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By Ashley Hämäläinen

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 Apr 6, 2023


Everyday you’re receiving messages of guidance from your Highest Self through an energetic frequency within you called Your Line. These messages guide you, empower you and provide you with everything you need to enjoy, receive and experience the life you’ve incarnated to live. Imagine - being in full awareness of your gifts, feeling fully nourished and expressed on a soul level and aligning with the everyday magic of your authenticity. This is what is possible living a life in alignment with the highest version of you. Through energetics, channeled wisdom and lived experiences - Ashley is joined by community members and experts in the field to discuss what it means to be your own leader, your own guide and to feel fully expressed and receive your messages through your Line. Thank you for being here and enjoy the show!

Episode Date
Find Power in Your Balance - May Recap

We’ve reached the end of May and this week Ashley and Megan take the time to sit down and reflect on how they both moved through the energy of this month. They review the Akashic Guidance for May, how they found power and ease when they allowed themselves to surrender to their flow, and how good it feels to give themselves permission to be who they are. We invite you to take the time and reflect back on all this month has brought you and share your insights and learnings with us. Hope you enjoy the episode!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Recap of May’s Akashic Guidance received from the Pinnacle

  • Taking a sacred pause

  • Moving with aligned action

  • Trusting the process of surrender

  • Quantum Manifestation

  • Rebalancing the masculine & feminine

  • Taking up your space and remembering your power




May 30, 2023
ALIGNED ACTION - What It Is, How It Feels, and Why We Take It

In this week's episode we break down aligned action. How to lead a life from an empowered place of following your messages, trusting where you’re led, how to surrender to the process, how to discern whether the fear is ego or soul based, and how doing the deep inner soul work aligns your frequency to bring your next level expansion. Ashley explains how aligned action shows up in her life as well as setting down A Line Within team members and guides to share their experience. Featured in this episode is

  • Amanda King, A Line Within Director of Marketing + Communications

  • Megan Blust, A Line Within Director of Podcast + Media

  • Natalia Diego, A Line Within Guide

  • Ebony Brodrick, A Line Within Akashic Record Reader + Guide

We hope you enjoy the episode!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to trust your messages

  • Feeling through fear in order to expand

  • Doing the soul work to align with the frequency of what’s ready to come through

  • Knowing when it’s time to release and surrender 

  • Allowing yourself to receive the miracles

  • Discerning the ego fears from the soul desires



May 23, 2023
Aligned Pivots, Setting Boundaries and Authentic Expression with Rachel Saunders

Ashley sits down with a dear friend and artist, Rachel Saunders, to chat about what it means to be an artist, building a business, and following your guidance – even if that means changing it all! They get into discussions around setting boundaries, knowing when to trust yourself, and how betting on you is the best decision you can make. We hope you leave feeling inspired to follow your heart and trust where you’re being led. Enjoy the episode!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rachel’s story around her upbringing and how she found herself connecting with the earth at a young age

  • Her journey to becoming an artist

  • How she built a successful business

  • The continued internal work required to keep yourself on your most aligned path

  • Stepping into the unknown and taking bets on yourself



May 16, 2023
The Power of Simplicity and Changing Your Mind with Elizabeth Schmidt - LIVE ALIGNED Series

This episode is all about coming back to the true nature of your being, listening to your messages, and following through with aligned action. Ashley invites Face-Kit founder and A Line Within community member, Elizabeth Schmidt, to discuss her journey from excess noise and grid lined streets, to finding her way back to the natural world and letting her soul shine from within. It’s a story of empowerment within oneself, courage to follow your soul’s calling, and trusting in the divine timing of it all. You won’t want to miss this one!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The backstory of Face-Kit

  • How Elizabeth turned to the natural world as a remedy for every avenue in her life

  • Listening to your messages and allowing aligned action to lead the way

  • Remembering ancient wisdom from generations before

  • Letting your creations mirror your messages

  • Allowing divine timing to take its course and trusting yourself along the way


We proudly support Elizabeth and this beautiful ritual she has created, and would love to offer a discount code to try it for yourself! Use the link below and use ALNWITHIN15 at checkout for 15% off your first order. 


May 09, 2023

Welcome to the energy of May! In this week’s episode, Ashley opens up the Akashic Records and channels guidance from the Pinnacle as we enter into this new month of energy. It is all about being in community with one another, sharing your light with the world, owning your authenticity, and claiming your power and what is available to you in this life. It is a beautiful message about how we are meant to co-create with the energy around us, how we are meant to use our gifts and share them with others. How this new energy is meant to bring us together and set the stage for a new way of living and working together. We hope you enjoy the show!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Ashley’s Akashic Guidance for May

  • Breakdown of guidance from Ashley’s experience

  • Client experiences in the Records

  • Claiming your sovereignty, your voice, your authenticity

  • How to co-create with the energy and world around us

  • Sneak peek into future workshops




May 02, 2023
Set Yourself Free - April Recap

This week, Ashley sits down with Megan from the A Line Within team to reflect on the Akashic Guidance we received in April, and how this energy has played out in both of their lives. They discuss their lived experience, healing, realizations, and coming back to their truth. They each dove into the tools that helped them work with this energy, how it was imperative to listen to their own guidance, and how this time was all about living in your authenticity. How has this energy moved through you this month? Take the time to reflect and share your experience with us! 


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The Akashic Guidance from April

  • Ashley + Megan’s lived experiences through this month

  • Learning to exhaust the resistance

  • Reclaiming your sovereignty in your process

  • Shining your light and living your authentic truth

  • Listening to your body’s wisdom and being in connection with yourself




Apr 25, 2023
Big Money, Relaxed Freedom and Magic with Jocelyn Kelly Reid

We’ve got a money episode this week! Join Ashley as she sits down with intuitive business and money coach, Jocelyn Kelly Reid, to debunk the spiritual community's perception of money. They discuss what it’s like to reclaim your place in power in all areas of your life, the energetics of money, the middle class money programming, and how Jocelyn is a true testimony of her own work. Money does not have to be scary or avoided. It does not make you a good person to deprive yourself of wealth. Allow this episode to activate you, get you questioning your own relationship with money, and claiming your rightful place of wanting MORE from your life. You are in the driver’s seat! 

You’ll hear:

  • Jocelyn’s story of her Saturn Return and how it guided her to this work

  • Energetics of Money and balancing the energetics of the masculine and feminine in order to run a successful business

  • Working with frequencies

  • Quantum Leaping

  • Merging the 3D with the 5D

  • Reclaiming your sovereignty to create wealth for you and those around you



Apr 18, 2023
Coming Home Through the Fertility Journey with Ciara O'Holloran - LIVE ALIGNED Series

In this week’s episode, Ashley sits down with A Line Within Community member, Ciara O’Halloran, to discuss her journey with fertility. Both being pregnant, Ashley and Ciara share their past pregnancy experiences, the inner work they had to move through for their current pregnancy to take place in the physical, and so much more. This episode contains a topic that is considered to be sensitive to many, but our hope and intention is to share the true magic that is happening behind the scenes before pregnancies come into the physical. To show a different lens of the fertility journey, and how through tuning into yourself and reclaiming your sovereignty, it can be a journey back home to yourself. We hope you enjoy the episode!


In this episode you’ll here:

  • Ciara’s fertility journey, past and present.

  • Ashley’s stories of her current and past pregnancies

  • Reclaiming sovereignty in the world of medicine and practitioners

  • Spirit babies in the Akashic Records

  • The divine soul paths to create entry points in the physical



Apr 11, 2023

Episode 158

In this week’s episode, Ashley opens the Records and channels the monthly guidance for April from the Pinnacle. It’s 🔥 and quite direct - a message that’s important for us all to hear around authenticity. Receive the activation! ⁣

She also discusses themes around loving yourself, accepting yourself, allowing yourself to shine, and so much more. ⁣

Along with the Akashic Guidance, she recaps the energy of March, talks about the theme for GUIDED this month, and shares some exciting April promotions and events including the first ever LIVE “How to Read the Akashic Records Masterclass” training, an experience she’s never shared before.⁣

In this episode you’ll hear:⁣

• Akashic Guidance channeled from the Pinnacle⁣

• Recap of March energy⁣

• Upcoming promotions and themes in GUIDED⁣

• Introducing Ashley’s LIVE “How to Read the Akashic Records” Masterclass⁣

We hope you enjoy this episode!

LEAVE US A REVIEW - take a screenshot and email it to megan@alnwithin.com to get a special discount code of 20% our GUIDED membership



Apr 04, 2023
The "Start Here" Masterclass / How to Live as the Highest Version of You

In this week’s episode, Ashley goes back to the basics and gives an overview on everything you would need to know when it comes to how to live in alignment by following your messages and being guided by the highest version of you - which is all connected through the teachings of the Akashic Records. Ashley also invites A Line Within’s Director of Podcast & Media, Megan Blust, to share her story of how she started with this work and found A Line Within. Ashley also has a special gift exclusively for our podcast listeners – be sure to listen up and tune in!


What you’ll hear:

  • What is your Line

  • What are the Akashic Records

  • How you receive messages

  • How to be guided by your messages

  • What is your Highest Self

  • How to embody your messages to live a life in alignment 

  • Megan’s “Start Here” story



Mar 28, 2023
EQUINOX: How to Align Your Mind, Body, and Soul with EARTH Energy

In this special Equinox episode, Ashley shares her teachings on the upcoming equinox and how this is such a powerful time to ground into the Earth energy all around you. She shares through her journey over the last few months how she has learned to get so clear on her soul desires, soul needs, and the values she carries for her life. These are our soul codes – and throughout this episode she will be teaching you how you can start to access these codes and start using them in your everyday life to create abundance, balance, and ease. Ashley also invites A Line Within Guides, Flora McFaden and Briöna Jolie, to talk about their practices with the Equinox as well as what you can expect in their ceremonies they host in GUIDED. Hope you enjoy this magical episode!


What you’ll hear:

  • Ashley’s teachings on the equinox

  • Ashley’s teachings on soul codes

  • Stories from the Akashic Records 

  • Flora’s equinox practices and ceremony

  • Briöna’s equinox ceremony and practices




Mar 19, 2023
Quantum Healing, Using Your Voice, and Embodying Your Magic

In this week's episode, Ashley invites Laura Tati Laira on the podcast to share her experience in moving through a health scare by using frequencies, collapsing timelines, healing past lives, and so much more. Laura shares her vulnerable story of overcoming a life-altering health crisis and how she allowed her practice and the tools she has acquired over the years to advocate for herself, heal herself, and guide herself through the unthinkable. Ashley and Laura both talk about how through recent challenging experiences, they are now able to see clearly how they needed to go through them in this lifetime in order to respond differently so they could quantum leap, shift their frequencies, and alter their future timelines. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

You will hear…

  • Laura’s story of how she moved through a health scare with energy medicine and rapid healing

  • how to smooth energy in the quantum to jump realities

  • the tools Laura used to support her healing

  • channeling that Laura did for Ashley on collapsing timelines and quantum healing

  • how Ashley altered future timelines




Mar 14, 2023

Welcome to the rebirth of A Line Podcast. With this also comes a new way of receiving our monthly guidance from the Akashic Records. In this episode, you'll hear Ashley explain all of the changes that have been made to A Line Within, she introduces GUIDED (formerly Soul Journey Collective), an all access membership with community ceremonies, guiding you home to yourself for less than $2 a day. Ashley also deeply discusses why this is important at this time and how the energy of March brings us into a new chapter of importance in understanding our messages, authentic gifts and soul expression. The channeled message confirms this - allow it all to fall, we are all being reborn. Welcome here and we hope you enjoy the episode! 


Mar 07, 2023
2023 Energy Explained with Ashley + Leslie Galbraith

You could consider the episode today as almost a sequel to the Akashic Energy Report for February, although it’s more in depth. Ashley is joined by one of her closest girlfriends and longtime friend of The Line Podcast, Leslie Galbraith, to explain the energy of 2023, why it is so significant, why things are about to change (again) for the best and how to prepare for all that is to come. Take notes! And enjoy xx.  


Feb 06, 2023
Akashic Energy Report for February
The energy is moving forward, it's picking up and, well, the Energetic New Year is almost here! The Pinnacle have said that February 1st brings the new year's energy - it's the opening to what we will work with for the next 11 months, and if that's the case, this Akashic report is very interesting.

"The external world is going to get a little noisier soon. It is coming, it is coming, a little bit of a wave you see and so just be. Be within yourself, feel your frequency, feel your love, feel your peace and let that radiate off of you."

We haven't heard the Pinnacle use the word 'wave' since 2020 - but we've all been feeling energy similar to the openings we experienced in 2020. And so, on we flow. This episode will deliver everything you need to know about the month ahead, plus more. Enjoy! 
Jan 30, 2023
A Light Language Activation: Return to Your Home Frequency

The Pinnacle have said that the two tools, medicines and energy supports needed most in 2023 and beyond are frequency and Mother Earth and in today's episode, we're celebrating both. Ashley is joined by Janessa Yu, A Line Within's new Light Language Activator, and Sara Caston, A Line Within's new Akashic Records Light Language Reader for a discussion on frequency, magic, finding your power, Mother Gaia and more. We hope you feel activated, inspired and lifted after listening to this episode. Enjoy!



Jan 16, 2023
Akashic Energy Report for January 2023

Happy New Year! Welcome new energy, new beginnings and also a bridge month to open, release, rest and prepare - this is January. Once again, the Pinnacle have advised us to go slow but grow quickly. We have A LOT of change coming, collectively, in 2023 and we will begin preparing this month (although we have been for years now.) In this episode, I channel a teaching from the Pleidians and the Maldekians - a new group of starseeds that is now coming through to me. I also discuss the astrological alignments this month as well as alignment tips! For the first time in a while, the Records provide us with alignment tips for January. Enjoy, be blessed and sending love! 



Jan 02, 2023
The Most Excited I've Been Since Finding the Akashic Records / Healy Frequencies + Quantum Play with Demetra Penner

I haven't been this excited about something since I discovered the Akashic Records back in 2018. Honestly, my mind has been blown by the Healy and it's going to transform the way we understand our Quantum Field, Quantum Manifestation, the Akashic Records, our messages, our physical healing and so much more. This device feels like another homecoming to me and today I am joined by Demetra Penner, my Healy mentor, to dive into all of this deeper. I also share an update about the wild ride my family and I have been on this month. Enjoy this episode, it's juicy and frequency shifting.




Dec 12, 2022
Earth Grid Line Magic, Womb Healing and Stepping into Your Truth with Sabine Poltermann (Life in the Line)

I am so excited to share this episode today with our community member, Sabine Poltermann, because to me she is such a wise spiritual teacher. Sabine recently stepped into sharing her gifts with the world after attending our retreat in Panama and feeling so activated by the energy there. She has since started a podcast (which I listen to all the time) and offers reiki healings and Akashic Records readings. What makes Sabine's gifts so unique is that she reads for locations on Earth. I feel we only got started in this episode and we will create a second soon! Enjoy!


Codes of Destiny with Ashley Hämäläinen - December 13


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Dec 05, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for December

We are here! The last month of 2022 - amazing. Ever since 2020, it feels just incredible to reach the end of a year, especially since the energy is changing so much and as a collective, we are elevating and growing so, so much. This episode is really interesting. For the first time ever, Ashley didn't feel like translating/channeling in English. All that wanted to come through her was Light Language. She did though, she shared in English, but not much - just enough. Just enough for you to get a feel into the energy for December and also a preview into how the energy of 2023 will feel. We must all release control and just be. Surrender into the stillness in an even deeper way - just be, listen to the guidance and be. Kelsey also joins Ashley to chat about the Universal Activations and astral alignments for December. Enjoy! 



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Nov 28, 2022
Twin Flames, Soul Love and Kundalini Rising with Ashley and Juuso Hämäläinen

Juuso is joining Ashley on the podcast today for the third time - although the last two times he was on, they were friends and now they're married. In this episode, Ashley and Juuso talk about their journey back to one another, how they are being guided to Hawaii and how to surrender to the process of intuitive traveling as well as how they're both growing spiritually. They also sing part of a song they recently wrote together. Enjoy!

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Shanada ‘Ohana YouTube
Juuso Hämäläinen on IG -@Juusounds @JuusoHD

@ashuulei on IG

Igor Kufayev on YouTube

Kundalini Rising Symptoms

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October Spotify Playlist
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Nov 21, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for November

Once again, it felt to Ashley as though she channeled this entire lesson for herself, given her current life experience, but as the Pinnacle always share, this lesson is for everyone! In this episode, Kelsey joins Ashley to also look at the astrology and Universal Activations for the month and, also as always, the channeled information in this episode aligns beautiful with the stars - this is how energy works! Enjoy this beautiful, inspiring and activating episode as a kick start to the month ahead. 


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October Spotify Playlist
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Oct 31, 2022
The Wild Keeps Her Holy: Words on Feminine Healing and Humanity with LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
Oooooh this episode is so powerful. Ashley and LeAnn have shared a soul connection for years and after LeAnn released her latest album, 'god's work' - a channeled piece of art that will crack you open, heal you and put you back together again, Ashley couldn't wait to have a conversation with her about the topics and themes discussed in the songs. From feeling like you don't belong on Earth to the feminine sexual healing, LeAnn covers new territory with this work and in this converation, she and Ashley go deep into embodiment, the true meaning of innocence, receiving love, unlearning so many things and more. This conversation doesn't finish at the end of the episode - a part two will come soon. Enjoy! 
Oct 17, 2022
Cacao, Shakti and Embodying Your Magic with Natalia Diego
Moments after we experienced a cacao ceremony with Natalia during our 2022 Panama retreat, Ashley went to Natalia and said "I need you to come on the podcast - you are so magical and we need to share your talents with our community in a much bigger way."
To this day, that cacao ceremony is one of the most powerful, activating and magical experiences we have had, and after talking with Natalia, Ashley learned it was for her as well. In this episode they discuss the healing magic of cacao, honouring your guidance (and doing things your way), ancestral healing and dreams coming true. If you're not already registered for our 2023 Panama retreat, you'll want to get on that after listening to this episode. Feel the magic and enjoy!
Oct 10, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for October
Happy October! We love October, do you love October? This is probably the best month of the year and especially this year - the energy is lit. In addition to the approaching Scorpio season (one of our favourites), the Akashic Lesson in this episode is brought to you by Isis (through Ashley's channeling) and in alignment with the Universal Activations happening this month (eclipse season, Uranus 🪐 action), our energies are rising this month. Rising high, soaring heights and we're here for all the expansion and growth. In this episode you'll receive a channeled message from Ashley as well as a teaching on giving and receiving plus an astrological forecast from Kelsey on the A Line Within team. And although Ashley says that she will share Alignment Tips for the month, when she opened the Records to channel them, she heard "there are no alignment tips this month." And so - we flow with what we've received, which is a very, very powerful lesson - we have all we need!
Enjoy this episode!
Oct 03, 2022
Be Your Own Guru: The Healing Story of Leaving a Spiritual Community with Lauren Corray Smith / Life in the Line Series

We're doing a Life in the Line episode today - it's been a while since we've welcomed a community member onto the show and today Ashley is joined by Lauren Corray Smith. Lauren is an Akashic Records reader, a Reiki healer and, in Ashley's opinion, has one of the most powerful frequencies she's ever felt. Ashley went into Lauren's Akashic Records in the summertime and had an activation from it that lasted over 24 hours. Lauren shares her personal story in this episode that involves healing from sexual trauma, leaving a spiritual community after it became corrupt and her journey back to herself. This episode is deep - enjoy it! 

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Lauren on IG: @l_c_s_healing

Lauren's website: laurencorraysmith.com

Sep 26, 2022
Infinite Creation, the Divine Feminine and the Evolution of Cheese with Julie Piatt

episode 136

This conversation with Julie Piatt was so Divinely designed and honestly, healing for me. The first time Ashley spoke with Julie was on her first podcast back in 2018 and she planted a seed of wisdom within her that continued to grow over the years and became a teaching that she always kept at the forefront of her awareness. Today, she’s back with more wisdom and inspiration. Julie’s energy is MOTHER, but in Ashley’s opinion, she’s also a force. She’s confident within her nature, wise within her words and is clear on her mission. In this episode, Julie shares about her latest creation SriMu (along with a discount for you to save some $$ if you want to try it), she and Ashley talk about energetic gridlines on Lofoten and Kauai, they discuss ancient Egypt, conscious relationships and so much more. Enjoy this episode!


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Sep 19, 2022
Time Traveling, Deep Surrender and an Akashic Catch-Up with Ashley, Ebony Broderick & Laura Tati Laira

episode 135

It’s an Akashic Catch-Up episode! Ashley is joined by A Line Within readers, Laura and Ebony to discuss the wild energy of the moment, how time is now irrelevant and the main messages that have been coming through readings lately. From Isis, to quantum manifestation, healing and surrender, many topics are covered throughout - enjoy!


The Soul Journey Collective

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Sep 12, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for September

episode 134

Happy September - the podcast is back! After a little break, we've returned for a brand new month with brand new energy. September is all about taking care of yourself and allowing yourself to flow with the energy. Be gentle with yourself. Float with the energy. The moment you try to swim, things become more difficult. Just sit back and float - allow yourself to be carried. This episode contains deep guidance from the Akashic Records on how to navigate the energy for the month ahead, Kelsey from the ALN team joins Ashley for a little segment on the planetary alignments and Universal Activations for September and Ashley also channels alignment tips from the Akashic Records for September. Bonus: receive a Light Language Activation from Ashley in this episode as well! Relax, enjoy and receive. Sending love and blessings!


The Energetics of Money: Quantum Manifestation pt. 1 - SJC Exclusive Event
The Soul Journey Collective

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ep. 126: Deep Love, Strong Roots: Reflections from Panama with Retreat Participants

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September Sound Medicine Playlist 

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Sep 05, 2022
Healing Through the Arts and Protecting Your Light with George Lizos

Episode 133

I am joined by my dear friend, spiritual teacher and best-selling author George Lizos for a beautiful conversation on how the arts (singing, acting, dancing, writing) can heal us on such a deep, soul level and also transform the emotions that we are feeling. George and I originally bonded over our love for musical theatre and deeply inspired one another to use music to support our growth in a profound way. George also opens up about his past, why he nearly took his own life and how, in a brief second, was saved by his Highest Self - a pivotal moment that changed his life forever. Be sure to listen until the end of the episode for a special story about mermaids…enjoy!





Aug 15, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for August

Episode 131

Happy August 1st and Happy North Node, Mars and Uranus Conjunction Day! We are beginnign this month with the most exciting energy - a Universal Activation alignment that hasn't happened since 324 BC. "This is a wave of great change, this is a wave of great change" The Pinnacle say - because this is an energy that we have not yet experienced in this lifetime. That being said, we are creating a new Earth together and this conjunction will support this process greatly. The Pinnacle are supporting us beautifully this month with a channeled Lesson, alignment tips and again Ashley is joined by Kelsey to discuss other events in the sky throughout the month of August. Enjoy this episode! 



How can I go slower this month?
How can I release control this month?

The messages I received today are…
I will take action by…



Aug 01, 2022
A Wave of Great Change with Leslie Galbraith

Episode 130 

I am so grateful to have my dear friend and talented astrologer, Leslie Galbraith, back on the podcast today to talk about the very important conjunction coming up on 7/31 - 8/01. To be honest, I feel this Universal Activation is, what Leslie calls it, an "era defining moment" and I feel that it's going to have a dramatic impact on us as a collective species. That being said, Uranus is the awakener, the planet of freedom and personal power - this is an opportunity to bring in more love and soul sovereignty! Enjoy this episode, we are so grateful to share it with you and please take extra note to what I share in the intro - it's so, so important and we're going to be talking about it a lot in the next while! Many blessings!




Jul 25, 2022
The Return of Isis, Healing Sexual Trauma and Releasing Identity / Teaching Solo Episode with Ashley

Episode 129

"Allow your desires to melt away and focus on service, it's the only way." Last summer, I shared this message that I received in the Akashic Records on the 8/8 Lions Gate episode and today, I'm taking it deeper and sharing why I received it and what I have learned from it. The energy has been so incredible lately and I believe that humanity is being presented with an opportunity to expand our consciousness at a faster rate than ever before. In today's episode I am sharing how to move through these shifts with ease and grace, what I've been learning and experiencing as well as channeled messages from Isis and Mary Magdalene. Blessings and enjoy! 



Jul 18, 2022
Stay Open to Life with Sam Garrett

episode 128

Divinely guided to Sam Garrett in the most beautiful way, Ashley is honoured to share this conversation with you today filled with messages of love, support, joy and surrender. Sam is a singer / songwriter who creates and shares devotional songs that open the heart and heal the soul. In this episode, they chat about Sam’s spiritual journey, how music became his Sadhana, parenting and more. Enjoy this episode!


Jul 11, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for July

Episode 127

Happy July! The energy this month is so activating and based on what the Pinnacle channeled through Ashley for this energy report, it’s picking up from what we received and learned back in May during the eclipse season. “Allow yourself to feel deeply and then you will see. Everything that is unraveling, falling to the floor, you’re coming home again - open the door. This door was opened a crack a few months ago. You stepped through and experienced, everything felt brand new. Now get comfortable. Sit down and stay a while.” Interpret this as you will and tune into the episode for the full experience of the channeled Lesson, along with Alignment Tips, or as Ashley called them in this episode ‘prayers,’ for the month ahead as well as a list of the cosmically activating days from Kelsey. Once again, we’re experiencing a major event towards the end of the month that can bring more light, love and change to our planet. Sending you all love and enjoy this episode!

Line Activation Questions

How can I continue to unravel this month?
What magic is here for me in this moment? 

Journal Prompts

I will savour each moment by…
Felt in faith and held in grace means to me…



Jul 04, 2022
Deep Love, Strong Roots: Reflections from Panama with Retreat Participants

Episode 126

It is an honour to share this episode with you today. As a company, A Line Within recently held a retreat in Cambutal, Panama at Sansara Surf + Yoga Resort. It was such an incredible expreience for us all that we've booked our 2023 dates already (keep your eyes and ears open for the waitlist coming soon!)

Ashley wanted to shine light on three individual experiences in this episode to share with you how taking a chance on yourself, following your messages and showing up for your aligned path of destiny, your life really does change in the most beautiful ways. Ways beyond what you could've imagined. This energy is magnified when coming together in community. We can heal alone, absolutely, but when we come together to heal it is powerful. 

Enjoy this conversation with Alicia, Michelle & Janessa! 




Jun 27, 2022
Following the Path of Destiny - A Story of Love and Trust with Monique Pantel

Episode 125

Today Ashley is joined by her old and dear friend Monique Pantel to share a beautiful conversation on the power of pivoting when you know there's more magic for you to be living than what you're currently experiencing. In her words, Monique "burned her life down to the ground" and re-built it into a story so beautiful, only her Highest Self could write it. This episode is for anyone and everyone who is currently going through a change in their life (or is about to) as well as everyone who enjoyed last week's episode on living on the path of destiny. Monique is a photographer, writer, artist and mother living in Cambutal, Panama. Enjoy this episode!





Jun 20, 2022
LET'S CATCH UP / Ashley's Life + A Line Within Updates (a must listen!)

Episode 124 I've been waiting for the right time to share this episode with you and here we are, we've arrived. I felt so much love in my heart and like I was sitting on a couch with my closest friends while recording this for you. I am excited to share so many updates with you - what we're creating at A Line Within, so many changes that are happening and also the big life changes that I am soaring through over the next five months and beyond. I feel so blessed. Sending you all the deepest love - thank you for listening and for being here.



Jun 13, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for June

Episode 123

We're on the other side of eclipse season and the wisdom within the Akashic Energy Report for June reflects this. We've now created space by releasing, letting go and allowing all that is no longer in alignment to be 'eclipsed out' of our lives - but what do we do with this new space? Through the Lesson that I have channeled from the Records, along with the Akashic Alignment Tips, as well as the Universal Activations that Kelsey discusses, we are being invited and reminded to have fun, to play and to intentionally see any challenges that arise as opportunities for growth and expansion. Enjoy this episode and Happy June! 

Line Activation Question
What is a mantra I can use to remind myself to have fun this month? 

Journal Prompts: 
I will push myself to grow this month by...
I will meet challenges with excitement this month by...



Jun 06, 2022
I Wrote a Book - Kelsey Interviews Ashley
Episode 122

Back in March, Kelsey and I went live on Instagram and decided to record it. She interviewed me on my writing process for my upcoming book that I co-authored with Ben, "The Line: A New Way of Living with the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records," and asked some really great questions! She calls the book "juicy" and our conversation gifts you with a deeper look at what this book is about and what my experience behind the scenes was like. A must listen for anyone creating a large project! Enjoy! 



May 23, 2022
Simplifying Spirituality with Nimesh Radia - Life in the Line Series
Episode 121

Today we are hearing from Nimesh Radia, a member of the A Line Within community, for a Life in the Line episode. Nimesh found his way to the Akashic Records and our program after his spiritual mentor passed away and was guided to learn more about the soul's history. From the moment he opened his Records, he said his life has been forever changed. I really like sharing these conversations with you because so many of you can relate to others who are learning how to read the Records and how they work with them in their individual practices. As always, enjoy this episode! 




May 16, 2022
Healing through Light Language and Music with Sara Caston

Episode 120  

Today's episode is so special! I met Sara back in November while she was part of our first Soul Sovereign Expansion Circle. She shared with me that she is passionate about music and has been singing for her entire life. At the time, I felt I wanted to get back into music and singing and asked her if she could give me voice lessons because she shared that she is also a vocal coach. Months passed and once the timing was aligned, she and I began our work together. At the time, I had no idea how working with Sara and my voice would crack me open for deeper healing. It's Divine work and I am so grateful. In this episode, she shares her journey, how Light Language has supported her healing and her work with music, and, as a special surprise, we sing a song for you! Enjoy! 


Adi Shakti 

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

Om Namah Shivaaya
Om Namah Shivaaya
Shivaaya namaha,
Shivaaya namah om
Shivaaya namaha, namaha Shivaaya
Shambhu Shankara namah Shivaaya,
Girijaa Shankara namah Shivaaya
Arunaachala Shiva namah Shivaaya



May 09, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for May

Episode 119

Welcome MAY energy! Ooooh wow, the channeled Akashic lesson and alignment tips in this Energy Report are so beautiful, rejoice - the month ahead is going to be glorious. "You are opening the door to greatness" they say "You are opening the door to everything that it is that you have come here to experience, allow it to be." May brings us our second eclipse of the season, which Kelsey from our A Line Within team, says is potentially the most powerful moon of the year - a Scorpio Full Moon release - and the Pinnacle are encouraging us to "go deeper than we've ever been before."  This Akashic Energy Report will equip you with everything you need to know to navigate these unknown waters ahead with grace, connection, alignment and ease. Yes, ease. In addition to the Lesson and Akashic Alignment Tips, Kelsey will also share a bit about the Universal Alignment Tips in the sky and you will also receive Line Activation Questions and a Journal Prompt for May (that I encourage you to use weekly.) Enjoy!

Line Activation Questions

What is a mantra that I can use to remind me to take a moment before acting? 

How can I remain focussed in love and trust?

Journal Prompt

Going deep to me means... 




May 02, 2022
The Passionate Depths of Eclipse Season with Leslie Galbraith

Episode 118

Eclipse season is here, the energy is hot — obviously Leslie Galbraith is back! If you've been listening to the show for a while, you're familiar with Leslie and her contagious spirit and captivating astrological talents. In this episode we discuss the eclipses this season, their placements and what this means, how to understand your own chart and read your own energy, why we're still feeling the Jupiter + Neptune Conjunction energy (and how long it lasts) plus more. This episode is deep, it's juicy and I hope you enjoy it! 

Apr 25, 2022
Creativity as a Spiritual Practice with Juuso Hämäläinen

Episode 117 

A few weeks ago, Juuso sent me a video that he made for a project (that we talk about in this episode) on how he views creativity and spirituality. I felt so activated after watching it that I asked him to come back on the show to talk about this. The way he views the energetics of creativity and openings within the body is something that I've been experiencing lately as well and during this Aquarian time, a renaissance of the Arts, I know many of you are as well. Juuso will be joining us in Panama as well to give a workshop on this topic (as well as taking photos and playing music) which is going to be pure magic! I'm so excited to share this very special episode with you - enjoy!


Apr 18, 2022
Our Personal Journey with the Records: with Ashley Wood, Ebony Broderick and Laura Tati Laira

episode 116 

We're all swirling in the frequency of the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction (deeply spiritually activating) and so this month, we're focusing on the Akashic Records....because it's always a good time to learn how to work with them, but the energy right now is especially supportive.

In this episode, I've invited our A Line Within Akashic Records readers, Ebony Broderick and Laura Tati Laira on the show to have a chat with me about our personal journeys within the Records, how our work within them has changed and evolved over time and also to share some memorable stories about what we've learned in the Records.

I can say this with certainty - you won't find Akashic Records training anywhere else like you can here at A Line Within. This is because our program, How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle, was created by The Pinnacle, through me, The entire process is channeled by the SOURCE of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records exist within the Pleiades star cluster (our soul library) and The Pinnacle (the highest form of Pleiadian consciousness) are the librarians of this information. They have channeled this wisdom through me to share with, at this point hundreds and hundreds of you around the world.

If you're called to learn how to read the Records, take 30% off our course with the code ENERGY at checkout this month (or ENERGYPLAN to use the payment plan).



Apr 11, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for April

episode 115

Ooooooh April is a vibe already! The energy this month is delicious, I'm feeling it and alllll the energy in this episode is confirming it. Within this energy report, you'll receive a channeled lesson from the Akashic Records, Kelsey shares a detailed list of all the Universal Activations and astrological alignments we have going on in the sky this month (wildly activating Jupiter / Neptune conjunction, eclipse season portal opening and the first eclipse of the year) as well as alignment tips to support you throughout this exciting month ahead. Although the energy is hot, the Pinnacle are reminding us to savour the moment, to receive, receive, receive and to not jump ahead -- change is coming. Be within this moment, now, and enjoy the ride. And this episode. 

Apr 04, 2022
The Wound is the Gift with Joy Smith
Episode 114

I am so grateful to share this episode with you today. My dear friend Joy Smith and I talk about her journey through cancer, our multidimensional healing connections, and the gift of presence in your life. Joy and I met in Los Angeles in 2018 and have shared a very special connection ever since, one that only seems to be growing in the most Divine ways. Spoiler alert: in this episode you hear me having an energetic reaction to seeing her aura and face morph while talking to her - MAGIC. This episode will be empowering for anyone going through a challenge right now - we see you, we love you. The wound is the gift - keep going. Enjoy!

Mar 28, 2022
Radical Self Acceptance with Flora McFadden (Life in the Line Series)
Episode 113 I am joined today by our community member Flora McFadden, from the beautiful and remote Isle of Mull in Scotland for a grounding conversation on accepting yourself exactly as you are in this moment. Flora is currently practicing the Akashic Records after taking our course How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle. She shares her experience with channeling, how she's learning within it and an interesting story about face-morphing and shape-shifting. I hope this conversation inspires you to accept yourself, celebrate yourself and honour your Divinely designed journey. 


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Mar 21, 2022
Reflections & Reminiscing from Our Finland Retreat with Ashley, Kelsey & Guest Hether Gage

episode 111  

A few weeks ago, Kelsey and I wrapped up our first A Line Within retreat in Ruka, Finland and to say it was magical is an understatement. All fifteen of us walked away from the experience with a heart full of gratitude and a transformed frequency. Today we invited Hether Gage, a participant from our retreat, to share her experience and to have a little reminiscing chat to help you feel as though you were part of it. Hether also shares a poem she wrote that brought me to tears both in person and also in this episode. We still have a few spots open for our Panama retreat coming up in May. If you're interested in joining us after hearing this episode, find the link below to apply. Enjoy!



Mar 07, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for March

episode 110


Happy March! This month begins with a New Moon, it brings new energy, an Earth Activation and a beautiful opportunity for transformation. ⁣ The Pinnacle share that our energy is coming alive in a brand new way, we are becoming reborn! ⁣ In this week’s episode I share a channeled Lesson from the Akashic Records for the month ahead, alignment tips channeled from the Akashic Records, what the Universal Activations and astrological alignments happening this month mean for us, plus so much more information about the energy of this time - which is very, very exciting. ⁣Enjoy!

Line Activation Question

What do I need to let go to feel more?

Journal Prompts

I will allow myself to fly by….
I will find balance by…


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Mar 01, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for February
ep 107 |

February, you are magical already - I can tell. Delivered a day early, this Akashic Energy Report for February provides you with a taste of what the energy for the month ahead may feel like. The Pinnacle have said they recognize how much work we’ve all moved through in January and this month it is time to “feast on the harvest that you have cultivated and created. Enjoy.” Within this episode, I share a channeled teaching from the Akashic Records for everyone listening, Kelsey joins me to explore the Universal Activations and astrological alignments happening in the sky this month and I also share some alignment tips to support you throughout the next 28 days ahead. This could possibly be the most beautiful Lesson from the Records I’ve ever channeled…enjoy!


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Jan 31, 2022
Open Your Heart to New Experiences with Janel Phillips

EP 106
Sometimes our messages guide us to take action on things that we may have no idea why we're doing them. Back in October, when I called a meeting with Sansara Resort in Cambutal, Panama to hold an A Line Within experience retreat, I had no idea why I was doing it. I knew I felt called to, I knew I felt it in my heart and soul that it was important to hold this experience and for myself personally to spend time on the land, but I didn't know why. I organized the retreat in Finland after having dreams about it years ago, but Panama felt like it came out of nowhere. Over the past while, I've had memories from the past come up, moments when I had received subtle and soft messages like whispers "one day, you will go to Panama" that I had completely forgotten about. But my soul didn't.

Our messages guide us down a path of growth, knowing and destiny. More and more I understand this to be true - the aligned path is destiny. And the path we, as a community, will walk to Sansara Resort in May to experience our Heart to Earth: Soul Awakening from Within retreat, is our destiny.

On today's episode, I am chatting with Janel Phillips, fellow Canadian and owner and creator of the luxurious and beautiful Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort in Cambutal Panama where we will be staying. Janel and I talk about the magic of the land, how she was called to it, what we can expect when we get there and also why to take a chance on yourself and your messages, even when you have no idea where it will take you.

We have a couple of spots left for participants to join us for this heart opening, creatively activating, land healing and magic creating experience and if you're inspired to apply, please do. The land is calling you


Jan 24, 2022
Stepping Into The Unknown with Britta Plug

episode 104

Last week I was exchanging messages with my dear friend Britta Plug when I received the message, “Record this, put it on the podcast, this is a conversation that needs to be shared." And so, we followed through.
In this episode, Britta and I share deeply, intimately and honestly about what it feels like to be stripped down bare, embark on deep soul healing and emerge out the other side like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. We talk about the importance of stepping into the unknown and also how we are receiving the 2022 energy. We hope you feel as though you're sitting with us, with some tea, sharing a heart to heart conversation between two girlfriends. Enjoy!


“The Land Has A Dream For You.”

Jan 10, 2022
Akashic Energy Report for January

ep. 103

Happy New Year! I am excited to deliver the first channeled teachings of 2022 in the Akashic Energy Report for January. As always, the Pinnacle have provided us with words of wisdom that we can take with us throughout the month ahead, along with tips on how to remain in alignment. For the past few years, the Pinnacle have said that February 1st is the Energetic New Year and that January is a bridge month that we use to prepare ourselves for the year ahead and the channeled information within this episode definitely supports this as well. In addition to the channeled lesson and alignment tips, I also provide you with a summary of the Universal Activations happening in the sky this month. Enjoy!


Line Activation Questions:

Where do I need to place my focus?
How can I remember my glory?

Journal Prompts:

How will I experience the day?
Within this moment I receive….


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Closing Chapters + 2022 Energy with Leslie Galbraith

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Jan 04, 2022
Our 2021 Soul Journey: What We Learned, Our Favourite Tools & More
EP 102

Welcome to the last episode of 2021! Kelsey and Ben join me today to reflect on this incredibly transformative year and share what we learned, tools that supported our alignment, and what the soul journey means to us. This episode is raw, it's honest and we hope it resonates with you. Sending blessings and love, Happy Holidays and we'll see you in 2022!


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Dec 20, 2021
Venus Energy: Lessons in Love & The Energetics of Soul Contracts

EP | 101

Last week I asked our community on Instagram what this episode should be about and over 98% of the responses had the same answer: love and relationships. I then asked you to expand with specific questions and I noticed a theme. In this episode I discuss soul contracts, what happens when they end (in romantic partnerships), the energetics of partnerships in this time and I also share a little bit about my journey with self-love. Enjoy!


  1. There's a quiet, deep inner voice that's telling me that this may not be my forever person. What to do?
  2. Do you believe it's possible for two souls to stay together for a lifetime in this age?
  3. Is there a way to work through soul contracts with your partner?
  4. How do you open your heart and receive the lessons even if you feel hurt?
  5. What to do when the relationship seems perfect on paper but something feels off?
  6. Are our partners in love/relationships our soul family?
  7. How do you navigate solo expansion with grace and love after 8 years together?
  8. Would you speak more about your self-love & soul journey?


In this moment, how can I strengthen my relationship with myself?
How am I being called to show up differently in my relationships?



In my relationships I give….
In my relationships I receive…

Dec 13, 2021
Closing Chapters & 2022 Energy with Leslie Galbraith
episode 100

I am so excited and honoured to have Leslie Galbraith back on the podcast today. So many of you know her and love her, she's a dear friend of mine and also a very talented, knowledgeable and gifted astrologer and energy worker. Leslie and I talk about the significance of the energy in December as we wrap up Eclipse season, what we learned during the past year and a half when the Earth's nodes were in Gemini and Sagittarius, and also what it means for us now that the nodes are changing to Taurus and Scorpio. We talk about the energy of 2022 and what it means for us all, as well as Venus Retrograde that is happening right now. Enjoy this juicy episode of wisdom and magic. 


Line Activation Questions
In this moment, how can I strengthen my relationship with myself?How am I being called to show up differently in my relationships?


Journal Prompts
In my relationships I give….
In my relationships I receive…


Dec 06, 2021
Akashic Energy Report for December

episode 99

Your Akashic Energy Report for December is here and, the wonderful news is, it's so beautiful. The Lesson is so special and important to close out 2021 with and although we're in Eclipse season and there are still interesting alignments in the sky coming, the energy of December feels supportive, bright and conclusive. In this episode, you'll receive an Akashic reading from me, an Astrological forecast from Kelsey and I'll share five Alignment Tips that I channeled from the Records as well. I cannot believe that we're in the final few weeks of 2021 - deep gratitude.Blessings!

Line Activation Questions:

How can I remind myself that life is SIMPLE when it feels complicated? 
What is a mantra I can use to keep my balance this month?

Journal Prompts:

I will share my light this month by…
My messages support my deeper understanding. The puzzle pieces that I am currently putting together are…

Nov 29, 2021
The Energetics of Money
episode 98

In beautiful alignment with the Taurus energy we're feeling post-Full Moon eclipse, today I'm talking about the energetics of money. Taurus represents security, financial stability, luxury, comfort, all things cozy and self-worth. I'm sharing information I've learned through the Akashic Records on money and abundance as well as what I've learned in my own experiences. This isn't a financial advice episode nor is it a business advice episode -- it's looking at the energetics of money as an extension of ourselves as a whole, complete picture. I hope it's supportive for you!

Your Questions Answered:

I find my work fulfilling except the financial part. I pray and I am grateful. How can I bring in more?
How to turn away from lack/scarcity when you struggle with basics like food?
I squirrel away money and don’t take risks, how do I move past this?
How to expand to hold more in our field?
What is your journey? How you shifted into money flow, what did you learn from the Pinnacle?


Line Activation Questions:

What is ONE money pattern I have that I need to heal and release?
How can I allow myself to receive MORE?


Journal Prompts:

My money story is…..
I will re-write this by….
I will open the following doorways to allow more abundance to flow my way…

Nov 22, 2021
Channeling Without Doubt With Laura Tati Laira (Life In The Line Series)

episode 97

I am honoured to share with you another Life in the Line episode today with our community member Laura Tati Laira. Up until this point, everyone I've chatted with about their experience in the Akashic Records have mentioned that it came so easily for them. They said the prayer, they were in the Records and that was that. For Laura, it was different. She practiced reading the Akashic Records for a year and a half before she felt she was channeling and receiving in the Records. The entire time she and I were talking I kept hearing, "book a reading with her, book a reading with her" and so the moment we ended our call, I did. Two days later, she became the second person to read my Akashic Records and I was blown away. This woman is TALENTED. I am honoured to share her story with you today and also to introduce you to her — book a reading with her!


Our biggest sale comes but once a year and it begins today!


If you've been eyeing up a workshop, if this episode inspires you to learn how to read the Akashic Records or if you're curious to learn more about your messages and your soul-aligned self, now is the time to act. Take 35% off EVERYTHING on www.alnwithin.com with the code LIGHT at checkout.

Nov 15, 2021
Akashic Energy Report For November

episode 95

Today is the first day of the 44th week of 2021. Happy November!

A beautiful month of growth, learning, love and joy lies ahead.  We’re in eclipse energy now and these final two months of 2021 are going to provide us with a supportive push to get organized and create the changes that are needed before we enter 2022.
That being said, the main theme within the Lesson from the Records and the Alignment Tips is PRESENCE. 
“If you want to feel change, growth, inspiration, vibration, come back to this present moment without stagnation.”
Everything is happening within the present moment and within the present moment is peace. Joy. Love. Connection. Support. The moment you’re pulled out of the present, you can quickly feel off balance and out of alignment. 
Within this simple but profound Energy Report, you’ll also hear from Kelsey and receive the Universal Activations that are happening in the sky throughout the month of November as well as my insight on these teachings and where my personal work lies for the month ahead.


What is a mantra I can use to bring me back to the present moment?



The distractions I need to be aware of to support my pinpoint focus are…
I will train my mind to have pinpoint focus by….
It does not require big energy to be brave. I will be brave and welcome change by…

Nov 01, 2021
Q&A on Meditation Practices plus A Line Within Updates & Exciting News

Welcome Scorpio Season! Are you feeling the magical, witchy vibes yet? In this episode, Ashley shares some insight on the energetics of this time, how to both be present within and prepare for the last two months of 2021, an update on what's coming up with A Line Within and takes one audience question about her meditation practice. Enjoy!

Oct 25, 2021
Allow Yourself To Be Seen With Kami Speer (Life in the Line Series)

episode 93

I’m honoured to share another Life in the Line episode with you today! Kami Speer, one of our A Line Within community members, is a beautifully talented artist, garment designer, creator and channel who has generously and graciously shared pieces with me since meeting her back in 2018. The clothing she creates holds such a high vibration and in this episode, she tells us about the first time she saw a dress's aura — yes, fabric has an aura. Everything is energy. The subtle but sacred miracles and messages of love that are energetically infused within this episode, like seeds planted in the Earth to grow, are so special and so abundant. Enjoy!

Oct 18, 2021
Finding Grace through the Cycles with Amy Keller

episode 92

I'm joined by my dear friend Amy Keller on the show today for a conversation that lifted me in so many ways. Amy is pure light, has a radiant spirit and is constantly in a vibration of love. Amy is a Brand Storyteller & Creative Director based in New York City. For over 20 years, she has been working on both the consumer and corporate side of sales and digital communications in the Fashion and Beauty industries. She helps brands and people expand their visibility in front of new audiences and build culture capital. In this episode though, we share from the soul. Together, we discuss the cycles we move through on an individual level and the gigantic shift we're experiencing as a collective, how to create boundaries that support your energy movement and flow, and how to find strength and grace as an emotionally sensitive person. Enjoy!

Oct 11, 2021
Akashic Energy Report for October
Inhale October, exhale September. This is big energy. Although October is about momentum and forward movement, we are being reminded to become even more intentional with our energy field. "You are becoming and this is the most beautiful process. There is so much for you to receive and so it is important for you to become discerning on what you allow into your energy field.” You must be selective, intentional. This is a practice and the more space you create to meet yourself and know yourself, the easier this becomes. 
As I channeled the Lesson this month, I could physically feel the importance of these words in my hands and so I have created the Akashic Energy Report this month with as much support and love for you as I possibly could. In addition to the Lesson from the Records, I share channeled tips on how to find your alignment this month. Kelsey also joins me to dive deep into the exciting Universal Activations and movement we will experience in the sky. Enjoy this episode and happy October! 


How can I be more intentional with my energy?
How can I release judgement of myself? 



I will create more space and time to be with myself and meet myself by….
Today I am grateful for….

Oct 04, 2021
Q&A On Our Soul Connection with Animals, Setting Boundaries as an Empath and Releasing Energetic Trauma
It's the last episode of September, which to me is so unbelievable. September felt fast. Perhaps this is why the Pinnacle said over and over again in the Lesson from the Records for this month (as well as the Alignment Tips) to go slow. To take time. To be present. Because we're already at the end of the month and in the second energetic wave of 2021.

We are closing out the month with another Q&A episode and Ben and Kelsey have joined me to answer the questions. We talk about ascended masters, setting boundaries as an empath, how to support children in releasing energetic trauma and the deep soul connection we hold with animals. Enjoy! 



  1. I have two questions. Should the Clear the Line & Activate the Line workshops be taken in order or can we move back and forth? Also, can you talk more about Ascended Masters? I absolutely loved your March 16th episode with Purnima Chaudhari "Jesus, the Holy Fire & the New World Frequency." Any further insight on Ascended Masters would be helpful.
  2.  I am a very empathetic person and I will often feel the emotional or physical pain of those around me. It can change my whole day. I am wondering how you set up boundaries and what are some things you do to stay in alignment with your experiences because you seem like a highly sensitive person as well.
  3. I have a three year old who is very special and I have a deep sense that there's been trauma in his life. I would love to read his Akashic Records to know more -- can I do this? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do?
  4. You recently mentioned that the Universe doesn't punish us. About a year ago, my partner and I lost our sweet dog in a really tragic way that was beyond our control. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Now, a year later, similarly our dog was in another tragic incident where we had to rush him to the emergency, he was in a lot of pain and it was awful to watch. I'm having a tough time not coming to the conclusion that this is somehow my fault. Why did these two beings have to suffer so I could learn a lesson? I'm having such a hard time with blame and guilt.
Sep 27, 2021
Coming Home To Yourself: Jamie Shūjūn’s Journey To The Akashic Records (Life in the Line Series)

I'm honoured to share another A Line Within community member with you today - Jamie Shūjūn has moved through almost every workshop we offer, most recently How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle, and now offers readings to clients through automatic writing. Jamie's healing story is deep, involving her culture, ancestry roots and honouring her soul path in this life. In her words, she has built her home within, and adding the Akashic Records to her soul experience is like putting the antenna on the roof. Enjoy this episode! 



Sep 20, 2021
Akashic Energy Report For September
episode 87

Inhale September, exhale August. 
Welcome new month, new energy, happy new moon, it's a blessed day! We're being reminded this month to go slow, move with intention, to not hold onto anything too tightly, to allow for flow, to ground into the present moment and much more. In the Akashic Energy Report, I'm sharing a beautiful Lesson from the Records that personally hits my heart in a deep way (I'm excited to hear how you receive it), the Universal and Earth Activations we will experience this month as well as tips on how to find your alignment this month. Enjoy this episode!



How can I move through my day with an extra level of intention and awareness?
What is a mantra I can use to remind me to be in rhythmic flow?



I will actively practice taking a pause by….
In this present moment, looking back on the year, I have grown by…
The patterns I now understand are…
I will use my voice by…
I will remain in the flow by…

Sep 06, 2021
From Teacher to Akashic Records Business in One Year: Briöna's Story with the Akashic Records (Life in the Line Series)

Today we're sharing Briöna Jolie's story, which I find so inspiring and I know you will too! Briöna took our How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle course one year ago. Within that year, she built a business that allowed her to leave her job as an elementary school teacher. She now works for herself and has integrated her own gifts and energy medicine into her practice. In our conversation we discuss Briöna's experience with the course, how she overcame her insecurities and self-doubt, self-sovereignty and how she now shares her energy with the world. Enjoy!

Show Notes

How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle - 30% off with SUMMER at checkout
@alnwtihin on IG
How to do a Line Activation
Ask Us Anything
Briöna Jolie's website
@brionajolie on IG

Aug 23, 2021
Self-Trust, Stillness And Spiritual Growth With Juuso Hämäläinen

episode 84

The Pinnacle have been encouraging us to remain in the present moment, that within the present moment time can be stretched to support our healing. The past is erased, the future does not exist and within the present moment, all you have is everything you need. I'm joined today by my friend Juuso Hämäläinen to explore stillness, the power of meditation and our limitless potential as creative beings. Juuso is a Finland-based self-taught photographer, a visual artist and a composer. His intention through his creations is to share the magical quality of life that is experienced when one stays present and perceives the world as it truly is and not through the concepts of the mind as most of us have unknowingly learnt to live. Enjoy!


How can I create more time and space within my mind, energy and day to process what is coming up for me?
What is a mantra I can use when I need to come home to myself?
How can I lift from distraction?
Where is my energy flowing that is not supporting me?


The emotions I felt today were..
By taking time and space to understand these emotions, I know that I was in fear and ego when….
I was in love and alignment with my messages when….
I will continue to cultivate trust in my Highest self and comfort in the dark by….
I will bring myself back into balance by….
I will revolutionarily and actively choose love by…

Aug 16, 2021
Be Revolutionary: Choose Love

episode 83

When you hear the word 'change' is your immediate reaction to feel excited or fearful? Change is constant, fluid and necessary. It can also be deeply supportive for us in our growth, evolution and re-alignment. This episode is dedicated to sharing all of the necessary information on the first energetic wave of 2021, the changes we are creating within it and the revolutionary love the Pinnacle are asking us to choose. I also share a story about a starship encounter and a message from the Pleiadians about lifting into balance. Enjoy!



How can I lift from distraction?
Where is my energy flowing that is not supporting me?



I will bring myself back into balance by….
I will revolutionarily and actively choose love by…

Aug 09, 2021
Akashic Energy Report for August

Happy August! I decided to do something different this month. Rather than only include the Lesson from the Records in this episode, you're getting a full Akashic Energy Report. In this episode, I share the channeled Lesson, the Universal Activations for the month, supportive alignment tips for the month and more. The Lesson couldn't be more beautiful and poetic. And if you haven't noticed yet, time has changed and shifted. It's stretched. These remaining months of 2021 are potent and incredibly important for our healing and soul-consciousness transformation. I hope this episode brings you the same love and gratitude that I'm feeling for August. Enjoy! 


How can I create more time and space within my mind, energy and day to process what is coming up for me?

What is a mantra I can use when I need to come home to myself? 



The emotions I felt today were…

By taking time and space to understand these emotions, I know that I was in fear and ego when….

I was in love and alignment with my messages when….

I will continue to cultivate trust in my Highest self and comfort in the dark by….

Aug 02, 2021
Q&A on Closing Soul Contracts, Trusting Your Abilities & Finding Focus for Energetic Flow

Recorded at 11:11 pm under the Full Moon in Aquarius, we’re closing out July by connecting with you, our beautiful community! 
A soul contract in a marriage ending. Interest in the Akashic Records but a lack of self-trust. Feeling scattered and looking for flow. The questions Ben and I answer today are frequently asked and you will most likely resonate with at least one or maybe all of them - this episode is for everyone. Enjoy! 


1. How do you know when a soul contract has come to an end, especially in a marriage? How do you know what to do next? 

2. I’m relatively new to working with my Line and Line Activations. Does someone need to be particularly experienced working with their Line in order to access their Records? I’d love to try myself but I have fears and doubts. Is this something that everyone can do?

3. When I do Line Activations, really big things come through. I feel very unfocused in life and so when I sit quietly and big things come through, I feel like I should pursue them even though I don’t know if I have the time or energy. Do you have any insight on what I can do with this? I’d like to live a life feeling less hectic and more calm. 


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Jul 26, 2021
A Life in the Line: Ebony's Story with the Akashic Records (Life in the Line Series)

episode 80

We're doing something fun and different today! Ebony Broderick took our How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle course back in 2019. She has since built a business and offers client readings to people around the world. In May 2021, she became the first person to have ever read my Akashic Records. I received a message through the Line to have a reading with her and it blew me away. I knew I wanted to have her on the show to share her with you, her story with the Akashic Records and the experience she had with our course. Enjoy our chat!


How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle - 30% off with “SUMMER”
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How to do a Line Activation 
Ask Ashley a Question
Ebony Broderick - Your Soul’s Home
@yoursoulshome on Instagram

Jul 19, 2021
Emotional Feeling For Physical Healing - July Alignment Tips

episode 79

In today's episode I share five tips from The Pinnacle on how to remain in alignment throughout July. They're simple but incredibly profound once put into practice. Kelsey also joins me for a brief update on the Universal Activations happening this month and how to energetically prepare for the shifts we'll be experiencing. As the Pinnacle shared, "This month, you will notice yourself moving in motion and taking steps in a new direction." Exciting! Enjoy the episode.


How can I tell the difference between a message and my ego?

What are my energetic growing pains telling me? 

Jul 12, 2021
July Lesson from the Records

Welcome July! This Lesson felt like a breath of fresh air to channel. We are officially in the second half of 2021 with new energy and new light. Although our messages are always guiding us toward growth through discomfort (this is the human experience), The Pinnacle have reminded us in this Lesson to play. To twirl. To get excited about what is unfolding and to "dance within the light that is you." This Lesson is beautifully poetic. I also share a deeper understanding of how this energy can be integrated into your life, the Universal Activations we have coming, and more. Enjoy! 


How can I dance within my light this month? 
What is a mantra I can use to help me find the balance between pain and joy?


I will cultivate a deeper trust and knowing within my own light this month by…
I am not afraid to step into darkness because….

Jul 05, 2021
Q&A on Disconnection from Self, Energy Portals and Feeling All Emotions to Heal

episode 77

I allllllllmost took another week break from the podcast because the second half of June has been so incredibly slow for me, energetically, I don't remember the last time feeling this slow...but this Q&A episode is quite special and I'm very grateful I recorded it for you. As always, thank you so much for submitting your questions, I love connecting with you in this way and I hope you receive inspiration, support, motivation and also grace and compassion for yourself and your journey within this episode. Healing is feeling, growth is not linear and the human experience is a journey of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental learning. Enjoy!

Your Questions Answered 
1. I’ve had some weeks of doubt, discouragement and fear. How do I come back to the practices that make me feel good? How do I come back to myself? 
2. I just started doing daily Line Activations. I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that as soon as I’ve done the Line Activation, my right eyelid itches so bad. It’s a pattern. I’m wondering if you have any ideas as to why this is happening? 
3. Can I go into the Akashic Records for an intersection? I’m curious about the energy of public spaces in general. If I were to go in, what would come up? 
4 I wake in the morning and I feel so nervous. It’s almost debilitating, I can barely get through my morning. It’s happening constantly and I don’t know what to do about it. Is this a message? What are your thoughts?


Jun 28, 2021
Lessons from Eclipse Season

episode 76

The podcast is back! I thought I was going to take a break until July but my Highest Self had another plan. On June 24th, the Full Moon in Capricorn closes the eclipse season portal and today I'm sharing the most profound lessons I learned over the past six weeks that are not only potent for me, but also guiding principles for the energy of this time. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this one! Enjoy!



How can I allow my desires to melt away?
How does my soul wish to express itself at this moment? 



I am proud of my eclipse season transformation because….
The patterns I have released are…

Jun 21, 2021
JUNE Lesson From The Records

episode 74

HELLO JUNE...almost. This month's Lesson from the Records is soft, subtle and rich in wisdom focused entirely on loving yourself and allowing yourself to be seen for who you are in this present moment. We received this messaging in May and now The Pinnacle are taking it even deeper. For me personally, this Lesson is delivered in aligned time as it applies directly to what I'm working with during this eclipse season. I'm curious as to how it lands for you! In addition to the Lesson, I also share the Universal Activations that we're receiving this month, the Earth Activation and a few thoughts on time bending, time stretching and living off the linear line. Enjoy!


All The Light From The Universe Is Looking For You. Have You Let It Shine On You?


How can I peacefully release past versions of myself? 
What is a mantra I can use to help me see myself in this present moment? 


In this present moment, I see myself as….
I will support my growth this month by….

May 31, 2021
Q&A: Fear to Love on 5G/Food/Vaccines, Soul Contracts & Religion

episode 73

Ben joins me today for the first time in months to bring you a Q&A episode perfectly fitting for eclipse week energy! This episode covers a lot of topics that are probably on the minds of many right now: 5G, the vaccine, the energetics of food, religion and past life healing. I also share how to heal thought patterns and the work needed to fully embrace and receive this powerful, supportive energy. Enjoy!



1. I’m curious about the energetics of food, 5G and technology. I’ve heard you say that 5G and these technological advances don’t freak you out but I’ve also heard you say how mindful we must be about the energy we’re putting into our bodies, mainly with food. What does this means to you? 

2. How do we actually release old past-life energy we’re holding onto in this life? Is it just understanding the roots from where that energy is coming up enough for it to be healed and released in this present life? 

3. I have a question about the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle. Did you receive that information from the Pinnacle or astrology? What is the next completion cycle we’re moving through? 

4. Can you clarify some terms for me today? I’ve always considered myself to be a spiritual person. I’ve recently accepted Jesus into my heart and I started watching church. At first it was a little strange but I was so surprised at how connected I felt. How do you define spirituality and how do you define religion? How do you define what it means to have a relationship with God? 


How can I allow myself to be seen?
What is a mantra I can use for support when I don’t feel deserving of being seen?
How can I find space in between challenging moments?
How can I be calm and remain present in the moment? How can I let it be?
How can I surrender to my Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season learning?
How can I let go and let the magic into my life?


I went into nature and allowed the trees and sky to see me. It felt like…
I will share myself this month by…
The messages I received today that I will act on are….
The victories I can celebrate from today are…
I can feel myself growing and transforming by…
I will shift my thinking from fear to love by…

May 24, 2021
Let The Magic In: Eclipse Season Preparation (Plus More) With Leslie Galbraith

episode 72

The eclipse portal has opened, Mercury is in its Shadow, and Jupiter is in Pisces. Universal Activations are underway, we're in it! This is the transformative energy of the season and to celebrate, astrologer Leslie Galbraith joins Ashley on the show today to talk about these events in greater detail and to share how they're personally moving through them. Ashley also provides a practical example on how to work with the ego to move from fear to love. Enjoy the episode!

Surrender, Trust And Let The Magic In.


How can I surrender to my Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season learning? 
How can I let go and let the magic into my life?


I can feel myself growing and transforming by…
I will shift my thinking from fear to love by…

May 17, 2021
How to Align with the Energy of May

episode 71

On the eve of the New Moon in Taurus, which opens the eclipse season energy portal, today on The Line I'm delivering to you four Alignment Tips from the Akashic Records for the month of May. They're so beautiful this month, incredibly supportive and what I love about them especially is that they compliment the Lesson so well. Kelsey also joins me to talk about the Universal Activations and astrological alignments we have going on in the sky (there are a lot of them).

Grab something to take notes with and enjoy this episode. May, what a beautiful ride — we're here for it!

Line Activation Questions

How can I find space in between challenging moments?
How can I be calm and remain present in the moment? How can I let it be? 

Journal Prompts

The messages I received today that I will act on are….
The victories I can celebrate from today are…

May 10, 2021
MAY Lesson From The Records

episode 70

I say it every month, but my goodness, is this Lesson from the Records ever beautiful! What’s interesting to me, looking back, is that the Lessons have been building upon one another. We have been preparing for this Lesson, this month and this energy — it’s here and we’ve been preparing for it. May is a big month. The eclipse season portal opens on May 11th, Mercury enters its shadow for Retrograde on May 15th, we experience the first eclipse on May 26th, a lot is happening, and this Lesson is just as exciting. It’s time to step up, step up and be seen.


Line Activation Questions

How can I allow myself to be seen?
What is a mantra I can use for support when I don’t feel deserving of being seen? 

Journal Prompts

I went into nature and allowed the trees and sky to see me. It felt like…
I will share myself this month by…


Show Notes

IGTV: I Can’t Believe What I Saw
Ep. 54: Evolution of the Soul 
The Prayer of the New World
How to Read the Akashic Records
@alnwithin on IG
Ask Ashley Anything
How to do a Line Activation

May 03, 2021
Q&A: On Dropping Guilt, Self-Doubt & Insecurity

We are concluding the 4th (!) month of 2021 with another Q&A episode today. If you've been struggling with self-doubt or have insecurities about yourself, your actions, your physical appearance or your life situation, this episode is for you. Ashley also shares her tips for having a spiritual pregnancy and gives an overview on what's to come for May. Enjoy! 

YourQuestions Answered

  1. You mentioned recently that you were getting into a spacey integration state. What did you mean by this? What does it mean to live in alignment? What is your process for writing down your messages and making connections?

  2. What do you tell yourself when you do something that’s out of alignment? I’m really hard on myself and I’m taking this as a lesson for the future, but do you have any words of encouragement or advice?

  3. Whenever I enter the Records, I feel a lot of tingling in my head and my third eye area but especially in my lips but nothing else happens. Since you do channel, how do the words start to come without thinking?

  4. Since adolescence I’ve been carrying an insecurity about one of my physical traits. I am so aware of this and the lower vibration that it carries and the energy of feeling self-conscious and feeling like I need to hide this part of myself. I want so badly to choose self-love and acceptance and I know this is something I want to heal from within. What are the energetics behind insecurity and how can we get down to the root of them? How can we find true healing and self-acceptance?

  5. It’s my understanding that we create soul contracts before our time here on earth and these contracts are designed for the growth and expansion of our soul. What happens when we attempt to manifest something that’s in conflict with one of our soul contracts? Does the contract override our ability to manifest? If so, it feels somewhat discouraging and powerless and I’m really hoping you can provide some encouragement and insight.

  6. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby. What can I be doing right now to connect with my little girl while I’m carrying her? What do you recommend for a spiritual practice during pregnancy beyond daily Line Activations?


Line Activation Questions

Where do I need to push myself today?
How can I grow while showing love and grace to myself?
How does my body communicate with me when I am out of alignment?
How can I be my own leader today?
How do I feel energy in my body?
How can I soften into my discomfort?

Journal Prompts

I am going to push myself out of my comfy space by….
I am growing this month by…
I will lovingly accept myself and forgive myself by…
The beauty I noticed today was….
I know I’m uncomfortable because I’m growing when…
I know I’m uncomfortable because I’m out of alignment when….

Apr 26, 2021
How to Receive Multidimensional Energy Within the 3D Body with Lisa O'Connor

Today’s episode is really special! Ashley is joined by her dear friend, holistic nutritionist and intuitive healer, Lisa O’Connor to discuss the energy of 2021, how it’s felt and processed within our physical bodies, how to understand the physical feelings and sensations of being in and out of alignment, and also how to give yourself a gentle push to move forward, no matter where you’re at on your journey. Ashley also provides a bit of an update on new A Line Within offerings. Enjoy!

Your Question Answered

By nature I am all about action, getting out of my comfort zone and doing, doing, doing. I feel like the message I’m getting now is to do less. This is uncomfortable for me. Can you elaborate on this? 

Line Activation Questions

How do I feel energy in my body?
How can I soften into my discomfort? 

Journal Prompts

I know I’m uncomfortable because I’m growing when…
I know I’m uncomfortable because I’m out of alignment when….

Show Notes

Apr 19, 2021
APRIL: Lesson from the Records

Happy April! Ashley called in The Council of Light for this one — The Pinnacle, Arcturians and Jesus, as well as God and The Holy Spirit — to deliver the most beautifully supportive, grounded in love, Lesson from the Records for the month of April. Although many of us (Ashley included) have felt like we’re in a constant state of integration this year, the energy of April is supporting you to give yourself a little push — it’s time to move forward. We’re reminded in this Lesson that all new things result from a little push, like plants growing up from the soil and babies entering the world, and so we too must push a little. We don’t have to try hard for this though, as our messages are always guiding us in growth. In addition to the Lesson, Ashley also shares the Universal Activations going on in the sky this month, tips on how to integrate this energy and how she personally is receiving it in her life as well. Enjoy!


Line Activation Questions

Where do I need to push myself today?
How can I grow while showing love and grace to myself? 

Journal Prompts

I am going to push myself out of my comfy space by….
I am growing this month by…

Show Notes

Apr 05, 2021
Q&A: Developing Your Intuition, Self-Love & Jumping Timelines

We’re concluding the month with another Q&A episode. We love these episodes as well because it feels like we can connect deeper with you, more intimately. Today Ashley breaks down how the Line Activation practice works, how it can support you in developing your intuition and trusting yourself, how your soul is existing in many different dimensions across time and space and how external tools (like tarot cards or a pendulum) really work in helping you receive your messages. Enjoy!

Your Questions Answered

  1. How can I use the daily Line Activation to build up my intuition? 
  2. Does the soul have the capability to operate in different timelines in this life?
  3. I use tarot cards and oracle cards to help me understand what’s coming through for me from my Highest Self that I’m not receiving as easily as I’d like to. What is your opinion on using them as a way to connect to yourself and to your messages?
  4. I’ve been struggling with self-love and unconscious thoughts of unworthiness. How can I ground myself to be where I am right now and trust that whatever is going to come will come? 
  5. I used to live near a river and was going through a spiritual awakening at the same time. I have since developed some health issues, had to stop working, lost my apartment, moved back in with my parents and my recovery is taking much longer than I anticipated. I’ve lost quiet and solitude. What do you do when you’ve been making progress and you have this momentum in your spiritual life and then you’re hit with the realities of an environment that’s not conducive to hearing our own voice? 

Show Notes

Mar 29, 2021
Every Day is a New Beginning

“There is always a new beginning. Every single day is a new beginning.” Ashley had planned on taking a break from the podcast this week. On the morning of the Equinox, she sat beside a beautiful frozen lake, opened her Akashic Records and channeled a beautiful message for you and her about taking risks, welcoming this new season and new energy and trusting the Divine love flowing through you always. It’s a shorter episode but all the same, we hope you enjoy it!

Your Question Answered

Do you believe in soul families? Have you had past lives with Ben and Baboo? 

Line Activation Questions

What do I need to let go of to feel free? 
How can I open up more to receive the Divine love flowing through me? 

Journal Prompts

Today is a new beginning for me because….
The risk my soul is asking me to take right now is…

Show Notes

Mar 22, 2021
Jesus, Holy Fire and the New World Frequency with Purnima Chaudhari

Ashley is joined today by her dear friend and Holy Fire Reiki Master and Teacher Purnima Chaudhari for a conversation about the return of Jesus as an energy, the new frequency of self-sovereignty, and what it feels like to channel Jesus in the Akashic Records and through Holy Fire Reiki. They also talk about how heart-healing this energy is for those moving through trauma caused by institutionalized religion. Last week Ashley became attuned to Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2 by Purnima and they discuss this experience as well. Enjoy this powerful episode!


Your Questions Answered

  • How do you know the energy you’re feeling is Jesus?
  • Does Jesus know what I need telepathically or do I have to pray out loud?
  • Can reiki heal physical ailments like chronic eczema?
  • How effective is the placement received by the students when the reiki training is done online?

Show Notes

Mar 16, 2021
How to Remain in Alignment This Month

After channelling the Lesson from the Records for March, Ashley also received four tips on how to remain in alignment this month. In today’s episode, she shares these tips, the beautifully poetic channeled messages that came along with them, how to integrate them into your life, the ways in which she’s applying them to her life and as always Line Activation questions and Journal Prompts for you to take the information deeper. Enjoy!

Your Question Answered

My question is about parallel lives. In one of the lives I’m living, I’m a smoker. In this life I’m not a smoker. I feel as though the parallel life is affecting my current existence. I wake up with a lot of stuff going on in my chest, whether it’s mucus, feeling tight or having trouble breathing. I’m wondering how or if what happens in our parallel lives carry over and affect us here? 

Line Activation Questions

What is one area in my life where I can release control and expectation? 
What layer do I need to release to become closer to my soul-aligned-self? 

Journal Prompts

I will use my hands this month by…
Today I am grateful for…


Show Notes


Mar 08, 2021
MARCH: Lesson from the Records + Integration

The focus is not to become, it is to be. Allow yourself to be.

The Lesson this month is so beautiful and so different from other Lessons Ashley's channeled in the past. The Pinnacle weren’t alone when they were sharing this information. They were joined by many others (you’ll learn who on the episode). What’s beautiful about this Lesson is that, similar to February’s Lesson, it illustrates just how unique the energy of this time is. We are being invited to do things different, to align to ourselves, to listen to ourselves and to challenge ourselves to grow within this new frequency. In addition to the always poetic Lesson, Ashley shares an overview of what’s happening in the sky above and on the Earth below this month (new season!), as well as tips on how to integrate this Lesson into your life throughout the month. Enjoy! 

Line Activation Questions

What is one way I can focus on ‘being’ today?
What is one part of me that I’ve been hiding from myself? 


Journal Prompts

The one new thing I promise myself I will do this month is….
I can work through my discomfort of doing something new by…

Show Notes

Mar 01, 2021
Q&A: Dreams, Nightmares & Healing Sleep Anxiety

The energy you bring to anything creates your experience with it.

episode 60

We are concluding the month with a Q&A episode! We received many questions about anxiety, and specifically sleep anxiety, and so for the first time, Ashley is opening up about her life-long journey with sleep anxiety, how she overcame it in 2020 (as part of her 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle) and shares a variety of different methods to heal anxiety. Ashley also shares how to energetically cleanse a room or space with the support of ArchAngels and prayer (nothing else,) how to bless water with love (very healing) and how to support children with active, not always pleasant, dreams. Enjoy! 

Your Questions Answered

  1. When you find out that you’ve had a past life with somebody that you've connected with in this life, do you tell them about it? And if you don’t, how do you contain it?

    2. You mentioned that you healed sleep anxiety as part of your 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle and I’d love to learn more about this and how you healed it.

    3. I have a lot of anxiety and to cope with it, instead of being super present, I’ll go off in may imagination and it will really calm me down. Is this detrimental to take myself out of the moment or is it perfectly fine to do?

    4. How do we know when the ego is doing its job and keeping us safe versus when it’s holding us back?

    5. My five year old has gone through a year of not enjoying her dreams. To her, they’re very vivid and it’s been a very dense time for her. Do you have thoughts on how to weave between motherhood, guiding and accompanying our small children who are very connected, clear and aware?

    6. If I have anxiety in my life, I tend to have nightmares or unstable dreaming that affects my sleep - more recently I feel like there are energies or spirits (energy field) that is disturbing my sleep and my mind when I’m trying to rest. I’ve had to ask them to leave, and I ask my angels to protect me so I’m not inundated with something when I’m asleep. Do you have any tips or tricks that I can use to release some of these things that are around so I can get some good sleep?

    7. How do I find the balance between being here and fulfilling my soul’s purpose in this life and while also having my human experience while I’m here? I sometimes feel very torn or even guilty for having aspirations of being an artist and starting my own business but also trying to understand what it means to live in my Line and connect to my Highest Self and live out my own souls purpose. Do you have any advice on how to understand where that balance is?

    8. I’m curious about injury in the body and how the Pinnacle sees that. I went in my Records this morning and they laughed at me and said “you just need to slow down” and I’m curious about how you see injury in the body?

    9. How do you feel about plant medicine to connect with the spirit world? 


Line Activation Questions

How can I align more with ME?
What does it mean, for me, to shine my light? 

Journal Prompts

I will step into and honour ME by…
I will get out of my own way by….

Show Notes

Feb 22, 2021
Evolving into the Age of Aquarius with Leslie Galbraith

Honour where you’re at, honesty brings you back into alignment.

episode 59

Ashley’s dear friend, soul sister and super talented astrologer Leslie Galbraith joins her on the show today to talk all about the new frequency of this time, entering the Age of Aquarius, how to honour yourself and your truth throughout this process, as well as some Universal Activations coming up on February 17th, June 24th and December 24th when Saturn squares Uranus. Ashley shares what the Pinnacle have to say about these dates, what to expect and how to move through this year with awareness. Ashley also shares how honesty and awareness can bring you back into alignment even when you’re feeling lost and confused. When Ashley and Leslie come together, magic happens. Enjoy this powerful episode!

Your Question Answered


My soul started to really speaking to me to end my marriage and to be free. Overall, my marriage is good, there are a few things that aren’t, like all marriages. I’m looking for validation, does this happen? 

Line Activation Questions

What is one thing I can do to help me align with my true self?
What do I need to be honest with myself about? 

Journal Prompts

So far this year, I have awakened to myself by….

Show Notes

Feb 15, 2021
Soul Growth, Allowing Change and Understanding the Ego

When you are yourself you are forever changing. 

episode 58

In addition to the Lesson from the Records for February, the Pinnacle also provided Ashley four alignment tips for the month and in today’s episode, she and Ben are discussing two of them, how you can apply them to your life and how they’ve already had an impact on their lives, individually. Ben also gives an update on his involvement with the show going forward. Ashley shares information on soul family, soul contracts, the difference between the two and how to find gratitude for every relationship (even the painful ones) to allow for soul growth. Enjoy!

Your Question Answered

From what I’ve studied in science, the higher the frequency, the more chaotic things become. I’ve been receiving through my Line that the stillness of God is at the quietest, most calm frequency and that is how I personally access my connection to Spirit. To me, that’s not a higher frequency, it’s stillness. What are your thoughts on this? Is there another meaning behind frequency that you’re using? 

Line Activation Questions

What is one change I need to make to allow myself more movement?
How is my ego preventing my growth? 

Journal Prompts

I will allow myself to sway this week by…
I will grow past my ego safety this week by….

Show Notes

Feb 08, 2021
FEBRUARY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

In order to be an active particle of light you must be yourself. 

episode 57

Happy February! Happy Energetic New Year! We are gifted with the most beautiful Lesson from the Records this month, and it couldn’t be more infused with Aquarian energy, so perfectly aligned for the time. The Pinnacle are poetically sharing with us the importance of stepping into our aligned self this month, reminding us that in order to collectively become ‘we’ we must first become ‘me.’ Last year the February Lesson from the Records set the tone for the entire year ahead and if this year follows suit, Blessed Be! This is one of the most beautiful Lessons from the Records that I’ve ever channeled. I also share what’s going on in the sky this month (Universal Activations) and insight on how to integrate this information into your life for the month (and year) ahead. Enjoy! 


Line Activation Questions

How can I align more with ME?
What does it mean, for me, to shine my light? 

Journal Prompts

I will step into and honour ME by…
I will get out of my own way by….

Show Notes


Feb 01, 2021
Pleiadians, Climate Change, the Akashic Records & Dreaming: Ask Us Anything

Give your Highest Self more recognition and bring everything back to yourself.

episode 56

It’s another Q&A episode this week and we have a bit of a theme here, diving deep into the soul, time, dreams, reincarnation, multidimensionality, the Akashic Records — all of Ashley’s favourite things to talk about! We love these episodes so much because they provide us a chance to really connect with you, our listeners, and literally hear what you have to say! Before answering your questions, Ashley shares how the month of January has been like an active sacred pause, how this in-between space can be both exciting and uncomfortable, and how to embrace all of the new that’s to come.

Your Questions Answered

1. Can you tell us more about Angels, Light Beings and Pleiadians? How are they connected? Do we have a soul family in the stars that are different from our soul family on Earth? I’m referring to spirit babies. Please expand more on this.

2. I’m finding when I’m reading for other people, I end up with tears running down my face a lot of the time. It’s not affecting my readings but it’s something I’ve noticed and I’m wondering if that’s something that you’ve experienced or if you have any tips or do I not need to worry about it?

3. I’ve heard before that it takes 100 years for a soul to reincarnate. Do you have any insight into this? I am so curious.   

4. I have a question about quantum leaping. Have you experienced it? What do the Pinnacle say about it? I had an experience where I ascended to a whole new reality and I’m wondering if we should expect more of these moments?

5. I wanted to ask what the Pinnacle have to say about what we will do about plastic consumption, pollution, loss of biodiversity, destruction of our forests and climate crisis in general? I feel overcome by anxiety daily and I’m hoping to receive some kind of message of hope on this topic. 

6. My question is about dreaming of the future. How can you know that the dream you have is from the future? Is it just a deep intuitive feeling? Why do we have dreams about the future? What is their purpose? 


Show Notes

Jan 25, 2021
Lessons of Life, Love & Looking from Above

You must go through the journey of lessons and love, this is life, look from above.

episode 55

We are 3/4 of the way through January and hopefully you’re getting a sense of the 2021 energy, how to integrate it and how it feels within your body and through your Line. In this episode, Ashley shares wisdom and teachings she received from her Akashic Records on how to find clarity, calm and perspective from your Middle Space (even when things feel wild) and how to interpret external signs that you receive from nature, numbers, etc. Ben shares his experience after saying, out loud, the love activation that Ashley shared in last week’s episode. Ashley also shares an update on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Enjoy!

Your Question Answered

Do you have a meditation practice? Is this necessary to have deep spiritual experiences?

Line Activation Questions

How can I see my present situation from above?
How can I step lightly and move swiftly?

Journal Prompt

This energy is bringing me back to myself by…

Show Notes

Jan 18, 2021
Evolution of the Soul

You are being activated to receive more love.

episode 54

The Pinnacle said that time is moving faster and now it's been scientifically proven – the Earth is spinning faster than it has since 1960. More than ever before we are feeling our multidimensionality through coincidences, memories, synchronicities, dreams, love and the messages we receive. This is the new way of living through our Akashic Record, connecting to our Line within and understanding ourselves as energetic beings, as our own teacher, leader and healer. Our soul is going through an evolution and today we are exploring what that means, with the support of information Ashley channeled from her Akashic Records. Enjoy!

Your Question Answered

You recently shared that you changed up your diet to allow for more freedom, lightness and energetic flow. I know everyone is different but I’d like to know how you’re able to come to these decisions through the Line and energy work and find what works for you?


Line Activation Questions

  • How is my soul evolving with this energy?
  • How can I move through my day with greater self awareness?

Journal Prompt

  • Where in my life can I open myself up to change?


Show Notes

Jan 11, 2021
JANUARY: Lesson from the Records

Extend your palms up to the sky, allow your wishes and dreams to fly.


episode 53

Happy New Year! We hope you had a peaceful and bright holiday season. What a joy it was to channel this Lesson from the Records for you, it’s the most encouraging and playful teaching to enter 2021 with. The Pinnacle are inviting us to play, to be curious and to have fun while also reminding us to step lightly and feed love. In addition to the Lesson, Ashley shares a post-Solstice energy update as well as a brief 2021 energy report that she received in her own Akashic Records. Enjoy it!


Your Question Answered

On the Winter Solstice I was feeling so aligned and amazing all day. Over the next week I was doing my best to show up as my Highest Self but I was really triggered by old family patterns and dynamics. I went from this really great high to then feeling so, so low. Is this normal? 

Line Activation Questions

How can I have fun this month? How can I play?
What do I want to discover this month? 

Journal Prompts

I received the Lesson from the Records to mean….
I will implement this Lesson into my life this month by….


Show Notes

A Line Within -18% off with code INFINITY at checkout
How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle
@alnwithin on IG
Ask Ashley & Ben a Question

Jan 04, 2021
Be In The Present, Not In The Process

In The Present Moment You Are Receiving Actionable, Simple And Clear Guidance In Loving Alignment From Your Highest Self


episode 50

We are in the Energetic High Times! As we move closer to the end of 2020, we are closing major chapters, completing cycles (2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle) and shedding so much that is no longer in alignment with our Highest Good. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, emotional and confusing. In today’s episode Ashley and Ben explain how to remain in alignment as you move through this energy by sharing a very raw experience they had with their two cats over the past week. They discuss how to be in the present without getting caught up in the process of how things will play out, how to observe and release your emotions, and how to practice non-attachment to things in your life that may be coming to a close. Ashley also shares incredible New World information about the multidimensional connection we have with animals.


I work full time from home. I’m a mother and my daughter doesn’t sleep well. I’m tired and I feel like I’m always giving to others. All I want to do is meditate and go into my Akashic Records to learn and find peace. How do you go through the ebbs and flows of children, family and work while also developing your practice with the Akashic Records?  


Is there an outcome in my life I’m holding onto that I need to release attachment to?
What is a mantra I can use to bring me back to the present?


During this time of heightened energy, being in the present is helping me learn….
Observing my emotions in this present moment I am feeling....
These emotions can teach me....


Dec 07, 2020
DECEMBER: Lesson from the Records + Integration

When the going gets heavy, you must walk in lightness. 

episode 49

The final Lesson from the Records for 2020 is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and profound Lesson of the year. The Pinnacle have gifted us with deep wisdom on how to deal with our emotions in the present, prepare for the year ahead and have reminded us of how powerful we truly are. Ashley explains how to integrate the Lesson throughout the month and shares a miraculous experience she recently had with two birds. Delivered to you on the Full Moon in Gemini and first eclipse of the season, this Lesson from the Records is medicine for the soul and encouragement for the heart. Enjoy!


Your Question Answered

When we bring past-life stuff into this lifetime, is it possible that we can bring some form of illness? 


Line Activation Questions

What heavy emotions do I need to shed? 
How can I soar above these emotions throughout December?

Journal Prompts

This month, I will walk lighter by…
The emotions I will no longer wear are…
The areas or things within my life that I’ve labeled “impossible” are…
I will adjust these to ‘possibles’ by…

Show Notes

Nov 30, 2020
Release Your Fears & Open Your Heart

“You take your power back when you begin to address your fears".”

episode 48

We are in the 11th hour of 2020 (actually, the 11th month) and many people are tired, frustrated, angry, fearful and holding onto hope that change will come soon. In today’s episode, Ben and Ashley are discussing how to use your Middle Space to explore all of these emotions, the meaning of ‘temptation’ and how easy it is to sit in lower vibrational energies. They also talk about how choosing love opens you up to a multidimensional existence, and Ashley shares a story of how she bent time and space during a moment of pain and anger by aligning with her Middle Space.


Your Question Answered

Have you had anyone purchase your How to Read the Akashic Records program and not have had any success with it? I’m not a naturally intuitive person, I’ve never had experience connecting with messages and although I’m a spiritual person. I’m doubtful as to whether it would be a good investment for me?

Line Activation Questions

What am I most afraid of right now?
Why am I afraid of this?

Journal Prompts

In my day to day life what lower vibrational energies am I feeding?
What fears are at the root of these energies? 
I will actively choose love in moments of fear by….

Show Notes


Nov 23, 2020
We’re Standing on The Bridge Between 2020 - 2021

“Don’t quit when it gets hard. Focus on the love running through you.” 

episode 46

We are standing on the bridge between 2020 and 2021 and we are closing a big door at the end of 2020. Not only are we wrapping up the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle, but we’re also closing the door on the old world, 2021 is going to be very different. Now more than ever, it’s so important to be laser focused on your messages and the work you’re doing to prepare for this closure. “Don’t quit when it gets hard,” The Pinnacle have said, “Focus on your LOVE within.” In today’s episode, Ben and Ashley talk about what the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle is, how to figure out what it is you’re releasing and the work that goes into making these changes. Ashley also shares information about the fourth and final Energetic Wave of 2020 and the story of how she recently healed their land.


Your Question Answered

How can I answer my call to do a career of service and help and guide others when each of us should be working on going in and listening to our own messages?

Line Activation Questions

What is coming to completion for me in these last two months of 2020?
Where am I holding resistance to my growth? 

Journal Prompts

I will take care of myself over the next two months to maintain my energy and do this work by….
I will prioritize myself and my needs over the next two months by…


Show Notes

Nov 09, 2020
NOVEMBER: Lesson from the Records + Integration

Drink this love in the morning with your breakfast
Receive this love all day
Consume this love before you go to sleep at night
And create the intention to hold it all day

episode 45

Channeled beneath the Full Blue Samhain Moon, this Lesson from the Records is incredibly powerful, timely and I truly hope brings you the comfort, hope and love that it is infused with. We are half way through Air Season, the most transformative season of the year. Even the tallest tree in the strongest storm may sway its branches, but its trunk and roots remain strong. The Line is your trunk, the messages are your roots. Your Line remains our constant, the messages guide us home, back to ourselves and our love. Sending you blessings and love throughout November!

Line Activation Questions

What do I need to do to actively choose love?
What is a mantra I can use to help me love myself more? 

Journal Prompts

I will actively choose to feed LOVE in the following areas of my life by doing….
The promise I make to myself is…
The mantra I will use to help feed this love within me is….
I will remember this mantra by….

Show Notes

Nov 02, 2020
Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Distractions and Fully Surrendering to Your Messages: Ask Us Anything

Living a life in the Line doesn’t take you out of this physical world, it’s about being in this physical world as an energetic being. 

episode 44

We are closing out October with another Q&A episode today because these episodes are so much fun to record and we love connecting with you in this way! These questions are commonly asked so we hope that many of you will receive clarity, inspiration and encouragement. Ashley also shares the importance of upcoming Samhain, why it provides a beautiful opportunity for past-life work and a next-level experience she recently had when she opened the Akashic Records for their land. Enjoy!

Your Questions Answered

  1. Do you have advice on how I can remember my dreams? I get messages and meet guides in my dreams but sometimes when I wake up, I forget the dream. Is there a way I can remember them or do I trust that if I’m meant to remember them, I’ll have the dream again? 

  2. I’m struggling to get through the Clear the Line Program. I’ve gone through some traumas and I’m having a hard time finding my Middle Space. Have you heard of someone using hypnosis to treat anxiety? 

  3. Does this Pinnacle have anything to say about suicide? 

  4. I have chronic health issues and am sensitive to many hazardous substances that are all around me (toxins, pesticides, dairy, gluten, EMF’s, etc.) How can I surrender and be in the vibration of love and acceptance when I’m in a constant state of panic and fear for my health? 

  5. I have a very distracted mind and I struggle to maintain focus in Line Activations.
    Do you have advice on this? 

  6. I keep hearing ringing in my ear. What does this mean? 

  7. How do we let go of the old self and fully surrender to the alchemy that’s happening within? It can feel so strange and unnerving when those around you do not understand you. How do we step into the discomfort of fully surrendering? 


Show Notes

Oct 26, 2020
Embrace the Unknown, It Leads to Transformation

“When you want change in your life, you have to do things differently.” 


episode 43

The month of October provides you with an opportunity for tremendous growth and transformation. We are half way through an energetic portal that supports you through this, but you must surrender to the unknown, be present in the moment and aware of the messages coming through for you during this time. In today’s episode, Ben and Ashley share how to remain committed to your growth when you feel like you don’t know what to do, how to take action or why you’re receiving the guidance you’re receiving. Ashley also provides an energy update for the remaining weeks of this month.

Your Question Answered

Have you been able to or have you accessed spirits in your Akashic Records? They’re showing up for me and I’m wondering if this is even possible?  

Line Activation Questions

What is one small daily change I need to make for my growth?
What is a mantra I can use to help me trust in moments of doubt?

Journal Prompts

The message I’ve been receiving that I’m most resistant to is…

The reason I’m resisting this message is…

I will move through this resistance this week by….

Show Notes

Oct 19, 2020
Grow Comfortably in the Dark

“Turn your attention to your heart within. This is where information is flowing, this is where your love begins.”

episode 42

Today we welcome Ben, co-owner of A Line Within and Ashley’s husband, on The Line for the very first time! Aligning with the theme of October, getting comfortable in the dark without knowing what’s coming next, Ben shares how he’s been receiving messages to be more public with our company without knowing where this path will lead. He tells a story from his first time in his Akashic Records, past-life healing the experience brought and why it’s important to take action on the small messages that may not seem important in the moment. Ashley also shares insight from her Records on how to spend your time this month, where to put your focus and how to grow, comfortably, in the dark.

Your Question Answered

Is it selfish, ethical and self-serving to post photos and videos on social media of my children when they’re babies without having their consent? 

Line Activation Questions

What do I need to shut off for this month?
Where can I gain more time for myself and get more of my energy back? 

Journal Prompts

I feel most connected to myself when……
Instead of going online so much I will use my time to….
The messages I’ve been receiving around this that I will finally take action on are….

Show Notes


Oct 12, 2020
OCTOBER: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Your messages will always provide you with the safety and shelter of love and guidance.”

episode 41

Opening the Records to channel this month’s Lesson from the Records was mystical, poetic, inspiring and unique to any other Lesson I’ve shared. For the Northern half of the world, the month of October brings shorter days and longer nights. The Lesson for this month is about finding comfort in the dark, but The Pinnacle aren’t referring to the dark night sky. This Lesson draws attention to internal reflection, healing and embracing the unknown ahead. Be sure to listen to the second part of the episode, after the Lesson, to learn what happened while I was channeling, what it means for you and also how to integrate this information throughout the month ahead. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Oct 05, 2020
Don't Feel Guilty For Your Happiness

Allow yourself to feel joy, happiness and love without guilt.

episode 40

Feel joy, feel love and share it with pride! This is the final message for the month of September. ⁣In this episode, I share how not trusting yourself results in resisting your own happiness, a simple (but profound) exercise to start working with and strengthening your connection to your Line and conclude with a recording from my Records that I channeled beside the river on our new property. And yes, you’ll hear a rooster in the background. Enjoy!⁣

Your Question Answered

How did you heal your eye sight so you don’t need to wear glasses anymore? 

Show Notes

Sep 28, 2020
Climate Change, Physical Healing & The Akashic Records: Ask Ashley Anything

“Take ownership of your own life and make changes on a micro level to see macro impact.” 

episode 39

Today’s episode is a little different — today Ashley is answering eight of your questions. We get so many questions every week on thelinepodcast.com and although Ashley answers one per episode, today she will cover more. This episode is fun, interactive and very deep and rich in wisdom from The Pinnacle and Ashley’s personal experiences and knowings.

Your Questions Answered

  • What does the Pinnacle have to say about Psoriasis?

  • Is it mandatory to say the Prayer to enter the Records? 

  • I struggle with visualization. Can I still receive my past live information? 

  • What does the Pinnacle have to say about birds behaving strangely?

  • Have you channeled any other beings other than The Pinnacle at all? 

  • I took your course and I’m wondering if you use the same tools before going in the Records when you enter in the shower or outside your home as you instruct in the course to use? 

  • How can I use the Records with my Reiki practice? 

  • What does the Pinnacle say about climate change? How do we handle it on a personal level and think about our future? Do the Pinnacle have any guidance for us who may have friends and family members who do not see the environment worthy of priority? 

Show Notes

Sep 21, 2020
Trust Your Process

Finding alignment is a forever journey of managing your energy. 

episode 38

Sometimes you’ll take action on a message and not notice change in your life right away. Do you give up on yourself? Start comparing yourself to others? Today I’m talking about the importance of trusting your process, your timeline and how this connects with the September Lesson from the Records message, “do something.” I’m also touching on the upcoming October Energetic Wave, the importance of remaining in the present moment and the three reasons why you don’t take action on your messages.

Your Question Answered

What is your opinion on psychedelic drugs? Do you believe they really help us connect to the spiritual realm in some sort of way that meditation or Line Activation can’t get us to? 

Show Notes

Sep 14, 2020
Move Forward, It's Time to Keep Living

Drop into your heart, see past the divide, there is still love everywhere.

episode 37

Today I am sharing why the Pinnacle have said the phrase “it’s about them, not you” actually distracts you from your innate sense of love and compassion and feeds divisive energy, the importance of moving on with your life (you have the permission to move forward) and the power of following your “small” messages to create long-lasting change in your life. Plus, some Full Moon magic and messages from nature. 

Your Question Answered

Do Line Activations help clear your energetic field and chakras? 

Show Notes

Earth Line Activation: Autumnal Equinox workshop
A Line Within website 
@alnwithin on Instagram
How to do a Line Activation Tutorial

Sep 07, 2020
SEPTEMBER: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Step outside, breathe in the air and set yourself up to do something. This is an activation.”

episode 36

Ooooweee, this Lesson is powerful! It may be my favourite one to date, The Pinnacle have given us so many beautiful takeaways and simple suggestions to work with (like breathing in the air outdoors and standing beneath the sun to receive Light codes.) Not only are we entering the final quarter of 2020, this month we’re also experiencing another Earth Activation with the Equinox. The Pinnacle have said that energetically, we’re all entering Air season, the most powerful and transformational season all year. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it for you.


Topics Discussed

  • bending time and space with you during this Lesson

  • go outside and breathe deeply (says The Pinnacle)

  • astrology of September 2020 and how it aligns with this Lesson

  • a limiting belief I overcame last week, a message I took action on and how I feel about it now

  • the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle completes in over the next four months

  • writing down your messages is the first step of taking action

  • Air Season begins on the Equinox and what this means for you (very important!) 

Show Notes

Aug 31, 2020
How to Connect with Family in a Time of Division

“Get out of binary thinking and remember compassion and empathy.”

Alright everyone, this episode is an important one. I’ve heard from many in our community that they’re finding it challenging to connect with family this year, that they constantly feel triggered, they feel like their family are strangers and so today, we’re talking about it! One of the challenges (and opportunities to overcome) we’re facing everywhere (from politics, wellness to spirituality spaces) is binary thinking lacking compassion and empathy. You can be different. You have the ability to rise above this, you have the ability to live in the Line.


Topics Discussed

  • accepting where you are, admitting you’re not ready and loving yourself for where you are

  • the messages you receive are like a treasure hunt, they lead you to the information you need

  • physical changes I’ve made for my health and how I’m taking what I’ve learned in Clear the Line even deeper 

  • how to Live in the Line

  • what is your multidimensional money story?

Your Question Answered

As we transcend in the New World, I’m having a very difficult time connecting to my family. Does the Pinnacle have any tools, advice or guidance to help work through this? 

  • we need to get out of binary thinking

  • advice from The Pinnacle on having compassion and empathy for those you disagree with

  • establishing boundaries

  • you chose your family members and they can be your greatest teachers

  • friendships and soul contracts


Show Notes

Clear the Line workshops - 15% off with the code LOVE at checkout (expires August 31)
@alnwithin on Instagram
A Radiant Life

Aug 24, 2020
Going Against Groupthink

“Being different is very radical, being yourself is radical.” 

episode 34

We’re three weeks into the Clear the Line program and this week we’re working through the Trust Yourself workshop. This work is so important, now more than ever, because as we continue to move through this very significant year, collectively we’re seeing how much ‘groupthink’ is a societal illness that needs healing as well. You can’t hear yourself and align with your messages if you’re busy doing what everyone else is doing. In order to trust yourself you must love yourself and when you love yourself, you realize you’re so special and designed to be different. This is something to celebrate.


Topics Discussed

  • Clear the Line check-in and my experience with Gain Clarity

  • how I visualize in Line Activations

  • what to do if you cannot visualize

  • the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle (you’re being asked to release)

  • love yourself to trust yourself 

  • you must allow yourself to change your mind

  • a story about a business we put a lot of money, time and energy into that we let go before launching

  • allow yourself to be different - be yourself

  • don’t follow the leader, listen to yourself 

Your Question Answered

Can you talk a bit more about your relationship with Ben and how it has developed over time from the beginning when you didn’t know about the Akashic Records to now? How important is it to have a partner who is also working on their spiritual journey as well?

Show Notes

Aug 17, 2020
AUGUST: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“This month is about remembering yourself, remembering who you are.” 

episode 32

Happy August! The Lesson from the Records this month is so aligned to everything the Pinnacle have been sharing with me for weeks (remember who you are, remember your work, do Clear the Line with your community, it’s important for August, ground into yourself and your messages) and so while I was channeling this beautiful Lesson, it all made sense and perfectly fit. We have a theme here this month and it is to come home to ourselves. We’ve been through a lot over the past eight months but as the Pinnacle say in this Lesson, “Life is lovely, life is so lovely and so allow yourself to feel lovely.” Enjoy!

Topics Discussed


  • channeled Lesson from the Records for August from the Pinnacle

  • as a community, we are working through Clear the Line through the month of August

  • why the Reptilian visited me and teachings from the Pinnacle on why Reptilians come to us

  • why you’re encouraged to gain control of your mind and energy

  • focus on yourself and remember who you are

  • how I will be integrating the Lesson this month


Show Notes


Aug 03, 2020
Moving from Fear to Love + Astrology Update with Leslie Galbraith

“We are all moving from fear based consciousness to love based consciousness. This is the time that this is happening on Earth.” 

episode 31

This is a must listen episode! My dear friend and talented astrologer, Leslie Galbraith joins me today to discuss the astrological energy we have to work with for the remaining months of 2020. Interestingly enough, the astrology always lines up with messages from the Pinnacle and while I was editing this episode and heard her say “we will be going through a lot in October with Mars and Mercury both in retrograde” I was nodding my head because The Pinnacle told us last month that the next energetic wave comes in October. This episode prepares you, brings you into your heart space and at the end, I share exactly what the Pinnacle told me in my Records to tell you about October. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • how to use astrology in your life and recognize transits when they show up (personal stories)

  • tuning into our connection with the natural world

  • messages we receive from nature and animals

  • closing out Venus Retrograde, Eclipse season & Mercury Retrograde and what this means

  • Saturn in Capricorn and what this means for you and the collective

  • what the Mars in Aries alignment means and how to use the energy of this alignment to elevate your consciousness 

  • how I am using the Mars in Aries energy for creation

  • the energetics of “high vibration” and “low vibration” and what this actually means in regards to our free will and decisions

  • information to know about the upcoming Mars Retrograde from September - November

  • how to be the scientist of your own life

  • how to live life through a neutral, compassionate life

  • we have a big change coming in December, energetically and astrologically 

  • humanity and biodiversity - celebrating ourselves in nature = the Age of Aquarius

  • how Leslie and I take care of ourselves and remain grounded during the unknown (tools and tips)

  • how to prepare for the October Energetic Wave (story from the Records - MUST LISTEN)


Show Notes

Jul 27, 2020
Why I Stopped Manifesting

“When you love yourself and commit to your path and your messages, that’s when things start to unfold for you.”

episode 30

About a year ago, I stopped manifesting and instead began focusing on myself and my messages. My life began to immediately unfold in the most beautiful ways that I could have never expected it to. Today I’m sharing, with a great understanding of how energy works, why the concept of manifestation is limiting to your abilities to understand yourself, your highest purpose and the path your soul incarnated to live.

Topics Discussed

  • the New World is already happening, it must begin within you

  • why our Facebook groups are now closed

  • the moment I stopped manifesting and why

  • receiving internally as opposed to externally

  • what happened when I began focusing on myself and my messages

  • trust your gifts, don't look to others to improve
  • when you love yourself for your path and commit to your path and your messages, that’s when things start to unfold for you 

  • the energy you feed creates your experience 

  • what your ‘Anchors’ are and how they support you

Your Question Answered

Can you speak more to your experience with extended breastfeeding and what that’s been like for you? 

Show Notes

Jul 20, 2020
Lessons from Atlantis

“Humans have always been able to communicate telephonically, we need to remember this. We know how to do this.”

episode 29

Last week I shared with you that I had my first memory of a past life in Atlantis. A few days later, I went into my Records and asked the Pinnacle to tell me more about it. In this episode, I share the recording of this reading along with the connections I made from it. The messages are beautiful and pure, providing deep wisdom, hope and a call to action for all of us.

Topcis Discussed


  • eclipse recap & what I released

  • the natural world is always communicating with us - pay attention

  • when you read the Records for a client, the messages you receive will most likely be for you as well (the mirror)

  • 5D consciousness and slipping in between time as we know it

  • a channeled recording from the Pinnacle about Atlantis from my Records

  • the connections I’ve made between the information I’ve received on Atlantis and the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari 

  • we already know how to communicate telepathically

  • a new teaching on polarity in the physical realm

  • a teaching on hierarchy and ego that the Pinnacle taught me the first time I used The Prayer of the New World

  • how to use your ego as an asset 

  • altering your reality through portals in the media/social media

Your Question Answered

Does the Line Activation only connect you to the Pleiadians or does it connect you to your personal star family? 


Show Notes


Jul 13, 2020
JULY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“The love has to begin within yourself.” 

episode 28

Welcome, July! This may be the most beautiful Lesson from the Records I’ve ever channeled. I know I’ve said that before, but this one is so full of love, carries such a high vibration and after recording it, I was high on love for days. This Lesson has the power to shift frequencies! Be sure to listen to the Integration part of the episode as I share more teachings I received from Jesus in my most recent Marma as well as additional channeled information from the Pinnacle.

Topics Discussed

  • July Lesson from the Records channeled from the Pinnacle

  • the next energetic wave in October and how to prepare

  • the sky in July

  • my Mercury Retrograde learnings (Atlantis, Pleiadians and more)

  • this is a beautiful time to be a live (many are experiencing awakenings)

  • commit to yourself, honour yourself and serve yourself

  • the energetic reason we are pulling the vines around our house

  • your discoveries are found in the present 

  • an important message from Jesus I received in my most recent marma

  • why a rainbow was mentioned in the Lesson this month and what it means


Show Notes

Jul 06, 2020
The Energetic Waves of 2020

“We are here to understand ourselves first and foremost before we can understand each other.” 

episode 27

I recently realized that when I say “remain informed while holding energetic boundaries,” I was confusing many of you. This is very important, especially in 2020, so I’m expanding on this today and hopefully clearing it up for you. What I share may surprise you! I’m also sharing information on the energetic waves of 2020, clarity I received on the evening of the last eclipse, as well as information I received in my recent marma on finding clarity, peace and compassion. This episode is a big one, take notes!

Topics Discussed

  • trust your messages even when they don’t make sense

  • the energetic waves of 2020 and what we know going forward

  • an understanding of the message from the Records by the river

  • how to prepare for the next energetic wave

  • truth is subjective (what you feed becomes your reality)

  • how to remain informed

  • I have seen my Highest Self guiding me from above

  • gaining perspective on your reactions and perceptions

  • a message I received in a marma on neutrality and your Middle Space

  • allow yourself to change, you’re meant to evolve

  • how to hold energetic boundaries

  • the Earth frequency is here to heal you and elevate you to 5D consciousness 

  • my experience on the Solstice 

Your Question Answered

Are the spiritual leaders who buy into conspiracy theories receiving messages that you are not? Why is your message different from theirs? 

Show Notes

Jun 29, 2020
Ascension Through Self-Love and Self-Trust

“Any interaction that is met with a lack of love continually perpetuates that energy.” 

episode 26

Any interaction that is met with a lack of love continually perpetuates that energy. Love yourself more, trust yourself more, so you can meet the world with love and compassion. How do you love yourself more? You heal yourself. You dig down into your wounds and triggers until you find the root and begin your healing from there. Today I’m talking about a recent healing I experienced, the lesson I learned from it and also how this contributes to your ascension. I also share about dimension travelling in dreams and how to heal in dreams.

Topics Discussed

  • eclipse season check-in

  • healing yourself heals the collective

  • what is your shadow self and how does it work?

  • ascension through self-love

  • how cutting cords work (and how you can do it yourself)

  • you are dimension traveling in your dreams, pay attention!

  • meeting with soul family members in dreams for deep healing

  • how to remember your dreams

  • a deep healing that I experienced last week

  • heal the root of your fears and shadows

  • an internal structure within all of us that must be changed is our ability to trust ourselves 

  • a message from the Pinnacle from my Akashic Records (recording)

Your Question Answered

The Pinnacle have said that we cannot cut ties with those we have soul ties with but then you taught us about cord cutting. How does this work? Can we safely cut cords? 

Show Notes

Jun 22, 2020
Fire Season: The Solstice Episode

“The Summer Solstice, the season of Fire, is activating purpose, passion and personal power.”

episode 25

We are living in a time of intense polarity. We are in between the Old World and the New World and we’re being asked to integrate activations, change, Lessons and to literally rise up as our true, compassionate selves quicker than ever before. This is all happening on time, on purpose and the energy is on your side to support you. Today I’m talking all about the upcoming Solstice, which welcomes the energetic season of Fire, and how you can use this energy to activate your purpose, passion and personal power.

Topics Discussed

  • Summer Solstice begins the energetic season of Fire

  • a powerful (and easy) energetic healing you can do for yourself

  • reminder: the importance of energetic boundaries, managing your energy and self-care

  • upcoming Mercury Retrograde & New Moon Solar Eclipse

  • do not deny yourself of your activations

  • what Fire season means for you and how you can grow throughout the next few months

  • the importance of shadow work

Your Question Answered

If we ask for guidance from the Pinnacle, we aren’t asking ourselves for guidance, are we? Should we be trying to channel our own Higher self or is that the same thing? 

Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE or BELIEVEPLAN at checkout for 22% off)
Earth Line Activation: Summer Solstice Workshop
@alnwithin on Instagram
IGTV Replay: Spiritual Growth in Unity with Jocelyn Reid 
Purnima Chaudhari, AyuRevive Ayurveda

Jun 15, 2020
Open Your Heart, It’s Being Activated

“The change must begin with you.”

episode 24

I went in my Akashic Records on Friday, June 5th under the Full Strawberry Moon and was shown the most beautiful image. I saw dozens of outlines of humans, almost like holographs, with their chakras lighting up one by one. The Pinnacle explained that over the past week, the collective received a heart activation. In this episode I share more about what that means for me, what it can mean for you and how we are being called to act in the New Paradigm of Spirituality.

Topics Discussed

  • a teaching from the Pinnacle on the bright energy in our hearts

  • what I learned in my own Records on the night of the Full Moon, Partial Eclipse

  • what it means to take your power back

  • this is a heart activation moment

  • a statement I made in last week’s episode that I wish to correct

  • how I turned shame and fear into gratitude this past week

  • my new understanding of what the Pinnacle meant when they said “Heal the Land” on Dec 25/19 (story from ep. 2)

  • the change must begin with you, as is the micro as is the macro

  • in order to make change in your life and the world, you must take action on the messages you receive

  • a challenge I present to you

Your Question Answered:

How do we talk about inner peace and privilege? 

Show Notes

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ep. 2: Heal the Land: Lessons on our Earth Activation
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Jun 08, 2020
JUNE: Lesson from the Records & Introducing the Prayer of the New World

“How can you light up in the dark? This will look different for everyone and this is a beautiful thing.” 

episode 23

On April 30, 2020 I went in my Akashic Records to ask the Pinnacle for an exercise to include in one of the chapter’s in my book. As soon as I opened the Records, they said “don’t worry about the exercise, we have a new prayer that we want to share with you. We want to give this to you, this is the reason you’re here today.”
And so along with the very beautiful and perfectly timed Lesson from the Records for June, I am honoured to introduce you to this prayer today, I have used it to channel the Lesson.  It is beautiful, grounding and spoken in words that all can relate to as they are words of connection and a voice of the New World. Celebrating unity and togetherness, wisdom and greatness. This is the Prayer of the New World.

Topics Discussed

  • channeled Lesson for the month of June

  • the many waves of the virus of fear and acknowledging the ways we need to change

  • what it means to Live in the Line

  • introducing the Prayer of the New World

  • the new frequency on our planet

  • How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle course UPDATED with the New Prayer and instruction and to celebrate, our Sale is extended until (at least) August 1st

  • a recorded testimony from a student of our course

  • the important dates in June to know (take notes!)

  • how to support your physical body through Universal Activations (and why you get headaches during high energetic times)

  • how to use your energy to purify your water if you don’t have a filtration system

  • why I’m taking break from giving Akashic Record readings in June & July

  • upcoming Solstice and entering the energetic season of FIRE (taking your power back)

  • how can you integrate the June Lesson?


Show Notes

Jun 01, 2020
The Key to This Evolution is Trust (Evolving From 3D to 5D)

“Inner peace is your most valuable asset.”

episode 22

This episode is so beautiful. I felt as though as I was speaking, the words were just flowing through my mouth as messages for you to receive from above. And of course, it's episode number 22! Trusting yourself is key to the energetic evolution we can experience right now, elevating from a 3D reality to a 5D reality and your self-trust lies on the other side of your resistance. In this episode, I share how I have found peace, how you can find peace and how the energy of the season will support you throughout it.

Topics Discussed

  • how to stretch time and make it last longer 

  • our episode transcriptions are up to date!

  • I had my Records opened for the first time by someone else

  • energy update for the moment

  • we took possession of our house, were greeted by eagles and the learnings I received from the day

  • feeling neutrality in high moments and low moments

  • take action on messages that don’t make sense

  • the key ingredient for our evolution is trust

  • evolving from 3D to 5D

  • how to begin trusting yourself

  • inner peace is your most valuable asset

  • how I surrendered to myself and why this home is such an important part of my journey

  • Venus Retrograde and the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle

Your Question Answered

How do you juggle being a full time mom and a successful business owner and sill being balanced and enjoying your life? 

Show Notes

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Clear the Line: Gain Clarity
Clear the Line: Live in the Line

May 25, 2020
MAY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

Use your wings to fly, you are not meant to be the same.

episode 19

This may be one of the most beautiful, loving, light but still deeply enriching Lessons from the Records I’ve ever channeled. I feel a new energy this month. It feels light, purposeful, transformative (the theme!) and full of possibility. We can create this reality for ourselves, it’s here for the taking for absolutely everyone. I hope you receive the same love listening to this I put into creating it.

…and May the 4th be with you.


Topics Discussed

  • the channeled Lesson from the Records for May
  • where you put your energy ($$) you will receive it back

  • we are still in Earth season, energetically, the season of deep transformation and growth

  • the eclipse season energy portal opens this month on May 22 with the New Moon in Gemini

  • my astrological chart signs (a FAQ by you)

  • questions to ask yourself to deepen your transformation

  • how I’m transforming this month

  • an energetic theme I noticed in the news (after not looking at it for weeks)

  • tell yourself a new story


Show Notes

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Your Self-Isolation Can Be Your Self-Transformation with Leslie Galbraith
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A Line Within Soul Circle Cities

May 04, 2020
How to Press Play When the World is Paused

episode 18

“This is an overall awareness of how you’re moving through the world and how you’re allowing yourself to grow and elevate from the experience you’re currently in.”

How you perceive the world is a direct reflection of how you’re managing your energy and your connection to the guidance you’re receiving through the Line. ⁣Even though we exist in a world of polarity, we can be energetically neutral throughout every experience, still feeling everything but not being thrown off balance. It is from this place that while the world may feel like it’s on pause, you’re able to press play on creating your future.

Topics Discussed

  • we are hiring! 
  • do you need a prayer to enter your Akashic Record?
  • a story from one of the first times I remember astral traveling
  • working with the Akashic Records will strengthen your intuitive abilities and gifts
  • this is the time to create the vision for your future
  • how the energetic Threshold in you works
  • how you can work with your Threshold and manage your energy
  • what is the Middle Space and how does it support you?
  • an inspiring message from Carina Jones, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Wellness & Healing Coach & survivor of COVID

Your Question Answered

What does the Pinnacle say about astrology and our life paths? Do we all have a predetermined life path that can be seen in a birth chart even though we can make our own choices?

Show Notes

Apr 27, 2020
Your Self-Isolation Can Be Your Self-Transformation with Leslie Galbraith

“Even though we’re in lockdown, we’re having a vision for the future.”

episode 17

I couldn’t be more excited to share this episode with you, the first guest episode on The Line, with my dear friend, soul sister and talented astrologer, Leslie Galbraith. Many of you may know Leslie from my previous podcast, MANIFEST THIS, but if you’ve never met her before, you’re in for a treat! In this episode, she and I talk about how during this time when it may feel like you have no rights, you’re actually being provided with the most beautiful opportunity to create, transform and take your power back. We also touch on subjects like the global vaccine, fear and Leslie explains how this time lines up in astrology, what’s to come and how to prepare. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • we are living through a unifying event and everyone has an incredible amount of power during this time
  • sacred distancing vs. social distancing
  • what the Pinnacle have said about the global vaccine
  • as we evolve, technology evolves (this needs to happen)
  • dropping labels and seeing each other as HUMAN
  • when we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us
  • why the “shock” of this energy has subsided
  • Saturn is moving into Aquarius this year, and what this means for us
  • important dates for you to know
  • now is the time to create your vision for the future
  • new paradigm spirituality is self-awareness
  • why 4/4 was important in astrology and what it means going forward
  • this is the TIME to expand your personal power
  • don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the media
  • how to prepare for the upcoming Venus retrograde 

Your Question Answered

Why are we learning lessons? Where do the souls reside after they’ve learned the lessons and how are they going to be applied? 


Show Notes

Apr 20, 2020
APRIL: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Stop looking outside and go within. That’s where you find peace and that’s where freedom begins.”
episode 14

It is not a coincidence that I recorded this podcast on April 4, 2020 (444) and that it’s the 14th episode. The moment I noticed that, my heart filled with warmth and reassurance. The Pinnacle/Pleiadians communicate with us through the number 4 with messages that we’re not alone, we own our energy, we’re okay, everything is happening as it needs to and to have faith and trust in love. They share that transformation happens in a sequence of 4 and that the natural world mirrors this to us with four seasons of change. This month feels very important with an opportunity to pivot in regards to how we manage our energy and how we navigate through this COVID-19 situation and how we can use the energy to create transformation within ourselves on a micro level to create macro change.

Topics Discussed

  • Lesson from the Records for April
  • questions to ask yourself during this time of reflection
  • triggers & the mirror
  • are you aware of where you’re putting your energy? 
  • a Light Language translation that the Pinnacle asked me to include in this episode
  • making new decisions and creating new patterns to create change
  • what it means to live a Life in the Line
  • holding onto love throughout this time
  • is currency going digital?
  • how you can integrate the Lesson this month
  • how to surrender (your question answered)
  • making peace with acceptance
  • the medicine we’re receiving from eagles lately
  • how to remain present
  • FREE OFFERING: The Line & Your Physical Health NOW AVAILABLE
  • why we’re seeing rainbows everywhere and what they means
  • a really wonderful thing that happened to our family on 444 (and how I’m integrating the Lesson) 

Show Notes

Apr 06, 2020
The Pinnacle on Lyme Disease & the Healing Energetics of COVID-19

“This can be a time of miracles” 

episode 13

I am so excited to share today’s episode with you because I finally understand the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle. Everything in the physical realm has a polarity and today I’m sharing the healing energetics of COVID-19. The Pinnacle have shared how the energy of this pandemic can also create miracles. I hope this information brings you comfort and light during this time.

Topics Discussed

  • the unfiltered Quarantine life
  • why COVID-19 comes in waves for the next two years
  • when it clears up and when it returns for the second wave
  • power exists on the other side of panic
  • how we know the old world religion is shifting
  • those who have passed away from the virus are opening the door to a global elevated consciousness, give gratitude
  • the polarity of the COVID-19 pandemic, illness & healing
  • my new understanding of the 2012 - 2020 Completion cycle
  •  how to heal during this time
  • we are all connected right now
  • removing shame around your illness and healing journey
  • eating disorders and “clean eating” triggers
  • this is a time of great, deep healing
  • how I’m healing during this time
  • the importance of water during this time (and always)

Your Question Answered

Does addiction have a function spiritually and how to we face it in ourselves or in someone we love?

Show Notes

Mar 30, 2020
The Pinnacle on Coronavirus, More on Jesus & a Light Language Message

“Energetic boundaries are your survival guide in the New Paradigm.”


episode 10

A lot has happened since we last connected here, only a week ago. On Thursday, March 5, 2020 I went in the Records and found myself in The Pleiades, the star cluster I channel from. Here, I received a Light Language activation for the very first time. I was able to translate it and from it, I received true information about the Coronavirus. I also received more information about Jesus (from Jesus) and the New World we’re living in, 2020. I recorded the reading and included the clip of the Light Language towards the end of the episode so you too can receive the energetic activation. Inhale, exhale. This is a big episode, I’m forever changed by this experience and I hope it impacts you as well.

Topics Discussed

  • I travelled to The Pleiades while I was in the Akashic Records and it was the most incredible experience I’ve had in the Records thus far
  • I channeled Light Language for the first time and translated it
  • where our Highest Self energetically lives
  • everything we see is a mirror
  • the truth about the Coronavirus, according to the Pinnacle
  • the gift Kobe Bryant gave us as he transitioned and how it has forever changed us energetically 
  • the link between technology and elevated consciousness
  • traveling in time with social media (Cristiano Ronaldo and moth medicine - you won’t hear this anywhere else)
  • how to find peace and love rather than fear
  • energetic boundaries are your survival guide in the new paradigm
  • how the Pinnacle have said to eat 
  • the Bible isn’t how we read it (Noah’s Ark & viruses)
  • the church in the New Paradigm
  • a Line Activation looks like a prayer for a reason
  • your greatest guide is your Highest Self
  • the recording of me channeling Light Language

Your Question Answered:

”Do our moles hold information about our past lives?”

Show Notes

Mar 09, 2020
MARCH: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Create your life as a stage, you are the star.”


episode 9


I never know what’s going to come through when I sit down to channel the Lesson from the Records for the month. This was the first time that the Lesson really shook me. I lay awake for a few hours after channeling it because also, for the first time, I feel like it was speaking directly to me and some of the things I’m personally going through. The message inspires creativity, strength, courage and is perfectly fitting for the 2020 energy - we can no longer hide from ourselves. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • the Lesson from the Records for MARCH
  • a Divine message we received from a hummingbird
  • Mercury Retrograde blessings this month
  • we are entering the EARTH season, energetically
  • you cannot hide from yourself in this new decade, in this new paradigm 
  • how people pleasing is connected to chronic illness 
  • a lesson from the Pinnacle on guilt
  • am I enough?
  • how I’m integrating the Lesson this month
  • multidimensional Law of Attraction
  • an activity for you to use in your Line Activations this month to integrate the Lesson
  • my truth that I’m sharing with you

Show Notes

Mar 02, 2020
Jesus and The Line

"Whatever you believe about yourself, you project onto others."


episode 8


On February 17, 2020, the first day of Mercury Retrograde, I had a Marma treatment done. Marmas are my favourite kind of energy work to receive, I believe they’re the most powerful. Each one I’ve received has been equally transformational and the one I’m sharing today was as well — Jesus came. His energy was with me through the entire session and in this episode, I’m sharing the messages he asked me to pass on to you.

Topics Discussed

  • the first time Jesus came into an Akashic Record reading
  • the time I found out Jesus is a celestial being
  • the Divine invitation I received in my dream that led me to my most recent Marma
  • how Justin Bieber and the Pleiadians are connected to this story
  • the GIFT of being different
  • the moment I received a message from Jesus in my Marma treatment
  • the “broken glass” that was weighing on my heart
  • a message received about hard alcohol
  • the reason Jesus came through in my Marma and the BIG message he asked me to share
  • what I’ve channeled on “Christ Consciousness” from the Pinnacle
  • the conclusion I channeled  to the story I shared in The “Start Here” Episode about ‘100 doors are open…’

Your Question Answered

“What is the best possible way to earn money and thrive financially in this new paradigm?” 

Show Notes

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Purnima Chaudhari


Feb 24, 2020
FEBRUARY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

"This is a wake up call for our connection to our energetic body and our physical body."

episode 5

The message the Pinnacle delivered this month doesn't only apply to February but the future ahead, all time going forward. I've been receiving so many messages since the end of December 2019 about health, the current (and future) health crisis and how important it is for us to nurture our energetic/physical body connection. This message gave me chills, I'm honoured to share it with you. 

Topics Discussed

  • channeled Lesson from the Records for February
  • the Mercury Retrograde mantra you need to get into receiving mode
  • why we are entering into a major health crisis
  • the amazing ways energy is working with us in this paradigm
  • how to live in the Line with the intense 2020 energy
  • why you need to strengthen your connection and awareness of your physical and energetic bodies
  • an exercise you can do every day to build this awareness
  • a story from a reading I recently did about freeing yourself from fear
  • why people get sick
  • how I am integrating the Lesson
  • the winner of the January giveaway

Show Notes

Feb 03, 2020
Listen to Yourself First

"There's a very fine line between inspiration and straying from yourself."

episode 4

Over the past week I received so many messages, made so many connections and learned so much about my own energy and how to effectively use it not only for myself but also as a parent, it felt like the wisdom of seven weeks was packed into seven days. As always, I share what I’ve received in this episode with the intention of inspiring you to one thing: listen to yourself first.

Topics Discussed

  • how the Pinnacle brought me a book deal (I’m writing a book!)
  • how I experience astral travel & how you can do it, too
  • are we buying the house?
  • you are your only competition
  • the very fine line between external inspiration and straying from yourself
  • a message I received about astrology and our charts
  • respecting the journey of others
  • spirituality is self-awareness
  • everything is always changing and you can, too
  • digestion and the energetic body (another message from the Pinnacle on personal health)
  • Q&A: what is deja-vu?

Show Notes

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Jan 27, 2020
Heal the Land - Lessons on our Earth Activation

"Earth is our Life Force. Water is our Creator. 

episode 2

I couldn't have predicted the messages I'm now sharing if I tried to. We are only two weeks into this year and already I can feel how much our energy has shifted and quickly it moves. In this episode I share about a recent experience I had with multidimensional healing, further information on the 2012 - 2020 completion cycle and how the Pinnacle have said to live going forward. 

Topics Discussed

  •  is Eclipse season over?
  • a very sacred ceremony I experienced last week with the Sage spirit
  • an experience using my elevated frequency in a new way, for the first time
  • being patient and taking time allowing your gifts and abilities to unfold and develop
  • what happened after I opened the Records for the land I grew up on
  • visions and messages I’ve received from a past life I lived in Australia hundreds of years ago
  • the multidimensional healing I’m called to do
  • the importance of your connection to the Earth in receiving your messages through the Line
  • the 2012 - 2020 completion cycle
  • a message from the Pleiadians on health and Earth connection healing
  • have the Pinnacle ever said that being ‘vegan’ is the best way to live? 
  • a teaching about the whale 

    PLUS: Q&A at the end:
    “When you entered the Records for the first time, how did you know you were actually in? Did you experience self doubt?” 

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Blue Thunderbird Woman

Jan 13, 2020
JANUARY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

episode 1

I am so thrilled to share the first episode of The Line Podcast with you - a channeled teaching from the Akashic Records, from the Pinnacle for the month of January 2020. The energy was so powerful that I had to close the Records twice (you’ll hear this in the first half of the episode.) Towards the end, I also share some messages I received from the Pinnacle about the climate crisis.

Topics Covered

+ January giveaway to win the Clear the Line program and a 30 minute Akashic Record reading with me
+ January 2, 2020 astral traveling and how I saw my current life through another dimension
+ time is not linear, the multidimensional you
+ I experienced automatic writing for the first time, unexpectedly
+ an additional message I received on January 3 about the month
+ the freedom of self-expression
+ everything you want you’ve already experienced
+ we have been reborn into this decade
+ a message from the Pinnacle on the climate crisis

Show Notes

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Jan 06, 2020