Feeding The Mouth That Bites You: Parenting Today's Teens

By Kenneth Wilgus, Jessica Pfeiffer, Ashley Parrish

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Category: Parenting

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A weekly podcast on parenting teens and launching them into the world with Dr. Ken Wilgus, author of the book "Feeding The Mouth That Bites You" and hosted by Ashley Parrish and Jessica Pfeiffer.

Episode Date
Is It Ever OK To Kick Your Teenager Out Of The House?
Sep 27, 2022
Adult Children Living At Home
What about circumstances when your kid is still living at home after high school? Is this always a "failure to launch?" How should parents handle conflicts that may emerge with adult children at home? Today we discuss this and other questions related to kids who still live with their parents after high school. Join us on Patreon for bonus content and more: https://www.patreon.com/FeedingTheMouthThatBitesYou
Sep 20, 2022
That Music Can't Be Good For Them! Music And Teen's Moods
What should parents do when their teenagers are listening to music that promotes depressing themes or even violence? Does music cause depression in teenagers? Today we take on the often distressing issue of watching our teenagers consume music that really can't be good for them. What are effective ways to intervene? Aren't there exceptions to this whole "giving freedom" in music choices when that same music can be damaging?
Sep 13, 2022
When Feeding The Mouth Really Begins
When should parents start doing planned emancipation? It's hard when you feel like you're the only parent doing it. What about kids that aren't yet thirteen but seem to be very responsible? Should you start emancipation early with that kid? What about older kids who aren't yet thirteen but push back so hard on your efforts to control that you just want to give up? We cover these and other important issues about when to begin Feeding The Mouth That Bites You.
Sep 06, 2022
Gaslighting, Narcissism And Teenagers
When did “gaslighting” become such a big thing? Why does everyone’s ex seem to qualify as “narcissistic?” What does a parent do when you’re pretty sure your teen is being controlled by a boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend in general? After taking the summer off, we tackle the sudden rise in use of the terms narcissism and gaslighting. We address the definition and origin of these words as well as the potential harm in misusing and over-using diagnostic terms that can be wielded like “clubs” to bash people we don’t like.
Aug 30, 2022
It's Summer Break Time For FTM!
Well, it's time once again for Feeding The Mouth... summer break. While we regroup and prepare for another season this fall, feel free to contact us with feedback and questions. Thanks to all our listeners. Your support means a lot!
May 24, 2022
Critical Teenagers And Critical Parents
How are parents supposed to respond to teenagers that regularly criticize them? Why are some adolescents so critical and seem to find fault with everything their parents do? How do you know if you're an overly-critical parent of a teenager? We'll talk about these and other aspects of criticism in parenting teenagers.
May 17, 2022
Jobs, Summer Jobs And The Value Of Work Experience
Whatever happened to parents yelling, "Get a job!" to their kids? Today we take on summer jobs and other employment issues. What if my teen refuses to get a job? We address teens who are super involved in sports and other activities. What about parents who just want to have their teenager available so we can go on family vacations?
May 10, 2022
Anime, Furries And Other Strange Things
Today we talk about oddities that occasionally come up in the lives of adolescents. What is anime and is it something parents should worry about? What is a furry? Isn't that something sexual? We'll demystify these and other strange things in the lives of teenagers.
May 03, 2022
Piercings And Tattoos And Teenagers
What should you do when your teenager starts arguing for piercings or even a tattoo? What about parents who take that "hard line" stance: "If you get a tattoo then we won't pay for college!" This week we take on the issue of tattoos and piercings. As usual, we take this topic on from the FTM perspective that reminds parents that the answer is either "yes" or "not yet," never "no." Is it even a good idea for parents to give permission for underage teens to get a tattoo?
Apr 26, 2022
When Your Own Parents Won't Let Go
When did you know you were completely an adult in the eyes of your parents? We haven't known how to give independence to our adolescents for a long time. Many of us who are parents of teenagers have really never felt independence from their own parents. This week we discuss how to handle parents that don't let go and other implications of generational lack of individuation.
Apr 19, 2022
More And More FAQs!
You've got questions and we've got answers. This week we take on more FAQs from our listeners. What if you didn't start planned emancipation early and now your teens are older? How do you get your adolescent to take his piano lessons seriously? More bullying questions. What about cutting off funding for college-age kids wanting to get married? What if my teen doesn't want me volunteering at their school? All these and more in another FAQ episode!
Apr 12, 2022
FTM Reaches 100 Episodes!
It's hard to believe but this is our 100th episode! This week we celebrate the growth of the Feeding The Mouth podcast and talk about how we started all this. This is a special thanks to all our listeners. As Dr. Ken says, "If you listen to this podcast regularly you're either a dedicated parent or you need to find more interesting podcasts!"
Apr 05, 2022
LGBTQ Revisited And That Story Of The Transgender Swimmer
Why do we keep hearing about LGBTQ issues? What are the best ways to protect our teenagers from unwanted influences? This week we discuss LGBTQ issues AGAIN! Trust us, most of your teenagers are talking about it so it's important that parents know how to respond. If you're liking this podcast please give us a review or just give a 5-star rating. This is helping other parents to find our podcast. For a deeper dive into adolescent parenting you might want to become a Patreon supporter: https://www.patreon.com/FeedingTheMouthThatBitesYou
Mar 29, 2022
Mothering Styles And Fathering Styles Plus Letting Your Teen Go To Concerts
Mothers and fathers approach parenting in fundamentally different ways. These differences are particularly highlighted when dealing with adolescents. This week we explore these differences and how parents can learn to respect each other's priorities in parenting. Also, we answer a listener's question: if we allow teens to listen to what they want, do we have to let them go to concerts of these objectionable artists?
Mar 22, 2022
Reviewing The Importance Of The Individuation Drive (And Even Its Relationship To Teen Crime)
This week we review just how essential the teenage drive for autonomy known as individuation. This drive is so essential in teenagers that it can be worrisome when an adolescent isn't striving for it at all. Plus we discuss the relationship between the individuation drive and some teens' vulnerability to crime.
Mar 15, 2022
Gossip And Rumors In Teenagers (Plus, Talking To Teens About War)
Gossip and rumors can be hurtful and damaging to teenager's lives. What if the gossip is your kid? How do you help when your teen is the target of rumors and gossip. Is it true that girls are more likely to spread rumors and gossip? Why is that? This week we cover these and other aspects of this common problem.
Mar 08, 2022
The Dating "Playbook" Is NOT The Same As Marriage: Know The Difference!
This week we expand on previous discussions about the important differences in managing dating relationships vs marriage. Too many teenagers don't know the difference. PS - You might want to listen to this one with your dating age teenager! (If they're interested)
Mar 01, 2022
Communication Differences Between Guys And Girls
Men and women communicate in some fundamentally different ways. Knowing these differences can make us more effective parents as well as better husbands and wives. This week we explain these differences and how they affect our and our teen's lives. In an age of individualism, too many of our teenagers don't believe in differences based on gender. Parents have to be ready to answer their opposition. We reference the book "You Just Don't Understand" by Deborah Tannen
Feb 22, 2022
Dr Ken Interviews Focus On The Family's Jean Daly
Feb 15, 2022
The Way They're Wired: Understanding Temperaments In Teenagers
This week we talk about understanding your teenager's temperament. What are basic temperaments and how much can you expect your adolescent to change these basic characteristics? Why is it especially hard when your teenagers has the same temperament struggles that their parents have?
Feb 08, 2022
Procrastinating Teenagers
What causes teenagers to procrastinate? What can parents do to help with procrastinating teens? This week we tackle the different causes of procrastination and how that knowledge can help parents be effective in impacting procrastinating teens.
Feb 01, 2022
Why Am I Not Funny To My Teenagers? Teens And Humor
Why do parents go from hilarious to their 6-month-olds to sadly crying to their teenagers, "Deep in my heart, I know I'm funny" (see Good Morning Viet Nam movie)? Why am I funny to my kids' friends but not them? Today we answer these and more questions about humor and teenagers. And yes, we do take on the whole issue of "Dad jokes."
Jan 25, 2022
Eating Disorders, Body Image And Diet In Teenagers: Interview With Amy Carlson

Information about Amy can be found here: https://www.hellopeacewithfood.com

You can access our Patreon account here: https://www.patreon.com/FeedingTheMouthThatBitesYou


Jan 18, 2022
When Your Teenager Triggers You
Why do teenagers seem to enjoy making their parents angry? How can parents best respond? What causes parents to get so upset? This week we talk about keeping your cool when you're triggered.
Jan 11, 2022
Teenagers And Social Anxiety
We've already talked about anxiety, fear and panic, but what about the specific challenges of social anxiety? How can some seemingly happy kids suddenly become withdrawn and fearful in social settings? How has the COVID pandemic affected generally shy teenagers? When should parents intervene and what can they really do to help? We take on all these questions and more.
Jan 04, 2022
Divorce, Blended Families And The Holidays With Teens
Just in time for the holidays, we talk about parenting teenagers in divorced and blended families during the holidays. How can newly divorced parents deal with the grief of the holidays? What about blended families? Managing teenagers is (you guessed it) not the same as dealing with children.
Dec 14, 2021
Exceptions To Planned Emancipation
One of the most common questions parents ask is "what are some exceptions to planned emancipation?" Many parents are on board with giving over control to their teenager BUT... [fill in the blank]. Today Jessica and Ashley try to guess what circumstances constitute a real exception to the planned emancipation schedule. Spoiler alert: there are only two!
Dec 07, 2021
Teens Who Make A Difference

In this episode we reference:

"Do Hard Things" - Alex & Brett Harris

"The Dangerous Book For Boys" - Conn & Hal Iggulden

Nov 30, 2021
Preparing Teenagers For Vocation Plus That Kentucky High School Scandal
How can parents influence a teenager's choice of vocation? Why are so few parents even talking about career with their teenagers? This week we look at this all-too-often forgotten goal of parenting. Also, we talk about that Kentucky High School where senior boys dressed as girls and did lap dances with school administrators!
Nov 23, 2021
When Your Teen Announces They Are LGBTQ

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Nov 16, 2021
Lies Our Daughters Believe: Dr Ken Interviews Suzanne Venker

"How To Get Hitched (And Stay Hitched)" by Suzanne Venker is available here

You can find Suzanne's podcast here

Join us on Patreon for the full length episode https://www.patreon.com/FeedingTheMouthThatBitesYou

Nov 09, 2021
Teaching Teenagers At Home plus A Teen Slang Vocabulary Quiz
More and more teenagers are doing school at home. Whether it's temporary or true "home schooling" managing teenagers is definitely not the same as when they are children. We discuss the keys to maintaining a teenager's motivation and cooperation with school at home. Also, we take a teenage slang vocabulary quiz (e.g. "cap" and "trolling") and even find out what "phubbing" is!
Nov 02, 2021
Teenagers And Bullying plus Dr Ken's Hero Teen Stories
How should parents handle when their teenager is being bullied? What if it's your teen that is accused of bullying? Plus, Dr. Ken reviews Richard II of England, a famous teenager from history.
Oct 26, 2021
What You Need To Know About Marijuana and Should You Ever Put Your Daughter On The Pill?
This week Dr. Ken goes on a rant about marijuana and how easily parents can lose track of it's dangers. Also, we tackle the tricky question of birth control for teenage girls who want it.
Oct 19, 2021
Lying Teenagers, That Dangerous Tik Tok Trend & Teenage Tantrums
Parents hate when teenagers lie to them but how big a deal should we make over lying? Also we discus the "devious licks" Tik Tok trend and what to do about it. Also, a listener asks about responding to her teenager's tantrums when punished.
Oct 12, 2021
The Importance Of Fathers plus Teach Your Boys Real Respect For Girls
We discuss new research on the importance of fathers in different stages of adolescent development [spoiler alert] sometimes Dads are more important than Moms! Also Dr. Ken goes on a rant about teaching our boys how to respect girls (whether the girls think they need it or not). Death to boys who ask girls for nude photos of themselves!... or maybe just grounding...
Oct 05, 2021
That Antifa Teacher Story and When Teenagers Blow Your Trust
This week we review a news story of a California teacher suspended for trying to indoctrinate students. One mother complained that two weeks of class "undid" a lifetime of teaching their teenager. Is that possible? Also, we review how parents should handle issues after a big breach in trust.
Sep 28, 2021
Managing Toxic Messages From School And Other Settings
We respond to a listener question about a teenager's school that speaks poorly of American military and other messages that may fly in the face of your family's values. Remember, with adolescents your response needs to be a little different than with your younger children. We also talk about the Chinese government's recent ruling that severely limits video gaming among citizens under eighteen years old.
Sep 21, 2021
A Teenager's Right To F-Bomb?
Today we look at news items from a "Feeding The Mouth..." perspective. Did the Supreme Court really just rule in favor of a teenage girl's right to an F-bomb laced rant against her school cheerleading program? We also cover Dr. Kan's "tip of the day" now that your kids are heading back to school.
Sep 14, 2021
Feeding The Mouth 2.0 is here!
We're back! After a summer break Jessica, Ashley and Dr. Ken are ready to take on new Feeding The Mouth topics and much more. This season we will be doing more than before to equip parents to be the most effective they can be with their adolescents. Listen up and find out where we're headed this season.
Sep 07, 2021
FTM is taking a summer break!
Just letting you know that we're taking a break over the summer. We need some time to breathe as well as get feedback from you listeners about what other topics you want to hear on Feeding The Mouth That Bites You. Thanks so much for the great response we've had from Feeding The Mouth parents all over the world!
May 11, 2021
Teenagers and prayer
For people of prayer, how can we involve our teenagers? In this episode we cover praying for our teenagers as well as praying with teenagers. Can we force our teenagers to pray with us? What kind of prayer are teenagers ready for? What kind of prayer are they NOT ready for? Why don't we pray more and why doesn't prayer bring us more peace? Is there such a thing as relying too much on prayer?
May 04, 2021
"How Far Is Too Far" - The really AWKWARD sex talk!

Here's the link to the "Awkward Graph"

Apr 27, 2021
Slow down... creating margin and rest with teenagers

In this episode we reference the book: Abraham Joshua Heschel - The Sabbath

Apr 20, 2021
Not in my house! ...Common objections to Feeding The Mouth parenting
So many parents swear by the Feeding The Mouth That Bites You method... but not all parents do. Today Jessica and Ashley ask Dr. Ken some of the most common objections parents have. "Teenagers should be given freedom when they show they're responsible enough to handle them." "Sounds like Dr. Ken just wants teenagers to do whatever they want." "Grades are too important to leave to immature teenagers." And of course, the perennial favorite, "We believe in raising teenagers the biblical way!"
Apr 13, 2021
Teenagers and grandparents
Grandparents are playing a bigger and bigger role in teenagers' lives. How can parents encourage their own parents to have good relationships with their grandkids? What about parents who meddle in your parenting or even undermine your parenting? Dr. Ken talks about the complications of showing respect to your own teenagers when you're around your own parents that may STILL not be respecting you as an adult.
Apr 06, 2021
Teenagers and their friends!
How can parents be effective in influencing their teenagers' choice of friends? This week we discuss problems with our teenagers' friends. What do I do with that friend of my kid's that I really don't like? What if I know their friends are using drugs? Is it ever ok for me to ban my teen's friend from coming to my house? Dr. Ken also talks about increasing concerns with the lack of teenage friendships in our culture.
Mar 30, 2021
Traveling with teenagers!
Thinking of taking a trip with teenagers?... think again! We talk about the pitfalls of teenagers on family trips and what parents can do to deal with them. Teenagers need to be brought in on the planning or maybe even given the option to stay home! What about bringing their video games? Dr. Ken also talks about the life-changing importance of taking your kids to see a different culture.
Mar 23, 2021
Teens and cancel culture
Isn't "cancel culture" just a polite term for a mob? This social media-fueled frenzy is on the rise in middle schools and high schools. If your teen hasn't faced being "cancelled" yet, they certainly know someone who has been. How should parents respond when their teen is being "cancelled?" What if my teenager is taking part in "cancelling" someone? Is there some speech parents should be making to their kids about this problem in our society? Can I take social media away if it's getting bad? Get ready before the cancel culture comes for your kid!
Mar 16, 2021
Getting serious about planned emancipation
Are you a "Feeding The Mouth" parent but things still not working out with your teenagers? Half-hearted "Feeding The Mouth" parenting doesn't work! In this episode Dr. Ken covers the most common ways that parents water down the impact of planned emancipation. Does your teenager know WHY you're giving over freedoms? Is planned emancipation a "technique" that causes responsible behavior in teenagers? Are you more focused on rules and consequences than on freedoms? Are both parents on board with this stuff? These and other issues keep parents from getting serious about planned emancipation.
Mar 09, 2021
Dr. Ken asks the questions
This week Dr. Ken turns the tables on Jessica and Ashley! We find out what J & A really think about planned emancipation, what do they struggle with and what do they get grief from other moms about. THEN, Dr. Ken gives his Feeding The Mouth quiz. This includes tough ones like "What's the difference between a privilege and a freedom" and "What if your teen doesn't drink but still wants to go to parties where other kids are drinking?" Find out how Jessica and Ashley did and test your own FTM knowledge.
Mar 02, 2021
Money and teenagers

In this episode we reference:

Dave Ramsey's resources for kids and teenagers - daveramsey.com

Feb 23, 2021
Lazy teenagers
Feel like you're the only one picking up around the house? Why do so many of our teenagers seem lazy? How is it that so many parents seem more motivated about their kids' school, sports and other activities than their own teenagers are? This week we look at the underlying causes of teenage laziness and what parents can do about it. Whether its failure to get a job, help around the house or not caring about school, we look at strategies that can help. Also, Dr. Ken warns against lazy parenting!
Feb 16, 2021
The addicted teenager and their families - Part 2
We continue our focus on the destructive effects of addicted teenagers and their families. This week we consider the effects on siblings of addicted teenagers. Should parents let siblings help with an out-of-control teenager? What about parents' anger when they have to endure ongoing struggles with these adolescents? What role should we play when we see families struggling with these issues?
Feb 09, 2021
The addicted teenager and their families - Part 1
Drug and alcohol addicted teenagers can drag a whole family into a never ending spiral. How can families avoid patterns of addiction in teenagers? How can we help friends or family struggling with their teen's addiction? In this episode we discuss types of addictions, what is enabling, how addicted teens affect their parents' marriage and much more.
Feb 02, 2021
Even more FAQs! - Part 2
Dr. Ken answers even more questions from "Feeding The Mouth" listeners. This week we answer even more good ones like: "I want to post pictures of my teenager's room!" and other ways of shaming our kids. "What do I do about my teenager's poor diet if it affects their health?" "My senior wants to stay behind when we move" and "Should we change churches because our teenager doesn't like ours?" and more.
Jan 26, 2021
Even more FAQs! - Part 1
Dr. Ken answers even more questions from "Feeding The Mouth" listeners. This week we get some great ones like: "What about tattoos? Is that related to cutting yourself?" "I let my teen have control over video games and it's gone horribly. What am I doing wrong?" "What do you mean by parents as a 'benevolent bank' and how does that work?" "Are there exemptions like depression or severe anxiety to a planned emancipation schedule? What about teenagers with Autism-Spectrum Disorder?" We talk about these and more on today's part one of answering all, well... almost all, of your questions.
Jan 19, 2021
Teenagers and politics

This episode was recorded after the last election and before the holidays. Who knew how important this discussion would turn out to be?

Jan 12, 2021
Self-esteem and teenagers
We're back!.. and starting off a new season with the nagging issue of teenagers' self-esteem. Why do teenagers so often feel down about themselves? What can parents do to help boost an adolescent's flagging self-esteem? Why do parental efforts to help often end up making things worse? We also discuss "just how important is self-esteem anyway?" and "should Christian parents approach this differently from other parents?"
Jan 05, 2021
Teenagers and family secrets

This will be our last episode for the year 2020. Thanks for all your support and we'll see you all again in January, 2021!

Dec 01, 2020
Teenagers and the holidays
Holidays can be so fun and full of love... unless our teenagers mess everything up! In this episode we discuss why teenagers sometimes don't like holiday family time and how to avoid impossible control battles trying to force them to smile. Instead, Dr. Ken recommends using holidays as another way to signal to our teenagers that they are now on the adult side of the holiday equation. Maybe it's high time your teen starts asking what YOU want for Christmas!
Nov 24, 2020
Parents feeling all alone: Planned emancipation in a confused culture

In this episode we refer to:

"Parenting With Love And Logic" - Foster Cline and Jim Fay

Nov 17, 2020
Driving!... and teenagers
Eventually, all parents will face the challenge of teenagers and driving. Why aren't teenagers today as excited about driving as they used to be? What if we don't think our kid is ready for driving? Is GPS tracking a good thing or not? We take on these and many more questions that get you ready for when your teenager takes the wheel!
Nov 10, 2020
LGBTQIA+ issues and teenagers - Part 2
LGBTQ issues are a huge part of our teenagers' lives. If your teenagers aren't dealing with these issues themselves, they know or will know other young people who are. In this episode we answer further questions parents have including how should parents talk to their teenagers about LGBTQ issues and whether or not parents should take their transgender or gay teenager to therapy. It turns out that these answers depend quite a lot on the foundation of our own identity as parents!
Nov 03, 2020
LGBTQIA+ issues and teenagers - Part 1
Oct 27, 2020
Body image and eating disorders and teenagers

Teenagers' relationship to their bodies are conflicted enough as it is. Social media has made these bad feelings worse than ever. In this episode we talk about "normal" teenage struggles with food, appearance and body-image and when parents should be concerned. Do eating and body-image issues affect girls only? Most importantly, we cover what parents of teenagers can do and should NEVER do to impact their teenagers' relationship to food and their bodies (can you say control battle?). 

Oct 20, 2020
We need to talk about "The Social Dilemma!"

In this episode, we reference:

"The Social Dilemma" - Netflix

"The Tech Wise Family" - Andy Crouch

Oct 13, 2020
ADHD and other learning issues in teenagers

In this episode we reference:

8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child's Intelligences by Kathy Koch, PhD


Oct 06, 2020
Anger, attitude and aggression in teenagers
Whether it's that constant, low-level hostility or scary blow-ups, adolescent anger can bring your whole family down. Why do teenagers get so angry? How should parents handle their teenagers' anger? Today we take on parent problems with managing teenager's anger including the "myth of teenage attitude" as well as tell you what to do when their anger gets violent.
Sep 29, 2020
Ghosts of parenting past - How our own upbringing affects the way we parent our teenagers
This week we take on the tough issue of spotting our own weaknesses as parents. How you were raised clearly effects how you parent your kids... and that's not always good! What are the most common ways a parent's upbringing impacts their own parenting? When do parents need to consider therapy for themselves and when do they NOT need therapy? What do parents who experienced abuse need to be aware of in their own parenting? How can a parent's Christian faith impact these weaknesses?
Sep 22, 2020
Hormones and teenagers - part 2

In this episode we reference:

"Testosterone" - "This American Life" episode 220; originally aired on Aug. 30, 2002

Sep 15, 2020
Hormones and teenagers - part 1
Just because hormones aren't the root CAUSE of problems in adolescence, that doesn't mean they aren't a significant factor in teenage behavior. Today we start a two-part series and take on the issue of hormones in teenage girls and teenage boys. How much do hormones effect adolescent behavior? How can we help our teenagers cope with hormones and the physical and psychological changes they bring?
Sep 08, 2020
More FAQs!
You asked and we answered! This week we answer more listener questions including: - what to do about teenagers bad language over text and social media - handling your teenagers' whining about stuff they "have to have" but you know it's too expensive - managing that kid your teenager is friends with but you REALLY don't like - "HELP! My teenagers don't think I'm funny!" and more...
Sep 01, 2020
College, COVID and beyond
Young adults are (supposed to be) heading off for college, job training or work right now. How can parents best handle this "end of the road?" What are the best strategies for influencing young adults once they leave home? What happens when a pandemic keeps our kids from leaving as planned? This week we answer all your questions about the "finish line" of parenting... when they're ready to leave home.
Aug 25, 2020
Grief and loss and teenagers

In this episode we reference Elizabeth Kubler Ross's book "On Death And Dying"


Aug 18, 2020
Video games and teenagers
Video games can be a constant headache for parents. These days it's easier than ever for our teenagers to play video games ALL DAY LONG! In this episode we provide important guidelines for parents to help manage this huge drain on so many adolescents' lives. How much gaming should parents allow? When is a teenager addicted to video games? What about games with violent or sexual content?
Aug 11, 2020
FAQ! - we answer questions from our listeners.

Parents of teenagers ask us a lot of questions. This week we take on some of those most frequently asked. Just a few of the questions we answer in this episode include:

  • How can we set house rules about phones and technology devices in general?
  • Help! My teenager walked in on us... you know... being intimate.
  • Is it good to tell your teenager they can call us even if they've been drinking and we'll give them a ride home?
  • What if my teenager is scared to start school this fall during the pandemic? What if I'm scared to let them go back?
  • We hate her toxic relationship with her boyfriend. What do we do?
Aug 04, 2020
The teenage brain: separating myths from facts

In this episode we recommend (and pick on just a little bit) - "The Teenage Brain" by Frances E. Jensen and Amy Ellis Nutt 

- https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Teenage-Brain-Audiobook/B00SYZBGBA?source_code=GPAGBSH0508140001&ipRedirectOverride=true&ds_rl=1258208&ds_rl=1260658&ds_rl=1262685&gclid=CjwKCAjw9vn4BRBaEiwAh0muDIlKt9LnZEwcPf29_xEAnEh33kD2dOuMfFJ4R0HHjpr0SDbjstq8pxoCyDYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


We also reference Dr. Daniel Amen - https://www.amenclinics.com



Jul 28, 2020
Pornography and teenagers

In this episode we reference:

"The Butterfly Effect" by John Ronson



"Make Love Not Porn" TED talk - Cindy Gallop

Jul 21, 2020
Teenagers and blended families
What are the ways parents can make their blended family work with teenagers? How can we support our friends who are raising teenagers in blended families? In this episode we take on the tricky issues of raising adolescents in blended families. What's different about teenagers and children in these families? What if my teenager doesn't like my new spouse? It's Planned Emancipation to the rescue!
Jul 14, 2020
Anxiety, fear and panic in teens
Why are teenagers so anxious these days? What can parents do to help when teenagers are fearful and anxious? What about panic? Why do parents' attempts to calm their teenagers down so often make things worse? In this episode we cover fear and anxiety in teenagers. How parents can actually help too much with their anxious teens and when to seek help for adolescent fears and anxiety.
Jul 07, 2020
Sex and teenagers - Part 2

In this episode we refer to yourbrainonporn.com 

Jun 30, 2020
Sex and teenagers - Part 1

We refer to "Theology Of The Body" by Pope John Paul II 


Jun 23, 2020
Dr. Ken's kids give us the real story about Planned Emancipation.

Check out Alex Wilgus' podcast - Word & Table

Jun 16, 2020
Teen Depression
Are you concerned that your teenager is depressed? Maybe you think their response and attitude to life is typical of a teen. Listen in as Dr. Ken explains teen depression, what it is and isn't.
Jun 09, 2020
Divorce and teenagers
If you've been through, are going through or know someone who's gone through divorce, this an important episode to listen to. This week we talk about handling divorce with adolescents. How does divorce effect teenagers? What are some ways parenting adolescents through divorce is different from younger children?
Jun 05, 2020
You can't wear that! Teenagers and their clothes.
For parents of teenagers, summertime can bring conflicts about what our kids choose to wear and what they choose NOT to wear. What can you do when your teenage son wants to wear gym shorts to your cousin's wedding? How do you handle telling your daughter that her favorite new dress is too short? "But all my friends are wearing two-piece bathing suits!" In this episode, we take on all things clothing related and even a little about hair, piercings and tattoos!
May 26, 2020
Stop fighting! Teenagers and sibling conflicts.
Parents often wonder if their kids will even like each other when they leave home. How should parents handle sibling conflicts when one or both are teenagers? Should a parent's role in managing sibling problems change as their kids get older? This week we take on the whole issue of brothers and sisters fighting with each other during the adolescent years.
May 19, 2020
How to drive your teenager AWAY from church! - part 2

In this episode Dr. Ken gives us the final two "backfire" techniques:

4. Always force your kid to go to church no matter how old they are or what their reasons are for not wanting to go.

5. Talk about non-Christians or other Christian denominations in condescending, judgemental ways. Don’t forget to use over-generalizations like “the gays” or “those liberal churches”

May 12, 2020
How to drive your teenager AWAY from church! - part 1

In this episode Dr. Ken gives us the first three "backfire" techniques:

  1. Continuously teach and preach no matter what your kid’s age.
  2. Do not ask about or show interest in your teenager’s views about faith and shut down all disagreements with long speeches.
  3. Don’t address your own shortcomings or obvious sin in front of your teenager. 
May 05, 2020
Mothers & sons; Fathers & daughters - Part 2
What are unique issues for mothers and their teenage sons? What about the role of fathers in the lives of teenage daughters? In this second of a two-part series, we take on the differences in how men and women approach communication and relationships and how these differences particularly effect mothers with their sons and fathers with their daughters.
Apr 28, 2020
Mothers & sons; Fathers & daughters - Part 1
What are unique issues for mothers and their teenage sons? What about the role of fathers in the lives of teenage daughters? For the next two weeks we take on the differences in how men and women approach communication and relationships and how these differences particularly effect mothers with their sons and fathers with their daughters.
Apr 21, 2020
Self-harm & suicide - Part 2
In this second of a two-part series, we cover more of the difficult issues related to teenagers who self-harm or are threatening suicide. What should parents do if their teenager threatens suicide? What if your kid's friend threatens suicide but doesn't want anyone to know? We take on these and other tough issues.
Apr 14, 2020
Self-harm & suicide - Part 1
What do parents do if they find out their teenagers are cutting themselves? With so much concern out their about potential suicide in teenagers, what are parents to do? In this two-part series, we cover the difficult issues related to teenagers who self-harm or are threatening suicide.
Apr 07, 2020
Behind the scenes with Dr. Ken's wife, Sally
A fun and frank interview with Dr. Ken's wife, Sally on raising their three children and life in the Feeding the Mouth That Bites You "test lab." Did Dr. Ken's wife actually bribe one of their teenagers to clean their room but "don't tell Daddy?" It didn't always go smoothly.
Mar 31, 2020
"If Covid doesn't kill 'em, I will!": The Quarantine Episode
As Coronavirus restrictions tighten up, we talk about how to survive teenagers when everyone's locked down. What about college kids that are back home? Can you take back freedoms in an emergency? How do I get my teenager to help keep the house from falling apart? Plus, we hear a special message from Dr. Ken's brother-in-law in Beijing.
Mar 24, 2020
The Coronavirus Episode: Parenting teenagers when life seems scary
How can parents best influence their teenagers when the world around us seems so scary? What are the differences in helping adolescents to cope vs. dealing with children? In this special episode we talk about ways to be more effective in parenting teenagers no matter what scary things go on in life.
Mar 17, 2020
Sports and other activities
How busy should teenagers be with extra-curricular activities? Sports are good for teens right? What if they take up all our family's time (and a bunch of our money)? In this episode we talk all about dealing with adolescents and their activities. What about teenagers that won't get involved with anything extra-curricular? We even talk about family activities (including church) and handling teenagers who no longer want to participate.
Mar 10, 2020
Keeping Your Marriage Strong While Parenting Teenagers
How can parents of teenagers maintain a strong marriage? In this episode, we talk about the particular need that teenagers have to see their parents' marriage as close and stable. Also, Dr. Ken gives us some practical tips on maintaining a good marriage during the "Feeding The Mouth That Bites You" years.
Feb 25, 2020
Tune in as we discuss ways to combat entitlement in teens. Trust us you're not the only one who thinks their precious child turned into a selfish teen over night. Parents have more influence in this area than you might think.
Feb 18, 2020
Limit setting series part 2
Join us as we wrap up the limit setting series discussing appropriate expectations parents should have while setting limits for their teens.
Feb 11, 2020
Limit setting series part 1
What are appropriate limits for our teens? How should we respond when our teen crosses those limits? Join us as we discuss limit setting with our teens in this two part series.
Feb 04, 2020
Communication series part 3
Join us for part three as we wrap up the communication series with guiding our teens to make their own decisions and emotional maturity.
Jan 28, 2020
Communication series part 2
Tune in for part two of the communication series as we continue to discuss the most effective ways to communicate with teenagers.
Jan 21, 2020
Communication series part 1
Communicating well with your teen... is it even possible? Join us for a three part series as we discuss the most effective ways to invite your adolescent to honest and open communication.
Jan 14, 2020
Vaping, drugs, and alcohol
Vaping, drugs, and alcohol use are significant issues in the life of our adolescent. Join us as we discuss how to best communicate with our teens and how to respond appropriately when necessary.
Jan 07, 2020
Teen dating
Teen dating, often times this is a sensitive subject for parents that is loaded with concern. Join us as Dr. Ken answers all of our questions with expert advice as we chat about expectations, freedoms, and how to guide our teens at every stage.
Dec 31, 2019
Social Media
Join us as we discuss the role of social media in the lives of our teens, the positive and negative effects and how to guide our teens to use this tool in a healthy and beneficial way.
Dec 17, 2019
Common mistakes parents make with teenagers (and how to avoid them).

Feeding The Mouth That Bites You book

Intro music: "Battles" - The Afters

Dec 10, 2019

Feeding The Mouth That Bites You book

Intro music: "Battles" - The Afters

Dec 10, 2019
The one thing all parents of teenagers need to know.

Feeding The Mouth That Bites You book

Intro music: "Battles" - The Afters

Dec 03, 2019