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A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings.

Episode Date
106: Is it an eager child or a New York mobster?

Covering LO chapters 199 & 200, featuring:

  • Competing headcanons about Athena's owl
  • A promising theory on how to defeat Kronos using the power of tub time
  • Zeus FINALLY being useful
  • & more!
Jun 27, 2022
105: The Aforementioned Daddy

Covering chapters 197 & 198, featuring:

  • Ares knowing exactly which issues to prioritize in his convo with Persephone
  • The one truly essential worker in the Underworld
  • Persephone continuing to be the world's most relatable character
Jun 13, 2022
104: That Life-Giver Thing & Whole Woman Mom Vibes

Covering LO chapters 195 & 196, including:

  • Nymphs with their priorities in order (beer over all)
  • Persephone tasting a little blood for genuinely no reason
  • A standalone torso leaking breast milk
May 30, 2022
103: No One Has Killed Zeus Yet?

Covering chapters 193 & 194, including:

  • A glorious water beasty we are obsessed with
  • Rachel giving us a mature, responsible woman lead in her 30s who knows when to say "screw you" to someone’s face
  • Artemis aka the goddess of "oh god I'm having a panic attack in this school assembly"
May 16, 2022
102: I'm really intimidated by this grass
Covering chapter 192, featuring:
  • Persephone missing some key details, but still being an icon
  • Zeus having complicated feelings about grass
  • A pretty raw deal for Minthe
May 09, 2022
101: Our Primary Agricultural Hoe

WE'RE BACK and we have A LOT to say. Covering the first LO chapter after the hiatus, chapter 191, featuring:

  • Zeus' chaotic and inexplicable bullet journaling 
  • The best day of Hecate's life
  • Much screaming and many feelings
May 02, 2022
Bonus: Lore Olympus Book Bonus Chapter

This final episode before LO returns (!!!!), we're covering the bonus chapter in the LO Volume I print book. If you don't have the book, you should buy it or check it out from your local library IMMEDIATELY because it is BEAUTIFUL and has this exclusive bonus chapter in it!

Apr 18, 2022
Bonus: Old Lore Olympus Part 2
Part two of our coverage of Old Lore Olympus, covering chapters 8-9! Follow along here: https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Pilot_Episodes
Apr 04, 2022
Bonus: Old Lore Olympus Part 1

Greetings from the past! This week, we're releasing some classic content from our Patreon -- the first of our episodes covering chapters of the original Lore Olympus. You can follow along with the old LO panels here: https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Pilot_Episodes !

Mar 21, 2022
Bonus: 100 Episodes Clip Show!
Content to fill the void in all our hearts while LO is on hiatus. Here's a clip show of some of our favorite moments from our first 100 episodes.
Mar 07, 2022
100: I'm Not Surprised, but I am Furious
Covering Lore Olympus chapter 190 and all the juicy content therein, including:
  • A new completely legitimate theory on the origin of Zeus' powers
  • Everyone inexplicably completely forgetting about Artemis 
  • Presumably the last moments of Zeus' life before Hades smites him
Feb 21, 2022
99: Trojan War Me Up

Covering LO chapter 189, featuring LOTS of good stuff, including:

  • The baddest goddess we've ever met, coming in hot with pure, ominous chaos
  • Speculations about Aprhodite's blessing for baby Persephone
  • & more
Feb 07, 2022
98: Hot in the Bread, Hot in the Body

Covering LO chapter 188, featuring:

  • Hestia remembering why she never comes to Thanksgiving
  • A new accent for Kronos
  • Athena to the rescue with the SNACKS
  • & more!
Jan 24, 2022
97: My Strength is Bread

Covering LO chapter 187, featuring:

  • Zeus' strategy for getting out of arguments with Ares
  • Hera's new workout routine
  • Demeter embracing her inner horror movie energy
Jan 10, 2022
96: The Forbidden Coffee Grinder (TM)

Discussing LO chapter 186, featuring:

  • an absolutely terrible merch idea
  • a very good idea for a post-workout snack
  • Perse being VERY relatable and awkward
Dec 27, 2021
95: Erotic Watercolors & Gentle Himbo Vibes

Covering LO chapters 184 & 185, featuring:

  • Hades putting his foot in his mouth just a little
  • Persephone drooling in her sleep like the rest of us
  • Another glimpse of that forked tongue we love so much
Dec 13, 2021
94: Horny for Hephaestus

Covering L.O. chapters 182 & 183, featuring

  • Hephaestus being the NERD KING ICON we need
  • Hades being exactly as wrathful as we hoped he would be
  • Truly just so much catharsis
  • & more
Dec 06, 2021
93: Hades Daddy, Esq.

Covering Lore Olympus chapters 180 & 181, featuring: 

  • The newborn god of irrelevant testimony
  • Impending doom for Sicily courtesy of Ares
  • Niobe being 100% right that her family is better than Leto's
  • & more!
Nov 29, 2021
92: A Roulette Wheel of Accents

Discussing chapters 178 & 179, featuring:

  • Absolute chaos as we try out 10,000 accents for Hades and Hecate during their 19th century Londoners phase
  • Demeter and Zoey getting into a fight
  • A never-ending parade of incredibly irrelevant testimony
Nov 22, 2021
91: Messenger, Psychopomp, Hottie

Covering chapters 176 & 177 featuring A LOT of Hermes:

  • Hermes doing the MOST to express his disdain for Zeus
  • A new use for body glitter
  • The world's highest toga slits
Nov 15, 2021
90: Spiteful Pajamas & Wannabee Matadors

Covering LO chapters 174 & 175, including:

  • Zoey's newfound passion for capes
  • What do eyebrows have to do with being an attorney?
  • OnlyFans' aquatic cousin, OnlyFins
Nov 08, 2021
89: Songs Are Extra!

Covering LO chapters 172 & 173, featuring:

  • Zoey's new favorite character
  • More fashion than anyone can handle
  • Demeter getting all dolled up to be completely unhelpful
  • & more
Nov 01, 2021
88: "Ampelus, you look just like Psyche!"

Covering LO chapters 170 & 171, featuring:

  • Eros continuing to be unbelievably dense
  • Psyche having a relatable meltdown
  • Can we get Chiron in here for some trauma counseling? For the readers?
Oct 25, 2021
87: Pheromones, ASSEMBLE!

Covering chapters 168 & 169 of Lore Olympus, featuring:

  • a VERY ominous happy montage
  • Eros continuing to be mind-bafflingly dumb
  • Thanatos being very overwhelmed but very pure
  • & more!
Oct 18, 2021
86: Dense in the Muscles & Dense in the Brain

Covering LO chapters 166&167, including:

  • Storge being a very relatable pet parent
  • The gentle himbo convention
  • Gray overalls: cute, stylish groutfit or 8 year-old miner chic?
  • & more!
Oct 11, 2021
85: Sexy Train Conductor Hades & Scary Uncle Tartarus

Covering LO chapters 164 & 165, featuring:

  • a mystery elevator ride to the literal depths of hell
  • the most Persephone thing that’s ever happened
  • some incredibly outfit coordination from Hades & Hecate
  • & more!
Oct 04, 2021
84: Not the God of Intellect, That's for Sure

Covering LO chapters 162 & 163, featuring:

  • Hades making 5,000 veggie burgers to avoid a difficult conversation
  • A really bad idea for a Greek Mythology-themed bar/restaurant
  • The best day of Poseidon's life
  • & more!
Sep 27, 2021

Covering LO chapters 160 & 161, featuring: 

  • Therapy for EVERYONE
  • The new voice we created for Apollo
  • An absolutely underwhelming LO-themed Backstreet Boys cover that no one asked for
Sep 20, 2021
82: Cry It Up, Sad Boy

Covering chapters 158 & 159 of Lore Olympus, featuring: 

  • A critique of Thanatos' hiding and begging skills
  • Persephone's new 24/7 on call therapist
  • Hades creating a whole new wing of his mansion for Persephone's flower nymph sisters
Sep 13, 2021

Covering LO chapters 156 & 157, including:

  • the happiest cow in the world
  • an extremely long diversion about salt
  • the introduction of Brenda, the world's most relatable character
  • & more!
Sep 06, 2021
80: Shoutout for Doing the Bare Minimum

Covering LO chapter 155 on its own because we had a lot to say, including:

  • Big MILF energy from Demeter
  • Zeus surpassing our expectations by doing at least the bare minimum as a partner for once
  • How Zoey and Erin would react in Zeus' shoes during Hera's nightmare (not well)


Aug 30, 2021
79: Virgin Club Members: ONLY Artemis

Covering just LO chapter 154 because we have a LOT to say, including:

  • Artemis' strong feelings that this TGOEM meeting could have been an email
  • Athena being the world's most supportive partner
  • Hermes watering all our crops


Aug 23, 2021
78: Happily Wed Lesbians Who Are Furries

Yikes, Erin's audio is real bad here but Zoey did her best to edit through it. Sorry, team. It's hard out here with these budget mics. 

Covering LO chapters 152 & 153 featuring:

  • Why does Underworld Corp not have HR???? Why do they not have Security???? What are we doing???
  • Full sexy primal forms for Hades, Perse, and the MAGNIFICENT HECATE
  • Our headcanon about a beaux for Artemis
  • & more!
Aug 16, 2021
BONUS Mini Ep: Baubo

Some surprise bonus content during our hiatus! This is one of our all-time favorite monthly bonuses from our Patreon, so we hope you all enjoy it. We'll be back with regular episodes on August 16!

Aug 09, 2021
77: I'm Not Certified, But I Am Beautiful

Covering LO chapters 150 & 151, including:

  • Minthe getting truly the full capitalism experience
  • The world's MOST DISRESPECTFUL exercise class
  • The potential start of Thetis' career as a pop star
  • & more!
Jul 26, 2021
76: Two Rejects See Each Other Across a Car Show

Covering LO 148 & 149, featuring:

  • A terrarium for Kronos
  • A creative punishment for Hades
  • Minthe's best ever moment (aka insulting Thetis)
  • & more!
Jul 19, 2021
75: Screaming is the Only Thing to Do

Covering chapters 146 & 147, feat.:

  • Yet ANOTHER round of the Apollo drinking game (God help us)
  • A hilarious condemnation of human nature courtesy of Eros
  • Artemis' defender of young women energy coming out
  • & more!
Jul 12, 2021
74: Fishnet Tights & Tin Foil Hats

Wherein we cover just ONE chapter of Lore Olympus because we had SO MUCH to say about chapter 145 including:

  • Hecate's home brewing operation
  • Why is Demeter being SO SCARY?
  • Hardcore relating to Hecate's desire to see chaos and drama but only FROM A DISTANCE and while drinking a beer
Jul 05, 2021
73: Bedroom Eyes Activated

Covering chapters 143 & 144 of Lore Olympus, featuring: 

  • A bunch of iconic retail workers bringing their A-game for Perse and Hades' shopping spree
  • Our new head canon about Hephaestus' secret twin
  • New love in the women's department of a Macy's
Jun 28, 2021
72: So Hot & So Nerdy

Covering L.O. chapters 141 & 142, including:

  • Meeting Hephaestus, aka everyone's new nerdy boyfriend who definitely owns all the patents to Underworld Corp's phones
  • The Underworld's new mandatory uniform
  • Is Cordon Bleu actually based on Zoey's dog? Survey says yes.
Jun 21, 2021
71: A Global Shortage of Red Flags

Covering LO chapters 139 & 140 including:

  • Echo getting real sketchy vibes from Apollo and being 100% over it
  • Daphne finally coming to her senses re: Apollo
  • The best day of Thanatos' life so far
Jun 14, 2021
70: Tee Me Up, Daddy

Covering LO chapters 137 & 138, featuring:

  • Pleas for a tech literacy class for Persephone
  • Lots of love for Hera and Perse
  • LOTS of questions about the decision to play sports instead of eating ice cream to cheer Perse up
Jun 07, 2021
69: I'm an OWL. Get out of my face.

Covering LO chapters 135 & 136, including:

  • a Zoom call we can all relate to
  • iconic statement fashion choices by Hera
  • unbelievable and unquenchable thirst for Hades
May 31, 2021
68: Mommy Issues on Big Display

Covering LO chapters 133 & 134, featuring:

  • Persephone discovering she's a little too into hearing about criminal activity
  • Hades being a little too into Persephone getting big
  • Lots of brotherly love
  • & more
May 24, 2021
67: Who do you think you are, sir???

Covering LO chapters 131 & 132, including:

  • representation for soft jawlines
  • an elegantly sexy mummy
  • the spookiest panels ever
  • & more!
May 17, 2021
66: I'm Not Afraid of Zeus. Zeus is Afraid of ME.

Covering LO chapters 129 & 130, feat.:

  • Apollo's order at P.F. Chang's
  • The merits of hibernating in a volcano instead of facing your problems
  • A TERRIBLE use of taxpayer money
  • & more!
May 10, 2021
65: Witchy Ballet Perfection & A Pulsing Uterus

Covering LO chapters 127 & 128, feat.:

  • Incredible co-parenting skills & himbo energy from Poseidon
  • The Karen of eagles
  • Hades REALLY doing it for us
May 03, 2021
64: Let's Get Her a Bridle & See What Happens

Covering LO chapters 125 & 126, and man, things are getting real. Including:

  • Hermes really blossoming into his full bad boy self
  • A diversion involving Dionysus marrying a piece of filet mignon
  • A special phone Hades keeps just for Thanatos
Apr 26, 2021
63: Introducing the Goddess of Reduced Price Goods

Covering LO 123 & 124 featuring:

  • Hecate doing her best Vice Principal impression
  • The most responsible purple character we've met yet
  • Hera giving us the boldness, the confidence, and the audacity we deserve
Apr 19, 2021
62: Two Spooky Eyeballs & One Special Ouroboros

Covering LO chapters 121 & 122 including:

  • Hades being entirely unable & completely unwilling to even attempt to go along with Hecate's improv
  • A thousand nymphs named Gus
  • Several characters taking their lives into their hands for no good reason
Apr 12, 2021
61: Hera's Day to Shine

I AM SO HYPED WE GET TO SPEND THIS WHOLE EPISODE TALKING ABOUT HERA. Covering Lore Olympus chapters focusing on the queen herself, chapters 119 and 120, including:

  • Hera's alternating phone answering strategies
  • Hera cosplaying as Audrey Hepburn, Ariana Grande, and a pirate queen
  • An app idea for people who can't be nice to waitstaff
Apr 05, 2021

We are HERE for this Artemis arc in LO chapters 117 & 118 featuring:

  • Artemis proving that she is EXACTLY the type of friend you want if you go missing
  • Psyche/Ampelus' hair looking INCREDIBLE
  • Speculation about Ares' non-toxic masculinity vibe
Mar 29, 2021
59: I Sure Hope You Have Babies in Season 2

We're back!!!! We are beyond excited to start covering season 2 of Lore Olympus, starting with the season 1 recap and chapter 116, including:

  • wise advice from Hermes
  • a complete 180 on our feelings about Demeter
  • so much hype!!!
Mar 22, 2021
BONUS Mini Ep: Chapter 148 Reactions

Coming at you from our Patreon, it's our reactions to Lore Olympus Chapter 148, which was just published! We do a reaction to the new chapter every week on our Patreon, but we wanted to give you all a little bonus content while we're on our break. (And if you love this, check out the Patreon!!) We'll be back with regular episodes on March 22!

Mar 14, 2021
58: Persephone Stormborn of House Demeter

IT'S HERE. The big bad season 1 finale we've all been waiting for. We're losing our minds as we cover chapter 115 of Lore Olympus, including:

  • Demeter being an incredibly realistic depiction of a mom who just doesn't get it
  • Persephone making a very scary ginger bread house
  • Cinnamon roll, are you okay?
Mar 01, 2021
57: Apollo, what are you doing at the Cheesecake Factory?

Covering LO chapters 113 and 114, featuring:

  • the correct amount of bread for two people having breakfast
  • wild speculation about where Apollo is taking Daphne for this stupid date
  • incredible sexual tension between a man and a butterfly
Feb 22, 2021
56: Casual Hoodie Comfy Clothes Daddy

Covering chapters 111 & 112 of Lore Olympus and THINGS ARE GETTING GOOD:

  • Mirrors are cancelled because of the high risk of spookiness
  • Should we replace the government with sexy panels of Lore Olympus? We think yes.
Feb 15, 2021
55: My Loins Can't Handle This

Get ready to listen to our soul songs as we cover Lore Olympus chapters 109 & 110. We can barely handle everything that happens, including:

-INCREDIBLE amounts of thirst
-Wait hold up is Thanatos hot now?

Feb 08, 2021
54: Protective Messenger Daddy Has Entered the Chat

Covering LO chapters 107 & 108 including:

  • the scoundreliest scoundrel that's ever scoundreled 
  • a very bad day for this sexy cat lady bank manager
  • Peresphone's very unofficial full name: Persephone Kore O'Demeter O'Hades
Feb 01, 2021
53: A Very Relatable Bangs Situation

Covering chapters 105 & 106, including:

  • Minthe's truly inexplicable shower positions
  • Thanatos' stagehand outfit
  • Does Minthe not pay rent?!?!?!
Jan 25, 2021
52: Get Thee to Therapy or GTFO

Covering LO chapters 103 & 104, covering:

  • WHEN is Minthe going to start therapy?
  • Why is everyone trying to pick a fight with the furies?
  • Credit where credit is due for Thetis & Minthe's clubbing outfits
Jan 18, 2021
51: A is for Actively Stabbing

Covering LO chapters 101 & 102, feat. discussions on:

  • What Ares is going to write in Apollo's birthday card
  • Ares' mad improv skills with his "yes and" abilities
  • Precious baby Hades' making real personal growth
Jan 11, 2021
50: Being a Rock is an Extremely Sexual Experience

Covering LO chapters 99 and 100 (!!!!), including discussing such crucial topics as:

  • HOW is Persephone pulling off the lowest of low ponytails?
  • Psyche getting progressively more relatable
  • Persephone being sexually curious and ready to mingle
Jan 04, 2021
49: We Need an Exorcism in Here

Covering LO chapters 97 & 98, including:

  • Apollo being the worst kind of artsy dude
  • Why is Artemis' wolf not mauling Apollo?
  • MORE Apollo drinking game!
Dec 28, 2020
48: Right in Front of my Salad???

Covering LO chapters 95 & 96, featuring:

  • An image of femininity we can get behind
  • A continuation of the Apollo drinking game (remember, play with coconut water if you're under 21!)
  • Persephone's new garage housing all of the world's cars
Dec 21, 2020
47: A Uterus with the Face of a Man

Covering LO chapters 93 & 94, feat.:

  • the god of getting lit
  • a totally justified reason to smite an entire village (i.e., hurting a dog)
  • why can Zeus have a successful full term pregnancy from any body part?
Dec 14, 2020
46: A Little Spice, Nothing Nice

Covering LO chapters 91 & 92, feat.:

  • The world's most useless powerpoint presentation
  • Hestia being the god of bread
  • An Ariana Grande-inspired thrift store look from Aphrodite
Dec 07, 2020
45: Cheekbone Daddy & A Genuine Severed Head

Covering LO chapters 89 & 90 feat.:

  • Hades & Persephone's hospital dance moves
  • the world's most apathetic receptionist
  • Hades & Persephone re-igniting everyone's sexy doctor obsession
Nov 30, 2020
44: The Ideal Sugar Daddy Scenario

Covering LO chapters 87 & 88, feat.:

  • the greatest c*ckblock in history
  • the real definition of bedroom eyes
  • is Persephone a literal saint?
Nov 23, 2020
43: Huff Huff Me Up Up

Covering Lore Olympus chapters 85 & 86, including:

  • Hades' suits made of diamonds
  • the goddess of goat cheese, Goatarella
  • Erin's thoughts on the sexiness of that weird goat man bouncer
Nov 16, 2020
42: Get Thee to a Gynecologist

Covering LO chapters 83 & 84, including:

  • Persephone being sad and chesty
  • Zeus' full founding father regalia
  • Poseidon being secretly woke
Nov 09, 2020
41: Did a bird just crap on my car or is that Apollo?

Would you rather: spend even one second of your life interacting with Apollo OR bathe in bird crap every day for the rest of your life? There's a right answer and we all know what it is.

Covering LO chapters 81 & 82, featuring:

  • Lots of wishes for violence against Apollo
  • A beautiful family history of castration
  • Persephone being a terrifying sexy monster baby
Nov 02, 2020
40: The Daddy We're All Dreaming Of

Covering LO chapters 79 & 80, feat.:

  • Zeus and Hera's sex life
  • Hebe learning about the birds and the bees using cups
  • Hades' "big, sexy, Adam Driver hands," in Zoey's words
Oct 26, 2020
39: Mama Hecate is Here

Covering LO chapter 77 & 78, discussing:

  • The insane story of Metis
  • A dark Animorphs roleplay
  • Baby Hera & baby Hades being horny little monsters
Oct 19, 2020
38: A Grumpy Little Bean & A Very Sexy Old Man

Covering chapters 75 & 76 of Lore Olympus, discussing: 

  • Hades rocking a sexy Santa Claus vibe
  • Zoey's GENIUS theory about the Fates' VHS tapes
  • Hades' complete lack of understanding of how money works for normal people
Oct 12, 2020
37: The First Thing They Teach You in Mistress School

Coving LO chapters 73 & 74, feat.:

  • A continuation of Minthe's Game of Thrones cosplay
  • Thetis' spicy basic home decor
  • Why has Minthe never made even one single good decision in her whole life?
Oct 05, 2020
36: An Unrelated Emergency About My Period

Covering LO chapters 71 & 72, featuring:

  • An incredible Game of Thrones cosplay by Minthe
  • Is Hades' shrine drawer to Persephone getting a little creepy?
  • The best excuse to get out of any situation (see title)
Sep 28, 2020
35: Welcome to Your Mortal Onboarding

Discussing LO chapters 69 (nice) & 70, feat.:

  • Hades' very appropriate use of his work computer
  • Admiring Aphrodite's mom skills and her seduction skills
  • Plenty of sex jokes for chapter 69, obviously
Sep 21, 2020
34: Persephone's Double Chin of Horror

Covering LO chapters 67 & 68, feat:

  • Aphrodite being a problematic icon
  • What Eros is actually cooking for breakfast
  • Z&E butchering the pronunciations of all the Greek words for love.
Sep 14, 2020
33: No Unexpected Sounds & No Bodily Fluids

Covering LO chapters 65 & 66. Highlights:

  • Artemis' best moment
  • Mandatory educational content for every human being courtesy of Eros
  • Eros is literally the only character who matters and everyone else can sit down
Sep 07, 2020
32: YOU'RE GAY!!!!!

Covering chapters 63 & 64 of Lore Olympus, feat.:

  • More details on Z's absolutely impenetrable headcannon about Artemis's crush on Persephone
  • Lots of reactions to Hades' tongue
  • A completely unlicensed and poorly executed medley of semi-relevant Hamilton songs by Z&E
Aug 31, 2020
31: Captain Pepto-Bismol & the Lemonade Nymphs

Discussing LO chapters 61 & 62, feat. such hot topics as:

  • Persephone's sexy superhero fashion sense
  • Hestia's ongoing attempt to set Persephone up with Artemis 
  • Hermes' complete & total willingness to transport and chaperone Persephone to school
Aug 24, 2020
30: You Think I Can't Make a Plant Hurt?

Covering LO chapters 59 & 60, feat. discussion on:

  • the Furies' ability to bring pain to ANY life form
  • Thanatos' STRONG evil train conductor energy


Aug 17, 2020
29: Non-Problematic Uncle Hades is Here

Covering chapters 57 & 58, discussing such critically important topics as:

  • Persephone's aggressive steal-your-man energy
  • Hades' dueling roles as sexy business daddy and totally non-creepy friend of Persephone's mom
  • How is Persephone always SO SEXY and can she teach us?
Aug 10, 2020
28: Spanks for the King

Discussing LO chapters 55 & 56, feat. Hades' hair extensions, Hecate being surprisingly relatable, and the sexiest Virgin Mary you've ever seen.

Also, FYI: The audio on this one is a little funky because we were not using our normal recording set up. Yikes. BUT it's totally audible and everything will be back to normal next week. 


Aug 03, 2020
27: A Tampon Made of Diamonds

Covering LO chapters 53 & 54, feat. discussions on:

  • Hades' STILL pierced ears
  • Hades' frustration that Persephone won't let him kill people for her
  • How is ANY of this "good optics"? 
Jul 27, 2020
26: This is TRULY a Nightmare

Covering LO chapters 51 & 52, wherein Persephone lives out every human being's nightmare of being trapped in an elevator with your love interest and their current partner, discussing such hot topics as:

  • Hades' MULTIPLE ear piercings 
  • Persephone's ongoing iconic fashion choices
  • The questionable filing system in the Underworld
Jul 20, 2020
25: Naked Friend Fun

Covering LO chapters 49 & 50, featuring a rousing game of Z&E's Apollo drinking game and discussions on:

  • Hades and Hecate's chic torture fashion sense
  • A really great day for Hermes
  • Persephone's somewhat unusual understanding of friendship
Jul 13, 2020
24: A Sexy Postal Worker & The Underworld's Best Daddy

Covering chapters 47 & 48 of Lore Olympus, discussing:

  • Minthe's choice to wear fishnet stockings for a serious conversation
  • The general badassery of the furies 
  • Hades' TRULY ICONIC mug
Jul 06, 2020

Honestly, what else do you need to know besides the fact that we will be discussing the glorious form of Hades in the pool and in the shower? 

In addition to that most important content, we'll be covering LO chapters 45 & 46, discussing topics like:

  • How INCREDIBLY special Hades' dogs are
  • What is the Olympus equivalent of PornHub?
  • Minthe's inexplicable taste in leisurewear 
Jun 29, 2020
22: Imposter Syndrome is the Imposter Here

Covering chapters 43 & 44 of Lore Olympus, tackling real big questions like: 

  • Is it possible to have TOO MANY Daddy vibes?
  • Why doesn't Minthe have social anxiety like the rest of us?
  • HOW is Persephone riding with her hair down in a convertible and not looking like one giant tumbleweed?
Jun 22, 2020
21: Doors Are For Poors

Covering chapters 41 & 42 of Lore Olympus, feat. discussions on:

  • Hecate's wingwoman skills
  • Minthe's sci-fi villain origin story
  • Persephone's "please don't come in, I'm in the bathroom" voice
Jun 15, 2020
20: An Angry, Sexy Dragon & the World's Worst Undercut

Covering chapters 39 & 40, discussing professional and academic topics like:

  • How Cerberus deserves to be Employee of the week every week
  • Hades is sexy and we are thirsty, as always
  • Seriously, Hades, how hard would it be to get a combination lock for that door?
  • It's TARTARUS!!!
Jun 08, 2020
19: There Are No Laws When You Have LITERAL CLAWS

Discussing chapters 37 & 38, featuring a Z&E Lore Olympus drinking game, lots of threats for Apollo, and a debate about how sexy is too sexy when it comes to everyday undergarments (hint: we're pretty sure garters are way too much work, but you do you, Persephone). 

Jun 01, 2020
18: Everyone's Horny, What Can We Say?

Covering Lore Olympus chapters 35 & 36, discussing such critical and intellectual matters as: Thetis' IMPRESSIVE manipulation skills and her wild mythological background, Hades' real preference when it comes to women, and why the centaur that teaches Persephone's biochem class is the true villain here.

May 25, 2020
17: Hecate is Here to Actually Run Sh*t

Covering LO chapters 33 & 34, feat. discussions on: the spooky icon that is Hecate, Persephone's flawless digestive system, and what it would be like to work at the Underworld Corporation every day (hint: very steamy).

May 18, 2020
16: Sex With Your Boss is a Trope for a Reason

Covering LO chapters 31 & 32. Lots to cover in this one, including:

-How Persephone should embrace her new internship as an opportunity for workplace sexy times

-Hera's ICONIC powers of manipulation

-Hades' very special demon dogs/noodles

May 11, 2020
15: Hera is a Queen & Zeus Can Die

Covering LO Chapters 29 & 30. Alright team, we were pretty tipsy for this one so get ready for a wild ride. Discussing some VERY important matters in our intoxicated state, like:

-Our desire to revive the cult of Hera and worship specifically the LO depiction of her

-Hera's relationship with her DUMB AND INADEQUATE husband

-How absolutely screwed we would have been if we stopped aging at 19 like Persephone


May 04, 2020
14: Hades, Ye Olde Business Daddy & Zeus, Lord of the Furries

Discussing chapters 27 & 28, covering critical topics like Hades period roleplay costumes, Zeus' obvious furry fetish, our immense respect for Persephone's aggressive line of questioning about Hades' relationship status.

Apr 27, 2020
13: Sexy Night Sweats & the Booty Tooch for Jesus

Back on our normal BS covering chapters 25 & 26, feat. admiring young Hades' accidental dance moves, admiring adult Hades' everything, and admiring Persephone's decision to channel all of us and eat chocolate cake at 2 AM. 

Apr 20, 2020
12: The Serious One (Plus Bloopers)

Alright team, we have to be serious for a hot second to talk about chapter 24. Don't worry, though -- the second part of this episode is just outtakes and our garbage, our signature content.


Content warning for discussion of sexual violence.

If you or someone you know needs help with issues of sexual violence, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

Apr 13, 2020
11: White Leather Seats? You're Already Garbage

Get ready team, we're about to dive into this Apollo mess. We're covering THREE chapters this episode -- 21, 22, and 23 -- and discussing CRITICAL topics like all of the horrible things we wish would happen to Apollo, how Hermes is a snack but could do better, and Artemis continues to be useless. 

Apr 06, 2020
10: I Got 99 Problems and Your Boobs Are Two of Them

Covering Lore Olympus chapters 19 & 20, feat. discussions on drinking, drinking, and more drinking; our love for Poseidon; and how much worse Demeter's life got after Persephone hit puberty.

Mar 30, 2020
9: Tell Me About That BBD

Covering Lore Olympus chapters 17 & 18, feat. discussions on the true meaning of BBD, Eros' HIGH QUALITY friendship, and Hades leveling up from standard business daddy to murderous business grandpa (who can FOR SURE still get it). 

Mar 23, 2020
8: An Adult Pig in the Prime of Its Life & the Return of the Sexy Flamingo

Covering chapters 15 & 16, feat. discussions on the thriving life of Eros' new pig friend, the insanity that is Psyche's life, the exceptionally low bar for heterosexual men, and how Psyche's sisters are total assholes but just might have a point this one time.

Mar 16, 2020
7: I'm gonna go marry a snake, I guess

Covering chapters 13 & 14, continuing the beloved sidequest of Eros & Psyche, featuring discussions on what it would be like to marry an invisible snake demon-god-thing, weird sex things, and, as always, the sexiness of animated characters (i.e. EROS, CALL US).

Mar 09, 2020
6: Sentient Scabs & Eviscerated Panties

Covering comic episodes 11 & 12, featuring discussions about which household pets Zeus has had sex with, how hot and also precious Eros is, and what manspreading looks like for gods.

Twitter/instagram: @loreolympod


Mar 02, 2020
5: Move Over Daddy Hades, Father Hades is Here

Father Hades teaches all of us how to drive in this episode covering comics #9 and #10. 

Feb 24, 2020
4: Sexy Flamingos & Seductive Fruit

Lore OlymPOD is coming in hot with this episode covering comic chapters 7 & 8. Discussing the weird and beautiful things Hades and Persephone resemble, our other favorite hot cartoons, and how much of a good special boy Cerberus is (hint: VERY special and VERY good).

The audio is kind of weird in this one and we don't know why and we're sorry. Maybe that's what we get for recording in a bedroom in our apartment. 

Feb 17, 2020
3: Goddesses Don't Get Hangovers

Discussing comic episodes 5 & 6, including how petty Aphrodite is (but also how much she can work a crop top); how Hades is anything but a narc; and how jealous we are that gods and goddesses evidently don't get hangovers.

The super awesome candles we discuss are by Book and Reverie, and you can find their Etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/bookandreverie. (We don't know them or anything -- we just legit like the candles!)

Again, theme music by Erin's Sam, who has a music page thing here: https://firesidedaycamp.bandcamp.com/.

Feb 10, 2020
2: Sexy Wombats & Evil Magicians

Covering comic episodes 3 & 4 of Lore Olympus, including discussions of sexy wombats, evil magicians, the perfect basic bitch, and everything we did wrong in our first episode!


P.S. Theme music by Erin's boyfriend Sam. He has other things here.

Feb 03, 2020
1: Hades, Business Daddy & Big God Energy
Welcome to the first episode of Lore OlymPOD! Discussing comic episodes 1 & 2, featuring major themes including big god energy, the original white man, the essence of "business daddy", and the meme "Who is she?"
Jan 27, 2020
Lore OlymPOD Trailer

Coming soon: Lore OlymPOD.

A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings.

Jan 18, 2020