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Join Dr. Chris Motley, Courtney Bursich, and Dr. Josh Axe as they explore nutrition, natural health, fitness and more with renowned special guests in the health and wellness industry on the Ancient Health Podcast. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and leave a review!

Episode Date
246: How Radical Responsibility for Our Health Changes Outcomes
Dec 01, 2023
245: Unveiling the Truth about Breast Implant Illness with Dr. Kevin Brenner
Nov 28, 2023
244: How Vibration Technology Can Help Regulate Our Nervous System with Dr. Dave Rabin
Nov 24, 2023
243. How to Become A Next Level Human with Dr. Jade Teta
Nov 21, 2023
242: Saunas Redefined - The Therapeutic Power of Infrared with Connie Zack
Nov 17, 2023
241: Practical Tips for Creating a Thrive State and Living Your Best Life with Dr. Kien Vuu
Nov 14, 2023
240: The Impact of Toxins in “Fatal Conveniences” with Darin Olien
Nov 10, 2023
239. Social (Media) Breakdown: How Our Digital Lives Impact Mental Health and Daily Practices to Change Your Brain With Dr. Daniel Amen
Nov 07, 2023
238: Exploring the Connection Between Lymphatics and Chronic Disease with Dr. Perry Nickelston
Nov 03, 2023
237: The Mind-Body Connection in German New Medicine with Dr. Melissa Sell
Oct 31, 2023
236. Macro Mastery: Optimizing Nutrition for Women's Health and Hormonal Balance with Josh Kreifels
Oct 27, 2023
235: Longevity Medicine, Bio-Individual Nutrition, and Building A Personalized Approach To Your Health With Kayla Barnes
Oct 24, 2023
234: Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Chronic Candida Infections with Dr. Motley
Oct 20, 2023
233: Finding Solutions For Hormonal Imbalance and Fertility Challenges With Dr. Natalie Underberg
Oct 17, 2023
232. “Eat To Treat” Unlocking the Secrets of a Healthier Lifestyle with Maggie Berghoff
Oct 13, 2023
231: How to Use Functional Lab Testing To Help Improve Health Outcomes With Dr. Kate Henry from Rupa Health
Oct 10, 2023
230: How to Take a Holistic Approach to Hormones and Wellness with Dr. Axe and Dr. Taz Bhatia
Oct 06, 2023
229. The Big 5 Lab Tests, Interpreting Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and Importance of Building Resiliency with Dr. Stephen Cabral
Oct 03, 2023
228: Healing the Heart and Finding Direction
Sep 29, 2023
227: Ulrich Dempfle On Maximizing Your Workouts With The Power of Re-HIIT Training
Sep 26, 2023
226. What Does the Term “Natural Flavors” Actually Mean?
Sep 22, 2023
225. The Impact of Toxicities on Hormonal Balance with Dr. Mindy Pelz
Sep 19, 2023
224: Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers: Exploring the Frequencies of Fabrics
Sep 15, 2023
223: Diving into Complicated Cases of Gut Health, Hormones, and Allergies with Isabel Smith
Sep 12, 2023
222: German New Medicine: A New Way Of Thinking
Sep 08, 2023
221: Busting Myths and Sharing the Truth about Agriculture with Tara Vander Dussen and Natalie Kovarik
Sep 05, 2023
220: How Fear Affects the Kidneys and Bladder in Chinese Medicine
Sep 01, 2023
219. Pasture Power: Exploring the Benefits of Grass-Fed Animal Products with Autumn Smith from PaleoValley
Aug 29, 2023
218. In the News: Is Fasting Disrupting Your Hormones?
Aug 25, 2023
217. Ageless Beauty: A Holistic Approach to Your Skincare Regimen with Nadine Artemis
Aug 22, 2023
216. Do Bloodshot Eyes Have a Deeper Implication For Your Health?
Aug 18, 2023
215. Harnessing Saffron's Power: A Natural Remedy for Depression with Nikki Bostwick
Aug 15, 2023
214. The Truth About Semaglutide: Ozempic Review
Aug 11, 2023
213. Consent to Toxins: The Politics of Breast Implants with Amanda Porta and Robyn Towt
Aug 08, 2023
212. In The News: Aspartame’s New Classification as a Possible Carcinogen
Aug 04, 2023
211. Melatonin: The Miracle Molecule with Dr. John Lieurance
Aug 01, 2023
210. The Power of Placebo: Overcoming disease Through Mindset Medicine with Dr. Josh Axe
Jul 28, 2023
209. The Dirty Truths of Wine Farming and Best Practices for Consuming with Todd White
Jul 25, 2023
208: Can Tattoo Ink Affect the Lymphatic System?
Jul 21, 2023
207. The Impact of Stress Beyond Your Physiology with Dr. Erin Kinney
Jul 18, 2023
206: The First 40 Days According to TCM: Nourishing Traditions Postpartum
Jul 14, 2023
205: Pediatric Dentistry: Red Flags, Preventive Care and the Non Negotiables for Your Child’s Next Visit with Dr. Staci Whitman
Jul 11, 2023
204. Deep Dive: Is Lyme’s Disease Transmissible?
Jul 07, 2023
203. Beings of Light: How Different Forms of Light Impact Our Hormones, Mood, and Metabolism with Matt Maruca
Jul 04, 2023
202. In the News: Should You Be Taking Melatonin as a Sleep Aid?
Jun 30, 2023
201. Fueling the Mind: Nourishing Solutions for Anxiety with Ali Miller RD
Jun 27, 2023
200: In the News: The Truth About Folic Acid as a Prenatal
Jun 23, 2023
199. How To Break The Cycle Of Drama With Dr. Scott Lyons
Jun 20, 2023
198. Histamines + the Liver, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, High Histamine Foods to Avoid
Jun 16, 2023
197. EMF, Cell Danger Response, and shielding your body from the inside out with Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein
Jun 13, 2023
196. Frequency Medicine Part 2: Understanding Energy Fields In The Body
Jun 09, 2023
195. The Energy Connection: How Sunlight Governs Circadian Rhythms, Mitochondria, and Hormonal Well-being with Dr. Amy Shah
Jun 06, 2023
194. TCM: The Spleen and Changing Seasons
Jun 02, 2023
193. The Healing Brain: Neuroplasticity and Emotional Healing with Ashleigh Di Lello
May 30, 2023
192: Deep Dive: The Role of Protein in Women's Hormones
May 26, 2023
191: The Power of the Vagus Nerve: Unlocking Your Body's Natural Healing Mechanism
May 23, 2023
190: Man's Best Microbiome Buddy—How Dogs Benefit Our Gut Health
May 19, 2023
189: Understanding Trauma Response, and Why It May Be Keeping You In A Stuck Pattern Of Symptoms and Disease with Dr. Aimie Apigian
May 16, 2023
188: Deep Dive: If Your Gallbladder Has Been Removed
May 12, 2023
187. Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity, Mineral Deficiencies, And Strategies To Improve Detoxification with Dr. Wendy Myers
May 09, 2023
186. Deep Dive: Navigating Anti-Nutrients and How To Prepare Meals for Optimal Digestion
May 05, 2023
185: Signs You Are Overtraining In The Gym and Simplified Ways To Gain Muscle + Burn Fat With Olympic Trainer Troy Taylor
May 02, 2023
184: A Chinese Medicine Approach To Parasite Infections in Children
Apr 28, 2023
183. When Infections Won’t Quit: The Sophisticated Design of Parasites And The Link To Your Emotional Health
Apr 25, 2023
182: How to Support Luteal Phase Deficiency with Bio-Identical Progesterone
Apr 21, 2023
181: Why Cancer Rates Are On The Rise, How To Raise Resilient Kids, And Practicing Emotional Attunement with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Apr 18, 2023
180: In The News: Lab Grown Meat
Apr 14, 2023
179: Epidemic of Nutrient Deficiencies, The Most Nutritious Foods, What’s for Dinner with Dr. Chris Kresser
Apr 11, 2023
178: The Power of Coffee: Using Enemas for Detoxification with Courtney Bursich
Apr 07, 2023
177: Symptoms of Mold Toxicity, Toxic Load & Infections, Self Love & Autoimmunity, and Healing Through Pain with Dr. Jill Carnahan
Apr 04, 2023
176: Frequency Medicine Simplified with Dr. Motley
Mar 31, 2023
175: Unconventional Therapies for Injuries, Stealth Infections, And Recovery With Dr. Noah Moos
Mar 28, 2023
174: The Dark Side of Non-Stick Cookware with Courtney Bursich
Mar 24, 2023
173: Parasympathetic Activation, Dirty Truths about Alcohol, And The Bidirectional Brain/ Gut Connection with Dr. Will Cole
Mar 21, 2023
172. Chinese Medicine Deep Dive: Healing Chronic UTI’s, Yeast infections and Kidney Deficiencies with Dr. Motley
Mar 17, 2023
171. Understanding Metabolic Disease and How to Prevent It with Food As Medicine with Maya Feller
Mar 14, 2023
170. Symptoms And Solutions For Gallbladder Health with Dr. Motley
Mar 10, 2023
169. Tackling Childhood Conditions: Chiropractic Care for Pediatric Neurological Disorders with Dr. Tony Ebel
Mar 07, 2023
168. Silicone, Saline, and Sickness: The Truth About Breast Implant Illness
Mar 03, 2023
167. Psychobiotics, Depression, and What Your Cravings Tell You About Your Microbiome with Dr. Amy Shah
Feb 28, 2023
166. Red vs. Near Infrared Light and Why Sunglasses are Blocking Healing Light Rays with Dr. Mike Belkowski
Feb 21, 2023
165. What’s Really Behind Your IBS, Crohns, Colitis, and Bloating with Dr. Motley
Feb 14, 2023
164. Why You’re Tired, Cell Danger Response, Caffeine and Your Brain, and Building Energy with Ari Whitten
Feb 07, 2023
163. The Four Seasons of Your Cycle, Optimizing Metabolism and Eating For Your Hormones
Feb 03, 2023
162. Longevity, Purpose, Inner Healing and Childhood Trauma With Jason Prall
Jan 31, 2023
161. How to Build Energy in the Body to Address Hidden Infections with Dr. Evan Hirsch
Jan 24, 2023
160. Organ Meats: Why We Should Consume Them and How To Incorporate Them with Chef James Barry
Jan 17, 2023
159. One of the Most Underrated Tools for Healing: Infrared Redlight Saunas with Robby Besner
Jan 10, 2023
158. Digging Beneath The Surface on Blood Work With Emily Morrow
Jan 03, 2023
157. Ancient Health Podcast Highlights: A Year in Review with Courtney Bursich and Dr. Chris Motley
Dec 27, 2022
156. Your Genetics: How They Affect Your Emotions, Anxiety, Depression & Immune Health with Dr. J Dunn
Dec 20, 2022
155. Pregnancy, Postpartum and What it Takes to Build a Healthy Home
Dec 13, 2022
154. Signs You May Have Leaky Gut and What to Do About it With Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Motley
Dec 06, 2022
153. The truth about fibromyalgia and practical ways to heal with Dr. Murphree
Nov 29, 2022
152. Underlying causes of lingering colds + How to support your body during flu season with Dr. Motley
Nov 15, 2022
151. Overcoming anxiety and life behind the scenes of Grammy award winning artist Brandon Lake
Nov 08, 2022
150. What You Really Need to Know About Oral Hygiene from a Chinese Medicine Perspective with Dr. Chris Motley
Nov 01, 2022
149. Are poor drainage and lymphatics the root cause of your disease with Dr. Perry Nickleston
Oct 25, 2022
148. Chronic Disease, Gluten Misconceptions, and Advocating for your Health with Dr. Peter Osborne
Oct 18, 2022
147. Understanding Breast Cancer, Genetics and Ayurvedic Herbs for Hormone Balance with Dr. Chris Motley
Oct 11, 2022
146. Iridology 101: What Your Eyes Say About Your Health with Nichole Hosein
Oct 04, 2022
145. Using Frequency Medicine to Identify Deficiencies & Disease in the Body with Dr. Milton E. Dowty
Sep 27, 2022
144. How to Build Metabolic Health for Optimal Brain Function with Brendan Vermiere
Sep 20, 2022
143. How Microbiome Levels Affect Your Overall Health with Kiran Krishman
Sep 13, 2022
142. Getting Clear on Who You Want to Be with Mimi Bouchard
Sep 06, 2022
141. Mental Health from a TCM Perspective with Dr. Chris Motley
Aug 30, 2022
140. Blending Meditation, Prayer, and Fitness with Todd McCullough
Aug 23, 2022
139. The Natural Powers of CBD with Mike and Angie Lee
Aug 16, 2022
138. Dr. Patrick Porter: How Brain Tapping Restores Energy, Ability, and Balance
Aug 09, 2022
137. Breaking Free from the Traps of Food Obsession with Mckel Hill
Aug 02, 2022
136. How Parasites, Mold, & Chemical Toxins can lead to Stealth Infections with Dr. Jaban Moore
Jul 26, 2022
135. Boosting Energy Production Through Diet and Mindset with Dr. Chris Motley
Jul 19, 2022
134. How Life Rhythms Help You Reach Your Best Potential with Rebekah Lyons
Jul 12, 2022
133. Maximizing your Life Through Mindset with Dr. Josh Axe and Jenna Kutcher
Jul 05, 2022
132. The Link Between Herbs and Cellular Health with Dr. Bill Rawls
Jun 28, 2022
131. How the Female Body is Impacted by Pelvic Floor Health with Caytlyn Dee
Jun 21, 2022
130. The Body's Mental Response to Trauma and How To Heal It with Dr. John Delony
Jun 14, 2022
129. How the Chinese Element Theory Can Heal and Feed Relationships with Dr. Chris Motley
Jun 07, 2022
128. Seasonal Eating, Fighting Allergies, and the Powers of Local Honey With Dr. Josh Axe
May 31, 2022
127. The Impacts of Regenerative Organic Agriculture with Jeff Tkach
May 24, 2022
126. Parasites and Mold: The Roots of Your Chronic Illness with Evan Brand
May 17, 2022
125. Optimizing Metabolism with your Element with Dr. Chris Motley
May 10, 2022
124. Embracing the Seasons of Motherhood with Dr. Chelsea Axe
May 03, 2022
123. The Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation and How To Combat It with Daniel DeBaun
Apr 26, 2022
122. The Dirty Reality of the Food Industry with Courtney Swan
Apr 19, 2022
121. The Difference Organic Wine Makes for Our Health and the Planet with Todd White
Apr 12, 2022
120. Metabolism Unlocked with Dr. Jade Teta
Apr 05, 2022
119. The Genius Kitchen with Max Lugavere
Mar 29, 2022
118. Healing Hormone Disruption with The Girlfriend Doctor
Mar 22, 2022
117. Toss the Toxic Cleaning Products with Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson
Mar 15, 2022
116. Uncovering the Root Causes of Skin Inflammation with Sophia Ruiz
Mar 08, 2022
115. The Power of Lymphatic Drainage for Immunity With Lisa Gainsley
Mar 01, 2022
114. Take A Deep Dive Into the 5 Chinese Elements with Dr. Motley
Feb 22, 2022
113. Practical Ways to Reduce Inflammation for Autoimmune Diseases with Dr. Donna Mazzola
Feb 15, 2022
112. An Alternative Approach to the Cancer Treatment Model with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Feb 08, 2022
111. Oral Health Through the Lens of a Biological Dentist with Dr. Kelly Blodgett
Feb 01, 2022
110. Find the Right Healing Superfoods for Your Health Goals
Jan 25, 2022
109. What To Expect Working With a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Jan 18, 2022
108. Welcome to the Ancient Health Podcast
Jan 11, 2022
107. Dr. Jordan Axe: A Deep Dive on Integrative Testing
Dec 21, 2021
106. Catharine Arnston: Unpacking Algae as the Next Big Superfood
Dec 07, 2021
105. Charity Morgan: Could the Vegan Diet Be Right for You?
Dec 02, 2021
104. Dr. Lara Briden: A Natural Perspective on Hormonal Health
Nov 30, 2021
103. Ken Coleman: From Paycheck To Purpose
Nov 23, 2021
102: Ryland Engelhart: Discovering Gratitude & Hope Through Regenerative Agriculture
Nov 16, 2021
101. Dr. Amy Shah: Unlock Your Health Potential with Intermittent Fasting, Sleep & More
Nov 09, 2021
100. Jesse Golden: Choosing to Thrive with a Chronic Illness
Nov 02, 2021
99. Dr. Gerald Lemole: Is Your Lymphatic System a Key Factor in Longevity?
Oct 28, 2021
98. Celeste Thomas: A Holistic Approach to Skincare
Oct 26, 2021
97. Dr. Dana Cohen: Myths & Truths About Hydration
Oct 19, 2021
96. Harpreet Rai: Upgrade Your Sleep, Immunity & More with OURA
Oct 12, 2021
95. Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Exploring a Hidden Cause of Aging and Chronic Disease
Oct 05, 2021
94. Dr. Casen DeMaria: Breaking Down Breast Thermography and Its Benefits
Sep 28, 2021
93. Dr. Taz Bhatia: Integrative Medicine and The Power Types of Women
Sep 21, 2021
92. Aimee Raupp: How to Support Your Fertility Naturally
Sep 14, 2021
91. Dr. Eric Zielinski: Using Essential Oils to Heal Physically and Emotionally
Sep 07, 2021
90. Dr. Mark Stengler: Exploring Cancer Root Causes and Effective Treatments
Aug 31, 2021
89. Ryann Kipping: What To Eat Before, During and After Pregnancy
Aug 24, 2021
88. LeAnn Rimes: Reducing Ego Interference and Embracing Vulnerability
Aug 17, 2021
87. Dr. Bob Demaria: Drugless Approaches to Hormone Balance and Mental Health
Aug 10, 2021
86. Dr. Michael Ruscio: How to Find the Right Diet for YOUR Gut
Aug 03, 2021
85. Dr. Robin Berzin: How To Get Personalized, Holistic Medical Care
Jul 27, 2021
84. Doug Evans: The Transformative Power of Plants
Jul 20, 2021
83. Dr. Zach Bush: How Soil Health Impacts Human Health
Jul 13, 2021
82. Dr. Shayna Peter: What Your Skin Is Telling You About Your Internal Health
Jul 06, 2021
81. Dr. Caroline Leaf: 5 Steps to Manage Your Mind
Jun 29, 2021
80. Dr. Alejandro Junger: Using Functional Medicine and Regenerative Agriculture for Biotransformation
Jun 22, 2021
79. Dr. Tricia Pingel: How to Heal Your Adrenal Glands, Reduce Stress & Increase Energy
Jun 15, 2021
78. From Midwife to Physician: Exploring Women's Health with Dr. Aviva Romm
Jun 08, 2021
77. Naomi Whittel: Top Tips for Anti-Aging and the Next Big Superfoods
Jun 01, 2021
76. Dr. Jockers: Who Should and Shouldn't Do Intermittent Fasting
May 25, 2021
75. Dr. Motley: Why Do Some People Detoxify Better Than Others?
May 18, 2021
74. Dr. Michael Murray: How to Live Better, Stronger, and Longer with the Longevity Matrix
May 11, 2021
73. Dr. Dale Bredesen: Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for Alzheimer's, Dementia and Other Neurological Disease
May 04, 2021
72. Dr. Isaac Eliaz: The Effects of Toxin Exposure on Our Bodies
Apr 27, 2021
71. Ethan Suplee: Healthy Goal Setting and Developing a Consistent Process for Body Transformation
Apr 20, 2021
70. Jordan Rubin: Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrition & Climate Health
Apr 13, 2021
69. Gabby Reece: Establishing Family Values, Building Self Esteem and Learning Resilience
Apr 06, 2021
68. Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams: Learning to Listen to Your Body & Using Ayurvedic Doshas to Inform Lifestyle Choices
Mar 30, 2021
67. Dr. Steven Gundry: Understanding Energy Blockers and Getting to the Root Cause of Fatigue, Exhaustion, Brain Fog and More
Mar 23, 2021
66. Dr. Daniel Amen: How Your Body Uses Pain As A Warning Sign for Chronic Illness
Mar 16, 2021
65. Dr. Dan Sullivan: How Your Body Uses Pain as a Warning Sign for Chronic Illness
Mar 09, 2021
64. Dr. Motley: Heal Your Brain, Focus and Memory and Overcome ADHD, Depression, Dementia and More
Mar 02, 2021
63. Dr. Mark Hyman: The Pegan Diet and Using Food As Medicine to Boost Immunity
Feb 23, 2021
62. Dr. Will Cole: How Intermittent Fasting Activates Autophagy to Repair the Body From Within
Feb 16, 2021
61. Jillian Michaels: Establishing a Consistent Fitness Routine to Achieve Results
Feb 09, 2021
60. The Healing Power of Ancient Remedies for Autoimmune Disease, Cancer and More
Feb 02, 2021
59. Jordan Rubin: Ancient Superfoods, Herbs & Mushrooms
Jan 26, 2021
58. Dr. Chris Motley: Microbiome Transformation Killing Parasites, Viruses, Candida and More
Jan 19, 2021
57. Dr. Jordan Axe: The Functional Medicine Approach to Healing Thyroid & Autoimmune Conditions
Jan 12, 2021
56. Dr. Paul Saladino: Is the Carnivore Diet Healthy?
Jan 05, 2021
55. How Leaky Gut Causes Autoimmune Disease
Dec 29, 2020
54. Dr. Motley: Secrets to Heal Lyme Disease
Dec 22, 2020
53. Peter Crone: Changing Your Mindset to Experience True Freedom
Dec 15, 2020
52. Dr. David Minkoff: Root Causes and Treatments for Cancer and Autoimmune Conditions
Dec 08, 2020
51. Emily Abbate: Setting Small Steps to Achieve Goals
Dec 02, 2020
50. Dr. Terry Wahls: Reversing Autoimmune Disease with a Nutrient-Dense Diet & Mindfulness Practices
Nov 24, 2020
49. Brendan Brazier: Alcohol, Adaptogens and the Importance of Proper Recovery
Nov 17, 2020
48. Jason Tebeau: Infrared Light, Magnetic, and Oxygen Therapies for Advanced Healing
Nov 10, 2020
47. Alejandro Junger: Detoxification to Repair Inflammation and Disease in the Body
Nov 03, 2020
46. Rebecca Louise: Building a Healthy Body Composition Through Proper Nutrition and Exercise
Oct 27, 2020
45. Vani Hari: Common Chemicals the Food Industry Is Hiding In Your Kitchen
Oct 20, 2020
44. Dr. Bonni Goldstein: Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Compounds
Oct 13, 2020
43. David Sinclair: Activating Longevity Pathways to Slow Aging
Oct 06, 2020
42. Dallas Hartwig: Slowing Down and Taking a Seasonal Approach to Physical & Emotional Wellness
Sep 29, 2020
41. Dr. Mark Burhenne: Functional Dentistry & Optimizing the Oral Microbiome
Sep 22, 2020
40. Jeff Tkach: Eating Our Way Out of Climate Change
Sep 15, 2020
39. Dr. Motley: How Your Enneagram Type Affects Your Physical Health
Sep 08, 2020
38. Dr. James Leiber: Relieving Pain and Increasing Function With Stem Cell Therapy & PRP
Sep 01, 2020
37. Robb Wolf: Why Calories Don’t Matter, Circadian Biology, and Regenerative Farming
Aug 25, 2020
36. Dr. Uma Naidoo: Improving Your Mood With Food
Aug 18, 2020
35. Dr. Jack Wolfson: Saturated Fat for Heart Health and Choosing a Paleo Lifestyle Over Pills & Procedures
Aug 11, 2020
34. Abel James: Developing a Motivation Mindset to Reclaim Physical & Emotional Health
Aug 04, 2020
33. Valerie Agyeman: Encouraging Diversity and Empowering Women in Health & Wellness
Jul 28, 2020
32. Dr. Ghannoum: Feeding Your Microbiome to Achieve Gut Balance
Jul 21, 2020
31. Chalene Johnson: Overcoming Orthorexia and Creating a Balanced Life Through Food Freedom
Jul 14, 2020
30. Melissa Urban: The Whole30 Approach to Ease Inflammation, Increase Energy and Improve Sleep
Jul 07, 2020
29. Dr. William Li: Eating to Beat Disease
Jun 30, 2020
28. Natalie Jill: Creating a Vision to Achieve Nutrition and Fitness Goals
Jun 23, 2020
27. Naomi Whittel: How to Slow Aging by Activating Autophagy
Jun 16, 2020
26. Joy Bauer: Nutrition Tips and Recipes to Boost Immunity and Suppress Stress
Jun 09, 2020
25. Dr. Anna Cabeca: Balancing Stress Hormones with Superfoods and Mindfulness Practices
Jun 02, 2020
24. MoveU: Using Functional Movement to Rehabilitate Injuries and Build Strength
May 26, 2020
23. Dr. Daniel Amen: How Nutrition Impacts Brain Development and Mental Health
May 19, 2020
22. Jillian Michaels: Back to Basics for Fitness & Nutrition
May 12, 2020
21. Dr. Amy Myers: Healing Candida Overgrowth and SIBO
May 05, 2020
20. Can Your Body Kill a Virus?
Apr 28, 2020
19. Kelly LeVeque: Creating a Healthy Relationship With Food
Apr 21, 2020
18. Jordan Rubin: Overcoming Chronic Illness With Soil-Based Organism Probiotics
Apr 14, 2020
17. Dr. Caroline Leaf: Healing Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Apr 07, 2020
16. Ben Greenfield: Creating Routines for Optimal Health and Happiness
Mar 31, 2020
15. Dr. Alejandro Junger: Healing Your Body Naturally
Mar 24, 2020
14. Raising a Family, Home Births, and Pregnancy Tips with Genevieve Howland from Mama Natural
Mar 17, 2020
13. Max Lugavere: Circadian Biology, Body Temperature, and Other Unexpected Health Hacks
Mar 10, 2020
12. Dr. Will Cole: Inflammation and the Gut/Brain Connection
Mar 04, 2020
11. Dr. David Perlmutter: How Lifestyle Impacts Your Decision Making Ability
Feb 25, 2020
10. Essential Oils Benefits, Uses, and History
Feb 18, 2020
9. Dr. Mercola: EMF Radiation, Time-Restricted Eating, and Supplements
Feb 11, 2020
8. How Your Zodiac Sign Impacts Nutritional Needs with Dr. Motley
Feb 04, 2020
7. What Really Works: Wellness and Goal Setting with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential
Jan 28, 2020
6. How to Strengthen Your Immune System for Short and Long Term Health
Jan 21, 2020
5. Dr. Megan Rossi: Diving Into Gut Health
Jan 14, 2020
2. Traditional Chinese Method for Building Health
Jan 07, 2020
3. Overcoming Toxic Emotions and The Latest Health Trends with Krista & Lindsey from Almost 30
Jan 07, 2020
4. Dr. Alex Loyd: Using Memories to Heal Your Mental and Physical State
Jan 07, 2020
1. Dr. Oz: Top Healing Foods & Personal Diet
Jan 07, 2020