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Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.

Episode Date
Metal Finishes | Next Time on Dear Alice
Jun 02, 2023
Organizing our Spaces | Interview with Amanda Kuzak
Sue met Amanda who was initially the organizer for a client that we’ve done several homes for and these have been the most organized spaces we’ve ever been in. She has a system and an art to it, and with her organization, it’s a business she’s done for 20 years and now she does estate liquidation, which ironically has a lot of commonalities. Summer break is about to begin and we’re going to be at that time of year when we turn into half the woman that we were as we lose our brains a little bit, so this can be a great opportunity to start to clean out and kind of inventory where we’re at and what we wanna add.

  • Organizing closets 3:20
  • Pantry and kitchen 12:25
  • Getting into estate sales 20:20
  • Emptying out the entire room 25:40
  • Amanda’s posting frequency 37:30
  • Celebrity projects 40:20
  • Amanda’s handle 42:55
“People are always like ‘I need to buy more hangers’ and I’m like ‘No, you just need to purge your closet. You don’t need more hangers.’ Hangers in setting yourself up is like 120, or 180, or some people it might be 650, but once you run out, it’s like ‘OK I need to purge because my closet kind of hits a max at a certain point. And it’s not even a max of space, it’s just a max of your visual eye and function to find what you’re looking for.” 7:56

News Letter:
Jun 01, 2023
Interview with Amanda Kuzak | Next Time on Dear Alice
May 26, 2023
21 Questions | Trends, Favorites, and Absolutely Nots
In this episode Sue and Jess had no idea what the episode would be about, only that Cori would ask them some questions and they’d have to answer on the spot. He asks them some fun what-would-you-rather type questions such as what color they would choose out of two options, or what type of living space they would prefer in their living room.

  • Navy blue or forest green, ochre or mauve 6:15
  • Living space 7:40
  • Your entire home being wood tile or stucco 11:00
  • Instagram or pinterest? 13:05
  • Books or magazines? 14:45
  • Music room or library? 15:30
  • Too small of rugs or 10 different exterior finishes? 16:25
  • Big “Eat” sign or a big “Live, laugh, love” 18:45
  • Stripes, florals, or plaid 19:50
  • Lighting 23:20
  • Worst fashion decision you’ve made 25:00
  • The mountains or the beach? 29:30
  • Rings or necklaces, nails and hair 33:00
  • Drapery 38:40
  • A trend you hope comes back 39:30
“Gloves. When were gloves out? Let’s bring it back!” “All the accouterments like the gloves, the hats, all the extras, the scarves.” “The collapsible gold cup that you’d take out of your purse and swallow a pill.” 41:32
News Letter:
May 25, 2023
Defining Exterior Spaces | Landscape Architect Jeremy Fillmore
In this episode we got to talk to one of our very favorite people, partners in business, Jeremy Fillmore, and any time we get the opportunity to call him in business to help on a project, we 100% do. We love all things interior and all things exterior and Jeremy is all things exterior and landscape architecture. We feel like it’s finally that time of year when we can start to play in our yards and start to bring them back to life and enjoy them. The purpose of this episode today is to talk to Jeremy, who is really creative and always has great ideas, about how to bring our yards back from a long Winter.

  • What we should be doing right now in May 2:00
  • What’s in fashion right now? 7:00
  • Moving to the beds 10:25
  • Creating shade and taking the sun into account 16:00
  • Creating successful, flexible spaces outside 23:35
  • Teak 29:05
  • Fire pits 30:05
  • Side yard and extra space 35:00
  • Lighting 41:20
  • Solar power 46:10
  • Vines 47:10
  • Lawn vs planters and beds 48:55
  • Mowing 53:40
  • Gravel 56:55
“In pots as well, you can do early, cold season first. You can do cabbages, ornamental cabbages and it’s really a fun texture.” “When you say cold season, what does that mean?” “So this time of year before the fear of frost is over, you could put in an ornamental cabbage or pansies. As early as April even would work. So you’d do the cold, hearty ones now, and then you could switch those out to your midSummer as you go.” 9:30
News Letter:
May 18, 2023
Designing vs Decorating | 8 Misconceptions of Interior Design
In this episode we are going to talk about the misconceptions between being a designer and a decorator. We’re going to discuss what people often think we do vs what we actually do, which is often quite different than people might think. This is an important episode because every once in a while we have a young person come up to us and say they wanna go to college to be an interior designer because of what they’ve seen on HGTV, but they don’t realize how different it actually is compared to what they’re seeing on HGTV. This episode should help you better understand what to expect and look out for if you or a loved one is thinking about going into this field of work.

  • Interior designer vs decorator 8:00
  • Interior design 9:00
  • Can interior design be done by anyone? 15:50
  • Interior design requires technical knowledge? 19:20
  • Do interior designers push their own vision and not the client’s? 21:30
  • Do all interior designers have picture perfect homes? 27:05
  • Is interior design something you can do from home? 31:35
  • Do you have to be good at sales to be an interior designer? 35:50
  • Is interior design for modest homes? 39:40
“What I’m so proud of is that we can design this home, everything is finished, approved by the client, we can do all these drawings, put them in a drop box, and send them in the cyberspace and the cloud across the nation to Washington DC, or to wherever and a builder can build off of those documents. That’s the technicality and where we shine.” 20:00
News Letter:
May 11, 2023
How and Where to Create Moody Spaces
Today we’ve got a fun one we’re doing on moody spaces, about which we’ve gotten a lot of questions on how you create a moody space, or where to create one. It’s a trend that many people are wanting to understand and incorporate. Many want a more intimate location where you can gather your people, create a scene, and just have a mood to talk or share secrets, so we’re going to go over this type of space and help you better understand what it ought to look like. The purpose of this episode will be kind of a how-to in creating a dark space and to give you courage to do so.

  • When and where to saturate 3:25
  • Enclosed rooms like powder baths 4:20
  • How we choose a dark wall color 12:05
  • Primary bedroom 15:10
  • Dining room 22:50
  • Cori’s pink primary bathroom 28:35
“Typically, we’re inspired by the person, so a lot of times we will do a wallpaper and start with that, kinda like a rug in the great room. So I’d start with the rug, be it a witty wallpaper, I want it to feel really dark, so we’re gonna make sure the background or the field color is gonna be deep and moody, and I might be starting with one that’s deep green from porter teleo, and then I might have one that’s more of a Marlow color.” 12:24
News Letter:
May 04, 2023
The Short List | Things We Love
Elle Decor does a short list every month and they always feature a different designer or person of interest that’s doing beautiful things in the world, and they give their short list of things they love, like their favorite place to stay, favorite perfume, their favorite drink, fabric, or whatever. We thought it would be fun to give you guys our short list because being in the industry, we might know some things, or even just on a more personal side we can just get to know each other better and get a little peek inside what makes us tick. Join us in this episode as each one of us reveals their short list, which hasn’t been revealed to anyone else on this podcast until now.
  • First favorite thing 8:50
  • Favorite coffee table book 21:20
  • Favorite drink 26:20
  • Favorite sheets 30:40
  • Guilty pleasure 35:00
  • Favorite doughnut 40:30
  • What we’re collecting 41:15
  • Favorite place to go on the weekend 49:20
  • Next vacation spot 55:10
  • Favorite gift to give somebody 56:55
  • Favorite songs 61:35
  • Favorite makeup trick 66:30
  • Favorite perfume 71:20
“I think just trying to find things that are really authentic and lovely, and made by artists, they just add such a soul and spirit, or going to Palm Springs, we usually go like once in the Winter and bring back little treasures.” 45:44
News Letter:
Apr 27, 2023
TikTok Interior Design Trends | What We Think
In this episode, we are going to debunk some TikTok interior design trends. If you’re a regular user of TikTok, you may notice there are some micro trends happening in the interior design space online of these teenagers who talk really fast and are emphatically opinionated on these trends. We’re just here today to talk about what these “micro trends” are in interiors and whether we agree or not, such as chopping your pillows, whether fluffy beds are in or out, if colored sheets are in or out, and what you should do in regards to artwork in your home.

  • Cottage core and dark academia 3:00
  • The dark kitchen is coming back again 11:00
  • Polished chrome and silver 15:50
  • Mass-produced art 19:20
  • Chopping your pillows 20:45
  • White fluffy beds 22:20
  • Colored sheets 23:20
  • Cottage core style bedrooms 24:55
  • Kitchens 27:00
  • Dealing in absolutes 32:50
  • Marble veining in countertops 34:10
  • Living rooms 38:10
“I think if you love design, you should for sure figure out who you are and what color, or if you’re a stain grade, where you are in the stain grade. I will say we’re gonna start seeing the wood floors really warm up. We’ve been in this white oak moment for a really long time, so if they’re still gonna stick with oaks I think they’ll warm up, but I think walnut is always going to be your everlasting in the middle choice where you’ll never regret it. You do it 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, you’re never going to regret walnut.” 31:13
News Letter:
Apr 20, 2023
Kitchen | Space Planning, Appliances & Our Best Tips
We have a listener question that we’re going to do for the podcast today on kitchen space planning. One of our listeners asked us a few questions on this issue and said “I don’t think you can name names when it comes to appliances, but I’m wondering if you could touch on general considerations like how do I know what size range to buy?” We discuss different brands and answer another question about kitchen sink size and what to buy. We had a lot of fun with this one, so we hope you guys listen and enjoy!

  • What range to buy 1:25
  • The Cafe Stove from GE 10:15
  • Buying a kitchen sink 12:40
  • Counter depth or standard refrigerators? 15:00
  • Splurging on an appliance like an ice maker, steam oven, or in-wall coffee machine 18:20
  • Microwave placement and matching 23:40
  • Hood size vs range size 30:00
“I think you know when you’re in a home, I’m in a small kitchen, I call it my camper kitchen because we haven’t done anything to this house, because I wanna tear it down and I wanna build my dream kitchen, so right now I have a small kitchen, so anything larger than a 30” range wouldn’t make sense in my kitchen. It wouldn’t fit, so if you know you’re a small kitchen, you know you’re gonna be a 30 inch range, 36 range, probably not a 48 inch. If you’re getting to a moderate sized kitchen, you can tease with 48 inches.” 1:43
News Letter:
Apr 13, 2023
Colorstrology | What colors are you drawn to?
We have a fun episode for everyone today. We had an event at Alice Lane that was so fun and we wanted to include you guys in the Alice Lane Galentine’s Spring, Easter party. We did colorstrology, which is where we assign a color to someone depending on their birthday. What we learned from studying this little book called “Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt is it’s 100% true to all the people that we’ve read colors to and we probably read over 50 colors. Some were surprised by the colors they were assigned because it’s not always the first color they choose, but often that color would complement the chosen color, so we’ll be talking about color and each of our own colorstrology.
  • Jessica’s colors 5:40
  • Cori’s colors 10:50
  • Sue’s colors 14:15
  • These 7 colors will be everywhere in 2024 and what’s next 19:45
  • Susanne’s favorite color 28:05
  • Cool lavenders and lilacs 34:50
  • Orange 40:40
  • Mustard 47:40
  • Rose 51:10
  • Powder blue 53:50
“We’re not doing gray anymore at all. If you guys are choosing gray today, it’s just such a terrible choice right now because it’s already clotted and we need to get on the bleeding edge because these choices you’re gonna make right now are gonna last the next decade. If you’re doing gray, you’re gonna be feeling like a lagger the minute it’s dried on the walls.” 23:03
News Letter:
Apr 06, 2023
Sconces | Best Practices and How to Use Them
The reason we felt like we should do a sconces episode is because Jess got a text back in December from a good friend in real estate who said that his wife can’t see herself when she’s putting makeup on. Jess asked him for a picture of his setup and when he send over the image, she noticed he had the wrong type of sconces next to his mirror, which was a really beautiful, very elegant sconce, but it had a linen shade on it and one candelabra bulb in each sconce. The window was behind her, so there was no light on her face. Jess told him he had the wrong type of sconces for a bathroom and this got us thinking that there may be a lot of other people out there that don’t know about all the different types of sconces and what they’re used for, how to optimize them for lighting, and where to put them in your home.

  • The bathroom 7:40
  • Picture light, art light 17:05
  • Theater or rec room 21:15
  • Night stand 27:00
  • Mantle 29:15
  • Pendants 31:00
“There’s still differences in as-built than the plan and you still wanna eyeball it even though you have it drawn in CAD mathematically correct. It still feels different in person with your eyeballs, with the height of the people viewing it. Maybe the wife is 5 feet tall, maybe the husband is 6 feet tall, maybe the husbands that are married are both 6’8” or something. We all perceive things differently depending on the height and we try to design to that as we have a stick figure of a person their height.” 24:22
–News Letter:
Mar 30, 2023
Spring Refresh | Out with the Old, In with the New
Today we’re talking Spring and we are so excited because we’ve grown tired of this long Winter. There are things we do in the Spring, and things we do in the Fall and Summer, so we just wanted to sort of Martha Stewart our way through this situation and talk about all the ways that we’re doing all our own Spring Refreshes, such as stocking the pantry and letting go of all your junk, or just giving stuff away. We each have different areas that we’re working on, so this should be a really fun conversation.

  • Getting the clean reset 3:30
  • Giving clothes away 13:30
  • Decor 15:20
  • Music 18:55
  • Smells 25:15
  • Plants 33:05
  • Predictions about the marketplace 39:15
“I really do love switching things up in the house. I definitely take some of those heavier feeling Winter pillows down and I bring up the brighter fresh ones that just give me a feeling in my house, which is great. I light a Spring candle in a few different spaces.” 25:00
News Letter:
Mar 23, 2023
Listener Questions | Answering Your Inquiries
We’re doing listener questions again today, which means we are gathered just to answer your questions that we’ve received in the last little bit. These are the questions that weren’t long enough to make a podcast out of, but were enough that we could give a short answer to. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered yet, just send them to and we will answer them here.

  • Floor outlets 5:00
  • Keep your home from looking like a yard sale 10:30
  • What pieces should match/coordinate and which ones should contrast? 16:35
  • Painting the exterior of your house white and painting the trim 22:55
  • Hiding from the neighbors with art glass 25:50
  • Organizing mismatched furniture and using rugs 31:10
  • Renovation and looking for an authentic designer 37:00
  • The colors in our showroom 39:50
  • Exterior Christmas lights 40:55
“ I have a handful of friends that have been designers that do this work and I trust them, so ask them ‘If you can’t, can you point in the direction of somebody that would be capable of doing interesting work of just a couple rooms at a time?’ I would just ask people that you respect, ask firms that you respect.”
–News Letter:
Mar 16, 2023
Inspiring Women through The Ages
In this episode we’re celebrating international women’s day. There's a lot in history that women have done and trails that have been blazed that are cause for where you’re at right now. We have the opportunity to go to school, work, and express ourselves, which is a huge privilege, and it’s a good exercise for anybody to think about the women in your own life that have inspired you and just be super grateful for what they’ve done. Join us today as we discuss these amazing women and their accomplishments.

  • The first international Women’s Day 4:32
  • Viola Davis 6:24
  • Oprah Winfrey 12:22
  • Anne Frank 19:53
  • Carol Kaye 23:15
  • Mother Teresa 26:00
  • Martha Stewart 28:30
  • Anna Wintour 31:30
  • Julia Childs 35:25
  • Beyoncé 37:52
  • Michelle Obama 39:05
  • Mindy Kaling 41:00
  • Elsie de Wolfe 47:15
“‘My new motto is when you’re through changing, you’re through.’ I think that that takes great humility and I think naturally women have a lot of humility probably based on where we’ve come from, and I keep saying innate, but I think most women are soft/softer, and they want to adapt, and they want to mold, and they want to become better and there can sometimes be a pride that stops progress and open mindedness, and I think that’s what she was talking about.” 29:14
–News Letter:
Mar 09, 2023
John Woodley on Real Estate and the Economy | Investing Basics
We have a special guest with us today by the name of John Woodley, who is a real estate expert here in the Wasatch Front area. He runs a company called Woodley Real Estate with his brother, specializing in the high end luxury market as well as class A office space. We felt like it would be a great idea to bring an expert on this show to discuss this market because this comes up in conversation for us socially and in business all the time. We talk about what this market is doing not just in Utah, but everywhere else and kind of where it’s going.
  • Are we headed for a downturn? 2:45
  • Buyer confidence 5:45
  • Things that are the most important to upgrade 8:10
  • Is it better to play it safe, or put some money into it? 12:30
  • Best ways for homeowners to mitigate equity or value loss during the economic downturn 14:05
  • Helping clients grow their wealth through real estate and why so many people use real estate to grow their wealth 16:55
  • The best way to get started in real estate for someone with 100k, 500k, or 1 million 20:45
  • Tax benefits for making it an investment 23:50
  • AirBnB 27:20
  • Annual contracts 29:05
  • Understanding regulations 32:40
  • What can previous downturns teach us about opportunities in real estate? 33:35
  • When the market turned back around in 2020 36:55
  • The cycle of peak and bottom in the market 39:00
  • Hottest real estate market right now 40:25
  • difference between residential and commercial real estate 44:25
  • Has there been a decline in commercial real estate recently? 48:35
  • Defining luxury 51:45
“We say make it look nice and classy, or in good taste, and then let whoever buys it put their own personal spin on it. You go spend a ton of money on something that you think’s just gonna knock their socks off, lights out, and they’re looking at it going ‘We’re gonna have to tear that out.’ You’re adding the cost to put in and they’re subtracting that out and adding in what they’re gonna have to put back in.” “They’re gonna have to repaint that cobalt wall.” 13:32
–News Letter:
Mar 02, 2023
John Woodley | Next Time on Dear Alice
Feb 24, 2023
Designs Through the Decades Part 2
Today we’re continuing to talk from our last episode about design through the decades. We got you through the 1940s and we’re sitting here in the 1950s, so we’re gonna take you through what it was like, the political climate at the time, and then of course fashion, then getting into interiors and Cori’s going to give us a little bit of info of where music was at during that time too.

  • 1950s fashion, interiors 2:38
  • 1960s 6:46
  • 1970s 14:53
  • 1980s 25:29
  • 1990s 37:18
  • 2000s, 2010s, 2020s 46:20
“Furniture designers, architects, and product designers also began to create work that we now recognize as mid century and modern like we said before. This movement looked to combine sleek lines with organic shapes balancing modernity and naturalism. Bright happy colors were in every room of the house. Popular hues included turquoise, coral, pale yellow, mint green, and light blue. Pink was also at peak. It’s the rainbow you guys, it’s the whole rainbow. In the 1950s you see pink everywhere in kitchens, bedrooms, but especially in bathrooms.” 4:18
–News Letter:
Feb 23, 2023
Designs Through the Decades Part 1
This is something we’ve had on the list to do for a very long time. There’s so much to talk about because we’ve just seen so many things come and go through the ages. We talk about each of the decades and kind of what influenced them to be in fashion at the time. We do this for fashion interiors, and then Cori throws in some things about music that happened at that time and how that relates to fashion or interiors. Your grandparents were likely alive for one of these decades, so you might even be thinking about them at a certain time when we talk about it and remembering grandma’s house, and what it was like.

  • Design through the decades 5:09
  • Design is an art of situations 9:46
  • 1910s fashion and decoration 12:30
  • 1920s fashion 22:43
  • 1930s 33:42
  • 1940s 40:32
“They would use steel, glass plywood, and plastic in their creations. While unconventional materials at the time, they fit with the Bauhaus, ethos, and practicality. Ultimately however, the 1920s were all about the bling. People craved luxurious components in their lives, whether it was leather upholstered furniture or a lucite clock. The Jazz Age was majority glamor and glitz.” 30:46
–News Letter:
Feb 16, 2023
How To Design Around Ugly Necessities | Tips to Hide and Obscure Those Unattractive Items
Today we’re going to be talking about those ugly necessities. We’ve had a lot of DMs and questions about how to help disguise some of the things we have to live with that make our lives more comfortable, more easy, but aren’t very attractive. So we thought we would compile them all into a list in one day and just talk about all of them here. If you’ve written us a question in the past, we’re not ignoring you. We’ve been saving it for this moment. A lot of times, we remove those ugly things from the scene when we do photo shoots of the homes that we design, or we have figured out a way to disguise it in a permanent way, so they can still have the convenience, but they don’t have to have the eye sore.

  • Laundry baskets and hampers 4:18
  • Flat screen TVs on a large wall 9:52
  • Office chairs and computer monitors 14:51
  • Chargers and cables 20:38
  • Wall mounted coat rack entry hooks 23:33
  • Solutions for shoes 27:01
  • Air conditioner vents and ceilings, canned lights 28:55
  • Kids’ toys and high chairs 31:43
  • Electric toothbrush and CPAP machine 33:20
  • Toasters 38:10
  • Baby gate 39:03
“How about air conditioner vents in ceilings?” “What we did in the showroom is just paint them the same color as the ceiling.” “I would say that for anything, and that goes for your vents in your powder room, some of them always have that heavy, bold plastic. You just paint it the same color as the wall, or the ceiling.” “AC returns, same thing?” “Same thing.” 28:54
–News Letter:
Feb 09, 2023
Interior Design Fails | Lessons Learned
In this episode we’re talking about design fails, which is something that happens to everybody in the industry. Jess got a DM from a new designer and she said she had some really bad feedback from one of her clients that said she shouldn’t even be in the design industry. They felt like things went so poorly, so she asked if we ever get discouraged. Boy, if we could only tell you the struggles we’ve had! Our failures have been some of our greatest teaching moments, so we decided to share with you guys about our experiences to help those of you in the design field.

  • Talking about design fails 4:00
  • Lessons learned meeting 7:00
  • The delivery process 8:00
  • A claim 9:00
  • Designing a whole carpet wrong 15:25
  • Furniture that doesn’t fit 17:18
  • Handling everything for the client 20:38
  • Couldn’t get the furniture up the stairs 25:02
  • Find people with a sense of humor 28:48
  • You don’t want be the smartest person in the room 34:34
  • Use your vendor representatives 40:32
“There are things that are teaching moments that you learn from, and there are some things that logistically, that are out of your control, that unfortunately make you as the business owner look bad, and that’s just with everything. Those to me are the most frustrating things.” “#Covid.” “Yeah, exactly.” 5:38
–News Letter:
Feb 02, 2023
Product Development | The Lucca Family
Today we’re talking about product development and Jess and Cori are basically the heads of this movement. Cori helps get the stuff produced and Jess is the visionary behind the products. We’ve seen a lot of things go from the beginning stages of just concept, to full development and some of them have really stuck and the reaction that many of our clients, listeners, and supporters have had are very positive. We get into the Lucca Family and the influence they’ve had on what we do and our products. We put Lucca on our website in our website’s infancy, and this thing really started selling, which pushed us to get a new warehouse and changed the whole way we did shipping in order to keep up with the demand.

  • Product development 5:05
  • The first generation 10:07
  • Marketing 19:52
  • 600 unique products 21:35
  • Jess’s side table and what we’re going to produce 23:00
  • Lucca Pedestal 25:42
  • The one Lucca thing to buy 28:39
“I read a long time ago an interior designer said ‘You gotta keep your head down, and you just crush it in your own lane, and you do what you do, and you don’t try to do what the other guy is doing.’ and so we just do that. I don’t follow other people in our own space, in our own state because I don’t want to have to be influenced by it. I wanna make sure we stay original to us.” 13:15
–News Letter:
Jan 26, 2023
Our 10 Principles of Styling Pt.2 | Lighting, Organic, Creating a Conversation, the Senses, and Photos
Today we are taking you into our 2nd half of styling principles and we’ll be going through 5-10. We are talking about styling this elusive white tiger in the sky that is so hard to pin down for so many people and it’s hard to know what the rules are, how to do it, or how to make sure it looks good. The eye often just tells us if it’s good and when to stop. It’s a feeling, kind of inside your stomach and your head. We wanted to break it down so that you guys just have the very best idea of how the pros do it.

  • Lighting 1:26
  • Organic 8:01
  • Creating a conversation 11:12
  • The senses 26:03
  • Photos 29:50
  • We love an odd number 38:19
“Trays are a really, really great way to corral a lot of styling and to ground it. It kind of acts like an area rug in the room, and it’s another really great way to kind of put things together. I think kitchen islands can even have a beautiful wicker tray, your cocktail table is a really great place for trays, nightstands, every surface. We love a tray.” 25:22

–News Letter:
Jan 19, 2023
Our 10 Principles of Styling Pt.1 | Edit, Blank Spaces, Focal Points, and Shelf Styling
We always say that the last layer is everything and we do everything from plan conception all the way down to the last bit of styling, and even though it’s all important and critical to a beautiful space, this is the cherry on top, or the soul of the house. This is one of those things that people either have or don’t and it’s really hard to just own your own styling, so you go find inspiration. We get a lot of questions on styling in general, just on how you do it and how one styles because it’s something they teach you in school at all. This is often what separates the good from the great where the good designer might design well, but not style so well, but the great stylists will design and style well.

  • Styling can be hard to grasp 5:19
  • Edit 10:42
  • Blank spaces and when to use them 16:04
  • Focal points 20:44
  • Shelf styling 32:40
“When we’re trying to put things together that are gonna go on a shelf, if those things look great together, even on the floor, or when we’re pulling things from the show room, we’ll usually load everything onto this console in the design center conference room, if they look great together, they’re gonna look great together on a shelf. No matter where you put them, they're gonna look great in a room.” 14:57

-News Letter:
Jan 12, 2023
Layering for Winter
Today we want to talk about how we like to make our homes feel cozy during these winter months and our favorite layers we like to use to make our homes feel warm and inviting. There are so many warm and welcoming colors to add to your porch, such as pumpkins and velvety plants to match the season. This is the time of year you’re going to get a lot of guests and visitors, so filling up your porch with fun decorations and accessories is a great way to give your home that welcoming, warm touch. We recommend keeping some snips nearby and your eyes open during this season in case you spot some nice yew, or other similar plants to take from nature and enhance not just the visuals in your home, but the smells as well.

The porch 1:58
The entry 6:46
Entry hall table 13:10
Layers 15:33
Winter or Fall bed 22:08

“So that entry hall table, I always have some large books as well. Books that can be seasonal, like some entertaining books. I’ve got one on entertaining and the cover is like a silk, and it’s got this beautiful scene on it, and those warm earth tones look so good, especially at this time of year.” 13:11
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Jan 05, 2023
Listener Questions: Part 2 | Answering the Many Questions We’ve Gotten from Our Listeners
In this episode once again we answer listener questions and we go into this episode having no idea what your questions were, so it’s going to be a spicy one. Listener questions are the questions that you guys have sent in, and we compile enough of them until we can put them all into one or two episodes. If you have a specific question you’d like answered on here, send in your question to
  • The thrift store in North Carolina: 214 Modern 4:54
  • What colors we recommend for the outside of your home, specifically brick 6:01
  • Creating a beautiful and unique home without accumulating too much stuff 8:36
  • Breakfast nooks and built in bench, table 14:07
  • Why don’t we like oil rubbed bronze? 21:03
  • Items to splurge on if you’re on a budget 23:20
  • Built-in cabinets in place of closets/walk-in closets 28:19
  • Styling the surface of dining room tables as they get bigger 35:32
  • Accessories for dining 37:12
  • Are there circumstances where you don’t need window treatments? 40:05
  • Having a healthy general contractor/designer relationship 42:43
“I like the light, and we’ve done dark too, on the brick up in Seattle and it was really, really cool.” “Black actually.” “I think it also depends on your neighborhood, it depends on your demographic. Look around and see what blends, but if everybody’s a brown house, you don’t have to paint it brown. Go ahead and do an organic lighter shade.” 8:10
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Dec 29, 2022
Listener Questions: Part 1 | Answering the Many Questions We’ve Gotten from Our Listeners
Today we answer listener questions and we go into this episode having no idea what your questions were, so it’s going to be a spicy one. Listener questions are the questions that you guys have sent in, and we compile enough of them until we can put them all into one or two episodes. If you have a specific question you’d like answered on here, send in your question to

What is your thought on wooden shades? 3:00
The best way to hang shelves on a grass cloth wall 5:50
2 story great room and what to do 7:40
When to go dark on ceiling vs light 12:39
Ceiling fans 23:37
Large drywall areas 26:52
Balance in a room with two parallel sofas 32:11
How big chandelier should be in vaulted ceilings 33:43
Coffee table books 38:10

“You’re gonna spend a lot of money, first of all, on draperies or window coverings because those windows are two stories tall.” “You’re not gonna short sheet them and just do the bottom layer, you’re gonna go all the way to the top and you’re gonna drape the whole thing.” “Also that means you’re going to get the biggest chandelier you’re going to get and you’re going to get an extended amount of chain rod because you gotta get that down into the first story. It’s not OK to get a light fixture and hang it clear up there on the 2nd story, which we see a lot.” 8:10
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Dec 22, 2022
Interview with Angie Harrington | The House of Harrington Project
Today we have Angie Harrington whose lifestyle is just so beautiful. She is currently a part time cast member of Housewives of Salt Lake City and talks about how she got into and became an influencer, which is what she’s been able to do to pay the bills as a single mom. We break down her House of Harrington project, which so many people have been waiting to see and know about, and we discuss both what we loved about the project as well as what she loved, and then we just talk about general fashion sense and tastes, so we hope you can tune in and enjoy this lovely conversation we had with Angie.

What social media do people prefer? 3:56
The house size 9:01
Angie’s creative process 14:09
Favorite room in the house 19:12
The entry 23:49
Armor vests 25:53
Something that turned out better than expected 27:07
Favorite perfume 30:05
Who’s most inspiring for fashion 30:50
How she makes it all work with her busy lifestyle 32:57
Filming for Housewives 34:35
Favorite makeup brand 36:46
What she’s allowed to say about Housewives 38:49
Always complimenting and interactions 42:27
Defining luxury 44:50

“That table fit so well in that space, so we just took it, painted it white, and then the chandeliers, in order to make them our own, you had someone who put hermes scarves wrapped around them, which was such a cool idea. So we could stick with that age theme. It was cool” 22:09

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Dec 15, 2022
Best of 2022: Podcasts
Today we share our favorite parts from all our top podcast episodes we’ve had this year.

Creating a playful children’s space 0:22
Let’s talk color! 1:35
Hardware 2:43
Our favorite guilty household pleasures 3:18
Gallery walls 3:48
Media rooms 4:40
Tips to creating an outdoor kitchen 6:22
Cabinets part 1 8:13
Cabinets part 2 11:37
Party pantry 13:08
Pattern & scale 14:34
Keeping traditional design fresh 15:17
Adam interviews Jess 15:56
Building your forever home 19:19
Top 10 reasons to hire a designer 20:00
Deep dive: showroom 21:05
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Dec 08, 2022
Best of 2022: Guests
Today we share our favorite parts from all our top guest episodes we’ve had this year. Tune in to enjoy the various advice and tips we’ve received from each one of them.

Bedding 101 1:06
Talking Florals with Expert Allison Badley 2:23
Indoor Plants and Trees with Brock Saucier 5:31
Vintage Rugs 8:31
Windows with John Valdez 11:14
Interiors with Kara Mann 12:48
Remaining Unique with Laura Kirar 17:47
Paloma Contreras Interview 20:56
Carrier and Co 21:32
Designer David Phoenix 25:32
Oscar Yague 32:15
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Dec 01, 2022
Gracious Gift Giving | Holiday Preparation
In this episode of Dear Alice, we share all you need to know about the art of gift giving. Learn a few of our "no-fail" gifts for the practical ones on your list and some luxury gifts that someone might not buy for themselves. It doesn't have to be big or over the top, it just needs to be thoughtful. Happy gifting!
Nov 22, 2022
Our Favorite Gifts to Give and Receive | What to Look for and How to Find It
We’re here today to talk about gifts. It’s the season and everyone has started to make their lists and we think it’s a fun dreamscape in our minds to think about what gifts to give, especially when it’s something they wouldn’t have thought to give themselves, which makes it a great gift to offer. People often delight a lot in the wrapping of the gift as much as they do in the gift itself, so you know for them you’ll do a fabulous wrap job. Other people, particularly men, love a bag to simplify things and where they don’t have to deal with all the wrappers. So even knowing how people will react to the wrapping is a big part of the gift as well. We give other useful tips like don’t give holiday themed gifts, such as a Christmas spatula, which you open on Christmas day and can’t even use until the next holiday season.

You need time 1:54
One of the worst gifts Jess has been given 2:27
The mindwork behind giving a great gift 4:53
Giving everyone gifts at work 9:12
Thinking historically and using memory points, or emotional connection 10:36
Cori’s perspective on gift giving and receiving 19:03
Gear 22:16

“It really is a gift to receive something that you know you just go nuts over and I think the way to do that is just to really, innately just watch them and understand them well enough that you could buy something for them that they would freak out over…Just buy for the person and don’t buy something that you want to give the person. ” 7:06
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Nov 17, 2022
Deep Dive: Our New Showroom | Everything We’re Excited About
We have been renting for 14 years and feel like we want to be able to own our own piece of land and own our future because every space we go to, we vastly outgrow it. We just keep growing into this huge operation with the opportunity presented to us, with a massive 40,000 foot warehouse full of 40 people or so working there where we store all of the things we create as well as all of our client’s furniture and stuff we need to deliver. Our brilliant president said “I still don’t know if everybody in the state of Utah knows who we are, or knows where we’re at.” We feel like if we put ourselves in Draper next to this big furniture row, often where millionaires do their shopping, so if we put ourselves next to them, people will find us and they’ll know who we are.

The why behind all of this 2:42
About the building and inspiration 11:23
The fluorescent lights 16:31
What you will experience if you come in 18:19
How things have been divided and spaced 24:31
The process of getting this location 27:34
Last thoughts on when what this has meant to Jess 35:33

“One of the things that we learned about ourselves is that we have in our current show room two massive windows in the front of our store. Any scene that we set in there, if it’s a bedroom, if it’s a dining room, whatever we put in those front two scenes, sells really, really well. Something about the natural light and the feeling in those rooms makes everything look amazing.” 12:40
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Nov 10, 2022
Entertaining with guest Oscar Yague | Best Methods for Delighting Guests
In this episode we have a treat! We’ve got Oscar Yague with us from Made Goods, which is an amazing brand that is probably one of our favorites at High Point. It’s one of our vendors that we buy from and Jess describes it as the Celestial Kingdom because it’s the most beautiful things on Earth, and somehow Oscar has sourced these things, created them, and we thought you guys would find so much inspiration in understanding more about his back story. We wanted Oscar to teach us how to entertain better and give us all his tips and tricks, so we hope you enjoy this awesome conversation with him today.

About Oscar and how he got to Made Goods 2:05
Starting great 11:41
Pigeon and Poodle 14:33
Blue Pheasant 17:03
Nametags 21:15
Tips on entertaining 24:24
Making Thanksgiving more entertaining 26:47
Tablescaping 29:24
Self-serving/buffet setup 31:03
Dishwasher or by hand? 34:14
What influenced Oscar to love this beautiful life of his 35:29
Dessert 37:09
Key things to have on hand at any time 38:57
Favorite playlist to play 40:29
Tukasi 41:27
Defining luxury 45:23

“The experience of eating on a real plate, holding a knife and a fork with the proper weight well balanced, drinking out of proper glassware. It’s part of the experience and again it’s the thing that people don’t understand because they go out of their way to make great meals, but then they fail to set up the table properly.” 20:24
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Nov 03, 2022
Re-air: Hosting for the Holidays | How to Be a Generous Host
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about how to be a generous host. From the food you choose, the music you play, the lighting, and even the set up of the furniture.
Oct 27, 2022
Tips to Transform Your Home for the Holidays | Let’s Make Things More Cozy
This could be anything, such as your Thanksgiving, your Hanukkah, your Christmas, New Years, whatever it is that you guys believe in and want to celebrate. It’s just a way of making our homes feel more welcoming. For us in Utah, it’s cooling down in December and we’re gathering and getting warmer, and celebrating all these things in these cold months, and so your home obviously follows suit and we get more layers. So we’re going to talk about that and some of our favorite holiday traditions, and ways to just make your house merrier.

Favorite traditions 1:34
What kind of trees we have 12:38
The garlands 17:52
Favorite candle 19:41
Evergreen ornaments 21:56
Decorating bedrooms 27:33
Favorite gifts to give 28:27

“One of my most favorite trees that I’ve ever seen is when we went into a client’s home and she had this incredible property and this beautiful, tall, skinny, gorgeous live tree, and it was just white lights and hundreds of these glass crystal ornaments, icicles. And it was just that. It stopped me and my breath.” 23:37
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Oct 20, 2022
Questions Your Designer Will Ask When Starting A Project | What to Prepare For
Today we’re talking about the questions you should be prepared to answer your designer when you start a project, or questions you should be asking yourself if you’re not using a designer. You want to prepare your mind and all the visuals, and do the work before sitting down with the architect. You’re gonna save a lot of money if you go in prepared. We’re gonna help you get ready and in shape for these conversations to make sure your vision is solid and prepped for the design process.

The first time consultation 6:31
Pinterest board 11:21
What colors are you or aren’t you drawn to? Favorite outfits and why? 13:29
Routines and stories 15:02
Feelings 22:13
Your budget 27:05
Relationships 30:09
Art 33:16

“We like to get into people’s stories. What are their routines? Knowing people’s routines, like the rhythm to the kitchen, how they wake up, do they have coffee? Do they have toast? What’s their kids’ routines? Or what are the messes that are being created that you want to avoid in this next house? What do you love and what do you hate about your current living situation? Let’s fix that.” 15:03
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Oct 13, 2022
Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Designer | Advice That Will Save You a Lot of Hassle
This episode is not a plug for you to hire Alice Lane, but this is if hiring anybody, or if you don’t, this is going to be the work that you should make sure and do for yourself because it’s not something you should phone in and take lightly. You know yourself. If you’re not a great decision maker, you’re not going to be a good designer for yourself. If you waffle, don’t know what to do, and you get paralyzed, and you don’t want to answer, guess who makes the decision for you? Your builder, based on what’s in stock. So you have to be a great decision maker to go this route. A designer is going to help you figure out who you are, what you want, and ultimately is going to save you time and money by doing everything as efficiently as possible.

Why it’s important to hire a designer: you’re going to save a lot of money 3:41
Our knowledge and our resources 8:53
We’re technicians 13:22
Timing 19:13
Creating schedules 21:17
Great decision makers 28:11
Executing the design 29:53
Great vendor connections 31:05

“You guys wanna know something crazy that our Better Builders have been letting us know? We have to have made all our decisions before they even break ground, for the sake of efficiency in ordering things because things are taking so long, not only appliances, but hardware is ridiculous, getting your cabinetry in line with the cabinet shop. You have to be out a long time, and so if you don’t have a designer, and you’re not good at making decisions, this can be really painful to get, like your 2 year build just turned into a 4 year build.” 12:15
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Oct 06, 2022
Our Favorite Tips to Get Ready for Fall | Preparation for Times of Gathering
We thought it would be so much fun to kind of lay out what we think are your next steps to turning your home over for the season, for fall, for holidays. We’re entering this new season where we’re gathering again after the pandemic mostly kept us apart from loved ones, but now we can be with them again and we want to feel something. We want to feel that feeling of the holidays and these are things to get our space ready and guide that feeling in these intimate moments.

Dopamine dressing 5:50
Cleaning up and grooming your home 11:52
Take your clips with you 15:24
Infusing the Fall into the kitchen 16:47
Trying out various recipes 19:37
A fire pit 23:07
Fashion 25:52

“There was this moment last year, last fall, Jess has this amazing yellow mohair chair in her entry. We were doing a shoot there and my tree was turning yellow in my front yard, our lindon, and we cut all these branches and put them in a big jar on her entry table. And it was everything. It was so, so happy, but it felt like Fall.” 14:46
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Sep 29, 2022
Our Favorite Design Books | Some of the Greatest Influences in Design
We are doing a book review today on the top 10 favorite design books. We get asked this question a lot about what our favorite design books are and in projects we’re always installing the most beautiful big coffee table books on their cocktail tables and we try to find out a lot about their interests so that we can align some of these gorgeous, big treasures with what they’re interested in, like if they love rocks, travel, or big cities, and there are always gorgeous big books on them. “It’s safe to say that no two designers, even two that might share a similar aesthetic and sight the same major influences, would ever go about creating the same interior. Simply put, the process is too personal. A client could use the same highly specific language to tell a dozen different designers precisely what she wanted and she would nevertheless get a dozen different results. Each one of them might very well be spectacular in its own way.” 26:04

May I Come in 5:21
Thomas O’brien 9:58
The Authentics 20:29
Thomas Pheasant 24:12
Charlotte Moss 27:54
Vincente Wolf 31:06
See the World Beautiful 34:31
Stephen Sills 39:27
Vogue Living: Country City Coast 42:16
David Collins Studio: ABCDCS 46:37

“It’s clear that he really loves the color blue, he uses it a lot. His blue though has a dot of periwinkle in it, loves whites like Suzanne said, he’s really beautiful at drapery, and Romans, or silk Romans, or even a sheer Roman, which is really foxy in a room, and there’s always something carved, like African and carved or traveled in with all of these really serene, beautiful, ethereal colors, but then there’s something earthy like the carvings in there.” 32:39
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Sep 22, 2022
Building Your Forever Home | Timeless Style and Design
Today we’re going to be talking about your forever home, which is kind of the final destination. A lot of the homes we do are people’s forever homes, or what they think it is, and then they have so much fun during the process that they decide to do it again. We love this because it really does just delve into all the options that make life ideal and make your lifestyle really beautiful. We get into all the specifics kind of in each room of what we see and what will make your life easier and more lovely. This gives you the ability to live life in your home and not have to worry as much because it’s put together. It does everything you need it to do so you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

The forever home 2:42
Proximity to hot tub 6:14
Everything you need on the main level 9:04
Double vanities 16:41
The tub 23:10
Closets 25:14
Porch pots 31:55
Food storage 36:01
Elevators 43:12

“We had one client, that was her very first request on her forever home. She’s like, ‘when I want to get away from my children, I order dessert from the Olive Garden and I go eat it inside my small closet just to get away from them. Make sure I have a spot to eat my dessert in my closet because that’s my escape.’” 29:30
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Sep 15, 2022
Exteriors Pt 2 | More Listener Questions on How to Update the Exteriors of Your Home
In this episode we continue our discussion about exteriors and answer many of the questions our listeners have sent in. We have a question about whether you can paint your stucco, and that all depends on the climate in which you live, so if you live in a place like Utah where you get the extreme of all 4 seasons, it’s going to need to be repainted probably within the next 5-7 years. When talking about color, there are a lot of black and white homes out there, which we would say are somewhat overdone, so if you’re going for that look maybe use a more soft white and charcoal black to avoid being so blatant. Color can also be chosen by the environment or other homes that surround it.

Can you paint stucco? 2:23
Siding, hardie board, and creating interest 3:15
Can you replace hardie board for a brick exterior? 7:46
Color - Are black and white homes too trendy? 10:59
How many colors to use on an all-stucco house 14:29
Exterior paint color that isn’t black or white 15:19
Landscaping, fencing 19:33
Decking 22:58
Lighting 24:54
Entry doors 26:18
Garage doors 31:23
Exterior remodels 34:32
Gutters 35:47

“Anything done in good taste is gonna be long lasting. People always ask that, like ‘How do I make sure this isn’t gonna be trendy, or tiresome, or classic?’ If it’s done in good taste, like in your personal style, other people are gonna react to it and they’re gonna buy it.” 14:01
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Sep 08, 2022
Exteriors Pt 1 | Dos and Don’ts of the Outside of Your Home
Today we’re going to be talking about exteriors and updating the outside of your home. This is a hot topic for Jess because she keeps driving into her neighborhood and seeing one house after the next turning completely white, which used to be Utah tuscan/brown. A lot of repainting happens with homes and we want to talk about the dos and don’ts of painting and what will or will not look good on your home’s exterior.

An influx of house updates 5:56
Is black too trendy for windows? 8:22
Paint colors for shutters 10:00
Making minor updates without demo 12:38
Can you repaint natural stone on the exterior? 17:44
Brick and lime washing 23:45
Suggestions on trim and window colors for red brick reno, and painting brick 25:42
Would you rip off all the brick on a home and start over? 29:18

“What we’re seeing is that a lot of people are updating and changing these houses. For the most part, people are entirely spraying their whole house white. The rock, the stucco, the brick, the beams they’re painting black and putting black garage doors on, or something like that. We’re seeing a lot of contrast.” 6:30
News Letter:
Sep 01, 2022
Celebrity Spaces | Giving Us Courage to Go Bold
The reason we wanted to do this episode is because celebrity spaces give us this great courage to go bold. In the early days when we were doing presentations, we just were trying to get people to do a colored kitchen because everyone wanted a white kitchen, and many still do, so we would always go to this classic, Cameron Diaz. She had the green kitchen that was always easy to reference back and suggest to people what they should do. We gather a lot of inspiration from various celebrities’ homes and talk about many of those today.

The Cameron Diaz kitchen 4:15
Windsor Smith, big kitchen 7:28
Gwyneth Paltrow’s new home 10:37
Nancy Meyer film sets 15:06
Dianne Keaton 17:20
Lenny Kravitz 19:14
Seeing white everywhere, Kim Kardashian 23:00

“People are always asking “How do I get photography in my home?” and I’ve never seen it done better than in [Lenny Kravitz’] home because he’s taking you through, and he’s super relaxed. He has slung furniture, it’s leather worn like his cool boots and his vests and everything, but you see these crisp, graphic images all over the walls, and they’re massive, and they’re black and white, up close, and he talks about how they’re of his mother and his aunt, they just look so editorial, but they’re so personal and I’m like ‘What a beautiful statement to have your family just surrounding you, but in such an artistic way.’” 19:54
News Letter:
Aug 25, 2022
Interview with Designer David Phoenix | A Well Decorated Design Star
We have David Phoenix with us today, who is the most fun we’ve had at Market so far. He has 20 years of design experience and is a master at combining traditional and modern elements. His interiors are thoughtful, well designed, and most importantly they’re livable. He was named one of America’s top young designers by House Beautiful Magazine. His firm, David Phoenix Interior Design has won numerous awards and his interiors have appeared in and on the cover of major national magazines, such as Arch Digest, California Homes, and The Rob Report. David is known for his designs for Hollywood celebrities, public officials, business magnates, and he’s decorated homes for the Kennedy family, former mayors and governors, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and the actor Rob Lowe.

The type of design that David does 5:00
How he got into interiors 7:10
What’s most fulfilling in interior design 22:25
Interiors vs product 23:14
The most challenging part 25:35
What he’s most excited about right now 26:27
His super power 29:41
What is your favorite thing to collect? 36:17
The meaning of luxury 47:57

“I just thought, ‘I’m not cut out for a cubicle.’ So I went back and I was cleaning out my friend’s room and he said ‘What do you think?’ and I said ‘I’m just not cut out for a cubicle, but thank you very much.’ and he goes ‘I like you and I wanna help you.’ So I said ‘What do you want to be?’ and he said ‘Think big and you’ll be big.’” 12:47
News Letter:
Aug 18, 2022
Process of Building Our Homes | What We Would Do Differently
Our podcast today comes from a listener question. She said that she’d love to hear us discuss what the process was like for us personally and what we learned, what we would do differently, etc. when we built our own homes. So today Cory and Jess talk about their process and what they learned just to help you overcome some of the shortcomings that maybe you’ve experienced. Even as professionals, we still experience shortcomings, so hopefully we can help you not have to fall into those same traps.

More about Cory 2:11
What we would do differently in building our new home 8:39
Exterior pain point 16:36
You cannot predict the supply chain 22:03
Finding the right people to work with 26:49
Terminology 29:28

“If you like to make a million decisions, build a house because that is exactly what it is. You’re just gonna have to, every day, make 5-10 decisions that you’re gonna have to live with for however long you’re living in the home.” 7:17
News Letter:
Aug 11, 2022
Jess and Cori Listener Q's | More of What You Want to Know
Today we are answering your questions again, which is your favorite podcast and ours. We love knowing what you guys want to know from us and know that we can always answer your questions. Sometimes your questions will require a lot of information to answer and we will dedicate a whole episode to it, but often we get smaller questions that require shorter answers, and so that’s what we’ll be doing in this episode.

The art of effing it up a bit 2:22
How to display family pictures 7:45
Achieving a lux look for less 12:15
Find affordable modern chandeliers 16:06
Is backsplash out? Is it all about the slab now? 21:54
Blending styles 28:26

“The one thing that they have in common is scale. Scale makes everything, and scale meaning the size of things, makes everything feel more luxurious, more expensive.” “Err on the larger side of scale?” “Yes for sure.” 12:43
News Letter:
Aug 04, 2022
Interview with Carrier and Co | A Quality Perspective
We’re so excited to have Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller with us today. They are the great Carrier and Company and have the whole meal deal. If you’re an interior designer, you want to be them. They have collections through Loloi rugs, Century Furniture, Visual Comfort, Lee Jofa, and Soicher Marin. They’re also named on Architectural Digest AD100, Elle Decor’s A list, Deluxe Gold list, and they’ve been published in Vogue, Town and Country, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Oprah, World of Interiors, and many others. These two are married, live in Upstate New York and share 2 children.

Working together and their roles in the company 2:24
Their love story 8:21
Where they find their inspiration 17:25
What they find most fulfilling 22:53
The most challenging and most rewarding part of their job 26:50
Favorite thing to collect 32:56
Defining luxury 36:18

“Because life is getting so busy, I really enjoy the fact that we really do a deep dive with our clients and I kind of live vicariously through them, like figuring out what the fantasy is for their home and their property, and when we’re lucky enough to do projects that are vacation homes where I think there’s always an added element of kind of romance or fantasy. It’s I think what keeps it really fun.” 19:03
News Letter:
Jul 28, 2022
Adam and Jess Interview | Our Story of Alice Lane Interior Design
Today we’ve got Adam, Jess’s husband on the podcast who will be interviewing her, which we have been wanting to do for a while, but haven’t been able to until now because Sue just had a baby and will be away for a bit. Adam has a very good understanding of construction and the quality of how and why things are made a certain way, and Jess has a great eye for design, so blending them together is always entertaining and some of the secret sauce to everything.

What it was like when they started 5:21
Some of the roles played when starting 9:26
Do you recommend working with your spouse? 16:13
The first market they went to 19:00
Who Jess likes to surround herself with 23:51
How the vision has changed 31:09
The hardest part of running this business over the years 36:15
Getting Jess to be the face 38:38
Quick questions 42:18
How has this business affected our family? 48:02

“Something that you really, really latch onto, and maybe the question is ‘where did this come from?’ but it’s your communication skills. Like when you’re working with a client, when you’re with a friend, or whatever, I’m always so impressed by how it goes beyond the surface and you really want to understand their needs and their wants, and how this piece is going to function within their home and not that it just looks pretty. I think a lot of people can build off a lot of pretty things, but will it last over time? And will it continue to be pretty and functional, and serve people’s needs.” 27:52
News Letter:
Jul 21, 2022
Keeping Traditional Fresh | Reviving Conventional Design
Today we have a special treat for you. We’ve got Kristina Kellett and Jessica Talbot who are both senior designers at Alice Lane Home. We had a question from one of our listeners about how to keep traditional design fresh, so we brought in the designers to get their opinions, some of the work they’re doing, and some of the risks they take to just update, freshen, or even what our fresh approach is to keep things looking amazing.

Kristina’s and Jessica’s expertise 2:18
Where they get their inspiration from 4:44
Paint colors and finishes 9:52
How to keep traditional design fresh 12:40
Some more projects we’re doing to keep it fresh 19:01
Wallpapers 20:43
Tricks for pattern on pattern 22:04
Tile 26:09
Window treatments 29:40
Final advice 33:40

“You’re gonna pair something really geometric with something very flowy. So if you get this really cool Gracie paper, you probably want something more structured on the floor and maybe less opinionated because you want this Gracie paper to shine, but it’s still OK to put a pattern on the floor. It’s still OK to layer a piece of art on top of your Gracie paper, and it’s still great to start layering in mirrors and these sparkly elements that all just add to the story.” 22:11

News Letter:
Jul 14, 2022
Trends That Should Go! | Styles We Don’t Agree With
We have lots of opinions about the trends we think should go, which is very polarizing, so don’t be offended if you have something we don’t like and love it. You do you, but we definitely have some opinions to share. This kind of got sparked in our idea bank when we were looking at an article called “Ten Designers Share What Trends Need to Disappear Forever.” Naturally this caught our eye, and we were curious to see if we agree or disagree. These are some of the greats that we look up to and have all heard of, so we’ll let you know who the designer was, what they thought, and then what our own thoughts are on each item or topic.

Ashley Hicks and feature walls 2:58
Drew McGukin on macrame 4:59
Fern Santini and suites of furniture 9:38
Charles de Lisle’s opinion on waterfall countertops 13:32
Caleb Anderson - Barn doors and accent walls 18:22
Natalie Kraiem - Edison light bulbs 20:53
Young Huh - Neon signs for art 22:10
White walls 23:59

“If you are in the price point of a granite and you’re looking for it, there are interesting granites. Don’t get the one that looks like mystery meat. Don’t get the pebbly one because that one is just cacophonous for the eye, but there are ones that just have still some interesting, larger scale veining and we’ve seen some of these pop up, and we’re like ‘What is that?’ and they’re like ‘It’s a granite,’ and we’re like ‘Oh my gosh! Thank the heavens that there’s more than just the one mystery brown.’” 16:14
News Letter:
Jul 07, 2022
Pattern & Scale | Answering Listener Questions
Today we’re talking pattern, scale, rhythm, and repeats. This is a really important part of design and keeps things from looking too stale, static, or flat. Pattern preference really depends on what kind of person you are and whether you end up wanting something different down the road hinges on if you’re the kind of person that constantly needs to be changing your style (like in what you wear) or if you’re a person who always wears the same colors, jewelry, and generally stick with the same styles. We touch on a lot more with pattern and scale, which you can find below.

How to do plaid without it looking like a farmhouse 5:57
Should pillows have different or repeated patterns? 9:49
How to know you won’t tire of a pattern? 11:39
Mixing contemporary and traditional 15:12
Should you repeat patterns to make things cohesive? 18:43
Carpet 19:01
Best pattern for traditional grand millennial nursery 22:17 +1:52
Combining patterns 23:31
One good tip for understanding pattern and scale 28:12
How to decide scale for furniture size vs the room 28:38
Finding scale problems in your room 33:16
Pillow sizes 35:32
Small art 36:33
When to go small 38:02
Living room lamp size 39:45

“I think as you design your home that you should think about what those memory points are gonna be because even though it’s for you, the people that come by will associate those patterns or rhythms of wall paneling or whatever it may be. They might remember your powder bath, but those things are the things that tell your story.” 5:30
News Letter:
Jun 30, 2022
Answering Listener Questions | More Design Details for Our Listeners
Today we’re doing listener questions again because after looking at the data, it shows that these are your favorite podcast episodes. Whenever we answer your questions, everyone seems to tune in, so we always want to make sure we do this for you guys after saving up the questions until we have enough to do one of these. If you have a specific question you’d like answered on here, send in your question to

Must have item for kitchen styling 2:16
Rug material for high traffic area 7:03
Best color and material for bathroom fixtures 10:11
If lighting is brass, should knobs be brass? 13:28
Vaulted vs coffered ceilings 22:34
Finding quality craftsmen 26:48
Elegant ceiling fan 31:58
How to elevate a cookie cutter or tracked home 35:53
Does Alice Lane offer design service for just one or two rooms? 40:29
Great vintage looking tile that is budget friendly 42:57
The most important thing to update when renovating a room 44:58
Making a shower curtain look chic 46:45
Pocket doors 48:43
Fabric 51:12
Can you put a mirror in the middle of a two window wall? 54:32

“So we have a service, it’s called ‘It’s Furniture Designers’ and it’s free. So you guys, they are going to choreograph and use everything from our showroom and inside of our warehouse that’s ready to go out, they know how to use our website. They just all have really, really gorgeous taste and they’re designers. A lot of them are graduated, they’re using AutoCAD and you’re gonna talk to them on the phone, send them your measurements, Pinterest pictures, and then they’re gonna lay out all the furniture.” 40:44
News Letter:
Jun 23, 2022
Pools | Best Design Choices and Layouts
Today we are going to be talking about pools and it’s Summer time, we’re all thinking about it, and some of you are planning them for your future homes, so we’re here to talk about everything we’ve learned and all that we can share with you from an interior designer’s perspective. There are a lot of questions we’ve had for different pools and price points, so we want to talk about the different types of pools, and then we get into the one we used most as designers for homeowners that want something really pretty and lovely.

The limitations that may come with pools 2:55
Different types of pools 4:38
The anatomy of the pool 8:57
Salt water vs chlorine pools 11:40
Making above-ground pools look beautiful 13:57
Pool covers 19:04
Pool depth/child and safety 20:57
Stone and tile, patio material for cold weather 28:33
Black bottom pools 33:58
Hot tubs 37:44
Beach towels 39:54

“We did this one home down in St. George and they called it a spool… spool is for small pool, and it was just enough for them to get wet, for the kids when it’s so hot in Saint George, but they didn’t have a group of room back there. So spool is great, and he was also saying that where he lived he did a lap pool that was 70 feet by 5 feet, strictly for laps, but you can do a pool to whatever constraints you have land wise. You can get as big as you want, or as small as you want.” 16:25
News Letter:
Jun 16, 2022
Paloma Contreras Interview | Tips and Methods She Uses for Design
Today we’ve got Paloma Contreras who is an award winning interior designer and taste maker based in Houston Texas. Her design is a modern take on traditional style gravitating toward classic silhouettes and timeless pieces paired with a touch of glamour and an infusion of color. Paloma is highly decorated when it comes to being a designer. She’s in the Next Wave interior designer by House Beautiful and has been named on LUXE Magazine’s gold list, the ELLE Decor A List, and she has also been named number 4 on Forbes list of the Top Social Media influencers in the home category.

Her book Dream, Design, Live 3:15
How she starts with people who are stumped 9:14
Kips Bay Showhouse 11:47
Paloma’s style 17:27
Sources of inspiration 20:03
Tried and true design advice 23:31
Being a teacher 26:07
What she’s learned from having a showroom 29:38

“You usually get about 2 and a half months from the time that you’re asked to participate until opening night and in this particular case of Palm Beach, we couple that with a pandemic and a global supply chain crisis and it’s not for the faint of heart, but I actually loved that part of it. I loved the challenge and having sort of the satisfaction at the end of it to think ‘OK guys, we pulled this off. We did it.’ And you know, that feels really great.” 14:38
News Letter:
Jun 09, 2022
Cabinets | Everything You Need to Know Part 2
Today is part two on cabinetry. We had 4 pages of questions from you guys and got tired the last episode and quit early, but today we wanted to try and be less wordy with these ones and get through them all as best we can. We talked about a whole plethora of things, such as what tones have become more popular, or what styles will stand the test of time, to which we answered that it depends on you. Know who you are and style so that things represent who you are.

Refinishing and changing the style 2:36
Details to watch for 4:37
Affordability 7:46
A shift in tones 10:50
What style will stand the test of time? 15:15
Glass shelving vs wood and clear fronts vs solid 17:06
Lighting a cabinet 19:00
Design layout of the kitchen 20:44
Flat panel drawer fronts with shaker doors 26:35
Storage 27:33
Cabinet must haves 31:51
Island dos and don’ts 41:18

“A lot of homes that we do have what we call a show kitchen, which is the beautiful place that they spread their doordash on, or maybe they’re cooking and they just have this lovely party place, but then behind, like say you have your range wall, you’ll have a big pantry and it’s usually a bit more linear and you have other secondary appliances that you need if you’re like ‘I have to have another double oven,’ you might throw that in there. You’ll usually have another sink back there, you’ll have these spots.” 23:03
News Letter:
Jun 02, 2022
Party Pantry | A Perfect Place to Store All Your Fun Items
Many of you may be wondering what the party pantry is, which is why we have set aside a whole episode on it. We didn’t really feel like the party pantry had a name, but we felt like we were doing it even before and we first saw it on Veranda, which also goes by the name of party closet. In a word, it’s a place where you’re going to store all your things to party, such as your cake plates, tea pots, vases to put flowers in, napkin rings, birthday candles, table cloths, and things you’re actually excited to store and display.

Where it came from 2:13
Creating a butler’s pantry for a client 8:08
The aroma kitchen 9:42
The butler’s pantry 13:07
Reconfiguring a client’s kitchen 15:41
Tiger oak’s pantry 18:01
A beautiful pantry we did 20:12

“I just think there’s something about going through and seeing your collections and seeing all your tea cups, and saucers, and travel little bits and pieces that you bring home in one place. A lot of times the butler’s pantry is in route from the kitchen to the dining room. That’s historically where you see that.” 13:36
News Letter:
May 26, 2022
Remaining Unique with Laura Kirar | Remarkable Design and Experiences
Laura Kirar is the founder and Creative Director at Laura Kirar Design (LKD). She is an internationally renowned interior & product designer as well as a sculptor, a design industry connector and a creative experience producer. She’s in every single highly published shelter magazine that we love, she’s an artist, she’s fun, and we got to hang out with her at Market this last Fall, 2021. You just get lost in the conversation because she just has so many great stories and is just a truly inspired individual. We’re so excited to share this great conversation we had with Laura for all our listeners to enjoy.

Laura’s history 4:32
Her guesthouse boutique in Mexico 9:28
Travel and her process of working with someone in Mexico 15:31
The process of working with brands 22:27
Favorite era 32:34
Favorite icons and inspiration 34:31

“In a collection I think there’s always places for what I’ve always called the little black dress pieces, and then the jewelry pieces, and you always have to have the foundation pieces in a collection to make it work, but then the jewelry should be really exciting, it should be really uniquely original and memorable. They’re not just the things that the press grab onto, but eventually it’s just great designers, such as yourselves, say, ‘Yeah, let’s go for it. Let’s do that. That’s perfect for that client.’ So that’s what I see as a designer as my job is to push the boundaries, push the limits, and create something new.” 27:17

News Letter:
May 19, 2022
Cabinets | Everything You Need to Know Part 1
We’ve had so many questions about cabinets, so we have gone to some experts and done quite a bit of research in order to be able to answer the various questions you might have on this subject. The cost of cabinetry is speculated to be around 15-20% of the home, which is similar to what we recommend for furniture when people are willing to go all in and style their home to its fullest potential. The cabinet work and finish work are two separate things, which many may assume is the same worker, and then your sizing is typically going to be custom, being what we often push on this podcast.

The cost of cabinetry 2:29
1960’s Colonial home and cabinet door profiles 5:31
Is your cabinet maker also the one to do the moldings? 15:06
What to expect from your cabinet maker 18:42
Sizing 22:37
Dimensions of drawers for pots and pans 26:56
Ideal height of sideboard/buffet and barstools 27:48
Color 30:34
Paint vs stain 33:31
Is white out? 37:16
Timeless wood stain and grain of wood 40:07
Should white cabinets match the trim color? 45:28
Backsplash, order of install 46:39
Refinishing and filling knots 48:28

“Somebody wanted to know, is your cabinet maker also the one to do the moldings? So these are like your door casings, your window casings, your crown molding, that paneling you’ve always dreamed of in your dining room. The answer is no, that’s your finish worker. You do need a finish work budget and you need a cabinet work budget, they’re two different things. Maybe in a small town he does both, but for the most part they’re different specialties.” 15:09
News Letter:
May 12, 2022
High Point Market Spring 2022 Recap | What Jess Experienced While There
We’re talking about one of our favorite topics, which is High Point Market. We’re gonna tell you all about it, answering the questions of what’s new, what’s the latest, and addressing concerns about making huge purchases like new furniture, which can cost a lot, so we’re here to answer your questions and give you the information you’re searching for. High Point is an entire city and all they do is furniture, so you have to know your lay of the land and have vendors with appointments and special buyer’s cards. It took us a while, but we’re finally good at it and want to share our experience with you.

A consistent trend Jess saw 9:07
What space she felt the most at home in 17:51
What blew Jess away 23:51
A funny story at Market 30:43
What Jess bought for herself 37:10

“Do not ask me if you can buy them because then I’ll have to sell them to you because everything’s always for sale, but I do not want to sell them. They’re so beautiful… It’s one of the things that I purchased that I just love so much that really I’m like, ‘Please don’t buy it. I just want it to stay in the store forever, it gives it soul.’” 29:32
News Letter:
May 05, 2022
Interiors with Kara Mann | Smart Design Choices and Process
Today we’ve got a really fun guest with us who is a big hero and favorite of Susan’s and mine.
Kara Mann is the founder and creative director of KARA MANN established in 2005 with offices in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Over the past fifteen years, she has acquired the reputation of a cultural vanguard for pushing the boundaries of tradition. Her impactful, refined interiors draw inspiration from a myriad of creative fields including art, architecture, and fashion, where Mann began her career. Join us in this episode to listen to our discussion about Kara’s design process and some of her favorite design choices.

How Kara started 1:45
Kept 6:22
Leather Collection 9:41
From where Kara draws inspiration 16:08
Travel and books 21:18
What scent she’s crushing over now 23:59
What influenced her to get to her point of view 24:42
Her design process 26:14
Favorite piece she’s designed 29:07
Defining luxury 38:28

“I like to dialogue with my client a lot to get to understand who they are and what they are, and I always say you have to pull some references for me. And if they don’t have references, I’m like, ‘Here’s a second magazine, look at this thing and pull some images.’ Because I wanna know what they see, and so for me it’s sort of getting into their head and into what they see, and what they gravitate to and how I can take that and turn the volume up or quiet it down a little bit, or guide that in a certain way.” 27:51

News Letter:
Apr 28, 2022
Answering Listener Questions | Our Tips and Preferences for You
For today’s episode we will be answering all of your questions you’ve asked and sent us in recent months. We do an episode like this about once every quarter in which we answer the questions that have a shorter answer, but we sometimes do whole episodes around one question if it requires a lot more explanation. Send in your questions to

Walls and trim color 3:13
Favorite wood tone for furniture 5:47
Pattern curtains vs rugs 9:46
Jess’s front door and home 12:09
Questions for Sue and picking art 19:20
Questions on windows 24:53
One thing that every room needs 32:11
Best tip for warming up white walls 37:04
Kelvin/light temperature 39:38
What to put on a 9 foot dining table 46:20
Styling a very large basement wall with a TV, but no fireplace 51:45

“I think we’re done with that day where people are painting their walls just white. It looks like a white piece of paper. That’s not cool anymore. I think you want something that looks more organic, more artisan, and has a little bit of warmth to it. It doesn’t have to be beige, it doesn’t have to be taupe, but there is a white that is a lot more special.” 37:16
News Letter:
Apr 21, 2022
Windows with John Valdez | Best Options and Advice
We’ve got John Valdez with with Epic Windows and Doors and we’re so excited to have him because we get asked all the time as interior designers about windows and we don’t have the answers always, so we felt like if John came on and answered all the questions, then all of us would know all of the answers. In this episode he gives us a vocabulary history lesson and answers all the questions you guys have been asking us.

Deciding about windows and how early to start planning them 3:05
Vocabulary, grids and mullions 9:34
Remodeling and jumping the frame 16:06
Glass, tint, and efficiency 19:50
Adding charm to your windows and home with casements, awnings, and sliders 27:15
Modern vs traditional homes 30:11
Nanawall 33:37
The steel windows 39:11
Price differences between vinyl and aluminum 43:03
Screens 47:08
Windows in bathrooms 48:31

“There’s a type called Satin Edge, which is kind of a sandblasted, contemporary looking obscure glass, or what’s become really popular and I do quite often is Switch Glass where you’ll have either on a Lutron switch or a switch on the wall, or it can be wired in your automation system, where with the flip of a switch it goes from clear to obscure.” 49:02
News Letter:
Apr 14, 2022
Tips to Creating an Outdoor Kitchen | Open Air Cooking and Dining Area
Not everyone wants to have an outdoor kitchen and in fact, none of us on this podcast has one, but we know there are plenty of people out there with great backyards who love to be outside, entertain, and love to grill. So if this is something that sounds fun and interesting to you, we’re gonna tell you which products we recommend and we’ve been calling all the experts this week to give you the very best advice. We’re working currently on an outdoor kitchen in Saint George, Utah where you’ll find palm trees everywhere and it’s gorgeous all year and we want to share some tips and the things we’re doing.

The outdoor kitchen we’re doing 2:45
Countertops 4:14
Faucet, sink, and stainless steel 6:12
A concept we love 7:53
Appliances 9:43
Dishes 12:29

“A couple things to keep in mind from all of the experts we’re talking to is if you can find an area of your yard, or create an area that has some sort of shade or coverage, then your outdoor kitchen and the appliances in them are going to last a lot longer than if they’re baking in the sun year round.” 2:48
News Letter:
Apr 07, 2022
Media Rooms | The Theater and Entertaining Spaces
In this episode we’re talking about home theaters and entertaining spaces, or as people like to call them today, media rooms. There are some great brands out there for carpet that we love, one being Stark, which has really gorgeous authentic designs to its quality and is super fashionable, but they have some tailored options too if you’re a little bit more preppy. There’s a line or sister of Stark called Prestige and they are the exact same designs and they are maybe 40-50% more affordable. We like to use sconces to light up the walls and provide a little bit more atmosphere with a more dim effect. There are some really great sound bars out there now that have really simplified the sound system process, but make sure to get a professional when figuring out the acoustics of your theater or media room to ensure you have the most strategic setup.

Lighting 3:22
Sound treatment 5:19
Carpet 6:32
Finish work and wall tone 9:49
More on lighting 13:37
Seating 15:46
Wall posters 17:44
Sound systems 22:30
Insulation and sound barriers 26:59
What we’re currently working on 28:04

“I think whenever we start one of these spaces, like if it is an actual theater, I think people are usually looking at architecturally what is going to set this space apart? Whether that’s finish work and paneling, we usually see wall sconces and theatrics there, and you can get really funky, be it you want to be more formal, or you want it to have more of a young energy, I think that that’s when you skin the room. That’s what that does.” 3:31
News Letter:
Mar 31, 2022
Everything You Want to Know about Vintage Rugs | Interview with Gady Our Rug Expert
Today we talk to our special guest Gady Yesil, the owner and creator of Orientalist Home, where they bring more than 25 years of passion and experience in fine rugs and textiles. They travel around the world, collecting exotic, traditional, and modern handmade pieces and bring to the market the latest designs and color trends. We’re going to discuss vintage rugs and all things rugs, such as hand knotted rugs, different materials, why rugs are so valuable, what makes them last longer, and lots of wonderful questions we ask from a lot of our listeners and even questions we have for Gady as well.

About Gady 2:17
How to clean a rug 5:09
Best climate for rugs 10:53
Hierarchy of rugs and shopping online 13:21
What Gady looks for 16:30
The weaving process 21:32
What size he most commonly sells 29:41
What he has in his home 33:01
Defining luxury 35:05

“They sleep on the rugs at night, so the snake doesn’t like the feeling of that goat hair because it’s itchy. They use goat hair as a binding so the snake doesn’t go over the carpet. You see how smart they are? It’s unbelievable. They found that technique and they protect themselves.” 25:52

News Letter:
Mar 24, 2022
Gallery Walls | Ideal Arrangements of Art
We get asked this question again and again across all our platforms, so today we decided to give the people what they want and talk about how we do gallery walls. It’s a visual game of Tetris and memory collecting, and we talk about where to do it because you don’t want a gallery wall in your entry. For gallery walls, you want to have somewhat of a theme where you don’t want to have a picture of George Washington, and then your family right next to it. You can put textiles on the walls, such as a nice scarf from your travels to give it texture, and then for music artists, putting vinyl records or instruments is great.

Tried and true tips on hanging art on walls 1:48
Is there a rule for mixing and matching in a gallery wall? 7:17
How to put it together 16:17
Favorite gallery wall items 21:42
Common mistakes 28:14
Spacing and dimensions 32:36

“Make sure you have a level, but then also look at when you’re hanging a piece of art because not always is your ceiling, or whatever comparable line you’re looking at your art next to, not always is that gonna be straight. Your eye is gonna be your biggest truth finder.” 3:37
News Letter:
Mar 17, 2022
Favorite Movie Sets from Pop Culture | Influential Cinema and Design
In this episode we’re talking about our favorite TV and movie sets that are pop culture, and somehow they influence the decisions we make for purchasing. Certain trends that bubble up, whether it be for the home or fashion, or for the way somebody tucks their shirt in, or flips their hair, or whatever else, we are all influenced in some way. There’s an undercurrent going on, sometimes it’s stronger than others, and depending on where we are in the world, we see certain things bubble up that are maybe unnaturally trending because of pop culture, which is so influential. We want to talk about where things come from and have a lot of movies we want to discuss and the things that have come from there and influenced a lot of our clientele.

Nancy Meyers 6:48
Father of the Bride 11:28
The white kitchen 17:54
Home Again 22:21
The Royal Tenenbaums 28:10
Knives Out 31:05
The Holiday 34:30

“One thing that I really love about it is I love wood, all the finish work in it is wood, it’s dark. I feel like it represents the movie really well because it just sets this very mysterious, very gloomy looking feeling. It just sets the vibe.” “You don’t know who to trust in Knives Out.” “Yeah, ornate finish work, an old person who’s lived a full life, collected a lot of things, tons of books, some art work, and taxidermy. You can almost smell the house from just looking at it.” 31:06
News Letter:
Mar 10, 2022
Our Favorite Guilty Household Pleasures | Improving Life One Luxury at a Time
Today we’re talking about those things that can be a splurge and don’t have to be, but they just make us so happy. They make life easier and more beautiful. Sue loves linen sheets as they look nice and breathe super well, improving one’s sleep, and we can agree that a good pillow, like the brand called Coop, can go a long way in terms of luxury and comfort. Getting alluring aromas is a pleasure we love to indulge because it’s great to get compliments on how you or your house smells. The bathroom setup is often key to defining luxury in your home where you can have a place to bathe in comfort, and then you want an area that provides you with all the possibilities and necessities in getting ready for the day.

Some of Sue’s favorite guilty pleasures 2:18
Pillows 4:07
Towel warmer and scents 7:07
Baths and luffas 13:34
Hair and bathroom products 15:09
A gorgeous product for the closet 20:17
The kitchen 23:15
Slippers 26:16
Entry dish 29:36
Hand knotted rugs, sofa throw, and original art 31:28

“I have 2 vanities for my husband and I, both in corners of the bathroom, and then in the middle is a seated area where I can sit and do my makeup in front of a window, and there’s just something about natural light. I can see if I need to pluck my eyebrows, I can see when I need to draw on my eyeliner, if my foundation is right. It just tells the truth, where I feel like you just can’t get it if you’re getting ready in a hotel bathroom and there’s no window in there. So I think a window in a bathroom where you can sit down and get ready is a total luxury.” 19:45
News Letter:
Mar 03, 2022
Talking Indoor Plants and Trees | Interview with Expert Brock Saucier
Today we’ve got indoor plant and tree expert Brock Saucier with Northland Design and Landscape Architecture. They do land planning, we use them a lot in our projects, and Brock is kind of a unicorn because he has a background in interiors and landscape, so he’s the perfect one to whom we can really ask these questions. A great trending plant right now is cactus, which are low maintenance and you can even find some like euphorbias, which are actually poinsettias, but they do well in lower light. If you feel your home is over-decorated, a great way to help your eye “rest” from the extra decor is by adding plants.

What’s trending right now 1:21
What is the source for larger trees? Trees for low light? 5:20
What plants are best for the kitchen vs living room vs dining room 10:28
What type of olive tree to use 14:26
Fertilizers 17:40
Plants, pets, and babies 20:23
Plants for lazy people 26:38
How to get the Fiddly Fig to branch out instead of straight up 27:31
Height and size of tree relative to windows, placement, scale, and pot size 29:11
Plants and design styles 31:18

“There are a lot of palms that are great. There’s the Parlor Palm that is great for low light. I love a Fishtail Palm, I think people overlook Fishtail Palms. They’re super hearty and you can’t kill one. It’ll do great in medium light, it’ll do great in high light. They’re really, really easy to take care of.” 6:55
News Letter:
Feb 24, 2022
What to Look for When Shopping Online | Advice to Keep in Mind
In this episode we’re talking about how to shop online. We’ve gotten to this age where people make so many decisions and like to do it online because it’s hard to get out and do it in the real world during a pandemic, so we just want to give you a few guidelines based on our shopping experience. We shop for other people all day every day, make decisions for them in making a home, and we would like to share some of our guidelines with you when looking online. Some of this might be common sense to you while other things like dimensions and whatnot that make things look really designer, rich, and full might be new information.

Shop somewhere that matches your style and scale 2:18
Understanding your true North 6:23
Sofas 8:04
Fabrics 19:18
Oils and rugs 20:38
End table 28:52
Lighting 29:34
Getting help 32:48
Rugs 34:21

“I think most of the higher end furniture vendors we carry, the frames are doweled, glued, and screwed. I think a cheaper frame is gonna be stapled together. So yeah, if your son grows up to be a teenager and he’s still jumping, that puppy’s gonna come unstapled if it’s stapled.” 11:45
News Letter:
Feb 17, 2022
Talking Florals with Expert Allison Badley
Today we talk to Allison Baddeley, the founder of La Fete Florals, an all Inclusive event production and floral design company, creating artistically designed and flawlessly executed local Utah and destination weddings and events since 2012. Greens in florals are no longer really in style, but we are now in a trend where anything goes and people have become more individualistic in what they want, so you won’t see a lot of the same style choices when going from one event to another. A lot of flowers that are used right now are from Japan, as the US doesn’t grow much during the Winter season, but Allison says you can get some of the most beautiful flower options during February-March and she says even some flowers are as big as your face.

How Alison got into florals 2:41
Hanging flowers from the ceiling 8:35
Greenery is not in style for florals 9:57
What else is in style right now? 12:17
Ikebana 16:43
How soon should you start thinking about flowers for an event? 21:17
Making florals last longer 26:39
Foraging and snipping 30:30
What to plant to create a bouquet 35:53

“That style of not having any greens and any filler in your flowers is a huge trend right now. Some of you might think, ‘OK, well that’s just a bunch of roses.’ No. I still want to create texture and depth, and places for that little butterfly to fly through your centerpiece, and I want to create something that’s interesting for your eye. So I think doing that, making these all flower, or all non green centerpieces has been really fun. It’s almost like painting a painting.” 10:46
Feb 10, 2022
Hardware | Worth the Splurge
We’ve had a lot of questions lately about hardware. Kitchen hardware, bath hardware, all the different types of hardwares and we felt like we should get an expert in here to sort of break down what makes amazing hardware, so we’ve called on our best buddy, Kirk, who is the provo showroom manager for Mountainland Design, which is a place that sells appliances, hardware, and everything for bath and kitchen. They have locations in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and they are the place to buy everything. The supply chain as of late has slowed renovations and construction down a bit, so Kirk tells us about how long it’s taking right now to receive certain items or colors (16 weeks for certain cabinet colors).

How far out is hardware? 1:36
Hierarchy of knobs 3:54
The rule of 7 9:58
Light switch hardware 12:20
Mixing metals in a chic way 14:51
Is brass lasting, or a trend? 18:46
Mixing styles 20:42
The most timeless color of hardware 23:44
Weight, finish, or shape? 26:07
Where to splurge 28:45
Most interesting pieces Kirk’s ever used 33:02

“A living finish is gonna be your bronze, and they’ll go through a patina process to get the different colors. You’ll have your base metals in all these lines, but then you’ll have the patinas, which make them darker, like Rocky Mountain’s brushes and things, but when you’re talking living finish, you’re signing up for something that’s gonna get more beautiful with age. As you touch it, fill it, use it, it’s going to patina and change, and that’s the beauty of it.” 11:46
News Letter:
Feb 03, 2022
Nurseries | Creating a Room for Baby
We’ve had a lot of listeners write in and they have a lot of questions about creating the ideal nursery. The nursery space is such a precious area and we’ve done a lot of them, so we’re excited to share what we know with you. We recommend white draperies if you’re planning on having more kids, as choosing a specific color, like pink for example, can give it more of a girl’s room feel. Having a diffuser for the nursery and having a night lamp can give the nursery a nice atmosphere to make that experience of getting up in the night to tend to your baby a bit more bearable. Try putting a sheep skin at the foot of the crib so you have something nice for your bare feet to stand on.

How to design a nursery that looks designed, but has a child/baby element 2:08
Draperies and how to decide what to spend/save on 4:27
Creating a nursery in a small space, but still loving it 9:46
Make a nursery feel special for working mom and stay-at-home mom 13:31
Nursery must-haves - “Seating for mom, obviously, a little lamp. So lighting, something kind of small with a 3 way switch so you can do the dimmest one” “Have things on dimmers, it’ll be easier in the middle of the night for sure… just have a great chandelier too, like a great light is really great for the kid, again, now and when it’ll get older, by putting a special light up top.” 18:22
Books for baby 19:04
News Letter:
Jan 27, 2022
Let's Talk Color! | How to Use It and the Psychology of It
Today we wanted to talk about color and the psychology behind it, because there’s a lot more that goes into color than most people might think. People’s tastes in color can vary widely from one another and people can have different reactions to colors such as yellow where it might make them more energized and therefore you wouldn’t want to paint a room where people sleep in that color, as opposed to a pale pink color that might calm someone down. If you were to put complementary colors together, they would look like a sports jersey for example because they often combine opposite colors. Some people may see color better or worse than others, and that can be why color preferences vary so much between different people, like a husband and wife for example.

Referencing and using the color wheel in design 2:30
The psychology of color 5:41
Picking color last 10:35
Complementary colors versus analogous colors 13:03
Men and women often perceive color differently 19:13
Color combinations that are moody and great for walls 23:48
Adding color to a neutral room and what goes well with plants 26:23

“Complementary, I think we’re all familiar with that on the color wheel, it’s the ones that are exact opposites of each other. So red is complementary to green, blue is complementary to orange, and purple is complementary to yellow. Oftentimes we don’t apply that in a very primary situation, but as you go to those gradients, more secondary, if you want to feel real contrast from a space to another space, or in a material in that space that you’re painting green.” 13:20
News Letter:
Jan 20, 2022
Bedding 101: How to Personalize Your Sleep | Maximizing Your Comfort Level
We’re talking with Ashley Willis who is the brand manager at Malouf, a bedding company that we’ve been selling at Alice Lane Home for the last 5-7 years. We talk about thread count in sheets and the factors that go into having a high quality bed sheet, such as the high quality materials used like tensile, which helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Understanding your sleep preferences is necessary in experiencing the best sleep you can because not everyone has the same taste in bed sheets. Linen is durable, lasts a long time, and their linen is something that gets softer over time, the more it gets washed and is a favorite of many. They have various different types of pillows and Ashley talks about the various kinds and why they’re nice and how you can use each unique one for your comfort.

How Malouf got started and what’s special about what they do 1:38
Thread count 5:48
Are there sheets for equalizing between two different body temperatures? 8:15
Getting that magazine look for your bedding 10:37
Must haves for your bedding 13:02
Different types of fills 15:24
Linen bedding or just sheeting? 16:25
Pillows, dos and don’ts 17:52
What people don’t think about 22:36
Top selling sheet, fills, and pillow 24:48

“I think that sheets definitely serve utilitarian purpose in the sense that it’s the fabric that’s directly against your skin when you’re going to bed, but it also has a look to it, and so if you’re trying to bring in a very specific look to your bedroom, whether you want something that’s maybe warmer colors or cooler colors, also understanding what that looks like and how that plays in to the rest of your color palette for your space I think is really important as well.” 13:50

News Letter:
Jan 13, 2022
Creating A Playful Children's Space | Keeping Things Fun and Organized
Today we’re going to focus on play spaces and how to organize playrooms, and make those fun spaces, but we suggest you go back and listen to the “Designing the Perfect Kids Room” podcast from our show to get a nice warm up in organizing and trying to develop your kids’ space. We give some tips and ideas for organizing and making the best of your space when bedrooms are small and what you can do, such as cubbies or using a basement for toys and items that don’t need to be in the bedroom. You can help motivate your kids to clean up by explaining why it’s important to put the things in their places, or by telling them they can only have a certain amount of toys and to pick their favorites, and then give the remaining ones to kids who don’t have them.

Setting up a good floor plan to keep things clean and organized 2:16
Maximizing the space with small bedrooms 9:00
Suggestions on how to motivate your kids to keep things organized 14:33
What every kid should have in their room 17:37
Playrooms: how to make the space look nice and still function as a playroom 20:48
A good place to set up a craft table and keep it tidy 22:31
What is a fun kids room we’ve made? 25:19

“Even that first kid’s podcast, we talk about how kids have way better ideas than we do. Yes they sometimes need to be reigned in a little bit, but you get to choose. It’s kind of like with Halloween costumes. I love that Nolan picks out his Halloween costume because I get to remember what he was into at that moment and looking back at those pictures is so sweet, and it’s kind of the same thing with their rooms.” 18:43
News Letter:
Jan 06, 2022
Best of 2021 Guests | Snippets from Our Top Guest Podcast Episodes of 2021
Following our previous episode, we’re sharing our favorite moments from guest episodes that have been released this year for you to enjoy again. Don’t forget to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on anything coming this next year. Happy New Year!

Fresh taste making with Courtney Grow 0:22
Working with the right architect - Colton Broadbent 3:04
An interview with Rachel Parcell 10:11
Destination of Scent with Rami Mekdachi 14:47
Power of Organization - Salt by Sabrina 23:23
Entertaining with Rebecca Gardner 28:38
Thomas Pheasant 36:32
News Letter:
Dec 30, 2021
Best of the Best | Snippets from Our Top Podcast Episodes of 2021
As we come to the close of this year, we wanted to share some of the pieces from our top podcast episodes of 2021. We want to thank our listeners for such a great year we’ve had and can’t wait to share with you everything coming in 2022. Happy Holidays!

Designing the Primary Bath 0:22
Rules We Break 4:31
Molding & Millwork 8:12
Common Design Mistakes to Avoid Part 1 10:48
Common Design Mistakes to Avoid Part 2 15:17
Design World 20:03
Design on a Budget 26:13
5 Ways to Add Charm to a New Build 29:37
News Letter:
Dec 23, 2021
Answering Listener Questions | Top 15 Inquiries
Today we’ve got a fun one. We’ve had so many questions from our listeners and decided to put 15 of them into one episode. Sue and Jess haven’t had a chance to look at the questions yet, so Cori will be reading them, and then Jess and Sue will give their answers. Swivel reclining chairs have typically been less pleasing to the eye, but recently better styles have been coming out and moving furniture is one of the more sought after items these days and our teams here at Alice lane can help you find something great for the men in your life. A great way to add family photos to your design is create a space where you can display your favorite moments you’ve captured and display them in a reverent way.

Where do you shop for dresses? 1:40
Best options for a men’s recliner 7:42
Do you need dark curtains with dark paint? 10:22
Favorite materials for covered porches 12:24
How to bring color in a neutral furnished room? 13:47
Go-to framing for art 16:09
Best tips for a gallery wall in a hallway or bedroom 19:59
How we add family photos into our design 23:29
Should we prioritize replacing old decor or buying pieces we don’t currently own 25:30
How long should a console table be that sits behind your sofa? 29:30
How to address lighting in a room without an outlet 32:07
What to do about a tiny gap between countertop and a window 33:54
Where we go for inspiration 34:58
How we decorate the office at work 39:30

“Not using a paper mat is always ideal. If you have to use a cardboard paper mat, that’s great, just do a really thick one with a beveled edge. That’s gonna look awesome, and then some people are like, allergic to gold and they only like silver, or they want to do black frames. Whatever your metal is, or your neutral, just lean into it and find the one that looks the most expensive.” 16:44
News Letter:
Dec 16, 2021
Living with Your Layout | What to Do When You Can’t Expand
We’ve had a lot of questions lately about people with floor plans that are hard for them to know what to do when trying to pull their house together in a beautiful, cohesive way. With a split level open area, you can give both areas their own interpretations to give them separate personalities instead of giving the two similar designs. We give our thoughts one what to do if you have a room with two focal points, such as a TV on one side and a fireplace on the other. In this situation, we suggest splitting the room so that you can have an area facing the fireplace with maybe a chess table, and then a couch facing the other way to focus on the TV. For traffic flow, try pulling things away from the wall when possible, to help in letting people travel around through the room. Rugs are great for creating multiple groupings of furniture and other elements to pull everything in that small area together when you may not have a wall to do so.

Our awesome website 1:18
Split level open area 2:09
What to do with more than one focal point 5:57
An open concept floor plan and decorating a two story room’s final layer 10:01
Traffic flow 14:44
The rug 17:30

“We don’t live in a big house, but I do love when I turn to go down this hallway where our bedrooms are at and it’s just art, but the biggest piece of art, and the most dynamic piece of art and the glossiest piece of art is at the very end and I flip on the lights and I’m like ‘Ah, there you are!’ Vantage points are so critical.” 16:55
News Letter:
Dec 09, 2021
Interview with Thomas Pheasant | Finding Innovative Inspiration
Thomas Pheasant is internationally recognized for his 30 years of creating interiors. His diverse accomplishments have been widely published in the most prestigious architectural and interior design magazines around the world. In 2005, he was honored by Architectural Digest US with the distinction "Dean of American Design". Based in Washington, D.C. he continues to work on residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. We listen to Thomas Pheasant’s story as he went from being an architect to doing both architecture and interior design and how he finds his inspiration in developing his unique style that you can find in The New Collection for example.

How Thomas got started 3:01
Interior architecture 11:17
Blair House 14:07
About the New Collection 24:07
His process 36:00
His time in Paris 41:18
How he defines luxury 52:26

“Try to find your voice as soon as you can. There are a lot of creative people who do really well. They’ll do anything, they can do modern, they’ll do art deco, they’ll do Williamsburg, or whatever and they make a lot of money. You can be successful, but I think if you wanna have a career and have that personal power inside yourself, that energy, you gotta find your voice and allow the people who recognize it come to you and they will propel you.” 21:12
News Letter:
Dec 03, 2021
Closet Design | Making Your Space Reflect You
Today we are talking about closet design and are sharing some tips for creating more closet space, including knocking down walls and using a room next to your bedroom. We talk windows and the role they play and a few other tricks for arranging storage & furniture. We have some suggestions for mirrors and our love for valet rods and hooks. We talk about using wallpaper in your closet and the unexpected surfaces to cover that will elevate the feel of the room & give some tips on how to enrich the perspective of your closet. If you are building out your own closet, we talk give some good suggestions of businesses who specialize in closet construction and design. Don't forget to listen to our earlier episode about closet organization as well!
News Letter:
Nov 25, 2021
Market Recap | Great Things We Have Come Across
We’ve been asked several times since returning from market about what we saw while there, what’s coming, what’s out, what we’re expecting, what the latest colors and trends are. We hadn’t been to market since before all the pandemic stuff, so we wanted to answer that call of those questions and we are so excited to share with you what we’ve seen and learned. We love antique rugs because they’re unique and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world, so we’ll go out and talk to our rug flipper who will pick up these old, but nice rugs which we can use to give spaces that unique, cosy, and happy look. We love going to market because we get to see these top quality setups and designs that designers have been spending 6 months on to present, which we then get to show to our own clients.

Have a piece of Alice Lane in your home for free 1:27
The color scheme 4:50
Antique rugs 6:23
Color is still a thing 8:29
Motion is important now 11:20
The diagonal arm and neutrals 12:35
More on color and rugs 15:31
Bedding 18:14
Metal 19:18
Vintage 21:06
Why we love going to market 26:43

“The nickel would look really fly with that bittersweet chocolate, I’m just gonna say, very Ralph Lauren, right? We’re still gonna see it and we’re still gonna mix metals, but gold isn’t out, guys. It’s still antique, it still has a trueness to it. It wasn’t just a brush gold.” “And we’re probably going to still choose it 70% of the time over nickel, but then nickel, we’re always gonna use nickel on a faucet, and I really don’t ever want to see gold silverware.” 19:56
News Letter:
Nov 18, 2021
Entertaining with Rebecca Gardner | Hosting Great Parties
The founder and creative director of House and Creative Parties, a full service event and interior design collective in Savannah and New York City. She’s been named a top event designer by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and her design work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Milieu, Town and Country, The Financial Times, and The New York Times. She established her design firm in 2010 and launched her online shop during 2020 called house and parties, which is a mix of private labels, artist commissions, and vintage pieces. “If your goal in hosting a party is to impress people, you have lost from the very beginning.” 24:36

Transitioning interiors to parties 4:18
How it begins with the clients 8:23
The headwear 12:46
The hostess 15:33
What to include in an intro 19:08
Inspiration 19:54
How is design a part of party planning? 22:21
The essentials of throwing a great party 24:45
A party trick 27:25
Dressing for a party 32:50
Rebecca’s dream party 34:04
The party favor 35:55
Music 38:11

“To me, the smaller parties that are like 60 tops are really where the magic happens because you have that time to stand back and pinch your chin, and move the little ditties around and step back, and play with the lighting. The bigger parties are fun because the scale is exciting and you have a major adrenaline rush, but you don’t get to split hairs and move around plastic snails under crystal goblets quite as much.” 9:37
News Letter:
Nov 11, 2021
How to Create an Elevated Space | Whether your Taste is Dressy or Casual
Today we’re talking about how to create an elevated space, whether your taste is dressy or casual. Either way, you can always create something great, as long as it’s the very best version of yourself. If you’re a dressy person, you’re likely going to be into shiny things, such as shiny velvets, silk drapes, original paintings, or shiny marble. The casual client is typically someone with the casual T-shirt, their style is a little more spontaneous, and they’re not hyper formal. Jess identifies herself as a high end casual, while Sue identifies as just a casual. The more formal homes will typically have more whites and blacks, like the checkered floors, but a casual home may have more wooden flooring and earthy colors throughout.

Dressy space 5:34
The casual person 9:10
Dressy and casual colors 14:06
Casual finishes 17:28
Sheers 21:49
Cory’s music room 24:41
Rugs 29:44

“Whether you want to spend the money on a rocky mountain hardware door set for your door, or don’t, go there for your inspiration. Always look at successful things, and then try and do something that’s like unto it if you can’t afford to do the great stuff. So that’s kind of where we live on this podcast, is to give you our very best advice, and then you take it and do with it what you will, but you always want to look successful and by successful we mean you always want it to feel like a professional helped you, whether it be casual or dressy.” 16:32
News Letter:
Nov 04, 2021
Install Nightmares | Mending Our Biggest Mistakes
In this episode we want to talk about the hurdles that have hit the furniture industry and consumer industry as a whole. And then go into install struggles and how we overcame those - make it light hearted and funny and plus our design services and how we love our clients and their understanding through it all. “We had a life coach come in and speak to us about 5 years ago and she had to release us from all of this trauma and say, ‘You guys were cowboys then.’ and she said, ‘Hurray for failure! That’s how you learn.’” 22:46

Gracie wallpaper nightmare 4:13
The cool monkey wallpaper 7:25
Installing a basement for a celebrity 10:26
Sue’s nightmare ink story 16:10
Year one of Alice Lane 18:27

“I come in and was like, ‘So what do you think? Are we good? Are there any edits you wanna make? Anything you want to add in?’ and she yells up to her husband, who was up in his office and was like, ‘Hey, so-and-so, what do you think?’ and he’s like, ‘Keep the chair. ONE chair.’” 21:36
News Letter:
Oct 28, 2021
Layering for Winter | Fall Time Additions
Today we want to talk about how we like to make our homes feel cozy during these winter months and our favorite layers we like to use to make our homes feel warm and inviting. There are so many warm and welcoming colors to add to your porch, such as pumpkins and velvety plants to match the season. This is the time of year you’re going to get a lot of guests and visitors, so filling up your porch with fun decorations and accessories is a great way to give your home that welcoming, warm touch. We recommend keeping some snips nearby and your eyes open during this season in case you spot some nice yew, or other similar plants to take from nature and enhance not just the visuals in your home, but the smells as well.

The porch 1:58
The entry 6:46
Entry hall table 13:10
Layers 15:33
Winter or Fall bed 22:08

“So that entry hall table, I always have some large books as well. Books that can be seasonal, like some entertaining books. I’ve got one on entertaining and the cover is like a silk, and it’s got this beautiful scene on it, and those warm earth tones look so good, especially at this time of year.” 13:11
News Letter:
Oct 21, 2021
7 Tips to Transform a Small Space (and Make It Seem Bigger)
We all have a space that we want to feel roomier. These are some tricks of the trade to create the illusion of a larger space. Everybody’s had a small space before. That starter home or rented space, a dorm room, first apartment, so we have a lot of space expanding tips we want to get into today. Sue tells about what she has done with color in her own home to make the room feel larger by treating the whole room in a uniform colored manner. You’re going to use bigger things than you think you will to make your room look really generous, such as a large rug, lamp, or large art, but make sure to avoid sticking everything up on stilts as too many legs can make your room feel nervous.

Color 2:51
Changing the color on the ceiling 9:01
Scale 12:00
Lamps 19:36
Mirrors 21:34
Chandelier 25:21

“So depending on the size of your room, like in the old days the bedrooms were 10x10, right? Nobody’s gonna have a living room this size, but I was gonna say just for the sake of this podcast we’ll say your room is 10x10, I would still get an 8x10 rug. So go big. Do not get a 5x7.” 14:16
News Letter:
Oct 14, 2021
Design to Improve Your Everyday Life | Mixing Charm and Convenience
This is something that seems so normal in our lives as we are constantly interviewing our clientele to learn about the way the rhythm of their life goes and then design after that rhythm. We’ve had a client who had their kitchen done and everything was designed and organized according to how she operates in her kitchen, not only making everything look really nice, but it was all very neat and convenient as well. A great way to go about organizing and breaking down your space is by dividing it up into zones according to what you do, such as a place for tea, or a bar, or a place for soft drinks, whatever your ritual may be. We also did a kitchen where we put a little fridge drawer on the other side of the island in order to prevent kids from accessing the main refrigerator and getting in the way of mom while she’s preparing a meal.

Recycling and waste 3:48
Kitchen example 6:27
Tiger Oak example 10:11
Kitchens and functionality 15:07
Kids kitchen functionality 17:32
The party pantry 21:08

“As we’ve been doing home offices like this past year, I found it really lovely to kind of place a nearby ottoman nested underneath the desks, so that whoever the client is, they can put their feet up on there, but then the ottoman can also be used for the nearby pair of chairs, you know, that are in the corner of the room.” 19:43
News Letter:
Oct 07, 2021
The Power of Organization with Sabrina | Enhance Your Interior Arrangements
In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with home organization guru, Sabrina Gardner, who just started a company called Salt, a customer organization company that specializes in customer acrylic drawer organizers. Sabrina has a five step process to really help people narrow down how to get started. Step 1: Go into your space and assess the space. Step 2: Assign a purpose to every drawer or cabinet. Step 3: Take everything out and start fresh. Step 4: Emotionally disconnect from everything in there and see the space with a fresh set of eyes. Get rid of clutter. Step 5: Put things back in the ideal way to utilize them in the long term and get organized.

Her process and how somebody can get started 4:34
Sue’s list to organize 11:03
Under the kitchen sink 15:11
Organizing your counter/island 20:42
Dealing with surplus of inventory 24:09
Maintaining organization 27:03
Sabrina’s story getting started with Salt 31:39
The top selling product on Salt and charity 38:27

“It’s like when you guys decorate a space and how it changes it and it becomes beautiful and inviting. It’s the same thing with organization. When we organize a drawer, it becomes a joy to open. We’ve taken something frustrating and turned it into something magical.” 9:40
News Letter:
Sep 30, 2021
The Destination of Scent | An Interview with Rami Mekdachi from Lola James Harper
Today we have Rami Mekdachi, who is the founder of Lola James Harper, our favorite scent line here at Alice Lane. We’ve been air-freighting these scents out here to sell them for the last 3 years so we can get the best fragrances to our clients. We talk about what inspires the scents Rami makes and how he is able to create custom aromas for people based on where they reside or where they have planted their own identity. Rami explains that though your body is present in whatever location you are, your mind may not be especially these days with so many distractions that surround us, but when you get smell involved, your senses and present mind will bring your mind to be present.

Creating a brand that people love to be a part of 5:18
Inspiring the scent 10:07
How making a scent for Alice Lane would work 17:01
Gifting a scent to loved ones 21:17
Lola James Harper and being present 24:03
Where to buy his scents and why he doesn’t have a shop 31:25
Music and directing a film 34:50
Favorite scent 38:45
Defining luxury 40:45

“I think that’s such a good lesson for all of us in this journey because I think we’re always manifesting something, or hoping for something, or goal oriented, or whatever, but it really is about where we are right this very minute on this journey, right? Because that’s being present and I think smell makes us really present.” 25:42

News Letter:
Sep 23, 2021
Drapery | The Next Level
We’ve already done an episode on drapery, but we felt like since we’ve had so many more questions on drapery recently we would go into more detail on this subject. There are different places to use different patterns and tones of saturation. We do a lot of the light linen when you’re trying to create a softness and draw less attention to those windows, kind of like nice background music. Every time we’ve done a pattern, it matches the personality of the people that live there and they love it because it just feels so them. People typically think if they have shutters, then they don’t need drapes, but shutters typically just block out light and the view, whereas drapes typically hang out on the sides to provide aesthetics.

The best way to add drapery around an old school sliding glass patio door 3:24
When do I use pattern on drapes? 7:54
How often do I change my drapes? 13:54
Budget 16:02
How to do drapery on an arched window 20:13
Are there rooms to cut costs in? 25:13

“Mine are kind of a neutral field of off white, and then they have black brushstroke faces, outlines of faces on them. They feel kind of Roman, like Roman faces and the hair is just wiggly lines and it’s really a loose interpretation, and it makes the space feel very, sort of modern, which I love and gives it this personality and I feel like I have artwork for drapes.” 9:42
News Letter:
Sep 16, 2021
5 ways to add Charm to a New Build | Create Alluring Interior Spaces
We are talking about one of Sue’s favorite topics today: How to add charm to your home. Lighting often is something that everyone can improve even if you’ve been in your home for a while. Boob lights are a great way to fill your room with light, but aren’t the most charming piece of lighting. We love sconces and Sue suggests just taking the cover off the ugly lights as this can look better than what your house comes with. When placing furniture, don’t just push them up against the wall, but try to mix it up. Go grab yourself an architectural digest and study the space planning because this will really add charm to your space. A lot of your walls are made of drywall, and then you add a texture to it, but you don’t want to add a lot of texture. We’re big fans of wall paper, which can add a lot of charm to your spaces. If you’re in an older home and you don’t want to re-lay all the flooring, you can buy rad rugs, which can make a big difference and really pull the room together.

Lighting 3:41
Kelvin levels 12:47
Space planning 14:09
Architectural accents 19:28
Walls 21:54
Hang art 30:22
Flooring 32:48
Layering 37:37

“When we’re in these little spaces I think there’s a real safety to them, and that is going to be the definition of a charming space. Like really dial those in, you know? The window seats can be full of down feathers and can be a small pattern, and you can have jumbo wells, or it can be like a French mattress type of a construction. Even a French ticking is darling with mismatched pillows, and all of those things are going to give you that feeling of charm.” 16:16

News Letter:
Sep 09, 2021
Q&A with Home Furnishing Design | Finding Value in Your Style
Today we wanted to introduce our Home Furnishing Design Team, which we developed specifically for those people that live in a home and just need furniture. Often we will present the client with about 2 options and they’ll ask why we’re only presenting two, but we go through a whole process of looking at multiple options, and then narrowing them down until we have 2 that are curated for their unique style. We only work one room at a time as this will ensure everything will be planned and completed correctly and of the highest quality, whereas if we’re focusing on more than one space at a time, things can get mixed up or mistakes can be made. Some people worry that their choices will go out of style, but if you love it and it is totally and completely you, even if it doesn’t quite go with current trends, it’ll never go out of style.

Team introductions 1:35
What sparked creating the home furnishings design team 3:32
What brings clients to call this team 5:57
Narrowing down the right options 14:00
Timeline 15:35
One space at a time 18:55
Example of custom pieces 24:33
How to go about this process 29:23
Helping clients all over virtually 36:01
What is your why? 39:55
Staying inspired 43:00
How to access our services 46:40

“This is a team of designers that just work specifically on furnishing your home. They do wall coverings, they’ll do custom draperies, they will talk you through hanging your chandelier. I mean, it’s really full service.” 1:20
News Letter:
Sep 02, 2021
Our Opinions Uncensored | 21 Questions with Alice Lane Part 2
Last year in May we had a fun episode where we answered a lot of questions from our listeners, which seemed to gain a lot of interest, so we wanted to do the same thing today. We talk about our dress styles, Jess’s preference being something without a repeating pattern, whereas Sue prefers the pattern, like walking art. We talk about finding our divine callings in interior design and how we got to where we are, and then funny trends we used to adopt that we can’t stand now.

Start of questions: Where do you shop for professional dresses? 1:20
Skin care routine 4:37
Hats 13:51
Favorite space in your home? 15:27
How did you know interior design was your divine calling? 18:38
Any trends you regret? 23:32
Favorite design trend right now 26:45
Design trend or pet peeve you can’t stand 29:04
Celebrity dream client 31:15
Designing our own products and pieces 33:46
Favorite piece we’ve ever designed 35:24
Most anticipated upcoming piece 36:52

“I love that right now that anything goes. Do you know what I mean? If it’s your style, we can make it beautiful and I love that design trend because that’s one of the most, in my head, when people are like, ‘So what’s trending?’ When people ask me that, I’m just like, ‘It’s whatever you love.’” 26:50
News Letter:
Aug 26, 2021
Tiger Oak | Deep Dive
Today we wanted to talk about a home we dedicated to tiger oak that was in the Parade of Homes in Utah and won many awards for its beauty. We discuss the various designs and choices we went with for our client, which you can see in our portfolio on our website linked below. We chose the paint color and style before choosing the furniture or finishing, which helped guide us in deciding on how to approach these other aspects. One unique thing about this home is when you enter it, you can see all the way to the back end, which gives you a greater understanding of depth and how big the place is. In the kitchen there are two tiger oak islands, one of which was a butcher block top and the other was marble, and then we put a big service window which is such a great party trick.

About Tiger Oak and the client 2:28
The entryway 6:26
The neon sign 12:31
The parlor 14:37
The family room 18:00
The dining room 21:08
The kitchen 23:01
The pantry 29:23
The pink heron powder bath 30:44

“That’s the cool thing about color blocking. Do you know what I mean? When you’re just working with colors in general, once you figure out your color, then you have that out, and then all the other decisions can kind of help decide themselves, especially when you had the wallpaper. That was happy up there and it had so many tones to pull from.” 16:46
News Letter:
Aug 19, 2021
Wallpaper | Fashion for Your Walls
Another request was given to us to talk about wallpaper, which is one of our favorite topics right now and we haven’t focused on in the podcast yet, so today we want to discuss this fun topic. There are various different types of wallpaper, such as murals, which can evoke a unique scene in each room and give your space a greater sense of adventure or specific emotion you want brought out, and then we talk about what you can do to wallpaper your ceiling, why you’d want to do that, and how to go about it. Another fun or unique place you can wallpaper is in the smaller rooms, such as your kids’ clothes closet where they can hang up all their cute clothes in a cute room.

Different types of wallpaper 3:05
Cori’s Gucci wallpaper 7:07
Finding good murals 9:12
Wallpaper your ceilings 15:21
The party pantry/small print 22:05
Vinyl 25:54
Almost every company sells, ships, and prices their wallpaper differently 28:15

“One other thing I wanted to say about murals that's just so magical is that it’s an escape. It is larger than life, like it is life size if not larger and it’s just such a fun party trick. It’s fun for you to get to use every day. This isn’t a mural, but your tiger wallpaper, you said that if you have to go to the bathroom, you will trek it down the stairs to use the tiger bathroom because it’s so much fun.” 13:38
News Letter:
Aug 12, 2021
Libraries | Changing for Modern Lifestyles
We’ve had a request from you guys to talk about libraries, so that’s what we wanted to go over today. Libraries have been quite the necessity during 2020 and 2021, and they can be a great place that provide space for study or alone time where you can go to ponder and think. You want to make your library reflect you and your family, so whatever it is you do or love, that’s how we’ll decide to space plan. For the aesthetic of your library you generally want it to feel like a serious place. You want it to feel “smart.”

About Cori 0:36
How our podcast is doing 1:17
The library 2:24
Space planning 4:08
Telling your story 7:11
The aesthetic of your library 10:22
A woman’s office/library we’re creating 13:13

“You could even put a piano in this room depending on how big it is, or a keyboard.” “Yeah if music is your thing, you’ll have a music library. That’s probably something that you’d do, Cori, because you’re a musician. So that makes more sense than having like Harvard Law books everywhere. You would have Rolling Stones and cool stuff, instruments on the wall, which would be way cooler.” 5:41
News Letter:
Aug 05, 2021
An Interview with Rachel Parcell | Balancing Work, Life, and Style
Today we are on site at the fabulous library of Rachel Parcell, one of our favorite clients who is a blogger, influencer, business owner, and inspiring woman to over a million followers on Instagram. She tells us how she got into interior design, starting in high school when she needed to fill her schedule with some extra classes. That’s when she realized her passion for design and she began pursuing this career. We talk about discovering your own style and how fashion and design can often work really well together, and then you don’t need to worry so much about having nice things when you have kids.

A day in the life of Rachel Parcell 3:09
How she got into interior design 5:45
Why Alice Lane? 8:58
Do fashion and design go hand in hand? 13:46
Finding your own personal style 17:32
Her favorite part of the design process 19:48
Living her lifestyle with children and a dog 24:53
Rachel’s favorite room 28:32
The nursery 30:04
The mud hall and dog bath 32:03
Something that people would be surprised to know about Rachel 35:00
What projects she’s working on next 36:14
Defining luxury 38:50

“We bought it when we could see up the canyon, and then as homes started being built, we lost the view. And so, we decided, ‘Let’s go. Let’s move closer to the mountains. Let’s get an unobstructed view.’ It’ll be hard to replace this property, so who knows, maybe if we don’t ever find another property with a great view, this will be forever.” 23:24

News Letter:
Jul 29, 2021
How to Curate the Right Artwork for Your Home | Adorning Your Living Space
We had a recent question from one of our listeners asking if we could do an episode dedicated to putting up artwork in your home, so today that’s what we will be talking about. When trying to figure out how to decorate your home, first think of what kind of art you like, and then we recommend using Pinterest where you can create your own compilation of artworks that you like. We discuss some of the different types of art and have noticed that most people don’t like a figure or subject in their art, but others, like Sue who is an extrovert, love having people in their art, so really it comes down to who you are. Pay attention to size and scale to determine how your art will fit into the design of your living space.

Where to start 2:33
Forming your own opinion 4:09
Scale 7:08
Photography 11:29
Gloppy oils in the kitchen 13:49

“When you are curating art, a lot of people don’t know, again we’ve said this before on previous podcasts, art is the hardest layer. Most people don’t know what to do with themselves when we come up with art. They’re like, ‘Should I like that? Is it personal? How should I respond to this?’ So we often do a few presentations, reselections on art.” 2:11
News Letter:
Jul 22, 2021
How to Style When You Have Conflicting Tastes | Work with Differing Opinions
Today we are talking about a highly visual topic, so you’re going to need to tap into your visual mind to really understand this one. If you share your life with somebody, you most likely have different tastes, so we want to talk about how you can style with clashing tastes. We suggest creating a North Star, or a spot where you can both compile visuals of what you want in your home so that you can have a good idea of what the other person wants, and then come to an agreement in the areas where your tastes can work together. Based on our experience, men tend to have a more contemporary style while women lean toward a more cozy style, but this can also vary depending on a person’s age and what they think portrays success.

Creating a North Star 3:09
Color 8:13
Never hate anything in your home 10:39
Whoever will be using the room most should have say 13:21
Masculine and feminine elements in style 18:50
Learn the reason behind why they hate something 22:25

“Always start with what we call as the North Star, and that is pages and pages of visuals. We do this for our clients in Pinterest boards, and then we put together packets. You could have a large bulletin board at your house, you can take an entire wall and just continue to tape things up. You can do it all virtually if you’re a paperless household, do it on your computers and save back and forth. You can both be on a Pinterest board.” 6:59
News Letter:
Jul 15, 2021
How to Make a Rental Feel Like Home | Spruce Up Your Lease
We’ve received a question from one of our listeners asking, “We want to know how to decorate a rental.” and we realize a lot of you might be in that same situation and want to know how you can make your rental feel beautiful and homey. We talk about how you can hang art in your rental and the best way to go about that using art hangers, and the brand we recommend is OOK. Being in a rental is also a great time to invest in some rugs because you can take them with you when you move, and then draperies can really soften the feel of your rooms, lending a sense of comfort to your living space.

Art 3:03
Rugs 7:22
Drapery 7:55
Replacing hardware or paint 10:47
Furniture 12:38
Lighting 15:06
Plants 18:13

“I think drapery rods, you’re gonna use them wherever you go. Your ceiling heights may change, you might have to get new draperies, but it will add such a layer that it’ll make it feel like home. It’ll make it feel finished and softer, and I’m a huge advocate.” 8:14
News Letter:
Jul 08, 2021
Buy, Build, or Remodel? | Determine Your Ideal Option
In this episode we are going to talk about if you are a person that’s going to do better if you buy a home, build your own home, remodel an existing home, or hire a designer to help you. Remodels are perfect if you want something with history and are okay with redoing things, which can turn out more expensive, but at the same time more rewarding. Doing a new build is recommended for anyone who wants something completely new and unique to them where they can start from ground zero and create something that really stands out and represents who they are.

Is remodel for you? 2:17
Is the timeline of a remodel quicker than a rebuild? 10:53
Is a new build for you? 13:40
How much window coverings can be 18:47
Remember this when working with a contractor 21:17
If you haven’t owned a home yet 26:30

“Here’s what’s not in a new build. This is shocking to people. Landscaping. That does not come with your new home. It does come with an existing home if you’re just gonna build. So here’s a pro tip, if you’re any chance married to an accountant, do not new build.” 16:39
News Letter:
Jul 01, 2021
Accent Pieces | Distinct Items Unique to You
Today we’re talking about accent pieces, which is the stuff you put in your house that contradicts the ordinary. These are the things that none of your friends would buy, the stuff that tells your story, and it can be placed throughout the whole house but really tells who you are. We like to see feet on our pieces, such as hooves on chairs because it just adds character. You can put a rug on your wall to create a unique wall piece, and then we talk about teak root balls, which are fun and always have their own unique look.

What is an accent piece? 0:51
Accent feet, or hooves 6:02
Pedestals and busts 6:59
Screens 7:51
3D art and rugs 9:08
Teak root balls 12:04

“We also love rugs on the walls.” “Yes we do.” “We just installed one in Rachel Purcell’s nursery right behind the crib and that crib feels like a four poster crib now because it travels all the way up the wall and it’s dimensional. We did a Moroccan rug.” 10:14
News Letter:
Jun 24, 2021
Staircases | Bringing Quality to Your Risers and Runners
In this episode we’re going to be talking about staircases, a designer’s guide to staircases, decorative railings, and runners. The Newel Post isn’t as important as getting a balustrade for your railing, and then when it comes to metal, we want a natural feel with a natural forge to it. With stair runs, if you have a straight run, a stair rod is something great to use to make things look more expensive, and you can do something more like a geometric or a stripe, whereas if you have a curve, you’ll want to do a pattern that’s more organic, like a cloud.

The anatomy of the staircase 1:28
Should you mix materials? 3:53
Tread and riser 6:23
Show wood 11:24

“Often we’ll do stair runner rods, if you’re fancy, stair runner rods are what goes in that kind of a crotch where the stair meets the riser. You’ve all seen them, and they’re really, really beautiful. There’s really decorative ones, there’s simple ones. We’ve even gotten them on Signature Hardware. Online is a great source. If you just type in stair runner rod, if you wanna add a little bit of jewelry to your staircase, I think that’s a really fun trick.” 7:17
News Letter:
Jun 17, 2021
Countertops | Essential Surface Styles
Today we are going to give you a refresher on what we are loving for countertops right now and kind of break down all of the different types and price points for various usages. We discuss various different materials you can use for your countertops, including quartzite, which can go really well on bathroom surfaces, and then marble can look great, especially over time as it becomes more worn, as long as you take care of it, it will look great. Soapstone, wood, and concrete have their own looks that are useful depending on what your style is, and then we discuss going to the slab yard and how you can pick out your preferred features.

Countertops, quartzite 2:18
Marble 5:50
Grove 10:27
Soapstone 11:32
Wood 14:21
Jess’s parents’ bathroom 20:13
Concrete 25:55

“Give yourself some flexibility. Just have an emotional reaction to whatever is speaking to you. Just understanding some of these, I think usability. I think it’s important and hopefully whoever is selling these to you will also kind of lead you in the right direction as well.” 22:16
News Letter:
Jun 10, 2021
Carpet 101 | What to Put On Your Floor
In preparation for this episode we got on the phone with our favorite people and we interviewed them to get all of their findings and best practices of what’s hot and what’s not, and kind of what categories of carpet are surprisingly doing so much greater than ever in the history. We talk about where we would put carpet, such as in a bedroom or somewhere you want to be more comfortable, especially with bare feet, and then we discuss where you wouldn’t want carpet, like in bathrooms or around your toilet where it can get wet or gross. We discuss various different types and levels of carpet you can have depending on the quality on which you want to walk through your home.

Where to put and not to put carpet 3:29
Closets 7:21
Places not to put carpet 9:06
The anatomy of carpet 12:27
Wool 16:34
The pad 21:28
Accent carpet 26:57

“One thing that I thought was really interesting is that he said, ‘Probably 10 years ago--’ I think he called it solid surfaces. So hardwood floors, basically, ‘Solid surfaces were only 10% of the home where today they’re 50% of the home.’” 2:18
News Letter:
Jun 03, 2021
Outdoor Spaces | Firepits
In this episode we’re gonna be talking about outdoor living spaces. Some people have decks, some have really nice patios and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a pool, but it’s just a really nice gathering spot. We’re going to focus a lot on the firepit because this can just provide such a great place where everyone can be together next to the warm cosy fire, under the night sky and get into deeper conversations, building lasting memories. We discuss putting the fireplace next to your pool and creating a nice spot outside of shade for those times when you want to be outside watching the kids, but not in the hot sun.

A project we worked on 3:52
Different firepits and s’mores 7:28
Shading 11:23
A fun place to have the fireplace 13:44
Dealing with bees 20:36
Altitude and quality metals 24:53

“Last Summer was quarantine, right? And so we were like, ‘We have to get out of the house. We have to have some sort of outside experience.’ and so that’s what we did. We bought a firepit, it was a propane one, dug the–you know what I mean? We made it look as best as we could and it was awesome, and we loved it. So we were like, ‘ever Summer this is what we’re doing. Covid, no Covid. Firepit.’” 2:04
News Letter:
May 27, 2021
Textures | Selecting the Right Finish
Today we're talking about using different textures, which is especially interesting in any room where you’re doing furnishings. Something that at times is overused is shiplap which we discuss, as well as using too much of one thing. Many people may not realize that velvet can be dry and so we discuss other textures with dry or wet looks. People used to style their homes with all whites, but now approaching texture is like picking out your outfit. You don’t want to wear a blue shirt with blue jeans, but wear something that will go with those jeans.

Is there such a thing as too many textures? 3:44
Fabrics 5:15
Velvet 9:11
Any one texture within an entire space 15:59
Rug 17:54
Textures feeling more formal 21:01

“Be aware that textures can feel more formal. We wanna make sure and not have the room feel cheap by using certain satins or certain velvets that don’t look good. You’ve seen it at Home Goods, you know, in the isle. Those little chairs that have the satiny velvet. It’s too thin and it’s the wrong color, and the legs are usually too long and it just kinda looks like a nervous piece in the room. Yeah, it’s not going to be doing you any favors.” 21:06
News Letter:
May 20, 2021
Pool Houses | Outdoor Style
Today we are answering the request to do a whole episode dedicated to the pool house and pool bath. Now is the time of year when everyone will start setting up their outdoor furniture outside! The pool house can be a great place to go inside and get out of the heat during summer time. Having a dressing room that’s separate from the toilet is perfect for when you simultaneously have people changing and people who need to use the bathroom. Outdoor furniture is built to withstand the elements outside and the cost can therefore catch people by surprise. Try to order your outdoor furniture early in the year so that you can receive it by the time the weather is getting warm.

What is a pool house? 1:06
Dressing room 4:57
The Good Time Hotel 9:53
Space planning outdoors 12:38
Outdoor drapery 19:29
Woven caddies 24:17
Tile 24:59
News Letter:
May 13, 2021
Trend Forecast | The Future of Style
We are going to be talking about the Spring market trend forecast. We feel that everybody is ready for rejuvenation, to understand what’s new or trending, and where we are going with designs and styles. We tend to stay away from things that are highly trendy, so the things we suggest in this episode will only be somewhat trendy. We talk about switching from an OG edge to a straight edge, and then the importance of fluting and reeding on your tables, chairs, or banisters. We recommend high styling, or using high quality products instead of a larger quantity of less expensive, or valuable items to keep your space a little more minimalistic and less cluttered.

Take your own taste into consideration 2:36
From OG edge to a straight edge 6:30
Fluting and reeding 8:39
Color blocking 12:00
High styling accessories 15:54
Entertainment spaces 18:54
Luxe minimalism 19:57
Martyn Lawrence Bullard on trends for 2021 27:22

“It’s so busy, and that’s everywhere in the market. Everyone is slammed on home projects and house building and remodels because that staying in is so, so true, and we all realized how important our homes were. Not to us, but to our families, to our kids. That environment is so critical to our happiness and how we live.” 19:19
News Letter:
May 06, 2021
Past Cool Unique Spaces | Distinctive Designs We Have Done
Everybody’s asking about cool different spaces that we’ve designed such as past projects, so that’s what we want to talk about today. We’re doing a unique home for a Sikh family who have an aromatic kitchen, which is an area containing various potent spices that give off many different smells. The family entertains a lot, so they have the need for many large containers where they can store big amounts of food for guests and events. We did a home where the owner wanted to put a Hobbit home on the property and make it a part of their whole structure, so we created a long tunnel underground and made a unique layout, which turned out to be really fun for them. Closets are often unique spaces that people will want us to design based on their own lifestyles and we did one that felt like a treehouse, using paints and constructing it in such a way that it felt a lot bigger and open than it actually was.

Designing a home for a Sikh family 1:28
Aromatic kitchen 2:22
Shoe storage 6:21
Dallas Texas home 10:57
Hobbit house 13:05
The glam room 14:52
Tatami room 17:32
Closets 20:38
A game room for an NBA player 25:03

“People are changing the way that they work, and so she has a huge closet. The builder has told us that women in Dallas never wear the same thing twice, so if you can imagine, you need 365 outfits to house these closets. So they’re as big as kitchens today, and then on the opposite side of her closet is her office. And so she can walk right in there and take a Zoom call, look fabulous, you know? Or sit down there in the evening and she doesn’t have to run down a flight of stairs to sit in a more formal office, so we just combined all of that space right into one.” 16:50
News Letter:
Apr 29, 2021
Design on a Budget | How to Style When Things Are Tight
In this episode we go over tips on how to design when working with a tight budget, which is a request we have gotten from a few of our listeners. Many people want to have a tall, two story ceiling in their home, but don’t realize how expensive it ends up being and there are ways to work around that. Your budget generally should be 10-20% of the cost of your home. We discuss how you should approach what to keep versus what you should get rid of, and then we talk about what to have on your floor, such as a hand-knotted rug. Sue tells about a great way to make your ceiling look bigger if yours is only eight feet tall, and then we discuss what an estate sale is and how to find amazing deals through these. You can also go on Facebook Marketplace and find great things on there.

Two story ceilings 5:14
Figure out what your must-haves are 7:43
For the ground 10:03
What to sit on 12:58
Invest in your window treatments 16:06
The golden rocker 18:09
Estate sales 21:02
What not to do 25:34

“I have 8 foot ceilings. That’s 96 inches. Not very tall and probably a lot of older homes, if you’re living in an older home, are only 8 feet, so by taking that color of the wall onto the ceiling, I think it grew. Jess, would you agree?” “Oh yeah, for sure.” “It just looks opinionated like there’s no regrets. It’s a super confident way to design a space by just taking that color and wrapping it, and paint is the cheapest thing you can do.” 16:39
News Letter:
Apr 22, 2021
Backsplash | Kitchen Tile and Wall Patterns
Our latest podcast is all about backsplashes and wall treatments. We were asked about whether a grass wallpaper would make a good backsplash in a kitchen, to which we reply that it would not be as water could damage it. Zellige Cle tile is an excellent option as it will provide your home with a more authentic, natural look and won’t be ruined when it gets wet. We recommend going on a date through a slab yard to get inspired and just enjoy the beauty of all the natural designs you will see there.

Different Wallpapers and tiles 0:38
Zellige Cle tile 2:13
Patterns 5:21
Go check out a slab yard 10:44

“If you go on and just look at tile layouts, you’ll see a myriad of options. So consider something that you haven’t seen before when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do. That’s kind of how we navigate tile.” 6:46
News Letter:
Apr 15, 2021
Pillow Story | What to Look for in a Pillow
In this episode we discuss how to create a great pillow story. A pillow story is a combination of pillows that you put on your sofa or sectional in conjunction with what you also put on your chairs, such as what is the formula to use, what you’re going to be looking for, and what not to buy. We discuss what sizes, tones, and types of pillows you should have in your living spaces, but also what you should not have and the mistake many people make when buying a new couch.

What is a pillow story? 0:39
How we do it 1:30
Important tip 2:46
Starting in the corners 4:30
Tone and color 7:29
Key components when shopping for pillows 9:42

“I recently have liked having matching pillows. I’ve got 24 inch pillows in the corners, and then in the front are 22 inch, and it’s like twins. It just looks really edited right now, that’s my vibe. I mix it up sometimes, like my living room I have 3 pillows that are different. They all have the same tones in them.” 7:03
News Letter:
Apr 08, 2021
Extra Spaces | Maximizing Your Additions
There are various different extra spaces found in homes, such as the attic, side rooms, closets, and more, which is what we will be talking about today. Sue tells about when she lived in an attic above her parents and the fun aspects and perks of using vaulted ceilings. We discuss the various options you can consider when designing a home and how most people don’t think to add the fun little spaces that can be used by the kids, like a reading nook, or a music room. We talk about having different closets dedicated to one thing such as candles, or linens, and the benefits that come with having a space specifically for one thing. Bunk rooms and game rooms are perfect to help keep your kids entertained, especially when they bring over their friends or cousins to play and have sleepovers. We also discuss creating a gym, library, prayer room, and massage room for your own luxury.

The attic 2:46
Homework rooms 9:14
Cori’s home 13:04
Susan Hable 16:31
Bunk rooms 20:40

“It’s just so magical to live in those spaces and to occupy those. Anytime you have a space in your home with a vault, you feel kind of like you’re in a tree house. It becomes a magical story book and you should absolutely do something with those spaces, be it for your children–They will love being up there.” 3:29
News Letter:
Apr 01, 2021
Design World 101 | The Basics of Interior Design Lingo
Recently we have had some people asking about the definitions of certains words or how things generally work, so today we wanted to break down the design world a little bit so you can better understand what we’re talking about. I go over the definition of market, which is a show you can go to to see essentially any product that you could need in the home. Show houses are used for showing off home designs and some times, especially in Utah, there will be big shows called the Parade of Homes where you will see a series of homes that have been put up for show. We talk about different books and what you should look for to showcase in your home.

What is Market? 1:06
What are show houses? 8:52
Must read/must have books 17:06
Must have tools 26:02

“All of the different ways of displaying art. There’s several different types of easels. We’ve got lucite, we’ve got painted, kind of white plastery color, we’ve got walnut, we’ve got a walnut book cradle, a lucite book cradle, and we’ve also got some really beautiful plastery white pedestals to display sculpture and it looks so smart and so gallery.” 27:55
News Letter:
Mar 25, 2021
Lighting and Design | When to Use Cans
When do I use a can and what are cans good for? We get a lot of questions about cans and lighting so today we decided to dive into this topic to help you better understand the best tactics you can use for can lighting. If you’re in a home that has cans already, but need to replace them, you should be able to get a can kit and replace them fairly simply, and then you want your can lights to be close enough to where the light on the floor will overlap as they shine down. We go over mirror lighting and recommend making sure you can get lighting on both sides of your face. Situating your lamps in a place where you can hide the cords coming from them is crucial for keeping a clean look.

RCP, reflected ceiling plan 1:29
Light temperature 5:03
Lighting and mirrors 12:49
Dimmers 20:57

“Your art heights, in general, you’re going to want to do those from the floor up. I like 60 inches off the ground, so that’s 5 feet off the ground. That’s right around your eye level–” “And that’s for the center of the piece of art.” “Yeah, so the subject of the art should sort of hover right there at your eye level.” 11:43
News Letter:
Mar 18, 2021
Working with the Right Architect | Interview with Colton Broadbent
Today we have Colton Broadbent, one of our favorite architectural designers with whom we’ve done quite a bit of work lately. We talk about the importance of the architect and what role they play in the whole design process where the architect is like the surgeon. We talk about what to look for in an architect, such as someone who will provide share-ables to you, and then look for someone that you get along with because often you’re going to be working with your architect for a couple of years. Colton tells us what goes into working with unique terrain such as putting a home on a mountain side, or working with a river that runs through a property. We emphasize the importance of putting together a team that you get along with from the beginning to have the right flow in order to get optimal results. We also go over how to talk about and bring up budgets with the client and the best ways to work a budget into a project.

What to look for in an architect 3:47
Working with unique terrain 15:15
Decorators vs designers 27:20
Order of operations for setting up the team 30:11
Everything we wish a client had before working on a home 32:47
Tip for our listeners 37:50
How to talk about budgets and be realistic about costs 40:22
Budgets that Colton works with 50:42

“My job as the architect is to either get them a great interior designer, or a lot of times these guys will bring work my way, and so we’ll work together to program the house. So we say, ‘The house can be anything. What do you want it to be?’ and we kind of define that and that’s where we should start.” 16:51
News Letter:
Mar 11, 2021
Common Design Mistakes to Avoid P 2 | Maintain Your Home’s Magnificence
In this episode we are going to be rounding out this podcast with common design mistakes, which is part two of our previous episode. Sometimes people get too carried away with certain "heroes" and just have too many items representing one icon in history, causing the room or home to feel less unique. Try to avoid the karate chopped pillow, as it will give it a less inviting, don’t-touch-these look to your furniture. We talk about when people request that we do their bedroom like a hotel room and the flaws that can produce. We also touch on tourist, condo, or timeshare art and why you should not be hanging any of that on your walls. Make sure to avoid putting your family photos on canvas, but instead put a frame around them. We discuss wallpaper and what you should avoid, such as using the same wallpaper throughout your whole home and how to make it look ideal.

Iconitis 1:27
The karate chopped pillow 4:50
Fake metal finishes 6:56
Dried flower arrangements 10:26
Hotel inspired rooms 12:28
Avoid condo art or tourist art 15:17
Over protection of furniture 20:08
Room dimmers 22:51
Different wallpaper 26:51

“We have so many people when we talk to them about their primary bedroom, ‘What do you want this to look like?’ It can be anything on Earth, right? It’s a new construction, no decoration has been done yet. It can literally be anything, and they’ll say, ‘I just want it to feel like a hotel.’ And you’re like, ‘No, you actually don’t. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants that really generic, stale, dark fake wood nightstands and upholstered headboard that’s flat up against the wall.” 12:47
News Letter:
Mar 04, 2021
Common Design Mistakes to Avoid Part 1 | Simple Fixes and Ideas
Today we have Cory as the MC and we’re going to be talking about “party fouls,” or common design mistakes. We start out talking about arch niches, which many home builders will install in homes, but they almost always do it wrong. Another thing people often get wrong is their window treatments, where they put one single curtain on either side of the window and end up just looking like a wall scarf. We want them to feel very full and cover your window with gusto and fullness. We talk about rugs and the sizes that people tend to get, such as 8x10, because they think it’ll be big enough, but rarely is that the right size for your main areas. You’ll want a 9x12 to go under your furniture and coffee table in the front room. Some other things to avoid are brass kitchen faucets and vessel sink faucets, which are just impractical because they make cleaning a little harder and are hard to reach for shorter people/kids.

Grove 0:57
Weird arch niches 3:07
Awkward hardware 8:18
Window treatments 11:04
Scale 14:23
Don’t forget to edit 20:41
Reclaimed wood 23:26
Brass kitchen faucet, vessel sink faucet 25:50
Don’t just put color on a throw pillow 29:20
Quick fix 33:02

“It’s a hard thing to get really right and I think that like reclaimed wood –not really like reclaimed wood, but like that I think it’s had its time in the sun and everybody’s done with that movement, and we're just integrating everything. Integrating the sinks under the surfaces, we’re integrating the hardware. That really beautiful, built-in, well made look is what everybody’s wanting right now.” 28:25
News Letter:
Feb 25, 2021
The Art of Styling with Aren Muse | The Final Layer
In this episode we have with us design artist Aren Muse, who has his own team of stylists and a great amount of experience and knowledge in styling that he shares with us today. We start off talking about the finishing touches in a room and how to accessorize, mainly with a fireplace and tables. We discuss the different greenery we want, the types of books we should put out on the coffee table, and then the candles that will go well as an accessory for your coffee table or side tables. Try to keep things balanced because if you use too much of one texture, such as marble for example, it will no longer be special. Books typically have a less glossy, flashy look under their cover, so a way to improve the look of your books is to remove the jacket, giving them a more dark and handsome look.

How to approach the finishing touches of the room like accessories 1:50
Coffee table books 10:44
Crystal on fireplaces 20:24
How to transform the look of your books 31:27
What has inspired/influenced Aren 41:23
Small or big? 46:06

“Stuff that they wouldn’t normally make or couldn’t put on the rack, but it is absolutely editorial and extraordinary. And that is the work that we are trying to create is the more unexpected we can, but still believable, useful, and tell the story of the homeowner, but don’t do it in a way that everyone else is doing it.” 24:20

News Letter:
Feb 18, 2021
Moulding & Millwork | The Icing On the Cake
In this episode, we talk about “The icing on the cake" (as Jess would call it) a.k.a finish work and moulding. Finish work is baseboards, casing around your windows–it’s the paneling that people love and adore in your homes. We go over different styles you’ll find in various homes or buildings, such as coffered ceilings found often in libraries, or shiplap. You can also see various examples of finished work on our portfolio, such as Tiger Oak, House of Kennedy, etc. Another type of finish work we discuss is chair rail, which if done correctly can look great, but there are other styles that will create a look far from what we want if not done right.

Something that is often missed 3:45
Shiplap 8:05
Rules of where to start/stop 10:44
Chair Rail 13:11
Pro tip 21:28
Crown Mouldings 24:59
Styles 30:02

“I would say libraries, oftentimes you’ll see the coffered ceiling, which is also the work of a finish worker. They’ll create those boxed beams, and do that tic tac toe pattern that you guys have seen before on the ceiling and it’s got a lot of depth. Maybe it’s like 8-10 inches, even a foot deep coming down from the ceiling. That’s finish work.” 7:05
News Letter:
Feb 11, 2021
Fresh Taste Making with Courtney Grow | Fashion to Interiors
Today we have Courtney Grow with us, a fresh taste maker who we find sincere, genuine and believable in her quest to discover and share fashion in an accessible fresh way. We discuss ways you can get a more expensive look than your pocketbook might afford. The trick is, you have to be prepared with the elbow grease for the search and know the pieces you never want to get rid of are the ones with a story. Courtney says if you've created something that everybody agrees looks amazing, then you aren't doing it right and ought to try taking a risk and do something new.

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How and why she started Great Things I Bought 3:46
Our tactic of helping someone see our vision 12:07
How to mix High Low in fashion for interiors 21:24
Where to start when putting a room together (comparing fashion to interiors) 31:40
Diffusers 41:25
Where Courtney gets inspired 48:16

“I really like a worldly style. I like something that just looks like a person that has seen a lot and done a lot. I know that’s a very weird way to describe my personal style, but those are always kind of the words that I go to when I think about how I want to dress, or what I like about other people’s styles.” 8:40

News Letter:
Feb 04, 2021
Styling with Crystal | Finding Beauty in Translucence
We had a listener reach out asking how to integrate the crystal and silver she has had around for years, so we decided to take that on today. In the grand millennial movement, styles have moved to a more casual look but we think you should show off your antiques and we talk about to tastefully pull that off. We talk about the quality of crystal and why it makes a difference and great places to showcase it. We suggest having a bowl of yummy candies out for family and guests who visit to create a nostalgic feeling every time they have that same candy elsewhere.

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How to use crystal and silver 2:11
Crystal quality 10:25
Crystal in the powder bath 16:37

“Kind of a pro tip is if you’re using something like an obelisk, which Sue is saying is non-directional so it looks good from every single side, like if you’re sticking them on a center hall table or even on a console, most people’s tendency would be to stack them so that they’re straight and their edges are parallel with the front of that table. The pro tip would be to maybe slightly throw those off a little bit. Maybe two are straight and the third one is thrown off on a diagonal.” 13:33
News Letter:
Jan 28, 2021
Rules We Break | Knowing Why & When
In this episode we talk about the design rules we break and the rules that aren't really rules at all. We went to school to learn all the rules, so we can know when and why to break them. We talk about upper cabinet doors vs open shelving and the rules we follow around fireplace hearths. We talk about putting area rugs on carpet. When to do it and why. We discuss other space planning rules including what to do when you have a shorter ceiling in terms for good balance and scale. We feel strongly that rules were meant to be broken, just do it right.

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Are upper cabinet doors making a comeback? 1:13
Rugs on carpet 7:44
Fireplace hearth 10:24
Space planning rule that breaks people’s brains 20:39
Short ceilings 23:03

“Any designer on the AD100, and you look at their spaces, they are putting things at all different angles, using things for different intentions than what they were originally built for and that’s why they’re so magnificent. And you’re just like, ‘Whoa!’ ...I think by knowing these rules and how to break them, and studying these spaces, I think that everyone on this that’s listening can get closer to that type of look, and should.” 28:47
News Letter:
Jan 21, 2021
Remodel vs New Build | Nostalgic or Fresh?
Today’s topic is about the ever present question: New Build or Remodel. We get a lot of questions about this so we've decided to discuss this subject and help you guys understand what to focus on when considering either option. Cory tells about his DIY remodel and the ongoing challenges he faced and his vote is on a new build. Sue however, just bought and is in the process of remodeling because she likes the sentimentality and nostalgia that goes into a remodel. WIth a new build, it gives people the opportunity to start fresh and assures the buyer that everything will work. While some people love to have a space that contains memories and feel the challenges are worth the trade-off.

“When we're starting to work with a client and we're building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I'm like, ‘Dang it.’ They've obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09

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Cory’s remodel 7:04
One of the hard things about a remodel 12:49
New Construction 18:35

“We've worked with people, often when we're starting to work with a client and we're building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I'm like, ‘Dang it.’ They've obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09
News Letter:
Jan 14, 2021
Designing the Primary Bath | Find Comfort in the Most Intimate Setting
Today we talk about the master or primary bathroom and the tricks we have learned over the years designing this space for respite and comfort. Are you a baither or do you prefer a shower? A lesson we have learned the hard was is to be sure you take the time to sit in your tub before you install it to make sure it is a good match for your body and lifestyle. If you are the kind of person who likes a shower, be sure you are measuring for your shower heads and body sprayers so they hit in all the right spots. Something we are doing a lot of work on is shower rooms that contain both a shower and a bathtub for those who like to enjoy both. We discuss the vanity and emphasize storage space for your various beauty products and toiletries. We are also fans of getting a mirror that fills the whole space from the countertop to the ceiling will make your space feel twice as big. "

What type of bathtub material should you get? 5:41
The one thing we recommend you keep 9:12
Showers 9:53
Shower rooms 17:09
Vanity 23:35
Lighting 33:34
Toilets 37:37

“If you’re building today, or even if you want to do this as a remodel or an add-on today in your home, toilet’s have come such a far way and I know that it seems extra, but once you’ve had a great toilet that completely washes all the undercarriage and has all the bells and whistles, you could never possibly go back to having a normal toilet again.” 37:43
News Letter:
Jan 07, 2021
Motivation to Eat at Home | Pantry Design and Organization
This is a rebroadcast of an episode we wanted to share as we get into the new year. We brought Morgan back on to help us talk about pantries. We cover everything from beginning design stages to organization and upkeep. We discuss what kind of shelving, the difference between butler’s pantries and a typical pantry, and then all the amazing tools that Morgan uses to help organize pantries. Everything as usual is focused on lifestyle and how to enjoy your home more.

History of the Pantry 2:27
Pantry Design and Plans 5:05
Organization and Tools 8:10

“I feel like a pantry is really interesting. You kind of see how people are, like food people have is really funny. I’m like, ‘wow! I’ve never eaten this before but you have a bulk of it! The other day someone had a bulk of marshmallows!” 7:41
Dec 29, 2020
Creating An Authentic Sense of Place | Interview with Thom Filicia
This is a rebroadcast of our interview with Thom Filicia, one of the original designers from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He is a well seasoned interior & product designer with amazing experience and has such a great way of working with clients. We discuss what inspires him, how he works with clients, we get to know his background. We also get to hear some amazing advice on styling. Join us for such a fun episode as we learn from Thom Filicia.

About Thom 3:57
Finding Inspiration 11:45
Working with Clients 17:13
Product Design Approach 31:21
Styling Advice 38:27

"A great interior should have the same attributes as your best friend: interesting, dynamic, stylish, approachable, fun, a little bit goofy…” 15:06
Dec 22, 2020
Design Trends | What’s In and What’s Out
In today’s episode, Cori chooses our topic and we go over an article about the top design trends in 2020 according to designers. We go over a plethora of things that are in and things that are out, with most of which we agree, but there are a few trends with which we don’t completely agree and we explain the reasons why.

In: Integrated Hardware, Out: Oversized Pulls 1:55
In: Floral Wallpaper, Out: Geometric Prints 4:34
In: Grand Millennial Style, Out: Grey On Grey 5:39
In: Bold Monochromatics, Out: Pale Monochromatics 8:17
In: Layering Old with New, Out: Perfection 10:02
In: Dark Painted Doors, Out: Standard White Doors and Trim 14:23
In: Earth Tones, Out: Cool Tones 16:52
In: Fun Bathroom Design, Out: Open Shelving 17:49
In: Washing a Room in One Paint Color, Out: Accent Walls 19:36
In: Faux Marble, Out: Real Marble 31:30
In: Classicism, Out: Industrial Design 34:34
In: Real Plants and Flowers, Out: Faux Plants and Flowers 35:53
In: Multifunctional, Out: Formal Separation of Spaces 37:50
In: Classic Interiors, Out: All-White Kitchens 40:56
In: Furniture with Rounded Edges, Out: Metal Framed Furniture 44:42

“Another decorator trick is to take 10% or 20% of that wall color and use it on the ceiling. So even if, say, the room is pink, the ceiling isn’t stark white. It’s a really light, light tint of white so that the pink continues on and doesn’t feel like you’ve left out one of the surfaces.” 25:35
News Letter:
Dec 17, 2020
Space Planning | The Primary Bedroom
In this episode we discuss the primary bedroom, which was formerly called the master bedroom. This is one of the most important rooms in the home, especially if you are wanting to put your home up for sale. We talk about the benefits of having a desk in this room and whether it’s a good idea to have one or not, and then how to fit this in there. Four-poster beds are kind of like a room within a room, so make sure you have a big enough space if this is what you want in your primary bedroom. We also discuss what to do in regards to windows and how to space plan around those with your bed, night stand, or even a guest bed, and we talk about using that window space for a balcony. We also talk about various different bedrooms we have done and the details of how they are planned and spaced out.

What do you want that space to feel like? 1:49
Desks in your space 2:29
Visualize what we’re talking about 5:01
Wander Lane 12:12
Floor mirror 21:07
Rachel Parcell’s room 24:34

“But when you walk into any space, you want the space to tell you what it is. You want the space to kind of write that story book for you, and so when you think about a magazine shoot, or a page on a magazine, it shows you exactly what it is, and that’s when you’re orienting your furniture. That’s how you space plan it, so you have that magazine shot as soon as you walk into the room.” 9:35
News Letter:
Dec 10, 2020
Defining Your Style | Follow Your Instincts
Today we talk about figuring out what your style is and how to discover what works best for you. If you think about design as making choices that are super authentic to who you are, then we’re going to be able to tell your story for you, and you’re also going to be a part of that story telling. We discuss traditional design and the role it plays in understanding where design originates, which can often be the basis of your individual style. We then go over transitional style and how this can blur the lines between the traditional and modern, providing an awesome opportunity to blend multiple styles and giving you that unique look that shows your personality. We discuss the difference between modern and contemporary styles, modern being that 1950’s look and contemporary being something that’s looking toward the future. Sue tells what her style is, what works for her, and why she loves what she does, and then Jess explains hers as well.

Traditional design 6:16
Transitional style 10:00
Contemporary versus modern 19:45
Jess’s style 31:15
Learn about traditional design 37:21

“You guys have instincts. You know what you love when you see it. You know what you love when you smell it. You know what you don’t love when you see it.” 35:20
Dec 03, 2020
Holiday Decorating | Get the Mood Lift You Need
It's time! Today we are going to give you tips on how you can get your decorations to stand out this season. We take a tour of each space, starting with the entry scene: We vote using real garlands outside around your door so as people arrive they can see and smell it when they arrive. Put a diffuser near the entryway with a nice seasonal fragrance to invite the holiday spirit. In the entertaining area and kitchen, we like to use a large bowl of winter fruit such as oranges and other citrus for a colorful accent and festive feel. Don't forget some great smelling & looking soaps at your sink. For your tree, get more ornaments than you think you need so you have plenty to work with. We love to put garland on mantles, draped asymmetrically to give it a very designer look and feel. Don't forget the music, it will be the bow on the whole package. We have made a playlist for you here: 1:20
The entry scene 3:57
Ornaments 10:12
The mantle 21:35
Stockings 26:38
The entertaining area 28:24
Some favorite foods, recipes, and traditions 33:06

“And it’s just so fun when you have someone come over to make them a beautiful drink. So just have those things on hand. Have some cheeses, have some beautiful fruits to pair with those, have chocolate, have just all the fun things that you want to feel the season. Go to the grocery store and just feel it out and see what you’re feeling like and that you’ll be excited to share those things with your guests and your family.” 32:26
News Letter:
Nov 26, 2020
Living in Linen | Ed Reisert of Libeco
In this episode we have with us Edward Reisert, the National Sales Director of Libeco Home who is going to be talking to us about linens. Ed tells us the origin story of their linens and what defines the quality. We talk about the many different benefits of living in linen from a study showing people who sleep in linen, sleep 20% better to how this fabric helps your body thermoregulate and is 8 times more absorbent than cotton. We also get some tips on the wear and tear of linen, how long it lasts and how to care for it.

Shop our linen collection here:

Background on the origin of linen and what separates Ed’s company 2:06
The benefits of sleeping with linen sheets 7:11
Linen towels 14:40
Wear and tear of linen 26:01

“We as Americans grow cotton here. So it is the fabric of our lives and it has fabulous usage for our lives, and I’m not going to knock cotton because I use it. I’m wearing it from head to toe right now, but it’s got its limitations and it’s where I think linen takes off is in the home textile arena in particular. The ability for it to give us these functions with as light a footprint on the planet that it does, we think that’s just the perfect recipe for a home textile.” 24:53
News Letter:
Nov 19, 2020
Kitchen Styling | Beautify the Heart of your Home
Today we’re talking about styling your kitchen. The place to start, the island. We will tell you a few tricks to wrangling the little things that tend to occupy large kitchen surfaces and some styling tips to keep things fresh and seasonal. We address the stove and give recommendations for what to put on the wall behind your stove and ways to incorporate a painting or a cutting board. If you have open shelves or a deep window sill we like to use these to display dishes and keep them accessible. Be sure you are displaying pretty cookbooks to add to the culinary aesthetic. Your sink styling should have pretty bottles paired with your favorite scents. Use this link to stock up on great product and receive a free gift with purchase: 1:10
Vase, tray, and bowl 5:46
The stove 8:23
If you have a shelf 14:20
Recipe cards 26:11
Mixing bowls 28:14
Candles 30:35

“This is a really personal thing that you can do because it’s the kitchen, food is personal. It just brings us back to a place. And so with grandma’s silver dishes go ahead and grab her recipe cards, or your mother’s, and the more oil spills and flour and stuff that they have on them, because they’ve been loved and used, the better. I think it makes it so beautiful to frame” 26:48
News Letter:
Nov 12, 2020
Taking Your Vision to the Finish Line | Be Authentic and Bold
Today we’re talking about taking your vision to the finish line, or following through with your dream. We share some insight into a unique, wonderful project we worked on years ago, which the owner didn’t want us to share until just recently. This man wanted us to design a chandelier room, which we felt was a terrible idea, but he insisted it would be great, so we took it upon ourselves to do the best we could and turned it into something amazing. When painting, it doesn’t necessarily cost more because you’re going to have to redo it all anyway, so you’re better off to be courageous and bold when venturing into your new design. “The best color in the world is the one that looks the best on you.” It’s exhilarating to get to do something great and authentic, and it’s like jumping off the high dive as opposed to just the regular diving board.

The project we worked on 4:42
Have courage and conviction in your design 16:28
Reach further than the mainstream 26:32
Painting one wall can really make a difference 34:57
Surround yourself with bigger ideas than just what are in your head 37:52

“I like [the client’s] confidence. Not only to say this to you, to be like this is what this room should be, but also his confidence to not care about what anyone is going to think coming into this space. I think a lot of the time a lot of people let outside opinions outside of their household affect the things they do in their own home.” 14:21
News Letter:
Nov 05, 2020
Memory Lane | Celebrating Our Design Evolution
In this episode we're celebrating two major milestones with the one year anniversary of the podcast launch and 12 years in this business. We started Alice Lane because we saw a spot in the market locally that wasn't being represented. We talk about what we have learned over the years from our successes and mistakes. It started as a store front and has grown to a full service design firm that has been around long enough that we are seeing repeat customers. One of the most valuable things we have learned is that you don't need to feel insecure about your ideas or your own unique design, but get comfortable with getting creative and letting your imagination flow.

Opening a store 3:31
Greatness comes from mutual desire for greatness 19:51
When you buy something truly great 27:51
Let people do what they’re best at 33:42

“We’ve worked with people, often when we’re starting to work with a client and we’re building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I’m like, ‘Dang it.’ They’ve obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09
News Letter:
Oct 29, 2020
The Mud Hall | The Hardest Working Room In The House
Today we talk about one of the hardest working rooms in the house, the mud room. A space that sees all the comings and goings in the household and is your entry & exit. There are a few tricks to organizing this space and contain the mess. Start with a large format tile floor with a walk off mat on the garage side and a nicer rug inside the house. We suggest using plenty of hooks so you don't overload them and putting them above your bench where it will become difficult to sit down. Be sure to include drawers to contain the mess and some open shelves where you can have easy access to the things that come and go often. If you include lockers, they should be wide to avoid things getting shoved in there, and being difficult to remove. A great trick is to include a mirror to check yourself on your way in and out, highlighted with a great light fixture. Give this room good light because inevitably it’s a place you're going to be searching for stuff.

The ground floor 2:51
Storage 9:05
Hooks 15:15
Depth and width 24:34

“We love a playful tile and so this is a way to not just kind of phone it in and get a beige porcelain tile. I always think of a gas station, that’s generally what they’re going to use is something that’s like a fake travertine… I have a natural limestone in two different colors and I’ve made a playful pattern out of it. Large format is going to be your friend because you’re gonna have less grout joints that you have to try and scrub all that soccer cleat mud out of.” 8:13
News Letter:
Oct 22, 2020
Living Room Space Planning | The Art & Romance of a Room
In this episode we define and describe. space planning and give some examples of how to arrange your space to inspire conversation. Space planning is a critical part of the design process and we find that often architects don’t create the right amount of space for your furniture because they use generalized sizes, not specific to your furniture selections. You’ll want to work with the architects and figure out how much space you'll actually need for your style so that your home can tell your personal story. We talk about how to situate your room depending on what you want your focus to be. A reoccurring piece of advice is to not let your room get to “leggy,” otherwise everything looks too tall and like it’s about to tip over. To be successful, make sure you are considering the different vantage points in the room and how you want to build the social interactions in the space.

What is space planning? 1:54
Fireplace and rugs 8:04
Chairs 11:26
Space planning for a room with a corner fireplace 19:13
How important are sectionals 24:57
Indoor trees 29:50

“I just wanted to give you guys the permission to not have to have every single thing in a room be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be. There are certain pieces in a room, and this one is probably not the perfect space plan to talk about that, but sometimes you have a little chair by a fireplace and that chair’s job is to be sculptural and beautiful and just fun to look at. Maybe on occasions somebody’s going to go perch there because they’re completing the conversation circle, but it’s really just a perch and its silhouette is just doing its job. Not everything has to sit like a lazy boy. Not everything has to sit like a sectional.” 14:53
News Letter:
Oct 15, 2020
Fireplaces | Creating a Mood With Architecture
We are talking about fireplaces today on Dear Alice. Because most homes today have central heating, fireplaces are mostly used as a piece of architecture or to create a mood. Because of this we have a little more control of the size, look, and when we use it. We talk about what materials to use when building, what to match this material with, and how to update or change a current fireplace in your home.

Size of Fireplaces 4:08
Fireboxes 11:36
Fireplace Materials 17:10
Updating Fireplaces 23:15

“If you have marble countertops, you’re probably going to want to see a marble or something relative to that on your fireplace.” 19:38
Oct 08, 2020
The Laundry Room | Find Your Spirit Animal
Today are talking laundry rooms and we want you to make this space one you enjoy spending time in because it will likely be a lot. Take some risks with the wallpaper and don't forget to style the space with good looking containers and smells, like Mrs. Meyer’s, to make it comfortable and enjoyable to be in. We talk about the different options for sorting and drying clothes, whether it be a rod to hang and air dry your clothes or an outside clothes line. We also talk about laundry chutes we have had in the past, which can be a fun and convenient way to move laundry around the home.

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Can you mix metals with light fixtures? 3:20
Drying 12:36
The laundry chute 22:05

“Think about your floor because honestly the square footage of a laundry room isn’t that much typically, so I think it’s something worth investing in… And if you’re building, make sure that they give you a window into that room.” 21:08
Oct 01, 2020
Vintage Pieces & Heirlooms | Giving Loved Pieces New Life
In this episode we discuss those special hard to find pieces, which will be exactly what you need for your style. We love vintage decor because it can bring an original point of view to your space, if you are using it right. Sue tells how she got into vintage shopping and finding heirloom pieces she could use in her own life and offers a word of caution as well. When you find a piece you love, it should feel like you can't snatch it fast enough. If you don't feel that way, it isn't worth taking. We love vintage lighting and is one of the easier pieces to find and use. Think about ways to repurpose your heirloom pieces to give them new life and pair it with something modern for balance.

@214modern 3:33
How Sue incorporates this into her home 5:33
Should you reupholster your furniture? 9:38
Oly Studio 18:19
Client story 21:18
Avoid making it look like a garage sale 29:09
Vincent Wolfe 32:43

“She 100% loves it and I want to say when they were first married they bought this chair and so it was that she felt she wanted to have as part of this story book that was their home. And so anyway you can work these pieces in and you should if it means something to you. Luckily we had each other, and so we were able to make something really great where this backdrop for this chair --that again it means something to her and that’s why it was successful.” 22:07
Sep 24, 2020
Inspiration | Where We Find It
In this episode we discuss from where we draw our inspiration and how we inspire our own ideas and styles. Sue tells us what her inspiration is and why you shouldn't get rid of everything that is “out of style.” She suggests using Pinterest to find inspiration, and if you're kind of tired of the things you're seeing on there, follow someone else. Look for new designers until you find something that gives you that spark of interest. A question you can ask yourself is “What do I want this to feel like?” And you can make it feel like your honeymoon, using photos that captured a moment in your past that you can draw inspiration from. We want an emotional response invoked through all your senses that sparks and opens your imagination to ideas that resonate. Make your decisions emotional because these experiences will last your whole life and won't go out of style. It needs to be something that makes you happy when you look at it.

Sue’s inspiration 4:27
Drawing inspiration from photos or memories 9:15
When we designed with tiger oak for the first time 13:22
Something our friend does for inspiration 18:21

“You can do anything. That’s the rad thing about design is it doesn’t have to be a ‘Me too,’ you don’t have to buy that set. You can do anything. And that’s the space you’re going to want to stay in and invite your people into.” 13:06
Sep 17, 2020
Open Concept Floor Plans | A Place to Gather
Today we talk about the things that really make the open concept work and how to define those spaces. We discuss our opinions on open concept versus segmentation of rooms and the benefits or advantages of each. We bring up the fact that an open concept can often get loud, so we provide solutions for ways to dampen that sound like adding drapes and rugs to absorb the sound. We answer a question about how to create more intimacy in an open floor plan by using rugs and good, creative space planning. We talk about how large rooms usually turn into a space of multiple smaller conversations and how that can help optimize the space.

Open concept vs. segmentation of rooms 2:11
How to dampen sound when things get noisy 5:13
Tips on how to create more intimacy on an open floor plan 14:27
The Keeping Room 22:10
Should the flooring all be the same? Or should there be transitions between the spaces? 24:42

“The more you can kind of angle things in there in an interesting conversation, people can sit down and naturally see each other’s faces and not be squared off like soldiers. And the room should look like it’s having a conversation even without humans in it.” 16:18
Sep 10, 2020
Closet Design | Making Your Space Reflect You
Today we are talking about closet design and are sharing some tips for creating more closet space, including knocking down walls and using a room next to your bedroom. We talk windows and the role they play and a few other tricks for arranging storage & furniture. We have some suggestions for mirrors and our love for valet rods and hooks. We talk about using wallpaper in your closet and the unexpected surfaces to cover that will elevate the feel of the room & give some tips on how to enrich the perspective of your closet. If you are building out your own closet, we talk give some good suggestions of businesses who specialize in closet construction and design. Don't forget to listen to our earlier episode about closet organization as well!

If you have a window in your closet 4:49
Vantage points 7:45
Valet rods 10:22
Wallpaper 13:14
If you’re gonna build a whole new closet 20:29

“These spaces are personal. It’s a very intimate space and it should reflect you. These do not need to be white and they don’t need to be neutral. You can do custom carpet in them and that really gives it kind of that scarf effect on an outfit. You could use animal prints or plaids if you’re more sophisticated and want it to feel like a Burberry store. There are a million different looks to achieve in a closet so don’t feel like you have to use the same carpet as the rest of your house. Don’t feel like you have to use the same wall color. You can paint the scene whatever makes you happy because it’s your personal space.” 24:06
Sep 03, 2020
Jen Dolan | Design in Your Voice
In this episode, we talk with Jen Dolan, Director of Sales for residential and retail at Arteriors. Jen tells about where Arteriors started, how far they've come in design and how they have moved into all aspects of interior design development, including furniture, accent furniture, upholstered seating, wall decor mirrors, lighting, and accessories, so that people can come in and decorate basically a whole room through Arteriorswe. She tells us about some of the new projects Arteriors is working on and what has inspired those. She lets us in on what she is seeing coming up with a lot of raw & natural textures, organics juxtaposed with hard surfaces like metals, stone, and glass mixed with geometric shapes. We discuss outdated trends and how you can make almost anything fit into your space if you really love it and making it your own. Jen talks a little about fashion and what she wears and takes with her being reflection of the journey you have been on and the places you have visited. Jen wisely tells us, ""As long as you love something and are true to who you are, it will never be dated.

What Arteriors is doing 1:33
How Arteriors started out 9:09
How long can you live with a trend before it starts looking out of date? 11:43
One of Jen’s favorite projects they’ve worked on 23:59
What’s next and what Jen is looking for 30:22

“When you work in a neutral palette, so grays and creams, and beautiful charcoals and sleights, you ensure that you can incorporate that perennially. So it’s not specific to a particular season or time that dates itself and I feel that working in something that is a little more subtle allows you to transition it. So the palette is definitely something that we look at.” 13:22
Aug 27, 2020
The Dining Room | A Place to Celebrate
In this episode we talk about the dining room and how it’s a place for celebration and we say go wild and really embrace the fact that a dining room is a special place for special occasions. We discuss the details of lighting, how your chandelier should hang and a few tips to make it look exquisite. We discuss the round table vs a rectangular table and how it interacts with the shape of your dining room and the type of rug you should get. We bring up the walls and ceiling and the use of paint or wallpaper. Design your dining room to be different from your kitchen so it stands out as a special place where you and your guests can gather to share special moments.

What to look for in terms of dining room chandeliers and lighting 4:02
What the dining room needs to be 11:10
How to get started 12:46
Wallpaper and wall paint 20:54
Chairs 25:49
Host and hostess chairs 29:18

“As far as formal versus opinionated, I think you should still be opinionated about it. Make it an experience as far as being formal and really upright and tight. I would say if it’s open I would still loosen it up a little bit just so it feels livable and I wanna go in there, but I want it to scream.” 32:23
Aug 20, 2020
The Powder Bath | Exercising Your Creativity In A Petite Space
Today we talk about the powder bath, our favorite room in the house where people can play all their cards and take some risks because you won't be in there for long. Choose wallpaper for this room like you are choosing art. You should feel excited and have an emotional connection with it. We prefer large organic prints to loosen up the space and lose the hard corners amongst the leaves or foliage. Choose a beautiful pedestal sink, especially if you're going to be doing your walls, let your sink be a silhouette against your wallpaper and choose a mirror with a nice frame to compliment your wall and sink. This is your chance to go wild because there are no other mirrors, so you can test some new things out. For lighting, use something magical like a small pendant or chandelier and sconces to flank the mirror. You can fit a little etagere in almost any powder bath where you can put small paintings, candles, or other storytelling articles. It’s also a nice place to put small toiletries or trinkets your guests can use to freshen up. Get creative with your hand towel rack, hook, or ring. Candles, diffusers, and other scents can really improve this small space where smells will stick around longer. The door should match the space, and the only white things should be your toilet, and maybe your sink. This is one place where you are up close and can really admire that art, so we recommend getting art which people can enjoy.

How to pull off a large print in a powder room 2:32
Can you mix chrome and brass? 4:38
How to improve your mirror 11:21
Etagere 18:13
Hand towels 22:20
Places to find specialty hardware for powder bath 24:42
Art 30:50

“If you have a crazy wallpaper and there’s a lot going on, you can leave it if you’re like ‘Nope, I don’t want any art on that,’ you can leave it. That’s the art story. But a lot of times we’ll take a three dimensional object--a butterfly, a shell, something, and we’ll have that framed so you have a center of focus. Usually above the potty where there’s just a wall with blank wallpaper, wild wallpaper, and you’re gonna frame that so you have some focus and a lot of white matte around that object so you can focus in on it. It’s not complicated art, but on top of complicated wallpaper you’re simplifying.” 31:11
Aug 13, 2020
Mixing Styles | Unifying the Traditional and Contemporary
Today on Dear Alice we will be talking about mixing styles. The best way to successfully mix an overstated design with a more understated style is to start by neutralizing the colors then start to add the layers back in. An important thing to ask yourself is how your room makes you feel. You want your design to match your personality, and that can even include your children so if it feels good and matches your overall vibe, then it’s right for you. If your style is tradition, try throwing in some modern art and styling pieces to change it up and keep it from being too predictable. Design has evolved over time and with interiors today we try to break the rules and mix old and new, using the best of both worlds. If you are stuck in an era, you can freshen it with a few touches and still honor its history.

@Aris_Empire question - how to balance understated style with overstated style 1:11
Is mixing styles more of a modern thing? 12:47
@northloganrealtor - A table in a traditional house trying to be transitional 20:01

“If you are more transitional, but you live in a traditional house, start getting those pieces that feel like you. That feel a little more modern because again they’re going to shine in this traditional shell even more so than they would in a contemporary space, because of that juxtaposition.” 22:04
Aug 06, 2020
Styling and Accessorizing | A Fine Touch To Perfect Your Home
We discuss the final layer that brings everything together. You can help kids to keep things neat by accommodating some styles to their interests, and giving them their own shelf to display their own stuff. Make a distinction between their toys and “your toys.” This can give them pride in their own stuff. Give them a delicate collection of their own delicate toys with which they have to be gentle and learn to take care of. Art books and design books are what you want to display. The average household should have about 20 cocktail table books to display. Try and get non directional items for the center of your console, such as a bowl. A bust, of family members or yourself, is a great thing to have on display, as well as vases. Candles should be large and never leave your wicks white. Candles should be in a place you can tend to it. A diffuser should be somewhere your guests will smell it, such as an entry. Avoid a round rug in general. Boxes can be used to fill space which large accessories cannot. Coral helps a lot as an accessory. It’s white, so it goes well with most things. Try to group your different coral together. You want to style for your vantage point. Hide things such as your printer down low instead of at eye level where you’re going to see it often. You can do a couple different stacks of books and stacking vertically is good in order to be able to read the title. End table needs a lamp, more books, and maybe a sculpture or bowl. Bowls are great because you can fill it with pistachios, or candy. A tray is almost always necessary. Then you can stylize everything with the tray and don’t have to worry about the rest of the coffee table. Coasters go well with the tray.

How to go about styling and accessorizing with kids 2:25
The Delicate Collection 9:32
Books 11:55
Candles 20:20
Greenery 26:07
Steve Cordony @stevecordony 33:04
Nightstand and end table 44:12

“So you’re going to want to use more non-directional things on a non-directional surface, so a circle is non-directional. The center hall table you’re going to be coming at it from all different directions because it’s the center of your household, or at least the center of your entry. So grounding it with a really large vase or ginger jar is probably our best go-to thing that I would say, and then filling that with whatever is in season.” 40:16
Jul 30, 2020
The Family Room | Creating Space for Beauty and Ease
Today we discuss the family room, and why it is different than the living room, which is usually more dressy and reserved for company and adults. Some houses get rid of the living room and instead have what some would call a great room, one really large scale room, which is open to a kitchen and an open floor plan and could also be considered the family room and the nucleus of the house, where you want to be very comfortable. We talk about the use of wallpaper and the placement of console tables and how to maximize the its decorating power. We talk about sizing the right rug and how layered rugs can be sophisticated and how your rug is the easiest way to understand your color scheme. There are some tricks to space planning, like drawing the room out and then leaving 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table to make the table usable and the size of your TV needs to be half the length of the distance from your couch to the location of your TV. We also talk about we avoid putting it above your fireplace. Case goods such as console tables or coffee tables are oftentimes what family rooms are missing. When choosing fabrics, every room needs something woven, or maybe some leather, but use them sparingly. Velvet always goes a long way as well. When choosing an ottoman, If you're more of a lounging person, you'll want a cocktail ottoman. But if you're more of a dressy type, a table will be better than the ottoman to get a better look for your room.

Living room definition 1:36
Family room definition 2:00
Grasscloth 3:20
Console Tables 10:34
Where to start 13:50
Case goods 22:05
TV’s, Cory’s take 30:00

“Often what you’ll see is a sectional and a chair, or two chairs, and they’re like ‘I don’t really know why, it just doesn’t feel finished’ and you’re like ‘Well we need to bring in some tables and some lamps and get you the right throw pillows and a rug.’ It’s just that they got started, but they don’t quite know how to finish and it’s usually that they don’t have any casegoods. Casegoods are tables. Console tables, end tables, coffee tables.” 21:47
Jul 23, 2020
Designing a Primary Bedroom for Luxury and Comfort | You Deserve It
In this episode, we talk about the master or primary bedroom and advantages of investing in your own sleeping space, which can tend to get neglected when you're a parent trying to tend to the other rooms in your house. We want to help the listener have a better experience sleeping & living in your room of privacy and repose. We start our discussion by answering questions from listeners, including how to pick furniture while not being too “matchy.” We feel the answer is to look at function by addressing the habits of those living in the room, as well as room design and color.

We discuss space planning with the bed, dressers and nightstands, how to get the right scale of art above your bed, using a 30” lamp for your nightstands and when to blend TV’s into walls. We share the advantages of using a rug, even if your floor is already carpeted and how that helps delineate space and benefits of a settee or small sofa at the foot of the bed.

Are you struggling with styling your nightstand? Our recommendation is to start by cleaning off the top completely, then adding the lamp (softer, round shaped to soften angles and corners in the room), faux florals, coasters, and whatever else you need and use. Trays and bowls can be useful to keep things from falling. Don't feel pressured to fill the whole space up -- less is more.

We talk about our favorite way to dress your bed including our favorite sheets, white quilts and adding interest with the duvet or pillows. There are easy ways to make your room feel luxurious, therapeutic, and soothing by getting the right scent, selecting candles that will help you relax and linen sprays.

All these elements work together to create an amazing space for you to relax and enjoy.

Bedroom Dressers and Tables 1:54
Space Planning 11:39
What to Put Above the Bed; Bedding 18:03
Getting the Right Scent For Your Room 25:42
How To Style a Dresser/Nightstand in a Master Bedroom 27:54

“I’m picturing more of a darker, coffee-stained or a walnut nightstand that’s a chest, and then next to that, on her side of the bed, is a round table that has a marble top. And maybe it’s a black iron base, so it feels like an estate. So they’re actually not the same finish, but they have depth -- the black iron does, and so does the dark, burled wood.” 6:42
Jul 16, 2020
Defining Luxury | Never Saving Anything for Best
Today, we talk about how we at Alice Lane Interior define luxury and ways to experience luxury in your everyday choices. We start our discussion by talking about a conversation between Whitney Robinson (former editor in chief of Elle Decor) and Martyn Lawrence Bullard (star on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators and decorator for Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Tommy Hilfiger, Cher, Ellen Pompeo, and Eva Mendes), had on “what is luxury?” We discuss how luxury is not saving what you have “for best,” meaning that we should use and enjoy our finest possessions. We talk about a few products that we feel are luxurious. For instance, we recommend Lunya’s, The Robe, found here (, luxury sheets ( and a counter spray called Rosewater Driftwood by Caldrea ( We talk about bringing home fresh flowers or clippings from flowering trees, and decorating with art or family photos. We finish by inviting you to subscribe to our newsletter, where you can find the links to everything we talk about on our show.

What is Luxury? 1:03
Items and Routines of Luxury 4:12
“Live So You Look and Feel Beautiful” 17:28

“We sell a pair of sheets here at Alice Lane. It’s a tencel sheet, we’ve talked about them before, but they sleep four times cooler than cotton, and they’re just a little bit silky (you guys have slept with bamboo sheets before).” 14:38
Jul 09, 2020
The Guide to Making an Entrance | First Impression of Your Home
Today’s episode is all about entryways and entrances to your home. We give you advice and solutions for entry spaces of all shapes and sizes. We recommend useful and inviting items like a tall pedestal console table, a mirror, a lamp, or a piece of artwork for small entryways. We talk about the importance of making your home inviting to your guests with your entryway, prioritizing accommodating needs such as removing shoes or coat. We recommend adding sculpted or organic shapes for entryways with stairs to interrupt the straight lines that stairs present. For larger entries, we give tips on the choice, placement, and decoration of center hall tables. We also discuss balancing both walls as well as the color, knob, and knocker of your door. We talk about common mistakes like hanging family portraits in the entry (TMI for salesmen, not enough visibility for those who live in the house), having rugs that are too small, and using boob lights. For all entryways, we invite you to create a positive first impression to your home by involving more senses with diffusers, lighting, and jewelry.

Small or "Nonexistent" Entryways 0:54
Larger Entries -- Start With The Center Hall Table 15:11
Additional Tips: Mirrors and Opposite Wall Reflections, Front Door 24:02
Common Design Mistakes in Entries 28:00

“Also accommodate for that. If that’s what you require, then put a little ottoman tucked under that console, so that they could sit down on it and untie shoes if they have shoes they can’t just slip off easily, and then they can just park their purse and you can take their coat.” 12:48
Jul 02, 2020
A Designer's Lifelong Quest | Where We Find Inspiration
Today, we discuss what inspires us as designers, creators, and people. We talk about how to find inspiration from design books and the unique view they give into the creative process. We talk about the inspiration that can come from extraordinary people who live exemplary lives. We also share the unique perspectives and experiences that come from nature and travel. We give other tips for resources you can access to draw inspiration in small ways every day, including observing how sets and design contribute to the emotions in movies. We talk about our favorite sights from movies and places, and how you can bring those memories into your space with art, fashion, and objects.

Design Books; Role Models of Great Behavior; Experience and Nature 1:46
Tips for Inspiration in Daily Life 9:28
Favorite Sets From TV and Movies; Favorite Places 16:16
Don’t Try So Hard; Make Room For The New 26:57

“The visuals alone are usually so gorgeous -- especially to open it up and have a double-page spread of some really fantastic lifestyle, well-appointed home or kitchen or outdoor living space.” 1:53
Jun 25, 2020
Creating An Authentic Sense of Place | Interview with Thom Filicia
In this episode of Dear Alice, we get to interview Thom Filicia, one of the original designers from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He is a well seasoned interior & product designer with amazing experience and has such a great way of working with clients. We discuss what inspires him, how he works with clients, we get to know his background. We also get to hear some amazing advice on styling. Join us for such a fun episode as we learn from Thom Filicia.

About Thom 3:57
Finding Inspiration 11:45
Working with Clients 17:13
Product Design Approach 31:21
Styling Advice 38:27

"A great interior should have the same attributes as your best friend: interesting, dynamic, stylish, approachable, fun, a little bit goofy…” 15:06
Jun 18, 2020
When are there too many moving parts? | Pairing Pattern with Patterns
"In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about patterns. Mixing patterns with patterns takes some effort and there is definitely an art to helping patterns work together so have dedicated an entire episode to it. We discuss matching patterns and colors, where to put patterns, maximalism, and what NOT to do.

How to match patterns and colors 4:12
Patterns in Drapery 14:48
Maximalism/Studying 18:20
What NOT to do 24:32

“If you are going to do something grand, pair it with something humble.” 14:43
Jun 11, 2020
The timeless way to use Trends | Ashley Stark Kenner Interview
In this episode of Dear Alice, we are so pleased to have Ashley Stark, the creative director from Stark Carpet. We get to dig into Ashley's creative process when starting a room, what inspires her and what advice she has for how and when to use trends when designing a room. We also learn a bit more about Ashley's role at Stark and some secrets about her life that not many people know. Subscribe to Ashley's content for the reveal of her home that will be featured in a major magazine soon.

What Inspires Ashley 4:35
How to Start a Room 8:06
Describing Personal Style 12:57
Best part of job 15:51
Ashley’s Personal Life 19:26

“If you’re feeling color right now, my advice to you is to do pops of it that can be easily changed out...You don’t want to feel dated in 5 years.” 23:10
May 28, 2020
Our Opinions Uncensored | 21 Questions with Alice Lane
In this episode of Dear Alice we do a series of rapid fire questions followed by a game of Would You Rather. Our answers are personal preferences, so you don't need to agree with all we say but hopefully you can ask yourself the same questions and learn more about your own tastes. We hope you enjoy this fun episode.

Introduction 0:22
Beginning of Questions 1:27
Stones 7:27
Design Pet Peeves 20:02
Would you Rather...27:30

“Nobody is more full of false hope than a mom who places items on the stairs for her family members to carry up.” 21:41
May 21, 2020
Our Design Crush | Interview with Ray Booth
In this episode of Dear Alice, we are privileged to interview Ray Booth, an architect, product and interior designer. Ray’s work is widely known and we are so excited to have him on our show. We discuss Ray’s approach to understanding his clients and how he sees past the design to the heart of what is important to his clients. We also dive into the differences and similarities between interior and product design. Join us for an inspiring interview on this episode of Dear Alice.

Ray’s Background 3:12
Working Beliefs/Habits 8:36
Interior vs Product Design 25:10
What Inspires Ray 40:29

“If we’re gonna do this work and if we’re gonna be successful and we are going to create emotional architecture and interiors, we gotta know what hits people in the heart. You gotta know what gives them joy, you gotta know what breaks their heart…” 9:46
May 14, 2020
The Cleaning Supplies We Cannot Live Without | Maintaining your Home and Furniture
There wouldn't be much purpose to spending your money and time on beautiful home furnishings and finishes without knowing how to care for them. We have interviewed the experts around us to find out what to and what not to use to keep your furniture and home beautiful. This is an episode for those moms out there that feel like they can't have anything nice till their kids grow up. Yes you can!! We cover different surfaces, what products we trust and how to keep your home looking and feeling clean.

Marble vs. Quartzite 2:43
Cleaning Countertops 5:19
Wood Floors/ Carpets 12:43
Acrylics/Linen 19:01

“So many nervous moms feel like they can invest in their homes. They’re like, ‘I can’t have anything nice because I have children.’ If it’s easy to clean, then you should be able to live well.” 18:20
May 07, 2020
Curating Your Art Collection | Interview with Alex Marin
In this episode of Dear Alice, we take a deeper dive into the world of art with our interview of Alex Marin, the Executive Vice President of Sales, at Soicher Marin. Soicher Marin is an exceptional art vendor we use often in our projects at Alice Lane and we are excited to introduce them to our listeners. We discuss how to find art, what the Soicher Marin process is like and what new products we will see in their spring line. Alex also shares tips on framing and choosing art for yourself.

How do you find great content 2:53
Favorite Piece 16:25
Reproduction Process 22:51
Framing 26:40
New Spring Collection 31:36

“You can’t cuddle up with a piece of art. It’s cold and hard but what you can do is, it can reflect who you really are.” 5:32
Apr 30, 2020
A Room for Any Age | Designing the Perfect Kid's Room
Rooms for children can be tough. It can feel like organization is a constant struggle so where should your energy be focused when designing? Designing kids bedrooms, especially when you give the child a chance to help in the process, can be amazing and special. We discuss how to design the room so children will love it, how to plan so that it will last longer than 4 years, what things to invest in, and how to plan for the space to work for you as the parent.

Designing for different stages of Kids 1:29
Shared vs Personal Rooms 10:43
Collections and Displays for Kids 13:21

“If you want them to actually enjoy their room and sleep there and not sleep in your room, then really pay attention to what they love and I think it will really pay home.” 12:19
Apr 23, 2020
The Art of Wallcoverings | 4 Generations with Jennifer Gracie
On this episode of Dear Alice, we get the chance to talk with Jennifer Gracie, the Creative Director and the 4th generation to run her family business of producing hand painted wallpaper, Gracie. She tells us about the history of the company, how to use wallpaper, where she gets inspiration from, and talks about some of her favorite and most unexpected projects. This beautiful hand painted wallpaper is created by artists from around the world for some of the world's top designers and is an amazing compliment to any space.

Background of Gracie 2:08
Finding Designs 6:13
Installing/Handling Gracie Paper 19:39
Where to Wallpaper 25:52

“I love wallpapers on ceilings. I think that’s really fun and a place that people don’t often think to do them.” 25:52
Apr 16, 2020
Outside of Interior Design | Landscape Architecture with Jeremy Fillmore
As being specialists in interior design we often get questions on what happens outside the home. We have brought Jeremy Fillmore, a landscape architect, to talk through everything outside your home. He talks about what role landscaping should play in your home. How your lifestyle should determine what’s around your home. We also talk about the benefits of hiring a landscape architect and what you can expect during the process.

Picking Style for Landscape Architecture 6:53
How to Grow a Garden 14:39
Why Hire a Landscape Architect 17:34
Costs 26:54
Do’s and Don’ts of Landscaping 32:29

“Don’t be afraid of landscaping...Take chances. It’s ok to be risky… It can change.” 44:09
Apr 09, 2020
Living Beautifully from the Inside Out | Curb Appeal
In this Episode of Dear Alice, we talk about extending your design to the exterior of your house with exterior finishes. It is hard to know what details on the outside will make a difference but we have a few suggestions. We talk about painting brick, doors, and upgrading your railings and windows. Join us as we discuss how to give your home more curb appeal.

Painted Brick 1:13
Exterior Paint Shades/Windows 8:51
Front Doors 13:09
Window Sizes 22:47
Railings 27:11

“[You can’t think that] you’ve made yourself a tropical home by painting your front door teal. You gotta get the shutters on board. You gotta invite some other things to that party.” 18;05
Apr 02, 2020
Making Home a Refuge | Making Quarantine Comfortable: COVID 19
In this episode of Dear Alice we are talking about how to make a refuge while most of us are working remotely. We typically work for most of the day so making sure that where you work feels uplifting can really affect your work and how you overall feel. However, this isn’t just about work. Being asked to social distance ourselves and stay home gives us all a challenge to keep home feeling comfortable and alive. Join us as we talk about how feel best during this difficult time.

How to Style a Desk 2:39
How to interact with Clients Remotely 11:49
Creating an office at Home 14:57
Creating a Refuge at Home 20:28
How to stay Positive 26:40

“I know that this moment in time might be short for some of us, but I think it’s gonna be a lot longer than any of us realize, so you might as well make it beautiful and be intentional about it…” 19:12
Mar 26, 2020
Motivation to Eat at Home | Pantry Design and Organization
In this Episode of Dear Alice, we talk again with Morgan Hadley. We brought Morgan back on to help us talk about pantries. We cover everything from beginning design stages to organization and upkeep. We discuss what kind of shelving, the difference between butler’s pantries and a typical pantry, and then all the amazing tools that Morgan uses to help organize pantries. Everything as usual is focused on lifestyle and how to enjoy your home more.

History of the Pantry 2:27
Pantry Design and Plans 5:05
Organization and Tools 8:10

“I feel like a pantry is really interesting. You kind of see how people are, like food people have is really funny. I’m like, ‘wow! I’ve never eaten this before but you have a bulk of it! The other day someone had a bulk of marshmallows!” 7:41
Mar 19, 2020
Designing for your lifestyle | Living with Kids & Pets
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about how to have a beautiful home even if you are living with kids or pets. So many people say they’ll wait until their kids are grown up before they will invest in decorating their home they way they really want to. We don't think you have to wait. We talk about what fabrics to choose for your lifestyle from color to composition so it can be forgiving with spills, stains, and pet hair as well as how to maintain and refurbish your furniture. We also address the constant challenge of toy organization.

Fabrics on sofas for pets/children 1:06
Fabric Colors that are forgiving of Pet Hair 9:04
Refurbishing Couches and Couch Care 13:17
Storing Toys 27:02

“I think that the most important thing to make sure this [sofa] is forgiving is not to go super dark. It’s like a black car. It doesn’t show dirt well.” 10:30
Mar 12, 2020
Thinking for the Long Term | Where to Invest and How to Save
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about which pieces to invest in and where to save when designing a room. We try to focus the investment on the pieces that people will come in contact with the most. We talk about second hand furniture, repurposing furniture, how to know when you need to jump on something you connect with and when to wait.

Introduction 0:15
Second Hand Furniture/repurposing furniture 2:26
Items to splurge on 13:30
What items to spend on what items to save on 19:08

“I think one thing we’re always going to say invest in, is the stuff that you come into contact with. So the things you sit on... like the things you lounge on.” 1:54
Mar 05, 2020
Being Inspired by your Home | Artwork
In this episode of Dear Alice we are talking about art. This seems to be one of the harder things to get right the first time in a home. You want to find something that speaks to you, something that you would love to look at everyday. This can depend on your experiences in life, what makes you happy, and what it is that you want to remember. It’s also important to find what styles you like. We talk about how to find art, what to use as art, how to get art to work together, and more simple things like how to find the right height for your art.

How to find art you love 1:00
Framing Objects 10:06
Art working together in Rooms 13:54
Inspiration for Art Shopping 21:19
Last Tips 27:04

“So next time you’re in your mother’s house and you see something that you grew up looking at, that you love, say, “Mom, put my name on the back of that. Cause it reminds me of this time…” 13:10
Feb 27, 2020
It's About the Journey | Hallways
In this episode of Dear Alice we are talking about hallways. Especially in this age of open floor plans, it sometimes feels like the journey of walking through a house can be lost. The hallway is an opportunity to have a smaller, more intimate moment and doesn't have to be a means to an end. We talk about how to make hallways more exciting with flooring choices and transitions, lighting and artwork. All of this can help your hallway become a place where you can stay a little longer.

How to Spruce up hallways 2:00
Decorating Walls 8:50
How to Light a Hallway 11:16
Using Closets in non Closet Way 15:36
Vestibule 20:39

“So to collect all of your groupings of family photos, a really great place to do that is in a hallway. And the reason why is because it’s an intimate space; you’re up close. So you can actually see the details.” 8:47
Feb 20, 2020
Kory Robison | A General Contractor's Guide to a Successful Home Build
In this episode of Dear Alice, we get to interview Kory Robison, a great builder that we love working with here in Utah. We often have many questions on the design side about timelines, the average cost per square foot, if you should remodel or build… Sometimes we don’t even know what questions we should be asking before starting. Today we are going to using Kory for his knowledge and figure out what we should be asking, and how to find those answers as well.

Questions to ask before a new build or remodel 3:07
When to include different Players? 11:05
Build or Remodel? 18:31
Timeline for Build 22:46
Percentages of Builders Fees/Average Cost per Square Foot 30:24

“It’s probably a pretty good idea if you’re getting ready to build a home right now that you ask your builder what are his fees. Most builders should be pretty open with that information.” 32:30
Feb 13, 2020
Think Big, Act Big | Scale and Proportions
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about scale and proportion. Scale is everything. You don't want to feel like a giant among dollhouse furniture so listen in to learn how to make your space feel generous by choosing the right scale for your furniture accessories, art, rugs, and lighting.

Right Scale for small room 1:05
Starting Point for Rooms that “Feel Off” 10:19
Free Space Planning with Alice Lane13:32
Accessories 16:23

“I think your going to be surprised. You don’t have to think small just because your space is small.” 2:47
Feb 06, 2020
The Alice Lane Experience | Our Designing Process
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about our process. The design discovery process is much more than just making something beautiful, it is about understanding who our clients are and how they live their lives. We discuss the importance of finding a designer you can trust and who will push you to take risks. It is also important to understand the scope, timeline and mutual expectations. All of this makes for a smoother process for everyone involved.

Where do we start? 2:22
Once the Vibe is Set 12:07
Silhouettes / Space Planning 13:51
Billing/Pricing with Alice Lane 26:31
When looking for a Designer 33:52

“We are designing a lifestyle for someone and we gotta try and find all the ways to include their lives, their interests, their travels, their heritage… There’s a lot of ways to get meaning into a space…” 21:57
Jan 30, 2020
A Detail You Can't Overlook | Window Treatments
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about window treatments. Treating the windows is the finishing touch to a room and it never quite feels put together until done so. Window treatments can be a large investment, considering the size of windows increasing, so we want you to get this right the first time. We talk about the options you have: Drapes, curtains, blinds, and shutters. We talk about what each will feel like, how each react to light, privacy levels, where you need window treatment, and where you could do without. Join us as we discuss what might be the missing thing linking your room together.

Introduction 0:15
Sheer Drapes 1:50
Curtains, Blinds, or Shutters 3:57
Blinds 11:17
Do’s and Don’ts of Drapery 20:45

“If a panel and a beautiful window treatment is like mascara, I feel the shutter is a really bad false eyelash that’s falling off and just overwhelming the face.” 4:19
Jan 23, 2020
Builder Grade to Custom | Ways to Make your Home Unique
In this episode of Dear Alice, we give some advice on making a
builder-grade home feel more custom. If you are looking to upgrade, update or just freshen up your existing home, join us as we walk through multiple ways to achieve that. From simple changes like changing out your kitchen hardware or adding window coverings to updating your builder-grade lighting to something a little more interesting, there are so many ways to give your home a little more personality.

Lighting 3:31
Hardware 11:03
Window Coverings/Stair Runners 15:57
Large Scale 23:08

“Everything that’s affordable is going to be small and that’s gonna make you play small and it’s going to make your house look really cheap.” 23:19
Jan 16, 2020
Trendy or Timeless? | Navigating Design Trends
In this episode of Dear Alice, we dive deep into trends. Often we are scared to commit to something that could be short lived, rather than timeless. Or maybe we are afraid to make that jump to commit to any style for fear of judgement. In this episode, we talk about when to play it safe, what things to avoid, when to jump into a style, and really how to commit to what speaks to you.

What is trendy vs timeless? 1:42
Do what Excites you 11:09
Finding New Ideas 16:44
Ralph Lauren 20:57

“Figure out what your style is. It’s your personal style and don’t worry about what’s in fashion so much, cause fashion will maybe fail you…” 24:22
Jan 09, 2020
Closets Are Not What They Used to Be | Closet Styling and Organization
In this episode of Dear Alice, we sit down with Morgan Hadley of
@posysclosets to talk about closet organization. Having an organized closet not only looks better but also makes getting dressed everyday much more fun. In this episode, Morgan shares all her tips from what hangers to use, how to display accessories, and how to recreate the feeling of your favorite high-end retail store. For those building or looking to renovate, we also discuss how we create the ultimate walk-in closet.

Introduction to Morgan Hadley 2:16
Categorizing Clothes 5:16
Displaying the Clothing 16:10
Shoes and Purses 22:17
Renovating/ Building a Closet 30:47

“If you are living in a household and maybe your kids have left away from home, the adjacent bedroom to your bathroom is a really great opportunity to bust through the wall and make that bedroom a closet. Just because your house wasn’t born with a big closet, does not mean that you cannot make it a closet.” 31:26
Jan 02, 2020
Kitchens Part 2 | Finishes and Styling
In this two-part episode on kitchens of Dear Alice, we talk specifically about styling the kitchen. We cover topics from lighting,
mixing metals to what we go for every time we style a kitchen.

Easy Updates for Existing Kitchens 1:00
Pendants 8:10
Mixing Metals 13:06
Kitchen Styling Essentials 17:08

“I think the hardware is an easy thing to do. It’s not going to break the bank, but will give you something exciting to actually interact with.”
Dec 26, 2019
Kitchens Part 1 | Making Long Term Decisions
In this two part episode of Dear Alice, we will be talking all about kitchens. In this episode (part 1) we talk about making the right choices the first time with the more permanent choices in your kitchen. We'll cover things like the "working triangle", how to blend different wood tones, how to choose appliances and overall design.

Blending wood and furniture colors 1:28
2 toned cabinets 9:25
Layout 11:56
Open Shelf vs. Cabinets 22:50
Painting Cabinets 25:45

“When you’re appliance shopping, for all these pieces… really go and study them out... and get an idea for how you want to live; Not how you currently live, but how you want to live.” 15:24
Dec 19, 2019
Styling Built-In Shelving | Being Intentional with Your Collections
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk all about built-ins. It can be tricky balancing a room with a fireplace, drawers, open shelves, cabinetry, etc. In this episode, we try to simplify how to approach all of these things in the most beautiful way. See a few examples referenced in the show here: ""

- Are Built-In Entertainments Still in Style? 1:21
- TV’s 5:22
- Drawers vs. Doors 10:04
- Shelves 12:29
- Corner Fire Place 25:33

“Built-ins are so great because again you have a spot for everything, everything is in its’ place and you can really account for that and take inventory of how you live, what you live with, and build built-ins to accommodate for that.” 4:19
Dec 12, 2019
The Ultimate Guest Room | Making Your Guest Room Feel Like Home
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about how to set up your guest room to give your guests a welcoming experience away from home. It is truly about making them feel special by considering all of their needs from luxurious bedding to small thoughtful amenities.

Decorating Small Guest Bedrooms 0:35
Sheets, night lights and drapes 3:45
Furniture besides the Bed 7:15
Smell 11:27
Reading Material 12:53

“We all know we can put an air mattress in a room, but this one is about sort of up-leveling that whole guest experience.” 14:18
Dec 05, 2019
Gracious Gift Giving | Holiday Preparation
In this episode of Dear Alice, we share all you need to know about the art of gift-giving. Learn a few of our "no-fail" gifts for the practical ones on your list and some luxury gifts that someone might not buy for themselves. It doesn't have to be big or over the top, it just needs to be thoughtful. Happy gifting!

Introduction: 058
Practical vs. Luxury Gifts 2:17
Avoid Pride in Gift Giving 8:04
Giving Experiences 10:46
No-Fail Holiday Gifts 14:07

“I think a great part of giving gifts, is giving the gift that you think the person would like to receive. Don’t be selfish. Don’t just give the thing that you want to give because it’s a reflection of you...Really think about the person…” 8:04
Nov 28, 2019
Hosting for the Holidays | How to be a Generous Host
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about how to be a generous host. From the food you choose, the music you play, the lighting, and even the set up of the furniture.

- Introduction 1:13
- Being the Host/Hostess 6:28
- Music 11:11
- Games/Entertainment 17:01
- Question on Updating Art 23:04

“Be pretty if you can, witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.” 2:16
Nov 21, 2019
The Jewelry of Your Home | How Lighting Can Elevate Your Space
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about the importance of choosing the right lighting. In addition to the typical standards of hanging height, finishes and use of lamps, we tell you about our favorite lighting designers and why they get us excited. Most importantly, we share what lighting tricks make you look the best.

- General Rules for Hanging Lights 1:15
- Examples of Lighting Bids 8:12
- Lamps 14:12
- Finishes of lighting 23:31
- Favorite Lighting Designers 31:12

“I think that that’s a common mistake that we see when we go into most homes. We’ll often go in with clients if they're buying an existing property and it seems like in general most homes, the lighting is too small in the room or they don’t even hang chandeliers…” 5:29
Nov 14, 2019
What's Below Your Feet | Flooring
In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about the daunting task of choosing flooring. Learn when and where to use an area rug, what spaces work better with carpet vs wood or tile and finally, how to transition between each, to give your home a flow you will love to live in.

- Types of Flooring 3:17
- When to use wood, carpet, or tile 11:13
- Rugs 16:55
- Making all Parts work together 18:29
- Last Words of Advice when Shopping 21:31

“When you’re looking at all your rugs, just print them all out, look at them all together maybe before you purchase that next one, and make sure it’s going to get along with what you already have.” 20:30
Nov 07, 2019
One of the Quickest Ways to Redecorate your Room | Wall Coverings
in this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about Wall Coverings. We discuss topics including how to pick your paint, types of paint, how to address the ceiling, accent walls, and wallpaper. These aesthetic choices can make one the biggest impact for a minimal investment.

- How can we pick the perfect color? 5:05
- The Fifth Wall (The Ceiling) 14:14
- Accent Walls 19:44
- Wallpaper 22:56

“Paint is the biggest impact you can make in a room for the least amount of money. So let’s just get it right..”
Oct 31, 2019
Starting With The Rug | Space Planning & The Foundation of Your Room
Always Start with the RUG! The Rug is the biggest piece of art in the room and the foundation of creating your space. Understanding how the whole room functions start by picking out the rug, which is why you don't start with a small one.

In this episode, we talk about the 'flying carpet effect,'how to pick the right rug for your space, the different between hand-knotted oushak rugs, blanket rugs, jute rugs, machine rugs, and country styles, Carpeting, carpet cleaning, and heaps more.

Remember these topics come directly come from your questions on social media so make sure you hit us up with the links below.
Oct 22, 2019
A Lifestyle Approach to Interior Design; Origins
From starting as an art director in advertising to taking the scene with Alice Lane & Alice Lane Interiors we break down the beginnings of how we got the name, Alice Lane. Let us tell our stories about how we got here and why you should listen to us!
Instagram: &
Oct 22, 2019
All About Dear Alice | Start Here
Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Suzanne Hall and Jessica Bennett, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.
Oct 22, 2019