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 Apr 8, 2022

 Sep 12, 2021

 Nov 16, 2020
Nonchalant tidbits of the science articles covered in the print edition. Nevertheless, informative.

 May 1, 2020
Great podcast. Adds value to the magazine but would still be really good for the latest science stories without the magazine. Very accessible.


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Episode Date
CultureLab: Real Life Supervillains - John Scalzi on the science of volcano lairs and sentient dolphin minions
Sep 18, 2023
Weekly: Science that makes you laugh (and think); black holes behaving badly; drumming cockatoos
Sep 15, 2023
Dead Planets Society #5: The Return of Pluto
Sep 11, 2023
Weekly: New type of brain cell; Alaska’s first bridge over a moving glacier; quantum batteries that never age
Sep 08, 2023
CultureLab: The weird ways animals sense the world – Ed Yong on his book An Immense World
Sep 05, 2023
Weekly: Our ancestors nearly went extinct?; Why beer goggles aren’t real; Smelling ancient Egyptian perfume
Sep 01, 2023
Dead Planets Society #4: Asteroid Gong
Aug 28, 2023
Weekly: India lands on the moon; Placenta cells could heal the heart; Mind-altering drugs and binge drinking on the rise
Aug 25, 2023
CultureLab: Must watch science shows – the best TV of 2023
Aug 22, 2023
Weekly: Climate Special - an antidote for doom; plus the key ingredient for alien technology, and surprising revelations about an ancient tattooed mummy
Aug 18, 2023
Dead Planets Society #3: Gravitational Wave Apocalypse
Aug 14, 2023
Weekly: Ultra-processed foods not so bad?; Another milestone toward fusion power; Mapping the genes we know nothing about
Aug 11, 2023
CultureLab: Adventures of a prehistoric girl – Alice Roberts on her new book Wolf Road
Aug 07, 2023
Weekly: Surprise superconductor claims put to the test; Alzheimer’s test goes on sale; how NASA (briefly) lost Voyager 2
Aug 04, 2023
Dead Planets Society #2: Punch A Hole in a Planet
Jul 31, 2023
Weekly: Cheaper cures for many diseases; How to understand the superconductor ‘breakthrough’; Hear a star twinkle
Jul 28, 2023
CultureLab: Oppenheimer – The rise and fall of the “father of the atomic bomb”
Jul 24, 2023
Weekly: How to measure consciousness; Nature-made graphene; New sabretooth cats
Jul 21, 2023
Dead Planets Society #1: Kill The Sun
Jul 17, 2023
Weekly: JWST’s amazing year; Giant sloth jewellery; $1million mathematics prize
Jul 14, 2023
CultureLab: Earth’s Deep History: Chris Packham on the epic and tumultuous story of our planet
Jul 11, 2023
Weekly: Earth breaks heat records; Quantum LiDAR for self-driving cars; Cryptography in pre-Viking runic writing
Jul 07, 2023
Weekly: New era in gravitational astronomy; Upending stereotypes of women in hunter-gatherer societies; Orangutan beatboxing and human speech origins
Jun 30, 2023
Weekly: The truth behind the orca uprising; Earth enters uncharted territory; genetic treatments for unborn babies.
Jun 22, 2023
Weekly: Claims that secret alien technology is held in the US; link between gut bacteria and intelligence; the parasite that makes ants live longer
Jun 15, 2023
#199 Being Human: Lewis Dartnell on how our biology shapes our actions
Jun 13, 2023
#198 Giant: An opera about the legacy of the ‘Irish giant’ Charles Byrne and the surgeon John Hunter
Jun 08, 2023
#197 Ancient human Homo naledi had advanced culture; AI passes the world’s biggest Turing Test; climate change hits New York
Jun 08, 2023
#196 Animal Liberation Now: Peter Singer on eating and living ethically
Jun 05, 2023
#195 Breakthrough in suspended animation; treatment using stem cells from umbilical cord; moon dust threat
Jun 01, 2023
#194 Rewilding special: a night in the beaver pen at the rewilded Knepp Estate
May 26, 2023
#193 Drug that could cure obesity; world’s largest organism; octopus dreams; mood-enhancing non-alcoholic drink
May 25, 2023
#192 Life-extending mutation; Kangaroo poo transplant for cows; irregular sleep linked to increased risk of death
May 18, 2023
#191 Special episode: the most mind-bending concepts in science
May 11, 2023
#190 Problems for lab-grown meat; do we need vitamin D supplements?; waking the sleeping Arctic ocean; fish sing for Eurovision
May 11, 2023
#189 Spinal cord stimulation: bringing movement back to paralysed stroke survivors
May 04, 2023
#188 Consciousness measured at point of death; the lifeform with seven genomes; impact of Covid on the gut
May 04, 2023
#187 CultureLab: The Power of Trees with Peter Wohlleben
Apr 28, 2023
#186 Private space company crashes on the moon; hypnotherapy as anaesthetic; record-breaking ocean warming; Rosalind Franklin and DNA
Apr 27, 2023
#185 CultureLab: Cosmo Sheldrake on capturing the sounds of our oceans
Apr 26, 2023
#184 Dead Ringers TV review: Revolutionising the future of reproductive health
Apr 23, 2023
#183 How To Blow Up A Pipeline film review: Is it time for more radical climate activism?
Apr 20, 2023
#182 3D-printing inside living organisms; what ChatGPT means for human intelligence; why insects fly towards light; carbon storage in the oceans
Apr 20, 2023
#181 New York goes quantum; a tipping point in human culture; JUICE mission to Jupiter
Apr 13, 2023
#180 Maximum human lifespan; a twist on a classic physics experiment; saving the kākāpō
Apr 06, 2023
#179 Black holes older than time; nine animals to save the climate; the largest creature ever to walk the Earth
Mar 30, 2023
#178 Botox affects your understanding of emotions; GPT-4 exhibits human-level intelligence; IPCC climate change report 2023
Mar 23, 2023
#177 Field report from the High Arctic: polar bears and melting glaciers in Svalbard
Mar 21, 2023
#176 Human organoids are new AI frontier; Listening to the big bang through the cosmic microwave background
Mar 16, 2023
#175 Living Off-Earth: Ethical questions for living in outer space with Erika Nesvold
Mar 15, 2023
#174 Finding the universe’s missing matter; saving babies’ lives by sequencing their genomes; the earliest horse riders - the latest news in science
Mar 09, 2023
#173 Understanding chronic health conditions; Artificial sweetener linked to heart attacks; Re-thinking galaxies; UN geoengineering report
Mar 02, 2023
#172 Bio-electric special: how the electricity inside you shapes your body and your health
Feb 28, 2023
#171 Earth’s mysterious “dark biome” and the search for life on Mars; Quantum computers; Judge Dredd predicts the future - the latest news in science
Feb 23, 2023
#170 How Venice is confronting climate change and adapting to the rising seas
Feb 20, 2023
#169 Why the US is shooting down UFOs; the science behind period cravings; saving the UK’s rivers
Feb 16, 2023
#168 Polar Sounds: Rare underwater noises from the Arctic and Antarctic
Feb 13, 2023
#167 Bird flu in mammals, the cause of sunquakes, and the entropy of consciousness – the latest news in science
Feb 09, 2023
#166 Immune systems: Is yours weak or strong and how can you boost your immune system to fight disease?
Feb 07, 2023
#165 Water dowsing to detect leaks; Astroforge going asteroid mining; AI discovers new bacteria-killing proteins – the latest news in science
Feb 02, 2023
#164 The Last of Us: the science of a fungal zombie apocalypse
Jan 30, 2023
#163 Antidepressants; Exoplanets; California’s megadroughts – the latest news in science
Jan 26, 2023
#162 How to trigger positive tipping points to tackle climate change
Jan 25, 2023
#161 What they don’t tell you about the climate crisis with Assaad Razzouk
Jan 23, 2023
#160 Rejuvenation treatments; world to breach 1.5 degrees of global heating
Jan 19, 2023
#159 Aboriginal stories describe ancient climate change and sea level rise in Australia
Jan 16, 2023
#158 Exxon’s 1970s predictions for climate change were super accurate
Jan 12, 2023
#157 Computer lawyer takes first court case; brains speed up with age
Jan 12, 2023
#156: What you need to know in science and culture for 2023
Jan 05, 2023
#155: Our five favourite New Scientist long-reads from 2022
Dec 25, 2022
#154: News review 2022 - stand-out moments and funniest stories
Dec 21, 2022
#153: Fusion breakthrough; COP15 report; Shakespeare and climate change
Dec 15, 2022
#152 Ancient species of human could control fire; complete brain map of fly
Dec 07, 2022
#151 COP15: the meeting to save life on Earth; anti-ageing properties of urine
Dec 01, 2022
#150 Megadrought in the US; how to move an elephant
Nov 24, 2022
#149 COP27 treaty emerges; a method to discover wormholes
Nov 17, 2022
#148 Climate action from COP27; world population reaches 8 billion
Nov 10, 2022
#147 The oldest yew trees in Europe – and how to save them
Nov 07, 2022
#146 Accelerated end to fossil fuel; double discovery on Mars
Nov 03, 2022
#145 COP27 climate summit preview; unexpected animal sounds
Oct 27, 2022
#144 Geoengineering plan to slow the melt of arctic ice
Oct 23, 2022
#143 Bird flu sweeps UK; secrets of the Neanderthal family
Oct 20, 2022
#142: We need to talk about mental health and climate change
Oct 17, 2022
#141 Energy threat to international security; a new form of multiplication
Oct 13, 2022
#140 New Scientist Live Ask-us-Anything bonus episode
Oct 11, 2022
#139 Gas leak impact on climate change; a new way to explain life
Oct 06, 2022
#138 UK government’s attack on nature; when you can’t stop laughing
Sep 29, 2022
#137 How to turn the shipping industry green; Enceladus passes habitability test
Sep 22, 2022
#136 A step towards building artificial life; solar-powered slugs
Sep 15, 2022
#135 The Amazon passes a tipping point; a place to live only 100 light years away
Sep 08, 2022
#134 Artemis moon mission; decoding the dreams of mice
Aug 31, 2022
#133 A treatment for food allergies; predicting earthquakes
Aug 24, 2022
#132 Impact of drought; monkeys using sex toys
Aug 17, 2022
#131 Why thinking hard tires you out; game-changing US climate bill
Aug 11, 2022
#130 How to reverse death; Neil Gaiman on Sandman; AlphaFold and biology’s revolution; life in the multiverse with Laura Mersini-Houghton
Aug 04, 2022
#129 BlueDot special: Mysteries of the universe; stories of hope and joy; growing tiny human brains; solving global problems
Jul 28, 2022
#128 Extreme heatwaves; China’s space station launch; covid’s effects in pregnancy; a black hole symphony
Jul 21, 2022
#127: Pig hearts transplanted into dead people; James Webb Space Telescope gives best-ever view of the universe; boosting wheat genetics to feed the world
Jul 14, 2022
#126: Are we stuck in a time loop? Legal action against climate change; covid fifth wave; time loop are we stuck?
Jul 07, 2022
#125: Poo transplants cure IBS; climate change shrinks the human niche; CRISPR babies; monkeypox latest
Jun 30, 2022
#124: Lopsided universe; solar activity affects heart health; hero rats trained for rescue missions
Jun 23, 2022
#123: ‘Sentient’ claim for Google AI; spacecraft spots starquakes; the rise of the mammals; hot brains
Jun 16, 2022
#122: The science of Top Gun; the 1.5°C climate goal is out of reach; return to the moon; hepatitis mystery
Jun 09, 2022
#121: Creation of artificial life; gene therapy saves children’s lives; new understanding of chronic pain
Jun 01, 2022
#120: DeepMind claims artificial intelligence breakthrough; searching for ancient life on Mars; Stonehenge surprise; monkeypox latest
May 26, 2022
#119: How to tackle the global food crisis; rainforest animal orchestra; George Monbiot on humanity’s biggest blight
May 19, 2022
#118: Heatwaves push limits of human tolerance; chemical computer to mimic brain; first non-human to practice medicine
May 12, 2022
#117: US threat to women’s health; saving the world with bacteria; Darwinian feminism and primate gender; invasion of the earthworms
May 05, 2022
#116: DNA from outer space; Devi Sridhar on covid lessons; climate change in an Oxford wood
Apr 28, 2022
#115: Quantum consciousness; next decade of space exploration; songs played on rat whiskers
Apr 21, 2022
#114: A message to aliens, phage therapy for acne, calibrating the world’s oldest computer
Apr 14, 2022
#113: Climate change: suing governments to cut emissions; shock discovery in particle physics; a new function for dreams
Apr 07, 2022
#112: Gene therapy success; biodiversity talks; the genetics of blood sucking; the farthest star ever seen
Mar 31, 2022
#111: Antarctic and Arctic record-breaking heat; octopus brains insight; black hole paradox explained
Mar 24, 2022
#110: Solution for Ukraine food crisis; why young blood rejuvenates; climate horror in Australia; Hannah Peel’s new music
Mar 18, 2022
#109: Ukraine war stokes energy crisis; emergency sounded over Amazon rainforest; secular intelligent design; mammalian virgin birth
Mar 11, 2022
#108: Ukraine: health crisis and threat of nuclear war; IPCC report on limits to climate adaptation; Wuhan origin of covid
Mar 04, 2022
#107: Ukraine invasion: cyberwar threat and effect on climate targets; Covid pandemic isn’t over; how we sense pain
Feb 25, 2022
#106: Saving children from cancer; new ways to remove greenhouse gases; brain growth in adults
Feb 18, 2022
#105: Electrodes treat paralysis; first detected isolated black hole; the ancient human inhabitants of a French cave; breakthroughs in transplant organs from pigs; why you should pick up your dog’s poo
Feb 11, 2022
#104: Gene variant for extreme old age, gravitational waves and dark matter, what fruit flies tell us about nature and nurture
Feb 04, 2022
#103: How covid affects brain function; glacier loss on Svalbard; start of the Anthropocene; hottest life on Earth
Jan 28, 2022
#102: Living with covid; Tonga eruption; neutral atom quantum computers; phage therapy for superbugs; AI with Beth Singler
Jan 21, 2022
#101: Man gets first pig heart transplant; robot therapy for mental health; omicron update; dolphin sexual pleasure
Jan 14, 2022
#100: New Scientist journalists pick out their scientific and cultural highlights for 2022
Jan 07, 2022
#99: The legendary New Scientist end-of-year holiday party and quiz
Dec 24, 2021
#98: Brain cells wired to the Matrix; omicron latest; how to make truly intelligent machines; the mysterious border between sleep and wake
Dec 17, 2021
#97: The latest on omicron; Don’t Look Up review; Steven Pinker on human rationality; the sound of melting glaciers
Dec 10, 2021
#96: What does the rise of omicron mean for us?; living robots able to reproduce; mini black holes and the end of the universe
Dec 03, 2021
#95: The origin of coronavirus; how red light boosts eyesight; deflecting asteroids; body chemical changes human behaviour
Nov 26, 2021
#94: IBM’s huge quantum computer, Russia’s anti-satellite weapon, the verdict on COP26, AI predicting the next legal highs
Nov 19, 2021
#93: COP26 special, week 2: voices from the Global South; what does the Glasgow Accord look like - and where does it go from here on climate action
Nov 12, 2021
#92: COP26 week 1 special from Glasgow; first Earthlings to go interstellar; genetically engineered microbes for our cells
Nov 05, 2021
#91: Earth heading for climate disaster; Kim Stanley Robinson looks to the future; hunt for aliens; Tesla worth $1 trillion
Oct 28, 2021
#90: COP26 climate playlist; the science of Dune; life-saving treatment for children without immune systems; covid sweeps Iran
Oct 21, 2021
#89: Climate-ready food of the future; the biology of poverty; deepfake audio; mystery cosmic signal; Captain Kirk in space
Oct 14, 2021
#88: Should climate activism go to extreme levels?; malaria vaccine; new drugs to treat covid; mission to the asteroid belt
Oct 07, 2021
#87: Mini black holes impacting the moon; first CRISPR gene-edited food goes on sale; why leaves turn brown in autumn
Sep 30, 2021
#86: The woman who couldn’t smell; solving the climate and biodiversity emergencies; China’s quantum of solace
Sep 23, 2021
#85: The violent frontline of climate change; bringing back the mammoth; another first for SpaceX
Sep 16, 2021
#84: Health benefits of male flatulence; cave dwellings on Mars; covid booster shots
Sep 09, 2021
#83: Low carbon shipping; Anil Seth on consciousness; humanity’s ancient history in Arabia; quantum gravity
Sep 02, 2021
#82: Taliban seize Afghan biometric equipment; uploading our brains to machines; investigating Nazi uranium
Aug 26, 2021
#81: Breakthrough in nuclear fusion; mini human brain grown with eyes; rapid evolution of synthetic bacteria
Aug 19, 2021
#80: Analysis of IPCC climate report; the rise of synthetic milk; discovery of new carnivorous plant
Aug 12, 2021
#79: Google creates a time crystal; microplastics in human placenta; boosting China’s vaccines; our climate future
Aug 05, 2021
#78: Will covid evolve to evade vaccines?; the oldest animal fossils ever found; predicting climate change’s extreme weather
Jul 29, 2021
#77: Is dropping covid restrictions unethical?; methane hints to life on Mars; Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s road to space
Jul 22, 2021
#76: Harm of race-based medicine; space tourism industry is go; America’s heatwave challenges
Jul 15, 2021
#75: Vaccine for kids; legacy of Dolly the sheep; how to repair the climate; China’s quantum advantage
Jul 08, 2021
#74: ‘Dragon man’ could be new species of human; Wally Funk goes to space; human and financial cost of heatwave; how covid affects the brain
Jul 01, 2021
#73: How to treat long covid; evolution of cooperation; Turing’s ACE computer; aliens watching Earth
Jun 24, 2021
#72: The evil in all of us; delta variant of coronavirus; glacier memory project
Jun 17, 2021
#71: Alzheimer’s treatment approved; human brain map breakthrough; time flowing backwards
Jun 10, 2021
#70: Coronavirus origin story; Big Oil’s nightmare; history of the gender pain gap
Jun 03, 2021
#69: Coronavirus evolution; geoengineering and food supply; Alice Roberts on the revolution in archaeology
May 27, 2021
#68: Climate change and methane mystery; breathable liquid; covid vaccines
May 20, 2021
#67: Brain plasticity; entropy and the nature of time; vaccine booster shots
May 13, 2021
#66: Sea level rise; Bitcoin carbon pollution; how to measure self-awareness
May 06, 2021
#65: Chernobyl radiation safety; Chinese space station; wisdom of trees
Apr 29, 2021
#64: Earth Day rescue plan: climate change and biodiversity special
Apr 22, 2021
#63: Musical spider’s webs; magic mushrooms for treating depression; the sound of coronavirus
Apr 15, 2021
#62: Synthetic life; rescue plan for Earth; muon g-2 new physics
Apr 08, 2021
#61: Worse allergies; black hole in our backyard; new flavours of vanilla
Apr 01, 2021
#60: New physics; anti-ageing human embryos; Mars update
Mar 26, 2021
#59: Vaccine success; hibernation and anti-ageing; world’s first computer
Mar 19, 2021
#58: Covid good news; cold water swimming; quantum unreality
Mar 12, 2021
#57: Moon base; Neanderthal speech; Elizabeth Kolbert on geoengineering
Mar 05, 2021
#56: How to spend a trillion dollars; landing on Mars; exercise and metabolism myths
Feb 26, 2021
#55: Rescuing nature; Mars missions; new covid mutation
Feb 19, 2021
#54: Next-gen vaccines; alien space probes; ethics of fish
Feb 12, 2021
#53: Pandemic burnout; vaccines for the world; sustainable fuel
Feb 05, 2021
#52: Life after vaccination; gaslighting; mind reading
Jan 29, 2021
#51: Covid evolution; new dinosaur; missing genome data
Jan 22, 2021
#50: Covid vaccine dosing; superconductors; coral restoration
Jan 15, 2021
#49: New coronavirus variants
Jan 08, 2021
#48: Must-know science of 2021
Jan 01, 2021
#47: Christmas special quiz of the year
Dec 18, 2020
#46: Stardust hunting, the illusion of the self, space rocks return to Earth
Dec 11, 2020
#45: Vaccine roll out in UK and China; Chris Packham on connectedness; AlphaFold breakthrough
Dec 04, 2020
#44: When we’ll get the vaccine; fast-expanding universe; lunar missions
Nov 27, 2020
#43: How the covid RNA vaccine works; systemic racism; origin of humans
Nov 20, 2020
#42: Vaccine for covid-19; origin of animals; overpopulation
Nov 13, 2020
#41: The function of dreams
Nov 06, 2020
#40: Halloween special: real-life vampires, the science of ghosts, deep-sea zombies, monster black holes
Oct 30, 2020
#39: Social lives of viruses; CRISPR to fight antibiotic resistance; dealing with risk; George RR Martin and the moon
Oct 22, 2020
#38: Tackling the climate crisis; essential, like, filler words of, um, language; mystery of the human penis; your covid questions answered
Oct 15, 2020
#37: Black holes and CRISPR gene editing spring Nobel surprises; climate change and indigenous people in the Arctic; symptom clusters identified for covid-19
Oct 08, 2020
#36: Hunt for life on Venus and Mars; how the paleo diet affects your age; strategy for the second wave of coronavirus; species extinction crisis
Oct 01, 2020
#35: The first woman on the moon; evolution special; purpose of sleep and dreams; deep water mystery
Sep 24, 2020
#34: Race to find life on Venus; coronavirus claims lives of 1 million people; extinction crisis; how the brain slows time
Sep 17, 2020
#33: The healthy-eating revolution; China’s cosmic ambitions; Russia’s pursuit of gene-editing technology; the world’s greatest mammal
Sep 10, 2020
#32: Billionaire plan to geoengineer the planet; how the moon affects your health; Neuralink’s telepathic pigs
Sep 03, 2020
#31: Widening the search for alien life on habitable planets; why unconscious bias training might not work; the microbiome of cancer tumours
Aug 27, 2020
#30: Redefining time; why mindfulness can cause problems; secrets of super-resilient tardigrades
Aug 20, 2020
#29: Loneliness during lockdown; medical artificial intelligence beats doctors; who gets the coronavirus vaccine first
Aug 13, 2020
#28: Origin of life on Earth; second wave of coronavirus; science of miscarriage
Aug 06, 2020
#27: Putting plastic back on the agenda; revisiting the iconic black hole image, how dinosaurs dominated the planet
Jul 30, 2020
#26: The hidden dark matter of our food; NASA’s new search for life on Mars; smallpox in the American civil war
Jul 23, 2020
#25: Coronavirus effects on children, and on other diseases; changing the way you sit could add years to your life; supercrops for a climate-changed world
Jul 16, 2020
#24: Half a year in a world of covid-19; meat production breaking Earth’s nitrogen limits; what does gravity weigh?
Jul 09, 2020
#23: Coronavirus immunity and vaccine implications; evolutionary reasons for the types of world leader; treating people with CRISPR gene editing
Jul 02, 2020
#22: Consciousness from the body as well as the brain; record temperatures in the Arctic; long-term symptoms of covid-19
Jun 26, 2020
#21: How to prevent future pandemics, black lives matter and racism in science, suspended animation
Jun 19, 2020
#20: Human cryptic mate choice, cracking nuclear fusion, countering coronavirus misinformation
Jun 12, 2020
#19: How the UK got it wrong on coronavirus, mystery around chronic Lyme, Greta Thunberg’s musical debut
Jun 05, 2020
#18: Bending the curve on climate change, the era of commercial space travel, staying safe from coronavirus
May 29, 2020
#17: The truth about our appetites, the impact of coronavirus on conservation, mud volcanoes on Mars
May 22, 2020
#16: Hints of a new force of nature; making mice with human cells; seaweed in the fight against climate change
May 15, 2020
#15: Mystery of radio signals from deep space; the future of music; epidemic of bad coronavirus science
May 08, 2020
#14: Dreams, sleep and coronavirus, a new explanation of consciousness, brain-stimulation anorexia treatment
May 01, 2020
#13: Evidence for a parallel universe, protecting mental health in lockdown, why covid-19 hits men harder
Apr 24, 2020
#12: Strength training for better health, bats mimic sound, biggest ever supernova
Apr 17, 2020
#11: Covid World, coronavirus in New York, invasion of parakeets, bacteria and their amazing powers
Apr 10, 2020
#10: Coronavirus questions answered, revolution in human evolution, mind-reading computers
Apr 03, 2020
#9: Coronavirus lockdown – how to flatten the curve, reset the immune system, and the world’s most hardcore mammal
Mar 27, 2020
#8: Coronavirus special – disaster preparation, environmental change and disease emergence; plus science round-up
Mar 20, 2020
#7: Coronavirus vaccine, neutrinos in the early universe, and organ transplants
Mar 13, 2020
#6: Coronavirus special - the spread of covid-19, fatality rates, and the importance of hand washing
Mar 06, 2020
#5: Pandemic preparations, mind-reading – and a trillion trees
Feb 28, 2020
#4: Lab-grown meat, Neanderthal burials, and space tourism
Feb 21, 2020
#3: Coronavirus latest, a woman with half a brain, and love drugs
Feb 14, 2020
#2: Weird quantum experiment, origin of the alphabet, and coronavirus developments
Feb 07, 2020
#1: Wuhan coronavirus, nuclear fusion, and the Solar Orbiter spacecraft
Jan 31, 2020