Weaving Community w/Amy D. McKnight

By Amy McKnight

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Category: Crafts

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A podcast for weavers about how to use weaving as a tool to build bridges, relationships and better lives.

Episode Date
Ep 6: Joyce Huard @mynoushart
Today’s guest is from comes to us from Canada. She has been crafting since she was a child. Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were skilled seamstresses. And she credits her love for yarns and textiles to them.   Later in life, she went to fashion school outside of Canada. She gravitated towards wools and heavy fabrics with texture. She became addicted to jacket and coat making but found it hard to find the perfect fabric. So she started to add yarns and fringed and embroidery to her sewing projects. But she still wasn’t completely happy.   When she returned to Canada, she started to included sweater pieces, hand knits and crochet to her clothes, mixed with fabrics. But she was still feeling unsatisfied. Finding the perfect yarns, or fabrics seemed impossible. As luck would have it, her neighbors have a sheep farm, she had the idea to ask them to take the fleeces and try to make yarn, so she could create exactly what she needs. Her intention was also to weave fabrics and try some felt.   That is how she got her start. Where she is now is AMAZING. Her work and pictures have a special magical element about them that makes you feel that she is from some timeless fairy tale.  You can find pictures of her enchanting work and links to all the relevant profiles on her website mynoush.com I’m so excited to welcome Joyce Huard of MyNoush to our podcast! Joyce thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me today! 
Dec 03, 2020
Ep 5: Katie Oberton @west.ash.designs

Today’s guest stumbled upon weaving in 2017 at a shop for local artist in her neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN

A maker by nature, she fell in love with the idea of creating her own pieces, and immediately went home and bought a beginner's weaving kit on Etsy. 

She started weaving wall hangings and has since transitioned to weaving mainly on her floor loom. 

You can find pictures of her amazing work and links to all the relevant profiles on her website WestAshDesigns.com and on Instagram @west.ash.designs

I’m so excited to welcome Katie Oberton of West Ash Designs to our podcast! 

Mar 10, 2020
Ep 4: Doris Strand @ bizzzyasabee

Today’s guest describes herself as a fairly new weaver/fiber artist who came to weaving after crocheting scarves, cowls, washcloths and an occasional baby blanket for a number of years.

While still employed full time at a local college, she would participate in about 5-7 local craft shows each fall. She noticed more and more crafters making similar items, so she thought, “what isn’t being represented?”

Pottery and weaving were a couple of avenues to explore. She ruled pottery out as it is messy, expensive … and breakable. But she had been inspired by some scarves she had seen on Pinterest woven by The Barefoot Weaver.

She decided weaving was the answer; Hey, I already had yarn.

At the end of December 2015, she retired from the college and started the next chapter in her crafting journey. After some research, comparing various looms and manufacturers, she purchased her first loom: a 16” Ashford Rigid Heddle. Down the rabbit hole, she went!

You can find pictures of her some of her beautiful handwoven items on her Instagram and facebook accounts under the name  Bizzzy as a bee. This is also the name of her home-based studio where she creates unique handwoven scarves, hand towels, and table runners, as well as an occasional washcloth.

Mar 05, 2020
Ep 3:Grace O'Neill @VanaWillemiel

Today’s guest is an Irish fiber-smith based in Limerick City in the Republic of Ireland. She went to art college to study printmaking but her path took a turn and led her into the world of bookbinding. A few years later she picked up knitting needles and the art of knitting and started traveling around the world.

It was on her trip to Australia that she learned to spin, was gifted a spinning wheel which she shipped back to Ireland, packed in fleece, of course. Upon arriving back in Ireland she joined the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and dyers and took her first rigid heddle weaving class with master weaver Marie Ni Neachtain.

With that, she plunged into the rich history of the Irish cottage industry of spinning and weaving and is continuing the tradition by making wearable clothes from the cloth she weaves on her rigid heddle loom.

Not content to keep the fiber crafting goodness to herself, she is sharing the love of fiber creation with others through craft retreats and classes.

You can find her all around the internet as VanaWillemeil on Instagram and Youtube and you can learn more about her retreats and classes by visiting her website babblestravellingyarns.com

Mar 04, 2020
Ep 2: Savannah Rozema of @SavvyLikeThat

Today’s guest is an artist who works in ceramics, mixed media textiles and fiber art. Despite a rare genetic illness, she has been able to work around her disability to create some stunningly beautiful yarns and fiber art pieces

After 19 years of living in Ireland where she got her start studying and working in the arts she and her family have moved back home to Quinte West Ontario, Canada. Where she now lives with her husband and two daughters ages 2 and 14.

She is doing amazing things all over the internet where you can find her by her handle Savvylikethat on Instagram Facebook and her website savvylikethat.com. You must. And I mean MUST go and subscribe to her YouTube channel where she shares her process and creates gorgeously beautiful woven pieces of art from dying to spinning to weaving delightfully textured scarves and shawls.

Mar 02, 2020
Ep 1: Linda Murdock of @Fibernation

Today’s guest on the Weaving Community Podcast is originally from Boston but is currently living in Maine. She has a love for fiber arts that began as a child cross-stitching tea towels with her mother. She progressed to knitting and sewing, spinning, and dying. She is a trained artist and has worked as an art teacher in the school system. She makes amazingly whimsical art dolls and she weaves on a variety of small looms.

We covered a lot of ground from spinning to doll making to art appreciation for children! I know you'll enjoy learning about Ms. Linda Murdock as much as I did!

Feb 03, 2020