Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

By Stanford GSB

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Join Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of Strategic Communication at Stanford Graduate School of Business, as he sits down with experts in the field to discuss real-world challenges.

How do I send my message clearly when put on the spot? How do I write emails to get my point across? How can I easily convey complex information? How do I manage my reputation? Whether you’re giving a toast or presenting in a meeting, communication is critical to success in business and in life.

Think Fast, Talk Smart provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively.

Episode Date
117. Say It, See It: How to Connect Through Conversation
Nov 28, 2023
116. Quick Thinks: Don't Sweat the Small Talk
Nov 21, 2023
115. Best of: How We Set and Achieve Goals
Nov 14, 2023
114. Communication Means Paying Attention: The Four Pillars of Active Listening
Nov 07, 2023
113. Missing Something? How to Kick FOMO with Conscious Decision-Making
Oct 31, 2023
112. From Mistakes to "Missed Takes"
Oct 24, 2023
111. Best Of: How to Spark Creativity in Your Communication
Oct 16, 2023
110. Write It Well: How to Craft an Email to Capture Busy Readers
Oct 10, 2023
109. Simplify! How to Communicate Complex Ideas Simply and Effectively
Oct 03, 2023
108. All In: How Improv Helps You Show Up and Communicate Well
Sep 26, 2023
107. Think Faster, Talk Smarter: How to Speak Successfully When You're Put on the Spot
Sep 19, 2023
106. Best Of: Using Skills From Improv to Master Your In-The-Moment Communication
Sep 12, 2023
105. Radical Candor: The Communication Shift That Can Transform Your Career
Sep 05, 2023
104. How to Change: Building Better Habits and Behaviors (And Getting Out of Your Own Way)
Aug 29, 2023
103. Simple Is a Superpower: How to Communicate Any Idea to Any Audience
Aug 22, 2023
102. Create a Presence: How to Communicate in a Way Others Can Feel
Aug 15, 2023
101. We Belong Together: How Communication Fuels Connection and Community
Aug 08, 2023
100. Shut Up! How to Communicate Better by Talking Less
Aug 01, 2023
99. Best of: How to Handle Challenging Conversations
Jul 25, 2023
98. Give It to Me Straight: How to Give Honest, Constructive Feedback
Jul 18, 2023
97. No Rules, No Trust: How Accountability Shapes Communication
Jul 11, 2023
96. Rock and Role: How Assigning Gender to Inanimate Objects Influences Us
Jun 27, 2023
95. The Power of No: How Boundaries Help Us Live More Empowered Lives
Jun 20, 2023
94. LEADing ideas: Research-Backed Tips and Tools from Four Stanford Professors
Jun 13, 2023
93. All the Feels: The Personal and Professional Power of Emotional Awareness
Jun 06, 2023
92. No Regrets: How to Take Risks in Your Communication, Relationships, and Career
May 30, 2023
91. Um, like, so: How Filler Words Can Create More Connected, Effective Communication
May 23, 2023
90. Best of: Brains Love Stories – How Leveraging Neuroscience Can Capture People’s Emotions
May 16, 2023
89. Listen, Listen, Listen: How to Build Deep Connections
May 09, 2023
88. Best of: Leading From Home – How to Create the Right Environment for Communication
May 02, 2023
87. Know What You’re Saying: How Communicating Tests Our Understanding
Apr 25, 2023
86. Building Habits: The Key to Lasting Behavior Change
Apr 18, 2023
85. Best of: Don't Get Lost in Translation
Apr 11, 2023
84. Quick Thinks: How Others Define Us
Apr 04, 2023
83. You Need a Manifesto: How to Communicate Your Convictions
Mar 28, 2023
82. It’s Not About You: Why Effective Communicators Put Others First
Mar 21, 2023
81. Fact or Fiction? How to Communicate When We Hold Different Beliefs
Mar 14, 2023
80. Magic Words: Change What You Say to Inspire and Influence Others
Mar 08, 2023
79. Equity by Design: How Diversity Ignites Creativity
Feb 28, 2023
78. Three Guiding Principles for Successful Communication
Feb 14, 2023
77. Quick Thinks: AI Has Entered The Chat – A "Conversation" with ChatGPT
Feb 07, 2023
Think Fast, Talk Smart: The Podcast | Season 4 Trailer
Feb 01, 2023
76. Change My Mind: Using “Pre-suasion” to Influence Others
Jan 24, 2023
75. Love & Money: How to Talk About Big Decisions Together
Jan 10, 2023
74. Best Of: How Emotion Shapes Our Communication, Decisions, and Experiences
Dec 20, 2022
73. Listen Up: Why It’s Better to Be Interested than Interesting
Dec 06, 2022
72. Quick Thinks: Talk It Out – How to Successfully Negotiate and Resolve Conflict
Nov 22, 2022
71. Strategy Success: How to Communicate Your Gameplan
Nov 08, 2022
70. Ideas Fuel Innovation: Why Your First Ideas Aren’t Always the Best
Oct 25, 2022
69. Feeling Nervous? How Anxiety Can Fuel Better Communication
Oct 11, 2022
68. Directive vs. Dialogue: Communicating Better as a Leader
Sep 27, 2022
67. What Is Normal? How Culture Affects Communication Styles
Sep 13, 2022
66. Best Of: Lessons from Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman to Help You Hack your Speaking Anxiety
Aug 30, 2022
65. Ties That Bind: Why Remote and Hybrid Teams Need the Right Connection
Aug 16, 2022
64. Best of: Techniques for Managing Your Reputation
Aug 02, 2022
63. Cheap Talk: What Economics Has to Say About Communication
Jul 18, 2022
62. Best Of: Summer Learning Series, How Humor Can Be a Secret Weapon in Communication
Jul 05, 2022
61. Courage, Ambiguity, Belonging and Data: How to Design Your Communication for Success
Jun 21, 2022
60. Communicating Uncertainty: How to Connect With Your Audience, Even When The Answers Aren’t Clear
Jun 07, 2022
59. From Dreaming to Doing: How We Set and Achieve Goals
May 24, 2022
58. Forgiveness: How the Right Communication Repairs Relationships
May 10, 2022
57. Are You Listening?: How to Stay Open and Curious to Other People’s Ideas
Apr 26, 2022
56. Lean Messaging: How Simple Messages Really Stick
Apr 12, 2022
55. Ideas & Empathy: How to Design and Communicate with Others in Mind
Mar 29, 2022
54. Leadership and Ethics: How to Communicate Your Core Values
Mar 15, 2022
53. Step Up and Stand Out: How to Create the Right Environment for Communication
Mar 01, 2022
52. Communicating Our Mistakes: How to Avoid Common Flaws and Make Better Decisions
Feb 16, 2022
51. We Asked, You Answered: Celebrating our 50th Episode with your Anxiety Management Plans
Feb 10, 2022
50. Telling Good Stories: How to Use the Elements of Narrative to Keep Listeners Engaged
Feb 02, 2022
49. Make Numbers Count: How to Communicate Data Effectively
Jan 18, 2022
48. Speaking Up Without Freaking Out: How to Tackle Communication Anxiety
Jan 05, 2022
47. Quick Thinks: How to Use Storytelling to Be a Better Founder
Dec 14, 2021
46. Stay Creative: How to Keep Your Ideas Fresh and Practical
Dec 03, 2021
45. Recipes From the “Communication Kitchen”: How to Handle Three Common Challenges This Holiday Season
Nov 18, 2021
44. Act Like a Leader: How Lessons From The Theater Can Help You Step into Power
Nov 11, 2021
43. Get Psyched: How Time and Situations Shape Our Communication
Oct 28, 2021
42. Space, Pace, and Grace: How to Handle Challenging Conversations
Oct 15, 2021
41. Speak like a Founder: How Successful Entrepreneurs Communicate to Their Teams
Sep 30, 2021
40. Mindset Matters: How to Embrace the Benefits of Stress
Sep 16, 2021
39. Brains Love Stories: How Leveraging Neuroscience Can Capture People's Emotions
Sep 02, 2021
38. The New Normal: How Hybrid Work Actually Works
Aug 19, 2021
37. Be Better: How Communication Catalyzes Business Transformation
Aug 05, 2021
36. Perfecting Teamwork: Building High-Performing Teams By Encouraging Learning
Jul 15, 2021
35. Leading From The Hot Seat: How To Communicate Under Pressure
Jun 25, 2021
34. How We Gain — Or Give Away — Authority While Speaking
Jun 03, 2021
33. Hacking your Speaking Anxiety: How Lessons from Neuroscience Can Help You Communicate Confidently.
May 13, 2021
32. Speech That Empowers: How to Encourage Growth and Resilience in a Younger Audience
Apr 22, 2021
31. Quick Thinks: How to Shine Online and Excel at Virtual Communication
Apr 16, 2021
30. Dissolve Disagreements: How Communication Impacts Conflict
Mar 31, 2021
29. Question Everything: Why Curiosity Is Communication’s Secret Weapon
Mar 11, 2021
28. Building Strong Relationships: How to Effectively Communicate in Your Professional and Personal Life
Feb 18, 2021
27. Psychology Trumps Technology: How to Be a Better Communicator on Social Media
Jan 28, 2021
26. Writing to Win: How to Quickly Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged
Jan 08, 2021
25. Quick Thinks: All Effective Communication Must Start With This
Dec 04, 2020
24. Feelings First: How emotion shapes our communication, decisions, and experiences
Nov 20, 2020
23. Look Within: How to Lead with Self Awareness and Vulnerability
Nov 06, 2020
22. Under Pressure: How to Communicate Clearly and Timely During a Crisis
Oct 22, 2020
21. Words Matter: How to Make Your Communication Inclusive
Oct 09, 2020
20. Question Your Questions: How to Spark Creativity in Your Communication
Sep 25, 2020
19. Showing Your Smile From Behind a Mask: How Culture and Emotion Impact Communication
Sep 11, 2020
18. Managing in the Moment: How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Aug 28, 2020
17. Think Fast: You Asked, We Answered
Aug 13, 2020
16. Quick Think: How to Craft Your Body Language When Confronting Objections
Jul 31, 2020
15. The Art of Negotiation: How to Get More of What You Want
Jul 16, 2020
14. Be Better At Work: How to Communicate Better With Coworkers and Employees
Jul 02, 2020
13. Make ’Em Laugh: How to Use Humor as a Secret Weapon in Your Communication
Jun 22, 2020
12. It's Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: How To Communicate Power
Jun 05, 2020
11. The Science of Influence: How to Persuade Others And Hold Their Attention
May 21, 2020
10. High-Stakes Communication: How to Manage Anxiety When Speaking in Front of Others
May 07, 2020
9. Quick Think: How Being Present-Oriented Improves Communication
Apr 23, 2020
8. Don't Get Lost in Translation: How Non-Native Speakers Can Communicate With Confidence
Apr 10, 2020
7. Quick Think: Use This Framework to Speak up in Virtual Meetings
Apr 03, 2020
6. Quick Think: Communicating and Leading Virtually
Mar 27, 2020
5. From Monologue to Dialogue: How to Handle a Skeptical Audience
Mar 12, 2020
4. The Journey to Mastery: How Self Reflection Can Improve Communication
Feb 27, 2020
3. When Knowing Too Much Can Hurt Your Communication: How to Make Complex Ideas Accessible
Feb 11, 2020
2. Communicating Our Multiple Selves: How to Effectively Manage Your Reputation
Jan 30, 2020
1. Speaking Without a Net: How to Master Impromptu Communication
Jan 15, 2020
Introducing Think Fast, Talk Smart: The Podcast
Jan 10, 2020