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 Feb 24, 2021

Sedulous 101
 Dec 19, 2020
I listen to many conservative podcast, including Rush, Mark Levin, Hannity, Dan Bongino, just to name a few. Solomon rises to the top because of his audio quality. Bongino is either screaming, or mumbling faster than a speeding bullet.

Spygate follower
 May 24, 2020
great work John. thanks!

 Feb 13, 2020
Thank for starting your own podcast. I am looking forward to learning from you.

 Feb 7, 2020
Excellent. Keep up the great work.


Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon, who helped unravel the bogus Russia collusion scandal, gives you his exclusive reporting and big newsmaker interviews. To get the unvarnished truth about what’s really going on in Washington, subscribe today to John Solomon Reports. To find out more go to

Episode Date
Kevin Brock RIP: An FBI man willing to call out his agency to make it better
Apr 21, 2024
Tuberville joins other Key Congressional Republicans to break down critical week in Congress
Apr 20, 2024
‘Chemical bombing’: Former DEA Special Ops Director warns China fueling fentanyl crisis
Apr 19, 2024
Dr. Walid Phares warns of greater Iranian endgame to save Hamas
Apr 18, 2024
Rep. Glenn Grothman says he’s not impressed with Johnson’s foreign aid, border plans
Apr 17, 2024
Former GOP congressman optimistic party can break Dems’ stranglehold in NY
Apr 16, 2024
Rep. Ralph Norman: Student loan forgiveness, open borders will backfire on Biden as poll numbers reflect his dismal track record
Apr 15, 2024
John Solomon ushers in a new area of his reporting on the Biden crime family, strikes out on his own
Apr 14, 2024
John Solomon talks through the start of his Hunter Biden reporting
Apr 13, 2024
National Security Advisor Walid Phares says US military must stand with Israel against impending attack by Iran
Apr 12, 2024
Ex-Trump Deputy Nat’l Security Advisor: Biden admin’s back-and-forth stance on Israel vs. Hamas prolonging conflict
Apr 11, 2024
Missouri AG Andrew Bailey exposes left-wing advocacy group Media Matters opening ‘new front' in war on free speech
Apr 10, 2024
Leading Pro-Life Group reacts to Trump abortion stance, encourages GOP to be ‘courageous,’ honest with voters on issue
Apr 09, 2024
Rep. Andy Biggs warns Speaker Mike Johnson might not deliver on FISA reform
Apr 08, 2024
Top Doctors who challenged CDC guidelines in 2020, break down just how wrong the CDC, Biden administration were about COVID
Apr 07, 2024
Abe Hamadeh calls Blake Masters attack ad ‘really disappointing:’ Calls for GOP unity going into 2024
Apr 06, 2024
Rep. Glenn Grothman breaks down evidence Biden administration ignored Judge’s deportation order of illegal immigrants
Apr 05, 2024
Walid Phares raises alarm over evidence Biden administration carelessly releasing foreign aid to bad actors in Middle East
Apr 04, 2024
Pollster John McLaughlin says Trump able to win New York due to AG Leticia James, DA Alvin Bragg constant prosecution
Apr 03, 2024
John Solomon describes how Democrats are under the influence of ‘political morphine,’ Mark Morgan gives border update
Apr 02, 2024
Special Report - China Syndrome: How Biden policies, family business have empowered Beijing to America’s detriment
Apr 01, 2024
Victoria Coates explains how Biden’s mixed messaging on Israel-Hamas war is ‘doomed,’ pushed him into a corner
Mar 31, 2024
Seb Gorka pushes back at Biden’s push to out him from Pentagon board: ‘I am not resigning’
Mar 30, 2024
Oklahoma State Superintendent raises alarm on China funding school agenda changes in US public schools
Mar 29, 2024
Sen. Ron Johnson says ‘maniacal desire’ to pursue MRNA vaccine over other COVID treatments cost American lives
Mar 28, 2024
Former CIA Moscow Chief warns Biden has pushed China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea into a new ‘axis of tyranny’
Mar 27, 2024
Jim Jordan raises warning that significant FISA reform may not happen this year
Mar 26, 2024
Mike Benz says US government’s censorship industry kicked off in 2016 with ‘Russian disinformation’
Mar 25, 2024
‘Bigger than Watergate’: Mike Huckabee calls evidence of Biden family scandal
Mar 24, 2024
Rep. Harriet Hageman breaks down recent evidence of IRS use of Artificial Intelligence to spy on US taxpayers
Mar 23, 2024
Top Republicans mull idea that Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership days numbered, ‘effective Speaker’ needed
Mar 22, 2024
Rep. Josh Brecheen on 2025 GOP budget as US deficit balloons: Must be courageous enough to cut not only taxes but spending
Mar 21, 2024
MTG urges Red States to follow Texas, pass state immigration laws
Mar 20, 2024
John Solomon, AG Ken Paxton break down SCOTUS ruling stating Texas police can arrest illegal immigrants who cross border
Mar 19, 2024
John Solomon, Dr. Peter McCullough discuss failures of COVID policies and why telemedicine could transform America
Mar 18, 2024
Ex-Israeli Ambassador to U.S. debates how Israel will respond to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s call for end of Netanyahu-led government
Mar 17, 2024
Kash Patel on legality of prosecuting J6 star witness Cassidy Hutchinson for perjury, after new report disproves her testimony
Mar 16, 2024
House Oversight Chairman James Comer says Joe Biden has ‘gotten away with lying for decades’
Mar 15, 2024
John Solomon, Experts break down Hunter Biden’s secret attempt to help Chinese firm buy premier US nuclear company
Mar 14, 2024
Rep. Andy Biggs says both Fani Willis, Nathan Wade need to be disbarred for misconduct in Trump case
Mar 13, 2024
John Solomon, Newt Gingrich break down Special Counsel Robert Hur’s blockbuster testimony
Mar 12, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: President Trump reacts to new report showing Democrats’ Jan. 6 panel withheld crucial evidence
Mar 11, 2024
Peter Schweizer calls TikTok, China's ‘Trojan horse’ against the U.S.
Mar 09, 2024
John Solomon, Peter Schweizer break down China’s ‘disintegration warfare’ against the U.S. while U.S. politicians sit idly by
Mar 09, 2024
Gov. Kristi Noem raises alarm on China buying US critical infrastructure like food, pharmaceutical supplies to force dependence
Mar 08, 2024
Sen Johnson calls out major issues with vaccines and the false narrative pushed by federal health agencies, Big Pharma
Mar 07, 2024
Rep. Ralph Norman calls new federal spending bills ‘an embarrassment,’ remarks ‘crony capitalism’ taking over US
Mar 06, 2024
Rasmussen: Arizona Independent Senator Sinema’s retirement sign Democratic Party continues to move ‘far to the left’
Mar 05, 2024
Rep. Scott Perry: Hunter Biden using last name, access to make indictments go away for money ‘a crime,’ implicates his Father
Mar 04, 2024
Bill O’Reilly: Biden sees GA nursing student, Americans killed by illegal migrants as means to an end for his open border policy
Mar 03, 2024
Rep. James Comer breaks down explosive testimony by James, Hunter Biden before Oversight Committee
Mar 02, 2024
AMAC Special Report: ‘Border in Crisis’
Mar 01, 2024
Oklahoma Congressman Josh Brecheen says US is running on 'borrowed time financially’ before it collapses
Feb 29, 2024
Lee Zeldin: GOP candidates nationwide must advocate for early voting to win in 2024: ‘Get Out The Vote operation is key’
Feb 28, 2024
MTG says Georgia State Republicans need to enforce own ‘sanctuary city’ laws stop pointing finger at Biden
Feb 27, 2024
Former border commissioner: Republicans are “all over the place” on fixing the border crisis
Feb 26, 2024
Former Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says ESG only benefits America’s foreign adversaries
Feb 25, 2024
Oversight Member Rep. Grothman says voters deserve to know whether Joe Biden is compromised ahead of 2024 election
Feb 24, 2024
Rep. Scott Perry calls arrest timing of key ex-FBI informant in Biden investigation, ‘too coincidental’
Feb 23, 2024
Oversight Member Rep. Burlison says James Biden testimony explanation of his loan repayment to brother was ‘reaching’ at best
Feb 22, 2024
Trump Nat’l Security Expert: Al-Qaeda return in Afghanistan, abandoned U.S. weaponry makes Taliban ‘arm dealers’
Feb 21, 2024
West Virginia AG Morrisey calls to invoke 25th Amendment after Hur report on Biden’s mental decline
Feb 21, 2024
Ahead of Trump CPAC speech, Matt Schlapp says Nikki Haley ‘living in a state of denial’
Feb 19, 2024
Border Patrol union Head raises the alarm on spike in ‘military-aged men’ from China crossing US border
Feb 18, 2024
Ex-Israeli Ambassador to US: ‘High time’ US tell United Nations that its headquarters in NYC ‘persona non grata’
Feb 17, 2024
Rep. Steube: Witnesses corroborated evidence Joe Biden rainmaker, money flowed after meetings with foreign leaders
Feb 16, 2024
Rep. Comer says House Oversight is looking into Biden’s bank accounts, transactions from grandchildren, family
Feb 15, 2024
Rep. Mike Collins ‘wouldn’t put it past’ Turner to use security threat as ploy to pass FISA reform, Ukraine aid
Feb 14, 2024
Rep. Jim Banks says Biden impeachment inquiry must be expanded to include ‘border’ as top offense
Feb 13, 2024
Matt Schlapp hypes guest lineup ahead of conservative conference
Feb 12, 2024
Rep. Andy Biggs reveals Impeachment witness before Oversight says no record James Biden worked for now-defunct Americore
Feb 11, 2024
Sen Johnson on Biden emails, shared White House comms with family: All done with ‘impunity’ knowing he’ll have zero accountability
Feb 10, 2024
Dershowitz: I’d like the decision not to prosecute Biden for classified docs, if followed by decision not to prosecute Trump
Feb 09, 2024
Sen. Tuberville says McConnell, Caucus ‘giving up’ on the border
Feb 08, 2024
Ex-Homeland Secretary Wolf slams Senate border bill for prioritizing left’s immigration agenda while failing to solve border crisis
Feb 07, 2024
Rep. Austin Scott: Mayorkas vote ‘important’ even if fails for ‘people out there trying to protect’ US under tough circumstances
Feb 06, 2024
Rep. Grothman says GOP Senators supporting border bill indistinguishable from Dems: Not acting ‘like party of Reagan right now’
Feb 05, 2024
Rep. Norman: Footage of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s pro-Somalia speech ‘shows where her allegiance is’
Feb 04, 2024
Ex-CBP Head: Mayorkas ‘derelict’ behavior 3 years in the making, impeachment should be ‘easy yes vote’ for congress
Feb 03, 2024
Tim Stewart: Biden’s Natural Gas export pause further damages America’s international reputation with allies
Feb 02, 2024
Rep. Eric Burlison lays out his questions for James Biden to address in scheduled Oversight interview
Feb 01, 2024
Biggs on Mayorkas impeachment: ‘Nobody’ less deserving of executive authority than Biden, his Homeland Security henchman
Jan 31, 2024
John Solomon, co-host Amanda Head talk Biden-Texas border standoff and news of the day
Jan 30, 2024
Newt Gingrich advice to GOP in 2024: ‘To be truly as successful as we need to be, must to focus on unifying American people’
Jan 29, 2024
Kari Lake says daughter urged her to release recording of former Arizona GOP chair
Jan 28, 2024
Exclusive: One-on-one with Victor Davis Hanson covering his new book and cultural unrest in America
Jan 27, 2024
Texas AG Ken Paxton: Immigration invasion might cost Joe Biden the election
Jan 26, 2024
Kash Patel breaks down the latest revelations in the Hunter Biden, saga of Biden family business dealings
Jan 25, 2024
Rasmussen: Border top issue nationwide, Iowa and New Hampshire prove it
Jan 24, 2024
Sen. Blackburn: Biden using VA resources to process health claims for illegals causing backlog of ‘1 million’ veterans
Jan 23, 2024
Ex-National Security Advisor Victoria Coates breaks down why Iran is helping South Africa
Jan 22, 2024
Sen. Tuberville says US government cannot afford to keep giving ‘$40K and up to every illegal coming across the border’
Jan 21, 2024
Rep. Austin Scott says Biden has authority to curb border crisis now by reinstating Trump-era border policies
Jan 20, 2024
Evidence Bidens funneled money into insurance policies, ‘offshore bank accounts’ to avoid taxes, Key Oversight Member
Jan 19, 2024
Utah Treasurer takes victory lap after stock exchange pulls ESG rule
Jan 18, 2024
Ex-Israel Ambassador to US: Hamas used enough money for ‘dozens’ of schools, hospitals on tunnels, left Gazans without protection
Jan 17, 2024
Pollster Rasmussen after Trump Iowa Caucus results: ‘Race is over’
Jan 16, 2024
Special Report- ‘Continuing MLK’s Legacy: Uniting Black and Jewish Americans against Antisemitism’
Jan 15, 2024
AMAC Special Report: ‘Bootcamp for Boomers’
Jan 14, 2024
Homeland Chairman Green says Mayorkas conduct goes beyond policy differences, ‘rises to high crimes and misdemeanors’
Jan 13, 2024
Jim Jordan: House Judiciary to look into Fani Willis’ alleged illicit relationship with attorney hired to prosecute Trump
Jan 12, 2024
Rep. Austin Scott calls on House GOP hardliners to unite to fulfill promises to American people, help win in November
Jan 11, 2024
Oversight Comer reveals committee will seek Hunter Biden’s financial records from Arkansas paternity case
Jan 10, 2024
Rep. Biggs on Mayorkas admission 85% of illegal migrants will be allowed to stay in US: how can anyone ‘defend not impeaching him’
Jan 09, 2024
Economist Art Laffer breaks down what Republicans can do about government spending
Jan 08, 2024
Foreign policy expert on Iran: “If you don’t stand up to them, they’re gonna keep bullying us”
Jan 07, 2024
Kari Lake says Ukraine-border funding deal is ‘dead on arrival’
Jan 06, 2024
Sen. Tuberville breaks down Biden admin failings on border, veterans, and military recruitment
Jan 05, 2024
Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Biden admin on border: “they failed America and everybody knows it”
Jan 04, 2024
CBP Commissioner warns GOP: if they can't get border legislation passed, voters will hold them responsible in 2024
Jan 03, 2024
Foreign policy expert says national security will be “high on the agenda” in 2024 election
Jan 02, 2024
Politics, Polling & Presidents: The Race to 2024
Jan 01, 2024
With 2024 fast approaching, John Solomon looks back at his favorite moments this year with GOP presidential candidates
Dec 31, 2023
President Trump dishes on 2024, calls Jack Smith ‘sick puppy’ for efforts to block J6 security failure evidence
Dec 30, 2023
John Solomon ushers in a new area of his reporting on the Biden crime family, strikes out on his own
Dec 29, 2023
John Solomon talks through the start of his Hunter Biden reporting
Dec 28, 2023
John Solomon presents, Special Report: ‘The Fight Against Antisemitism’
Dec 27, 2023
Heritage Special Report: ‘Project 2025 - the Presidential Transition Project’
Dec 26, 2023
Rumble CEO Pavlovski details his fight against Big Tech Censorship & Cancel Culture: ‘Conservative Parallel Economy’
Dec 25, 2023
‘Conservative Parallel Economy’: The Fight Against Cancel Culture
Dec 24, 2023
Rep. Rich McCormick: Failing to secure the southern border will cost Biden the 2024 election
Dec 23, 2023
Border Patrol Union VP on thousands of single, military-age males coming prepared to border with docs, quickly let into US
Dec 22, 2023
Brad Raffensperger calls for state, federal constitutional amendment to allow only U.S. citizens to vote
Dec 21, 2023
‘Republic ending behavior,’ Rep. Eli Crane on Colorado Supreme Court kicking Trump off ballot
Dec 20, 2023
MTG to file ethics compliant against Swalwell for helping Hunter Biden defy House subpoena, stage press conference
Dec 19, 2023
Rep. Grothman on Biden disregard to 295K illegal migrants in Oct alone: ‘No country can afford to take this many people’
Dec 18, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman: In impeachment process, GOP first priority revealing to Americans full truth about Biden’s foreign business dealings
Dec 17, 2023
Sen. Ted Cruz lays out his three steps to fight cultural Marxism: transparency, change the ledger, influence
Dec 16, 2023
John Solomon, James Comer break down new impeachment evidence of the Biden family's secret dealings with a Chinese firm
Dec 15, 2023
IRS whistleblowers lawyer: Biden press secretary says President helped son, Hunter duck congressional subpoena
Dec 14, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott: GOP takes aim at FISA reform, ‘zero tolerance’ for unlawful surveillance of Americans
Dec 13, 2023
Amid impeachment vote, Seamus Bruner points out then-VP Biden’s odd involvement in firing of Ukraine Prosecutor Shokin
Dec 12, 2023
Monica Crowley: UPenn, Harvard Deans ‘tip of the iceberg’ of long infected antisemitic, Marxist academia
Dec 11, 2023
Texas AG Ken Paxton: Our Constitution ‘becomes meaningless’ when federal government allowed to censor Americans
Dec 10, 2023
Former US attorney says latest Hunter Biden indictment result of ‘outcry’ over DOJ’s clear special treatment
Dec 09, 2023
John Solomon breaks down Hunter Biden indictment, Ron Johnson explains why Joe Biden’s house may be a crime scene
Dec 08, 2023
Nan Hayworth calls UPenn, MIT, Harvard Deans testimony the result of ‘arrogant left, who fear no consequences’
Dec 07, 2023
Former Israeli ambassador slams calls for ceasefire: “How Hamas plans to beat us”
Dec 06, 2023
MTG says ‘honeymoon period’ of Speaker Johnson has worn off, after no progress on budget promises
Dec 05, 2023
John Solomon hosts special report, ‘The Lost Voices of Fentanyl’
Dec 04, 2023
Sen. Johnson reacts to Hunter Biden’s offer to testify to Congress: They hope it stops real probe into Biden family ‘corruption’
Dec 03, 2023
Oversight’s Comer says will ‘absolutely’ use the courts to enforce subpoena for Hunter Biden deposition
Dec 02, 2023
J6 Mystery! Rep. Barry Loudermilk says all videotapes of witness interviews missing
Dec 01, 2023
Rep. Biggs calls for impeachment of Homeland Sec. Mayorkas: ‘He’s made this country more dangerous’
Nov 30, 2023
Ex-DEA Special Ops Head raises alarm on role China, their criminal networks are playing to fuel drug crisis in America
Nov 29, 2023
Huckabee on Biden leaving Americans in Gaza: Tell Hamas, ‘either let our people go or there won't be a speck of dust left’
Nov 28, 2023
Abe Hamadeh calls out GOP establishment on election issues: So scared of the media they won’t stand up ‘for what's right’
Nov 27, 2023
John Solomon interviews top 2024 GOP candidates from all over the country
Nov 26, 2023
Lou Dobbs on state of GOP under Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: RNC hasn’t held itself accountable ‘for a very, very long time’
Nov 25, 2023
Bin Laden’s 9/11 justification going viral on TikTok shows young Americans need education on ‘monsters of history,’ Carl Szabo
Nov 24, 2023
John Solomon breaks down the best moments from AMAC’s GOP Presidential Candidates Town Hall Series
Nov 23, 2023
‘It’s been a cover-up from day one’: Rep. MTG reacts to release of new shocking J6 footage
Nov 22, 2023
Ex-Nat’l Security Adviser: Israel-Hamas hostage deal will likely spur Left to pressure Biden to call for permanent Gaza truce
Nov 22, 2023
Rep. Biggs: Impeachment inquiry to look at Biden family’s ‘pervasive’ use of loans ‘to avoid tax liability, launder money’
Nov 20, 2023
Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman says universities should be graded publicly on antisemitism
Nov 19, 2023
Sen. Johnson on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy: We’re facing ‘a societal state of denial,’ where no one wants to admit they were wrong
Nov 18, 2023
Rep. Loudermilk calls feds hand in J6 ‘clear possibility,’ after probe revealed plainclothes cop encouraged public to enter Capitol
Nov 17, 2023
Gregg Jarrett on his new book and his quest to revive the American spirit
Nov 16, 2023
Ex-Nat’l Security Adviser: The West made China rich not Communism, to change course would be costly, ‘painful but it would be right’
Nov 15, 2023
Rep Austin Scott: Biden misled US with border-detention centers, filled with people from Middle East, China, ‘all over the world’
Nov 14, 2023
Rep. Scott Perry criticizes Senate GOP over big spending culture, roadblock as House races to finalize budget by deadline
Nov 13, 2023
Rep. Tom Tiffany: Illegal immigration from southern border destroying federal lands as migrants have left over ‘80M lbs of trash’
Nov 12, 2023
John Solomon hosts a Veterans Day Special Report: ‘Veterans Helping Veterans’
Nov 11, 2023
Ex-Israel ambassador to US says reporters who covered Hamas massacre while being carried out, brazenly violated journalist ethics
Nov 10, 2023
Sen. Blackburn raises alarm on Biden ending DNA tests at border: ‘1/3 of children’ trafficked by adults unrelated to them
Nov 09, 2023
Key member of House Appropriations says GOP to finish government funding bills by Nov. 17 deadline, despite Speaker delay
Nov 08, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman on $100M Gaza aid: Biden ‘tone deaf’ to reports of rampant misuse of US aid helping Taliban, Hamas
Nov 07, 2023
John Bolton says Biden weakness threatens American lives and all out regional war as Iran looks to take advantage
Nov 06, 2023
Nixon in last years said, ‘it is long past time for the US to exit the UN and for the UN to exit the US’: Monica Crowley
Nov 05, 2023
‘I don’t regret it one bit’: Rep. Crane says he still stands by his vote to oust Speaker McCarthy
Nov 04, 2023
Jim Jordan supports FISA reform by requiring warrants to search Americans phone records
Nov 03, 2023
Comer: Oversight uncovered ‘with 100% confidence’ money behind $40K check to Joe Biden from brother ‘came from China’
Nov 02, 2023
Sen. Tuberville calls for pulling all US funding of UN after failure to pass resolution condemning Hamas attack
Nov 01, 2023
Nunes: National Archives finding 82,000 pages of Biden pseudonym emails doesn’t pass ‘smell’ test after Trump docs raid
Oct 31, 2023
Rep. Scott Perry on Hunter’s $250K China loan: Pattern of Biden’s receiving loans with no pay backs, ‘not a loan’ just payment
Oct 30, 2023
IRS Whistleblowers Attorney takes aim at Biden family corruption critics: All debunked but media moves goalpost to hide truth
Oct 29, 2023
Rep. Cory Mills on 16 attacks by Iran proxies in 1 week: US needs to pull out, cut funding to UN if no repudiation of Iran
Oct 28, 2023
GOP Congressman says 57% of Gaza residents back ‘Hamas murderous activities,’ cannot be U.S. refugees
Oct 27, 2023
Gen. Keith Kellogg says what keeps him up at night is Biden’s lack of will to take hard action when Americans are threatened
Oct 26, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman: Speaker Johnson to tackle cutting spending, could pass temporary funding til January to get it ‘done right’
Oct 25, 2023
Ex-Israel Ambassador to US: Israel must take advantage of this moment to root out Hamas before worlds’ empathy wears off
Oct 24, 2023
Ex-National Security adviser says he’s ‘very concerned’ over Hezbollah getting involved in Israel-Hamas war
Oct 23, 2023
John Solomon goes one-on-one with former Governor Ron DeSantis for AMAC Presidential Town Hall Series
Oct 22, 2023
Another one bites the dust: With Jordan out, House GOP has until Sunday to come up with new candidate says Rep. Grothman
Oct 21, 2023
MTG introducing censor resolution against Rashida Tlaib, calls for probe into her ‘pro-Hamas, terrorists’ connections
Oct 20, 2023
Huckabee rips mainstream media, questions why it took word of Hamas who ‘butchered babies’ on Gaza hospital bombing
Oct 19, 2023
Rep. Andy Biggs says most of House GOP ‘absolutely’ against keeping Speaker Pro Tempore McHenry for 90 days
Oct 18, 2023
Rep Austin Scott: With 2024 months away, Next speaker must be a leader and have McCarthy-esque fundraising ability
Oct 17, 2023
Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Walid Phares warns that Hezbollah could activate sleepers cells in U.S.
Oct 16, 2023
John Solomon goes one-on-one with Gov. Doug Burgum for AMAC Presidential Town Hall Series
Oct 15, 2023
Alan Dershowitz calls for college reform after decades of curriculum propaganda promoting antisemitism, bigotry
Oct 14, 2023
MTG calls for probe into U.S. weapons left behind in Afghanistan after reports of use by terrorists, Hamas
Oct 13, 2023
John Bolton on Hamas calling for attacks in U.S: ‘May not happen this weekend, but it's coming’
Oct 12, 2023
Rep. Mike Lawler: Biden admin must send military planes to get Americans out of Israel
Oct 11, 2023
Ex-National Security adviser: Biden administration denying Iran involvement in Hamas attack in effort to seal Nuclear Deal
Oct 10, 2023
John Solomon goes one-on-one with former President Donald Trump for AMAC Presidential Town Hall Series
Oct 09, 2023
SC AG Alan Wilson he and 18 other state AG’s are holding the line to protect minors from sexually explicit performances
Oct 08, 2023
Rep. Eli Crane on McCarthy ouster: Americans ‘so tired’ of GOP not fighting, Congress needs strong, honest, transparent leaders
Oct 07, 2023
John Solomon goes one-on-one with upstart GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in AMAC Presidential Town Hall Series
Oct 06, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman throws his support behind Jordan as next Speaker, says leader Congress ‘needs going into 2024’
Oct 05, 2023
Newt Gingrich: House GOP ‘tackled their own quarterback,’ doubts rebel caucus will be happy with anybody
Oct 04, 2023
Rep. Troy Nehls predicts that even after McCarthy ousted today that he will likely become Speaker again
Oct 03, 2023
House Freedom Caucus’ Scott Perry calls on Gaetz to hold ousting Speaker McCarthy until after budget passed
Oct 02, 2023
Lt Gov Mark Robinson on GOP debate: ‘Too many zingers not enough substance,’ we’re at war for soul of our nation, act like it
Oct 01, 2023
Kash Patel on his new book ‘government gangsters’ and why the government held it in legal purgatory for a year to stop its release
Sep 30, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman: McCarthy knew budget demands but delayed approps not thinking holdouts would be ‘so firm’
Sep 29, 2023
Rep. Gaetz gives McCarthy budget ultimatum: If he strikes deal with Dems for temporary funding, he can’t stay GOP speaker
Sep 28, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott on Bidens’ try to help China firm buy energy assets inside US: ‘How much more of a traitor could you be’
Sep 27, 2023
TX AG Ken Paxton is back and his first order of business is dismantling illegal immigrant colony near Houston
Sep 26, 2023
Nicholas Giordano: Americans must be educated on their Constitutional rights, only thing that stands in way of Authoritarianism
Sep 25, 2023
Jim Jordan: IRS whistleblowers’ story has not changed once concerning Biden family dealings while Weiss, DOJ, WH keeps evolving
Sep 24, 2023
Sen Johnson questions special counsel Weiss’ objectivity in Hunter Biden case, calls him ‘least independent’ person on Earth
Sep 23, 2023
Rep. Jason Smith says more witnesses have come forward confirming IRS whistleblower’s claims on Hunter Biden, family business
Sep 22, 2023
MTG says she voted against Defense Bill to stop Ukraine from becoming next ‘Afghanistan war’
Sep 21, 2023
Western Energy Alliance warns U.S. of adopting European EV climate policies that have already proven failure
Sep 20, 2023
GOP Rep Crane says he’ll ‘take all the slings and arrows’ of shutting down gov’t to win largest spending decrease in decades
Sep 19, 2023
Kash Patel sues FBI director, former DOJ officials over secret targeting of personal records during RussiaGate
Sep 18, 2023
Missouri AG Andrew Bailey: Congress must legislate now on ‘guardrails’ to stop AI child exploitation before gets out of hand
Sep 17, 2023
Rep. Meuser: ’Disconcerting’ to see nearly decade-long pattern of whistleblowers being disparaged for speaking against Bidens
Sep 16, 2023
Kash Patel predicts Hunter Biden charges are ‘coordinated strike’ by Dems to prevent Biden from running in 2024
Sep 15, 2023
John Solomon breaks down Hunter Biden’s three felony gun charges and what to expect in the coming weeks
Sep 14, 2023
Rep. Scott Perry on Hunter Biden ‘illusion of access’: Who would give $20M without ‘results?’
Sep 13, 2023
Rep. Andy Biggs extends McCarthy olive branch to avoid government shutdown: Pause ‘non-essential’ spending
Sep 12, 2023
Biden administration’s bad 9/11 anniversary, President no show while Mayorkas leaves border wide open says ex-NYPD Kerik
Sep 11, 2023
Sen. Ron Johnson says EU evidence convinces him Joe Biden changed U.S. policy, force firing of Shokin to benefit Hunter
Sep 10, 2023
Rep. Comer: House Oversight to take legal route to obtain Biden family docs, correspondence due to gov’t ‘agencies stalling’
Sep 09, 2023
Tuberville: Biden, media skewing military-abortion holds: DOJ not elected, ‘I deserve a right to vote for people of Alabama’
Sep 08, 2023
Alaska Gov. Dunleavy says Biden ‘knowingly and willingly’ breaking the law by cancelling oil, gas leases
Sep 07, 2023
Former Bush official says Georgia prosecutors violated federal election interference law in Trump charges
Sep 06, 2023
Border Patrol union head: Cartel flooding migrant detention centers on purpose to divert agents, exploit security gaps at border
Sep 05, 2023
Rep. Norman supports government shutdown to address policy issues, rein in spending: ‘If not now, when?’
Sep 04, 2023
Rep. Clyde slams National Archives protection of ‘Biden crime family’ after refusing to hand over 5,400 pseudonym emails
Sep 02, 2023
Exclusive: Listen to Trump’s take on how House GOP should approach Biden impeachment inquiry
Sep 01, 2023
Comer questions extent of Obama knowledge of Biden leveraging ‘foreign aid’ so countries turn blind eye to U.S. corruption
Aug 31, 2023
Newt Gingrich: Hunter Biden ‘small fish’ compared to corruption of his father, Clinton, Obama
Aug 30, 2023
Ex-Congressman Lee Zeldin: Every dot has been ‘connected’ for Congress to open impeachment inquiry into Biden corruption
Aug 29, 2023
Fred Fleitz: Debate showed growing GOP divide over Biden plan to provide Ukraine cash, weapons for ‘as long as it takes’
Aug 28, 2023
Trump unplugged: John Solomon’s conversations with former President Donald Trump 
Aug 27, 2023
Rep. Grothman on Biden losing 85,000 migrant kids: If Americans, we’d call the parents, ‘if it’s immigrant children, we don't care’
Aug 26, 2023
Conversation with 2024 presidential candidate and Pastor Ryan Binkley on faith, and restoring freedom
Aug 25, 2023
John Solomon sits down with Sen. Ron Johnson on all things Hunter Biden, Trump indictments and the first GOP presidential debate
Aug 24, 2023
Rep. Bryan Steil: After Georgia, House GOP to pass comprehensive election integrity laws to combat hypocrisy, lies of Left
Aug 23, 2023
John Solomon explains new documents showing Trump’s first impeachment built on faulty narrative designed to protect Biden family
Aug 22, 2023
Dr. Harvey Risch shares surprising findings from his research paper on COVID vaccine deaths
Aug 21, 2023
Rasmussen: 2024 is Trump’s election to lose but early predictions from key states Iowa, New Hampshire show downward trend
Aug 20, 2023
Country Music Star John Rich on his new song ‘I’m Offended,’ and the inspiration for new album
Aug 19, 2023
U.S. Oil & Gas President: Even the most ‘rosy’ estimates on clean energy show ‘global fuel demand to increase 50% in next 30 years’
Aug 18, 2023
Rep. Claudia Tenney: Special counsel Jack Smith, DA Alvin Bragg using new Democrat tactic ‘lawfare’ to smear Republicans
Aug 17, 2023
Morgan Ortagus: Biden’s world stage weakness will result in ‘largest ransom payment in US history,’ $1.2B per hostage to Iran
Aug 16, 2023
Ex-Democrat turned GOP lawmaker says former party’s polices ‘sabotaging’ communities, led to her switch
Aug 15, 2023
Rep. Josh Brecheen: Evidence of Biden family receiving money counts for bribery and grounds for Biden impeachment
Aug 14, 2023
Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz: ‘A mistake’ for Garland to name Weiss as special counsel
Aug 13, 2023
Oversight Chairman Comer announces committee to subpoena Biden family phone, bank records
Aug 12, 2023
John Solomon breaks down appointment of Special Counsel David Weiss in Hunter Biden case
Aug 11, 2023
Jim Jordan slams FBI over use of ‘geofence warrants’: Similar to British general warrants Founders explicitly rejected
Aug 10, 2023
Transparency Watchdog reveals Fauci, Collins received 58 royalty payments as NIH collected $325M from companies
Aug 09, 2023
Mike Benz warns of Big Tech use of federal-funded 'virality circuit breakers' to stealthily censor, throttle content
Aug 08, 2023
‘Career Suicide’: IRS Whistleblowers attorney says Hunter Biden team trying to punish agents for testimony
Aug 07, 2023
Lou Dobbs calls on GOP presidential candidates to file a lawsuit against the DOJ and Biden
Aug 06, 2023
Vice President of National Border Patrol Council says fentanyl-laced blue pills are selling for $1
Aug 05, 2023
Colorado Commissioner says the attack on Jason Aldean’s “Try that in a Small Town” is an attack on the lives of everyday rural Americans
Aug 04, 2023
Tomi Lahren: Need ‘a day of reckoning’ for social media sites over censorship
Aug 03, 2023
Jason Foster: The DOJ is ‘willing to go forward with politicized prosecutions’ even if they don’t win
Aug 02, 2023
Jim Jordan: Devon Archer testimony confirms Joe Biden laid ‘groundwork’ to help Burisma 5 days after Hunter met with company
Aug 01, 2023
Former Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow says FISA in need of serious overhaul
Jul 31, 2023
Rep. Biggs on myriad of reasons Mayorkas should be impeached: ‘Let’s start with he lied to Congress’, ‘ignores federal law’
Jul 30, 2023
Sen. Joni Ernst: Senate GOP stopped $2M in Defense bill from going to Wuhan lab
Jul 29, 2023
John Solomon sits down with Governor Ron DeSantis
Jul 28, 2023
Rep. Mike Johnson: Mayorkas ‘the most deceitful witness’ Judiciary has ever had, knows he’s ‘untouchable’
Jul 27, 2023
Sen. Johnson: Evidence of Biden’s complicity in Hunter’s business dealings ‘more than enough’ to disqualify him in 2024
Jul 26, 2023
Rep. Babin backs Biden impeachment for ‘pay to play’ evidence: Really looks like he ‘lied through his teeth repeatedly’
Jul 25, 2023
IRS Whistleblower Ziegler: Hunter Biden’s ‘contradicting’ statements in autobiography used to prove his tax fraud
Jul 24, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman speculates on Biden impeachment following corruption probe: ‘If not now, then when’ 
Jul 23, 2023
Rep. Massie calls FBI ‘keystone cops’ after lack of probe into nature of DNC pipe-bomb on J6
Jul 22, 2023
Lawyer for IRS Whistleblowers says more evidence, documents to be given to Congress in coming weeks
Jul 21, 2023
John Solomon breaks down FBI memo revealing Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma to 'protect' it from 'corruption' probe
Jul 20, 2023
Ex-U.S. Attorney says DOJ piled as many charges possible on Trump but tip-toed around Hunter Biden
Jul 19, 2023
Comer: In every major Biden family, administration probe Garland, DOJ ‘has come in and obstructed’
Jul 18, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott: Biden public rebuke of SCOTUS on student debt program after deal with GOP is effort ‘to mislead’
Jul 17, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott says Americans need to know the full consequences of the Biden family’s dealings with China
Jul 16, 2023
Devin Nunes urges Congress to question AG Rod Rosenstein over secret FBI targeting of his staffers during RussiaGate
Jul 15, 2023
Rep. Biggs on spending crisis: DoD can’t account for 61% of assets during audit, Congress still gives more money
Jul 14, 2023
Mother of FBI whistleblower blasts home Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee for smearing son
Jul 13, 2023
Ex-FBI official Kevin Brock: ‘Hard to believe’ Wray doesn’t know if Bureau was present in J6 crowd
Jul 12, 2023
Tuberville pushes back against Dems, says acting commandant told him Marines just fine without leader
Jul 11, 2023
Revelations of gov’t colluding with social media, journalists to block content is definition of ‘economic fascism,’ Media Watchdog
Jul 10, 2023
Louisiana AG Landry on Judge ordering Biden admin to limit contact with social media: Free speech not meant to have ‘approval process’
Jul 09, 2023
Kari Lake vows to remain committed to election reform, calls it ‘issue of our time’
Jul 08, 2023
Former Federal Prosecutor says for people questioning whether US has two tiers of justice, just look at Hunter Biden case
Jul 07, 2023
Ex-CBP head: Under Biden, Border Patrol’s job ‘not to secure border,’ but ‘process, release illegal aliens as fast as possible’
Jul 06, 2023
Ex-FBI official: Cocaine being found in WH after Biden saying war on drugs is over, border secure is definition of ‘hypocritical’
Jul 05, 2023
July 4th Special Report
Jul 04, 2023
HAFA Special Report: ‘Ruining Elections Through Ranked Choice Voting’
Jul 03, 2023
Bill O'Reilly: Don’t get too excited about media starting to ask Biden hard questions, still spinning ‘the hell out of it’
Jul 02, 2023
Gregg Jarrett’s Town Hall with John Solomon on the Trial of the Century
Jul 01, 2023
Exclusive: IRS Whistleblower says Hunter Biden’s scam matches ‘textbook tactics’ for tax evasion
Jun 30, 2023
The IRS Whistleblower unplugged with John Solomon
Jun 29, 2023
Rasmussen: ‘I don't believe anybody can beat Donald Trump, but I believe he can defeat himself’
Jun 28, 2023
Miranda Devine: Ukraine is Biden’s ‘Achilles heel’ after revelations of quid pro quo in firing prosecutor Viktor Shokin
Jun 27, 2023
Ex-Top NSC official: If Biden was applying for a job in CIA, ‘he wouldn't get a clearance,’ over compromising China payments
Jun 26, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott says Adam Schiff ‘earned’ House censure for ‘absolutely’ destroying ‘credibility of Intel Committee’
Jun 25, 2023
Special Report: ‘The Battle for Border Security’
Jun 24, 2023
Rep. Lance Gooden says after Durham, whistleblowers testimony, GOP set to spar with FBI over FISA reauthorization
Jun 23, 2023
John Solomon breaks down the IRS Whistleblower Bombshells
Jun 22, 2023
Rep. Eli Crane to ‘country club Republicans’: Managing U.S. decline not enough, start taking shots, hit back
Jun 21, 2023
Sen. Ron Johnson on four lies Biden told to get elected and connection to son Hunter’s ‘slap on the wrist’
Jun 20, 2023
Look back at Exclusive Interview with Lawyer for IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden case breaks silence
Jun 18, 2023
Best of FBI whistleblowers from this past year
Jun 17, 2023
Virginia mom compares children living today under Biden’s woke agenda to her childhood under Mao’s cultural revolution
Jun 16, 2023
Nixon vs Trump indictment paradox: Numbers tumbled to record low after Watergate, Trump numbers continue to grow, Rasmussen
Jun 15, 2023
Lou Dobbs: It’s no accident Trump is indicted while Biden faces bribery, corruption investigation
Jun 14, 2023
Rep. Grothman: Biden’s goal is to 'get as many people in American as quickly as possible,' no matter the suffering, conditions
Jun 13, 2023
Inside the Trump grand jury, Judicial Watch’ Tom Fitton dishes on how prosecutors behaved
Jun 12, 2023
Sen. Blackburn slams Biden for ending familial DNA test at border: We know cartels use ‘child recycling’ to sneak members across
Jun 11, 2023
Jim Jordan looking at DOJ conduct in Trump indictment: Not only a former President but political rival ‘leading in every single poll’
Jun 10, 2023
Kash Patel predicts Trump classified documents case never ‘goes to a jury’
Jun 09, 2023
Ex-Interior Secretary: Recent SCOTUS ruling on EPA, huge win for ‘will of the people,’ rebuke to expansive deep state
Jun 08, 2023
Michele Bachmann slams Biden for handing WHO-China, Americans’ data, constitutional rights through world digital passports
Jun 07, 2023
Ex-House Oversight Chair Chaffetz: Left using same old tricks of funding unelected power brokers to keep partisan priorities
Jun 06, 2023
FBI Whistleblower to Comer on agency’s Biden coverup: ‘It’s a game of chicken, GOP cannot blink under any circumstances’
Jun 05, 2023
Rep. Loudermilk: In J6 hearings, members had ‘movie scripts’ for ‘Hollywood type of emotional appeal’ to American public
Jun 04, 2023
Rep. Andy Biggs says McCarthy speakership much like his debt ceiling deal: Alienating parts of GOP to bring in Dems
Jun 03, 2023
Ex-Capitol Police Chief slams Pelosi’s daughter in previously unseen J6 footage: Prioritized filming over other’s safety
Jun 02, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott gives FBI Director Wray ultimatum: Either comply with Oversight order or ‘Congress has contempt vote’
Jun 01, 2023
Lone freshman who opposed McCarthy speakership opposes debt ceiling deal, calls for ‘accountability’
May 31, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman: McCarthy ‘double crossed’ Freedom Caucus, pulled ‘bait and switch’ with debt ceiling deal
May 30, 2023
SPECIAL: John Solomon has a sit-down conversation and townhall over government accountability, transparency
May 29, 2023
JTN sit-downs with former President Donald Trump
May 28, 2023
Live from NRB, key Israeli figures discuss the state of U.S.-Israel relations under Biden
May 27, 2023
GOP Rep. Grothman on Biden’s enhanced border security: Hoped to see more K-9 units, instead got therapy dogs
May 26, 2023
Kari Lake on recent court setback in 2022 election case: We’re appealing and ‘plan to go to the U.S. Supreme Court’
May 25, 2023
Rep. Biggs fact-checks WH: Biden more interested in creating debt ceiling chaos, narrative than reaching agreement
May 24, 2023
Exclusive Interview: Post-Roe Trump touts plan to reduce abortions through incentivized adoptions
May 23, 2023
Special Report: ‘Nuclear Revival: How Innovative New Reactors Are Changing America's Power Play’
May 22, 2023
Brett Tolman says FBI used Patriot Act ‘national security risk,’ to obtain J6 defendants’ bank accounts without warrants
May 21, 2023
Tom Fitton: FBI Whistleblower’s testimony to Congress on retaliation for speaking out is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’
May 20, 2023
Alan Dershowitz calls reports of banks handing over J6 defendants’ bank info to FBI without warrants: ‘new McCarthyism’
May 19, 2023
Rep. Bill Posey says former deputy AG Rosenstein was ‘trying to misdirect Congress’ in Russia collusion probe
May 18, 2023
Kash Patel: Congress should revoke former FBI Director Andy McCabe’s pension following Durham report revelations
May 17, 2023
Rep. Gooden on Durham report: Big day for truth, and hopefully consequences but also ‘Trump and his road back to White House’
May 16, 2023
Exclusive Special Report: Donald Trump marvels at level of detail in John Durham’s report
May 15, 2023
Ex-CIA operative Ric Prado: Hunter Biden intel letter ‘professionally unethical,’ also goes against CIA no politics motto
May 15, 2023
Rep. Ralph Norman: Biden administration has ‘total disregard’ for taxpayers’ money, GOP to expose ‘greed’ in coming weeks
May 14, 2023
Former Texas Rep. Mayra Flores: ‘Border patrol agents are paying the price for Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies’
May 13, 2023
Border Patrol Union President: Major border increase won’t be now but in coming weeks, cartels know ‘too much media attention now’
May 12, 2023
Oversight Chair Comer: DOJ letting Hunter Biden off easy, ignoring concerns from multiple banks of 'money laundering'
May 11, 2023
Ex-Hill investigator on Biden family findings: ‘Most insidious, spider-like example of public corruption in living history’
May 10, 2023
Kash Patel: Other countries say U.S. judicial system 'is literally a three-ring circus'
May 09, 2023
Rep. Dan Meuser warns SEC next agency Biden administration will weaponize
May 08, 2023
Sen. Johnson: Secretary of State Blinken not only involved, but ‘spearheaded’ Hunter Biden laptop disinformation letter
May 07, 2023
Texas AG Ken Paxton says the Biden administration is doing ‘everything in their power’ to aid the cartels
May 06, 2023
Special Report: ‘Winning the New Cold War: A Plan For Countering China’
May 05, 2023
Rep. Eli Crane: DOJ has been 'covering' for Biden 'crime family'
May 04, 2023
Rep. Scott Perry: Reported FBI doc alleging Biden pay-to-play scheme is 'monumental'
May 03, 2023
Ex-Trump border chief on Biden sending 1,500 troops to southern border: ‘All smoke and mirrors’
May 02, 2023
Kash Patel describes how the Hunter Biden laptop disinformation letter is ‘Steele dossier 2.0’
May 01, 2023
House GOP Chair: Biden ‘my way or the highway’ debt ceiling approach ‘dangerous and reckless,’ holding America hostage
Apr 30, 2023
Rep. James Comer: Hunter Biden’s legal team is ‘testing their limits’ with witness intimidation
Apr 29, 2023
Rep Cline: As Biden-Senate battle over debt ceiling, House GOP to pivot to comprehensive immigration reform, securing border
Apr 28, 2023
Rep. Norman: Children crossing southern border being ‘raped,’ ‘sodomized,’ Mayorkas turning blind eye
Apr 27, 2023
The Left’s massive spending to ‘implode’ U.S. economy, rebuild with Marxist central bank, digital currency: Monica Crowley
Apr 26, 2023
Flipping the script? Second Amendment advocates argue gun laws disproportionately affect women, poor communities, minorities
Apr 25, 2023
House GOP debt ceiling plan, set for Tuesday vote, will dismantle Green New Deal, lower energy costs, former ambassador
Apr 24, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott doubts Joe Biden would be president without Hunter Biden laptop coverup
Apr 23, 2023
Former Fox host Lou Dobbs weighs in on Dominion settlement: 2020 election issues still unresolved
Apr 22, 2023
Rep. Andy Biggs: Officials who gave false testimony to Congress on Hunter laptop should be 'criminally prosecuted'
Apr 21, 2023
Sen. Ron Johnson: 'God bless the whistleblower' in Hunter Biden case
Apr 20, 2023
Exclusive: Lawyer for IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden case breaks silence
Apr 19, 2023
Former congressman on 2024: Culture wars won’t win elections, must show voters what GOP doing for them
Apr 18, 2023
GOP Congressman Grothman: Team Biden admits losing 85K unaccompanied migrant kids, trafficked in U.S. by cartels
Apr 17, 2023
Congressman Ralph Norman says GOP plans to put together budget cutting $17 trillion
Apr 16, 2023
Leading voices against mainstream COVID narrative talk censorship and the uphill battle to regain public’s trust
Apr 15, 2023
Ex-CDC director sidelined over lab leak theory: Always told Fauci don’t filter info, just ‘tell public the truth’
Apr 14, 2023
Jim Jordan: New law will limit local DA’s power, indictments of a former president must be in federal court
Apr 13, 2023
Rep. Biggs: Reports of FBI attempts to infiltrate Catholic Church 'shocking,' can’t reform agency must eliminate
Apr 12, 2023
John Bolton says U.S. putting troops on the ground in Taiwan ‘makes sense’
Apr 11, 2023
Ex-CIA analyst says China filling diplomatic role U.S. used to hold as world’s great negotiator, peacemaker
Apr 10, 2023
Rep. Greg Steube on Biden admin lying about Chinese spy balloon: They knew when it launched, and entered U.S. airspace
Apr 09, 2023
Ex-U.S Attorney for the District of Columbia: DA Bragg should be disbarred over Trump post-arraignment press conference
Apr 08, 2023
ClearPath Special Report: ‘Inside the Commitment to Conservation’
Apr 07, 2023
Rep. Eli Crane: China’s rise sparks bipartisan fear, ‘others have stepped in to fill’ America’s absence on world stage
Apr 06, 2023
If China spy balloon hasn’t woken up Americans, Yuan overtaking dollar should: Experts warn
Apr 05, 2023
Ex-Deputy Assistant Attorney General: Bragg has created a day of ‘infamy,’ following the arrest of Trump
Apr 04, 2023
Bureaucrats are trying to escape accountability again, this time at the VA says former VA Secretary
Apr 03, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott: Majority of Democrats believe that the Trump indictment is part of a 'political witch hunt'
Apr 02, 2023
Ex-Trump admin lawyer details how Pentagon tasked, paid internet research company to censor COVID origin info
Apr 01, 2023
John Solomon explains how Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal could help Donald Trump win in New York
Mar 31, 2023
BREAKING: Special Podcast Report- John Solomon explains the Trump indictment
Mar 31, 2023
Author-Journalist Rindsberg: Media outraged over Russia arresting U.S. journalist, but unbothered by IRS targeting Matt Taibbi
Mar 30, 2023
Top oil and gas industry voice announces ‘Hands off my Stove,’ to fight for Americans to keep their gas stoves
Mar 29, 2023
Speaker McCarthy slams Jan. 6 Dem investigators as evidence clears smeared GOP lawmaker: ‘Why I'm all about transparency’
Mar 28, 2023
Ex-Deputy Chief of Capitol Police: FBI withholding compiled video evidence from J6 prisoners, legal counsel
Mar 27, 2023
Rep. Scott on Blinken conceding concern over China bioweapons program: ‘Congress must follow how US funding is spent’
Mar 26, 2023
Trump’s Lawyer: Cohen devastating to indictment, DA Bragg continuing shows ‘weaponization of prosecutor’s office’
Mar 25, 2023
Special Report: ‘Preserving Prosperity for Our Future Generations’
Mar 24, 2023
John Solomon on suing the DOJ, National Archives over access to declassified Trump-Russia probe memos
Mar 23, 2023
Jim Jordan: Liberal groups pushing advertisers to drop conservatives may be investigated for anti-trust violations
Mar 22, 2023
Michael Cohen’s lawyer: Client said repeatedly, ‘I don’t have anything on Donald Trump,’ then changed tune after jail
Mar 21, 2023
Cammack: Biden has dragged feet on COVID origins, now Americans will force him ‘to act’ against China
Mar 20, 2023
Mark Meadows: Biden’s budget proposal is ‘dead on arrival,’ as GOP poised to cut $150B of woke policies
Mar 19, 2023
Nunes: Fauci ‘is going to go down as a very dark character in U.S. history’
Mar 18, 2023
Comer: Whistleblowers allege Biden family business dealings funneled money from foreign sources through family’s LLCs
Mar 17, 2023
Sen. Marshall’s case COVID leaked from lab: ‘1 in a million’ for each of six factors to occur naturally
Mar 16, 2023
Gun Rights Group says McConnell, Romney to blame for Biden gun control executive order
Mar 15, 2023
Rep. Steil: Biden labor, energy policies ‘culprits’ for bank woes, Dems ‘drunken sailor’ spending led to record inflation
Mar 14, 2023
Former Assistant Treasury Secretary on ESG, social justice initiatives causing bank failures: ‘100% true’
Mar 13, 2023
Rep. Greg Murphy: Fauci manipulation of COVID-19 origins forcing Congress to regulate future research funding
Mar 12, 2023
Sen. Johnson on stopping Biden U.S.-WHO treaty: After ‘miserable’ COVID response why give them more responsibilities
Mar 11, 2023
Ex-National Security adviser: U.S. under ‘dire’ threat from abroad, and we’re telling the world our intelligence on tv
Mar 10, 2023
Freshman McCarthy holdout gives ‘attaboy’ to Speaker but vows to still keep close eye on leadership
Mar 09, 2023
FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain details how he exposed Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation’s alarming business dealings
Mar 08, 2023
Jim Jordan on subpoena of ex-head of Disinformation Board: ‘We want to know how this whole thing was conceived’
Mar 07, 2023
Alan Dershowitz on the Keith Raniere case and why fair trials are equally important for unpopular defendants
Mar 06, 2023
Seb Gorka: The founding fathers wanted gridlock, it’s ‘the natural evolution of checks and balances’
Mar 05, 2023
House Oversight Chair James Comer: New GOP bill will hold government employees accountable for censorship
Mar 04, 2023
Nikki Haley: Americans want to know there are other options besides Trump and Biden
Mar 03, 2023
Sen. Ted Budd slams Buttigieg: FAA 'can't afford to be led by someone that needs on the job training'
Mar 02, 2023
Ex-Intel official slams Biden over Patriot Act renewal while continuing to approve Chinese tech licenses
Mar 01, 2023
Sen. Blackburn slams Biden ‘gift to the rich’ student loan forgiveness plan as ‘10% will go to low income individuals’
Feb 28, 2023
The mainstream media’s infatuation with Obama ruined neutral journalism says Author-Journalist Rindsberg
Feb 27, 2023
Comer: Biden business partner Eric Schwerin cooperating with investigation into family’s business dealings
Feb 26, 2023
MTG's 'national divorce’ comments caused a firestorm but historian Shirley thinks they could be the reality in 20 years
Feb 25, 2023
Rep. Nehls questions timing of Biden border policy change: ‘Window dressing’ for votes in 2024
Feb 24, 2023
Ex-FBI official gives his take on Bureau memos chronicling years of drunk driving, lost weapons and other misconduct
Feb 23, 2023
Special Report: ESG- Woke Workplaces & Dangerous Investments
Feb 22, 2023
Exclusive: Trump blasts Biden for choosing Ukraine on President's Day over Ohio, 'They were abandoned'
Feb 21, 2023
Tom Fitton asks why the US and UK have a hush-hush 'secret agreement' on COVID vaccine adverse effects
Feb 20, 2023
Rep. Biggs slams IRS for 'government surveillance’ after its' invasive questioning of election group nonprofit
Feb 19, 2023
Largest Second Amendment advocacy group raises alarm on new ATF 'zero tolerance' policy: An attack on gun industry, 2A
Feb 18, 2023
West Virginia AG Morrisey warns Biden's latest power grab could impact food supply
Feb 17, 2023
Rep Clyde: ELON Act aims to end collusion, after recent revelation FBI ‘paid Twitter $3.4 million’ from Oct. 2019 - Feb. 2021
Feb 16, 2023
Ohio Rep. of town hit by train disaster takes swipe at Buttigieg, ‘in less control of faculties’ than Biden
Feb 15, 2023
Ex-border chief on bipartisan calls for answers on conflicting reports of 4 objects shot down: ‘Where is the President’
Feb 14, 2023
Ex-Trump security adviser raises concerns of ‘China-Russia effort’ after weekend takedown of UFOs over North America
Feb 13, 2023
House Intel member says China balloon designed ploy to make US look weak, Biden ‘played right into their hands’
Feb 12, 2023
Ex-FBI analyst says J6 video request stonewalled by seniors over need to protect 'identities within footage’
Feb 11, 2023
Rep. Cammack: Fauci, gov't emails calling for 'devastating takedown' of dissenting COVID info led to social media censorship
Feb 10, 2023
Former National Security Adviser on China balloon: Testing US response to trespass to see if Taiwan for the taking
Feb 09, 2023
John Bolton calls for 50% tariff on Chinese tech till ‘they get the message’ after spy balloon
Feb 08, 2023
House AG member on China acquiring U.S. land: 'Not only controlling what's above us,' buying up America's farmland
Feb 07, 2023
Chinese balloon episode is this generation’s ‘Sputnik’ moment says former top national security adviser
Feb 06, 2023
Best Of: Huckabee: ‘Biden crime family’ deceitful ties to communist countries unprecedented in US history
Feb 05, 2023
Best Of: President Trump gives his thoughts on ‘unfair’ Biden classified docs drama in exclusive interview
Feb 04, 2023
Democratic party sees 'religious freedom as discrimination,' says Priests For Life Director Frank Pavone
Feb 03, 2023
Fmr Reagan senior adviser says GOP is ‘off track,’ needs to have united front, address issues Americans care about
Feb 02, 2023
Special Report: Rules that Run the Country
Feb 01, 2023
McCarthy speaker fight proves model works, expanding into state legislatures says State Freedom Caucus Leader
Jan 31, 2023
Former Senator Kelly Loeffler lays out new roadmap for GOP conservative movement to keep pace with Dems in 2024
Jan 30, 2023
Comer: Hunter Biden large art sales need closer look to ensure not part of Chinese money laundering scheme
Jan 29, 2023
Nunes: Special Counsel investigating Biden docs is wrong guy for the job, can’t be trusted to be impartial
Jan 28, 2023
Trump to address at South Carolina Rally his efforts getting Ukraine, Russia to negotiating table, Trump spox
Jan 27, 2023
House Intel member Austin Scott calls for national security damage assessment from found classified Biden docs
Jan 26, 2023
Kash Patel: Recent classified doc epidemic makes US government ‘look like a Mickey Mouse operation’
Jan 25, 2023
Economist Steve Moore: US debt ‘is the cancer cell right now on our economy,’ with few in DC concerned
Jan 24, 2023
John Solomon breaks down the Biden classified documents scandal: more FBI searches, influence peddling questions ahead
Jan 23, 2023
Former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury explains why Big Tech layoffs could be foreshadowing a recession
Jan 22, 2023
Leader of influential conservative super PAC: Can’t change voting laws, ‘if we can’t win elections’
Jan 21, 2023
Huckabee: ‘Biden crime family’ deceitful ties to communist countries unprecedented in US history
Jan 20, 2023
Fraternal Order of Police VP slams Biden police speech: Rhetoric is ‘extremely harmful,’ erodes public trust
Jan 19, 2023
Ken Blackwell: GOP cannot shy away on world stage from discussion with people with whom we disagree
Jan 18, 2023
Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker: ‘Seismic culture shift’ occurring at the FBI
Jan 17, 2023
MLK Jr. niece: To combat woke ideology, ‘in every generation, truth must be told and restated’
Jan 16, 2023
Nunes: American people victims of RussiaGate, mass delusion campaign pushed by Twitter, Top Dems
Jan 15, 2023
Matt Whitaker: Garland unnecessary appointment of special counsel for Trump docs ‘forced his hand’ for Biden
Jan 14, 2023
Foreign policy expert warns Biden ignores US is now surrounded by socialist countries
Jan 13, 2023
Rep. Austin Scott: ‘Concerning’ the mainstream media’s handling of Biden docs vs Trump
Jan 12, 2023
Michele Bachmann: Mitch McConnell glory days over, people tired of ‘back scratching, big spending politics’
Jan 11, 2023
Exclusive: President Trump gives his thoughts on ‘unfair’ Biden classified docs drama
Jan 10, 2023
Key GOP lawmaker open to Biden administration asylum reform amid migrant surge
Jan 09, 2023
Former Capitol Police Chief explains Jan. 6 intelligence failures, chain of communication to Pelosi
Jan 08, 2023
Afghan translator says his brother gave 'everything for this country' and is now facing deportation
Jan 07, 2023
Fmr. Amb. Hoekstra: 'Nobody in Washington has credibility on spending right now'
Jan 06, 2023
Americans for Tax Reform pres. says House GOP must work together to make deals to reduce debt
Jan 05, 2023
Sen. Ron Johnson calls for medical transparency after reports of COVID vaccine injury
Jan 04, 2023
Harmeet Dhillon on GOP: 'We deserve a change and an opportunity to actually win'
Jan 03, 2023
'That Show Tonight' producers: how to make real comedy in a world of censorship
Jan 02, 2023
Best of 2022: Many GOP House promises were made but can the new Congress deliver?
Dec 30, 2022
Best of 2022: Investigating a Woke and Weaponized Government
Dec 29, 2022
Best of 2022: GOP’s identity crisis leading into 2024
Dec 28, 2022
Best of 2022: New Congressional priorities- investigate Biden family business dealings, balance the budget
Dec 27, 2022
Special Report: ‘Cutting Spending, the Policies Worth Saving’
Dec 26, 2022
Rep. Jim Jordan: Pelosi needs to testify on her direct involvement in Jan. 6 security failures after new revelations
Dec 24, 2022
Fmr asst. US attorney Sullivan: Big Tech-gov't censorship, not a red or blue issue, it’s a red, white and blue issue
Dec 23, 2022
Rep. Chip Roy: Omnibus is funding same bureaucrats who target Americans, GOP voting against ‘will of the people’
Dec 22, 2022
Dennis Prager: US use to be source of good ideas for world, now exporting pernicious 'woke garbage'
Dec 21, 2022
Monica Crowley: Time for big spending, ‘compromised’ Mitch McConnell to go
Dec 20, 2022
Ex-Israeli Ambassador slams NYT for saying Israel not a democracy: We're only allowed to elect who they find 'acceptable?'
Dec 19, 2022
Tom Fitton: COVID vaccine debate on its safety, efficacy requires ‘full information,’ and we still don’t have it
Dec 18, 2022
Rep. Comer seeks answers to COVID-19 origin, names 40 officials to interview on Wuhan lab grants, research
Dec 17, 2022
Ex-border chief: US already in ‘worst unmitigated self-inflicted border crisis,’ ending Title 42 only escalates it
Dec 16, 2022
GOP Rep urges fellow Congress members to return FTX campaign dollars to help those fleeced in crypto 'scheme'
Dec 15, 2022
Rep. Steube plans to refer Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for criminal prosecution, alleging ‘he lied to Congress’
Dec 14, 2022
Sen. Tuberville warns: US wearing ‘blinders,’ hard to stop China when Biden is ‘compromised’
Dec 13, 2022
AZ AG candidate asks to pause recount to ensure ‘every legal vote is counted, every illegal vote is tossed out’
Dec 12, 2022
Rep. Clyde: Biden’s ‘weakness’ a domino effect, Afghanistan exit led to Russia invading Ukraine, Griner-Bout swap
Dec 11, 2022
Rep. Kevin Brady urges new Congress to focus on short-term spending bill, doing ‘opposite of what President Biden does’
Dec 10, 2022
Larry Elder: ‘I'm thinking about throwing my 'Blackface of White Supremacy' in the contest’ for 2024
Dec 09, 2022
Rep. James Comer: Democrat 'quid pro quo' argument stronger with Biden than Trump
Dec 08, 2022
Amb. John Bolton says he’s ‘prepared’ to run in 2024 to stop Trump, after recent Constitution remarks
Dec 07, 2022
OK Gov. Kevin Stitt: Parents more active than ever in education, pre-Covid norm of 'unions' telling what's best no more
Dec 06, 2022
Dr. Risch on Govt false Covid claims: 'Fast and loose' with stats, 'trying to be plausible, is not science'
Dec 05, 2022
Gov. Kristi Noem: GOP leaders need to answer ‘why we’re not winning,’ and ‘cast a vision for America’
Dec 04, 2022
Ex-Democrat Senator: ‘Scared to death’ of widespread free speech censorship by US universities, think-tanks, and media
Dec 03, 2022
McDaniel needs to just 'gracefully exit' as RNC boss after midterm flop: Arizona GOP chair
Dec 02, 2022
Blackburn holds the line on Defense spending bill: ‘No vax mandate until recruitment, retention goals’ met
Dec 01, 2022
US Oil & Gas president on Biden Venezuela oil deal: Propping up Marxist gov't and 'one of the dirtiest oil producers globally’
Nov 30, 2022
Louisiana solicitor general: Biden calls for ‘carbon’ climate reparations would be at least $9.5T, maybe 3x more
Nov 29, 2022
Nunes: After GOP takes House, truth about Hunter Biden laptop 'will get out', 'no way Big Tech can censor us' anymore
Nov 28, 2022
Steube on Biden vaccine passport policy: If Covid is ‘over’ why do we need covid passports to get around
Nov 27, 2022
Rep. Ralph Norman declares ‘cancer’ of ‘overspending’ as reason he won't vote for McCarthy as Speaker
Nov 26, 2022
Bill O'Reilly to Biden: 'Anybody in the White House understand anything about macro economics?'
Nov 25, 2022
Thanksgiving Special: Just the News, No Noise
Nov 24, 2022
Special Report: ‘The New Foundation for American Greatness’
Nov 23, 2022
Rep. Chip Roy tells GOP leaders post woke pentagon report: Time to demand change, someone needs to step up and lead
Nov 22, 2022
Rep. Comer on Biden family business selling access to Joe Biden, govt for a decade: ‘This is corruption’
Nov 21, 2022
Paul Manafort: GOP ‘was out-organized and out-smarted’ in midterms, running on 4 year outdated strategy
Nov 20, 2022
Huckabee: 'Adios' to country club, Liz Cheney Republicans who stood for nothing, didn't want America first
Nov 19, 2022
Special Report: 'State of America'
Nov 18, 2022
Biden admin should 'grow a spine,' support Iranian 'revolution,' says Iran expert
Nov 17, 2022
Border agent union head: Voters are swayed by facts on issues like border encounters, election fraud - not rhetoric
Nov 16, 2022
Rudy Giuliani on Feds ending 2 year investigation without criminal charges: ‘Where do I go to get my reputation back?’
Nov 15, 2022
Ex-Border Patrol Chief urges new GOP Hill leaders to defund DHS over border crisis
Nov 14, 2022
Pollster Scott Rasmussen: 80% of Americans think all ballots should be in, counted by Election Day
Nov 13, 2022
Ahead of election letdowns, ex-EU ambassador said January 6 ‘red line’ for Trump running in 2024
Nov 12, 2022
Veterans Day Special: Honoring Those Who've Served
Nov 11, 2022
Kash Patel’s top investigations for new GOP-led Congress: FBI-DOJ, Fauci, impeachments, Jan 6
Nov 10, 2022
Gingrich to Trump: Good time to be 'rethinking and reappraising’ decision to run in 2024
Nov 09, 2022
Trafalgar Pollster: Watch for ‘submerged’ GOP voters, won’t show up in polling for fear of political backlash but vote
Nov 08, 2022
Rep. Grothman to voters: Innocence of children on the ballot, we've got to wake up or will have a different America
Nov 07, 2022
Rep. Biggs on 'pandemic amnesty:' Not acceptable after stripping away so many Americans rights, treatment of elderly, children
Nov 06, 2022
Kari Lake: 'The true threat to democracy is the Left telling us that we can't question our government’
Nov 05, 2022
Liz Wheeler: Biden's lies on inflation, gas not lost on Americans, know results of his 'deliberate political choice’
Nov 04, 2022
Fmr. Reagan/Bush official: Biden ‘so out of tune, he’s singing from a completely different script than American people’
Nov 03, 2022
Tsunami Warning? Mark Meckler: 79% of Gen Z do not believe Biden, Dems deserve to be reelected
Nov 02, 2022
Michele Bachmann: Dems 'virtue signaling not received well by the American public,' going to lose big Tuesday
Nov 01, 2022
Israelis return to polls for fifth time, ex-Israeli ambassador says this election a vote 'for Netanyahu or against'
Oct 31, 2022
AG Jeff Landry case on Big Tech-Govt censorship, the ‘biggest case of this century’ involves Fauci, Biden admin
Oct 30, 2022
Issa: Ongoing lockdown consequences shows US had 'awful' COVID response, must be dealt with for next crisis
Oct 29, 2022
Special report: 'On Offense: Policy for the People'
Oct 28, 2022
John McLaughlin: '65% of voters think the country is on the wrong track,' majority blame Joe Biden as cause
Oct 27, 2022
Rep. Brian Babin: Democrat ‘regime in Washington today is killing America,’ vote them out
Oct 26, 2022
Rep. Grothman: 'We're going to lose next generation of children unless we beat back' leftist ideology in this election
Oct 25, 2022
CIA's top Russia spy slams Biden for allowing Putin to control the narrative
Oct 24, 2022
Kari Lake on her progress with hostile media: 'Retraining the press how to be journalists'
Oct 23, 2022
Former Cheney chief of staff: Biden will 'plead, beg, bribe, or offer rewards' to reach Iran nuclear deal
Oct 22, 2022
Fred Fleitz on Pentagon low weapons warning: Biden didn't have grasp of national security even when he had his wits
Oct 21, 2022
Top conservative group: 61% of Hispanics think Biden cares less about middle class than prior presidents
Oct 20, 2022
Glenn Beck: DeSantis is ‘the most exciting candidate that I've seen in a long time’
Oct 19, 2022
Gingrich: Polls show GOP ‘tsunami from coast to coast,’ blue safe seats now up for grabs in Connecticut, Oregon
Oct 18, 2022
Grenell: Biden funds both sides- $19B to Ukraine while brokering deal with Iran, who supplies Russia war drones
Oct 17, 2022
Rep. Comer: 'We’re investigating Hunter Biden, not to get Hunter Biden,’ but because he's a 'national security threat'
Oct 16, 2022
Bill O’Reilly on Jan 6 committee: 'As history is concerned, it’s nothing, nobody will remember it'
Oct 15, 2022
Rep. Ben Cline: GOP has opportunity to privatize part, all of the Postal Service after years of mismanagement
Oct 14, 2022
Devin Nunes: FBI's $1M payment for Steele dossier, 'a bounty program to get Donald Trump,’ no other way to explain it
Oct 13, 2022
Rep. Austin Scott says 'people need to go to prison,' for FBI offering $1M for Russiagate's Steele dossier
Oct 12, 2022
Ward Connerly: SCOTUS allows universities to use affirmative action in ‘perverse’ way, legally discriminate by race
Oct 11, 2022
Special Report: 'On the Ballot: Open Borders'
Oct 10, 2022
Dr. Harvey Risch: CDC has ‘officially backtracked’ on COVID vaccines
Oct 09, 2022
Former WH adviser: OPEC message to Biden - if you want to lower oil prices, burn your own abundant supply
Oct 08, 2022
John Solomon gives his take on Hunter Biden news: Old story made to look new
Oct 07, 2022
Exclusive Interview with former President Donald Trump
Oct 06, 2022
Former Trump official says Democrats censorship machine stolen from Chinese playbook
Oct 05, 2022
Phill Kline: To control a nation, must control how it selects leaders, flow of information – Big Tech's done both
Oct 04, 2022
Rep. Kat Cammack: Biden policies 'total utter failure,' woke ideology puts US in danger
Oct 03, 2022
Sen. Johnson on DHS using loopholes to censor 22M tweets, 21 news sites: 'Govt wants to be arbiters of truth'
Oct 02, 2022
Kevin Sorbo on culture war: If I played an 'Islamic pedophile terrorist, I’d be nominated for an Academy Award’
Oct 01, 2022
Rep. Ralph Norman: Congress hasn’t funded gov't on time in 26 years, time to cut lawmaker pay until balanced budget
Sep 30, 2022
Texas Congressman introduces legislation to help families of victims murdered by illegal immigrants
Sep 29, 2022
Ex-National Security adviser: Blowing up parts of Nord Stream pipeline, ‘kind of thing Putin would order’
Sep 28, 2022
Rep. Tenney: Iranian women protesting ‘incredible moment in world history,’ Biden Admin doesn’t seem to care
Sep 27, 2022
Arizona sheriff: Biden's open border policy allows cartels to put ‘thousands of people a month into slavery’
Sep 26, 2022
Sen. Rand Paul calls Fauci ‘disreputable’ scientist, seeks special investigator for COVID-19 origin
Sep 25, 2022
Rep. Thomas Massie: Over 40% of all debt accrued since US founding done under Nancy Pelosi
Sep 24, 2022
Rep. Jordan: Whistleblowers say FBI 'pulling agents off child abuse cases to focus on' domestic extremists narrative
Sep 23, 2022
Texas AG Paxton slams Biden for ‘cutting deal with cartels’ to benefit Democrats, despite the cost
Sep 22, 2022
NRB President: Biden posing Judeo-Christian beliefs as dangers to democracy 'concerning,' wake-up call to Church
Sep 21, 2022
Morgan Ortagus: Biden mixed messaging, ‘human rights should lead foreign policy’ but negotiates with Iran
Sep 20, 2022
Job Creators Network: 65% of small business owners cite ‘crime’ as reason for closing, relocation
Sep 19, 2022
Rep. Jordan: FBI Whistleblowers say felt pressure to create, 'juice the numbers' of domestic extremist groups
Sep 18, 2022
Moms for Liberty: Pandemic failures by states, feds sparked parent revolution to 'protect innocence, learning of children'
Sep 17, 2022
Lee Zeldin calls out NY Gov. Hochul for avoiding debates: 'Novel idea' to debate before people vote
Sep 16, 2022
Europe, US on 'edge of an energy and economic catastrophe’ says President of US Oil and Gas
Sep 15, 2022
Ex-FBI boss on big question left for Durham: Why did bureau pay Russian as source to spy on Trump?
Sep 14, 2022
AG Landry on Big Tech collusion: How many may have died 'because Fauci decided something was misinformation'
Sep 13, 2022
GOP Mass. gov. nominee: Voters to decide on repealing 'unpopular' law giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
Sep 12, 2022
9/11 Special: Never Forget
Sep 11, 2022
Ex-Border Patrol Chief: Biden Administration is the first since 9/11 to go backwards in national security
Sep 10, 2022
Ex-Defense Sec on Biden in Afghanistan: No accountability is ‘ultimate disgrace’ after ‘all the human loss’
Sep 09, 2022
Ex-FBI Boss warns over-collection of evidence could ultimately suppress Trump documents
Sep 08, 2022
Rep. Roy to GOP voters: Ask your Congressman, why would you write Dems 'blank check to fund tyranny?'
Sep 07, 2022
Special Report: The Push for ESG
Sep 06, 2022
Labor Day Special: The History Behind the Holiday
Sep 05, 2022
Sen. Johnson: Biden at inauguration said '8 times’ would 'unite America,’ recent speech proved otherwise
Sep 04, 2022
Border Patrol union leader slams WH: Thousands of people ‘swimming, walking into US everyday'
Sep 03, 2022
Trump lawyer on Biden speech: 'Politicization of the FBI and DOJ an American concern, not a MAGA concern’
Sep 02, 2022
VA largest counties request Gov. Youngkin preserve elections results to prevent future 'mischief'
Sep 01, 2022
Dick Cheney tapped Fauci to be a biodefense official, not top health official says Author-Journalist Rindsberg
Aug 31, 2022
Dr. Jeff Myers: Polling finds just 5-8% of Americans anti-US, but main drivers of culture war narrative
Aug 30, 2022
Kash Patel: DOJ ‘intentionally’ left my name unredacted to 'threaten me,' politicalize Trump affidavit
Aug 29, 2022
MTG on swatting: 'If this is the war the Left wants to bring, then they can bring it,' not backing down
Aug 28, 2022
Steve Moore: Biden’s student loan cancelation unconstitutional, but also will backfire in midterms
Aug 27, 2022
Dennis Prager: Left wing of Democratic Party 'as damaging as the Communist Party was to Russia’
Aug 26, 2022
Trafalgar lists most vulnerable issues for Dems with midterms weeks away
Aug 25, 2022
Gingrich predicts ‘great revolution’ in voters, working class will soon become Republican
Aug 24, 2022
Tenney: Waiving presidential privilege opens ‘Pandora’s box,’ raising specter of Hunter Biden’s laptop
Aug 23, 2022
Rep. Troy Nehls: This year, '66 identified terrorists have come through our southern border’
Aug 22, 2022
Rep. James Comer: ‘I plan to go to war with some of these federal agencies’ to hold them accountable
Aug 21, 2022
Reagan Economist Laffer: Don’t expect inflation to go away anytime soon
Aug 20, 2022
Mark Meckler: 73% of Americans believe Trump raid ‘was a raid by Democrats on their political enemies’
Aug 19, 2022
Ex-FBI Boss: If FBI unable to show a serious crime after Trump search, ‘incredible political ramifications’
Aug 18, 2022
Dr. Harvey Risch on CDC admitting to failed COVID response: ‘hope is not a public health policy’
Aug 17, 2022
Georgia Congressman says time to terminate IRS, eliminate the agency's 'weaponization’
Aug 16, 2022
Ex-immigration official: Biden administration 'criminalizing political opposition’
Aug 15, 2022
Rep. Claudia Tenney: ‘The FBI raid is the fourth impeachment’ of President Trump
Aug 14, 2022
Abe Hamadeh: They're scared of Trump and are willing to bend the rules in their favor
Aug 13, 2022
Last year, 51% of IRS audits were people making less than $75K a year says Fair Tax advocate
Aug 12, 2022
Kash Patel offers Trump defense: He may have already ‘verbally’ declassified the documents
Aug 11, 2022
Rep. Austin Scott: If Biden not told of FBI Trump raid, 'proof' he’s not in charge of White House
Aug 10, 2022
Ex-Israeli ambassador to US: Biden affirming his support for Israel contradicts his Iran Nuclear Deal efforts
Aug 09, 2022
Ric Grenell told Trump to fire FBI Director Wray due to inaction during Russian collusion coverup
Aug 08, 2022
Blackburn: China intent on global domination by 2050, time for Congress to review trade privileges
Aug 07, 2022
Former Congressman Doug Collins: FBI Director Wray's tenure will go down for a 'lack of decisions'
Aug 06, 2022
Louisiana AG takes aim at Big Tech censorship, collusion with federal agencies
Aug 05, 2022
FBI Bombshell: Sen. Grassley says special agent identified by whistleblower has been reassigned
Aug 04, 2022
Former Trump Security Adviser Kellogg: Biden drone strikes Zawahri, but criticized Trump for Soleimani
Aug 03, 2022
Ex-Border Chief: Biden not only jeopardizing health, safety, national security, but 'lying to the American people about it’
Aug 02, 2022
Moms for Liberty 'rephrasing' gender dysphoria tweet after being kicked off Twitter
Aug 01, 2022
Country star John Rich bypasses woke labels, releases song on Truth Social and soars to No. 1
Jul 31, 2022
War on Words: How the Left is Redefining to Control the Narrative
Jul 30, 2022
Special Report- ‘Legislating for Life: The Next 12 Months’
Jul 29, 2022
In show of bipartisan support: Rep. Austin Scott backs Pelosi, 'China doesn’t get to tell us’ where we can or can't fly
Jul 28, 2022
Ex-federal prosecutor on Hunter Biden case: 'It shouldn’t take this long'
Jul 27, 2022
Charlie Kirk: GOP states should not be giving 'one red cent of taxpayer dollars’ to ‘woke’ college departments
Jul 26, 2022
Fred Fleitz: Dems dirty secret is US top five with 'totalitarian dictatorships' for most liberal abortion policies in the world
Jul 25, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Dems for 'incredibly hostile work environment' at 'dangerous’ Capitol
Jul 24, 2022
Mark Meadows answers questions surrounding Trump’s order being ignored by FBI and DOJ
Jul 23, 2022
Dr. Harvey Risch warns COVID vaccines are interfering with the body’s ability to fight current version of virus
Jul 22, 2022
Separation of Church and State? GOP lawmaker: Biden administration using tax dollars 'to fund atheism' worldwide
Jul 21, 2022
US trying to reseal NIH docs related to COVID info deleted at China’s request says Oversight Group
Jul 20, 2022
Bossie: Trump declassified main Russian collusion docs in last days to 'educate' Americans, derailed by FBI and DOJ
Jul 19, 2022
Former Israeli Amb. Ron Dermer: Israel will act without the United States to 'prevent a nuclear armed Iran’
Jul 18, 2022
‘Just the News - Not Noise’ best of show: Biden’s Trip to the Middle East
Jul 17, 2022
Alan Dershowitz: Shunned for defending the 'Constitution on behalf of a president I didn't vote for'
Jul 15, 2022
U.S. won't 'confirm nor deny' role in calling Wuhan COVID lab leak a conspiracy, says whistleblower group
Jul 14, 2022
Liberal anti-police cities don't work for Americans, as crime rises Buckhead looks to secede from Atlanta
Jul 13, 2022
Phill Kline: SCOTUS deciding if 'elected people at the state level' or government can set 'time and manner of elections’
Jul 12, 2022
Ex-CIA Russia Analyst warns tides are changing for US as ‘sole’ superpower, ‘China and Russia are pushing back'
Jul 11, 2022
Ex-DHS Chief: DOJ suing AZ voting law, another example of Biden putting 'Americans last,' migrants and 'those here illegally' first
Jul 10, 2022
Wisconsin State Rep. Brandtjen: WI Supreme Court ruling affects 'hundreds of thousands of ballots’ cast in 2020 presidential election
Jul 09, 2022
Ex-Pacific Command: After assassination of Japanese PM, his warning of 'the threat to the Pacific' by China lives on
Jul 08, 2022
Fmr Intel Fleitz: ‘Voters are just fed up with everything' Biden says, China 'major national security threat to US’ not climate change
Jul 07, 2022
John Bolton: Biden accepting migrants with terrorist ties in ‘effort to get back into the 2015 Iran nuclear deal'
Jul 06, 2022
Special Report ‘Biden’s Foreign Policy: Leading From Behind’
Jul 05, 2022
July 4th Special Report
Jul 04, 2022
Gov. Kristi Noem: Biden playing partisan games, preventing Mt Rushmore July 4th fireworks 'on purpose’
Jul 03, 2022
WV AG: SCOTUS ruling says Biden, ‘federal agencies have to live under the same Constitution' as rest of America
Jul 01, 2022
J Christian Adams: SCOTUS taking NC election case show end of expansive govt, ‘elites knowing best how to govern American life’
Jun 30, 2022
Border Patrol union leader: ‘If Dems truly cared, would enforce laws’ so migrants aren’t trafficked by ‘dangerous criminal organizations’
Jun 29, 2022
Special Report: 'How the War on Gas & Oil Made America Energy Dependent Again’
Jun 28, 2022
Trump Deputy Drug Czar: Biden’s open border benefits drug cartels, China in manufacturing fentanyl crisis in US
Jun 27, 2022
Key GOP Lawmaker lays out top oversight priorities when GOP takes back House
Jun 26, 2022
Sen. Johnson on J6 panel claims: Dems ‘can't defend distatorous’ policies, so try to ‘destroy their political opponents’
Jun 24, 2022
SCOTUS 2A ruling: The toughest concealed carry permit states will have to change their laws, says legal scholar
Jun 23, 2022
Ex-Trump border chief: By end of Biden’s term, ‘US will encounter about 8-10M illegal aliens,’ most released or gotten away
Jun 22, 2022
Blackburn on ‘woke’ US military: ‘Our enemies don’t give a ripping flip about classes on choosing pronouns’
Jun 21, 2022
Jason Foster: Government whistleblowers are 'not going to be willing to come forward if nobody's ever held accountable'
Jun 20, 2022
Huckabee: GOP winning Rio Grande seat held for 150 years shows Dem ‘policies are stench in the nostrils of America’s voters’
Jun 19, 2022
Real solution to gun violence is ‘progressive prosecutors’ needing to ‘take crime seriously’ says 2nd Amendment advocate
Jun 17, 2022
Ukrainian civilian shares her first hand account of Russian invasion and ‘grassroots efforts’ to help
Jun 16, 2022
Rep. Tenney: AG Merrick Garland putting politics above duty, allowing ‘far left’ to intimidate Supreme Court
Jun 15, 2022
Rep. Scott DesJarlais: Under Biden, ‘most’ illegal migrants qualifying for food stamps, federal aid despite deportation orders
Jun 14, 2022
Job Creators Network CCO: As Biden turns blind eye to economic woes, ‘ticking time bomb’ of Obamacare premiums set to double in 2023
Jun 13, 2022
Dershowitz: 'absolutely' nothing Trump said on January 6 was incitement under the First Amendment
Jun 12, 2022
Rep. Scott Perry: Liz Cheney’s claim that I sought a presidential pardon for Jan 6, ‘an absolute shameless and soulless lie’
Jun 10, 2022
Rep. Davis puts Jan 6 panel on notice: Abide by preservation request or be criminally referred if GOP takes majority
Jun 09, 2022
Ex-Immigration official: Border Crisis ‘most unnecessary humanitarian crisis in human history,’ engineered by Dems for votes
Jun 08, 2022
2022 Election stakes ‘incredibly high,’ America under Biden in ‘serious decline’ says fmr Thatcher aide
Jun 07, 2022
Diplomacy expert says Biden’s playing checkers while world plays chess is ‘too charitable’
Jun 06, 2022
Rep. Nehls reacts to office incursion, says Pelosi 'weaponized' Capitol Police as 'her own investigations unit'
Jun 05, 2022
Rep. Kat Cammack: 'Shameful' how Biden admin is holding 'hostage' school lunch program over transgender rules
Jun 03, 2022
Ohio AG Yost on gun control: Backwards that you ‘have to have government permit to exercise a constitutional right’
Jun 02, 2022
Peter Navarro: Jan 6 committee acting as ‘judge, jury and executioner,’ exposes corruption
Jun 01, 2022
China Syndrome: America's failure to counter Beijing's malign influence
May 31, 2022
Memorial Day Special, honoring our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom
May 30, 2022
Attorney General Alan Wilson (R-SC) expands on gun violence, mental health, and border issues
May 29, 2022
AG Morrisey (R-WV) wins big against major opioid manufacturers
May 27, 2022
Fmr. Trump Advisor Kellogg says it's time for Europe to pay their fair share of Ukraine war
May 26, 2022
Trump' Border Chief Mark Morgan: 'Heroism saved countless lives'
May 25, 2022
Pompeo blasts Biden's ambiguity on world stage, saying it is endangering America
May 24, 2022
Rep. Brian Babin: Illegal immigration is ‘bankrupting our country,’ DHS Secretary Mayorkas ‘violates his oath of office’
May 23, 2022
Dr. Arthur Laffer, President Reagan's Economic Advisor: 'The Fed is not a very competent Fed Board'
May 22, 2022
Former FBI intel director describes, 'startling piece of testimony' in Sussmann trial
May 21, 2022
Biden’s undoing of Trump foreign policy threatens U.S. sovereignty, former State official says
May 20, 2022
Rep. Jim Banks: GOP playbook for historic ‘red tsunami,’ lean in and own ‘cultural fights’ against radical Left
May 19, 2022
Sen. Braun: Inflation, Dow drop because of COVID government response ‘directed by Dr. Fauci’
May 18, 2022
John Durham lays out the ‘October Surprise’ at opening of Sussmann Trial
May 17, 2022
Meet the Republican surging in the polls for a previously thought Democratic stronghold
May 16, 2022
Michele Bachmann: Biden giving head of WHO power to dictate future U.S. ‘healthcare’ policy
May 15, 2022
Dinesh D’Souza: Geotracking was celebrated by Left when ‘tracking down Jan 6 protestors,’ why not ‘ballot-harvesters’
May 13, 2022
Louisiana AG: If you wanted to write a book on ‘how to punish Americans,’ take pages from Biden, Dems
May 12, 2022
Tom Fitton: Evidence continues to show Fauci, NIH knew of Wuhan Lab research, ‘covered it up’
May 11, 2022
Ric Grenell: ‘Personally offended’ by Pompeo saying Dr. Oz a security risk for his dual-citizenship
May 10, 2022
Kash Patel says Judge ‘hinting’ to Durham that he has enough evidence to charge Sussman with conspiracy
May 09, 2022
Rand Paul says new ‘disinformation board’ sounds like ‘rules on speech’
May 08, 2022
Congressman Nehls says IG told him that Capitol Police lied about why they entered his office
May 06, 2022
Dr. Alveda King: Pro-life movement 'very excited' about overturning Roe, prepared to offer support to families
May 05, 2022
‘Destructive’ social media cancel culture making people ‘afraid to speak up,’ harming ‘our institutions’ says Jonathan Haidt
May 04, 2022
Ken Starr: Leaking of Dobbs SCOTUS opinion ‘outrageous,’ will cast ‘terrible shadow’ on Court
May 03, 2022
Ex-CIA Russia Analyst: Biden trying to strangle Russian economy to ‘overthrow Putin’ is enormously unrealistic
May 02, 2022
JTN Special Report: “Gender Identity – Biden redefines 'sex' in schools"
May 01, 2022
Sen. Rick Scott slams Homeland Security’s new disinformation office, ‘we became the Soviet Union’
Apr 29, 2022
Dershowitz: First Amendment allows bad things to occur on Twitter, ‘answer to bad speech is good speech, not censorship’
Apr 28, 2022
Ballot drop boxes high risk for ‘ballot trafficking,’ used to ‘prey upon weak and vulnerable communities’ says True the Vote founder
Apr 27, 2022
GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: Ballot harvesting can lead to voter coercion
Apr 26, 2022
Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg: Send Trump to negotiate with Putin over Ukraine
Apr 25, 2022
H: Rep. Austin Scott blasts Dems, Stacey Abrams on GA voting laws, ‘if they didn't cheat, they shouldn't be worried about the next election’
Apr 24, 2022
Kash Patel: John Durham investigation is letting Clinton machine 'firing squad' attack itself
Apr 22, 2022
Miami GOP Rep. slams Biden for affronting generations of Cuban-Americans by negotiating 'with the devil,' Marxist Cuba
Apr 21, 2022
After AG Garland war on parents memo, school boards ‘limiting public comment’, banning parents says Free Speech Attorney
Apr 20, 2022
Deep State using taxpayer money ‘to influence elections and to keep career politicians with jobs’ says Fmr Rep. Doug Collins
Apr 19, 2022
Border agents feel ‘demoralized’, part of ‘largest federal smuggling organization in world’ says Trump Border Commissioner
Apr 18, 2022
Brexit Leader Nigel Farage: ‘Without America leading the free world, there is no free world’
Apr 17, 2022
Watchdog report: $36M in PPP money went to ineligible ‘government employees,’ teacher unions that pushed for COVID lockdowns
Apr 15, 2022
Biden fueling humanitarian crisis, ‘taxpayer subsidized’ human trafficking industry says former Trump adviser
Apr 14, 2022
Newt Gingrich blasts McConnell for leading like Pelosi
Apr 13, 2022
Miranda Devine: Media is 'putting a firewall around Joe Biden' over Hunter Biden laptop story
Apr 12, 2022
David Bossie: Silicon Valley engaged in ‘censorship’ against anyone that insults Left, ‘get off Twitter’ go to other platforms
Apr 11, 2022
Palin: Freedom tied with parent’s rights, energy independence, Americans know better than ‘far-off faceless bureaucrats in DC’
Apr 10, 2022
Meet the MA Sheriff thats revolutionizing prisons with his inmate community program, teach life skills while improving recidivism by 50%
Apr 08, 2022
Fmr. Intel Fred Fleitz: Must 'keep politics out' of CIA, FBI, calls for 'major house cleaning' of US spy community
Apr 07, 2022
Rep. Kat Cammack: Democrats know food shortage is imminent, acting ‘willfully ignorant’
Apr 06, 2022
Tom Fitton: ‘Biden is compromised’, Intelligence community knew foreign payments were ‘bribes’ to take care of Hunter Biden
Apr 05, 2022
FEC fines Clinton campaign and DNC, only time Hillary has been held ‘accountable’, says lawyer
Apr 04, 2022
Gov. Kristi Noem: Biden opening of oil reserves, ‘smoke show’ rather than dealing with ‘real crisis’
Apr 03, 2022
Illinois Governor does nothing ‘while people are being murdered at all time records’ says GOP gubernatorial candidate
Apr 01, 2022
Were Cawthorn’s comments a fess up or a mess up? Rep. Austin Scott says there should be an investigation
Mar 31, 2022
President Trump dishes on Trump Doctrine 2.0 and his future plans for office
Mar 30, 2022
JTN Special Report: 'Biden’s Court Pick, Tipping the Scales’
Mar 29, 2022
Feminist advocate likens media cancel culture to ‘Salem witch trials’, people opting out of social media to follow
Mar 28, 2022
Alan Dershowitz: President Trump suing Hillary Clinton over Russia-Gate ‘new definition of chutzpah’
Mar 27, 2022
Historian who publicly rebuked 1619 Project founder over slavery tweet says far-left goal to ‘tear down’ American institutions
Mar 26, 2022
Ex-State Dept. official: Biden is ‘rewarding Russian criminal behavior’ with ‘massive economic’ carve out in Iran Nuclear Deal
Mar 25, 2022
Sen. Blackburn: ‘seriously concerned’ Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘activism’ will push SCOTUS ‘farther to the left’
Mar 24, 2022
Journalists Gone Wild: Federal agency that promotes America's news shown rampant security lapses, partisan agenda
Mar 23, 2022
Rep. Darrell Issa: ‘The big crime’ on Hunter Biden’s laptop is American censorship
Mar 22, 2022
No ‘transformative’ Iran Deal, ‘neither side expects this deal to last longer than Biden's term’ says diplomacy expert
Mar 21, 2022
Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Joe Biden has given us complete chaos’ after Trump handed him everything
Mar 21, 2022
Putin invasion defining moment for U.S. becoming “global” watchdog says Arms Security expert
Mar 18, 2022
Hunter Biden laptop finder describes ‘day late and dollar short’ acknowledgement from mainstream media
Mar 17, 2022
Biden’s ban on American oil, out of playbook of ‘how to destroy America’ says Louisiana AG Landry
Mar 16, 2022
Ric Grenell blasts complicit Media in Biden’s failures
Mar 15, 2022
Former CIA operative: Unless US decides to 'strike,' eliminate Iran's nukes, GOP has little choice but to accept 'containment strategy'
Mar 14, 2022
Leading from Behind? Experts dispute Biden-Harris record of success, sound alarm on America’s rapid decline
Mar 13, 2022
Fmr. Margaret Thatcher Adviser: Biden acting more like a Leader of EU than ‘Leader of the Free World’
Mar 11, 2022
GOP Rep. Brady says he struck bipartisan deal forcing Biden to end ‘trade relations with Russia’
Mar 10, 2022
Biden ‘deliberately misdirected’ American people from reality of Russian invasion says GOP Rep. Cammack
Mar 09, 2022
Biden in desperate need of “Reagan moment” says Ex-CIA Moscow station chief
Mar 08, 2022
Biden would rather import oil from “Iran and Venezuela” than “Texas and Oklahoma” says US Oil and Gas President
Mar 07, 2022
Wake up call? Experts warn world map of Europe is being rewritten
Mar 06, 2022
Former Top State official, Putin did what Biden couldn’t- unite Europe against Russia
Mar 04, 2022
Ex-Drudge editor gives skinny on why site has changed so much
Mar 03, 2022
Biden SOTU address showed “Democratic Party of JFK, no longer exists”, “completely disconnected from reality” says Freedom Caucus Leader Perry
Mar 02, 2022
Forget Biden’s sanctions, U.S. “should not be buying oil and gas from Russia right now” says Freedom Caucus Biggs
Mar 01, 2022
Ex-Trump official: Biden not ‘negotiating for peace in Europe’, sending VP Harris shows America’s fall from global respect
Feb 28, 2022
Unprecedented Times: Experts describe how Biden’s foreign policy led to Russia-Ukraine invasion
Feb 27, 2022
Young African-Americans moving from racial politics, civil right to 'individual rights, individual success, merit,' civil right activist
Feb 26, 2022
JTN Special Report: 'The True State of the Union'
Feb 25, 2022
Amb. John Bolton outlines how Afghanistan led to Ukraine crisis and may now embolden China
Feb 24, 2022
Americans won big on the Trump stock market and are losing on the Biden market warns Rep. Darrell Issa
Feb 23, 2022
Ken Starr: Hillary Clinton attacking of Durham, his motives “same play out of old playbook”
Feb 22, 2022
Durham Clinton findings, FBI corruption, time to rethink structure of FBI, “insulate from the political process” says Whitewater Independent Counsel Ray
Feb 21, 2022
Former DHS chief Chad Wolf: Biden admin is creating 'the worst humanitarian security crisis' along southern border
Feb 20, 2022
South African doctor who discovered Omicron: Officials pressured her to not call it mild because 'they were scared'
Feb 19, 2022
Trump DOJ official: 'Merrick Garland's Department of Justice has betrayed the trust of the American people'
Feb 18, 2022
Texas AG Paxton: CDC has no “authority to issue” plane mask mandates or “make up rules” to enforce with criminal penalties
Feb 17, 2022
Trump Defense Secretary: Biden needs to call Putin’s bluff, send “three army divisions” to back up Europe
Feb 16, 2022
Bill O’Reilly suggests Congress create penalties to punish Big Tech “mob mentality” censorship
Feb 15, 2022
GOP Rep. Rodney Davis: Jake Sullivan has 'no credibility’, RussiaGate targeting Trump, was 'direct attack on America’, its ‘freedoms’
Feb 14, 2022
Adam Carolla: Big Government Uses Senseless COVID Regulations To Flex Its Muscle
Feb 12, 2022
GOP Rep. Waltz censored over NBC Ad: “When you see made in China, put it down”, “defund dictatorships”
Feb 11, 2022
West Virginia AG: Biden admin is leading Americans 'to slaughter' with destructive policies
Feb 10, 2022
Liz Cheney challenger seizes on revelations of Rep.’s husband China connection
Feb 09, 2022
Former Trump Security Adviser Kellogg: Time for US to move from ‘One China policy’, recognize ‘Taiwan’
Feb 08, 2022
Democrats power grab going to expand from pandemic to ‘climate change’, Missouri AG warns
Feb 07, 2022
Constitutional activist Meckler: States need to take back their authority after Feds COVID mandates
Feb 04, 2022
GOP House Leader says Congress considering ending FISA warrants for FBI after ‘widespread violations’
Feb 03, 2022
Rep. Lance Gooden: 'Not one person in America' knows how bad terrorism threat is with border crisis
Feb 02, 2022
Ex-Trump official Patel: Russia, China won't invade but will exploit Biden's 'weakened posture in the world'
Feb 01, 2022
West Coast conservative sage Head touts new TV show with Solomon
Jan 31, 2022
‘How State Legislation Exemplifies Election Integrity’: Just The News Special Report
Jan 28, 2022
Benji Backer: GOP must own climate debate or risk losing hunters, other voters living in country's 'beautiful' heartland
Jan 27, 2022
Top US oil exec warns Biden's energy policies are really 'Green New Deal lite'
Jan 26, 2022
Former GOP Rep. Collins on White House matter-of-fact on possible Russia invasion: 'We should be horrified'
Jan 25, 2022
Illegal immigrants allowed to board planes with “arrest warrants” dangerous says former Trump Advisor
Jan 24, 2022
‘Biden incompetence’ raises bigger risk of Taiwan invasion than Russia in Ukraine says Former Trump national security aide
Jan 21, 2022
Nigel Farage: Under Biden, America no better ‘than a bad joke’ on world stage
Jan 20, 2022
MLK Jr. niece: Biden, Dems ‘playing the race card’ to ‘stir up emotions to get their way’
Jan 19, 2022
Congresswoman discusses how suspected terrorist got ahold of EMS uniform patch to sneak across the border
Jan 18, 2022
Top GOP House candidate in Georgia: Return to paper ballots, ‘do away with Dominion machines all together’
Jan 17, 2022
Small business leader warns Joe Biden’s presidency is crawling to a halt
Jan 14, 2022
Illinois GOP governor candidate: ‘People in politics that have no business experience, have no business being there’
Jan 13, 2022
Louisiana AG: Biden's Head Start mask, vaccine mandates 'doing the opposite' to help disadvantaged children
Jan 12, 2022
Former national security advisor slams Biden for rewarding Iran's bad behavior
Jan 11, 2022
Rep. Jim Jordan: Jan. 6th Commission proven will ‘alter evidence and lie to the American people’, not legitimate
Jan 10, 2022
Dr. Harvey Risch predicts how Omicron will change the arch of the pandemic
Jan 07, 2022
Key GOP lawmaker accuses Nancy Pelosi of Jan. 6 coverup
Jan 06, 2022
Outspoken Marine on ‘failed’ Afghanistan withdrawal considers 2024 election run
Jan 05, 2022
Raffensperger poses Constitutional Amendment to ensure ‘only Americans vote’ in Georgia
Jan 04, 2022
A New Year in Need of New Solutions: 2022 List of Major U.S. Problems
Jan 03, 2022
John Solomon's BEST OF 2021: An Informal Chat With President Trump
Dec 31, 2021
John Solomon's BEST OF 2021: Partners Who Make a Difference
Dec 30, 2021
John Solomon's BEST OF 2021: Creations to take back privacy and free speech
Dec 29, 2021
John Solomon's BEST OF 2021: Commemorating The 20th Anniversary of 911
Dec 28, 2021
John Solomon's BEST OF 2021: Veteran's Day Special
Dec 27, 2021
‘The Perfect Storm: American Energy Crisis’: Just The News Special Report
Dec 24, 2021
Michigan Gov. Whitmer pushing small businesses out, meet the GOP candidate who wants to change that
Dec 23, 2021
Kash Patel: Jan 6. Commission spent majority of testimony asking about failures of ‘Afghanistan withdrawal, Somalia’ than Jan. 6
Dec 22, 2021
Georgia Lt. Gov. Candidate calls out Stacey Abrams’ voter suppression argument as ‘flawed’
Dec 21, 2021
'Washington Whiffs: A Recap of 2021’: Just The News Special Report
Dec 20, 2021
Gov. Kristi Noem: New, better bill to protect girls' sports will be introduced in January
Dec 17, 2021
Josh Mandel: 'I was shell shocked' when fellow GOP candidate criticized him for being Jewish
Dec 16, 2021
Rep. Jim Jordan: 'Disgusting' how Jan. 6 committee is 'going after political enemies,' and 'trying to put Mark Meadows in prison'
Dec 15, 2021
Rep. Byron Donalds: 'Democrats have led us to a place where our country is failing'
Dec 14, 2021
Just the News Special: Mark Meadows, 'The Chief's Chief'
Dec 13, 2021
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: 'Don't send our athletes to the Olympics,’ instead have 'Olympic freedom games' in U.S.
Dec 10, 2021
Sen. Mike Braun: Congress ‘spending like drunken sailors’ on borrowed money, using COVID ‘crisis’ to grow ‘federal government’
Dec 09, 2021
Michael Glassner: Remembering Bob Dole, 'one of the great political leaders of the last century'
Dec 08, 2021
Trump endorsed AZ governor candidate supports cameras in classrooms, parental right to access school curriculum taught to children
Dec 07, 2021
The Majority Makers: Just the News Special
Dec 06, 2021
Media, Big Pharma demonize Ivermectin, say not ‘money-making’ like other treatments, denied COVID patient's lawyer
Dec 03, 2021
Biden lied to ‘American people when he said he knew nothing of Hunter’s overseas businesses deals’, Miranda Devine
Dec 02, 2021
MLK’s niece predicts Roe v. Wade to be be upended, giving states right to decide
Dec 01, 2021
MTG drafting law to force errant media to make robust corrections when wrong
Nov 30, 2021
GOP House candidate appeals to public: 'Need good people who aren't in it for themselves’ to run for local office
Nov 29, 2021
Jack Posobiec: Trouble in Eastern Europe, How ‘retraction of American power on the world stage has led to new instability’
Nov 26, 2021
Thanksgiving Special, “Sentinels: Inside a Grassroots Movement”
Nov 25, 2021
Liz Cheney challenger says Congresswoman ‘more concerned’ with Washington DC ‘than Wyoming’
Nov 24, 2021
Alan Dershowitz: ‘Identity politics’ is infiltrating the ‘Justice System’
Nov 23, 2021
Hard Sell? Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan has ‘5 or 6 senators’ in tight races leaning toward voting no, says Senator Blackburn
Nov 22, 2021
Spicer on midterms: Dems know ‘days are numbered’ after ‘going for broke’ to pass their ‘radical agenda’
Nov 19, 2021
DOJ gone rogue? Congressman introduces articles of impeachment against AG Garland following targeting of parents
Nov 18, 2021
Congressman says security exemptions for illegal aliens, creating situation ‘worse since 9/11’
Nov 17, 2021
NGO’s trafficking illegal migrants around US, providing documents to bypass TSA, local laws, says Ex Border Patrol Commissioner
Nov 16, 2021
Missouri teacher says, school training material assigned to drive wedge between parents and students
Nov 15, 2021
Kash Patel: Recent Durham indictment shows ‘Steele’s number one source’ lying, never gave Steele information
Nov 12, 2021
Veterans Helping Veterans: 3 Heroes to Celebrate on Veterans Day
Nov 11, 2021
The greatest offense to open borders is states executing their states’ rights, former Trump official says
Nov 10, 2021
Non-profit key to VA education debate says, teachers everywhere concerned about what they are being asked to teach
Nov 09, 2021
Small businesses already suffering from devastating effects of pandemic, can’t ‘fathom being vaccine police’, says Job Creators Network CEO
Nov 08, 2021
Army veteran, GOP House candidate says more Americans may have been killed at Kabul Airport than admitted
Nov 05, 2021
Inside Story on Durham Indictment and Dr. Carol Swain on America’s Leftward Drift
Nov 04, 2021
Newt Gingrich: GOP will pick up ‘4 seats in Senate’, up to ‘70 seats in the House’ in 2022
Nov 03, 2021
Parents running for local school boards are ‘not going to stop’, ‘new base of the Republican party’, says Tea Party icon
Nov 02, 2021
Ohio moms run for school board, lead nationwide opposition to CRT, government ‘bureaucrats’ dictating what’s best for kids
Nov 01, 2021
A Great American Story: Omaha Steaks and Veterans
Oct 30, 2021
Minneapolis 1 year after the BLM protests: Did it really help?
Oct 29, 2021
Former EPA Chief: Majority of ‘Americans more concerned about clean air, water than climate change’, ‘want cheaper fuels’
Oct 28, 2021
Rep. Ralph Norman: 'Idiotic' to use 'X' gender designation on passports amidst crises
Oct 27, 2021
Start of a Movement? Buckhead’s push to secede from the city of Atlanta
Oct 26, 2021
Rules for thee? Peter Schweizer discusses insider trading by elected officials in Congress
Oct 25, 2021
US Oil and Gas Association pres warns, current policies going to push generation of Americans into ‘energy poverty’
Oct 22, 2021
Rep. Nunes calls out ‘ABC’ Steele interview for being worthy of ‘Disney’, ‘fantasyland’
Oct 21, 2021
Trump China ambassador: Muslim countries too ‘intimidated by China’s economic, military strength’ to decry Uyghurs abuses
Oct 20, 2021
Trump chief of staff says Pelosi was more interested in ‘lunch’ than activating ‘National Guard’ on Jan 6th
Oct 19, 2021
Tom Fitton: Steele interview not to be believed, dossier has ‘been thoroughly debunked’
Oct 18, 2021
Kellogg recalls time with Trump who said 'embassy will not fall,' defied policy gurus by ordering Soleimani killed
Oct 15, 2021
NC Lt. Gov. describes how media ‘twisted’ his ‘filth’ comment on textbooks
Oct 14, 2021
Former Ohio Sec of State Blackwell: GOP playbook for 2022 is 'local control' of elections, no shenanigans at precincts
Oct 13, 2021
Former Gov. Rick Perry: Green New Deal ‘was never about global warming’ but rather ‘about income redistribution’, Marxist policies
Oct 12, 2021
Peter Navarro: Dispelling ‘the big six lies by the mainstream media’ surrounding the early days of COVID-19
Oct 12, 2021
Alarming amount of anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist ‘conspiracy theories’ veiled as academia on college campuses, Case Study
Oct 08, 2021
China Expert: ‘Alliance’ needed between US, Taiwan, and Japan, following tense weekend with China
Oct 07, 2021
Son of slain cop blasts Chairman of Jan. 6 Commission for anti-police past
Oct 06, 2021
Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump on January 6th and Critical Race Theory
Oct 05, 2021
Economist: ‘Americans already feeling inflation’, passing of 3.5T Biden bill will only make inflation worse
Oct 04, 2021
The Bottom Line: AZ election audit findings and where the results go from here
Oct 01, 2021
TX Congressman says Biden anti-gun agenda will have to be carried out over his ‘dead damn body’
Sep 30, 2021
Benghazi hero Geist says State Department grounding Afghanistan rescue mission, preventing Americans from returning
Sep 29, 2021
Lee Smith reveals the unfinished business of Durham’s Russia probe
Sep 28, 2021
Haitian migrants entering US are coming from South America not Haiti, Ex Border Patrol Commissioner
Sep 27, 2021
Untold stories from Del Rio: JTN reports at the border
Sep 24, 2021
Former Trump advisor vehemently disputes Blinken testimony that there was no withdrawal plan for Afghanistan
Sep 23, 2021
Rep. Brian Babin: Joe Biden has created a ‘powder keg’ at the border
Sep 22, 2021
Border Protection union accuses White House of lying about agents on horseback along Del Rio Sector
Sep 21, 2021
The inside story of the Navy Seals fight against the COVID vaccine on religious grounds
Sep 20, 2021
Firefighter who survived 9/11: Afghan withdrawal a ‘betrayal’ to all warriors in War on Terror
Sep 17, 2021
Newt Gingrich prescribes winning message for GOP elections: Free market capitalism beats big government socialism
Sep 16, 2021
Sen. Rand Paul: Milley’s contact with Chinese ‘could have started an accidental nuclear war’
Sep 15, 2021
Former Gov Jindal: America’s greatest threats from within, liberal agenda ‘fundamental rejection of American Dream’
Sep 14, 2021
Unions now embracing values of ‘progressive elitists’ over those of average U.S. worker: former Trump Advisor
Sep 13, 2021
Just the News: 9/11 Special
Sep 11, 2021
Former British Commander in Afghanistan: Biden has branded himself as the ‘worst President’ in US history
Sep 10, 2021
Congressman says ‘Afghan refugees not being vetted for social media extremism’
Sep 09, 2021
Bernie Kerik: Georgia Gov Kemp is one Trump endorsement away from being ousted
Sep 08, 2021
Tunnel 2 Towers CEO recalls bravery of 9/11 effort on 20th anniversary, asks for support
Sep 07, 2021
Just the News Special: Freeing Classrooms from Ideology
Sep 06, 2021
China sets sights on Taiwan after US abandonment of Afghanistan, Expert
Sep 03, 2021
Former Homeland Security Special Agent: ‘US more vulnerable today’ than before 9/11
Sep 02, 2021
Rep. Kat Cammack: GOP lawmakers ‘absolutely talking about impeaching Biden, but don’t have the votes’
Sep 01, 2021
War correspondent, Special Forces vet says ‘U.S. military turned away Americans at Kabul airport gates’
Aug 31, 2021
Ex-Army Ranger warns of new era of terrorism: 'Move your families to places that are willing to defend you’
Aug 30, 2021
Expert says conservatives need alternative to Green New Deal argument that doesn’t kill economy
Aug 27, 2021
Veterans 4 America First Institute: VA should make decisions ‘starting and ending with the veterans’ it serves
Aug 26, 2021
Charity pleads for support to help evacuate Americans, Afghan allies
Aug 25, 2021
Former DIA official: Afghanistan failed when US decided to nation build
Aug 24, 2021
Kimberly Hermann: Public school districts requiring ‘equity and anti-racist trainings’ violates teachers First Amendment
Aug 23, 2021
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green drafting Articles of Impeachment for Biden over Afghan debacle
Aug 20, 2021
Top Trump Aid reveals the secret Afghan exit plan that Biden refused to execute
Aug 19, 2021
Two veterans running for Congress criticize Biden's handling of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan
Aug 18, 2021
General Flynn: Biden lied, knew Afghan army would collapse quickly
Aug 17, 2021
The Future of Education? In debate over Critical Race Theory, activists and parents push for cameras’ in classrooms
Aug 16, 2021
Rep. Andy Biggs: Borders wide open, ‘cartels have a presence in virtually every city in America’
Aug 13, 2021
Texas AG: Biden is the ‘most prolific super-spreader of COVID’ in the world
Aug 12, 2021
Parler Executive warns ‘big tech-big government coordination’ is spelling the end of freedom
Aug 11, 2021
Former Trump advisor says Cuomo scandal shows perils of protective media
Aug 10, 2021
MRNA Expert: Time for US officials to ‘check egos at the door’, change course on COVID
Aug 09, 2021
Ben Shapiro suggests best case scenario for America is looking ‘a lot more like the EU going forward’
Aug 06, 2021
NY Senate Leader: Governor Cuomo does not believe impeachment is real
Aug 05, 2021
Biden has done more to spread COVID than the Chinese ever did, lawmaker says
Aug 04, 2021
Rep. Greg Steube: The border crisis is the biggest national security threat since 9/11
Aug 03, 2021
Just the News Special: The War on Black America
Aug 02, 2021
New alternatives to the Drudge Report and Twitter
Jul 30, 2021
Jenny Beth Martin: More mask mandates and lockdowns 'will be detrimental' to Biden's presidency
Jul 29, 2021
Ambassador Henry Cooper: The U.S. is 'playing catch-up' with China on space, tech
Jul 28, 2021
Rep. Dan Newhouse: Protecting American farmland from China
Jul 27, 2021
John Zadrozny: Americans are 'treated like second-class citizens' with COVID while illegal immigrants get free pass
Jul 26, 2021
Erik Finman: Dispelling myths about the Freedom Phone
Jul 23, 2021
Wayne Barnes: Analyzing Hunter Biden's signature on his laptop repair receipt
Jul 22, 2021
Rep. Claudia Tenney: Biden administration is 'very passive,' projecting weakness with Cuba
Jul 21, 2021
Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg: Looking for Biden's foreign policy, but 'we can't find it'
Jul 20, 2021
The Current State of Cuba
Jul 19, 2021
Activist and journalist Gelet Fragela speaks out about the human rights abuses in Cuba
Jul 17, 2021
Former U.S. military translator Saber Rock pleads for America to save his family from the Taliban
Jul 16, 2021
Tom Hogan: City crime hits the suburbs as political prosecutors choose which laws to enforce
Jul 15, 2021
Erik Finman: Taking back privacy from Big Tech with the Freedom Phone
Jul 14, 2021
Jason Foster: EMPOWR(ing) whistleblowers to successfully expose the truth
Jul 13, 2021
Tom Fitton: 'It's no surprise that you have politicized prosecutions' by DOJ, FBI over Jan. 6
Jul 12, 2021
Jason Miller: GETTR, the new, pro-free speech social media platform
Jul 11, 2021
Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad: Free Iran World Summit
Jul 09, 2021
Brooke Rollins: Trump's lawsuit against Big Tech
Jul 08, 2021
David Bernhardt: The unanticipated harms of government bureaucracy
Jul 07, 2021
The legal battles against critical race theory in government
Jul 06, 2021
Jason Beardsley: Instead of providing more naval boats, Navy and DOD focus on 'diversity' and 'extremism'
Jul 05, 2021
The Revolt Against Critical Race Theory
Jul 02, 2021
Rep. Andy Biggs: House investigation into Jan. 6 Capitol riot 'is a witch hunt'
Jul 01, 2021
GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: State election board will take over Fulton County election if necessary
Jun 30, 2021
Rep. Devin Nunes: 'We'd be playing into exactly what the Chinese want' if the world locks down over COVID variant
Jun 29, 2021
Cale Clingenpeel: “We see more spending with little return”
Jun 28, 2021
Securing Our Elections: Protecting Your Vote
Jun 26, 2021
Jacqueline Timmer: How various groups in battleground states worked together on 2020 election irregularities
Jun 25, 2021
Darin Selnick: Veteran says VA prioritizes transgender surgeries over needed reconstructive surgery
Jun 24, 2021
Betsy McCaughey: 'Our next pandemic might not be a virus, it might be … antibiotic-resistant infections'
Jun 23, 2021
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: 'I am not convinced that we're going to have a free and fair election in 2022 unless we get 2020 squared away'
Jun 22, 2021
Kory Yeshua: “We’re not gonna teach young black kids that they’re oppressed”
Jun 21, 2021
Rep. Jim Jordan: Democrats' new bills will 'allow big tech to collude with big government'
Jun 18, 2021
Texas AG Ken Paxton: George P. Bush doesn't have enough legal experience to be attorney general
Jun 17, 2021
Sen. Mike Braun: Americans have 'got to be scratching their heads' on Biden's foreign policy
Jun 16, 2021
Rep. Matt Gaetz: Reporters are threatening people to lie to smear me
Jun 15, 2021
George P. Bush: “Our state is under assault and we have an unresponsive president”
Jun 14, 2021
Rep. Elise Stefanik: Marxist Democratic Party may push Independents, swing Democrats to GOP
Jun 11, 2021
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer: 'Our economy will go into a freefall'
Jun 10, 2021
Reporting on the culture wars
Jun 09, 2021
David Bossie: VP Harris was disrespected, called out by Guatemalan president
Jun 08, 2021
Liz Wheeler: Fauci’s emails may “end the pandemic”
Jun 07, 2021
Biden's border crisis, leftist racism, and distrust of public health officials over COVID-19
Jun 04, 2021
David Horowitz: The dangers of the left
Jun 03, 2021
Matthew Spalding: The Biden admin 'had to abolish' the 1776 Commission to replace it with Critical Race Theory
Jun 02, 2021
Former Israeli Amb. Ron Dermer: Calling Israel an apartheid state allows for 'open season on Jews'
Jun 01, 2021
Chuck Woolery: Dr. Fauci and D.C. health experts are 'not quite honest, they're very political, and they mislead'
May 28, 2021
Rep. Greg Steube: Nancy Pelosi's 'ability to push her members' is waning
May 27, 2021
Rep. Chip Roy: Americans are seeing in the Democrats, the 'last gasp of a dying party'
May 26, 2021
Sen. Mike Braun: New bombshells upcoming on origin of COVID in Wuhan lab
May 25, 2021
AZ Senate President Karen Fann: “45% of people have no confidence in our elections”
May 24, 2021
Michael Chamberlain: Holding the federal government accountable
May 21, 2021
Alex Marlow: 'China's imprint in the American media is huge'
May 20, 2021
Will Hild: Consumers' Research - putting woke corporations on notice
May 19, 2021
Stephen Moore: "Inflation is the most regressive tax out there"
May 18, 2021
Bob Woodson: “The left has weaponized race”
May 17, 2021
Josh Mandel: 'Outrageous' for OH governor to give away $5 million to vaccinated residents
May 14, 2021
Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren: Progressive Dems are playing into Hamas' plan against Israel
May 13, 2021
Rep. Lauren Boebert: GOP is 'finally taking a stand' against anti-America First members
May 12, 2021
Alfredo Ortiz: The truth behind corporations attacking GA over voting law
May 11, 2021
Bryan Griffin: “We’re trying to find a diplomatic solution with a non-diplomatic partner”
May 10, 2021
Kimberly Klacik: Trump made 'huge improvement' in GOP's relationship with minorities
May 07, 2021
Glenn Youngkin: Conservative businessman running for VA governor
May 06, 2021
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward: Understanding the Maricopa County election audit
May 05, 2021
Rep. Kat Cammack: How to cut the federal budget, make government more responsive
May 04, 2021
COVID-19: The lies, the loss and the light at the end of the tunnel
May 03, 2021
Gen. Keith Kellogg: 'A huge mistake,' Biden giving Iran 'a free pass'
Apr 30, 2021
Mark Dubowitz: Biden admin making a better deal with Iran is 'a fiction, mirage'
Apr 29, 2021
Steve Deace: Americans have been denied informed consent and counter opinions with COVID
Apr 28, 2021
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Democrats are afraid of 2022 midterm elections
Apr 27, 2021
Bernie Kerik: Rebuilding trust between police and minority communities
Apr 26, 2021
Roman Buhler: Constitutional amendment to keep the Supreme Court at 9 justices
Apr 23, 2021
Newt Gingrich: Biden and Harris are damaging U.S. with Chinese propaganda
Apr 22, 2021
Rep. Claudia Tenney: NY 'deliberately created chaos' with 2020 election
Apr 21, 2021
Rep. Madison Cawthorn: 'Donument Act,' making the border wall a national monument
Apr 20, 2021
Tennessee secretary of state says Democrat bill would 'eviscerate' election security
Apr 19, 2021
Securing Our Elections: The Grassroots Battle for Easy, Safe Voting
Apr 16, 2021
Ashley Rindsberg: How the repeated misreporting of the New York Times has influenced American foreign policy
Apr 15, 2021
Amy Wilhite: How to 'shop your values,' spend money on businesses you agree with
Apr 14, 2021
Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: America's northern border is closed for COVID while southern border is open
Apr 13, 2021
Phill Kline on Zuckerberg’s voter manipulation
Apr 12, 2021
Evan Sayet: Tech censorship is the modern day version of Nazi, Communist cancel culture
Apr 09, 2021
Dennis Prager: 'The pandemic showed that most Americans value safety over freedom'
Apr 08, 2021
John Paul Mac Isaac's lawyer: Why did the FBI sit on Hunter Biden's laptop?
Apr 07, 2021
Phillip Patrick: Understanding the current economic climate
Apr 06, 2021
Ken Blackwell: "common sense" voter ID processes are becoming controversial
Apr 05, 2021
Sen. Ron Johnson: Hunter Biden and potential Chinese blackmail of Biden administration
Apr 02, 2021
Former WI Gov. Scott Walker: The left's policies are pleasing white supremacists
Apr 01, 2021
Jack Brewer: 'Victim mentality…is causing the racial divide'
Mar 31, 2021
Michael Oren: China becoming a Middle Eastern power
Mar 30, 2021
Congressman Mo Brooks: “horrific consequences” are ahead due to open border policies
Mar 29, 2021
Jaco Booyens: 30% of children crossing the southern border today will be sex trafficked
Mar 26, 2021
CA Gov. Candidate Major Williams: The Restore CA Plan
Mar 25, 2021
Rep. Darrell Issa: CA to lose congressional seat for first time with mass exodus
Mar 24, 2021
Mark Morgan: Exposing the lies surrounding the border crisis
Mar 23, 2021
Curtis Sliwa: Why would we defund those who defend us?
Mar 22, 2021