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A community for people who hate leaving the house but also want friendship. Talking about things we find fascinating or don't understand and almost certainly getting completely sidetracked along the way with well, tangents.

Episode Date
Do this and you won’t have to do laundry - Weaponized Incompetence

There are few things in this world we love more than a buzzword and thanks to social media and reality shows, we have a new piping hot phrase being tossed like an equally hot potato - Weaponized Incompetence. Much like gaslighting, narcism, and toxic; weaponized incompetence has been finding its way into more and more people's vocabulary and when this happens, we like to pause an ask ourselves -wtf even is this? So here we are, breaking down an obscure article we found on the internet and giving our uneducated opinions on it.

Nov 22, 2022
Wicker? I hardly know her - Sharing your scandals

We're back again with everyone's favorite series- sharing your scandals! We've got butt plugs, cemeteries, poop and texas roadhouse, what more could one ask for? Just before getting into the hot juicy goss, we pause to reflect on last weeks episode on our procedures and Love is Blind 3 reactions to expand on our thoughts and feelings girl in the back of the mean girls gym that doesn't even go there style.

Nov 15, 2022
I'll sell my feet for you - Hangout Sesh

It can't be a coincidence that Netflix dropped Love is Blind season 3 the same week as Ciara's procedure. Doctors ordered her to take it easy, so we obliged by giving you guys a chill catch up episode covering one of our favorite reality shows and giving you all the hot juicy goss from the week. Spoiler alerts for Love is Blind season 3 and the juicy goss involving Jeri dropping her pants at Ciara's appointment. TW- for negative body image, disordered eating, pregnancy loss

Nov 08, 2022
I’m a slut for validation - 3rd Anniversary

It is so crazy to be turning 3 years old. We are forever grateful that you all have laughed, cried, grown and sharted with us over these years. We truly feel like we’re not alone in the world because of each and every one of you. Thank you for learning with us and being committed partners in weeding our mind gardens. We love you endlessly. You keep us going. Happy anniversary, you beautiful humans! Also- sorry in advance for the love is blind 3 spoilers…… 

Nov 01, 2022
He’s got a big’ol donk - The Mothman

Kind of paranormal, kind of true crime-y not really either but also somewhat adjacent...sorry if this sounds cryptic but there doesn't seem to be a better way to introduce an episode about the Mothman! Before we get into the legend of the not-so-moth-like-why-do-they-call-him-that-man, we do a little a catch up with you all and take a "what cryptid are you?" quiz! Click the link to take the quiz and let us know what cryptid you are!

Cryptids Quiz-


Oct 25, 2022
I eat hair - Creepy Kids

We're continuing spooky season with some of your creepy kid stories! We did our best not to detour from the stories too much, but ultimately, we are who we are. Speaking of being who we are...we're also liars. You're not imagining things, this was supposed to be the mothman episode. Fear not! That one is coming next week! We promise! Not that it means anything since we're clearly unreliable and untrustworthy. So sorry. Hopefully the birth control this episode provides makes up for it. Consider this episode medicinal. (For legal reasons, this episode will not prevent children. It's content, not a contraceptive, what do we look like? Magicians? Scientists? Witches? Don't put that on us.) 

Oct 18, 2022
You gonna sas this quatch, or what? - Cryptids

You know those words that circulate society and you have no idea what it is, but you don't want to feel like an idiot so you nod along and pretend to know what's going on? That's us with the word Cryptids. We decided it was time to become enlightened and be able to add something meaningful to the conversation surrounding cryptozoology and connect with our inner pseudoscientist. Turns our we have nothing enlightening to say, but we potentially solved a 17th century murder and contributed to a musical.


Oct 11, 2022
Straight from the nutsacks of our forefathers - Sharing your Ghost Stories

Happy first episode of October! You know we had to start it off with a spooky spookster of an episode! In true L&T fashion, in an hour and 15 minutes of content, we share probably 1 and a half ghost stories but we like to still think the episode in its entirety will still bring you joy. Let's get in the holiday spirit with some actual spirits- both liquid and apparitional. Is that a goose pimp on your arm or are you just happy to see us?

Oct 04, 2022
A history that needed to be discovered - The Chicano Movement

TW- ED, Childhood Trauma 

It's Hispanic Heritage month and we asked our facebook group to give us some inspo about a topic where we could highlight and celebrate Hispanic history and culture. SO many requested The Chicano Movement. It is no surprise that we hadn't heard of it before and had essentially 0 frame of reference. This is us sharing what we learned with you! Please feel free to continue the conversation in the comments & share your favorite hispanic creators!

Sep 27, 2022
Are you going to like us anymore? - Mental Health Check-In

We're bringing this episode to you straight from the newly finished hole! Relax by the fireplace with us and be soothed by the sweet sounds of screaming cicadas and the air conditioner as we recap our trip to see Trixie & Katya and finish with a mental health check in. Contrary to a lot of our previous check-in's, we're doing surprisingly well thanks to more intensive therapy and a healthier work life balance. If 2020 Jeri & Ciara could see us now - SHOO. In this episode, Jeri does go into detail about her recent EMDR therapy session. She does not go into any explanation of any specific traumatic event but in case you are triggered by even vague descriptions of childhood trauma, skip the last part of this episode! She also wants to make sure that everyone knows that her experience with EMDR is unique to her and that despite regurgitating what was told to her by a professional, she still has an elementary level understanding. What happened in her session is not what happens in every session and everyone's experience will be personal to them. She also is having trouble continuing to type in the third person so she's wrapping it up here.

Sep 20, 2022
High dollar b*tches - Codependency

We're diving back into our mental health ish with this one. You ever use a word so frequently that you feel like you know what it means, but when prompted, you're like...."i feel like I know the gist, but now that you ask- idk sh*t about d*ck?" That perfectly describes our experience with the word *codependency.* Follow along as two absolute idiots discuss the words of an educated doctor and try to apply his science words into our own special way of understanding why codependency is almost always a big'ole maybe don't. 


Sep 13, 2022
Throbby Bobby and the grooms room - AITAH

Who remembers that we had an AITAH submission form? Not me! But luckily after a bit of a whoopsie that resulted in a black eye and a mild concussion, Ciara showed up and saved the day with some of your entries! I don't know that we'll ever be able to call our listeners AHoles, so here is an episode of validation and "you're doing great, sweeties."

Sep 06, 2022
How I accidentally entered a thruple - Ho(rror) Stories

The second official installment of our new favorite series is finally here! This is sharing your Ho(rror) Stories 2.0! Per usual, you guys sent some absolute bangers in and for whatever reason, poop was a reoccurring theme. Not sure where in the world that came from...couldn't be one of our main character traits or anything.

Aug 30, 2022
You Cory & Topanga'd Yourself - Magical Thinking

CW- Childhood Trauma, Ab*se, Addiction This video is the equivalent of when a DJ says "we're going to slow it down for a couple songs" after playing dance bangers for 15 minutes straight. We're back in therapy so that means you're back in therapy and this week we discovered (the incredibly misleadingly named)- Magical Thinking. In short, the recipe for this sweet little coping skills reads as such: 1. childhood trauma 2. using irrational, mystical and unrealistic reasoning to describe current situations 3. hitting the big puberty and being unable to escape this kind of thinking 4. believing as an adult you can make debt collectors go away if you ignore the mail they keep sending. The first step to fixing the problem is acknowledging there is one. Consider this us saying "hiiiiiii" to the definite presence of this distorted cycle of thinking that we frequently carry in our day-to-day survival pack. I would also like to note that although we discuss the responsibility of caregiver to be a stable and healthy example for their child, we understand that adults suffering from mental health disorders, ab*se cycles, addiction, financial insecurity and need help themselves. This is in no way meant to shame those who fall into any of these categories or to shame anyone who may be listening that currently feel they are surviving through any of the above. This is meant to give information and validation to the inner children in those who relate. We always want to remember that two things can be true at the same time. You can understand why someone may have hurt you or put you in harmful situations, while also being frustrated that you had to withstand the trauma in the first place. Your feelings are valid. Your wounds are real and they deserve to be acknowledged and healed. 


Do you have Magical Thinking? - 4 Examples From Childhood Trauma Patrick Teahan LICSW  @Patrick Teahan LICSW 

Mention of  @Crappy Childhood Fairy 

Magical Thinking Saved Your Childhood (But NOW It's Ruining Your Life)

Aug 23, 2022
Every other baby sucks - Hot Takes

We asked you to send us your hot takes and we fished them out of a pancake bowl. These opinions are all over the place. I'm talking one second we're discussing bodily autonomy and the next we're talking mad smack about cake. This is an extra long episode because you know we love to give an opinion! Let us know your hot takes for potential future episodes or what your thoughts are on the ones we shared. Also if anyone could explain the one hot take that broke our brains, that would be super helpful. We love you, bye.

Aug 16, 2022
Tag us in your funeral selfies - Sharing your Scandals

It's everyone's favorite episode- the one where we share the absurd, scandalous and shocking stories you've submitted. We've got everything from ghost stories to poop stories and everything in between. What's in between ghosts and poop? Great question. The answer is either meatballs or condoms on a basketball. We'll let you be the judge.

Aug 09, 2022
Keep it simple & Keep it Spiritual - A shift of the mind w/ Reginald Lewis

This has been an episode nearly 12 years in the making. We are so excited to share with you a conversation with Reginald Lewis The Soul Teacher - Celebrity psychic medium, spiritual life coach & healer. In this episode we asked Reginald questions sent in by our patreon members and he shared with us his experience and insights about growth, healing and tapping into your highest self. With meditation as his medication and the ability to run on a whopping 3 hours of sleep, it's safe to say that Reginald is operating at a higher vibration and we are honored to have had him share some of his wisdom and experiences with life beyond this world with us! We already can't wait to have him back, maybe next time for a reading...? 


You can find Reginald at- 

@reginaldlewis on instagram Tiktok & Twitter 

Reginald Lewis the Soul Teacher on youtube 

@Reginald Lewis The Soul Teacher

Aug 02, 2022
St. Francy McDrancy - Our Family History

We have often discussed how thoughts of our existence and identity plague us. The idea of how we got here, why and from where was simply the straw that threw the camel into an existential crisis. Because we are both terrified of sending our DNA to undisclosed businesses, it seemed as if we'd always wonder how in the actual f word did our gene pool create the two of us in the same family. Turns out, someone in our family already did the work and put information about our dad's maternal side into a sweet little (big) binder. This is the episode where we put some of the pieces together; more specifically which one of us looks like our great grandma and which one of us looks like a war hero.

Jul 26, 2022
The boob slap heard round the world - Ho(rror) Stories

Once again, you brought the most incredible literary masterpieces into our inbox. The prompt this time? Ho Stories, or as we're titling it Ho-rror stories because frankly, some of these are sketchy. We've got rodeo clowns, three-legged cats and impromptu country songs. We are absolutely honored to have the audience that we do and to bond with you over these terrible inter(course)-actions.

Jul 19, 2022
Meatballs? You can meet these balls - Yelp Reviews

The episode says it's about Yelp Reviews, but it's more chit-chat catch uppy than Yelp Review-y. If you're here for the tangents and topic trails, then this is the episode for you! We also must know- are you a reviewer? Are you a *spend my free-time writing fictional reviews*-er? And if you're not, what color flag are we giving the people that are?

Jul 12, 2022
I'm showing the world my oyster - Ladies & Los Angeles

We've finally seen how the other half of the country and tax bracket lives and we came back to our Ohio basement to tell you all about. You'll be shocked to know that this is the furthest we've traveled together and most time we've spent alone since our parents forgot us on the beach that one time. Just kidding. That didn't happen.... 

If you were still deciding whether you were a Jeri or a Ciara, this episode should help you finalize that decision. Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions and helped guide us through our LA recap! 

Jul 05, 2022
H*rny for Non-conformy - The Stonewall Uprising

53 years ago queens, queer, gay and trans humans from all walks of life stopped playing by the ridiculous rules that society and the patriarchal government placed on them and rose up to claim their rightful place in the sun. On this anniversary of the first Pride, we are honored and excited to tell you about The Stonewall Uprising. Happy f*cking Pride, everyone!! Let’s virtually start a kick line to celebrate this amazing moment in history!


Jun 28, 2022
Shades of grey in the rainbow - Trans Representation & Allyship w/ James Potter

It's pride month and we are so excited to talk allyship, transitioning & the humanity of individuality. We invited Jeri's friend, James Potter, on the podcast to answer your questions about his journey of becoming who he has always wanted to be. We're so grateful that James trusted us and allowed us to share so many parts of his life. Be nice to him or we're gonna think mean things about you because we would obviously never put a threat on record.


Jun 21, 2022
Dad D*ck in the Attic - Sharing your Scandals

We know it's been a while since we've done a scandal ep because the form is filled with Bangers. Banger & Banger Incorporated, if you will. It has been almost 2 weeks since we've seen each other and we took the first 30 minutes to catch up like we do before got into the juicy goss. You're not going to want to skip any of these stories! Keep an eye out for a special flying guest as well. He really steals the show lol

Jun 14, 2022
People are going through it - Mental Health Check In

Ciara is on vacay and our Patrons voted we take a breakski. We decided to give you all a peak behind the curtain and see what Ladies After Dark is all about. Technically we're always after dark, but for the exclusives, we're just a smidge looser. We are so grateful to everyone who has encouraged us to take care of ourselves and add more logs to the burnout fire. Here is a throwback to a mental health check in that could have easily been recorded last week, minus the Ciara still being pregnant part.


We’ve been having a really tough time lately. Barbara told us a regression was coming but she didn’t say it would hit so hard. We wanted to take a minute to just pause and sit with our feelings for a bit and answer some of your mental health related questions. Play along with us if you or take a minute to check in with yourself today. We love you and we’re glad you’re here!

Jun 07, 2022
Five stars to Dirt McGirt - Amazon Reviews

TW/CW at the 14:21 mark, we start to discuss current events involving violent intruders and armed assailants.

This week we catch up after a week a part and recount Jeri's New York adventure before Ciara busts out the amazon reviews for us to guess. We got too excited about our summer drinks and unintentionally went to hammy town - apologies in advance for the slop. Stay tuned for a special apology as well from Ciara for her thoughts about JC. The rose-colored glasses are off and things are looking a little dirty...

Amazon Reviews found on

May 31, 2022
Maybe I'll do your mom, that's hot - Ranking Millennial Nostalgia

When someone suggested we do a tier ranking episode, we decided to rank the only thing we would consider ourselves experts in - millennial nostalgia. You sent in your music, games, toys and tv shows for us to score on the scale from “eat my shorts,” to “all that and a bag of chips.” If you’re a mother Cusper on the gen x or zillennial side, you’ll still probably be able to relate to more than half.! We all felt some type of way about the fever dream that was the 90’s and 00’s - listen and see if you agree with our rankings! And if you don’t…talk to the hand.

May 24, 2022
Saw you bangin on the laundry, wasn't me - Spooky Stories

Since our 2 Girls, 1 Ghost sleepover extravaganza was more tangents that creepy kids, we decided to combine some of our ghost story and creepy kid submissions to produce a Spooky Stories episode! We simulated what it would be like going to a scary movie or haunted house with us in both this and the exclusive episode coming out on Friday. What would that look like? Inappropriately timed jokes and uncontrollable laughter. Apologies if you wanted this to actually be spooky.

May 17, 2022
I’m contractually obligated to go into labor - Mother’s Day Special w/ Erika from the Judgies

It is time for our annual Mother's Day Special! This year we brought on a special guest to help us share your stories - Erika from The Judgies! Erika and her husband/co-host Christian are expecting their first child and we thought it would be so kind of us to gently traumatize her before she writes a birth story of her own. We experienced some technical difficulties with this episode, but as one of you so kindly pointed out, we're parents and it represents the normalcy of being a f*ck up. Bless you!

May 10, 2022
That's one ugly clam - Bot Stories

You know that feeling at end of a long shift or a long drive where everything starts to blur together and anything can be funny? That's the kind of episode we needed this week. We took a dive into the interwebs to find stories and scripts written by "bots." We're pretty sure that in our absolute trash journalistic style that we came across the human author of these bot scripts, Keaton Patti. Put some respect on his name because this idea is comedic genius. 

Bot Link- 




May 03, 2022
I love you, but...- Faith 2.0

CW/TW - SA, Emotional & Physical Ab*se, Homoph*bia, Transph*bia 

This is one of the hardest episodes we've ever recorded, while also feeling like one of the most important episodes we've been able to record. We feel so lucky to be able to process growth with all of you and in this Faith 2.0 episode, we do just that. It has been 2 years since we recorded the first Faith episode and because of so many of you and the social climate of the world as of late, we have come back around to this topic to express our more current thoughts and feelings. You'll find for one of us they're severely different. In this episode, we share stories sent in from our Patrons and reveal our own journeys along the way. We value your experiences and your emotions and thank you for trusting us with your stories. 

Apr 26, 2022
Dirty Shirley's & the Snowboarding Cowboy - Sharing Your Scandals

The scandals on this ep would fall into the dramady category of a netflix playlist. There's romance, there's space travel and there's a tiny toilet in Wyoming. Buckle up because as soon as we get done recapping one of the most anticlimactic getaway weekends, we are taking you all on the ride of your life. 

SPRING BREAK ON SAD B*TCH ISLAND - Hang out with us at our May 1 Momenthouse Digital Experience! Tickets at 




Apr 19, 2022
Let's talk about blood, baby || TURNING RED

Just a couple 30 year olds going off about a Disney movie....nothing to see here. We saw the requests, we watched the movie and we are here to share some of our thoughts and opinions about the surprisingly controversial Turning Red.

Apr 12, 2022
Boots on the Ground - Real Good by US Bank

What's up, everyone! We are so excited to share this bonus episode with you from US Bank. Being able to use our podcast to shine a line on inequities and injustices is one of our top priorities. The episode we're sharing with you is about people who are doing the work to make sure people in power are held accountable when it comes to creating a more equitable and diverse workplace. One of our personal favorite discussions is about the idea of a finishline ally- truly a mic drop moment. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! If you like what you hear, you can find more episodes like this by subscribing to the Real Good podcast! 

Apr 07, 2022
I have 6 Bigfoot children - Slumber Party Vibes with 2 Girls, 1 Ghost

We are so excited to hang out with you and our friends Corinne & Sabrina from the 2 Girls, 1 Ghost Podcast at our first virtual slumber party! You know we love trauma dumping and getting really real, really fast and what better way to initiate our first slumber part guests than with a game of We're Not Really Strangers! Grab your favorite beverage and play along as we navigate our eerily similar lives and write our one woman broadway show. This is a 2 part sleep-over so stay tuned for when we drop in on the 2 Girls, 1 Ghost podcast and share some of your creepy kid stories!

Apr 05, 2022
Hard on for Hades - Drunk Greek Mythology

This is a story all about how our patreon voted for another drunk episode. We pre-gamed harder than we thought and had to order pizza to sober up before we even started recording. Knowing this information, you can rest assured knowing that virtually none of the story is told succinctly or accurately. Please enjoy this sloppy retelling of Persephone and the pomegranate jail cell of hell. 

To be a part of future episode votes, join our patreon! 



Mar 29, 2022
The chocolate frumphole - AITAH

Welcome to the Wish version of Two Hot Takes. If you can sit through 10 minutes of two 30 year olds trying to figure out a matchbox 20 song, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with our newest business idea and solicited opinions about your AITAH submissions!

Mar 22, 2022
You've been staring at a plant for a really long time - Trauma Responses

CW- SA, Emotional & Physical Ab*use, Neglect, Miscarriage, Trauma

Apologies in advance for the emotional whiplash we're giving you between this week and last week's episodes. We like to offer full service friendship around here so to counteract the drunken girls night we had last week, we thought we'd dive deep into our feels and discuss something everyone has but may not fully be aware of- trauma responses. Join us as we go through the 4 different types of trauma responses and how each can manifest in both healthy and unhealthy ways. We're all healing from something and we hope that this episode can be another tool to help you build yourself back up better than before.


Mar 15, 2022
Muskets, Murder & Mayonnaise - Hammered Herstory

ALRIGHT ALREADY! It's been almost 3 years since we've been able to drink together and the time has come for us to fulfill one of our highest requests - we present to you, Hammered Herstory. Think Drunk History, but not so we don't get sued. We fully committed to this episode and got nice and toasty before reading through a listicle of history facts. Spoiler alert - this is your worst idea yet.



FOLLOW ALONG ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangents


Mar 08, 2022
We all have a Guinea pig in our closet - Roommate Stories

Welp- it was bound to happen. We read the results incorrectly and thought that cults won when really, the community voted for Roommate Stories! Last minute we asked for your stories and DAMN did you show up again! This is your what not to do guide for living with both strangers and friends. These stories are all over the place and will not disappoint! 




Mar 01, 2022
With a paper and a pencil and her mind - Hidden Figures

It's Black History Month and we wanted to highlight an incredible story of three women who were the backbone of NASA in the 60's. We cannot wait to tell you all about Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson & Dorthy Vaughan. These people went above and beyond to break barriers for black women in STEM & the workplace in general during the civil rights movement. It is important to keep telling these stories so that generations to come don't have to wait 30 years before hearing about them. Representation matters and it's an honor to tell their story! 


Feb 22, 2022
My uterus is ejecting my IUD right now - Valentine's Day Special

HAPPY HEART DAY, LOVERS. This is our 3rd Valentine's Day Special with guys who put the Gents in Tangents, which officially makes this a tradition according to Shane. We took things up a notch this year and answered some pretty intense questions and opened up about ourselves and our relationships through the game We're Not Really Strangers. Stay until the end to hear the guys answer questions sent in by our Patrons and Instagram!

Feb 15, 2022
He gives me Buck vibes - Sharing Your Scandals

We're still calling this a scandal episode, but we've decided these are more ~WoWzA~ stories than scandals. After hearing these, you'll understand what we mean. While we're addressing the wowza stories, if anyone has any lead on who was behind the tiny plastic baby epidemic, we'd really like some answers. 


Feb 08, 2022
Tangents & True Crime The Pollock Sisters

You've been asking and we are finally ready to dive back into true crime our way! We found a tiktok (shocker) and had to do a deep dive on the unexplainable mystery that is the Pollock Sisters! There's lots of theories surrounding the events of the sisters from reincarnation to maternal imprinting, let us know what you think happened! 





Feb 01, 2022
I can't help that I'm great - Encanto

We heard you loud and clear and this week we're deep diving into Encanto with you. In this episode we are talking about Bruno-no-no and the characters that we connected with the most! You know we love thinking way too hard about Disney movies and this is no exception. Tell us who you connected with the most! 





 @Jessica Flores

Jan 25, 2022
Struggle is not a competition - Hierarchy of Needs


Serving you up a healthy helping of validation in this weeks episode and teaching you about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We've heard of the food pyramid, but did you know there's a pyramid of physical, social and emotional needs that also need to be met in order for you to reach peak levels of humaning? Well there is and knowing about it can be the difference between setting sail on the SS Self Loath to Sad B*tch Island and staying firmly planted on Peace Peninsula. I did just make that up and I have been thinking way too hard about it. Let's just let Peace Peninsula exist for the sake of the description, ok? Thank you. 



Jan 18, 2022
Show me what that turd do - Sharing Your Scandals

It's that time of the month again, we're sharing your scandals! Just want to preface this episode by saying that it is a tangent-y little biotch. We start in Australia, then find ourselves pooping in an alley in Ohio and even venture across the pond to England. If you're anything like us, you'll enjoy the journey down the cobblestone streets. That's a little foreshadowing for you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 

Jan 11, 2022
Thank you, Daddy Creator - The Simulation

If you know us, you know we love pondering the idea of existence to a point of dissociation. During this weeks episode we challenge anyone to stay present the entire time as we discuss the idea of the simulation. What is the simulation? Well according to some, there's a 50/50 chance we're living in a super computer, running through someone's "I wonder what would happen if...." scenario and at any point in time, the plug could be pulled or we could reach the end of the simulation and everything ceases to exist. Still present? Didn't think so. 

Articles/Websites referenced -

Jan 04, 2022
Hell Yeah, Brother - 2021 Reflection

We're ending this year the way we started 2020 - with one of us having COVID. Unfortunately, this episode had to be done remotely to make sure everyone stayed safe and followed the proper guidelines. Apologies in advance for the different audio, but we hope you'll still enjoy our now tradition of reflecting on the last 365 days & seeing what accidental predictions we made the year prior! We hope you all have a safe & peaceful New Year!! Thank you for making this the happiest year ever!

Dec 28, 2021
I like big bulbs and I cannot lie - Christmas Controversies

It's the most emotional time of the year! We decided for this holiday extravaganza, to look back at some moments in history when people lost their jolly freaking minds over Christmas related things. It is no surprise to anyone that this has been happening for centuries, but these are some of our personal favs. Grab your starbucks red cup and blast "I saw mommy kissing santa claus" to get in the mood for this festive episode!

Dec 21, 2021
Big Bird feels real to me - Dark Fan Theories

CW- child illness, death, miscarriage, abortion, dr*g use In this weeks episode we dip our toes into the creepy pasta pool of dark fan theories. What we came to realize is that someone sat down and put a lot of work into decoding the "real" stories behind our favorite nostalgic tv shows. We left with only one question - are you ok?


Info links-,_Edd_n_Eddy

Dec 14, 2021
My grandma is dating a murderer - Sharing Your Scandals

Today is the day of our Moment House virtual live show so we're time traveling for the last time (in the foreseeable future) for part 2 of our September Scandals. We know that pre-recorded episodes have a different vibe BUT we promise this one is a damn doozy. We're talkin grandma napping, we're talking merder, we're talking a dog walking through grandpa's ashes and that's literally just from one story. If you got a ticket to the show, THANK YOU! We are overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response and cannot wait to hang out with everyone!

Dec 07, 2021
Why aren't millennials having kids? - Relational Poverty

Jeri read a book- yes, Jeri- and she learned a new term that we want to share with you: Relational Poverty. We know that the world is every changing and society has seemingly been moving faster than humans can cope with. They say when you have children you get to experience all the joys of life again through fresh eyes, but what happens when what you see looks nothing like what you thought or what you were told? We're noticing how much we're grieving the loss of connection this holiday season and wanted to validate anyone out there who may be feeling it too. You're not alone and there's a reason that loneliness feels like a disease, in a way it is. Thanks for being a part of our community and helping us create a place for people to connect. You matter and we're grateful for you.



What Happened to You?

by: Dr. Bruce Perry & Oprah Winfrey


Nov 30, 2021
It's not made of cheese? - Common Misconceptions

We've been known to throw out a statement or two like it's a fact that we've seemingly acquired from everyone and no one simultaneously. It's pretty common for people to regurgitate information without siting their sources or discussing the logistics of the questionable truth. I've re-read the last two sentences and wondered if I'm making any sense so here it is- we're talking about common misconceptions! We'll let you know if you can hop in the pool after that piece of pizza before 30 minutes or if you really do eat 8 spiders every year. Spoiler- you definitely can and you probably don't.


Nov 23, 2021
I rocketed her right out of me - Sawyer's Birth Story

We are finally back recording in real time and MAN does it feel good to know where we are in time and space again. It has been a long 4 weeks but it is finally time we share with you how Chessire Kitten Gregorny Gail....we mean SAWYER came into the world! As always, this is a birth story episode so we don't spare any graphic details- skip this one if you need to. Or if you've been feeling like you've come down with baby fever, listen twice as prescribed as a form of birth control. For legal reasons, that was a joke.  


Nov 16, 2021
Is your childhood ruined yet? - Nursery Rhymes

If you're on our side of tiktok, you've probably seen the creator who sheds light and tears on the dark side of seemingly innocent childhood rhymes. If you haven't seen her- turn this off and look up  @Mackenzie Barmen  Between her permanent place on our FYP & constant tags of people thinking her & Jeri were the same person - we decoded to take a stab at the dark history of nursery rhymes!


Nov 09, 2021
CAKE NOOGIE - Wedding Traditions

We love a wedding. The dress, the flowers, the demon threatening the purity of the bride. So romantic. didn't realize that so many wedding traditions centered around keeping the bride safe from harmful spirits? In true Ladies & Tangents fashion, we decided to ask "why?" when it comes to wedding traditions and we're so excited to share all of our findings with you!


Nov 02, 2021
Great suggestion, Melanie - 2nd Anniversary Episode

HOW HAS IT BEEN 2 YEARS OF TANGENTS?? We are so excited to celebrate our anniversary with all of you. In honor of this milestone as well as the milestones that were our 30th birthdays back in June, we decided to look up an advice article to critique. We're doing lots of reflection and thought it would be a good idea to see what another 30 something year old thinks we should be doing right now. Heads up- we're not doing a good job at being adults. What's new?? Also, back by popular demand- the ceremonial anniversary whisper game! Truly thank you all so much for your support over these last two years. We wouldn't be here without you. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Happy anniversary, guys!

Heads up! This was one of the first episodes we recorded with our new microphones and there was a bit of a learning curve. The audio is a bit different than what we've has the last month so we apologize in advance for the levels- especially during the whisper game. We got too excited. We got real loud. We're sorry!


Oct 26, 2021
Kim's mad & she's strong - Sharing Your Ghost Stories

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! We are SO excited to introduce our new series named....Ladies & Ghosties? Terrors & Tangents? Tangents & Goosepimps? You let us know what you think it should be called but regardless of the name WE'RE SHARING YOUR GHOST STORIES! We couldn't be more excited to open up this box and learn what paranormal stories you've been carrying around. We had a hard time narrowing these down so you can bet your sweet gourds we'll be adding this to the line up of repeat episodes!


Oct 19, 2021
The Candy Man - Tangents & True Crime

WHAT'S UP GOURD SQUARD! In this Tangents & True Crime we spend entirely too much time talking about everything but The Candy Man. If you're here exclusively to hear us talk about him- skip basically to the end. If you like roller coasters, fun facts and distrust the media- start from the beginning. Ciara starts by de-bunking the classic Halloween myth of strangers poisoning candy during trick-or-treat and ends with one of the most disturbing stories I've ever been told. Somewhere in the middle we call pie "soggy cake" and deem pumpkin the superior fall flavor. Buckle up and keep your hands inside the vehicle. It's going to be a wild ride.


Oct 12, 2021
Cheshire Kitten Gregorny Gail - Pregnancy Update

It's officially BIRTH MONTH! These last nine months have gone by so fast, but also unbearably slow. You know how time be- not real. We have been pretty vocal about our life experiences and we're continuing the vulnerability train this week discussing where Ciara is at in her pregnancy and how we feel about our experiences with pregnancy, postpartum and recovery. Society has done a number on our view of starting and expanding a family and the truth is, it's often a really difficult, scary and dark experience. If you're feeling alone in the dark, hopefully after this you'll know we're sitting in that dark room with you. Let's order pizza.


Oct 05, 2021
If that turkey sammie could talk - Sharing Your Scandals

It’s that time again! We’re sharing your scandals and this week is not for the faint of heart- not because the content is any more of less insane than usual (you guys always deliver *chefs kiss* stories) but because our adhd is heightened to a new level. Like we almost want to suggest watching at a slower speed because of how quickly we speak and jump topics. It’s a lot so sorry- it was the caffeine. 5000 points to your house of choosing if you can adequately follow this absolute sh*t show. Happy Tuesday! 


Sep 28, 2021
You're doing great, sweetie - Trauma Bonding Pt. II

On last weeks episode we went through the 7 stages of trauma bonding and start this week off explaining how intermittent reinforcement links to love bombing and continues toxic cycles within relationships. Sounds super jargon-y, we know but we break it down using mice and pellets life real scientists. We also cover the 5 stages of accepting that you are in a trauma bond and some encouragement for escaping it. As always, please skip this week if you aren't in a good place mentally to handle this topic. We cherish you and your minds!






Trauma Bonding: Understanding and Overcoming the Trauma Bond in a Narcissistic Relationship by Lauren Kozlowski


Sep 21, 2021
We were secretly engaged! ME TOO! - Trauma Bonding

CW - toxic relationships, emotional & physical

This is a tough one. In today's episode we discuss something that has been one of our most highly requested topics, trauma bonding. We know the world is heavy right now, but something we've realized is that in order to feel lighter ourselves, we must first identify the weight we're carrying around. Through this discussion, which SURPRISE went way longer than anticipated, we felt validated and freed from fears, resentment and guilt that we didn't realize still lived within us even years after leaving. We hope to give you the space to heal as well. This is a 2 part episode- part 1 today, 2 next week. I told you it went long! In part 1, we discuss the 7 stages of trauma bonding and what it can look like inside an unhealthy, toxic relationship. Please skip this episode if you are not in a place to process or bring up or hear some really tough memories. You matter more than a listen. We love you!






Trauma Bonding: Understanding and Overcoming the Trauma Bond in a Narcissistic Relationship by Lauren Kozlowski


Find the book here!

Audible book -

Amazon -


Sep 14, 2021
The Amazon Prime Minister - Imaginary Friends

On our constant quest to understand why tf our minds do what they do, we took a pit stop in Imagination Land- specifically Imaginary Friend...Town? You get it. This isn't an actual quest and we aren't actually stopping. I've over thought this entirely too much already. ANYWAY - please enjoy one theory of where they come from, their assumed purpose and several terrifying and curious examples of imaginary friends. We tried finding funny ones but apparently parents are more freaked out than amused by them.


Information shared from this article!


Sep 07, 2021
Tangents & True Crime - Canadian Residential Schools

This weeks Tangents & True Crime is about an ongoing injustice that has caused years of generational trauma on Indigenous families in North America. We want to take this opportunity to amplify this tragedy in hopes to bring awareness. If the subjects of this story are triggering to you, please prioritize yourself and skip this episode. Your mental health is always what matters most. We hope that the conversation does not stop here and that justice can be served to the people most affected by the unspeakable harm caused by these schools.


Resources used for this episode-


Aug 31, 2021
Here for a good time, not a real time - 911 Calls

It was after an hour in a hyper fixation on funny 911 calls that I realized that some of them (most of them) weren't even real. Too much time had already been spent to abandon the notation so this is essentially us reading a script from a Netflix show. Please enjoy as we attempt to re-enact funny 911 calls- with a sprinkle of a history of the how the number came about. You're probably more interested in that now, huh. Great. Sorry.


Aug 24, 2021
Every Tuesday, just me flicking my unicorn - 100th EPISODE

100 EPISODES!! If we’re honest- we never ever thought we’d get here and we certainly did think we’d have so many of you hanging out with us. We are more grateful to you than we can even begin to say and hope you enjoy this virtual sleepover where we continuously squeal, sniff, cry and laugh while sharing your messages. We did our best to integrate the audio but some sections may still be a little hard to hear in the car or in a house of screaming children….heads up from a friend. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of the love & support. CHEERS TO ENDLESS MORE!


Aug 17, 2021
The landing gear is down and so am I - Sharing Your Scandals

It's that time again! We asked you to send in your hometown/workplace scandals and once again, you did not disappoint! If you can sit through 30 minutes of tangents and Love is Blind talk, you'll be handsomely rewarded with stories of mystery & mehr-dehr! That's murder spelled phonetically to read like you have a french accent and I don't think it translates well but you're not here for top tier descriptions are you?

CW- SA, Grooming


Aug 10, 2021
Ope! Extra Snowflake - Fallacies

Society planted these weird seeds in our minds without us even realizing it called Fallacies. These ideas make us feel trapped in impossible either/or scenarios or completely fictitious dilemmas. We find ourselves afraid or ashamed to give up on things or move on from people or activities that no longer bring us joy because we've spent so long in that season, like time is a thing that can be wasted. We thought fallacies were going to be a fun thing to discuss and an interesting challenge used to retrain our brains - turns out we just got rage-y about politicians and the social climate of the world for an hour straight. Sorry, we know it's only Tuesday. It's gonna be a long week. 


Aug 03, 2021
For a season and a reason - Friendship Breakups

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes, party people. We've almost all experienced a breakup in some capacity, but what is it about friendship breakups that seem to leave us lost and confused? In this weeks episode we look to the experts to help us put the pieces back together. Whether you've had a friendship fizzle out or abruptly end, whether you were the one left wondering why or the one who walked away - we want to encourage you to never feel guilty for loving yourself the most.


Article Reference-


Jul 27, 2021
I can be right or I can be rich - Traditions

We're back on our bull sh*t, trying to figure out where things like Birthdays and the Tooth Fairy came from and why the Easter Bunny lays eggs? I can almost guarantee none of the origins are what you would have guessed. We also take a moment to give you a completely inaccurate lesson on Greek Mythology, just for funsies. Please leave your favorite correct greek mythology tidbit below to educate us because we clearly need it.


Articles used for this episode -


Jul 20, 2021
Let's all manifest the freedom of Britney Spears - Free Britney Movement

This is a story about a girl name....BRITNEY B*TCH. The time has come for us to talk about hashtag Free Britney. It is important to note that we are mediocre at best when it comes to researching, remembering timelines and staying on track so if you came here to educate yourself on what is happening with Britney & her conservatorship, we're barely prepared to have opinions so we're definitely not qualified to translate legalities so please take anything we say with the biggest bucket of salt that you can find. We're doing our best to highlight where we think things went wrong and just how terrible the early 2000's were for pop stars & the pursuit to understand the importance of mental health. Alright, now all eyes on us in the center of your screen just like a circus.


Jul 13, 2021
A Tree on Every Three & a Spruce on Every Deuce - Amazon Reviews

When life gets heavy, we crank up the distractions and humor. Healthy? Definitely not. Effective? Kind of! After our usual 30 minute tangent intro, we're bringing back a beloved game this week and taking turns guessing more Amazon products from creative and satirical reviews.


Jul 06, 2021
I'm no longer ashamed of who I am - PRIDE

It's time for our annual Pride episode and this year we're celebrating YOU! We are so thankful that you allowed us to be your safe space and tell your coming out and transition stories. Our hope is that your words and your experiences will be what makes someone feel seen, valued, heard, loved and at peace. Your journey matters. You are important. You're perfect just as you are. WE'RE PROUD TO KNOW YOU!


Jun 29, 2021
I've got beef with Uncle Cracker - Name that Tune

Have you ever wondered if you would still know a song if the lyrics were described like a story? We did and we thought we'd be good at it. Much like the rest of life, we were wrong. Play along with us as we try to name the tunes you submitted! Let us know how well you did or didn't's harder than it sounds!


Jun 22, 2021
Is this the new street drug? - Bo Burnham's Inside

Weeeeee'reeeeee tuuuurning, we're turning 30. If you haven't watched Bo Burnham's inside, you're really going to be lost during this episode. As two people who cannot get through anything without humor, we found ourselves fascinated by the way Bo Burnham's mind works. His new special, Inside, sparked our desire to look into using humor as a coping mechanism. So here's that....


Jun 15, 2021
God forbid anyone know I menstruate - Embarrassment

Your cheeks are red, face is hot, palms are sweaty, there's vomit on your sweate- you get it. We're talking about embarrassment- what it is, where it comes from & what the heck the point of it is. We're also sharing some encounters you find embarrassing along the way!


Jun 08, 2021
The Death of Ruben Borchardt - TANGENTS & TRUE CRIME

This is true a Tangents & True Crime with us going into a full mental health check-in for the first half of the episode. Content starts at 39:00- We eventually wrap up the tangents and tell you the true crime story of Diane Borchardt- a teacher who lost her husband after some absolute suspect business. Thank you to the listener who sent this story in as her hometown scandal!


Jun 01, 2021
Did you whoopsie murder an otter? - Sharing your scandals

It's that time again! We asked you guys to share more of your hometown/workplace scandals and MY GOODNESS did you deliver. We appreciate you guys so much for enlightening us to so many things that we never knew about like the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit and that you should really double check your Hot & Ready before leaving the pizza shop.

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May 25, 2021
Are you ready to be naked in front of everybody? - The Enneagram

2, 4, 6, 8 who do we identify with? Are you as frustrated as I am that I couldn't find a rhyming word to make that sentence work? You might be a 2w3 then. WTF does that mean, you ask? On this episode, we try to explain the Enneagram. We’re giving you The Who, What, Why’s to identifying your number and how ours impact our relationships. People are serious about this ish- we’re just doing our best with your good friend, Google.


May 18, 2021
Goldie Box & The 3 Packages - Mother's Day Special

CIARA’S HAVING A......It’s the Mother’s Day special and we’dWe’d like to thank us for us. We’d like to gift ourselves the break and relaxation we need by getting in the bath. Yep. You read that right. This episode was recorded in the bathtub. It was a much better idea in theory. In this episode we discuss some more cognitive dissonance in regards to parenting, updates on Ciara’s pregnancy and of course, way more tangents than necessary. 


May 11, 2021
I will cry directly into a cheeseburger - Cognitive Dissonance

In a constant effort to completely rewrite the pathways of our brains, we introduce to you a conversation about cognitive dissonance. If you've ever enjoyed listening to R. Kelly's Ignition and felt guilty because of who he is as a person, you've experienced cognitive dissonance. If you have seen a documentary about the toxic materials in fast food or the mistreatment of animals, but still went to Wendy's later that week, you've experienced cognitive dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is the beam of mental gymnastics and we are here to help call ours out and help shed light on how to challenge these moments of discomfort in our brains. Don't worry- we still don't even get into this until 30 minutes in so there's plenty of tangents to warm you up!


May 04, 2021
Never a bridesmaid, never a bride - Celebrating Cici

CIARA GOT ENGAGED! We're sharing all things proposal, wedding & family planning in this weeks episode. It's been a long journey to get here and we couldn't be more excited to share it all with you. Thanks for being here with us during so many huge life moments. Cheers to many more!


Apr 27, 2021
You guys are all up in my parks - Feral People

It's time to make conspiracies fun again. We've heard you and we are finally giving you the answers you've been looking for. We're talking about Feral People. After watching a couple documentaries and typing two words into google, we believe we've cracked the case. This might be disappointing, but we're not so sure that the research points in the direction you may have hoped. By the end, we may have you convinced that the real people responsible for the disappearances in our national parks aren't people at all, but we'll let you be the judge. 


Apr 20, 2021
Girl, get your spoons - Imposter Syndrome 2.0

Toxic Positivity has a sister and her name is Imposter Syndrome. In 2019 we discussed what Imposter Syndrome is and how it effects our lives. Within the last 2 months, more people have shared and messaged us about this topic than anything else. To be honest- we forgot a lot of what we said. After re-listening to the episode, we decided that it was time for an update. In today's episode, we discuss how we feel about the versions of ourselves who recorded Imposter 1.0 and if we still identify with them. It shouldn't come as a surprise that times have changed and 2020, the year of forced reflection, has taught us more lessons than we realized.


Apr 13, 2021
Society tells us so many things and it’s like, shut up - Hey Ladies

It's time for the second installment of our series where we channel our inner "Dear Abby's" and give you the unqualified, yet completely solicited advice that you've been waiting for. Covering topics like transitioning to college, long distance relationships and battling the ever persistent imposter syndrome. If there's one thing we love to do, it's tell other people what to do, but we must remind you that we are not professionals. We are just two ladies with the internet, so take any and all advice with a huge spoonful of salt. Also don't eat salt. I did that once and I was finding it in my pores for weeks like the salted rim of a margarita. Cheers!


Apr 06, 2021
You've won life now retire and die or whatever - Toxic Positivity

*TW/CW anxiety, self harm, panic attacks, depression, toxic relationships


Have you ever thought that maybe Debbie Downer is down for a reason? Has she ever tried to tell you that reason? Did you listen? Have you ever stopped to ask “Debbie, why so down?” or did the usual “stop being such a downer” roll right off the tongue? It’s funny! It’s helpful to just remind people that the sun came up again and the world is....the world and that happiness is state of mind- right? Not really. Today we’re talking all about Toxic Positivity and how the “good vibes only” movement has left little room for any other vibes at all. It’s a recipe for shame, guilt, self hatred and isolation for so many people- including Debbie. We hope you listen with an open mind and leave the conversation feeling like all vibes are good vibes.





Videos referenced-

 @Vanessa Van Edwards

 @Cinema Therapy

 @Kati Morton

 @Dr. Allison Answers


Mar 30, 2021
Congressman please, I need less jello - Secrets of the Founding Fathers

It's no secret that we're obsessed with Hamilton. We've been waiting for the perfect topic to allow ourselves to become completely immersed in the world of a new nation. The time has come- we have found it in an article about the secret sex lives of our founding fathers & mothers (hell yeah, ladies.) We're sharing letters between lovers and allegedly debunking the myth that only straight men have inhabited the white house. We love this for us- all of us.


Mar 23, 2021
You are valuable outside of your body - Self Love w/ Rachel Rosche

We are not professionals
We are sharing our journeys with self love, body image, disordered eating and recovery.
If you are triggered by sexual trauma, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, self harm or toxic relationships- please feel free to skip this episode.
If you are suffering, please seek out help. We have linked some resources below. 
We love you and we cherish you. 

On this week's episode we ask Rachel Rosche from @forbetterandworsepodcast your questions about Self Love & Body Positivity. From COVID weight gain- to feeling confident in your style- to healing from trauma, we're discussing it all. We're all on this journey together, learning to accept ourselves one day at a time. Be f*cking patient with yourself and remember to be in constant pursuit to find the value you have outside of your body.



Mar 16, 2021
Hope you like cheese cuz' these toes hot - Sharing Your Scandals

500 points to whoever creates a mash-up of all the GASPs in this episode. When we keep things in, they can take hold of us and cause us to stay in a panic loop, but we know how hard it can be to share some of the ugly things that happen at the workplace or in school. This week, we gave you the opportunity to share those stories in anonymity and take your power back. Thank you for sharing these with the world. Please enjoy the personalized middle fingers we have to offer the people who harmed you.


Mar 09, 2021
Everything was blue at the dance - Why I Left Teaching

Ask and you shall receive. A request came into our DM’s for Jeri to share the story of how & why she left teaching. In this episode we discuss the struggle of staying in a job that doesn’t bring you joy, identity loss & ptsd. If you are triggered by the topic of active shooters/school shootings- skip this episode and we’ll see you next week!

Mar 02, 2021
We'll threaten your mental illnesses - Emotional Intelligence

This is that type of episode where our emotions get too emotion-y. Getting back to what we love to talk about this week & weeding our mind gardens. We know we’re all people who struggle being people and in this episode we enter the world of Emotional Intelligence. We’re learning that by being able to recognize, label and regulate our emotions, we can take back control of the things that feel like they’re controlling us. 

If you are able- please consider donating to organizations that are providing aide to our friends in the south-

Check out Khadija’s video that inspired this week’s topic and while you’re there- binge everything she’s ever made-

Also check out:
Permission to Feel - Dr. Marc Brackett


Feb 23, 2021
Newlywed Game! - *BONUS* Valentines Day Episode

For Valentine's Day, we gently encouraged our significant others to be on the podcast with us. We played the Newlywed Game and still have no idea if there were really any winners at all. You'll have to tell us!


Feb 19, 2021
Hun, you're the cat's mom - Bad First Dates

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! This week Jeri & Ciara deep dive into Reddit's finest first date stories. We're talking mushrooms, we're talking, sociopathic behavior, we're talking cock...roaches. There's also a pretty decently long tangent about how we don't understand how wood works. Feel free to let us know what's up with that in the comments!


Feb 16, 2021
Artist, Criminal - Sharing Your Judgements

You guys sent in your judgements and we reacted to them! We talked last episode about how the first thought we have about something or someone isn't our fault. What we consume in the media coupled with the societal normals that are drilled into our heads since the moment we open our tiny, gooey eyes shape the way we view the world around us. Our second thought? THAT IS our responsibility. It is important to attack these thoughts. It is important to challenge our assumptions. It is important not to let stereotypes dictate our perception of others. By acknowledging that we have implicit bias, preconceived notions and judgments we can start to chip away at the source and re-train our brains to see the world through more compassionate, understanding and empathetic eyes. All these big words and we still somehow ended up talking about butts.


Feb 09, 2021
Some serious mental gymnastics - Counterproductive Habits of Mind

In this episode we apply some college writing wisdom to our everyday lives. We discuss how implicit bias and judgements can impact the way we interact with people and view world around us. Reading this makes it sound like we're going to be more well spoken than we actually are...we definitely still talked about poop in this one.


Feb 02, 2021
Our money comes from your success, no pressure - Fixed vs Growth Mindsets

On today's episode we talk about how just a few little words can change the entire course of someones motivation, determination, resilience and self worth. Little heavy for a Tuesday morning? Oh well- chances are, if you're like us, you've experienced the crippling anxiety of feeling like a failure or fear of not reaching your potential and we're going to tell you how this type of thinking isn't your fault and can be changed! Just a little shift in thinking and approaching problems more like a ball and less like an egg. Speaking of eggs…Jeri also eats dinner and gives a little asmr somewhere along the way. People gotta eat, we’re all friends here.

Jan 26, 2021
I saved that goat's life - Weird Work Stories

You sent in your weird work stories and we reacted to them! From sperm, to shampoo bottles, to punches- you shared the bizarre and memorable moments you have experienced on the job. We want to thank everyone for submitting your stories for this episode. We love these opportunities to connect with you!


Jan 19, 2021
Go to school, go to church, & help somebody - Stacey Abrams & Voter Suppression

2 years after losing the Governor’s race in Georgia, Stacey Abrams made it her mission to educate people about free and fair elections, registering 800,000 new voters in the state of Georgia. Her grass roots efforts to share the message of voter suppression and mobilize a new age of informed, confident voters turned Georgia blue for the first time in decades. In this episode we share about Stacey’s message of the importance of voting and making your voice heard in every election. We summarized her documentary, All In: The Fight for Democracy, but to get the full impact, we really encourage you to watch it yourself. Just because the election has been certified, the job isn’t done and we can all do more to help move towards free & fair elections with laws that protect the actual integrity of our democracy and ensure equal representation and opportunity for all.


Jan 12, 2021
I like to put snail slime on my face - Superstitions

How we went through 50 superstitions and never mentioned black cats is truly a mystery. This week we dive into superstitions from around the world and are slightly afraid that we started off 2021 on an unlucky foot. We were just trying to give you guys tips on what to avoid to make sure your 2021 is smooth sailing. Speaking of feet- you’re gonna want to get yourself a rabbits foot.


Jan 05, 2021
One could argue this was my year - 2020 Reflection

Bringing you 2020 reflections from your favorite dirty-btch soothsayers. We originally recorded our 2020 New Years episode with the hopes of revisiting our resolutions on the episode entering 2021. Upon listening back, we realized we may have accidentally manifested some chaos and we’d like to formally apologize. Please enjoy us listening to ourselves be big, dumb idiots for half an hour, followed by some *hopefully better forecasting for 2021. Thank you guys for being with us during the most wild year of our lives- we love you like family! Happy New Year!


Dec 29, 2020
Tangents & True Crime - The 12 Murders of Christmas

On this episode of Tangents & True Crime, we are diving into some Holiday Horror with the 12 Murders of Christmas. ‘Tis the Season to be suspicious of your family and deck the halls to 12 aggressively punned summaries of some gruesome Christmas crimes. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Dec 22, 2020
That's a crotch burp- The Pink Tax

If you’re going to make feminine products more expensive, could you make sure you close the wage gap first? On this weeks episode, we dive into the absolute bogus phenomenon know as The Pink Tax, where products that are made for ladies cost more for virtually no reason. In addition to this literal tax, we highlight some metaphorical pink taxes. Big shoutout to Scotland for making feminine hygiene products free, because we out here and we bleedin’.


Dec 15, 2020
I’m like 90/80% that’s how it works - Mansplaining

If you’ve ever wondered, “why are colors?” -wonder know more. This is 2 parts educational and 1 part roast. Eternal good sport and Jeri’s life partner, Shane comes on this week’s episode to entertain some of our curiosities in an episode we like to call- Mansplaining. We cover everything from airplanes, to the reproductive systems of plants, to coding and sprinkle in lots of interrupting queries in between.


Dec 08, 2020
I'm laughing because I'm hurting - Vulnerability

“We were two grown, adult cousins together in a bath tub-that wasn’t even the part I was ashamed of!” This week we’re continuing the conversation around shame and guilt and introducing their sibling, vulnerability. We just want to take a minute to tell you all how much we appreciate you letting us stand on the porch and perform for you each week. This little community means the world to us and we hope that you all know how valuable you are and how worthy you are of absolute, unconditional love. Be kind to your mind today and always!


Dec 01, 2020
I broke it, and now it's wet - Shame & Guilt

The goal was to find out where shame, guilt and embarrassment comes from, but instead we just started unpacking all of the stories that keep us awake at night. Enjoy some stories that make us cringe.


Nov 24, 2020
I made us both really buff - The Sims

The game that captivated a generation and simultaneously ruined reality is the focus of this week's episode- we’re talking about The Sims. For 20 years, we’ve been woohooing, removing ladders from pools, and cheating money into our family bank account. Join us as we discuss the trials and tribulations of raising a digital family while becoming the leader of the free world.


Nov 17, 2020
Weedin’ my mind garden- Bonus Check In

We weren't done checking in and wanted to continue our mental health conversation with more personal vulnerable experiences to remind everyone that we definitely don't have our stuff together. 

Trigger Warning On this week’s episode we will be talking about things that may induce panic or trigger past trauma, specifically in relation to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self harm. If these are topics you may have a negative response to, please listen with caution or skip this week!


Nov 13, 2020
Do you see how united even my body is rn? - Mental Health Check In

Trigger Warning On this week’s episode we will be talking about things that may induce panic or trigger past trauma, specifically in relation to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and unhealthy relationships. If these are topics you may have a negative response to, please listen with caution or skip this week! 

If you’re tired of political talk- skip ahead 30 minutes! I know, I know “30 minutes?! That’s half the episode!” You’re right- and that’s why part 2 of the mental health episode will be coming Friday! This year has been hard and we’ve been feeling the weight of it. We talk a lot about our experiences with mental health but haven’t ever checked in while we were actively battling anxiety and depression- so here is our attempt at that!


Nov 10, 2020
Don’t be weird about it, put your head in my trough - Halloween

Today is Election Day and emotions are high. We want everyone to take some time to check in with you emotions and encourage you all to VOTE. If you have yet to make a plan, here’s one more obnoxious reminder to get out and make your voice heard! The lines are long so we’re bringing you some companionship while you wait. We’ll be sharing the history of Halloween and why we feel it’s the most romantic holiday of the year. Stay safe, everyone!


Nov 03, 2020
Don't do spice at the ocean - Anniversary Episode

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, FRIENDS! We cannot believe it’s been a year since we started recording our conversations. The last year was unexpected in every way and we feel so lucky to have an audio journal of it all. We have no plan for this episode, we just want to celebrate. If you’ve ever wondered why we choose a topic each week, listen to this episode and wonder no more. We talk Gilmore Girls fast and serpentine the conversation like you’ve never experienced- there may have been drinks involved....Thank you all SO much for hanging with us every week. We love you all! C U NEXT TUESDAY!


Oct 27, 2020
Once made a purse out of dum dum suckers - Competitive TV

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with competitive tv. From love shows to bake offs and everything I’m between, we discuss the fascination of seeing people just like us eat a bull’s testicle for sometimes nothing more than bragging rights and air time. Along the way we head down memory avenue and get lost on nostalgia lane with some of MTV’s finest game shows.


Oct 20, 2020
I hate this, but I hope there's more - Fandoms

Indifference runs ramped in this episode about famous fandoms that took the 2000’s by storm. Choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob was a right of passage in adolescence and we want to take us back to a time where choosing a side didn’t result in someone losing their rights. Play along and let us know which side of the pop culture aisle you find yourself on!


Oct 13, 2020
The miracle in the misery ft. Shane - Pregnancy Loss

Shane (Jeri’s husband) co-hosts an open and honest episode about their personal experience with pregnancy loss. From grief to “what do we say?” Jeri & Shane answer questions sent in about miscarriage and the effect it has had on their relationship and mental health.


Oct 06, 2020
I've got no service here in 1942 - Time Travel

What do Harry Potter, Hamilton and Donald Trump have in common? Probably nothing except making an appearance together in our time travel episode. We discuss if time travel is possible, popular time travel stories & where we’d go if we cared enough to travel through time. As a special treat, Noah finishes the episode off with his thoughts on time travel. *Spoiler Alert! It’s a waste of time if there are no flying cars.


Sep 29, 2020
This one's for Ruth - Political Compass

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” On this episode of Ladies & Tangents, we take a political compass assessment to see where we lie socially and economically compared to some of the world’s most notable historic figures. During the recording of this episode, we lost an absolute legend in Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and we’ve dedicated this episode to her. We want to encourage everyone to take this test to help prepare for this year’s election. Voting has never been more important- let’s do the damn thing in November! 

Find the test here!


Sep 22, 2020
Your brain dumb thick - Self Diagnosing

At this point, it should be clear that we love self diagnosing ourselves with things. WebMD is basically our homepage. On this weeks episode, we share two disorders that the internet has led us to believe we have- Misophonia and Dermatillomania. If you sounds can make you go from 0-angry in 2 seconds or you often find yourself struggling to stop picking at your skin, feel free to diagnose yourself too!


Sep 15, 2020
Papa Smurf & The Blumpkin Patch - Nightmares

We’re extending our sleep series with a requested episode about nightmares! From natural disasters to visits from the deceased, we get into the most common nightmares, their causes and some tips on how to deal with them. Spoiler alert, you might have to cut poutine from your diet.


Sep 08, 2020
Your uterus said "Copy & Paste" - Forest's Birth Story

APRICOT! He’s here! On this special Friday episode, we share the journey of welcoming Forest into the world. Unexpectedly, during Jeri’s last appointment she was sent straight to the hospital for an immediate induction. It’s all fun and games until you hear “you would have had this baby in the car.”


Sep 04, 2020
We're in a cyclical cycle of cycles - Hurry Sickness

If you find yourself searching for the shortest line at the grocery store, getting angry in traffic or frustrated waiting for your kid to put their shoes on- you may be suffering from a psychological disorder. We love self diagnosing and we’ve found another thing that ails us- Hurry Sickness. In this episode we discuss some ways to recognize and deal with Hurry Sickness how only we can- by finding meaning in the meaningless of life.


Aug 25, 2020
Everything was great, totally didn't get murdered - Travel Stories

This may not be the summer of trips and travel but that won't stop us from taking a stroll down memory avenue to retell some of our favorite vacation stories. Trauma plus time equals comedy, right?


Aug 18, 2020
We're going to play a game called "Clean my Room" - Birth Order Stereotypes

If you’re not first, you’re last...or you’re a middle- Ricky Bobby failed to acknowledge all the middle children, which they’re probably used to. This week we take a look at birth order and what traits tend to go along with your placement in the lineup. We’re both oldest siblings and after reflecting on some stories growing up, we’d like to issue a formal apology to our siblings for the trauma. We’re the worst!


Aug 11, 2020
How has anyone chosen me? - Love Languages

We’ve all heard of the 5 love languages, but did you know there are apology languages? We took the quiz so you didn’t have to! On this episode we share our results from the love language, apology and anger quizzes, along with stories from the last that helped shape our responses. You’ll also be taken on a Tinder Tangent along the way. We know, how millennial of us?


Aug 04, 2020
Dubstep opened the portal to hell - Ghost Stories

If you can make it through our 20 minute recap of the historical masterpiece that is Hamilton, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with stories of our experiences with the supernatural world. We had intentions of sharing some ghost stories from the web as well but got too scared after one. Highly recommend listening in the light of day with plenty of time for Schitts Creek after.

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Jul 28, 2020
The safe word is apricot- Hospital Story-Time

Jeri learned the limitations of her giant pregnant body and landed herself in the hospital. This episode is full of thoughts and tangents brought about by 4 hours alone in a triage room and a sleepless evening in the hospital. We elaborate more on Wayfair and how we really feel about masks-because you know, everyone loves to tell you how they feel about masks.

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Jul 21, 2020
One too many dumpings - Hey Ladies

From vagingles to bajangles and everything in between. We're answering your questions and giving advice on a Ladies & Tangents version of Dear Abby. If you feel like you're the only one sweating like crazy or wondered whether or not COVID will live in the word of Grey's Anatomy, you'll find the answers you seek and more in this ramblin' ass episode.


Jul 14, 2020
If there’s anything we’re entitled to it’s a mental health disorder - Millennials

We’ve seen the lists, we’ve read the tweets, we know what you think of millennials and we’re addressing them on this week’s episode. We’ve got boomers calling us entitled and Gen Z calling us alcoholics. We’re feeling like the middle child of generations right now and we just want to stand in unity with our millennial peeps out there navigating the most insane technological, economic, societal roller coaster that is our lifetime. Sending you all love, gushers and Lisa Frank folders!


Jul 07, 2020

If making things political was an Olympic sport, America would be like “hold my mask.” This week we’re flying a rainbow flag high to celebrate the last day of Pride month! We want to highlight the LGBTQAI+ community and all of the beautiful diverse people those colors represent by answering some frequently asked questions and sharing advice from individuals who have found a home in the rainbow community. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but we love you!


Jun 30, 2020
Tangents & True Crime - The Tulsa Race Massacre

On this episode of Tangents & True Crime, we are telling the story of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Never heard of it? We don’t blame you. One state official from Oklahoma calls the horrific event the state’s “dirty little secret.” Across the country, we are seeing people fight for “history” and the figures that are attached to the specific history that we’re taught, without realizing that so much of history has been kept quiet or omitted completely from curriculum. It is imperative that we learn these stories and that we re-tell history accurately to develop a full understanding of the impact that it has on today’s world.

Please don’t lose passion, motivation or momentum. Below are some petitions and organizations that support the BLM movement. Don’t let “learning & listening” become the new “thoughts & prayers.”


Jun 23, 2020
Let me plant my seed in you - Gaslighting

*Trigger warning. Abusive relationships and assault are discussed in this week’s episode.

Restrictions have begun to lift and we felt it was time to start recording in person again. Over the past couple months, Ciara has been dropping some new vocabulary and Jeri has been pretending to know what it is, specifically the term “gaslighting.” Most recently, we have seen it used in reference to the BIPOC, and we felt if there are people who can’t relate in that way, that we would discuss various situations that people experience gaslighting to help develop all of our understanding. From parenting to relationships and anything in between, we’re giving you examples of gaslighting and tips on how to heal from it.

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Jun 16, 2020
As a black man in America, I'm tired - History, Reform & The Black Card w/ Nick Pryor

“You want equality for all. You want to stand up and put your hand on your chest and say this is the United States of America...we’re not united at all. This isn’t equal at all.” On this weeks episode, we talk to Nick Pryor, a black man from Pittsburgh, PA who settled down with his family in rural Ohio. Nick shares his perspective on what it means to be a black man in America and his hope for growth, accountability and change. We shared conversations about white-washed history, attachment to racially charged monuments and symbols and the importance of YOUR vote to move forward toward a more tolerant, inclusive and equal nation for ALL.


Jun 09, 2020
You can't bring change if you're not uncomfortable - White Fragility w/ Paige Eff

“That’s where the term ‘White Fragility’ comes from. It’s a person that wants to acknowledge that racism exists, but they don’t want to endure the stress or the discomfort of talking about it...they want to walk away from it...It’s the inability to endure the same stress about racial injustice that I have been feeling my whole life.” For this episode we sat down with Paige Eff, a mother, wife, future nurse and biracial black woman who reached out to share her story of growing up in a predominantly white town. We wanted to ask her some questions about her experience with racial injustice as a black woman and through our open discussion, she educated us about white fragility. She challenged us to ask ourselves tough questions surrounding our preconceived notions and assumptions about the black community. We hope you’ll listen with an open mind and challenge yourself to answer those same questions.


Jun 05, 2020
If you're silent, I could die - BLACK LIVES MATTER w/ Lauren TKO Rohan

This week we are using the mic to amplify a voice from the black community. Lauren TKO Rohan is a poet, lyricist, artist, rapper from New Jersey. She hates mayonnaise. She’s right handed and afraid of heights. She’s a Capricorn. She loves show tunes and cooking. She is UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK. She has been around the world and has graced numerous stages with her presence; including TEDxOrlando to perform a piece on identity. She’s incredible, but you shouldn’t need her resume to want to listen to what she has to say. We hope you’ll take some time out of your day to join the conversation and leave with a better understanding of this movement. “Not one more life. Not one more.” #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Follow Lauren TKO Rohan-
Instagram & Twitter - @TKO_goesBANG
TedxOrlando TKO -


Jun 02, 2020
We're talkin' blue-footed boobies - NSFW Amazon Reviews

If you can make it through 20 minutes about birds, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with the NSFW content you’ve been asking for. This is round 2 of our Amazon Review guessing game and this time we’re reading reviews on products that most people keep in a drawer...except one fine customer who turned hers into a chandelier. You read that right. Happy Tuesday!


May 26, 2020
Perhaps there was an error made somewhere - Amazon Reviews

We found ourselves in lighter spirits this week and wanted to have a laugh for episode 33. Play along as Jeri reads various Amazon reviews and Ciara tries to guess the product they’re written for. It’s fun for the whole family! No complaints from grandpa! *just kidding. There’s a significant amount of curse words so not totally fun for the whole family. That was more just to set up the grandpa part, which will all make sense later...Kloveyoubye!


May 19, 2020
That's when I decided I was gonna kill people - Mother's Day

This one goes out to all the moms in any stage of life. We see you and we are grateful for you! We wanted to take this week to share our experiences with momming and as usual, give advice you didn’t ask for. As a special treat, in the beginning we took turns interviewing our kids to get the real tea on us as moms from their perspectives. We hope that wherever you are in your mom journey from starting to plan to empty nesting and everywhere in between that you feel seen and loved. You’re all celebrated in this club. Happy Mother’s Day!


May 12, 2020
This boat sucks, our kids deserve a better boat - Weird Gender Stuff

Skin care is gender neutral. Mental health is gender neutral. Insert anything here ____________, it’s gender neutral. We realized that color has gender and it got us spiraling into the world of weird gender stereotypes. Is this a rant? Is this an ad for hello fresh? Is this a plea to get McDonald’s to stop asking if my happy meal is for a girl or a boy? Give it a listen and you tell us.

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May 05, 2020
You're not broken, you're different - Grief

It feels like a different world every time we talk. As things change, topics change and last minute we decided to discuss something we’ve all felt or are currently feeling - grief. We want to really make ourselves human and open up about our experiences with grief and help others to realize that it’s ok to grieve, no matter how big or how small. Pain is pain, grief is grief and you’re allowed to feel it.


Apr 28, 2020
He saw a manatee in the water and got a boner - Mermaids

On this weeks episode of “Shit No One Asked Us to Google” we’re taking you to the depths of the ocean to find the elusive part fish, part human, part....bird? Oh, you didn’t know that mermaids were once believed to be part woman, part birds? We’re giving you lots of fun knowledge today about these creatures and updates on the creatures Nick Cannon and Aaron Carter. Listen now because in 12 hours we turn to sea foam.


Apr 21, 2020
My body is a temple and I ruined it - Faith

Tis the season to revel in our anxiety and push ourselves to talk about something we’d otherwise avoid at all cost. No, not politics. We’re dodging that bullet either for another 6 months or another 4 years, we’ll find out. We’re talking about faith. There’s so much we don’t know and a lot we want to learn but we’re sharing our journeys with you today. We’re sharing different sides of the spectrum and answering questions that have always plagued us when it comes to the big G-O-D. Our goal has always been to provide real friendship and friendship isn’t always poop jokes and plucking our mustache. So here we are, baring our souls to you hoping you don’t hate us at the end. Ok, love you bye!


Apr 14, 2020
Tangents & True Crime - The Slenderman Stabbing

On this installment of Tangents & True Crime we finally tell you a story with a happy ending. We take you on quite the not so happy journey along the way, but in the end we have the heroine we've been longing for. The Urban Legend turned crime inspiration is sandwiched between two slices of chit chat about current quarantine life and Schitt's Creek. We still can't leave our houses so there isn't much else going on!


Apr 07, 2020
If you give me a bag of Swiss cheese, I'm going to think you're mad at me - Unpopular Opinions

For today’s bonus episode we bring to you our Unpopular Opinions! Facebook has become MySpace and bulletin quizzes are back, baby, and we’re hoppin' on that trend. We encourage you to turn this into your Friday night/day (what day is it?) drinking game. Drink every time we say piggy-back. Drink if one of us mispronounces a word. Drink every time you disagree with us. Drink every time we disagree with each other. Sip-sip hooray if you hear the word baguette. Raise your glass for 9/11. Chug if Jeri gets Ciara to flip her opinion. And as two sober people, we see you other sober people. Instead of an alcoholic beverage, grab yourself a nice tall glass of milk. Just kidding, milk is disgusting.


Apr 03, 2020
I went into this with questions and I'm leaving with more questions - Tiger King

The world has gone crazy for a man whose fringe collection would make John Wayne green with envy. We present to you a topic that needs no introduction. This week we go through episode by episode and recap the wildest ride we’ve ever been on. You know him, you love him, you may have voted for him for governor of Oklahoma - Joe Exotic THE Tiger King.


Mar 31, 2020
He had them Sarah McLachlan eyes - BONUS Q&A

Ask and you shall receive! What started as a mini once again became a full lengther. We decided to drop a bonus episode Q&A for you to do your puzzles to. We're thinking of all of you during this time and want to bring you some friendly, pointless conversation while you're stuck inside!


Mar 27, 2020
I'm a piece of shit because of the stars - Horoscope Birth Charts

We promised to bring you companionship without having to leave your house and this week is no different! On this episode of “we’re quarantined with google” we give you another peak inside our brains. Turns out, we’re pretty crappy people according to the planets. It’s not our faults though, it was written in the stars. 

Disclaimer For the foreseeable future, Ciara and I are abiding by the suggestion of our government and the CDC and practicing social distancing. We will be recording future episodes remotely until notified that it’s safe to be within 6 ft of people again. We hope you understand!


Mar 24, 2020
Paddy Daddy sent the snakes out of Ireland - History of St. Patrick's Day

To try to create a humorous description to go with this episode feels in some ways wrong. This episode was recorded when restaurants were still open, when schools were still in session and social distancing was more a suggestion than a mandate and the conversation reflects that. We are aware of the heartbreaking stories and the gravity of the situation at hand. We are here to offer you a break from the news, the updated closures and the disappearing human connection so many people are feeling. We are so saddened by the rise in cases around the world and the impact this is having on our hospital staff and small businesses. We know we have listeners all over the country in varying levels of lockdown and we want to bring you all what we’ve always promised - friendship without having to leave your house. We know attending a St. Patrick’s Day celebration isn’t going to happen so we brought St. Paddy to you. We took this train of thought all the way to tangent town, and like always we’re happy to bring you along with us. Stay safe, everyone! We love you!


Mar 17, 2020
Someone's living in my walls - Urban Legends

From chain letters to Bigfoot and everything in between - this week we’re talking about Urban Legends. These stories are heavily circulated and modified from person to person. Think the game Telephone but make it Stephen King. We don’t know what compels people to keep these tales alive, maybe it’s tradition, maybe it’s maybelline. Whatever it is, we know who’s to blame...we’re looking at you Aunt Marie.


Mar 10, 2020
Rent should be cheaper in February, it's rude - Leap Day

We went back to our roots and started googling things that have never made sense to us and the Leap Day episode was born! We came to find that this ish is real boring but we did our best. There’s a lot of lunar and sun cycles and a lot of Romans eating grapes, but we ultimately came to the conclusion that time isn’t real and the calendar is trash. Speaking of trash...we round out this episode venting about the dumpster fire that is Love is Blind!


Mar 03, 2020
Tangents & True Crime - Elisa Lam

I hope you’re hungry! It’s the second scary sandwich from our monthly series Tangents & True Crime. This episode tells the curious story of Elisa Lam, a young girl who mysteriously went missing while on break from school in California. We tried our best to put some pieces of this puzzle together and we intend to keep our day jobs. Don’t worry if true crime gives you the creeps. Eventually we round this baby out and make it safely to Hogwarts. How and why did we get there? Good question, but half the time we don’t know how we get anywhere in these conversations.


Feb 25, 2020
He sewed me up right, you know what I'm sayin? - Pregnancy

HEADS UP! If you’re one of the people who thought, “I’m glad the oscars didn’t show that postpartum commercial. Who would want to see that?” Probably don’t listen to this episode. We went back to our faithful news source, Buzzfeed and found “25 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask a Pregnant Woman,” and we answered them! We didn’t hold back and got real real about the literal ups, downs, ins and outs of pregnancy. Why are we talking about this? OH because one of us is pregnant! Listen until the end for the gender and name reveal!

Feb 18, 2020
Our dishwasher broke so it's WW3 - Valentine's Q & A

Today’s the day we introduce you to the Gents part of Ladies & Tangents. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day early by answering your relationship questions about gifts, fights and the bathroom. This absolutely didn’t go the way we planned and there’s a good chance it won’t happen again. We’re not saying it was a mistake, but we’re not not saying it was a mistake - feel me? Enjoy it while you can and Happy Valentines Day from our families to yours!


Feb 11, 2020
Speaking of rabies... - The Weird World of Wikipedia

This episode is about 50% ladies, 50% tangents. If you're here for the wiki-wiki world of Wikipedia, skip ahead about 25 minutes, BUT if you're interested in hearing us attempt several Jewel songs, tell stories of strange things we did as children and roughly 7 minutes about raccoons, then play that ish from the beginning. At some point we do go through a couple articles of some strange borderline unnecessary Wikipedia pages. PS, if anyone can explain the Buffalo sentence to us, we'd be so appreciative.


Feb 04, 2020
Quantum physics stuff, string theories and all that - Deja Vu

Calling all knock-knee bimbos! We know you experience it, we all do. We’re talking about Deja Vu! Well, we get real tangent-y in this one, but there’s some Deja Vu talk sprinkled between our trips down memory avenue. There’s a little science, a little conspiracy and a whole lot of mispronunciations. Wait...have we done this before?


Jan 28, 2020
Everything's Fine! I'm LL Cool Joy - Inside Out

Leave it to Disney to get us in our feelings. We’re always encouraging you to check in with yourself and today we’re doing just that! We’re revisiting our childhood to figure out what makes us tick, using the movie Inside Out as our guide. Listen and play along with us to figure out who is running your control panel, what your islands of personality are and what lives in your imagination station. You know, just some casual mental health awareness, but make it Pixar!


Jan 21, 2020
Tangents & True Crime - The Eriksson Twins

Move over Mary-Kate and Ashley, there’s a new set of twins in town! And we’re discussing any crime by dinner time. We are so excited to introduce to you our new reoccurring series that will be known as Tangents & True Crime. Once a month, we’ll be telling stories that fascinate, confuse and sometimes scare us. This week we tell you the bonkers story of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, Swedish twins who share more than just their looks. If true crime isn’t your thing, fear not. We have buffered their story between humiliating memories of being mistaken for a boy that act as your New Girl episode after a scary movie. Grab some tea and share in this madness with us!


Jan 14, 2020
Did you just call me stupid? - Mandela Effect

Would you trust a memory that felt as real as all your other memories if other people confirmed that they remembered it too? Get ready to question everything from where the Statue of Liberty is actually located to the spelling of the popular children’s series, the Berenstain Bears. YEP. THAT ISN’T A TYPO. People are legit trying to convince us that the BerenSTEIN Bears never existed and it’s been BerenSTAIN the entire time. We’re not buying it, and we’re not the only ones. The Mandela Effect has people recalling brands completely differently and has hundreds of thousands of people remembering Sinbad in a movie that allegedly was never made. This glitch in the matrix is a little science, a little woo-woo and a whole lot of frustrating.


Jan 08, 2020
Still here! Guess we're in Hell! - Y2K

It's the end of the world as we know it....again! While the world is making lists of what tv shows, songs and trends are turning 20 in '20, we're recalling all the times that the world was expected to tend since we said goodbye to the 1900's. We're so excited to ring in the new year with all of you comforters and see what insanity the new decade has to bring! Cheers!


Dec 31, 2019
Santa, you old Yule Goat - Christmas Traditions

Up on the rooftop, reindeer that reindeer paws? Oh man I hope that’s reindeer paws. On today’s festive episode we’ve got Santa, we’ve got Yule Lads, we’ve got holiday music induced panic attacks. We’re sharing holiday figures from around the world and taking you on a trip down memory avenue to share our Christmas traditions. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season with the ones you love! May you all get shirts and if not, here’s hoping you outrun the Yule Cat!


Dec 24, 2019
Pour one out for my homeboy, Jesus - History of Christmas

YUUUULE! The true history of Christmas has been a mystery for us and on this episode we reveal the source of some of the Christmas traditions we know and love today. Don’t shoot the messenger, but documented history states that Christmas may not have had such a wholesome beginning, even warranting a war on the holiday itself. This is a real history-vocab situation with a dash of celebratory mischief to get you in the spirit this season! Happy Saturnalia, all you Lords of Misrule!


Dec 17, 2019
So much for the mini, here's another full hour- Interpreting Dreams

BONUS EPISODE* You sent'm and we interpreted'm! Well, we hit google and just regurgitated what the internet had to say. We are so grateful that you shared your deep subconscious with us and hope we did your dreams justice! Remember, this isn't an exact science but it's valid...ish.


Dec 13, 2019
I poop rocketed myself right into the sky - Dreams

“Dreams feel real when we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was strange.” Even if you’re like us and dissociating your way through life, your brain is storing everything in your subconscious. Scary, huh? Sometimes these memories will come back and take shape in the form of a a Sting Balloon or playing tag with Cher - whatever you dream, there’s a lesson to be learned. Or it’s one really knows.


Dec 10, 2019
No tv, no night lights, no nothin' - Sleep Paralysis

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! This is your weekly Tuesday hangout alarm! Still feeling sleepy? Like despite the extra shop of espresso, the grog fog is still clouding your brain? SAME! We've got some tips and tricks for improving sleep that you need, but almost certainly won't take. 30 minute naps, girl who? We're also sharing our experiences with sleep paralysis and hallucinations. Buckle up because we're about to go 0 - WooWoo in 15 seconds.


Dec 03, 2019
That's the that - Q & A

So this is a story all! You sent questions and we answered. How long does it take our chin hair to grow? What do we really think of each other? How's Patricia? It started as a Q&A and somehow turned into a tutorial for the Britney Spears impression that you didn't ask for, but most certainly need. God bless and enjoy this week's taste for your ear holes.


Nov 26, 2019
I'm lashing out because my sweater is too hot - Anxiety

Do you ever feel like life is a dream? Like the world is tilted and you could just float right off the edge? There’s a name for that and it’s a panic attack. Like the movie SPLIT, they can come in different forms and at any time. We’ll be sharing many of the different faces of anxiety and how to cope when one pops up like an unexpected acquaintance at the grocery store. In the meantime, if you’ve got some lavender around, we suggest slathering it all over yourself before clicking play because we’re about to get into - ANXIETY

Trigger Warning On this week’s episode we will be talking about things that may induce panic or trigger past trauma, specifically regarding generalized anxiety disorder, unhealthy relationships and our experiences with them. If these are topics that you may have a negative response to, please listen with caution or we’ll talk next week!


Nov 19, 2019
Turn it off, we don't know why you're listening - Imposter Syndrome

Do you heavily relate to the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it?” Do you question whether or not you’re qualified enough to call yourself a functioning human? Do you reject compliments like it’s your actual job? If you said yes to any of these questions, we’ve got an episode for you! So slap on your dog filter and let us tell you about the syndrome you probably haven’t heard about, but almost certainly have - Imposter Syndrome.


Nov 12, 2019
Let's get in the bath and panic - Phobias

It's Election Day and we're out here chanting "NO MO PHOBIAS - 2020!" We're talkin' spiders, we're talkin' needles, we're talkin' Alice from the Brady Bunch. Whatever your phobia is, we're talking about it on this weeks episode. So put your comfy pants on and get in the bath and panic with us!

TRIGGER WARNING On this week's episode, we will be talking about things that may induce panic or trigger past trauma, specifically in relation to social phobias, anxieties and unhealthy relationships. If these are topics you that you may have a negative response to, please listen with caution or skip this week!


Nov 05, 2019
Oh yeah, Martha? You're a freaking witch - Salem Witch Trials

In 1692, years after Columbus sailed the Ocean blue, some weird shit started happening in Salem, Massachusetts. After disease and war plagued the town of Salem, people started getting down with bewitchment...or epilepsy? We don't know. We weren't there. We're not experts in doctoring.


Oct 29, 2019