets Deadly Update, LQBTQ Airline MELTDOWN & Why U Need A Gun!
Dec 29, 2023
Big Win For Trump, Dumb Conservative Swimsuit Calendar, Mass Google Firings, Pronoun Bully & more!
Dec 28, 2023
15,000 Migrant Invasion, Taylor Lorenz Destroyed, Gen Z Whiner Gets A Dose Of Reality & More
Dec 27, 2023
Biden Off The Ballot? Disney Admits They Suck, E-Girl Learns A Valuable Lesson & more!
Dec 26, 2023
White House ADMITS MORE Gay Porn Filmed There, Colorado Trump Domino Effect & More!
Dec 22, 2023
Trump’s Ballot Removal, South Park ROASTS Only Fans, Daily Wire Blasted, Cocomelon Gets Woke & more!
Dec 21, 2023
Epstein List To Be Released, Google Loses Anti-Trust Lawsuit, Racist NFL Player Meltdown & More!
Dec 20, 2023
Media Covers Up InsurERECTION, Matt Walsh Blasted Over Bud Light, Woke Herpes Backfire & More!
Dec 19, 2023
Mass Surveillance Of Us Approved, Megan Rapinoe Destroyed, Trans Creep Outrage & More!
Dec 18, 2023
Biden Impeachment, Anti-White Racism Uncovered, Lebron Destroyed, Surrogacy, Video Games with Melonie Mac!
Dec 15, 2023
Hunter Biden Cries, US Gives Ukraine More Of Our Money, Israel Too, Tim Pool, Taylor Lorenz & more!
Dec 14, 2023
Google LOSES Massive Free Speech Lawsuit, Gay Men Buying Babies Hamas University Loses 1 Billion, James O’Keefe & more!
Dec 13, 2023
Alex Jones Is BACK, SNL Blasted, Ricky Gervais TRIGGERS, Rock Bottom For e-Whores & more!
Dec 12, 2023
Hunter Biden Bombshell, Owen Shroyer Freed, Alex Jones Unbanned, Playing The Alex Jones Video Game & more!
Dec 11, 2023
Liberal Mass Shooter At UNLV, GOP Debate Disaster, Disney Torched, Bill Burr Blasts Liberals * more!
Dec 08, 2023
Woke Collapse For Starbucks, J6 Footage, Racist University Heads Blasted, AOC’s Braindead Take & more!
Dec 07, 2023
House Explodes, Trans Cyclist Embarrassment, GTA 6 Outrage, Mystery New COVID & More!
Dec 06, 2023
Ukraine DEMANDS More Money, FBI Arrests Daily Wire Star, Elon Musk, Based Pizza Guy vs Trans A-Hole & more!
Dec 05, 2023
Sam Hyde On Standup, Fishtank Season 2, World Peace Season 2, & AI & Being A Workaholic & more!
Dec 04, 2023
Elon Musk Goes Nuclear, Violent Attacks At NYC Xmas Tree Lighting, Youtube Files Drop, Disney In Huge Trouble
Dec 04, 2023
Jimmy Fallon CANCELLED, Disney Maximum Cope, Deadspin Story Gets Worse & More
Nov 30, 2023
Colbert Ruthlessly Mocked, Race Baiter Cancels A Kid, Brutal Aquaman 2 Update & More!
Nov 29, 2023
Ireland Under NAZI Control, Disney ADMITS Woke Failed, All Female Spiderman Mocked & More!
Nov 28, 2023
Ircha Gaming on Black Friday, Censorship In Video Games, Localization & more!
Nov 27, 2023
Thanksgiving WOKE Madness, The ”Terror” Attack That Wasn’t & more!
Nov 24, 2023
Interview With A Real Life Pedophile Hunter, Alex Rosen & The Rest Of The Days News!
Nov 23, 2023
Rumble vs Media Matters Gets Elon On Board, Amber Heard CUT, Disney Is LOSING & More!
Nov 22, 2023
Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers on the Collapse Of Escapism, Bud Light, Marvel, Disney & More!
Nov 20, 2023
Ben Shapiro BLASTS Candace Owens, Bud Light Exec QUITS, Biden Takes Over The Internet
Nov 17, 2023
Styxhexenhammer666 Live! Daily Wire Civil War, DNC Riots, Amanda Burnside, Nikki Haley Police State & more!
Nov 17, 2023
Nancy Pelosi Attacker Blames Tim Pool & Gamers, Bud Light UFC Drama, Nikki Haley & DW vs Anonymity & more!
Nov 16, 2023
Civil War At The Daily Wire, Hockey Murderer Arrested, Nikki Haley Cringe, The Marvels, Will Smith & more!
Nov 15, 2023
$10,000 Giveaway, Huge Tranifesto Update, The Marvels Tanks, Killswitch On All Cars Approved & More!
Nov 14, 2023
Mark Dice On NeoCons, Trump’s VP, Biden’s Replacement, War & His New Book!
Nov 13, 2023
GOP Debates, Ukraine, Panama Man, Covid Election Strain & Uniparty w/ Jordan Schachtel
Nov 10, 2023
Voting Fraud, Talib Censured, Armed Man At Capitol & Big Tech Censorship, Ghostbusters, The Marvels & more!
Nov 10, 2023
MSM & Google Suppress The Manifesto, Steven Crowder Attacked, Neil deGrasse Tyson Unhinged & more!
Nov 08, 2023
The Tranifesto, Insurrection At The Capitol, Disney Flounders & Marvel’s Desperate New Move & more!
Nov 07, 2023
Election Fraud FINALLY Found, SBF Guilty, The Jihad Squad & GOP Impeachment Bluster with Tim Young!
Nov 06, 2023
The Death Of Entertainment, Escapism, WW3, Migrant Invasion & Gun Grabbers With Ryan Kinel
Nov 03, 2023
$10,000 Giveaway Announced, Disney Crumbles, Based Chic Destroys Trans Cheater & more!
Nov 03, 2023
Bootgate, Mass Shooting STOPPED, The Marvels Disaster, Rachel Zegler CRUSHED & Kick Exposed!
Nov 01, 2023
WW3 & WW4 Are Coming, Matthew Perry Dies & Is ROASTED, Mass Shooter Found, Jihad Worldwide
Oct 31, 2023
Salty Cracker On WW3, The Manhunt, Ms Pickle, Dunking On Gen Z & more!
Oct 30, 2023
Mass Shooting, College Campus Warzones, Disney In Shambles & More
Oct 27, 2023
Leftists Go Full Mask Off, Captain Marvel In Trouble, Feminist Frankenstein & Bud Light UFC Drama
Oct 26, 2023
Hamas Is HERE In The US, Palestine Is The New BLM, Celebrities Get Roasted & More!
Oct 25, 2023
China Enters Israel War, George Floyd Hoax, Hamas Hostages Fake News, Chappelle & More!
Oct 24, 2023
Mass Censorship Push, AI, Fake News, WW3 & More With Robert Barnes!
Oct 23, 2023
Speaker Chaos, War Escalates In Middle East, Pornhub Targeting Pedophiles & Much More
Oct 20, 2023
WW3 Nearing, Fake Hospital Bombing Story In Gaza, Sleepy Joe In Israel & More!
Oct 19, 2023
U.S. Boots On The Ground In Israel, Taylor Lorenz Plays Victim, Insane Racist Dinner Parties & More!
Oct 18, 2023
WW3 Is Coming, I Broke The MSM, Woke Virtue Signaling Backfires & more!
Oct 17, 2023
WW3 Live Updates, Online Censorship, The State Of The USA & A Huge Guillotine w/Rusty Cage
Oct 16, 2023
Beheaded Baby Gate, South Park Roasts Woke Hollywood, Twitter Collapsing & More!
Oct 13, 2023
Major Escalation In Israel, CNN Is Big Mad At Me, Elon Musk Replies To Me, Woke College Morons & more!
Oct 12, 2023
WW3 Updates! New Brutal Hamas Video, Politicians BLASTED For Hamas Support, More Online Censorship!
Oct 11, 2023
WW3 Begins, Hollywood & Neocons Salivate, War Grifters Blown Out On Twitter & More!
Oct 10, 2023