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The U.S. Army Soldier For Life Podcast shares information about education, employment and health & wellness resources available to Soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Episode Date
S12E2 Instant Teams Revisited

Military you have any interest in remote work? On this week's #SoldierForLifePodcast, SFL's Employment Director, LTC Ismael Ortizrivera, talks with Amy Meehan, Director of Communications for  Instant Teams, about military spouse employment in the post-COVID world and the remote work opportunities that exist for both CONUS and OCONUS military spouses in a follow-up to our Instant Teams podcast from Season 4 (

Jan 24, 2023
S12E1 Military Retiree Transition from TRICARE to Medicare

As a military retiree, what happens to your health care benefits once you become eligible for Medicare at age 65? What Medicare coverage do you need? At what point should you sign up for Medicare (and what happens if you wait)? What is the relationship between Medicare and TRICARE for Life? And what steps do you need to go through to get the coverage that you need?

Get answers to all of these questions and more on this episode of the Soldier For Life Podcast as the Director of Army Retirement Services, Mr. Mark Overberg, talks with Rear Admiral (Dr.) Christine Hunter (United States Navy, Retired), a TRICARE expert who serves on the Board for WPS Health Systems (which manages the TRICARE For Life, FLTCIP, and FEDVIP contracts) and previously served as Medical Director for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and Deputy Director of the Defense TRICARE Management Activity.

Podcast Resource Links:

✅ Military OneSource Webinar “How to Get Started with Medicare and TRICARE” -

✅ WPS Health Systems (TRICARE for Life Administrator) for individual questions - call 866-773-0404 or visit them online at

Jan 10, 2023
S11E10 Humana Series - Part 3: Army Retirement Health Insurance

Our guest today is here to talk with me about TRICARE benefits for retiring or recently retired service members. Her name is LaChelle Lewis-Fowler, and she is a TRICARE Community Liaison for Humana Military, the company that administers the healthcare benefit to the TRICARE East Region.

She will answer questions such as: how soon can service members sign up for TRICARE as a retiree? What are the big differences between these options? Are there cost differences between them? If a retiree selects a program option and it’s not the right fit for them, can they change it?

This Podcast is packed full of information you'll need on your transition journey. 

Dec 20, 2022
S11E9: The Empowered Transition Series - Part 7: Building Soldier Lethality and Job Credibility through Project Management

In part 7 of our empowered transition series, we are going to discuss Project Management and how it reinforces traditional leadership, mission command and planning while adding tools and resources to make teams, staffs, and commands more effective. Gaining this certification while serving will only support you in transitioning your current military skills into a credentialed skill for future employment. 

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The Credentialing Assistance program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Dec 06, 2022
S11E8 Humana Series - Part 2: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) such as Food Insecurity, Financial Strain, and Social Isolation

In this #SoldierForLifePodcast episode (which is Part 2 of our 3-part series on health benefits for veterans), SFL's Health and Wellness Director, MAJ Katherine Little, talks with with Humana, about Military and Veteran health and How to address health-related social challenges such as food insecurity, financial strain and social isolation. MAJ little is joined by Ms. Andrea Newton, the Director of Military Health and Resilience at Humana and Ms. Stephanie Muckey, Humana’s Population Health Strategy Lead | Veteran Bold Goal Community, and Marine Corps Spouse & Caregiver. 

Nov 21, 2022
S11E7 The Empowered Transition Series - Part 6: Credentialing

In part 6 of our empowered transition series, we are going to discuss Credentialing. Why is it important, how do you find the right credentialing program to fit your needs and when should you start. Also, what can you expect when going through credentialing programs and how to set yourself up for success. 

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The CA program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Nov 01, 2022
S11E6 The Empowered Transition Series - Part 5: Networking

In part 5 of our empowered transition series, we are going to discuss Networking and becoming active in your approach to finding the people who can support your goals. People are the door to resources and you must be proactive in establishing those connections. We will discuss media networking and the importance of not only building your online profile but also best practices to expanding your connections and how to do that.  

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The CA program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Oct 25, 2022
S11E5 Humana Series - Part 1: Medicare 101

#DYK that veterans who are 65 or older and eligible for Medicare can augment their existing VA benefits and health care plans with certain Medicare options?

Medicare Open Enrollment season is going on now through December 7th, so now is a great time to educate yourself if your answer was no...and we are here to help!

In this #SoldierForLifePodcast episode (which is Part 1 of our upcoming 3-part series on health benefits for veterans), SFL's Health and Wellness Director, MAJ Katherine Little, talks with Aaron McCoy and Darin Davis, Regional Veteran Executives with Humana, about the ins-and-outs of Medicare that all veterans should know and understand.

Get more information about Medicare and Medicare Open Enrollment season at

Oct 20, 2022
S11E4 The Empowered Transition Series – Part 4: "Dress For Success”

In part 4 of our Empowered Transition Series we discuss How To Dress For Success with special guests Mr. Josh Atkinson and Mr. Alex Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is the founder of Salute2Suit a company created exclusively and solely for our active duty military and veterans. With over 40+ years experience, Alex Rodriguez has perfected his craft in the fashion industry. He brings an unmatched level of knowledge and taste to his clients and has set the gold standard for image excellence. It has become his passion to empower and educate our service members through their wardrobes.

You can learn more at

Oct 04, 2022
S11E3 The Empowered Transition Series – Part 3: "Hunting vs. Fishing”

In part 3 of our empowered transition series, we are going to discuss Hunting vs. Fishing and becoming active in your approach to finding the best fitting job for you and your financial goals. We’ll discuss the importance of finding a mentor in your interested field, we’ll also touch on how to find a spotter in the organization you desire to work for and how they can support your success. Josh will also review resume building, culture, and how to craft your resume for a desired effect.  

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The CA program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Sep 26, 2022
S11E2 The Empowered Transition Series - Part 2: Who Am I?

In part 2 of our empowered transition series we are going to discuss How you discovery your desires, how to even get started on figuring out who you are and what you love to do. Marine Veteren, Mr. Josh Atkinson is going to share with us his journey of self-discovery as he transitioned from the Marine Corps and removed the uniform and what that felt like. What lessons he’s learned and how you can set yourself up for success by starting the process of self-discovery right now. 

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The CA program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Sep 13, 2022
S11E1 The Empowered Transition Series - Part 1: Becoming a Foreign Orphan

How do you start the transition journey early? How do you get emotionally ready to transition and what does that look and feel like? Transitioning is a journey with no final destination. In this Empowered Transition Series Josh is taking us on a journey from his abrupt departure from the military to coming full circle in supporting Veterans in the emotional and psychological challenges associated with transitioning out of military service. 

Join is in the Empowered Transition Series with Marine Veteran Mr. Josh Atkinson. Josh does strategy and development for PM ProLearn and he integrates PM ProLearn Program Management Professional certification courses into the Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program. The Credentialing Assistance program provides qualifying Soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits with no Additional Duty Service Obligation.  

If you want to connect with Josh and his team to discuss the PM ProLearn Project Management Professional Program, you can learn more at 

The CA program provides qualifying soldiers with up to $4,000 per fiscal year in career educational benefits. You can learn more about Credentialing Assistance Programs on our website at 

Sep 06, 2022
S10E10 Mission Promise Kept

Stephens College is dedicated to a living and learning community for women Veterans.

They believe that every American veteran deserves our gratitude, respect and support. But they know that women Veterans, in particular, often face unique challenges. That's why they've created Mission Promise Kept: to empower women Veterans to earn college degrees, achieve personal success and attain financial independence.

Learn more about the program with, U.S. Airforce Veteran, the Executive Director of Mission Promise Kept Ms. Elizabeth Herrera. 

You can contact her and learn more about the program at: 

Aug 16, 2022
S10E9 VA Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Program

The BDD program allows you to file a pre-discharge claim while you are still on active duty, allowing ample time for health exams, disability evaluation, and the processing of your claim. If your BDD claim is approved, you can receive disability compensation immediately after military discharge

Aug 09, 2022
S10E8 Special Needs Awareness: Tips to Know

Join us in a discussion on tips to navigate various aspects of life that our Army Families with Special Needs Family members encounter.  On the show is Mr. Scott Campbell, retired Army Soldier for Life who served 31 years and has a 24-year son with autism and has provided over 400 autism awareness and safety presentations since 2005.  Also, for the first time on the show, we have COL David Grant who is the Director of the Soldier for Life program and brings both professional and personal experience to the discussion.  The show covers topics such as: Support Groups, Respite Care, Emergency Behavioral Support, Financial and Estate Planning considerations, Medicaid Waivers, Guardianship considerations, as well as Tricare for Life paperwork. 


Jun 08, 2022
S10E7 Aramark - Making a Difference

Join  the Soldier For Life Employment Director, LTC Ismael Ortiz and military spouse Mrs. Jennifer Goodman discussing her journey and career experiences as a military spouse. 

Jennifer is now living her dream as a Military Initative Program Manager, leading a military hiring initiative with Aramark.

Aramark is a company supporting Veterans and Military spouses with countless employment opportunities. 

Learn more at 

Jun 01, 2022

What is the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, or FEDVIP ( Why is it important? And what FEDVIP information should retiring service members be sure to know about long before they actually retire?

Find out as SFL's Health and Wellness Director, MAJ Bryan Spear, discusses everything FEDVIP with Mr. Will Foley, the Education and Outreach Account Manager for BENEFEDS, and Mr. Mark Overberg, the Director of U.S. Army Retirement Services.

May 25, 2022
S10E5 VETERAN NOTES - Notes Outline Training Education and Service

Hiring a Veteran is easier than ever before with Veteran NOTES!!  

Join us as we discuss Veteran NOTES with founder Ms. Leah Searl.  

Veteran NOTES makes Veteran hiring easy. The exclusive Veteran NOTES method outlines military career progression through a corporate lens providing understanding of what a military career looks like in the corporate sector. Through the VNOTES online course, handbook, videos, resources, and consulting services VNOTES clarify, identify and translate military service into corporate terminology, making veteran hiring easy. 

Learn more at and use promo code: SoldierForLife 

Calling All Veterans – Ms. Searl and her team provide FREE resume support. You can learn more about their free services during our podcast or going to to sign up for FREE resume support. 

May 10, 2022
S10E4 American Corporate Partners (ACP)

Are you transitioning from the military into corporate American and looking for how to start?  

Join us today and learn more about American Corporate Partners (ACP). More than 22,000 Veterans have completed the FREE ACP program that pairs transitioning service members with mentors from America’s top fortune 500 companies.  

ACP’s free Mentoring Program connects post-9/11 veterans, active duty spouses and eligible military spouses (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for customized mentorships. ACP assists veterans and eligible spouses on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or newly employed.  

Learn more at:

Apr 18, 2022
S10E3 CALIBRE SkillBridge Program

Tune into a Soldier For Life Podcast with CALIBRE a Department of Defense approved SkillBridge Program for transitioning Soldiers. CALIBRE training gives you new skills for a purpose-filled career in the automotive industry with classes starting every 15 weeks. Learn how to apply and what to expect from joining the CALIBRE / Volvo Tekniker SkillBridge program. 

Mar 29, 2022
S10E2 March to Service with MG Kevin Vereen

MG Kevin Vereen, commanding general of US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC),  joins Soldier For Life to discuss March To Service and Calls on all Veterans to tell the Army Story.

It takes a community to recruit the future of our Army.

The Army is a resource that enables success, offers stability and security, and provides a safe and healthy workplace. In addition to a basic salary, Soldiers can receive up to $50,000 in enlistment incentives.

Join us and learn more about the range of possibilities the USArmy has to offer and how you can support the Army of our future. 

Podcast hosted by LTC Christine Emerick, Soldier For Life Communications Director. 

Mar 22, 2022
S10E1 U.S. Army PaYS Program

The U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program helps Soldiers prepare for a career after the Army by connecting them with employers who understand the skill, discipline, and work ethic that military service members bring to a business.

Listen to LTC Ismael Ortizrivera speak to Mr. Antonio D. Johnson, Partnership for Youth Success Program Manager.

Feb 15, 2022
S9E12 Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities

Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities invites active duty, retired, and veterans to Aspen Snowmass to participate in summer and winter outdoor adaptive recreation. Our professional sports instructors teach people with disabilities how to use adaptive equipment so they can re-engage in outdoor physical activity. 

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to John Klonowski, the Director of Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities, about his passion for giving back to the military community. 

Oct 03, 2021
S9E11 Reflecting 20 years since 9/11 with Gen. Paul E. Funk II

Its been 20 years since the fatal day of Sept. 11, 2001, and the world as we knew it changed. The United States Army was plunged into a 20-year war on terror, and the sacrifice for many military families has shaped many military leaders. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Gen. Paul E. Funk II, the Commanding General of Training and Doctrine Command, about what it meant to have served this past 20 years. 

Sep 12, 2021
S9E10 How to be an ally and empower women

You've heard the terms allyship and empowerment, but what does that mean when you apply that toward men? Specifically, do men have a role in helping women gain a seat at the table and maintaining one? How does a man learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation of sexual assault, assault, harassment, and what SHOULD they be doing about it as a leader? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Dr. David Tharp and Kevin Weaver about this critical topic. Grab some tissues, listen as LTC Nunn recounts her own assault story, and share her vulnerability and why we need to change the culture. 

Sep 05, 2021
S9E9 Owning Your Transition with Herb Thompson

Transitioning from the military is never easy. We at Soldier for Life talk about starting your process as early as 24 months prior to your separation date. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Herb Thompson, Army Veteran and Author on his transition and how owning your transition is critical to being successful in deploying into America. 

Aug 29, 2021
S9E8 The David Johnson Show
David founded Promotion Board Media to build a tribe of Veteran Content Creators. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to David Johnson on how and why you should create a video podcast show. Content creation can be a lot of fun, but understanding how complex and time-consuming before hand is a must. A must listen before you get started!

Aug 22, 2021
S9E7 Work Play Obsession All In Foundation

Sometimes local resources can make all the difference in the world. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Army Veteran Topaz Navarro, Executive Director of Work Play Obsession All In Foundation, a mental health nonprofit organization that leverages recreational activities to address and heal trauma wounds. The nonprofit serves as both a peer support group and a post-service community to bond over their shared experiences.

Aug 15, 2021
S9E6 The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is the country's leading organization protecting the rights of military service members and their families. MOAA's mission is to improve the lives of those who serve and their families by advocating for the military community. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mark Belinsky, Director of Currently Serving and Retired Affairs at MOAA, on why knowing who and what MOAA does for the military community. 

Aug 08, 2021
S9E5 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, four powerful words that have been taboo for so long in the military. Yet, these four words have impacted the military community in so many ways, including mental health, suicide, divorce rates, and even the health and well-being of military spouses and their children. Listen to listen LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Dr. Charles Hoge Pschastrist from the OFfice of the Army Surgeon General Office talk about this very complex topic to help break the stigma surrounding PTSD. 

Aug 01, 2021
S9E4 The Marine Rapper

The Marine Rapper is a 15x billboard charting artist, #1 Billboard Rap artist, the CEO of Ninja Punch Music, Military Musician & Marine combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Marine Rapper has been featured on:, Coffee or Die, Drinkin' Bros, CBS Radio, Apple Music, Verizon, Vet Pivot, To The Point, We Are The Mighty, and Range 15 Movie Soundtrack.  

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Raymond, the talent behind The Marine Rapper, and his journey after his Marine Corps Service. Transition is never easy, and breaking into the entertainment/music industry is tough, but The Marine Rapper was able to navigate it successfully. 

Jul 25, 2021
S9E3 HunterSeven Foundation

HunterSeven Foundation provides information to veterans at a heightened risk that empowers them to work with medical providers to identify diseases in the earliest stages, before the onset of signs and symptoms. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Executive Director Chelsey Poisson about the importance of understanding your symptoms and advocating early. Knowing what to look for can save your life. 

Jul 18, 2021
S9E2 Moral Injury with LTC David Tharp

What does Moral Injury have to do with mental health or PTSD? Everything! It's all related, and for many of our service members, moral injury is another topic that tends to be taboo. To break the stigma on mental health, we need to address it head-on. There is no shame in asking for help. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with LTC David Tharp on this very topic and why it matters to our military community. 

Jul 11, 2021
S9E1 Mental Health with Pasha Palanker

Break the silence and the stigma about mental health. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Army Veteran Pasha Palanker about his own mental health journey, why it's important to recognize the need to ask for help and its impact on your life and your family's. Pasha has had his own brush with death, including surviving a suicide bomber. You don't want to miss this episode. 

Jul 04, 2021
S8E13 Rewriting Your Story with COL (Ret.) Greg Gadson

Sometimes you get the chance to rewrite your own story, and sometimes that story gets rewritten for you. Not everyone gets the perfect chance, but overcoming our challenges and rise is where the fighting spirit lives. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Army Veteran, Actor, Motivational Speaker, COL Retired Greg Gadson on owning his story. Listen to Greg speak to not letting him loosing his two legs in service to our nation stop him from achieving the best version of himself. 

Jun 27, 2021
S8E12 Links to Freedom

Did you know that the game of Golf is a great form of therapy? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Rob Koon, Co-founder and Chairman of Links to Freedom, and Steve Greiner Co-founder, Executive Director, and PGA Professional about the game of golf and the form of therapy it provides. Links to Freedom has developed the HERO model, a proven four-part program that applies the physical, emotional, and social aspects of rehabilitation that is easily adaptable to existing programs and facilities.

Jun 20, 2021
S8E11 Hiring Our Heroes

Your transition from the military is just around the corner, and you find yourself asking, what do I do next? For many, the chance to find employment after service can be daunting. But leveraging the DoD's Skillbridge Program is a great way to flatten that anxiety. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Eric Eversole and Meredith Lozar at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Hiring our Heroes program. Understanding your resources and the opportunities available to you and your military spouse can go a long way in preparing your jump from service. 

Jun 13, 2021
S8E10 Spiritual Health for Today's Warfighter

We know that physical, mental health is important, but what about spiritual health? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Chaplain COL Steve Prost and Chaplain LTC Paul Fritts on the importance of spiritual fitness and the ties it has to spiritual readiness. 

Jun 06, 2021
S8E9 Mission Hire Me

Are you looking for a job? Are you a transitioning service member? Are you a military spouse looking for employment? If you answered yes to any of these, this podcast is for you! Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to CEO and Founder of Mission Hire Me, Mr. Bill Barnett on how creating a video profile can enhance your hiring chance. 

Mission Hire Me, serve transitioning veteran and military spouse job seekers by helping them to create visually engaging and professionally edited video profiles for use in job applications and on social media.

May 30, 2021
S8E8 How to Navigate USAJOBS

Transitions are part of life. If you are a service member or a military spouse looking for the next chapter in your career, be sure to listen to this week's episode. Finding a job can be stressful, understanding how to navigate the hiring platform can be time-consuming. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Michelle Early the USAJOBs program manager. Find out how to create a profile, navigate the platform and find success in securing employment! 

May 23, 2021
S8E7 Investing 101

Stocks, Bonds, 401K... do any of these terms leave you anxious? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Army Veteran David Fulton, a Financial Planner, on what you need to know about investing. Investing is for everyone! Knowledge is power, and understanding the importance of investing can pay huge dividends in the end. 

May 16, 2021
S8E6 Army Hiring Days

Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier...a Soldier for Life! What does that motto mean, and what can you do as an Army ambassador. Our military is an all-volunteer force, and to keep it that way, we need to inspire the next generation to serve. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to the Command Sergeant Major of the US Army Recruiting Command, CSM John Foley, about the latest campaign, "Army Hiring Days." Your service may have ended, but your mission hasn't; share your Army Story and support our Army Recruiters fill our Army with the very best! 

May 09, 2021
S8E5 Call of Duty Transition Resources with Special Forces

Is Call of Duty real? Are Army Special Forces and Rangers the types of heroes that don't flinch in the face of danger?  Are these heroes like those depicted in the movies? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Army Rangers LTC Dan Ferriter, and MSG Yuma Barnett along with Special Forces SGM Matt Parrish about the Real Life "Call of Duty," and the transitioning resources available to these elite operators. 

May 02, 2021
S8E4 Insurance 101 with AAFMAA

American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association. Wait, that's a mouthful! What does AAFMAA do for our military community? Find out in this episode as LTC Olivia Nunn speaks with Jeremy Karr, Army Veteran, and the Membership Coordinator at AAFMA. Listen about the importance of having insurance before, during, and after your time in service, and what options are available outside of the standard SGLI afforded our service members. If you ever wanted to know the basics of Insurance 101, this is the episode you can't miss! 

Apr 25, 2021
S8E3 Paralyzed Veterans of America Veterans Career Program

PVA was founded by a band of service members who came home from WWII with spinal cord injuries. These wounded heroes made a decision not just to live, but to live with dignity as contributors to society. They created Paralyzed Veterans of America, an organization dedicated to serving veterans—and to medical research, advocacy, and civil rights for all people with disabilities. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Lauren Lobrano the Director of the Veterans Career Program about the opportunities available to our military veterans. 

Apr 18, 2021
S8E2 Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families was founded by military spouses in 2009 to empower these families to thrive as they serve. We're committed to strengthening military families by connecting them with their neighbors – individuals and organizations – to create vibrant communities of mutual support. We believe we're all stronger when we take care of one another. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with founder and CEO Ms. Kathy Roth-Douquet about the program, the work they do, and why it's important to advocate for military families. 

Apr 11, 2021
S8E1 Military Families Program

It's a "Sea of Goodwill," for our military community, which is great news! However, the sea does make it hard to wade through the information to find what you may need. If you need a one-stop for your military family concerns/questions, check out Military Families Program. Two great non-profit organizations, Veterans Success Resource Group and the Yellow Ribbons United came together to help tackle the resource challenge for our military families. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Scott Davidson and Emma Dockery about upcoming events and how to get connected. 

Apr 04, 2021
S7E13 Myth Busting the COVID vaccine with TRADOC

Do you believe in vaccinations? Are you concerned about getting the new COVID 19 vaccine but want to make the best decision? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. COL. Chris Meyering, the Command Surgeon for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Dr. Meyering busts some of the concerns and why getting the vaccine is important to you, your family, and the health of our fighting force. 

Mar 28, 2021
S7E12 Army Career Skills from a Retiring CSM Point of View

You may have heard about the DoD Skillsbridge Program and the Army's equivalent, Career Skills Program. We here at Soldier for Life are a huge advocate of Soldiers utilizing their last 6 months on active duty to intern at a company to gain valuable skills and knowledge during their transition window. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with CSM Tabitha Gavia on her take of the Army's Career Skills Program. CSM Gavia shares how her internship afforded her the opportunity to land employment as she hangs up her combat boots for the last time. 

Mar 21, 2021
S7E11 Camouflaged Sisters

You've heard of "Band of Brothers," but have you heard of "Band of Sisters?" Service to our nation is an admirable one and not very many Americans serve. When you look out across the military, 17 percent of our service members are women. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Army Veteran, Lila Holley about the need for women to share their voices and tell their stories. 

Mar 14, 2021
S7E10 Resiliency with Lisa Jaster

Resiliency, where does it come from? Why does it matter and how does it play a role in overcoming some of your life's biggest challenges. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with LTC Lisa Jaster about resiliency and her story of becoming the first mom to earn the coveted Ranger Tab. You don't want to miss this episode of what digging deep really means. 

Mar 07, 2021
S7E9 Representation Matters with 1LT Simone Askew

Does representation matter? Do you need to see yourself in someone else? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with 1LT Simone Askew this very question. Simone shares her experiences and how West Point and being the First African American Female First Captain mattered to her and everyone else. 

Feb 28, 2021
S7E8 PENFED Foundation

PENFED Foundation has a mission to serve our service members and alleviate financial worry for themselves and their families. The PENFED Foundation empowers military service members, veterans, and their communities by helping them on their entrepreneurial journey. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Gen. (Ret) John Nicholson, President of PENFED Foundation on how our service members can start their own business with the right tools. 

Feb 21, 2021
S7E7 Diversity and the United States Army Recruiting Command

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality are three buzz words these past few months. The military is known to be a diverse culture and community, but what does diversity really mean. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with MG Kevin Vereen, the Commanding General of U.S. Army Recruiting Command about his success and barriers as an African-American in today's Army. 

Feb 14, 2021
S7E6 The ROCKS Inc.

The ROCKS Inc. is a non-profit organization comprised of ROTC and Military Academy Cadets, active duty, reserve commissioned officers, DoD Civilians. The ROCKS provides mentorship, professional development, and social interaction to strengthen the officer corps. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to BG (Ret) Larry Gillespie the Chairman of The ROCKS about Diversity and the Army as we celebrate and honor Black History Month. 

Feb 07, 2021
S7E5 GallantFew

Creating communities to support veterans and their needs is just one important piece of the Soldier Life Cycle. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Karl Monger, Executive Director of GallantFew on the importance of mentorship and how to prepare for your own transition. GallantFew aids veterans by providing one-on-one mentorship, facilitating a peaceful and successful transition from service to civilian life. 

Jan 31, 2021
S7E4 Suiting Warriors

What do you wear for work? For those of in the military, the answer is simple... a uniform! We know once you hang up your uniform, the question about what do I wear today can been daunting and frustrating. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Rob Rens the Vice President of Suiting Warriors on the importance of dressing for success. Suiting Warriors believes in creating a positive impact on our military community with our veterans dressed to succeed and looking the part.

Jan 24, 2021
S7E3 Understanding your Tricare Benefits

Health Insurance and understanding what's available to you beyond your time in uniform is a critical part of your health and wellness well-being. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Edward Simmer the Chief Medical Officer for Tricare Health Plans about understanding what options are available for you and your family. Securing a job after your transition is important, but don't neglect your health care coverage! 

Jan 17, 2021
S7E2 Transitioning your Talent Beyond the Uniform

Transitioning from the military is more than just taking off your uniform. To be successful in your own transition, you need to know what is your talent? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mike Sarraille the CEO of EF Overwatch, and George Randle the managing partner of EF Overwatch on understanding the strategic importance of talent and human capital. 

Jan 10, 2021
S7E1 Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) connects our military spouse entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to become successful in launching and growing their businesses. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Flossie Hall about how to launch, build, or scale your business.

Jan 03, 2021
S6E13 Social Media Content Strategy with Rich Cardona

Network, network, network! You hear this all the time. But how do you network and how do you build your brand on social media? Do you need to be a business? Do you need to be an expert to be savvy with social media? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Rich Cardona on the simple tools you need to effectively network and build your brand on social media. 

Dec 27, 2020
S6E12 United Service Organizations (USO)

It's the Holiday season and for our deployed military community it's a time where organizations like the USO step up to create Holiday Cheer. This year as the world changed due to COVID-19, the Holidays are different for everyone. The impact to our deployed means the annual USO show will be virtual. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Christopher Plamp the Senior Vice President for Operations, Programs, and Entertainment. Since 1941, the USO has been the nation's leading organization to serve our service members and their families both home and away. Keep our deployed members in your thoughts this holiday season. 

Dec 20, 2020
S6E11 Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)

The Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross-section of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies. The program provides America's youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS Partners guarantee Soldiers an interview for possible employment after their Army service. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Antonio Johnson, Army PaYS Program Manager about the opportunities for companies looking to hiring our transitioning service members. 

Dec 13, 2020
S6E10 Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) launched in June 2011 to serve U.S. veterans and their families. Through their various programs and curriculum, IVMF enables service members and their spouses to transition from military service to a life beyond their uniform. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Ms. Maureen Casey the Chief Operating Officer for IVMF on the various programs, and opportunities that are available to the military community. IVMF can assist with a service member's transition, entrepreneurship, and education goals.  

Dec 06, 2020
S6E9 Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor is a veteran-owned company that gives back to our military community. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with co-founder Brian Steorts about their mission and their dedication to our service members and their families. 

Flags of Valor was founded on the simple truths that veterans deserve the opportunity, made in America matters, and we should never stop giving back.  Since our earliest days, we've been dedicated to Remembering, Employing, and Empowering our Heroes. We are far more than a veteran-run business...we are a business that is simply dedicated to serving.



Nov 29, 2020
S6E8 Under Secretary of the Army & Vice Chief of Staff of the Army- Our People Matter, Creating Trust

The Army's priority is all about its people. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with the Under Secretary of the Army, Mr. James McPherson, and the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Joseph Martin about the importance of People and Creating Trust. Listen to these two senior Army Leaders discuss the importance of teams and why leaders at every level need to understand why people matter. 

Nov 22, 2020
S6E7 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Terrence Hayes, the Director of Communication for The Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard, and reserve forces. Today, membership stands at more than 1.5 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliary. The VFW is instrumental in establishing the Veterans Administration, development of the national cemetery system, the passing of a GI Bill for the 21st Century, giving expanded educational benefits to America's active duty service members, and members of the guard and reserves, they are the driving force behind the Veterans Access and Accountability Act of 2014, and continually fight for improved VA medical centers services for women veterans.

Nov 15, 2020
S6E6 PsychArmor Institute

PsychArmor a nonprofit organization offers critical resources to Americans so they can effectively engage with and support military service members, veterans, and their families. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. Denise Cooper about the online training videos provided by national subject matter experts. Find out how these educational courses educate the civilian community about our military culture and how they can help. 

Nov 08, 2020
S6E5 Centurion Military Alliance

Centurion Military Alliance is a premiere Transition Assistance Platform — a force-multiplier for the Department of Defense/Transition Assistance Program – providing the most comprehensive military-to-civilian community-based transition assistance curriculum for Military Service Members and their spouses.

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. Stephen Hall, President of CMA and Chaunte Hall, Chief Executive Officer on how CMA brings a community-based sponsor program to assist our transitioning service members. 


Nov 01, 2020
S6E4 Enlisted to Medical School

Are you currently serving and enlisted but have goals to become a medical doctor? If you ever thought about going to medical school, but worry about the cost, the courses, and how you can support your family at the same time? Then you need to listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with the experts at the Uniformed Services University on their Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program.

The Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) is a partnership between the Uniformed Services University and Armed Forces. This 24-month program will enable highly qualified enlisted service members to complete the preparatory coursework for application to medical school while maintaining an active duty status.

Program components includes full-time coursework in a traditional classroom setting (in the Washington, D.C. area), structured pre-health advising, formal Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparation, dedicated faculty and peer mentoring at USU, and integrated clinical exposure. Upon completion, the successful student should be a competitive applicant to medical school.

Oct 25, 2020
S6E3 Bourbiz

Get connected to military community resources. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with co-founder of Bourbiz, Scott Davidson.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Veteran Success Resource Group (VSRG) partners with BOURBIZ to host expos in cities across the United States. Free of charge to veterans and their families, each expo connects hundreds of veterans with dozens of businesses, universities, government agencies and veteran service organizations (VSOs) in a casual environment.

BourBiz designs events that reach junior enlisted members, both current and former. These men and women make up the bulk of our armed forces, but can be some of the most difficult to connect with resources. By offering an environment with live entertainment, prize giveaways, business competitions, celebrity appearances, camaraderie and spirits, BourBiz creates events that engage these veterans.


Oct 18, 2020
S6E2 Army Access Credentialing Assistance Program

Want to know more about your educational opportunities while serving in the Army? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Sophia Sweeney of a great opportunity to pay for credentials that can enhance your skills and qualifications both during and after military service!  The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program can pay for courses and exams that lead to industry-recognized civilian credentials in an occupational area of your choice. You may use this program to enhance your skills, either in your current MOS, or in an occupation you would like to pursue when you leave military service. You can request CA funding for any credential listed on Army COOL.

Oct 11, 2020
S6E1 Warrior Poet Society

What is a Warrior Poet? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with founder John Lovell on what it means to be a Warrior Poet. Warrior Poets are everywhere and they have spanned the centuries. Warrior Poets are in our police departments, all across our military, as federal agents, in the workplace, in EMS, in our churches, and in our universities.

The Warrior Poet Society answers a call; it is a call for a more elite protector. This call is for those who understand the high stakes of violence and who are willing to commit their minds and bodies to the task of defense so that they may prevail and others may live. Warrior Poets are those who train and fight for a higher purpose. They are members of a rare fraternity of warriors who fight with intellect, conviction, and great skill. Motivated by a love for others, Warrior Poets become students of the art of war so that they may triumph when the enemy calls.

For more information:


Oct 04, 2020
S5E13 DoD inTransition Program

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. Nick Polizzi about the inTransition program. The DoD's inTransition program is a free, confidential program that offers specialized coaching and assistance for active-duty service members, National Guard members, reservists, veterans, and retirees who need access to mental health care. 

Sep 27, 2020
S5E12 Warrior Rising with Jason Van Camp

Warrior Rising is a non-profit charity organized to help veterans become vetrepreneurs. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with founder and Army Veteran, Jason Van Camp, about Warrior Rising as a family of supporters who are committed to making a difference for veterans in becoming entrepreneurs. 

Sep 20, 2020
S5E11 Code of Support

LTC Olivia Nunn speaks with co-founder Kristy Kaufman of Code of Support a non-profit organization that serves the military community. Code of Support helps transform military and veteran lives with their unique PATRIOTlink program. PATRIOTlink is designed to navigate and access critical services that allow Code of Support team members to provide one-on-one support to a military member/family in need. 

Sep 13, 2020
S5E10 United States Department of Agriculture Veteran Program

LTC Olivia Nunn speaks with Mr. Bill Ashton, the Military Veterans Agricultural Liason, about the opportunities for veterans with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Veterans represent 6% of the U.S. population but account for 13.5% of U.S. Small Business, many of those businesses are found within the agriculture and farming industry. Mr. Ashton provides information on various programs, loans, and scholarships available to our veterans. 

Sep 06, 2020
S5E9 Pan-Pacific American Leaders and Mentors with MG (R) Tony Taguba

LTC Olivia Nunn chats with MG (R) Tony Taguba about Pan-Pacific American Leaders and Mentors (PPALM) about leading and mentoring. The PPALM Mentorship Program connects mentees with experienced professionals who have achieved personal, professional, and career success. Mentors provide advice, encouragement, feedback, performance management, and career guidance towards achieving a mentee’s full potential.

Aug 30, 2020
S5E8 Acing Your Resume and Interview with Carla Davie

Carla Davie, a senior Human Resources Professional with 20+ years’ experience in HR/Recruiting Strategy from Slalom, a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, spoke with LTC Olivia Nunn on how to prepare your transition from military service.   We know a few essential tools to get right is your resume and practicing your interview techniques. Listen to LTC Nunn speak with Carla on how you can ACE your transition! 

Aug 23, 2020
S5E7 Joint Women's Leadership Virtual Series

This week listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Corinne Powers and LaTresha Williams about the Joint Women’s Leadership Virtual Series. This leadership series will be a collection of 12 webinars, taking place August through December 2020. These webinars will provide professional development for military servicewomen and veterans. Webinar topics include finance, leadership development, current events, transitioning, and more! Regular updates will be posted on the Sea Services Leadership Association’s website and the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium's social media channels. 

Aug 16, 2020
S5E6 Military Spouse Jobs

Military Spouse Jobs has two purposes: assist military spouses, caregivers, and military dependents of working-age obtain a fair and competitive chance of gainful employment and to build a model that directly connects them with the hiring manager and recruiter responsible for that job.  Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Ms. Deb Kloeppel, the founder of Military Spouse Corporate Career Network, about the purpose of her organization and creating opportunities for our military spouses. 

Aug 09, 2020
S5E5 Merging Vets and Players with Nate Boyer

MVP empowers combat veterans and former professional athletes by connecting them after the uniform comes off, providing them with a new team to assist with the transition, promote personal development, and show them they are never alone. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Army Veteran, former NFL player, and actor, Nate Boyer, on why MVP can make a difference in a veteran's life. 

Aug 02, 2020
S5E4 SANS VetSuccess Academy with Max Shuftan

SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. To help fill the skills gap, the SANS Institute created the SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy, an intensive, accelerated training program that provides SANS world class training and GIAC certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity. SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academies are 100% scholarship-based and no cost to participants.

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn discuss with Max Shuftan from SANS about the opportunities that service members and their spouses can take advantage of to prepare for a career in Cyber Security. 

Jul 26, 2020
S5E3 Military Child Education Coalition

Serving in the military takes the support of the whole family, too include the kids! To help our military families, the Military Child Education Coalition was created to ensure that children of our service members transitioned successfully with their families. MCEC is a professional coalition with a diverse community consisting of public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities, small businesses and corporations, organizations, military commands and installations, military families, and caring individuals from local communities across our Nation ... all for the sake of the child. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Ms. Judy Glennon about the importance of knowing this resource. 

Jul 19, 2020
S5E2 Why Podcast

Why podcast? Should you podcast? Can you podcast while still serving? Podcasting, much like social media, has guidelines that our service members should know and follow. There are so many topics you can podcast on, but should you? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn, speak to Rod Rodriguez on why and how you should podcast. Learn how this medium could be useful for you and your command. Also, bring in your legal and public affairs counsel to be successful and timely. 

Jul 12, 2020
S5E1 U.S. Army Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

The nation finds itself in an intense conversation about systemic racism and the topic of "Black Lives Matter." This topic is heavy, hard-hitting, and tough to have, but one that needs to happen. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with the U.S. Army's Chief Diversity Officer, COL Tim Holman, on this topic and what diversity, inclusion, and equality mean to the U.S. Army. 

Jul 05, 2020
S4E13 Dept. of Defense Transition Assistance Program

The DoD Military-Civilian Transition Office (MCTO) provide streamlined services to members of the armed forces and their families. Mike Miller is the Director of Private and Public Engagement within the Department of Defense’s Defense Personnel and Family Support Center (DPFSC).  Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Mr. Miller about the benefits and resources to our military community as service members being to plan their transition from the military. 

Jun 28, 2020
S4E12 Military Veteran Dad

Are you a military dad? Are you looking for stories like yours? Listen as I was a guest on the Military Veteran Dad podcast with Ben Killoy. We had the chance to talk about being parents, the legacy of military service, and what Soldier for Life does to help connect our military community to resources. 

Are you a dad that comes home physically each day from work, but struggles to come home emotionally and mentally? The podcast and resources on this website are focused on that objective, to help you as a dad make that journey each day and build a legacy of a family that is generational. 


Jun 21, 2020
S4E11 America Salutes

Our Community Salutes (OCS) is a national, non-profit organization helping communities recognize, honor, and support high school seniors who plan to enlist in the U.S. Armed Services after graduation.

The organizing body of Our Community Salutes includes community leaders, government officials, educators, businessmen, and veterans who feel strongly in the
importance of community support and recognition of the courageous and patriotic young adults who will serve in the U.S. Armed Services after graduation and join the 1% of Americans who serve in uniform.

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. Ken Hartman about this year's virtual ceremony, America Salutes on July 4th as we honor our graduating seniors enlist in our Armed Forces. 


Jun 14, 2020
S4E10 American Corporate Partners (ACP)

American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a national nonprofit organization focused on helping returning veterans and active duty spouses find their next careers through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career advice. 

  • ACP’s Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program launched in 2016 and connects female veterans with female entrepreneurs and business leaders for yearlong mentorships. 

  • ACP AdvisorNet is an online career Q&A community designed to assist an increasing number of veterans and current service members with networking and career advice.

  • ACP's Active Duty Spouse Program connects spouses on installations nationwide with business leaders for customized mentorships. 

Jun 07, 2020
S4E9 Cohen Veterans Network

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Cohen Veterans Network serve veterans and families. CVN’s focus is on post-9/11 veterans and families, in order to get ahead of transition challenges before they become chronic or acute. 

CVN offer brief, client-centered therapy for a variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, adjustment issues, anger, grief and loss, family issues, transition challenges, relationship problems, and children’s behavioral problems. 

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn talk with Mr. Paul Wood from Cohen Veterans Network on the work they are doing for our military community. 


May 31, 2020
S4E8 Wear Blue Run to Remember- Lisa Hallett

Wear Blue is a running community that honors the service and sacrifice of the American military. Our running community unites and supports the military and their families, veterans, Gold Star Families, and civilians through active remembrance and meaningful relationships. We motivate and empower individuals to healthier, more inspired living. 

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with the founder of Wear Blue Run to Remember, Lisa Hallet. Hear her story of how this non-profit was created and the commitment of giving back to those that remember our fallen heroes. Honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day. 

May 24, 2020
S4E7 US Army Medical Response to COVID

Army Medicine provides sustained health services and research in support of the Army's Total Force to enable readiness and conserve the fighting strength while caring for our Soldiers for Life and Families. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn talk with Mr. John Resta, Director of the Army Public Health Center and Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Health and U.S Army Medical Command as they discuss the Army's response to COVID-19. The Army has Soldiers on the front line across our communities to treat, support and help develop a vaccine and various other support related missions. 

Do you part, stay home and wash your hands. 

May 17, 2020
S4E6 United States Army Recruiting Command BG Patrick Michaelis

United States Army Recruiting Command recruits America's best and brightest volunteers that are able to deploy, fight and win. USAREC has the mission of providing the strength for America’s Army. The U.S. Army Recruiting Command is responsible for manning both the Active Army and the U.S. Army Reserve, ensuring security and readiness for our Nation. 

Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to the Deputy Commanding General for USAREC, BG Patrick Michaelis on the latest ways our Recruiters are meeting their mission during COVID-19. Understand how the Army puts the health and wellness of our new Soldiers and their staffs first while training our next generation of Soldiers. Learn how you as a Soldier for Life can help the Army's recruiting efforts. 

May 10, 2020
S4E5 Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) with Dr. Paul Lawrence

Dr. Paul Lawrence serves as the Under Secretary for Benefits in the Veterans Benefits Administration (VA). Dr. Lawrence is committed to connecting and working with our Veterans across America. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Dr. Lawrence about new programs within the VA and how our Veterans can stay connected during COVID-19. If you don't know what benefits you are entitled to as a Veteran, be sure to go to and get connected! 

May 03, 2020
S4E4 Instant Teams

Military Spouses, are you looking for remote work opportunities? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak with Erica McMannes of Instant Teams. Learn how Instant Teams uses technology to provide a vetted workforce of teams with highly qualified individuals. If you are a company in need of talent and want to access the military spouse talent pool, you will not want to miss this episode! 

Apr 26, 2020
S4 E3 Overview of the Army's Career Skills Program

The Army's Career Skills Program, what is it? Who can participate in it? If you have ever wondered about advancing your skills in something other than the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) assigned to you, then you need to listen to this episode. Understand how a CSP, DoD Skillsbridge and fellowship all have in common. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn chat with MAJ Jenna Russell, the Soldier for Life director of education and employment. You will be glad you tuned in! 

Apr 19, 2020
S4E2 Veteran's PATH

Veteran’s PATH enables returning veterans to rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy in their lives through mindfulness, meditation, and a safe community. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn talk to Jon Macaskill, Retired Navy SEAL Officer about Veteran's PATH and how they reconnect veterans through practical tools of meditation and mindfulness, physical and outdoor experiences, and a community of camaraderie, to assist veterans rediscover peace, acceptance, transformation, and honor in a new journey forward.

Apr 12, 2020
S4E1 Planning Your Retirement from the Spouse's Point of View

Welcome to Season 4! We start season 4 as spring starts to really blooming and the weather starts to get warmer. For many, the spring is not only a time of rebirth, but also for careers to change and start anew. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn as she speaks to Mrs. Melissa Helmick an Army Spouse and mentor and with COL (Ret) Leif Johnson. This episode covers how to start your retirement, but from the spouse's point of view. Listen how the spouse is just as vital to the retirement process. 

Apr 05, 2020
S3E13 Team Red White Blue

Team Red White Blue strives to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. LTC Olivia Nunn was a guest on TRWB podast series, Eagle Nation. Listen as she shares with John Pinter and Bana Miller more about the U.S. Army Soldier for Life program and her own Army journey.

Mar 29, 2020