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By Nick Shaw

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Category: Nutrition

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On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!

Episode Date
Do Hard Things

0:20 Intro to author Steve Magness
1:58 What do most highly successful people have in common
8:40 Dealing with struggles and negativity bias
13:00 Steve's take on social media
21:00 Limitations of willpower
23:30 Explaining minimum effective dose
29:05 Benefits of accountability
35:53 Why do hard things
41:01 What are hard things so rewarding
46:20 Finding meaning and purpose
48:20 How to become more resilient
52:30 Navy SEAL training
1:01:18 Explaining the mastery mindset

Jun 27, 2022
RP Transformation Challenge 3rd Place Finisher, Cathleen Turner
0:36 Third place female in transformation challenge
1:47 Her fitness background
5:11 How did her gym survive covid
8:46 Owning an ice cream shop while dieting
15:36 How she found out about RP
20:58 Dealing with cheating
28:19 Hunger levels throughout the diet
29:48 Her weight loss results and athletic performance
24:28 Meal prep
39:59 Dealing with peer pressure around eating
42:55 Nick started liking salads
46:37 How competitive was she about the challenge
48:48 How maintenance is going
51:51 Massing difficulties
Jun 20, 2022
RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Elliott Arnold

0:20 Elliot 2nd place male finisher
1:09 Why did Elliot do the challenge
5:00 His food choices
9:30 Limiting temptation to overeat
11:50 His hard past diets
16:10 How he heard about RP
17:50 Initial Dr. Mike impressions
20:05 Not taking things too seriously
26:00 100 percent app compliance
30:00 Logging veggies
31:45 Doing no planned cardio
34:30 Dealing with eating different foods then family
37:45 Maintenance
47:18 Caffeine
49:45 Top tips
1:00:00 The Miami winners trip

Jun 13, 2022
RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Courtney Sacket
0:38 2nd place female in 2022 transformation challenge
3:13 Why Courtney did the challenge
10:33 How she heard about RP
13:27 How she trained during the challenge
16:10 Step counting
17:08 Meal prep
21:25 Getting grief about dieting
30:20 Biggest obstacles
33:48 How was maintenance
39:30 Nick's flight delay breaking his diet
42:45 Starting a 2nd diet
49:09 What was it like to meet the RP team
51:47 Closing tips
Jun 06, 2022
2022 Transformation Challenge Ambassadors
0:20 Randy and Karen did the challenge together
3:19 How they feel after losing so much weight
7:36 Dieting with a pilots lifestyle
9:57 What type of training they do
13:23 Meal planning as a pilot
21:45 Favorite airports
25:42 How did they her about RP
29:29 Keeping long term results
36:25 Is dieting easier with a partner
45:35 Learning curve using the app
50:30 Upcoming goals
55:44 Training in different cities
59:03 Closing tips
May 31, 2022
Chasing Exotic Leanness with Dr. Mike and Nick
0:30 Interview with Nick about becoming very lean
2:05 What were Nick's diet motivations
6:08 What was Nick's diet before his weight cut
7:50 Nick's psychology when entering the diet
10:30 Did Nick have a weight loss goal
12:00 When did the diet get hard and how he dealt with it
14:55 Step counting
17:20 Nick's macros for the cut
21:32 How he's doing in maintenance
23:00 How he fought off hunger
25:33 Fluid consumption changes
26:47 Cognition and managing mood during the diet
38:20 Fighting cravings
42:31 Dealing with doubt surrounding a diet
50:45 Bodybuilding is a selfish sport
57:01 Worrying is not needed to meet goals
1:04:00 Dealing with what other people think
1:05:55 What does peaking look like
1:09:40 Dealing with hunger on maintenance
May 23, 2022
2022 RP Transformation Winner - Female
0:22 First place female in transformation challenge

1:28 Her weight went up in the first week
3:00 Dealing with weight fluctuations
9:15 Her nutrition leading up to the challenge
10:34 Challenges of dieting as a mom and executive
14:44 Cardio
19:18 How did she find RP
21:48 Newly discovered good habits
28:45 How she dealt with eating out
33:22 Go to meal prep foods
39:46 How maintenance is going
49:39 Upcoming goals
53:45 Helping others with her knowledge
56:30 Similarities between male and female winner

May 16, 2022
2022 RP Transformation Winner - Male
0:15 Transformation challenge winner

2:44 How Justin got into fitness
6:00 Justin's insane daily step count
8:45 How he found out about RP
10:55 His motivation to start the diet
13:26 Goal setting
15:53 How he weight trained
20:32 Justin's advice on schedule
22:30 What he ate and meal prep
24:40 Biggest struggles
31:30 Dealing with cravings
34:14 Peer pressure on the job
41:35 Using the app
44:57 What he's most proud of
47:00 How maintenance is going
51:04 Upcoming goals
53:40 How to find Justin

May 09, 2022
Dr. Derek Wilcox on 'No Pain No Gain'

1:11 Dr. Derek's standout clients this year
3:00 How to deal with goals not being met
6:45 Do you need to suffer for results
9:49 Dealing with all or nothing mindsets
12:25 Dealing with slip-ups
19:23 People working too hard and not progressing
32:07 Warnings against overworking
40:11 Difficulty of deloads
45:22 How often can you train to failure
50:00 Training and recovery

May 02, 2022
RP Client Weight Loss Story: Willie Gillis

0:35 Willie introduction, his long term weight loss
5:00 Nutrition growing up
8:30 Activity level as a child
12:16 What made Willie get into fitness
16:30 First weight loss phase
21:31 Gallbladder shutdown from weight loss
24:45 Dealing with weight rebound
27:45 Using covid to focus on weight loss
31:35 Weight loss phase two
34:55 Switching from calorie to macro tracking
39:08 His transformation challenge
45:30 Willie's current weight
47:58 Biggest challenges
50:50 Willie's weight goal
56:30 Planning past weight loss

Apr 25, 2022
Dr. Mike on Nutrition for Longevity
0:58 Long term nutrition intro

3:08 Nutrition for body composition
9:29 Biggest effects on longevity, genetics
14:52 Nick's book recommendations on longevity
20:40 Body Weight and longevity
24:35 Sleep, stress, and longevity
28:45 Nutrition and longevity
30:37 Medication and supplements
31:15 Nicks' top ten for longevity
36:13 Sugar getting a bad reputation
44:39 Risk aversion
46:25 Intermittent fasting and longevity
53:00 Other supplements
1:04:15 Reverse aging drug

1:09:30 Nick learns to eat his veggies
Apr 18, 2022
The Ultimate RP Journey

0:56 Sam's introduction and incredible weight loss
4:13 Sam's nutrition growing up
8:47 Sam's weight as a child
10:35 How his weight ballooned in college
15:46 What finally made him change
22:06 When his weight loss first stalled
25:25 Sam felt unhealthy when we lost too much
30:18 How Sam found RP on Youtube
35:21 Ethan Suplee's similar weight loss journey
39:10 Sam started training with RP home workouts
42:50 Sam's learned everything he knows for free on Youtube
46:52 Biggest thing he's learned from RP
50:30 Sam's favorite YT video
51:18 Sam's new goals

Apr 11, 2022
Talking About Maintenance
0:16 End of Transformation Challenge
1:00 What is maintenance
2:15 How long should you maintain
11:48 Mindset surrounding maintenance
17:37 Breaking macros at daughter's birthday meal
27:10 Dealing with peer pressure
31:27 Focusing on the "long game", not worrying about weight rebound
37:42 How to determine maintenance calories
46:45 How to look at fuel on maintenance
48:37 How to deal with the impulse to cheat
1:09:25 Summary, additional resources
Apr 04, 2022
Dieting Differently: How Nick and Lori Use the App Differently

0:26 Different ways to diet success intro
1:45 Lori's diet update
6:51 Why Lori decided to extend her diet
12:05 Don't make decisions in an emotional state
15:45 Nick's diet update
19:03 How can you judge diet fatigue
22:24 How Nick and Lori use the app differently for diets
29:55 Moving macros diet update
39:32 Custom food entry
45:39 Its okay for diet strictness to fluctuate
51:08 Transformation challenge

Mar 28, 2022
RP client Tiffany Head of ROMWOD
0:20 Tiffany Head Intro and ROMWOD

5:52 How Tiffany got into crossfit
10:35 Tiffany's diet journey, her weight loss
17:16 How Tiffany found RP and her first cut
23:30 Struggling with maintenance
30:40 What Tiffany learned when transitioning to RP
33:37 Hitting her goal weight
36:30 Having to close her gym and getting through covid
51:17 How Tiffany dealt with diet and workouts after gym closure
1:00:45 What foods helped Tiffany stayed on track
1:07:45 Tiffany's current diet and training

Mar 21, 2022
Last year's Transformation Winners; Update!
0:22 Scott and Amy Chua are back

1:50 How Amy and Scott did the in the first challenge
4:00 Whats its like to diet as a couple
8:10 What their training is like
10:45 How Scott meal preps without a normal work schedule
20:25 How they eat during maintenance
29:00 The difficulty of their 2nd diet
42:30 How did Amy eat through the holidays
57:35 Best and worst parts of maintenance
1:04:40 Abandoning a cut

Mar 14, 2022
Nutrition Tips for the CrossFit Open

0:43 Current state of crossfit
2:49 Are the new rules good
4:30 The new testing timeline
9:30 Nate's background
14:40 Advice to people doing the open
19:21 Workout volume during the open workouts
21:20 What to do about diet during the open
25:50 When to do body comp changes in crossfit
34:30 Supplementation for the open workout
38:50 Energy drink stories
41:40 The upside of stress
50:40 Pre workout meal timing
53:00 Warm up recommendations
57:10 Open predictions

Mar 07, 2022
Misleading Results? (with Coach Derek Wilcox)

0:23 Update on Lori's diet
1:44 Coach Derek Wilcox is cutting too
4:05 Review of Derek's background
7:06 How Derek transitioned out of powerlifting
10:00 How has Derek changed mindset to Planet Fitness
13:30 Prioritizing training based on goals
16:57 How do you talk to clients if they aren't getting results
19:00 Common client problems
27:10 Weight fluctuations caused by eating different foods
28:50 Lori and Nick's first show mistakes
35:15 Derek on Keto diets
37:48 Weight gain from clients after superbowl
40:00 Going into maintenance and dealing with weight gain
49:30 The importance of weigh in times
53:00 Creatine and weight gain
57:00 Weight going up on hard training days
59:44 Rhythmic structures of scale fluctuations

1:04:00 Weight fluctuations in females
Feb 28, 2022
RP Coach Kara Mockler
0:30 Kara Mockler coach introduction

3:17 Kara's background
7:45 Kara's nutrition growing up
9:48 Easy nutrition tips for teenage athletes
15:10 Biggest issue with nutrition in D1 athletes
17:15 Nutrition recommendation is often based on context
20:15 Determining if you should eat snacks
24:20 Nick actually likes protein bars
26:08 Whats it like to live with a dietician
28:30 What Kara is during for her pregnancy nutrition
33:05 Weight gain during pregnancy
37:42 What its like to work with RP clients
41:50 Errors with eyeballing food and weekend issues
49:31 A client success story
53:45 How to find Kara

Feb 21, 2022
Dr Mike is back!
1:05 Nick is starting a new diet

3:45 How much weight can you expect to gain in maintenance
14:39 Breaking down motivation
23:09 Not depending on motivation alone
27:05 Mikes take on willpower
32:40 Explaining habit
42:57 Passion and identity
51:30 Mike is revolted to quitting

Feb 14, 2022
A Longtime RP Client Shares Lessons Learned
0:32 Dan a 3 year RP user

1:50 Was Dan active in his youth
2:52 What diets did Dan try
8:02 What training was Dan doing before RP
11:10 Meal prep as a firefighter
15:20 Dan first started RP with diet templates
18:02 Dan's advice about maintenance
26:00 Gaining weight due to injury
32:20 Swimming for the first time
39:19 Travel tips from Dan
42:39 Eating out tips
45:41 Dan's thoughts on RP endurance products
56:14 Tips when using the app

Feb 07, 2022
Encore Episode: Diet Plateaus

0:33 Breaking through weight loss plateaus
1:03 Why do plateaus happen?
3:23 Metabolism dropping
7:10 Options when hitting a plateau
12:00 Increasing daily activity
22:20 Decreasing food
25:49 Managing hunger
29:45 Caffeine and diet soda intake
32:43 Adjusting your goals
35:05 The newest RP cookbook

Jan 31, 2022
RP Coach Hunter Pauley

0:28 How Hunter became an RP coach
3:30 Hunter adapting to Montana life and weather
11:15 Hunter's struggles in highschool
15:45 Hunter's introduction to fitness
19:55 Hunter's education
24:34 How Hunter found RP
29:26 Managing lifting volume
33:45 Metabolite training
40:00 Montana hiking
42:45 Hunters coaching success stories
48:00 Meal prep and diet tips
52:12 What Hunter gives to his clients
58:58 How to find Hunter

Jan 24, 2022
Charly Joung: Contest Prep, Team Full Rom and more!
0:30 Charly Joung Intro

1:30 What is Team Full ROM
5:15 Training with bad form
7:40 People with elite genetics giving bad advice
17:31 When did Charly start lifting and his powerlifting numbers
25:42 What equipment did Charly and Nick start lifting with
30:53 Charly's first bodybuilding show and dedication
36:50 Accountability
42:06 Nick's first spray tan for bodybuilding
43:42 Hardest thing about bodybuilding diet contest prep
46:35 Hardest thing about bodybuilding training contest prep
48:40 Strength loss during a diet
58:00 Easing into lots of food after a diet
1:06:00 Tips if you're considering a bodybuilding show

Jan 17, 2022
Early Diet Challenges & Mindset
0:45 Lori is starting a cut

4:46 Choosing when to reduce calories or do cardio
10:45 Lori noticing how much extra snacking she does impulsively
21:11 You can now change your weekly review on the RP Diet App
26:33 How to deal with disappointing scale results
32:07 What Lori is eating to start her diet
35:05 Drinking diet soda on a cut
39:29 Eating clean foods for greater food volume

Jan 10, 2022
What you need to Know to Start your Diet in the New Year
0:28 RP Transformation Challenge

2:05 What Nick and Lori ate over Xmas
5:59 What was Nick's favorite gift
8:06 Pitfalls of dieting in the new year
10:20 Setting realistic goals
18:23 Ways RP can help with goal setting
29:11 Recommended podcast episodes to help with diet
32:37 Transformation challenge prizes
34:34 Discipline
46:14 Lori's advice for dealing with the gym in January

Jan 03, 2022
Lori with YOUR 2021 Year in Review

1:01 Holiday recap, bearded dragon purchase
3:48 Year in review
5:17 What major accomplishments did you have?
8:15 Review last years goals
11:48 Notable lessons or failures
14:11 Changes to make in the new year for health
15:55 Rating last years achievements
17:35 Big goals for the new year

Dec 27, 2021
Dr Mike on the Top Tips for a Successful Diet in 2022
0:41 How Mike did at his bodybuilding show

3:53 Mike describes his pre-show diet guided by RP principles
8:10 Why dieting gets harder when you are leaner
9:42 How to make dieting more likely to be successful
13:44 What to do before you start the diet
18:39 Food and meal prep strategies
25:10 Establishing a baseline of physical activity
35:18 Nicks thoughts on step trackers
37:38 Average steps people get in a day
44:38 Eating tasty foods on a diet

50:30 Mike on being thankful
Dec 20, 2021
RP Coach, Danny Wirt
0:21 Coach Danny introduction

1:10 Danny was taught by Dr. Mike at Temple
7:34 What Danny learned from Dr. Mike and Dr. James
17:03 Danny's education and degrees
22:40 Working with athletes vs regular people
29:15 What its like working RP customer service
32:56 The best parts of coaching for RP
38:45 How do you deal with clients who may feel discouraged
41:44 Weight ins and hip and waist measurements
44:28 How to deal with ending a cut and going to maintenance
49:10 What Danny is working on for his PhD and training
59:31 How to find Danny

Dec 13, 2021
Answering More of your Questions

0:34 Analyzing diet app user's bodyweight spike from Thanksgiving
8:24 How to approach weigh-ins
17:52 Creatine explained
20:24 Leucine powder
26:50 RP friendly salad dressings
31:07 How to determine what training template to choose
32:21 How to manage off-plan meals
34:46 Eating so many carbs on a cut
37:00 Intermittent fasting
42:26 Lori's favorite thing she had at Thanksgiving

Dec 06, 2021
RP Coach, Dr. Jake Reed

0:17 RP coach Jake Reed introduction
3:51 Dr. Mike's early diet and nutrition experiments
6:42 Jake's background
14:04 Athlete monitoring in collegiate football
19:50 Do high level athletes work harder than everyone else
27:07 How well do athletes listen to the data collected from monitoring
34:31 Blood Type diets
41:37 Periodization
43:27 Studying habits
49:37 Standout RP client transformation stories
57:46 How to work with Jake

Nov 29, 2021
Dr. Mike on Holiday Eating
0:25 Holiday eating introducing

1:17 Mike's favorite Halloween candy
5:10 Favorite Thanksgiving foods
14:40 How Mike is getting through holidays on bodybuilding diet
19:42 To indulge or not on holidays when dieting
23:47 How to deal with guilt about holiday eating
28:10 Black Friday shopping
32:06 BJJ talk
36:20 How to approach holiday eating on maintenance
42:29 Constant holiday overeating temptation
51:30 Using cardio to offset holiday overeating
55:55 Best diet phase to to be on during holidays

Nov 22, 2021
All About Massing
0:20 Intro to massing

6:11 How much muscle you will gain vs fat
13:15 Why massing may be good in winter months
15:45 How massing can be physically and mentally uncomfortable
19:45 Nick's unpleasant extreme massing story
22:17 Massing food choices
27:24 At what bodyfat percentage should you begin a mass
29:11 Supplement recommendations
32:46 Massing is a time to be performance focused
36:02 Nick's first mass in college
40:31 Training recommendations while massing
48:00 Calorie increase recommendations
53:30 People that claim they can't gain weight

Nov 15, 2021
Halloween and Answering Q's
0:25 Favorite halloween candy

6:45 Power of environment
13:06 Emotional eating
21:13 Tracking macros and not becoming excessive
33:28 Eating too much high volume food
39:22 Dealing with body image issues
45:25 Kid's first pullups, mindset
52:25 Book recommendations

Nov 08, 2021
Talking all things Fall Meal Prep
0:35 Nick's maintenance progress

6:30 What Nick eats in a day
13:35 Fall macro friendly meal ideas
20:15 Macro friendly sweets
22:17 Go-to dishes to make for thanksgiving
26:16 RP cookbook recipes are generally easy
34:18 Using Trifecta for meal prep
36:48 Lori's favorite recipes
38:35 How Nick cooks dinner for the family
40:25 How to find the RP cookbooks

Bodybuilding.com RP Thanksgiving recipes

Latest RP Cookbook

RP Cookbooks

RP Vegan

Nov 01, 2021
Encore episode: Dr Mike on Losing Lots of Weight

0:40 Introduction to extreme weight loss

2:25 Perception vs Reality
5:00 What counts as "a ton" of weight loss
10:05 Rushing a diet
16:30 Weight loss rate recommendations
26:00 Importance of maintenance
31:45 Second diet phase
38:40 Stress affect on diet
40:04 Second maintenance phase
49:00 What happens at goal weight
51:56 What is balance
59:30 Struggling with maintenance
1:00:30 Weight fluctuations after diet is over
Oct 25, 2021
Talking about STRUGGLES
0:23 Personal struggles intro

2:00 Nick's birthday diet struggles
4:30 Post maintenance slippery slope
16:20 Nick's fav new desert
19:37 How to deal with eating out on a diet
27:13 Holiday food being so accessible
30:47 How to not binge on the weekends when stressed
40:20 Struggling with maintenance when life is challenging

Oct 18, 2021
Answering Questions on Maintenance and More

0:53 Nick's recent diet and maintenance approach
8:20 Nick's grumpiness on his diet
10:19 Not binging after a diet
14:50 Caffeine to curb hunger
19:56 How do you transition from diet to maintenance in the app
21:27 Getting back on track if you gain too much on maintenance
25:15 Is it normal to gain weight when you start the female physique templates
26:17 How to deal with hunger during fat loss
28:21 Can you use an apple watch as a step tracker
32:34 Olympic lifts for hypertrophy or strength
33:35 Pros and cons of extending a diet
39:09 App possibly not giving right macros
39:52 What to do if looking leaner but gaining weight
41:35 Why cut fats vs cutting carbs
43:43 How to know when to change your fats and carbs

Our daughter Emma says hi! :)

46:10 Best way to train and grow legs
The inexpensive Amazon step tracker Nick and Lori use
Nick's blog post on Top 10 Diet tips from his recent cut
Oct 11, 2021
Nick's Recent Cut: Top 10 Takeaways
0:25 Nicks 6 week diet takeaways

3:12 Helpfulness of maintenance
7:33 Tracking steps
14:02 Changing macros
15:35 Travel and eating out
21:00 Sleep tracking
23:53 Weight training
25:19 BJJ changes
27:57 Periodized caffeine intake
31:00 Healthier food choices
37:52 Moving to keep energy high
46:20 Nicks DEXA results

Oct 04, 2021
Where to Start - New to RP

Lori is back after a brief hiatus from the podcast. 

We discuss how to gets others started in their fitness journeys and cover a lot of questions about the RP Simple Diet Templates!

0:20 Lori is back/ her surgery
1:20 Nick sent out a bunch of free books
2:45 Getting started with dieting and RP simple diet templates
4:20 All about one on one coaching
10:00 RP product breakdown according to needs
15:10 What are the simple diet templates
21:42 How to use the templates exactly
35:55 Going over food substitutions and egg whites
40:00 Protein powders and smoothies
45:11 Bagels as carbs
Sep 27, 2021
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

1:56 The Slight Edge book by Jeff Olson

3:06 Slight Edge main principles
11:00 Quantum leap misconception
14:44 Internal locus of control
22:00 Small differences over time chart
27:45 Consistency over perfection
32:36 DM Nick for a free book
37:32 Notable quotes from the book
Sep 20, 2021
Tradeoffs: Balancing Fitness and Life

0:22 Tradeoffs introduction
2:00 Defining tradeoffs
7:20 Categories of seriousness about diet and training
16:30 Nick's life when it revolved around bodybuilding
24:00 Not feeling guilt about not prioritizing diet and training
28:35 Nick's bodybuilding show experience
30:10 "Life MRV"
33:30 The old animal pak ads and products
41:46 Keeping confidence during times when not focused on diet and training
52:16 The RP pizza eating contest
55:13 Nutrient timing

Sep 13, 2021
RP's Dr. James Hoffmann on SLEEP
0:30 While We Sleep Book Recommendation

2:02 Sleep impact on memory, training
6:05 Setting yourself up for good sleep
11:28 Why do hard diets lead to poor sleep
16:53 Sleeping conditions at the Olympics
22:27 Pros and cons of sleep aids
34:04 Melatonin
36:07 Caffeine sensitivity
43:00 CBD for sleep and anxiety
48:31 How to develop your "wind down" routine
53:26 How much sleep do you need

Sep 06, 2021
Dr. Mike on Cardio Myths

1:36 Cardio is a necessity
6:30 Cardio recommendations
10:48 Step trackers and calorie counters
13:17 You can get best fat loss with cardio alone
23:01 Formal cardio
28:38 Harder cardio is better
37:05 Walking is not good for fat burning
40:13 Fasted cardio

Aug 30, 2021
Dr Mike Part 2 Nutrition Facts or Fiction

2:25 Is Fructose bad
9:44 Nut talk
12:10 High Fructose corn syrup
15:48 Is MSG bad
22:23 Radish and cookie study
25:15 Stevia vs aspartame and sucralose
30:50 Ultra high protein diets
37:57 What are anti nutrients
42:56 Must eat foods

Aug 23, 2021
Dr. Mike on Nutrition Facts or Fiction
0:53 Mike's BJJ brown belt and BJJ talk
11:26 Calories in calories out
16:35 Being perfect with calories and macros
22:32 Food label accuracy
29:23 Consistency and perfection, not sweating the small stuff
38:35 John Meadows' passing
Aug 16, 2021
Bonus Episode Repeat: Ethan Suplee

We published this podcast with famous actor, and RP client, Ethan Suplee a year ago.  Whether you have or have not listened to it before, it's definitely worth another listen - his weight loss story is amazing - and we're proud to play a role in it!

Aug 09, 2021
Dr. Mike on How to Build Your Meal Plan

0:00 Why Dr. Mike moved to Michigan
2:20 RP Diet app update- meal moving
3:33 Nutrient timing, meal plan
8:00 Meal timing consistency
14:39 Nick failing without a good plan
17:45 Regular meals correlates to better health
31:45 How individuals respond to time zone changes
35:14 Knowing how to construct the meal itself
40:55 Importance of building habits

Aug 02, 2021
Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Travel

:40 Travel and fitness
1:40 Alyssa FB group comment- when to switch to maintenance
5:55 RP Tshirt and Youtube channel love from Alaska
10:55 Top ten travel diet and training tips
13:33 Dealing with training in new gyms
19:45 Being self conscious about your weights
25:30 Dealing with different time zones
27:30 What to travel with
31:06 Travel takeaways
33:46 Hotel gym workouts
39:10 Travel food options

Jul 26, 2021
RP Nutritional Priorities for General Health

0:00 Last week nutrition priorities recap
2:07 Eating for general health
4:02 Optimal body weight and BMI
8:42 Food composition for general health
18:07 Managing hunger
19:08 Macro nutrients
28:00 Is RP against low carb diets
31:39 Nutrient timing for general health
34:40 Supplements and hydration
40:10 Veggie supplements

Jul 19, 2021
RP Nutritional Priorities Pyramid
0:22 Last episode review w author James Clear

2:45 Nutritional priorities intro
7:37 Adherence
11:55 Calorie Balance
17:47 Macro Nutrients
27:37 Nutrient Timing
31:28 Food quality
37:33 Supplements

40:10 Hydration
Jul 12, 2021
Atomic Habits
0:18 James Clear best selling author

1:45 Automatic behaviors
6:43 The slow and steady gains over time idea
14:36 Measuring habits
16:45 Four stages of habit building
20:13 Four laws of behavior change
26:23 Second law of behavior change
28:30 Habits formed by social environment
32:50 Social media influencing thought
34:00 Third law of behavior change
41:55 Fourth law of behavior change
44:20 Behavior change is identity change
54:57 Where to find James

Jul 05, 2021
Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson
0:18 Jake from compete everyday intro

1:08 Explaining compete everyday
9:18 Eating healthy during travel
13:47 Setting yourself up for long term goals
19:53 The importance of tracking progress and building habits
27:08 Is one percent better everyday feasible
35:32 Should you celebrate wins
41:08 Jakes book
45:42 Focusing on the moment
53:59 How to contact Jake

Jun 28, 2021
Dr. Mike and Dr. Spencer on CARDIO
1:20 Defining cardio
6:30 Mike REALLY likes Crossfit
8:47 Reading the newspaper between sets
10:10 Cardio as it relates to weight loss
15:20 Cardio effect on NEAT
18:10 Mike's vacation
21:30 Weight training effect on weight loss
29:06 Cardio for weight loss maintenance
33:00 Cardio for athletics
39:40 Spencer's triathlon
42:12 Spencer was spoon fed
43:15 Cardio for general health
48:35 Takeaway points
Jun 14, 2021
Dave Nixon, author of Minding yourSELF
0:23 Dave Nixon introduction

3:35 Covid in Australia
5:49 Dave Nixon background
10:45 How did Dave discover RP
14:37 How Dave uses RP with his gym members
21:21 Starting simple with diet and nutrition
23:47 Experience centric approach to training
30:00 Isolation, integration, improvisation
33:00 Unique weight rebound story
42:28 Being busy vs being productive
48:03 Dave's book about health

Jun 07, 2021
Meet our 2nd place RP Transformation Winner!
0:28 Intro for 2nd place male finisher of transformation challenge

3:00 Fitness background and total weight loss
7:40 Dexa scan results
12:25 His relationship with food
16:25 App diet compliance
19:57 Importance of learning and doing research before dieting
31:30 What he did at restaurants while on vacation
37:30 His training during the contest
43:45 Did he need to add in cardio
48:00 Setting realistic goals
53:26 Giving a new diet a fair chance
1:02:05 Motivating other people

May 31, 2021
Meet our First Place Female Finisher!

0:30 Ali introduction
3:30 Type of training during the diet
4:13 Energy levels during the diet
6:40 Total weight loss during challenge
14:10 Fun meals over vacation
22:40 Biggest hurdles during the challenge
26:30 Navigating maintenance
32:30 Transitioning to maintenance
39:50 Hitting PRs on a deficit
41:57 Finding out she won reaction
44:10 The Vegas trip
48:15 Take home points

May 24, 2021
What it takes to Win the RP 2021 Transformation Challenge!
0:36 Introducing transformation winners

1:40 Diets are easier with spouse support
3:13 How long have they known about RP
4:55 Previous knowledge and history of dieting
8:25 Dealing with kids school issues during covid and dieting
11:20 Dieting on Scott's firefighter schedule
14:20 The RP community support system and FB group
21:50 Getting meal ideas from the FB group
23:15 How much weight did they lose
26:20 What kind of training did they do
32:21 You can cut and not be hungry
36:26 Did they have any cheat meals
38:55 Scott's biggest challenges to overcome
43:35 Amy's biggest challenges
45:55 Dieting with kids
48:15 How do they approach meal prepping
53:24 What are their future goals
55:00 Did they do cardio
1:02:55 Recovery and rest
1:04:55 The winners Vegas trip

May 17, 2021
RP Coach Dr. Nathan Jenkins is back!
0:18 RP coach Dr. Nathan Jenkins

1:00 What coaches look for in RP clients
3:12 Being coachable
12:34 Long term vs short term thinking
20:10 When to compromise with clients and thoughts on intermittent fasting
30:38 Crossfit and Rich Froning using intermittent fasting
36:35 Can you gain muscle doing Crossfit training
47:37 Will you lose strength when losing fat
58:27 Body recomp with RP clients
1:01:26 "Easy" Crossfit workout ratings for RP
1:08:08 How to hire Nathan or other RP coaches

May 10, 2021
Dr. Mike on Mini-Cuts Part 2

Dr. Mike is back on for part two discussing mini-cuts. This episode covers how to reduce food intake on a mini-cut, the best type of training to do while on a mini-cut and most importantly what to do after the mini-cut ends. 

0:35 Mini-cut recap
2:42 What foods to cut out for a mini-cut
6:48 What training looks like during a mini-cut
13:27 What to do after the mini-cut
19:19 Temporarily improved appearance mini-cut
26:59 What to do after the TIA mini-cut
40:52 Nick's extreme weight gain in Cancun post mini-cut
42:41 Vacation diet advice
44:55 How Nick responds to bad wifi
46:51 Should you deload before a mini-cut
48:43 Where to find the detailed mini-cut manual

May 03, 2021
Dr. Mike on Mini-cuts
0:20 Dr. Mike on mini-cuts

1:00 Mike's own mini cut duration
2:14 Nick's plans for coming to Vegas
3:44 Defining mini cut
10:26 Who are mini cuts for
24:30 Throwing mini cuts into massing
31:35 How many minicuts and masses can you do
33:25 Can you mini cutting before massing
34:45 How big should your deficit be on a mini cut
39:59 Mini Cutting for small females
45:11 Can you do a mini cut on the app

Apr 26, 2021
FAQ April 2021 Part 3
1:05 RP transformation challenge

2:30 Is program hopping bad
6:05 How to deal with loose skin
9:47 Thoughts on quick diet breaks
14:32 Trouble with hard training in caloric deficit
19:23 Can people with hypothyroidism use the app
22:15 Healthy maintainable body fat percentages
25:40 How does one stay focused in maintenance
30:21 Success stories from real clients
33:50 How important is it to select body type in app
36:10 Hunger management strategies
37:53 Can you deload during a cut
38:52 How often to increase calories during maintenance
40:15 When to restart a hypertrophy template if you miss training
43:35 Shifting macros from one meal to another

Apr 19, 2021
FAQ April 2021 Part 2

0:25 RP Transformation challenge
2:00 How to enter maintenance after a cut with the app
4:14 How can you improve mindset and feel content with goals you achieve
11:16 How to rate your workout difficulty for the RP App
18:20 Scale isn't going down, when to end a cut
20:40 Can you skip maintenance
22:00 Can you use the app for a mini cut
24:06 Food differences for athletes vs general population
28:00 Can you have body recomposition on maintenance
30:22 Starting in maintenance without doing a cut first
31:14 Do women on menopause need to adjust anything in the app
34:30 How to treat diet on vacation right after I cut
36:37 How to deal with getting too full on maintenance
39:29 What happens to your metabolism on maintenance vs a cut
40:42 How to set a realistic weight loss goal
45:46 How the app deals with fat levels relating to hormone health
47:10 How to get new people started with RP

Apr 12, 2021
FAQ April 2021 Part 1
0:21 Wrapping up the transformation challenge

1:22 How to deal with the mental side of massing as a female
7:18 Eating more freely on maintenance
15:45 Should you keep the same food choices from cutting to maintenance
21:58 How many calories to add for a mass phase
23:27 How to exactly transition from cut to maintenance using the RP diet App
28:48 How much to change calories after maintenance phase
31:37 Having trouble getting motivated on a second cut
35:47 How to transition out of the breast feeding templates
36:51 Difficult to find pictures of women massing
41:39 Why is RP app giving different macros then before
43:46 Questions about female physique training templates

Apr 05, 2021
RP Coach, Derek Wilcox on Weight Fluctuations

0:31 Derek Wilcox lightest person to squat 1000bs
2:57 Current client success stories
8:06 Body weight may go up when waist gets smaller
13:35 How to take waist measurements properly
17:40 Why Monday morning weigh ins are different
22:06 Evaluating progress by strength gain
28:00 Water effects on weight
33:24 Water cuts for competition
38:55 How to deal with weight fluctuations
46:42 Travel causing weight fluctuations
52:00 Estimating calorie expenditure with apps
56:00 Closing summary of weight fluctuations

Mar 29, 2021
Why Maintenance is so DAMN Important

0:14 Talking about maintenance
4:30 Changing goals during maintenance
6:03 How much weight gain to expect during maintenance
11:45 RP diet shows you how to eat sustainably
13:22 How does Mel recommend starting maintenance with clients
15:05 Mel's mega cheat meals
18:16 Don't choose extremely fast weight loss diets
20:35 How to reintroduce food after a cut
29:18 How long should maintenance last
33:03 Mel's current fat loss diet
40:30 Chronic dieting
46:31 Maintenance should be a time to have more fun
51:18 How to avoid eating food you don't actually want to eat
57:00 Dealing with hunger at the end of a cut

Mar 22, 2021
RP Coach, Jen Case: Goal Setting for Maintenance
1:15 How new RP clients are handling the current environment

5:28 Staying focused with diet and nutrition after goals are met
7:15 Maintenance for recovery
10:14 Addressing concerns with caloric increase after diet
14:00 The three types of goals
16:05 SMART goals
20:07 Punishment vs reinforcement
26:05 Setting diet goals with clients
30:55 Goal chunking
34:53 Start off diets easy and basic
36:32 How to set performance goals
40:02 Gym performance decline while cutting
47:00 Setting goals while on maintenance

Mar 15, 2021
How To Get Through The Last Few Weeks of a Diet
0:21 What happens at the end of a diet
1:09 Tradeoffs at a steep caloric deficit
4:28 Why not to push through a hard diet
11:54 Managing hunger near diet end
19:29 Dealing with strength decreases
22:36 Fighting the urge to be more sedentary
25:40 Diet impact on sleep
29:37 Mood changes during hard dieting
33:55 Dieting in the workplace
44:00 Preparing for maintenance
Mar 08, 2021
RP Coach, Robert Santana
0:30 Robert Santana introduction

4:37 Importance of a training log
6:55 Lack of resources about training in the early 2000s
12:02 The "super squats" program
13:45 How Robert found RP
19:53 Roberts early experiences with dieting
23:22 Health isn't always top priority for pro athletes
28:41 Client success stories
31:21 Common client struggles
38:10 Dealing with weekend eating and bad diet advice
42:05 Carb phobia, not training hard enough
48:30 Explaining workout intensity
55:24 Training with proper amount of weight

Mar 01, 2021
Brent Gleeson, author of Embrace The Suck
0:17 Brent Gleeson intro

1:13 Brent's background
6:17 Family reaction to him wanting to be a navy SEAL
8:40 Dealing with negative reactions
10:40 David Goggins stories
16:34 Fixed vs growth mindset
19:55 Nutrition in the SEALs    
26:45 Why Bret wrote 'Embrace The Suck'
35:15 Tools for struggling with fitness and nutrition
42:46 The most important elements of gaining expertise
47:35 Finding balance and tradeoffs
53:46 Importance of keeping in mind long term goals
56:55 How to find Brent

Feb 22, 2021
Diet Pep Talk - You Got This!

0:27 Diet pep talk

2:40 Focusing on what you can control
12:45 Meal prepping on limited time
15:45 Consistency over perfection
21:21 How to deal with schedule changes while dieting
24:45 Dieting while stressed
31:10 Eating out while dieting
34:50 Things you can always control
39:35 Diet real talk form Nick



Feb 15, 2021
Diet Plateaus

0:33 Breaking through weight loss plateaus
1:03 Why do plateaus happen?
3:23 Metabolism dropping
7:10 Options when hitting a plateau
12:00 Increasing daily activity
22:20 Decreasing food
25:49 Managing hunger
29:45 Caffeine and diet soda intake
32:43 Adjusting your goals
35:05 The newest RP cookbook

Feb 08, 2021
Dr. Mike on RP Super Dieters!

0:18 Lori's solo podcast
0:55 Dr. Mike is back on with another Vegas weather report
3:28 Super dieter introduction
4:01 Defining super dieter
7:00 Factors that didn't matter in having a successful diet
10:37 Starting body weight impact on success
12:55 Healthy foods vs pre packaged or restaurant food
17:13 Starting body fat impact on diet
18:27 Diet diversity impact on success
21:09 Daily activity level impact on success
23:07 Sleep amount impact on success
27:25 Number of meals per day impact on success
29:29 Things that mattered- shorter diet duration
38:19 Following the apps updated diet recommendations
48:42 Dieting as a parent
57:39 Chasing instant gratification
1:03:23 Rebounding in weight

Read more here!
Feb 01, 2021
All About Time To Eat! the latest RP Cookbook
0:22 Time To Eat new cookbook intro

1:14 Barcode scanning to pair w RP Diet App
2:58 Time To Eat foreword
4:00 Special ingredients and ingredient availability
11:45 Special equipment
13:10 Lori's morning smoothie recipe
16:52 Frequently asked cookbook questions
18:14 Lori mentions each recipe
28:50 Sides/ veggies overview
39:27 Outro

Jan 27, 2021
Amy Morin on Building Mental Strength

0:25 Amy Morin, LCSW, intro
1:38 Amy's background, her books on mental toughness
8:16 How do you overcome self doubt
12:35 How to deal with lowered motivation
18:22 Writing a list of reasons to stay motivated
20:00 How to keep yourself from quitting
25:20 Getting back on track after mistakes
30:00 How Google stopped employees from unhealthy snacking
33:15 Tips for building mental strength
38:38 Mental states supporting peak performance
42:45 Channeling anxiety and mental arousal positively

Jan 25, 2021
Common Diet Pitfalls
0:00 Intro

0:28 Diet Pitfalls Intro
2:18 Too much food
6:24 Too little food
13:58 Weight spikes
19:27 Should you get more aggressive within the app
21:39 Best type of training on a cut
23:35 Not losing weight
27:36 What to eat, meal prep advice
33:44 Why might carb levels change
36:55 Diets can be hard and that's okay

Jan 18, 2021
Finally Get Sh*t Done!

0:19 Intro to the new habits book
1:36 Mel's background
2:45 Does Mel read mainstream habit books
3:39 The Atomic Habits book
5:00 Not making too many new habits at once, and how to start the process
12:28 All literature suggests slow change is more successful
14:44 Can a more challenging goal be better sometimes
16:15 Why don't people follow through
19:15 What does science say about willpower
22:00 Student eating study
24:07 How stress affects habits
26:00 Why can habits be hard to form
29:30 How many habits can you have
30:50 How to go about goal setting
35:05 Goal chunking
38:00 Momentum
42:05 Can you benefit from taking a break from habits
43:24 Is mindfulness actually important
51:25 Keeping a habits journal
52:57 Nick doesn't always listen
56:40 Does everyone need to have goals
58:24 Where and when you can get the book

Jan 11, 2021
Top 3 tips to CRUSHING Your Diet Goals in 2021

0:31 RP Podcast is the #2 nutrition podcast in the U.S.!
1:24 Nick and Lori each cover their top tips to ensure you have a successful diet, RP transformation contest
4:10 What to do if you don't know macros
5:30 Don't bite off more than you can chew
8:20 Be patient
12:51 Don't be too rigid
14:55 Consistency beats temporary perfection
19:17 Getting rest and recovery
22:20 Learn to love the process
28:58 Know when to stop
32:00 Avoid downward spirals

Jan 04, 2021
Encore Episode: All About Cutting and Fat Loss Diets

0:56 What is a cut
3:50 What can goal oriented people do during maintenance
5:09 What is the best way to lose body fat
7:19 Mindset for cutting
15:33 False hope syndrome
18:25 Does cutting get harder or easier the more you do it
20:19 Divide large goals into manageable segments
23:41 Who should, who should not cut
27:00 Determine if you should mass or cut by body fat percentage
33:10 Meal prep
35:37 Motivation, Discipline
40:50 "Robot" mode
45:33 Handling Failure
52:05 Increasing food volume
57:19 Nick's worst dieting stories
1:04:27 Is a food scale required to cut

Dec 28, 2020
Peter Hollins, Author, The Science of Self Discipline

0:40 Peter Hollins intro

2:27 Peter's background
4:07 Why Peter got into psychology
5:27 Defining discipline
7:52 Discipline vs willpower
9:55 What is activation energy
13:29 Setting up an environment to increase willpower
19:14 Thinking about your future self, 10, 10, 10 rule
27:18 False hope syndrome
29:48 The ' what the heck effect"
34:11 Doing the right thing or the easy thing
36:11 Breaking down goals
42:49 "if then" rule
47:50 10 minute rule
Dec 21, 2020
Season 1 Recap of the RP Strength Podcast
0:20 Favorite episodes from RP podcast season 1

1:32 Lori's favs- Dr. Mike is #1
5:12 Nick recaps his fav topics from Dr. Mike - motivation, mythbusting
8:00 Ethan Suplee and his incredible weight loss episode 38
10:55 Episode 41 and 42 featuring RP client incredible weight loss
13:25 Lori's breast cancer story episode 30, and stopping social media
20:17 Nick's favorites- Dan Luna Navy Seal episode 21
23:08 Dr. Mike mythbusting episode 10
24:03 Episode 2 motivation
24:25 episodes 52 and 53 Fit for Success
26:31 Goal setting episode 45
31:25 Cutting and fat loss episode 17
32:20 The RP coaches that have been on and what was discussed
39:06 Lots of special topic episodes recapped
41:30 RP Athlete summary

44:10 Special guests
Dec 14, 2020
Dr. Mike on New Year Resolutions
0:43 Dr. Mike sings Xmas carols

1:09 Las Vegas isn't warm all year, weather talk
5:00 New Year's resolution intro
6:05 What Mike thinks about resolutions
11:22 Getting used to the RP app or templates in advance of hard dieting
20:18 People don't appreciate success if they don't suffer(?)
23:38 Run maintenance diet over the holidays
27:03 Cheat meals can ruin diets
28:08 Mike tries 10,000 calorie challenge
32:01 Nick can't eat hard boiled eggs anymore
34:50 RP FB group is obsessed with pickle juice and other weird food talk
38:09 Setting manageable diet goals
46:00 More aggressive diets tend to be less successful
53:57 Take home points

Dec 07, 2020
Life of an NFL player: Nick Hardwick

0:30 Nick Hardwick introduction
2:11 Nick's college football history
5:56 Genetics role in pro athletics
10:05 Dispelling the "10000 hour" rule
14:41 The art of coaching
18:44 Super gifted athletes with no work ethic
22:07 Hardest working guys in the NFL
25:50 Dealing with homeschooling and quarantine
30:45 Nick's INSANE nutrition while playing football
38:40 Healthy eating vs high level performance eating
40:40 Success is derived from failure
46:25 Working on being a competitor
49:09 College teams take better care of athletes then pro
51:43 Nick's nutrition after the NFL - losing tons of weight
1:00:31 How Nick broke his neck
1:03:00 How Nick found out about RP
1:09:50 Dr. Mike's "cake" recipe
1:13:05 How to follow Nick

Nov 30, 2020
Holiday Eating Tips
0:55 Intro- RP coach Collin Popp discusses holiday eating

3:18 Defining the holiday season and weight gain in this time
10:23 Weight changes during Covid
12:59 What leads to holiday weight gain, food choices vs activity level
19:55 Will working from home limit bad food temptation?
23:26 Addictive nature of holiday foods and alcohol
33:27 Starting a diet going into the holidays
36:23 Environmental factors relating to food consumption
41:06 Nick's holiday eating habits and foods Nick hates
45:46 Lori's holiday eating habits
49:30 How cheat foods affect the way you feel
52:30 Collin's holiday eating tips
1:02:20 Self monitoring over the holidays
1:10:13 How to find Collin

Nov 23, 2020
How to Be Successful Part 2

0:18 What makes people successful pt 2
1:19 Habits of success
2:47 Discipline and willpower
11:29 How Nick became a better cross country runner
13:40 Ability to delay gratification
19:28 Purpose/meaning
22:45 Meaning and achievement
30:06 Failure
34:45 Letting kids fail
46:15 Recharge
50:45 RP Diet App updates
51:42 Mindfulness
57:52 Continuing education
1:00:25 How to get the book

Nov 16, 2020
How to Be Successful Part 1
0:20 What makes people successful intro

1:12 Nick's book on being successful
2:55 Outlining Nick and Lori's difficult 2020
4:47 Why the book was written
9:20 Habits of success pyramid, hard work
18:15 Internal locus of control explained
27:55 Be proactive, not reactive
30:13 Autonomy, mastery, purpose
39:44 Downsides to too much internal control
41:09 Positive mindset
49:59 Growth mindset
51:51 Fixed mindset, ego
55:22 Optimism

1:07:25 The marshmallow test
Nov 09, 2020
Oct 2020 Q&A Part 2 with Nick and Lori

0:35 Nick's new book
2:30 Is it harder for females to lose weight/ build muscle?
5:50 Why are some cuts harder then others?
8:20 Intermittent fasting
10:47 Gaining confidence in the gym
16:18 Resilience
19:38 What to do during diet plateaus
23:30 Nick and Lori giving up gum
24:30 Nick giving up energy drinks
26:00 Setting goal weight
28:03 Can weighing after workout affect weight?
28:58 Nutritional priorities pyramid
29:36 Lockdown affecting calorie burning
30:32 Can you do weightlifting and physique templates simultaneously?
31:25 Strength gain expectations for 60 yr old
32:48 Skipping maintenance phase
33:24 Using the simple training templates
34:24 Do you need to do cardio to lose weight?
35:52 How important is keeping in protein during a cut
38:42 Changing reps in reserve goals if taking time off from the gym
40:35 Fighting constipation on a cut
42:00 Improving lipid panels
42:56 Gaining muscle with hypothyroidism
45:41 Possible to eat too much salt?
47:56 Losing different fat types during a cut
49:55 Visualization techniques to reach nutritional goals
53:55 How did Nick and Lori meet?

Nov 02, 2020
Zionna Hanson, founder of Barbells For Boobs
0:22 Z from Barbells For Boobs introduction

3:00 How Barbells For Boobs got started
10:30 State funded financial support for cancer treatment
13:20 CrossFit released a story that really launched Barbells for Boobs
16:48 Early detection programs and Obama Care
18:56 Growing a community for survivors who train
25:02 Nutrition support for people in treatment
32:07 Moving into more virtual programs/support
37:58 How does Z keep a positive mindset dealing with so much negativity
47:55 The best way to support someone who has been diagnosed
50:45 Case study partnership with Whoop
56:11 Z using the RP Diet app
1:01:55 How someone can get help from Barbell for Boobs

Oct 26, 2020
Oct 2020 Q&A Part 1 with Nick and Lori
1:17 Lori's mini ecookbook to benefit beast cancer/ Barbells for Boobs

5:22 Analyzing data from the RP diet app; what leads to diet failure
10:20 When is the adjustable meal time update coming for the diet app?
11:50 Will workout templates come to an app?
12:24 Is the app good for runners?
14:17 Does the app work in Europe?
16:10 Can you use the app without a regular schedule?
18:05 How much to comply on maintenance?
23:53 Why are maintenance macros less then the cut?
27:30 Is the end goal to move on from RP?
34:10 Do you have to cut and mass? Can you recomp on maintenance?
36:05 Good protein powders for those sensitive to them
40:13 Thoughts on collagen protein
41:41 Before bed meal recommendations
45:25 Recommendations for on the go meals
48:19 How to meal plan for a full family simply
57:36 Finding time to train with kids
1:00:55 How much whey protein vs natural protein per day
1:01:48 Cutting for vegans
1:04:24 Suggestions for limited meal prep time

Oct 19, 2020
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky - All About Cholesterol

1:24 Intro to nutrition's impact on cholesterol
4:00 Negatives of butter in coffee
7:47 What does high cholesterol mean
12:31 HDL- LDL ratio
17:40 Meat consumption and cholesterol
20:08 Total cholesterol acceptable range
24:47 Cholesterol and genetics
30:20 Spencer's patient with 4 heart attacks by age 30
33:36 When should medication be prescribed
38:45 Doctors not caring
41:10 Lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol
47:09 Mono and polyunsaturated fats
48:30 Diet improvement examples
53:47 Weight loss impact on cholesterol
56:45 Exercise effect on cholesterol
59:18 Other factors that may affect cholesterol
1:01:18 How to learn more about cholesterol

Oct 12, 2020
Alyssa Ritchey, RP Athlete

0:45 Alyssa Ritchey, Team USA weightlifter
1:45 Weighing food incorrectly
5:00 Feeling better by eating better
8:05 Alyssa on giving up soda and fast food
9:38 How Alyssa got into sports
14:00 Let kids choose their own path in sports
18:15 Alyssa's school sports career
22:06 Alyssa's CrossFit experience
30:09 Alyssa beginning weight training
38:00 Ending her CrossFit career from exhaustion
39:30 Hashimoto's diagnosis
43:17 Diet and dealing with Hashimoto's
54:15 Getting regular bloodwork
57:11 Finding the right doctor
1:00:38 Deciding to drop a weight class
1:06:31 Competing at an elite level usually isn't healthy

1:11:30 Alyssa's podcast
Oct 05, 2020
RP Coach, Dr. Collin Popp
0:19 Dr. Collin Popp intro, PhD in nutrition, RP coach

1:58 Collin's background
4:50 Collin's Paleo diet study
7:00 Diets and adherence
11:38 Collin's research at NYU
12:48 Meal tracking methods
16:38 Self reporting inaccuracy
22:58 Over obsession with exact macro counting
25:37 Future plans to study RP app data
27:06 Collin started training with magazine workouts then moved to CrossFit
29:41 Diet coaching CrossFit athletes
31:42 Being carb-phobic, and carb intake recommendations
42:42 Collin on the 2020 Covid CrossFit qualifying
44:04 Going from diet to maintenance
48:15 Are small diet breaks a long term strategy
54:16 Weight loss maintenance weight gain
55:40 Intermittent fasting research
1:01:14 Eating breakfast weight loss study
1:03:30 Favorite client stories
1:06:30 RP client FB group support system

Sep 28, 2020
Goal Setting

0:30 The Social Dilemma Documentary
6:25 Social media influencing unrealistic goals
9:12 New app features- macro preview
11:12 False hope syndrome, realistic goal setting
21:45 Chunking larger goals into manageable pieces
27:15 S.M.A.R.T Goals
35:45 "M" measurable
38:35 "A" attainable
41:55 "R" realistic
44:40 "T" timebound
53:45 Young girls are getting plastic surgery- The Social Dilemma Documentary

Sep 21, 2020
So you want to lose a ton of weight?

0:40 Introduction to extreme weight loss

2:25 Perception vs Reality
5:00 What counts as "a ton" of weight loss
10:05 Rushing a diet
16:30 Weight loss rate recommendations
26:00 Importance of maintenance
31:45 Second diet phase
38:40 Stress affect on diet
40:04 Second maintenance phase
49:00 What happens at goal weight
51:56 What is balance
59:30 Struggling with maintenance
1:00:30 Weight fluctuations after diet is over
Sep 14, 2020
RP Coach, Dr. Christy Alexon
1:02  Christy is an RP coach and RP client

2:19 Christy's background as a PHD and RD
7:25 Bodybuilding and powerlifting meets aren't fun to attend
10:11 Christy's first bikini show reactions
12:35 Eating for competition and performance
16:46 Lori's marathon running experience
19:26 Christy's starting weight and stage weight
22:29 Christy hired an RP coach for her second show
25:22 Contest nerves and posing
26:50 Post contest food indulgences
31:36 Christy's college teaching
35:20 Nutrition and fitness tips for older age
38:20 Understanding aging on a cellular level
43:05 How to plan meals
45:00 Modifying weight lifting to make it accessible to all
50:22 Overly sweet and flavorful food can trigger cravings
53:07 RP client success stories
57:45 The value of accountability
59:26 How to be a great RP client
1:06:25 How to find Christy

Sep 07, 2020
Losing 100+ Pounds, part 2

0:36 Trevor intro
2:02 Trevor's diet history, being an overweight child
6:30 Where to start if you want to lose weight
10:00 Trevor's heaviest and lightest weights
11:47 Trevor's 3000 calorie dinners
16:47 How Trevor tracked progress
18:16 Overcoming his first weight loss stall, overtraining
21:31 What happened when Trevor burned out from over dieting
25:37 Trevor's first powerlifting meet
27:10 How Trevor started with RP
29:43 Trever starting BJJ, BJJ advice
34:34 Using the RP templates
38:25 Massing as a formerly overweight person
41:08 Maintenance phases as a formerly overweight person
44:40 Two-a day templates
46:05 Best pointers for new RP folks
52:00 RP App updates
53:16 Learn maintenance
57:00 Find exercise you enjoy
58:00 Quality of life improvements with weight loss
1:01:05 Transformation picture on social media

Aug 31, 2020
Losing 100+ Pounds
1:00 Erin intro

2:30 Erin's past dieting experiences before RP
8:39 Erin's daily struggles when her weight was 262lbs
10:30 All the diets Erin tried
12:30 The juice diet
15:07 Fads and quick fixes
18:40 Evaluating diets
23:00 Lori tried the traditional food pyramid diet
25:32 Downsides of very basic diets
26:32 When Erin got into BJJ
32:55 Meeting RP's Dr. Mel Davis and starting one on one coaching
36:16 Erin's body composition changes when she started lifting again
40:24 Erin started do it yourself diet templates after coaching
45:23 Switching to the RP Diet App
46:50 How much weight has Erin lost on RP
52:00 Getting caught up in social media body image
57:30 Consistency equals success
1:02:07 One tip if you're starting the RP Diet
1:05:30 Tap cancer out non profit
1:08:11 Find Erin on IG

Aug 24, 2020
Trifecta Nutrition Founder, Greg Connolly

0:34 Trifecta food prep founder Greg Connolly
3:00 Nick's favorite Trifecta foods and how to reheat
5:28 How Trifecta came about
8:20 How A La Carte food options started
13:08 What is Trifecta
17:19 Available Trifecta diet types
21:19 What Strongman Brian Shaw's meal orders are like
25:00 How has Covid affected Trifecta
33:45 Creating a sense of community in online diet groups
37:00 Americans need to get in better shape to help survive Covid
43:33 Trifecta is working with the UFC
51:20 How to get started with Trifecta



Aug 17, 2020
Chad Wesley Smith
0:13 Chad Wesley Smith intro

1:19 Chad training athletes of NFL Combine
3:08 Nick is an aggressive college football fan
6:50 Chad's audition tape for the Hornets
8:40 Chad's athletic background
14:38 Chad training world class Jiu Jitsu fighters
20:05 Chad training BJJ himself
22:30 Juggernaut AI coaching products
30:55 Determining MRV
34:40 Pros and cons of AI coaching
42:19 Chad lost tons of weight with the RP Diet App
55:05 Being a hard gainer is better than being a hard weight loser
57:10 What Chad ate in high school and gained 100lbs
1:04:45 The deleted Chad podcast
1:06:45 How to find Chad

Aug 10, 2020
Ethan Suplee, Movie Star

0:19 Ethan Suplee intro
1:34 Dealing with comments on social media
5:10 How Ethan got into acting
7:40 Ethan's diet history
12:22 Ethan's weirdest diets
14:43 The moment Ethan decided to change
17:42 Believing food is the problem
24:08 Identity and diet
26:01 When Ethan discovered counting macros
28:08 Ethan's obsession with building traps
29:44 When Ethan discovered exercise and weightlifting
36:50 Quality of food on movie sets
38:30 When Ethan discovered RP
46:00 Ethan gained weight when he started counting macros
51:45 Food volume
56:11 Eating bland foods can make diet easier
57:45 Ethan is using RP coaching
1:01:55 Understanding and surviving maintenance periods
1:09:06 Hollywood is on hold for Covid
1:11:20 What happened to the RP summit
1:14:03 Where to find Ethan online

Aug 03, 2020
Dr. Mike Israetel: AI Coaching v. Human Coaching

1:09 Mike talks living in Vegas
2:34 Day in the life of Dr. Mike
8:00 Day in the life of Lori
8:57 What is radiation like for Lori?
9:42 Day in the life of Nick
15:40 AI coaching vs human coaching
17:22 Defining AI coaching vs human coaching
20:00 AI coaching advantages
28:55 AI coaching disadvantages
39:28 Less accountability with AI
44:00 Who would be best for AI vs one on one coaching

Jul 27, 2020